Entering the ascension spiral requires you to overcome the great projection game

TOPICS: Requirements for entering the ascension spiral – Everything is perception – The sense of aloneness – Self-centered leaders – Your perception is the cause in your life – Superiority in history – Question your perception or do not ascend – Consider how much you project – Overcoming the communist perception filter – Depersonalize your life – God is not affected by your perception – Creativity is the solution; not power –

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey, June 11, 2010 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Requirements for entering the ascension spiral

Serapis Bey I AM, and I come to discourse with you on some of the requirements for entering the ascension spiral, that have not been well known and well understood. Some of you are aware that I am called the “Hierarch of Luxor.” For in the etheric plane corresponding with the physical location of the temple at Luxor in Egypt, I am the head of the Ascension Retreat. This is the retreat where people come, when they are almost ready to enter the ascension spiral. Thus, this retreat is not for newcomers on the spiritual path, it is not for beginners, it is not for kindergarten students.

Yet, there is a peculiar phenomenon that takes place at my retreat. And it is that there are indeed many of the students who need to go through a period, that is almost like kindergarten. For when one sees how these students behave, one must wonder: “How did they ever graduate from kindergarten?” And this is a topic I wish to discourse on, for it is essential that those who are determined to enter the ascension spiral in this lifetime understand this concept.

When students come to the Ascension Retreat, they are put into small groups with other people with whom they have conflicting astrology, karma, personality. Yet, not all students are put into these kindergarten groups, for those who have already overcome a certain tendency, do not need to go through this initiation. So, who then are the students who are put into these groups? Well, they are the students who, although they have made progress on the spiritual path, have not yet clearly seen, understood or internalized one particular concept or necessity. And it is the necessity to overcome one of the more subtle games played by the ego, namely, the Great Projection Game, the game that causes you to project upon other people, or project upon the world, your own perception.

You see, it is entirely possible to be involved with spiritual teachings or spiritual organizations and to practice spiritual techniques for lifetimes and for decades in this lifetime. And although you make some progress, the big question is whether you come to the point of understanding the role that perception plays in your life. You see, the stark reality is that everything is perception.

Everything is perception

What is the purpose of life? It is to expand your self-awareness. How do you expand self-awareness? By starting out with a localized, tightly-focused self-awareness, where you see yourself as a localized, individualized being—and then you expand that sense of self. But how does this expansion occur? It occurs truly by you expanding your perception, so that instead of seeing yourself as a localized being, you see yourself – eventually – as an omnipresent being, where you may say, as one master said when he ascended, “I am everywhere in the consciousness of God.”

Yet for you to expand that sense of self, you must know that the limited sense of self has no ultimate reality. It is only in your perception that you are limited, that you are localized. And thus, the process of rising towards Godhood is a process of truly overcoming the perception of being localized, giving up the perception of being a localized self, merging into the omnipresent self out of which the localized self is an extension. Yet, what happens – and what few have understood – is that when you begin to identify with a separate self – as opposed to a localized self – then your perception takes on a role of giving you a sense of identity.

You might compare this to the example given yesterday: that when you see yourself as a localized self, a localized being, it is as if you are looking at the world through your physical eyes. You will notice that your physical eyes are focused in a particular location in space. As this messenger is standing in this particular location, his eyes are looking at the material world from this vantage point. You, who are sitting in the audience facing the opposite way, are looking at the world from your individual vantage points. But as long as you realize, that this is just one perspective and not the only possible or only true perspective, then you will not be fully identified with the localized view.

The Conscious You will know that it is simply looking at the material world through the binoculars of the physical body. Yet, when the Conscious You begins to identify itself as a separate being, then it forgets that it is simply looking through the perception of the body and the separate self. It now begins to feel completely convinced, that its perception is not just one among many possible vantage points. No, it is somehow the ultimate one; it is reality. What the perception shows you is real. And thus you begin to feel that your perception is superior to the perception of others.

The sense of aloneness

Yet, when you identify with the separate self, when you identify yourself as a separate being, there is an inevitable companion to that sense of self. And it is a very deep inner sense of aloneness. The separate self can be separate only by being set apart, being set apart from its source, being set apart from other people. And in that setting apart, there will inevitably be a sense of loneliness. This loneliness is the cosmic mirror’s, the universe’s, way of communicating that you have stepped into a separate self, that you have stepped away from oneness. Therefore it is, so to speak, a safety line, that – if you grasp it and are willing to look at it – you can use to actually climb back towards oneness. It is your lifeline, that you can follow back to your source.

Yet, many lifestreams decide, that they are not willing to look at the loneliness. They are not willing to acknowledge it, so they seek to cover it over by building a sense of superiority, a sense of being right. This is what was spoken about yesterday, that happened in that first sphere, where beings fell. Those that were mentioned as the ones who had set themselves up as leaders – and who had been allowed to have the experience of being leaders – those were indeed the ones who had refused to look at the loneliness and go into and through the loneliness—and who had sought to cover it over by establishing the sense of superiority. They were given the experience of being leaders for a time, that they might have an opportunity to experience being a leader, experience being superior, in the hope that they would have enough of that experience before their sphere was ready to ascend, before a critical mass of other lifestreams had chosen to go through the loneliness into oneness and thus had formed the magnet for their sphere ascending.

For, you see, you have a right to have any experience you want. You, as a separate being, have a right to have any experience you want. But you do not have the right to demand that all other beings in your sphere, on your planet, in your group, in your spiritual organization, in your family or in your relationship should follow you indefinitely into your experience. Yet, even though you do not have this right, can you see that those who build the sense of superiority come to believe, that they do have this right, they do have the right to demand and expect that other people will follow them and will continue to follow them—and thereby validate their choice to go into the never-ending quest of building and maintaining the sense of superiority?

Self-centered leaders

What you see from this is that in that distant sphere, you did indeed have a group of beings, who had been allowed to be in leadership positions and who had not been able to become the servants of all, but who were still the servants of the separate self. And they now had the perception, that they were superior to those beings who were below them and who were blindly following them. Yet, this perception was, of course, unreal. It was a mental prison, that kept these beings trapped in the sense of separation, which prevented them from ascending with the rest of their sphere. So, what to do to help such beings?

Well, it was determined that only the beings who had superiority had the chance of helping each other get over the superiority. You see, many of these beings had managed to isolate themselves from each other, so that they rarely met or rarely clashed. They were either separated or they had established a hierarchical order, where “if you do not challenge me, I do not challenge you,” and therefore they could co-exist in an uneasy peace that was not the true peace of oneness. It was a manufactured peace, an artificial peace, that was, of course, not peace at all.

And this is something you see on earth in many cases as well, among those who are part of the power elite and are not in open confrontation, because they have found some kind of equilibrium that prevents that confrontation. Yet, what was determined in that distant sphere was to break this artificial stalemate by forcing, so to speak, these beings to come together in a closed environment, where they could not run away from each other and therefore inevitably would clash. And in acting out their momentums of superiority and insensitivity to life – their momentums of seeking to force others into compliance – well, then instead of being able to force each other into compliance as they could do with those below them, they could perhaps awaken each other to the futility of continuing this game of projecting your perception upon other beings with free will—who therefore have a right to grow without being burdened by the projection of your perception of how they should live and how they should grow or not grow.

This, then, is a situation that has been enacted many times throughout the spheres, many times in this sphere on this planet. This is precisely the environment that is re-created at the Ascension Retreat. Those who have not yet overcome the projection game, those who have not yet realized, that their perception is what holds them back from entering the ascension spiral, they are put into groups. And what clashes is not truly the outer personality, nor their karma, nor their astrology. For their outer personality, their karma and their astrology are not the causes, they are the effects of the perception of these beings.

Your perception is the cause in your life

Do you understand? There is the old saying “Do not put the cart before the horse.” Do not confuse cause and effect, as many people do when you are in a limited perception. You think your astrology or your karma is the reason why you are behaving the way you are doing. But the reality is, that the reason why you are behaving the way you are behaving is your perception. And your perception is the result of the choices you made long ago to go into the separate self, to refuse to question why you felt lonely as a separate self—and that perhaps this loneliness was a sign, that there was something about the separate self you needed to question, namely why you perceive yourself as a separate self in the first place. The reality here is, that what has caused all human beings, all co-creators, all self-aware beings to go into a negative spiral is indeed perception. And the only way to break this spiral is to come to the point, where you are willing to question your perception.

