Consuming the records of torture from Soviet times

TOPICS: The initial stages of the path – The stage of embodying a spiritual flame – Questioning the thoughtform of separation – Seeing purity behind every form – Torture is a perversion of purity – Those who must steal energy from others – More subtle forms of torture – Torture upholding the Soviet system – The Cuban Missile Crisis and nuclear war – Torturing people to get information – The turning point for the Soviet Union – Some people see Russians as lacking humanity – Look for the humanity of all –

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Ascended Master Astrea, June 14, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I also AM Purity and Purity I AM. I am the Elohim Astrea with my consort Purity. We hold the Flame of Purity for the earth from our retreat, situated near Arkhangelsk in Russia. Why there, you might ask? Why not there? This retreat has been there for a very long time, even before there was a nation of Russia or most of the other nations you know today.

The exact reason for the placement of the retreat there has to do with a very complex geometry of the earth that cannot even be seen on the physical, but begins in the etheric realm. There are patterns, matrixes, that encircle the earth in geometric shapes that are very complex, that are interlocked, that turn all in a very complicated dance, a very complicated pattern. These patterns form certain points where, even though there is movements in the pattern, there are certain points that are focal points that actually stand still.

The initial stages of the path

We have told you that the Fourth Ray, the flame, is the Flame of Purity. We have recently given you another aspect of seeing the Fourth Ray as the Flame of Acceleration. Now I am asking you to go even higher and realize that the backdrop for acceleration is stillness. If there was no stillness, there could be no movement, there could be no change, there could be no passage of time. This has to do with my message today, for my message is to give you a greater understanding of what it takes to not only invoke the Flame of Purity, but to begin to embody it.

You do not embody a spiritual flame by using the outer mind, the human mind, because the outer mind is designed to deal with life on earth. Life on earth is all focused on movement, change, doing something. When you first come to the spiritual path, when you hear about the teachings of the ascended masters, it is natural, it is inevitable, that in the beginning you will focus on taking an action: using decrees, invocations, invoking the light, calling forth the intercession of the ascended masters. This is perfectly in order, this is perfectly natural.

There is indeed a period, where you all need to focus on this. When you first come to the path, you have only started to glimpse that there is something more, that there is something beyond the mass consciousness and the illusions of the mass consciousness, in which you grew up and which, as other masters have said, you have come to take for granted so that you do not even see them or question them. You cannot question them because you have never seen anything else or you have no foundation for asking whether this is the only way to look at life.

In order to break free of this mass consciousness that is pulling you down, you need to go through a period where you very vigorously use our decrees and invocations to invoke light. You purify your energy field so that there are no more the accumulations of energies in your personal energy field that the energies in the mass consciousness can pull upon and use to pull you down.

That is why you need to come to that point where you see that you are impure, that you have impurities in your being. One of the ways you see this is that you encounter the light of the ascended masters. You experience our vibration as being so much higher that you realize that what you see around you, and even what you see within your own energy field, is lower that what is coming from us. You realize that you are impure, but you have the potential to become pure. You become pure by invoking the light and feeling how the light purifies your energy field, raises your entire vibration, raises your consciousness. Therefore, you come to that point where you recognize, realize and acknowledge consciously: “I can be pure! I have grown, I have made progress on the Path, I have accelerated myself beyond where I was a year or 10 years or more ago.”

The stage of embodying a spiritual flame

When you come to that conscious recognition where you look back at your past and say: “Yes, I have truly accelerated myself beyond where I was when I first consciously found the path” that is when you have an opportunity that many students have not acknowledged, have not understood and therefore had not taken advantage of. You now have an opportunity to say: “What is the next step, now, that I have accelerated myself beyond my former state and somewhat beyond the mass consciousness? What is the next step? Do I really continue to invoke spiritual light for the rest of my life, or is there more, is there higher level of service?”

A higher level of service is that you embody a certain flame, one of the seven rays, perhaps even one of the secret rays. You embody that quality, not just invoking, for you understand – or at least you can come to understand – that when you invoke the light, your mind is still centered in the material realm around your body. You think you are sitting there with your book of decrees or invocations, you are directing your attention to an ascended master who is above you, and you are using the invocations and decrees to call the light from above to stream into the material world. Again, this is perfectly natural, this is all you can do at a certain level of the path.

