The healing power of the Ruby Fire of Love

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Ascended Master Paul the Venetian through Kim Michaels, October 29, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray of Love. Some will say and of course, the reaction is there from the collective consciousness, what is the purpose of giving a dictation about love to a nation that is at war? And yet, what is love? Love is, in one respect, the great healer of all wounds. Love is a tremendous healing flame, especially for psychological wounds that many people have received during this war and many other wars throughout history.

Loving something more than your wounded self

It has therefore also been a task of the angels of the Third Ray to help people with psychological healing, those who are willing to it, those who are open to it. This is, of course, why we have given these dictations about the need for forgiveness, because truly, what does it mean to be healed? Well, it means to overcome something. Ideally, if your body receives a cut, it should heal in such a way that there is no scar. In other words, the body is recreated as if the injury never occurred. Therefore, in psychological healing, you can receive a trauma, but if you are truly healed from that trauma, you are healed, your psyche is healed, your four lower bodies are healed, so that there is no scar, there is no trace of the injury ever having occurred.

But what does it require to receive that kind of healing? It requires a willingness to let go of the past. If you are holding on to a sense of anger or injustice or wanting to punish those who have hurt you, then that holding on to the wound will prevent you from having the wound healed. How can you heal that which you are holding onto and do not want to let go of? It is similar to if you have a cut on your body and there is a scab on the wound and you keep picking at the scab, delaying the healing process, so that instead of healing without a scar, the scab will take a long time to heal and there will be a scar left behind. This is what you do when you do not let go, when you do not forgive, when you do not make that commitment to moving on. But what is it then that enables you to move on, to let go? Well, you must love something more. More than what, you might say, well, more than the separate self that you created as a result of the trauma.

We, of course, do not expect the general public to understand this, but you who are ascended master students can take our teachings and you can see that, what is it that happens when you receive a trauma, when you are exposed to a trauma? Well, you are creating a new sense of self based on seeing yourself as a wounded person. What will it take to be free of the trauma? You must let that sense of identity as a wounded person die. And how can you do that? You must love something more than that wounded sense of identity. You must love something more than the limited sense of self. There must be some sense of self that you love more than the old sense of self. This is how anyone can change in any situation, trauma or not.

What is it that we of the healing ray of love, the healing angels of love have done for eons of time on this earth? We have offered this Love Flame, this intense Ruby Ray Flame of Love to people who have been hurt psychologically, spiritually. We have offered them the Love Flame that can consume their wounds, that can consume their old selves, their limited selves. And if people accept it, if they can accept that they are something they love more than the wounded self, then they can be healed as if there had never been a wound in the first place.

The lowest level of consciousness on earth

You can see that the body has a quite impressive ability to heal itself. But I can assure you that the psyche has an even greater ability to heal itself. For the psyche is of course, not made of the same dense energies as the physical body. This of course, is a statement that needs to be commented on. In a certain sense, yes, the psyche is not as dense as the physical body, but on the other hand, the psyche of some people have even lower vibrations than the vibrations that make up the physical body. This is what you see in those who are willing to harm others. You see that they can go into a state of consciousness that is the lowest level of consciousness with which you can embody on earth. The obvious example is, of course, Putin, who right now is at the lowest level of consciousness possible for a human being on earth, but he is by far not the only one. Many of the soldiers and the leaders and the mercenaries who are fighting for his war in Ukraine also have either the very lowest or close to the very lowest level of consciousness. You see this in their willingness to harm others and their complete disregard for how this affects other people.

Do you think that Putin and his henchmen have any concern whatsoever for the psychological wounds that they create in the Ukrainian people? Of course not, because if they did, they would not be able to do what they are doing. By their actions, they are proving that they have no regard whatsoever for how their actions affect other people. And this is, this total disregard for how your actions affect other people, is the lowest level of consciousness possible on earth. You cannot go lower and remain in embodiment. You can go lower, but not by remaining in a physical body.

The willingness to accept the healing

Back to the potential for healing for those who are willing to have it. Well, you know that free will is the absolute law and we, who are the love ray, have the potential to heal every person who has been hurt in this conflict, both the Ukrainians and the Russians. We can heal them all psychologically, but they have to be willing to accept it. You see for example, many Russian soldiers who have received deep psychological wounds from being engaged in the war, not just because they were physically hurt or maimed for life, but also because they felt betrayed by their own country, by their superiors, by their military, even by Putin, who forced them to go into this war without having the equipment or training they needed and therefore, they received these terrible physical wounds and psychological wounds.

