Freedom from the need to be special

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, May 5, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. You may look at a dictatorship and say that the dictator is restricting the freedom of the people. Yes, certainly he is. But why? Why is it that a dictator has come to see freedom as a threat? This cannot be understood by anyone, unless you have the knowledge we have given you of the fallen beings and their modus operandi.

Why do the fallen beings see freedom as a threat? Because they see individuality and individual creativity as a threat. They see it as a threat because they do not have it. You cannot be creative in a horizontal way—truly creative. Certainly, you can generate new ideas, new inventions, new ways of torturing or imprisoning other people, new instruments of deception in a horizontal way. But in order to be truly creative, you need to have a connection to your I AM Presence because it is through your I AM Presence, and what we have described as your intuitive faculties, that you are creative.

Does that mean that the Conscious You is not a creative being? Well, in a sense, you could say that the Conscious You is not inherently creative because the Conscious You does not have enough structure to be creative. It can be an open door for the creativity of the I AM Presence to flow through it but it is not creative in itself.

There are many people who would object to this statement because they would feel that they are creative. There are many artists, writers, philosophers, who will say that they have been creative in bringing forth new ideas. Nevertheless, those same artists, writers or philosophers will also say that they have received inspiration. Most people are aware that your conscious mind is focused at a certain level, focused on certain topics, and in order to bring forth a new idea in a certain area, you are seeking some inspiration. Even scientists, at least the more creative of them, are seeking inspiration. They are studying a certain topic through the scientific method that is somewhat mechanical. Nevertheless, in order to understand the deeper connections, such as Einstein’s theory of relativity, they need that flash of inspiration. Most people actually realize that creativity is a matter of getting inspiration because what is the nature of creativity? It is that you get an idea you did not already have, you suddenly see something that you did not see before.

How creativity produces progress

Most people realize that in your present state of awareness, if you look at an individual, you see that this person is in a particular state of awareness. His outer conscious mind is focused on certain aspects of life, certain topics. It may be, for example, a scientist who is focused on subatomic particles. The person has a certain state of outer conscious awareness of a particular topic. He may have studied it for many years, and he may have great expertise, great knowledge that he can draw upon. Nevertheless, the knowledge that he already has sets certain parameters for how he thinks about the topic. His mind normally will not go beyond those parameters.

If the person is a good scientist, he may make certain observations or experiments that there is either something lacking in his current understanding or there is a contradiction in his current understanding. He may then become aware that there is a need for a new way to look at the topic, a new understanding of the issue. How does he bring forth that new idea? It is simple—you cannot bring forth a new idea with the awareness and the knowledge that you currently have. That is why Einstein was inspired to say that you cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem. You need something new and where is that new going to come from? It is going to come from outside your present level of awareness, your present knowledge of the topic. For the vast majority of people, unless they are very spiritual and mystically inclined, their Conscious You will be so to speak trapped in, limited by, their normal state of awareness. Therefore, the Conscious You cannot be creative within the parameters of that state of awareness.

How can you then be creative and come up with a new idea? Only by reaching beyond your normal state of awareness. Throughout the ages, many people have attempted to do this, and they have done it in various ways, even using psychedelic drugs or other forceful means. You see people who have been creative in reaching beyond their normal state of awareness, but they have not reached the ascended realm or their I AM Presences. They have reached, for example, the astral plane, or the mental realm or the lower identity realm where some lower force (that is not ascended) has then given them some new idea.

This is what most people call creativity. They say that if they receive an idea from outside their normal state of awareness, they are being creative. This is not what I call creative because true creativity is that you establish a connection to your I AM Presence and you receive an idea from your I AM Presence or from an ascended master. That is true creativity. This is the kind of creativity that the fallen beings cannot have. Even the fallen beings in the identity realm do not have any connection to the ascended realm, and they are not willing to receive any ideas from us, even if we were willing to give it to the fallen beings, which of course we are not. We would be willing to give them ideas that could help them transcend their current level of consciousness, if they were willing to do so. You have fallen beings in embodiment who will claim that they can be creative, but that is because they receive ideas from fallen beings in the three other realms. But as I said, that is not creativity.

Fighting the battles of the fallen beings

What is it that the fallen beings are afraid of? They are afraid of any human being who establishes a connection to their I AM Presence and the ascended realm. Because when you do this, you can be the open door for bringing forth ideas that can overthrow the status quo. The status quo is what the fallen beings always seek to maintain, at least those who are part of what I have called the established power elite. The established power elite wants to maintain status quo, which gives them control. They often want to expand certain things, they might want to expand their power, they might want to expand communism to the entire world, but they are still seeking to maintain status quo in the sense that they are in control of the system.

There may be an aspiring power elite who are seeking to overthrow the established power elite. They are also fallen beings, and they might seek some ideas from fallen beings in, for example, the identity realm who are seeking to create chaos and therefore are willing to use the fallen beings and the aspiring power elite to overthrow the fallen beings in the established power elite. What you see so many times in history is that warfare and conflict has been between two groups of fallen beings who are simply fighting for who is going to be in control, who is going to have power.

This is precisely the outcome of the duality consciousness, the epic mindset. Many, many times, the fallen beings have managed to define an epic cause in such a way that it either keeps the established power elite in power, or that it seeks to overthrow the established elite because the aspiring elite claims that they have the new truth. Naturally, there was an established power elite who had control of the Catholic church. The first scientists, who were actually mystical scientists, were seeking to bring forth genuine creative ideas. That is why science in its pure form truly is a way out of the duality consciousness. But science quickly became dominated by materialism, which was simply an aspiring power elite seeking to take the power that was held by the power elite that was in control of the church. You see this over and over and over again. Right now, you see in China the struggle between an established power elite who is in control of the Communist Party, and an aspiring power elite who wants to take economic control and use the economy to take away the power of the established elite.

A new definition of freedom

Back to the issue of creativity. Creativity is when the Conscious You connects to its I AM Presence and the ascended realm and receives an idea that is not in your present awareness. This is what the fallen beings cannot do. That is why they are afraid of it. They have throughout the ages, since they first embodied here, attempted to break the connection between people’s conscious minds and their I AM Presences. They have attempted to stop that flow of creative ideas from the ascended realm into and through the Conscious You to the conscious mind. We can therefore say that the definition of freedom is that you have a conscious connection to your higher self, to your I AM Presence, to the ascended realm. If we build upon what Archangel Uriel talked about, we see that the essence of democracy is that there is a higher realm, there is a source in that realm that is the source of all people and has therefore given all people certain rights. Therefore, you can see that already in the democratic nations, there is (or at least there can be) the awareness that democracy has no meaning unless there is something beyond the material world that has given people rights that no power on earth should be allowed to take away.

Therefore, it is not so difficult for people to make the switch and realize that true creativity also comes from beyond the material world. This is something that can be established, as Cyclopea said, by actually performing neutral scientific observation, combined with intuitive insights. Once you start actually looking at the reality of what has already been discovered by science, you see that there must be energy coming from a realm beyond the material, which means there must be a realm beyond the material.

When you then use intuition, you can start wondering, where does intuition come from? It also comes from beyond the material and that means what? It means that in that realm beyond the material, there must be some form of consciousness. Maybe actually there is a higher form of consciousness, a higher self, that each individual has access to in a realm beyond the material. This does not mean that people need to believe in ascended master teachings in order to recognize this because all the pieces of the puzzle are already there, they just have not been put together so people can see the big picture. This is what you can make the calls for so that suddenly there is that shift to where people realize that true creativity and intuition actually comes from beyond the material world. This means that if each person was created from a source beyond the material, perhaps each person has a connection to a part of its own higher being that is beyond the material world.

These are very general, very universal ideas that we have gradually prepared people to accept and understand. There are philosophies that talk about this. There are certain psychologists who are beginning to think in these terms because they have adapted a positive psychology. Instead of looking at anomalies in the psychology, they look at what actually are the positive aspects of the psychology, what is the higher potential of human beings. There is a large movement that is exploring the higher potentials of the mind and the powers of the mind. It is not so far-fetched, that these people can suddenly have that shift where they see that: “We must have a higher aspect of our beings.”

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