Now, you may have heard that at the Ascension Retreat, these souls will stay in these groups until they have realized that harmony is more important than being right or feeling superior. This is not incorrect but it is not the full story. For what does it take for you to realize that harmony is more important than being right? It takes that you are willing to question your perception. For it is your perception that sets you apart from others, that seemingly creates this conflict and confrontation with others. Because you perceive their differences as a threat to the sense of equilibrium you have inside yourself, the sense of equilibrium that has enabled you to ignore your sense of loneliness, your sense that your separate self is superior and therefore even the sense that the loneliness is justified.

For as they say, “It is lonely at the top.” And surely the one that is ultimately superior to others has no peers and therefore must feel alone—so is the justification of the ego of those people who have allowed themselves to feel superior to others. When you feel superior, you cannot relate to other people on the same level. You can relate only when you feel superior to them and when they validate your sense of superiority. And therefore, those who will not validate that – because they know they are sons and daughters of God and therefore refuse to feel inferior to you – well, those people become a threat to you, so you have to ban them from your circle of influence so that you can maintain that fragile equilibrium of superiority.

Superiority in history

Do you see, my beloved – when you take an honest look at the history of this planet – do you see this pattern and how many times this pattern has been repeated in human society? Do you see that Adolph Hitler was an example of a person, who had this ultimate need of superiority? He was at the top. His authority could not be questioned. If anybody dared to question that authority, they would be dealt with, they would be imprisoned, they would be intimidated. If they would not be intimidated, they would be killed. There was no in-between. Dissent was not tolerated.

Do you see here in Russia, how this was precisely the mindset that ruled the Soviet Union? Dissent was not tolerated. Do you see that Joseph Stalin was another example of such a being, who needed to feel superior, to be ultimately in command—and therefore did not tolerate dissent. Those who would not submit, were killed by the millions. Do you see, if you go further back, that you have other examples in Russian history; Ivan the Terrible being one. And thus you see indeed, as was said yesterday, that Stalin, Lenin, Marx and Engels were fallen angels, so you see Ivan the Terrible likewise being a fallen angel, displaying all the characteristics of the fallen mindset that will kill, without even thinking, those who will not submit.

You see this pattern throughout history. You see it in the Catholic Church, most notably in the Inquisition, where indeed it was fallen angels who presided over the Inquisition and who – without thinking, without having second thoughts – would kill those who would not recant their so-called heretical beliefs. Do you see that this is the very mindset, that you can find behind every conflict, every dictatorial system that you see on earth. Again and again and again you see this mindset. You see how often two beings in this mindset would clash with each other, as you saw in the medieval kings of Europe, as you have seen in many other parts of the world.

But you have also seen the pattern where these fallen ones would recognize, that if they ultimately fought each other, it would lead to their mutual assured destruction. And thus, they established this sense of equilibrium amongst themselves, that you saw for instance at the Yalta Conference at the end of World War II, where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met to, so to speak, divide the world between them. Three fallen angels coming together, my beloved. Not the heroes that many people see them as being, but another example of the fallen angels having no sensitivity to life, no sensitivity to higher principles.

Thus, you see, what has been allowed to be outpictured in the world is indeed this consciousness, and how far this consciousness will go to destroy what it sees as a threat to its own superiority, to its own feeling of being right—and having not simply a perception but having this superior truth, this superior thought system. There is, as we have attempted to explain many times, no superior system. There is no superior truth that can be expressed in the words and images and concepts and philosophies found on this planet at its current level of cosmic unfoldment. It is simply not possible to bring forth a truth that is absolute, infallible or superior.

