Imagination, acceptance, oneness: A new formula for alchemy in the Golden Age

TOPICS: The closed circle of conditions – There is no ultimate system – Duality as a closed circle – The dream of the fallen beings – Become a representative of Freedom’s Flame – Anchoring the Freedom Flame in Saint Petersburg – You need no structure – A golden-age vision for Russia – Progressive revelation – The core belief that imprisons you – The plot to suppress spirituality – Form has no power over Spirit – How your influence multiplies – Killing Christhood –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 12, 2010 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The closed circle of conditions

Saint Germain I AM and I AM free. Why are you not free? Because you are not me. Why are you not me? Because you are not free. So you see, this is an illustration of the duality consciousness, where there is a closed circle and you cannot see how to break out of it, because you think that in order to break out of the circle created by conditions, you have to live up to some kind of condition. Yet, of course, when you look at this with the logic of the Christ mind, you see that it makes no sense whatsoever. For what ultimate condition could ever overcome the consciousness of conditions?

Do you not see, that the more you apply yourself to fulfilling a particular condition, the more you actually reinforce the consciousness that is focused on and trapped in conditions? And therefore, you will never overcome the consciousness of conditions by fulfilling any condition whatsoever, not even what you have defined as the ultimate condition. And this is precisely the illusion, that people have been trapped by for so many years.

Look at the Soviet Union, look at the consciousness of communism, the attempt to create a system where everything is organized, so that everything lives up to certain predefined conditions. And then, they think that suddenly you will have some kind of utopian paradise on earth, where the economy will run perfectly, where the production will always be in line with demand, and where everything will go according to the latest five-year plan. And so, they cannot understand why this is not working, why the system is not producing the results that it was designed to produce, why there is not enough, why the shelves are empty in the stores—and the people do not have money to buy anything anyway.

There is no ultimate system

Why is it so, that the Soviet Union – with all of its outer physical power – cannot even sustain itself and its own people? The reason, of course, is this: You cannot create the ultimate system. The attempt to create the ultimate system has been the bane of many civilizations both in known history and beyond known history. This is a pattern, that I have seen and observed over and over and over again. Were you to go back in the records of Akasha and look at the past of this planet, you will see how this has happened over and over and over again. Take the example, where I was the leader of an advanced golden-age civilization, that was located in what is now the Sahara Desert. You have the story of how I realized that the consciousness of the people now had to be put to the ultimate test. Would they – instead of looking to me as a leader – would they find the Christ within themselves, or would they become open to a false leader who would then come in?

So, I did what the spiritual teachers have done throughout the ages: I brought the civilization as high as I could bring it, and then I withdrew. This is a pattern you see over and over again. The true teachers will always withdraw to give the students an opportunity to find the Christ, find the Light, find the creativity, find the Spirit within themselves. That particular civilization was taken to a much higher level than anything you see on earth today. Yet, still a critical mass of the inhabitants of that civilization were not ready and willing to become self-sufficient, and therefore they were open to a dark prince coming from the outside who came in and took power. And what did this dark prince attempt to do? He attempted to turn the civilization into the ultimate system.

What did the civilization have before? It did not have a system. It had the constant creative flow of the Spirit, that was constantly transcending itself and changing and therefore able to adapt to any condition, any problem that came up, and find a creative solution—instead of seeking to destroy problems by imposing a system that would shut out the unpredictable. For this is, indeed, the ultimate aim behind the system: to shut out any unpredictability. So that everything therefore can be foreseen and therefore the society can be run like a machine.

You know very well that Isaac Newton started a period in physics, where many scientists looked at the entire universe as a giant machine, as a giant clockwork, and where they believed, that everything was predefined by the initial conditions. And once the machine had been set in motion, if you knew the laws of the machines and the initial conditions, you would be able to predict everything that would happen in the future, because everything was set on a predefined track. Then, you know also – if you have studied physics – that with the advent of quantum physics, this mindset was finally challenged, although it has not been abandoned by a lot of the people in the world, even many in the scientific community.

Yet the essence of quantum physics is precisely, that nothing can be predicted with ultimate certainty. You can only predict probabilities; you cannot predict with certainty. And why can you not predict with certainty? Because everything depends on free will, and you cannot predict in advance what choice a being with free will can make. You can predict the probability that, given that this being had made these kind of choices in the past, it is likely that it will make these kind of choices in the future. But you cannot know for sure, because there is always the possibility that a being will surprise even itself and therefore make a choice it has never made before.

