A momentous breakthrough for Russia

TOPICS: The stages of invoking light – Beware of the backlash to your efforts – You have produced a breakthrough for Russia –

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, June 16, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Michael I am, Archangel I am, Michael the Archangel I am.

Michael Archangel in your flame so blue,

there is no more night, there is only you.

Ponder this seemingly simple statement as the opening of my decree. Ponder it for I wish to give you the concept that there are stages on the path in terms of invoking the light of an archangel.

The stages of invoking light

You start, naturally, with the consciousness you have when you find the path, and you see me as being up there above you. In a sense, I am up there above you in vibration for how can you – with a lower consciousness and through the filter of the outer mind  –grasp the vibration of an archangel? You cannot, no one can, no one is expected to do this and thus it is perfectly in order that you give our decrees while you visualize that I am “up there” and you are using the decree to reach up there and call forth the light that descends from above.

Yet, this is only a stage. Did you take note that Mother Mary yesterday snuck in a profound concept that there are some of you that have come to the point where you feel that even giving a spoken invocation takes you away from the inner communion in your heart? Acknowledge if you are at this stage. Step back, do not give so many decrees and invocations but do not forget them completely either. Take time to go within, meditate in your heart but do not, my beloved, let the pride of the ego make you reason and that you are now beyond giving decrees and invocations. What did Saint Germain tell you yesterday: There comes a point where you can go into the Buddhic consciousness where you have no reaction to anything in the world. Thus, you can act from that stillness and this can be the same with decrees and invocations.

You might think that giving a decree and an invocation is an outgoing action and that it takes your attention away from the stillness in the heart. But you can learn to express the stillness through the outgoing action and then your decrees and invocations will be even more powerful. Truly, the invocations are ways to invoke light from above, but they can also be turned into ways to express light from within. You do not see me “up there,” you do not see that you are invoking the light that is coming down. Instead, you see me inside, all around you. You realize that I, Michael the Archangel, is standing above you and my wings are extending up and you connect to me in your heart. Then you let the decree flow from the stillness in your hearts and that is a much more powerful action that when you are envisioning me “up there.”

There are some of you who are ready to make this step. There are some of you who are not quite ready, but who can become ready by pondering the difference and maybe taking a break and not giving so many decrees and invocations, but instead going within and focusing there. This is, indeed, part of my message.

Beware of the backlash to your efforts

I wish to also make you aware that when you do a conference like this, you are creating a breakthrough, in your personal life, in your personal energy fields but also in the collective field. You are literally punching a hole through the hardened crust that is like lava in the emotional, mental and identity realms. You are punching a hole so that the light might shine more freely into the material realm and the other realms. Yet when you do this, you cannot expect that the forces who work against the light in those other realms will be happy about this, for they will not be happy about this.

If you could see what I see, from the vision of an Archangel, you would see how the demons of hell are right now howling, howling like ravening wolves or even worse than you can even imagine in the physical. They are angry beyond measure, they are so angry that I dare say that the dark forces that enslave Mother Russia have never been more angry than at this moment. I am not telling you this to cause any kind of fear in you. Remember what we have said that they have no power over you other than the inroad you give them. I am saying it to make you aware that there is a need to give some calls for protection and to connect to my heart and ask me to place my Presence over you.

Michael Archangel, in your flames so blue,

there is no more night, there is only you.

When you can focus on there are only being me in your aura, that is your ultimate protection. I ask you to do this as you go from this conference, I ask you to be aware that when you return to your normal lives there may be people around you who may be able to be used as tools for the dark forces to get you to go out of harmony and squander your light.

Be aware of anger, be aware of fear, be aware of doubts; even be aware of irritability. Seek to keep your harmony, seek to keep your peace. I would remind you that there are many situations, my beloved, where someone may accuse you of something, but it is not written in the laws of God that you have to respond. It is perfectly all right to keep your mouth closed.

When you feel that the energies are stirring in your solar plexus or other chakras, monitor your energies and then envision that one of my angels is standing next to you, ready to close your mouth, if you will but accept it. Then accept it and just remain silent. Say absolutely nothing to the other person.

Then go aside, gather yourself and then perhaps later address the other person without any agitation in a completely straightforward manner as if nothing ever happened and as if nothing is out of order. Everything is the way it should be. Do not defend, do not accuse, do not go into the usual patterns of interactions that you may have with the people around you. Just say nothing until you are calm and in peace and then speak as if everything is perfectly normal.

You have produced a breakthrough for Russia

My beloved, we the ascended masters; we the angels and archangels are extremely happy and gratified with this event and the way you have all been willing to transcend yourselves. Do you think it was written in the stars that there would be a certain number of dictations given ahead of time? Not so, my beloved.

It is all a matter of your willingness to be the open doors for the light of God to be spread to this planet, your willingness to keep your harmony and your focus. There could have been half as many dictations as were given, but you have been the open doors for bringing forth the number that has been brought forth. Not that the number really matters; we are not playing a numbers game, but we are wanting you to know that for any conference we hold there is a high and a low potential and you have definitely hit the high mark with this conference.

This you should know, and then you must face your own demons of pride and see what they do to you. That, of course, is not my concern, for my concern is to give the test for that is the concern of an Archangel. How you deal with the test is the concern of the Chohans. I, the Archangel, simply delivered the light, deliver the test, and then I am off and it is up to you what you do with it.

And so, on that note, I am off, I am up, I am moved on to the infinite realms of light! Light! Light! Light!


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