The Ukrainian people need to adopt a positive outlook on life

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Ascended Master Portia, September 20, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter the forces of anti-love in the heart of Kiev, and in the heart of Ukraine. Shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, the forces of anti-love in Minsk and the heart of Belarus. Shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, the forces of anti-love in the heart of Moscow and Russia.

I AM the Ascended Master Portia. I have been called the Goddess of Opportunity, because I hold, I carry, I release the Flame of Opportunity to the people on Earth. Thus I come, to shatter those forces that oppose the opportunity of the people to build a life for themselves that is more than what they have known so far, more than some of them could even dream about. But nevertheless, they deserve the opportunity to have a life that is more than it has been before.

And this is the flame that I anchor now, in these three capitals of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. To give those people who are able and willing to tune in to the Flame of Opportunity, that new day, that new opening, so that they can grab that flame, internalize that flame, and manifest in the physical, the new opportunities for the people of these three nations who are, of course, karmically quite closely linked. It is almost impossible to improve conditions in one without improving conditions in the other two. And therefore, I have decided to anchor this flame in all three places.

Now, this is an opportunity, but it comes with an Alpha and an Omega aspect. The Alpha aspect is that those who are willing to raise their consciousness and grab that flame and become more, well, for them, it will be an opportunity for growth. And those who are not willing to become more, those who are not willing to grow, those who are not willing to rise up and transcend the old, those who seek to hold on to the old ways, and deny that there is an opportunity to become more, for them the flame will be the judgment, the judgment of Christ, the judgment of the Divine Mother, that therefore opens the opportunity that the angels of Archangel Michael and Astrea may indeed bind the dark forces who are opposing growth and even take some people out of embodiment, because their time has long been up. But they have been kept artificially alive by the denial of the people. Denial that is not truly the result of the free will choices of the people, but a manipulated denial, a manipulated choice, because people have for so long, had the denial of any opportunity to improve their lives that they have given up, given up hope, given up thinking it is possible to improve their lives.

This is precisely the consciousness that I come to shatter this day, so that all people will feel that there ís opportunity for a better future, than what we have known in the past and what we know today.

(outbreath) I breathe out the breath of the Divine Mother, to breathe new life into those people who have been downtrodden for so long, that they have given up hope. Let them feel this new breath that might be like the breath you give when you are resuscitating someone who has drowned and you blow air into their lungs, so that they can again start breathing on their own.

(outbreath) And thus, let the people feel a new hope, let them sense a new opportunity. Let those who can sense it consciously, let those who cannot still sense it in their emotional, mental and identity bodies. For it is undeniable. There is no one who can deny the Flame of Opportunity that I bring, that I AM. You may say: “What about free will?” They can deny it, but they cannot deny it without knowing that they are denying it. They cannot just be unconscious and not notice. They cannot be completely unaware. Those who are actively denying must know that they are making the choice to deny the opportunity. For if they are not aware what they are denying, how could they have had the opportunity? And I, embodying a flame have a right to give people an opportunity. And I have decided to do this today.

So then I wish to give you a teaching that can help many people, that you might be able to use, those of you who are direct students, but even so it can be published, it can spread in the collective consciousness, and people might be able to embrace it. The teaching is simple.

Since 1905 when Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity, it has been known that everything is energy. The world is made from energy. This is simple logic when you look at the theory of relativity, there is no denying it. What does it mean? It means that everything you do as a human being is done with energy. You know very well that you need energy from the food you eat in order for your body to function. But it is not difficult for people to make the leap and realize that your psyche, your mind, your emotions, they are also driven by energy. What else can drive it in a world where everything is energy?

There is physical energy, there is psychic energy. Therefore, your mind, your consciousness, your awareness, everything you do, think or feel is driven by energy. If you did not have psychic energy, you could not think, you could not feel, you could not be conscious, you could not make a decision to act. And therefore, before the physical energy can come to expression in your body doing something, there must be a process in your consciousness that makes you decide to do something and that process is driven by psychic energy.

Now, where does psychic energy come from? It cannot come from the food you eat, for it is a higher form of energy. Thoughts are not physical, you cannot see your thoughts with your physical senses. They come from a higher level of energy, which is also quite logical, based on the theory of relativity, that there can be an infinite scale of energy going from the physical vibrations to higher vibrations. People can understand quite easily that you have an emotional body where there is emotional energy that drives your feelings, you have a mental body where there is mental energy that drives your thoughts. This is simple enough, most people will even be able to realize that there is an even deeper level or a higher level where your sense of identity is anchored. And there is a specific energy there that drives your sense of identity. Now then, we can leave aside for now the question of where this energy ultimately comes from and look at the effect of the energy.

What does it take for a human being to feel good? For most people, who may not have had a high spiritual experience, they will say that in their life experience, the best they have ever felt was when they were in love. That is when people feel free, they feel joyful. But why do they feel this way? Because they have an openness in their being to letting the energy flow freely. Some say that when you are in love you act like a fool. But it is at least a happy fool. And perhaps that is better than acting like a wise man who is unhappy. Why do you act like a fool? Because you do things you normally do not do. Why do you do things you normally do not do? Because you are open, there is an openness in your being. The feeling of being in love opens you to a flow of energy that you normally do not have.