Duality as a closed circle

This, then, is the only way out of the closed circle that I started by describing. The closed circle of the duality consciousness will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and it will remain a self-fulfilling prophecy – an unresolvable enigma – until you come to the point, where you make a choice that you have not made before, where you do the unpredictable, where you beat the odds, where you beat the statistics. And suddenly you say: “Is there a different way to look at this? Is there a different way to do this?”

And that is when you reach up for the direction from your higher being, from the ascended masters, from a true teacher—whether in embodiment or not. That is when your mind is open to the true teacher who will give you, not a direction of what to do but will give you a frame of reference, that there is a reality outside the mental box of the duality consciousness or outside the system in which you have grown up. And therefore, you can make different choices.

Do you see, as Kuan Yin attempted to explain, that what was attempted in the Soviet Union was indeed to destroy the potential, that someone would make this kind of unpredictable choice, this kind of creative choice. The fallen beings behind the creation of communism, especially Soviet communism, wanted to destroy individuality and creativity, so that nothing could overthrow and overturn the system, so that the system, like a machine, would keep grinding away into the distant future. They attempted to create a system that was immortal, just as individuals attempt to make their egos immortal.

This was an attempt to do on earth what only God can do. For only God can make things permanent, and yet, that permanence cannot be manifest in the material realm, in the world of form, but only in the world beyond the material, in the ascended realm. And yet, even then things are not permanent, for they are constantly ascending, transcending themselves.

The dream of the fallen beings

So you see, the attempt to create something permanent on earth is the ultimate dream of the fallen beings. For they think that if they could manage to create this system that could not be overthrown – but would keep sustaining itself – then they would have created, they think, a viable alternative to God’s creation. This is their logic. It is, of course, not the Christ logic, for in the Christ logic you know that nothing in the world of form can be permanent. Nevertheless, this is what they believe in their duality consciousness, in their sense of separation from the reality of God, but they cannot fathom the reality that even God is transcending itself. And therefore, they think that God is permanent. And they think that it is possible to create something in this world that is permanent, because they think that they have created a permanent graven image of God that can be maintained.

So then, what is the deeper reality? How do you break out of this closed system of the separate self? How do you become free? Well, only by realizing, that you are a formless being—and therefore you cannot be trapped in, cannot be limited by, any form whatsoever. For you are more than any form in this world, and therefore, you cannot be bound by any form. And therefore, no matter that you have grown up in a repressive system, such as Soviet communism – that has hammered into your mind and being that you are nothing but a material being, that you have come from dust, that you will return to dust – no matter all of this propaganda, all of this brainwashing, nevertheless, you are the Conscious You. And you can at any moment leave behind that limited sense of identity, for you have not become that identity. You have only projected your being into it, so that you look at the world through the filter of that identity.

But when you realize, that you have only projected yourself into it, then you realize you can also withdraw your being from it, and therefore return to that pure awareness, that pure state of consciousness that you are, that is beyond any form. And when you realize, when you re-align your attention, your focus with that formless reality, that formless pure consciousness, then you are free of that form, that form-based sense of self. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you are one with freedom.

Become a representative of Freedom’s Flame

And thus, I wish to discourse with you about the possibility, that you can become a representative, an example, of the Freedom Flame on earth, that you might bring into society the Freedom Flame. So that you can give people a frame of reference, that they may see and experience that it is possible for a human being to be truly free, while still expressing itself through a physical body.

For you realize, of course, that the physical body is not the same as a separate sense of identity. It is possible to be in a physical body – or rather to express yourself through a physical body – without being blinded by the illusion of duality and separation. This is what Jesus demonstrated, this is what Gautama and other spiritual teachers have demonstrated, including myself when I was given the dispensation of appearing as the Wonderman of Europe, where I took on the physical body but was not strictly speaking in physical embodiment.

So, this is then one of the ultimate forms of service you can give on this planet, that is, to withdraw your sense of identity from the dualistic identity, the separate self, to first come to the point, where you know you are the formless self. Where, as Serapis Bey spoke about, you have no opinions, you have no need to project anything, you are not evaluating things in terms of good or bad, right or wrong. You are simply experiencing things as they are without any judgment, without any analysis, without any evaluation. You are just observing and focusing your consciousness. Yet, you can then take the next step. You can take the step of becoming one with one of the flames of God, be it the Flame of Freedom or another flame, as is your individual choice, and according to your I Am Presence and the lineage out of which you have come.