How can we heal these soldiers? Well, they must be willing to accept the healing by letting go of the old sense of self. That means, also the sense of self they had before going to war. Naturally, they could have refused to do so. If they were killed in the war, whatever consequences might have been from refusing there, could it have been worse? You see that many of these Russian soldiers have a view of Russia that they are not willing to give up and if they are not willing to give up that view, that old sense of self, then they cannot receive our healing.

Giving up the wounded sense of self

For the Ukrainians, the situation is different. They do not have to give up the old sense of self in order to receive healing. They have to give up the wounded sense of self that was created after the traumatic events they were exposed to. You see the subtle difference, but it is important to recognize this because it shows you why many of these Russian soldiers are blocking their own healing, even though we, of course, are offering it to them with no negative reaction whatsoever. We have no desire to punish anyone. We only desire to heal everyone. For the Ukrainians, it is much easier to receive and accept the healing but they have to be willing to give up that wounded sense of self.

This, of course, ties in with what the other masters have talked about, where you need to give up that victim consciousness, that sense of being a victim who can only be a victim and who, once this bad thing has happened to you, you can never be free of it. This is also something that is part of all of the Seven Rays, of course, but it is especially a big part of the Love Flame because true love, as it can be experienced on earth, is in a sense, the great eraser. The concentrated fire of love, the Ruby Ray, can erase absolutely anything that has happened on a planet like earth. Whatever hurt you could possibly have received, whatever trauma you could have been exposed to, it can erase all of it. There is nothing that love cannot erase, but you have to accept that you can be free of the past. And what is the greatest manifestation of anti-love on earth? It is that consciousness projected by the fallen beings, that once certain things have happened to you, or once you have done certain things, made certain mistakes, then you can never be free of it. You are forever tainted by this. You are forever wounded by this.

The modus operandi of the fallen beings

This is, of course, a lie. It is a very subtle lie. It is a very insidious lie that many, many people have believed. In fact, we could say that virtually all people on earth believe in some version of this lie. They believe there are some things that can happen to you that are so hurtful, so terrible, that you could not be free from it. Many also believe that it is possible to make a mistake so terrible that you could never overcome it. You could never be free of it. This, of course, is the primary lie of the fallen beings on a planet like earth. You see the mechanism as ascended master students, where the fallen beings time and time again, create these situations where they put two groups of people in conflict with each other. You see, for example, in a war situation where someone is attacked by an enemy who is willing to do anything in their power to destroy them, as you see with Ukraine right now. How do you defeat such an enemy? Well, in many cases, people have had to be just as willing to do anything in their power as the enemy was in order to defeat the enemy. And what is the effect of this? Well, it is that people on both sides are deeply wounded, but many people also feel that they have done something so terrible that they cannot see how they can be free from it, how they could be forgiven from it, how they could forgive themselves.

The fallen beings are experts at creating these conflicts between people that cause them to do things that they later realize were not right, however they define right and that also cause them to become hurt. In other words, people hurt others and others hurt them and now the fallen beings come in to both sides of this conflict and whisper in their ear: “You can never be free of this, you can never forget this.” You see, an example of this that we have commented on before, the Holocaust, where some Jews say, this must never be forgotten, we must never allow the world to forget this. Well, then, how will you ever be free of it? How will you ever be healed from the trauma? You see the mechanism. The fallen beings often get one group of people to feel that they are superior and that they have some epically important thing to do here on earth, for example, being the master race and eradicating those who are the enemies of God, or the enemies of Islam, or the enemies of Christianity, or the enemies of Russia.

The people are then fooled into engaging in a war, but the fallen beings are not interested in having these people win the war and feel that they are victorious and feel that now they are the superior people. The fallen beings whispered in Hitler’s ear about the German people being the master race, but they did not do this because they wanted the Germans to win and feel like the master race. They wanted to fool the Germans into making a mistake so that they could whisper in their ear afterwards: “You can never overcome this.”

And this is why they whispered in Putin’s ear that he had to do whatever he thought he had to do. And now you have these soldiers who have gone to Ukraine filled with whatever propaganda they were filled with ahead of time, thinking they were looking for Nazis. They have gone around now for months asking the Ukrainians: “Where are the Nazis? Where are the Nazis?” And they have not found any and they have realized they have been fooled. They have made a mistake. And now the fallen beings are right there: “You can never overcome this.”

You see here, the fallen beings are not on anybody’s side. They are not preferring one group of people to another. They are only looking at: “How can we use people. Where is there a group of people that are susceptible to the lie of superiority, so we can use it to fool them into making a mistake and then tear them down afterwards, much lower than they were before.” This is the modus operandi of the fallen beings.

The Third Ray’s dispensation

What can you use this for in Ukraine? Why am I projecting this into the collective consciousness of Ukraine and Belarus and Russia? Well, you can use it to remember the old saying—fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. In other words, if you allow yourself to continually be fooled by the fallen beings, well, you are not really doing the best you can. What I radiate is, that it does not matter how many times you have been fooled by the fallen beings in the past. What matters is that you break the pattern now and say: “I will not be fooled again.” And then you accept the Love Flame that can heal you from this sense of having made a mistake, committed an atrocity or been wounded. You accept that you can be free of your past. You can attain freedom from the past, no matter what that past has been.

For the past has passed and the only thing that you carry with you is not the past, but the selves you created in the past. And if you are willing to give them up, then the Ruby Fire of Love can consume them all. Now you may say, as ascended master students: “But do people not have to see this consciously and do they not have to invoke spiritual light to consume it?” Yes, ideally, that is the way it is done. That is what you are doing because you are the forerunners who are taking charge of your own psychology, your own path, and you are pulling up on the rest. But we can offer that people without knowing about ascended masters, without even invoking spiritual light, they can receive healing when it is in the larger interest of the forward progression of humanity.

So, in the interest of the forward progression of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, we offer this Flame of Love so that those who are willing to accept it, willing to let go of the old sense of self, will receive help from us, even though they do not know of our existence and are not invoking our light. This is a dispensation we are allowed to give in situations like this. It does not mean that these lifestreams will not have to later come to see this consciously, but this does not necessarily have to be in embodiment. It can be in between embodiments.

These are very, very important considerations for many people who are more spiritually inclined. I am not talking here of only ascended master students, but the many people in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine who are spiritually inclined. It is important for them to realize that after such a traumatic event, there is a great need for psychological, spiritual, psycho-spiritual healing. It is also important that the mental health care professionals in these countries realize the same. And that is why I vow to give a special assistance to all such professionals who are willing to receive it in these three countries, or for that matter, in other countries where people who have been involved with the war come for healing.

I also radiate a concentrated energy into the collective consciousness so that the political leaders of Ukraine can become more aware of this. I am not saying that all of them need to be aware of it because obviously the job of rebuilding a nation after the war will require people to focus on different aspects and no one can focus on all of these aspects. But for those who are open to this, I radiate this energy that can help people realize that after the war there will be a much greater than normal need to focus on psychological healing. And there will be a need for the state to take initiative to allocate resources and to ask for help from abroad for mental health care professionals to come in and help people be healed of the trauma they have experienced, at least those who are willing.

If this is heeded and carried out, it will greatly assist the Ukrainian nation in moving forward after the war, putting the war behind it. Because after all, what we of the ascended masters look for and envision is that Ukraine moves on so that in a relatively short lifespan, certainly shorter than several generations or even one generation, Ukraine will have put this behind it and will have transformed itself into a modern democratic nation with economic prosperity for all of its citizens, as you see in Europe.

In as much as people in Ukraine agree that this is the best future for the nation, well, I have now given them the impetus to act upon this and to make this contribution of healing the psychology in order to help the nation move forward because how can a nation move forward if the individual citizens are not moving forward? How can you build a nation, rebuild a nation, if so, many people are psychologically crippled and therefore not able to do anything, to hold a job, to take an initiative or even function in society, but instead deteriorate into alcoholism, drug abuse, psychological problems of all kinds? How is this helping the nation? Even from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, it is better for the nation to make an effort to allocate resources to this issue rather than ignoring it. Naturally, there are people who are already aware of this, but my impetus, our impetus here, is to help these people break through the resistance to it and increase the awareness of the need to do this.

Real love vs. possessive love

Love is truly one of the most challenging flames for people to grasp. This is partly because the fallen beings have done everything they could think of to pervert people’s view of love, people’s definition of love, even people’s experience of love. Love is, in a sense, the great antidote to fear. Obviously, all of the flames counteract fear. But love and fear are really linked in the sense that love is the antidote to fear, and fear is a perversion of love. There are perversions of all seven rays, of course, but how do you pervert truth? Well, you can only do so if you do not have enough love for truth. How do you pervert freedom—because you do not have enough love for freedom.

