Using a spiritual teaching to escape fanaticism

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, June 10, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and for this conference I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. I wish to give you a few closing remarks before I seal this conference. First of all, we have said before that when we have a conference, from the ascended realm we always see a high potential and a low potential for what could be accomplished during the conference. I want to assure you that even though some of you have felt the heaviness of the energy of the city, you have even exceeded the high potential that we saw for this conference. For this we are very grateful.

We congratulate you for your willingness, first of all, to be here, but also to look at yourselves, work with yourselves, talk amongst yourselves, and therefore make progress in many ways by sharing your experiences, by sharing your hearts and forming more of a bond than you normally have when you are not physically together. We are of course grateful for those on the broadcast as well who have also added your momentums to the momentum of the people who are physically present.

We consider this conference a success from any perspective, and we are grateful for your willingness to transcend yourselves. This is really what allows us to use your chakras and auras to broadcast this impulse into the collective consciousness. When a conference like this sets off a strong initial impulse, then it becomes easier for people, when the book comes out and the invocations are made, to continue that momentum and build upon it. This means that the goal we have, the long-term goal for this conference, can more easily be accomplished. The same of course we achieved in Korea, and we hope to achieve the same at the other conferences we are having.

Spiritual people and the fanatical mindset

I want to also give you a few remarks about the topic of how you as spiritual people can transcend the fanatical mindset. Although we have touched upon it before, I still want to go a little more into it. When you look at previous ascended master organizations, you will, if you are brutally honest, have to say that many of the people who were the students, the members, of these organizations were in the fanatical mindset. I am not saying that they were ready to kill somebody, but they were in the less aggressive, more benign aspects of the fanatical mindset. This can be seen in several different ways.

First of all, there was this very subtle culture of feeling superior. They thought, for example: “We have the highest teaching on the planet. The consequences must be that since we recognize this teaching, and so many other people don’t, then we are the most advanced spiritual students on the planet.” This is not necessarily the case. Nevertheless, even believing this and reinforcing that in an organization, can create this culture of superiority that is one aspect of the fanatical mindset.

The other aspect is that you see this tendency to create a standard for how a chela of the ascended masters should be, should behave, what kind of car they should drive, what color car, what color clothes, all of these outer things that you define a standard for. Once you have defined a standard, then you are always evaluating yourself and others based on the standard. This is what, not only in ascended master organizations but also in many spiritual and religious organizations (many other organizations) leads to this very judgmental culture, judgmental mindset, where everybody is always judging each other. Of course, this is an unpleasant environment to be in, and it causes a certain amount of tension, a certain amount of suffering, quite frankly.

Another aspect of this fanatical mindset is that people have a fear that the teachings could be proven wrong, that the messenger could make a mistake, that there could be a contradiction between one dictation and a later dictation, or between this organization and a previous organization, or between the spiritual teaching and scientific discoveries. You see that many, many people around the world have created this huge beast in the collective consciousness. It is of course part of the fanatical mindset where, when you accept that you have a certain idea that has some supreme authority or validity, you are always afraid: What if it was proven wrong? All of a sudden, the sense of security that you gained by accepting the idea would then be shattered, and you would plunge back into the state you were in before you accepted that viewpoint, maybe even a worse state. As you see with some people who have their faith destroyed, now they dare not believe in anything, and therefore they often sink into this doubt, agnosticism, depression, or even more severe mental illness, like schizophrenia.

Those who seek to destroy constructive ideas

What I want to give you here is some directions on how you can avoid this, or how you can move out of this collective pull and how you can see elements in your own consciousness. The reality here is that you are of course living on a planet that is ruled by the dualistic consciousness. There are fallen beings on the planet, and quite frankly if you have any constructive idea, you can be sure that there are fallen beings who will make an attempt to destroy that idea, to disprove it, to take the credibility of the people behind the idea, and this and that. It is simply something you can see from history that any positive constructive endeavor will be exposed to a certain amount of criticism. Because of this, and because this has been going on for so long, and because of this very aggressive intent of the fallen beings, there has been created this fear that whenever you have something positive, it could be destroyed.

You can see how ascended master students in previous dispensations had these fears that something could disprove their belief in the ascended masters’ teachings. Some contradiction could creep up, the messenger could make a mistake, she could make a prediction that did not come true, or whatever you have. Over the years you have seen various people who have left the organization, stopped believing in the teachings because of some outer thing, some outer condition they had set up in their minds that was not fulfilled. The way to overcome this is partly to of course use the teachings on fanaticism, partly to use the teachings on the separate selves, because where does the fear come from? It comes from a separate self, but there is also a certain element of doubt here where you are still in a mindset where you are thinking in terms of right and wrong.

What I really want to point out to you is that when you step back from this entire phenomenon, you see that if you have a fear that the teaching you are following could be proven wrong, it shows that you still have some self that is in this dualistic mindset where it thinks in terms of right and wrong. In other words, you think that a teaching, if it is a valid teaching, should be true, it should be absolutely true, and therefore it should never be proven wrong. Do you not see that the more subtle attitude behind this is the essence of duality? There are always two opposites. You are still trapped in what the Buddha called the pairs. You are thinking in terms of right and wrong, true and false.

No teaching is meant to be absolute

The reality here, and we have attempted to explain this to you in the last couple of years, is that it has never been our goal to give a teaching that is absolute and therefore represents an absolute truth. It cannot be done, given the level of consciousness you have on planet earth and the way people use words based on the dualistic consciousness. Even we of the ascended masters cannot formulate a teaching in words that is an absolute teaching. We cannot create a teaching that, if you look at it from the linear mindset, could not be proven wrong by people in that linear mindset.

You can see this by just asking yourself a simple question: Why is it that more than 99% of the population on earth do not believe in ascended master teachings and in fact think you are crazy for following them? Well, it is because, as the Buddha explained about duality, they have stepped into a dualistic polarity. They have put on these glasses that filter out certain things, and therefore they cannot see the validity of an ascended master teaching. They think it is absolutely wrong. Why do you think it is right? Well, because you have stepped into some other mindset. You have put on another pair of glasses.

This is what we are pointing out: Many of the students in previous dispensations, when they came into the teaching, so to speak, put on a certain pair of glasses that made them now only see what validated the teaching and tend to ignore or push away what questioned the teaching. What happened to some people was that they were in this mindset for a while, and then something happened that made them doubt the teaching. Suddenly, instead of pushing away their doubts, they decided to take a look at the doubts, and now they switched from this blind belief to an equally blind doubt. They switched from one extreme to the other. The very fact that this is a possibility, that people can switch from believing in a teaching to not believing in a teaching, shows that there is still a self that is in that dualistic mind where there are always two polarities: true and false, right and wrong.

What we have attempted to tell you is that when you shift beyond this state of consciousness, it is not a matter of whether the teaching is true or false, right or wrong, in an absolute linear sense. As I said earlier in a question and answer session, it is not constructive for you to take the teaching we are giving through this dispensation, use the linear mind to compare it to the teachings of previous dispensations and try to find contradictions. It just is not constructive because the linear mind cannot take you where the teaching is meant to take you. You take a given teaching, and you apply it for the purpose of shifting your consciousness, not for the purpose of seeing some absolute truth.

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