Overcoming the fear of making choices 

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Ascended Master Shiva through Kim Michaels, May 5, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Shiva. Even though the millions of people in the Hindu religion who revere the name Shiva would object to that statement. They would say I am not an ascended master but a God. Nevertheless, I am an ascended master and I hold the office that is in the Hindu religion associated with the God Shiva. Truly, the God Shiva is a universal principle, one of the three creative principles: The creative, the principle that creates, the one that sustains and the one that breaks down.

You would see that if there was only creation and sustainment, then very quickly co-creators with a lack of experience would create things that would begin to limit themselves. How can you then break free of your previous creation? Well, that is where you need Shiva, where you need the principle that breaks down the structures that are not the highest. You see that truly what they often in the Hindu religion call destruction is not the best description of the principle behind Shiva. Truly, it would be better to talk about a liberating principle so that you can be set free from your previous creation.

Now, what is the true process that you go through as a co-creator? Well, it is that you set a process in motion through the four levels of your mind that over time creates a certain physical manifestation. This is where you use your co-creative abilities, the principle of Brahma. Then, the principle of Vishnu takes over and sustains your creation in the physical for some time. This is in order to give you an opportunity to experience your own creation and to evaluate your own creation.

What ideally happens is that you formulate a matrix in your mind, project it upon the Ma-ter light and manifest a physical circumstance. Then, as you see and experience that circumstance, you are raising your consciousness. This does not mean, in the ideal scenario, that you think you have done something wrong. In an ideal scenario, the concept of right and wrong has nothing to do with co-creation, they do not even come into the equation. You raise your awareness by creating something and experiencing what you have created. This means that now you could see how you can create something that is more. How can you create something more when you still have that physical manifestation that you already created? You can only do so if there is something that can break down what you have created and thereby liberate yourself from your own creation.

Death is an opportunity to move higher

You will see that the fallen beings attempt to pervert any spiritual teaching given to you. They have, even in the Hindu religion, created this idea that Shiva is the destroyer. They have created these fear-based images that you have all seen. Therefore, many people in the Hindu religion actually fear Shiva, as many people around the world fear death because they think death is a form of destruction.

My beloved, ask yourself this question. Would you want to be in your current physical body forever? Would you not rather reincarnate, with a higher level of consciousness that would then precipitate a physical body with better health, better looks, better abilities? In the current situation on earth, is death really a destructive process, or is it a liberating process? Is it not so that if you are on the path of raising your consciousness but you are not ready to make your ascension, then the death of one physical body is simply the breaking down of a body that was the result of a certain level of consciousness that you have now transcended. Therefore, you are set free to reincarnate in a higher body, of a higher stature.

You see that the fallen beings, because they are out of touch with the creative process, are not willing to be truly creative. They are manifesting a certain physical circumstance where they feel they are superior, they are in control and they want to maintain that forever—literally. Therefore, they are not so concerned about Brahma and Vishnu but the fallen beings are very concerned about Shiva. That is why they have created the perversion that Shiva is the destroyer.

Yet my beloved, am I a destructive force? You look at the fallen beings and the chaos and destruction they have created throughout the ages. There are some fallen beings who will say that they are just using the power of Shiva. They are even emissaries of Shiva because there needs to be destruction for there to be renewal. They are acting on the principle of Shiva by creating this destruction in the physical realm. Of course this is an untruth. The destruction created by the fallen beings is destruction, it is destructive. It breaks down what human beings have created. The fallen beings have broken down previous civilizations that were much more orderly than what you see today. The fallen beings brought war to this planet and that is certainly a destructive force, even though some fallen beings have glorified war, even glorified the destruction of war, even seen it as necessary for, as the saying goes, “culling the herd.” Cutting down the unwanted human beings that are not beneficial for the survival of the race.

Shiva is the principle of liberation

You see that this entire consciousness of destruction is a perversion of the true aspect of Shiva. It has nothing to do with Shiva. I am not the destroyer because I work within the realms of free will. I do not break down what you do not want to have broken down unless we come to the point where you activate what we have called the second law of thermodynamics. If you seek to maintain a limited state indefinitely, then there is a law, which is an aspect of the Law of Free Will, that mandates that your creation will begin to self-destruct. This is not Shiva that comes in as a conscious ascended being and destroys. You are activating this destructive force. Your own creation destroys itself from within.

What then is the true nature of Shiva? It is that I stand ready to liberate human beings from their own creation when they invite me into action, when they call me into action. Indeed, I am inviting you who are ascended master students to call me into action by using the awareness that has been given you by the other masters who have spoken and who will speak at this conference. There will be invocations created that will invoke the fire of Shiva to consume the demons in the astral plane, the demons in the mental plane and the demons in the identity realm that are behind dictatorships on earth. You can call forth the judgment of the fallen beings, and as the law requires or allows me to do, they will be bound or consumed, whatever is appropriate.

Setting people free to choose a different government

By doing this, you can then provide the service that will free human beings from this hypnotic effect (that they are under) that blinds them so they cannot really see that they have a choice. They have a choice as to what kind of government they want. Do they want a dictatorship or do they want a democratic form of government? Do the people in the democratic nations want a world where there is still dictatorships? Or do they want a world that is free from dictatorships? By you making the calls for these dark forces, you are not interfering with the free will of the dark forces, for demons have no free will and fallen beings no longer have free will [their will is no longer free]. The human beings who are hypnotized by the fallen beings and the demons do not have free will either.

By freeing the human beings from the influence of these dark forces, you restore their freedom of will. This is the entire purpose of Shiva, to restore the freedom of people’s will by restoring their awareness, their vision, that they actually have a choice. They have more than one option to choose from.  What is one of the driving forces behind creating a dictatorship? It is setting up one person or a small group of people in a position of absolute authority where the people who are under that dictator have submitted their will to the dictator. They think there is no alternative to the dictator. They cannot free themselves, they cannot leave the nation, they cannot object to the dictator, they cannot criticize or they will be killed. They think they have no choice, they have no options. Of course they do!  You always have options. You always have the option to shift your consciousness, to raise your consciousness.

This is what people do not realize. Many people in dictatorships do not realize it, even many people in the democratic world do not realize it. Why do you see, as we have said, that in some of the older democracies people are becoming dissatisfied with the government but they still feel powerless to change anything? They feel that the system is in a stalemate where they cannot really see how to change it. Well, the reason why they cannot see how to change their democracies is that they are not willing to change themselves, they are not willing to raise their consciousness.

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