Teachings about Ukraine and Belarus 

The Webinar for Ukraine 2022

The war in Ukraine as an opportunity to make a shift in the collective consciousness from a militant mentality and insensitivity to life to a consciousness of peace, humanity and oneness, October 28-30, 2022 (10 dictations)

Russian War against Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine: The end of Empires and inhumanity, 27 February 2022

From Division and Fear to Oneness and Freedom. The conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, 19-22 September 2019

Is there only one way to look at Ukraine as a nation?

What is democracy based on?

How can you truly forgive?

Dare to be more!

The Ukrainian people need to adopt a positive outlook on life

Life is a web

Can you accept that it is possible to transform your nation?

Anchoring the flame of Christ discernment in all of post communist nations

Questions and answers about Ukraine

Corruption in Ukraine

Mass evacuations in Ukraine 

The mature souls who have volunteered to embody in Ukraine 

The war in Ukraine and the collective consciousness of the world

Poroshenko, the former Ukrainian president 

How to raise Ukraine to a greater level of humanity
How to overcome the language-based division in Ukraine 


Belarusian involvement in the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The rape and murder of Ukrainian women and children

 Spiritual people in the armed forces

Ukraine’s rules keeping men in the country

Putin and the threat of nuclear war

Will Russia use nuclear weapons?

Could we have prevented the war in Ukraine?

 How to avoid hatred and loss of faith during war 

Hostility towards Russian language in Ukraine 

The Buddhic perspective on the war in Ukraine

Scenarios for the war in Ukraine

 Putin and the conflict in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine in NATO?

The situation in eastern Ukraine

Progress and the upward spiral in Ukraine 

Oles Berdnyk and the idea of the Ukrainian spiritual republic

Federation of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, is it realistic scenario?

Question about Taras Shevchenko

Ascended masters working with Ukrainian people

The Holodomor and karma of Ukrainian people

Question about the new president of Ukraine

Russia – Ukraine relations

Crimea, Ukraine and Belarus

Peace in Ukraine and changes in Russia

Questions and answers about Belarus

Belarusian involvement in the Russian invasion of Ukraine

National identity of the people of Belarus