The Wisdom of the Mother for Russia

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, April 23, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of superiority and the sense of being unwhole, traumatized and focused outside oneself.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary.

It is my privilege to open this conference on a topic that our Russian students have suggested, and that we have chosen because we feel it is the one that is most likely to have an impact on Russia, given the present configuration, not only of the outer situation, but of the subtle energies, the unseen energies in the emotional, mental and identity realms.

Now, my beloved, I of course hold the office of the Divine Mother for earth. Therefore, I represent the mother flame, the mother energies, the mother consciousness. When I look at the situation of mothers on earth, I see a certain dynamic that is quite common in almost all nations around the world. And it is that becoming a mother on earth, in most societies is quite a task, quite a sacrifice for many women.

You live a certain life, you grow up, you prepare yourself, you become an adult, perhaps you get an education, perhaps you get certain job skills and then suddenly, either planned or unplanned, you become pregnant, and now your life changes completely.

So, for many women, there is this subtle sense that they have made a certain sacrifice by becoming mothers, because instead of just having a personal life, then their life is so centered around the children. I am not saying that fathers also do not make sacrifices to have children, but it is often the mothers who bear the biggest burden. So then, as you grow through motherhood and watch your children grow, there can be this subtle sense that, since I have made this sacrifice for my children, my children should at the very least listen to me when I tell them something for their own good. There is this sense that mothers would like their children to listen, to the wisdom to the experiences that the mothers have.

And of course, I am not saying that this is necessarily always the highest vision that mothers have for their children or for their own lives. It is, of course, affected by their psychology or by where they grew up. But I am pointing out that there is this almost universal mechanism of mothers feeling that their children, as they near adulthood, are not listening to them. So, I have decided to use this as my opening theme for this dictation and for this conference.

Naturally, I, as the Divine Mother for earth, as an ascended master, do not have the same feelings as most women in embodiment. But nevertheless, let us take this theme. We have now several times used this messenger to give conferences in Russia or about Russia, or surrounding republics. We have said many, many things, and I do want to make clear that if people had heeded, had truly listened to what we have said about Russia, then Russia would have been further ahead than it is today.

Now you may say, “Well, how can the ordinary Russians listen to an ascended master teaching”? And this is quite true. But what I want to talk about here is that we would like ascended master students to listen to what we are saying about Russia. We would like ascended master students in Russia and in former Soviet republics and Warsaw countries to listen to what we are saying, because if the ascended master students do not listen, how can we expect the general population to pick up on the ideas we are releasing?

The first topic that I want to discuss here is why it is so difficult, not only for ascended master students, but also the Russian people in general, to listen to anything that anyone from outside of Russia says about Russia or about them.

Now, whenever we say anything about Russia, there is always an opposition to what we say. The messenger often feels this, he even sometimes feels it from the students that he is interacting with, when we have a physical conference. There is a great resistance in the Russian collective consciousness, and it very much ties in with the topic of the conference, where you have this combination of the desire to be special, the desire for Russia to be superior and then the inferiority complex where many Russians do not feel good about themselves.

You have this sense that people do not have the kind of lives they want on a personal level but they compensate for this through their sense of national pride or accomplishment. This was more pronounced during Soviet times, of course, than it is today but it is still there in the collective consciousness. You look at your personal life, you do not find any great sense of being special, or pride there, so you compensate by looking at the national level and feeling that because of this or that or the next thing, at least you are special because you are Russian, you are part of this nation of Russia.

When someone comes and says something about Russia that does not support the view of Russia that you have, then there is an almost subconscious resistance to it, because if you were to acknowledge what they say about Russia, you would feel bad, you would start feeling as bad about Russia as you feel about your personal life. And many Russians cannot bear this, so therefore they almost subconsciously reject anything said about Russia or the Russian people.

This is true for the general population, but it is also true for many ascended master students and if you will be honest with yourselves, you will feel it. You will feel that many of you have read our dictations about Russia—even some of the things that are said in this invocation you have just given—and you feel a resistance in you.

Now, my beloved, you who are ascended master students, if you are not willing to be honest with yourselves and look at your own reactions, how can we help you? How can we help you raise your own individual consciousness? How can we help you raise the collective consciousness of Russia?

So, I need you to step back here and ask yourself a simple question: “Why am I an ascended master student? Why am I listening to these teachings given by some outsider who speaks English instead of Russian? Why am I reading the translated dictations? Why am I following these teachings, giving invocations and decrees? Why am I spending my time and my attention on this? Why?”

Ask yourself this simple question: Why are you doing this? And then be honest enough to look at your reactions. And you will find, of course—and this goes for people everywhere around the world—that there are certain reactions in you.

And I am in no way trying to find fault and say that there is anything wrong with having these reactions. It is perfectly natural that as an ascended master student, you have taken on some of the collective consciousness in the area where you grew up, so I want you to be careful and listen to what I am saying. I am not blaming you for having this resistance in you to what we say about Russia. It is natural that as you grew up in Russia, you have taken this on from the collective consciousness.

However, why are you an ascended master student? There may be different motives that people have, but the very core of being an ascended master student is: You want to raise your individual consciousness, and then you also want to raise the collective consciousness, both in the country you live in and in the world in general. This is the core of being an ascended master student.

How do you raise your individual consciousness, if you have grown up in a country like Russia? By raising yourself above the collective consciousness. How can you possibly raise your individual consciousness if you do not raise it beyond the collective? It cannot be done. That means you need to transcend some of the elements in the collective consciousness that are holding back your nation. And this particular issue that I have brought to your attention—of having the resistance to anything being said about Russia—this is one of the primary things, if not the primary thing, that is holding back the growth of Russia towards the Golden Age. If you want to raise your individual consciousness in Russia, you must raise yourself beyond this resistance to looking at what can be changed.

Now, if you are to raise the collective consciousness of Russia, naturally, you do not raise the collective by affirming what is already in the collective. You raise the collective by transcending it yourself, thereby pulling up on others, but also by challenging that collective consciousness. How else can you raise the collective consciousness?

Let us now look at this resistance to anything being said about Russia. If you were to look at Russia from the perspective that I am looking at right now from the ascended level, you will see that there is a huge collective beast over the Russian nation, over the Russian people. You can look at it as one of these very fierce attack dogs that you have that are often used for fighting against each other.

This is a dog that most of the time sleeps, but whenever someone from the outside says something about Russia, it instantly wakes up and starts barking and snarling at whatever is being said. And it has really only one purpose and that is to prevent the Russian people from listening to what is being said. And this beast is a beast—as we have talked about many, many times. It does not have self-awareness, it does not have any sophisticated ability to reason. It is literally like these angry dogs, mad dogs that you see, that are barking and snarling at everyone. You cannot reason with it. You may be able to calm it a little bit, but only by submitting and being unwilling to listen. So, you cannot have any kind of reasoning process with this beast. You need to free yourself from it.

How do you free yourself from it? Well, here is the perspective of the Divine Mother on this. What is this unwillingness to change? What is the cause of it? What is the essence of it? Well, it is the total perversion of the Divine Mother, the total perversion of the mother flame. What have we said in many, many teachings? That God has two polarities, the expanding force and the contracting force, the father and the mother, the masculine and feminine.

Everything in the matter realm, in the material world, is made out of the energies of the Divine Mother. They take on whatever form that human beings with free will project upon those energies, so they can out-picture what people have in their consciousness. According to free will, you are allowed to create any circumstance you want. This is what you can see in the history of the world. You can see it in the history of Russia. You can go back in the history of Russia, you can look at previous centuries, serfdom, communism, the present situation. And, as with any other country, the conditions that you see are an out-picturing of the collective consciousness of the people. This is one aspect of the wisdom of the mother.

The wisdom of the mother knows that whatever physical conditions you have are an out-picturing of what is in the collective consciousness. Therefore, the mother also knows that the only way to change the material circumstances is to first change consciousness. As we have said, the energies flow through the identity, mental, emotional, and then into the physical. So if you want to change the physical, you must change what is in the emotional, mental and identity realms. This is the wisdom of the mother, on how you change things.

The perversion of this wisdom of the mother is any ideology or belief system that says that the physical circumstances have a physical cause, and therefore the only way to change them is through physical means. This was what you saw out-pictured during communism, where it was believed that this ideology and the way it was implemented by the Soviet leadership would bring physical changes— eventually an ideal society. This is a perversion of the wisdom of the mother.

Now, as I said, the mother realm allows people to create any physical circumstances they want, this is part of the learning process. But the mother is not blind. The mother knows that whatever human beings have created is just one possible circumstance. The mother knows, the wisdom of the mother knows, that the Ma-ter light has taken on the present form but it could take on many other different forms. In fact, it could take on other circumstances as easily as what is manifest now. But this, of course, cannot be done through physical changes, but only through a change in consciousness.

The Mother knows this, so people are allowed to collectively create a certain circumstance and the Mother is, on one hand, in complete acceptance of peoples’ right to create any circumstance they want, to have any experience they want for as long as they want to have it. But of course, this does not mean that the Mother wants people to suffer. What does the Mother do? Well, it accepts free will. It allows people to create a certain circumstance, but the Mother always wants to present people with the knowledge that they could change their circumstance, if they do not like it, if they have had enough of it. The Mother never ever wants people to feel stuck in their present circumstance.

The Mother wants people to know there is an alternative, but how can people know there is an alternative to what they have collectively created? How will they know my beloved? Well, they can know in two ways. They can know through ideas that are inspired from the ascended realm. This is why the ascended masters have for thousands of years worked with certain people that were able to receive new ideas, that could then help people see that it was possible to create a better society.

You go through history and you see how new ideas are brought out by philosophers, scientists, writers, theologians and from time to time new ideas have come out. The Buddha gave his teachings. Jesus gave his teachings. Scientists have given their teachings, philosophers, so that people can see that there is an alternative, a better society could be created. But another way that people can know there is a better circumstance is because the earth is quite big. There are many different countries, there are many different groups of people. If the people in one nation see that the people in another nation have a better life than they themselves have, then they can know that it is possible to create a better life. Because if those other people can do it, why can’t we do it as well? This is the wisdom of the mother, which knows that, as the ascended masters have said for a long time, what one has done, all can do.

How do you improve your life? Through a vertical and a horizontal way. You reach up for ideas from the ascended realm. You reach out horizontally for ideas, experiences and observations from other people, other nations, other groups of people. These are the two ways: the vertical, the horizontal whereby you can improve your life. Yes they do in a sense form a cross because in order to have maximum growth, you need to have both the vertical and the horizontal.

Now what happens if you ignore them both? If you don’t have both? Well, then the cross becomes the cross of the crucifixion. You are crucified by the vertical and the horizontal, because you cannot move, you are immobilized. But who nailed you to the cross? Did the Romans? No, you nailed yourself to the cross by not reaching up for higher ideas, by not looking horizontally for better ways of doing things. My beloved, look back to the most obvious example of this perversion of the Mother, which was found during Soviet communism.

You may say: “But communism was based on an idea.” That is true. But it was not the vertical, because the ideas of Karl Marx did not come from the ascended masters, they came from the fallen beings. Furthermore, it was said that the ideology of communism as defined by Marx and Lenin was the highest possible ideology. So there was no need to reach out for anything higher, in fact, it was said there could not be anything higher. There was this total denial of any kind of spiritual realm or ascended masters. So where would people in the Soviet Union get any higher ideas from?

Then you go back and see in the time of the iron curtain. Could people in Russia look to other countries and see how they were living there? Of course not. Information was cut off. What did people in Russia know about the situation in other countries? Some people in Russia actually believed that since they were living in this communist workers’ paradise, the condition of Soviet workers was better than the workers in the West who were being ruthlessly exploited by capitalism. I am not saying that workers in the West were not exploited by capitalism, but they still had a standard of living that was much higher than the workers of the Soviet Union. This of course, was what people in Russia did not know.