There comes a point where you can step up to a higher level of service where you say: “Where is the light actually coming from? Is it coming from somewhere up in heaven, or is it coming from somewhere else? Is it really constructive for me, at my present level of spiritual growth, to continue to have my mind focused on this age-old model that we are here on earth, and God and heaven is geographically above us at some physical distance? And therefore we need to look up to the heavens and call forth light that descends from heaven.”

“Is it really constructive that as an ascended master student, I hold on to this age-old, outdated view of God and Spirit? Is it not possible for me to make a shift in consciousness where I begin to see, that although everything in a material world is movement, there is stillness behind the movement? Stillness is the backdrop for movement. Thus, instead of focusing my mind, instead of allowing my mind to be drawn into focusing on the movement, I can consciously make an effort or rather make a non-effort, to shift my focus to the stillness behind movement.”

Questioning the thoughtform of separation

When you do this, you realize that it is actually an impure thought model that heaven or Spirit or God is separated from earth. This is a thoughtform, projected by the fallen beings into the collective consciousness of humankind. It is one of the oldest thoughtforms that they brought with them when the fallen beings were first allowed to embody on earth. They have projected it ever since and they are projecting it today, although more and more people are awakening and beginning to question it.

It is time for you who are ascended master students, and who have been on the path for some time, to truly ponder this and realize that Spirit is not separated from matter, for matter can only exist because Spirit is the backdrop that allows matter to exist. Therefore, matter is not separated from Spirit, matter could never be separated from Spirit any more, than a wave could be separated from the ocean. Ponder this: “How could a wave be separated from the ocean?” It could not, for it is an expression of the ocean.

You then realize that even though we have given you a geographical location for our retreat – and there is a practical reason for this – but you realize that you can step up to a higher view and realize: “Purity is everywhere. The Spirit of Purity, the light of Purity is within everything, even the most impure form.”

That is when you can begin to step up from invoking the light from afar to first beginning to invoke the light from within yourself, within your heart, within the secret chamber of your heart, and within your base chakra. Then you can begin to embody the light to the point where you know it is everywhere in you, in your physical body, in the cells and atoms of the physical body, so that they can throw off all disease and imperfections.

Then, you can realize and acknowledge that the light is everywhere in your energy field and then you can begin to acknowledge that purity is also within all outer manifestations. You actually do not even anymore need to invoke a light that comes from afar and is directed into a certain manifestation that you see, whether it be ancient records or whatever it may be. Instead, you can focus on the condition. Then you can see purity within the condition and invoke it from within the condition itself, whereby it will have a much stronger, much more powerful effect for transmuting the condition.

Seeing purity behind every form

Do you see, my beloved: It is simply a shift in consciousness. It may not be so simple to do it, but it is possible for you to do it at a certain point on your path. Many of you are at that point where you can begin this shift. What is one of the major effects of making this shift? It is indeed that when you acknowledge and realize that purity is within everything, then you can suddenly look at anything and everything. As long as you are, your mind is trapped in a model of separation, you are susceptible to other projections of the fallen beings, namely that the forms you see in a material world have some permanence, have some reality, that they were perhaps created in a way that cannot be uncreated, that there is no light within certain forms.

At a certain point of the path it is necessary that you avoid the impurities and that you do not deliberately go into impure places. You are not yet sufficiently protected and cut free from the energies in your own energy field. Thus, if you go into an impure place, or even focus your attention on impure manifestations, you can be overwhelmed by the energies. When you come to the point I am talking about, you can begin to make the shift of seeing purity everywhere. Then, why would you be afraid to look at any manifestation on earth?

That is when you can begin to give the kind of service, that other masters have talked about, where you are not afraid to look at the past of Russia and the past of the Soviet Union. What would you be afraid of when you know that even the darkest manifestation on earth is only a surface appearance that has no reality? You see the light of purity shining through even the outer form, and you know that the light of purity can transform any condition, any form, any record in the emotional, the mental and the identity realms.