So you see, my beloved, I, Saint Germain, do not desire to come back into physical embodiment, or even to take on a physical body. For I desire YOU to be the embodiments of the Freedom Flame that I AM—those of you who feel this calling. And thus, this is indeed my thrust: to help you awaken to the reality, that when you know you are a conscious self that is beyond form, you can then project yourself into the Freedom Flame that I AM. You can become one with that Freedom Flame to the point, where you become that Freedom Flame in embodiment. And therefore, in a very real sense you become Saint Germain in embodiment, although you still retain your individuality, but you are an extension of myself in embodiment. And that is when you become the ultimate example of freedom to the people on earth.

Anchoring the Freedom Flame in Saint Petersburg

And I give this dictation precisely here in Russia because I come with a gift to the Russian people and the Russian nation and those who are part of the former Soviet Union. I, Saint Germain, have been given the dispensation to anchor a portion of the Freedom Flame here in the city of Saint Petersburg. It is not anchored in a particular physical location, so you do not need to go out and look for the place where the Freedom Flame is anchored. You need to instead tune in to it in your heart, for of course the Freedom Flame is beyond form and cannot be confined to a particular physical location; not even a temple built in its honor can confine it.

So you see, you then have the opportunity, you who are part of the former Soviet Union, you have the opportunity to tune in to this Freedom Flame, to embody it, to a larger or smaller degree as you are able right now, and therefore to bring that Freedom Flame with you wherever you go. So that you can give the people who have been oppressed by Soviet communism an example of someone who dares to be free. Of course, for you to embody that Freedom Flame, you must do what other masters have said before me. You must take a look at yourself, you must take a look at the structures in your mind. And then you must use the cosmic wrecking ball to shatter those structures, so that you can be free of the structures—for only then can you be Freedom in embodiment.

How did I become one with the Flame of Freedom? By systematically looking at the structures in my mind, seeing how they imprisoned my Spirit in a form, that I thought I could not go beyond. And then, when I noticed such a structure, I would look at it with absolute honesty and determination, until I understood the belief that made me create that structure and that made me maintain it—thinking it was somehow permanent, inevitable, had power over me or that I needed it for some reason or another.

You need no structure

You are a god-free being. The Conscious You is a god-free being. You need no structure. You do not need a structure in order to define your identity, for you have the ability to project yourself up to the I Am Presence and know your divine identity, your divine individuality. Neither do you have need of a structure in order to express yourself in the material world. For again, you can do what Jesus described in the Basilica of Saint Peter’s: you can be in tune with the I AM Presence and allow the I Am Presence to express itself through you without knowing ahead of time what will be done.

It is only the ego that forms the structure of what you should do or what you should not do. It is only the ego, that makes you feel the need to follow some outer religious teaching, whereby you can say, that if I do what this religion says, or if I do what this ascended master teaching says, then I am always good, then I am always right. And then, one day God will simply have to accept me into heaven, even though I have not only maintained the structures I had before I found the path, I have actually built this elaborate structure of how good and spiritual I am and how much I know, and how much I understand about the spiritual path, and how I can recite this or that teaching endlessly without seeing that the Spirit is not in the teaching, the Spirit is beyond the teaching.

A golden-age vision for Russia

What then, is my golden-age vision for Russia? Well, it is indeed that Russia becomes a land of freedom, a land of creative freedom, a land of creative expression. This is what you saw in the early days and decades of this city, where it was founded on a greater vision. It was founded on creative freedom, although at the time it was creative freedom only for the few, for the leaders of society. But what I envision for the Golden Age in Russia is, that there will be creative freedom for the many. Certainly not for everyone, but that a very large percentage of the population will feel that creative freedom flowing through them. And therefore, Russia will be a center of culture, art, music, but also of innovation in many areas of life.

What you have seen in the Soviet Union was that Russia became an industrial power, but it did so in a mechanized way by reducing people to a kind of machine, that could run other machines and therefore produce certain goods in a certain way, mostly military hardware, that could be used to project the military power of the Soviet Union. But what you have the potential for manifesting in Russia is a new approach to industry, that is not mechanized but based on greater creativity and creative expression.