You see here that the fallen beings have done everything they could possibly think of and fortunately, their ability to think and imagine is limited, but they have done everything they could imagine to pervert love on earth. What did Jesus say 2,000 years ago? Love your enemies. How many Christians have even paid attention to this? How many? How many have lived it? You have a Christian church that is the dominant church in Ukraine. How many of the leaders and members have paid attention to that statement—love your enemies?

Now, of course, I understand, and again, there is a strong reaction from the collective consciousness to me even saying this in the physical octave, that many people will say: “Look at what the Russians are doing to the Ukrainian civilians and Ukrainian soldiers and to the infrastructure and the houses and people’s homes and lives. Look how they are bombing everything into pieces with their artillery shells, relentlessly bombing them for months on end. How can we love them for doing this?” But you are not loving them for doing what they are doing. This is a perversion of love. This is possessive love.

The simple perversion of love is that you are loving somebody in order to get something in return. You are doing something for them by loving them, but they have to give you something back. This is possessive love. Real love is that you love somebody in order to set yourself free from them, because if you truly love somebody, you are free from them. This is similar to what we have said about forgiveness. You are forgiving others in order to set them free, to set yourself free from them. You are loving somebody in order to set yourself free from these people and whatever they have done to you.

Turning the other cheek

Now, many, many people in the world have this sense that there has to be justice: “Those who have harmed me have to be held accountable and then I can let go, then I can move on.” But moving on is an act that takes place in your mind and as long as you think that something that takes place inside your mind is dependent on anything outside your mind, you are not free in your mind. You are tied to that outside yourself that you think must change before your mind can change.

You may say: “We want the Russians to be held accountable for what they have done in Ukraine. We want them to be punished. We want revenge.” It is your free will right to say this, but it is my free will right, as an ascended master, to state through a physical messenger, when I have one, that this is not in your own best interest in the long run. Why did Jesus say love your enemies? Because it is the only way to free yourself from them. Do you really want to tie yourself, not only for the rest of this lifetime, but in future lifetimes, to the people who have harmed you?

You see that they have harmed you because they are in a state of consciousness where they lack humanity. Some of their leaders are even in the lowest possible consciousness on earth. Why would you want to tie yourself to these people? Is that really what is in your own best interest? Nay. What is in your own best interest is to free yourself from them so they cannot hurt you again. Even if they hurt you physically, they cannot hurt you psychologically because you have freed yourself from them, so they have no power over your mind.

I know these are advanced concepts that most people cannot grasp, but some will understand and that is why it needs to be spoken into the collective consciousness. You can say: “I want people to be held accountable for what they did in the physical octave.” Yes, of course, the Russians should be held accountable for their violations of international law and human rights, but there are institutions in the world who can do this, as it was done after the Second World War with the Nazis. You can always debate whether they are good enough, but the point is this, you as an individual, what is best for you? It is that you allow that process that is there to work in the coming years and hold the Russians to account and you free yourself to move on with your personal life as quickly as possible.

Then, of course, there is the consideration, what is the ultimate way of holding people accountable? Well, it is not in a court in the physical octave. It is in the court of the Karmic Board where people are held accountable for their karma. This is something they cannot deny. They cannot explain it away. They cannot avoid it. They cannot run away from it. They will be held accountable. “Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord, “I will repay.” The statement means you as a human being do not need to repay others because God will do so and God has created an inescapable law that will hold people accountable. What you can do is accept this and then accept that this is not your role. This is God’s role, or rather the role of the Karmic Board and therefore, the best thing you can do for yourself is to move on.

What is the ultimate revenge? It is to turn the other cheek. Someone hits you on one cheek. The ultimate revenge is to turn the other, whereby you bring the judgment of Christ upon them, not human judgment, the judgment of Christ, and this they cannot escape. The other thing is that by you turning the other cheek, you are setting yourself free from these people. You can move on. You can accept the healing of your psychological wounds so that you can move on as if the trauma had never happened. Now you see all over the world, my beloved, that there are people who want to hold on to their trauma, their wounded self. In the Middle East, you have people who have held on to this for thousands of years and hundreds of embodiments. This is their free will, but is that what you want for yourself? If it is not, you now have an alternative. By radiating this into the collective consciousness, I have made it easier for many people who have been hurt by this war to accept healing and this is, of course, my desire. I desire to see all people healed of all traumas they have, all people around the world.

This is my message for this day, for this occasion. I am grateful for having been able to give it and I seal you, who have been the instruments for broadcasting it, in the flame of joyful love that I AM.

Paul the Venetian, I AM.


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