Let the cosmic wrecking ball shatter the structures that limit your Spirit

TOPICS: Consciousness affects form, form affects consciousness – Fallen beings creating downward spirals – Compartmentalization in the system – Communist consciousness in Russia – A system that denies Christhood – A system cannot gain unlimited power – The cosmic wrecking ball – The need to forgive the oppressor – Forgiving fallen angels  – Nothing in the world of form has power over you – All religions are affected by the fallen consciousness – When will you be enlightened? –

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin, June 12, 2010 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at an event in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Out of the stillness I come. Kuan Yin is the name that has been used among men to invoke my Presence now for a long time—as you count time on earth. Yet Kuan Yin is, of course, only a name, and the name is not the Being. The name is not the Presence that I am.

Consciousness affects form, form affects consciousness

Thus, I come as a living Presence of God, bearing a gift to the people who live and have lived in this nation of Russia, and in every nation surrounding it, that has been part of the former Soviet Union, or was directly affected by the Soviet Union. The gift that I bring is the gift of the flame of mercy, the flame of unconditional forgiveness—unconditional forgiveness. For when you understand the reality, that the entire material universe is created out of consciousness, out of mental images projected upon the Ma-ter Light, then you begin to see a very important phenomenon. The question becomes: “If consciousness creates material form, yet material form affects consciousness, how, then can consciousness rise above form?”

The conditions that existed during the era of the Soviet Union started as mental images in consciousness. Yet, once those mental images had crossed the line and had become outpictured as physical forms, then those physical forms affected the human beings who lived under and experienced those conditions. And thus, the physical forms affected the consciousness of the people, depending on their spiritual development, their identification with form. The more they were identified with form, the more they thought these conditions were real, permanent, or perhaps even the only way that things could be. And thus, the external conditions affected or reinforced their sense of identity as material beings, or their sense of identity as powerless beings who did not have the power to change their own destiny.

And thus, you see, the question becomes: how can, then, an individual or an entire nation rise above its past, rise above the conditions that it has come to believe as real or permanent? This, then, is the very mechanism, that makes it possible for a downward self-reinforcing spiral to be formed. And this is what makes it possible, that an entire planet can fall below the level at which it was created, or fall below the level of a Golden Age. This makes it possible, that an entire planet can go into a downward spiral, that the inhabitants of this planet cannot stop, and therefore the entire planet self-destructs.

Fallen beings creating downward spirals

This is the very mechanism that the fallen beings, the false teachers, have understood, and have made use of in order to create a downward spiral, that put themselves in positions of power, and made it very difficult for the people to stand up to the elite, to overthrow the power elite. For once the people had come to accept, that they had no power beyond a certain level, how could they then believe, that it was possible for them to stand up to the elite, whom they perceived to have greater power than themselves? This is essentially the very consciousness that you saw during the middle ages, where the people actually believed, that the noble class or the kings had some super-human power against which they could not survive.

And thus, you will even see here in the former Soviet Union, how many among the people were almost hypnotized – mesmerized – by the power displayed by the apparatus, the power machine. And they thought they had no power to rise up against this machine, for surely it would kill any individual that attempted to oppose it. This, then, is how you can create a situation, where the people cannot stand up to the elite, precisely because the people cannot imagine or believe that they have the power to stand up to the elite.

As has been explained earlier, you have the perversion of the Father as the perversion of power, meaning that the power elite demonstrates a willingness to kill anyone who stands up to their power. Then you have the perversion of the Mother, that divides people amongst themselves, even within themselves, because they never know who will listen, who is spying upon them, and who will tell the authorities.

Compartmentalization in the system

Yet beyond that, you also have the perversion of the element of the Son, in the form of a combination of withholding information and propagating false information as propaganda. And thus, the people do not know what reality is, they do not know there is an alternative to the present system that they see. And they do not know everything that is happening within the system, for everything is so compartmentalized, that virtually no people in the system have the full picture of all activities taking place in the system.

This is what you saw in Nazi Germany, where very few people, even in the highest ranks of the Nazi government, were aware of the full extent of what was happening in the concentration camps. You had a very similar situation in the Soviet Union, where very few people were fully aware of how all aspects of the system were functioning. And even in many cases, the leaders themselves did not know exactly what was going on in all of the compartments of the system.

And then, of course, to complete the suppression, you have the perversion of the Holy Spirit, where the people are never allowed to build any kind of momentum, for everything is frozen. Everything is so slow and seems so impossible, that changes seem beyond what can actually take place. And thus, everyone believes that the system is so closed, that there is no possibility of moving the system in any decisive direction. And so, they just give up trying, for what is the use? Better to submit and make the best of it, than to stand up to the system and be ground into dust by the machine itself.

And so, my point is to help you understand, that what happens to a people who are exposed to such a closed system is, that their sense of imagination, their sense of identity, can be affected so deeply, that even after the system itself is no more, they still cannot quite dare to believe that it is possible to affect deep and lasting changes in Russia. They still feel powerless to take command over their destiny, they still do not dare to imagine a better destiny for themselves. And that is why they become subject to various forces, that then claim that they can fill in the vacuum left by the system.

That is why you see a percentage of the population, that longs back to communism. That is why you see some people, a large group of people, who long for a strong leader, who can present them with the kind of certainty, that they were used to during the age of the apparatus—that always had unquestionable answers to everything, even though these answers did not really answer questions or solve problems. Nevertheless, they gave the impression of certainty, which people have come to crave, for since they cannot connect to the creativity within themselves, they see creativity as a threat rather than as an opportunity for improving their lives.

You also see a tendency of the emergence of oligarchs that also, even though they may be using some form of capitalism, are actually acting much like those in the political system of the communist regime. You also see the emergence of criminals, who likewise have no compunctions about suppressing the people and misusing power. You see the emergence of corruption and a bureaucratic system that, again, seems immovable and insensitive to the people, that again sees change as a threat—and therefore, in order to survive and propagate its own power, wants to suppress change.

Communist consciousness in Russia

So, what I am endeavoring to explain here is that even though Russia no longer has a communist system, it still has a communist consciousness to a very large extent. The people have not freed themselves from the communist consciousness, that was put upon them over so many decades. They have not fully seen this consciousness for what it is. They have not fully seen beyond it, and therefore they cannot even imagine or cannot believe in the alternative to the communist system and the communist consciousness.

Yet what is the core of the communist consciousness? It is precisely, as we have explained before, the suppression of individuality and individual creativity. It is the denial that you are a spiritual being and that because you are a spiritual being, you are not bound by or limited by anything in the world of form. You do not need to feel, that you are bound by or limited by anything that you experience or perceive in the world of form. You are not bound by the objects of your perception, for you have the ability to project yourself outside of what you perceive through the physical body, the physical senses and the outer mind.

You can connect to the greater reality that you are, the individuality anchored in your I AM Presence. This is the path of Christhood. And of course, the communist system and the communist consciousness is just one example of how the fallen beings have attempted to create a system, that completely suppresses the drive of the individual to attain Christhood. They have attempted to create many such systems, that either denies Christhood or defines it out of existence by defining a system according to which Christhood is impossible.

Other systems are, of course, various religions, including the Catholic religion itself—which claims to be the only true church of Jesus Christ, yet denies the very core of His teaching, namely that all people on earth have the potential to attain Christhood. Of course, you also have capitalism, scientific materialism, which denies the power of the individual, or at least the power of the individual that has Christhood, while in some ways deifying the power of those who do not have Christhood, as you see the CEOs of large corporations have an almost totalitarian power over all of the people who are part of that corporation.

A system that denies Christhood

So what you see is that the fallen angels have attempted to create a system, that denies christhood, and therefore denies true individuality, but it does not deny the false individuality that comes through the ego. For it raises up the ego of certain beings to the status of a god, so that their word cannot be gainsaid, as you see in every dictator throughout the world, even in those who had risen to some power in the communist system. Even though in the communist system no individual had ultimate power, for the system itself would – at least in the time after Stalin – have power even over the supreme leader of the system.

And this, then, is a lesson to be learned. For indeed, when you create such a system, you may think that you have power over the system, but in reality, the system begins to own you as well. For the system will see any individual only as a tool to its survival, and therefore it has no room for the individuals who will not go along with the system. When you understand these mechanics of how the fallen system works, you can then begin to realize, that the system works only through deception. It is built on a lie. And it can survive only as long as the majority among the people accept the lie, as long as they do not see beyond the lie. For once they begin to see the lie and refuse to submit to what they now see as unreal, then the system will being to crumble.

A system cannot gain unlimited power

And thus, you can begin to see, that even when you look at the Soviet Union, it was not the physical power that kept the system in place. This can be difficult to understand, when you have experienced the near total power and the total disregard for human life displayed by the system. Yet the reality is, that even the Soviet Union could not have killed an unlimited amount of people, for the system itself cannot kill anyone. It needs representatives who have become so insensitive to human life, that they are willing to do the bidding of the leaders of the system. And where will it get those representatives? It can only get them from among the people. And so, there will come a point, where it will not be possible to find enough people who have the total insensitive to life, that they are willing to kill a large number of the population in order to keep the system in place.

You have heard about the balance of power, and this is precisely the balance. How many people are available, that will act as the henchmen of the system, compared to how many people are willing to disobey and challenge the system? Once the number of people who are willing to challenge the system goes beyond the number that the henchmen are able to kill or imprison – or even that the prisons can hold – well, then the system, the physical power of the system, will begin to crumble. And that is precisely why the threat of power is a necessary ingredient, but it is not the power itself that maintains the system, it is the deception the lie, the illusion, that maintains the system.

And that is also why – even after the physical power is no longer there – the deception, the consciousness, can still hang as a black cloud over this nation of Russia; and can still serve to suppress the people, their knowledge, their awareness, their imagination, and their belief in the possibility of a better future. And as long as that illusion hangs as a black cloud, then the people are not free to embrace a new and better future. And thus, they cannot magnetize the kind of leaders who could bring about that future, for they instead magnetize the kind of leaders who are also blinded by the illusion, and therefore cannot see how to take Russia beyond the current state with all of its chaos and limitations.

They do not have the vision, for the vision can only come, when the old consciousness is not suppressing the imagination of the people. And so then, the question I am asking you to consider is how this old consciousness can be shattered, how it can be diluted to the point, where people can see through the fog, and see through the clouds and see the reality of the possibility of the Golden Age.

The cosmic wrecking ball

And thus, I come to give you two tools, the Alpha and the Omega. And although I come with the flame of mercy, I know that the first tool I give you may seem to not be an expression of mercy. Yet, when you understand mercy, you see that it is truly an expression of the Alpha aspect of mercy. For is it mercy to seek to only comfort people, so that they can endure their current conditions? Is it mercy, if people are starving, to give them enough food to survive for one day more, so that you have to continue to give them this food in the indefinite future? Or is it mercy to step back and say, “Why are the people starving? Let us change the condition that created the starvation, so that the people can become self-sufficient and feed themselves in the future.” This is the old story of the difference of giving a starving man a fish and giving him a fishing pole, that he might feed himself.

Indeed, mercy is not simply seeking to help people cope with current conditions. The Alpha aspect is to empower people to change current conditions. And thus, as an expression of the Alpha aspect of mercy, I come to give you the image of the cosmic wrecking ball. You know that when you desire to tear down an old building, you have a big crane, and from the end of the crane there is a big iron ball. And as the crane turns, it sets the iron ball into motion, and then you direct the ball into the building, where it smashes the building into rubble that can then easily be removed.

This then, is the image I give you, that I, Kuan Yin, as the Goddess of Mercy – in the Alpha aspect of this office of the Goddess of Mercy – I stand high above the earth, and in my hand I hold a string. And at the end of the string is a ball of the most intense violet flame you can possibly envision. It is like a laser light that is so strong, that you cannot look at it with the naked eye without being blinded, for it is as strong as the sun. And as you visualize or make the calls to me, I will begin to move my hand, whereby this ball of violet flame will begin to swing. And as you give your calls and rosaries, including but not limited to the new rosary for Russia, LINK I ask you to envision how your calls direct this cosmic wrecking ball, so that it goes into the conditions and shatters the consciousness behind those conditions.

For you might envision – as you see here in this city, even across the street from the building where your are – there are these old empty buildings, built during the Soviet era or even earlier. And you might see, that this is precisely what is sitting over the entire nation of Russia, in the lower etheric, the mental and emotional realms. There is this immense structure, created during the communist era, and it is this structure, that prevents so many people from connecting to their I AM Presences, from connecting to the vision of the Golden Age.

And this is the structure I endeavor to turn into rubble, so that it can be more easily consumed by your calls, and will no longer obscure the vision of the Russian people. So I ask you to share this vision as you give your calls, of how this wrecking ball of the violet flame swings with a power that nothing on earth can stop. For it is, of course, beyond form and therefore cannot be limited by form. And thus, it swings, and once it is in motion, nothing on earth can stop its forward movement. And anything that it encounters will be shattered into pieces by the force of this light, that can dispel any structure built out of a lesser vibration.

So this, then, is a powerful visualization, that you can give on behalf of Russia and the Russian people, to see how these structures are simply shattered, shattered into pieces, that can then be cleaned up easily by the violet flame angels, again as directed by your calls. You might envision these violet flame angels as an army of trucks, that come in and load the rubble and carry it off to the violet flame reservoir in the center of the earth, where it can be consumed and transmuted into a higher substance—where it can be accelerated into purity. This then is the Alpha aspect of my gift.

The need to forgive the oppressor

The Omega aspect of my gift is a realization, that it is necessary for you who are the spiritual people to come to, in order for you to have the greatest impact, not only on Russia but on other nations. It is a realization not only for those from Russia, but from all who have been affected by the Soviet Union, or any other suppressive system. And it is the realization, that the only way to be truly free of an oppressor is to completely, totally and unconditionally forgive the oppressor.

You may look at the Soviet Union. You may look at the suppression and oppression of its own people. You may look at the atrocities committed in other nations that were occupied or otherwise suppressed by the Soviet Union. You may look at this and ask: “How can we ever forgive this, for how can we ever allow ourselves to forget?” This is an approach that you have seen in many nations, that have experienced a totalitarian regime, for example, Germany, which believes that in order to prevent Germany from ever going to a totalitarian system, such as Nazism, they can never allow themselves to forget Nazism. But you see, there is a difference between forgetting and internalizing the lesson of history.

Once you have internalized the lesson from history, you will not repeat the same mistake, even if you do forget the specific situation that caused to you to learn that lesson. And thus you see, you cannot completely be free of the past, until you are free of the memory of the past. For as long as you hold on to the memory, it will affect your consciousness, and thus you cannot truly imagine and believe in a future, where the past no longer has any influence, any power over you.

What then is the ultimate demise of the Soviet Union or of the Nazi regime? It is that those regimes are forgotten by the people. Why, my beloved, do you think that the veil has been drawn, so that there is no memory and no records of past ages, where there has been as great, if not greater, warfare and atrocities as what you have seen in the last century? It is out of mercy; for if people still maintained the memory of the past, they would continue to be affected by that past, and could not rise above it and imagine and believe in a future that was free of the past.

And how do you become free unless you forgive? For until you have forgiven those who have harmed you, you are maintaining an energetic tie, not only to the people or to the institutions, but to the consciousness behind it. And that means you are giving your life force to that consciousness, and you are serving to maintain the consciousness, to keep the beast alive, to keep the structure standing, even though it may be an empty structure. So do you see the absolute necessity of complete and unconditional forgiveness?

How can you forgive? By realizing that most of the people who were part of the Soviet apparatus were not evil. They were simply blinded by the illusion. And it was the same illusion that you were blinded by, for as I said, had you not been blinded by the illusion, you would have challenged the illusion.

So forgive yourselves and forgive others, and realize that what you have witnessed was a lesson for humankind, a lesson in how consciousness co-creates physical reality. And then, what you create can limit your imagination, so you cannot free yourself from your own creation. In other words, when you co-create from the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality, you will become a slave of your own creation, as the monster created by Doctor Frankenstein turned upon him and destroyed him. This is the ancient story of the ego and what is created through the consciousness of the ego.

Forgiving fallen angels

Now, of course, comes the question: How can you then forgive the fallen angels and the consciousness behind them? Well, you can forgive by again realizing, that there is a difference between the consciousness and the being who is identified with the consciousness. The fallen angels were not created as fallen angels. They were created as God’s angels. Before they fell, they were genuine angels. And they fell only because they became blinded by the consciousness of separation. That is why we have said earlier, that a fallen angel cannot be redeemed. For the consciousness of the fallen angel is the consciousness of separation, and the consciousness of separation cannot come into Oneness. So as long as a being is identified with the consciousness of separation, it cannot be redeemed. But if a fallen being can separate itself from the consciousness of separation, then the being that was created by God, the man that descended from heaven, can then indeed return to heaven.

And then, when you separate the being from the consciousness, you can see that the consciousness is unreal. And therefore, even the original fallen beings, even those who are the most identified with the fallen consciousness, they still fall under the category, that Jesus talked about when he was hanging on the cross and said: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

You may see that these beings, or even people who embody the fallen consciousness, are completely unreachable; that you cannot reach them with reason; you cannot reach them with the Christ mind. And this is true. But why can you not reach them? Because they are blinded by the illusion. They are the most blind because they believe an illusion is the truth. They believe that a complete illusion is an absolute and infallible truth. And that is why they are actually the most ignorant, the most blind, the most to be pitied. And when you realize this, you can see, that even they are acting out of ignorance, and even the consciousness that they express is unreal.

And then, when you begin to connect to the reality, that you are a spiritual being, then you can realize, as Jesus has said in the Christhood course, that that which is real cannot be affected by that which is unreal. And then you can begin to experience in your own being that the fallen consciousness has no power over you, your Spirit. For you begin to realize that matter, that form, has no power over Spirit. For spirit is beyond matter, Spirit is beyond form. And when you realize and experience this, you have no fear of the fallen consciousness. You have no fear of the beings who are blinded by it, the beings who might accuse you and seek to create doubt in your being.

You will know that they have no power over you, as Jesus knew they had no power over him. And therefore, you can say with Jesus: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And when you can say this and truly say it with all of your being, then you have forgiven, and then you are free of the consciousness. For can you see, that as long as you think that a particular consciousness or a particular form has power over your Spirit, you are not free of that form? You are not free of that consciousness. How can you be free, if you think anything has power over you?

Nothing in the world of form has power over you

And of course, if you think that you are a being that has form, then you will think that the forms in the material world have power over you as a being with form. It is only when you connect to the reality that the Conscious You is a formless being—that is when you realize and experience that nothing in the world of form has power over you. It only seemed to have power over you because you were identifying yourself with a lower consciousness. For you are a formless being, which means that you have the power to immediately, instantly, stop identifying yourself with a limited consciousness—and indeed withdraw yourself, withdraw your being, from that consciousness and return to the formlessness that you are. Whereby you know, that you are an extension of your I AM Presence and that nothing in the world of form can touch you.

An ascended master is a formless being; cannot be bound by anything in form. Any statement made by words is made in the world of form. If you allow yourself to believe, that a statement should stand for all time, then you have made yourself the subject of the fallen consciousness itself, the very consciousness of the false hierarchy. For they are constantly trying to make you believe, that you are limited by some kind of form, that you should submit to that form, to that structure, to that system. And therefore, you should limit the expression of your Spirit according to that system.

My beloved, there is an old question, that has been asked for a long time. It is this: If God is omnipotent, can God create a rock that is so heavy, that God cannot lift it? Many people have spent a considerable amount of mental energy trying to figure out this riddle. But I can solve it for you by pointing out, that this is the perfect example of how the consciousness of duality projects an image upon everything, including God. For you see, what makes this riddle seem impossible to solve is the concept that God has some kind of form and therefore can be limited by form. But God is not a being with form; God is the source of form yet God is beyond form. Therefore, any form that can be created, any rock that could be created, can only exist in the world of form. And therefore, that form cannot limit the formless God.

Do you see, it is not a matter of answering a question in a linear fashion with a yes or no.  Yes, God can create a rock that is so big that God cannot lift it, but then God is not omnipotent. But if God cannot create a rock that is so big that God cannot lift it, then God is not omnipotent either. But you see, there is no omnipotence in the world of form, for in the world of form everything has limitation—or it would not have form. So you see, the way to solve the riddle is to realize, that the riddle is a product of the dualistic state of consciousness. And when you transcend that state of consciousness – and realize that you are a formless being who is an extension of the formless God – then you can experience the formlessness of God. And then you know the riddle has no meaning—and then you are free of the consciousness behind it.

All religions are affected by the fallen consciousness

Do you understand a deeper truth here, my beloved? If you look at all the philosophies and religions in the world, there is not one among them that is not affected by the fallen consciousness. This does not mean, that they are necessarily created by the false hierarchy, but they are affected by the fallen consciousness. The fallen consciousness says, that form is real and that form should have power over Spirit. And therefore, it is possible to create a philosophy on earth that can accurately describe God.

But it is not possible to create anything that has form, which can capture the fullness of the formless God. That is why those who that are wise may use a system as a stepping stone, but there comes a point, where they know they have to go beyond the system, if they will know the real living God. So you see, there are so many people, even those on the spiritual path, who have questions, questions about this, questions about that. But do you understand that in order to formulate a question, you must have a foundation for even formulating the question. And in having a foundation, you have already created a system, and now you are looking for an answer that fits within the system—and therefore validates the system you have created.

Yet, how will you ultimately be free, how will you ultimately ascend? When you let go of any and all structures and systems that have been created in the world of form, whether they were created by you personally or by other beings. You must let go of all structures before you can ascend into the formlessness of Spirit. And so, as long as you keep asking questions based on a particular system, as long as you keep looking for a spiritual teacher who will answer those questions within the system, you will not find truth, you will not find the living truth.

For the living truth cannot fit into any system, including the teachings of the ascended masters, whether they be given in this or that organization or through the AskRealJesus website. The living truth cannot be captured in any system. So no matter which system you might be following, it is not the system – even the most sophisticated system – that takes you to the destination. It is when you transcend the system, that you reach the destination—when you transcend the questions, when you stop seeking to get answers to your questions that fit within the system, that can be answered by a yes or no, or in other ways seem to validate the structure you have created.

When will you be enlightened?

When will you be enlightened? When the question, “Am I enlightened?” becomes obsolete, so that it is no longer found within your being. And that is why the answer to the question, “Am I enlightened” is always “No.” Because as long as you need to ask the question, you are not enlightened. You still see a distance between the knower and the known. You still think that truth is some object existing outside of yourself that you can know from a distance. But when your questions fade away, you merge into oneness with the Spirit of Truth. And then you have not found truth, you have become Truth. And that is when you can say with Jesus.” I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.” And that is when you are the Christ in action on earth.

And that is when you are free to either leave behind the earth, or to continue to serve with earth and set others free by providing them with a frame of reference, that is outside of their systems—so that they may also come to see, that any system can only take you so far. It can never close the gap, for the only way to close the gap is to transcend any system, transcend any structure, transcend any form by finally realizing and accepting, that YOU are a formless being that can never be limited by anything in form.

This then, is my gift. And I end by pouring out to you the love of the Goddess of Mercy, the unconditional love, that will sometimes express itself as the gentle love that comforts and supports you. But it will also sometimes express itself as the cosmic wrecking ball, that shatters the structures that are keeping your spirit trapped in form. For unless those structures are shattered – so that you can see that there is something beyond the structure – how can you ever be free of the structure?

So, decide what you want. Do you only want the gentle form of mercy, or do you also want the Alpha form of mercy? For if you only want the gentle, then I will let you have that experience, but then you also will not experience the fullness of my Being. But if you decide, that you are willing to have both, then I will indeed give you both. And I will, if you will make the call to me, the “Om Mani Padme Hum,” while visualizing my cosmic wrecking ball, wrecking the structures in your mind, then I will give you as much assistance as you can handle, so that you can shatter the structures without losing your sense of identity and continuity. And this is how you make the maximum progress, when you no longer seek to hold on to the structure but you are willing to let it be shattered by reality itself.

Choose then which form of mercy you want, whether you want only one, or whether you want both. And then, I will give you the assistance that can be given you, according to your choice. The choice is yours. For the choice of whether Russia or the earth will have a Golden Age is indeed yours.


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