What I also see for Russia is that Russia will be concentrated in the western part of the current empire, West of the Ural Mountains, whereas the lands East of the mountains will become separate republics. And then I see this western part of Russia, the core of Russia, become more open to the world and especially to Europe. So that it will eventually merge into not only the European Nation, the European Union, but the European unified whole, that I envision as part of the Golden Age. Where, as I have spoken about in Europe, there will be a dissolution, gradually, of nation states and a greater union will begin to emerge. This, of course, will take time. We are not talking years but decades, nevertheless it is the Golden Age vision that I hold.

For you see, what is the heart of Russia? Is it a territory? Is it a country? Or is it a certain state of consciousness? If you go to the very core of what has become the nation of Russia, you find a consciousness, that is not really the consciousness of Russia but the consciousness of a certain mandala of spiritual beings that has been focused over this area but not limited to it. This, of course, is the same with many other nations, and so what can truly help dissolve the nation states is that people begin to tune in to that greater spiritual consciousness out of which they are extensions. And then they see, that it is meaningless to be limited by national borders that are often artificially drawn on a map, drawn with ink the color of blood.

And when you begin to tune in to that greater consciousness, that is when the love of the Spirit will flow like healing waters, that will begin to dissolve the lines on the map. The ink will start running and spreading out until it is no longer a firm line, but there are openings and eventually they all start blending together. So that what used to be nation states now see how they can have much greater advantage by cooperating beyond their borders, cooperating first in regions an then gradually expanding those regions to encompass eventually the entire planet, where humankind realizes that it is one big family, so to speak, but a spiritual family tied together by the Spirit and not by blood relations.

This then, is part of the vision I hold, but my entire vision will not be revealed through this messenger or any other single person, whether it be a messenger from outside of Russia, or inside of Russia. It will be revealed through many different people, some of whom have even never heard the name Saint Germain but nevertheless have tuned in to the Freedom Flame. But there is certainly a potential, that those who are the spiritual people and who are willing to tune in to my Freedom Flame and embody that Freedom Flame, can indeed become the open doors for the revelation of greater and greater detail about the golden-age plan for Russia.

This is something that will happen gradually, for you must also understand, that even though I have in my retreat a detailed plan for Russia, I cannot reveal that plan in its entirety right now, for there is not a single one among you who will be able to grasp the fullness of it at your current level of spiritual enfoldment, vision and imagination. Therefore, the plan must be revealed in stages, not only as you are ready as the spiritual people, but also as the Russian people, or at least the top ten percent of them, are ready to receive this plan and actually accept it as a possibility rather than some unrealistic utopia.

Progressive revelation

For you see, if you give people more than they can currently imagine and accept, they will often go into a state of rejection, and that rejection can then block their minds for a long time to higher ideas. Therefore, it is necessary to reveal only what the people can accept at their current level of consciousness. And then, when they have raised that level of consciousness, you can reveal more.

This, of course, is the entire principle behind progressive revelation. For as Jesus said 2,000 years ago: “I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now.” Thus, you see, even among spiritual students there can be a tendency to believe, that a particular organization has brought forth some ultimate revelation, that will stand as the main religion or the main teaching for the entire Age of Aquarius.

My beloved, will you please realize, that this is indeed the reasoning of the ego, the desire of the ego to set itself up in a superior position because it is following an ascended master teaching. And thus, please realize that certain things can be said precisely to magnify the spiritual pride in the students—that they might have a chance to see it. And I can tell you that many did see it, for they noticed that when they heard or read such statements made in dictations, they felt the pride that was stimulated in themselves by those statements. And therefore, they came to see the pride, and they came to separate themselves from it.

These are the wise ones, the wise ones who look beyond the outer teaching and the outer word, and who realize, that we are never trying to make an absolute statement, for absolute statements cannot be made by words. Absolute images cannot be given in form. The absolute is found only by going beyond teachings, beyond images, beyond the structures in the mind, for only the formless is absolute. This was explained by Kuan Yin, and I encourage you to not only read and listen to this once, but to listen to it over and over again, until her words and the vibration embodied in those words have gone through all of the levels, all of the rungs, all of the steps on the staircase in your consciousness. And until they reach down to that very core belief you have, that makes you believe that form has power over your Spirit.

The core belief that imprisons you

And therefore, it is this core belief that keeps you from being free, for you think you cannot – that you have no right to – just project your conscious self away from that limited self. Do you understand, my beloved, what I am trying to tell you? The forces of this world are trying to make you believe that form, that matter, has power over Spirit and that this power is permanent or at least extends beyond your current lifetime. And therefore, you cannot be free in this lifetime, you cannot be the Christ in this lifetime. It is something that is out there in the future, possibly after you ascend.

Do you see that even an ascended master teaching, that talks about the possibility of the ascension and personal Christhood, can be used to create the mindset, that we only have to continue to give Violet Flame and give decree services for the rest of this lifetime, and then after we leave the earth, then we will ascend, then we will manifest Christhood. My beloved, what good will it do the ascended masters and mankind that you attain Christhood after you ascend? We have no use for Christed beings in heaven, for we have plenty of them already. We have use for Christed beings on earth, where you can provide people that frame of reference, that is the only way that they can begin to see that there is something beyond the duality consciousness.

Do you understand that being the Christ is not actually the same as being an ascended master? Ascending means you leave earth behind permanently. Being the Christ means that you stay in embodiment and you go out in society to demonstrate Christhood. You go out and give people whatever they need, be it a cup of cold water in Christ’s name or a higher teaching. But whatever you give them, you demonstrate by your vibration, that there is something beyond duality and that that something can be embodied by a human being, can be embodied and expressed through the human form. And therefore, it is possible to bring the kingdom of God to earth, to bring the Golden Age into manifestation.

What would be the point in bringing the Golden Age into manifestation in heaven, where everything is golden already? So what would be the point of getting all spiritual people to ascend, and then the earth is left in some lower state? Then the earth would self-destruct. That is not the plan of the Elohim, that is not why the Elohim focused their attention for many, many cycles in order to create the physical platform of this earth. They wanted to see not so much the earth ascend but the inhabitants of earth ascend in consciousness, so that the kingdom of God would be manifest on earth, not in heaven.

The plot to suppress spirituality

For when the kingdom of God is manifest on earth, then earth becomes a magnet, that pulls up the entire sphere to a higher level, instead of being a dead weight that pulls it down, as it has been for some time. So you see, it is indeed a deliberate plot of the fallen beings and the false teachers. They know that there are certain people they cannot prevent from discovering the spiritual path. When you look at the Soviet Union, when you look at many of the initiatives in the West, such as materialism, you see how they have attempted to create these systems and structures that suppress spirituality. But they know they cannot work for all people, so what do they attempt to do? They attempt to create a diversion, so that those who are spiritual or religious think that salvation only comes after life on earth.

And what does this do? It leaves the earth in the control of the fallen beings, for there are none who attain Christhood, whereby they can challenge the fallen beings right here on earth. And then, of course, the earth will not progress. It will go in a downward spiral, and the second law of thermodynamics will cause it to self-destruct. This is not our plan. This is not why I have vowed to stay with earth for the next 2,000 Years. I am the God of Freedom. There are many things I could do in this universe other than staying with this little planet.

Not that there is anything particularly wrong or unattractive about this planet. It has its charms. Nevertheless, when you consider the entire vastness of the spiritual realm, even the vastness of the physical universe, where there are many other planets that need raising, there are many other things I could do with my attention for the next 2,000 Years. So I have, of course, no desire to see, that the Age of Aquarius becomes an age, where a few people from earth ascend but the rest go into a downward spiral, and the entire planet self-destructs. I have no particular desire, after the end of the Age of Aquarius, to come to the Cosmic Counsels and they ask me: “So Saint Germain, how did things go on earth?” And I can only say, “Well, a few dozen people ascended but the earth destructed in a fiery spiral.”

This is not my vision of the end of the Aquarian Age. My vision is, of course, that the earth is raised up to a much higher level. This will still mean, that many more people will ascend, but it also means, that there will be enough people in embodiment with a high enough level of Christhood to raise up the entire planet, and those who are not willing to be raised up, they will then have to go elsewhere. And therefore the entire planet can shift into a higher orbit, into a higher level.

This is my plan. This is my vision, and for that to happen, it will take that some of you will realize the reality, that you do have the right to walk away from the separate self, to walk away from the structures you have built in your society, in your families, in your relationships, in your jobs or whatever you have that is holding you in a certain matrix. I am not thereby saying you now have to go out and leave these structures. What I am saying is that you have the right to transcend the consciousness with which you have engaged in these structures up until this point. You have a right to transcend the self-image that has kept you feeling like you were trapped in these structures.