Now, we have mentioned this before, that there was a time when Boris Yeltsin was travelling in America and on his way to the airport demanded that they stop at an ordinary grocery store. He walked in there, saw the full shelves, saw there was no lines, saw that there were fifteen different kinds of bread or crackers or shampoo. He realized in a flash of recognition, that the only reason why the Soviet Union was still in existence, was that the ordinary person in Russia simply did not know how the ordinary person in the West lived. Because if people in Russia had known that it was possible to have a standard of living that was so much higher than their own, they would have demanded change.

This is what you see physically out-pictured in the Soviet Union, but you can go further back to the era of serfdom where what did you see then? There was a certain ideology defined by the Orthodox church and even though you may say that these ideas originally came from Jesus, the Orthodox church was not any more open to divine revelation than the Catholic church. So there was no new revelation coming forth. There was a lid on what people could receive on new ideas. Then on a horizontal level, most of the serfs, the peasants could not even read or write, did not know anything about what was going on outside of Russia. Again, there was not the information flow.

You see here that for centuries there has been this tendency in the Russian consciousness where people have been programmed, conditioned to not reach up for higher ideas and not look out at the rest of the world. The Orthodox church defined that only the church hierarchy could interpret the scriptures and know the Will of God. The communist ideologists, “theologians” you might say, also defined that only the party elite could define how communism should be. It was totally discouraged that anyone among the broader population would think for themselves, would look beyond the official party line, or church doctrine and think within themselves, feel within themselves, use their Christ discernment to know what was right or not right. It was discouraged that they look outside.

But beyond this, what was created over these many centuries was this unwillingness to listen to anything that anyone from outside of Russia said about Russia. You see it in Czarist times, you see it in Soviet times and although it is better today than it was at the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is still very much there in the collective consciousness. There is a tendency that people react with suspicion, dismissal, denial, whenever someone from outside of Russia says anything about Russia.

I am not even saying, you will notice, that they criticize Russia, but there is a tendency to react the way that if anybody says anything about Russia, it is seen as criticism. This was of course, very much reinforced during previous centuries. First, there was the Czar and the noble class. You could not say anything against them, or you would be executed. Then there was the communists. You could not say anything against them, or you would be executed or sent to a labor camp. You will notice by the way, that not very long ago, one of the people who criticized the current regime was sent to a labor camp.

There has been this mindset created in the collective consciousness, that anything that disagrees with the way things are done by the ruling elite is criticism and it must be silenced and it is justified that it is silenced, by all means available to that ruling elite and those who do the bidding of the elite. Whether it is in the secret police or the not so secret police or the thought police or whatever you want to call it.

Let reach back to what I said. The Divine Mother allows a group of people to create any circumstance they want, but the Divine Mother does not want them to remain stuck in that circumstance. The Divine Mother wants them to know that it is possible to create a different circumstance. It is possible to create a better circumstance.

Now if you are living in a house that does not have electricity, or running water, or proper toilet facilities or hot water and someone comes and tells you: “Listen, it is possible to have this thing called electricity and you can light up your house much easier than doing it with an oil lamp. It is possible to have this thing that heats the water so you can wash yourself with warm water, instead of taking a cold shower or washing yourself with cold water. It is possible to install this thing called a toilet so you do not have to go outside in the cold to an outhouse.” If someone tells you these things my beloved, is that a criticism of what you have right now?

Is it?

Well that depends on your attitude, because if you are Russian then you might say that if someone from the West tells you that you could have hot water in your house, they are criticizing you. They are not only criticizing you, they are criticizing Russia and the greatness of Russia, they are questioning the greatness of Russia. But are they really? Or are they simply not saying: “Listen, there is a better way, there is a better way to live than what you have right now.”

You see here what I am saying as the representative of the Divine Mother, I desire the Russian people to have a better lifestyle, better circumstances. I only desire to see an improvement in the circumstances of the Russian people. I have no other motive. I do not want to force them in any way to have better circumstances. I want them to have better circumstances and I am willing to provide, (not necessarily directly through a dictation) but through many people and scientists and this and that, the knowledge of how they can improve their circumstances.

But right now, the greatest obstacle to me as the representative of the Divine Mother helping the Russian people improve their circumstances, is precisely this mindset of resisting anything that anyone says. Because it is probably a criticism. Where does it come from? Well, it comes from this psychological mechanism that I have explained. You know that your daily life is not what it could be. People know this. If you are living the way the majority of the Russian people live, they know this is not as good as it could be.

They compensate for this, not so much the young people, but certainly the older generation who grew up during communism and were brought up with communist propaganda, by feeling a pride in being Russians. “We are part of Russia. This is a great nation. This nation is selected by God, to do something important for the world. We are different. We have a right to be different. We have the right to do things our way and we want to do things our way.”

Whenever someone says something about Russia, they think: “Now they are criticizing Russia, now they are tearing down Russia.” A high ranking Russian official just this week, said that it has become like a sport to criticize Russia.

Well, is it a sport? Or is it just simply that there are nations outside of Russia, who have improved their lives and therefore can see what is not there at the same level in Russia? Are they not simply saying: “We want Russians to have the same lifestyle that we have.” But you see, this is what many Russians cannot believe because they have this need to feel that they are special, that they are better than others, even though their living conditions are not better. Practically nothing in Russian society functions better than in many other countries—most other countries. Nevertheless, despite the fact that there is no single area where Russia is better, Russia is still better than any other nation. This is the mentality that I am pointing out to you. It is this mentality that prevents the Russian people from using the wisdom of the Mother to see how they could improve life in Russia.

What is the wisdom of the Mother?

Well, it has many, many aspects but as an example let me point you to what has often been called the laws of nature. Somewhat of a misnomer, but let that rest for now. Whether you are a Russian, or an American, or a Swede, or Korean, if you throw a rock up into the air, does it not fall down? There is a law of gravity and it works the same in Russia as everywhere else.

We have mentioned before that there was a point where Russian scientists had created the first nuclear bomb. It had a certain power. They presented this to Stalin with great pride but Stalin was not satisfied, because what could he do with one bomb? He wanted more bombs and more powerful bombs. He was then told that they only had a certain amount of enriched uranium and it took a certain amount to produce one bomb. But Stalin was convinced that Russian scientists could find a way to produce more bombs with the same amount of uranium. In other words, Stalin believed that Russian scientists were not under the same natural laws as other scientists, but that they could find a way to change natural law. Well, this is a total perversion of the wisdom of the Mother, because the wisdom of the Mother says there are certain principles, certain laws, and they work the same for all people in all situations, regardless of what you believe. So what does that mean?

Well, that means very simply, if you look at many other nations around the world, you will see that the average person in those nations have a higher standard of living than people in Russia. How did they get that higher standard of living? Not through any kind of magic, but they got this by applying certain principles.

First of all, a society with equal rights and certain economic principles: such as allowing small businesses and allowing people to keep what they make, without taking an unfair amount in taxes or through corruption. You see, there are some very simple economic principles that have allowed many, many nations around the world to raise the level of their economy and thereby raise the standard of living for the average person. If those same principles were applied in Russia, they would work in Russia as well. And it would raise the standard of living of the average person as it has to some degree done for people in the cities, but not yet for people outside the cities. And of course, many people who are on pensions have not had their standard of living raised, because the state will not pay them a higher pension. What I am saying here is very simple, my beloved. There is a set of universal principles that makes a nation prosperous and therefore makes the people of that nation prosperous. And if those principles were followed in Russia, they would work as well as they do in Germany.

Why are they not followed in Russia? Because if the Germans come and say: “Listen, this is what we have done and see how it has worked for us. Why do not you do the same?” Then the Russians act with dismissal, denial: “This cannot work, or the Germans are criticizing us and they should not be, so we will not listen to them”. Or they might even say the Germans are trying to take over Russia. They are trying to subvert Russia. They are trying to overthrow the present order in Russia.

