How to remove human suffering

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, June 6, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.


An unprecedented release of the Flame of Peace

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha.

Peace is a flame, an energy, a consciousness, a being – a cosmic being of an attainment beyond the level that I am at as the Buddha for earth. This cosmic being has been magnetized to the earth by the ascended masters, by you our students and by this shift in consciousness that happened as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. This event created such a shift in the collective consciousness that we of the ascended masters appealed to this cosmic being to magnetize its presence in the etheric octave over the earth and release an unprecedented release of the Flame of Peace. 

Now, this flame of peace does not mean that there will instantly be peace on earth in terms of a physical peace. It actually means that this flame will expose all energies, all consciousness, all beings of anti-peace, thus it may seem that this flame of peace will bring the opposite of peace, but this will be only for a time. We have said that the earth cannot resist the upward pull of the entire sphere. Neither can the earth resist the Cosmic Flame of Peace. This is thus a dispensation, an opportunity for earth magnetized by the fact that so many people on earth truly want peace. They want a future where they have peace from those who are willing to take by force. 

The consciousness of being willing to take by force

What is this willingness to take by force? Well, it is a spiritual poison. It has several elements. It actually springs from all of the poisons, from ignorance to lust, cravings, greed, because to this consciousness that is willing to take by force, it is never enough. What do people, beings, who are willing to take by force generate? They generate suffering, often for other people as well, but they always generate suffering for themselves. Those who are the instigators of war for example cannot fail to generate an agitation in their own minds and four lower bodies that can quickly become unbearable. That is why you have seen some leaders who started wars and who literally became insane, going into a completely delusional state of mind, losing touch with reality. So, can you really say that when a being has stepped into this consciousness of wanting or being willing to take by force, that this being still has free will? Is it not rather so that this being has surrendered its free will to these collective beasts, demons or fallen beings who want to create chaos or have an agenda of proving God wrong? Do such people actually have free will? They have a will but it is not free. 

What is it that happens in the psychology of people that go into this consciousness of being willing to take by force? They are of course going into the duality consciousness. This means that they can use the dualistic reasoning process to justify their actions, but only from a certain perspective. You see the upward force of the entire unascended sphere is the Christ consciousness bringing everything closer and closer to oneness. Surely, oneness is difficult to fathom for people in embodiment on a dense matter planet like earth but nevertheless, there is an upward movement in the universe. When you go into the consciousness of taking by force you cannot be in oneness. For if you are in oneness you realize that if you take by force from others you are also taking from yourself, and who would be insane enough to do that? 

The state of non-peace and non-freedom

These beings go against the upward force of the universe and they cannot fail to feel it. Often, they do not feel this consciously. They are not aware of why they feel what they feel, but they feel an agitation. They are in this constant state of non-peace, of unrest. They cannot be at peace in their own minds. This can ultimately cause them to become insane by any definition of that word, but on an intermediate stage it causes them to go into a state of delusion where they cannot see the consequences of their actions. They cannot acknowledge the consequences of their actions. Why is this so? Because in order to be able to survive psychologically in this state of non-peace they must find some argumentation in their minds that in their minds justifies their aggression, their taking through force, and they cannot acknowledge the consequences of their actions because these consequences would invalidate their justification. They must go into a state of delusion and denial of reality in order to survive psychologically. 

What does this mean? This means that they now go into a state of mind that is the ultimate state of non-freedom. What freedom do they have left when they have taken physical actions by force that cannot be taken back, when they have created physical consequences for other people that cannot be nullified or whisked away? And if they acknowledged these consequences, even consequences for their own people and for themselves, they would have to admit that their justification was not sufficient. 

This means in their minds they would have to admit they had made a mistake, but if you are in this state of the extreme willingness to take by force, you see yourself as a superior being because that is what gives you the desire to have ultimate power that causes you to take by force. And if you are a superior being you cannot be wrong. Or rather, you cannot bear being wrong, and so you cannot acknowledge that you were wrong. You cannot acknowledge reality of what is actually happening in the world, and therefore you are completely un-free. You cannot change your mind because by changing your mind or changing your actions, you would have to admit that your first actions were wrong and the justification of those actions was wrong and therefore, you were wrong, and you as a superior being cannot bear to be wrong so you must deny. But in that total denial you lose all freedom in your mind. 

It may seem as if the fallen beings have freedom to do whatever they want without considering the consequences for others that normal people would consider. It may seem they can often get away with doing things because they cause the people who follow them to take on the karma. But when you look inside the minds of the fallen beings, you see that they are the least free beings at the level of the mind. They may seem to be free at the level of physical actions but they are the least free beings at the level of the mind. 

The leaders who cannot bear to be wrong 

We have for quite some time, through a previous dispensation, talked about fallen angels. We have in this dispensation talked about fallen beings and given some very profound teachings about fallen beings. These teachings have gone into the collective consciousness where they have reached people who are open to them because they have looked at history and wondered why there is this type of leader on earth that has no empathy, no consideration for the suffering of others. They have of course reached you, our direct students. You have contemplated these ideas, you have given the invocations based on our dictations, and all of this has created an upward momentum that was reinforced and crystallized by the invasion of Ukraine to the point where a critical mass has been reached on a planetary level. 

There is now a shift in the collective consciousness where many more people see and acknowledge the need to understand why we have these kinds of leaders even in the modern world, leaders who will take actions that are clearly based on force, that create severe consequences for their own people and for other people. And yet, they are not willing to acknowledge the consequences, change their actions, change their minds. They have no empathy. They will disregard the consequences of their actions, and why? Well, as I said, because they cannot bear to be wrong, and this is what many people are ready to see: the complete inflexibility, inability, unwillingness to admit that one was wrong or that one’s actions were not the best and were not actually in one’s own interest. 

The inflexibility of dictatorships

This leads towards the realization that democracies are societies that can afford to have leaders that are wrong. They are societies where the people can afford to be wrong. They can afford to admit that they have been wrong and change their outlook and their actions accordingly. This is one of the essential differences between a dictatorship and a democracy. The leader in a dictatorship cannot admit that he is wrong and the people cannot admit that they were wrong about the dictator, and this creates a fundamental inflexibility, meaning that a dictatorship cannot adapt to changing circumstances. They must continue to do the same thing while expecting different results, which is, as you know Einstein said, a form of insanity. They literally go into a downward spiral that can only stop when an event is so shocking to them that it breaks their denial. It might be a total defeat like you saw with the defeat of Nazi Germany. It might be the exposure of a shocking inhumanity as you also saw with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Or it might be the threat of a complete economic breakdown as you saw with the Soviet Union. 

You have seen that sometimes dictatorships can change course and come into an upward spiral. You saw how the British Empire was brought to look at itself by the example of Gandhi and the non-violence movement, and therefore changed from being a dictatorship in its behavior towards India, to realizing that you cannot claim to be a democracy at home and behave like a dictator abroad. You saw Germany go from being a dictatorship under Hitler to becoming a democratic nation. You have seen Germany recently admit that their policy towards Russia and Putin was a mistake and they have been willing to change. You have seen other democracies admit that they misjudged Putin and the situation in Russia, and they have been willing to change accordingly. You have seen some democratic nations who have not been willing to do this, yet. 

Flexibility Equals Survival

But nevertheless, what I wish to point out here is as the Buddha I was in embodiment on earth many, many thousands of years before I embodied as Gautama Buddha. I was not the Buddha for that entire time. I did not have the Buddha consciousness but I was in embodiment for a very long time. I ascended 2,500 years ago and since then I have been an ascended master in the Buddhic consciousness. I have a very long experience, a very long view of the earth. This means I know what is survivable and what is not survivable in terms of societies. And truly the only thing that is survivable is adaptability, flexibility, the willingness to change. Not just changing horizontally but changing vertically in terms of transcending one’s former level of consciousness.

Anyone who takes the long view that I can take can see that progression is the absolute requirement, not only on earth but throughout the universe. Transcendence of a former state, progressing to a higher state, that is the foundation for survivability. This you can also see by looking at history and how societies have come and gone. You can look at animal species and the evolution. Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? Because they could not adapt. You see here that this is actually a natural law. It is, of course, also a spiritual law but you can look at it completely neutrally and call it a natural law. When societies become rigid and inflexible and refuse to adapt, they cannot be sustained over time. There is a time limit, an expiration date. What causes societies to become inflexible? They cannot admit, not necessarily that they are wrong, but they cannot admit that they could do better than what they are doing now.

The downfall of civilizations and the upward pull of the rest of the universe

The progression towards something better is a law. Now of course what you cannot see necessarily from recorded history is that there have been past ages where the entire planet went into a downward spiral that caused the downfall of civilizations. It is possible on a planet like earth to go into a downward spiral and to go against that natural law of progressive self-transcendence. Yet, this also of course caused the downfall of these civilizations, the destruction of civilizations and the reduction of the population to a very low level compared to today. This of course could not be maintained. There came a point where the downward spiral had hit rock bottom and there was no lower place to go. 

Then the upward pull of the rest of the universe started pulling the earth up, and gradually people responded and built an upward momentum. There are forces that are working against such an upward momentum, and they can have some success in creating these empires that can stop growth on a temporary basis. And even though they sometimes may last for a thousand years, they cannot last indefinitely. 

And if you look at even recorded history you see that the time span of such empires is clearly becoming shorter and shorter. The Roman empire survived for quite some time. The Catholic Roman empire survived for some time. The czarist empire in Russia, the kings of Europe, the kingdoms of Europe, survived for some time. But you see that it became shortened. And then you had these leaders that had the ambition of conquering the entire world, like Napoleon, who had success for time, but not a very long time. You had Hitler who had success for a time, but not a very long time. You see that the more violent actions leaders take, the shorter their lifespan will be. The Soviet Union survived for as long as it did because it avoided the cold war becoming hot. Putin has survived for as long as he has survived because he avoided crossing that line. But now it has been crossed and there is no way back.

New awareness in the non-democratic nations 

This is something that there can be an awareness of, that many people can grasp not only in democratic nations but also in non-democratic nations. There is a momentum building in the collective consciousness where many, many people in non-democratic nations are suddenly, without any particular forethought, becoming aware of these weaknesses in their nations and in their former government and in dictatorial regimes. They are beginning to see that they are in a self-destructive spiral that cannot be maintained. And if their societies are to avoid some kind of breakdown, there needs to be change. 

There are people in China who can see that an invasion of Taiwan would be suicidal for the communist party and the current power elite of China. There are people in the Arab nations who can see that the current situation with Islam having such an influence on the government is not sustainable. There are people in other nations who can see that the attempt by some leaders to subvert and undermine democracy, and give themselves unconstitutional powers, is not sustainable. Turkey is one obvious example of this. It is not enough to change your name, you need to change your game. Which means changing the man at the top.

There is this underlying and yet mostly unseen and unrecognized momentum that is building, and it is building towards this recognition that suffering is not unavoidable. Suffering is for the most part created by human beings, and it is created by the human beings who are taking through force, the human beings who justify force and who will not admit that they are wrong. This inflexibility, this unwillingness to adapt and change, is the real cause of most of the suffering seen on earth. It is so to speak the driving force that stirs up the sea of samsara.

The key to overcome human suffering

This momentum has, as I said, partly been built by ascended master students, partly by many Buddhists over the past 2,500 years who have attempted to embody the teachings that I gave, partly by many Christians who have attempted to embody the teachings of Jesus and partly by many people in democratic nations and even in non-democratic nations who had considered the difference between dictatorships and democracies. Who have considered: “Why is their human suffering? What is the cause? What could be done to alleviate, perhaps even remove, human suffering? Would it be possible to remove human suffering?” Many have asked. Some have concluded that it would not because they could not see how. Others have contemplated that it must be possible. They sense intuitively, they know perhaps from past lives, perhaps from in between embodiments that it is possible to alleviate, to remove, to resolve human suffering.

Is it not after all what the Buddha said? Is it not what Jesus said? Is it not what many other religions and spiritual movements have said? It is possible to overcome suffering. Some say it is possible only after you pass from this world. But many, especially in the modern age, have started to ask: “Should it not be possible to achieve it, even in this world, the freedom from suffering?” What many of these people have begun to suspect is that freedom from suffering can be achieved not in an outer way, not by creating an ideal utopian society. After all, where does suffering take place? You may say that if you fall off a horse and break your leg there is a physical pain that causes you suffering. But where is the pain experienced? In your mind. When you are given an anesthetic that dulls the pain, does that anesthetic affect your broken leg? Or does it affect your brain that senses the physical pain? 

But beyond the physical pain is of course the psychological experience of the pain, and this is suffering. Pain, physical pain, even when it is experienced by the brain, is not actually suffering, because suffering is not the same as pain. Pain can cause or trigger suffering but the pain itself is not the suffering. The suffering is an experience in the mind. And it can have various elements, but there is always that element: “I should not be feeling this pain. I should not be experiencing this condition. These people should not be doing this to me.” There is always a sense in the mind: this should not be happening. But since this is happening, and since you cannot make it go away, this then is what causes the suffering.

Many people have begun to at least suspect and sense that suffering takes place in the mind, which means that even though it can be triggered by external factors, the real cause of suffering must be internal. And this means that the only way to remove suffering is to work directly with the mind. Surely democratic societies have attempted to create a situation where the citizens of those societies are not experiencing many of these external conditions that have traditionally caused suffering or triggered suffering. There are many people in democratic societies who have grown up their entire lives without experiencing these severe physical circumstances. But still many people suffer. They suffer even though they have no physical reason to suffer, but they have a psychological reason that causes suffering. 

The democracies have proven that even giving people ideal material conditions does not remove their suffering. It is now clear that the only way to remove suffering is to work with the mind. Which, as it so happens, was what I said 2,500 years ago. And what Jesus said 2,000 years ago. And what Confucius and Lao Tzu and other spiritual messengers have said at many different times in many different contexts. They have often not been heard because even though people could hear the outer teaching, they could not fully internalize it. But we are now approaching an age where more and more people will be able to grasp the teaching, to grasp what is actually being said: that the key to overcome suffering is in the human mind.

You may attempt to create a utopia, and you may attempt to create an ideal society, but it will never alleviate suffering. What is it that you see in a force-based society where the government is based on force? You see that such a society has a high degree of suffering. The people of the Soviet Union clearly suffered more than the people in Western Europe at the time. The people in Russia before the invasion were clearly suffering more than the people in Western Europe at the time. The people in Russia after the invasion are clearly suffering more than the people in Western Europe. 

You see that in a force-based society, a force-based government, the people suffer more. In a democratic nation the people suffer less, but they still suffer. And their suffering is different. They are not suffering as a result of outer conditions, but now, to a greater and greater extent they are suffering because of psychological conditions. We have explained the reason for this, that people who have experienced trauma in past lives will tend to want to embody, if at all possible, in a democratic nation where they have a better opportunity to resolve their traumatized psychology.

You cannot remove suffering through force

But nevertheless, the point here is that you need to ask yourself, primarily in democracies but also in other nations, what is the purpose for our society? You can look at a dictatorship and see that the purpose of a dictatorship is to give the dictator and the power elite that supports him whatever they crave in terms of a sense of power, a sense of being superior, a sense of being special, a sense of being rich and privileged, whatever it may be. But the entire society is based on this small power elite taking by force from the population. 

It is clear that when you have a force-based society where the majority of the population are virtually slaves of a small elite, the population will suffer. There will be plenty of external circumstances that cause the population to suffer because they feel this is not right, they should be having a better life, they should not be limited so much, they should not be persecuted and so forth. But as I have also explained, nobody actually suffers more than the dictator and his henchmen. They are the ones who are suffering most. 

What you can say is that a force-based society is not a society that has the goal of ending or even minimizing human suffering, and it could never achieve that goal even if it wanted to. You cannot remove suffering through force. Force will only generate more suffering. And of course, suffering also generates more force because people in this mindset think that if they are suffering, there must be an outer cause, and if they use force to destroy that cause, they will not be suffering. But their attempt to destroy the cause will only cause more suffering and therefore they are in this never-ending spiral that builds in intensity until they can no longer survive it psychologically, or even physically.

You cannot remove suffering through material welfare

When you then look at democracies, what could you actually say about democracies? You could say that they are societies aimed at minimizing human suffering, minimizing the suffering of the general population. You could even say that the higher goal of a democracy is to remove human suffering. But what we are pointing out with this series of discourses is that this cannot be achieved, no matter how good of an outer society you create. No matter how good the material conditions are, how free people are, how easy of a life they have, it will not remove suffering because the cause of suffering is internal. As we have said before, the next logical step for the modern democracies, is to focus on psychological wellbeing, instead of material welfare. 

This is clearly another step up, another logical, natural progression of what the modern democracies have experienced, at least the ones that are most highly evolved in the democratic process. This again does not mean they have to acknowledge a spiritual teaching or the assistance of ascended masters, but they do need to discover certain universal principles about the human psyche, and implement them. 

You could say, as we have said, the real important thing for democracy is people, not ideas, not theories, not ideologies. The real important thing for democracy is the population at large, not a small elite. But at another higher level up the goal of a democracy is to alleviate suffering for the people. This of course is something that more and more people are beginning to lock into, to grasp, to acknowledge and even to talk and write about. You are part of that process as our direct students when you raise your own consciousness, when you make the calls, when you study the teachings, but there are many, many other people. 

Creating the upward spiral for all people

As we have said several times in previous dispensations our students had the need to feel that they alone were saving the world for Saint Germain. But this, you are mature enough to realize, is a naive view. It takes many, many, many people to change the world. You can be the forerunners, the tip of the spear, but you cannot do it alone. It would be naive to think so. Therefore, we have several times asked you to make this shift where you are not doing what you are doing in order to elevate yourselves to be special because when you have this mindset, you can very easily open yourself to that spiritual poison of envy and jealousy. What does this poison cause people to do? You actually want to be the only ones who are doing something positive for Saint Germain. You do not want all of these people out there to tune into our ideas and implement them because that would take credit away from you. There has been this kind of consciousness in previous ascended master dispensations, and in many religious movements and spiritual movements. 

Many gurus still want to elevate themselves and they pass this on to their followers. We are asking you to step up to a higher level of maturity, let this go and hold the vision that all of the people out there who have the potential to tune into these ideas, implement them and change the world will do so. They will achieve maximum success that is in their divine plans. Because truly my beloved, when you reach a higher level of Christhood, you see as self-evident that other people having success in fulfilling their divine plans could not possibly detract from your divine plan. On the contrary, the more other people have success, the more you will have success, because you are part of the whole, and it is only by seeking to raise that whole, that you will have the maximum raising of yourself. This is what you see as self-evident when you reach a certain level of Christhood. You realize it is not about me as this separate being. It is about the greater me of all people who are in an upward spiral. Ultimately, even all of humanity, because all can be pulled up by the upward spiral, even if they are not yet activity locked into it and accelerating it.

The big success of the conference 

This conference and I am not saying this to make you feel special, but you do deserve a realistic assessment –  this conference has had a major impact because of the timing. Because of the shift, the awakening that happened as a result of Vladimir Putin’s shock therapy, this conference, our dictations, your calls, your internalization and listening to the dictations has had a much bigger impact than it otherwise would have had. 

You can say: “We could have given the same dictations, by and large, six months ago.” You could have given not the same invocations, but you could have given some powerful invocations and we could have had a conference on democracy and Christhood in the fall. But because the collective consciousness was in this stalemate that it was in at the time, the conference would not have had anywhere near the impact that this conference has had. You really have had, in this conference, a tremendous impact in giving direction to the turmoil in the collective consciousness. There is plenty of energy in the collective consciousness, but there has been lacking the direction. There has been some direction, because as we have said, the democratic nations have actually responded in a higher degree than we expected. But there has still been a lack of direction and you have provided the impetus that, if people are willing, can crystallize new visions, new directions and a new sense of determination. For this, you deserve our gratitude. 

Peace coming from the come-what-may mindset 

You will recognize perhaps that we of the ascended masters are the ultimate flexible beings. This will surprise some ascended master students who think that we are constant. In a sense, we are constant in our level of consciousness, although we are still transcending ourselves as we have said. But we are infinitely flexible when it comes to helping human beings on earth. Any situation, any shift in conditions on earth, we always seek to use them to promote growth. Surely, we would have preferred that this war had not taken place. But now that it has taken place, we do not look at this with any kind of regret. We say: “How do we help people move on from here? How do we turn this into a positive and turn it into a growth opportunity that will actually bring growth and bring the planet and the societies that are willing, closer to Saint Germain’s Golden Age?”

This is of course a mindset that you can adopt as well, as our students. This messenger was, as he said, shocked when the war happened, but he worked with himself and his psychology, changed his mindset. He was helped by the thought that when you look at the earth today, you can see that conditions on this planet are very far below where they will be in Saint Germain’s Golden Age. We have given enough teachings about the Golden Age of Saint Germain that you can all see that conditions on earth right now are very, very far below where they will be in the golden age. This means that tremendous changes need to take place before the golden age can truly begin to manifest. 

This messenger realized that so far, he had had the attitude, the mindset, that he was hoping and wanting and holding the vision that these changes would happen gradually so there would not be these big shocks, such as a war, such as the corona pandemic, an economic collapse or other things like that. He was hoping that the kind of growth that he has seen for most of his lifetime and that most of you have seen for most of your lifetimes in the modern democratic world, this gradual steady progression without the big shocks. 

He was hoping for this. But when he examined this mindset he realized: “But if the changes, the tremendous changes that need to take place happen only gradually, would it not take a very long time before the golden age could be manifest?” This caused him to shift his mindset and say: “Well, I can accept that there will be some big shocks, some big dramatic events that will shift the mindset so that we can more quickly reach the manifestation of the golden age.” All of you can do the same, not only because it will actually speed up growth because you are not holding a vision that promotes slower growth, but also because you yourselves can attain a greater sense of peace when these events happen. 

I am not in any way discounting the suffering of people in Ukraine. I am not saying that if you live in Ukraine, you should be able to be at peace about the entire situation. But there are many of you, most of our students who are living in more peaceful countries and you can adopt a more peaceful state of mind. More of a “come-what-may” instead of this fear: “Oh, this must not happen, or that must not happen.” This means that when things do happen that are dramatic, then you will not lose your peace. You will not go into that state of agitation where you think, as even this messenger did in the beginning days of the war: “Oh this should not have happened. How could this happen? This should not have happened.” You can instead adopt the mindset: “Well, now that it has happened, how do we make the best of it? How do we turn it into growth?” It will be easier for you to deal with the rest of your time in embodiment. 

Gautama’s offer

 There can be dramatic shifts. We have actually never said there would not be. But we have been working towards a more steady growth that would not require these very hard knocks in the school of hard knocks. You are direct students, you are not in the school of hard knocks. Therefore, you can strive for a state of mind where you are not disturbed when others receive those hard knocks. This, I desire to see for you. I hope this conference has helped you move closer to that state of peace. If not, I offer you my flame of cosmic peace that will make unruly thoughts cease. Give my decree, give even the refrain to the decree. It is four lines. You can learn it by heart in a short time, and then give it if you feel agitation. Give it if you are lying at night and find it difficult to go to sleep. Just silently repeat the refrain of my decree: 

Gautama flame of cosmic peace,
Unruly thoughts do hereby cease,
We radiate from you and me,
The peace to still samsara’s sea.

I hold the vision for you that samsara’s sea will be stilled in your minds.  

And for this, I seal you in my flame of cosmic peace and the flame of gratitude from all of us that you have listened to, or invoked, during this magnificent event.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels

How to live up to our democratic ideas 

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Ascended Master Master MORE through Kim Michaels, June 6, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I am the Ascended Master MORE. As many of you know, I was embodied in the 1500s as Thomas More. And during that embodiment, I published a book called Utopia that even today is somewhat debated by people. There is widespread differences in how this book is interpreted by various so-called experts. But there are some that have realized that the book is probably not meant seriously as me recommending this kind of society, but more as a satire of contemporary England of my time.

Looking down upon the present

However, there is more to it than that, in the sense that it is also meant to be a satire of those who are dissatisfied with their current society and always looking to the future, thinking society will be better in the future, possibly the distant future. You find this, of course, today as well. You find many people, both in the democratic worlds and elsewhere, who are dissatisfied with the world as it is. Who are always looking at the negative, always looking for problems, always trying to analyze what is wrong here, what is wrong there. And they think they are doing this with the best of intentions. They think that they are trying to discover a theory of how to create the ideal society in the future.

This was also the case in the 1500s and in many other time periods. There has always been a certain group of people, some of them are fallen beings, who are always criticizing their present time looking towards some better future. And therefore, what are they doing? They are in a sense saying that the present time is no good. There is this problem, there is that problem, there is all kinds of wrong things going on in society. And therefore, people should be dissatisfied with the present and look to the future. This is not really all that different from the Catholic church and many other Christian churches who promoted the idea that you cannot truly be happy in this world. Happiness comes when you are saved after this lifetime and go to heaven. If, of course, you follow the dictates of the church.

There is a very strong mentality in the world, there is a very strong collective beast of looking down upon the present and looking towards the future. Or even looking back to the past, thinking that conditions were so much better in the so-called ‘good old days.’ You see people who are either longing back to the Roman Empire or this empire or that empire, or longing forward to the Utopian society that they are convinced will manifest in the future.

You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem

But how do you actually improve society? Many will say that you improve society by analyzing and pointing out the problems that exist, and then solving those problems. Now, again, as Jesus and Saint Germain have pointed out, there is always a subtlety. There is always a challenge in discerning a higher view, a higher perspective. Of course, you can look back at history and see that people have analyzed problems and then attempted to come up with solutions to those problems. This is a necessary approach. But if this is your only approach, you will not actually be successful. And you certainly will not create an ideal society.

Why not? Well, what is it that the Christ consciousness actually stands for? You may say that Jesus came to bring forth a teaching that could serve as the catalyst during the Piscean Age to bring forth a better society. True enough. You might say that Jesus pointed out certain problems in society as it was. And therefore, you could say that, well, Jesus was taking the approach of analyzing the problems and providing a solution. But that is not actually the full understanding of the Christ and the Christ consciousness. We have given many, many teachings through this messenger about the duality consciousness. We have talked about the dialectic described by Hegel. A thesis creates or generates an antithesis, and the interaction between the two generates a synthesis that becomes the next thesis and so forth. This is actually what happens when you try to analyze problems and solve problems with your current level of consciousness.

Einstein was inspired by us to say: “You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem”. And this is what many people are doing through this analysis. Because what was the consciousness that created the problem? Well, the consciousness of anti-christ. What are these people using to analyze the problem? The consciousness of anti-christ. What are they using to suggest a solution? The consciousness of anti-christ. And how can a problem generated by the consciousness of anti-christ be solved by the consciousness of anti-christ? IT CAN NOT BE DONE.

Transcending the consciousness behind the problems

What did Jesus really do? What did he really represent? What did he really present to the world? That the ultimate solution of problems is the transcendence of consciousness. I know very well that no Christian has the foundation for understanding this in Christian doctrines. Because the teachings were, as we have explained so many times, perverted by the formation of the Catholic church where the power elite took over. And where it actually was the consciousness of anti-christ, consciousness of Peter, that became the foundation for the Catholic church. You go back to the 1500s and I was a staunch Catholic in that embodiment and I could not see this myself at that time.

So I understand the difficulty, but we are now at the end of the Piscean Age going into the Aquarian Age. And there are many, many people in the world who have the foundation for grasping this. Even grasping it in universal terms where they see that you have to rise to a higher level of consciousness, a higher perspective in order to solve a problem. Because most human problems are the outcome of a specific state of consciousness. Saint Germain and Jesus have talked about this attitude of the self-centeredness, the selfishness, the me first, the willingness to do unto others and take from others by force. Just look at the world today. The willingness to take by force. Look at how many problems spring from that state of consciousness. All crimes, all wars, all invasions and conquests.

Look at the economy. The power elite willing to take from the people through force has created all of the economic problems you see. It has generated the worldwide poverty that you see. It has generated the inequality in income distribution. It has generated inflation, the money system, speculation leading to increased prices and so forth. It is all about some people trying to take by force from the whole, from the population. So many problems that you see in the world were generated from this state of consciousness.

How could you possibly solve those problems, unless you transcended that state of consciousness and rose to the state of consciousness that is the foundation for democracy? Where you do unto others, you are not taking by force, you are working to raise the whole, because you realize this is the ultimate way to raise yourself. This does not have to be in a religious context. It does not have to be in a spiritual context of ascended masters. It is something that many people can grasp and observe in these universal terms.

And of course, you can look at, once you grasp this, what kind of societies would be able to implement this shift in consciousness. Well, certainly not Putin’s Russia or Xi’s China or nations of the Middle East. It must be the democracies. And the democracies, therefore, need to recognize that it is necessary to step up to a higher level of consciousness, even a higher approach to society, to human interactions and to government. And this includes selecting leaders.

Cognitive dissonance of the power elite

Now, you can go back to the book Utopia and many commentators have said that I was writing a satire of contemporary England. There is certainly reality to this. I saw the problems in England. I could not have explained them back then, as I can explain them today, or it might have been written in the book. But what I can say today is that I could see very clearly that the main problem in England of the 1500s, was that you had a king and a group of noblemen around him that had that consciousness of taking from the people by force. And therefore, forming a power elite that was exploiting the people. There was more than one power elite –  the War of the Roses, for example, was two rivaling power elites. I saw this at the time.

And I also saw, even though I found it difficult to verbalize, that the problem with this kind of leaders is that they claimed to have certain ideals, but they acted in ways that were contrary to their professed ideals. For example, they claim to be Christians, but exploiting the population. Taking away wealth and power, ignoring the fact that agricultural practices had changed so that many people were in danger of starving to death. This could not possibly be an expression of Christian ideals and Christian teachings. They were not willing to see this, because they were only focused on themselves, their power and their privileged lifestyle. Nothing else mattered. I saw this.

I saw this dichotomy, this cognitive dissonance. And that is actually why I took the stand I took against Henry VIII, when he wanted to divorce his wife and the pope would not agree to it. Many have said it was because I was loyal to the Catholic church. Well, I was not completely blind to the fact that even the Catholic church professed to follow the teachings of Christ, but their actions were contrary to the teachings of Christ in many ways. It was really that I saw at the time how there is a certain class of leaders that are abusing power. And I felt that it was my role in that embodiment to set forth an example of someone who would not bow to these leaders. Who would not submit to power and the abuse of power, but who would take a stand for what he believed to be right.

In other words, many people have said Thomas More was obsessed with the church’s teachings being followed to the letter. And therefore, he was against divorce. He was against the king divorcing a wife that could not give him children, so he could find another wife and get an heir. And when we look at this today, we see that divorce is universally accepted, even by the Catholic church, at least grudgingly, and everybody gets a divorce. That issue is no longer important to us today. Why was it so important to Thomas More that he was willing to lose his head over it? But you see, the issue of divorce was just the issue, the outer issue. It was not the real issue, the higher issue which was my desire to take a stand against the abuse of power.

Now, I am not saying that I did this with a martyr complex. But as I was sitting in jail contemplating my rapidly dwindling future, I was not blind to the fact that this was in a way what Jesus did. I did not fancy myself of having the level of spiritual attainment that Jesus did. But I did see that Jesus also took a stand against the abuse of power, refused to submit to power. And therefore, allowed himself to be executed. I was not blind to the fact that many other people have done that throughout history. And that every once in a while it is necessary for a person who has a certain level of Christhood, which I could not call it back then, to take that stand and demonstrate the unwillingness to submit to the abuse of power, the unwillingness to cower to power.

This is really the dynamic that I attempted to expose in Utopia. That there was in contemporary society – not only in England, but all over Europe – this ruling class that were blatantly abusing their power. Confessing to follow Christian ideals, but their actions were the opposite of the Christian ideals. You could say with today’s words that I was taking a stand against the power elite. And I was taking a stand against the fallen beings. Henry VIII, of course, being a fallen being, as many of the kings and emperors of Europe.

Taking  a stand against the abuse of power

How is this relevant to Christhood? Well, I am not saying that everybody who attains a high degree of Christhood needs to allow themselves to be executed. But there comes a point where you do take a stand against the abuse of power. You refuse to submit to it. There can be situations where you do not rebel in an outer way. Render under Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s. But you are taking a stand in your mind. You are refusing to submit to the abuse of power. You are refusing to submit to propaganda, to pressure, to lies, to all of this manipulation that is going on. Many of you have done this by accepting our teachings, contemplating them and internalizing them. But there are, of course, always degrees of this that can be done.

How is this relevant to democracy? Well, in a sense, what is democracy? It is a form of government where at least a critical mass of the people have taken a stand against the abuse of power. How did democracies form? Look at the United States where they refused, the early patriots, to submit to the King of England? How did democracies form in Europe? By a critical mass of the people coming to a point where they would no longer allow themselves to be abused by the king and a nobleman that had abused them for centuries.

How does this relate to the world situation? Well, it relates in the way that democracies must be the ones who take a stand against that ruling class that abuses power. And this happens in an outward way by taking a stand against these nations, such as Russia, China and others who are abusing power, or the Nazi Empire or many other examples. But it also has an internal component where the people, the leaders, the educated people, the media people, the politicians need to step up to a higher level of understanding of this, where they are willing to take a stand against those who abuse power.

This can in some nations be corruption. It can be the so-called ‘old boys’ network’, of giving favors to those who are loyal to you and your political party. It can be in terms of the economy where those who are in charge of the economy are blatantly abusing power to siphon wealth away from the people. It can be in taking a stand against those who have been elected through a democratic process, but who are now abusing the democratic process to either stay in power or to limit the rights or the governmental (the democratic) processes and institutions. There are many examples of this, even in democratic nations, even leaders who have been democratically elected, but who have then abused their power – tightening control, limiting freedoms, limiting free press, subverting democratic institutions, such as the courts, or even Parliaments and so forth. Many examples.

And it is necessary for nations to step up and become clear about the fact that there are still, even in democratic nations, people who are willing to abuse power. When you look back at recorded history, you see this tendency for a small elite who is willing to use power, because they are willing to take through force. And obviously, this is completely anti-democratic. And therefore, it cannot be allowed. But it has been allowed in most democratic nations.

This can be in a more malicious way as you, for example, see in the late 1800s. There was a formation of a class of monopoly capitalists in the United States who deliberately attempted to undermine the democratic process by using their money, by buying influence, by creating institutions that were anti-democratic. Such as the Federal Reserve System, which is not federal and really is not a reserve, either. You see this in many aggressive ways. You see it in certain countries where a person has attained power and is now trying to consolidate power around himself, or his own party, by subverting other democratic institutions. But you also see it in more subtle ways.

Old-boy network in the democratic nations

Now, what you see, in general, in the world is that the bigger the country, the more there is a tendency for the emergence of an elite that is willing to blatantly and forcefully abuse power. You see this in the United States, most prominently, because it is the biggest democratic nation. It has the most power. There is the most at stake. There is the most money to be made. Those who are willing to abuse power can get the most out of gaining power in the United States.

But now, take an example familiar to this messenger of Denmark, a small country. You cannot really say that there are people in the Danish power elite who are fallen beings in the same class as what you see in the United States or Russia or China. There just is not enough power to be had in Denmark to attract these kinds of fallen beings. But nevertheless, you still have a power elite in Denmark who are running the country. Not because they have force, but because they know people. And they have actually done studies of this mapping how a little over 400 people are, in all practical terms, running the entire country through their influence. This is not through deception or through force, it is through what they all see as a benevolent attempt to run the country in the best possible way, because these people think they are best suited for it. And it is not that Denmark is a non-functioning or dysfunctional country. It functions quite well. But that is not the issue, as we have attempted to explain.

