There is nothing in the past of any nation, that the Light cannot purify

TOPICS: Why Russia went backwards into communism – The new power elite who used money to gain power – How monopoly capitalists encouraged the Bolshevik revolution – The desire for total control – Destroying the Russian people’s creativity – The unlimited willingness to kill – Killing creativity through poverty – Why all power elites must fall – Those who fear freedom – The sorrow in the Russian people – Do not submit to darkness – You do not have to be perfect – Arrows of doubt from the mocking spirits –

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Ascended Master Elohim Astrea, June 10, 2010 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Indeed, Elohim Astrea I am. For the call compels the answer, and thus I am with you. For you have come to this great city of Saint Petersburg, the largest city closest to the Elohim of Astrea’s retreat over the White Sea. Indeed, it was the magnetic pull of our retreat, that inspired Peter the Great to found this city and to move the capital of the Russian empire to this place, thus opening up Russia to the rest of the world, especially to Europe, that it might be put on a path that made it part of Europe, part of the family of nations. Thus, you might surmise, and correctly so, that Peter was working with the light, was open to inspiration from above, as were several of the Russian leaders who followed him and indeed built up not only this city but built up the Russian empire to become a nation, that was at the time fully as modern, fully as creative, as any nation in Europe.

Why Russia went backwards into communism

There was indeed a realistic potential for the Russian nation to flourish and blossom, and find a way to be part of a new age, that could indeed have taken the world to a higher level than what you saw instead during the twentieth century. What then was it, indeed, that happened, that this development did not come to pass? Well, it was a deliberate act of those who are part of the international power elite, those who saw the potential that a Golden Age was beginning to emerge, because there was such creativity – including the emergence of democratic nations, including the emergence of new technology – that they could not maintain the control, that they had attempted to build as a result of the freedom, the economic freedom, that they had received after the abolishment of the feudal system and the establishment of the United states of America.

This is the classical example of what Saint Germain has explained with the established power elite and the aspiring power elite, the established power elite represented by the Catholic Church, the medieval Kings and the feudal lords, that had near total control over society. Yet, again, in their total control, they created the opposition to their own rule, and the second law of thermodynamics inevitably caused their system to break down. And although there was a movement towards freeing the people, you also saw the emergence of the aspiring power elite, another faction of fallen angels, who had been lusting after the power they had seen in the old elite. A power of which they could not share, because the old elite was such a closed system, that it was difficult for fallen angels of a different band to force their way into the system.

The new power elite who used money to gain power

Thus, they felt shut out from power. And when the old power began to crumble, they seized the opportunity to now enter the fray and become the new power elite, that used the economic freedom and the industrial revolution to – instead of establishing national empires, or a religious empire – they established financial and industrial empires. This was something that the old power elite did not understand, for it did not fit their mindset. Yet, the new elite came to understand this very quickly and took advantage of it, thus creating some of these industrial empires, that are the forerunners for the multinational corporations you have to this day. This power elite understood money, financial markets. They understood how to exploit the people while giving the people an impression, that they were part of a greater cause, or that they were part of a free society that would give them opportunities. Yet indeed, it only exploited the labor of the people without giving them equal rights or equal opportunity.

You know well the names of some of these industrialists and international bankers. You also know that they had a desire to establish monopolies. This is something that is generally not understood in the West, where they have been exposed to a century or more of so-called capitalist propaganda that makes people believe that capitalism is the same as free enterprise or a free market economy. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth, for capitalism has one goal: that is to establish more and more monopolies, until the corporations merge together and form the ultimate monopoly. Which then, by the fact that it owns the means of production, also owns the state.

How monopoly capitalists encouraged the Bolshevik revolution

These industrialists saw, that the western system was not necessarily the fastest or the most sure way to establish this ultimate monopoly. For they needed to maintain the illusion of a free market economy, and thus there was a limit to how much control over the economy they could establish or how fast they could establish it, given that the people were aware of at least some of the dangers of too much control of the economy. Thus, when Karl Marx formulated his philosophy of Marxism, they began to see, that this could be another way to establish their goal of the ultimate monopoly. And so, some of you will know – and all of you should know – that it was indeed these international financiers that financed Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution.