Question your perception or do not ascend

Thus, the bottom line here is this: you will not enter the ascension spiral as long as you are not willing to question your perception. For you see, what is the ascension? The ascension is a reunion with your real Self. Do you understand, my beloved, that the Conscious You has the ability to project itself anywhere it desires? This is a form of projection, where you project yourself into a particular state of consciousness or into a physical body, in order to see the world from that vantage point. This is legitimate projection. But what happens is, that when you then become identified with the perception of that limited vantage point, you create a false projection, where you now project that the perception from that limited vantage point is not limited but is somehow superior, absolute, all-encompassing.

So there are two aspects of projection. And when you begin to elevate the limited perception and project it onto the world, then you cannot at the same time realize, that your perception is the result of you, the Conscious You, projecting yourself into a limited state. And therefore, you cannot project yourself back to the unlimited state. When you are identified as a separate self, you can come to know the spiritual path, you can come to understand that you have a higher self, you can come to understand – theoretically and intellectually – that you need to ascend by re-uniting with that higher self. But you still see this as an exterior process, you still see this as a process that needs to happen according to your perception. You are still projecting an image upon your higher self. But do you see that you cannot re-unite with your higher self, as long as you maintain any graven image of your higher self? It cannot be done.

So what I am saying here is this: the ascension is a process whereby you overcome all perception and come to a point, where you are no longer perceiving reality. What do I mean? What have I been saying? When you project the conscious self into a limited vantage point, you see the world through the perception of that limited view. Perception is per definition limited to a specific vantage point. You cannot perceive unless you are perceiving through some instrument, be it your physical eyes or a binocular or some other instrument. You are perceiving through something. When you are not perceiving, it does not mean that you lose awareness, but now your awareness is omnipresent. It is not limited by a specific viewpoint. You are everywhere in the consciousness of God, instead of being in one place in the consciousness of God, seeing the world from there. Now, when you transcend perception, you experience through oneness, you have a spherical awareness, and thus you cannot see yourself as a separate self that is somehow merging with a higher self. You realize that you ARE the higher self, you always were the higher self. It was only your perception that made it seem like, you were separated from that self. It is all perception.

So do you then see why the souls who have not been willing to acknowledge the role of perception, who have not been willing to question their own perception – but who are still in the game of projecting that perception upon others, upon God, upon the world – well, they cannot enter the ascension spiral? And thus, they must enter the kindergarten class, as we call it at the Ascension Retreat. And they must stay there until they begin to question perception, until they come to the point of saying: “I no longer want to project my perception upon reality. I want to experience reality by becoming one with it. I do not want to perceive reality, I want to know by going into gnosis with reality, by being one with reality.”

But in order to go through that, you have to come to a point, where you consciously and deliberately decide, that you will stop projecting anything, any opinion, upon other people. You will stop judging, analyzing, feeling that you have to evaluate whether they are doing right or wrong according to your perception, which you have elevated to some ultimate system.

Consider how much you project

Look at yourselves honestly, for this is a measure I give you. This cannot be done in an instant but it can be done in a relatively short period of time. If you are willing, you can come to see how much you project upon other people, how much you project upon the world, how much you project upon God—and ultimately how much you project upon yourself. And when you see that everything you project limits you, because it prevents you from experiencing oneness, well, then you can very quickly come to the awareness where you simply, in an instant, see and experience the contrast between reality and the perceived “reality.”

You see, as was expressed in the Bible: “the vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” You see that everything that is perceived is vanity, for it is unreal, it is pointless, it is inconsequential, it makes no difference. For whatever you project upon the world, will not change the world; it will only change your perception of the world. As has already been said, the earth was still round when most people projected the image that it was flat. Your perception will not change reality, it will only change your perceived “reality.” And it is when you see this, that the scales can fall from your eyes, as happened to Saint Paul on the road to Damascus, when he finally acknowledged the Christ light.

This was not an outer experience, where Jesus appeared to him in some undeniable manifestation, for Jesus had appeared to Paul at inner levels many times. But it was an inner experience where Paul finally acknowledged the difference between his perception of Christians and the reality of what Jesus stood for. That was the encounter with reality, that made the scales fall from his eyes, the “scales” of perception, that had covered his eyes and prevented him from experiencing reality.