Torture is a perversion of purity

My beloved, having told you this, I need you to acknowledge that beyond what Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, and Master MORE, and Venus, and Uriel have described, there is a need for someone to look at another topic that most spiritual people would rather avoid. There is a need for people to do this on a world-wide basis. Thus, what I am saying here does apply to students of the ascended masters everywhere, but again I will focus on Russia because this is our focus for this conference.

There is a need to acknowledge that one of the most insidious perversions of purity is torture. You may think that the worst thing you could do to another human being is to kill that person. Yet, it is actually not the case. It is possible for people to die even a violent death and suffer very little trauma. Many people, who died from diseases, or in car accidents or natural disasters can die so quickly and unexpectedly that it creates very little trauma in the soul. Thus, they can quickly re-embody and they are not unduly burdened by this in future embodiments.

Yet torture is another matter because torture has the effect of creating divisions in the soul. Actually, it splits the soul, in many cases, into different fractions, ripping pieces of the energy body apart, scattering them in different places so that now the soul is deeply divided, fractured, wounded, open to any influence of dark forces.

What, then, is it that causes certain people, certain institutions, to perpetrate torture? Well, it is not really a physical condition. You can, if you take a materialistic approach, look at the history of torture, going back through different regimes in the modern age, though the Catholic Church and the Inquisition, and other civilizations. You can begin to ask yourself: “Why do people do this? What is the psychological explanation?”

You will never find a truly satisfactory explanation by looking at the material level alone. You can explain torture only when you incorporate the existence of fallen beings, of dark forces in the astral or emotional realm. Only then can you understand torture, for only then can you see that these forces, these beings, have by their own choices of abusing others, of violating the free will of others, cut themselves off from receiving the light of God from within themselves.

Those who must steal energy from others

This is the theme of this Conference: spiritual self-sufficiency. What does it mean that you are spiritually self-sufficient? It means that you acknowledge what I have said: Spirit is everywhere, therefore, also in you. Even though you need energy to function in the material world, you can receive that energy directly from within yourself. You do not need to take it from outside yourself, whether it be some God you envision in a statue or in heaven, or whether it be from other people. You have the potential to receive the energy from inside yourself, if you are willing to live up to certain simple requirements, such as the Golden Rule.

When you use your spiritual energy to violate the free will of others, that is when the stream of energy is reduced, as a grace for you so that you cannot make more karma. When you violate this principle, the stream of light from inside yourself will be reduced until there is nothing left to sustain you. That is when you become a being that can survive only by stealing spiritual light from others. Of course, there are myriad ways that beings in and out of embodiment steal light, energy from others. I will not here discourse on all of them, but I will focus on one of the most insidious, which is precisely torture.

When someone is tortured, there is a physical force, even a psychological force, that forces the light out of their chakras. This can be such a forceful release of light that it actually destroys the fabric of the chakras and the aura, the lower energy field. There are big holes where the light now continues to stream out and where darker forces can direct energy in to again overwhelm the person. This either causes that person to die or to be more traumatized, or to release energy through various patterns, such as anger. What happens to a soul that has been tortured and died is that the soul can be so fractured that when it comes back into embodiment, it has these very deep psychological wounds.

You can look at some of the wounded people on earth, and you can look at how they were brought up and you can ask yourself: “Can what they were exposed to in this lifetime really explain the trauma?” In most cases, it cannot. You must then look to the fact that these people have lived before, have been tortured or killed brutally in past lifetimes. And that is the explanation for their trauma and the only way that they can be healed.

I ask those of you who feel you are at that level to acknowledge that during the time of the Soviet Union torture was used widely, especially in the beginning, especially during the time of Stalin, where it was done in a systematic way. Therefore, you can acknowledge a simple fact: The Soviet Union was an empire built on killing and torture and therefore forcing the energy out of people’s chakras.

More subtle forms of torture

Beyond the actual physical act of killing and torture, where you physically torture someone’s body, there are, of course, more subtle forms of torture. There is an emotional form of torture, a mental form of torture and even a form of torture in the identity realm. In a sense, you can look at the world today and see how many people believe they are human beings separated from God. This is the most basic form of torture in the identity realm.

Then there are sophisticated and incredibly complex layers of mental torture. Lenin himself was a “master,” and I say this in quotation marks, of creating these mental forms of torture by writing words that twisted the intellect into knots. People could sit and think about this, feeling that somehow he must have made sense, but they cannot for the life of them make sense out of what he is saying. He was not trying to make sense, he was only trying to get people to twist their minds and thus release light at the intellectual and mental level.

Torture upholding the Soviet system

Then, of course there are emotional forms of torture. You, who have grown up in Russia, should familiarize yourself with a phenomenon called “Red Terror,” instituted by Stalin. These were specific units of secret police that would go around and randomly kill people for no reason whatsoever.

Do you see that when you have any form of totalitarian system, that system is based on strict rules? There are rules for what you are allowed to say and what you are not allowed to say. If you comply with that system, you should be safe, for you are doing exactly what the system tells you to do. Thus, the system should protect you from being killed or tortured. Yet this was not enough for Stalin, or rather for the dark forces behind him. They instituted these random killings where no one could really feel safe, even though they were complying with the system. This induced a form of emotional torture, namely a fear that you never knew what could happen. You could never truly feel safe.

You, who are here, will not have experience physically what previous generations have, and how the threat was hanging over Russia and the Soviet Union during the entire period. There came a point where the leaders after Stalin stepped down the killings. But they could do this only because the threat was still there, the fear was still there. There was still so much energy being released that the physical killings were no longer necessary in order to uphold the system. For the beast of the system would have to be fed by energy, or it would start to dwindle and collapse.

The Cuban Missile Crisis and nuclear war

There came a point when the Soviet Union actually faced a critical turning point. This came after Khrushchev. It came partly as a result of what in the West is called the Cuban missile crisis, where the leaders of the Soviet Union and the leaders of the United States looked into the abyss of nuclear war and on both sides there was enough common sense for them to step back from the abyss and say: “We will not go down this road, for we see that it leads to our mutual destruction.”

This is something you will never find in the official records, but I can assure you that there were leaders in the Soviet Union who wanted a nuclear confrontation, but there were others, that saw the madness of it. When they made that decision, my beloved, a subtle shift happened within the Soviet system itself. A subtle shift happened towards a greater acknowledgment of what we might call humanity.

The dark forces that can take over peoples’ minds have the effect that people forget about their own humanity and the humanity of others. They deny their humanity. That is why you can see people that are willing to follow an order to torture another human being.

Torturing people to get information

I am again talking world-wide. How can you get people to deliberately torture others and feel this is justified for some cause? The excuse is often that: “The victims must have information that we need to get out of them!” It is almost universally recognized that the information you get through torture is not reliable. There comes a point where people would say anything because they think it is the only way to get the torture to stop.

From a rational standpoint, this excuse is not valid. That is why, again, the only explanation is that the people who order the torture, the people, who commit the torture, their minds have been taken over by dark forces so that they blindly follow this without considering the humanity of the victims and the humanity of themselves. As Jesus has said: “Do onto others what you want others to do to you.” This truly means that what you do onto others, you have already done to yourself at subconscious levels. If you dehumanize others by torturing them or ordering the torture, you have already dehumanized yourself.

The turning point for the Soviet Union

This is what Lenin had done, Stalin had done, many of the leaders of that era. Even Khrushchev himself in his younger years was completely dedicated to continuing the system, even fulfilling his quota of killing a certain number of people, even asking for the quota to be raised. There came a point in the Cuban missile crisis where he and other leaders looked into the abyss of nuclear war, and they acknowledged the inhumanity and the insanity of it.

That was the turning point for the Soviet Union. That was essentially the point where the Soviet Union began the path towards a more human, humanitarian system. Of course, the people at that time did not realize this for the system had by that time gathered such momentum that it took those decades until, finally in the late 1980s and 1990s, other leaders began to see that the system had outlived its usefulness.

This is the true cause of the decline of the Soviet Union: the recognition of humanity, the humanity in all people. This is what will carry Russia beyond those remnants of the records of the Soviet Union that is still burdening the people: the acknowledgment of the humanity in all of you, in Russia and people in other parts of the world.

Some people see Russians as lacking humanity

Do you know, my beloved, that there are people in other parts of the world, who grew up knowing that the Soviet Union had plans to take over their nations with force, that they had nuclear rockets aimed at their nations? Can you not begin to envision that such people grew up, realizing that the Soviet Union did not acknowledge their humanity? This has caused many people both in the West, in other parts of the world, but most certainly in the former Soviet republics, to feel that the Russian people do not acknowledge their humanity. This has unfortunately – and I am not saying this is justified, but it is almost inevitable – this has caused these people to see the Russian people as having no humanity.

The only way out of this is, again, that the spiritual people acknowledge this and then see beyond it. They acknowledge the humanity in themselves, the humanity in the Russian people, and even acknowledge the humanity in the people who are still angry with Russia, who distrust Russians.

My beloved, if you had family members that were taken by the Russian secret police and tortured or starved or worked to death in concentration camps in Siberia, would it be so hard to understand that you would have a distrust of the Russian people? Thus, can you see that this distrust comes from the fact that you feel that the Russian people, those who represented the Soviet Union in your nation, did not respect your humanity?

You have come to the point where you cannot see the humanity in Russians today. Certainly, this is a lack of vision. I assure you that there are many people, both in former Soviet republics and outside in the West and other parts of the world, who do acknowledge, that the Russian people are like all other people and have the same humanity.

I am asking you to acknowledge that there are still many who experienced the physical atrocities and who still cannot see the humanity of Russians. Therefore, I am asking you as the spiritual people to step up to where you do not let the anger and the distrust of Russians cause you to build on to the spiral by you being deceived into denying the humanity in these other people.

Acknowledge their pain. Acknowledge that they have a reason to distrust what they see as Russians, but which are truly people. Acknowledge the universal humanity in them, even behind their anger and distrust. Then acknowledge the universal humanity in all people in Russia.

There are no lifestreams that are Russian, or American, or German, or Chinese. You are all spiritual lifestreams. It is only by recognizing this universal spiritual element of your beings that you will see a true sense of unity among human beings here in the material realm. You will never build unity even through the best of cooperation.

You may look at nations who have come together and forged alliances like the EU. You cannot through physical means alone create a lasting and a true alliance. It can only come by recognizing each others humanity and then even stepping up to recognizing that the humanity, as you call it, is an expression of spirituality. This is the true universal element in all Life. It is the purity behind the outer expressions in your nationalities, religions, physical bodies, ethnic groups. All of these outer divisions are not divisions when you see the purity within and behind them.

Look for the humanity of all

It is my teaching and my request, that the spiritual people in Russia dare to look, dare to look at the people outside Russia and see their humanity, no matter what they say, or think or feel about Russia. You are the ones, the spiritual people, who have the opportunity to step up. As we have said before, you decide the future of Russia. Will it be based on greater and greater humanity, or will it continue to be ruled by fear and suspicion, or the sense, that we, Russians, are different, that we are better, that we should somehow be beyond criticism, and that we should somehow not have to face up to our past, even though it is the only way to transcend that past.

See beyond this, for you are the spiritual people. I know you can do this! I know you can make this shift, and I know how much more free and pure you will feel when you make this shift. There is nothing in the history of Russia that you are afraid to look at, for you see beyond the manifestation. You see the purity that is the reality behind all.

Thus, I have spoken long and these words have been cups of light. I ask you to envision that the dragon described yesterday has his head over St. Petersburg but its nose turned towards Arkhangelsk where my retreat is. Thus, its big nostrils are facing my retreat, and now I am releasing a huge amount of the light of Purity directly into the nostrils of the dragon. It goes right to the heart of the Dragon over Moscow where it meets the light released by Master MORE yesterday. This meeting of the light forms an instant upward spiral of the white and the blue that instantly consumes a certain amount of the records of the centralized system that was led from Moscow—and it has indeed kept the entire nation in an iron grip for so many years.

Shatter! Shatter! Shatter! Shatter the matrix! Thus, it is done, it is manifest. I am grateful for your attention, for surely I have used the chakras of all you to bring forth this release. Thus, it is finished.


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