The exploitation of women in ancient and modern Russia

TOPICS: Women’s historical role in Russia – Women in the Soviet Union – Stalin did not respect women – Why men suppress women – Why Russia still suppresses women – Women’s contribution to society – Debate about the relationship of men and women – Sexual exploitation of women – Labelling everything as a political issue – Women must co-create the golden age – Soviet citizens did not feel good about themselves – 

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Ascended Master Portia, June 10th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I AM the Ascended Master Portia. I hold the office of the Goddess of Justice for the earth. The justice that I administer from my office is not the kind of justice you see in most of the courtrooms on earth. It is not the kind of justice administered by various dictators around the world, by those who see themselves as gods on earth, or in the courts of public opinion. It is the Divine justice, which is non-dualistic in the sense that it seeks to raise up all life. It is also a form of justice that works against all forms of injustice, all forms of exploitation. The topic I wish to discourse on is the exploitation of women in the Soviet Union, and in ancient and modern Russia.

Women’s historical role in Russia

Now, my beloved, you may feel a certain reaction in yourselves to this topic. I can assure you that there is a huge reaction to it from the mass consciousness and the dark forces. If you go back in history, you will see that Russia was not particularly different from many other nations in the sense that women were generally seen as being less valuable than men. They were often put into the role of doing most of the work in the domestic area, raising the children, but also many times working very hard in the fields, and tending to the animals. This was not particularly different in Russia than in many other nations in the Medieval period and up towards the modern age.

There was perhaps, as we have talked about before, a certain insensitivity to life in Russia that also meant that there was a greater insensitivity to the plight and the suffering of women. Naturally, men who are suffering themselves, can have little compassion left over for the suffering of women. As you see in all male-dominated societies, there was little understanding on the part of the men towards the situation of women. This was, of course, a situation manufactured by the fallen beings. As we have said before, the suppression of women did not occur on this planet until the fallen beings started embodying here. They saw the opportunity to create this basic struggle between the two sexes, and this could lead to all kinds of other struggles outside the home.

In ancient Russian times, it was not that you can look at Russia and say that it was particularly worse or particularly better than many other areas. There were a few areas where women had perhaps slightly less suffering and were slightly more recognized by society, but by and large there was not a huge difference. However, what you saw up during the 1800s was that there was the beginning of a women’s movement in Russia as there was in most European nations and in North America. You saw that there was a certain willingness by women to rise up, to speak out for better conditions in society, for more recognition, for being allowed to vote, and so on. What happened after the Bolshevik Revolution was that this was largely suppressed. In fact, during the Stalinist era, anything that seemed to question, or wanted to change, the status quo, was brutally suppressed.

Women in the Soviet Union

You need to ask yourself, “Why haven’t more people, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, been willing to look at and speak about the exploitation of women that took place during the Soviet era, or even talk about the situation of women during the Soviet era?” It is a topic that truly has not received the attention it deserves to receive. As a result of that, we must say that in modern Russia, as it is today, there has not been made the progress in terms of the raising up of women that you have seen in many other nations.

This is not to level some kind of criticism, but simply to point out that there are cycles and that it is indeed time, and high time, that there is more awareness of the situation of women in Russia today. There needs to be more open debate. Women need to be emboldened to step forward and speak out and demand better conditions. To this end, I have come to offer my assistance by making you aware that there are some very, very powerful demons in Russia, as there, of course, are in many other nations in the world. The dispensation I give you is that I will pronounce the judgment of the Divine Mother upon all demons in Russia who are behind this oppression of women. I hereby pronounce this judgment, and I therefore command that the angels of the Divine Mother, of Archangel Michael, of Astrea and Shiva, and Kali, go forth to bind these demons on the national level, on the regional level, in the families, and on the level of the individual.

My beloved, we look to you to look at your own attitude towards women, and to shift it where it needs to be shifted. We look at you to make the calls that this will be a topic that will come up in public debate, and that there will be that willingness to talk about this issue, which for many people has remained a taboo.

My beloved, did you see, during Soviet times, any women rise to power in the Soviet system? You did not. Have you seen very many women rise to any position of power in modern Russia? Very few, my beloved. What do you see in Russian businesses? In the West, they talk about a glass ceiling where women cannot rise to certain positions in businesses, and you have much the same in many businesses in Russia. This means that not only are women suppressed, but it is a loss to society because you are missing the creativity that could be brought forth through all of the women who are not given an opportunity. You are also missing – and perhaps this is the more important loss – that balancing influence that women can have in all levels of leadership.

Stalin did not respect women

We have talked about it before, how the fallen beings saw that men were the ones who could be more easily manipulated into fighting for an idea. You will see during Soviet times that communism, Marxism, was indeed an idea and it had the characteristic that we talked about in Holland. Many people had come to believe in it to the point where they felt that it was justified to kill human beings in order to defend the idea and the system that supposedly outpictured it.

The reality is that the Soviet system never actually outpictured the ideas of communism or Marxism. Had it done so, then things would not have been quite as oppressive as they were. It must be recognized that Stalin went far beyond the ideas of Lenin, and Lenin went beyond the ideas of Marx. Marx would not even have envisioned what happened in the Soviet Union. I am not in any way defending Karl Marx or saying that he was attuned to the ascended masters. He was attuned to the fallen beings, and the ideas of Marxism were designed to create conflict. But Marx himself had, to some degree, the intention of setting people free as he saw it. He would clearly have seen that under the rule of Stalin, this freedom was in no way given to the people in the Soviet Union. They were far more suppressed and unfree than he had ever envisioned.

You need to recognize here that Stalin had no respect for women. He could not have a normal relationship to women as an equal partner. He could only look down upon and control women, which was partly due to his cultural upbringing. It was partly due to his own lifestream, over many lifetimes, building the disdain for women that is characteristic of many fallen beings who often find a way to manipulate their own karma so they can incarnate in male bodies in many embodiments, so they can ascend to positions of power.

Why men suppress women

When it comes to the general population, most people do not incarnate exclusively in male or female bodies, but may have several lifetimes in a male body, and then switch to having several lifetimes in a female body. What unfortunately happens in many societies where women are suppressed is that when the soul has been incarnated in a female body for several lifetimes (and has been suppressed by society, or by the men in their lives), they build a certain resentment of this. Then, when they come into embodiment in a male body, they suddenly see the opportunity that now they can be on top, and they can be the ones who are in charge and who are getting special privileges from the women.

This is a rather low reaction because, truly, the higher reaction to having been suppressed is that you come to a point where you say: “I never want to do to others what has been done to me.” This is how people at a certain low level of consciousness can grow and come up higher. Due to the very heavy suppression during the Stalinist era, many souls became stuck in the lower reaction they could not transcend. Even though they experienced great suffering, they could not transcend it and come to the point where they would say: “I will never do to others what has been done to me.”

They got stuck in this pattern and when they had the opportunity to suppress others, they did so. This is why you saw that Stalin was able to find sufficient people who were willing to kill or imprison their own countrymen that he could actually suppress Russia and the Soviet Union as he did. There were those who, when they were given a position of power, enjoyed being in that position of having power over others rather than being suppressed by others. This was a spiral that continued, and it led to the situation where many men in the Soviet Union were willing to suppress women, and they thought it was only just and necessary that society suppressed women and did not give them an opportunity.

You saw that instead of moving out of the pattern of the suppression of women, the Soviet Union stayed in it. If you are willing to take an honest look at the history of the world up through the 1900s, you will see that many, many, many other nations in the world started moving out of this pattern. They started moving towards the point where the men in society were not as willing to suppress women as their fathers and grandfathers had been. Societies began to recognize the necessity of giving women more freedom, more equality, and allowing them equal status in society, at least to some degree. You did not see this in the Soviet Union. You did not see a women’s movement. You did not see a debate about women’s situation in society. Surely, you did not see much open debate about anything during the Soviet era and that is why the population of Russia could not transcend certain levels of consciousness.

Why Russia still suppresses women

As we have said before, you can only transcend certain levels of consciousness when you are willing to consciously look at it and change the decision that keeps you stuck at that level. If there is no public and open debate in the country, then it is very difficult for people to transcend these patterns. They perpetuate themselves due to the mechanism that I have described. Those who have been suppressed for several lifetimes as women, now take the opportunity to suppress women because they are now in a male body. Or they take the opportunities to suppress even their citizens or even the citizens of other nations as you saw during the Soviet era. Many Russians enjoyed having power over the other Soviet republics that they considered to be inferior to Russia and to the Russian population.

What happened when the Soviet Union collapsed was that it was a great shock to many people, as was described yesterday by both Lanello and Master MORE. Because there was not the willingness among many of the older population to take the opportunity to transcend the old consciousness, then Russia has not made as much progress in certain areas as it could have done. One of these areas is certainly the situation of women. It is necessary for you to look at this, to switch your own consciousness, and to make the calls, first of all, that there will be open debate about this.

I know there has been some debate, but not nearly enough to shift the collective consciousness so that it will be recognized that it must be a goal of Russian society to give women more equal rights, more equal worth. We need you to make the calls that women in Russia (perhaps those who have traveled abroad and experienced traditions in other countries, perhaps those who have interacted with people from other nations) will be awakened to the need to, first of all, raise their self-esteem and stop feeling like they are second class citizens or they are condemned to a certain role because they are women. They can make the shift in their own minds of feeling fully worthy to have the same status as men. Therefore, they can begin to speak out, first in the home, then in the families, and then in the local areas, and even on the national level.

Women’s contribution to society

What I predict is that if you make these calls and if enough people are willing to respond, then Russia can catch up to where it could have been if there had been more open debate. It can catch up within the reasonably foreseeable future, meaning a decade or two, perhaps even less. You can therefore see that Russian women will begin to enjoy just that feeling that they have worth as individuals and as women, that they have recognition in society, that they have a right to step forward and make a contribution to society as only women can make it.

You can make the calls that society at large will recognize that there is a certain contribution that can only be made by women. It cannot be made by men. This is partly because, as I said, men have that tendency to fall in love with ideas whereas women are often more attuned to the Mother realm, to the matter realm. They can see that an idea cannot be more important than the lives of human beings. There are also many other reasons where, precisely because women have been suppressed by these male-dominated societies for so long, they can see the weaknesses of these societies, and they can see how to move these societies forward.

Men, in most cases, cannot see this because they have been trapped by these national beasts of the male-dominated societies. Thus, I Portia, also pronounce the judgment of the Divine Mother upon the national beasts and demons of Russia that are trapping men in this chauvinist, superior mentality that keeps them feeling like they are superior to women, and they have a right to demand special privileges that the women are supposed to provide.

Debate about the relationship of men and women

My beloved, you can also hold the vision and make the calls that there will be a willingness in Russian society to talk more about the relationship between men and women, the relationship between the two sexes. You will see that there are tremendous difficulties in many of the societies, many of the nations, that were part of the former Soviet Union or the Warsaw Pact. Men and women are locked and cannot communicate very freely. Therefore, there is a need for a more open debate about what a relationship between a man and a woman really is, what it means, how men can feel fulfilled and happy in a relationship, and how women can feel fulfilled and happy.

I know there are those, particularly the more militant female activists in the West, who will say that it was easy for men to feel fulfilled because they got what they wanted, they got all the privileges, and the women were their virtual slaves, but this is far from being the case. In these traditional relationships, men are not happy. They are not fulfilled. They are not fulfilling their highest potential, for they can only fulfill their highest potential as men if they are in partnership with a woman who is an equal partner to them. This cannot happen when you do not have the acceptance and recognition, and when you do not have the ability to communicate openly. Many times, men and women are locked in roles where it is not truly a person communicating to another person; it is one traditional role that is communicating with another role. These roles that have been created in society cannot communicate in any meaningful way. They can only repeat what is in the mass consciousness and this blocks true communication and true understanding.

Sexual exploitation of women

There needs to be a more open debate about this. As an outcome of this, there also needs to be debated the sexual relationship between men and women. It needs to be recognized that in Russia, there has been a certain propensity among men to have a very exploitative view of women when it comes to sex. They have felt they had certain rights, that women had certain obligations. This has often led to very low, basic sexual relationships that really did not serve the men in any capacity, certainly not in terms of their growth in consciousness.

You see this expressed even today where many women feel that they had to be available to their men whenever they want sex. They had to submit themselves in many ways, and they cannot speak out for themselves. They cannot speak out and say no when they do not want sex, nor can they express that they are not fulfilled and satisfied with the sexual relationship.

On a more extreme level of the attitude to women that has not been overcome in Russia, you will see that (and perhaps you do not notice, those of you who live in Russia) in many western nations, there will be advertisement on the internet and other places about dating young, beautiful Russian women. Now, this is, of course, not because there is some benevolent dating agency that wants to pair up Russian women who would like to move abroad and have a better life. This is simply a front, a camouflage, for what has been called human trafficking. The selling of sex slaves, my beloved.

Therefore, it needs to be recognized that, as Saint Germain said in Holland, a democratic government has a certain responsibility to protect its people from exploitation. If Russia wants to present itself as a democratic nation that has a democratic government, then it needs to live up to its responsibility and protect its young women from this form of sexual exploitation. The young girls of Russia are not a commodity that can be exported, neither by the Russian mafia, neither by anyone else. As a democratic government, you cannot allow this to happen and continue to happen, just because there is a powerful mafia who has paid off certain people in society and therefore can continue to get away with it.

Therefore I, Portia, hereby pronounce the judgment of the Divine Mother upon those people who make up the Russian mafia and the human trafficking networks, both here and abroad, and those people in government or even in the media who have been bought off, and who are allowing this to happen through their silence. This shall be judged, and the demons and the beasts behind it are hereby bound by the Divine Mother, by the angels of the Divine Mother, and other masters. They are bound, they are taken.

They can of course be recreated by those people who will not give up their lucrative practice, but by your calls, they can be bound again and again and again so that gradually people can be emboldened to speak out about this. Until it comes to the point where the government needs to react, needs to do something to stop this, and thereby ensure that young women in Russia can grow up determining their own destiny instead of being forced into various forms of prostitution or pornography, and often the drug abuse that comes with it.

All women in Russia have a right to grow up without being exposed to sexual exploitation. All women everywhere have this right, but I pronounce that they have that right in Russia, and it is time that this be recognized by society and in the public debate. It must be recognized by the media who claims to serve the country, but how do you serve the country if you are not speaking out against the exploitation of your own citizens?

Labelling everything as a political issue

My beloved, there is a tendency in Russia that whenever a problem is brought up, there are those who want to push it aside by saying: “Oh, this is some political issue that is projected upon us from the West because they have a political agenda.” Well, my beloved, I do not represent any western government. I represent the ascended masters and the Divine Mother, and I say to you: “You cannot look at the exploitation of young women and say that this is a political issue. You cannot brush it aside. It is a real issue, a real problem. It has nothing to do with politics. It has something to do with one thing only: your humanity. If you have basic humanity, you will recognize the suffering of these young women and if you have the power, you will use that power to stop it. If you do not, it can only be because you do not have the basic humanity that allows you to recognize when other people are suffering and when it is your responsibility, given your position, to stop it.”

My beloved, I hve given you a very stern message, not because I am stern towards you who are spiritual students, but because it is necessary to speak sternly to penetrate the many layers of defense in the mass consciousness. There has been tremendous opposition to this dictation. If you could see now how the dark forces in the astral plane are howling madly in their anger against this release being spoken in the physical, you would be shocked at their anger, at their complete insanity. Therefore, you would recognize just how much opposition there is to this topic, and how much of an influence you can have by making the calls on this.

Women must co-create the golden age

Truly, when you look at the potential to bring forth the golden age in Russia, I can assure you with absolute certainty from the heart of Saint Germain himself, that the golden age in Russia cannot and will not be brought exclusively by men. It can be co-created only with the participation of women. The more they are given equal rights, equal recognition and equal opportunity to express their creativity, the faster we can manifest more of the golden age principles in Russia.

Truly, this is a tremendous opportunity. You may look at the sternness of my message and say that I am pointing out a flaw, but am I pointing out a flaw? Am I not actually pointing out the opportunity of dealing with an issue and actually quickly rising above it, and then ushering in an entirely new era of creativity, of balance, of harmony, and of growth?

If you want to be very direct, you can look at the fact that during the Soviet era, the material standard of living was very low. Boris Yeltsin himself once traveled to America. On his way back to the airport, he decided to make an unscheduled stop and enter a normal grocery store in America, something he had never had the opportunity to do growing up in Russia. When he entered the store, he was shocked to the core of his being by seeing that all of the shelves were full, that there were so many different varieties of shampoo and food and this and that. He saw that this store was not open to a privileged elite. It was open to anyone who could go into the store, take a big shopping cart, fill it with whatever they wanted, and buy as much as they wanted of any item they desired, and then, if they had money, go and pay for it, and take it out of the store.

He recognized that the only reason the Soviet system had survived was that the average Soviet citizen did not know how much better material conditions the average citizen in the West had. If people had known this, they would have revolted against the communist system long ago. He saw this very clearly and then he was willing to act upon it.

When you recognize this, you can ask yourself: “Why was the material standard of living so much lower in the Soviet Union than in the West?” It is in large part because women had not been given an opportunity to participate in society. It is in large part because the men of the Soviet Union had fixed their minds on the necessity to defend the communist system against all reasonability. Men have more of this ability to create in their minds what Guru Ma described as a fixed point where men say: “We have to be loyal to our nation, to our system. We cannot question it. We have to be patriots, and therefore we cannot question our nation.”

Men are more willing to fall in love with an idea so that it was more important to uphold the idea of the Soviet Union and of communism than it was to improve the material conditions of the citizens in society. This is something that women could never have done. Women could never have created the society of the Soviet Union. They would have been willing to look beyond the communist system if it could not produce a reasonable material standard of living.

It is important for you to take this and recognize that the reason there is a certain stagnation in the Russian economy is in large part (not exclusively, but in large part) because women have not been allowed to make their contribution to society. There is, of course, also a certain manipulation, but this is not the topic for this discussion. If you can make the shift that there will be more open debate about the role of women and the rights of women, if women will step up and accept their worth, then you can see that the economy can again enter a spiral of growth.

It can lead to a much more equal distribution of wealth, as was one of the slogans of the communist era. This time it is not attained by the state forcefully distributing wealth, but by the same method whereby it has been attained in other nations that are not strictly capitalist either, because they have transcended the strict capitalism that is the opposite polarity to communism. There has simply been an increase in creativity that leads to an increase in the material standard of living so that all people have the opportunity to find work, or start a business so they can be justly rewarded for their efforts, for their willingness to do better.

Soviet citizens did not feel good about themselves

My beloved, you may look at this as a stern release, but truly it is a great opportunity, for I point out one of the keys to bringing the golden age to Russia, to creating much greater material wealth, much better material conditions, and also to create a society where men and women can interact in a way that is fulfilling to both of them. Therefore, you can see that the younger generation can build new relationships, not only between men and women, but between themselves when they cooperate in various aspects of society, and this can bring new cooperation, new creativity, new understanding that transcends all attempts to control the people. Therefore, there can be an upsurge in the growth in the economy, and it can lead to all people not only having better material conditions, which we surely envision, but also feeling better about themselves, as we talked about in Holland.

My beloved, look back at the Soviet era. Surely, women did not feel good about themselves because they were suppressed. You may say that men had all the power and they had all the privileges, but ask yourself honestly: “Did men feel good about themselves during the Soviet era?” Well, why then are there so many men in the older generation who long after that time? It is because they are still not feeling good about themselves, but the reason for that is that they have not been willing to change their consciousness.

You see that in all societies, when you look at a planetary level, you look at the fact that women are in general more open to spiritual teachings, they are more open to spiritual ideas. Therefore, you see that women are, at the present age, more willing to change their consciousness than men. It is an inevitable consequence of this that the greatest potential, the greatest opportunity, for raising up a country is women and their willingness to change their consciousness. When women are recognized more, then perhaps men can begin to see that what their wives are doing is not simply crazy female stuff. Men can actually be inspired by the women’s willingness to shift their consciousness, so that men can begin to shift their consciousness.

You will see that in many western nations, there has for decades been a more open debate among women. It has gradually led to the point where women are more free to talk about what makes a woman feel good about themselves. This can inspire men to have a similar debate. What makes a man feel good about himself? When you go into this phase of openly daring to discuss these topics, there can be very quick shifts in the collective consciousness that can bring tremendous growth to all areas of society.

If you can catch the Flame of Opportunity that I represent to earth, you will see that when we bring a problem to your attention, it is always because we see that there is a real potential to transcend that issue and move society to an entirely higher level. Therefore, do not only look at the Flame of Justice that I represent, but catch the Flame of Opportunity that I am, for I hold the Office of the Goddess of Justice, but I am the Goddess of Opportunity.


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