What is it that makes you feel good when you are in love? It is that there is more energy flowing through you, more psychic energy flowing through your identity, mental and emotional bodies into the physical. It is not that big of a stretch for people to realize that when energy, positive energy is flowing freely, you feel better than when the energy is not flowing. This is not rocket science. It may be beyond what they were brought up to think whether it be in the materialism of the Soviet Union, or the materialism of the West, or even the Christianity of the West or any other religion around the world. But still, it is not advanced. Most people will be able to grasp this. When energy, positive energy is flowing freely, you feel good, when the energy is not flowing, you do not feel good.

What can prevent the energy from flowing? It is whenever you have certain things in your mind. Be it negative feelings or limiting thoughts where you dare not allow the energy to flow, you dare not express the positive, love based energy. This may be fear, a fear what will happen if you are open, if you dare to express yourself. It may be at the very simple level that you are in love with another person, but you are afraid to talk to that person and express what you feel. Because, what if you are rejected? It may be many more subtle things.

You gave earlier this rosary of forgiveness. And if you are angry with other people, if you feel they have harmed you, if you want them to be punished, if you want them to suffer as you have suffered, these are all beliefs and feelings that block the flow of energy through your being. It is not impossible for people to realize that there must be some opening through which this psychic energy is flowing. And when that opening is closed, then the energy cannot flow. And therefore you do not feel as good as when the energy is flowing freely. And all of these negative feelings, all of these negative thoughts, limiting thoughts and limiting sense of who you are as a human being what you can and cannot do, all of these things will cause the opening to close gradually. The more negative thoughts you have, the more negative beliefs you have, the more the opening will close and the less energy will flow through and the worse you are going to feel.

This can then cause people to at least think: “What opens my mind to the flow of energy, what closes my mind?” And people can feel it themselves. If you are afraid, that emotional energy of fear, is a block, that partly closes the opening through which the energy flows. If you are angry, then it closes even more. If you desire revenge, well then your mind is focused on this. Why did Jesus tell you to love your neighbor as yourself, to love your enemies, to forgive those that harmed you, to forgive seventy times seven? Because this is the key to you feeling good, that you overcome all of these blocks. You see that the more your mind, the more your feelings are focused on the limitation, focusing on the fear based, focusing on the negative, the more you close the flow, the less energy can flow and automatically, you feel worse.

Now, you can take this, you can look back at history and you can say: “How did people feel during Soviet times? How did most people feel?” Well, they had so many fears, so many restrictions, such a limited sense of what was possible for them that if you could even think back and look at their facial expressions, you would see how closed they were. You can even take pictures of people from Soviet times, be it your relatives, be it public figures, you can look at their faces and you can see how their faces were closed. It was almost like they were wearing a mask and the inside of the mask had all of these strings attached and someone was pulling these strings tighter and tighter and tighter, until their faces were almost pulled inwards. So closed were they. Oftentimes the people who were higher up and had more power were the most closed and you can see this in their faces.

You can realize here that the Soviet Union was the type of society that forces its citizens to close themselves off. Because if they were really open to looking at conditions, as they were, they would have come to a realization: life is unbearable, my life is unbearable. But if you come to that realization then many people will not be able to bear the sense that life is unbearable. Therefore, they will go into depression, they might commit suicide, they might be unable to function psychologically, they might drink themselves senseless with vodka, as many people did.

As a defense mechanism, most people closed themselves off, they focused on a very narrow environment, a very narrow life that they had defined that within these boundaries: “I can feel somewhat safe and as long as I stay here and as long as I don’t really look at what is going on outside this very small sphere, then life is bearable for me”. Had they opened themselves up to look beyond it, life would have become instantly unbearable. This was what the society of the Soviet Union forced most of its people to do.

They did not realize this, but today that you have seen something else, that even the people of Russia have had a distance from Soviet society and you can say half the people in Belarus have had a distance, since they still have almost the same kind of police state, but they have had some distance to the old times at least. You can say that everyone has had an opportunity to have some distance and therefore it is possible that people can come to acknowledge that Soviet society forced its citizens to close themselves to the flow of positive energy. When you close yourself to that flow, then you cannot feel good about yourself, about your life, it is impossible, because you are closing off the very energy that makes you feel good.

When people recognize this, they can now begin to look at their society and say: “What kind of society do I want to live in?” If they want to continue to live in a closed society and close their minds and feelings, then they have a right to make that choice. I am in no way trying to force anyone to live in a way they do not want to live, but if they come to the realization that they do not want to live in a closed society, then that is when the Flame of Opportunity I have now anchored in these three places can help them come over that hump, so to speak, come over that turning point where they start realizing a very simple mechanism.

That mechanism is that if they do not want to live in a closed society, they have to start opening their minds before there is a change in the outer society. A change in society has to start in the minds of its citizens and it has to start when some of them, and eventually a critical mass of them, dare to open their minds to the flow of positive energy. They dare to make the decision that no matter what the outer conditions are, you can still open your mind on the personal level and when you dare to do this, you will release positive energy. When many people dare to do this, in fact, only a small percentage of a population, then it will have an impact on the nation. If 1% of the people in a nation open their minds to the free flow of positive energy, that will shift the nation in a decisive way and set the nation on an upward track.

This does not mean they even have to know about ascended masters and know about all of the things you know, for example, about chakras. They just have to know this very simple measure, the difference between being open and being closed, being open to letting positive energy flow through your mind or being closed and therefore blocking that energy from flowing. Many, many people already have it. Not as many in Belarus, but quite a few people in Russia and many people in Ukraine as well, have dared to have more of an optimism about the future. They have dared to have some dreams, take some initiative, start their own business, for example. Therefore, there are already quite a number of people who have locked onto this and my flame being anchored will reinforce these people and embolden them to express it more in society.

It can be expressed in many ways but it begins with making a decision that  you will dare to adopt a positive outlook on life, where you dare to realize that the difference between a pessimist and an optimist is just a slight turn of the dial of the mind. If you look at one of these clocks you have in your kitchen, an egg timer, where you can turn the dial to set the number of minutes. Envision that you have a switch like that in your mind and the pessimist has turned it to the negative and the optimist has turned it to the positive. There is no outer condition here that determines how you turn the dial in your mind. It is entirely something you have the power to change on your own.

Certainly, society can have an impact on how many people are able to adopt a positive outlook on life and that is why you saw in the Soviet Union that hardly anyone had it. In the societies you have today more people have already started turning it and more people can certainly do so. It is a matter of deciding. For you who are ascended master students it is also a matter of deciding.

There has been a tendency in past ascended master organizations to focus on the problems, to focus on the negatives, the perversions, what had to be overcome. We have, in a sense, given you many teachings about what needs to be overcome but we have also given you the tools to work on your psychology to let go of these selves so that you can come to make that switch where you decide to focus on the positive. It is, as I said in the new book, a matter of accepting Saint Germain’s Golden Age.

You, who are direct students, can certainly make that switch where you accept that there is an opportunity to improve conditions in Russia, in Belarus, in Ukraine. You who live in those countries, you can make that switch, you can decide to look at the opportunity instead of focusing on the problems, to accept that your nation is on a positive track, that things wíll get better and that your calls will have an impact in terms of tipping the nation in a positive direction. There is a considerable opportunity that Ukraine can make this switch before Belarus and Russia.

The Ukrainian people have that potential to make the switch and adopt that positive outlook. They may need some help, they may need some inspiration by looking at other nations that have made it. As such, your president has already had contact with the presidents of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, others so that you can learn and be inspired by what other nations have done. But what I am telling you is there is a tremendous opportunity for Ukraine to go through this shift where people accept the possibility, the reality of a positive future. And therefore, they can open themselves up and let the light flow through them.

My beloved, why has Poland and Estonia been able to start at the same point as Belarus, Russia and Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union and still make such a tremendous change in this short span of years? Why have they been able to do it? What has driven that change in these nations? Well, it is the energy of the people. What can drive the change in a nation? There must be energy, where must the energy come from? It comes from the people in that nation. They have driven it by being willing to become positive, to look at the opportunity, to multiply the talents and therefore there has been energy to drive the growth of these nations.

This has so far been lacking in Ukraine but it is beginning to break through more and more. Not so much in the rural areas but certainly in the cities, starting in Kiev as the capital, where you see more of an optimism. This can quickly gather a momentum that becomes unstoppable and therefore gives the new president and the new parliament the energy they need to carry out the reforms that the people who elected them want to see happen. But the people who elected them do not quite realize that they have to provide the energy, it was not enough to just put your cross in a little box on a ballot. You need to provide the energy as well.

What does it mean to multiply the talents that we have talked about? It actually means that you are allowing positive energy to flow through you. That is how you multiply the talents. It is not a matter of an outer thing that someone needs to give to you. The fact that in Jesus’s parable that the servants were given different numbers of talents does not mean that God arbitrarily gives more light to one person than another. It just signifies that in past lifetimes, they had garnered more or less light and now they had an opportunity to multiply it or not multiply it and those who did will always be given more. When you open yourself up you are multiplying the talents, and therefore you will be given more.

You who are spiritual students know where the more comes from, it comes from the ascended masters, your I AM Presence. The people in general are not ready to understand this, although some may be aware that you could have a higher self, a higher part of your being that can release more or less energy to you, depending on what you do with that energy. In fact, they might even realize that your higher self always wants to release energy, but it cannot do so if your mind is closed. It is up to you to open the mind. And when you open, the flow will be there. Anybody who has been in love should be able to recognize this, the difference between open and closed.

With this I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment, except I want to give you my love, my gratitude for your willingness to come together, for your willingness to give the invocations, to use the tools to work on your psychology, to overcome the selves, to look at yourself and to start pulling on that beam in your own eye instead of focusing on the splinter in the eyes of your brothers and sisters. This is why we have been able to release the light we have released so far and will be able to release more in the coming days. Because you have been willing to multiply the talents, the teachings, the energy we have given you and come together to say to us: “We are open to receiving more.” Therefore you are receiving more as I trust you can feel in this release and for this you have my infinite gratitude.


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