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TOPICS: Control by taking away hope – Christianity and soviet power – The creators of the Soviet Union had no higher principles – The true power to transform the world – The catch-22 of purity – Marx defined both Communism and Capitalism – A new approach to the economy – Stop thinking you are more sophisticated than others – Incomparable self-worth –

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Ascended Master Elohim Purity, September 23, 2011 through Kim Michaels. In Arkhangelsk, Russia

Accelerate into purity!
Accelerate into purity!
Accelerate into purity!
Accelerate into purity!
Accelerate into purity!
Accelerate into purity!
Accelerate into purity!
Accelerate into purity!
Accelerate into purity…
… the purity that I AM. Indeed, I am the masculine counterpart of Astrea, the Elohim of the fourth ray, we are. Inseparable, we are. Although Astrea has traditionally been the one speaking for the Elohim of the fourth ray, I will put in my two cents worth, as they say. Or perhaps, I should say my four cents worth.

Thus, what is it, that can enable you to lock in to the flame of purity? Well, my beloved, take a look at this area, where this little flock has gathered, in Arkhangelsk in northern Russia, which is close to the location of the etheric retreat of Purity and Astrea. Take a look at this town, which is like an empty shell, compared to what it was in its heyday under the Soviet Union, where it was an important naval base and military center. Yet, even go back further, where it was a prosperous trade center as the only port to the Russian nation, at least the only port from Europe.

So, see then today, how there is a heavy cloud of hopelessness hanging over this area. And you may see, if you look carefully, that this cloud is indeed impurity, a special form of impurity, that takes away the hope that the people can accelerate the condition they are experiencing in matter through their own power.

Control by taking away hope

This, of course, is one of the primary conditions of the fourth ray, and you will indeed see, that the Archeia of the fourth ray is named Hope. And thus, those who are seeking to control humankind through a perversion of the fourth ray of purity, will always, as their primary order of business, seek to take away hope, the hope that you can transcend the current conditions by your own power.

It does not matter if people believe it is possible to transcend current conditions, if they believe it can only happen through some external power. For this will still keep the people trapped in the bind between the rock and the hard spot, meaning the rock as the matter world and the hard spot as the power elite. And thus, you see so many societies – in so many historical periods, in so many parts of the world – where the common man, so to speak, the broader population have always felt, that they were limited between these two elements. One is the matter world itself, which seems to be inflexible and beyond their power to change. For so they had been told by the power elite who was ruling their thought world, their identity world, the way they looked at themselves and their opportunity to transcend their current sense of self, and thereby transcend their current state in the matter world.

For, as we have explained many times, it is indeed your sense of self in the identity body, that filters down to the mental body, where you think what you can and cannot do in this world. And then, it filters down to the emotional body, where you begin to feel hopeless, because you think you cannot do anything to change your situation. And this, of course, then filters down into your actions, where you submit yourself to some external authority or another.

Christianity and Soviet power

And thus, see how in this area you find a peculiar mixture of both Christian Orthodox churches and these monuments to Soviet power. Go back before Soviet time, and you will see, that the Eastern Orthodox Church was indeed one of the primary factors that limited the people, their sense of self and their sense that they had power to improve their condition in matter.

What did the traditional Christian churches in both East and West give to the people? They gave to the people the sense, that they could not transcend their conditions in this world. And thus, they had to submit both to the conditions in this world and to the power elite that had taken over the church, or at least was in a peaceful coexistence with the church and its hierarchy. And thus, Christianity has been used as an effective tool by the power elite to suppress the people, by getting them to focus on the next world. You might say, that people had some hope under Christianity, that there could be an improvement of their situation. But it was a hope that was inevitably linked to the future, to an existence beyond this world.

The people did not think they had the power, nor that it was even their obligation, to improve conditions in this world. And thus, they did not speak out against their overlords in this world, be it the church or the Tzar, or the king or the emperor—or whomever it might be that was in an alliance, an unholy alliance, with the church. So then, look at what happened with the communist takeover of this nation. You will see, that most people did indeed have their faith in Christianity erased. Yet, you will also see, that even the Soviet Union allowed some existence of Christianity, because they realized, that those who will not believe in Communism, would indeed still be pacified by believing in the next world and improvement of their situation in the next world, rather than in this world.

The creators of the Soviet Union had no higher principles

What you see here is indeed a very simple realization, that most people in Russia have simply not come to, as of yet. And it is the fact, that those who were behind the Communist takeover and the establishment of the Soviet Union, did not have any higher principles. They did not believe, that there were higher principles behind the philosophy of Karl Marx, as even Karl Marx did not believe so. Even though Marx to some degree was so in love with the product of his own mind, as he thought it was, that he believed in at least some of it. Yet those who formulated the Soviet Union: Lenin, Trotsky and later Stalin and other leaders did not believe in Communism. They simply used Communism as a tool to suppress the people.

And if the Russian people, at least the spiritual people among them, could come to this realization and begin to consider what it truly means, then they could at least begin the process of separating themselves from the communist mindset, and therefore becoming the forerunners for allowing the Russian people to throw off the subtle thoughtforms, that have been put into the collective consciousness during the years of open Communism. Whereas today, of course, you have a more hidden, a more camouflaged form of Communism.

For as many people will know, there is still very much a power elite in Russia, and even though the church has now become more prominent in society, we are actually not moving forward. We are just moving backwards to the old era, where the church and the power elite formed an alliance, that suppressed the people very effectively.

What I endeavor to explain here is, that when you look at this from the perspective of the fourth ray of purity, you realize, that what the power elite will always do, is to seek to take away the hope, that the people can affect change in their material situation by their own power. And thus, they will seek to take away the belief by the people, the realization by the people, that they are more than matter, that they are spiritual beings who can be the open doors for a higher power, a higher vibration, to stream through them.

The true power to transform the world

Truly, as has been said over and over again by both Christianity and Communism, the people do not have the power on their own to transform material conditions. As even Jesus himself recognized: I can of my own self do nothing. Yet the people do have the potential to become the open doors for the power of God, that can indeed transform material circumstances.

They can indeed transform what has become realized in matter, but has not thereby taken on any permanent reality in the mind of God. And thus, when the people embodied in matter realize, that they are more than matter, then they can become the open doors for the process of true materialization, whereby matter is realized according to the thoughtforms of God, and therefore transcends the thoughtforms of the fallen consciousness, that seem to have reality and permanence. Yet they are nothing more than mirages, that could be whisked away by the power of the Spirit through the fourth ray and the other rays in a surprisingly short period of time, as you measure time on earth.

Thus, if you were to look at the invocation that you gave before this dictation, and some of the ideas expressed in it, and then compare it to what the people in this area and the people in Russia – and for that matter the people in many nations of the world – believe about themselves and the world, you would see, that they would scarcely be able to fathom the concepts encapsulated in this short invocation. For the concepts are so revolutionary, compared to both a materialistic thought system and the closed religious thought system, represented here by Christianity and Communism, but having many outer representatives throughout the world.

And thus, the people would scarcely be able to fathom the reality, that they are spiritual beings, that matter does not have power over them. And that therefore, no matter what conditions they face in the matter world – or in their physical bodies, or in their personal situation, or in the national situation on the world scale – no matter what conditions they face, they always have the potential to become the open door for the power of Spirit, that can accelerate those conditions into a higher state.

The catch-22 of purity

Yet of course, how shall the people become the open doors? For here we have another example of the typical catch-22. How do you become the open door for the stream of purity? Well, indeed, when you are trapped in the consciousness of duality and separation – when you are trapped in the impure self-awareness of thinking you are a product of matter or trapped in matter – then you cannot be the open door for the stream of purity. And how will you ever transcend that self-awareness, unless indeed you encounter the energy of purity, the Spirit of Purity?

So you see, once you have lost the experience of purity, you cannot even believe, that you could be an open door for the stream of purity. And if you do not believe you can be an open door for the stream of purity, how can you then experience purity? For you will see many spiritual people, who have followed the spiritual path for many years, even decades. And they give rosaries and invocations and decrees and do other spiritual exercises, and they think that one day they will become open to this flow, to this experience, of a higher form of energy. But they do not realize, that this experience will not come from some external savior or their guru, who claims to be the embodiment of some deity. Nay, it will never come from an external source.

You can experience this flow of the Spirit, only when you experience the Spirit flowing through you, by you becoming an open door. And so again, how can you cut that Gordian knot, how can you escape this catch-22? Well, you can do so only by coming to an understanding and acceptance of some teaching, that portrays you as what you truly are. And this teaching has been given by the ascended masters in many variations over the years and millennia. But it has always been in a veiled form, although in some cases very thinly veiled.

We recently directed this messenger to find a teaching by, Padma Sambhava,* given in the eighth century, where he at that time talked about concepts, that are strikingly similar to what we have given through this messenger today, namely the concept, that when you still the thoughts, when you go beyond the outer identity created by your mind, created in your mind, then you see, that behind these outer confusing thoughts, there is only pure awareness. This of course, is an expression we have used recently through this messenger, and before it we have even used the concept of a Conscious You, that is also simply pure awareness—and therefore is the open door.

So you see, the fallacy of so many religions and spiritual movements is that they think, that in order for you to experience the flow of the Spirit, you have to perfect be outer self, you have to perfect the self, that the mind has created. But as Jesus himself said, no man can ascend to heaven save he that descended from heaven. Thus, what can be the open door is not the outer self, no matter how sophisticated our spiritual you think it might be, no matter how well it lives up to some standard created here on earth, a standard that will inevitably have originated with the fallen beings and their attempts to deceive humankind.

There is only one way to experience the flow of the Spirit, and that is to realize, that you need to return to your original form as pure awareness. And then you can realize, that even though you have built an outer self, that you have to a large degree identified with, you can still at any moment – if you can find a way to transcend your fixation on the outer mind – you can still step outside of that identity and experience glimpses of pure awareness. And once you experience even a glimpse of pure awareness, then you have a new frame of reference, and then that pure awareness becomes your frame of reference. And this will then allow you to gradually – and perhaps through many intricate and subtle steps – free yourself from the standard of the fallen beings, where your frame of reference for escaping what the fallen beings have defined as impurity is a standard, that they have defined as purity.

So in order to transcend one form of impurity, you are striving to attain another form of impurity, that the fallen beings have simply called purity, because they have captured what might be called the privilege of formulating the problem. Which is certainly something that Karl Marx, Hegel and many of the early communist philosophers understood and made use of.

Marx defined both Communism and Capitalism

What did Marx do? He defined Communism as an ideology, that was locked in a battle with its polar opposite, namely Capitalism. But who was talking about Capitalism before Marx? It was not a common understanding, and thus you see that what Marx did was not simply define Communism as opposed to something that was already existing. Nay, he defined both opposing polarities, both Capitalism and Communism.

And if you look honestly at this, you will see, that even in the West, there are many people who will swear all day and night, that they are true–blood capitalists. Yet they are still trapped in the dualistic thought system of thinking, that Capitalism is opposed to Communism. Which of course it is, because Capitalism has no reality, it has no existence in the mind of God. It is entirely a creation of man, namely the power elite. And so, what you see, when you look at this honestly is, that the power elite have defined both Capitalism and Communism and the struggle between them, in their attempts to pacify the people, so that they will submit to the elite.

My beloved, why did Communism fall, so to speak? Well, this is not a question that is truly relevant. The relevant question to ask is: why was Communism allowed to fall? Well, it was simply because the power elite, the global power elite, realized that Communism was not the most efficient way to suppress the people. Communism was an attempt to suppress the people through direct force by state control, where the state was clearly seen as the controlling agency. Capitalism, on the other hand, was an attempt to suppress the people in a subtle way, where the state is still the controlling agency but the people do not see this. They even think that the state is there to protect them against the capitalists. But in reality, of course, the capitalists control the state behind the artificially created façade in the theater that the fallen beings have created on earth.

So you see, for decades it was an open question who would end up ruling the world. Would Communism be able to forcefully take over most of the world, or would it eventually self-destruct? After the fall, so to speak, of Communism, it was believed, that Communism had failed. And it was believed by many in the West, that this had proven the superiority of Capitalism. Yet beginning with the financial crisis in 2008, would it be unreasonable to say, that Capitalism is also in the process of failing? And thus, can we really say, that Capitalism proved its superiority to Communism, or should we rather accelerate the entire debate and realize, that both Capitalism and Communism are impure expressions; they are perversions of the Alpha and the Omega, the expanding and the contracting forces.

A new approach to the economy

It is necessary to step away from this fixation on the polarized dualistic debate and realize, that you are pure awareness. And thus, those of you who know a little about the economy can, by making contact with that pure awareness at your core, become the open doors for the bringing forth of the ideas, that will accelerate the economy beyond Capitalism and Communism—and thereby have an opportunity to finally set the people free from being dominated by the elite through money and the entire financial system and the production apparatus of society.

This then, would certainly be a great gift for those, even though they may never hear this dictation, who have the knowledge and the experience of the financial world, and who also have the ability and the willingness to tune in to their own pure awareness, regardless of what they call it, regardless of whether they have any spiritual understanding or framework in their outer minds. Thus you, who do have an awareness of your spiritual nature and of the ascended masters, might volunteer to hold the immaculate concept, to hold the vision, that the very people who have the potential to bring forth these new financial realizations, will indeed be able to tune in and will indeed have the courage to speak out.

And that they will indeed be heard by those who have the potential to spread these ideas in the fields of science, in the economy, in the media and in the political field—even among the people. Who will finally have had enough and stand up and demand more, by using their own built-in power to know, that if they are pure awareness, they are not bound by the material conditions they face, they are not bound by the overlords of the power elite, for they have the potential to be the open door. Whether they have any outer expertise, they can be the open door for the light, and as the light increases, there will be transcendence in society—it cannot be any other way. And thus, I Purity hereby release a mighty impetus from the Astrea and Purity retreat. We release it throughout the world; we release it to all of those who are open to the fourth ray. And there are many millions of people on earth, who are open to the fourth ray.

Stop thinking you are more sophisticated than others

Thus, let me give you one final thought, that will enable those of you who are willing to transcend your current image, and to be an open door for the stream of purity. For you may look at the people throughout the world, who are not spiritual and would never be open to spiritual teachings—or so you think. You may look at those, as I said, who would find it extremely difficult to even fathom the concepts given in this rosary, for they are so far away from their common beliefs about life. And you may think, that these people are at a lower state of consciousness than you are. You may think they are not as sophisticated, because they do not have your spiritual understanding.

Yet my beloved, I can assure you, that if this world is to be accelerated into a Golden Age, it will not be done by the people who know about the AskRealJesus website alone. It will not be done by the people who know about the ascended masters alone. It will not be done by the people who know any spiritual teaching. There are not enough people who have an outer knowledge of spiritual teachings, so that they can accelerate society by themselves.

For the Law of Free Will would not allow it, unless a critical mass among the 80% of the general population are likewise accelerated. And thus, the vision you can hold is this: no matter how sophisticated you think you are, no matter how sophisticated you think your knowledge and understanding of ascended master concepts might be, you are not more sophisticated that any other person on this planet.

Why is this so? What is it that could be considered sophisticated compared to someone else? My beloved, it can only be your outer self, the outer self you have built in this world—and that most of you have even used a spiritual or even an ascended master teaching to build, making you think you are sophisticated because you can explain this or that concept. But what have I said is the key to transformation? It is the stream of the Spirit. What is the key to being the open door for the stream of the Spirit? It is that you return to the pure awareness with which you descended.

And I can assure you, that the pure awareness with which you descended is no more or no less sophisticated, than the pure awareness of any other human being. Do you see: in pure awareness there can be no comparisons? So how can you even talk about the Conscious You of one person being more sophisticated, or more evolved, or more spiritual than the Conscious You of another person? It is not possible; it is not meaningful for those who have begun to see beyond the veil of duality.

And thus, as spiritual people, you can hold the immaculate concept, that all people on earth have pure awareness at their core. And you can hold the vision, that they will gradually come to a realization, or that they will have a spontaneous contact, a spontaneous experience, of this pure awareness. And thereby, they will, even if they do not consciously understand it, be the open doors for a measure of light to flow into the physical octave. And this is what will bring about the change.

For you see, what you have the potential to do – those of you who have a spiritual understanding – is that you can hold the vision for how the light should be directed into specific conditions on earth. But even though you can also be open doors for the light, you are not allowed by the Law of Free Will to provide the entire impetus of light, that will accelerate society. It is only when a critical mass among the population also become the open door, that society will truly be accelerated. And of course, I am not saying, that this has not already happened to some degree, which is why you have seen positive change in society.

Incomparable self-worth

Nevertheless, I encourage you to ponder these ideas, for I tell you, that far too many spiritual people, far too many ascended master students, are still trapped in the superiority game of seeking to establish some sense of self-worth, by feeling they are more sophisticated than others spiritually. Yet, when you begin to experience yourself as pure awareness, you establish a natural sense of self-worth. Because you realize, that you do not need to live up to any conditions on earth, any standard defined by the fallen angels, in order to have self–worth in the eyes of God. God is holding the immaculate concept for you with infinite, incomparable self–worth.

And the only way to have true self-worth, is to accept yourself as that Conscious You, that is simply pure awareness—and therefore cannot be defined by any conditions, by any words, by any images, by any standard. There may be those who think they can apply some standard to the Conscious You, to pure awareness. But it is only because they have not understood it, and they have not understood it because you cannot understand it.

You either experience it, or you do not experience it. If you do not experience it, you think you can understand what it is by projecting your own standard upon it. But that only proves, that you have not experienced. And those who do not experience, do not actually understand—even though they think they understand. But they understand only according to their own standard, or to the standard they have accepted from the fallen beings.

Once you begin to experience pure awareness, you have that ultimate frame of reference. And now you begin to see how unreal, how impure, the standard of the fallen beings truly is. For this is, of course, the essence of purity, that there is no standard that can divide purity into two spheres: what is pure, what is impure. It has been said for many centuries, that to the pure everything is pure, and it is because everything is a matter of perception.

When you see, when you perceive, the world through the separate self – that is trapped, defined, by the dualistic opposites – then you see the world with polluted perception. And as the Buddha said so many centuries ago, then suffering will surely follow. Only those who see with pure perception, will not be suffering. But what does it mean to see with pure perception? It means that you see with the purity of being the open door, where you see, that all of the conditions in this world are ultimately unreal, impermanent. And thus, they have no power over you.

It is not a matter of avoiding what is impure and striving to outpicture what is pure. It is a matter of dropping the whole ball of wax of the fallen beings. And this is indeed what the Buddha explained 2,500 years ago, what Padma Sambhava explained in the treatise that I mentioned earlier. For those who have eyes to see, this truth has been there in a physical form for thousands of years.

Thus, make an effort to stop making an effort to become a sophisticated spiritual being. Instead, step back from all your desires to make an effort, and realize that what it takes is the non–effort of stopping the outer mind, that always wants to make an effort to reach some goal. And thus, allow yourself to just be the open door, and then flow with the Spirit, as it flows through you. For this is indeed the highest form of purity you can express in this world.


NOTE: The title of the Padma Sambhava treatise is: Self-Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness.


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