Dare to imagine a Golden Age in Russia and surrounding nations

TOPICS: There is no division in everywhere – Challenging the mindset behind communism – Why the first fallen beings fell – How the fallen beings induced doubt – An internal frame of reference – Communism is based on doubt – You cannot change the law of God – A warning to Russia – You cannot awaken people by being nice – Congratulations to the Russian people – Overcome negative feelings about the Soviet Union –

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, June 10, 2010 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

There is no division in everywhere

“Michael” is my name. “Archangel” is my title. “Archangel Michael” is the fohatic key, that summons my Presence to flow through your being. Yet take note of how easily words can be used to construe distance and separation. “Summon my Presence” may make it sound like you calling to me summons me to come to you from far away. Yet, that is putting a dualistic image upon me, and I am not a dualistic being. I AM a oneness being, out of the oneness of God, merged back into the oneness of God through my free-will decisions. And thus, I am not limited by time; not limited by space. For I am omnipresent. I am always at your side. I am always with you.

For did not Christ himself say “I am with you always?” And so I say too, playing on the words given by Jesus: “Which part of always do you not understand?” “Which part of everywhere do you not understand?” For you see, my beloved, can there be a “part” in always? Can there be a part in everywhere? Can you divide always? Can you divide eternity? Can you divide space? Can you divide omnipresence? Nay, you cannot!

There is no part in oneness, for oneness cannot be divided into parts that can be set apart from each other—and thus there can be conflict, or what seems to be conflict. But it is only conflict when you view it from the viewpoint of the separate mind, the mind that has been deceived by deception, by division, that has entered into division and therefore has forgotten its oneness.

The reality that I am cannot be divided, and thus it is indeed true, that there is no division in the spiritual realm. There can be no division among spiritual beings. For if a spiritual being was to enter into the consciousness of division, it would not be a spiritual being, it would have fallen into duality instantly. Thus, do you see the reality, that if I or any of my angels were to entertain the idea, that we are the enemies of the devil, or of any force on earth, and that it is our role, given to us by God, to fight and destroy that force in a dualistic battle, well, then we would instantly fall and become part of the problem instead of remaining where we are in oneness, where we can serve as an example of the solution, which is to transcend duality, to transcend division.

Challenging the mindset behind communism

Yet what does it mean to transcend division? It means to transcend the very key that created division in the first place—and that key is doubt! Thus I, Archangel Michael, come today to this place in the Russian nation, and I come with a dispensation from the Karmic Board of planet earth to send millions of my angels to Russia and to every nation that was part of the former Soviet Union, or was under the propaganda of the Soviet Union, or the physical power of the Soviet Union.

I come with a special dispensation to bring forth the Light of God in a specific measure, that will challenge the very mindset behind communism, which sprang out of the very fallen consciousness itself. Thus, I ask you to visualize millions of my angels descending, descending from the God Star Sirius – where they have received special instructions before this assignment – descending in a spiral, like an infinite spiral, like a spiral staircase, whereby they descend to earth and go to the farthest corners of any nation, any area, that has ever been affected by the consciousness of communism—which is virtually everywhere on earth. They go, and they do not go to fight anyone or anything. They go to take up their position there and to demonstrate the very flame that I AM, the Flame of the Will of God, but the immovability of the Will of God, that will not be moved of the will of man, or by the will of the fallen beings who see themselves as being in opposition to God. This is the Flame I embody. This is why I am with earth: to provide a frame of reference that there is something, that will not be moved by any force in this material universe, that will not be moved by the fallen consciousness.

For I AM so one with the Will of God, and so are my angels, that there is no force on earth, no argument on earth, no lie of the serpentine mind, that can cause us to doubt the Reality of God. We are immovable to any form of doubt! And thus, we are here to provide the frame of reference, that will enable those who are willing, that will empower those who are willing to step up higher, to also overcome the very doubt, that makes you vulnerable to the tempter, the serpent that comes with its arguments that make you doubt what you get from the Spirit within yourselves.

Why the first fallen beings fell

Take note of exactly how this doubt started. You heard the teaching given by Maitreya, that the original fall took place in a higher sphere. This sphere had been brought close to the ascension point by a majority of the beings entering a positive spiral. Then came the test, that those who had risen to a certain level, where they saw themselves as the leaders, were now asked to go down to the seemingly lowest point and allow their beings, their momentum, their attainment to be used to create the very next sphere.

They were not willing to bend the knee; they were not willing to do what they saw as a degradation of their position. For some of them, although they had been doing positive work to raise up the sphere, they still had some leftover of the consciousness of thinking they were doing this to reap a reward in heaven. So that when their sphere was ascended – they having been among the forerunners, or so they saw themselves – would surely be rewarded with a high position in heaven.

Yet, I come to reveal to you another understanding, another layer of understanding, of our unfolding, progressive revelation on this topic of the fall and the fallen consciousness. For you see, those who thought that they were the leaders were actually not the ones who had brought their sphere to the ascension point. As Jesus said, the meek shall inherit the earth. There were billions of lifestreams in that sphere who had truly embodied selflessness, because they had transcended the separate consciousness. They had no desire to be in a superior position to anyone else. Some of them did serve in leadership positions, others did not, they simply worked selflessly at whatever they felt was their calling, their divine plan, their desire to express their God-individuality. So the reality is, that those who were allowed to be among the leaders, were not necessarily allowed that position because they had attainment.

For some of them had indeed not overcome all remnants of the separate self, the separate consciousness, the force-based consciousness. They wanted to set themselves above, and they were allowed – mind you “allowed” – to be in leadership positions because by acting out this desire for superiority, they received another opportunity to overcome it, to have had enough of the experience, so that they could in the end choose to let go of that remnant of the separate self and merge with their divine individuality, and thus truly become part of the ascended masters.

For we have all gone through the process of completely letting go of the separate self. For how else could we enter the ascended realm, where all is oneness? Letting go of the separate self does not mean letting go of your divine individuality; it means letting go of the separate individuality, the separate self, that you have built in the world of form. So you see, there was a group of beings who had been allowed to assume superior positions, leadership positions in that sphere in order to give them an opportunity to let go of the need to feel superior, to accept that all self-aware beings are individualizations of God and therefore none can be superior to another. For it makes no sense that one expression of God is superior to another.

Thus, when the turning point came – when the point of no return came, where the sphere was ready to ascend – these beings were faced with this ultimate test. Could they now let go of the separate identity – in which case they could have stepped up and perhaps been assigned a leadership position in the spiritual realm – or would they not be able to let go of the separate self? And they were given this test by being confronted with the need to be the servant of all. And yet, they were not willing to be greatest among you by being the servant of all. They wanted to remain in what they thought was a position of being greatest among their peers while still being a servant of the separate self, seeking to elevate that self to a superior position. And thus, of course, they fell.

How the fallen beings induced doubt

Yet after having fallen, they felt they had been unjustly treated, for they saw that some of their peers, some of their former peers, were indeed raised up to positions in the spiritual realm. Yet they were not able or willing to see, that this happened because those lifestreams had indeed let go of the separate self and were willing to be the servants of all. So they thought – the fallen beings thought – they had been unjustly treated. And that is when they decided to deliberately and consciously oppose God’s plan by seeking to draw as many lifestreams with them into the fallen state as they possibly could.

And how did they determine to do this? We have earlier spoken about the consciousness of the accuser of the brethren that accused the beings in the sphere that was ascending, yet had not fully ascended. And thus, there were beings who were open to this accusation. Why could this happen? Why was this allowed? Because, again, there were beings in the ascending sphere who had not come to the point of fully becoming spiritually self-sufficient, of accepting and expressing their divine individuality, because they also had remnants of that separate self. And so, these beings also needed the initiation, the test: could they let go of the separate self and step up into oneness, or would they seek to retain some aspect of the separate self, because they were not willing to take full responsibility for themselves. They were not willing to express their God-given creativity to the point, where that God-given creativity could propel them to the ascended state.

Do you see, again, how these lifestreams had not understood, that the ascension is not a collective process? Do you see that when a sphere is in an ascending spiral, those beings who are part of creating that spiral do form an upward momentum? That upward momentum can pull up higher all beings in the sphere, and thereby all get the opportunity to become self-sufficient; to internalize the Ascension Flame. Yet the question is: Will a Being come to see that the Light of God is within itself? Or will it see it as coming from an exterior source?

As long as you think the Light comes from outside yourself – whether it be in a leader, in a messenger or in some spiritual guru – then you are not spiritually self-sufficient. And as long as you are not spiritually self-sufficient – by knowing that the Light of God is inside of you and thus you need nothing from the world of form – well, then you cannot ascend. For the ascension is a process where you individually ascend because you have become spiritually self-sufficient.

You have become the rocket that Serapis Bey talked about, that is now ready to take off, break free of the gravitational field of the earth and go into orbit. And thus, when a sphere does ascend, those that have not yet become spiritually self-sufficient must also receive the initiation. Can they ascend, can they let go of the separate self, or must they take another round in the world of form and therefore descend into the new sphere that is being created?

These many lifestreams, that had not become spiritually self-sufficient, received this initiation precisely by being confronted by the “higher” lifestreams – those who had set themselves up in leadership positions – by being confronted by their rebellion against God. And what exactly did the fallen beings do in order to pull other lifestreams with them? Well, they only had to do one simple thing and it is essential that you understand this.

In an ascending sphere there is a greater and greater sense of oneness. All beings in that sphere are at least aware of this oneness. All have not come fully into the oneness, but they are aware of the energy of oneness. And so, all are aware of the need to come into oneness and that oneness is the underlying reality. Yet those who have not yet experienced it, will see it more as a theoretical possibility, something they need to come into in some distant future.

Yet when the turning point comes, that distant future is no longer distant. It is NOW. Now the choice must be made. You can only have a certain time to grow towards the ascension in a particular cycle, in a particular sphere, and then there comes a cut-off point, where you must now make the choice. For you cannot have forever to postpone that choice, or free will would not be truly free. And so, there are those who have not internalized oneness, and therefore oneness is still somewhat of a concept that they understand with the mind but do not yet experience fully with the heart.

And that is why, when the fallen beings came out and demonstrated that they were in opposition to oneness, well, then all of a sudden they provided a frame of reference, that had not been there before; namely that there was something that was not only outside of oneness but was in opposition to oneness. And this then became what we might call a negative, or a separatist, frame of reference, as opposed to what I talked about earlier, that my angels and myself provide the positive frame of reference that we will not be moved from oneness. And so, you see that when the fallen beings projected their opposition to God through the consciousness of the accuser; those who had already come into oneness – those for whom oneness was no longer a distant external concept – they were not moved. They saw immediately, they read the vibration, that this was not oneness, and thus they were unmoved by the fallen beings.

Yet those more innocent life streams who had not yet come into oneness, many of those were indeed shocked by this demonstration of anti-oneness, and what did it do? Well, in their minds it caused doubt. Doubt crept into their minds. Is oneness really the underlying reality? If oneness is the underlying reality, how can these beings be allowed to separate themselves from oneness? Are they really right in what they are saying that God was wrong, that free will is not the ultimate way to salvation, that free will can only lead to disaster? Are they right, that maybe I am wrong?

An internal frame of reference

Do you see, my beloved, if you are not totally anchored in yourself, if you are not spiritually self-sufficient, then you do not have the frame of reference inside yourself in order to know what is real and unreal, in order to know that oneness is real. For if you do not experience oneness inside yourself, then you cannot fully know that oneness is the underlying reality. You may understand it intellectually but you do not “know” through gnosis, through oneness between the subject and object, between the knower and the known.

And then, when you do not have this firm inner frame of reference, your mind is open to an external frame of reference, that then makes you doubt yourself. And through that doubt, you then become open to the fallen consciousness, to the consciousness of separation and all of its lies and arguments and very subtle turning on its head every teaching you have been given before. Making you therefore doubt not only the teaching but first of all your own inner ability to know what is real and unreal by referring to something inside yourself.

You are pulled into focusing your attention on something outside of yourself, and then you think that external thing is or should be your absolute frame of reference for what is real and unreal. And that is how people are led into following a particular outer guru or a particular outer teaching, such as the Catholic Church. And thus you see again, the Peter consciousness represents precisely this: the desire for an outer frame of reference, that you will not give up even though you are face-to-face with the Living Christ. Even though you walk and talk with the Living Christ in a form that you can see, as Peter did, you will not give up that external frame of reference, you will not let it die. You want the Christ to validate your frame of reference, to conform to it, to come into your mental box. This is what Peter attempted to do to Jesus, it is what the Catholic Church has attempted to do to Jesus, to God, to Reality ever since. This is what every other system on earth has attempted to do, including the communist system, that you are familiar with as students who have been affected by the Soviet Union in any way.

Communism is based on doubt

Communism is nothing but an attempt to create a system, and it is based on the very essential doubt created by the fallen beings. It is attempting to pervert something that all people know in themselves – namely oneness – the need to come into oneness in a “community” not a “commune.” Come ye into unity! How can you come into unity? Only when you individually have reconnected and become one with your divine individuality. When you have vertical oneness with your higher being, then you know you are an extension of God. Then you know that your brother is an extension of God. And therefore, you can now come into horizontal oneness with your brothers and sisters, for you all see each other as extensions of God—none being superior, none being inferior. That is true unity.

What communism attempted to do was to create unity through sameness by destroying, by suppressing, individual expression, by turning people into mechanized beings who would blindly follow what they were told. This is not unity! You cannot create unity through force. You cannot create oneness through force. For force can only force apart. You cannot force together. What brings things together is not a force that is projected out, but magnetism that pulls together, and that magnetism is love. But it is not human love that so often seeks to control and therefore is expressed through the force-based consciousness. Instead, it is Divine Love, which is Unconditional Love.

Those who do not experience oneness with their higher beings cannot fathom unconditional love. For you see, you cannot understand unconditional love; you can only experience it. And thus, what the mind can understand is not Divine Love, it is a conditional force-based love that seeks to control. You cannot argue against unconditional love. If you argue against unconditional love, you demonstrate that you have not experienced it. And thus, what you are arguing against is not unconditional love; it is conditional love. And thus, you are not speaking a higher truth by arguing against unconditionality or by arguing against oneness.

You are instead demonstrating, that you have set yourself outside of oneness, outside of unconditional love, because you have not been willing to let go of the separate self. You are still seeking to glorify the separate self to the point, where it can feel superior, where it can feel that it is right, because it has this absolute truth or this absolute system, that has such power on earth by having such a following.

What is the superiority behind the Catholic Church? It is that they feel they have such a following that backs them up. What was the superiority behind Soviet communism? It was also the feeling that they were powerful and that they had suppressed other countries and that they thought they were on the way to suppressing the whole world. For the force-based consciousness can never feel at peace, but it thinks it will be at peace when it has forced all beings on earth to come into its own system, and therefore it must seek to expand its control, to expand its power indefinitely—it cannot stop.

This is what you saw in Adolf Hitler and his desire to conquer the world. This is what you saw behind Soviet communism and the desire to conquer the world. The force-based consciousness must expand until it feels it has total control. But you see, because of the second law of thermodynamics – and because of the size of the earth and the number of people and the complexity of suppressing people – it simply cannot be done. And therefore any system that attempts to expand itself to conquer the entire planet, will inevitably self-destruct. It cannot be otherwise, because of the Law of God that you cannot move. No matter how powerful of a system you create, you cannot move reality! You cannot change the Law of God!

You cannot change the law of God

And this is what the fallen ones already know deep within their beings, even though few of them will admit it with their outer minds. And that is why they are still trapped in this endless quest of seeking to get all people on earth to agree with one of their systems, so that they can feel they are secure and they have superiority.

This is precisely the illusion, that my angels and I have come to provide a frame of reference for, so that people can sense that there is no system on earth that will change the reality and the Law of God. Even when all people on earth believed that the earth was flat, it was as round then as it is today. Even when the Soviet Union was at the height of its outer power – even when a large portion of the people on earth believed in some form of communism or socialism – nothing that was done had changed the Law of God one bit! Nothing had changed the Reality of God.

This is precisely the change that needs to happen before Russia can move on from its current deadlock and move closer to the Golden Age. There must be a realization that “nothing we do will change reality, so we better find out what reality is. We better learn the Laws of God, realign ourselves and our society with those Laws of God, and then we can move forward.” This is not a process that is unique to Russia, but it is extremely important that Russia learns this lesson right now. Because otherwise Russia will not be able to move beyond the communist consciousness, that was so engrained in the collective consciousness and still is to this day.

A warning to Russia

And I must give you a warning, that it is absolutely necessary that Russia begins to move out of this consciousness before 2012. Because if Russia has not taken a decisive step to move out of this consciousness, then Russia will inevitably fall behind. And then, as is said in this latest invocation, the second law of thermodynamics will cause things to begin to break down at such a rate, that nothing can stop it, and that the Russian people will feel a sense of hopelessness and despair.

And this is the last thing that we of the ascended masters want to see, for we have extreme compassion for the Russian people. We know how difficult it was to live under and grow up in a communist system, in a communist consciousness. We know that there are many highly spiritual people, who have volunteered to embody in Russia and surrounding republics precisely to be here at this time to help promote this transition. We know they have made a great sacrifice. We know many of them have become extremely burdened by a sense of hopelessness, and that is why they have gone into escapism, such as drugs or alcohol or even materialism, where they have forgotten for the time being their spiritual mission.

We also know that it is time for them to step up, to awaken and realize, that no matter what they have done in the past, no matter what they have gone into in the past, this is all in the past. And you are here to demonstrate, that human beings as individuals can rise above their individual past, and then you will also demonstrate that Russia can rise above her past, regardless of what has been going on in the Russian nation under communism; regardless of the suppression, the murder, the killing, the propaganda.

Any of this can be transcended, when the people are willing to transcend, when they are willing to acknowledge, that this was unreality and that they are willing to align themselves with the Reality of God. Then, there is nothing that cannot be transcended. We desire the Russian people to have an awakening, but this is not an awakening, where they feel hopeless or where they come down on themselves and feel a sense of shame or guilt for the past of Russia. We desire them to acknowledge, that there were so many things that were an expression of the insensitivity to life; but then we desire them to awaken to that sensitivity, so they can see that this was not real, that they are more than this, that Russia is more than this. And therefore, there is a real potential to leave the past behind, to transcend it and come up higher and forge a new way, a new state of collective consciousness and a new awareness of the Golden Age and the potential for Russia to enter that Golden Age.

This is our desire. There is no condemnation in the Ascended Realm for anything that has happened on earth. We do not look at nations – no matter what has happened in their past – with a desire to shame or criticize the inhabitants of those nations. We have one desire only: to help people awaken from the consciousness of insensitivity that caused these atrocities to happen.

You cannot awaken people by being nice

And yet we cannot awaken people from insensitivity by being “nice!” We cannot awaken them from the mental box that is based on insensitivity by conforming to that mental box. We must remain firm, we must awaken people! My beloved, you all have alarm clocks. What is the purpose of an alarm clock? It is to produce a sound that is so abrupt, so distinct, so loud, that it disturbs your sleep, so that you awaken. You might say, that when you are asleep and in a dream state, you are perfectly happy and content. You can have the most wonderful dreams, but you are asleep, so would there be any purpose to an alarm clock that produced such a soft and nice sound, that it would enhance your dreams but would not wake you up?

Of course not. This would be nonsense. And you all know that any manufacturer that started making silent alarm clocks would quickly go out of business. So do not expect the ascended masters to be like silent alarm clocks! We are here to awaken the people on earth, and we cannot do that without making noise, we cannot do that without challenging your beliefs and your mental boxes, that are out of touch with reality. For we must provide you with a frame of reference, that your mental boxes have not and will never change reality! Otherwise how can we awaken anyone?

So this is indeed why I speak sternly and with power. For I have been speaking into the collective consciousness of Russia and surrounding nations. I have produced a sound wave of such magnitude, that it will penetrate even the densest areas of that mass consciousness, and thus give every state of consciousness found in Russia a frame of reference, that there is something outside itself. As Saint Germain said, this is the Aquarian Age: everything has changed! And that means that everyone by the Law of God must be given a frame of reference, that allows them to know that things have changed, that things cannot remain the same. There is no still-stand!

Having a frame of reference does not mean, that you make the choice to come up higher, for you may indeed deny, or refuse or argue against what the frame of reference is telling you. But you see, that in doing so you will inevitably put yourself in a downward spiral. For if you are not willing to go up, you must go down. And that means you become subject to the school of hard knocks and the second law of thermodynamics, where you will be confronted with the momentums you are not willing to see in yourself until they become so extreme, so pronounced, until they form such a loud alarm clock, that they can finally penetrate your state of sleep, and that you may awaken one way or another.

Congratulations to the Russian people

It is only a matter of how loud the knocks have to become, for by your own resistance to the first knock, that resistance creates the force that forms the second knock. But the second knock is multiplied by the cosmic mirror and thus comes back stronger than what you send out. And this will inevitably cause the downward spiral, whereby things must become more and more extreme. Your arguments must become more and more extreme, your accusations of others, your finger-pointing of others must become more and more extreme.

For it is not about others! It is all about you receiving an opportunity to awaken from your state of consciousness, your state of denial. But since you will not listen to anyone outside yourself, you can only receive that opportunity by acting out your state of consciousness in more and more extreme ways, until you finally awaken. Yet, it is of course always the hope, that this awakening can happen without conditions becoming too extreme.

And thus, I will indeed end this discourse by congratulating the Russian people for the very fact, that the transition from the communist system to at least what is less totalitarian, did happen without there having to be a major war with the West, that would have caused the communist, Soviet system to be defeated militarily. For I tell you, that if this war had happened, the Soviet Union would indeed have been defeated. This would have caused immense suffering, immense amounts of deaths. And one can argue whether anyone could truly have won such a war. But what I will tell you with absolute certainty is that had there been a military confrontation, the Soviet union would have ceased to exist. It would simply have collapsed after a certain amount of time, and therefore it would have been no more, it would have destroyed itself.

And so, it is a great rejoicing for all of us in the spiritual realm, that it was possible for this transition to happen. And I can assure you, that this happened only because so many spiritual souls, so many spiritual lifestreams had volunteered to embody in the Soviet Union and surrounding republics, holding the spiritual balance – even though many were not consciously aware of this – but nevertheless holding the spiritual balance for this transition to take place. Had these life streams not been in embodiment, then surely a war would have been inevitable. But precisely because they were here and held a spiritual balance, it was possible for even the leaders of the Soviet system to accept, that this system was not sustainable in the form that they had seen it in for now several decades.

They realized – even though they would have not formulated it this way consciously – but they realized, that the system was on a collision course with the laws of nature, the Laws of Reality. And therefore, the system could not survive, and it was “change or die.” But again, this would not have been possible, for I assure you that the leaders of the Soviet system were not high spiritual beings, many of them in fact being fallen angels, some even among the original fallen angels at least in the past. For surely, I must tell you the absolute truth that Lenin and Stalin and Trotsky were fallen angels, as were Marx and Engels. You see thus, that the communist system was created by fallen angels in embodiment. This is a truth that must be stated here on Russian soil, that people may do with it what they want.

Yet precisely because there were so many spiritual beings in embodiment, they could hold the balance, so that even the leaders of the Soviet Union could awaken. For I tell you, that even though there are some fallen beings that are beyond being reached, there are indeed some that will respond to hard reality. When they acknowledge that they cannot move a mountain, then sometimes they can be awakened and realize, that they need to change, for otherwise they will destroy themselves.

Overcome negative feelings about the Soviet Union

Hard realities! Hard lessons in the school of hard knocks. Yet consider as spiritual people embodying in Russia and the surrounding republics or states, that you have volunteered to embody here to give the majority of the Russian people, and the smaller groups of the Russian leaders, an opportunity to awaken from one of the systems created by the fallen consciousness. Consider that you did this out of love and that you need to reconnect to that love, so you can overcome any sense of regret, any sense of bitterness, any sense of sorrow about the past, but recognize that whatever happened in the past was part of the learning process.

You volunteered to be part of it out of love. If you reconnect to your original love, then that love can take you beyond anything you have experienced in this very difficult, very extreme situation that was the Soviet Union. Truly, even if you go beyond the annals of known history, but go back to past ages, the Soviet Union was one of the more extreme examples of how far the fallen consciousness is willing to go in its insensitivity to life, that leads to an almost total willingness to suppress any opposition, to destroy that opposition by killing people by the millions or by doing anything else possible to suppress their individuality, their divine spark, their creative potential.

This you should know: that even if you go back millions of years of history on this planet, there have been very few beings who have experienced such an extreme situation. And therefore, you should see yourselves as having given an extreme service in being willing to hold the balance, that gave so many other people an opportunity to experience such extremes, which has finally awakened many.

For there are many among the Russian people who either have awakened or are very close to awakening. And it takes only a final spark before you will see the formation of a positive upward spiral, that will make it obvious that Russia has left behind its past, just as you see Germany today having largely left behind its past. And thus, Russia can then move forward into a new and more Golden Age than anything the Russian people have even dared to dream of for the last several generations.

And thus, again I say, as Saint Germain has said earlier, the real problem that prevents the manifestation of a Golden Age is the lack of imagination. I am not talking about daydreaming that is not based on reality. But I am talking about you as the spiritual people reconnecting to the Flame that I have now anchored in your nation, the Flame of Reality, of Immovability. And then, when you reconnect to it, then you have a foundation for letting your Divine Imagination soar to new heights!

Dare to imagine what can happen in Russia and surrounding nations in the coming decades. Dare to envision and imagine changes beyond anything that the Russian leaders or the Russian people even dare to contemplate. Dare to imagine, dare to then see them through the power of the All-Seeing Eye within you as being not imaginings but as being the manifest reality that is already in the etheric, has moved into the mental, is starting to move into the emotional and can very quickly break through into the physical as well.

Hold that vision! Reconnect to the Reality that I AM! Reestablish that foundation. And then, when you stand firmly on that Rock of Christ, then lift your eyes towards the sky, that you may receive the vision that Saint Germain holds for Russia. A vision I, of course, will let him expound upon in due time.

Thus, I thank you for your attention, for your willingness to let your chakras and your beings be the open door. For as you have come from different parts of the former Soviet empire, surely you realize that you have a connection, and I have used that connection so that as you hear these words and absorb this vibration, that vibration has been streaming through your chakras to your places of home and thereby spreading out, challenging the doom and gloom of the collective consciousness. And for this I am eternally grateful. And with this, I bid you: Farewell.


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