Only mercy can truly transform Russia

TOPICS: Why Russia needs mercy – Be willing to look at the history of Russia – Why the Soviet Union ended – Different perceptions of the Soviet Union – The power elite suppressing Russians – The lies about Soviet history – How the spiritual people can help Russia – Those who deny the past cannot transcend it – A dispensation of mercy – The need to expose what is hidden – Those who ignore progressive revelation –

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin, June 12, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!

I, Kuan Yin, claim Russia for the Flame of Mercy. Yet to whom shall I release this mercy? According to the Law of Free Will, I cannot freely let it rain upon all for there are many who do not want to receive mercy. They are the proud, the arrogant; those who will not admit that they need mercy. Why will they not admit that they need mercy? Because they will not admit that they need forgiveness, they will not admit that they have ever done anything for which they need to be forgiven. They believe they have done only what is their right according to their self-proclaimed belief system.

Why Russia needs mercy

You may have heard the saying that the past is prologue, that history repeats itself and that those who do not learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them. This is all true. As Mother Mary said earlier today, once the Ma-ter light is captured in a dualistic spiral, it cannot free itself from it. It needs the light of the Father to be jolted out of the downward spiral, but the light of the Father can only come through the heart flame of individuals.

If there is one thing you want to do for Mother Russia, then invoke and be willing to receive mercy on her behalf. I tell you that if this nation of Russia, if the people who embody here, are to rise above the patterns of the past, they will need mercy. I have it in abundance and I am willing to give it in abundance to those who will but open their hearts to it.

How do you open your heart to mercy? You may think that you are a spiritual person and surely your heart is open to the ascended masters and thus your heart is open to mercy. You may even be right as far as your personal path goes, but I am asking for those who are willing to be the open doors for mercy on behalf of the nation of Russia, the people of Russia.

I tell you that if this nation is to manifest its golden age potential, it must transcend the past. How can you carry these past dualistic patterns into the Golden Age? Nay my beloved, it cannot be done. It is impossible.

Be willing to look at the history of Russia

I am asking for those who are the spiritual people, who are willing to do something to help bring about the golden age in Russia – I am asking those of you who feel so inclined – to be willing to look at the past of Russia. Whereby, of course, I mean primarily the past of the Soviet Era, but even going beyond the past into the time of the Tsars and beyond.

I well realize that those of you who will be open to this request have not personally committed the atrocities that you see in the past of this nation. Therefore, you may feel: “Why should I take this on when I am not personally responsible for it?” I am not saying you should take it on if you do not feel so inclined. I am asking you to consider why you chose – chose, my beloved – to embody in Russia in this embodiment. Was it not because you desire to help bring about the Golden Age of Saint Germain in Russia? Then you might consider that if that golden age is to come about, someone has to be willing to look at the past of Russia, to recognize the errors made, and to sincerely and honestly ask for God’s forgiveness of the atrocities committed in the name of communism and the Soviet Union.

Who then might do this? Certainly not the proud, not the ones who orchestrated the atrocities, not the ones who led them, not the ones who carried them out; many of whom are still in embodiment even though they would deny it if you asked them for they think they can hide their past. Yet you can hide nothing from the ascended masters. We see all. We do not look to condemn; we look only to discern. You may take a person who has committed numerous atrocities, you may think that such a person would be beyond mercy, but if that person would sincerely ask for mercy, I would release it inasmuch as the person was willing to transcend the consciousness that caused that person to commit the atrocities, often feeling justified in doing so.

My beloved, I know very well – for I can read your hearts – I know very well that you would much rather look to the future of Russia than to the past. I know many of you who are the spiritual people – especially among the younger generation who were not even in embodiment during Soviet times – I know you would rather not look back for you feel this is not really your responsibility. Yet again, why are you here in Russia at this time?

What I am saying is that someone must be willing to acknowledge what so far too few people in Russia have been willing to acknowledge, namely that there is a very large need for mercy if this nation is to be catapulted out of repeating the patterns of the past and truly enter an irreversible upward spiral.

Why the Soviet Union ended

My beloved, certainly you can see from outer events that the mere fact that the Soviet Union is no more shows that there has been a change in Russia. What brought this change about? It was because there were many people in the Western world, especially in the United States, who responded to the call of Saint Germain. For decades they came together in groups every Saturday evening, giving four hours of decrees for the dissolution of world communism and the greater capitalist-communist conspiracy.

These many people invoked the Flame of Freedom on behalf of the people in Russia who were not able to do so themselves due to the heavy yoke of communism and the threat that followed with it. Had they not done so, then indeed it would have come to pass, as many people who lived during Soviet Times believed, that the Soviet Union would have remained for a very long time.

Of course, the Omega aspect is that regardless of the suppression of freedom and information, there were sufficient numbers of people in Russia who at inner levels, sometimes without being consciously aware of it, responded to this invocation of the Flame of Freedom. They carried in their hearts, they accepted into their hearts, a portion of the flame that was invoked. It is therefore something to ponder that during Soviet Times many of you were brought up to see the United States as the great enemy. Yet it was precisely the students in the United States who gave the spiritual impetus, who held the spiritual balance, that made it possible for Russia to throw off at least some of the yoke of the Soviet Era.

As we have said before, not all of that yoke has been thrown off for there are still people who hold on to it, either because they still believe in the communist utopia or because they long back to old times where they had a certain security of knowing that even though things were bad, at least they could not get any worse. There was a certain security in having a job and getting a certain pay that allowed you to maintain a minimum of materialistic existence and living standard.

Different perceptions of the Soviet Union

What is the one thing that is needed right now for Russia to rise to the next level? It is indeed the Invocation of mercy, the stream of mercy, not only through spoken calls, but also through your hearts where you make yourself the open doors for it. For this to happen, you must be willing to ask for forgiveness, ask for mercy. You need to be willing to honestly look at the past and you will not find this in the history books used in Russia today for Russia as a nation has not been willing to look at the past. Russia as a nation has not been willing to free itself from the past. It seeks to handle this through denial and by ignoring the past, so some must be willing to do this, some must be willing to take a look at that which hardly anyone would want to look at.

You must be willing to acknowledge that there is a vast difference between the way you have been brought up to look at the Soviet Union and the way people in the rest of the world look at the Soviet Union. I know very well that there are not many people in the world today who talk openly about what the Soviet Union meant to the world or to their countries or to their individual lives. That is because there is a certain fear in the world that Russia could revert back to a similar totalitarian regime as that of the Soviet Union. Everyone is so relieved, so to speak, that the Russian bear is sleeping or is seemingly benign that no one wants to bring back the spectre when the threat of war, even nuclear war, seemed much more urgent than it does today—whether this perception was or is correct.

You need to acknowledge that the Russian nation and the Russian people have a tendency, as one of you was honest enough to say earlier today during your presentations, a tendency to have a certain pride where they do not want to acknowledge their errors. This tendency is not a product of the Soviet Union, nor is it a product of Tsarist Russia. It goes back, far, far back to when many, certainly not all, but many of the people who embodied in the Soviet Union were embodied on Atlantis and were part of the warring factions that caused the sinking of that continent.

The power elite suppressing Russians

These people are so entrenched in this mindset where they want to see their nation as a great nation. They think they should be beyond having to live up to the same standard as other nations, having to compare itself to other nations and honestly evaluate whether it is behind, be it at material development or in democracy, culture, or other institutions and even in the spiritual life of the nation. These people are not truly what I would call Russians, they have simply embodied in Russia in this and past lifetimes, but they go far back before there was even a nation of Russia.

You must understand that these are, so to speak, the foreign rulers that have come to enslave the true people of Russia. They are the ones who see themselves as an elite. They are not a majority, but they did manage to suppress the population in Russia both under the Tsars where they were the elite, and then during communist times where many of them were again part of the elite.

They have no respect for the true people of Russia, nor for the nation of Russia, nor for its potential. When communism was the ruling system, they managed to use it to set themselves up as privileged elite and now that capitalism has come more to the forefront, they are doing the exact same thing through corruption, through giving each other favors behind the scenes of what can be known by the public. They think they own this nation, its natural resources and its people who are simply the worker bees, the ants in the ant hill, who are supposed to give them the privileged lifestyle that they believe is their right.

My beloved, can you not see even in this retreat center that this was not built for the working masses; it was built for the elite. Even if you look at the rooms – and see how some are small and sparse, others are larger and more luxurious – you see that even within the elite there was an elite and this is the hallmark of the fallen mindset. Not only do they believe that they are a privileged elite, but even within their own ranks they need to have divisions so that some are higher than others. This is the mindset that is still ruling Russia. This is the mindset that caused so many people to commit atrocities during Soviet times, for which they are not willing to ask for forgiveness—for they think they need none. They were in their right to do what they did for they do not even consider the true people of Russia as real human beings at least not in the same class as themselves.

The lies about Soviet history

Can you not see the irony? Even in what presented itself to the world as the classless society, you had indeed classes. You had those who simply used communism to set themselves up as the elite. They used communism to make sure that the people could not speak out against them.

