You, women of Russia, are all daughters of God!

TOPICS: You have won a victory for the Russian people – Change does not come from the institutions of power – Communism always suppresses women – Stopping the flow between men and women – Men and women must be equal; not the same – The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church are perversions – The need for women to talk openly – Overcoming shame – Women must begin – Polarity creates a flow –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 13, 2010 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

You have won a victory for the Russian people

My beloved hearts, it is with great joy that I, Mary, the Mother of God, come to greet you and to congratulate you with having won a decisive victory in the forward progression of the Russian nation, and all of those nations that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. This conference has indeed been a major breakthrough. A breakthrough that you will not notice with the outer eye and the outer mind, but that you will notice at inner levels, where this dark cloud, this dark structure, that has been sitting over Russia and the Russian people now for so many decades has finally received the death blow, that will cause it to crumble in a short period of time. So that the Russian people, and those in surrounding nations and republics, will feel a new sense of freedom, a new sense of hope, a new sense of joy, that is not a joy in an outer sense but comes from deep within. For they know that a new day has dawned and a new era of opportunity has opened up.

This is an era of opportunity, that is much like the optimism and opportunity, that you saw in the decades after the founding of this city of Saint Petersburg, where there was a burst of creativity and building and a new sense that Russia was emerging from its past and becoming a modern nation. This sense of optimism and hope was dashed and suppressed after the Bolshevik revolution, through the mechanism that Kuan Yin has described in such great detail. And so it is the great joy of a Mother’s heart to see that this curse, this stranglehold, has been broken, and therefore there is a new opportunity for the people of Russia and surrounding nations. This, then, is a great joy! And I come, then, to give you some additional teachings, that can form a key to the bringing forth of a new era in Russia.

Change does not come from the institutions of power

There is often a tendency among men to focus on the outer symbols of power. You might focus on the government or the military or the secret police or other institutions that run society. And you might look at a society and say, “How can there be change in that society?” And then you might think that change has to start from the top, so to speak, from those who have power in the political, or military or even scientific or governmental institutions. And so, you might look to these as the instruments of change.

But when you take an honest look at the institutions of Russian society, you will see that for decades under communism, these institutions were precisely the tools for suppressing the people and suppressing creativity. So how likely is it, that they are the institutions, that will bring positive change in Russia? It is not likely, for the institutions that are the most steeped in the suppressive ideology and mindset, are likely to be the last ones who will shake off that mindset. And therefore, the change will not come from the institutions of power.

Where must the change come from? Well, as I have said before in Germany, where does war start? Does it start in the institutions of power? Nay. War starts in the home, in the form of animosity and conflict between man and woman, husband and wife. It is indeed a conflict between the masculine and feminine elements of God embodied in human beings that is the seed of all war, of all use of force. And so, where does the real change in society start? It begins in the home.

Yet how can this change begin in the homes of the Russian people? Well, only if you understand what has happened to the relationship between men and women under communism. This messenger himself grew up in the West during the 60’s and 70’s, when in many western nations, there was a segment of the population who had a utopian dream, that a communist society would provide equality among all people. Thus, many in the West looked to the Soviet Union and later to China as an example of such a society with equality.

Communism always suppresses women

Yet at the same time in the West, there was a great movement for providing equality for women, such as equal rights, equal representation, equal pay for equal jobs. Yet precisely the same people that had the utopian dream of a society of equality were often the same who fought for the equality of women in the West. But these same people failed to see, that in the communist system – whether it was the Soviet or Chinese version – women were utterly and completely suppressed.

There was no equality for women, and there was no intention of giving women equality. And so it is in every totalitarian system you have seen around the world. Men are the ones who are the leaders of the totalitarian system and women are clearly suppressed, except in a few cases, where a woman acts like a man and therefore is willing to abuse power more than any of the men around her, and thus she ascends to power. But this is not the true feminine energy, and therefore this is not really a woman. There cannot be a truly female dictator; only a woman who has suppressed her femininity can act as a dictator.

What is the driving mechanism behind this suppression of women by totalitarian systems? Well, it is simply this: men are stronger in the outgoing force of the Father. Therefore, men are more likely to be seduced into abusing power, becoming the kind of mindless cogs in the machine that are willing to carry out the orders of the system, that are willing to defend the system, that are willing to kill their fellow men in order to defend the system, without thinking about the consequences, without thinking about the human suffering or the human element, without having compassion and sensitivity.

This is the role that men can fulfill, when they have been seduced into abusing power. And how are they seduced into abusing power? Well, through a combination of pride and fear, where some respond to the pride, where they used to feel inferior as they were growing up, but now they are put in a position of power, and now they enjoy the superiority and the power they have over those, that they used to see as being above them and looking down upon them.

And then, of course, there are those who respond to fear where, when they are abused themselves, in order to cope with the abuse they make themselves insensitive and then they are willing to abuse others. Certainly, this can happen to women, but you cannot have a society where a large enough number of women can be perverted this way, so that they would be able to serve as the tools for suppressing the entire population. Thus, a totalitarian regime always relies on the men to do the dirty work, as we might call it.

Women, of course, are stronger on the contracting force of the Mother, and therefore they have more sensitivity, more compassion for life. Few women can give birth to a child without feeling that compassion, universal compassion for life. And thus, it would be impossible to create a totalitarian system with women in charge, with women serving as the henchmen for the elite.

Stopping the flow between men and women

So, what you need to understand next is that in order to suppress the men, in order to get them to act as the henchmen, it is necessary to abort or disrupt the ideal figure-eight flow between man and women in a personal relationship. In an ideal situation, there is a figure-eight flow between the masculine and feminine energies. So that the man is balanced and nurtured by the woman, and therefore his power cannot become so extreme, that he is willing to commit violence and abuse.

Yet when this normal flow is disrupted, then the balancing power of the woman is not strong enough to influence the man. He is not nurtured by the woman, and therefore he goes into an attempt to find some kind of nurturance – some sense of purpose or meaning – elsewhere. And in many cases men can then be seduced into finding this by thinking they are working for some superior cause; as for example some were seduced to think that communism was a worthy cause, or that Nazism was a worthy cause for providing a purer or more powerful society.

Thus, do you see how men can be seduced by a combination of power, the abuse of power to which they are exposed, but also the promise that if they accept the system that is abusing them and support it, then one day there will be a better future for themselves? Yet if they had the balance and the nurturance of a women, then this seduction would not work. For the men would know, that this does not come through extremism or fanaticism or any abusive system. They would know that paradise on earth cannot come through force, cannot come through violence, cannot come through suppression.

Many subtle mechanisms have been used throughout the ages to set men against women, to divide man and woman. And you might remember that there are some marriage rituals where you find the sentence: “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” What God has put together is not necessarily one particular man with one particular woman, but it is the masculine and feminine polarity, that forms a whole beyond the two individual people who embody it. That masculine-feminine polarity, that figure-eight flow, is what God has joined together. And when men, who seek to abuse power, pull it apart, they are violating the most sacred aspect of the Law of God.

And this, of course, is the original fallen beings who have no respect for anything that is sacred but want to destroy, to pull down or to mock everything that is sacred. And therefore, they saw, a long time ago, the necessity of separating that masculine-feminine polarity by perverting it in various ways. And you will see many subtle philosophies and ideas, that actually serve this purpose of separating men from women, separating the masculine expression of God from union with the feminine expression of God.

Beware. Be alert. Study society, study the ideas that dominate your society. And then discover these subtle ways in which the masculine and feminine polarity have been set apart or has been perverted in various ways. Even, my beloved, what I started talking about, the drive in the West to provide equality among men and women, even this has been used to pervert the masculine-feminine balance.

Men and women must be equal; not the same

For you see the conception of equality that has been induced into the population is the same perception of equality that is behind the communist system, and that is that equality means sameness, meaning there is no room for individual expression. Men and women are not created equal in the sense that they are the same. They are created equal in the sense that they have equal value, equal potential and that by supplementing and complimenting each other, they can form a greater whole. But this does not mean, that men have to suppress women, or that women have to become like men in order to have equality among the sexes.

Women are not meant to become like men. Women are indeed meant to enter the world of business and the world of government, but they are not meant to do so on the terms defined by a male-dominated society, that for decades or centuries has suppressed women because the men who ran the society subscribed to some form of philosophy or thought system, however subtle, that caused them to look down upon women as not being equal partners for them.

You see, “equal partners” does not mean that the two partners are the same. It means they value each others uniqueness, they value the differences because they know, that it is in bringing the differences together that a new whole is formed and a new life is born. Two people of the same physical sex cannot produce offspring, and therefore if you seek to change women psychologically, so that they are like men and conform to the institutions and systems defined by men, well, then you will still have a business or a government that cannot create new life.  It will simply be in a stalemate, it will be a closed system, for there will not be the balancing and nurturing effect of the women, that will nurture the men and allow them to express their power in a balanced and sensitive manner.

So you see, we are not here talking about some sinister ideology that everyone recognizes as sinister. But do you understand, my beloved, the false teachers, the fallen ones, the false hierarchy are cleverer than most people think. Most people think that it is easy to identify the devil, for he looks like the devil. But you see, the images of the devil, the images of evil, the images of false teachings have been set up precisely to serve as a camouflage, so that you do not see, that the opposite polarity of the ego is actually also of the duality consciousness. You think that that which appears to be good, or benign or benevolent is good, benign and benevolent. You think it is of God, of the Light.

But it is not; it is simply a camouflage, where those who have inserted themselves as leaders, or thinkers or philosophers may appear to be benevolent, but they are nevertheless interjecting in the collective consciousness ideas, that are still based on duality and therefore still seduce the people into giving them some kind of elite power over them.

The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church are perversions

Therefore, you need to become wise as serpents while remaining, or becoming, harmless as doves. This can be seen no more clearly than in the Catholic Church or the Eastern Orthodox Church, that both claim to represent Christ. Yet none of them represent Christ; they represent two different perversions of the teachings of Christ. And they are, quite frankly, not that different when you take a closer look. They are perversions of Christ, for they raise up a structure and they seek to use that structure to suppress individual Christhood—that none dare follow in the footsteps of Christ.

Thus, we, of course, have no desire whatsoever to see Russia and other republics be free of the suppressing power of communism only to become influenced by the suppressing power of the Eastern Orthodox Church—or the Catholic Church or other perverted Christian churches. We desire to see the emergence of a new spirituality, where the people of Russia awaken to the reality, that neither communism nor a totalitarian form of religion will give them the society they dream about.

They must find the middle way, and that middle way begins by realizing, that there is deception on the right, deception on the left, deception in the middle. And thus, it is necessary to transcend the entire level of duality and look for a new and higher understanding. This, then, is the vision I desire you to hold, both for yourselves and for the Russian people: that they awaken to this need to look beyond these dualistic battles.

The need for women to talk openly

It is not constructive that after having been suppressed by communism for decades, they now throw themselves at the hands of capitalism and the instruments of the international corporations or institutions of finance. There needs to be found a middle way, a different approach to the economy, a different approach to spirituality, but first of all a different approach to the relationship between man and woman. Hold the vision that such an approach will be found, and hold the vision that it is women in Russia, who will rise up and who will be willing to start by talking openly about their problems.

For this is something that women excel at doing. Women are far better at acknowledging and openly talking about issues and problems than the men—who tend to think they have to be the strong silent types, who therefore suppress their feelings. And as a result of suppressing their feelings, they cannot have the normal flow, and therefore feel the pain that comes from that blocked flow. And so, they must numb the pain by pouring some liquid out of a bottle so they get some temporary relief from the pain, the pain that could be avoided if they were willing to honestly acknowledge their problems and to seek resolution, so that they could establish the proper energy flow within their own beings and the proper energy flow between them and the women in their lives.