This can happen to anyone who is willing. It may not happen in one dramatic moment; most of you will experience it as a gradual process. Most of you have already experienced this in glimpses, in a more mild form. But by becoming aware of the process and the need to go beyond perception, you can accelerate your growth tremendously. You can experience a growth, that is far quicker than anything you have dreamt of so far.

Overcoming the communist perception filter

And this, of course, is especially important for the spiritual people in Russia. For if Russia is ever to rise into the ascension spiral that leads it to the Golden Age, then Russia must overcome the perception that was put upon the Russian people during the communist times, and is still being projected upon them from certain people, who have not let go of the belief that the perception seen through communism had some reality and some merit.

Do you see what has happened in Russia, which has happened also in other nations, but few places in a more obvious manner than in Russia? Do you see that you have an Alpha and Omega aspect, you have a misuse of the power of the Father, you have a misuse of the vision of the Mother? So the Alpha aspect is, as I explained, where Stalin was willing to kill anyone who had any form of dissent. But the Omega aspect was that the Russian people were divided amongst themselves. And how was this accomplished? It was accomplished through the activities of various secret services, that would spy and report upon the Russian people. So that the Russian people never felt they could speak freely, for they never knew if someone was listening who would report them to the authorities, so that they would then disappear to Siberia or wherever.

Do you see the perversion of the Father-Mother aspect, and how it worked to divide the Russian people amongst themselves, so that they could never come into Oneness and form a united front against their oppressors? This is what needs to be overcome. You need, as the spiritual people, to overcome this lack of trust, this doubt that Archangel Michael talked about. You need to lock in to the flame of Archangel Michael, that frame of reference that you can trust God and you can trust God in other people.

Trust no man, but trust God in every man and woman and child. But first of all, trust God in yourself, trust that God will take you to your rightful place. But then be willing to question your perception of what that rightful place should be. For there are many who have suffered under the Soviet Union but whose sufferings helped to bring forth the demise of that system. For of course, those who project and those who kill and abuse will only shorten their own time left, before they are judged and therefore can no longer remain in power or remain in embodiment.

There are many ways to give service. And when a nation and a people is under such a heavy cloud of the projection of a fallen ideology and mindset and mental box, well, then in many cases the only way to break the stalemate is to allow the authorities to abuse you, so that you make the evil more obvious. Until people finally can see this and can see, as was said yesterday, that the system is not sustainable—it will self-destruct unless it changes. So again, many who suffered under the Soviet Union in Russia and in surrounding nations, they gave a service to bring about the downfall of Soviet communism. Thus, be not attached to what happens on the outer.

Depersonalize your life

Yet I must also tell you, that in order to pass the initiation of being non-attached to the projections of other people, you need to come to the realization, that the ultimate way to have non-attachment is to depersonalize your life. Where you recognize that when other people project their negativity towards you, it is not truly you they hate, it is not you they are angry with. It is the light in you that they hate, and why do they hate it? Because the light provides them with a frame of reference that challenges their perception. For they know – they see, even at sub-conscious levels – that you are not trapped in their mental box and you are not submitting to their perception. And this challenges their perception, this stirs up their sense of loneliness. But if they will not recognize it as a lifeline, they will see it as a threat, and they will therefore seek to destroy what they now must project as being the cause of the threat, namely you.

For do you see that when you are in the projection game, you cannot take responsibility for yourself, you must project that it is someone else who is the cause of your misery, someone else who is the cause of what seems to threaten your society, or your position as a spiritual leader, or your relationships with other people? If you project out that it is other people or dark forces that are the cause of what is happening in your life, then you are demonstrating that you are not taking responsibility. And with not taking responsibility, I mean that you are not willing to acknowledge the reality, that everything in your life is a reflection coming back from the cosmic mirror of what you are projecting out. And what you are projecting out is a result of the way you look at life. It is the result of your perception of life.

Thus, for anything to change for the better, you must begin by questioning your perception. The cart cannot be put in front of the horse—if you want progress. If the cart is in front of the horse, then the horse will have to go backwards. This is the law of physics that you cannot change regardless of your perception and your projection. Thus, if you wish to make greater progress on the spiritual path, if you wish to enter the ascension spiral, stop projecting. Acknowledge when you are projecting. Look at yourself, look at the perception that causes you to feel you have to project out. And realize that the true goal is to come to the point, where you have transcended perception and therefore have no need to project.

Do you honestly believe, that Jesus Christ, when he walked the earth, projected through the human ego and the separate self? Do you believe, that when Gautama sat under the Bo tree and was tempted by the demons of Mara, do you believe that he was projecting images from the separate self onto those demons? For had Gautama projected such images, then the demons would have had something in him, that they could use to tempt him into a reaction. For you see, the projection is a reaction, the projection is an attachment. And as long as you react and have attachments to anything in this world, you cannot ascend, as was explained. You cannot walk through that door into the ascended state as long as you have any attachment on earth. And as long as you have an attachment, you will feel a need to project an image onto the world that justifies your attachment, that justifies why you do not have to give up that attachment. It cannot be any other way.

Do you understand that what I am giving you here is reality, a dose of reality? It is not something that can be debated or argued against. Those who are identified with their perception will see this as just a concept. They will argue against it. They might even argue that it is a false teaching because it contradicts this or that said elsewhere. But in their arguing against it, they only prove, that they are trapped in the projection game. And as long as you are trapped in the projection game, you must remain in the kindergarten classroom. And you will not go further into the Ascension Retreat no matter how advanced you think you are.

You see, my beloved, the first person who is deceived by your perception and your projection is you. You think it is real, and thus you think that you can project this upon Serapis Bey when you come to my retreat. And I am going to go into your bubble of perception and say: “Surely, you are an advanced being, come to the very heart of the Ascension Retreat.” But you see, it is not so. I have risen above the projection game, and because I have been willing to see it in myself, I can easily see it in anyone else.

There is nothing that can fool me into allowing you to go on in my retreat until I know you are ready to go on. You will not move into the retreat itself, until you have passed the initiations in the kindergarten classroom. You can sit there, my beloved, and feel advanced, but you are still like one of the students, that can barely feed themselves without messing up their clothes, and thus you will not command my respect. For I have respect for the real you, not the projected you that you have created.

God is not affected by your perception

The beginning of wisdom is when you recognize a simple fact. God does not look at the world through your perception. The ascended masters do not look at the world through your perception. Your I AM Presence does not look at the world through your perception. You will not change us, no matter what you project out. Therefore, your only option – if you will to make progress – is to change yourself. Seeking to change all other people will not change us. You might change every human being on earth and make them agree with you, but it will only mean, that all human beings on earth will remain outside the ascension spiral until they change their perception. You cannot force your way into heaven. It is not possible. I could say this a million more times. But I trust that I have said enough that some will understand.

Projection is the bane of the fallen consciousness, it is the one thing that, more than anything else, prevents the manifestation of a Golden Age. For why do you not have a Golden Age? Because you are projecting images upon the Ma-ter light, that are based on the separate self and its perception. How can you manifest the Golden Age? Transcend the perception until you see the images based on Oneness and then project those images. Or rather, realize what I have explained: that there is a way to transcend perception and the need to project anything.

For you see, when you do indeed transcend the entire projection game, it does not mean, that you become as nothing. It does not mean, that you are now a pacifist who sits in a cave in the Himalayas. You can still go out and take active part in society, but you are not doing it by projecting your perception of the separate self. You are doing it by being the open door for the perception of your I AM Presence, the vision of your I AM Presence and the light of your I AM Presence to stream through you. And this is true co-creation. You are not creating a mental image and projecting the light through that image. Your conscious self has no image that stands between it and the I AM Presence. You are the open door, a clear pane of glass.

But what you do do is: you focus your attention. So, you are in physical embodiment. You focus your attention on a particular location, on a particular problem or issue. You do not project an image upon it of what should happen or what is wrong. You simply focus your attention, and then you allow the light and the vision of the I AM Presence to flow through you, flow into the situation and perform whatever changes can be performed according to the Law of Free Will and the higher vision.

Do you see the essential difference between projecting and simply focusing attention, experiencing in a neutral non-attached way? You are not projecting. You are simply being the clear pane of glass that provides the frame of reference. This is what you saw when Jesus encountered and challenged the scribes and the Pharisees. He did not project, he simply allowed the light of God to flow through him and challenge their perception.

