An acceleration in Christhood

TOPICS: A powerful dispensation – The Ma-ter light has a potential to become conscious – The process of Transfiguration – Using your power of vision to improve your life and raise the earth – A dark, perverted force of destruction – hatred of the Mother – Take back the power of vision – The true and the false path to salvation – The Waterfall of Light –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, September 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

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My Beloved hearts, I am Mary, your Mother, and I am come on this momentous occasion to give you the prayers that are needed for the Rosary of Infinite Light. Therefore, I now give you the affirmations that you can use to fulfill your roles as co-creators with God:

I AM a son/daughter of God, and at this very moment I stand up to be counted as a co-creator with God on earth. I hereby consciously choose to acknowledge the power of my free will to choose light, to choose life, to choose the perfection of God over the imperfections in this world. I choose to affirm that nothing imperfect is real and that only God’s light and God’s perfection is real and has permanence.

Therefore, I affirm that within my heart is the spark of God, the spark of light, that truly is the open door that no human power can shut, save my free will. I now choose to open that door, and therefore I am the open door which no human power, or any force of darkness, can shut.

I hereby acknowledge my true individuality as my I AM Presence, and I choose to let the light of my Presence stream through me and consume all unlike itself. I choose to be the God Flame that I am in heaven, manifest on earth as the fire that burned before Moses when he ascended the mountain of God. I choose to let that fire that I am bring forth the true spiritual law that could not be given to Moses because of the recalcitrance of humankind. I choose to be the open door for this true spiritual law to now be brought down to the physical octave on planet earth.

I choose to be the open door for the Light of the Presence of Infinite Light to stream forth in the material universe and consume all imperfections and imbalances. I choose to be the open door for envisioning the kingdom of God on planet earth. I call upon the Presence of Infinite Light to send the unstoppable, unconquerable Light of God to superimpose the perfect vision of God upon the Ma-ter substance that makes up my own physical body, my soul and mind, my outer circumstances and this planet itself, from all aspects of human society to Mother Nature.

I choose to accept my Chris potential and I vow to dedicate my life to putting on the mind of Christ as quickly as possible. I vow that I will never have any false gods before the true God in heaven, represented to me by my own I AM Presence. I vow that I will not take upon myself any graven image in the form of an imperfect vision. And therefore I will not accept any of the imperfect conditions on earth as permanent or real. I will see that beyond all imperfections is the Ma-ter light of God, and I will hold the immaculate vision of God and see that God’s vision is materialized because it is superimposed upon the Ma-ter substance itself.

I therefore declare that as long as I AM in the world, I AM the light of the world. I am here to take dominion over the earth, multiply my divine individuality and the light given to me by my I AM Presence. I vow to take dominion over my soul and mind, my physical body, my personal circumstances, my nation, human society and nature itself. I vow to accept only the perfection of God, I vow to see only the perfect vision of God, given to me through the Christ mind. I vow to BE the flame of God, consuming all unlike itself and I declare that I am willing to start with myself and to allow the flame of God that I am, anchored in my I AM Presence, to consume all imperfections in my own consciousness, including the human ego and the carnal mind. I am willing to let the flame of God consume all imperfections in my soul, my mind, my body and my life.

I vow to nevermore limit God’s ability to work through me, and I vow to always affirm the reality of the Living Christ within me and my oneness with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Therefore, I shall not deny my oneness with my master. And by affirming my oneness with the Living Christ within me and with the Living Christ within Jesus, I truly am the light of the world. And through the power and authority of the Christ within me, I therefore say, “Let there be light and only light on planet earth. And there IS light. It is finished. Amen.”

A powerful dispensation

My Beloved hearts, I trust that those of you who are aware, those who have read my other discourses and have given my other rosaries, can see that this new dispensation, this new rosary, truly is an acceleration, even beyond the powerful rosaries given to you earlier. I trust you can see that this is a unique opportunity for you personally and for the planet as a whole. I can tell you that this latest rosary is a gift that is given to those who have merited this gift by faithfully giving my other rosaries.

I want to tell you that this rosary represents an acceleration in many ways, and one of these ways is that the rosary is not meant to be set in stone. We are giving you a matrix to help you get started, but we do not mean this to be the final or only matrix. We want each and every person who gives this rosary to exercise his or her Christhood and modify the rosary to fit your personal situation and give calls for causes that are dear to your heart.

So when the rosary mentions a specific condition, you can insert other conditions than what is mentioned in the rosary. You can give more specific calls than given in the rosary, but keep them short and concise and do not altar the basic matrix of the rosary.

You can give an entire rosary for one condition only. For example, if you face a health problem, you can give an entire rosary in which you call forth the light of God to manifest perfection in every cell and atom of your physical body, mentioning this in every verse. Or you can give en entire rosary for a specific world condition that is of concern to you. This then is a step-up and acceleration to help you put on your Christhood and express that Christhood by entering into a partnership with the ascended masters, whereby you can know from within what is your particular spiritual mission. By performing this sacred labor, you can hold the balance for the earth at this critical time and help bring about the kingdom of God in a particular area of life that is dear to your heart or where you have particular expertise.

The Ma-ter light has a potential to become conscious

My Beloved hearts, in order for your use of the Rosary of Infinite Light to reach maximum effectiveness, it is essential that you understand the secret that was revealed by the Presence of Infinite Light in his discourse. I encourage you to study and absorb that discourse, until you fully understand the secret being explained. Yet to make it easier for you to absorb this secret, I will give you the Omega perspective on this topic.

After our Creator had created the substance of light, the Mother light that can be molded into any form, our Creator used it to first create the central sphere of the spiritual realm. Since then, our creator has created a number of “concentric” spheres, and the material universe is simply the latest sphere in God’s creation.

When a new sphere is created by God, that sphere is created out of the unconscious Mother light, what we might call the Ma-ter light. The Ma-ter light has God’s consciousness embedded within it, and therefore it has the potential to attain self-awareness. When it does attain that self-awareness, the Ma-ter light can consciously outpicture the perfection of God, and it is indeed the highest love of the Mother light to be in complete obedience to the vision and the laws of the Father.

When the Mother light consciously outpictures the perfect vision of the Father, held in the mind of the Son, the universal Christ mind, then you have God’s kingdom manifest in that particular sphere of God’s creation. This means that from then on, that sphere of God’s creation has become part of the eternal creation of God, and it is eternal because it is constantly and consciously self-transcending in step with the self-transcendence of God. It is self-transcending because the Ma-ter light that makes up the sphere is conscious and therefore able to follow the ever-expanding creative drive of God without being acted upon by an outside force.

Before a sphere of God attains self-awareness, the Ma-ter light cannot consciously outpicture the vision of God. Therefore, that Ma-ter light passively adapts according to the mechanical laws that God defined for the creation of that particular sphere. When God created the sphere that holds the material universe, our creator defined a set of mechanical laws. Your scientists have currently discovered only a fraction of those laws, and they are described as the laws of nature.

When the Elohim created planet earth, they used the power of their attention to materialize the physical planet. They did this by imposing their vision upon the unconscious Ma-ter light, and the Ma-ter light conformed according to the mechanical laws that define and guide the material universe. Yet despite the creative powers of the Elohim, they could not endow the Ma-ter light that made up the early earth with self-awareness.

They could not do this because they were not inside the material universe. After the planet was created by the Elohim, a number of self-aware beings volunteered to take embodiment on earth. They came here for the specific purpose of multiplying their talents, meaning the Alpha light, coming from the Presence of Infinite Light, and their divine individuality, anchored in their I AM Presences. By multiplying their talents, they would begin by taking dominion of their own beings, their minds and their physical bodies. And through that dominion over self, they could then expand their creative powers (“You have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.”) and take dominion over the earth.

The process of Transfiguration

What happens when you take full dominion over yourself, meaning your soul, mind and body? You reach the point that my beloved Jesus demonstrated on the Mount of Transfiguration, when he became transformed into a being of light in front of his disciples. At that moment, the outer form of Jesus was transfigured into a being of pure spiritual light. This means that any imperfections that Jesus might have taken into his soul were transformed until only the pure, divine matrix of his lifestream was left. It means that any imperfect beliefs or feelings in his mind and subconscious mind were transformed into the perfect vision and feelings of the Christ mind. It means that any imperfections in his body, from genetic defects to toxic chemicals or environmental pollutants, were consumed, and his body outpictured the perfect design of the pure human body—given the current level of vibration of the earth.

This is the potential that all of you have when you walk the path of personal Christhood and take dominion over yourselves. When a critical mass of human beings take this dominion over self, they can consciously use their creative powers to take dominion over the earth. Thereby, they can literally superimpose the perfect vision of Christ upon the passive matter substance that makes up this planet. This can cause the entire planet to be transfigured, so that it can once again be in alignment with the perfect vision of God that is still held in the minds of Elohim.

This can remove all pollution in nature and all pollution in the human body. It can remove all imbalances in the crust of the earth and consume the very cause and core of natural disasters. It can consume all imbalances in the animal kingdom and even the density of matter itself. This can turn the planet into the harmonious and balanced platform for growth that it was designed to be from the beginning.

For this to happen, a critical mass of human beings must decide to be the open doors, so that the light of God, the self-conscious, self-aware light of the Presence of Infinite Light, can stream into their minds and stir up the ocean of the Ma-ter light. When this happens, the unconscious and passive Ma-ter light can indeed be awakened, until matter itself becomes transfigured into pure light substance that is conscious of its own existence and of its ability to consciously outpicture the perfect vision of God and maintain that vision on an ongoing basis.

A dark, perverted force of destruction

I encourage you to study my previous discourses on the expanding and contracting forces of God. You see, as long as the Ma-ter light is unconscious, it will blindly contract and thereby break down all organized structures. This is simply the natural expression of the unconscious Ma-ter light that is designed to balance the expanding force of the Father light. The Ma-ter light naturally contracts, unless it is counterbalanced by the expanding force of the Father focused through the Christ mind.

As I explained in previous discourses, after the fall of Lucifer, the dark forces have misused the contracting force of the Mother in their attempts to control human beings and neutralize their free will through physical and spiritual slavery. This has led to the creation of a counterfeit and unnatural force on this planet, and it is a perversion of the Mother. This force actually breaks down organized structures faster and with greater intensity than mandated in the mechanical laws of God. In other words, there is a gravitational force, a magnetic force of darkness, that is currently stronger than the contracting force of the Mother as designed by God.

Because most people fail to understand the existence of this counterfeit force, and because they do not realize that by falling into a lower state of consciousness they have actually contributed to the strength of this force, many of them have come to resent the earth Mother and the resistance they feel to their creative efforts. This has generated a worldwide force of hatred of the mother, and among many expressions are the hatred of women and the belief that man has to subdue and control the natural environment instead of working with it.

The forces of darkness that work on this planet are seeking to gain absolute control over human beings, and they can do this only by controlling the minds, especially the power of vision, of human beings. They seek to do this by causing people to worship a false image of God and by causing them to accept false images of what this planet should be like. They then cause people to accept that these graven images are real and permanent. That is why you see so many people on this planet who accept certain limitations for how life can or should be, and they think life could not possibly be any other way than what they have been brought up to think is real and permanent. It is precisely this mass illusion that has formed a veil of energy [energy veil = evil] that separates human beings from their true God and from their spiritual teachers of the ascended masters.

Therefore, an essential part of taking back planet earth and raising it to its original purity is that you must consciously free your mind from the false visions, the false God and the graven images, that have been programmed into your minds since birth, and indeed for many lifetimes. You must make an effort to clear the faculty of your vision, and you must do this by understanding that all of the appearances currently found on earth, all of the imperfections and imbalances, are nothing more than images projected unto the screen of life. The movie screen itself is made of the unconscious Ma-ter light that takes on any form projected upon it through a conscious mind. The light that drives the film projector is your attention, and the film strip is the images you hold in your conscious and subconscious minds. Therefore, when you change the images held in your mind, and look beyond all imperfect manifestations and appearances, you will change the images projected upon the screen of the unconscious Ma-ter light.

When a critical mass of human beings take back the power of their vision, you will see such dramatic changes for the better on this planet that most of you simply could not envision or accept them today. If I were to tell you what can happen within a matter of decades, you would refuse to believe me, and you would call me a hopeless idealist and a utopian. Yet I am not trapped inside the energy veil of imperfect images and beliefs. I know the reality of God, and I know the reality that the unconscious Ma-ter light will simply take upon itself any appearance superimposed upon it through the minds of human beings.

There is only one way to change the world, and that is to change the way human beings look at themselves and the world. However, for that to happen, we must also change the way human beings look at God and their relationship to God, and that is precisely what our teachings are all about.

Take back the power of vision

I therefore encourage you to consciously use your power of vision to see that behind all imperfect appearances is the Ma-ter light. You might envision this light as tiny particles or strings that vibrate at very high speed. This is like the subatomic particles or the superstrings that your scientists are currently using to describe the process whereby the unconscious Ma-ter light takes on visible form.

So when you are confronted with an imperfect appearance, whether in your own life, in your physical body, in your society or on the planet as a whole, I encourage you to make a firm decision that you do not accept it as permanent or real. You make a conscious effort to see it as a temporary projection upon the screen of life, and then you see beyond it to the white screen itself, namely the vibrating particles of the Ma-ter light. You then use your attention to see beyond the outer appearance and to see the perfect vision of Christ instead of the outer appearance.

Do you understand what I am saying here? You are alive because you are constantly receiving a stream of spiritual light that flows from your I AM Presence through your mind and is directed by the power of your attention. Whatever you focus your attention upon, you will magnify through the power of the light within you. So if you focus your attention on an imperfect appearance, especially if you accept it as real and permanent, you will actually reinforce that condition.

I encourage you to consciously take back the power of your attention and vision. When you are confronted with an imperfect appearance, I am not asking you to ignore it or even to deny it. I am asking you to acknowledge that it does exist, but you also acknowledge that it is not ultimately real and it is not permanent. Therefore, you do not accept it as permanent, and instead you look beyond it and see the vibrating Ma-ter light behind the outer appearance. You then fix your attention upon a more perfect vision, the most perfect vision you can imagine, and you affirm that vision as real and permanent.

What is the perfect vision of Christ? Because so many of you have been brought up with imperfect images, I encourage you to ask your Christ self to hold the perfect vision for a particular situation or condition. For many of you it is currently impossible to imagine the perfect vision of Christ in some of the situations you encounter on a daily basis. Yet your Christ self can hold that vision for you, if you will but ask. And if you keep asking with an open mind, your Christ self will gradually lower that perfect vision into your conscious mind.

I am asking you to be wise as a serpent and acknowledge that there are currently many imperfect appearances on planet earth. Yet I am also asking you to be harmless as a dove by consciously acknowledging that they are not real or permanent. You therefore see beyond them and allow the light of God to stream through your attention and superimpose the perfect vision of Christ upon the imperfect condition.

Do you see that this is how Jesus healed the withered hand and performed his other so-called miracles? When people saw the man with the withered hand, they immediately accepted the condition as real and they thought it was permanent. Jesus did not accept this illusion. He saw beyond the outer appearance and focused his attention of the vibrating particles of the Ma-ter light. He then fixed his inner sight on the vision of a perfect hand, and he consciously, and with the full power of his Christ mind, superimposed that vision upon the particles of the Ma-ter light. He took dominion over these Ma-ter particles and commanded them to outpicture his vision. By letting the light of the Father stream through his mind, Jesus changed the vibration of the Ma-ter particles, and they now immediately outpictured the perfect vision held in the mind of the embodied Christ.

If you believe on Jesus, you shall indeed do the works that he did. Yet if you believe on the prince of this world and his lie that imperfect appearances are real or permanent, then the prince will have something in you, that will prevent you from being the open door for the light of God to stream through your mind and spiritualize your life and world.

