Anchoring a Flame of Willpower in Moscow

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, December 27, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was received while the messenger was flying just South of Moscow.

Archangel Michael I AM! And I come with Archeia Faith to take this opportunity, to use the fact that our messenger is flying close to Moscow, to anchor and reinforce a Flame of Light in this capital of Russia.

I have earlier anchored a Flame on the Red Square, which I take the opportunity to reinforce, but I also anchor a new flame, a Flame of Willpower, a Flame of Determination, that will empower the Russian people to take a stand and continue to take a stand for the establishment of a true and real democracy in this country of Russia.

For truly, many events in the world will hinge upon whether what you have seen started in Russia in the latest months, as the protests against the election, will indeed gain momentum and will become a tidal wave that cannot be stopped, neither by the former KGB or any other force in this former Soviet Union.

Thus, the flame that I anchor will indeed stir things up. And for a time, it may seem as if the Flame is actually making things more chaotic. And indeed, if you take the viewpoint of those who have been, or at least have thought they have been, in firm control of the Russian nation now for many years, then things will become increasingly chaotic.

And they will indeed feel as if the ground itself is shaking under their feet. For they will feel like they have no firm place to stand any more. For what they have been standing on has not been the rock of Christ, but has indeed been the house built on sand. And the sand is now beginning to move and shake, until there shall be no fortresses, no walls left wherein they can hide from the attention of the people.

For indeed, we shall see to it that that which can be exposed, will be exposed—in accordance with the people’s willingness to not just see what is happening but also to take responsibility for changing conditions. For indeed, is it not so in every nation – that has gone through a quantum leap from a totalitarian system to a more free system – that is has never been the established power elite that initiated the change. The change has always been initiated either by an aspiring power elite or by the people themselves.

And we, of course, are not looking for a new power elite to spring up and take control of Russia. We are looking for the people to finally rise up and decide, that they have had enough of being ruled by these rulers who are either from abroad or who are not of the people, by the people and for the people. And the only solution can be, then, that the people themselves rise up, decide to take responsibility, decide then to educate themselves and decide to enter the political process in all ways available to them—while at the same time demanding more opportunities to take command over their nation.

Thus, this is indeed the only way forward, if Russia is to become a true democracy—and not continue to be the pseudo-democracy that it has been since the fall – so-called – of the Soviet Union. And even the pseudo-democracy that it was claimed to be before, where even Stalin himself said that there was no nation, where people were more free than in the Soviet Union. What mockery of the Flame of Freedom that Saint Germain holds for this earth; what mockery indeed!

And My Flame of Will and Determination will not allow this mockery to continue. And thus, it must indeed be exposed, it must be judged according to the people’s willingness to take responsibility for their nation. And so it shall be!

We are indeed determined to offer all possible assistance from the ascended masters to the Russian people. For it is indeed more important for the world as a whole, that Russia becomes a true democracy than even seeing true democracy spring up in the Arab world.

For truly, Russia has an important role to play, but it cannot be outplayed in the current situation, where the people are not empowered and have not taken responsibility for their nation. For indeed, Russia’s role will not be fulfilled through the kind of power and brute military strength that you saw in the Soviet Union times. Neither it will be fulfilled through fear, through instigating fear in others or fear in the Russian people.

It can be fulfilled only through Freedom and Love. And thus, anything that is anti–love, anything that is anti–freedom will be judged and exposed by the flame that we anchor now in this capital of Moscow, right in the Red Square, that for so many years was the symbol for the very center of the Soviet Union and the world-wide communist empire.

Thus indeed, my purpose is fulfilled and without any further fanfare, I seal this release and this dictation. It is done!


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels