How to free yourself from psychic implants

TOPICS: Understanding free will on earth – What you need to know about embodying on earth – What happens to people who are tortured – A subtle aspect of how free will works – Being exposed to torture without trauma – Having implants in your aura – Freeing yourself from implanted spirits – What happens when you invoke light – Depersonalizing your path – You cannot skip steps

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey, June 14, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I AM the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Fourth Ray. I am also the master of the Ascension Flame and the Ascension Temple, but today I come more in my capacity as the Chohan. I come to give a teaching that builds on the teaching given earlier by Astrea. It is a teaching that may seem burdensome and difficult to some, yet for others who are ready for that teaching, it will be liberating.

Understanding free will on earth

I will then go directly into the topic of torture and the effects of torture on the soul vehicle of the lifestream. You need to understand that in the physical octave when you enter physical embodiment, you become subject to the Law of Free Will as it is defined for earth. This means that in the physical octave your physical bodies, the physical bodies of human beings, have certain capacities, certain abilities. When you take physical embodiment, you have, from a certain perspective, a right to do whatever you can do with the physical body.

This is something that many people have not understood or have not been willing to acknowledge. It is a difficult concept for many, yet consider a simple fact if you will. The fact is that you have the ability to kill another human being with your physical body. If this was not within the range of possible actions defined by the Law of Free Will for earth, how could you possibly have this ability?

You must either reason that since you have the ability, God must have made a mistake in giving it to you, or you must reason that God did not make a mistake because planet earth is not a high planet. It is a learning environment for those who have to descended below the 48th level of consciousness where they need to learn by taking physical actions and seeing the consequences of them, for they do not learn in any other way.

The Law of Free Will is defined differently for different planets, and for planet earth the Law of Free Will has defined that your physical bodies have a certain range of capabilities, and this range of capabilities you have, from a certain perspective, the right to exercise. Nevertheless, you will, of course, also be subject to the Law of Karma, which mandates that whatever you do to others will be returned to you in some capacity.

While you have the right to do onto others what you want, the cosmic mirror will at some point do onto you what you have done to others, and this is the School of Hard Knocks. I realize that what is returned to you karmically may come in a future lifetime where you have forgotten what you did several lifetimes ago, yet again there are complicated reasons for this and it is all part of the learning experience.

You need to acknowledge this simple fact: Whatever capacities your physical bodies have, you have a right to exercise them and so do other human beings. This means that when you take embodiment on earth, you cannot expect that other people will not do onto you what you do not do onto them.

Even though the law is clear – do onto others what you want them to do onto you if you do not want to make karma – then the law also says that you can do onto others if you are willing to reap the karma of doing so. You must realize that even though torture is a horrendous abuse of another lifestream, it is still within the capabilities defined by the Law of Free Will regarding your physical bodies. This is something that needs to be accepted and I will explain to you why it needs to be accepted.

What you need to know about embodying on earth

You must also consider a very simple law, a very simple consequence of the Law of Free Will. Let us, as an example, take a lifestream who is one of what we have called the Holy Innocents, a lifestream who volunteers to embody on earth in order to bring forth the spiritual light that can help raise the collective consciousness and the planet. Such a lifestream did not come here as a result of making self-centered choices in another environment on another planet. Such a lifestream did not fall here, was not mandated to come here because of its karma. Yet even this lifestream, when it enters a physical body, becomes subject to the Law of Free will regarding physical bodies, and that means that this lifestream cannot in any way expect that it will be treated better because it has no karma or because it came with the best of intentions.

This is something that all lifestreams were told before they volunteered to embody on earth. I am here specifically talking about the original 144,000 that came with Sanat Kumara from Venus, but also millions of other lifestreams who have come to earth later, and therefore, as we have said, came through the office of Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus.

These lifestreams came here with the best of intentions, yet they were told that you are going to a very dark planet and once you are in physical embodiment there is no way for the ascended masters to step in and prevent certain atrocities and abuses from taking place. The earth is the kind of environment where, within the range of the Law of Free Will, things must be allowed to outplay themselves so that people can see the consequences and thus hopefully learn by saying: “We do not want this anymore, we want More than this.”

I am telling you this because all of us, who have been in embodiment on earth, know very well how difficult of an environment this planet is and how it is virtually impossible for you to embody here without forgetting these instructions. This means that most of you, and most of us while in embodiment, forgot what kind of environment this is. Yet we did not forget completely that we came from somewhere else, from a higher environment. Thus, we carry with us deep within our beings the knowledge, the awareness, the memory of what it is like to be on a higher planet and how lifestreams treat each other on one of these higher planets.