The issue is what promotes the growth of the people. And that can only be done when the people are involved with government and when there is not this ‘old boys’ network.’ Because they are mostly old boys – and they are, of course, all white in Denmark – who are running the country behind the scenes. And the people have little influence on it. Many of these people are not even elected politicians. They are leaders of finance and industry, academics. But they are, first of all, exerting their influence by knowing people, by having connections, by talking to this person and recommending this and recommending against that and so forth. You see, of course, the same in many other of the smaller democratic countries. And you see it also in the bigger countries, as well.

There is a need to become aware of this. It is not really what you would call corruption in an economic way. It is more corruption of the mind, because these people think they know best. They are absolutely convinced that they are right. And they all have this cognitive dissonance. Even the ones who appear as a benevolent power elite, because they are not blatantly abusing power, lying or manipulating. They still have the cognitive dissonance that they think they have certain ideals, but they do not see that their actions do not follow their ideals. This is one of the next steps for democracy.

The honest self-examination: are we living up to our democratic ideals?

I know that Jesus and Saint Germain have given you many, many “next steps for democracy.” And it can seem a bit overwhelming. But of course, we give this in a concentrated way at a conference. But the dictations will go on the internet, where they can be studied by people for a long time to come. You do not have to take this in all at once. But what I am pointing out is that one of the next logical steps for democracies is to look in the mirror and say: “What are the ideals we have? What are the ideals that are the foundation for our democratic nation and constitution?” And then, we look at society and say: “Where do we see people, institutions, aspects of society that is clearly not living up to these ideals, these founding foundational ideals?” This is part of a democracy, this self-examination, honest self-examination, to bring democracy more and more in an alignment with the ideals that cause democracy to be created in the first place.

I am not saying this to blame anyone. It is clear that, if you go back to the United States, the founding fathers, a few of them, were able to tune in to the ascended masters and receive certain ideals from us. But they could not really understand the deeper meaning behind them and they could not live up to them. You see how even some of the founding fathers still were slave owners, even though they had signed the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal.

I am not blaming anyone. I am not saying that the democratic nations are behind and should have done this decades ago. I am simply saying that it is time to consider this. And many people who are not ascended master students are open to considering this. Many are already doing so. Many are already looking at it. There are many people in the press and media. There are researchers. There are writers, authors who are open to these ideas.

You will see, for example, as just to give you one example, how one of the most Catholic nations in Europe is Poland, but in the last several years there are journalists who have brought exposures of the pedophilia in the Catholic church. Which is just one example of how you have a church that claims to be based on the ideals of Christ, but it is allowing systematic sexual abuse of children, which clearly cannot be in accordance with the ideals of Christ. At the same time, they are covering this up, denying it, which, again, cannot be in accordance with the ideals of Christ. What would Jesus have said to a Catholic bishop who is covering up the sexual abuse of priests and moving them to other parishes? Would he have said: “Good job, you are protecting the church.” Or would he have said: “Get thee behind me, Satan, for thou art an offense to me.” Well, you decide.

The reality here is that, as in my embodiment as Thomas Moore and in several other of my embodiments, I took a stand against the abuse of power. Now, this does not mean that I was always this Utopian idol of the perfect human being. Because I also had a recent embodiment as Akbar, the not-so-great, who very much used power to conquer territories and kill people and this and that. You see how I had both embodiments where I was on the receiving end of power and I had embodiments where I was in a position of power. And I, therefore, had the opportunity to demonstrate whether I could live up to the ideals from my other embodiments. And I could not. And it is the case for many of us who are today ascended masters that when we were in embodiment, we also had difficulty living up to our ideals.

We understand how difficult it is, which is why I am not blaming anybody. It is not said to make anybody feel inadequate. But it is just pointing out that as life progresses, as the collective consciousness is raised, it becomes easier and easier to live up to your ideals, especially in democratic nations. It is easier to live up to your ideals in a democracy than in a dictatorship, where you might end up losing your head for taking a stand for your ideals. Or ending up in a labor camp in Siberia, as happened to Navalny in Russia.

Looking at society without blaming

You see that it is simply a natural development, a natural consequence of the raising of consciousness and a progression of the earth that democratic nations become more self-observant. More willing to look at themselves, evaluate themselves and not go into denial. Not go into this refusal to look at oneself. This also means that there is a need for an awareness of this. There is a need for the emergence of a group of people who are willing to look at society without having that critical, analytical mentality that I talked about earlier where you are basically using the duality consciousness to analyze the problems of the duality consciousness.

Which means what? It means you always end up with the conclusion that the problem you are having, that society is having, is created by a certain group of people. And they are the ones who need to change and be forced to change, or be killed, if they will not change. You are, in other words, scapegoating. When you analyze a dualistic problem based on the dualistic consciousness, you always end up scapegoating.

And it is not a matter of scapegoating. It is not a matter of blaming and pointing the finger at others. There is a need for the emergence of a group of people – a movement, organizations, institutions, writers – who will look at society without blaming, without scapegoating other people. This is already, of course, in progress in all democratic nations to some degree. More so in the Scandinavian, Northern European countries than in many other countries. Canada is another example. There is some tendency for this in South Korea, although not quite as developed yet.

And of course, unfortunately, again, the United States is behind in this trend. And it is behind because there are so many people, both on the right and the left, who have gone into this unbalanced state of mind where they are blaming, pointing the finger and appointing a scapegoat. Just again, I know we have said it over and over again, but it is such an obvious example, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Look at how Donald Trump from his emergence on the political scene was scapegoating, was blaming others, pointing out that these people were the problem. Basically, if you look at what Saint Germain and Jesus have said, Trump is an example of a leader who was completely focused on himself, which of course, is what the power elite is. He was basically saying between the lines: “Anybody who does not submit to me is the problem. And those who do submit to me, they need to do something about those other people.” Well, this is not democracy! And this is not going to bring any nation forward towards the golden age!

It is going to create internal conflict and strife that will only delay the growth towards the golden age. But what it will do much more is – as we have already said also – it will create divisions between groups of people which very conveniently obscures the role of the power elite, the financial, economic power elite. And it allows the power elite to continue to siphon wealth away from the people, lowering the standard of living of the people. Because the people are so busy blaming each other that they cannot see that the real problem is the power elite that has distorted the economy to an almost unfathomable degree. At least, it is almost unfathomable that it has not been exposed for what it is. Of course, you cannot expect a person like Donald Trump, who has taken advantage of the financial system, to expose it or to do anything to stop it. This is, again, cognitive dissonance. You claim to be a president who wants to take care of the working class people, but you are doing nothing about the power elite, who is exploiting the working class people.

The past, present and future of ascended master student movement

These are some of the ideas that I found it relevant to bring forth here. I want to say that it is not so often that I speak through this messenger, because other masters have taken a more prominent role here. But I am very gratified with the movement, we might call it, that has sprung up in this dispensation. So many people, various groups in different countries, who have taken the teachings to heart, who have applied them and are giving the invocations and decrees. It is not that the decrees we gave through the Summit Lighthouse, for example, are not powerful or are no longer powerful. But it should be obvious that decrees that were given 30, 40, 50 years ago cannot be as relevant to the present situation as decrees and invocations that are given today, formulated today.

I am, of course, also very gratified with the amount of teachings that have been brought forth. I know that for many of you, it is overwhelming to study them all. We understand it. We are not saying you should study them all. But certainly, they are there in the physical, on the internet, in the books where people, now and in the future, can find them. And where they can serve as the catalyst that triggers a person, not to necessarily become an ascended master student. But it triggers a person who has some expertise in a particular field so he all of a sudden, or she all of a sudden, has this epiphany. “Now, I see what I could not quite pinpoint, what I could not quite figure out! Now, I see it! This is so obvious!” And then the person takes the idea, runs with it, without giving any credit to where it came from, because neither we nor the messenger needs to get that credit. It is enough to see that the idea has borne fruit and has been put into circulation, so to speak.

This is, of course, very gratifying to me as an ascended master. And it is truly the fulfillment of the work that I started with a previous dispensation, for which I was the primary sponsor. As some of you will know, I did officially withdraw my sponsorship from that organization, promising to sponsor the people who were ready for it. But I had, of course, a goal for that sponsorship. And even though some of that goal was fulfilled by the people in the Summit Lighthouse applying the teachings, giving the decrees, it is only now that I really am beginning to see the fulfillment of my goal with the bringing forth of these higher teachings about non-duality, about the dualistic consciousness, the fallen beings, the avatars, the birth trauma, the resolution of psychology. And all of these things that just could not be brought forth 30, 40 years ago, because the collective consciousness just was not there.

Now, we see a group of students who are willing to open their minds to these teachings and to make use of the teachings, which is really the foundation for us bringing them forth. You might say: “Well, if we have a trained messenger who is a sponsored messenger, should not we be able to bring forth any teaching we want?” But that is not actually the case. The messenger might be able to receive the teaching, depending on his or her level of consciousness and resolution of psychology, but there has to be a group of students who can take it, who can grasp it and start implementing it. And there has to be at least some people in the general population who are ready to receive the ideas without knowing where they came from. There also has to be a certain level of the collective consciousness, so that these ideas are not simply pearls cast before swine. This is simply the spiritual law of how the ascended masters can bring forth teachings on a dense planet like earth. There has to be a certain reciprocity below, before we can release something from above.

We look forward to this momentum building and continuing as more and more people find these teachings and spread them. We hope, certainly, that this can be kept up and more teachings can be given and the teachings that have been given can reach a wider audience. With this, I will seal you in the joyful flame of the First Ray, the Will of God, the Power of God that I AM for earth.


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Cooperation is the way of the future

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 6, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

When you have grown to a level of Christ discernment where you recognize that there are forces outside the democratic world who want to destroy democracy, you can take an important step. It may seem like many countries have already taken this step, but they have not taken it fully and the step you can take is to recognize the value of cooperation. Now, you will say, some will say, that the democratic world is already cooperating, the democratic countries have been cooperating for many years and decades and they have, but there is a higher level of cooperation that you can take, that you can reach, that you can ascend to when you have these realizations that we have talked about.

Now, in a sense, most people in the democratic world who are what we might call the more aware people—the leaders, the media, the scientists, the politicians, many among the people who have studied history—they are aware of what I am going to say here, but are they really aware? Has it really clicked in them how important this is?

Again, we have talked about how you can be in a state of consciousness where you are seeing yourself as a separate being, you are in opposition, you are in conflict or competition with other people and you are all focused on yourself. Then you can go through this transition period where you have had enough of this way of living and you can make the shift of recognizing that ‘Do unto others’ will take you to a higher level and now you shift into another state of consciousness where it can be difficult for you to remember how it was before, how it was in your old state of consciousness.

You tend to treat people based on the assumption that they have gone through the same shift you have gone through and you want to be able to treat them that way, as we have said was the case with the Western treatment of Russia after the demise of the Soviet Union. Because of this, because of this shift in your consciousness it can be difficult for a time to be aware that many people have not shifted and what that means. When you reach a higher level of discernment, a higher level of awareness, you can now begin to gain a higher understanding of the dynamic in the world.

Now, many people in the democratic world really cannot lock into or imagine what it was like to live in certain past ages. You have grown up with a sense of freedom, a sense of relative safety and you tend to think that that is the way it is. You also tend to think that everybody wants this. And many people are aware that there are countries in the world where they do not have democratic rights and freedoms, but they do not really think about why that is. They think it is probably some kind of anomaly that will go away soon. Sooner or later, these dictatorships will disappear and democracy will rule the world. This is not an incorrect assumption in the sense that democracies will end up ruling the world and dictatorships will disappear, but they will not disappear by themselves. They will disappear only if a critical mass of people in the democratic world, and even in dictatorial nations, understand the dynamic that I want to talk about here.

Now, to return to the question, why is there evil in the world? If you listen, or if you could hear what is happening in the world, you will see that at almost any given time, somewhere around this planet is a small child who says: “Mommy, why is there evil in the world”? It is a question that is been around for as long as there has been evil in the world, which there has not always been. Now, of course, we do not expect the democratic nations to recognize our teachings about fallen beings and how there was not really evil on this planet until the fallen beings were allowed to embody here. But nevertheless, what I am pointing out is that people – the more aware people in democratic nations – can step up to realize that there is a dynamic in the world where there is something that causes people to have a fundamentally different approach to life than what most people have in the democratic world.

The consciousness that is willing to take from others

You can see it in the democratic world, for example in criminals. You can see it in what you call criminal gangs, the mafia, where they have an entirely different worldview than most people have. You might say they are dishonest, they are criminals but it is more than that. It is that these people are completely centered on themselves and they look at everything relative to themselves; their view, their desires, their physical interests, their physical safety, their prosperity, what they want. And they have the attitude that if they want something, they have a right to take it, even if it means taking it from other people. This is basically the essence of this mindset: “I have a right to take from others”.

You can see it throughout history, where this has been there, it has always been there in criminals who are willing to steal or perhaps even kill other people to get their possessions but you see it on a larger scale with empires or nations which have been willing to take from other nations, to plunder. You go back, you had Genghis Khan, you had Attila the Hun, you had the Vikings, you had the Roman Empire, many who felt completely justified in taking with force from others. You can even go back to the Old Testament times, and what was the credo? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. What was this born from? It was born from this very consciousness, the fact that the population in those times was dominated by this mindset: “I have a right to take from others”.

But there was also, behind this credo—‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’—there was a recognition that if everybody takes from others, everybody will have less. In other words, a society will descend to a very low level of security, prosperity, material life, when everybody is trying to take from others. You see, even in the Old Testament, the Old Testament is based on this recognition that if everybody does not take from others but follows certain rules, society will do better. That is why you have the Ten Commandments, thou shalt not kill, steal and so forth.

What was the purpose of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’? It was to scare the people who are willing to take from others into stopping their aggression for fear of retribution, for fear that something bad would happen to them. And you see that this has carried over, even into the modern world, where you still have people who will only restrain themselves for fear of punishment, for fear of consequences, being put in jail, being executed, whatever.

What democracies need to recognize is that, despite the fact that the world has made progress, despite the fact that democratic nations have made progress and have become better at cooperating, there is still very much the consciousness in the world that is willing to take from others. There are many people in the world who are trapped in this consciousness and there are nations in the world that are trapped in this consciousness.

Any dictatorship is trapped in this consciousness because the dictator, in order to become a dictator, must believe he has a right to take from others, meaning his own people. He has the right to take power, money, their lives if they do not obey him, he has a right to forcefully take from others. The democratic world needs to recognize that this force is there, this consciousness is there and there are many people who are trapped in it and democracies have ignored this, because they have been hoping that it would gradually go away.

Democratic nations need  to draw a line and stand united

Now, again, it is not a wrong hope. This consciousness will gradually go away as the collective consciousness is raised and certain people are no longer allowed to embody on the planet. But if the democracies continue to ignore it, it will take much longer than if they awaken to the need to defend democracy against this mindset and this means that democracies need to look both out and in.

They need to look at, to take the obvious present example, Vladimir Putin. He clearly has the attitude that he has a right to take from others. What has he done during his political career? He has taken the wealth of the natural resources of Russia away from the people, concentrated it in his own hands and the hands of a small elite, and he has in return for that required them to support him. He has no compunction whatsoever of taking from his own people. He has taken their democratic freedoms, he has taken even their sense of safety and their hope for a better future. He has taken almost as much as the leaders of the Soviet Union, almost as much as the worst leaders, namely Stalin, almost as much he has taken from his own people.

So far, the democratic nations had hoped that this would be a temporary phase that it would not go too far. We have talked about this, but now that hope has been shattered and now it is necessary to recognize that Putin also believes he has the right to take from others. Why did he send his forces into Ukraine? Because Ukraine has something he wants, and he believes he has the absolute, unquestionable right to take it by force. What other explanation is there when you look at the most simple possible explanation? Of course, there are other factors, but really, he believes he has the right to take from Ukraine their independence, their statehood, their wealth, their production capacity, their natural resources, but even also their light, their spiritual energy.

The democratic world needs to recognize there are nations in the world who have this mindset. China is another, the Arab nations, other dictatorships around the world, they are willing to take by force if they think they can get away with it. What do the democratic nations need to do? They need to make these people think they cannot get away with it.

If you had listened to Putin, you could see that he has not really been subtle about his intentions. Nobody believed him but he has stated many things. In 2014 when he took Crimea the Western nations could have said: “Now it is time to draw a line so that Putin realizes he cannot get away with any further adventures”. That line was not drawn. Now he is in Ukraine. Now, the Western nations have realized they need to draw a line, they need to say: “Thus far and no farther”. But they need to continue this and not think that: “Oh, hopefully the war will be over and we can go back to some kind of normalcy”. As long as Putin is in power you cannot have any kind of normalcy with Russia.

You also need to go further and say: “Can we really have any normal relationship with China”? Xi Jinping has almost openly declared his intentions to bring Taiwan back to the mainland. He has built up the Chinese military, spending billions and billions of dollars on building ships and airplanes and rockets and this and that. Is it not obvious that if the Western nations want to avoid a situation where there suddenly is a Chinese attack on Taiwan, they need to demonstrate to the Chinese leadership that they cannot get away with it? Some are tuned into this. Even President Biden said on his recent trip that the US was prepared to defend Taiwan militarily, something other US presidents have been reluctant to do but more needs to be done.

Defending democracy against crime and internal authoritarian movements

This is as far as the external goes but now comes the internal, which is, of course the more important and a more complex issue. You see in certain democratic nations, of course, an increase in crime and criminal gangs. Some of these are international gangs, some of them come from nations that are not democratic, but nevertheless they are there. This is, of course, something that the democratic nations need to make a greater effort to stop, to basically defend our nations and our people from crime.

You also have on the Internet more and more cybercrime, which is also people who are willing to take by force. But what you also see is that there is an emerging force in at least some democratic nations, of people whether it is politicians or media people, who clearly do not respect the democratic process. Now, they will claim and sometimes even believe themselves, that they are doing this for the benefit of the nation because the nation is going in the wrong direction and these people know better, they know better how their nation should be run and they are better at taking it in that direction, which is epically important, than anybody else. Therefore, they have not only a right, but even an obligation to take power by force and suppress the opposition. This is a movement seen in many nations to varying levels of intensity.

You see the emergence of political parties, political candidates, media people who do not respect democracy. It is something that nations need to become more aware of, and that the populations need to become more aware of, so they can avoid this movement going as far as it has gone in the United States with Trump.

Because if you look at this neutrally, what did Trump do after the election? He showed a clear disrespect for the democratic process and a desire at least, even if he did not carry it out, to take the presidency by force. There are many of his followers who supported this, which is why they took Congress by force. You can see in other nations where there are similar tendencies, with the emergence of leaders who show a disrespect for the democratic process; they limit the freedom of speech, the freedom of the media, they limit the influence of the courts so that if they have the governmental power they can exceed the authority given to them by the constitutions. You see media outlets who are basically functioning as propaganda branches for these people, such as Fox News in the United States, but others also in other nations.

This is something that these nations need to become more aware of because it is defending your own people against those who will use the democratic freedoms to take away the democratic freedoms from the rest of the population.

The importance of inalienable human rights

Now, you will recognize perhaps that there has always been a certain challenge in a democratic country. People vote and the majority decides the outcome of whether it is an election or a referendum so in a sense you can say, as has been said many times, majority rules. Nevertheless, all democracies are based on certain rights, that people have rights that no authority on earth can take away from them or should be able to take away from them. Not even the government defines the people’s rights.

In a dictatorship, such as China and Russia the leaders firmly believe that they have the right to define the rights of their people, there is no higher authority than them but a democracy is based on the existence of some higher authority. You do not have to call it God or nature’s God, as the founding fathers in America did. You do not even have to see it as a deity. You just have to respect that there is some kind of principle that gives people rights and a democratic government cannot take those rights away from the people. You can say this is a natural law that simply demonstrates that a country functions best when there is this respect for an authority beyond the worldly governmental authority. Once you recognize that there are rights in a democracy, you see that there is a limit to what a majority can rule on. A democracy cannot become a dictatorship of the majority and therefore you need to recognize that there is a need for the tolerance of differences.

Paradox of tolerance: to tolerate or not to tolerate?

Now again, you need to then step up and recognize that even this can be used against democracy. For what will the people that I just talked about, who want to undermine democracy, what will they say? “Well, why are not you tolerant towards us? We should have a right to be different just like gays and lesbians have a right to be different”. But see, people have a right to be different if they do not undermine other people’s right to be different, or rather other people’s democratic rights. There was a recent incident in the United States where the state of Texas wanted to create a law that said that social media such as Facebook or Twitter did not have a right to limit conservative viewpoints. In other words, they wanted to say that they should be able to post anything they wanted on these social media networks, including non-factual information about vaccines or wearing masks or about the election and that Trump should not have been banned from Twitter and this and that.

But what happens if you enact something like this? You are allowing also Russian troll factories to post anything they want on there. What I am saying is, there has to be some evaluation here. What is the intent? Is there an intent to take by force, to take the democratic rights from the population by force? Then you need to limit this in order to defend the rights of the majority. Again, as Jesus said, this is a very delicate thing because it can lead to censorship if it is taken too far but this is what you also recognize at the higher levels of Christhood, that as long as the duality consciousness is in existence on earth you need to avoid extremes. You need to find some balance where you are neither in this extreme or that extreme, nor for that matter in between the extremes, but you are stepping back and looking at the bigger perspective, the Christ perspective so democracies need to wrestle with this.

How do you defend democracy and democratic rights against those who are willing to take it by force, or by deception, which is also a form of force? This, of course, also extends to the area of the economy where democratic nations need to realize that they need to defend the equal rights, the equal economic opportunities of all citizens from the power elite that wants to take it by force and have achieved incredible success in taking wealth by force from the population. This is, as I have said several times, clearly anti-democratic and it is the responsibility of a democratic government to defend its citizens from this.

The cooperation against the anti-democratic forces

Now, once you start doing this housecleaning, so to speak, in democratic nations, you open up for another very important consideration. As Jesus said, once you are below that level of humanity and you do not respect “do unto others”, then you cannot cooperate. But once you step up to that basic level of humanity you can start to cooperate, which is what as I said, the democratic nations have been doing for a long time but there are higher and higher levels of cooperation that will be manifest in the golden age. There are stages of this cooperative process and the stage that is the most important right at this time is that the democratic nations come to the recognition that they need to cooperate in order to defend their nations and democracy as a whole against the anti-democratic forces.

If you want to avoid a military confrontation between NATO and Russia, then the nations, the democratic nations need to be united in imposing sanctions. I recognize there are currently some European countries that are so dependent on Russian oil and gas, that they cannot just break it off from one day to the next but they need to be united in phasing out Russian oil and gas as quickly as possible. Because the only way you can avoid a military confrontation is by imposing sanctions that will cause Putin or other people in Russia to realize that they cannot get away with this, that it is self-destructive to continue these military adventures. Otherwise, you run the risk that there will be a military confrontation between NATO and Russia and this could then escalate in various ways that none of the democratic leaders really want to see happen. The same with China, if you want to avoid a situation where China attacks Taiwan, you need to demonstrate unity, that you will not accept this. You also then need to work together to shut out the anti-democratic undermining from troll factories and other forces. There are many of these forces where Russia has an attempt to finance various movements in the West that are anti-democratic in nature, some of these right-wing movements that you see even in Europe, clearly do not respect democratic principles.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts

This is the level of cooperation that is there right now but beyond this is a higher level that again, relates to Christhood. When you rise to higher levels of Christhood you start seeing beyond the differences, you start seeing the underlying unity, the underlying oneness. And that is where, when you begin to sense, even if you do not talk in those terms, even if you do not understand the deeper principles of the spiritual reality, but you begin to sense that something happens when people and nations cooperate.

It goes back, of course, to Jesus’s parable about those who multiplied their talents and received more in return. And even though this is expressed in what has become a religious setting, it actually describes a universal principle and natural law, if you will, and you can observe it in the democratic nations. You can observe that, when the entire world was dominated by the mindset “I am willing to take from others” wealth, prosperity, the standard of living was much, much lower than it is today. Even today, you see that the standard of living is universally lower in dictatorial nations than in democratic nations and this is of course inevitable, partly because the dictator always takes from the people, so how can the standard of living of the people be raised as much as you can in a democratic nation where you do not have that?

But it is also because there is something that happens when people and nations cooperate. The whole is more than the sum of the parts. There is some kind of multiplication factor that people do better when they cooperate, than the sum of their individual achievements and this is something that needs to begin to be recognized.

Cooperation vs. selfishness

There are a few economists who have started to recognize this but it needs to become much more prominent in the coming decade and more, where you recognize that there is clearly some multiplication. Again, you cannot really explain it in the materialistic paradigm and that is one of the limitations that prevents people from recognizing this, but you can find a somewhat universal explanation and simply say: “We do not understand why but we observe that when we cooperate the whole is more than the sum of the parts and there is more, more wealth is created.” And this can then gradually spread and lead to a shift where the democratic nations can cooperate in a higher way because they have transcended their remnants of the focus on self.

If you look at the attitude: “I am willing to take from others” it is a complete focus on self. In the democratic nations you have transcended the willingness to physically take from others, but you still have many groups of people, many nations who are looking out for themselves first or looking out for number one, as the saying goes in the United States which considers itself number one among democratic nations. You see that there are still many, many nations that are focused on themselves. Why did Britain withdraw from the EU? Their focus on themselves, they thought they could do better in some way without cooperating with the EU. Why is Hungary, why is Poland, withdrawing from some of the rules of the EU, they think they can do better alone in some way than they can do by cooperating, can they?

Well, if you look at narrow self interest, you will think that you can. But what I am pointing out here is the greater principle. If you cooperate, if you seek to raise the whole, if you step up from the narrow self interest to enlightened self interest, then the whole will be raised to a whole new level and then there will be more for everybody.

In other words, if the EU could step up to a higher level of cooperation than they have today, then the amount of wealth in the EU countries would be increased so much, that every country would do far better than they are doing today and this is the realization that will break through in the golden age. We can do so much better by cooperating. In fact, we can do so much better for ourselves by participating in a selfless effort to raise the whole because the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

If you cannot cooperate, all you have is the parts and maybe you think you have a bigger part than somebody else but what if by cooperating you can double the part that you have? Wouldn’t that be better for your nation and for your people? Cooperation is the way of the future. You can say: “What is going on in the world? What is one of the basic dynamics taking place in the world?” It is that the world is moving out of the era of division into the era of cooperation. The world is moving away from the: “I am willing to take from others by force, I am only considering my own narrow interest, me first mentality” into a selfless desire, willingness to raise the whole. It is cooperation versus selfishness, selflessness versus selfishness.

You cannot really say versus because if you are selfless, you cannot be in opposition to those who are selfish. You are just unselfish and you are just working for the whole without seeing any opposition. Again, we have this very delicate discernment. You could say: “Well, have not the democratic nations been in that state where they have not seen any opposition? And that is why they gave Putin a free pass”. And yes, that is true. But again, there is that lower level where you are not seeing opposition because you are not seeing it. It is not that it is not there, but you are not seeing it because you have applied a certain principle in an unbalanced way. That is why again, wise as serpents, harmless as doves. The democracies have been harmless as doves to a large degree but not wise enough to the serpents.

One for all and all for one

Again, you need to recognize you do not have any aggressive intent towards other nations, not even towards democracies but you recognize that they may still have an aggressive intent towards you and you cannot simply ignore this. You see how NATO started as a defensive alliance to defend the nations of Western Europe against Russia, the Soviet Union. But now Putin claims that NATO is an aggressive alliance that has the intention of attacking, conquering or destroying Russia.

You can see how those in the self-centered mindset will turn everything around. NATO is meant to defend against Russian aggression, but now Russian aggression says that NATO is attacking Russia, is a threat to Russia. These are things you cannot simply ignore and therefore you need to step up and say: “What do we then do about this”?

Well, we cannot treat Putin or Russia as a democratic nation, when it clearly is not and therefore what can we do? We can draw a line and stand united. The purpose, or the credo of NATO is the Musketeer oath, one for all and all for one, if one nation is attacked, all the others respond. Well, you could extend this to general cooperation between democratic nations, that if one democratic nation is attacked in any way, not just militarily, but also economically or through propaganda, they all stand together in defending democracy.

There is of course, much more that could be said about this, there are deeper and deeper levels of cooperation that can be achieved as we move further into the golden age. I have mentioned some of them before, the dissolution of nation states, the creation of regions and other things but this is something that is quite some distance into the future so we have, Jesus and I, chosen to focus on what is important in this time given the shift that has happened in the democratic nations as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

I want to say even though we have mentioned it before, that it is a very significant shift that has happened as a result of this invasion. The democratic nations have so far responded beyond what I had hoped. They have shown a decisiveness and a willingness to cooperate and it is very important that this is maintained for as long as it takes. It is very important that it does not simply dissipate once the outer situation is somewhat lightened, but that it is transferred to other areas as well and used to build this recognition that the democratic nations will do much better by standing together, by uniting, by cooperating in ever higher degrees.

Cooperation is vital because without it, how can you counteract this force of anti-democratic countries and people that surely could take one country, one democratic country at a time, if they were allowed to do so. Just as you had the creation of NATO because there was the realization that no country in Europe could alone defend itself against the Soviet Union and it is the same with the cooperation that is there. Because what you have in Russia, what you have in China, what you have in many of the Muslim countries, is still this willingness to take by force, by deceit, to cheat, to look at others and look at the West and say: “Oh, they are decadent, they are rich, they should not really be so rich, they have taken it from their colonies so we have a right to take it back. It is okay if we cheat them, it is okay if we plunder, it is okay if we do this, so that we have a right to do this because the West is the great Satan and so forth.”

It needs to be recognized that this mentality is still there and that the democratic nations represent the move away from this self-centered: “I am willing to take from others” force and that the future of the world really depends on this. Can we actually move into an age that is not ruled by force and ill intentions? Can we move into an age where there is freedom, there is security, there is prosperity, there is the ability to build a better future and continue to build a better future and keep what has been attained, can this happen?

This was what I wanted to give you for this installment. Many things of course we have given, many more could have been given but as I said, we have attempted to be practical realists and say: “What would be the most relevant at this time that we could project into the collective consciousness and have people pick up on so that we could have a positive difference from this conference, from our students giving the calls, being the open doors for projecting this into the collective consciousness”?

Jesus and I both feel we have been able to bring forth what we wanted to bring forth even a little bit more, and as your calls have certainly achieved what we wanted to achieve, and even more so. Again, even a conference like this shows that when people come together, even over the Internet, there is a multiplication factor and you below we above form that symbiotic unity that multiplies the talents. You are multiplying the talents here below, we are giving back to you a multiplication of what you have sent forth and the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

For this, Jesus and I are grateful. This is not to say that this is the last dictation of the conference, but it is for Jesus and I. We thank you and we seal you in our joyful flames that we embody for earth.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels

Free, open and neutral communication is vital for democracy

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 6, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I wish to discourse on one of the essential aspects of the growth in Christ consciousness, as well as the growth in democracy.

Anger as a temporary turmoil in the emotional body

You all know about the Dhyani Buddhas and that they are antidotes to certain spiritual poisons. One of these poisons is anger and hatred. We need to make a distinction here between what many people call anger, but which is more like a temporary turmoil in the emotional body. You will see, for example, if you look at my life, that there was the situation where I overturned the tables of the money changers. There was a situation where I cursed a fig tree. And there was a situation where I said: “Why callest thou me good? There is none good but God.” 

From a normal human perspective, you might say I was angry in those situations, and how could a highly developed person who had a high level of Christhood ever be angry? This is at least what many spiritual people think. But the emotional body is like water. Easily stirred up, but once the stirring movement stops, it falls back down to a calm state. This is not really what we call anger and hatred in terms of a spiritual poison. There are many people throughout the ages who have reached a high level of spiritual awareness, a high level of Christhood, and who still in certain situations can react strongly. They become upset, they become irritated, they become angry, they speak with a loud voice, and so forth. 

If your emotions are stirred by certain situations but they fall back down, and when they fall back down, it is like water, there is no sign of the previous wave, then this is not anti-spiritual. And it is certainly not a spiritual poison. 

You need to recognize again that you live on a very dense planet with an enormous amount of chaos and inharmony. You might say: “Should it be a goal for a spiritual person to always be calm and never get upset?” Well, really, should it? If you get upset, but your emotions calm down and there is no trace left of you being upset, will it detract from your spiritual growth? It will not. How can you go around on a planet like this and avoid being upset no matter what happens? 

Well, you can if you are at the stage of Buddhahood that the Buddha demonstrated when he sat under the bo tree and was confronted by the demons of Mara. When you get to that level of the path, it is an ideal to always be calm, and you can only be calm by being nonattached. But up until those stages of the path, you need to look at yourself and other people with a certain forgiveness and say: “Ah, did it really matter? Let’s move on.” 

What I am leading towards here is the recognition that you can be upset, you can even display what would normally be called anger, without having taken the spiritual poison of anger and hatred into your auric field, your four lower bodies. The spiritual poison is something that enters your being and stays there and, in many cases, accumulates.

Anger and hatred as a spiritual poison 

If you are temporarily angry, but then you calm down and there is no trace left of the anger, that is not a poison. But if you become angry, and then even after you calm down your emotions, there are still traces of the anger, there is still the memory of what happened, there is still a lack of forgiveness towards the person that made you angry, then that is a spiritual poison. In other words, a poison is something you carry with you over time. It stays in your emotional body. It attracts more of its kind from its surroundings, from the astral plane. And it stirs up your emotional body, so you more easily become angry the next time. 

But anger and hatred is not confined to the emotional body, even though most people would say that anger and hatred are emotions. The spiritual poison also goes into the mental body, and now you have various thought processes. It can be, for example, justifying that you got angry, justifying that you stay angry, justifying why you do not forgive those other people. Going on and on about how bad these people are, how what they did was wrong, and how they should not be doing it, and how they should be stopped. And why it might be justifiable to take drastic measures against these people, even doing something that you know is not in accordance with the Golden Rule. Furthermore, when you take enough of this poison inside your auric field, it also goes into your lower identity body. And you can very easily come to identify yourself as a person who is in opposition to another group of people. 

You see in the Middle East, for example, how many Arabs have the poison of hatred in their identity bodies, that they identify themselves as people who are against the Jews, who are angry with the Jews, who hate the Jews, and this is justified. You see innumerable examples of this around the world. You also see Jews who hate the Arabs or the Palestinians, and so forth. What you have here is now a distinction, where the spiritual poison of hatred is something that lingers over time and affects not only your emotional body, but also your mental body and your identity body. 

Cognitive dissonance: torturing people in the name of Christ 

Now what is one of the effects of this spiritual poison of hatred? Well, it is of course, that it counteracts the Golden Rule. You may actually think you are a Christian, you may actually think that when it comes to other Christians, then you are following the Golden Rule. But there are those bad people that are perhaps even working against the cause of Christ as defined by your church. And towards those you do not need to apply the Golden Rule because it is okay to kill them in a crusade. And Jesus would even approve of this.

You go back to the Middle Ages. You will see some of these Inquisitors that spent their whole day torturing people. And after the day, they would go into the church and kneel in front of the crucified Christ, as I have described before, and they would feel certain that I approved of what they did in my name. This is because their minds were colored, were overpowered, by the spiritual poison of hatred. In their mental minds they felt it was justified. And in their identity minds they identified themselves as people who were doing the cause of Christ, even by doing something that was against what Christ said: “Turn the other cheek,” and so on. 

You see how there is this distortion, and the effect of all these spiritual poisons is that it leads to this cognitive dissonance. You have a selective view that allows you to hold two incompatible views at the same time, such as: You are a good Christian, but it is justified to kill Muslims or infidels or heretics or Catholics or Protestants or whatever you have. 

Hatred in a population and freedom of speech

Naturally the spiritual poison of hatred is also against your growth towards Christhood. You may, as I said, believe you are a good Christian, you may even believe you are a good ascended master student who has reached a certain level of Christ discernment, but if you have that spiritual poison of hatred in your three higher bodies, you do not have Christhood, and you cannot grow towards Christhood. You are actually going in the opposite direction, regardless of what you think. 

When we take this to how it applies to democracies, then you see, of course, that, given that a democracy is based on some recognition of the Golden Rule and therefore basic humanity, hatred works against the democratic principles, the democratic process. If there is too much hatred in a population, they cannot have a functioning democracy. They may have a democratic form of government, but the hatred, often reinforced by other spiritual poisons, will actually undermine the democratic process. You can see this very clearly in the United States with the two blocs, the left wing, the right wing, the extreme Democrats, the extreme Republicans, and how there is hatred there from both sides. 

And this stops the democratic process. Why? Because what is one of the foundations for a functioning democracy? Many people are based on democratic rights, and one of these rights is freedom of speech. And they think that freedom of speech means that you can say anything you want, and nobody should stop you from saying it, and nobody should object to you saying it. But if you have this view, that you should be free to say anything you want and nobody should object to it, that is the spiritual poison of hatred, causing cognitive dissonance. 

First of all, freedom of speech does not simply mean that you can say anything you want. Freedom of speech also means the freedom not to say something, the freedom to remain silent. Because you see that what you were about to say was not in accordance with the call to “do unto others.” Now you can look back, as a person in my position, and regret that there was something you did not say. I wish I would have also said: “Say unto others what you want others to say unto you.” Because many people have not understood that “do unto others” also applies to what you say unto others.

What does this mean? It means that you do not speak with this anger and hatred. Again, it is a difficult planet, people will get upset. But if you are temporarily upset and you say something to another person with a certain emotional charge, that is one thing, as long as you then get out of it, once your emotions calm down, and perhaps now you are willing to apologize or at least talk to the person in a normal tone of voice. But if you have that lingering, ongoing anger and hatred, and you speak and qualify your words, you will make karma. I even described this when I said that if you talk to your brother and say Raka, then you are still not following the rule, the Golden Rule. You are making karma, which was not what I said back then, but certainly what was implied. 

The concept of hate speech in the public debate

You see that what you have today in some democratic nations is that you have a recognition of the concept of hate speech. There are some nations, the more evolved nations, where they are very aware of this, where it is part of the public debate and where even the government has taken certain measures to limit hate speech. The media has also taken certain measures to limit hate speech. And there is this awareness of it. This is especially the case in many European nations where there are still many people who remember the Nazi propaganda and the Nazi hate speech against the Jews that led to the Holocaust. Many European nations are much more aware of this and therefore have taken certain measures to limit hate speech. There is even more awareness in the population that you do not speak out with anger towards other people and certainly not with hatred. You do not express this kind of hatred based on race or religion or nationality, or whatever it may be. 

Now obviously the United States is not as far along in this regard. There is more hate speech in the United States, there has been, going all the way back to the Civil War and the aftermath with the issue of slavery and the treatment of African Americans by the white supremacist majority. There is still a white supremacist minority in the United States that has in their emotional, mental and identity bodies hatred towards African Americans, towards Mexican Americans, towards Asian Americans, whom they, of course, do not consider Americans, any of these groups. 

You see how this has come to the surface after many years where America made considerable progress towards overcoming this racial animosity. It has started to come to the surface again and, of course, been accelerated by the Trump presidency and the aftermath of the 2020 election. Even though race was not a direct factor in this, many of the people who have gone into Trump’s election lies and believed in them, you will see that they are white supremacists. They have, perhaps, a Christian worldview that Christianity is the superior religion. And they have, if you look at them, if you look at their auras, they have a very strong pool of anger and hatred – the spiritual poison of anger and hatred – in their emotional bodies, in their mental bodies, and in their lower identity bodies. It is just there. If you can see, if you can sense energies, it is undeniable. If you cannot, then of course, you can explain it away. But if you can see and sense energies, it is undeniable.

You will see some on the left that are the more radical, whatever you want to call them, Democrats or liberal people, who also have anger and hatred towards those that they see as their opponents, who are the conservatives, the ones who are always working against change, as they see it, and so forth. The point here is that what has happened in the last decade or so in the United States is that this energy of anger and hatred has been allowed to go towards a more extreme expression in order to make it visible to the American people and in order to give people the lessons in the school of hard knocks, where this anger and hatred continues to build until they face this situation of how far will we allow this to go? Will we allow it to cause violence, perhaps even a civil war-like scenario? How far will this be allowed to go?

Violence as a form of communication

You see that there is, of course, some awareness of this. Many people are concerned, many people are attempting to do something about it. But there has been limited success. Surely, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have attempted to limit hate speech, have attempted to limit conspiracy theories and unfounded claims. But there has been limited success. The anger is still increasing, which, as we have said, you can also see by the number of shootings that are taking place. This is people who get overwhelmed by the anger and hatred in the collective so that they feel they have to take a gun. 

Now, what is it that happens when a person goes into a school and starts shooting? Well, as brutal as it might seem, this is actually a very crude attempt at communicating. This person in his mind – you will see that they are mostly men – this person feels that his frustration has reached a point where he cannot control himself. But why has it reached that point? Because he has not been able to communicate with anybody. Nobody has heard him. And you might recall that Putin also said that he had not been heard so that is why he had to go into Ukraine and start shooting. You see that when this frustration builds to a certain level, then people feel they cannot be heard through words, so they must be heard through a gun, through violence. 

This is what you also see in demonstrations and riots, where a group of people form a mob mind and suddenly they start attacking shops, attacking the police, or so forth. It does not matter whether they are on this side or that side of the political spectrum. Anytime there is violence in the demonstration, it is because people have lost control, but behind it all is that they feel that they are not being listened to. They cannot communicate. Nobody will hear them through words, so they must express their frustration through violence. 

Now this is, of course, because their minds are overpowered by this anger and hatred, the spiritual poison. But what is it that is the effect of this spiritual poison? It is that it shuts down communication. When people have allowed the spiritual poison to build in their auras, they cannot communicate. They cannot express themselves, and they cannot handle other people disagreeing with them. In other words, they are not free to express themselves in a neutral manner that is constructive communication. But neither can they react in a constructive way to other people who disagree with them. In many cases, these people stopped communicating, and they might feel that nobody has heard them.

But in many cases, they have not actually really expressed their concerns, their feelings. This is what you will see very often on Facebook, where somebody posts something, another person disagrees and comes up with some kind of short remark that is very dismissive of the other person’s opinion, and maybe the two go back and forth for a while. But eventually they just give up and say: “That person is not going to be my friend anymore. I am not even going to communicate with him.” 

What you see in America – and, of course, in other nations as well, but especially in America – you see this very strong tendency that people separate themselves into different camps, and they stop talking about certain issues. You see it in families, where there are people who cannot talk to each other, whether it is about the election, whether it is about politics, whether it is about vaccinations or wearing masks, or whatever it is. But you simply see that people stop communicating. They stop even trying to communicate. And they, of course, feel: “It is because these other people will not listen to me. They do not agree with me. They are against everything I say.” 

Now, first of all, as I said, this is the effect of a spiritual poison. When you have this spiritual poison, you are blinded. Your emotions are stirred up, your mental mind cannot think clearly, objectively, and your identity body cannot connect to the fact that: “But these are my family members, these are my countrymen. Aren’t we all human beings? Aren’t we all Christians, sons and daughters of God, whatever?” You cannot see what connects you to other people. You only see the differences. This means that you are projecting out because that is one effect of all the spiritual poisons. You are projecting out. The problem is out there. Because the spiritual poison prevents you from looking in the mirror. It prevents you from even considering that there could be a beam in your own eye, even a splinter, a tiny little splinter, in your own eye. Cannot conceive of this, when you are blinded by the spiritual poison. 

The need for free and neutral communication

But what is democracy? In a dictatorship what kind of communication do you have? You have one-way, top-down communication. The dictator declares: “This is the way it is going to be.” And all the people have to obey it or face various repercussions, from death to imprisonment to torture to whatever. This is a one-way communication. There is no feedback coming up towards the dictator, certainly not from the people. What is democracy? Is it not an attempt to establish a society where there is two-way communication? The leaders communicate to the people, but the people communicate back, not just through voting, but in many other ways as well. But is it just a matter of communicating between the leaders and the people? No, of course, it is also a matter of communicating between the people, the people communicate amongst themselves, otherwise a democracy cannot function. 

You may say that one of the democratic rights defined in many constitutions is freedom of speech. But behind that outer expression, there is a deeper reality, which is free communication, open communication, neutral communication, non-toxic communication. We have said it before, in a dictatorship problems are resolved through force and violence. A democracy is an attempt to establish a form of government where problems can be solved without violence. But this can only happen in one way, through communication.

Tolerance for differences is a foundation for a democracy 

What needs to happen is that there is free communication in the population until gradually there is some kind of understanding that emerges. It may not be that all people agree, but they see the humanity in those people who disagree with them, and they see that they also have a viewpoint and that they should not necessarily be forced or suppressed or killed or sent to Siberia. Therefore they respect these people’s right to be different. This is what then happens when there is this neutral communication. You have an increased understanding and tolerance for differences. You cannot expect in a democracy that everybody will agree or that everybody will be alike or will live the same way. Therefore one of the foundations for a democracy is tolerance for differences.

This, of course, is also one of the main aspects of Christhood. As we have said before, at the lower levels of Christhood it is theoretically possible that one ascended master student can be a Trump follower and claim that he is following Trump because he has Christ discernment, and another person can be against Trump, or at least not be a Trump follower, and also claim that this is based on his level of Christ discernment. They can then have opposing viewpoints and both think they have Christ discernment, but it is a lower form of Christ discernment, as we have explained many times. When they get to a higher level, they connect. They see the humanity in each other, and they see that the issue is not really that important. 

What is it you see, as you go towards higher levels of Christhood? Well, ultimately, as we have said, the Christ is the mind that is meant to help people escape separation, duality and division, by coming to see greater and greater levels of oneness. As you grow in Christhood, you see beyond the outer differences, and therefore you see: “Is the outer viewpoint really that important? Is it that important whether this or that person is President? Is it that important, whether I wear a piece of cloth in front of my mouth when I go to the store, like the government requires? Can I not render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s? First of all, can I not treat other people with their right to be different from me, to have a different viewpoint?” 

What ideally should happen is that people who are growing towards Christhood should be able to communicate openly and neutrally, even when they disagree on certain issues. In other words, there should not be that emotional charge that you see so many times when people attempt to communicate. Where does that charge come from? Well, it is actually a spiritual poison that blocks communication. What you see here, again to return to the situation in the United States, is that you have the emergence of these blocs of people who have taken in this poison of hatred and who therefore have no tolerance for those who have different viewpoints than they have. They either think these people are stupid, or they hate them outright. And this, of course, is a major danger for any democracy.

You can see other examples throughout history, including Northern Ireland, where the Protestants and the Catholics hated each other and started talking with bombs, instead of having a conversation with words. This was, again, because the spiritual poison had taken over these people’s minds to where they could not have open and neutral communication. Again, when you have open and neutral communication, it does not necessarily mean that you will end up being in agreement about issues. But you will be able to still keep your entire approach to other people based on the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want them to do to you. If you are a Catholic in Northern Ireland, do you want the Protestants to throw bombs at you? Most likely not. Why would you even consider doing it to them?

You cannot take democracy for granted

This is absolutely vital for any democracy that there has to be open communication. If there is not, then a democracy will easily start a downward spiral, where the animosity builds until people are no longer able to say it with words so they start saying it with assault rifles or whatever violent means they have at their disposal. There are, of course, many people who are aware of this, who can see this. What you can do as ascended master students is hold the vision, make the calls that more and more people will see the need to address this hatred, this breakdown of communication. They do not need to start talking about spiritual poisons. It is enough to simply observe and say: “When there is this kind of hatred, then communication breaks down. And when communication breaks down, democracy breaks down. So what can we do?” 

Well, there needs to be – and this is the theme that is underlying everything we have said here at this conference – there needs to be an awareness that you cannot take democracy for granted. There are forces that are seeking to destroy democracy. There are external forces, but there are, more importantly, internal forces. The external forces cannot destroy democracy unless democracies have already been divided by the internal forces. There needs to be a growing awareness that democracy has value. It is the government of the future. It is a progress compared to the dictatorships we have seen in the past, which created one disaster after another. We need to defend democracy and that may mean that you have to take certain steps. The government, the media, but also people themselves, will have to take certain steps to counteract this. 

As I said, a democracy gives freedom. But those who have ill intentions can abuse that freedom, can take advantage of that freedom, to undermine democracy, as the troll factories in Russia and China have done for years, as many other people with ill intentions have done for years. There are people who have deliberately created conspiracy theories, simply because their minds are taken over by fallen beings and demons in the astral plane, who only want to create chaos and disharmony. They are not even somebody who is concerned about democracy. They do not care whether it is democracy or not. They just want to create chaos and anger and hatred between people so they can steal people’s energy. They do not even have a sophisticated agenda beyond simply stealing people’s energy. 

There needs to be this awareness that a democratic government needs to step up to the awareness, as I said, where you still remain harmless as a dove, but you become wise as a serpent, and you recognize that you cannot take for granted that once you have a democracy, it will be sustained indefinitely. You need to be willing to look at the forces that are opposing democracy and defend your country against them. This means even defending yourself against the people in your own nation who have been seduced into going into a mindset that is, quite frankly, anti-democratic. 

If you have hatred towards another group of people, that is an anti-democratic mindset. If you believe there is some grand conspiracy that stole the election from your President, then that too is an anti-democratic mindset because you are not acknowledging the democratic institutions. You are not actually fulfilling the oath, if you had taken it, to defend the Constitution against all enemies. You are being a domestic enemy of the Constitution if you are claiming and spreading the lie that the election system is taken over by some grand conspiracy and is not functioning and that the people are not honest and so forth. All of this is anti-democratic. There can be really no question about this unless your mind is colored by these poisons and by the lies spread by these fallen beings, which have no compunctions about lying because their goal is to undermine democracy.

Fundamental weakness of democracy 

What I am really talking about here is the essence of stepping up to a level of Christhood where you go beyond the simplistic interpretations and the simplistic views. Now you could say that when I set the foundation for the Piscean Age by giving the Golden Rule, do unto others, then I claimed that this was to set the foundation for democracy, but on the other hand that Golden Rule actually puts democracies in jeopardy. If a society is based on the Golden Rule, it has a fundamental weakness towards societies that are willing to take advantage of that Golden Rule. It goes back to the same old story: If you treat another person well, and that person takes advantage of you to steal your property or even kill you, what good did it do you to follow the Golden Rule? Why should you then have followed the Golden Rule? 

There are many people who have been turned away from even Christianity, but also the Golden Rule, many people from other religions, because all religions have some version of the Golden Rule, who have been turned away from this, because other people have not reciprocated their actions. They treated other people well, but other people did not return the favor. Now they doubt the principle of the Golden Rule. There are many Christians who have gone into the state of mind where they say: “Well, I just always have to be kind to other people. Then I cannot do anything wrong. I have to just, whatever they do, I still have to be kind back. I have to turn the other cheek, and I have to keep turning the other cheek.” 

Being wise as a serpent

Well, again, there are levels of Christhood. At the lower levels what is it that happens? Well, you might still have a momentum from past lives of not turning the other cheek or responding in kind, responding based on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In order to break that momentum, you may have to go through a period where you decide: “I will always turn the other cheek, no matter what other people do”. Because this breaks that momentum, and once you are free of it, you can then step up to a higher level of discernment, where you realize that the Golden Rule does not really stand alone.

When you step up to a higher level of Christhood, you become wise as a serpent. You realize that there are serpents, and they are not following the Golden Rule. And it is not likely that they will, for the foreseeable future, start following the Golden Rule. If you have a democratic nation that is based on the Golden Rule, and where most people are following the Golden Rule, and where the government is following the Golden Rule towards its own citizens, there is a tendency that this nation wants to believe that it can also follow the Golden Rule towards other nations. This can be done with other democratic nations, but it cannot be done with a dictatorship that has an ill intention of either destroying democracy or conquering your territory.

Now you understand that this is a delicate balance, and I understand this very well. It is a delicate balance. You could say, going back to Hitler: “Could the rest of Europe just have said: ‘We’ll turn the other cheek. We’ll let Hitler’s tanks roll in. They can take over, and we’ll see how it goes. Maybe we can transform Hitler into being a nice person when we show him that we are turning the other cheek.’” First of all, that is not likely to happen with a fallen being, but it could have happened with the German people. As we have said before, this could have eventually removed Nazism. It would have taken a lot longer than five years. It would have had some very severe ramifications. But it could have happened.

Then you go back to the time of the Soviet Union, which had an ideology of spreading communism to the entire world, which basically was the Russians’ delusion of grandeur of wanting to control the whole world. What would have happened if the West had not resisted the spread of communism? Well, again, Stalin would not have been transformed, but he would not have lived forever. What would have happened? Would the entire world have been communist today? No, of course not. Partly because the communist system, as demonstrated by the Soviet Union, is not self-sustainable, but also because there would have been a transformation of consciousness and so forth. 

Nevertheless it would have had widespread negative consequences. I am not saying that the West should have done this. Nor am I saying that Ukraine should have turned the other cheek and allowed Putin’s tanks to roll in. Because again, people need to respond with their level of consciousness. You have a certain level of consciousness where you can say: “Here we have to be wise as serpents. We have to look at the facts. We have to acknowledge that there are countries, there are leaders in countries, that have a negative intent towards democracy.”

The Golden Rule of democracy 

As we have said, there was a period where it was an understandable reaction that the Western countries gave Putin the benefit of the doubt. It was again an expression of the collective consciousness. But now that he has exposed himself so clearly that nobody can fail to see it, then it is time to step up to this higher level of discernment, where you simply say: “We need to defend ourselves. We cannot allow other countries with ill intent, or even people in our own countries with ill intent, to take advantage of the democratic freedoms.” In other words, it is simply this. You could say the Golden Rule of democracy is: A democratic government is meant to guarantee the rights and freedoms of its population, which means it cannot allow any force to take away the rights and freedoms of its own population. Whether this be an external force like Putin, or an internal force like Donald Trump, or the conspiracy theorists, or the media which has turned itself into a propaganda machine, you cannot allow this because it is a detriment, it is a danger, to the survival of democracy.

Higher levels of Christ discernment in the development of democracy 

Now, this does not mean that what I am saying here is the ultimate level of Christhood and Christ discernment. There can come higher levels where, as we have talked about before, there will be some of the democratic nations which will say: “We will abandon all military. We will stop having a military.” There may be some that say: “We do not want to have this nation state that we have had so far. We want to cooperate with other states and form some kind of region.” 

Even what you see in the EU, striving towards some form of unity, even though it is a difficult task. There can come a point where a nation has reached such a level of consciousness that it can trust that if it turns the other cheek, even to an aggressor, then the return current of the universe towards that aggressor will actually make sure that they cannot destroy the nation or destroy the people. There are various levels here. Obviously there is no democracy which is quite at that level where it can say: “We are going to trust in God and lay down our arms.” But that does not mean it will not happen in the future and in the golden age, certainly there will come a point where many nations will give up their national defenses. There will have to be an interim period where you create some kind of collective army that can work against dictators that suddenly attack other nations. 

Democratic responsibility of the people 

Nevertheless it is necessary to recognize that a democracy needs to defend its own citizens against those who will take away the freedom and the rights of those citizens. Otherwise, a democratic government is not fulfilling its responsibility. But, of course, the people also need to fulfill their responsibility and become aware. We are not saying here that this means that the democratic governments now need to go in and forbid this type of speech and that type of speech. “You cannot say this, and you cannot say that, and you cannot post this on Facebook, and you cannot post that.” Because that would, in order to combat this aggressive force, amount to censorship. It is also necessary that the population, the people, educate themselves, become aware of what is happening, become aware of trolls and troll factories and those with ill intent, and therefore say: “I am not going to be pulled into this. I am not going to allow myself to be pulled into this.”

You have many, many people who have been pulled into the conspiracy theories who have come, after some time, to the conclusion that it did not do anything positive for them. It only pulled them into a negative spiral where they were not even really alive because they were so disturbed, their mind was so focused on this, their emotions were so agitated, that it was not the way to live. This awareness can spread. People can communicate this and say: “Listen, I have been there. I understand your frustration, but this just is not the way. It is a dead end, and it will only take you down.” 

There needs to be this growing awareness, this growing willingness, to speak out. And there needs to be this willingness to speak out in a neutral way so that we can establish a way to talk about problems without being taken over by the hatred that causes us to shut down communication. There needs to be this awareness that communication is vital in a democracy. But it needs to be open and neutral communication, not this emotionally charged, where people are so attached to a certain viewpoint that anyone who disagrees with them is no longer seen as a human being. And therefore we do not need to do unto others and turn the other cheek towards those people. Because we are so blinded by this hatred, this poison, that we cannot even see them as people. So there needs to be this awareness.

The ideological state of mind vs. tolerance 

As we have already said, what is democracy really about? Is it about viewpoints and physical results? No, it is about people. It is about the growth in consciousness of the people. You, as an individual, if you are in this biased state of mind, this agitated state of mind, what Gautama Buddha in his book calls the ideological state of mind, well, you are not growing. If you are an ascended master student, you can study our teachings all you want, but if you have this energy in your four lower bodies, you are not growing. It cannot be done. Other people, of course, are not growing. They are also not fulfilling their democratic responsibility. They are hurting themselves. They are hurting others. It is just a downward spiral that people can come to see and say: “Enough of this. We have to find a way to communicate. We have to find some basis for communication, things we agree on: even that democracy is important, we are all human beings, we should all be allowed to be here.”

You see here that what it all boils down to is tolerance. As you grow in Christhood, you increase your tolerance for those who are different. You even increase your tolerance for the fallen beings, where you do not find it necessary to engage in a physical battle with them to destroy them physically. You do not find it necessary to engage in a battle to prove them wrong. This messenger in his lifetime has several times been confronted with people who either were fallen beings or were in the fallen consciousness and who challenged him, trying to pull him into a spiral of arguing with them. He has simply looked at this, stepped back and said: “I cannot help these people so I am not going to engage with them.” 

This is, of course, one of these tricky aspects of Christ discernment, when you go beyond this black and white of wanting a simple solution to everything. I am saying that you need to be able to communicate with people. Well, should not that mean that you can communicate with anybody, just like you should turn the other cheek towards anybody? Well, it does not at the higher levels of Christhood. 

There may be a phase where you need to go through this and try to communicate with everybody. But as you increase your discernment, you will see there are some people that it is not constructive to communicate with right now because they are so trapped in a spiritual poison that you cannot help them. Therefore you instead use your time and your attention and energy on communicating with other people and building a consensus with them, raising their consciousness, thereby raising the collective. The people who are still trapped in a poison, trapped in hatred, they become more and more isolated, they become more and more unbalanced, and therefore it becomes easier for the middle part of the population to see how extreme they are.

The balanced middle – beyond the extreme points of view

We can say that if you look at a society, a democratic nation, even the United States, as I have talked about, what is the best hope for a change in the situation? Well, it is that the broad middle of the population will come to see the imbalances on both sides of these extremist groups. In other words, what you have in the United States, you have the old model of the top 10%, the bottom 10% and 80% in the middle. But it is slightly different. What I am talking about here, you have some people on the left that are extremist, some people on the right that are extremist, but in between you have a large group of people who are much more balanced. Even though they do not necessarily have the Christ discernment I am talking about, they still have this sense that you cannot go too far. You cannot take it too far. You cannot become violent, for example. When they see these extreme outplayings of this, they will say: “This is too much.” 

There were many, many people, even many Republicans, many Trump supporters, who looked at the January 6 riot and said: “No, this is too far. This we cannot agree with. This should not have happened.” And the same thing with the guns, the shootings: “This is too much. This is taking it too far.” And the same with many other issues. There can always be that broad middle, not middle class, but balanced group in the middle, who do not have the extreme viewpoints. And who therefore can say: “Ah, let’s just try and find a more balanced approach here. Let’s not go so far.” That is then what can bring a democracy higher, that group in the middle. They are sometimes very slow to react, but nevertheless they are sort of the bulwark against the extremists on either side.

These are the teachings that I wanted to give you here. And I will leave it to Saint Germain to build upon this and take this to the next level of the recognition of what it takes for a democracy to survive. With this, I thank you. I seal you in my flame of Christic joy.


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Democracy is an open-ended process of self-improvement

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.

What have you seen in the outplaying of what has happened since the invasion of Ukraine started and even before? If you live in a country where you have access to media, you should make a point of once in a while studying what has been said by the Russian government. You would see that before the invasion started, the Russian government claimed repeatedly that they had no intention of invading Ukraine. That the amassment of forces was just a military exercise. And that it was Western propaganda that made it seem like Russia was going to invade.

Disinformation and lies of Russian propaganda

Then, even after the invasion started, they have said that they had no intention of killing civilians, of destroying civilian infrastructure, or of destroying residential buildings or even, for that matter, any other non-military targets. Of course, you know, that the invasion did happen, despite the denial. You know, that there has been a systematic targeting of civilian infrastructure, of residential buildings, hospitals, medical facilities, where entire towns and even a larger city has been systematically destroyed.

You know, of course, if you have studied this, that the Russians claim that it is not the Russian military that has destroyed civilian buildings in Ukraine. Nay, it is the Ukrainian military who is destroying their own buildings. In other words, they would have you believe that being attacked by 200 thousand foreign troops is not causing the Ukrainian military to use their inferior weapons and supply of ammunition to shoot at the Russian invaders. Instead, they are shooting at their own buildings.

Then you have seen the exposure after the withdrawal from the region north of Kyiv of the systematic killing of civilians, kidnapping civilians, holding them prisoner, torturing them. Often by beating their bodies so there was not a spot that was not beaten. The systematic rape of women and even the booby trapping of residential buildings after they withdrew. Again, you have seen the Russian propaganda machine claim: this was all staged. As if this could be staged by a military that was defending itself, hanging on by a thread until the Russians withdrew. You have seen international experts on war crimes, who have come in to investigate the area. You have seen reports of systematic abuses of human rights by credible international organizations.

The purpose of propaganda

What you see here is a systematic use of propaganda to deny reality, to deny what is actually happening. And what is the purpose one might think? Well, the purpose of propaganda is always to divide and conquer, to sow doubt, to divide even the minds of people who are exposed to the propaganda. Propaganda is, as many of you will know, nothing new. It was taken to an unprecedented level by Hitler, by his propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. But since then, it has, of course, been used in many different ways, by many different nations, even democratic nations.

What needs to happen is, of course, that as the democratic nations step up to a higher level of Christhood, leaders, media, and especially the people need to become more aware of propaganda. What it is, what it seeks to do. So that they can defend themselves against having their minds divided by propaganda. They can defend their own nations against having the people of a nation divided into two camps by propaganda.

You see here very clearly that there are people in the world who are willing to present the most blatant lies to the world. Now, of course, you can always say that the Russian propaganda is primarily directed towards the Russian people, making them believe what the government is saying about the situation in Ukraine. But you still need to ask yourself: Why are they bothering to do this in front of the world press? Surely, they could have national press conferences if they only wanted to reach the Russian people. Naturally, they are hoping that there are nations who either do not have the same freedom of the press that you have in the modern democracies, or that the people are less educated and therefore they will believe what the Russians are saying.

But you also need to ask yourself: Do they really believe that the modern democracies believe what they are saying? Do they really believe that when they say something that is in complete opposition to what is reported by the democratic media, that people actually believe the Russians over their own media? Well, they actually hope so. Because they know that there are some people who are so trapped in conspiracy theories, distrust of their own government that they will tend to believe the opposite of what their government or the so-called mainstream media says. They have some impact, even by denying what is obvious to anybody who is willing to look at reality.

But you also need to recognize here that propaganda is not always directed outwards. The government, the people who are formulating the propaganda and spreading it, they tend to believe it themselves. Even if they know the facts, they still tend to believe the propaganda. They drink their own Kool-Aid. They become trapped, not always in the facts they are stating, but in the belief that they have a right to say what they are saying, because they are right about the overall situation. So even if they are a little bit wrong about the facts in Ukraine, they are still right about the invasion and the reasons for the invasion. They are still right in believing they will achieve their goals in Ukraine, no matter what.

People living in an alternate reality

You see that when you grow to higher levels of Christhood you become aware that there are people who are living in an alternate reality. They are living in the same world, the same physical world. They are experiencing, observing at least some of the same physical situations and circumstances that you are experiencing. But in their minds, they have a completely different interpretation of it. This is something many of you can think back to when you first realized that in this embodiment. This messenger was 14 years old when he realized that there were people who had a completely different view of certain aspects of life than he did. And they were willing to take away his democratic freedoms in order to promote or further their viewpoint. He then realized, of course, also the Second World War, the Nazis and propaganda. And it was a shock to him as it has been for many. And you are looking at this and you are saying: “What can we possibly do about this?”

You look at what the Russian government is saying, what Putin is saying, what Putin is obviously believing. How could you possibly change his mind? You have many people who have speculated that he has isolated himself, especially over the last couple of years. That he has stopped listening to this broader range of advisors that he used to listen to years ago. And they are right, he has isolated himself in an ivory tower, in his own perception filter. And he really believes that the universe functions according to his decree. So, when he decrees it, the universe shifts and functions that way. What could you do to change his mind?

And the reality is that as a Christed being you see that you cannot change his mind. What can you do? Well, you can call forth the judgment of Christ upon such people. And therefore, the ascended masters can do whatever can be done, according to the very complex equation that we see from the ascended level.

The need to expose propaganda for what it is

But what you really can do is you can first of all work on yourself. And the people in democratic nations can work on themselves and their country, they can educate themselves. And they can begin to realize how propaganda has been used, and how the use of propaganda has become much more common, and much more widespread with the advent of the internet. Surely, the internet has been a benefit in many ways. But whatever new development happens, the fallen beings are always seeking to take advantage of it, and use it for their ends. And they have used the internet, as we have talked about before, to spread propaganda – propaganda that is meant to divide.

Once you become aware of this, once you become aware of, for example, that Russia has troll factories, where people are spending their entire working day going on Facebook, posting things that are positive towards Russia, the Russian government, or that are meant to sow doubt, well, then you can certainly educate yourself to this, and stop promoting this, stop believing it, stop spreading it, but actually expose it for what it is. You have seen several nations in Europe, where they have done this after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Where they have become much more aware of this phenomenon, and the need to counteract Russian propaganda in this way.

This is a necessary phase in the evolution of democracies. Because you always have this dynamic that we have described where in a democracy, you want to believe the best about people. And you want to believe that nobody is taking advantage of the democratic freedoms and rights so that they use the democratic freedom to undermine the democratic freedom of others or an entire nation, or the entire democratic world. You want to believe that people will not abuse the freedom that you give them in a democratic country with a democratic government that gives all people certain freedoms, such as freedom of speech. You want to believe that people will not abuse it. But this is a phase that needs to be transcended. That people realize that there are people who will abuse it, as many nations have started realizing, of course. But they need to become better at it, better at counteracting it, better at dealing with this and better at identifying reliable information versus unreliable information.

Democratic mainstream media vs. propaganda in a dictatorial country

You see, my beloved I know very well that there are many people, even some ascended master students, who have taken these conspiracy theories into their minds. They have a deep distrust even of democratic governments, and a deep distrust of the so-called mainstream media. But you see, my beloved, from an ascended master perspective, I am not saying that the mainstream media is not affected by lies or propaganda. I am not saying you can believe everything that the mainstream media tells you, or that your democratic government tells you. But what I am saying is that compared to what is happening in a dictatorial country like Russia or China, you can have a much better confidence in the democratic governments and in the mainstream media.

The reason for this is simple. As long as you have a country where there is freedom of the press, then if one press outlet states something wrong, that can be proven wrong, there will be another media outlet that will be willing to publish that story. Just in order to show that they are better than the competition. The same thing, there will be some media outlet that is willing to expose any lies by the government. But what you have to realize here is that the forces of propaganda, including the Russians and the Chinese, are perfectly aware of this. And they are perfectly willing to create media outlets that claim to be exposing lies by the mainstream media or lies by the government. But it is all made up. It is propaganda created to sew doubt.

What I am saying is this. As long as you live in a democratic country that has freedom of speech, freedom of the press, you are far better off than if you lived in a dictatorial country. And it is better to believe in the press and the government you have, than to believe in propaganda promoted by and made up by a dictatorial government.

I am not telling you to believe in everything, but I am telling you this. There are forces that are deliberately trying to cast doubt upon democratic people’s trust in their own government and in their media. And they are doing this for one purpose only: to destroy democracy. They are using the democratic freedoms against democracy.

And this you cannot allow yourself to be pulled into and to promote. Especially not if you are an ascended master student. Because the only way a democracy can function is if a majority of a people have some shared knowledge that they believe is reliable. It does not have to be completely, absolutely true. For what is absolute truth on a planet like earth, where the collective consciousness is gradually being raised? You can see more and more, the more consciousness is raised, and therefore you can see things today that people could not see 50 or 70 years ago.

Beyond the dualistic concepts of true and false

You realize that one of the early phases of Christhood is where you think there is an absolute truth, and that Christ always has that truth. I talked about making mistakes, and how people think that the Christ never makes mistakes. What you see is again, like Saint Germain talked about, you have people who have come to the point where they have had enough of this struggle with other people. They want something higher, they are ready to make that shift that now they are willing to do unto others. And they shift in their minds, but now they want to believe that everybody else has shifted. Likewise, you have people who are tired of the constant battle with other people for who is right, and who is lying, and who is not lying and this and that. They want to believe that there is a higher truth, and that they can find that truth.

There comes a point where you begin to have some discernment, you are able to see certain lies. But now you are, so to speak, seduced by your desire to be home free, to overcome the problem, to go into a new state where you can feel secure. Because you feel, you know what is the lie, you know what is the truth. And there are many people, including many ascended master students, who have gone into this state of thinking that “Now I know Christ truth”. But what they actually have done is gone into black and white thinking. Because they think that every question, every issue can be reduced to a yes and no question. Is it right, is it wrong, is it true, is it false.

And again, this is not said to blame anyone. It is a necessary phase of Christhood, but it is only a phase. And if you end up being stuck in it, that is then when you inevitably open your mind to the subtleties of the antichrist mind. Where they seek to divide you. Where they also seek to make you feel they play on your need to feel superior, to feel special, that you have the truth that other people do not have. The higher stages of Christhood is where you realize that the concepts of true and false, right and wrong, are dualistic. They are clearly dualistic. And you will begin to realize that the Christ mind is far more complex than what can be reduced to two polarities, true or false. And you begin to then open your mind to impulses from above, rather than impulses from below.

Horizontal truth vs. truth of the Christ

What is it that happens in the dualistic mind? What is it that happens when the mind becomes a closed system? It is that you think, the Peter consciousness thinks, it can define reality in a horizontal way down here on earth. Yes, I know people claim: “We have a divine revelation from God. The Bible is the truth.” or “I have a divine revelation from the ascended masters so I know the truth.” But the reality is that if you still think in terms of black and white, right and wrong, true and false, you are defining truth horizontally. And you are not open to input from beyond your own mind, or the mind of the fallen beings that are more advanced in the use of the mind of antichrist than you are in using the mind of Christ to see through the subtleties of the mind of antichrist. The serpent was the most subtle animal in the garden, which is why it could deceive Adam and Eve into thinking that they could become as gods, knowing, defining good and evil.