Now, the last claim actually has some validity to it. In the sense that if the principles that were applied in Germany or England or France or Sweden were applied in Russia, then Russia’s form of government, form of rulership would have to change. It is clear that when you have the kind of government you have in Russia right now, you cannot have the economic prosperity for the broad population that you have in other countries where they do not have as repressive a form of government. If you believe the official government line in Russia, then you could say that from their perspective, certainly the west is trying to overthrow the ruling order in Russia. But why are they doing it? Are they doing it because they want to destroy Russia, because they want to put down Russia or because they want to punish Russia for the communist times? Nay, they are doing it because they want the Russian people to have the same standard of living as their own people.

I know, and the messenger can feel the instant reaction from the collective consciousness. Right now this attack dog that I talked about, is standing up and barking and snarling at the messenger and at the words flowing into the physical realm: “That this is not true, the west only wants to destroy Russia.” But this is a lie. The average person in the west has no desire whatsoever to destroy Russia, to put down Russia, to punish Russia. The average person in the west only wants the Russian people to have the same standard of living as they have themselves. That is their only desire. They do not hate Russians. They are not suspicious of Russians. The average person in the west simply wants Russians to have what they have. The same for most of the governments in the west.

There are different things that come into play here. And one of the big things is the fact that Russia still has the huge nuclear arsenal that was built during Soviet times. And many western nations, many outside nations, not only in the west, considers this a potential danger. And this has only been reinforced during Putin’s leadership, because of the tendency he has to disregard international law and international principles. There is a certain fear of what Russian leadership might do with their nuclear arsenal, or for that matter with their conventional armies as you saw the reaction with the amassment of troops at the Ukrainian border.

There is a certain fear of what will Russia do. Will Russia do something that disrupts the international order?

There is, of course, also a certain undertone, undercurrent that the west is still, as we have said before, very much influenced by these large multinational corporations. And these multinational corporations only look at Russia as a potential market. They do not particularly care about the Russian people. They are corporations. But this does not mean that western governments or the western people do not care.

Naturally, I am not saying that everything coming from the west is idyllic or that Russia should accept everything coming from the west. But what I am saying is this: If Russia wants to improve the living conditions of the average person in Russia, then it can only be done by following the same universal principles – call them natural laws if you will, even though they are not strictly natural, that have been applied by other nations. Why do you think that the average person in South Korea has a lifestyle that is hundreds of times better than the average person in North Korea? Why do you think that North Korea which stubbornly adheres to a communist philosophy cannot feed its own people, whereas the people in South Korea have no problem? Not only being fed but having all kinds of material goods that the North Korean people cannot dream about. Well, it is because the North Korean nation is still clinging to an unrealistic vision of how the world works. South Korea has followed some of the same principles that have been followed in many other nations, but North Korea has not.

If you really still think that the Russian people can find a way to circumvent natural law and still have prosperity, I must tell you that this is an illusion. It is out of touch with the Divine Mother, the wisdom of the Divine Mother and with how the material universe works—it cannot be done.

Now, again, I respect free will. If the Russian people want to lag behind the lifestyle in most other nations, if they want to continue to do so for the indefinite future, then I bow to their free will. But when I have an opportunity to speak through a messenger in the physical octave, then I will give the perspective and the wisdom of the Divine Mother and say: ”It is entirely possible for the Russian people to have the same affluence and lifestyle as what you see in other modern nations, or rather in modern nations”. But it can only be done by following the same principles as those of other nations. And this is, of course, is a larger topic that ties in with why Russia has the kind of leadership it has and I will leave that for other masters to expound upon. As I have given you what I wanted to give you in this initial installment.

The laws of nature are in reality the laws of the Divine Mother—they work the same for all people on earth, they work the same in all areas of earth. You may create a map of the world—you as human beings. You may draw a line and say: ”Inside of that line is the nation of Russia and we are special from any other nation.” But just test this claim by going outside, taking a rock, throwing it up in the air and see if it does not fall down. And then if you still do not quite believe me, throw it into the air again. And continue throwing the rock into the air until you are convinced that what I am saying is true: that the law of gravity works the same in Russia, as it does anywhere else on the planet. This is the wisdom of the Divine Mother.