This is your ultimate role as well. We are not seeking to raise up an army of people, who think they have the infallible truth and will go out there and do battle with all those who perceive the world differently and therefore have a different mental image. We are seeking to raise up the Christed ones who acknowledge, that they are here to be the open door, that there is nothing to project. There is no point of even formulating opinions. You simply focus your attention on a particular issue, then you tune in to your I AM Presence. And then, instead of having an opinion based on perception and a mental image, you sense the difference between the outer situation – the vibration of the consciousness behind that outer situation – and the vibration of your I AM Presence. And in simply sensing that difference, you know reality.

Creativity is the solution; not power

Moscow is still the power center of Russia, Saint Petersburg is or has the potential to become the creative center of Russia. The solution to the problems on earth is not more power; it is creativity, unlimited free-flowing creativity. No amount of power can solve the problems humankind is facing. Otherwise, my beloved, the Soviet Union would have taken over the world and would have brought in the Utopia of the communist dream. But as you have seen, the Soviet Union self-destructed because when you project an impulse out, the universe will return it back with interest, and you cannot continue to overcome what is coming back through power—only by changing what you are sending out through creativity, through creative vision.

This then is the reality. You have seen it. You know it in yourselves. Now visualize that this is the change, that will happen in the Russian people, and in peoples around the world. For there are many other nations who have the potential to make this transition within a few years, of acknowledging the vanity of power and the power of creativity. And this is the one shift in consciousness, that will open up the floodgates for bringing the Golden Age into manifestation and truly putting the planet in an ascending spiral. Planet earth is indeed moving upwards. Planet earth is at a more advanced stage than a hundred, or a thousand, or five thousand years ago. Nevertheless, planet earth is still an example – the entire planet is an example – of what I have explained as the kindergarten classroom at the Ascension Retreat. You are still in that situation, where individuals in the fallen consciousness and groups of people are fighting the projection game.

Yet if the spiritual people can transcend this, can see through this mindset and its illusions – its vanity – then you will be surprised at how quickly the planet can be accelerated into the purity of the ascension spiral. And then you will see an upward spiral that no amount of force, no amount of projections, can stop. That change is close, but it is not there yet. And thus, you must be the open doors for visualizing that this change will happen. You must accelerate yourself into purity, accelerate your perception into purity, so that you transcend perception—you let it go and you experience oneness with reality. Heed these words, my beloved—if you will make your personal ascensions at the end of this life. Heed these words if you will fulfill the mission, the reason why you took embodiment and see the earth enter the ascension spiral.

And thus, I once again as others have done, thank you for your presence, for your attention. For again, I have used your chakras to release a measured but nevertheless very large concentration of the ascension light to this planet, and especially to this nation and those nations who were formerly under the yoke of the Soviet Union. This is an acceleration that is meant to challenge people’s perception of the status quo and of the past, so that they might feel the discomfort that comes with having your perception challenged—but thereby also receive the opportunity to let go of that perception and realize there is something more. There is an opportunity, there is a potential that they have not seen before. Yet that potential is real, because they experienced the reality of the ascension spiral and the ascension light that I AM and that I am releasing to this planet through you. But you also recognize that you are the spiritual beings, you are the students, you are the extensions of God. And you are also accelerating into purity, as I AM ever accelerating into higher and higher expressions of purity.

I AM indeed Serapis Bey. I AM accelerated into purity permanently. Yet in that permanent acceleration into purity, I AM also indefinitely, forever expanding and accelerating into greater purity. For nothing can stand still, not even an ascended master, not even the Creator itself. For the Creator is accelerating its Being through you. For as you become More, the Creator becomes More, and as the Creator becomes More, you become More. And this is the upward spiral that is indeed the ascension spiral, the ascension light. Oh what beauty in that light! When you see it, when you see that purity, that immense purity and grasp it and experience it, you say, “Oh! What beauty! I want to be one with that beauty.” And then you are—for the call compels the answer. For when you project yourself into purity, you are Purity—as I AM Purity.


Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels