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TOPICS: Understanding the role of Light – How galaxies are created – The illusion of matter – Awakening to your reason for being – The Rosary of Infinite Light – The Rosary of Infinite Light –

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Ascended Master Presence of Infinite Light, September 29, 2004  through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Presence of Infinite Light, of undifferentiated light, of formless light. I am the Presence of light that is not light in comparison to darkness, but light as a pure concept, as a conscious Being of Light. I am the Being from which your Creator manifested the pure concept of light into the light that could take on form. Your Creator did this through the fiat “Let there be light!” And there was light, a light that can take on any form imagined, envisioned, by a self-conscious being.

That light became the Omega polarity to the Alpha polarity of my Being. Therefore, the light created by your Creator is the Mother light, the Ma-ter light, from which everything in the world of form is created. Yet that Ma-ter light is created, is drawn out of, my Being and the infinite, formless light that I am. Therefore, although everything in the world of form is created from the Ma-ter light, that very Mother light has my Being embedded in it. And thus, it has the potential to attain self-consciousness and eventually the consciousness that the Self is God. Yet that potential can be manifest only when the Ma-ter light is acted upon by a self-conscious being, created under the lineage of your Creator.

How galaxies are created

The basic reality of life in the material universe is that this universe is created out of the Ma-ter light that has the seed of God consciousness within it as an unmanifest potential. All of the far-flung galaxies, that your astronomers have discovered in the heavens, were created because one or more self-conscious beings superimposed upon the Ma-ter light a form that was held in their minds. Through that same process, everything on earth was created, including the tiniest blade of grass. And because my Being is embedded in everything that was created, every spark of energy in this universe has the potential to gradually attain self-consciousness and thereby consciously and knowingly outpicture the perfection of God.

Indeed, when your Creator conceived of the material universe, he defined a set of laws to guide the unfoldment of this universe. He then sent his sons and daughters, his co-creators, into this universe to co-create the myriad of galaxies you see today. This hierarchy of self-conscious beings, of co-creators, have created everything you see in the material universe, but they have not necessarily created things the way you see them today. When planet earth was created by the Elohim, they created a planet where everything had a perfect balance between the expanding force and the contracting force of God, between the expanding Alpha light and the contracting Omega light. What is called “day” and “night” or “light” and “darkness” in Genesis.

Lifestreams were then allowed to take on human bodies on planet earth. And through their free will, they were meant to continue to build upon the foundation created by Elohim. In other words, lifestreams were sent here with the command to “Multiply and take dominion over the earth.” They were to multiply their talents given to them by God, meaning their true divine individuality, and they were then to use their creative powers to envision forms that were in harmony with he laws of God. And then, through the power of their conscious minds and their attention, they were meant to superimpose those forms upon the Ma-ter light that make up this planet.

Through that process, human beings would endow the Ma-ter light with the Father’s consciousness and thereby help the Ma-ter light grow toward self-consciousness. And in so doing, human beings would also grow in their own self-awareness, until they could attain the ultimate self-awareness that makes you a self-luminous, self-contained, self-aware being who is literally like a sun that radiates light from within itself. And the light you radiate is the Alpha light of my Presence that sustains everything in this universe.

The illusion of matter

Think about the fact that without your physical sun no life would be possible on earth. Yet what drives the physical sun is that the sun serves as a portal, whereby the spiritual light of my Presence can stream into the material universe and be lowered in vibration, until it is radiating as the life-giving rays of the sun.

This then is your potential as a self-conscious being. You can eventually become a self-luminous being and radiate light that can nourish and sustain life in the ever-expanding chain of God’s creation. Yet at some point in the distant past, lifestreams gradually became more and more enveloped in and focused upon their own creations. They forgot that they could not create anything lasting by using the Ma-ter light that had already taken on form. They forgot that they could create something lasting only by using the Alpha light of my Presence, allowing it to stream through their conscious minds and superimpose the perfect vision of God upon the passive substance of the Ma-ter light.

After they forgot this, and were lost in the consciousness of duality that caused them to see themselves as separated from the Father light, they began to believe that all that is real, all that exists, is the Ma-ter light which has already taken on form. They began to believe they could create only by using their physical bodies, eking out a living by the sweat of their brow. They thought they could build only by using matter itself, by manipulating that matter through the very limited powers of their physical bodies. They forgot the immense powers of their minds and became trapped in the matter universe.

They now began to see the contracting force of the Mother as their enemy, because it would break down and destroy their creations. They had forgotten that the Ma-ter light will blindly contract, and it will destroy all structures until it becomes spiritualized and can consciously maintain the form that is in harmony with God’s law. And they forgot that they were sent here to spiritualize the Ma-ter light by endowing it with my Alpha light, streaming through their minds and blessing everything in this world.

Lifestreams are not sent here to forever be locked in a struggle against the contracting force of the Mother. They are here to bless all matter until the contracting force finds a perfect equilibrium and maintains the perfect forms of the kingdom of God, that will last forever and ever because the Ma-ter light has now become the Word incarnate. When the Mother light becomes spiritualized, it can self-transcend instead of changing only as a result of being acted upon by self-aware beings.

After human beings forgot their reason for being, they began to believe that the matter universe is a prison. They felt lost and limited, so they began to resent the Mother, to be angry with the Mother and to hate the Mother. And ever since then, they have shown their contempt for the Mother by misusing her creation in the form of their own physical bodies and the very planet itself. And thus human beings have created imbalances in the physical body that have led to the current very restricted life span and the many diseases you see on earth. They have created imbalances in Mother Nature that have led to many imperfect conditions, from famine and a limited food supply to natural disasters.

Human beings have forgotten why they came here, namely that they came to multiply their God-given talents and to take dominion over the earth by imposing the perfect vision of God, seen through their God-given individuality, upon the Ma-ter substance. Instead, they have superimposed an imperfect vision, seen through the human ego and the individuality they have built based on that ego.

Awakening to your reason for being

I am the Presence of Infinite Light, and I am come this day to awaken those on planet earth, those who can be awakened, to their original calling and their reason for being on this planet. I am come to call those who are willing to see beyond their human egos, their human individualities and their dualistic beliefs and world view. I am come to awaken those who are willing to gradually rise above this limited sense of identity and reconnect with their true, divine individuality, so that they can rise and claim their God-given right to be the sons and daughters of God in the earth, to be the co-creators with God in the earth. I am here to call those who are willing to rise above their fears, their lack of worthiness, their sense that they have no right to be here on earth or to exercise their Christhood. I am come to awaken those who are willing to consciously make the decision to take back their dominion over themselves and then exercise that dominion of the self by taking dominion over the earth.

I am come to call those who are willing to come apart from the mass consciousness, to be a separate and chosen people who have elected to worship the one true God who resides in the kingdom of God that is within them. I am come to awaken those who are willing to be the open doors, whereby the perfect vision of God can once again be held in he conscious minds of the inhabitants of the earth. And through those minds, this vision can be superimposed upon matter itself, so that this planet can shed the imperfect images, the imbalances, that have been forced upon it for eons. Thereby, this planet can quickly right itself on its axis and once again spin off the imperfections and outpicture the harmony, the balance, the peace and the perfection of God. This action will truly bring the abundant life to all people on earth and manifest God’s kingdom on earth, as that kingdom is already manifest in heaven in the form of a perfect vision held in the minds of the ascended masters.

I am come to awaken you to your inner calling, to awaken those of you who volunteered to come to earth long ago to raise this planet and its inhabitants out of the darkness and into the light, the light of God, the light of the Father, stirring the ocean of the light of the Mother and materializing God’s perfect vision in the Ma-ter universe.

The Rosary of Infinite Light

As a powerful tool for you to rise and take this dominion and fulfill your roles as co-Creators with God, a tool to complete the cleansing process of raising the earth out of all imperfect vibrations, I am come to give you a new rosary, namely the Rosary of Infinite Light. This is the rosary that is released from my heart through the heart of your Mother Mary, who has vowed to be the anchor point for my light in the material universe, and specifically for planet earth. So by invoking my Presence from Above, and her Presence from within matter itself, you can call forth an extremely powerful action that can heal yourself of all manner of imbalances and imperfections, and at the same time heal the planet.

There is nothing on this planet that is not created out of the Ma-ter light. I know that so many of you feel hopeless and look with despair and a sense of paralysis upon the many imperfect conditions that you see daily in your own lives, on your television screens and in the news. I know that so many of you have a strong desire to see this planet rise, but you feel powerless to do anything about it. Yet I am telling you this day that you do have the power within you to call upon my Alpha Light and to superimpose that Light upon the Ma-ter light out of which everything on this planet is created.

Do you see that the imperfect conditions around you are really created out of the Ma-ter light that has taken on an imperfect and unbalanced form, because an imperfect vision was superimposed upon it through the conscious and subconscious minds of human beings? Do you see that by invoking the Alpha Light and superimposing a more perfect vision upon the Ma-ter light, it is literally possible for a relatively small number of human beings to uncreate what has been created in imperfection for thousands of years.

A critical mass of people using my rosary, Archangel Michael’s Rosary and the Miracle Freedom rosaries from Mother Mary can, within a matter of years, uncreate thousands of years worth of misqualified energy and imbalances in matter itself. The prayers of the righteous avail much, but so much more can be accomplished when the righteous no longer pray passively but fill their roles as co-creators and invoke the light of Spirit to stream into the sphere of Ma-ter.

How can the kingdom of God come to earth?

How could the kingdom of God possibly come to earth, as it was promised by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago? For the kingdom of God to come to earth, the kingdom of God must materialize on earth. The kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom, so the kingdom can materialize on earth only when matter itself becomes spiritualized, and this can happen only when the Ma-ter light becomes infused with the light of the Spirit that I am. Yet that spiritual light can be infused into the Ma-ter light only through the conscious minds of those who are the awakened, self-aware co-creators of God, those who are the sons and daughters of God who rise up and dare to consciously accept who they are and why they are here.

It can happen only through the minds and hearts of those who dare to follow in the footsteps of their older brother, Jesus Christ, who came to say, “I and my Father are one. My Father worketh hitherto and I work. Therefore, as long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. I am the spiritual light of the world and I am the open door that no human can shut, the door through which the spiritual light can stream into the Ma-ter universe.”

He that believeth on the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shall do the works that Jesus did, and you shall do those works when you let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. And truly, the teachings you find on his website were given to you from the heart and mind of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the sole purpose of helping you put on the mind of Christ, so that you can BE the light of the world and manifest the kingdom of Light on earth.

I seal you now in the infinite Light of my Presence, and I call you to recognize the spark of my light within you, to express that light and to stop hiding it under a bushel. It is not your light, and thus it is not your light to hide. Let your light shine before men, even if they persecute you for my sake. For my light is also the judgment of those who love darkness rather than light. Therefore, I say with the full power of the Presence of God that I am, “Let there be light on earth, now and forever. And there IS light! It is finished. Amen.”


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels