Russian women need to step forward and demand change

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Ascended Master Astrea through Kim Michaels, April 24, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of superiority and the sense of being unwhole, traumatized and focused outside oneself.

I AM the Ascended Master Astrea, the Elohim of the Fourth ray.

Who can change Russian society? Who can change Mother Russia, as it is so often called? Well, who, but the mothers of Russia, the women of Russia. It has been said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem.” Well, who have created most of the issues you see in Russian society today, including the abuse of power? Is it not the men? Especially men above a certain age, where you cannot really call them young, you cannot call them necessarily old, but certainly not the young men. So who can change Russia? Women and the younger generation of men, these are the people who are open to new ideas, new ways of looking at things, new perspectives.

There are many, many people that have embodied in Russia especially for this lifetime because they were not part of Russian society in past lives and therefore they are not as traumatized by the many traumas that Russians have experienced in these past decades and century. They therefore come in without the trauma and with a different perspective and less of an attachment to the view of the Russian nation that has been propagated now for several generations. So these are the people that we are primarily talking to at this conference because they are the ones who are most likely to be open to our ideas and to be able to implement them.

I know the majority of them are not ascended master students, but still, when something is spoken in the physical, when you give your invocations and decrees – when you raise your consciousness, these people will become open to the ideas even if they don’t realize where they come from. As we have said many times, it is not a matter of people acknowledging ascended masters, it is only a matter of them acknowledging certain ideas that will bring societies forward and bring themselves forward in their personal growth process, which many of these people are open to.

Naturally, in order for women to really play an active role in changing Russia, they need to be willing to acknowledge that women have for a very long time, been put down in Russia. We have talked about the dynamic that the fallen beings cause people to submit to them because they feel inferior. So what you have is that during Soviet times, for example, it was especially the men that were the subject or the target of the control of the fallen beings. This is because as we have said, men are more open to the epic mindset. Of course, the Soviet Union from the very beginning was very much based on the epic mindset, as is the ideology of Marxism.

So, men were the first target to be put down so that they would submit to the party elite and the fallen beings, but the compensation mechanism was that they were given the sense of superiority. Of course they were, as we have talked about, given the sense that they – Russian men – were superior to all who were not living in a communist country, and even those who were living in other republics of the Soviet Union or in Warsaw block countries.

But that was not the only sense of superiority that Russian men had during Soviet times. They had a group of people right here at home that they were programmed to feel superior to, and it was of course women. Women may have been tolerated in Soviet society because they could also work, even in industry, but they were never really seen as the people who could rule society. You can see how few women during Soviet times were in leadership positions, both at the local and national level, even how few women were in science where certainly women have the same or higher intelligence as men, and the ability to conduct science.

You saw clearly that in Soviet society, women were relegated to an inferior position and the men felt superior to the women. So here is the man who has had to submit himself to the party elite, or to the bosses at his work, but he can at least go home and feel superior to his wife. He can treat her, his wife, with contempt, perhaps even violence, perhaps even putting her down, seeing her more as a sexual slave than an actual partner in life. I am not saying that was the case for all men or women in the Soviet Union, but certainly for many of them.

What do you see in Russian society today? Well, there has been greater freedom and opportunity for women than there was during Soviet times, but not much. You can see in leadership positions, how women have a very low representation in the Duma and other – both local and national, assemblies. There is a much smaller percentage of women in leadership positions than the roughly half of the population that are actually women.

Another factor that you see, both in Soviet times and today is that even though you have these formal bodies where decisions are supposedly made, there has always been a tradition that many decisions are not made in these assemblies, they are not made in a public way. They are made in private gatherings, whether it is in saunas, hunting clubs, fishing clubs, drinking clubs, gambling clubs whatever you have and these institutions were traditionally completely closed to women.

So this means that even beyond the formal organs of government, you have these informal gatherings of men where they would talk together and decide what should be done, and women were largely shut out of this.

Now, then, since this is still the case in Russia today, how can women actually change the situation and play a more active role? Well, they can do it in two ways, as we have talked about during our conference about women. One of them is, of course, that they can talk to the men in their circle of influence and convince the men of the validity of certain new ideas. The other is that women can be open to new ideas that men are not open to.

We have said before that you see in many areas of society that women are more open to doing things differently, to new ideas, they are more open to trying something new than men are. You can see in spiritual New Age teachings that in many cases there are more women than men because they are simply more open to new ideas. So these are the ways that women can begin to have more of an inroad. I realize, and we all realize that this is clearly going to take some time. It is somewhat of an uphill battle because the mindset in the collective consciousness that was solidified and greatly expanded during Soviet times, is still there.

Now of course, those of you who are ascended master students can make the calls for the shattering and consuming of this mindset, for the binding of the collective entities and even the demons and fallen beings behind it and thereby you can have a great impact on women’s situation in Russia. You can of course create an invocation based on this dictation, based on the other dictations we have given at this conference as you have already done with previous dictations we have given in Russia or for Russia.

So I applaud those of you who have done this work, those of you who have given these invocations, and encourage you to continue this work. Even though you may not always feel you see a direct result of it or don’t see results as quickly as you would like, I can assure you that you are producing results, you are producing changes and it is working in the identity, mental and emotional levels and it is just a matter of time before it breaks through to the physical.

Naturally, we have said many times that there is no fundamental difference between men and women when you go beyond the physical body. At the level of the soul or the lifestream you are not even men or women because you can incarnate in both male and female bodies over a number of lifetimes. So it is completely unrealistic, completely out of touch with reality, to see women as being inferior to men in anything but physical strength and they are not always inferior to men in that area, either.

But certainly when it comes to intelligence, the ability to understand concepts and ideas, to implement ideas, to find new ideas, women are very much equal to men but as I said in some ways, even superior to men, because they are more open to new ideas. They are more willing to look at what could be done better, they are more in touch with the mother realm, the material realm, they are often better at figuring out the practical aspects of how life works. That is why you will see that even in traditional societies where women are relegated to a secondary position, still, many men allow their women to run the household, even the economy of the household because women are simply better at this than men. So it is clear that we who are ascended masters, we know that women can make fully as important and as valuable a contribution to any society as men can.

We also see, as we have said before, that we are moving into an age right now, where a society that does not give equal rights and equal opportunity to women simply cannot keep up with those societies who do. You will again see that there is a group of nations that have a higher degree of affluence, higher degree of personal freedom and a higher living standard. Why is this so?

Well, it is in large part because starting in the 1960s they gave more equality to women and it has in some nations gotten to the point where there is a very high degree of equality. This is simply because when you allow women into all positions or all areas of society, you have a better balance between the masculine and feminine energies and the greater balance you have in human life, the more you will be attuned with the balance that some call the balance of nature. But this is really the balance of the spiritual realm, the balance of these laws and principles that guide the growth of human beings and the entire planet.

The more balanced a society is between masculine and feminine, the more it will prosper, the more it will be open to new ideas, and the more freedom there will be. Again, you can look at the world, and certainly Russia is not the only one, but you can look at the nations that do not give equality and freedom to women. You can look at some of the Arab nations and you can see that even some of them have great wealth. But why do they have great wealth? Because they have oil, and there is no other reason that they have great wealth. There will of course come a time, not that the oil will necessarily run out, but that Saint Germain will bring forth new energy technologies that will make oil largely obsolete. What will then happen to these Arab nations?

Likewise, you can see why the Russian economy is at the level it is at today. It is because of the exploitation of oil and gas and other natural resources. Is this sustainable? Well, certainly not, if you cannot anymore sell the oil and gas because other technologies can replace them.

You can see that for the long-term sustainability of the Russian economy, for the raising of the standard of living in the Russian economy, there needs to be an economic diversification. That cannot come unless there is equality between men and women, because many of the small businesses that need to be created will be either created by women, or created in cooperation between women and men who are working in an equal partnership. Again, when you look to the future, when you look to manifesting the golden age in Russia, it is clear that one of the absolutely essential steps is to move towards equality between men and women.

If this does not happen, then the manifestation of the golden age in Russia will be postponed until there is greater equality. Right now, what is happening, what has been happening during the reign of Putin, is holding back the transition into the golden age in large part because women’s situation have not sufficiently improved. If you look at Putin and how he has treated and talked about women during his reign, you will see that the only example lately of women was where he talked about his daughter receiving the vaccination. So this is the role that he sees women playing, this is the use he has out of women. Yes, they can suddenly be pulled forward, receive the vaccination, and then they can fade into the background again.

So just look at the Russian leadership, look at the business leaders look at their attitude to women and their attitude to women being given equal position and equal power in society. You will see that they have a very, very negative attitude to women’s ability to make decisions. In this respect, we must say that Russia is very, very far behind the modern democracies and it is actually at the level of some of the Islamic countries. Even though Russia is not dominated by Islam, it certainly is affected by the Eastern Orthodox Church, but also of course by the communist legacy.

