Dare to be more!

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Ascended Master Vajrasattva, September 20, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the Ascended Master Vajrasattva, or as they call me in the East, the Dhyani Buddha Vajrasattva. The spiritual poison for which I am and for which I bring the antidote is non-will and non-being. Why is this relevant for this conference? Well, what is the primary product, so to speak, of the Soviet Union? It is a society where most people have been so overwhelmed by this spiritual poison of non-will and non-being that they are paralyzed. They cannot move out of it, for they dare not exercise their will and they dare not exercise their will, because they dare not be. They dare not be what they truly are, spiritual beings in embodiment.

What do they dare to be? Homo Sovieticus, the proudest achievement of the fallen beings during the Soviet era, the creation of an entirely new type of human being never seen before on this planet, or so they think, because of their short memories. For in previous ages they have produced something very like the Homo Sovieticus, a being who can barely be called a human being, but more an automaton, a mechanized man that dared not exercise will, being or self-awareness.

Truly when you get so beaten down that you do not even dare to consider what you are, what kind of being you are, you can almost lose self-awareness. You can never completely lose it, but you can get to the point where the Conscious You is neither a You nor conscious. There is not any sense of individuality and there is not the ability to step outside of that sense of identity that you have built in this repressive society, be it the Soviet Union or some society seen in the distant past that is not part of what you today call history.

As Portia explained, there can come a point where your daily situation is so tense, so intense, you are so focused on yourself, your immediate situation, on surviving, on getting along but not being killed, that you have no awareness left over to step back. You are so focused on this tense situation because you are so closed. You are so closed-in that you are just focused on the here and now, the immediate future, surviving this day, surviving next week, next month, that you are not able to open up your awareness and therefore step outside of your four lower bodies and realize that the Conscious You is what we have called pure awareness. It is self-awareness without a particular self that pulls you in to identifying in a specific way.

This is what the fallen beings have always dreamt of creating, this type of human being that they can mold after their schemes, their ideas, their illusions, their lies, their serpentine lies. There is a story that this messenger heard when he was a child, of a farmer who all his life had been experimenting with his horses trying to feed them as little as possible. There was finally one horse where he thought he had reached his ultimate goal because this horse stopped eating completely and just as the farmer was congratulating himself for his achievement, the horse died and it is the same with the Soviet Union. The fallen beings attempted to create a mechanized man, a mechanized race and just as they thought they had achieved it, the Soviet Union died.

Why did it die? Well, what would sustain it when all of the people, or the vast majority of the people living within it, had closed themselves off for the flow of higher energies? What could then sustain this creation of the fallen beings? You see that even the fallen beings face certain dilemmas. Even the fallen beings cannot have their cake and eat it too. They can attempt to create a race of mechanized beings but what is the cost? These beings cannot be the open doors for higher energies and without higher energies the society created by the fallen beings becomes subject to the second law of thermodynamics that breaks down that which has become a closed system, because it has caused the people to close themselves off to the life sustaining energies from above.

What is the lesson that could be learned from the Soviet Union if the people had a higher spiritual awareness? Well, it is the simple lesson that no society that is closed off from the higher realm, the spiritual realm, can survive in the long run. That lesson could also be learned from the western materialist democracies, or from the medieval Catholic nations in Europe, from the Roman Empire, from many other societies throughout known history and many more beyond known history. They could all teach you this one lesson: nothing closed can survive.

They may survive for a time, as the Catholic society of the dark ages survived for over a thousand years but that was actually because the Catholic Church never achieved what the Soviet leaders achieved. People in the Catholic Church were not completely closed off to the inflow of higher energies. There was still some flow and that was what the fallen beings behind the Catholic Church could pervert and use to create these clearly anti-Christ manifestations of the Inquisition, the Crusades, the witch hunts and so on.

What does all of this have to do with the situation in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia? Well, it has that to do with it that I and the five other Dhyani Buddhas offer our assistance in an extraordinary measure to help the people not only in these three nations that are the topic of this conference, but in all former Soviet republics, Warsaw Pact countries, free themselves from these spiritual poisons. We are manifesting our presence in all nations who were under the yoke of the Soviet Union and at inner levels we are offering the people an opportunity to rise above the spiritual poisons so that they can have a freedom they have not known for lifetimes, and so that they can set their nations on a new course that is not dominated by these poisons, first of all or most important of all, non-will and non-being.

You can look at the nations that were part of the Soviet Union or Warsaw bloc, you can look at how much progress they have made since the fall of Communism and one of the causes of the progress is that there were a number of people that had that will to be more, to seek something more, to seek a better life, to accept that it was possible to manifest a better life, to leave the past behind. The more people that had that will to be, the more progress the nation has made, the less people who have the will, the less progress in the nation.

You see that in the nation of Ukraine there has been that lower will to be what you truly are and there has also been a great influence of the spiritual poison of anger and this has held back Ukraine from making the progress it could have made. It has created the civil war in the East, it has created the corruption, for what is it that you see in these corrupt people? They have no will to be more. They have no will to bring forth more from within themselves and therefore they seek to take from those who have that will. Thereby, of course, discouraging people from doing more. For what is the point if it is just stolen anyway? Why would you work harder during the Soviet times when the state reaped the benefits of the reward of your labor? Why would you work harder in post-Soviet times when those above you in the hierarchy of society reap the fruits of your labor?

Nevertheless as other masters have said, Ukraine is at a tipping point, where the nation can rise from this past and manifest a new day, a new era, where people can again begin to feel that will to be, that will to do something extra to improve their personal situation, to open up that flow of positive energy through them where they can believe, where they can accept that “if I do more, it will improve my situation. It will come back to me directly without being taken by someone else. I will reap the fruits of my labor.”

That is the true right that the workers on this planet should have. Not the rights defined in Marxist ideology or in Soviet ideology or in Chinese ideology, where the people do not reap the fruit of their labor. The workers do not reap the fruit of their labor, and if the workers do not reap the fruit of their labor they are not workers. They are slaves! What you have in the Soviet Union, what you have in China today, are slave states. They are not liberating the workers. They are enslaving them even more than they would be in a strict capitalist economy where they were exploited by the capitalists by the bourgeoisie. You see again the lie of the fallen beings, who claimed that they were freeing the workers, but who enslaved them even more than they had ever been in known history.

These antidotes that we offer can be of tremendous help. You who are our students can help your nations tremendously by giving these chants. You may even take the recording of this session that you have done before this dictation and replay it. You can distribute it freely amongst yourselves. You can provide a tremendous service when you give this half hour of chants and if you have time listen to this dictation afterwards.

Much more could I say, but I will let other masters expound on what we want to give you with words. For what I want to give you is not primarily with words, but with the energies of the antidotes to these poisons. We have named the poisons with words. We have named the antidotes with words. But the antidotes are far more than words and cannot be captured by words. You can tune in to them if you are willing to open yourself and absorb that energy that is a very complex energy field, a living, pulsating energy field that can transform your personal life and transform your nation if you are willing to absorb it without conditions, without closing yourself off, with the caution that you do not allow it to become too much, but you allow yourself to absorb what you can in one sitting and then you take a break until you do this exercise again.

My beloved, with this I have completed my task. I am grateful for your willingness to be the open doors, to be the broadcast stations for the very powerful impulse that we have sent into the collective consciousness of all nations that were under the Soviet Union. For this you have the gratitude of all six of us.


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