How many of you, my beloved, that grew up in Russia, were told that during Stalin’s reign more people died in concentration camps in Russia than died during the Nazi Concentration Camps? How many of you were told this? Yet it is a fact, my beloved. I can read the Akashic records. I could tell you the exact number for I have shown mercy to every lifestream that was woken up early in the morning, ripped out of their beds along with their children and spouses, put into cattle cars, driven by train for several days with nothing to eat, then let out in some concentration camp or other where they were either worked or starved to death, being shown no mercy whatsoever by those who were running this system.

I, Kuan Yin, along with other representatives of the divine mother, I heard their cries. I responded to every one of them at inner levels. There was not a soul who cried out in agony that I did not minister to at inner levels. Some even knew this consciously, and although there was nothing that could be done to set them free physically, some were indeed set free spiritually and died in peace knowing they had contributed to the judgment of a system that showed no mercy to those that it considered sub-human.

Do you know – were you told, my beloved – that in some of the previous Soviet Republics twenty percent of the population disappeared during Soviet Times, primarily during the reign of Stalin? How many of you knew this? Yet again it is a fact. How many of you know how many people inside Russia herself disappeared because they dared to speak out against communism or against abuses or injustices? You do not know and the world does not know because those who had absolute control had the power to cover their tracks. The only reason the world knows about the Nazi Camps was that the Nazis lost the war before they could cover their tracks, otherwise they too would surely have hidden this atrocity.

I could give you the number, but most of you would scarcely believe me when I told you how many millions of people inside Russia disappeared. Do you know what it feels like to stand on a cold grey winter morning in front of an open pit and you hear the shots as someone walks behind the line with a pistol shooting your friends and family members in the neck. Finally, they come to you. You feel the steal against your skin. Despite the temperature, the muzzle of the gun is not cold, partly because it has been put against the neck of so many other people, partly because the barrel is hot from firing so many shots. This is your last sensation before the bullet pierces your brain and shatters it and your body falls lifeless into the pit where it is buried with no honor, ceremony or respect for it is not considered a human life worthy of respect.

I, Kuan Yin, was there so many times when this happened, I was there to minister onto the souls of those who had been murdered. I tell you, I AM the Goddess of Mercy. My capacity to minister unto souls is infinite. I AM an Ascended Being. I have Buddhic attainment. Therefore, I am able to be non-attached and not go into human emotions. Yet I tell you that ministering unto souls anywhere on earth who have been brutally or unjustly murdered is not a task that any of you would envy me. I dare say that any of you in physical embodiment would not be able to handle having this task, for it would be such a burden to you emotionally that you simply could not cope with it. I can, of course, cope, but I want you to know what it feels like for those of your brothers and sisters in spirit, sometimes your brothers and sisters and family members in the physical, who have gone through this.

How the spiritual people can help Russia

Do you see that there is a class of people in Russia who showed no mercy whatsoever? They can, of course, be found in many nations—not all nations, but many and certainly the larger ones. I know well that your reaction to hearing this is going to be to try to deflect it so that my words are not so intense. I know that some of you will think: “Yes, but look at these other nations who have also done atrocities. What about Nazi Germany, what about this, what about that?”

Yes, my beloved, I am in no way denying that atrocities have taken place in other nations. I was there too. But I am speaking in Russia. My concern right now is not these other nations which I am also seeking to help. My concern right now is Mother Russia and I have given you a way to help Mother Russia take a giant leap forward towards the manifestation of Saint Germain’s Golden Age.

I am not asking you to feel guilty, to feel afraid, to feel burdened. Yet I am asking you to be willing to look at the past and feel whatever you feel about it, acknowledging your feelings. Allowing yourself to feel this allows you to connect to what actually took place. Only when you truly connect, can you go through it, go through the human emotions and ask for forgiveness and mercy. You cannot transcend a situation like this by looking at it from the outside, by looking at it from a distance. Feelings that are so intense have created such a vortex that someone must be willing to look at them, to experience some measure of it, and then let the Flame of Mercy stream through their hearts and their awareness to consume it.

I am not saying that you should do this if you feel it would be too much for you, if you feel it would overwhelm you. What I am saying is that there are indeed enough spiritual people in Russia who for many years have given decrees for spiritual protection, for the transmutation of their own substance, and who have given our new rosaries and invocations so that you have cleared your personal energy fields so that it is possible for you to perform this task without being overwhelmed by it. I have no desire to see you become overwhelmed, but I do have a desire for you to experience honestly that which I am talking about. Only then can you be the open doors for my Flame of Mercy.

My beloved, Western Europe went through a period after the exposure of the Nazi atrocities where almost every country had people that processed this. Germany is still going through it, but Germany is further along than Russia because even a number of years ago Germany honestly and publicly acknowledged that they had to make an effort to make sure that such a regime, with such disrespect for human life, could never arise again in Germany. Russia has not publicly taken that step and it is, as I have explained, because the elite will never do so.

The people cannot do so themselves because they would be overwhelmed by looking at the past, but you who are the spiritual people, those of you who feel in your hearts that you are ready, you can render an immense service to the cause of Saint Germain by invoking the Flame of Mercy into these atrocities from Soviet Times. You can go further back to other atrocities, but I ask you to begin by focusing on the most recent ones and quickly going back to the time of Stalin, which truly was an individual with absolutely no respect for the value of those whom he considered expendable—and that was almost all other people.

Those who deny the past cannot transcend it

My beloved, I will mention here that there are some who have read the dictations given through this messenger and who have started to argue and reason that because this is in such contradiction to what they were brought up to believe about Soviet Times and Russia – and what they prefer to believe – that it could not be a true dictation given by the real ascended masters. One does not have to be a prophet to see that these people will do the same with this dictation.

Be that as it may, for I AM Kuan Yin. I respect free will, but I also know that there are enough of you who will acknowledge one simple fact. We of the ascended masters have only love for the people of Russia. We have only love for the nation of Russia. We only desire to see Russia rise and manifest a golden age. Yet we do not have human sentimentality for Russia, and therefore we honestly see what it will take for Mother Russia to manifest a golden age and that is precisely why I have given this teaching.

Do you realize, my beloved, that a few decades ago, a gathering such as this would have been impossible? Those of you who would have spoken out openly and openly practiced your spirituality would have been imprisoned, potentially executed for anti-Soviet or anti-communist activities.

Do you realize that some of you who are sitting in this very tent and who are relatively young, do you realize that some of you were indeed mercilessly executed during Soviet Times? Yet out of your love for Russia, you chose to re-embody here again even though for many of you the Law of Karma did not require you to embody here again. It was a choice. You could have chosen to embody in a different country where life was easier, but you chose out of love to embody here.

I admonish you to absorb the vibration of Venus and reconnect to the Flame of Love. Realize you are here because of love, and as a result of that love you are willing to look at anything that can help Mother Russia transcend. You are willing to look at the past regardless of how painful it might be. You are willing to look beyond the official illusions where there are those in the elite who are still rewriting history.

A dispensation of mercy

I will give you a dispensation that if you will honestly appeal to my heart, I will guide you, and Mother Mary will guide you, to find the information you need about what happened during Soviet Times so that you can invoke mercy into it. If you want to do something that can truly accelerate Russia, then connect to the Flame of Love that brought you here. Through that love look at the past and then connect to the Flame of Mercy that I am and let it flow through your hearts and minds into the past, seeing how this all-consuming Flame of Mercy consumes the energy that still hangs as a heavy cloud over Russia. In many places where there were concentration camps or battles, it has formed a downward spiral that is still overwhelming the people. See how the Flame of Mercy can consume this energy and then, after some time, it can even consume the very record, the Akashic record, of these atrocities. I desire only to see Russia be free of its past but someone must be willing to look at it for this to be a physically manifest reality.

I AM indeed Kuan Yin. My Flame of Mercy is infinite. My love is infinite, beyond bounds, beyond boundaries. It does, as Venus said, penetrate everywhere. It even penetrates through the walls of energy and illusions that completely encage the minds and hearts of so many people in this nation who are so afraid to look at the past that they could not possibly transcend it.

If sufficient numbers of those who honor the ascended masters will be willing to use our decrees and invocations and rosaries, including our forgiveness rosary or rosaries for transcending the past, for clearing the heart, for loving yourself and other calls and invocations; if sufficient numbers of those who honor the ascended masters will use these tools, you will see a new Russia in a matter of years not decades.

The need to expose what is hidden

I assure you that much can happen in a short period of time when the Flame of Mercy begins to expose those things that are still going on in Russia and that are also an expression of the consciousness that shows no mercy and therefore allows corruption to continue or even increase, allows so many people to be stuck in a situation where, after working an entire lifetime, they have barely a pension that can enable them to survive, where they have only jobs that lead nowhere, where they have no opportunity. Is this not also lack of mercy? Indeed it is, for even though it is not quite as severe as putting people in concentration camps, it is still the elite showing no mercy towards the suffering of the population.

Many things must be exposed. Many things can be exposed from now until the point when the world’s attention turns to Russia for the Olympics in 2014. If you who are the spiritual people of Russia will step up your calls from now until then, you will see that during this time and after the Olympics much can be exposed. Much can change and even those who think they have a firm grip on power in Russia may find that suddenly the earth disappears from under their feet. Even the one who thinks he is the sole leader may not last as long as he thinks in that position, and so you will see an immense potential for change.

Those who ignore progressive revelation

I would say there are sufficient numbers of people in Russia who honor the ascended masters to bring about this change, but there are not sufficient numbers who recognize the more efficient tools we have given through this messenger. Therefore, I give you two potentials: the one potential is that those who recognize the ascended masters but scoff at Mother Mary’s rosaries and invocations will continue to do what they are doing. This will have a positive effect for I clearly honor that many people who have used our decrees from previous dispensations have been part of putting Russia into an upward spiral. Yet the second potential is that more of these people would recognize that the tools we have given through this messenger are more efficient for this age. In that case you would accomplish much more than you can accomplish by continuing in your present state.

Divide and conquer has always been the strategy of the fallen beings against the people of the light. Yet the fallen beings have not divided you; you have divided yourselves. Again, I bow to free will, but I give you the vision that much more can be accomplished by uniting your forces as you see in this group here in the city, who are using both from the old and the new. This is, as this Messenger has said, perfectly in order, perfectly in accordance with our vision.

Why would you not honor the past? Yet my beloved why would you not honor the present where we of the ascended masters are today, where we are flowing, where the light is flowing? Why do you look to a stream that has dried up when not so far away there is a new spring where the crystal clear waters are flowing for they are not obstructed to any significant degree by the consciousness of the messengers?

Follow the light! Follow the light where it flows without, but more than anything follow the light so that it flows within. When you connect to the light within, you will also acknowledge where it is flowing through all other people and you will magnetize yourself to where you have other people with whom you can form a group and thereby have the maximum effect of transmutation for this nation of Russia and other nations.

Certainly, I Kuan Yin, work with anyone who honors the ascended masters and invokes mercy. Certainly, I work with many who do not even know about ascended masters but sing the songs to me and give my mantras as you have heard these recordings earlier. I am not trying to tell you that there is only one way to invoke the Flame of Mercy, that there is only one way to serve the ascended masters, but if you do acknowledge the ascended masters, then acknowledge that progressive revelation will not stop until all people have ascended from earth. That will take some time still, so you do not need to worry about this event coming to pass in the next few years, my beloved. Therefore, find us where we are flowing. Use the tools we are giving for today for they are the ones that we know from the ascended realm are the most efficient.

Beware of the trap of pride. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. At some point anyone who has ever honored the ascended masters through any dispensation or organization were indeed ready for us to appear through that dispensation. But being ready does not mean that you are ready once and then you found an outer organization and now you think you are ready for the rest of your life. Being ready is a constant state of transcending yourself where you realize that as long as you are in embodiment you will not have the fullness of understanding and experience of the ascended masters and our teachings. Therefore, if you want to continue to transcend, you must follow us where we flow until you come to the point where we can flow through you, through your heart.

I speak this into the ethers, I speak this into the four lower bodies of all people who have honored the ascended masters through some dispensation or other. They may never acknowledge this with their conscious minds, yet it has been spoken, the record has been set before you. The opportunity has been given. My hand has been extended and thus, once again, I bow to the free will of each individual for I will seek to help anyone transcend who is willing. But as I said, I can only help you to the extent that you are willing.

Do you see the equation my beloved? Study Jesus’ parable about the three servants and the talents and then become willing to look in the mirror and see whether you have multiplied the talents by being where the light flows, or whether you have buried them in the ground by thinking that yesterday’s level of attainment must be sufficient for today and tomorrow and the next day.

Did not the Great Divine Director say: “Yesterday’s level of attainment is not sufficient for today?” Did not El Morya, now Master MORE say: “The reward for service is more service?” This does not mean that you have to do more and always run with your tongue sticking out, never feeling you are doing enough. It means that we give you more efficient tools, more efficient teachings, so that you can do more service with less effort until your service becomes effortless and you no longer need to struggle. You have transcended the struggle consciousness and you can be the open door constantly. Even if you are not giving decrees or rosaries or invocations, our light can still stream through your heart and your chakras and you are still the open door.

I AM Kuan Yin. I AM the open door for mercy. Will you be the open doors for mercy in embodiment?


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