You may ask yourself, why communism, which presented itself as the classless society didn’t give an equal role to women? It simply didn’t partly because Karl Marx of course was a fallen being and he was controlled by fallen beings in the other realms and the fallen beings in general have a very low attitude to women. They decided as we have said, many, many years ago to make men the superior sex and women the inferior sex and we have explained what their agenda was.

So you see that women in Russia are not only kept away from decision making positions, but they are often also treated very poorly by the men in their lives. This can be at their jobs where they are treated harshly, they are not paid the same as men. It can be in the family where they are often relegated to almost being slaves of their husbands or the children. They are the caretakers for the children, for the husband, for the parents and grandparents or this or that and they are often working much, much harder than the men are working.

On top of that, they often endure a certain amount of abuse from men, not only verbal abuse, but also emotional abuse and even physical abuse. Of course, there is a certain aspect of sexual abuse where many Russian men are into what we can only call impure sexual practices, but they nevertheless expect their women to allow this and to always be available for what we can only call sexual exploitation. This is, of course, very much a perversion of the Fourth ray of purity, which is why I am giving this dictation talking about this topic. I will also give a dispensation where I will anchor my presence throughout Russia and the former Soviet republics and Warsaw countries so that I will serve as a support for any woman who decides that she is willing to change, that she wants to change, that she will not accept status quo but wants change.

I will also, of course, give the special dispensation that I will multiply any calls that you ascended master students give for women in Russia and for the consuming of all impurities in Russia, whether it be the ones mentioned here, or many others that you know about yourselves already.

It is, of course, absolutely necessary that the Russian people are cut free from the addictions, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, gambling, internet games and so forth. Men are naturally more susceptible to these addictions, but women can of course, also be pulled into it. But again, women are certainly the ones who are more open to realizing that something needs to be done about this.

I can assure you that they are actually many people, many women, who have not necessarily heard of ascended master teachings, but were open to the fact that there must be some dark force behind the addictions because they see how their husband’s minds are taken over by something when they abused them, when they drink too much, when they take drugs, when they gamble and so forth.

Again, there are women who can be open to these universal ideas that explain why people go into these addictions. This can then in a little longer term, open many women up to the idea that there are also certain dark forces that take over the minds of men in leadership positions in society and cause them to abuse life, to abuse people and become much more harsh in beating down any opposition or protests.

So these are, indeed, some of the things that there is a great potential that this can open up for changes in Russian society. There are many, many women who are very open to looking at the standard of living of people in other nations and who are open to considering, “Why don’t we have that standard of living? What would it take for Russians to have the same standard of living as the people in other nations?”

They are also open to challenging this mindset that the Russian people are superior because they are not so attached to material goods and therefore they are willing to sacrifice for the nation. Women are open to seeing that you are not sacrificing for the nation. You are only sacrificing for the power elite so that they can take all the money for themselves instead of sharing with the people. Women will be the first to see this, they will be the first to take a stand and say, “We will no longer accept this. We want to be able to raise our children in a state of affluence where we are not constantly worried about basic necessities of life, where we do not have to live in these rundown Soviet apartment buildings that are simply inhumane from the start.”

There is a very great potential that women and younger men can bring changes in Russian society. This will certainly be the most optimistic assessment we have given so far at this conference. There is indeed a great potential here. It may take some time before you see physical results but there may be some surprises in the not too distant future that will bring changes that will surprise the current leadership of Russia because they simply were not able to see this as a potential, which is why they are not even able to do anything to stop it or prevent it. They cannot see it because they are so blinded by their perception filters that they cannot even conceive of it as a possibility of what they would see as a threat.

This is what I wanted to give you in this installment.

What I want to leave you with is that we have said that the decade of the 2020s is going to be the decade of women. It is at this point, an open question whether it will be the case in Russia or whether the suppression of women will continue in Russia. But we are certainly optimistic that it can be the decade of women in Russia, where Russian women step forward, demand change, take up different positions in society, change at the level of the family, change the outlook and mindset of their men and therefore have a decisive, positive impact on moving Russia closer to the golden age.

Certainly, this is what we desire to see. This is what the anchoring of my presence is designed to accomplish and I will greatly multiply not only your calls as ascended master students, but the effort of all women who are sincerely open to change in Russia.

So with this, I seal you in the Fourth ray of purity. Anyone who calls to me for the consuming of impurities in Russian society, or in their own families, their own auras, their own lives – I will greatly multiply your calls. With this I thank you for being the open doors for broadcasting this message into the collective consciousness and I seal you in my pure love.


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