Yet, when you take a realistic look – and recognize that the majority of men in Russia are at least to some degree addicted to vodka – then you will see, that it is not realistic that a change will begin with the men. And therefore, it can only begin with the women. Raise yourselves up as women! Raise yourselves up, so you can fully accept your complete equality and equal value with men, your uniqueness in God. But then realize that equality does not mean sameness, that you are not meant to suppress your femininity in order to get along in a men’s world. You are meant to express it, so that it supplements the men, so that it provides an alternative to the perverted male form of thinking, that is force-based and cannot free itself from this force-based thinking.

Only women have the potential to balance the men, for there are far too few men who have attained balance within themselves. Certainly, there are men who have this balance –  some among spiritual people from all directions of spirituality have achieved this balance – but there are not enough men to make a difference. And therefore, it is to the women we look to create this change, this drive for change.

And the first step in this change must be a willingness to openly talk about problems with other women, until the women start forming groups and an entire movement that the men and the media cannot ignore. And so that the floodgates are open to an open talk, an open evaluation of what is working and what is not working in Russian society and in personal relationships, in the homes in the families, in the children, in education. And this can then lead on into setting a foundation for a more open evaluation of other areas of society.

But the most constructive way to begin this change is to begin by debating the matters that are closest to women’s hearts: their relationships with their husbands, with their children and the situation of the family, even the family in Russian society. How is it possible to bring up children that will become constructive members of society, if the father is absent either through his work or military service or because he has his head in a bottle of vodka too much of the time?

How is it possible for a woman to take part in the workforce and raise a family when the man is absent? How is it possible for women to function, when they do not get equal pay? All of these issues need to be brought out in the open and debated. They have not so far been debated sufficiently. There needs to be an openness, and you need to be willing to be open, even if it seemingly makes you vulnerable or makes it necessary to talk about personal matters, that you feel you need to keep private out of some sense of shame or inadequacy or whatever it may be.

Women must begin

If enough people start talking about these problems, then the shame will disappear, the embarrassment will disappear. For if everyone else is talking about it, then you are not the one that stands out by talking, you will be the one that stands out by not talking. And this is, then, what can turn the tables on the intimidation that has kept women suppressed for so long.

For you realize, do you not, that what I have said about women being more sensitive to life can also be used by the false leaders and the false teachers to suppress women. Because they are so sensitive to their reputation, to their appearance, to how they are looked upon by other people – by other women, by men, by society – that they often are intimidated into remaining silent about their problems, because they do not want to be embarrassed or become the topic of gossip.

So you see, it takes some very courageous women to turn this situation upon its head, so that the sensitivity to life can come into expression in a defense of life, in a willingness to speak out in defense of life and say: “This is not right, this cannot continue, this is not the way things should be. We need to make this, this, this and the next change, so that our society can move forward instead of standing still in this stalemate, in this catch-22, that we have been in now for so long.”

It takes courage for women to stand out openly and say, “This is the problem, and I have had enough of this problem! I demand change!” And then, you can, of course, in some cases begin right in your own home by saying this to your husbands and demonstrating to them, that it is time for them to change their lives—but also not doing this in a perverted power way but doing it in a way that is nurturing and supportive.

This, of course, I realize is a delicate balance, but you can find it—if you are willing to reconnect yourself to the femininity, that you might have been programmed to suppress. If you can reconnect to that femininity, you can start nurturing yourself. And then you can start nurturing your husband and your children, and you will see that changes will begin to happen. And then, the men, when they feel nurtured and supported, will also be willing to acknowledge their problems. And instead of trying to run away from them or make themselves insensitive, they will begin to say: “Yes this is not right, we need to make changes instead of just thinking that changes will happen in the future. We need to take a stand now, we need to take a stand for what we know is right.”

For you see, men in their outgoingness, they do have a desire to make a positive difference, to take a stand for a greater cause. And once you can reconnect the man to this desire, then you will see that men and women will stop being enemies. And therefore, they will be able to work together to promote positive change in society. In other words, I am not saying that women alone must or will provide the change in society. I am only saying that women must begin, for they are the only ones who can. But then, as the stalemate is broken, as the upward momentum is created, then you look to nurture and balance the men, that they might join in with you and therefore you form that masculine-feminine polarity; you form that greater whole.

And it is this union of masculine and feminine that will change society. Women cannot do it alone. Neither can men. Only in the union of the two will there be the necessary change. And yet, it must begin with the women being willing to openly talk about their problems, even in public, and to demand public attention for certain issues, that are destroying the families, destroying relationships, destroying people and therefore also destroying society.

If this one change can take place – and it can because the potential is there, or I would have not brought it to your attention – well, then you will begin to see, that Russian society will change and many things will begin to fall into place. And people will wonder; “How did that change take place, for it seems like nobody did anything to make that change occur—it just happened!” Well, this is indeed what you will see when there is that masculine-feminine polarity.

Polarity creates a flow

When the right polarity is there, things will just happen. For you are now open to the flow of the Spirit. And this is the greater vision, for of course what can ultimately change any society? Is it that people do this? Is it that people find this ultimate system, that other masters have talked about? No, the ultimate change, of course, comes by reestablishing the flow of the Spirit, first through individuals, and then as a critical mass is reached even through the collective consciousness.

Then the flow of the Spirit will bring change, and with God all things are possible. And thus, changes can occur, that no one had even dared to believe possible. And that is when you see that a society suddenly changes, and you look back a decade or a generation and you see how far that society has come. And you are amazed at the changes, that could happen in such a short period of time.

Hold this vision for these changes in women, changes in the relationship between men and women, and then how this opens the floodgates for change in society. That is one of the greatest services you could give to your nation, whether it be Russia or one of the former Soviet republics—or any other nation in the world, for I am, of course, talking in universal terms. But I am talking specifically here, because the greatest change that needs to happen in Russia is indeed a change in the relationship between men and women and the way society looks at women.

You, women of Russia, are all daughters of God! You have a right to be treated as daughters of God! Be not shy about standing up and demanding to be treated for what you really are, to be valued for what you really are and to demand that society recognizes, that a society run by men, a society run on force, will ultimately destroy itself. And therefore, it is time for a change, where women are allowed to have a say, where women are allowed to fulfill their role of balance and nurturance, that will bring forth new ideas that could never come forth through the force-based mindset.

You have a right to demand this. Not necessarily with an expression of perverted power, for you can find a middle way to express this in a feminine way, so that the men will actually listen. Even against their will, they will become compelled to listen, for this is a soft voice of reason, that they have not heard before. This is a different voice, that will penetrate the male defenses that they have built, and that often causes them to close their minds when women start talking, for they mock it as “women talk.” But when they hear that balanced, nurturing voice, their hearts will listen, even if their minds and their intellects are not willing.

Speak to the heart. Speak from a point of nurturance and support, but also the firmness that your nurturance and support demands change. And then, you will see how women will suddenly begin to rise up and how change will begin to sweep through society, until it becomes the mighty rushing wind, that not even the structures left over from the Soviet Union can stop. For those structures will be blown apart through your spiritual work, of the spiritual men and women coming together, as you have done for this conference, as you have done in your rosaries and your recitation of the eastern mantras. I wish you could see the power released through the Om Mani Padme Hum and the OMs that you gave prior to this dictation. I wish you could see the immense effect this has had on an energetic level. For then you would be greatly encouraged and realize that with God all things are indeed possible!

And thus, I end with a Mother’s love and a Mother’s intense gratitude for your coming together, not only physically but also in that greater oneness that has established a platform; a platform of oneness here below, whereby we who are the oneness above could pour out immense concentrations of spiritual Light and energy that have reached the furthest corners of the earth; beginning to create change everywhere they move. Thus, in my intense, heart-felt gratitude, I thank you for your Presence, and I congratulate you for having won a substantial and decisive victory for Russia!


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