Of course, you have free will. You can create an ideology or any kind of belief system which says: ”We can create our own rules, we can create our own laws”. And yes, within certain limits you can believe that you can create your own laws. The Soviet Union did survive for 70 some years by going against the laws of nature in some ways. But it could not survive indefinitely.

The question simply is this: Do the Russian people want to have the same affluent lifestyle as people in other nations have? And if they do, how long will they continue to believe that they can create that affluence without following the same principles that have been followed in other nations? How long do you need to believe that Russia is so different? That we can bend the laws of nature to our will and still get what we want. It is simply a matter of saying: ”If I want something, what is the way to get it? What is the simplest way to get it?” And then I follow that rather than making it more difficult for myself by going another way. In other words, you could also say: “What is important for the Russian people? That we improve our living conditions or that we do everything our own way, even if it means that we are always behind other nations?”

What is most important to you? And if it is more important to you to do everything your way, then of course you do not need to listen to what I said. You do not need to listen to other nations, you do not need to look to other nations and compare life in Russia to other nations. You can continue doing what you are doing and living the way you are living. But if you do want change, then you have to start by looking at why you are not willing to learn from others. Why you always reject anything that anyone says as criticism? And if you who are ascended master students want to improve your own consciousness, your own life, if you want to have an impact on the collective consciousness of Russia, then you need to listen to what I am saying and what we have been saying. Instead of seeing what we are saying through the Russian collective filter, because if you who are ascended master students tend to reject anything we say about Russia, how can we help you, my beloved? And how can you help Russia? ‘

This boils down to the question I want to present to all who call themselves ascended master students in Russia. “Who are you? What kind of a being are you? Are you a spiritual being or a material being? Are you a Russian or are you an ascended master student? Are you a Russian who is defined by the collective consciousness and the material conditions in Russia? Or are you a spiritual being who has chosen to embody in Russia, because you wanted to raise the collective consciousness in Russia?”

Again, you have free will. I know very well, and I have known this from the very beginning when we allowed this messenger to travel to Russia for the first conference in St. Petersburg, that there are many people who claim to be ascended master students, but they come for only one reason. They want we, the ascended masters to affirm their view of themselves and their view of Russia. They want to hear how special Russia is, why it is so special. Why we of the ascended masters have special plans for Russia, and why Russia has this important mission for the world.

We have seen this over the years, we saw it in the Summit Lighthouse and previous dispensations: people who only wanted to hear how special Russia is and therefore how special they themselves are.

You have your free will. But if you identify yourself as a spiritual being, you are not identifying yourself as a Russian. You realize you are a spiritual being who chose to embody in Russia and this embodiment because you want to raise the collective consciousness. Well, then you have to listen to what we are saying and not rejected it before you truly listen.

Just a few years ago, at the last physical conference held in Russia, Sanat Kumara gave what is the most important dictation ever given in Russia or in relation to Russia. You can find it, you can read it. What he talked about was that spiritual students in Russia and elsewhere need to overcome their desire to be special. If you really want to raise yourself beyond the collective consciousness of Russia, if you really want to raise the collective consciousness, then read that dictation and listen to what is being said. What has this messenger said many times about what is it that allows him to take a dictation? He goes into a neutral state of mind. That is how we can speak through him without having our message colored by any human bias.

But what is the omega aspect of this, the flip side of the coin? What does it take to receive a dictation, to listen to a dictation, to truly absorb it and to have it shift your consciousness? Well, you must listen to it or read it with a neutral state of mind. If you are sitting there with this bias of only wanting us as ascended masters to validate your view of how special Russia is or how special you are, you are not in a neutral state of mind. You are not ready for the teaching. The motto of the ascended mastersy says: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. But once we have given a teaching in the physical, my beloved, whether it is in a book or on the internet, then anybody can find it. And that means people can find it who are not ready. They are not ready to truly listen to the teaching. So, my last question therefore is: ”Are you truly ready to listen to the teaching?”

And with this, I seal you in the unconditional and therefore neutral love of my heart. Whatever you do, however you react, my love for you is the same. What is not the same is what that love can do in terms of transforming your consciousness, because only those who are neutral can truly have the transformation of consciousness that my love can bring.


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