You are not powerless to deal with fanaticism

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Ascended Master Master MORE through Kim Michaels, June 7, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.7

I AM the Ascended Master MORE, and I wish to continue Mother Mary’s discourse and some of the remarks that she made. My beloved, you look at planet earth, you look at how people resist change. You look at how they want to hold on to what gives them a sense of equilibrium, a sense that they have the uncertainty of the physical universe somewhat under control. What basis is there really for thinking that if you can prevent change, you can maintain control?

You look at all of these people who have a certain belief system, a certain worldview. They believe it gives them absolute and infallible knowledge. They do not believe that it could ever be expanded upon, whether it comes from some divine revelation, scientific revelation or political revelation. They resist any knowledge that could change or challenge their view of life. What basis do you really have, on a planet like earth, for thinking this is even possible?

Worldviews come and go

Look at history. Look at all the changes that have happened. Just look back over the last couple of thousand years here in the western world. You can go back to the Roman Empire. They had a certain worldview. Most people today have not really bothered to think about the Roman worldview, but they had a certain view of the universe, with themselves firmly in the center. They believed they were a superior civilization that had a right to rule the world, and that they lived in the center of the world, and that they basically had conquered most of the known world. They believed they had absolute knowledge, that it could never be expanded upon, that this was something final. Does anybody care today what the Romans believed 2,000 years ago? Has their worldview not been obliterated by time? Is there anybody today who sits there and thinks: “Oh, I wish we could go back to the Roman worldview and all believe what they believed back then.”

Then, look at the medieval worldview, the so-called Dark Ages, of how they had certain beliefs, certain ideas, among them that the earth was flat, that it was the center of the universe. If you sailed out over the oceans, you would fall off the edge, and there would be dragons eating you. Does anyone miss that worldview today? Does anyone think: “Oh, we should go back to this?” Look at all the people in later periods. Look even in modern times, the Marxist worldview. Well, yes, there may be a few people who think we should go back to this, but do the majority of the people around the world think we should go back to the Cold War days and the division of the world into a communist and a capitalist camp?

When you look at reality, when you look at history, is there any basis for thinking that you could create a worldview that would last for eternity? You may say: “Well, the Bible is several thousand years old and there are still people who believe in these scriptures.” I would say to you: “Is that really so?” You take a fundamentalist Christian in the United States today who claims that the Bible is the Word of God, the literal Word of God, and that it is perfect, and it could never change, and it will stand the test of time. He might say: “Well, the first books in the Bible were given so many thousands of years ago, and we still believe in them today. Therefore, they have stood the test of time.” I can assure you that if you went back to when the first people received the first books of the Bible and looked at their worldview and their mindset, you could see that perhaps the words have survived, but the way people looked at those words, that has not survived. It was such a different worldview they had back then that you cannot even imagine it in the modern world.

The irony of fundamentalist Christianity being, of course, that before the scientific era there were no fundamentalist Christians. Even in medieval times, people did not take the Bible literally as the fundamentalist Christians do. It was actually only after the advent of science, and specifically Materialism, that there was a shift in the collective consciousness where people started to take things very literally, instead of looking at their symbolic value. The fundamentalist worldview is not as old as the Bible, and it will not stand the test of time.

People do not want to go back to the past

You look, my beloved, at all of the people in the world (yourselves among them, most of you) who have experimented with various forms of diets. There is the Atkins diet, there is the Keto diet, there is the “supercalifragilisticexpialidosius-diet” and many other diets. Including the Paleolithic diet where people try to eat like they did in the Stone Age. Well, if you want to eat like they did in the Stone Age, why do you not go back and find yourself a nice cave somewhere, and find some old furs and dress in them and live in that cave? Then, you could really eat like they did in the old days. Go out there with your spear and your club and hunt for food, gather berries, and then come home and try to prepare a meal from this.

You see that there may be people who look back to the past and think that there is something original that was better than what we have today. But when it really comes down to it, they do not want to go back and live in the past. Most people, and certainly most people in the modern democracies, would not want to go back to live in the past. If you acknowledge (and this is one of these shifts that can happen in the collective consciousness) that you do not want to go back and live in the past, you can ask yourself why that is. The reason that you do not want to go back to the past is that you acknowledge, you experience, that there has been progress. We can always debate whether something is good or bad, but there has been progress compared to 200 years ago, 2,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago. Humankind has made progress.

Progress is based on increasing knowledge

Now, why have you made progress? Why has humanity made progress in that time? What is the difference between the Stone Age and today? Why did not the Stone Age have, for example, the technology that you take for granted today and that is one of the reasons why people do not want to go back to the Stone Age? Well, because in the Stone Age they did not have the knowledge that this technology is based on. So what is all progress based on? It is based on an expansion of knowledge. People know more, and knowing more is the basis for progress. It has been that way throughout history. Knowing more allows you to make progress. If you do not know more, if you keep holding on to the same knowledge and do not expand your knowledge, you will stay in the same place you are at. Knowledge is power.

If you recognize that knowledge is the key to progress, or rather, expanding your knowledge is the key to progress, why would you hold on to your present worldview and beliefs? Why would you get yourself in a state of mind where you believe that you have some absolute knowledge that could never be expanded upon? If your knowledge could not be expanded upon, that would mean you could not progress beyond your current level, at least in that area of life.

Very, very simple logic. Not beyond the average person in the modern democracies to acknowledge this, and therefore take this step further and say: “Well, why do we human beings have this tendency to hold on to a certain worldview, a certain knowledge, and think it is absolute?” Then, they can realize, as Mother Mary so eloquently explained, the entire security dynamic of the need for security, and your tendency to feel that when you have a certain knowledge that is absolute or infallible, then you have some control over the universe.

When you acknowledge this, then you can again take a look at history and see how all ideas have eventually been changed, perhaps even overturned, by the progress of time. Therefore, you can say: “Okay, if I really want security, does it make any sense to try and base my sense of security on an idea that could be changed anytime?” You would, if you went back in time, see that when people believed that the earth was flat, and that it was the center of the universe, these two beliefs were part of what gave them a sense of security. They felt they could explain how the universe worked and this gave them that sense of equilibrium. Now, you can see that those beliefs have been overturned. Therefore, you can see that basing your sense of security on two beliefs that were so obviously wrong, was not a very smart move. It was not the way to get security.

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