Who will embody the Freedom Flame in Russia?

TOPICS: War is the greatest perversion of freedom – Being in the Hot Chair – The ascended masters could not possibly say that – The Freedom Flame is missing in Russia – The war on Atlantis – The Russian people fear making decisions – Opposition to positive change in Russia – Embodying the Freedom Flame in Russia – Embodying the Love Flame in Novosibirsk –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 15, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I AM Saint Germain! Saint Germain I AM!

(Saint Germain asks the audience to say with him “I AM Saint Germain, Saint Germain I AM” and the audience repeats the mantra with him many times.)

Who says you cannot have fun as a student of the ascended masters? Who says you cannot have fun while rendering an immense service to the planet and to the cause of Saint Germain? What you have just done may seem like a fun exercise, but it had an immense impact on resolving the records of the decades-long so-called “Cold War” between the Soviet Union and the United States and the West.

War is the greatest perversion of freedom

My beloved, it is a great burden to my heart that these records are still there for I, of course, never desired to see any conflict between the people of Russia and the Soviet Union and the people of America and the West. I AM the God of Freedom. Is there any greater perversion of freedom than war where two sides are locked and they know that it is kill or be killed? Where is the room for freedom in that situation? Of course, there is no room for freedom and that is precisely why the fallen beings attempt to precipitate war on this planet: to destroy and to take away the freedom.

Freedom of what? What is the most important aspect of freedom? You may think it is to be able to determine your own life destiny in the material world. You may think it is to be able to vote for your own governmental representatives, be able to travel freely, and certainly they are aspects of freedom. Yet, the most important aspect of freedom is the freedom to pursue the Path of Christhood under the Masters of Jesus, Lord Maitreya, Gautama, and Sanat Kumara. This then, is what I wish to discourse on.

My beloved, I wish you to realize that when we gave the conference in St. Petersburg, we gave a measured release based on what we believed the Russian people and the student body in Russia could handle at the time. Some of you have already realized that at this particular conference we are not holding back; we are giving you the strong meat about Russia and the consciousness of Russia.

Being in the Hot Chair

Why are we doing this? Well, first of all we believe that the Russian people are ready to hear this spoken into the mass consciousness, We believe the student body in general is ready to hear it, but also because this conference was arranged by a group of people who have proven over years that they themselves are willing to face the difficulties of the pat: to deal with their own different situations and egos and to be open, honest and straight-forward about it. They have a ritual, called the ritual of the “hot chair,” as they explained, where one person sits in the center of the circle and the others sit around and the person in the center now has to answer openly and honestly all questions asked by the members of the group.

I ask now all those who call themselves ascended master students in Russia to take some time, acquire time, where you imagine yourself, envision yourself, sitting on a chair and around you in a circle are sitting the ascended masters, and now it is your task to openly and honestly answer any question we ask you. The primary question we always ask our students, until we know that they are ready to accept it, is simply this: “Are you willing to hear what we of the ascended masters know that you need to hear in order to transcend yourself, or do you want us to confirm and validate what you want to believe, what you want to be true, what you want us to say about Russia or any topic?”

This really is the essential question. From this one question springs many other questions that we might give you individually, if you will do this exercise and tune in to our presence and receive the questions we will ask you personally. But until you have answered this one question with an affirmative there is not much point in going through the exercise and asking other questions, is there, my beloved?

The ascended masters could not possibly say that

As our beloved Guru Ma has explained to you, and attempted to help you see, this is always the critical point, both for us and for a particular messenger or guru or teacher: Whether the students are willing to hear what they need to hear in order to have some illusion challenged so they can shed that illusion and be more free instead of remaining imprisoned by the illusion. Guru Ma well knows how often she was used by us, or out of her own momentum, to confront students with their own illusion and by their own momentum with some habit pattern. All too often they rejected her or rejected the Word, using some excuse or other, or even discrediting in their own minds, her as a valid messenger.

How many times has she heard: “Oh the ascended masters could not possibly say that!” Of course, we always bow to free will, my beloved. We always bow to free will, and when a student says this, especially about a sponsored messenger, then we must let the student re-enter the School of Hard Knocks for the student now knows better, or thinks it knows better, than the teacher.

You remember the saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears?” What does it mean my beloved? If you think you can tell the teacher how the teacher should teach you, then you think you know better than the teacher—and then you are not ready for that teacher, are you? This is again not in any way to criticize but to point out plainly and honestly what is the most basic fact of the spiritual path and your relationship to not only the ascended masters but really any “ant” who happens to represent the guru. So then, having set this foundation, I will now proceed to give you my instalment of what needs to be known by the students in Russia in order for them to fulfil their role which they vowed to fulfil before they took embodiment, namely seeking to make Russia more free, to set the Russian people free.

The Freedom Flame is missing in Russia

Now you see, this messenger has grown up in Europe, which was the mid-point between the Soviet Union and America. He has lived for many years in America, he has lived for several years in a former Soviet Republic that has a large percentage of Russians and so he has experienced the three major shades of East, West and the Middle. When he grew up in Denmark he felt free, and he felt Denmark was a free country—and on the outer it is a free country. Yet when he moved to America he did notice a distinct difference between Europe and America. Yet over the time he lived there he became so used to the vibration and the mindset in America that it was not until he actually moved back to Europe that he realized the contrast and he realized what he had experienced in America.

What I wish to point out to you is that in America there is, especially in the United States and especially in certain of these States, there is a very strong focus of the Flame of Freedom. This is partly because I sponsored the United States, but it is also because, over the centuries, many lifestreams that have a strong momentum on the Freedom Flame have naturally desired to embody in the United States. They have this momentum of embodying the Freedom Flame and therefore they have magnified my sponsorship to some degree.

Now, it is also clear that wherever there is a strong momentum of a spiritual flame there will not only be attracted those lifestreams who have embodied the positive qualities of that flame but also those who have perverted the flame. Thus, you also find a very large concentration of lifestreams in the United States who have perverted the Freedom Flame and that is why you see also many of the perversions of the Freedom Flame in the United States.

In Europe you have more of a balance. The Freedom Flame is not as strong, but the perversions are not as strong either and therefore there is in certain respects a greater respect for freedom in Europe than in the United States, especially on the part of the government. Now then, when it comes to Russia and the former Soviet Republics, the good news is that there is not a strong perversion of the Freedom Flame in Russia, but the bad news is that the reason for this is that there is not a very strong focus of the Freedom Flame.

My beloved, one of the early pioneers of the American independence movement coined the phrase: “Give me liberty or give me death!” [Patrick Henry] There are indeed many lifestreams embodying in the United States who have such a strong momentum on the Flame of Freedom that it is more important for them to be free than to be physically alive in this lifetime. Thus, if someone tried to take their freedom from them by force, they would object to the point where they would be willing to die in order to take a stand for their freedom.

This is the explanation, one of the explanations, for the fact that communism could never have taken hold in the United States. This also points to part of the explanation for why communism could and did take hold in Russia. There simply was a certain balance in Russia. If there had been more than a critical mass of people who embodied the Freedom Flame to the point where they were willing to say: “Give me liberty or give me death,” then it would not have been possible for the Bolsheviks and the later communist government to kill them all.

There is simply a limit to how many people even the most dictatorial and abusive governments can kill, for the simple reason that the leaders cannot personally kill the people. They must have someone who acts as the henchmen who do the actual killing. It is impossible to make people kill beyond a certain number. It is impossible to make them kill their own family members, friends, and acquaintances. You can only kill by dehumanizing others, and it is very difficult to dehumanize people you know. A few people can do this to an almost unlimited extent, but there would not be enough of such people to kill enough people to destroy the freedom momentum if it was as strong as it is in the United States.

This is again, not meant to be something that makes you feel bad about being a Russian. As we have hinted at before, you are not Russians; you are spiritual people. All people in Russia are spiritual beings.

The war on Atlantis

You who acknowledge your spirituality need to recognize that you have taken embodiment in Russia in this lifetime because you wanted to help me give greater freedom to this nation and to its people. Therefore, it is necessary for me to explain to you why there is not such a strong focus of freedom in the Russian people. The explanation goes back to what we have mentioned on Atlantis where many of the lifestreams who have embodied in Russia, now for many lifetimes, were involved with the war. They took one specific side in the war that led to the sinking of the continent.

What actually happened was that neither of the two sides had even imagined that this war would cause the entire continent to sink, to crumble. They had become so blinded by what they thought were the ideologies that justified the war that they did not realize the consequences of such a large-scale war fought with such devastating weapons, more devastating even than what you have seen used on this planet up to this point—although not more devastating that some of the weapons that are even today stored both here in Russia and in the United States and even in a few other nations. I am not here talking about regular nuclear bombs but the more devastating hydrogen bombs and certain biological and chemical weapons.

What happened was that when the lifestreams actually experienced the sinking of the continent, most of them could not ignore that this was a severe mistake. There are people in the United States who were part of the opposite faction, and this explains why it was Russia or the Soviet Union and the United States that became locked in the so-called Cold War, which really was not so cold after all.

The Russian people fear making decisions

Nevertheless, my point for this discourse is to explain what can help the Russian people become free. When a group of lifestreams has made what they see as such a severe mistake, it creates a scar in their beings, in their soul vehicles. What often happens is that they become afraid to make decisions. They become so afraid of making the wrong decision that they would rather not make any decision.

What also often happens is that the pain of this is so intense that these lifestreams have to go into a state of mind that psychologists call denial. They cannot deal with the pain. They cannot, they think, undo what was done in the past and thus they think they have no way out. They cannot escape the pain and they cannot bear it so they must go into denial in order to survive psychologically, emotionally.

This explains what you can see in Russian history, and which even many Russians recognize, that Russia has had a series of rulers that were not actually truly Russians but foreign rulers. It also explains why you can see that there are many Russians who even today feel that the country needs a strong leader. Stalin is even today for many Russians of the older generation an example of such a leader. Putin has attempted to mold himself in that image although to his credit, he is not nearly of the caliber of Stalin.

I say to his credit. He might see it as a weakness, and many among the Russian people might still see it as a weakness. Yet as you can also see, many among the Russian people are beginning to awaken to the desire to have better leaders, a better and more just form of government. I am telling you that at inner levels I can see that Russia is moving very close to the breakthrough point where it can break the old spiral, break the old cycles, and truly turn a new page in its history.

Now, there are many factors that are and have been contributing to this development. There are many people who have tuned in to my flame even though they do not know it consciously, have never heard of Saint Germain and would probably laugh if they were told about me. Nevertheless, they are able to tune in at inner levels and they are working in many aspects of Russian society.

Opposition to positive change in Russia

What I wish to make you aware of is that there is also an immense opposition to this breakthrough from the exact same lifestreams that led the Russian people back in Atlantis. You must understand that when a cycle turns and a group of people have the opportunity to break free from the old, how can they break free unless they are given the test of facing the conditions that caused them to go into the downward spiral in the first place?

Thus, the leaders that led the Soviet Union and are still leading Russia, many behind the scenes, were the same leaders that led the people back in Atlantis. The people must face them again and must see through them and make the choice: “No more; we will not accept this for our nation!” How can they make this choice? They must be willing to take responsibility for governing themselves and for making their own decisions instead of having some strongman tell them what to do and create such a system that they have no freedom.

Now, I told you that there is, on the one side, immense pain and on the other side denial, which enables people to live with the pain temporarily. I can tell you that the many, many ascended master students who have been giving the Violet Flame now for many years have helped transmute enough of the pain that it is not the pain that holds back the shift in the Russian nation. It is now the state of denial. As other Masters have talked about, it is the unwillingness to look at the past, the unwillingness to look at what is lacking and what we could do better.

Embodying the Freedom Flame in Russia

Yet what will it take? Well, it will take many things but one thing that it will take is precisely the Flame of Freedom. You who have grown up in Russia can scarcely imagine how the majority of the people the United States feel about life, how much freer they feel to make their own decisions. Sure, they make many mistakes but that is not the point. The point is how free do they feel to make any choice they want, to suddenly change their life and move from the East Coast to the West Coast or the other way, or to move here or there to get a better job. You will see in the physical mobility an expression of the freedom people feel inside.

I wish dearly that the Russian people could feel that same freedom where they are not so afraid of making a terrible mistake that they dare not make a choice. Many people in America will, without thinking deeply about it, make dramatic changes in their life just to see what happens. In Russia many people either dare not even consider such changes or they will want to have some guarantee that they will make the right choice before they carry it out.

There was many years ago a discussion between two representatives of governments about the difference between the helicopter industry in the United States and the helicopter industry in Europe; and the question was: ”Why is the helicopter industry in the United States so much farther along than in Europe?” And the answer was simple. In Europe, everything that is not expressly allowed is automatically forbidden. In America everything that is not expressly forbidden is automatically allowed. This has begun to change, especially after the 9/11 incident and such things as the Patriot Act. Nevertheless the Spirit is still there, the Spirit of Experimentation.

Look at the Wright Brothers who invented the airplane. Were they afraid to experiment even by risking their lives by flying in this most unstable flying machine? Again, this was “give me liberty or give me death.” Give me the liberty to fly through the air for I am willing to risk my physical life in order to make it happen! This is the Spirit! Many people, not a majority, but many people have started to capture it. There are scientists in Russia who are experimenting with advanced experiments that are inspired directly from my laboratories in my retreats.

But I am talking about the Russian people, and so what I desire to give you, who are the spiritual students of Russia, is the vision that although you have invoked the Violet Flame for many years for the transmutation of karma and negative energy, I wish to inspire you with the potential to step up to a higher level of service where you consider embodying not the Violet Flame but the Freedom Flame that I AM. Invoking a flame is one thing, as we have said, embodying it is a higher step. I appeal to all ascended master students in Russia to consider this and to consider applying directly to my heart to teach you at inner levels what it is in your own psychology that stands in the way of you having the freedom to even consider what it means to embody the Freedom Flame.

The call compels the answer, so there is the helicopter I talked about [A helicopter flew by the conference tent]. Perhaps I should be careful about what I call for. Now, my beloved, all students in Russia, and those outside of Russia who have been part of the Soviet union, and those outside of even the former Soviet Republics who have a tie to Russia have the potential to appeal to me for this dispensation, which truly is a dispensation that I have secured from the Karmic Board and which is somewhat of a calculated risk that I take, for I must be responsible for the misuse of the Freedom Flame that I give to you. Yet I gladly do this for I have, of course, done this before.

I appeal to you to consider this, to apply to my heart, to give decrees to me, to give invocations about freedom, about overcoming the past, about resolving your psychology; so that you might consider embodying this flame.

Embodying the Love Flame in Novosibirsk

I also wish to say, as I started out saying, that this conference and the very straight-forward releases that we have given was brought about because the group here in Novosibirsk have raised up a chalice that made this possible. You have received a dispensation from Lady Master Venus who offered to make Novosibirsk the Love Capitol of Russia. This is your opportunity to see to what extent you are willing to focus on love, not only calling it forth but embodying it.

I tell you that so far you have built your group to a large degree by following the disciplines of masters such as Master MORE and Serapis Bey, and this has been perfectly valid and has taken you to the point where you are at. But you will not fully embody the Love Flame unless you are willing to step back, look at what you are doing and tune in to how the Flame of Love might want you to flow in slightly different directions and might need you to let go of some of the structures that have gotten you to this point but cannot get you further. You must be willing to look at Russian society and why there are so many rules, why there is so much bureaucracy, why there is this tendency to follow the rules and wanting to have rules.

It is helpful at a certain point on the path. I am not saying that you need to abandon it for new students but you need to consider how you can go to a higher level and even how you can attract students that are already ready for the Love Flame. The reason why I bring this to your attention is, that I tell you that if you will make the effort to embody the Love Flame and of course also pay some attention to the Freedom Flame, you have the potential here in this group, here in this city, to also become a focus for the Flame of Freedom in a more concentrated measure. Yet I tell you, this will take time, this will take a different approach in many ways and so it may take you years or it may take you less, but this is a vision I give to you.

This of course is not to in any way say that students in other parts of Russia should not also focus on both love and freedom, yet I am simply letting you know the potential for this particular place because you have earned it by demonstrating your ability to create the center you have created and also to put on this conference. You have also earned it because most of you have transcended the pride that would in past ascended master organizations have caused the students to go into a blind alley, which in many cases actually prevented us from giving you acknowledgement or more specific instructions to certain groups of people because it would have caused them to be derailed into a downward spiral of pride. Thus, I trust you will be mature enough to avoid this.

As we have said: “The reward for service is more service,” but only when you do not let the service become something that holds you back where you think things have to continue to be done a certain way. This then is my message for now, I shall return this evening with a more light-hearted message, and on that note I simply wish to end by saying: “I too am more beautiful than my picture! I am much more beautiful than my picture. I am more beautiful than my picture than Maitreya is more beautiful than his picture!” This is not saying that I am more beautiful than Maitreya, it is only saying something about our respective pictures. Thus, I bid you a most joyous adieu, for this conference is cause for much joy in my heart.


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