It is so very easy for us, when we are exposed to these atrocities and abuses, to come to feel that this is unjust, this cannot be right, this should not be happening to me. Why are people doing this to me when I have done nothing to them? Then, when you begin to reason this way, you very easily become susceptible to the projections of the serpentine mind: “Why is God allowing this to happen to me? Why doesn’t God protect me? Why doesn’t God rescue me?”

Now you become angry at God, and when you become angry at God, you lose your innocence, your inner sense. What happens when you lose your innocence is that now through your negative feelings towards God – anger or a sense of injustice – the fallen mindset has an inroad into your consciousness. What they will do with this is that they will seek to put an implant into your soul vehicle, your auric field.

What happens to people who are tortured

Let me illustrate this by describing what happens to a person that is exposed to severe forms of torture. This begins with a pain in the physical body that becomes unbearable. But there is also a pain in the emotional body. There is also a trauma, a division in the mental body where the mental body is reasoning, as I said, how this can happen and perhaps even why God is allowing this to happen. Then there can be a division in the identity body where you might decide that: “If this is happening to me, God must not love me. I must not be worthy in the eyes of God for why else would God allow this to happen?”

What happens here is that besides the damage to the physical body – which you will not carry with you when the body dies, as you all know you are more than the body – besides the damage to the physical body there can be intense damage to the emotional, mental and identity bodies. Literally, the soul vehicle – which you might consider a geometric structure, a matrix – can be ripped apart and can be shattered so that big chunks of it are ripped out.

A subtle aspect of how free will works

Yet understand a concept that can be difficult to grasp and accept. The Law of Free Will works in a certain way for the physical body, the physical level, but it works a different way for the three higher bodies. Other people who are in physical embodiment can physically violate, damage and kill your body, your physical body. As we have told you, there are beings in the emotional realm who have negative intentions of controlling you, of stealing your light, but they cannot do so directly as people in physical embodiment can damage your physical body.

At the physical level your free will extends only to your own actions. Your will cannot control the actions of another human being, which means they can violate you. But in the emotional, mental and identity bodies your free will is supreme. No being in the physical or in the other realms can penetrate those bodies against your free, conscious will.

What I am telling you here is that the damage to the physical body that comes from the many things that can happen in the material realm is one thing. This can be torture, this can be being killed; but it can also be diseases that can be extremely painful, it can be accidents, it can be all kinds of things that happen to the physical body. Nevertheless, the damage done to the body is limited to the physical level.

In many cases a damage to the body also causes damage to the three higher bodies, but the damage to the three higher bodies is indeed subject to your free will. It cannot happen against your choices. That is why it is actually possible to be exposed to torture or other forms of physical trauma without experiencing severe damage to the emotional, mental and identity bodies.

Being exposed to torture without trauma

You may have read that some of the Christian martyrs during the time of ancient Rome were tortured or burned at the stake, but did so with such serenity and acceptance of their fate that it actually converted many Romans for they could not understand how someone could meet physical death in peace. You see, even if your physical body is burned, which is extremely painful, it is still possible to meet your fate in such peace that there is little damage to the emotional and hardly any damage to the mental and identity bodies. This then means that it is possible for people to endure even the worst kind of atrocities without having their auras so shattered that it causes damage that carries over to future lifetimes, perhaps many lifetimes. It is of course difficult to be at this stage but it is not impossible.

The reason I give you this teaching is to help you understand that almost all of the people who are open to spiritual teachings today have been open to spiritual teachings for many lifetimes. They have been willing to embody in various difficult situations where they were exposed to torture and abuse and being killed by various authority figures, be it the leaders of the Soviet Union or the leaders of the Catholic Church and other abusive organizations and regimes throughout the world.

This means that almost all spiritual people have, in past lives, had at least some embodiment where they were tortured and killed but were not able to meet their fate with complete acceptance and peace. Therefore, it is wise of you to consider that this is something that virtually all lifestreams who have been in embodiment have experienced.

There is no reason to feel guilty about this. There is no reason to feel impure or unworthy about this. I am not in any way telling you this to have you now start blaming yourself. I am telling you this to galvanize you into looking at this and acknowledging what has happened as a result.

Having implants in your aura

As I said, when you are exposed to such trauma and torture, a chunk of your aura, your energy field, can be ripped out and there is now an opening. What the fallen beings will seek to do is to use this opening as an inroad, and they will seek to put an implant into your auric field.

You all know that there is a physical apparatus called a pacemaker, which operates under peoples skin and which sends electrical signals that help the heart beat in a regular manner. Yet now imagine that you had a pacemaker that did not have the correct rhythm so that it actually made your heart beat in an irregular manner. Imagine how agitating it would be if your heart was constantly beating in an irregular manner and how this would agitate your entire physical body and be so unpleasant that you almost could not function because of it.

Well, now imagine that dark beings have put an implant into your emotional body, for example, that was constantly agitating your emotions by sending an impure rhythm into your emotional body. Imagine how difficult it is to go through lifetime after lifetime with this distress in your emotional body. Of course, the same could be the case in your mental and identity bodies where you might have an implant in the mental body that constantly causes your thoughts to revolve around certain topics, going around in a circle without getting anywhere. Or you might have signals in your identity body that constantly project that you are unworthy.

What I need you to recognize here is that most of you have in past lifetimes experienced this. Yet the implant that I am talking about is not a mechanical device, it is what the Maha Chohan in his book called a spirit. There are spirits that you have created yourself, but there are spirits that have been implanted into your being through these extreme traumas you have experienced.

What I need you to recognize is that these spirits could not have been implanted in your being, unless you had already created a similar spirit yourself. You had already made certain choices to accept an impure view of yourself, an impure view of God and an impure view of life. It was through this acceptance of the serpentine lies that you had started creating your own spirit, which then became the very spirit through which you reacted to the traumatic abuse.

If you, for example, had created a spirit about injustice and that certain things were unjust, then if you were exposed to torture you would feel this was such an injustice that you might feel hatred and anger against the people doing this to you or against the regime or even against, for example, the church. You see many people today who are fierce atheists because in a past life they were in various ways abused by the Catholic Church in the Inquisition or the Witch hunts, and they still carry this intense hatred for the church with them.

Then you can have a certain sense of injustice towards God that God cannot be a just God, for how could a just God allow the atrocities that are going on, on this planet? Many, many people have been deceived by this lie. When you have this spirit, this spirit will take over your reaction to a certain traumatic situation. This then determines what happens in your emotional, mental and identity bodies because your reaction, based on this lower spirit, is what creates the opening, creates the division, whereby a part of your soul vehicle is ripped out. That is when another spirit can be inserted that is stronger than the spirit that you have created.

Freeing yourself from implanted spirits

Why am I telling you this? Because obviously you will say that when some force outside yourself inserts a spirit into your soul vehicle, into your auric field, that it is a violation of your free will. And it IS a violation of your free will, but you had opened yourself up to this through your free will. When you acknowledge this, you also acknowledge that you can instantly free yourself from this spirit by simply looking at it, acknowledging that it exists in your force field, and then saying, as Jesus said: “Get thee behind me Satan!”

You must be willing to see it consciously, to acknowledge that this spirit has been part of your being, possibly for a long time, and that it has controlled your reactions to many situations in life. If you are afraid to acknowledge this, if you are unwilling to acknowledge it, then you cannot be free of this spirit. Then you must continue to act it out until you have had enough and you cry out for deliverance so that we may step in and give you another opportunity to see this spirit.

My beloved, there is a concept among drug addicts, saying that they sometimes turn around when they “hit rock bottom.” This is a somewhat incomplete concept for what actually happens when people turn around is that they take some measure of personal responsibility for their situation. There are people who hit rock bottom and die from drugs. Yet those who turn around; it is because they accept some level of responsibility. This is what I am asking you to do by being willing to look at the spirits in your being and acknowledging that they are there, and commanding them to leave.

It may not always happen by you looking at them one time and saying: “Get thee behind me Satan!” That is why we have the decrees to Astrea, to Archangel Michael, to the Violet Flame and that is why we have the invocations so that you can use the tools. You also need to recognize that once the foreign spirit is gone, you still need to deal with the spirit that you created and that allowed the foreign spirit to enter. This is a process that cannot happen instantly. It will take time, for it took you time to create that spirit. It did not simply happen instantly as a result of a certain physical trauma; it was built up over time.

What happens when you invoke light

This does not mean it has to take you lifetimes or even decades to overcome a certain spirit, but it does take some time, some soul-searching, and working with yourself. Even several people expressed here today that when they started teaching others about the spiritual path, they all had to deal with their own internal psychology and their own old momentums because this is what happens to all people that begin the spiritual path. It takes courage to be a spiritual student because when you start invoking light – as you have done at this conference, and as you have done before you came here – the light starts to flush out the darkness. The darkness comes to the surface so that you cannot as easily ignore it as when it was buried deep in the subconscious.

There will come a period on the spiritual path where you feel like all you are doing is working with the stuff in your psychology. One thing after another comes up and you work on it and then you think: “Now I have gotten over that”.” And then the next thing is right there and it seems like it will never end. But I tell you: It does end. Otherwise, how do you think I would have ascended? Do you think that when Serapis Bey was in embodiment, I was such a high being that I did not have an ego? For if you think so, you are wrong, my beloved. The same goes for any ascended Master.

Depersonalizing your path

What is it we are trying to tell you: “What one has done, all can do.” What we have done in working with our own personal stuff—I am tempted to use a popular four-letter word that I am sure you know, but I shall restrain myself. We all have to deal with our stuff, but when you keep dealing with it, as some of you described today, there comes a point where it starts becoming easier because you depersonalize the process. You do not take it so personally, you do not come down on yourself because you discover something else that you haven’t transcended. You just look at it and say: “Oh well, that is what happens on the path. I have dealt with other things in the past, why should I not be able to deal with this thing also?”

Eventually, you come to a point where you might even look at your own subconscious, you might even look at the dark forces, and say: “There is nothing new under the sun. What could you come up with that cannot be transcended through the light of Christ?”

Then you acknowledge that regardless of what the dark forces or the serpentine mind may come up with, it can all be transcended through the light and the mind of Christ. Once you experience this enough times, you know the process works, the spiritual path is real, and the ascension is a real possibility for those who continue to take one step at a time. You are all ready to acknowledge this simple fact, as Master MORE said yesterday.

You cannot skip steps

There are no shortcuts. Forget about the teachers and the gurus who promise you some kind of shortcut where they say that you can skip many steps ahead. I AM the Master who oversees the ascension process in the Ascension Temple. I constantly see people from earth who at inner levels come to Luxor thinking: “I have been a spiritual person for this lifetime, I have been a good religious person, I have done this or those outer things, I have worked on my psychology, I have served other forms of life. I must be ready for the ascension!”

But they have skipped steps because they have not been willing to look at their stuff. I must send them to one of the retreats of the other Chohans and say: “Come back to me when you have been willing to look at this, and this, and this, and that thing. And oh, by the way, don’t forget to have Master MORE tell you about that thing down there!”

They often become disappointed. Sometimes they become angry, sometimes they say: “You cannot be a real spiritual master!” And they leave in a huff and they may go back to the School of Hard Knocks, and I can only watch, because as Mother Mary and Kuan Yin have said, we can only respect free will.

We would like you all to avoid this reaction by recognizing that there are no shortcuts. None of us have qualified for our ascension without looking at every single unresolved aspect of our psychology. This is what your Guru Ma expressed that she had to go through by overcoming her attachments one after one after one.

There is a certain aspect of the ego which thinks: “I can do better than Serapis Bey. I do not have to do this; he does not really mean it.” Or rather, it thinks: “What he says applies to all these other people, but surely not to me.” Again, they think there is a shortcut.

My beloved, one of the very healthy experiences that you can actually learn from being in physical embodiment, is that although the physical body has amazing capabilities, there are some things it just cannot do. If you get into your head that you are going to go to the Great Pyramid in Giza and you are going to pound your head against the stones until they all crumble, then it will not take very long before you realize that your head was not designed to be a hammer.

It is very healthy to go through this process of acknowledging that there are certain aspects of the Law of Free Will that you cannot cheat, you cannot change, you cannot circumvent, you cannot override. You cannot get a dispensation; there is no way around it. You have exercised your free will in the past and you had freedom to exercise it anyway you wanted. There is nothing that restricts your free will right now, except the way you exercised your free will in the past.

You must undo your past choices. They were your choices. You made them because you wanted to have a certain experience. You need to acknowledge that the experience you have is a result of a certain choice. You can then decide that you no longer want to have that experience, and therefore you need to undo the choice. Only then, will you be free, and only then will your will be free to move in other directions, instead of a continuing within the pattern, the parameters, that you set in the past.

This is a concept that most people on this earth would not be willing to even consider. Yet I tell you that 99 percent of the spiritual people – I am not talking only ascended masters students but all spiritual people – have not been willing to acknowledge the teaching I am giving here that there is no shortcut. They believe that some kind of guru has such special powers that he or she can give them a shortcut. Yet it is all a lie. There is no shortcut.

This is the essence of the Law of Free Will for earth. Grasp it, accept it and then use it to set yourself free so that I can greet you with a big “Serapis-Bey-bear-hug” at my retreat at Luxor. Go with my peace, for you have earned it by being willing to endure my release.


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