The Wisdom of the Father for Russia

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, April 23, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of superiority and the sense of being unwhole, traumatized and focused outside oneself.

I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain. My contribution, at least at this point, is to continue somewhat on what Mother Mary was talking about, namely the attitude found in the Russian people – the resistance to change, the resistance to listening, the resistance to observing.

What is behind this consciousness? Well, let me go a little bit in a roundabout fashion and come back to the point. For you see, there is an attitude that is very common among Russian people, that many people in Russia were brought up with during Soviet times. It is this idea that Russia is a special nation and the Russian people are special people. Not because they have this, or they have that, or they have this talent or that talent, but because they are willing to sacrifice for the greater good of their nation. In other words, what they were brought up to believe was, that what made Russian people special was that they were willing to sacrifice their personal life, even their lives, for the greater cause of their nation.

Now, this is a consciousness that many of you who went to school during Soviet times will recognize. What is really behind this consciousness? Are you loyal to your nation or are you loyal to something else? Nationalism, in Russia especially, but of course in many other nations as well—is it really about the nation, or is it about something else entirely? Well, my beloved the answer is of course that it is about something else entirely. It is not about the nation at all. It is only, and exclusively about the power elite. Whichever power elite is ruling right now, is using nationalism and national sentiment to get the people to sacrifice something in their personal lives, not for the greater good but for the good of the power elite.

This is, of course, a mechanism you can see in all countries around the world, but we are talking about Russia. There is a very clear consciousness in Russia, that whenever someone brings out a problem, people will instantly say: “Well, maybe we have this problem but what about these other nations, doesn’t America have the same problem, aren’t they doing the same thing?” and so on.

What is behind this consciousness? You are hearing something that you recognize at a certain level it applies to you, but instead of really looking at how it applies to you, you instantly project and point the finger somewhere else.

My beloved, it may be that other nations in the world have the same problem, but let me ask you this simple question: “If you remove that problem in the United States, or in South Africa, or on some remote island in the Pacific, if you remove that problem somewhere else, is it going to benefit you as Russians? Is it going to benefit you to solve problems in other nations, or is it going to benefit you to solve a problem in your nation?”

You see that this is a continuation of what Mother Mary said: the resistance towards hearing something, seeing something. It is this unwillingness to look at the beam in your own eye, but the instant willingness to focus on the splinter in the eyes of others and projecting out that you are not the only ones with a problem, and why should you have to do something about it when these other nations are not doing anything about it. Well, the fact of the matter is that many other nations are doing something about it, have done something about it, and have made significant progress. Like Mother Mary said, that is why they have greater freedom and greater prosperity than Russia has.

So, what is really the background for this sense that the Russian people should be willing to sacrifice for the nation? Well, it is that you should be willing to sacrifice for the power elite.

Now, if you go back to Czarist times and the era of serfdom, the power elite was made up of the Czars, the noble class, the big landowners, those who rule society, this was a specific class of fallen beings. They were primarily interested in privileges for themselves, they wanted a privileged lifestyle where they could live in their big manor houses and the peasants did all of the physical labor. The landlord sat there and harvested the fruits of the labor of the people without having to hardly give anything in return, just enough to keep the people alive.

Now, this was one class of fallen beings. What happened in the Bolshevik revolution? Well, Russia did get rid of that particular class of fallen beings. Those who represented the big land owners were by and large removed from Russian society.

What happened instead? Well, as the old saying goes: “You jumped from the frying pan into the fire.” Because, now you got a new class of fallen beings that formed the power elite and Communist society. They were not primarily interested in privileges for themselves, they were interested in power. Not necessarily raw power, but more of an ideological power. They were the kind of people who were convinced that there was a higher vision, a higher kind of society that had to be manifest, and it was their epic goal to manifest this kind of society.

You can see that in a certain way, this was a very different power elite than the previous one. There was a similarity and it was that both power elites had a near total insensitivity to the suffering of the people. During the era of serfdom, the suffering of the people was not really an issue that was debated, they were simply forced to live a certain way. Even though their suffering became more and more intense, the noble class were not able to see that this could not keep going, they were actually providing the impetus for some kind of violent revolution. They were blinded by this because they did not want to lose their privileges.

It was also because of their insensitivity to the people, this had two aspects. First of all, they did not want to recognize that the people were actually in many cases, suffering worse and worse during the 1800’s because the population grew, and there was not enough food to sustain them.

The other aspect of the insensitivity was that they did not want to realize that in the rest of the world, the situation of the common people was gradually improving. I say gradually, because it was very gradual in some countries during the 1800’s, but there was a general raising of awareness that all people should have rights and opportunities. This is what was the backdrop for the Democratic movements, or the democratic nations that sprang up in the United States and Europe, that people—all people have rights, equal rights. The Russian power elite during czarist times were insensitive to the suffering of the people and to the rights of the people, the Omega and the Alpha, the Mother and the Father aspect.

Now comes the Bolshevik power elite and they are equally insensitive to the suffering of the people, both the fact that they are suffering, also the fact that in their view they do not have any rights. They ignored the rising awareness of rights that was growing in other nations. The Bolsheviks were more intelligent than the previous power elite who just wanted to maintain status quo and maintain their privileges, but had no real ideology behind it. Their main argument was: “This is the way it has always been.” The Bolsheviks had more of an ideological approach, so what did they do? Well, they tried to, as the old saying goes, “make a virtue out of necessity.”

There was a limited realization, there was some realization among at least some of them, even Lenin himself that there was a limit to the material prosperity that could be created in a communist system. Lenin himself was not interested in a rich and privileged lifestyle. He was interested in an ideological approach to life. He tried to create an ideology that made it a virtue that the people were suffering. This is what became the foundation for this idea that some of you have experienced, even in your lifetimes, that the Russian people are special because they are willing to suffer for the greater cause of their nation. But it was not the greater cause of the Russian nation, it was the “greater” cause of the power elite, the ideological power elite that ruled the Soviet Union.

It was not just an ideological power elite, because you will see how even in these early years there was a struggle between one type of power elite represented by Lenin, and another represented by Stalin. Lenin was the more ideological and Stalin was simply interested in power for its own sake. After Stalin took over, there was a shift, where now there was a power elite that barely even bothered to justify what they were doing with ideology. They simply used raw power to suppress the population as was exemplified by Stalin’s reign of terror.

You have now a third elite, that move from ideology to raw power. But again, they are completely insensitive to the actual suffering of the people, they are insensitive to what is happening in the rest of the world with the rising awareness of rights. They are making use of the ideological tool, to promote this idea that what makes the Russian people special is their willingness to suffer for the nation. Again, it is not for the nation, it is to keep the power elite in power.

Then there was a gradual shift, where people who wanted raw power kind of faded into the background. You had leaders that were not quite as ruthless, not quite as brutal, leading up to a more pragmatic approach which culminated in Gorbachev and Yeltsin, even to some degree Brezhnev. But these were people who were unable to change the system, they really did not know how to change the system because they could not conceive of a different form of power structure than what you had in Soviet times. Gorbachev thought he could create economic reforms and still maintain the old power structure, but it turned out to be impossible. So, now you have this overthrow, you might say of the Soviet Union, the abandoning of the Soviet Union, the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

This was to some degree, mark my words: to some degree, the shift of another power elite, an aspiring power elite that wanted to still maintain control over Russia, but wanted greater economic prosperity.

In other words, when they saw Gorbachev’s attempts to reform the economy without doing away with communism, this power elite decided: “We do not care about the ideology, we want greater prosperity”. So they were to some degree behind the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

There was also an aspect of this process that was driven by people who wanted to progress. There were people in the Soviet Union, who over these decades after the Second World War, or the “Great Patriotic” War as you call it, had gradually started tuning in to what was happening in the rest of the world, with greater democratic rights, greater freedoms, and they wanted this for the Russian people. They thought that this could happen after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Some of them naively believed that it would happen by itself, which I will comment on, shortly.

There was a general desire for greater freedom, greater economic opportunity, greater equality, and for overcoming the oppression that was there in the Soviet Union. You have these two movements: one that truly wants to set the Russian people free, one that does not want to set the Russian people free, but simply wants a system that gives them more economic opportunity to concentrate wealth in their own hands and who do not care about ideology. For them, ideology was simply baggage that Russia was carrying from the past and could be gotten rid of at their leisure.

Now, I want to tie in again with what Mother Mary said. There are certain laws of nature that work the same in Russia, as in any other nation. Yes, the law of gravity is one obvious example, but there are many others. One of these laws, is what we have talked about many, many times in our teachings. It is a principle without which you cannot understand history. It is the fact that the entire universe is one interconnected whole. There are billions of planets with intelligent life, the vast, vast majority of them are in an upward spiral. This is creating a magnetic pull on all of the planets who are lagging behind, including Earth.

Why have you seen over these last centuries a rising awareness of democracy, human rights, economic prosperity? It is because the earth is being pulled up by this magnetic force from the rest of the universe. The Soviet Union could resist this force. The reason why the material lifestyle was lagging behind in the Soviet Union, was that it was resisting the upward movement of the entire universe. The reason why other countries had greater prosperity and progress, was because they were not resisting it as much, at least.

You now have these seventy years of communist rule, but there is still that pull. That is why as I said, there gradually  emerged even some among leadership, who had a more pragmatic rather than an ideological or a pure power-based approach to society. Thereby, there was forming what I would like to call a “creative elite” in the Soviet Union, that were at least open to some kind of reform. Yet let us now take a look at reality.

Let us go back to the Bolshevik Revolution. Sure, we had a situation in Russia, where Russia under the Czar was behind many other nations, for example Europe, especially Western Europe. The abandoning of serfdom, the institution of democracy, giving freedom and economic opportunity, giving basic rights to the people had progressed further in Western Europe, than under the Czar. There was already a power elite in Russia that was holding back, what we might call the natural development or evolution of Russian society.

So, there was clearly a pressure, just as you saw that there was a pressure before the French Revolution, which then led to a violent overthrow of the ruling power elite. Of course, the violent revolution was not the only possible outcome of the situation in Russia. There could have been a shift to a more democratic form of government, that did not need and did not use the Marxist communist ideology, but created a society fairly similar to what you see in Western Europe. This would have been the, we might say, natural and certainly the most beneficial development.

If that had come to pass, what would the situation have been in Russia over these decades? Well the situation would have been that Russia would have grown and developed in prosperity and freedom, not quite at the same pace as some Western European nations, but close to it. In other words, there would not have been this huge disparity between the living standards and the freedoms and the rights of the population in western nations and in Russia, it simply would not have been there. There would have been much greater equality between them. Meaning, that the Russian people would have had greater sense of freedom, greater sense of their rights, greater sense of economic opportunity. That it is actually worthwhile to work harder to create your own business, to be more creative, because you are allowed to keep what you produce instead of having to give it to the state, or rather having the state take it.

Now, you come to 1989/90 and the fall of communism. Russia would have been much, much closer to what I would like to call the natural level of affluence and freedom that I envision for Russia, it would have been much closer to the Golden Age. But now we have the situation where Russia has been suppressed for seven decades, the Russian people have been suppressed. Suddenly, all of these, or at least many of these restrictions were lifted. It is somewhat similar to the situation, for example you saw in Iraq, where the United States moves in based on a (as we have said before) limited ideological approach. They think that by overthrowing Saddam Hussein and giving freedom to the Iraqi people, they will in a matter of months or a few years become a modern democratic nation, but it simply cannot happen.

So, in 1990 you have the Russian people who have been suppressed. Suddenly, Russia has turned into what (on the face of it, if you will for example, read the Russian constitution) should be a modern democracy, but the vast majority of the people are not ready to make that transition. Nobody really understands this, neither outside of Russia nor inside of Russia, so they do not receive much help.

So what happens? Well, Russia has some rather severe problems in this first decade of the 1990’s: problems implementing democracy, problems implementing economic freedom and it leads to various events, various scenarios that are clearly not ideal. You could look at it as part of the experimental process, as part of the necessary learning process. You could say that it is inevitable that a population that has been suppressed for seven decades and for centuries before that, will take some time and experimentation to become a modern democracy.

Now what happens is that you now have this new power elite that emerges in Russia, they do not care about ideology, they do not care about raw brutal power, they do not even really care about a privileged lifestyle because they are not satisfied with being like the land owners of the Czarist era, where they had a certain area of land that limited the prosperity they could accumulate. This new power elite is in one sense, the quintessential capitalist power elite. They want money for the sake of having money, and for them it can never be enough.

You look back to the Czarist era and some of these noblemen that owned a large piece of land, lived in a big house and had all the servants they needed, they were satisfied with their lifestyle, they did not really want anything more. That is why they could not imagine that their serfs wanted something more. They thought this was the ideal lifestyle that they could keep living indefinitely, some of them reincarnating again and again in the same position.

But the new emerging power elite in Russia that started coming up in the 90’s, for them nothing is ever going to be enough, they want more and more money. They saw that the key to getting the power in Russia was natural resources: oil, natural gas, other natural resources. So, they set themselves up as the oligarchs as you call it, those who essentially have realized the dream of all monopoly capitalists going back to Rockefeller, Morgan and others, but they have realized it in Russia.

What is characteristic of this new power elite, are they any different from the others? Yes, they are different, as I said in that they first of all want money. They are no different in the sense that they also have no sensitivity to the actual suffering of the people. They have no respect for human rights and the growth of human rights. More importantly, they have no respect for democracy. They have no need for democracy, for in a truly democratic nation they would have to share the wealth of natural resources. Because can you really say that a huge oil field in Siberia can belong to one person? Can you even say it belongs to the people who live on the land? Should it not belong to all people, the entire population.

You now see that during the 1990’s, there was the emergence of a power elite who wanted to monopolize the economy. Who saw democracy as simply standing in their way, it was a hindrance, an inconvenience. Since they had no respect for rights, they did everything they could to undermine democracy using whatever excuses they have used, that they thought might appeal to the people. Behind it all is exactly the same mentality: the Russian people are special because they are willing to suffer for the good of the nation, for the greater good. What is the greater good in this case? Well, it is simply the pocketbooks of this financial elite, nothing else.

How are you, the Russian people benefiting Russia as a nation, by allowing a small group of oligarchs to exploit and rape the natural resources of Russia? How is that benefiting Russia? Naturally, it is not benefiting Russia as a nation.

But what is Russia as a nation? Is there such a thing as Russia as a nation? What makes up a nation? Well, it’s people, the Russian nation is the Russian people. But you see, going back to Czarist times, there was no national awareness among the common people, the serfs, the peasants, they did not have a strong national awareness. During communist times there was created this strong national awareness, but it was not (despite the claims made of the worker’s paradise) focused on the people. It was focused on creating a mental image of Russia as this great nation. It was a mental image that was, as we have said before, floating around in the mass consciousness, it had no reality, no physical reality. Yes, you can say there was a line on the map of the world and inside that line was Russia, but it was just a figment of people’s imagination, it was a mental image. I am not saying that’s different from the mental image of America, or England or any other nation, a mental image is a mental image when you talk about the nation instead of the people.

You see that what happened during Soviet times, and this was, as many of you know even stated openly, the attempt to create a new type of human being: “homo sovieticus”, a human being, who was functioning according to the ideals defined in the Marxist communist ideology. This was a human being who was willing to sacrifice their personal life on behalf of this imaginative creation called the “Russian Nation”, or the Soviet Union.

Where does this come from, where does this consciousness come from? Well, Mother Mary talked about the wisdom of the Mother, there is of course, also the wisdom of the Father. The wisdom of the Father is what we have given you many, many times, of the knowledge you have of the fallen beings who had created the idea that the individual is unimportant, that there is something that is more important than the individual. This could be a religion, an ideology, or a nation, but the idea is there is something that is more important than human beings, even all human beings but certainly more important than the individual. In many cases, even more important than the population as a whole.

Where does this idea come from, who created it? Well, the fallen beings did. We have talked about how they saw before they came to earth, that men were more vulnerable to becoming pulled into the epic mindset than women. Therefore, they decided to do everything they could to make man the superior sex and women the inferior sex, because they could more easily manipulate men into sacrificing for a cause.

As Mother Mary was saying, it is a matter of asking yourself: “What do you want for Russia?” Do you want things to continue as they are, or do you want change? If you want change, you and we can talk about the people in general, but especially you as ascended master students, you need to look at what needs to change for there to be change.

If you step back from this, you will see that many people around the world have this naive idea of how change can happen. They think it just happens through some almost magical process. A strong leader could bring change, a new invention, a new ideology, a new religion can bring change. All people around the world have been brought up programmed to believe that this is how change happens.

But as we have said many, many times, and this is also the wisdom of the Father: “A change in consciousness always comes before a change at the physical.” There must be a change in consciousness before there can be a real change in the physical, at least a change that brings growth, acceleration to a higher level. You can have many horizontal changes, shifting here from one power elite to the next without a change in consciousness. It does not really bring the kind of change that accelerates a society towards the golden age. There needs to be a change in consciousness and in order for there to be a change in consciousness, there must be a shift in the collective awareness. Which means that people must come to see some of the illusions that they have so far believed in.

Of course, who can come to see this?  First is the top 10% that we have talked about, which are the more creative people. We certainly hope that those who call themselves ascended master students are among the most creative people and will be the first to see the change that needs to happen in consciousness, to step back and look at this and say: “What must change in the Russian mindset for the situation in Russia to change? What must change in consciousness, before the physical situation can change? What can I do to be part of this process? What can I do to question this mindset and free myself from it first, so I can pull up others?”

Of course, there is the resistance to change that Mother Mary talked about. There is the unwillingness to look at Russia from a neutral perspective. We have many times talked about perception filters. Well, every nation has a perception filter. So how will you challenge the illusions that are holding Russia back? Well, you cannot do it from inside the Russian perception filter, you must step outside of it and look at Russia without looking through the coloring of that perception filter.

That is essentially what Mother Mary talked about. If you have the idea that nobody should say anything about Russia, or that anybody who says something about Russia is criticizing Russia, that therefore you should reject it, well then you cannot look at Russia neutrally. You cannot step outside of the perception filter and see what needs to change.

My beloved, here is another natural law: If nothing changes, nothing will change. I am of course trying to make this slightly humorous, but just think about the wisdom of that statement “If nothing changes, nothing will change.” Then compare it to what I said that a change in the physical must be started as a change in consciousness. So, you could say: “If nothing changes in consciousness, nothing will change in the physical.”

Naturally, there has been change in Russia since 1990, and even before. As I said, there is a gradual upward movement of the entire universe. There has been a gradual upward movement of many nations on earth towards freedom, democracy, prosperity and it has pulled up on Russian society. You will see since 1990, that there are at least some people who have improved their living conditions. There are many people who have started to travel, there are many people who have become more aware of how conditions are outside of Russia. There are many people who have started to think, as we have said: “That if the Danes can have a certain living standard, why can’t we in Russia?”

There has, of course been a gradual upward movement that has created a pressure in Russia. But then there has been that other movement of the economic power elite that has tried to suppress change, because they want to maintain their monopoly on the profits from the natural resources. You will see that this power elite is not even concerned about creating prosperity through production. It is not that they have gone in and financed huge industrial empires to build products that can be sold. No! they just want to take the easy profit off of the natural resources. Which is why you would see, that if everybody outside of Russia stopped buying Russian oil and gas tomorrow, the Russian economy would virtually collapse because it is so dependent on this exploitation of natural resources, instead of building what there at least was during Soviet times, somewhat of a manufacturing economy. Of course, there is some manufacturing economy but not enough to drive the prosperity of the Russian nation if you took away the profit from natural resources.

It is very similar for example to Saudi Arabia who has been dependent on oil for so long. What I have been leading up to, is this understanding that Russia is approaching this turning point, this shift, this threshold, where the desire for improvement of one’s immediate living conditions, has reached the point where people are no longer willing to put up with status quo. What is still holding it back?

What is preventing this from breaking through is this cloud, this beast that the Russian people must be special and the way we are special, that we are willing to sacrifice for the nation; this is hanging. Most of the young people do not have it, there is still an entire generation that were brought up in Soviet times who still most of them have this mindset. Many of them are at retirement age, and they are again, satisfied with what they have. They are not willing to risk losing what they have in terms of their pension and their meager material existence, in order to bring some supposedly good change to society, because they do not believe it is going to be a good change. They do not believe that change is for the better, they would rather maintain their rather poor lifestyle, because at least they know what they have and they think they cannot lose it, it couldn’t get worse.

Of course. it is gradually getting worse because prices are rising and pensions are not right keeping up with it, so there can again come this point. There is the joke that change will happen when the empty refrigerator wins over the TV set, but it is not really what is happening. Change will happen when people’s desire to improve their everyday life becomes stronger than their willingness to sacrifice for the nation.

That is when change will happen, that is when there will be a breakthrough so that the power elite can no longer maintain the grip that they have on Russian society, and that they have used Vladimir Putin as a front figure to create, but he is just a front figure. It isn’t that there is one person behind this, there is a group of people, they are not even very coherent, they are only united by one thing, their selfishness and their greed. They think that as long as they maintain what they consider status quo with their power, then they do not care about the people and the suffering of the people, they think they can maintain this for the indefinite future.

Now, why is this so? Well, this is another aspect of what needs to change in the collective consciousness. Going back again, to serfdom. If you are a serf, you are living in poor housing but you have a roof over your head. You are having to work hard in the fields and a nobleman takes most of the fruits of your labor, but you get just enough that you can survive. Well, what kind of a mentality do you have to go into, in order to survive in that kind of an environment?

Well, you go into a mentality, where you are strictly focused on yourself and your immediate personal life. These poor people, whether it is in Russia and elsewhere, you can even see it in many nations today, they are not open to high flung ideas, be it religion, or ideology, or democracy, they are not reading literature, they are not participating in culture, they are just concerned about their immediate daily life.

Well, what happened during Soviet times? Well, first of all there was a very severe persecution, you could be killed or sent to labor camps for objecting to the power elite. There was also the fact, that everything was scarce but you did have a place to live, you did usually have food on the table and you usually had a table and maybe a couple of chairs. So, there was enough that you could survive in your daily life.

Again, what mentality do you have to go into, in order to psychologically survive in that kind of an environment? You go into a mentality where you are only focused on yourself, your daily life, your immediate surroundings. You are not messing with the party elite and ideology. You are not criticizing the regime, because you are just saying: “As long as I have enough for my daily life, you can do whatever you want with the nation.”

So, here comes people who have grown up in this kind of environment, suddenly the pressure from the party, the Communist Party and the secret police is removed. But how are these people going to make that transition in a short period of time, to a free democratic lifestyle? If you look at the West, you see how it took generations to move from the peasant feudal mindset to a more modern democratic mindset. How can you expect that it will take less time in Russia? Well, it does not have to take many generations but it does have to take some time, perhaps even at least one generation. Now, you have the new power elite, the financial power elite who come in and they are starting to turn back the clock, to shatter people’s hopes, to suppress people’s hopes that Russia could really change, even though many people did not even have that hope, but some certainly did.

What happens again? People go right back, or they had all the time stayed in that mindset: “I am just going to focus on my daily life and let the politicians, let Putin make the decisions for the nation.” This is what happens. That is why this economic power elite have maintained their grip on the Russian economy to this point. The irony you might call it, is that this power elite has much the same attitude as the people. As I said, these are not ideological people, they do not have a big epic goal. They just want to accumulate more and more money, because they cannot stop. They cannot see that it leads to nowhere. They cannot, they are not intelligent, mature enough to ask: “What is the purpose of it all, how much money do I really need. When do I just stop accumulating money and start enjoying the money I have already accumulated?” They cannot ask that question.

They in a sense, have gone into the same state of mind: “I am focused on my own personal situation, accumulating as much money as I want. I do not really care about ideology. As long as the country functions and we have the status quo that we have right now that allows me to accumulate money, then nothing needs to change.” You see, both the power elite and a large part of the people have this attitude: “Let’s not rock the boat, let’s not change anything, let’s not take any risk.” What will change it? What will change the equation? Well, most likely that the economy becomes worse and worse until the refrigerator is empty. Perhaps it will help that the public television stations become worse and worse until nobody can stand watching it.

Nevertheless, you see the point here. The question is: How much worse do things have to get before there is a shift in the collective consciousness and people demand change? Can it only happen by things becoming worse, or could it happen by a critical mass of people coming to this simple realization: “We want something better, and we deserve something better, and we have a right to something better.”

Now, this is where this idea that Russia is a special nation, that Russians are better than other people needs to be addressed. Because, you have this from Soviet times especially, but it is still lingering, that Russia is better than other nations, that the Russian people are better, smarter, more educated.

We have also as part of this conference to address the flip side of this. Because for every superiority complex, there is of course the opposite polarity, the opposite dualistic polarity, of the inferiority complex. So, even though on the surface there is the superiority complex, there is deeper in the collective subconscious the inferiority complex and it is simply a matter of this. More and more people in Russia, are becoming aware that people in other nations have better living conditions than you have in Russia.

First of all, this challenges the idea that Russians are better than other people, because if you really were better, why shouldn’t you be able to have better living conditions than these inferior people? This has been somewhat neutralized by this idea that you are not better because you have better conditions. Because Russian people are not as materialistic, they are more willing to sacrifice for the nation, but this is becoming more and more of a hollow argument. So, this opens up the potential for the inferiority complex, where you simply look at the fact that other people, other nations are doing better.

And it opens up the question. Does that mean we are not as good as other people? We are not as creative, we are not as intelligent because if we were why couldn’t we manifest the conditions that other people have? If you take what we have said so far, you will see that we have not, neither Mother Mary nor I, have said anything about the Russian people being this way or that way. We have not said the Russian people are superior to other people. We have not said the Russian people are inferior to other people. We have talked about the Russian people in entirely neutral terms.

Why is that? It is because when you look at it from an ascended master perspective, there is no Russian people, there is a Russian collective consciousness, and there is an American collective consciousness, and a Norwegian collective consciousness and so on. But there are no souls that were created as Russians and are destined to remain Russians for the indefinite future. There are souls who have embodied in Russia for several lifetimes. But there are also many people who are embodying in Russia today who did not embody in Russia in their last lifetime, so it is meaningless to talk about Russian people—there are individual lifestreams, individual souls that have a long and complex history. So what I am trying to say here is this, there is no God given objective standard that says: “This people is so and so and they are better than these other people.”

What is this idea that the Russian people are superior to other people? Well, isn’t it my beloved, isn’t it in a scary way parallel to the Nazis belief that they were the superior race? Isn’t it similar to the Japanese, to the Chinese, to the British, to the French? Throughout history around the world in many other nations, are groups of people who have had this idea that they were superior, perhaps they were God’s chosen people, or they were destined by evolution to be the fittest. Whatever you have that supports this belief, it comes again from the fallen beings, who are using it as a tool to manipulate people in order to prove God wrong for giving you free will, this we have talked about many, many times, so I only mention it in passing. The reality is, from an ascended master perspective, there are no people who are inherently superior to others, there are no people that are inherently inferior to others. There is absolutely nothing, no objective condition that mandates that the Russian people should suffer more than other people, or should live in greater poverty than other people, or should live under more tyrannical rulers than other people. So, why are you living under these conditions? Because in the Russian mindset, there are these ideas.

What did I write as Shakespeare? “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Well, today I would say: “There is nothing, but thinking makes it so.” What I am saying is this. As an ascended master I am not looking at Russia or the Russian people and thinking that they are not capable of manifesting the golden age, or they do not deserve to manifest the golden age, or they should be punished for the Soviet atrocities and so on. I have no thought like this at all. I am looking at only one thing as an ascended master. How can I bring the Russian people closer to the golden age? Mind you, I did not say the Russian nation, I said the Russian people. Because my concern is not with the nation, but with the people.

I have now given my contribution, which is carefully balanced to Mother Mary’s contribution as the Alpha and Omega, of what are some of the things that need to change in the Russian mindset for the Russian people to move closer to the golden age. Really, it is that a critical mass of people who embody in Russia, must stop identifying themselves as Russians but start identifying themselves as spiritual people who have rights, and who have a right to expect freedom and prosperity. A good daily life, this is what you have a right to expect. If you are not getting it, you have a right to project a responsibility upon your leaders, upon the power elite that is running society and demand that the imbalances that are taking prosperity from the people and giving it to the elite are changed. This is what has happened in most western or otherwise modern democracies. Instead of a small elite collecting the majority of the resources, there has been a more equal distribution of wealth and resources, so the population has benefited from the rise in wealth.

The rise in wealth is part of the upward movement of the universe. As the consciousness is raised, more and more wealth, more and more resources are created. Partly because of new knowledge and new technology, but also because of the raising of the consciousness. As we have said before, this planet is designed to support 10 billion people who all live an affluent material lifestyle. It will not destroy the climate. It will not pillage what you call natural resources and exhaust them, the planet is designed to do this. Currently, it cannot do it, but that is because the collective consciousness has limited natural resources to an unnatural level, but the planet can support it. It is of course, my plan for the golden age my beloved, that all people have a good daily life so they can focus on other things than struggling to make a physical living.

Take a look at Russian society today. Take a look at the lack of prosperity. Take a look at the apartment buildings and apartments where people live. Take a look at the food that is available, the medicine, the treatment of the Corona pandemic. Take a look at your rights to speak out freely. The right of the press to write whatever they want to write. Take a look at the level of corruption. Take a look at the concentration of power in the hands of a few people. Ask yourself: Are these the conditions of the golden age? Is this the kind of society we envision that there will be in the golden age? Will it be present Russian society, with just a few improvements here and there and then we have the golden age? Or will it be a fundamentally different society?

I can assure you that my vision for Russia in the golden age, or for the Russian people in the golden age, is much, much higher than what you see today. So much higher, that the vast majority of the people would not even be able to accept it, but that is not the point. They do not have to accept it right now because they will start accepting it gradually, as the changes gradually unfold. As I have said before, there will not be a specific date where suddenly from one day to the next, now the golden age is there where it was not there before. It will happen very gradually, increment by increment and as it does people’s consciousness, their ability to accept it will shift.

Just dare as ascended master students, to look at present society and ask yourself: “Is this what society will look like in the golden age.” If it isn’t, then dare to look at our teachings and compare them to what Russian society is like. Dare to look at other nations and compare. Then dare  to be the forerunners of the change in consciousness, instead of you actually helping to hold back the change in consciousness, because as Mother Mary said you are sitting there waiting: “When are the ascended masters going to tell us how special Russia is and how special we are. When are they going to validate our perception filter.”

Instead, realize that if we validated your perception filter, we would never have a golden age. The only way to bring the golden age is that we of the ascended masters are challenging your perception filter. For it is the perception filter that blocks the golden age.

So, with this I have finally gone around the circle and said what I want to say from every angle, so that there really is no aspect of this that has not been addressed either directly or indirectly. It does not mean there isn’t more to say, but I have said what I want to say in this installment and therefore I seal you in the Freedom flame that I AM. I will not seal Russia in the Freedom flame that I AM, but I will seal those among the Russian people who are open to progressive change in the Freedom flame that I AM.


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