So I encourage you to see your life as a game in which you are constantly confronted with imperfect appearances and tempted by the prince of this world to accept them as real or permanent. And instead of falling for the temptation, you can attune to your Christ self and ask him to give you the perfect vision of Christ to replace the imperfect appearance. Then hold on to that vision – be faithful over a few things – and see how your life and your world will change.

I know that some will think this is a fruitless exercise, and you may use all manner of science to ridicule my suggestion. Yet I can tell you that the imperfect appearances you see all around you were created by the very same process. It was the energy streaming through the minds of human beings, misqualified by the imperfect images held in their minds, that created the imperfections you see on this planet today.

The true and the false path to salvation

There are two ways to remove the imperfections on planet earth. One is to allow them to intensify until the imbalance becomes so great that the contracting force of the Mother, that has now become an unnatural force, breaks down all structures and even causes the physical planet itself to implode. This is the process of a “guaranteed salvation” started and reinforced by Lucifer and all of the dark forces who are seeking to destroy this planet in their prideful attempt to prove that God was wrong by giving human beings free will. If you want to align yourself with them, then keep reaffirming that the current imperfections are real and permanent.

Yet if you want to reverse the process of self-implosion and turn it into a process of self-transcendence, then follow my suggestion and use the power of your vision to affirm that the kingdom of God is manifest on earth. Walk the path of personal Christhood, until you are personally transfigured and become the son or daughter of God on earth that you have the potential to be. Then radiate God’s light, until the entire planet is transfigured and the kingdom of God is superimposed upon the unconscious matter substance. The Ma-ter light will then become self-aware and consciously and lovingly materialize the kingdom of God on earth.

I can assure you that the Ma-ter light has no greater joy than to outpicture the kingdom of God, and it has no desire to remain trapped in the imperfect temporary appearances you see on earth. The Ma-ter light has no greater joy than to obediently follow the perfect vision of God. It is through this process of conscious and loving obedience that the Ma-ter light can grow in self-awareness and become spiritualized, so that the entire material universe becomes a permanent sphere in the body of God.

Yet for the Ma-ter light to consciously outpicture the perfection of God, it must be awakened, it must be spiritualized. And this can happen only when the Ma-ter light is infused with the spiritual light from the Presence of Infinite Light. That spiritual light can enter this universe only through a self-conscious being who has become awakened to his or her Christ potential. Therefore, one might say that matter is simply waiting for you to set it free from all imperfect images and awaken it to its inherent divinity.

The Waterfall of Light

As my final remark, let me give you a visualization that can help you produce the maximum effect from the Rosary of Infinite Light. I would like you to visit a waterfall or to watch a movie of a waterfall. I would like you to focus your attention on the image and the rushing sound of a waterfall and allow it to be permanently anchored in your memory and vision.

As you are giving the Rosary of Infinite Light, I would like you to visualize that you are sitting under a waterfall of light from your I AM Presence, and the descending light is filling your soul, your mind and your body and then flowing out to cover the very condition that is the focus for your rosary. I would like you to envision this waterfall as an unstoppable force, as a force that nothing in this world can block.

While giving the rosary, imagine the sound of a thousand waterfalls, a sound so strong that it gives you the clear sense that it will sweep aside all density and all imperfect appearances. There is literally nothing in this world, no appearance whatsoever, that can stop this rushing waterfall of infinite light. Therefore, I encourage you to visualize the unstoppable waterfall of light while you give the Rosary of Infinite Light. Allow yourself to become one with this rushing light, allow yourself to become the waterfall of infinite light that truly is the wind of the Holy Spirit.

I now seal you in the miracle light of my Mother’s heart, and I say to you, “My gratitude and the gratitude of heaven is upon you this day for Being here below and for being willing to become here below all that you are – that we are – Above.” In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Mother of Light, the Queen of Light, in the name of the Miracle Mother, I seal you in my heart, now and forever. I seal all people in my heart, now and forever. I seal the earth in my heart, now and forever. Amen.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels