Teachings about Russia

Russian War against Ukraine 2022

Russia and Ukraine: The end of Empires and inhumanity

Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of superiority and the sense of being unwhole, traumatized and focused outside oneself, 23-25 April 2021

Arkhangelsk, Russia, 2011

Make an effort to stop making an effort

Shattering the serpentine lie of freeing the people through Communism

Anchoring a Flame of Willpower in Moscow

 Saint Petersburg, Russia, June, 2010

Dare to imagine a Golden Age in Russia and surrounding nations

There is nothing in the past of any nation, that the Light cannot purify

Entering the ascension spiral requires you to overcome the great projection game

Let the cosmic wrecking ball shatter the structures that limit your Spirit

Imagination, acceptance, oneness: A new formula for alchemy in the Golden Age

You, women of Russia, are all daughters of God!

Only those who seek to raise up all life will enter the ascension spiral

Tune in to the true Joy of the Spirit that I AM

Communism was an attempt to destroy the figure-eight flow between East and West

Questions and answers about Russia (2008-2021)

Russian-speaking messenger (2022)

Speaking out in Russia

The judgment of Christ upon the Russian people 

Will Russia use nuclear weapons?

Will Russia use nuclear weapons?

The Anastasia movement

The lessons behind the WWII for the Soviet people 

The people of Moscow, the avant-garde of Russia? 

The most likely scenarios for the future of Russia

Western attitudes to Russia before the war in Ukraine

The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Putin and the conflict in eastern Ukraine

Creativity without freedom? 

Alexei Navalny and his divine plan

The situation in eastern Ukraine

International sanctions against Russia (2021)

What would happen if Russia gave up its aggression towards other nations?

How to free yourself from the collective consciousness of your nation 

Beasts in the collective consciousness of Russia

How long can Putin stay in embodiment?

The potential of protests in the Russian Far East city of Khabarovsk

Violence against women

Black and white thinking in Russia and USA

The Russian people need to decide: when have we had enough of suffering?

Federation of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, is it realistic scenario?

To what degree are you using the teaching you recognize to raise your consciousness?

When can we expect the next conference in the Russian territory?

The Flame of Freedom in RussiaPutin and the Russian nation

To all students from non-English speaking countries: learn English

Freedom of press and internet in Russia

Russia – Ukraine relations

What is needed in Russia is people open to a different form of government not dominated by one person

Putin and his lifespan

The celebration of the end of World War II

Prophecies about Russia

The flame, gift and contribution of the Russian people

The dragon in the emotional plane of Russia

ISIS and RussiaCrimea, Ukraine and Belarus

Spiritual consequences of Putin’s presidency

Spiritual progenitors of modern Russia

Emperor Nicholas 2nd and his role

Conflict between Russia, China and the United States

Peace in Ukraine and changes in Russia

Where are Stalin and Lenin today?

Natural disasters in Russia

The educational system in Russia

Which ascended masters work with Russia?

Question about Vladimir Putin

The massive forest fires caused by abnormal heat in Russia

Dealing with a more totalitarian government in Russia



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