I am not particularly saying you have to leave the structures behind, although in some cases that will be the case. Nevertheless, there are many of you who can stay in a certain structure, but stay there with a new state of consciousness and thereby bring the light into that structure—so that other people might actually see, that there is an alternative to the structure and the consciousness behind it. But you must come to the realization – if you are to fulfill this role – you must come to the realization, that the structure, the form, has no power over you, because you are a formless Spirit.

Form has no power over Spirit

As long as you deny or refuse to experience pure consciousness, you will believe that form has power over your Spirit. This is the oldest illusion on earth—the oldest illusion. Do you see what is actually happening? You were sent into the world of form, into the material universe as a co-creator. You started co-creating, which was perfectly acceptable. You co-created based on the state of consciousness you had. But what you co-created was a structure that reflected that state of consciousness. But then, instead of transcending that state of consciousness – transcending the structure, letting the structure crumble – you became attached to the structure. And now the structure started owning you. It started exercising power over you, for you felt you could not just leave it behind and see it all crumble, as if it had been for nothing.

This is the idea of letting things die, of surrendering things. Do you understand? The purpose of co-creation is not to create a particular structure and to then maintain it. The purpose is to expand your consciousness, and you can expand your consciousness even by creating a limited structure and then honestly seeing how limited the structure is, learning from that, and then transcending the level of consciousness that created that limited structure. And then, once you have transcended that state of consciousness, what is the point in maintaining the limited structure?

You cannot perfect it, you cannot build onto it. This is the dream behind the Tower of Babel. We will build a tower that will reach into heaven. It cannot be done, for heaven is not a physical location. The only way is to let the structure crumble and then build a new structure from your higher state of consciousness. And then, when you see how that structure works, you transcend that level of consciousness. Now you let that structure crumble, and then you are reborn into a higher sense of self. And this is how you keep building: Letting it crumble, transcending, building again, letting it crumble, transcending, building again. Until you come to the point, where you create a structure, that is not truly a structure for it is so transparent – it is so in alignment with the Laws of God and with the River of Life – that it does not hold your Spirit. It is actually just a vehicle for the expression of the Spirit, and so it will never hide the Spirit.

For do you see, that the structures that are created out of a limited state of consciousness, have density, and therefore hide the Spirit? Look at the physical forms you see here on earth. Can you look at a building, as the one across the street that is all crumbled, and see God behind that structure? No, because it hides the Spirit. But it is possible to create structures that are so transparent, that they do not hide, they reflect the Spirit. And therefore, they make the Spirit visible to others.

How your influence multiplies

This is the way structures are in the Golden Age. In a truly Golden Age there are no structures that hide Spirit; they all reflect, multiply, make visible that, clearly, this is an expression of Spirit. This is what Jesus told to his disciples; to not hide their light but to go out and express it, so that people could see that this could not be a normal human being who was the open door for this kind of expression. This could only be an expression coming from the Spirit through a human being. And that is, then, how people are awakened to a higher potential, the true potential of the human being transcending the human, becoming a Christed being. A being who is free to be the Spirit and to express the spirit in manifestation, instead of having all these conditions that limit the expression of Spirit.

This is what Jesus attempted to show by performing his miracles, by refusing to be held up by rules and traditions, such as the Sabbath and doctrines and dogmas. This is what you can all demonstrate. Here in Russia, look at how many people have not transcended, as Kuan Yin said, the communist consciousness, the communists mindset, making them think they are so limited. Look at how many people have accepted that living in a small, cramped, dilapidated apartment in a concrete apartment building is their lot in life. And they think this is how they will live for the rest of their lives, and they have somehow accepted this. For they think that in their lifetime society could not change so much, that they could have a better existence.

Demonstrate to them that they are not limited by these outer conditions. Not necessarily by you becoming millionaires, but by you becoming millionaires of the Spirit who show them, that your Spirit is not limited by these physical conditions. This is the service you can give. Even though you are few – and you often look at the fact that you are only few, and how can you have an impact on society – but I tell you, that by demonstrating these things in any way you can, your influence can start spreading like rings in the water.

And you will be surprised – when you look back at the end of this lifetime – how many people you have actually influenced by just being the example. For you may see only one person you influence, but that person will carry part of your vibration, part of your Freedom Flame, and that person will meet three others. And they will carry a portion of that flame, and they will each meet five others—and suddenly it spreads exponentially. But you see, someone had to start or the upward spiral could never have taken off, it could never have started accelerating.

Someone must begin, someone must take the first step. Someone must dare to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate, that there is a higher potential. It is possible to let your imagination soar beyond the limitations, that have trapped most people in your society. Look at some of the states that were part of the Soviet Union, who are now not under the Soviet Union, yet they still have some totalitarian form of leadership with presidents that were not truly elected. This is because after being under the Soviet Union for so long, the people could not envision a more enlightened form of leadership. But it will not take that much to make at least some people imagine a higher form of leadership, a higher form of society. And once that starts spreading as rings in the water in the collective consciousness, you will be surprised at the changes that can start occurring in a society.

For as we have attempted to explain to you, everything is a creation of consciousness. And when you change the consciousness, the outer conditions WILL change. It cannot be any other way. This is, of course, again one of the things, that the fallen beings and the false teachers are doing all they can to prevent you from accepting. They do not want you to truly believe, that if you change your consciousness, and help others change their consciousness, then your society will change. They want you to think, that the only way to bring change is to engage in the dualistic struggle. They are even willing to have you struggle against themselves in order to keep you and others in duality.

Killing Christhood

For some of these false teachers do indeed understand, that if enough people raised themselves beyond duality, then their power over that society would quickly come to an end. That is why they are so anxious to destroy the potential for people manifesting their Christhood. That is why King Herod killed all the male babies to kill the one Christ. That is why the Catholic Church have done everything they could to kill Jesus’ example. That is why the communist system did everything they could to kill individuality, so that no Christed being could rise and challenge them.

Dare to be the Christed beings. Dare to envision, imagine and accept that you can manifest a high degree of Christhood in this lifetime. It is not an impossible goal for those of you who have gone through the initiations in Christhood that you have experienced. For many of you have experienced throughout your lives these Christhood initiations. Do not deny your attainment. I am not talking about being unrealistic, for many of you are able – if you are willing – to look at the difference between the pride of the ego and a realistic self-assessment. For do you understand that if you deny the attainment you have at inner levels – because your outer mind cannot accept it – then you are denying your Christhood. And that is not what will help me manifest the Golden Age.

I need those who are not jumping the gun and thinking they have Christhood before they have seen the ego. I am looking for those who will have a realistic assessment of their attainment and who will not deny it. I am not saying you have to go out and proclaim to the world: “I Am the Christ.” I am just saying you need to acknowledge it in yourself, so you are not afraid to express that Christhood in whatever situations you encounter.

And so, in ending this discourse, I simply ask you to remember in the days, weeks and months and years ahead that I have anchored a portion of the Freedom Flame here in the city of Saint Petersburg. Tune in to that flame wherever you are. Feel how it streams from this focus into your own being and chakras and then out to your local area. Make yourselves electrodes of that Freedom Flame wherever you are, and then feel that oneness with me, that oneness with my Being, with my Flame of Freedom. For the more one you dare to feel with me, the more you can be the open door, the more I can step through the veil through you.

So again, do not accept these beliefs of the false teachers that form can prevent you from being one with the God of Freedom, or that you have to wait until after you ascend to attain oneness with me. Dare to recognize, that you have the potential to be one with me right now while you are in embodiment. Then focus on building and expanding that sense of oneness, until you are able and willing to face me openly and fully, to look me straight in the eye and say: “Saint Germain, I want to be one with you, I want to be free, I want to be Freedom in embodiment, and there is nothing in myself, that I am not willing to look at in order to attain that oneness.”

That is when I will indeed begin to help you in an accelerated way, and that is when you will begin to see changes appear in your being, until you look back at yourself and realize just how much freer you are than what you used to be. Dare to imagine yourself as one with the God of Freedom. Dare to imagine, until your imagination begins to become acceptance, and that acceptance then leads to oneness. Imagination, acceptance, oneness. That is the new higher formula for alchemy, that I wish to release for the Golden Age. And thus, my release is complete. I thank you for your attention, for your Being, for your openness to the Flame of Freedom, and I bid you a very fond, a very loving and a very joyous adieu.


Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels