An energetic perspective on fanaticism 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 8, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I have decided to monopolize this day because I want to give you certain teachings that I feel are necessary in order to give a foundation for people in the future who want to understand fanaticism from a deeper perspective. I have given you the biological perspective, now I want to give you the energetic perspective.

Science often prides itself on having created tremendous progress in human society. They often look at the scientific era being ushered in a few hundred years ago; they see how little progress there was before the advent of science and how much progress there has been since. This is of course correct from a certain perspective. Given that I was one, as an ascended master (and even in some of my embodiments), who set the foundation for modern science. I can assure you that there are certain areas where I feel that science is a very, very slow process and that scientists, after they developed the materialistic paradigm, have actually become the greatest hindrance to progress. This is no more clearly demonstrated than in the understanding of energy.

Matter cannot explain everything

You have certain of the ancient Greek philosophers, called the atomists, who wanted to explain everything in the world as the result of these small physical particles that they called atoms, and everything in the world could be explained as the interactions between these unseen, invisible billiard balls. They did not have billiard balls back then in ancient Greece, but you get my point. There were also other Greek philosophers who wanted to explain everything as being created from water; everything was created out of water. Of course, scientists today can look back at this and say this was a primitive view.

There came a point where scientists began to realize that not everything can be explained in terms of particles because there is also something called energy. Energy, they realized after Newton, cannot be explained as a particle, it is not even a stream of particles. It is a phenomenon that you can best describe with the physical process of a wave, such as what you see on the water. There is a physical substance of water but there is a wave of energy that can move through that water and create an effect, such as ripples on the surface. They developed this view of the world as being made up of two substances, particles and waves.

In the Newtonian worldview, these two substances are separate, they are not interchangeable and one cannot be turned into the other. There was a time in the late 1800’s where physicists believed that they had discovered all the major processes needed to explain how the world works. What was left was just a few decimal places in their equations. There were even physicists who talked about “the end of physics” or the end of science, because surely, everything had been discovered. Then, a young impertinent physicist in Switzerland has an intuitive vision that matter and energy are not separate substances, that they are interchangeable. One can be exchanged into the other. His name was of course Albert Einstein and he published the theory of relativity in 1905, my beloved. You are talking way over a century here and yet to this day, the materialistic scientists are ignoring or denying the logical consequence of Einstein’s discovery.

What Einstein proved was very, very simple. The world is not made up of two separate substances. The world is made up of one substance, namely energy. The underlying reality in the world is energy. What Newtonian scientists called particles, was actually a form of energy that had been captured into a more stationary matrix where it was no longer moving, as you traditionally see a wave moving. It had become more like a standing wave that was not moving in space, yet still vibrating. Einstein’s equation puts an equal sign between mass and energy, making scientists realize that by splitting the atom (as they say), they could free the energy that had been captured into a more stationary matrix in the atom. It proves beyond any doubt that everything is made from energy, or as Gautama would say: “Everything is the Buddha nature.”

The end of Materialism

This discovery was made in 1905, my beloved. Still, over a century later, scientists are ignoring the meaning of it. They are denying, they are not even ignoring, and they are actively denying the consequences of this theory because if we realize that everything is energy, then suddenly Materialism falls apart at the very foundation. Materialism is built on a model of the world that says we can create a box, that inside the box is all material phenomena and outside the box is nothing. This is the essence of Materialism. What have we said is the foundation of fanaticism? You adopt a certain view of how you want the world to work, how you think the world works, and then you elevate it to the status of being absolute and infallible.

This is exactly what Materialism has done. It has said: “Here is a box – the material world – what we can see with our senses, what we can measure with our scientific instruments. That is real, that exists, there is nothing outside the box.”

The reason why this is such a limiting paradigm is that now you have all of these phenomena that you can observe here in the material universe and you have to explain them all as the effect of causes in the material universe. This is limiting in itself. What is worse is of course this absolute denial that if a phenomenon cannot be explained by a material cause, then either the phenomenon is not real or we just have not yet found the cause because one day we will see a material cause for this phenomenon.

The reality is that if we had not had this limited materialistic paradigm, then the modern democracies over a hundred years ago could have started shifting into a worldview based on Einstein’s discovery that everything is energy. Once you realize that everything is energy, you realize that energy is vibration but there is no limit to how high vibration can go. Suddenly, you can see that this idea that you can create a box that contains all material phenomena is unrealistic. Yes, in a certain sense, if you are only looking at it in terms of matter and particles and waves, then you can say here is a box and inside is the material universe. When you realize that everything is really energy, this no longer has any meaning because what you realize is that all the material phenomena you see are made up of energies that vibrate within a certain spectrum. There is certainly no theoretical limit to how high beyond the material frequency spectrum energies can vibrate. This of course opens up the possibility that there could be other energetic spectra beyond the material spectrum. Just like the octaves on the tonal scale, it can be the physical octave and there could be other octaves.

Energetic psychology

If society had accepted this in 1905 and started changing the paradigm based on this, then it would have had fundamental ramifications for the science of psychology and the entire approach to psychology. Therefore, the modern democracies would not have been in the situation they are in today where they have this increase in mental illness that materialistic science cannot deal with, and now they are at a loss to find a way to deal with it.

If you had had a century to build on the realization that everything is energy, you could have had a fundamentally different approach to psychology developed today. Even developed in the 1960’s so that societies could have made use of that opportunity we have talked about, made that transition from material welfare to psychological well-being because you have an entirely different approach to how life functions.

One of the simply logical consequences of Einstein’s theory is that if everything is energy, then there is no separation between mind and matter. One of the cornerstones of Materialism is that there is a fundamental difference between mind and matter. Matter came first, then, when the brain evolved to a certain level of complexity, consciousness came into being because consciousness is an epiphenomenon, it is a result of the material processes in the brain. This is one of the cornerstones of Materialism but it cannot stand the light of logic, when you acknowledge that everything is energy.

Now, you realize that: What is mind? What is an emotion? What is a thought? It is not a physical substance, right? Nevertheless you experience that it is real. As Descartes said: “I think therefore I am.” So you must say: “We experience that we are conscious, we cannot deny that we are conscious. Our thoughts, what gives us consciousness is not a material phenomenon, we cannot see it, we cannot measure it, therefore it must be an energy, a form of energy. Our thoughts, even our state of consciousness must be a form of energy.”

What Einstein says is that energy came first and matter came later. Because everything is actually energy, matter is just energy that has taken on another form. Meaning, in the beginning was energy. When you acknowledge this, you realize that it makes no sense to say that consciousness could only have come into being when matter had developed the complexity of the physical brain. This means that if we are to help people solve their psychological issues, we need to look at the psyche as an energetic phenomenon, not as a material phenomenon.

It is completely backwards to think that the way to cure mental illness is to affect the chemical processes in the physical brain. I am not saying it cannot have some effect because the brain is so complex that it does have almost a mind of its own. Nevertheless, as has been demonstrated for anyone who is willing to look at facts, you cannot cure all mental illness, you cannot in fact cure any mental illness (you can mask the symptoms but you cannot cure it) by tinkering with the brain.

You need to then develop a different approach to psychology, an energetic form of psychology. In a sense, this is what we have given you in our teachings where we say that there is something beyond the material realm. You have three “higher bodies,” the emotional, mental and identity level. If societies had been willing to look at this, they could long ago have received the ideas from us where they could have developed an energetic approach to healing psychological problems. This would have had widespread ramifications in society. Many more than I can even list to you in one dictation. I have no intention of listing them all but just simply giving you a few examples of this.

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