Without the directive and the financing from Wall Street, from these financial corporations, the Bolshevik revolution would not have been possible and would indeed either never have taken place or have failed in its early stages. Thus you see, the power elite of capitalism deliberately establishing what seems to be a system that is opposed to capitalism. And indeed, the two systems are in opposition to each other, but do you see the deeper reality, that they both work towards the same end? So that, whether communism had taken over the world or capitalism had taken over the world, it would ultimately lead to the same end, where one state or one corporation had total control over the economy and therefore over society.

The desire for total control

This then is what you need to understand: that this is the consciousness of the power elite and their desire to establish total control. You must understand, that it was not the power elite’s desire to see the Soviet Union collapse or crumble as it did. They wanted to maintain the Soviet Union as a viable opponent to the West. Not only because they could profit from selling technology to both sides and keep the arms-race going, but also because it fit their overall strategy of leading to greater and greater control. So indeed, as Archangel Michael talked about, the Russian people, the spiritual beings who have embodied in Russia and held the balance for the abolishment of communism, have indeed served in a great capacity to foil the control schemes of the power elite, the international power elite. They have, as the saying is in America, thrown a monkey wrench into the machinery of the elite.

This has then caused this elite to reassess its strategy, and although they still think they have control through the financial instruments, even this control is beginning to crumble. Some of them have already seen the handwriting on the wall, others are still blinded. Yet many people, both in the West and throughout the planet, are beginning to see, that the real problem that underlies every problem seen in history is elitism and the elitist mindset, the desire for a small group to establish superiority through force, through control.

Destroying the Russian people’s creativity

What then does this have to do with the base chakra of the planet and the retreat of Purity and Astrea, which focuses the base chakra and the base chakra energies for the planetary body? Well, if you look at Russia before the Bolshevik revolution – even if you take a walk in this city of Saint Petersburg and look at the buildings that were built since the foundation of this city – you will see with your own eyes the immense creativity present in the Russian people. You will see the elegance, even the lightness of some of these buildings, if you were to compare them to some of the buildings you see in the West that are older, that are from the Middle ages, such as the buildings in the Vatican, or in Rome or in other older cities. You will see there a darkness, a heaviness in the architecture itself, whereas in this city you see more of a lightness, more of an elegance, more of a devotion to beauty, a willingness to try new things, to express creativity, without predefined conditions or limitations.

This was the potential for the Russian nation. Yet then, compare to what has happened to architecture and art under the Soviet Union. Look at the buildings built during communist times, and you will notice the tremendous difference. There is no focus on beauty; there is no desire to create beauty. Why not? Because there was no desire to allow creativity to be expressed. What was the outer excuse? It was that all of the buildings built before communism were an expression of the ruling elite. They were elitist, they were of the Bourgeoisie, and this was not what was the new goal of the Soviet Union, which was supposed to be of the people, but was not of the people at all.

Nay, what was expressed in Soviet communism was the desire to reduce the people to mechanical beings who dared not express creativity and individuality. Therefore, they would be the perfect mindless followers of the elite, the perfect worker bees that the elite in the West had dreamed about but could not produce in sufficient numbers because of these dangerous ideas of democracy and self-determination and economic freedom and opportunity. So do you see, that Soviet communism even went beyond the principles of Marx and created a system that was so based on force, that it could only be put in place through a complete and merciless suppression of the people. And it could only be kept in place through this forceful suppression, even the willingness of killing any number of the Russian people, as you saw in Stalin.

The unlimited willingness to kill

This willingness to destroy anyone who could be a threat; not even the ones who were a threat, but the ones who could potentially become a threat. This is almost similar to the consciousness that caused King Herod to kill all male babies in order to make sure he had killed the one Christ child, that could be a threat to his rule. This is a symbol for being willing to kill anyone who has the potential to manifest any degree of Christhood, so that all you have left are those who are not yet at the point, where they can manifest the Christhood and the individuality that is essential for Christhood.

This then, is a deliberate attempt to abort the very life force itself at the very point where it first flows into the material universe, the physical octave, namely at the base chakra. In the base chakra you have the fount of creativity. The question becomes: will it be allowed to rise and illumine the other chakras, until they all light up in a full flowering of the creative potential of the individual? Or will that life force be stopped at any point of its ascent?

And of course, the power elite know that the earlier they can stop the life force, the better. And thus they have attempted, through many different schemes throughout history, to stop the life force right in the base chakra itself. This is what you have seen in the Soviet Union, of the willingness to kill life, to kill those who expressed any kind of creativity or individuality. They would simply disappear; go to Siberia, concentration camps, death-camps, never to be heard from again.

Killing creativity through poverty

You see, of course, the same attempt in the West, although with different means. Here you have seen an attempt to squash the life force through poverty, and when poverty began to recede, then came the perversion of the life force through music, through rhythms that beat the life force down into the base chakra, where it cannot rise and therefore is easily led into various perversions such as sexual perversions, but many other perversions in art or materialism, or a lifestyle that says: “Let us eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow, we die”.

This then, is the perversion of the very life force itself, the perversion of the creativity that, if it is allowed to flow, will inevitably overthrow the control schemes of the power elite. They know this, and therefore they know that the only opportunity they have for establishing and maintaining this ultimate system of control is to seek to squash the life force, to suppress it either by killing the people who are creative or by suppressing them or by misguiding them into taking their creativity out into forms that do not raise up society, but simply keep society at a certain level or even take it down into a downward spiral.

This then, is what you have seen. And you will see how there is only so much control, that can be imposed by the power elite to squash the life force. For a time, indeed, it is possible to kill off all the people who try to express creativity, but you cannot do this forever, unless you are willing to see your country fall behind other nations where there is more room for creativity. Why is it that it seems like the western world was more advanced than the communist world? It was because the suppression of the life force was not as total, not as efficient in the western world, and thus, there was more room for creativity. But certainly, if the power elite had not suppressed or misdirected the life force in the West, there would have been even more creativity, and the West would have been far closer to the Golden Age.

Why all power elites must fall

So what you see is, indeed, as we have said many times, there is a safety measure built into the design of the material universe, so that no power can attain total control, and no power can maintain a high degree of control for an extended period of time. Time will eventually grind down the power elite and their control. And the primary example of this is, of course, what has happened in Russia, but also in the surrounding nations and republics.

As we recently inspired this messenger to visit a museum, that was created in Latvia, in the capital Riga, detailing first the Nazi and then the Soviet occupation of that nation. What struck this messenger the most was the description of how, when it finally became clear, that the people of Latvia would no longer submit to the Soviet suppression, how quickly they freed themselves. And even after fifty years of occupation, fifty years of intense suppression – where twenty percent of the population disappeared and were killed or sent to concentration camps – even after this intense suppression, as soon as the door of freedom opened up, the majority of the people instantly grabbed the opportunity and walked through it, never to look back with regret or longing for the old days.

This shows the potential of the human spirit to embrace freedom, once the opportunity is acknowledged and accepted as a real opportunity. This is what you see in many of the nations who were formerly under communist rule. You do not yet see quite the same in Russia, for here the suppression was more profound. Here the suppression went to a deeper level, because of what we have exposed in the invocation of the insensitivity to life, that has been so strong in the Russian people. Therefore, you still see in the Russian nation people who long back to the orderliness, to the security and to the sense of superiority of the Soviet days. Yet you also see many others who have embraced the opportunity for freedom.

Those who fear freedom

Nevertheless, you still see a certain consciousness in Russia, of an almost fear of freedom, of an almost hatred of freedom, a hatred of the light that exposes the contrast between the old days that seemed secure and the new days that seem insecure—for to the mindset that actually embraced control, freedom seems like a threat. For those who have lived in darkness for a long time, walking into the strong light can be hurtful to their eyes. And thus, we look to you who are the spiritual people to recognize this consciousness and to give your calls and to use your power of visualization to shatter it, so that the people might be free to embrace their freedom, to demand more freedom, instead of allowing this slow deceptive erosion of freedom, that you have seen now for some time.

Take this opportunity of being here in Saint Petersburg, for as this city was founded on creativity and was the center, the focal point, for the creativity for the Russian people, it can once again become that focal point for a new willingness to embrace creative freedom, to allow it to be expressed in finding new solutions, a new approach to every aspect of Russian society. Grab this opportunity and consider the weight of this consciousness that did not want to embrace freedom, a consciousness that actually hates the light—because what does the light do? It provides a frame of reference. This is the consciousness of the fallen angels themselves, that they have spread to many of the people on earth.

Those who want to blindly follow a strong leader, for they do not want to take responsibility for themselves, will readily submit to the weight of this consciousness. For even though they feel the weight, after a while they become so numb that they think it is normal, it is the way things ought to be. And therefore, when they see an alternative, then they become provoked, they become angry, and they begin to resent the people who are expressing more light, more creativity, more sense of humor, rather than the seriousness they have come to see as the only way to live.

Those of you, who are here, look at the people who have come, either from outside Russia itself, but especially those who have come from the West and who have not grown up in a communist system, or those who have grown up in a communist system but have risen above it. Allow yourself to see, that there is a lightness over these people that you do not see in yourselves, at least not all of you. For you still have a burden, a heaviness, a sense of almost sorrow. This is not to say that you who are the spiritual people are feeling the weight of the suppression of creativity, but what you feel instead is almost the feeling of a soul, that has been physically aborted and lost the opportunity to come into embodiment. It is the sorrow of what might have been, an opportunity lost, an opportunity that never was, for it was aborted before it was born.

The sorrow in the Russian people

This is the sense of sorrow of the millions of creative people in Russia, those who never submitted to the mechanization consciousness, those who never submitted to the system, who never submitted to communism as an ideology. They feel the sorrow, for they know what Russia could have been today if she had not been suppressed, if the creativity of her sons and daughters had not been suppressed, if the Christ had been allowed to be born in mother Russia. Yet, realize that this weight, this sorrow, is not constructive for your spiritual growth, nor is it constructive for the growth of Russia as a nation.

Look at those who do not have it; be inspired by their examples. Look at this weight and realize it is unreal and that you can throw it off almost in an instant, like you take off a heavy overcoat on the first warm spring day. And you put that fur coat into the closet, but in this case, do not put it into the closet, put it into the fire of Astrea and Purity, that it may be consumed by our fire, that you may be free permanently and that you may make a contribution, a personal contribution, to freeing Russia from this heavy weight, this sorrow of what might have been.

Realize that if you overcome the sorrow of what might have been, then what might have been might indeed become what is very, very quickly. For I tell you, there is a potential that Russia might experience tremendous growth, tremendous change in a very few years, just as you saw how this capital of Saint Petersburg was built with all of its original splendor within a very short time span, because the creativity was allowed to flow—for there were leaders who saw the value and allowed it to flow. This is, indeed, a very real potential, but my beloved, as Saint Germain has said: The Golden Age will not be manifest by the pessimists. It will be manifest, not necessarily by what you traditionally call optimists, who are always positive and refuse to see the problems; it will be manifest by those who are the practical realists, who see the problems, but also see that they are unreal, and they are no match for the Power of God.

Do you sense the Power in the human voice that you hear? This is a Power that no human voice can provide on its own, for it is the Power of God being carried by the human voice. Do you realize, that you all have a potential in your chakras, in your beings, in your voice, in your actions, to be the open door for this Power of God to stream through you. And then you will see that this weight of the sorrow of what might have been, and the weight of suppression of creativity, they are no match for the Power of God. There is no heaviness in the Power of God. There is no heaviness that can withstand the Power of the Elohim of Astrea and Purity.

Our Power of purification can purify any nation. And I suggest that, given that our retreat is located in Russia, that you begin with envisioning how the light of Purity flows from our retreat, covers Russia, covers all the former republics of the Soviet Union, and then spreads throughout the world, that the Russian people’s love, creativity and joy of life can again be set free to flow.

You who have grown up in modern Russia under communism, can scarcely imagine the joy of life that was present in the Russian people before the Bolshevik revolution. But I tell you that in the city of Saint Petersburg, when it was first founded, there was a joy of life, an enjoyment of beauty that you could not imagine today. It was almost unparalleled anywhere in the modern world, and if you can lock in to that flame of joy, which is still there – because it has been preserved in our retreat – then you can very quickly overcome this dark cloud that is hanging over you.

Do not submit to darkness

Ask yourself a question: What obligation do you have as spiritual people to submit to the weight of this darkness? None whatsoever, and when you realize this in your heart, you can look at the darkness, and you can respond to it, as the Christ himself did: “Get thee behind me, Satan, for thou art an offense to me, thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men.” Yet, that which be of men, is no match for the Power of God, for with God, all things are possible.

And as Jesus has said in the Christhood course: “That which is unreal has no power over that which is real.” And I am here to tell you, that the light of Purity is real, and that the light of Purity is the ultimate cleansing agent, the real “Meister Proper” or whatever you call the cleaning power in different nations. There is nothing we cannot purify.

Do you understand, my beloved, the real purpose behind the wide-spread killing and torture and other atrocities that took place in the Soviet Union? Do you understand that those who are the darkest fallen beings had a clear purpose of establishing such an intense downward spiral through these atrocities, that nothing on earth could overcome it, that it could not be reversed, that it could not be stopped, and that therefore, the Soviet Union would continue to go down until it even pulled the entire planet into this third, all-consuming war that Archangel Michael talked about.

This was their goal. And their goal now, their hope now is that even though the war has not come to pass, that they can still create a wide-spread war, and that they can still maintain the downward spiral created by these atrocities. Yet, I tell you, regardless of what has happened in this nation of Russia, the Power of the Elohim of the Fourth Ray, the Archangels of the Fourth Ray, and the Chohan and the masters of the Fourth Ray can clean it all up in an instant.

We are, of course, not allowed to clean it up in an instant, for that would deprive you, who are the spiritual people, of the experience, of experiencing yourselves as the open door for the Light of Purity. And we would not want to deprive you of that experience, for it is an essential experience on your path to Christhood and the ascension. Truly, what more powerful impetus on the path to the ascension can there be, but experiencing how you are the instruments, the open doors, for lifting an entire nation beyond the darkness of its past.

Thus, I encourage you to begin the shift in perception for how you see yourselves, that you first throw off the yoke of this darkness in yourselves. And then see how you can become the open doors for transforming the collective consciousness of Russia into an upward spiral, releasing that old creativity and the joy that is the inevitable, eternal companion of creativity. For where can true joy come from? It can come only from the free flow of creativity that is your very reason for being as co-creators with God, who have volunteered to come here to raise this planet into the perfection of the kingdom of God. This is the ultimate joy—allow yourselves to feel it.

We always look for those who are not driven by any fear, by any sense of obligation or duty but are driven by the pure joy of serving. This is the ultimate joy of being the open door for the work of God. All of you have a divine plan that has elements of serving to transform society and other people and lift them up into the upward spiral of the Golden Age. This is your calling. This is your ultimate sense of joy.

Take a look at yourselves and ask yourself why you are not feeling this joy. Many of you will say: “But I am not fulfilling my highest potential. I am not expressing my highest potential, because I have this or that condition or I made this or that mistake in the past.” But then be willing to acknowledge, that you can let go of your past. You can rise above any condition, and you can even make a shift in perception, for you realize, that when you embrace the joy and the creativity, you can begin to express your potential right now. Expressing your potential is not a matter of reaching some ultimate level of spiritual attainment. Expressing your potential is a matter of doing what Jesus explained: multiply the talents you have right now.

You do not have to be perfect

The biggest hindrance to the Golden Age, as far as the spiritual people is concerned, is precisely that they have in their minds this fallen belief that in order to serve God or the ascended masters, you have to live up to some outer standard of perfection, which is up there and you are down here, and you don’t know how to cross and close the gap. But the way to close the gap is simple. Look at what you have and multiply what you have, and then, when you have multiplied what you have, you will be given more.

At any given stage, multiply what you have, and you will move on. And you will then allow yourself – if you are willing to shift your mind – you will allow yourself to feel the full joy that comes from having multiplied the talents. And then knowing from within that you are the good and faithful servant, who can come into the joy of the Lord, as Jesus said 2,000 years ago—but as hardly anyone who call themselves Christians have fully understood and embraced. But do not let that stop you. Embrace it, prove it in your own lives, “Prove me herewith, saith the Lord, that I shall pour out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to contain it.”

You will, when you multiply your talents, receive a blessing that your chakras and your being cannot fully contain. But then you will see, that you have the opportunity to step up higher, that you may contain more and be given more and more, thus creating your personal upward spiral, that must start at the base by you being willing to be creative with what you have instead of always saying: “Oh, whenever I get more, whenever some master appears to me and gives me a jewel, then I will be able to serve God.” No, you can serve God right now by multiplying what you have, and this is the difference between those who are the true servants of God and those who think they are superior, think they have some superior truth, but they are not willing to multiply their talents.

So what do they do? They become jealous of you and your light, and so they sit there, and they mock you, and they mock the creativity, while failing to see that this is not multiplying your own talents. For when you truly multiply your own talents, you have no need to criticize or mock anyone else, for it is not a threat to you what other people do. You have no desire to control, you have no desire to suppress. And thus, you see that the mocking and the anger is just another expression of the fallen consciousness that wants to squash creativity.

Arrows of doubt from the mocking spirits

And you will see throughout the ages, how there has always been a consciousness, an offshoot of the accuser of the brethren, that wants to mock those who dare to be creative, who dare to think outside the mental box of their society, or their family, or their group, whatever outer characteristics define the group. There is always the mocking, there is always the putting down. And what you will notice is, that this mocking consciousness will send arrows of doubt into your mind, that are meant to make you doubt.

But what you will notice is, if you are alert, that these arrows of doubt, these curses, always take the form of some mocking statement that makes a derogatory statement without explaining it. Thus, it is meant to bypass your logical, rational mind. For you see, when you start looking at these arrows of doubt with the rational mind, you see how unfounded, how unreal, how sometimes contradictory and ridiculous they are.

But they are constructed in such a way, that they bypass the mind and go into the emotional body, where they make you feel whatever you have that is unresolved, be it doubt, be it guilt, be it shame, be it fear or whatever. So you go into this emotional reaction, and now you are not able to step back and look at this with the rational mind and say: “Why should I accept this statement, why indeed should I allow it into my mind at all? For I see the motive, I see the rationale behind it, and I have no desire whatsoever to allow this impurity to enter my energy-field or my mind.” And thus, you can reject it, based on the higher reasoning of the Christ mind, you can reject these arrows of doubt or mocking that come from the serpentine mind.

And thus with this, I encourage you to keep this mantra in the back of your minds. Whatever thoughts come to you, whatever projections, whatever weight you feel, thus say: “Accelerate into purity, Accelerate into purity, Accelerate into purity, for I know I am the beloved of God.” And thus, in the fullness of my love, I bid you farewell.


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