At the highest stages of Christhood, you see, you experience that your mind is not sufficient in itself. That you need something from beyond your own mind in order to know reality, in order to have a broader perspective, in order to be free of the blind alleys in your own mind, the lies and the illusions from the mind of antichrist. You come to a point where you truly experience that the only way to free yourself from the mind of antichrist and its subtleties is through the mind of Christ.

The vibration of Christ as a frame of reference

Now, you are still at that point, thinking that “The mind of Christ can tell me, in every situation, what is right and wrong, true and false in the situation”. But that, too, is a phase that needs to pass. And when you pass through that phase, you realize that what you really need is not the Christ mind to tell you with words: “This is true, this is false”. You need an experience of the Christ mind. And when you experience the Christ mind, you experience the vibration of Christ and this becomes your frame of reference. This becomes your measure for evaluating everything, and then you will know anything that comes from the mind of antichrist vibrates differently than the mind of Christ.

I recognize this is not an easy ability to build. Even many ascended master students who have followed the teachings for many years will find it difficult to even grasp what I am saying. But it can be done. It is a process that takes time. It will not be absolute in the beginning. In fact, it will never really be totally absolute as long as you are in embodiment. But you can certainly engage in a process where you truly take our teachings and you gradually increase your Christ discernment based on vibration alone.

Can the democratic nations do this? Well, not in the sense that they can openly recognize Christhood and the Christ consciousness versus the consciousness of antichrist. But you need to recognize here that there are many people in democratic nations who have achieved a high level of discernment, even though they are not using the terminology I am using but they have an ability to sense: “This just does not sound right to me. This does not seem right to me.” But you can do this in only one way. That is by being neutral, as neutral as possible. Because if you are not neutral, then the mind of antichrist, the serpent will whisper in your ear what confirms and validates your preconceived beliefs. It will validate what you want to believe, so that you will feel absolutely sure that you are right.

Naturally, we do not expect democratic nations to acknowledge what we are saying as ascended masters. We do not expect democratic nations to create some kind of institution where they can have a priesthood that can contact the ascended masters and receive answers. In fact, we would not want to create a modern version of the Oracle of Delphi where democratic nations would ask our advice before they made decisions. Why is this? Because our purpose is to raise consciousness and you do not raise your consciousness by reaching for a higher authority, being told what to do. You raise your consciousness by making decisions based on your present level of consciousness, then evaluating the results, using that to raise your consciousness. That is also how you build Christ discernment.

The need to counteract information warfare

What needs to happen, what can happen, what you can hold the vision for and make the calls for is that there is a growing awareness in democratic nations that we need to counteract this propaganda that seeks to divide our people. In fact, even a government, even the media and certainly the people themselves have a responsibility to counteract this clearly undermining activity—this clearly divisive activity. It is a form of warfare, information warfare. And the democratic nations need to defend themselves against it. The government needs to defend their people. And you will see even social media platforms who have realized that they cannot just give everybody free speech, because you are allowing those who want to destroy free speech to take advantage of the freedom to destroy the freedom of others. They need to make some kind of evaluation.

The reality here is that this is a movement that is beginning to gain some momentum in the democratic countries. They are becoming more aware of this. Certainly, the election lies of Donald Trump has made many people aware of the need to do this, even from internal sources. And the invasion of Ukraine has made many governments aware of the need to counteract this from external sources. Russia and China have been doing this for years, and the democratic nations have tried to ignore it. But now there is a growing awareness that this can no longer be ignored.

Propaganda seeks to simplify an issue

Now, the next phase I want to discourse on here is that: What is it that propaganda always does? Well, propaganda takes an issue and it simplifies it. It portrays it in very simplistic terms. There is always a right and wrong. There are always people who are right and others who are wrong. There are always the heroes and there is always the scapegoat. This is of course, a gross simplification of life.

You have heard the saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. But certainly, simplification is the mother of contention. What creates contention, disagreements between groups of people is that an issue is simplified. In the simplest possible terms: There is us versus them. We are right. They are wrong. That is simplification. Now, this of course, happens all the time in dictatorships. Many dictatorships have been throughout history built on this. Classical example: “The Germans are the master race. The Jews are the problem – the inferior people that must be eradicated.” Why would a master race, that is inherently superior, possibly created superior by God or by the evolutionary process – why would they feel threatened by any other group of people? Why would they need to eradicate a certain group of people if they really are the master race? Why?

Ask yourself why Putin is not willing to tell the Russian people what is actually happening in Ukraine? Why there are so many lies. Why there is a law forbidding people to call it a war. Why all independent media outlets have been choked? Why is he afraid of telling his own people what his own army is doing in Ukraine? If he knew he was right, why would he be afraid of telling his own people that he is right? So why is he not telling his own people that he is right? Because he knows he is not right. At some level of his being beyond his delusional outer self, he knows he is not right. And that is why he will not tell his own people because he knows that if they knew what was happening, they would not approve of it. 

This is always the case with those who perpetrate propaganda. If Donald Trump knew with absolute certainty that he had won the election, he did not need to state the lies. Because if he had won the election, the count of the votes would have come out in his favor. But he knows he is wrong. And that is why he has to not only promote certain lies, but he has to create more and more elaborate lies of what went wrong with the election process and how many irregularities there was, and how there was an entire conspiracy to steal the election from him.

What you see here is this. Propaganda seeks to simplify an issue. It says: “We are right. They are wrong.” What is the effect? – “We do not have to look at ourselves because we are right. We do not have to admit that we made a mistake, or we could do better.” Donald Trump could not have done better before the election. He could not have done better as president. He did everything right. And people saw this and they voted for him. And the reason he could not continue as president was that the election was stolen. He does not need to look at himself and say: “Could I have done better as president? Could I have done better in the election campaign? Could I have treated the people better so they would want me to continue as president? Could I have avoided alienating so many people that they rose up and voted against me?” You do not need to ask these questions when you are always projecting out, spreading propaganda that gives you an excuse for not looking at yourself.

Take Putin. If you believe this, he actually did not of his own volition attack Ukraine. No, he had to attack Ukraine because NATO was a threat to Russia through Ukraine. And then there was, of course, Nazism spreading in Ukraine being a threat to Russia. He had to do this. And there cannot be anything wrong with him having to do this. He could not have made a mistake. He could not have misjudged the situation. He could not have thought that the Ukrainian people would welcome his troops with flowers, and that the government would flee and that the armed forces would surrender. This could not have been a miscalculation on his part, because he had to do it because of the scapegoat.

Constant self-improvement as the driving force of democracy 

This in itself, this mentality, projecting out “They are the problem. We do not have to change”,  this, as we have both Saint Germain and I said, is completely against the very process of democracy – the very principles behind democracy. Because the driving force of democracy is self-improvement. If you do not want to improve yourselves as a people and as a nation you cannot make a democracy function. What you see is that there are many people in democratic nations who are still chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of wanting to feel that now they are safe. Now they are secure. Now they have the ultimate society. It is this dream of being home free. 

As the Christians who believe they are saved because they have declared “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior”. They have not been willing to look at the beam in their own eye. They do not think they have to look at the beam in their own eye because they have done this one thing, said, “Jesus is my Lord and Savior, so Jesus is obligated by contract to come and save me. I do not have to change myself. I do not look at myself. I do not have to evaluate whether my consciousness can actually exist in heaven. I just have to declare that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. And Jesus has to show up like a jack in the box when you push the button, and save me.”

This was not what I originally envisioned. I actually came to start, 2000 years ago, what is today would be called a self-help movement where I gave people the tools to improve themselves, to raise their consciousness. And it was never my intention to start this kind of religion that could promote a false path to salvation where you just need to do certain outer things, like being a member of this church and going to mass and going to confession, and otherwise obeying the Pope and the clergy, then you are guaranteed to be saved.

This was not what I said. This was not what I meant. What I actually came to start, at the beginning of the Piscean age, was a movement that could lead people to constantly improve themselves to gradually raise their consciousness, which then, as I said before, would culminate in democracies, which is a society that is constantly seeking to improve itself. 

How do you improve yourself? Well, first of all, you have to see this as an open-ended process. You are not working towards a particular goal, and once you have reached that outer goal, such as a particular form of government or particular society, then you are home free. Your goal is constant gradual improvement, and it never stops. It is an open-ended process. Well, it does stop in a sense that it comes to a point where you are qualified for your ascension, and then the process continues in the ascended realm but at an entirely different level.

A democracy is an open-ended process of self-improvement. But you cannot do this if you have closed your mind around these absolutist viewpoints: “This is true. This is error. This is the right form of society. This is the wrong form of society. We are right. They are wrong.” You stop your growth then. You are achieving a certain state, and then you think the world is going to stand still. There have been Christians who believed that, in the year 1000, I would return to earth and manifest my kingdom and would reign for 1000 years, and nothing would change. There are even ascended master students who have believed that once the golden age was manifested society would remain constant for the next 2000 years. And Saint Germain has said many times that is not the case. There is constant growth, constant change, constant improvement and that is the Christ consciousness.

Now, how do you continue to grow? How do you engage in a growth process actually, and how do you continue that process? By not falling prey to this simplification that is embodied in propaganda. If you think that everything can be simplified and reduced to a yes or no question, right and wrong, true and false, us versus them, you cannot grow. How can you improve yourself if you believe that you have some ultimate truth? What needs to happen is that democratic nations and the top 10% in democratic nations become aware of this need to avoid simplification. You can take any issue and there is this tendency to want to reduce it to something very, very simple. And people need to awaken and realize that the issue is always more complex than this. And we cannot make good decisions, we cannot make progress by looking at these simplified versions of issues.

The abortion debate and school shootings in the United States

Let me give you a couple of examples. Mother Mary at New Year’s talked about the abortion debate in the United States, and she attempted to help you realize that this is a much more complex issue that really cannot be reduced to a yes and no, for or against. We just need to outlaw abortion then we have done the right thing or we need to keep abortion legal then we have fulfilled our responsibility towards women. What she attempted to show you is that this issue is a very complex issue that has many different viewpoints, many different ramifications. And it cannot be resolved in an ultimate way, in the best possible way by simply saying: “We are going to outlaw this or we are going to allow this.” 

Then, you have the other issue that has come up again and again and again. Most recently with a school shooting, guns and gun control. Some say: “We need to keep guns legal. And if we have bad people shooting good people, then we need to arm the good people. We need to have more guns, then we will overcome gun violence, so we cannot restrict gun ownership”.  Then there are others who say: “If we just forbid assault rifles, then we will have solved the problem.” Neither of those two are right. This is again, a very complex issue. 

Why do you have so many people in the United States, United States of America, who are willing to shoot their fellow countrymen, even children? It is perfectly true, that it is not the guns that are shooting people, it is people that are shooting people. But the solution is not to have other people shoot the people who are shooting people. Because where does it end? It ends in the wild west where everybody is shooting everybody. The solution is to look at why are these people in a state of mind where they are willing to do this. 

And then you start looking at the situation in the United States. Why is this so different in the United States than in most other countries? I am not saying you should not limit people’s access to assault rifles and automatic weapons, as they have done in most other democratic nations. But it is not enough in itself. You need to look at why do you not have so many people in Norway who want to go and shoot their fellow countrymen as you have in the United States per capita? Why are there so many more in the United States? 

The purpose of democracy is people, not ideas

You see again, simplification cannot solve the problems that the modern democracies are facing. And why is that? Well, it is because simplification is always about ideas. We have an idea that the world functions like this and therefore, this will solve the problem. It is always about ideas. Somebody has an idea that they think should be universally accepted and recognized and certainly incorporated in the laws of society, then we will solve our problems.

What does that mindset overlook? It overlooks a very simple fact. The purpose of a democracy is not to solve problems. The purpose of a democracy is one thing and one thing only, people –  not ideas, not problems. Because what do the ideas do? The ideas define the problems and then they define the solutions. But my beloved, people are not a problem. That is the realization that democracies need to come to. People are not a problem for democracy. People are the purpose for democracy. 

The purpose of a democracy is to help people grow and raise their awareness. It is not to solve problems by killing people or by forbidding this or forbidding that. The entire purpose of democracy is people, all people. The purpose of a dictatorship is in a sense, also people, namely either the dictator, or a small elite around him where the broad population are just the slaves for fulfilling the dictator’s ambition. But the purpose of democracy is all of the people, raising all of the people, which ultimately is raising their consciousness. But nevertheless, what can be understood by democracies is that the purpose of a democracy is to take care of the people.

When you have people who are in this black and white mindset, as you can clearly see embodied by Putin, they do not care about people, at least not about the majority of the population, they are just tools. It does not matter how many Russian soldiers are killed in Ukraine, as long as he achieves his goal, so he can save face and say: “It was not a mistake to go in there, because I achieved something important for Russia. I captured this region of Ukraine. Well, I had to destroy it and level all buildings to the ground in order to do so, but still, I achieved something important for Russia.” They do not care about people. 

Donald Trump does not care about people. He was happy that his followers broke into the Capitol building. He did not care about the fact that they were doing something illegal and might be prosecuted and sent to jail for it. He was happy, because this was validating him. Because he and Putin and other people like them, they only care about themselves. This is anti-democratic. A democracy cares about people – all people. And therefore, democracy cannot look at people as a problem that needs to be fixed.

Society is an interconnected and very complex whole

That is why we have said so many times that there is a need for a new approach to psychology, because what is psychology traditionally, based on going back to Freud? It is based on the abnormal psychology and solving what can be characterized as mental illness. There is a new, not really new, but it has been there for some decades, a positive psychology, which seeks to, instead of solving mental illness or solving a problem, it seeks to help people grow and unfold their higher potential. This is, of course, the approach to psychology that needs to be embraced by democratic nations. 

But it is not just psychology, it is everything. It is law enforcement. You cannot have an approach to crime that is based on the idea that there are certain people that are a problem, and we need to lock them up in a prison. We need to look at why do we have crime? Why are there people who have this kind of psychology? What could we do to help them outgrow that psychology? What could we do to change society so that people have opportunities so that they did not have to steal from others, but they could get a job and education, or so forth? What can we do as a society so people do not want to take drugs, because they have no need to escape, and therefore we avoid the entire drug related crime scenario? 

Again, there is no simple solution here. Everything is interconnected, the “interdependent originations” of the Buddha. And this is what democracies need to see: the interconnectedness, the complexity, how everything is part of a certain fabric. How a society is a fabric, a whole, and you cannot simply isolate one problem and think you can fix that problem. You need to look at the context, look at the connections and see: What do we need to do to really change society? What do we need to do to help our people? 

Democracy is a win-win game 

Democracies have already done this to a large extent, I am not saying something entirely new here. There are already many, many aspects of democratic societies where you are saying that: Here is something we are doing for the whole. Why are you building roads in a democratic nation? Because it benefits everyone. It solves many problems. It takes society to an entirely higher level. Why do you build railroads? Why do you build airports? Why do you have hospitals, public health care? Why do you have public education? Why are you educating your children, instead of leaving it up to their parents what they will do or not do? Because you know, this is better, not only for the individual, but for people in general and therefore, for society.

You can go back to many of the things you take for granted today in a democracy and you can say there was a previous time, where what you today take for granted seemed like an impossible goal and an insurmountable obstacle. You go back 200 years, in many of the modern democracies, and a large part of the population could not read and write. This created many, many problems in society. How could you actually really have a functioning democracy when people did not know, they could not read, they could not educate themselves in the political situation? How do you solve this? But it was solved through public education, and the publication of books and many other things. 

You had back then people who were dying over simple things, such as pneumonia. But it was solved by research, by science, by public health care, by education, by people knowing more and taking precautions, and many other things. If you go back to the time when this was a problem, many people would say, what can we do? It just seems too much—it seems too overwhelming.

What I am pointing out to you, that even though I am calling for the recognition that everything is more complex than it seems, especially when you reduce it to propaganda, this is not overwhelming. These are not insurmountable obstacles. This is not something that democracies cannot do. They have already done many things like this. It just needs to be taken to a higher level, which is the next step up for democracies. It is not a dramatic change. I am not requiring democracies to step up to make an impossible leap. It is just the next logical step. It is just the recognition that we cannot reduce problems, to this simplistic explanation, because when we do, we always have one group of people who are imposing their will on another group of people, and the one group of people lose and the other wins. And that is not what a democracy is all about. It is a society where everybody wins. It is win, win, win, win, win, win, win, until everybody is lifted up. That is what a democracy ultimately is. 

Political gridlock: the ongoing threat to American democracy

You look again, at the United States. And you see how there is a political gridlock because every issue is reduced to a black and white, a right and wrong, a for or against. Guns – you are either for guns or against guns. We either want people to have freedom to buy any guns they want or you want to outlaw all guns and take away their constitutional rights. There is nothing in between. But there is of course, many nuances in between. But there are even viewpoints that are completely beyond the scale of black and white, which is what we have pointed out many, many times about the duality consciousness.

What kind of society do you want in a democratic nation? Do you really want the current gridlock, the current animosity, the current hostility in America to continue? Do you perhaps think that this hostility at the political level, these divisions between groups of people who are absolutely sure that they are right, and the other people are wrong, and they believe that the ends can justify the means, at least some of them, do you possibly think that this is the reason why some people get so overwhelmed that they just start shooting?

You look at the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6. What was behind this? “If we cannot get our way, violence is acceptable. Violence is the only solution we have to do something, even if it is illegal, even if it is violent.” Do you not realize that there is a certain group among Republican Trump-supporting voters who have a desire to whip out their guns and just start shooting at anyone who opposes them politically? Do you not realize that this is there, there is that mentality? I can assure you that if you could see the collective consciousness of America, you can see that they have created a very substantial beast that is seeking to make people believe that if you cannot get your way through the democratic process, then you can throw away 200 years of democratic experiment and just start shooting those who disagree with you.

Do you really want this to continue and end up in some kind of civil war scenario? There are people on the left who are not as gun happy, but who are willing to take other measures that are violent in order to get their way. And so where will this end and is this where you want the nation to go? 

This needs to be seen. And it will be seen by some people who are open to it, partly because of what we are stating, partly because of you enforcing it, partly because of your calls with the many invocations we have already given. And you can make calls based on these dictations as well. It will also be seen because there are many people that are open minded and willing to tune into these ideas, even though they know not where they come from and you will see that it will begin to shift. And people will begin to say: Really, a democratic nation should be about people, about helping people, not just some people, not just a small elite, not just the people who vote for that particular political party but all people. And we need to recognize this. 

We need to look at ourselves and say: “We may think we are Christians, we may think we are following the teachings of Jesus. But are we truly following them if we are so angry and hostile with another group of people? Are we truly following the teachings of Jesus if we are doing something to others, that we would be very angry if they did to us? How can we claim to be a Christian nation if we are only paying lip service to the teachings of Christ, instead of embodying those teachings of Christ, and treating other people the way he told us to treat them? ‘Do unto others what you want them to do to you. Turn the other cheek. Love your enemies. Do good to those that persecute you. Always respond in kindness, never respond in kind.” 

This needs to break through or you will see the hard knocks in the United States become harder and harder in these coming years. You could see a disintegration into violence, not really a civil war, because who is going to be fighting against whom, but you can see more violence than you are seeing today. You could see more political hostility, more political gridlock and it will have widespread negative consequences for the people of the nation. 

When will they have had enough? That is the question. When will the Russian people have had enough of Putin? When will the American people have had enough of gridlock hostility, animosity? When will they have had enough of the ‘us versus them’ mentality, which basically is also what Putin stands for? 

Seeing connections and humanity in others

You see, this simplification does not lead to growth. You need to start looking at the connections, the bigger picture, look at the forest instead of the trees, and you realize, what is the forest? What is it made of? It is not made of trees, it is made of human beings. And those human beings are, behind the outer facade, just like you. If you see humanity in yourself, you will see humanity in others. And that is an aspect of the Christ consciousness. That is what I taught 2000 years ago.  

How can you do unto others what you want them to do to you? Because you see that those others are not really others, they are human beings like yourself, they are sons and daughters of God like yourself. And therefore, you simply cannot treat them in a way that you do not want to be treated. And you have had 2000 years to integrate this truth, this reality. 2000 years, 20 centuries, 200 decades. How long oh Lord? Do not call yourself a Christian and claim to be one of my followers, if you will not recognize this basic truth. How can you have a nation that claims to be Christian, but is going backwards in terms of living the commands of Christ, to treat others with decency and humanity? 

And so with this, I have had my say, at least for now, for you realize the Christ consciousness is an ongoing process. So there will never be a final statement from the Christ. The Christ always has more to say, but it will be on another day.


Copyright © 2022 by Kim Michaels

Defending democracy against the enemy without and the enemy within 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. We have talked about the fact that when people rise to a certain level of humanity, they find it difficult to grasp, to acknowledge, that other people are not at that level. I wish to comment on why this is so.

Growth is a two-fold process

Now, we have said several times that you can learn in two ways on earth. You can learn through divine direction from within or you can learn through the school of hard knocks. But we have also said that all of you are experiential beings. In other words, you cannot take embodiment on earth and only learn from within. You could not, for example, create a mystery school on earth and have everybody or have some people go into that mystery school and stay in that mystery school until they were ready to ascend. That is not the purpose for a planet like earth. You need to have a certain amount of experience with life on earth, with the consciousness on earth, the collective consciousness on earth, before you grow. So, in other words, growth is a two-fold process, where you have both the outer experiences and the inner directions and that gives you the fastest possible growth.

Lower levels of consciousness

Now, what happens when you come to the point where you rise to a certain level? Now, you could say, some people, for example, many avatars have never descended to a very low level of consciousness. But there are people who have descended to a lower level of consciousness. Let us take a person who has descended not necessarily to the lowest level, but quite a bit below the 48th level. The person has then experienced what it is like to live with this state of consciousness, which basically means you feel that “Other people are out to get me”. You are not really paranoid. You are just thinking that everybody is out to cheat you. Everybody will take from you what you have gathered if you do not guard it and you are looking for problems. You are not trusting other people and so forth.

Take a person who has lived this way for several embodiments, perhaps many embodiments, and who has lived in, for example, medieval Europe, Asia, or other places where they had dictatorial societies, where in many cases there was not really any law other than might is right. So, you have a person now who has gone through this for a number of lifetimes. And you can say that this person obviously does not have a high level of Christ discernment because he or she thinks that it is perfectly justified that “I do to others what I know they are trying to do to me, and I, in fact, have to do to others before they can do to me in order to defend myself“. The person is in this state of consciousness and has been in this state of consciousness for a number of lifetimes. How can this person really rise to a level of humanity that is higher, that is distinctly higher, what we have called the basic humanity? How can you go from do unto others before they do to you, to do unto others what you want them to do to you?

Well, not everybody is like this, but the majority of the people on earth do this experientially. In other words, they have to experience the lowest state of consciousness for so many lifetimes. They have to experience so many negative consequences from this state of consciousness and this lifestyle that they eventually come to a point where they have had enough of it. They simply have had enough of it. Many lifestreams 2000 years ago had reached that level. They were looking for a different approach. They were looking for something better. They wanted something better, they wanted more than what they had experienced. And as the law is when the student is ready the teacher appears, that is why Jesus appeared in a physical embodiment and gave the teachings he gave for the multitudes. For example, do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

The shift towards “Do to others what you want them to do to you”

There were people back then who grasped this. They locked into it. They truly saw that they had had enough of the old state of consciousness of do unto others and they were ready for something better, a better approach. And they had this “Aha experience”, this epiphany, this almost like a conversion experience or a rebirth experience where they grasped: “Oh, I have to start changing the way I treat other people, then my life will change. Because if I wait for other people to change, it may never happen. What can I do? How can I take responsibility for myself and change my life?” I am not saying that these people said this consciously, but this is essentially what they went through. They grasped what Jesus was saying that if you do unto others what you want them to do to you, then society can come to a higher level, where all people are doing to others what you are doing to them. This then brings society to a higher level.

Now, this did not happen for a lot of people back then, and certainly not for a critical mass of people, which is why you did not see societies that suddenly were transformed and became these kinds of societies where everybody could do to others what they wanted others to do to them. But as you see the Piscean age progress, you see that more and more people grasp this. This culminated with the advent of democracies, the modern democracies, where a critical mass of people have grasped that if we all treat others the way we want to be treated, then we can have a society where might is not right, where there is actually law, there are principles that protect us. We can have a society where our government looks out for our best interest and will not take from us unjustly what we have brought forth.

In other words, we can have a society where you can build a better future for yourself, for your children, for your nation and you can trust that it will not be taken away from you. Many people stepped up to this. This did not mean they had any spiritual understanding, any sophisticated level of Christ discernment, but they had made this shift. Now, even though they may not have been consciously aware of this and would not have been able to explain what I am saying, they still had a certain memory. Even children who were born into a democratic society had a certain awareness from past lives that they have had enough of these lawless, might is right societies. They had the contrast. They were aware of the contrast between the lawless society and a law-abiding democratic society where they had rights. But they had this on an experiential basis. They had experienced the change because they saw that it was better for themselves. They did not really understand the dynamic of it, but they had shifted.

Not everybody wants freedom and democracy

As we have said before, once you shift into this basic humanity, it can be difficult to grasp that other people are not at the same level. You have shifted. You have had enough of a lawless society and so you think that everybody else must have had enough of it too. You have this thing in human beings where you think that everybody else can see what you can see, what is so obvious to you must be obvious to others. Many of you who are spiritual people will remember when you first found the spiritual path. You were absolutely sure that everybody else in the entire world was just waiting to find the spiritual teaching you had found. You were sure that if you told your family members and friends about this wonderful spiritual teaching or guru you have discovered, they would respond as enthusiastically as you had done. And of course, what did you run into most often? Rejection, denial, they were not interested at all.

What you see is that there is a tendency in democratic nations for many, many people to think that: “I have had enough of these lawless societies, these dictatorships. I see how much better it is with democracy. Surely everybody else sees the same.” And this, of course, is not the case and it is one of these experiences that democratic nations need to have, where they actually experience that other people do not want democracy, do not want freedom, do not want economic freedom. You have seen examples of this, after the invasion of Iraq, after the invasion of Afghanistan, where you saw that the people were not ready for democracy. They did not embrace democracy. They did not say: “Finally, we got rid of this dictator. Now we can become a democratic nation, which we have longed for all of our lives.” Because they had not longed for it all of their lives because they had not had enough of it.

Taking responsibility for your own state of mind

Now, you may say, why have not they had enough of it? Well, because they are not ready to do what it takes to step up to the higher level. Think about the shift between do unto others before they can do unto you and do to others what you want them to do to you. Think about the shift. What do you have to do to make that shift? Well, you have to, as we have said before, take responsibility for yourself. But what does that mean? It means that you actually say: “I observe that other people are still in a lower state of mind. They are doing various things and they might very well do something to me. I cannot change them, but I have had enough of the experience of being around such people. What can I do? Well, I can change myself. What do I have the power to change? I cannot change other people, but I can change myself. I can change my state of mind, I can decide that regardless of what other people might do to me, I will believe Jesus when he said: “Do unto others and the world, the universe, God will do to you.”

This means that you are taking responsibility for changing yourself instead of trying to change other people by forcing them, you are changing yourself first and then trusting that what comes back from the cosmic mirror will correspond to what you are sending out. This is a trust, but it is also taking responsibility for changing your state of mind. In other words, in order to shift from a lawless attitude and might is right attitude to a turn the other cheek attitude, you have to take responsibility for changing your own state of mind, regardless of what happens outside your mind, regardless of other people, what other people do.

Some nations are not ready for democracy

The reality is that many, many people on earth are not at that point. They have not had enough of being abused, suffering, whining and complaining about other people, about their leader of society, their dictator about this or that, or the next thing. They are complaining. They are projecting out that their problems are caused by external factors and there is nothing they can do about it. They certainly cannot do anything about it by changing their own minds. If people are not at the level where they are willing to take responsibility for changing their own minds, they are not ready for democracy. It is that simple.

That is why you saw that the people in Iraq could not really make democracy work, even though they had the opportunity to do so. The people in Afghanistan could not. The people in Russia during the 1990s could not, because too many of them had accepted, and that is why they had taken embodiment in Russia, because there was always the party who told them what to think and what to do and if they did what they were told, they would have a certain basic level of material standard of living. They had settled for this. They had sold their souls to the devil, so to speak, in order to have that freedom from making their own decisions, thinking on their own. Deciding what is right or not right and first of all, deciding how to change themselves regardless of the outer situations. If a majority of the people in Russia had been at a higher level, they would not have been in Russia. They would have incarnated in Western Europe, the United States, Australia, South Korea and other democratic nations. You see here, this of course does not apply to all people of Russia because many people have incarnated there to bring Russia forward as is the case in other nations, but we are talking about the majority here.

Mechanization men

What the citizens and leaders in democratic nations need to realize here is that they cannot anymore allow themselves to assume that everybody else wants democracy. You cannot allow yourselves to assume this. And what does that mean? It means you need to recognize that there are people who want an excuse for not having democracy and that is why they actually want leaders who are dictatorial, who are abusive towards them, who are limiting their freedom, taking away their freedom, limiting what news they have access to, therefore, giving them an excuse for not thinking, not making their own decisions. These are what we in a previous dispensation called mechanization men. They are living in a mechanized way. They do not think about life. They do not think about any of the deeper questions of life. They do not think about their own state of mind. They are not observing themselves.

You who are spiritual people, most of you, are used to stepping back, looking at yourself saying: “Why do I feel this way? What is happening? Why do I look at life this way? Why do I run into these kinds of people all of the time?” and questions like that. But these people do not. You need to recognize that there are people like this. There are many people like this in Russia. Many people in China. Many people in the Arab world, in Africa. In South America, even though many nations in South America have some democratic governments. But you also find some of them in democratic nations. In some nations, you will find quite a few. Quite frankly, many of the people who follow Trump and are still following Trump are in this category. They do not want to think for themselves. They do not want to take responsibility. They want to project that the problem is out there with somebody else.

The essential step for democracies

What can you do with this recognition, with this awareness? Well, you can, quite frankly, realize that when it comes to other nations, you cannot assume that Russia is one day going to become a functioning democracy if you just buy the oil and gas and give them the economic foundation for improving society. The same thing with China – if you pump money into China, you create a middle class that will not want communism, one day, China will become a functioning democracy. Or rather, perhaps we should restate it. You can assume that this will happen one day, but not in the near future. It could take a very long time for this to happen.

That is why, as Jesus said, you need to come to this recognition that as democracies, “We need to stand united in defending democracy. Because these countries, even the people, just want an excuse for not having democracy and that is why they have leaders who are actually attacking our democracies and we need to stand firm against this”. The other thing that you can do with this is to start looking within. One of the essential elements of democracy is that you are looking at yourself. As I said, you cannot really become a democracy until you shift into this basic humanity and in order to follow the call to do unto others without having any proof that this will benefit yourself, you have to take responsibility for yourself, be willing to look at yourself and say: “What can I do to improve myself?”

You have to recognize that this is a fundamental feature of democracy and a democracy cannot live up to its full potential if you have many people who have not grasped this. Therefore, as a democracy, you need to educate your people into what makes a democracy work. In order to do this, you actually have to educate your children into the basic functions of human psychology. And what is it that you need to teach your children at a young age? It is: What happens inside your mind is not the exclusive product of what happens outside your mind. If another child teases you – by saying you are fat and ugly and stupid – you do not have to feel bad about yourself and you do not have to become angry. You can choose a different reaction to this outer situation.

This is the basic thing. Now, you can say many people in democratic nations, they know this. But many people do not, and you cannot assume that everybody does. That is why as a democracy, it is absolutely essential that you step up and say: “We have to teach our children from an early age about the basics of taking command over their own psychology because this is the only way they are going to have a chance of having psychological well-being. It is also the only way we can prevent our healthcare systems from being overwhelmed by mental illness, so it is in the interest of both the individual and society.”

The end of the blame game

But beyond that, once you have more children who understand the basics of human psychology, they can very easily – in their teenage years and older – be educated to grasp the basic principle of democracy. And this means what? It means that they can come to consciously acknowledge and accept that a democracy is a society where we do not blame each other. We are not pointing the finger. We are not looking at the mote in our brother’s eye, or the splinter in our brother’s eye, overlooking the beam or the mote in our own eye. A democracy cannot function if everybody is blaming everybody else. Why is that? Because what is a democracy based on? All human beings have equal rights, which really means equal opportunity to improve their lives. If you acknowledge that you have the same opportunity as everybody else, you cannot really blame others because they have done better than you have. What you need to do is look at yourself and say: “How could I do better?” The blame game does not work in a democracy. It cannot make a democracy work.

If you look at some of the older democracies, you can apply this measure. You can see, for example, in some of the Scandinavian and northern European countries where you do not have the sharp divisions in the population where people are blaming problems on other groups of people. This is partly because they have – at least until recent years – had a more homogeneous population. But still, there is still the mindset – we do not blame others, we try to improve ourselves. But you also have a society where people are willing to take care of each other. They are saying “I am willing to pay taxes so that somebody else can go to the doctor without going bankrupt. Even if I do not benefit from this in my entire lifetime because I am healthy, I am willing to pay taxes for somebody else”. This is not possible if you are blaming others, because then you are saying: “Well, I am not going to pay for somebody else, that is their responsibility.” When you blame, you cannot have that sense of oneness—we are all in the same boat—and what is best for the whole is best for myself.

America is an experiment in democracy

Then you look at the United States and you will see that there has always been much more division in the United States which, in a sense, is natural because you have people from many different nationalities, many different backgrounds, many different cultures, many different races, or at least several different races, and so forth. It has been said that America is the melting pot. America is an experiment in democracy. Certainly, I sponsored America because I wanted to see if it was possible to make people come together and look beyond their outer differences. And this, in a sense, is what has always been the driving force in American democracy – transcending the outer differences, coming together, united we stand, divided we fall, all of these things.

But of course, there has always been the opposite force in American society that focuses on division, emphasizes division and it is based on this simple mechanism where you do not know how to take care of your own state of mind, take control over your own state of mind, so you blame somebody else for your suffering and your misery: “I am feeling bad about my life, it is those other people’s fault.” You see throughout history these two forces. You see it in the racial divisions.

There are white people who are blaming black people for their problems. There are white people who are blaming Hispanics for their problems. There are black people who are blaming Hispanics, Hispanics who are blaming blacks, all of them are blaming Asians and so forth. This is in complete opposition to democratic principles and to the very purpose of America. But of course, it is there, it always has been there.

America’s Turning Point

What I am saying is that America is at a crucial turning point, a crucial phase. I will not say that this is tied to one specific date. But it is clear that it has been brought out in the open by the development that has taken place over the last one or more decades, crystallizing in the Trump presidency. The Trump presidency represents the same as Putin’s attack on Ukraine. It is like the last desperate attempt of the dark forces to stop the progression of the golden age. What you see in the Trump presidency from the beginning is this us-versus-them mentality: “There is a problem in America, but we who are the good people are not the cause of the problem. They who are the bad people, they are the cause of the problem and they must be forced to see things the way we see them, then we can solve America’s problems.” Of course, this will not solve America’s problems.

But who can see this when they are hypnotized by this vortex of energy, created not by Trump personally but by the entire Trump presidency and the development in American society, especially by this white Eastern class that wants to maintain desperately what they think has control over America—which they never had to begin with.

This is as Jesus said, democracies can only prevail against an outside enemy if they are united. Likewise, they can only prevail against the internal divisions by being united. There is an enemy without and an enemy within and the enemy within is division. The friend within, the Christ, is unity. Christ stands for oneness, by seeing beyond the outer differences. That is part of Christ discernment, you see the universal human characteristics beyond the outer, non-essential divisions. So, there has been an increase in this division in America as anyone can see. Even in these mass shootings— which is also an expression of this division, this animosity, this epic mindset, this black and white, black and yellow thinking—where the white people think they are right, and that all other colors are wrong.

You see here that if you could look back at America 20 years from now, people will look back at this time and say: “How could this ever happen? How could we ever become so divided?” And they will not be able to understand it. But of course, it is because there are still so many people that have not made this shift of being willing to take responsibility for their own state of mind instead of blaming their problems, their life experience, on somebody else.

Turning Point for Americans focused on divisions

The question is simple if you look at it from an ascended master perspective. What is actually happening right here is a filtration process. Many of the people who today are caught in this division, in this vortex of focusing on differences, if they are not willing to shift their consciousness, it will be their last embodiment in the United States for a long time. There are enough people around the world in non-democratic nations who have made that shift that they can embody in America in the new generation and coming generations. And those who are still trapped in this divided mindset will go elsewhere to non-democratic nations, most of them. And that will then bring this renewal of the American people, the collective consciousness, that is needed for America to move into the golden age. Naturally, you cannot possibly think, if you are open to the idea of a golden age, that America’s present state of division can exist in the golden age, or can bring America into the golden age. You cannot possibly think this.

If you look at America and see the current division, this is a division between the people. It is not really clearly based on outer things. There are many white people that are in the Trump vortex, but not all of them are white. There are many traditional Republicans, but not all of them are traditional Republicans. You find them all over the United States because it is their level of consciousness, their level of self-awareness that causes them to polarize towards this. Now, I am not thereby saying that everybody who is in the democratic camp have all reached a higher level of humanity, they have not, but a large majority of them have. There are far more people in the democratic camp that have a higher level of consciousness than in the republican camp. This you can basically see if you just neutrally observe how people talk, how they look, how they dress, how they act, what they say about other people.

Undermining democracy in the United States

Where does this all lead to? Well, it leads to the fact that this division is artificially exaggerated and accelerated by the fallen beings who want to destroy democracy. Naturally, they want to destroy all democratic nations if they could, but their main target has always been America, because it is the largest and most powerful democratic nation. If they can destroy America, then it will be much more difficult for the other remaining democracies to withstand the onslaught from dictatorial nations. What you see here is that these fallen beings in and out of embodiment, have for a long time tried to accelerate and exaggerate these divisions in American society. It has especially been going on for the last 40 years. Which, if you have paid attention to what we have said before, corresponds with a shift, where the economy started turning towards more and more of an elitist economy, where the average person, the middle class, lost their standard of living, lost their income, their buying power, and more and more money was funneled towards the elite.

Really, what is the purpose of the dark forces creating this division in American society between two groups of people? It is to make sure that the people, the population, cannot be united against the elite, or united in stopping the elite. And you can see, if you care to look at it, how the division between Democrats and Republicans have gradually become worse and worse, and it has had the effect that nothing effectively could be done to stop the income inequality, the growth in inequality. And what does that mean? It means that the democracy of the United States, the democratic process in the United States, has been undermined by the financial, economic power elite.

This is not a takeover like you saw in Russia, which happened with violence and force, in terms of imprisoning people, shutting down media, news outlets and all of these things. It is a hidden, more subtle takeover that has happened through the economy, through the finances, by simply allowing all of these financial measures, not regulating the financial industry, giving them a free pass to experiment with absolutely anything. And then when they experiment with subprime mortgages and it threatens the breakdown of the entire financial system, then the government steps in and bails them out with taxpayers’ money, money that the taxpayers will have to pay for eventually. This is an attack on democracy that is as determined, as vicious, as malicious as what you see from Putin’s Russia and China. It is a deliberate aggressive attempt to destroy democracy by destroying equal opportunity in the economy.

Defending democracy against the financial power elite

What you need to recognize here is that democracies need to step up and realize that we do have an enemy without and we need to defend democracy against this. But we also have an enemy within and we need to defend democracy against this as well and we have tools to do this. And there are many countries who are much further along in this respect than the United States is. There are many countries that have a more regulated economy, where the government has lived up to its responsibility to protect the citizens from being exploited by an elite. They have not done it as much as they could, but they have done it to a greater measure than the United States, which is why you have a higher standard of living in some of these countries, you have a higher level of social services. And yes, you also have higher taxes, because you cannot have one without the other.

What truly is happening in the world after the corona pandemic, is that debt has been mounting. At the same time as the population and nations have more debt than ever, you see a small group of the financial elite who have more money in their accounts than ever. You see even many billionaires who benefited from the corona pandemic, made more money during the pandemic, whereas the general population made less and countries made less. So, everybody made less except the elite. Well, how could the elite make more money? Only by taking it from everybody else. They are not creating wealth, the elite, they are not producing goods, they are not providing a service. They have created this, as I have said before, the artificial economy, that is like a leech on top of the natural economy and they are simply siphoning money away from the natural economy where people actually do work that produces products, that provides a service, and thereby they are multiplying their talents, they are increasing the amount of wealth in a natural way.

You can see this, as a very simple example, that you have a farmer who produces grain and he sells the grain at a certain price. And he does valuable work, because he tends to the fields, he sows the seeds, he harvests them. He is bringing forth something out of the soil that is more than was there before. He is increasing the wealth this way. But still, he only produces the grain, and then he sells it. But then you have some other companies who buy the grain and they refine it, they turn it into flour, and they sell that flour to people. They are increasing the value of the grain because the people themselves would find it difficult to use the raw grain, but it is much easier for them to use the flour to bake. Then you have other companies that buy the flour from the mill, and they bake bread, which they then sell to the people so that people do not have to bake it themselves.

You see how every time there is a refinement of something, this adds value. This causes the entire economy to grow. Everybody who is adding value by providing a product or service are causing the natural economy to grow. But what the financial elite are doing is that they are creating these artificial instruments that allow them to siphon money out of the natural economy without providing a product or service. They are not increasing the value, the total value of the natural economy. They are only concentrating value in their own hands and you can only do that by taking from the whole, by taking from the population or the government.

The market driven by the speculation

How do you do this? Well, they do it in many different ways. But the two main ones that I want to talk about here is, first of all, the money system. Money is created as debt. I have talked about this before. You can easily find information on this on the internet. When you allow banks to create money out of nothing and lend it out as debt, where the people pay interest, well, that money then can be taken out of the natural economy, not all of it is taken out of the natural economy. Some of it is used to buy products and services. But some of it can be siphoned out of the natural economy, concentrated in the hands of the few people who control the banks. As I have said, before, you have this artificial money system, where in a natural money system, there is a direct correspondence between the amount of money and the amount of products and services because money is meant only to be an exchange for goods and services, and a short-term storage of money while you are waiting for the next investment opportunity, where you are investing in producing products, or providing services.

But what the financial elite has done is they take some of that interest money out of the economy and use it to invest in things that do not provide a service or product and one of the things they do, which is the other thing I want to make you aware of here is speculation. Speculation is what I have talked about before as the gambling economy. You are, for example, saying: “I think there is going to be a lack of grain this summer. I am going to take the money that I have left over from the interest payments, and I am going to buy up tons of grain and put them in a warehouse. And then, because prices have not gone up yet, I can buy cheap, but then when prices go up, I can sell it and double my money.” Now this is of course, you could say, is not really such a big problem because what if prices do not go up? Then you are sitting there with this grain and you might have to sell it again for the same price or potentially a lower price than you paid for it.

But what happens when you have a financial elite that has accumulated so much money in accounts that they do not have to just say: “Oh, I think Putin is going to invade Ukraine and that is going to cut down on grain exports from Ukraine. Therefore, there is going to be a lack of wheat, and therefore prices are going to go up.” No, instead, they are saying: “Let us take some of this money we have sitting in our accounts, let us buy millions of tons of wheat and put it in warehouses. So, we take it off the market, then there will be a lack of wheat. We will create a lack of wheat and then when prices double, we will start selling and then we will make a huge profit.” In other words, they are not just trying to foresee conditions, they are trying to generate conditions where they can make a profit.

And this they do not only with commodities, not only with oil, not only with precious metals, but they do it with everything. They do it with stocks. They are saying, “Let’s buy a certain amount of a particular company’s stock. We can buy them today at a low price. But if we buy enough of them, then other investors are going to say: Hey, the price of Apple stock is going up. Let’s buy some”. And that is going to drive this investment trust from those who are not the big investors, but are the small investors who say: “Hey, we can make money on Apple. Let us buy Apple. And then when the price of Apple has gone up, we just quietly start selling the ones we bought at half the price and make a huge profit. And then when we have that profit, we find some other company that is undervalued, and then we start buying this.” And therefore, they are driving the economy.

This means that there is this financial elite who are driving the market, driving the economy. And they are not doing this for the benefit of the people, they are doing it for the benefit of themselves—they think. Because they are not smart enough to realize that what they are doing will destroy the economy and also, therefore, destroy their own fortunes. What happened when the stock market crashed in 1929? Yes, many smaller investors lost their money, but many of the big ones did too, unless they had diversified and invested in something that did not go down. Some had invested in real estate, which went down but eventually went back up. If you have enough money, you can afford to ride out a crisis and wait for prices to go back up. You can even drive that by investing, after some time, when you think prices have gone as low as they have gone.

You see that there is a financial elite, both in America but also internationally, who have accumulated so much wealth, that they can drive the market – drive the economy. And what is the result of this? They are siphoning money away from the people because what happens when they buy a million tons of wheat at a low price, creating an artificial scarcity that causes prices to go up and then they sell at double the price? Well, the people who buy that wheat in order to bake bread or make flour, they pay double and they have to pass that on to the consumers. The consumers end up paying more for everything driven by this speculation.

Oil prices, as Mother Mary mentioned in her dictation, have been artificially inflated for a very long time. They would be much, much lower, if there was a direct correspondence between the cost of extracting and refining the oil and the price at the pump. But there is not, because there is that artificial middlemen who take a part of the money. Now you will notice that, for example, in the United States, you will have some gas stations where they say the price of a gallon of gasoline is $4, but so much of those $4 is taxes. But what they do not say is that so much of the $4 is speculation. If they did say that, then people might see that it is not just the government they need to blame. In fact, they do not need to blame the government for imposing taxes. But they do need to blame the government for not reigning in the financial elite who are exploiting the population.

Freedom from exploitation

The next step that needs to break through here in the increasing Christ discernment of democratic nations is that, as Jesus said, there is an external force that is waging war against democracy. But there is also an internal force in the form of the financial elite that is waging war against democracy. What is democracy based on? Equal rights, equal opportunity. Well, there is nothing wrong with somebody becoming a millionaire, if he does this through honest work and providing a service, but when he does it through speculation and becomes a billionaire or a trillionaire, then there is something very undemocratic about this, because he is using the freedom that the democratic system gave him to limit or destroy the freedom of other people.

He is literally destroying the competition, because he has reached a position where he is in a position to do this. He can buy up other companies, he can destroy other companies, he can out-compete them by selling at a lower price artificially for some time, and take many other measures to destroy the competition. This is anti-democratic, this is against the freedom, the equal rights, the equal opportunity that a democratic nation is meant to guarantee all of its citizens. A democratic nation is not meant to guarantee the freedom of the elite to exploit the population. That is not a democratic freedom.

Unfortunately, as with so many other things, people do not learn from theory, they do not learn from ascended master dictations, even when they are projected into the collective consciousness. They only learn from experience. They will only learn from the school of hard knocks. You could say: “Why did Putin have to invade Ukraine?” Partly, so that the democratic countries could learn that they need to step up in defending democracy against an external enemy. This was not the only reason because the Russian people also have to learn and people in dictatorial nations also have to learn from the situation. But if they had been more willing to learn, then it would not have had to come to this.

Now you look at the economy, the state of the economy after the corona pandemic. First, you have these two years of shutdowns that severely strained the economy. Now you have this war and increase in oil prices that also puts an extra strain on the economy. And what is the whole purpose? It is to force societies to have their backs against the wall where they say: “Either our economies crash, or we have to do something differently. We have to do something we have not been willing to do before. We have to rein in the rich elite who are exploiting the population.” What will this mean?

Well, it will mean hardship for the consumers for some time. That is always the case. But then again, those consumers are voters and they could have demanded a better performance of their own governments. They could have voted differently. They could have made their voices heard by taking part in the democratic process, instead of always pointing the finger at somebody else. Somebody else is the cause of our problems. Well, when you say that, what are you also saying, you are saying somebody else needs to solve our problems – not us. But in a democratic nation, the people cannot say: “We are not responsible for creating the problem and we are not responsible for solving it.” That is not how a democracy works. This is your responsibility as a democratic citizen, to see how you can change yourself, to see how you can help solve the problems, or make your government solve the problems, the government that you elected.

Do not listen to the doom and gloom people

Again, I have spoken for a long time, you see that there is much to say about this and we are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to say it through a messenger in embodiment and to have you have this go out through your chakras and auras. But be mindful that it is not just your chakras and your auras that are reinforcing our message. Your decrees and invocations do as well. When you decree, so many people together, you are creating these very powerful energetic waves and impulses that are sent into the collective consciousness. And it is not just energy, they carry with them the entire message that we are releasing at such a conference. Everything works together, everything reinforces each other, so that we can create the most powerful possible impetus.

Now, let me end by saying, I know it can seem like a message of this paints a dire picture – so many problems. What can we possibly do about this power elite who are so ingrained? But I am an optimist about the future of democracy, about the future of the economy. My beloved, there are many pessimists in the world today that think that the world is going to end, the economy is going to crash, there is going to be a third world war, there is going to be a nuclear war. There is going to be global warming and all of these things. You can look at them and you can ask yourself a simple question: “Are there more pessimists today than in previous times?” And the reality is that there are more because there are more people that have been affected by the communications technology that makes it easier for the core pessimists to spread their message. But those who are generating the pessimistic ideas, there are not more of them than there have been in previous ages. There have always been people who thought that this is the end, the world is going to end, calamity is going to happen, disasters are going to happen. There have always been people who looked at the negatives.

Many of these are the same fallen beings who have incarnated again and again and again, spreading the same message of negativity in different disguises. There is a class of fallen beings in and out of embodiment who are dedicating their entire consciousness to simply spreading doom and gloom. Do not let them hypnotize you. Do not let them get you into a negative state of mind. You are ascended master students. Why would you be an ascended master student, claim you are an ascended master student and not listen to us, but listen to the doom and gloom people? Why would you claim to be an ascended master student, follow ascended master teachings, go to conferences, read our websites and yet you are not really listening to what the ascended masters are saying, but you are listening to everything that the fallen beings are saying who predict doom and gloom?

Choose life or choose death

Why are you sitting between two chairs? Decide where you want to be!  I do not have a problem with you deciding you want to be in the camp of the doom and gloom. You want to believe the world is going to end next week, I do not have a problem with that. I respect your free will. But then do not claim to be an ascended master student. And do not try to pull other ascended master students into your own doom and gloom mentality. Do one or the other. Choose ye this day whom you will serve. Choose life or choose death. The choice is up to you. But I have chosen life a very long time ago and therefore, I can only help those who also are willing to choose life. And those who are not willing to choose life are not hearing me. They might read or listen to a dictation, but they are not hearing me. Why?

Because when the student is ready, the master appears. If the student is not ready, the master cannot appear. What appears to the student is a false master colored by his or her perception filter. You think you are listening to an ascended master. But you are listening to the false hierarchy imposter that corresponds to your level of consciousness. You are hearing the words that I am speaking through this messenger. Your ears are hearing them but your mind is not because they become colored in your mind by the perception filter you have. So, you overlook most of what I am saying. And you hear a few things here and there: “Ah, this confirms what I want to believe.” And then you will pay attention to that and ignore the rest. Why?

Just make a decision. Where do you want to be? And then go with that and get the experience you need to get from it. Should you at some point realize you have had enough of that experience, then you can always come back to the teachings. We always welcome people when they come back with whatever experiences they needed to have. But do not sit there between two chairs. Just choose – choose life or choose death. Experience death until you have had enough of it, then choose life. It is not ‘all or nothing’, it is not ‘now or never’. People have chosen death many times sometimes. Some people have chosen death many times until they have had enough of it and then they have chosen life. But once they choose life, they are on the upward path. Then we can appear to them, then we can help them and we are always happy to do so.

Choose ye this day whom you will serve—democracy or anti-democracy, the optimistic realism of the ascended masters or the pessimistic realism, so claimed by the fallen beings. Pessimism – the pessimism of the fallen beings is wishful thinking. They want disasters to happen. But the evaluation of the ascended masters is simply practical realism based on observing how millions of other planets have progressed. The earth is being pulled up by the rest of the universe, and no force on earth, in all four levels can withstand it.

As El Morya, Master More, has said for a long time: “We were winning from the beginning.”


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The democratic nations need to confront the problem of evil

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. As our next installment that we have planned for this conference, I wish to talk about evil or what has sometimes been called the problem of evil. Now, let us begin with Christhood. As we have now said several times, Christhood is a process, it is not so that from one moment to the next, you step from not being the Christ to being the Christ. Christhood is, in large part, a matter of increasing your discernment, your ability to discern. And this is a process that takes time, that is gradual and it has many stages. There is a beginning level of Christhood, where you might be aware of evil, but you are primarily looking at evil in its obvious physical manifestations. In other words, it is possible for you to discern that certain actions of certain people seen throughout history have been evil.

The physical expression of evil

Now, you will notice that there are many people who have not even come to this basic level of discernment. There are people who do not see Hitler as evil or as being an expression of a of evil. There are many people in Russia who do not see Stalin as evil. And of course, there are many people in Russia who do not see Putin as an expression of evil. The same in China, many people do not see Mao as being a representation of evil. And the same, of course, in many other nations where they look at their present leaders or past leaders and do not identify them as evil.

Now, you will recognize perhaps, that I said 2000 years ago: “On their fruits, ye shall know them.” This is the basic level of Christ discernment where you look at the fruits, you look at the actions and the consequences precipitated by certain people and therefore you know that they are evil or they represent evil. They have made themselves the instruments for evil. You see this in its physical expression. And, of course, the democratic nations have, for a long time, had this level of discernment regarding evil. Most people have been able to see that Hitler was an expression of evil and that there have been other expressions of evil. And so, there has been a certain awareness that we need to avoid these kinds of evil.

Non-physical causes behind evil

However, when you step up to higher levels of Christ discernment, you begin to see that it is not enough to look at only the physical manifestations or expressions of evil, because this will not allow you to understand the cause behind evil. We might say that as you rise in Christhood, you will begin to see that there are always hidden, non-physical causes behind all physical events or phenomena. As we have said before, consciousness precedes the physical manifestation. And this is what you begin to realize when you reach higher levels of Christhood. You begin to be able to discern that beyond the physical manifestations of evil, there is a non-physical, psychological component.

And as you go towards higher levels of discernment, you begin to discern that there is an emotional component of evil, there is a mental level component and there is an identity level component. Where some people are taken over by evil forces, because they are overpowered in their emotional bodies, they are overpowered, for example, by hatred and therefore commit evil. Others are taken over in their mental bodies and therefore are so good at identifying that there really are cases where the ends justify the means and where it is therefore justifiable to kill other people in order to further this utopian society that they believe they are working towards. There are those who are overpowered by evil at the identity level where they identify themselves based on a black and white thinking and the epic mindset, where they identify themselves as the good people who are in an existential epic fight against the evil people: such as Christians against Muslims, Muslims against Christians, communists against capitalists and so forth.

Now, when you step up to higher levels of Christhood you see that there must be a force of evil that is beyond human beings, because you cannot actually explain human beings or you cannot explain evil by only looking at human beings. And therefore, there must be a non-human, a non-material force of evil that is working through people, either because they voluntarily make themselves instruments of evil or they become taken over by these evil forces. And this, of course, can gradually lead you to the teachings that we have given you over these many years through this messenger of the existence of fallen beings who are completely dedicated either to proving God wrong, proving free will wrong by getting human beings to abuse their free will or they are dedicated to simply creating chaos. These are sort of the stages of Christ discernment regarding evil.

The problem of evil in Christianity

Now, let us look at democracy in regards to evil. Most of the nations that became the first democracies in the United States and Europe had a Christian background. They were deeply affected by the Christian religion whether it be a Protestant religion or the Catholic religion. There were people and there still are people who look at evil based on the Christian worldview. And of course, in Christianity you have some of these concepts that I have just described. You have the concept that there is an evil force, a dark force, whether it be Satan, Lucifer, the devil, the prince of this world. And this force is working against God or at least against Christ, seeking to destroy God’s plan.

Now, what has happened in Christianity, in the Christian religion, going all the way back to the formation of the Catholic church especially, is that Christianity has always had a problem with evil that they could not solve. And of course, they could not solve this because the leaders of the Christian religion, beginning with the Catholic church and all the way to today, have not had a sufficient level of Christ discernment. They have therefore been trapped, been stunned by, been confused by what they call the problem of evil. Basically, how can evil exist if God is good and omnipotent? If God is good, why would he want evil to exist? And if God is omnipotent, why has he not eradicated evil? Does that mean that either God is not good or God is not omnipotent? Or does it mean there is no God as the materialist started saying?

What you see here, when you attain a certain level of Christ discernment and look back at the Christian religion, you see that, as I have said in my previous dictations at this conference and in many other dictations, that the Christian religion from the formation of the Catholic church was actually to a very large extent taken over by the forces of antichrist who used the Christian religion as a tool for controlling the population and creating this entire medieval hierarchical structure where the people were slaves of this small power elite. This is, of course, why they have not been able to solve the problem of evil, because the forces who controlled the Christian religion did not want people to solve it, they actually wanted people to be confused by this.

The materialistic explanation for evil

You look at these democratic nations that have this Christian heritage and you see that when they became democracies, they found it difficult to deal with a problem of evil based on the Christian worldview. This is one of the reasons why the Founding Fathers of America, for example, were able to tune into Saint Germain and received the inspiration that America needed to be a secular nation where there was freedom of religion, where there was not any direct connection between the government and any particular religion. In other words, there was not one particular religion that could control the government as you see in Catholic Europe. And you see, of course, many of the other democracies, where they might even have a state religion, but there is still freedom of religion for the people. And this means that the democratic nations correctly saw that it was necessary to separate church and state, at least to some degree. It was necessary to give freedom of religion to the people, so that the nation could not be dominated by one particular religion.

This also meant that as a result of an aspiring power elite that used science, many of these nations became less and less religious. They adopted—even though some of these nations still have a state church—they adopted more of a secular, materialistic mindset. In other words, they moved away from Christianity, they moved away from the idea of a devil and that there are non-material, dark forces who can take over people’s minds and cause them to commit evil. Instead, they adopted this materialistic outlook that there is nothing beyond the material universe as it can be discovered by science. Therefore, by definition, in materialism there cannot be an evil force that is beyond the material spectrum. It cannot exist according to materialism.

This then has been from the beginning a fundamental challenge for democratic nations, because how can you then explain evil? Well, you are left seeking a materialistic explanation for evil. But materialism has been no more successful in explaining evil than the Christian religion was. And why is this? Because the same elite, the same force in the mental realm that created the confusion around the problem of evil in Christianity, has to a large degree created the doctrines and dogmas of the materialist religion and therefore created a similar confusion there.

You could say, logically, if there is a force of evil on earth—if, let us just say— would it not stand to reason that this force of evil would want to remain hidden? They would not want people to know that they exist or to understand what they are and how they influence human beings. Evil wants to remain hidden, does that not stand to reason? Does it not then stand to reason that if there is an evil force, they would use whatever system, whatever ideology dominates society to create enough confusion that they themselves can stay hidden. Therefore, is it not reasonable that the evil force that created confusion through the Christian religion is now doing the same through the materialist religion.

That is the explanation for the fact that democracies have not been able to resolve the question of evil. They have been looking only at the material realm for such an explanation, which means what? One possible explanation is that there is something in the brain that causes certain people to be evil, something goes wrong in the brain of a Hitler. But according to materialism all people should have basically the same brain. What could have gone wrong? It has not yet been identified. You can then look for people’s genetic inheritance. And then you must say: ”Were there evil people in Hitler’s ancestors?” Not that is known. So how did he become evil?

Evil as part of human nature?

Then you have the other explanation from materialistic psychology, about the upbringing. But was Hitler’s upbringing so much worse that it could explain that he became so much more evil than many other people who had a similar upbringing? Again, you are left with no real answers, certainly not an answer that can be useful in preventing human evil.

There are some then who have speculated that evil is a potential that lies latent in human nature. In other words, all human beings have the potential to become evil. Well, my beloved, what is one of the most destructive doctrines of the Catholic church? It is original sin. Well, is not the idea that evil is part of human nature just a non-religious version of the idea of human sin, of original sin? And is it not exactly what an evil force would want people to feel: that they are bad and that evil is not the fault of the evil force, evil is the fault of human nature? But where, my beloved, in the materialist paradigm is there room for this ethereal concept: “human nature”? Where does it exist? If what you do is a product of chemical and electromagnetic processes in your brain, where is there some ‘human nature’ that is beyond the brain? Where could it exist? Well, certainly not anywhere in the material worldview.

Higher explanation of evil

You see, again, contradictions, inconsistencies, confusion to the point where most people give up. They just hope that since we live in a democratic world, evil cannot come and get us. Many people have hoped that since the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the world has gone into a phase where evil is no longer a big factor. Well, there was, as we have said, 9/11. And now there is Putin. And then there is every week or every other week some mass shooting in the United States. What basis is there for saying that we have moved beyond the era of evil, that evil is a thing of the past and that we in our modern democracies have transcended evil? There really is no basis for saying this, is there?

Is it not so that you could look at Putin’s war in Ukraine as a wake-up call for the democratic nations and say: “It is now time to step up to a higher approach, a higher understanding of evil.” Are the school shootings in the United States not a wake-up call that the United States needs to step up to a higher approach? This messenger was reading about the latest school shooting and how there were people who talked about evil and how it was so impossible to predict when evil would suddenly cause such a school shooting. He was struck by the fact that there has not been similar headlines in the United States about evil in Putin’s war in Ukraine—even though some, of course, see it that way. It shows you that people again look at the physical manifestations of evil and they are disturbed by them. But there is not really an effort made to understand evil beyond the physical.

And this is, of course, where when you look at the natural evolution of democracy, democracies are now at a point where in order to step up to a higher level, democracies need to confront the problem of evil. They need to recognize Christianity could not really give us a thorough or useful definition of evil. Materialism has not been able to give us a useful explanation of evil. But evil is knocking at our door. We cannot ignore it. Evil is knocking at our door so we cannot continue to ignore it.

People possessed by external forces

Where can we look for an explanation? And truly, you can only look for a higher explanation of evil by increasing your Christ discernment. You can start this in various ways. I am not saying that societies need to become religious or they need to become aware of ascended masters and start accepting ascended master teachings. You can use what you have in democratic nations.

One possible avenue is to talk to healthcare professionals. There are healthcare professionals who for decades have been dealing with people with severe mental illnesses. There are professionals who have dealt with people who have addictions. And these people, if they were allowed to speak freely without being controlled by the materialistic thought police, many of them would recognize that the people they have encountered have been possessed by some external force.

Not necessarily all the time, but certainly in certain moments, in certain situations. It is the only explanation that makes sense that they are possessed by some external force that takes over their minds, their feelings, their thought process. And suddenly they act as if they were an entirely different person. You have schizophrenics, you have people with bipolar disorder. You have even examples of people who had a physical disease, but could shift into another personality that did not have that disease, or perhaps had another disease. And when they shifted out of a certain personality, the physical symptoms were gone instantly.

New approach in the mental health area

There is much research done, there is much recognition that could cause people in the mental health area to say: “If we really want to help people with these psychological problems, we have to consider that there could be some force that we have at this point not discovered with material instruments that can take over people’s minds”. And if current scientific procedures and methods were applied to this area, some progress could be made. New scientific instruments could be developed, as we said that could eventually even show on a computer screen people’s energy fields and how they can be invaded by outside forces. It will be possible even to develop instruments that could show the planetary energy body.

This is not science fiction. This is science potential, but unfortunately as of yet, an undeveloped potential. This could then lead to the recognition that there is certain forces that are not in what is currently defined as the material frequency spectrum. This could cause two things: you could abandon materialism and say we need to look beyond the material spectrum. Or you could say, well, the material spectrum apparently extends further than we thought. Either way does not matter, because it will lead to new discoveries that could help people.

Narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths as leaders

But beyond this, it is also necessary for democracies to start using some logic and reasoning, and start looking at how you can observe the evil people you have seen in history. And how you can observe that there is a certain type of person—they have already been identified on an individual level as narcissists, or psychopaths or sociopaths – but there is a certain type of person that does not behave or even look at life, the way normal people do.

So far, this has not really been applied to world leaders, but it needs to be. And when it is, it will be seen that there is a certain type of person who either wants power or wants attention. As we have said, this type of person cannot get enough power or attention. They will do anything to get it without having any concerns for the suffering this causes for other people, or for the destruction this causes, even destruction of civilizations or planets.

They do not need to know about ascended master teachings or fallen beings, they just need to identify that there is a certain type of people who will, if they can, seek out leadership positions, and who will exercise these leadership positions in a way that is completely against the democratic principles and democratic rights. In other words, they are leaders who have no respect for democracy, who will either use democracy to get power and attention or who will seek to destroy democracy. And when you identify this and acknowledge this, you then have at least some options.

You can start some kind of process where you can increase the population’s awareness of this type of leader, you can have experts who can identify people with these characteristics. And you can say: “Well, here is a person that we do not believe has the qualifications to be a democratic leader”. This is, of course, not an easy process, we recognize that, but you have to start somewhere, you have to start somewhere by recognizing that there are people that we do not want as leaders of democratic nations.

You can also look outside democracies, identify these leaders in other nations and identify how they are rising to positions. And then you can say: “Well, we as a democracy cannot deal with these as if they were normal, benign leaders. So we have to do whatever we can to identify them at your earliest possible time and use whatever means we have to either prevent them from getting to power, or at least not enabling them to expand their power.”

You can again, look at what we have talked about: how there were people in Russian opposition in the Baltic nations, who many years ago pointed out Putin – that he would not stop, that he would not be able to stop himself. If this had been heeded, if there had been the process I am talking about in democratic nations, they could have identified this. And then what could they have done about it? Well, they could actually have done quite a few things. There are practical things that could have been done, not making Europe dependent on Russian gas and oil for one. But there is a more important measure that could have been taken in terms of unifying democratic nations, in drawing a line.

Tolerance as a weapon against democracy

What is the most successful strategy that has been used throughout the ages, in terms of destroying or taking over countries or populations, it is “divide and conquer”. Sun Tzu talked about it in The Art of War, Machiavelli talked about it. It has been used many times, the saying, in the United States “United, we stand divided we fall”, there is a truth in it. That what you see in the world is a fundamental difference between democracies and dictatorships. You might say that, in a certain sense, democracies have a disadvantage towards dictatorships. And it is simply this: democracies are by nature not aggressive nations. As we have said, they think:  “We have enough territory, we are going to focus on improving ourselves, improving our lives, within what we have. We are not trying to take over other countries”.

But what democracies also have is a tolerance for differences. This is one of the fundamental aspects or principles of democracy. That is why there is a freedom of religion, freedom of political affiliation, freedom of speech, you have a tolerance for those who are different. You tend to also have a tolerance for dictatorial nations and say: “Well, if the Russians really want to have a dictator named Putin, why should we interfere with that?” This means that you tend to want to believe the best about people, you tend to want to believe, as we said that Putin is not the problem, will not be a problem, that Russia will eventually be transformed into a modern state. And you tend to have the tolerance where you do not want to do anything about this.

Now, when democracies step up to a higher level of Christ discernment, they will be able to look at this and say: “Yes, but our tolerance can actually be used against us. Our tolerance for differences can be used as a weapon against us and against democracy as a whole.” In other words, a dictator could say: “Well, these democracies pride themselves of having freedom of speech. What if I created some troll factories, where I had people who were paid to sit there eight hours a day, go on all these social media sites in the West, and post messages that were in subtle ways seeking to undermine democracy and democratic freedoms? What if I did this? Could I influence people this way? What if I tried to use the same techniques to influence the American people for the next election?

Could I sow doubt about a certain candidate, and something that she might have done wrong, so that there would be bias towards another candidate that I think would give me an advantage?”

Seeing through “divide and conquer” strategy

You all know that this is exactly what Putin did and said a number of years ago. You know, the Chinese have done and are doing the same, and other countries are doing it as well. This is an example where the democratic nations have been harmless as doves, but they have not been wise as serpents. They have not acknowledged how their tolerance and the freedoms that they give can be used against them. And this is a necessary stage that democracies must step up to this discernment, this recognition that there are people out there who are actively attempting to destroy democracy. What can you do about it? Well, what you need to do, first of all is awareness. But you also need to avoid letting these outside forces divide the democratic nations.

Because you have two ways of dealing with these forces. You need to recognize they will not stop. Putin cannot stop himself. The Chinese cannot stop themselves. You can either wait till situations escalate, where they become more and more emboldened, more and more convinced that the democracies are weak, and cannot do anything to stop them, so that you end up with a situation where Putin invades Ukraine, or Xi Jinping invades Taiwan. And then what do you do once this situation has become physical.

This is one option you have. You can sit back and wait. You can even enable the dictator like you did with Putin, by buying oil and gas. Watching as he used a lot of that money, to expand his military. The other option you have is you can stand firm, you can be united as democracies and say: “Here is a leader that we are having to watch. We cannot allow ourselves to embolden him, or to even enable him by financing his war machine. We need to draw a line, we need to stand together, state clearly what we will tolerate and not tolerate. And we need to not send our money to build the war machine that will be used against us. We need to not allow our democratic freedoms to be used to undermine democracy or to divide us against each other.”

This is what we might say, an existential threat against democracy. In a sense, you could say that democracy, as it has been known so far, is a form of government based on the non-existence of evil. In other words, you are assuming that in an ideal situation, that there is not an evil force inside a democratic nation that wants to destroy that nation, or destroy democracy. And you are assuming either that there is not an evil force outside democracy, or that that evil force really is not a threat to democracy. As they wanted to assume that Putin was not really a threat, and that they still want to assume that: “Ah, maybe China will not attack Taiwan.” This is understandable, because democracy is actually based on believing in the best of people. That is why you can give people freedom, because you believe that most people will not abuse it. This is one of these existential aspects of democracy that democracies really have not recognized yet, but that they need to recognize.

Oneness vs. separation

But how can they recognize it? Only through Christ discernment. What does Christ discernment do? It distinguishes between that which is in alignment with the principle of oneness, and that which is opposed to oneness, in other words, that which is based on division and separation. Traditionally, of course, you would say Christhood distinguishes between what is of Christ and what is of antichrist, what is of God, what is of the devil. But you do not have to use that religious terminology.

You can say: “What is democracy based on?” It is based on a certain assumption that all humans were created equal, and were endowed by certain rights, therefore, all people, are ideally, one. There is a certain underlying oneness beyond all the outer differences we see in people. This is one of the fundamental assumptions behind democracy. I realize this is not recognized by most people, but it is there, you are assuming that there is a certain oneness among people, therefore, all people want the same. They want what is best for themselves and what is best for others.

They want to be able to build a better future for themselves and their children. And they do not want their own government to take this away from them. And they do not want an outside force to take it away from them. There is a certain underlying assumption that all people in a democracy want this. And all people who are not yet living in democratic nations also want the same. In a sense, it is correct. All people, if they are not manipulated, or blinded by evil, they do want this. That is why democracy is the government of the future because it is in alignment with the underlying reality of how life functions.

When you recognize this oneness, this underlying oneness, you can see that what works against democracy is division and separation. And you can then see that there are nations in the world, people in the world who are not in this state of oneness, they do not recognize oneness, they do not see it, they do not see it as having any value. They are working against it. Because what do they want? They do not want what is best for all. They want what is best for themselves. What did I say 2000 years ago? “Do unto others, Turn the other cheek, Love your enemies”.

What is the underlying message here? Why should you do unto others? Well, because if you do something that is best for the whole, this will also be best for yourself. In other words, really, the ethos that I promoted 2000 years ago or that was promoted through me, was that if everybody does what is best for the whole, everybody benefits because everybody is part of the whole. Everybody is part of the one body of God. This is the very foundation for democracy, oneness.

And therefore, it is necessary to step up and realize there are people who have not understood this, there are forces who not only have not understood it, they are actively working against oneness, they are seeking to destroy the oneness in  democracies—the oneness between democratic nations. They are seeking to divide and conquer. And democracies cannot exist, they cannot function according to their highest potential if you allow your tolerance for differences to be used against you. If you allow your democratic freedoms to be used against oneness, then democracies cannot survive, or they cannot thrive and fulfill their highest potential – it is just impossible.

This is the next step and it is being underlined, thrown in people’s faces by Putin and his war in Ukraine, by the Chinese leadership, by 9/11, by many other things, by Trump and his attempts to undermine democracy in the United States. Look at Trump. Does he see any underlying oneness? From the very moment he entered the political arena, it was always “us versus them” – they are the problem, we are the good people.

Using democratic freedoms to undermine democracy

You clearly see the division and therefore it is necessary for the democratic nations to establish greater unity and to maintain that unity against all forces who seek to divide them. This is something that needs to break through, where the democracies realize that the democratic freedoms can be used to divide democracies, divide populations against each other, and that this threatens democracy in an existential way.

You need to recognize that Putin deliberately has used the freedoms of the democratic nations, freedom of speech and so on to undermine democracy. He has a clear strategy of wanting to undermine democracy. He also wants to divide in order to conquer. He wants to divide Europe if he can. Look at the thing with the gas. Unfriendly nations we will cut off their gas but friendly nations we will allow to buy gas. Well, is this not an attempt to divide and conquer, what else could it be?

You need to recognize here that the democratic nations need to step up to a higher sense of unity, where they, in the beginning, deliberately stop all attempts to divide and conquer. You can take as just an example that is relevant today, the leader of France, Macron says that it is important that Russia is not humiliated in Ukraine, and that Putin is given a way out. I understand that Macron knows Putin fairly well, understands his psychology more than most other leaders, and sees certain things in Putin’s psychology that he sees as a danger signal. He is afraid of how far Putin will go to avoid being humiliated, to avoid losing, to avoid admitting that he had made a mistake. I understand this. But what are the ramifications of this? Why did Putin invade Ukraine in the first place? Was it just because of Ukraine? Or was it because Putin has a larger strategy of expanding Russia?

It is, of course, that he has a larger strategy. When will he stop? Only if he meets a firm wall that he believes he cannot cross. How is the West going to provide this firm boundary for Putin who cannot set boundaries for himself, if they are divided? Who invaded Ukraine? Was it the European nations that forced Putin? Was it NATO that forced Putin to invade Ukraine as he claims? Or was it Putin who made the decision because he had allowed himself to sink into a delusional state of mind? If you give Putin a way out by allowing him to keep the Donbas region, how is this going to deter him from saying: “Okay, I won this round, let’s look what I can do in the next round?”

You see that by the very fact that Putin did what he did, the only way to deter his strategy is to not provide him a way out, because any way out will encourage him. The West needs to stand firm and undivided. But how do you do that if France and Italy and other nations say: “Oh, we need to not humiliate Putin?” The foreign minister of Ukraine said: “Well, the Russians are humiliating themselves.” And that is the correct assessment, the higher assessment of the situation.

Human rights abuses in Ukraine

Some of the most humiliating aspects of this invasion was the treatment of civilians, the rape of women, the torture of people, beating their entire bodies with iron rods until there is not a spot that is not beaten up. Killing of civilians, destruction of hospitals, medical facilities, destruction of entire cities. This is humiliating. But did anybody force the Russians to do this? So you need to ask Macron, how does he see that we can avoid humiliating Putin?

Would this not mean that we would have to ignore all these human rights abuses that the Russians themselves have committed? Should we just not speak out about them? Pretend like it did not happen, and just pretend like Russia is still a nation that we can treat as a civilized nation? Is not that exactly what the West has done for 20 years with Putin that has enabled him, encouraged him, empowered him to think the West is weak and he can get away with anything? How is that going to draw a line that prevents further adventures? You could say, well, perhaps, rationally Putin realizes he overstepped and he is looking for a way out so he can stay in power. But can you really count on Putin being rational enough to think this way?

You see, again, one of these situations, where it seems like there is no good outcome, no ideal outcome. But there is always an ideal outcome, if we are willing to raise awareness, become more aware, and step up to higher levels of unity. If the democratic world can end up being more united, and staying more united because of this war than they were before, then that is an ideal outcome, whatever else happens, even what happens in the physical.

Transcending black and white thinking

You see here that the problem of evil has not gone away. It has been ignored by democratic nations but you cannot continue to ignore it. It is time to step up, look at this, look at the response to evil and realize that we can do better. It is not a matter of saying: “Oh, we were wrong, we made a mistake, we should have dealt with this differently”. That is not the point as Saint Germain also said. When you step up to the level of Christhood, where you are actually able to deal with evil and acknowledge evil, you also step up to a level where you are no longer thinking in black and white terms, you are no longer thinking: “This was the right thing to do. This was the wrong thing to do”. There is no right or wrong, you are transcending right and wrong. Because this is the only way you can free yourself from evil, because what is evil? It is separation, it is the division into the dualistic polarities of right and wrong, good and evil. Where you are defining what is ‘good’ yourself, and what is evil—those who oppose you.

This is also the potential that democratic nations have: to step beyond duality. Because people in dualistic thinking cannot really make a democracy function, as you see in the United States. The next step for democracies is to transcend this black and white thinking, right and wrong. There is no right and wrong. But the question is, what do we do now? What is it that is the problem with “right and wrong”? As we have said, it makes you inflexible. You cannot change when situations change.  And they will change.

Putin needs a way out in Ukraine because he cannot admit that he made a mistake. But the West does not need to analyze: “Was our response to Putin wrong?” They just need to say: ”Now that the situation is what it is, what is the next step we need to take? How do we need to change our response in order to adapt to this situation?“ If you take the same approach to Putin, you would say, well, Angela Merkel was friendly towards Putin for so many years and she was a good leader, she could not have been wrong. Therefore, Germany cannot be wrong in their approach to Putin. So we need to continue treating Putin as if he was not Hitler speaking Russian.

This, of course, would be a detrimental approach. And therefore, fortunately, Germany is not taking that approach, although they are still being very cautious. But nevertheless, the point here is, if you do not think in terms of right and wrong, you can much more easily change your approach. And that is survivability as I have said. You can only survive by adapting. And only if you do not have a mind that has become polarized and rigid because of your definition of right and wrong can you adapt and flow with the changes.

Flexibility of Christ

The Christ flows with the changes. There is a grandiose misunderstanding, both among Christians and among many ascended master students, especially from previous dispensations, that the Christ is always right. Whatever the Christ says, it is right, and it will be right forever. But you see, the Christ recognizes that situations change on earth, and that there are periods where you might take a certain stand, and there are other periods where you need to change your stand, and that there are even some times where doing what seems not to be right is necessary.

You could say: “Is it right for the West to arm Ukraine so they can fight against the Russian invasion?” Well, from a higher perspective, you would say – the Christ – turn the other cheek, do not resist evil—would say: “No, you do not arm people and you do not fight back”. But from another perspective, you would say: “But if you do not resist the expansion of Russia, then the same thing will happen as happened with Hitler, they will take over a big part of the world, and is that in accordance with the overall growth of consciousness and a progression towards the golden age?”

You see, you cannot apply any rigid viewpoints to the situation on earth. You need to be flexible; you need to look at situations. Because while it is true that ultimately, you can turn the other cheek and allow the ascended masters to deal with evil forces and the people who are taken over by them, you cannot do this in the short term because there is the possibility that evil would gain much greater influence and dominance. You see that, ultimately, the way to a better world is the raising of consciousness, but at any period in time the collective consciousness is where it is, and therefore, certain measures need to be taken in order to avoid putting the planet on a track that will take a long time to correct.

We have said before that you could have not resisted Hitler, allowed him to take over all of Europe, and today Nazism would still have been gone. But it would have taken a long time as it took a long time for communism to fall in the Soviet Union. Again, we can say: “Should the Ukrainian people have turned the other cheek and allowed Russia to take over the nation and they would have resisted peacefully and trusted that the ascended masters would be able to step in and, somehow, do whatever could be done about the Russians”?

And you can say: “Would that have been a realistic scenario”? Well, the reality is, if the majority of the Ukrainian people had been at a higher level of Christ consciousness, then this could have worked, they could then have turned the other cheek and that would have allowed the Russian karma to descend and us to take other measures. But the majority of the Ukrainian people were not at that level. If they had been at that level there would not have been the possibility of a Russian invasion in the first place. So you can always say: “If things were different, things would have been different.” But they are not different.

The collective consciousness of Ukraine is where it is at, with the divisions in the Ukrainian nation between Russian sympathizers and those who have a more Ukrainian national identity. And because of that, this was the only thing they could do. From an ideal viewpoint, it was not the best response. But we are not in an ideal situation, so when the Christ looks at the reality of the situation, what is the actual situation, then they responded the way they needed to respond, given their level of consciousness. Hopefully, they can grow from there, they can overcome the division, they can overcome the corruption, and truly make a leap forward to become a modern nation.

So, this was what I wanted to give you in this installment. We have, as you can see, many things to say about democracy and we will, of course, continue with our discourses. I thank you for your willingness to be part of this, allowing this to go through your minds and chakras into the collective consciousness, where it has already had profound effects for the people who are able to tune in to the ascended masters, even though their conscious minds know nothing about ascended masters.

Again, we are not seeking to have everybody become aware of ascended masters and acknowledge our existence. We are just seeking to find those people who can pick up on a certain idea and who are in a position to implement it. And you, by being our students, some of you will also be able to implement some of these ideas, many of you will be able to serve in reinforcing the impetus that goes into the collective consciousness, thereby also providing a powerful thrust towards raising that collective consciousness.

For this, you have our gratitude and I seal you in the flame of joy that is truly the Christ flame.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels

Democracy needs to step up to a higher level of Christ discernment

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 4, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain. 

My next installment for this conference is to talk about the forces that are seeking to destroy or undermine democracy. To make this more relevant to the current situation, we will look at the situation with Vladimir Putin, what he has done to Russia and what he has attempted to do to the West.

There are many people, after the invasion happened in February, who have asked themselves: “Was the West, especially Western Europe, wrong in how they treated Putin and Russia for the past almost 20 years? Was it a giant miscalculation? Was it a failed policy?” Now, this is a question that has no simple answer, certainly not a yes or no answer. But there is, of course, somewhat of an answer to the situation. 

The end of the Cold War

Now, let us first acknowledge that what happened during the Cold War was that we had a gradual raising of the collective consciousness in Western Europe and in the United States. There was also a gradual awareness, or raising of the awareness in Russia, but it was much slower. And of course, it started at a lower level to begin with because, even before the creation of the Soviet Union, the collective consciousness was lower in Russia than it was in the United States and in the western European nations. 

As a result of this growth in awareness and the raising of consciousness in the western nations, there was an increased awareness of the absurdity of the situation during the Cold War. There was an increased awareness of how absurd it was that you had these two military blocks pitted against each other, both of which had nuclear weapons. And therefore, any military confrontation between the two had the potential to escalate into a nuclear exchange which could obliterate all life on earth. I am not saying there was no awareness of this in the Soviet Union, but there was very little awareness of it in the general population. And there were only some of the leaders that were aware of this–and by far, not all of them. In the West, there was a much more widespread awareness both among the population and among the leaders of how absurd this situation really was. As a result of this, there was a growing awareness in the democratic West or a growing desire to end this situation – to get the world to a place where the threat of nuclear annihilation had become insignificant, even if the nuclear weapons were still there. 

What happened when the Soviet Union was dissolved was that many in the West breathed a sigh of relief and said, or thought: “Hopefully, we will never have to again worry about the specter of nuclear war.” This was, of course, before North Korea developed nuclear weapons. There were only a few states, and except for Russia, they did not really have enough nuclear weapons to form a worldwide threat. It was very understandable that many people believed that the era of the fear of nuclear war was something that the planet had moved beyond. As a result of this collective sigh of relief, we might say, the western nations went into a state of mind where they, in a sense, gave Russia a free pass. They said – not necessarily openly or publicly – but in their minds, they decided that they would be very tolerant of whatever the Russians did, as long as they kept it inside the borders of Russia. 

The expansion of NATO

Now, I know that some, both in the West and certainly in Russia, will say: “Well, why did they then allow an expansion of NATO?” Well, first of all, because there was not really any opposition to the expansion of NATO from the Russian leadership at the time. There may have been an opposition in the mind of Vladimir Putin, but he was not in any position to voice this. That is one side of the coin. 

But the other side of the coin is, of course, that there were a number of Eastern European nations who had either been part of the Soviet Union or who had been part of the Warsaw Pact. And they knew from experience how easily things can change in Russia. They knew how aggressive Russia can be. And they knew how brutal Russia can be as an occupying force. There is really no nice way to put this. They had experienced this. Again, you look at the Baltic countries where tens of thousands of people were abducted, kidnapped, taken away from their families and lives, put into cattle cars and herded off to labor camps in Siberia. There is no way of denying this unless you deny Russian history, which of course you can do. But there is no way of denying it in the real world. This happened, it was brutal. It was against international law, it was against humanity, but it was done. 

These countries had a desire, naturally, to say: “Never again. We do not want to ever again be dominated or occupied by Russia, period.” That is why some of them made sincere and dramatic efforts to qualify for NATO membership and EU membership. And this was, of course, partly driven by a desire to increase the standard of living of their population. But in terms of NATO especially, it was clearly so that they would not again be occupied by Russia or forced by Russia into a so-called defensive alliance. That is why this was allowed. 

There was also a certain consciousness that the Russian leadership–at least some among the Russian leadership – had expressed that they wanted the world to feel safe so that they never again needed to feel threatened by Russia. There was a certain movement in Russia among some of the leaders, many of the intellectuals and even some among the people that wanted a new era, where Russia would, as we have said several times, find its place as an equal among nations. There was a sincere effort and desire to make this a reality. Therefore, the western nations did not feel that it would be a problem for Russia with the expansion of NATO because the western nations always saw NATO as a purely defensive alliance. And if you are not attacked, well, what is the risk of having a defensive alliance? And, of course, the new members of NATO also saw it as a defensive alliance. It was an insurance policy in case things will change in Russia, so the Russians again started becoming aggressive towards its neighbors. There was no desire whatsoever in the Baltic states to ever attack and conquer Russia. And there was no desire ever in the western nations or in the United States to conquer Russia.

I know that many in Russia will doubt this, many will deny it. But the reality is that no nation outside of Russia has ever seriously considered conquering Russia, since Hitler. The German nation did not even consider it, but Hitler did. But since then, nobody has seriously considered conquering Russia for a variety of reasons, mainly the size of Russia. NATO is, always has been, a defensive alliance. 

Lost opportunity to set post-Soviet Russia on an steady upward course

Now, if this situation had continued, if the development in Russia had continued, then Russia would today had been a modern democratic nation where the standard of living of the general population would be the same as in some of the Eastern European nations that were part of the Warsaw Pact. There would have been freedom of speech and freedom of the press. There would have been a thriving business climate that had not relied exclusively on natural resources to make a quick profit. There would not have been the oligarchs because in a more democratic Russia, it would not have been allowed that a small elite could plunder the wealth of the natural resources without it benefiting the general population. What you see here is that, in reality, in the real world, there was no hostility from the West towards Russia. There was a sigh of relief: “Maybe we do not have to worry about Russia as a threat of war, including nuclear war.” There was a desire to see Russia thrive and become an affluent nation where the population had a good standard of living. Of course, you can find a few exceptions, but this was the general consciousness of the West. And as I said, this led the West to develop the attitude that they would be very tolerant of Russia and Russian policy. 

The (new) old guard and Vladimir Putin rise to power

Now, then comes this dramatic change where Vladimir Putin rises to power. And it was not, of course, just Putin. There was also an old guard of those from the Soviet Union who were not at the time of the Soviet Union in high leadership positions. They were, so to speak, the next generation that were on their way up in the Soviet hierarchy and who had ambition of working their way all the way to the top so that they could control the Soviet Union. Putin was just one of these. Now, these old guard, as I said, were not in high leadership positions during the Soviet Union. This is important because they did not know and they did not understand the situation faced by the top leadership. This is in a sense understandable since the Soviet Union was a highly hierarchical society where there was not that much information sharing from the top and downwards. They could not really have known. 

But the problem with this was that whereas Gorbachev and the people around him at least had some understanding of the economic realities facing the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, Putin and his generation had virtually no understanding of this. They did not understand that the Soviet Union had simply reached its expiration date. The Soviet Union was unsustainable, not just because of the way the Soviet Union was organized, but also because of the development in the rest of the world, including the raising of the collective consciousness. The reality is that Gorbachev, Yeltsin and many of the other top leaders, they understood that this was the end of the line for the Soviet Union and they understood at least some of the reasons why. They, therefore, decided, some reluctantly, but they decided that it was time to take Russia into a new phase for the betterment of Russian society, because they realized that if they did not do something, the Russian economy – the Soviet economy – would collapse and Russia would collapse. They understood the reality but Putin and his generation did not understand this reality. 

They, therefore, decided that the old guard had made a mistake in dissolving the Soviet Union. They were still in a naive, dreamlike state of thinking that the Soviet Union could have been sustained indefinitely, if they just had not taken it down. They thought this was a mistake. And some thought it was partly because of western pressure. But it was not primarily because of any pressure from the West–it was primarily because the Soviet system simply could no longer be patched up. It was a systemic problem that could not be fixed. It simply could not be fixed. 

The Age of the Oligarchs 

You now have, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, you have a group of people who have slowly been manipulating themselves into higher positions in Russian society. And then when Putin is put into power, they see their chance to gain more control. They started reversing the democratization process. But more importantly, they started reversing the freeing of the Russian economy – the liberalization of the Russian economy where everybody could start a business, where the wealth would be shared somewhat equally with the general population. They started reversing this process and therefore they created the Age of the Oligarchs. 

And this means, basically, that you now had in Russia the kind of society that the monopoly capitalists in the West could only dare to dream about – a society where a small group of capitalists, because that is what they are, had almost total control of the economy. They had control over the natural resources, but also over the big companies, the state-owned companies that they were allowed to privatize. They could generate tremendous wealth which was concentrated in their hands. 

Now Putin, of course, was the one who allowed and enabled this in exchange, for what? Their political loyalty, their support, so they gained money, Putin gained power and the people around him gained power, and it was certainly not a match made in heaven. What you see here is that the process whereby Russia could have become a modern affluent nation was reversed. And of course, it was not that the Russian people did not notice this. But they were not aware enough nor strong enough to object to it. In order to justify it, in order to beat down the opposition to it, Putin started his scheme of repressing freedom of speech, repressing the people who protested, and basically destroying any opposition to his rule. Now, you can say: “Why was this allowed, given that the rest of the world had moved higher?” 

Trading freedom for security

Well, it was allowed because, just as there was this second generation, Putin’s generation, that thought it was a mistake to dissolve the Soviet Union, there was also a large part of the Russian people who thought it was a mistake. They also did not understand the economic realities. And they had lived their whole lives in the Soviet Union. And they had become so used to, so addicted to the meager standard of living they had, which they were used to thinking could never be taken away from them. They realized they did not have a very high material standard of living, but they thought it could never get worse. 

Well, what Gorbachev and Yeltsin and the other leaders saw very clearly, at the end of the 1980s, was that it could get worse, it could get to the point where the state would not have money to pay people’s pensions. They would not have money to pay the army, the public workers and so forth, and so on. Literally, they saw that it could get worse. But there were people who thought that they were entitled to live the rest of their lives with the standard of living they had in the Soviet Union, and also with the kind of work situation they had in the Soviet Union, where many of them really did not have to work hard, did not have to take any responsibility. They thought that this could continue for the rest of their lives. 

And now all of a sudden, the economy changed. They thought it got worse. Now they had to actually work in order to get paid. And many people resented this. And if the upward movement had been allowed to continue, many would gradually have gotten over this, because they would have seen that we can actually have a better life than we had during the Soviet Union. But as it happened, now, that was prevented from happening by the tightening of the economy. And therefore many of the elderly people, especially, accepted what Putin basically said that it was a mistake to dissolve the Soviet Union, that things were better during Soviet times, and that Russia should move back towards it. And they did not have, as we have said before, the strong freedom flame, so they just accepted this. 

In return for the sense that things were back to the good old ways there was security. And they knew what they had, even if what they had was not very much. You see here, a population, a majority of them, who basically traded freedom for security. Responsibility, for the freedom from responsibility. Freedom from responsibility is, of course, not freedom but that was what the Russians could not see, many of them. You have a situation here where Russia started going backwards. And this, of course, requires a little bit of qualification because of the tremendous wealth that was generated from the natural resources, oil and gas, and this being exported to the West, there was a raising of the general economy. 

There were people that were becoming more wealthy. And there was the emergence of a small middle class who also, through their jobs and education became more wealthy, because, of course, an oligarch might sit there and skim the profit off of oil exploration in Siberia,  but he is not going to go out there and start drilling in the ground, and building pipelines. He needed people to do the work for him. And they also increased their standard of living somewhat, not as much as it could have been, but they increased it somewhat. But despite the increase in wealth among some people, the economy actually did not really improve for the largest part of the population. The standard of living did not improve, the living conditions of many people did not improve, you can see how many people are still living in old houses without electricity, running water, toilets. They live in the Soviet era apartment buildings, and so forth. 

Western attitudes to Putin’s Russia 

What you see here is that there is a tremendous wasted potential. When you consider where Russia is at today, compared to where Russia could have been, if the upward movement had continued, there is a tremendous difference. A difference that most Russians could not even fathom, because most Russians have not been outside of Russia, they have not seen how people live in Europe. This, of course, was all internal to Russia. And the western nations, then decided that they would allow this to be internal to Russia. They would basically allow Putin to do what he was doing, because they thought, well, we are buying oil and gas, so the economy must somehow be improving. And it must be spreading so that more and more people get a higher standard of living, and when enough people can see what they can have, they will not want to go back. There is a limit to what the Russian people will allow Putin to do, in terms of tightening down society, because they want to continue to increase their standard of living. That was what many in the West thought. 

There was also a decision made that despite what Putin was doing, and despite what Putin was saying, they would attempt to cooperate with Putin’s Russia, this was especially prominent with the Obama administration, and a so called reset button, that wanted to reset the relationship. 

The fundamental shift in awareness of the democratic nations 

Now, of course, you can look back and say: “Was this a mistake?” And again, you cannot answer it with a yes or a no. What you can say is that this is one of the dangers of democracy. And the whole situation, including of course, the present situation, highlights one of the dangers of democracy. And it is simply this. You take what Jesus said: “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” This is a fundamental shift in awareness. It is almost comparable to what Jesus said about: “Let the dead bury their dead. Unless you are willing to lose your life for my sake you cannot find eternal life.” 

Because what he pointed out was that there is a certain state of consciousness, the Peter consciousness, the consciousness of antichrist, the prince of this world, that cannot get you into heaven. It never will get you into heaven when you are in this state of consciousness. He called it a state of spiritual death, and it is because you have no life of Christ in you. You cannot enter heaven in that state of consciousness. 

What do you have to do to step onto the path towards Christhood, that can lead you into heaven, salvation, whatever you call it, the Christ consciousness as we call it? What do you have to do? Well, you have to let the old self die and be reborn into a new self. There are many, many people, many more than on the spiritual path, millions of Christians, since Jesus walked the earth until today, who have gone through a transformation in consciousness, where they have let that old self, that consciousness of death die, and be reborn into this state where they would never dream of hurting other people. 

What happens is that when you then make it into this state of consciousness, you kind of go into a phase that we might say, is a sort of a euphoric, or naive phase, where you forget what it was like to be in the old state of consciousness. You forget how you used to feel threatened by other people, how you might have had certain anger, resentment against other people. And you tend to forget, or at least you want to forget that there are people out there, who were actually always more aggressive than you ever were, even before you went through this transition. 

Now, it is clear that anyone has the potential to go through this transformation. But for many people, it is not something they can do in the short term. There are many people and let’s go back to 2000 years ago, there were many people on earth at the time, who were so anchored in the duality consciousness, the consciousness of separation, that they did not think twice about doing evil to other people.  They were not as evil as the fallen beings but they had no problem following the fallen beings and going out killing people from another nation, raping their women, killing their children, burning their cities, plundering their cities. They had no compunctions about doing this. 

There were people at the time, who had an aggressive intent and then there were people who were still in the death consciousness, but they had overcome the aggressive intent. And those were the people who could go through the transformation, and be reborn in Christ into a higher sense of identity, where they did not have even the desire or the thought of hurting other people. 

 The end of the euphoric phase

This is a phase. And if you look back, at the present time, the 1990s the 2000s, you will see that most people in the West were kind of in this phase. They felt that now, we do not need to worry about Russia as an aggressor against us. Therefore, we do not need to worry about Russia at all. We have no aggressive feelings towards Russia, we can just give them time to develop at their own pace, and buy from them and hopefully help them improve their economy and so forth. 

Now, this state of innocence, was, of course, severely challenged on September 11, 2001, with the attacks on the Twin Towers in the US. Suddenly, the innocence of the West that the Cold War is over, and we are going towards a time of peace and prosperity was shattered. But who shattered it? Well, it was the Muslim terrorists. Suddenly, the intention of the West was directed towards dealing with this, what they saw as an evil. And there was a desire to say, well, let’s forget about Russia as a problem. We have enough problems on our hands. Let’s focus on Muslim terrorism. Russia is basically doing okay, they are moving forward, and we do not need to worry about them. 

Then there came a point where, after the Bush administration ended in the US, both people in the US and in Europe were tired of the warfare. They were tired of Iraq and Afghanistan, they had had enough of the tremendous expense. And they were hoping that they could move into a new era, there was tremendous hope associated with Barack Obama becoming president. There was hope that this would be a new era, both for the United States and Europe. There was this desire to say: “Well, we have experienced that Putin has become more aggressive, his rhetoric is aggressive. But maybe we could appeal to his better side. And we could restart our relationship.” There were a few voices that spoke against this. But by and large, there was the sense that, let’s move forward, let’s try to move forward. 

The benefit of the doubt

Again, Russia was given almost a free pass with a large tolerance from the West. And this was again, because the West still was in this hope, that the Cold War was over, that Russia would not be a danger, and that a new kind of relationship could be built. This, of course, was severely challenged in 2014, when Putin invaded Crimea. But still, Crimea was not a big enough shock to break the stalemate. We might say that, up until 2014, the West had given Russia the benefit of the doubt, they had given Putin the benefit of the doubt. 

Now, Putin complained in one of his speeches before the invasion of Ukraine, that the West was not hearing him. And that is in a sense is perfectly correct. The West was not wanting to hear his aggressive rhetoric, which he started at a very early time, they wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that he could not possibly mean this, that he could not really want to turn the clock back and recreate the Soviet Union. But he wanted to continue having the affluence that was being enjoyed, at least by a small elite in Russia. The benefit of the doubt, even after Crimea continued, the West did not really want to change policy towards Russia, they were still hoping that Russia would gradually move towards becoming a Western or a modern nation. And this could have continued almost indefinitely. 

Putin was in a sense, in a very good position in these last few years, he had near absolute control of Russian society. He had gathered around him people who were loyal to him, even if they did not like him, even if they did not agree with him. But they were ambitious enough to want the power he could give them. And they were loyal to him, as long as they kept that power. He also had the oligarchs who were loyal to him as long as he kept allowing them to have that privileged position so they could make more and more money, even though most of them would had made more money than they could possibly spend for the rest of this lifetime, and 10 other lifetimes. 

There was a certain status quo. It is like when you take a water glass, and you pour in water very slowly, until the water actually bulges above the edge of the glass, because of surface tension. There is nothing that breaks it so the water that is actually above the edge of the glass does not run out. And Putin could have kept that state, which was for him, what more did he want? What more did he want? He could have kept that state indefinitely. Still enjoying the power he had, the prestige he had. And the oligarchs could have kept their money, and so forth. He thought, of course, that this would continue indefinitely, because he thought that, first of all, the West is weak. The West does not want to upset the applecart, change status quo. And Ukraine is weak, they will just roll over, we can just roll in the tanks and take over the whole country. And they will greet us with flowers. Because surely Ukrainian people are not really Ukrainian people. They want to be Russians. 

The change in Putin’s mind

He did what he did. I will not comment on exactly what went on inside his head, even though I am of course, fully capable of reading this. But what I want to point out here is that what happened here was inevitable. It was not a question of if it would happen, it was only a question of when? Well, there was a certain thing, Putin could have died before he gathered himself together to do this. But other than that, it was a matter of time. 

And why is that? What did we say about Hitler? The reason why Hitler started his conquest of Europe was because of his mindset. And it was, of course, this mindset that made him bite off more than he could chew so his defeat was guaranteed from the beginning. But what was it about Hitler, that made him do this, it was a very simple mechanism. For Hitler, nothing would ever be enough. And this is exactly the change that happened in Putin. It was not that he always had it, for that matter, Hitler did not always have it. But there came a point within the last two to three years in Putin’s mind, where he went through a shift in his mind, partly because he realized his time in embodiment is limited. But also because he came to the point that all dictators come to, where they feel that although they have all this power, it is not enough. They are not being respected, they are not being feared, they are not being listened to. For Putin, there came this point where, even though he had a very good situation, it just was not enough. It was not enough for him. 

He wanted to do something historic, something epically important for Russia, as he saw it, of taking Russia back to this prominent position that in his mind Russia had during the Soviet Union. Where it was feared, it was respected, and so forth. This is of course based on a misunderstanding. Russia, during Soviet times, was never respected in the free democratic world. It was not even really feared. But Putin thought it was and he wanted that respect for himself. Because it was not enough what he had. 

This is a theme I will return to shortly. But I want to go back to the question: Did the West make a colossal mistake, a miscalculation, a misjudgment? Did they completely get Putin wrong? Again, the answer must be yes and no. Up until Putin went through this change that I am talking about, the West had not really gotten him completely wrong. You can go back to some of his speeches and just see that the tendencies were there. But many in the West thought that he was not willing to risk it all. He was not willing to put himself or Russia in a situation where it was all or nothing, where there was no way back, where it was win-or-lose. That was not the case until these last few years.

Was the West wrong about Russia? 

Did they get Putin wrong? Well, again, what have I said about democratic nations? What have I said about the change that happens when you are going to the mindset that you are not wanting to hurt other people? You go into this slightly naive stage, where you cannot quite imagine that other people want to hurt you. Therefore, you fail to see that there are still many people on this planet who want to hurt others, who are willing to hurt others, who see it to their advantage to hurt others. There are even those who want to hurt others to gain power. There are even those who want to hurt others just to create chaos.

Again, this is where, at the lower stages of Christhood, you cannot really deal with evil, you cannot really imagine what evil is. You think that because you have changed, other people have changed too. Or at least they want to, if you just give them a chance. Therefore the democratic nations felt obligated—by their Christian beliefs, their humanitarian beliefs, by their political beliefs—they felt obligated to give Russia a chance. Give Russia a chance to grow, to normalize, so to speak. You can look back at this and say it was naive, it was a miscalculation. But, on the other hand, I look at it from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, and I say: What else could the Western nations have done? What else could a democratic world do? Well, yes, they could have done something. But given the state of consciousness they were in at the time, what else could they have done?

The ascended perspective on changes on earth

Of course we can say, well, the West could have been in a higher state of consciousness and have developed more Christhood. Perfectly true, but they did not and we of the ascended masters, we have seen many things on earth. I ascended only a few hundred years ago but I, on a regular basis, interact with ascended masters who ascended thousands of years ago. There are even some cosmic beings who have been on other planets that have been as dark as earth that I interact with. I have a much more long-term perspective than most people have and we see that planet earth is a schoolroom for the raising of consciousness, it happens very gradually. It goes in ups, it goes in downs, sometimes there is progress, sometimes it goes the other way. And we just say, as long as we see a general upward progression, we will work with that planet. And we have seen a general upward progression, not as much as we would have liked but nevertheless we have seen it. That is why we keep working with the earth.

What we have learned from taking this long perspective is not to fixate our minds that a specific result has to be achieved at a specific time. And when a specific result is not achieved, then we do not go into disappointment, we do not blame people. We just accept that this is the situation as it is. Then we say: How do we move forward from here? What is the next step? What can we do to people? What are they open to? 

Bursting the bubble of miscalculations and illusions

Truly, the situation here is that the West gave Putin and Russia an opportunity, a chance. They gave them the benefit of the doubt, but this is over. This consciousness, the water in the glass bulging above the edge, is shattered. Putin invading Ukraine was not just the last drop. It was the last bucket load that made the water overflow. There is no longer any doubt about what Putin is, what Putin stands for, and what Russia represents as a nation, where it has gone to, where it is at today. Putin, you could argue, if he had been able to foresee what has happened now, three months later, he would not have invaded. That, I will give him. There is enough, what should we call it, logic, risk calculation, in his mind that if he had foreseen what had actually happened, he would not have invaded. 

But he did not, and why did not he? Because he was in as naive of a state of mind as the Western leaders. He was also in this cloud of his own making, just as the Western leaders were in a cloud of their making, where he thought the situation was entirely different than it was. He never thought the Ukrainians would put up the resistance they have put up, he never thought the West would impose the sanctions they have imposed.

You can see this by a simple fact. About two weeks after the invasion had started, Putin said publicly that he thought that sanctions had gone too far and it was time to return to a normal relationship. Even two weeks after the invasion, he still thought that it would be possible for him and Russia to go back to a normal relationship with the West. This, of course, is a complete miscalculation, because Putin’s Russia will never go back to the relationship with the West they had before the invasion. This is, again, because the shock in the Western mind has been so distinct that the benefit of the doubt is gone. They realize now that if Putin had gotten away with taking Ukraine without much loss, he would not have stopped there. They realize now what they only realized about Hitler after the war, that nothing is enough. Nothing is enough. Therefore, you cannot do business as usual with Putin’s Russia. 

Be ye wise as serpents, but harmless as doves

This means that the West has stepped up to a higher level of Christ discernment than they had before the invasion. This is, of course, the discernment that we have talked about before, which can be represented by Jesus’ statement, “Be ye wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.” The West still has this desire to be harmless as doves, but they realize that they have to be wise to the serpents who are aggressively seeking to undermine democracy, not only militarily, but in many other ways, through trolling, cybersecurity, interference with elections, propaganda, all kinds of things. The West has now reacted by stepping up to this higher level.

I must say that I am gratified by seeing the reaction in the West, especially in Europe, because the Americans still feel like: “Ahh, Ukraine is so far away, Russia is so far away. Is it really a threat to us? We just want lower gas prices.” But there are, of course, many people in America who have also woken up, and who have seen that the time of giving Putin a free pass is over. That is why they have responded by sending the tremendous military help that they have sent, and so forth. I am gratified that there has been this unification of the West. Of course, the exact opposite that Putin wanted to achieve, for there has been a strengthening of the West and a resolve that: “We are not going back to the Cold War, we are not going back to this stalemate, this mindset. We simply will not accept this”.

I am not thereby saying that the West is starting to have an aggressive intent of conquering Russia, but there is a decision, a collective decision in many Western nations, democratic nations: “We are not going back to the Cold War. We are not going back to the Cold War mindset, the consciousness, in this way. We will stop Russian aggression, but not the same way we did 30 years ago, and we will not go back to this mindset.” This of course, requires a new challenge where the Western nations need to step up and walk this very, very delicate balance where you are, on the one side, harmless as a dove, but you are definitely wise to the serpents. So far, they have walked it fairly well.

Drawing the line at Russia’s aggression 

You can always criticize, you can always find things that could be different, you can always wish there was more unity in the EU and in NATO, but the response has been decisive. And why is this important? Well, it is important because when you are dealing with a person for whom nothing is ever enough, you are the one who has to draw the line, he cannot do so. You are the one who has to draw the line of saying what you will accept of Russian aggression. No matter what the outcome is in Ukraine, there will still be Russian aggression. I am not saying it will be there forever or indefinitely but for some time, there will still be Russian aggression. Even if Putin went out of embodiment or was overthrown in some kind of coup, there would still be Russian aggression.

In order to deal with this without ending up in an all-out war between NATO and Russia, the Western nations need to be undivided. They need to be clear and decide on what they will allow and what they will not allow. Unity is all important here. Putin has systematically tried to undermine Western unity for decades, or at least more than a decade, and he has had some success. Now, it has reversed and it is extremely important that the Western nations keep this up. Why is this important? Well, because the confrontation between Russia and the West is not a confrontation between nations.

Defending democracy against the anti-democratic aggression

Putin likes to portray it as if it is a confrontation between Russia and NATO, or Russia and the West who wants to overthrow Russia and overturn Russia, and want to do bad for the Russian people. But the West might want to overthrow Putin, but they want to do good for the Russian people. It is not a confrontation there. What is it a confrontation between? Two movements: the pro-democracy movement and the anti-democracy movement. That is what this confrontation is about at the basic level. It is a confrontation between the movement towards more and more democracy and freedom, which of course is part of the Golden Age, and the movement that moves against democracy and freedom, which of course is opposing my Golden Age.

Democracy needs to step up to this level where it says: “We cannot assume that all people on earth want freedom and democracy and prosperity. We cannot assume that all Russians, all Chinese people want this. Yes, in a certain sense, they want it, but they do not want to pay the price for it, in terms of changing their nations and their leadership. They are still following the leadership in their nations. We also cannot allow ourselves to assume that just because we are not aggressive towards China and Russia, they are not aggressive towards us.” This has now been exposed for anyone to see. They need to say: “Well, what can we then do? How can we counteract this? We need to recognize that Muslim terrorism has somewhat faded in the background, but what has come up instead is this anti-democratic push from primarily China and Russia.” This is the next phase where democracies need to step up and recognize this.

Now, you also need to recognize that it is necessary to take measures to defend yourself against this anti-democratic aggression, but it is also necessary to remain harmless as a dove. You do not allow yourself to be pulled into a reaction like what we saw after 9/11, where the United States went on this crusade to bring freedom and democracy and Christianity to the rest of the world. It is a delicate balance to walk. But of course, it can be walked and it can be walked only through Christ discernment. That is why the next step for democracy is a higher level of Christ discernment.

What kind of leadership do we want?

It is also necessary to defend democracy so that democracy can not only survive, but continue to expand and can continue to thrive in the nations that have it and have had it for a long time. Some nations that have had democracy for a long time are starting to take it for granted and allowing certain people to take over governments that actually have an anti-democratic attitude. You see it in some nations in Europe, you see it in the United States. What you need to recognize here is that the democratic nations need to ask themselves a simple question: “What kind of leadership do we want?” Not only in democratic nations, but also in the world.

There is an Alpha and an Omega. The Alpha is: What kind of leadership do we want in the world? The Omega: What kind of leadership do we want in our own nations? You have here in the last couple of years seen this very, very clear demonstration of a type of leadership that you do not want in a democracy. When you look at the world scale, well, Putin is the most obvious example of the kind of leadership that you do not want. And if you do not want this, as a democratic nation, you need to say: “Well, what can we then do to avoid enabling these kinds of leaders when we see them?” First of all, we need to become better at spotting them, seeing them when they come up, seeing them before they come to power. Then we need to not enable them to consolidate their power and to start some kind of aggression towards other nations.

You have seen Putin. What could have been done is that, especially after 2014, the Western nations could have said: “It is time to gradually wean ourselves off of buying Russian oil and gas.” If this had been done in 2014, it could have been accomplished by now, so that no country in the EU would be buying Russian oil and gas, and that it would have been put a tremendous damper on the oligarch’s wealth and rule in Russia, and also put a tremendous damper on Putin’s ambitions. It would not necessarily have prevented Putin aggression. But certainly the European nations would have been much stronger in terms of imposing sanctions, and not been in a situation where they are opposing a war, they are imposing sanctions against Russia. But at the same time, they are sending billions of euros to pay for Russia’s war effort. 

The next step –  China 

What is the next thing that the democratic nations need to look at? It is of course, China. Xi Jinping, who clearly has the same tendencies as Putin wanting to set himself up as the undisputed dictatorial leader with more personal power than any Chinese leader has had since Mao. And that actually the Chinese society vowed that no single person would ever have again, but here it is. 

That is why he of course called Putin his bosom buddy and said there was no limit to their friendship. Well, let’s see what limits there are. Because Russia might say: “Well, besides oil and gas, we do not really sell much to the Western democracies.” But China certainly cannot say the same. Because if the Western democracies or the modern democracies, wherever they are on the globe, stopped buying Chinese-made goods tomorrow, well, certainly the Chinese economy would not survive it. 

What you need to recognize in a democratic nation is that you have an enormously strong card to play here. And you need to have the courage to play it. And it is not just the leaders, the elected leaders, it is also the leaders of businesses. Now, just imagine what would happen. I am not saying this is likely to happen until see Xi Jinping has consolidated his power. But just imagine what would happen if China attacked Taiwan. You saw what happened a few hours after Russia went into Ukraine. If you could have seen it, at the level of the collective consciousness, you would have seen what happens—we have talked about it before—where you have a gas, where all the molecules are kind of oriented in various directions. They are chaotic. But there can be a certain phase transition where suddenly all of the molecules are oriented in the same direction. This is what happened in the collective consciousness of their modern democracies. There was an almost unanimous decision: “I am not buying anything coming from Russia anymore.” 

Just imagine that China invaded Taiwan, you would see the exact same thing happen. “I am not buying anything made in China anymore.” Well, my beloved Apple Computer was one of the first companies to pull out of Russia. What would happen if people said: “I am not buying anything made in China anymore? Therefore, I cannot buy any iPhones or iPads, or Apple computers, because they all made in China.” What would happen to Apple’s profits? It would take an enormous plunge, and the same, of course, with many other Western nations. Therefore, if you are a responsible CEO, of a large Western company, or even a multinational corporation, you need to look at this and say: “We have to protect our business against China doing something that would cause consumers to refuse to buy anything made in China. We simply cannot afford to have 90% of our products made in China and becoming unsellable overnight. We must diversify, we must find other countries where we can exploit the workers and create a manufacturing economy.” 

The same goes for the political leaders. They need to be willing to state this because you cannot assume that the Chinese leadership is smart enough to see it on their own. Look at what happened with many Western experts. When the US started providing intelligence showing the concentration of Russian troops and saying they thought it was a preparation for an invasion. Many Western experts said: “Oh no, Putin is not going to invade. He would not do that.” Because they assumed that Putin could see the negative consequences of it as clearly as they could see them. But history proves that he could not. And therefore, you cannot assume that see Xi Jinping, and those who support him in the Chinese leadership can see beyond their own bubble. They too have drunk their own Kool Aid. And they think that even though this happened to Russia, they could do it differently, they could get away with it, because the West could not stop manufacturing products in China. But you see, the West would have to stop manufacturing products if those products could not be sold. And if consumers say: “We are not buying anything from China.” Well, then the Western companies would stop producing, because what is the point in producing if you cannot sell it? 

Is this the kind of leader we want in the democratic nation? 

These are the kinds of things that need to be stated on an international level. And I know I have spoken for a long time and tested your patience, but I am not done. The Omega aspect: looking at democratic nations and saying: “What kind of leadership do we want? And what kind of leadership do we not want?” Well, as I said, this has been paraded before the eyes of the world, certainly the United States, with the Trump presidency, and especially the aftermath of the Trump presidency. What does Trump represent? He represents a leader who took advantage of the democratic process, a democratic society, and got elected president. And then did many things that were not in accordance with the democratic process—that sought to undermine the democratic process, because he did not respect and he still does not respect democracy whatsoever. He sincerely, in his mind believes that the United States should be run, like his own company. Which basically means he wants to be the undisputed leader that nobody can object to. Whatever he says, that is what goes, otherwise, ‘you’re fired’. 

That is what he wants to turn America into. Why does he want this? Because he has the same mentality that I described in Putin—nothing is ever enough. Now, Trump is different from Putin in many ways. Trump does not actually want power. He does not actually want money. He wants attention, recognition. He wants to be admired. He wants to be looked at as the greatest president ever, because he thinks that he was the greatest, (and still is) the greatest businessman ever. Nothing will ever be enough for Trump, just as nothing will ever be enough for Putin. 

Is this the kind of leader you want in democratic nations or in the world? This is the question that democratic nations need to ask themselves in these coming years. What kind of leaders do we actually want? Do we want someone who respects the democratic process and respects the people? Or do we want someone who is basically elitist because they think that they can make better decisions than the people? What have we talked about? There is an elite who thinks that they are better suited to making decisions than the population. Well, this goes for Putin. This goes for Trump. Both of them have that tendency. They think they know best. 

There was, as this messenger knows, a Danish king, some 100 years ago, who made the statement: “We (always referring to himself as ‘we’) alone know what serves Denmark best.” He thought that he was the only person in the country who could know what is best for the country. Many other leaders throughout history have thought the same. Is it not time to end the era of ‘know-it-alls’, those who think that they know best? And even those who support them, who still think that one person can know better than the general population. 

This is the next step in the democratization process, the evolution of democracy, where you realize that no single person can know it all. And therefore, you need to broaden the decision-making body. You need to have more people who are involved in making decisions. And ultimately, you need to involve the people as much as possible, through referendums, eventually leading to direct democracy. And eventually leading beyond it to a form of consensus democracy, where our vote becomes unnecessary, because everybody knows what everybody wants. 

This has now been demonstrated. The West and modern democracies have been awakened to what can happen when you allow such a leader. You can see in the United States how the population is still divided. But you can see beginning signs that even in the Republican Party, they are those who are distancing themselves from Trump and certainly his election lies. There are many Republicans who would say: “If only Trump would stop talking about what happened in the last election and start talking about what he wants to happen in the next election.” They would breathe a sigh of relief. But it is not enough to wait for this to happen. It is time to make a decision and say: “Is this the kind of leader we want in the Republican Party? Is this what the Republican Party has traditionally stood for, and should stand for in the present and in the future?” There are some courageous Republicans who have said this. Many of them have been frozen out, many of them do not even want to run again. Are there enough of them, that they can change the course of the Republican Party so it can again be somewhat aligned with my golden age vision? I am just leaving that question in the collective consciousness of America. 

The room for growth without  forcing others

What kind of leaders do you want? You see, in a sense, a democratic government, form of government—a democratic nation, the democratic mindset says, there are certain things that are enough. “We are enough to be this small nation of Denmark. We do not need to conquer territory and expand our country as we had a king 500 years ago, who attempted to do. We do not need to take over Norway, and half of Sweden, and a lot of Germany and maybe even England and Ireland. We do not need to conquer this territory. We are enough in our borders as we are, we are now focusing on improving the lifestyle in our country.” Most democratic nations are the same. They do not have an ambition of starting some military conquest, because you realize that it is enough. 

Now, there is another aspect where democracy also is not enough. Because there is always room for growth. There is always room for evolution. And democracy is open to this. But democracy is open by improving itself, not by forcing others. If you look at Putin, what has he been saying? He has essentially been saying, not consciously, not with those words. But he has essentially been saying: “Russia is not enough.” My beloved, just take a look at the map. Just take a look at how huge Russia is. Then consider how much wealth they have from oil and gas. How could this not be enough? Well, it is not enough, my beloved, because Putin is the undisputed leader of Russia, but he has not solved Russia’s problems. And therefore, he needs the scapegoat. He needs something to divert attention from his own deficiency, so he can blame it on somebody. “No, the reason why I can solve Russia’s problems is that Russia is not big enough. We should go back to historical Russia, where it had the greatest extension and had all of Finland, the Baltic nations, half of Poland, Moldova, all of Ukraine, and all of these underlying republics. Then I could solve all of Russia’s problems, if only Russia had the right historical extension that it should have.” 

But then imagine that Russia did conquer all of these nations. Would Putin be able to solve Russia’s problems? Of course not. So what is the next step? “Well, if we only had this territory and that territory and all of the Arctic, then we could solve Russia’s problems.” And it will never be enough, my beloved. Trump, in a way is the same thing: “If only I had absolute power in America and nobody could object to me, like Putin in Russia, then I could solve all of America’s problems. But these Democrats, these liberals, they will not allow me to have it. They are the problem. You should be angry at them.” You see this for these leaders, which of course goes back to the fallen beings, it can never be enough.

But for democratic nations, they are done with outward expansion and forcing other people. What they are not done with is with improvement from within by improving yourself. That is where growth lies in a democratic nation, not in any outward expansion. This, of course, applies to the multinational corporations, spawned by America. But that is another matter for another day. 

Now, I will give you a reprieve. I realize that we sometimes give you more than you can handle but my beloved, as long as the messenger is able to speak the message, I trust, some of you are able to hear it. Otherwise, you certainly can go back, listen again, read the transcripts and internalize these teachings. 

With this, I thank you for your attention, for your willingness to participate in this very significant conference. And I seal you in my violet flame of joy, the violet singing flame of joy that makes matter sing, but also makes minds sing. If you have stayed with me, your mind will be singing right now.


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There is no democracy without Christhood

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 4, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus. Why have we chosen to combine the words democracy and Christhood? Well, for the simple reason that you cannot have democracy without a certain level of Christhood, a minimum level of Christhood. Now, you may not call it Christhood, you may not even call it anything because you do not understand what it is. But when you look at history you see that a country cannot become a democracy unless there is a certain level of Christhood among the top 10% and even a certain level among a majority of the population.

Now, you may see that there are countries who have attempted to become democracies before they had that level of Christhood, because of course it is possible to say: “Other countries have a democratic form of government we want that too, we are going to implement it.” But if you do not have the necessary level of Christhood then the experiment in democracy will not be successful.

Societies dominated by selfishness

What is the level of Christhood I am talking about? Well, Saint Germain talked about the patterns that anyone can observe when you look at the history of the world. You can see, for example, that there is and has for all of recorded history been this dynamic of the tension, the struggle, between a small elite and a majority of the population. What you have in an elitist society is a clear focus on yourself and your own interests as you can see and define them with your present level of consciousness. In other words, an elitist society is dominated by selfishness, self-centeredness, a focus on yourself as you see yourself. And when you are in this lower state of consciousness, you see yourself as a separate being who is in competition with, in opposition to, other people. You have a very clear distinction in your mind between you and your kind of people and all other people. Perhaps you even have a scapegoat that is the real problem that prevents you from having what you really think you are entitled to have.

What we see here is a focus on self as a separate being. You can clearly see in the elites that you see throughout history, how they have been focused on themselves, had no empathy, no concern, no consideration for the broad population and their suffering. They had no concerns whatsoever about enslaving 99% of the population so that they could live a privileged lifestyle.

You go back 2000 years ago when I walked those dusty hot roads of Palestine and what was I attempting to do? Well, I was of course attempting to set the stage for the foundation for the progress that was deemed by cosmic councils could potentially happen in the Piscean Age. I was not fully consciously aware of this of course, but given that I was in attunement with my I AM Presence, with certain ascended masters and I was an open door for the Holy Spirit, this could be brought forth through me. They foresaw that, as the pinnacle, as the ultimate outcome of the Piscean Age, would be the advent of democracy and the spread of democracy so it became a significant factor on a world scale.

Do unto others as you want them to do unto you

What the Spirit did through me was to set the foundation for democracy, which really is epitomized and expressed in its essence in the saying: “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” Or, to quote the negative: “Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you.” This mindset, this credo is the basic, not the only, but the basic foundation for democracy because what does it require? It requires a certain level of humanity, what we have called the basic humanity and it is simply this. You realize: “I have certain feelings, I have certain thoughts, I have an inner life in my psyche. I am affected, my inner life is affected by what happens outside of me including what other people do to me.”

But here is the crucial distinction. There comes a point in the evolution of a given soul where it begins to simply observe that if I hurt other people they become angry and at some point they might hurt me in return. If I yell at other people they might yell at me in return or somebody else might yell at me in return. You begin to observe that there have always been patterns between human beings. People argue, they fight, they hurt each other. One person hurts another, the other person or the other person’s family takes revenge and as you saw in the Middle East, where I appeared in the physical form, people had been taking revenge for a very long time. Sometimes to the point that they did not remember when this cycle started. That meant that even at the time, even in the Middle East, there were people who had observed this and they have observed that if I do something to others, somebody is likely to do the same to me.

How do we break this spiral? How can we stop having this society that is dominated by this conflict, these petty struggles? Well, somebody must start. Somebody must start by treating people differently than other people are treating

them. Someone must break the spiral by doing unto others not what others are doing to you, but what you want them to do to you. Or not doing to others, what you do not want others to do to you. This is the basic foundation for democracy because a democracy can only work if there is a voluntary agreement that there are certain things we do not do to each other. You may say: “But our democracy is based on human rights. We define in our Constitution that certain people have certain rights, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, whatever you define”. You may say: “We define in our laws that you have a right to own some property without somebody else taking it from you and if they do, the law will come after them”. And all of this is true but you see, a democracy could never enforce this through force, through the law, through a police force because if a democracy had to enforce this through force it would be a dictatorship, it would become a dictatorship. There would have to be so much police, so much surveillance, that it would no longer be a democracy.

Basic humanity – the foundation for democracy

The foundation for democracy is that a majority of the population has this unspoken, possibly, but certainly they have this agreement, there are certain things we do not do to each other because when we do not do those things, our society functions the way we want it to function. We can live our lives without being forced or killed by other people. We can live peaceful lives, where we can build our future with confidence that we can keep what we acquire, we can reap what we have sown and our children can reap what we have sown. This is that basic agreement, to not do unto others and so this is the very foundation.

Now, there are nations where the vast majority of the people have reached this level of basic humanity. You can see many of the modern democratic nations where the society is functioning in such a way that people are not violating each other. There is in all countries, still a small percentage of criminals who are violating the rights of others by taking their property, sometimes even killing them but you see a very, very low level of crime in many of the modern democracies. And you can see that in these modern democracies they are not police states,  they do not have a heavy-handed omnipresent police force. They do not punish their criminals as severely as many other states. They do not, for example, cut a hand off of those who steal. You can see that the reason there is low crime is not because of any heavy-handed enforcement. It is really because of this agreement among a majority of the people that it is simply unthinkable that you would do this to others.

Multiplying the talents

What you see in these nations is of course also, that they have a very high level of affluence, people have high pay, they can afford to buy a house, a car, they have good working conditions, short work weeks, they have good social services. They become ill, they can go to the doctor or to the hospital without going bankrupt and so forth. What you can see when you observe this is that when there is that level of humanity, a nation prospers and people prosper. And why is that? It is because of another foundation that was expressed through me 2000 years ago namely, the parable of the servants who received different amounts of talents by their master who then went away. And when he came back, he demanded an account of what they had done with their talents. Two of the servants had multiplied them and they were given more and one had not multiplied them and was given less, and it was taken away from him what he had been given because he had not fulfilled the law to multiply what you are given.

What is this law? It is that, when you are doing unto others what you want them to do to you, you are multiplying the talents and when you multiply the talents in how you treat other people then God, Spirit, the universe, whatever you want to call it will multiply what you receive from Spirit and therefore you will have more. To him who has, more shall be added. These are simply principles that were expressed at the very beginning of the Piscean Age and they set the foundation for the modern democracies.

Many people will not recognize this because the modern democracies are also secular societies but nevertheless, it is there. The reality is that some of these modern democracies may have the lowest church attendance of any nation with a Christian church but their actions are more Christian than in some other countries where they go to church on a regular basis and do all the outer things required by the church, without actually treating other people the way I told them to treat each other. The reason for this is of course, that the teaching I gave forth 2000 years ago, the teaching that was given forth through me, was a universal teaching. It was a universal teaching as universal as the law of gravity. You jump off a cliff, you fall down. You treat others well, you receive more from the universe. These are universal laws. What really was meant to happen was that Christianity was meant to become something similar, somewhat similar to how Buddhism is seen at least by some people not as a religion with doctrines and rituals and institutions but as a philosophy. Christianity was meant to be a philosophy for constructive living. If that had been maintained the modern democracies would not have had to become secular because societies would not have become religious in the first place. Naturally, you saw that with the formation of the Roman Catholic Church, societies in Europe became religious societies and as Saint Germain said, they were elitist societies.

Christianity as a universal non-elitist philosophy

Now, if you look back at this, you will see that when I walked the earth, when this teaching was given forth through me, there was opposition to it. You can see this in the scriptures. You can see how, not only the scribes and Pharisees but the Sanhedrin, the secular rulers of Jewish society, the Romans, there was tremendous opposition to this. And what has generally not been understood by Christians, those who claim to be my followers, is why there was this opposition. And from an overall perspective of course, the fallen beings who are in the consciousness of anti-christ, did not want anyone demonstrating the consciousness of Christ but there was even another layer of this opposition. If you look at what I actually said, what was said through me, this was a non-elitist philosophy. Jewish society at the time was an elitist society. There was a power elite, not only the secular king but also the religious authorities, scribes, Pharisees, Sanhedrin and they had a firm grip on the Jewish population.

Here comes this preacher walking around with long hair and beard, often covered in dust from the roads and he is proclaiming that every person has access to God within his or her heart and does not need to go through the religious authorities. What blasphemy! What an outrage! This cannot be allowed! Let us grab him and nail him to a piece of wood and shut him up in every way we can! This is what Christians today fail to see. Why do they fail to see it? Because of seventeen centuries of programming by the Catholic church, which for seventeen centuries has portrayed Christianity as an elitist religion. Constantine did not want a populist universal religion where the people could access God on their own. He wanted a state-controlled religion where the people could only have access to God and salvation through an institution that he controlled.

Just look at history, the Nicene councils, and you will see this very clearly if you have eyes to see. After three centuries of the Christian philosophy kicking around in the collective consciousness, it was turned into another elitist religion that suppressed the people, ushered in the entire dark ages of the Middle Ages, created a secular elite with the divine rights of kings and the noblemen with blue bloods fundamentally different, created differently from the people, created to rule the people. What nonsense!

The Roman Catholic church as the basis of a new elitist religion

Where is that in the scriptures? Where is that in the words that I said? Yes, I did say to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s” but in the Roman Catholic church they do not render unto God that which is God’s for they have replaced the Christ consciousness with the Peter consciousness, who denied me three times and they have denied me 3 billion times since 325 CE or 381 CE, whatever you count as the start of the Roman Catholic church. Had this not happened, Christianity would not have become this big, powerful religion but then we would have avoided the Crusades, the Inquisition, the witch-hunts and other such nonsense and that would not have been so bad at all would it? And had this not happened, had we not had these infallible doctrines of the Catholic church that pitted it against the early scientists, then modern democracies would not have had to become secular nations because they would have just had a philosophy that was embraced by the people, not by any particular institution and not by any state.

Does that mean that democracy could have happened earlier? Well certainly, why not? What delayed democracy? Well, more than any other single factor, the Catholic church. Is the Catholic church a democratic institution? Do the congregation vote? Do they elect their local priest, the bishop, the pope? There is not a sliver of democracy in the Catholic church. Had there not been this institutionalization, elitistization of Christianity, then certainly democracies could have happened earlier. They could have happened in Europe because you might not have had kings that believed that they had a divine right to rule. You might not have had these fallen kings who waged war against each other and in order to justify this set their people up as enemies. Whereas, if they had seen themselves based on the Christian worldview, the Christian view of people, how could the French and the British and the Germans be enemies? Yes, if you had a fallen being who was the king in France and in England, then they could be enemies. But the people, why would they be enemies? If they were all Christian and followed this Christian ethos to do unto others, how could there be hostility? How could there be war?

Challenging the consciousness of Satan

You see here that this is, in a sense, the most basic level of Christhood. This, of course, is again not understood, not recognized by the Christian religion. Why not? Because it became an elitist, exclusivist religion that said that only the pope and the church hierarchy have access to God. Whereas, nobody outside of that hierarchy should dare to talk to God on their own. And if they do, they will be labeled as witches and burned at the stake or as heretics and burned at the stake, or tortured in other ways. This is Christhood: that you recognize that other human beings have the same rights as yourself but what you really recognize is that it is in your own best interest to treat other people the way you want to be treated. And why is that? Why is it that this is the level of Christhood? Because, what is Christhood? Well, you take the situation in the Bible where I start telling my disciples that I have to go to Jerusalem and I will suffer many things of the elders and Peter says: “Be it far from thee Lord, that is just not going to happen.” And I say to him: “Get thee behind me, Satan” because at that moment, Peter, the Peter consciousness, represented Satan. What is Satan? It is the prince of this world, the consciousness of this world, that says: “Everything in this world should conform to the dominant consciousness of this world.” In other words, you are not allowed to be the Christ in this world.

What is the Christ? The Christ is the one who comes to challenge the prince of this world. Challenge the consciousness of Satan. Challenge the mindset that most people are in, the level of ignorance, the level of spiritual blindness, the level of selfishness where they do not see what is in their own best interest. Christhood comes to challenge this consciousness, the consciousness of selfishness, self-centeredness.  And what does it take to recognize the Christ? It takes a certain level of Christhood.

The basic level of Christhood

Now, Christ says: “If you do unto others, your life will be better.” Now, from a logical, rational, human perspective why would anyone believe what the Christ says? Because you can observe that, hey I treated that person nicely but he did not treat me nicely so why should I believe what the Christ says? Well, what is it that Christ is saying? Is the Christ saying that if you treat other people nicely, it is guaranteed that they will also treat you nicely? That that person that you help across the street, will also be nice to you?

No, that is not what the Christ is saying because the Christ is recognizing that people are people and people have free will, and people are at different levels of consciousness, different levels of selfishness. The Christ simply says: “If you treat people the way you want to be treated, this will come back to you. Not from that particular person, but it will come back to you from the universe and through certain other people. And the more people in the society who treat each other that way, the more will come back to them. The more they will multiply their talents, the more they will increase their affluence and suddenly there will be enough for all, or at least for most.”

You see here that the Christ is not saying there is a one-on-one correspondence at the human level between what you do to others and what others do to you. The Christ is saying there is an intermediary; there is something greater than the human level, there is something greater than this world, than the prince of this world and that greater authority will give back to you, according to what you give to others. You multiply the talents, God will give you more. This you cannot accept through human reasoning and human argumentation. You can only accept it through a certain level of inner knowing, intuition, discernment and this is Christhood, the beginning stages of Christhood. The very beginning stage of Christhood is that you recognize there is a reality beyond this world.

Now, 2000 years ago people could not really grasp this in the highest possible understanding because there was not the knowledge of human psychology and the mind. They needed to have this image that there is a God. There is a God in heaven and that God is going to reward them for what they do to others. And those who accepted this, they demonstrated the basic level of Christhood, you do believe there is an authority beyond earth. Speaking of authority, you actually thereby believe that there is an authority beyond any earthly authority. Whether it is the king or the priest or the bishop or the pope or the dictator or the prince of this world, there is an authority beyond anything at the human level. And you are following that human level. That is why I said: “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s” because sometimes there is no point in resisting the worldly ruler at the time. You instead focus on raising your consciousness and then gradually this will come back to you from a higher authority, instead of you going into a dualistic fight with the fallen beings as we have talked about so many times. This is the basic level of Christhood. There is something that is real beyond the human level. But now with today’s knowledge of psychology we can go much further.

The human mind as a self-fulfilling system

Now, Saint Germain said that if you took a Stone Age man and told him about reading, he would be unable to fathom it. Well, if you took a person from 2000 years ago and told him about the psyche, the mind, the ego, resolving your psychology, he would have been completely unable to fathom it. What you realize here is that, as Saint Germain said, the collective consciousness has been raised tremendously in the past 2000 years. Among other things, because of the teachings that were given through me, but not exclusively by that. But the collective consciousness has been raised so people today can understand certain things that they could not understand back then. What many people are able to grasp today is that the human mind has certain dynamics, certain mechanics for how it works and there are many, many people in today’s world who have looked at this fact that human beings cannot agree on anything. They have different viewpoints, different opinions. They can see how in history they have had not only different religions that have clashed, and people have fought because of religion, there has been political ideologies, there have been theories, there is scientific materialism versus religion, there is capitalism versus communism, there is this versus that. And all of these hostilities between people driven by the fact that they have different views, different opinions.

There are many, many people today in embodiment, who are ready to make just actually a slight shift of asking, why is that? Why is it that people cannot agree on anything? Well, it is because they have different viewpoints, yes, but why do they have different viewpoints? What is it that is going on in these people’s minds? Why do you have a Christian who is absolutely convinced that his religion is the only true one and that he is guaranteed to go to heaven? You have a Muslim who is absolutely convinced that his religion is the only right one and that the Christian is completely false, just as the Christian is convinced that the Muslim Religion is false. Why do you have materialists who are absolutely convinced that their religion, scientific materialism, is the only true one and that all the others are unreal and that they, the materialists, are guaranteed to go to the materialist heaven where there is nothing, whereas all the religious people are guaranteed to burn in some hell that they cannot really explain where it is?

Why is this? And many people are ready to recognize that it is because the human mind has the ability to become a self-fulfilling, a self-validating, a self-referential system. And the mechanism is very simple. You accept a certain idea as being beyond questioning. It either has some infallible authority because it is given by God himself or it has the infallible authority of science because it is based on scientific discoveries of this universal natural law. Or, it is based on some historical necessity, or whatever you can define. But many people are ready to see that there are any number of examples of how people have elevated one particular thing, and saying: “This cannot be questioned, this is self-evident, this is true, this is absolute and therefore anything that questions it must be wrong.”

And when people go into this state of mind they are saying, not consciously, but subconsciously their minds are looking for and accepting only what validates their infallible belief and it is ignoring or discounting or disproving anything that goes beyond it, or questions it. In other words, people are looking for validation and because of the human intellect, which can argue for or against any point, they can always convince themselves that they are right and anything opposite to theirs is wrong. In other words, the minds of these people become a closed system that is self-validating because it only looks and accepts what validates it and it discount anything that does not.

And many people are ready to see that this is what has caused the downfall of civilizations, many, many disasters. But it has also caused much individual unhappiness because it makes people unable to adapt to changes, both in their personal lives, and societies cannot adapt to changes on a planetary scale. You see, very simply a slight shift in people’s minds and they will realize this: The mind has this ability. How can we avoid this? How can we go beyond it? How can we free ourselves from becoming closed minded? We must reach beyond our own minds. We must find something beyond our own minds. And it cannot be something that is defined on earth, because we see that many people thought that they had a religious doctrine that was beyond their own minds and this was the ultimate authority. Or they had a political doctrine that was beyond their own minds, or a scientific doctrine that was beyond their own minds. There must be something else. If there is not something else, then we are doomed. The human race is doomed. We will continue struggling and fighting each other until we destroy each other, as many people fear could happen.

The experience of pure awareness and the essence of Christhood

Is there an alternative? And some people, many people, are ready to recognize that there is. They are not ready to recognize this on a theoretical level. They are ready to recognize it on an experiential level because they experience that there is an aspect of their own minds that is beyond their feelings, their thoughts, even their sense of identity. They have what we have called an experience of pure awareness. Something beyond the mind, something beyond their sense of identity, their thought patterns, their beliefs, their emotional patterns; some inner stillness, some inner expansion, something that you cannot make relative, you cannot argue with it, you cannot use it to prove anything in this world. And this is the essence of Christhood. You experience something beyond your own mind as it is right now.

Peter, when he first met me, he had the same experience as all of those who followed me, which of course was far more than twelve. He experienced that there was something about me that was beyond what he had in himself. He experienced that there was an energy streaming through me that was beyond what he had in his own mind. He recognized this. The recognition of this is the essence of Christhood. There is always the question as demonstrated by Peter.

The first and second challenge of Christ

And as we have said before, the first challenge of Christ is to recognize that there is something beyond your own mind. The second challenge is to keep seeking for that experience and not allowing your outer mind to pull the experience into its worldview and perception filter. In other words, what Peter did, when I told my disciples I would have to go to Jerusalem, is that he applied his own perception filter, his own belief system, his own worldview to me and said: “No, no, you are not, nothing is going to happen to you that does not correspond to my worldview.” And this is, of course, the consciousness of Satan that wants to pull Christ, which is beyond the human mind, into the mindset, the worldview created by the human mind, the closed system. It wants to bring Christ, who comes to save you from the closed system, to pull you out of the closed system to give you an alternative to the closed system. The outer mind wants to pull Christ into that system so now you have an excuse, even though you have recognized Christ you still do not need to continue to unravel all of the illusions in your closed system.

Without basic respect democracy cannot function

Back to my point about recognizing that it is in your own best interest to do unto others, this is not an intellectual reasoning. It is not an argumentative process. It can only come from this experience: “There is something that is real, there is something that is beyond anything, any idea, any belief we can define on earth. There is something beyond my own mind. There is something to me as a being that is beyond this outer mind.” And when you recognize this in yourself, you also recognize it in others and therefore you have that basic humanity which is a basic respect for other people. You could say you have a respect for yourself and you transfer that to others and that is the foundation for democracy. How can you have democracy without it? Consider this, if there is not a basic respect between human beings, how can you have a democracy? We have said before and events have proven this, you cannot force a country to become democratic.

George W. Bush, who went into Iraq in 2003 to take down Saddam [Hussein], expecting that he could force Iraq to become a democratic nation. Well, he did not actually expect to force it. He thought that as soon as Saddam was removed, they would leap at the opportunity to become a democracy. But history has proven that that did not happen because again, if there is not the respect then how can a democracy function? You see here that in Iraq in 2003, why did they have a dictator who was so abusive, at least towards some of the people? It was because there was not that mutual respect, the people were divided, Shia and Sunni, this or that, Kurds and whatnot.

They did not look beyond the outer definitions, the worldly definitions: “Oh, they are Sunni’s. I do not need to respect them. They do not respect me. Why should I respect them?” There was not the recognition that: “If I respect others, even if they do not respect me, then I will be rewarded by God or the universe for doing this, regardless of what the other people do, and continue to do.” That is the whole idea of turning the other cheek and continuing to turn the other cheek. This was not there and because it was not there they had a dictator who did not respect the people. And why was that? Because the people did not respect each other and why did not they respect each other? Because they did not respect themselves. And why did not they respect themselves? Because they had not experienced that there was more to them, than the human. They were trapped in the consciousness of Satan, like Peter was but they had not even, like Peter did, recognize the Christ anywhere, they had recognized no value in the Christ. They looked at the Quran only as an external authority, not as internal, which actually can be done as the Sufis have demonstrated.

Inseparable connection between Christhood and democracy

Where does this all lead to? It leads to the fact that when you realize that Christhood is a universal term, there is an inseparable connection between Christhood and democracy. You cannot have democracy without Christhood. You can have Christhood without democracy, but you cannot have democracy without Christhood, at least not what is a lasting democracy. These are very, very important thoughts to project into the collective consciousness.

You may say that, many of you who are ascended master students who have studied the teachings we have given through this messenger, you are already somewhat familiar with this. There may not be something really new in what we have said so far but you also recognize that there are many, many people who have not recognized, with their outer minds, the spiritual aspect of life. But they can still grasp certain ideas, not in the context where you have grasped them, but they can grasp certain ideas. These ideas that we are speaking in the physical can go into the collective consciousness, there are people who can pick them up and start acting upon them. And you, by participating in a conference, you are, of course, reinforcing what we say through the messenger and it is being projected, multiplied, by your auras and chakras into the collective consciousness with greater impact. There is great value in having a platform where we can speak this.

Anti-democratic alliance of the fallen beings

Of course, as Saint Germain said, you are living in times where democracy is being challenged because there are certain nations who do not have a democratic form of government, who have no intention or goal of making their nations more democratic, and who therefore feel threatened by democratic nations. Why do they feel threatened? Why do Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping feel threatened by the presence of democratic nations? Because they know that it is very difficult in this age of communication to prevent their own people from realizing that people in democratic nations have a vastly different life than the people in Russia or China. There is the freedom, there is not having to fear your own government, being able to say whatever you want, write whatever you want, post whatever you want on the internet. There is also an economic freedom, being able to start your own business, keep what you earn. And there is, of course, the affluent materialistic lifestyle where the average person in Western Europe, for example, has a much higher lifestyle than the average person in Russia or China.

They know, in a sense, that there is a growing awareness in Russia and China that: “We do not have what people in the democratic nations have.” They feel threatened by this because they know that there could come a point where a critical mass of people in their nations would question: “Why do we not have what people in the democratic nations have? Is it because we do not have a democratic form of government?” They are doing everything they can to prevent people from asking that question but they know they cannot prevent it indefinitely so they feel threatened by democracy. They have decided, even the two of them between each other, to do certain things to take democracy down a little bit, humiliate democracies, portray them as being incapable and challenge them in various ways.

You also have, of course, the fundamental aspects that you see in the fallen beings. You go back to the Old Testament, as we have said before there are certain stories in there that have a certain value and you have the story of Cain and Abel. Why did Cain slay Abel? Why was Cain jealous of Abel? Because Abel was not a fallen being but Cain was. Abel had something that Cain did not have. It was not that Cain could not have it, but he could only have it by giving up the fallen consciousness and since he was not willing to do that, he could not have it. By seeing Abel having it, he was constantly reminded of what he did not have, and he did not want this so he wanted to kill Abel to not be confronted with this, that there was something he did not have.

You have two leaders of two large nations that have that Cain consciousness. They are jealous of what they do not have. They do not want to change, so they know they cannot have it. But if they could somehow take it down, what they have in the democratic nations, then they could feel better about themselves for not having it. Because there is this peculiar aspect of the fallen consciousness that if nobody has it, it is not so bad that I do not have it but if somebody has it, and I do not have it, that is unacceptable to them, unbearable.

You see here that, yes there are indeed forces in the physical world, there are people, there are nations who are doing whatever they can think of to challenge democracy. But there are, of course, dark forces and fallen beings in the emotional realm, the mental realm, the identity realm, who also would like to challenge democracy. They, of course, will not prevail. They may have some temporary success as they would define it, but they will not prevail. Why not? Because how do you challenge democracy? What did Saint Germain say? A democracy is a society, a form of government that is not based on force. How do you challenge a democracy? Only by using force. Of course, those who want to challenge democracy can only think in terms of force.

Again, just take a look at history. Look how many force-based empires there have been. They may have had success for some time. Where are they now? In the dustbin of history. Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Xi Jinping’s China, they are headed for that dustbin. It is just a matter of how long it takes. Putin has accelerated the process tremendously by invading Ukraine. If Xi Jinping decided to invade Taiwan, he would do the same for China.

You see here that this is the basic level of Christhood you need to have in order to have a democracy, but you need a higher level of Christhood in order to sustain a democracy and that of course, will be the topic of a coming discourse.

I do not want to overburden you too much in one discourse, so therefore I will seal you in the joy that not many associate with Christ, but that truly is the flame of Christ because when you recognize your own oneness with God, and your oneness with all people, and your oneness of all life, how can you not feel joyful? What is it that creates the sea of Samsara, suffering, antagonism, bad feelings on earth? It is the sense of separation. When you lock in to oneness, what do you feel? You feel the energy that permeates the entire world of form and although it is not what human beings call joy, it is still a higher form of joy. And you feel it when you reach a certain level of Christ consciousness. In that Flame of Joy that I AM, I seal you.


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(Why) is democracy better than any other form of government

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 4, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Why did we choose the topic of Democracy and Christhood for this conference? Well, obviously because it is very much up in the times right now, where we see this assault on democracy that is going on in Ukraine and we see it in many other parts of the world as well. The reality of what is happening here is that regardless of what you might fear, or what you might feel from the collective consciousness or what people might fear, I can assure you of one thing – my Golden Age is progressing, not necessarily as planned, for I do not have any fixed plans, as I have said many times before, but it is progressing with an unstoppable momentum.

As part of my Golden Age and the unfoldment of that Golden Age, democracy will continue to grow, increase and rise throughout the world. More and more nations will become democracies, and the ones that have been democracies will continue to evolve towards more and more democratic forms of democracies.

Now, naturally we have told you many times and have given you many teachings on the forces on earth that are working against any positive development. Certainly there are forces that are doing everything they can to thwart or delay the manifestation of my Golden Age. These forces are not happy with democracy. They never have been happy with democracy and they have, from the very advent of democracy, been trying to do everything they can to destroy this development, to delay it, to distort it and to distort the democratic nations into something that is not really a democracy.

The question that democracies need to answer

Now, it has been said by people who are at least worldly experts in this that all democracies have to answer certain questions. For example: What kind of democracy do they want? Which kinds of people should be allowed to vote? Should there be representatives? How should it be organized? And so forth.

But it has also been said by these experts that the most important question that democracies need to answer is: Why is democracy a better form of government than any other form of government? And this of course is a question that, from a worldly perspective, when you do not know anything about the spiritual reality of the golden age, is difficult to answer.

Why is democracy a better form of government than, for example, an autocracy or a dictatorship? Well, let us for a minute put aside the spiritual perspective, and let us look at this from a purely worldly perspective, given what people know. The key here is to ask yourself a further question, a clarifying question, because you might realize, as some people in the world who know nothing about ascended masters have realized, that it is very, very important how you formulate the question you are considering. Why is democracy a better form of government than any other form of government? What is the key word in that sentence? It is “better.”

Why is democracy better? Well, everything hinges on how you define “better.” What is better? What is worse? Now you who are ascended-master students of course recognize that better and worse are dualistic terms. But even for those who do not know about this, we can ask a simple question here: Who gets to decide what is better and what is worse? In other words, in a given society, who are the people who are deciding what the better form of government is? And is democracy better than a dictatorship? Who gets to decide?

And you see that unless you have all of the people decide whether democracy is better, you do not have a democracy. If the people are deciding that democracy is the better form of government, then you have a democracy. But what is the alternative? What has happened in most nations, even some which are democratic? It is always a small elite who decides not only whether democracy is the better form of government, but about many other things in society.

You see here that democracy is a form of government where the people decide. In any other form of government, no matter what you call it, it is not the people who are deciding. And if it is not the people who are deciding, who is it? Well, it is not Santa Claus and it is not the tooth fairy. It is some elite or other. There is always an elite who decides what is the better form of government. And, my beloved, look at history. When have you ever seen the elite decide that democracy was a better form of government than a dictatorship?

Well, you have seen it. You have seen it in cases where you had an established elite that had become so oppressive of the people’s freedoms that the people had a desire to be free from that elite. And then an aspiring power elite came in, took advantage of the people’s dissatisfaction and established a form of democracy where they thought that they could set themselves up as being in control of that democracy.

Again, what is the “better” form of government? Well, that depends on what you want. Do you want the people to rule or do you want a small elite to rule? And this of course is a central question in human history. You can look at history and see that for the largest part of known history, societies have not been democracies. They have been ruled by a small elite, sometimes by one person, but there was usually always some elite of noblemen or party bosses or whatever you want to call them that were supporting the ultimate ruler.

There are many people, even experts in history and politics, even those who have grown up in a democratic nation, who will say that it is better to have an elite that rules. But is it? Take a look back at history. Take a look back at history and ask yourself: Was it better when there was an elite that ruled? Did it turn out well? Well, you can ask yourself another question: For whom was it better when an elite ruled? And you can see very clearly that it was always better for the elite because they not only had power, but they also had a very privileged position where they in most cases could skim off the fruits of the people’s labor. Therefore it was always better for the elite and it was practically never better for the people. The people were or became virtual slaves of the elite. Is it better for the people to live as slaves?

The fate of empires

Now look at what has happened to nations. Was it better for the Roman Empire that they engaged in all of these conquests of other regions, until the karmic cycle ran itself out and suddenly other armies came and attacked the Roman Empire, sacked Rome and overthrew the Roman Empire? Was that better for Rome as a nation? Or would it have been better to have a more sustainable government?

Well, yes, my beloved, during the 1930s, most German people felt that they were the master race and that they were the most advanced and powerful nation on earth. But how many of them felt that in 1945? Was is it better for Germany what Hitler did? Many people thought so up until 1943, 1944 or 1945. But was it better? From what perspective could Hitler’s reign possibly have been better? It was not even better for the elite that supported him. For they, too, lost the war, even though some of them still came out with plenty of money and privileges.

What is the measure you use if you look back at history and say: “Oh yes, the people cannot rule themselves, it is always better to have an elite do it.” What is the measure? When you observe history, what basis do you have for saying that it is better that the elite rule? Where are we now? We are at a point where many people will say: “Well yes, there have certainly been some disasters that have been precipitated by dictators, but the people would not have done any better. There are also certain examples of where democracies have gone downhill. The problem is not the elite. The problem is not that an elite ruled the Roman Empire or the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or any other number of nations. No, it was that it was the ‘wrong’ elite. If we had only had the right elite who were better at ruling than these dictators, then that would have been a better form of government than a democracy.”

Well, my beloved, now we are back to where we started, are we not? Who defines who is the right elite? Oh, yes, the elite defines that it is the right elite. The ruling elite, the established elite that is at any point dominating a society, according to their definition, are always the right elite and are always the best people suited for the job. How long does it last? Until another elite comes along who says: “No, the established elite are the wrong people for the job, we are the right people for the job. We Robespierre, I Lenin, we are the right people for the job.” Well, my beloved, those who fail to learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them, as I have inspired more than one person to say. The question is: How long do you want to repeat these mistakes?

We have said it before. But I will say it again in a different way. If you look at what has gone “wrong” with countries where they have been defeated and self-destructed like Nazi Germany, the Roman Empire and the Soviet Union, if you look at what has happened to these nations that have self-destructed, it has always been because there was an imbalance. They became unbalanced – imbalanced. They went too far towards one extreme, and then they suddenly could not keep going anymore and they started a downward spiral that eventually led to a collapse.

Now, if you look at this even from a worldly perspective, you can look back to the Roman Empire and see that for several hundred years the Roman Empire was in an expansive phase. They conquered more and more territory, and more and more people. Why did it stop? Well, because at the time communications technology simply defined a limit to how far from Rome the Roman Empire could extend and still be controlled from Rome. There came a point where there had to be two emperors, one in Rome and one in Constantinople. But then what happened? Well, like it happened with Cain and Abel, they started not agreeing. And all of a sudden, you had an internal strife in the Roman Empire that was a big factor in leading to its demise.

But what I am pointing out is that there was a limit to how far the Roman Empire could be expanded before it started contracting again. This is the expanding force of the father and the contracting force of the mother. When you become unbalanced in the expanding force of the father, you reach that limit, that dead end where you cannot continue to expand any further through force, which of course the Roman Empire was entirely based on. So now the contracting force of the mother becomes stronger, and your empire starts falling apart.

Look at Hitler. He took on the Soviet Union, Russia, Western Europe and the United States all at the same time. You can look at this from a purely worldly perspective and say that the very mindset that caused Hitler to take on everything at once was what guaranteed his defeat because there was a limit to how much he could keep expanding before he reached that absolute, that wall, so to speak, where the contracting force started pulling back. You could say that from the very outset, Hitler’s defeat was guaranteed. From the very outset, the collapse of the Soviet Union was guaranteed. From the very outset, an unbridled capitalism is guaranteed to be defeated.

You can say: “But we have so much better communications technology today, maybe one empire or maybe one nation could take over the world.” No, it could not my beloved. The earth is designed by seven beings called the Elohim, who have a higher level of consciousness than I have as an ascended master. They knew exactly how to design this planet, with the size of the planet, the continents and the oceans balancing everything, so that a force-based empire cannot take over the entire planet.

Now, there is another factor that is part of this equation – for those of you who are spiritual  – which is the densification of matter. Since humankind went into duality and since the fallen beings were allowed to embody here and brought their force-based approach to everything, matter has become densified. Yes, the trend has now been reversed and matter is gradually becoming lighter. But still, a force-based attempt to conquer the world densifies matter, and the densification of matter creates a resistance to force. There will always be a limit to how far a force-based empire can go because its mindset is mirrored by the densification of matter. Regardless of technology, there will always be an absolute limit to how far any force-based empire can go. And therefore, again, force will self-destruct.

Can you have an elitist society that is not based on force? Do you see it anywhere in world history even in this very, very short span that you call recorded history? I can assure you that if you could look beyond the borders of recorded history and look back to previous civilizations, you would not see this. You would not see any force-based empire that did not, at some point, self-destruct because it is against the laws of nature, as you call them, which are really the spiritual laws and the entire design of planet earth. It cannot happen. It has never happened. It will never happen. How long do you want to chase this impossible goal, or rather allow a few fallen beings in embodiment to cause you to chase this impossible goal before you realize that the best form of government never will be an elitist form of government?

 Plato and the philosopher king

Now, I know – because I can hear it already in the return current from the collective consciousness – there are those who will say: “What about Plato and the philosopher king? Was this not an ideal to have this wise ruler who had absolute power, but who was benevolent, beneficial and could therefore bring his nation into the best form of government? Was Plato not right in pointing out the philosopher king?” And I would say: My beloved, the problem with the idea of a philosopher king is that there is rarely a philosopher king around when you need one. Point out one that could live up to Plato’s ideal of a philosopher king. Oh, yes, some will point out: “Well our ruler surely, was that way.” But was he, when it came right down to it?

You see, my beloved, even from a worldly perspective, you can look at history and say: How likely is it that one person could be wise enough to rule a nation in a sustainable manner? What do we mean by wise? Well, it actually means balanced enough not to take the nation too far. And you can say there have been some. There have been some that have been fairly balanced, so it is not a completely impossible goal. But the problem is that in most cases these rulers sooner or later become too unbalanced because they become blinded. They drink their own Kool-Aid. They become so sure that they are right that they stop listening to input from their people or their advisors, or they stop observing how it is actually going – is what I am doing working? This happens to virtually all of them, so that they may be fairly balanced for some time, but sooner or later they become unbalanced.

Now, the other problem with the idea of a philosopher king is of course that Plato, despite his wisdom, did not know about fallen beings and did not understand the equation of fallen beings. How do you find and appoint a philosopher king and be sure that he is not a fallen being? Surely when a new king is needed, there will always be a fallen being who wants the position. What is the fallen being willing to do to get the position? Anything – lies, deceit, power plays, even killing the other candidate. How would you make sure that you appointed a philosopher king? You would have to have the people elect him, would you not? But is that not a form of democracy then? Even if you had a wise ruler, he would have to be elected by the people. And how could you then prevent that wise ruler from suddenly becoming not so wise? Well, only if the people still had a way to depose him if they wanted to. Is that not also a form of democracy?

My point here is this: If you look at history, you see that the fewer people who are in control of the decision-making process, the bigger the mistakes that were made. Anybody who is willing to look at history can see this. It is simply an observation of how life works and how history has unfolded. What does this mean? It means if you want to avoid a nation becoming so unbalanced that it goes into a self-destructive spiral, you have to broaden the decision makers and the decision-making body. What is the ultimate broadening of the decision-making body? All of the people. This is as far as we can go with the worldly observations. I know that talking about fallen beings is not really what the world is aware of, but surely the world is aware of dictators, tyrants and those who have had disastrous consequences like Hitler. Everybody is aware of this. Everybody is aware of the need to avoid such rulers. So how do we do it? We do it by broadening the decision-making body.

Now let us go into a little more of a spiritual perspective. Again, we go back to the question: What is the “better” form of government? Well, many standards have been applied. You could say it is a government that can create certain physical results such as prosperity for the people. It is a government that can protect the people from an outside invasion. It is a government that can do this and can do that–whatever criteria you define in your society. But is that really what is best?

The expansion of people’s capacity of the mind

We have said it before. I will quickly state it again. If you look at history, what has happened over the last several thousand years? What is the basis for the progress you have seen? After all, I think very, very few people would say that the world has not progressed compared to the Stone Age. What is the basis for this progress? Well, it can be said to be an expansion of knowledge. We know more today than we did in the Stone Age. But is that really all? And for that matter, what does an expansion of knowledge mean? How can people know more today than people did in the Stone Age? According to biology, anthropology and evolutionary theory, scientists surmise that the human brain was about the same size in the Stone Age as it is today. Why did the Stone Age people not know as much as you know today? Why were they not smart enough to find a way to improve their daily lives rather than living this very difficult existence they lived? Some of you may not remember being embodied in the Stone Age, but it was no picnic, I can assure you.

Is it just a matter of the brain size that determines human intelligence or is there more to it? Well, if you are a spiritual person, you realize there is more to it because the mind is more than the brain. Again, we have talked about this before with materialism, the limitations of materialism and the refusal to study consciousness. But nevertheless, the reality is – as all spiritual people know and as many people are beginning to realize who are not openly spiritual – that the mind is more than the brain. You cannot explain human behavior and human psychology by these physical processes in the brain. It is not enough. I will not go into it here since we have done it before. What has happened is that there has been an expansion of people’s capacity of the mind.

If you had taken a Stone Age person and attempted to teach him to count, you would have found it impossible to teach him to count to more than ten. His mind could not have comprehended it. If you had taken a Stone Age person and said: “Well, his brain is the same size as mine, and since I can read, he should be able to read” you would have found it impossible to teach him. There was not among Stone Age people the ability to think in abstract terms, as you have to be able to do in order to read – in order to see that this little squiggle on a piece of paper corresponds to a sound, and that several squiggles correspond to a word, that corresponds to an object.

You would not have been able to take a Stone Age man and teach him to read the word “stone,” let alone “age,” because he knew what a stone was, but the concept of an age would have been completely impossible for him to fathom. Why do people fathom it today? Well, there has been an expansion in the individual minds of people, but there has also been a huge expansion in the collective mind, the collective consciousness.

The collective consciousness on earth today is so different from what it was in the Stone Age that you could barely fathom the difference. That is why people have no problem learning to read today. It is partly because they have learned it in past lifetimes. But, nevertheless, there has not only been an expansion of knowledge that has driven progress, but there has also been an expansion of the capacity of the human mind, both on the individual and the collective levels.

The purpose of society

Now, if we acknowledge that there has been an expansion of the mind and go back to the question: What is the “better” form of government? Well, what is the purpose of life on earth? You look back at history, even recent history, and the purpose, according to the Christian religion, was basically to avoid burning forever in hell and instead be taken to heaven after you were done with your life on earth. But life on earth really had no other purpose than securing this avoiding hell and securing heaven. And how could you do this? By obeying the church. And what was the church? Oh yes, an elite. What did they support? The kings and the noble class, another elite.

For the people who lived during the thousand-year Dark Age that was dominated by the Catholic church, how much expansion of the mind was there? Well, there was some, but not very much, and certainly it was not because of the church, but only in spite of it. You see then, what was the purpose of society back then? Was it the expansion of the minds of the people or even of the collective mind? No, it was to keep the elites – the clergy and the noble class and the kings – in their privileged positions. That was the purpose of that form of government. Well, what is the purpose of any elitist government? It is first and foremost to keep the elite in their privileged positions. There is no other purpose or at least there are only secondary purposes to that overall purpose. The purpose of society in an elitist society is defined by the elite, revolves around the elite and keeps them as an elite.

What is the real purpose of society from a spiritual perspective? It is the expansion of the individual minds of the people and the expansion of the collective consciousness– not only because this brings progress, but because this is the purpose of life on earth from a spiritual perspective. But even if you do not look at the spiritual perspective, but you look at it only from a worldly perspective – is it not a worthy purpose for a society to promote the growth in awareness, the growth in the minds of its citizens and the growth in the collective consciousness that leads society forward towards more and more material affluence, more and more freedom, and above all, more and more psychological well-being for the people?

Could it not be said, from a purely worldly perspective, that the purpose of a society is the welfare of the people and the well-being of the people – all of the people? Well, it certainly could, although many would argue against it. But those who argue against it, what are they then arguing for? They are always arguing for the privileges of the elite. If you are arguing against the well-being of the people, you are always arguing that there is an elite whose well-being is more important than the broad population, and therefore the broad population should be the servants or the slaves of the elite. There really is no other way, my beloved. What is in between there? Yes, you can come up with all kinds of fancy theories. But it is always this dynamic – an elite versus the people. Either you want what is best for the broad population or you want what is best for a small elite that takes advantage of the population.

Consensus democracy

Look at history, what else is there? Yes, there are a few examples of societies that have been focused on the broad population. There has not always been the kind of democracies that you know today where people vote on things because there is actually a kind of government that might be said to be beyond democracy, at least beyond representative democracy. And that is a kind of government where you do not need to vote and let a majority decide because instead you reach consensus, where it becomes clear that a vast majority of the people want the same thing and therefore there really is no point in voting on it.

So far, however, this has been achieved only in very small localized societies such as tribes. And you have some North American Indians who had something like this kind of society. You have had various city-states around the world through different historical periods that have had this kind of society, where it was not necessary to vote in representatives – it was not even necessary to have a direct democracy where everybody voted. It just became clear that a consensus emerged. The problem is how to do this on the larger scale of, for example, a nation. And this is of course where technology could be – and will be in the Golden Age – used to create this sort of communication where, eventually, after debate, a consensus emerges. But then, my question would be: If you have such a society that involves all of the people participating in the debate, is that not also a form of democracy? Certainly, it is not an elitist society, is it?

We can say that the first stage of democracy is that people vote for representatives. And this is an interim stage. It is sort of a concession to the consciousness – the idea floating around in the collective consciousness – that there are some people who are more suited to making decisions than the average person. And it was not necessarily completely wrong in the beginning days of democracy because the average person did not have the knowledge, or could not read, and so forth. With a representative democracy, people vote for representatives, and the representatives make most of the decisions.

Then you can have another stage which is a more direct democracy where, at least in bigger decisions, all of the people vote on it. You see that in referendums about this and that, such as you just had in Denmark. They voted on whether to continue the exceptions to the European Union defense policy, or to join it on an unrestricted basis. Many other nations have these kinds of referendums. But what you see here is that this is still a majority rule. In many cases with a majority rule, there is still the question: Is this the best form of government? It is one of the questions that democracies need to grapple with. Should we allow one person to decide for the majority and therefore decide the issue if all of the other people minus one are against it? Or do we need a larger majority to decide certain issues? And this of course can eventually lead to the point where holding a referendum almost becomes a formality, because gradually a consensus emerges where at least a vast majority of the people see that it is in their own best interest, in everybody’s best interest, in their nation’s best interest, to go in this direction.

The ability to adapt

The point here is this, or rather, one more point is this: democracy, in one form or another, is the form of government of the Golden Age. It is the government of the future. You have many, many people on earth who still do not agree, or who do not believe, that democracy is of the future. But if you look at most of the people who disagree with this, they live in nations that are ruled by a small elite who have made people believe that this is better for them. You see in China, for example, how the current government of China has, under the leadership of Xi, become more dictatorial than it has been at any point since Mao. And they have declared, as just one example, that their zero-Covid policy was the right decision, not only the right decision, but the superior decision, and certainly superior to that of the decadent democratic West. Well, obviously what you see with the Omicron variant is that for anybody who takes an objective look at this, it is not the best policy, it is just one policy. I am not hereby saying that it is the worst, and that the Western response is the best. There is no best policy in a question like this because if you look at any issue, there really is no best policy because things change constantly.

The best policy in any issue is to look at conditions and adapt to changing conditions. What is one of the lessons of the entire Corona pandemic? It is that there will always be things in the world that nobody can control. There will always be things that come up that surprise people. The question is not what is the best policy. We always need to adapt. As situations unfold – such as the Corona pandemic has clearly done with new variants springing up – we need to adapt to them. And those who can adapt will be those who do best, whereas those who become rigid and inflexible will not do as well. You can see here that in the beginning of the pandemic, China’s policy worked. But the Western response also worked in a certain way. Then came the Omicron variant which is so much more contagious, and now China’s policy did not work as well as it did in the beginning. But could they adapt? Could they change? No, because it is a government that has set itself up as basically being infallible. And when they have declared that their response is the right one, and it is superior to that of the West, then changing their policy to adapt would mean admitting that they had been wrong before.

But why did you have to come out and say that your policy was the only right one and was superior to all others? Why did you have to say this? Well, this is one of the features that is built into an elitist rule. An elite is always suppressing the people. They live in a constant need to justify this. And that is why they tend to set themselves up as being infallible or having the superior or ultimate policy. And what does it automatically mean? They cannot change policy because that would be admitting they were wrong, which means they cannot adapt to changing circumstances. And since circumstances are constantly changing, and have been constantly changing throughout all of recorded history, how can an elitist society avoid going into a negative spiral that can lead to their self-destruction? It cannot be done. It cannot be done, it never has been done and I can assure you that it never will be done.

Inflexibility cannot secure survival. Inflexibility will lead to death and demise and destruction and disaster and deterioration and any other “d” you can come up with. What is the “best” form of government? It is the one that secures the most rapid and sustainable growth in the minds of the people, the capacity of the minds of the people, in the consciousness of the people and of the nation and of humanity. And such a form of government must be flexible. It must be flexible.

The Chohans’ vigil

This is what I wanted to give you in this installment. And we will of course have much more to say. Jesus will give you a discourse on why we chose to include the word Christhood with democracy. But I will seal you for now in the joyful violet flame that I feel. And I want to say as my closing remarks that I am gratified beyond words – almost beyond words – by so many people participating in the Chohans’ vigil. Naturally, all of us are gratified that so many people have participated in this. I am gratified that so many participated in using my book, giving each invocation nine times. And truly this entire vigil, starting with the Maha Chohan and going forward, has built an incredible momentum, an unprecedented momentum on this planet. If you could see what we see, how it has gone into the collective consciousness, created new currents, created swirls and whirlpools that have dissolved old rigid matrices that have opened up many people’s minds, you would be as gratified as we are – if you could see this.

Truly, this has been a major positive impact that you have had on the planet, and I trust that many of you will recognize that it has also had a major positive impact on your own spiritual growth and on your own unfoldment. We look forward to future vigils that you can engage in, especially for the healing of the deeper levels of the psychology going back to the birth trauma*. Truly, the more people, the more ascended-master students we can help overcome their birth trauma and heal that birth trauma, the greater of an impact we can have on the collective consciousness.

You below, we above. As above, so below. We who are above do not have a birth trauma anymore and that is what we wish for you who are below. With this, I seal you in my ever joyful violet flame of freedom.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels


* The masters want us to do a vigil of the Avatar Revelations books. Now we are taking a summer break after the Chohans’ vigil and before continuing with the new vigil in the fall.

Everyone has a personal ideology

Listen to a recording of this dictation (subscribers only)

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 24, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. When we step back from the topic of ideology, look at it from a greater distance, we see that although there are many different ideologies, thought systems, belief systems that have been introduced on earth, and although we see that there are many thought systems that are not normally considered ideologies, we can actually see that there is one particular issue that is common amongst virtually all of them. I started out by saying that one of the things an ideology has to explain is why there is suffering on earth, why there is dissatisfaction on earth. If you consider a planet like earth, that for a very, very long time has been a dense planet (where the population has been in duality, has been manipulated by various power elites, and deceived by various ideologies), how can you explain the fact that people almost universally have a sense that they should not be suffering, that there should be a better way to live, a better society, that there should be a way to escape suffering? 

If you go back to the teaching I gave 2,500 years ago and look at the society in which I gave that teaching, and compare it to the more advanced nations in today’s world, you would see that the way people lived back then was so different from modern society that you almost cannot fathom the difference. You who have grown up in a modern society cannot even begin to imagine how people lived, how people looked at life, how people felt back then. You see that 2,500 years ago, I still gave a teaching based on the concept that there is suffering, but that there is a way out of suffering. Why could I give that teaching if it had not been for the fact that there is a universal recognition in most people that they should not be suffering, that there should be an alternative to suffering. 

The reason for this is of course that you are, as we have said, experiential beings. There is an aspect of experience that goes through all four levels of the material universe. You may say, you are having a physical experience in the physical realm because you are in physical embodiment. But there is an aspect of your experience that is in the emotional, one that is in the mental and one that is in the identity realm. When you look at humankind and the history of humankind, you see that, over this very long-time span (far longer than recorded history) where people have been in embodiment on earth, there are certain patterns, certain matrices, that have been created in the emotional, mental and identity bodies. We might, to use a different terminology, say that there is a certain collective memory that has been established. 

This memory actually goes back to when the earth was a natural planet. For those who have come from other planets, well they have taken with them some of the memory from those planets. This memory is not a theory. You may as a young child have touched a hot stove and burned your finger. You know that the stove is hot and it hurts if you touch it, which means you are not going to do it again. This is not a theory you have. This is not some kind of ideology you have adopted about hot stoves. You are not thinking about this. This is an experience, an experiential memory that you have. Likewise, humankind has a certain experiential memory, in the emotional, mental and identity realms. In the identity realm, there is a collective memory that there is an alternative to suffering.

Fallen beings can only create suffering

Now, you look at the fallen beings and you realize that they do not have this memory. When you fall to a different sphere, your memory is erased. You still have certain things you bring with you from the previous sphere: a certain mindset, certain beliefs, certain separate selves, a certain ideology, a certain state of denial, but the experiential memory is not brought with you. You start all over again, building a new experiential memory in that sphere, and the next sphere, and so on. That is why you actually have some fallen beings that do not have this sense that there should be an alternative to their present state of mind. They think it is the ultimate state of mind. Some fallen beings would not even admit that it is causing them suffering, even though it is causing them constant tension. They think there is no alternative to it. 

The vast majority of human beings on the planet, they have this sense that there should be an alternative to suffering. As I said, the basic question, we might say, on earth is: “Why is there suffering when everybody knows it should not be here?” This of course is what most ideologies attempt to explain because this is the only way that the fallen beings can control people. 

What you see is very simple. The fallen beings can only cause suffering. They are on earth, they have an agenda, it involves or necessitates controlling human beings by forcing them. When you force people into an unnatural state, it causes tension, it causes suffering. The fallen beings cannot exist on the planet without causing suffering. In order to convince people that a certain ideology is valid, superior, infallible, they have to attempt to explain why there is suffering. Of course, they do so, among other things, by pointing the finger at some other group of people and anointing them as the scapegoat who is the cause of suffering. 

What I want to point out here is that if you step back from this, and you look at the fact that there is this collective memory that suffering is not inevitable, then you can see that all ideologies are based on a very particular viewpoint, namely: Something has gone wrong on earth, something has gone wrong in the world, something has gone wrong in the universe. 

People experience they are suffering. They have the memory that it should not be there. What the fallen beings do is they create ideologies and belief systems that say that the reason why there is suffering, that people know should not be there, is because something has gone wrong.

The ideology that something has gone wrong

Now, of course when you look at earth, you will see that the fallen beings have been very good at keeping their own identity, existence and presence secret for the vast majority of people. Even though there is some concepts of a devil and dark forces and this and that, it is still a very rudimentary understanding of this that basically hides the existence of fallen beings on the planet. Therefore, of course it hides the real cause of suffering. It also hides the duality consciousness because an ideology that springs from the duality consciousness cannot expose the duality consciousness. 

What you see is that you have this sense (that has been around for a long time on this planet) that something has gone wrong. Now, this sense that something has gone wrong is not based on experience. You have a previous experience that there was not always suffering so there is an alternative to suffering. Now, you have an experience that there is suffering. You do not actually have this collective experience or memory that something has gone wrong in the universe. You have a memory of the contrast between suffering and non-suffering, but even though you might say that there was a period of time where suffering started, people were not aware why suffering started. They experienced that it started but they did not experience the explanation, the reason why. There is no collective memory of why suffering started. That is why many people are vulnerable to the fallen beings creating an ideology that explains what has gone wrong with the universe, and what is the kind of program that is needed to fix it, what is the struggle that needs to suppress, force or eliminate the scapegoat that is the cause of the suffering.

Now, we have of course given many teachings that the real cause of suffering is that people have gone into the dualistic mindset that can only cause suffering because you act as if you are a separate being. Therefore, you are out of alignment with the basic design principles of the universe, you are resisting the universe, you are resisting what I have called this effortless co-creation, effortless manifestation. You think you have to manifest everything by force. This means that people do not have this deeper understanding that it is their own mindset, the mindset of duality, that causes suffering. As we have explained, the inhabitants of the earth had gone into duality before the fallen beings arrived. They experienced suffering before the fallen beings came, but it was milder than what they experienced after the fallen beings came. 

In a sense, you could say that the ideologies that are being created by the fallen beings have the specific purpose of explaining away the very suffering created by the fallen beings. This is one of the purposes behind the ideologies created by the fallen beings: to hide their own existence, and to hide that they are the cause of suffering. They want to portray that the reason people are suffering is either because of another group of people, or because something has gone wrong with God’s plan for the universe. Then, they furthermore try to portray that this select group of people, this special group of people, they have to do something to correct what has gone wrong with God’s plan because God cannot do it himself. Therefore, this particular group of people on this little planet (that is a speck of dust in the universe), they have to compensate and correct what has gone wrong with God’s plan. This of course is what the fallen beings believe: That it is their destiny to correct the mistakes of God and make the universe function the way it really should be functioning. They have projected this onto the people. In order to explain why there is suffering, they have created ideologies based on the mindset that something has gone wrong.

What is the effect of these ideologies? Well, when such an ideology becomes accepted by a large number of people, they are then beginning to allow this ideology to affect their identity, mental and emotional bodies, meaning that when the energy from the spiritual realm flows through these people’s minds, it is colored by the ideology. This of course can only increase tension. It can only increase conflicts between groups of people, it often leads to war, which of course creates even more suffering. 

Why ideologies cannot remove suffering

What I am seeking to point out here, which actually many people who do not know about fallen beings or ascended masters are ready to see from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, is that while most ideologies promise that they can take people out of suffering, it is a complete lie. It is a complete illusion. The very ideologies that are based on this idea that something has gone wrong, and that some people must correct it by forcing other people, they only increase suffering. 

What you actually see is that you have ideologies that have been developed to explain the suffering created by previous ideologies. This is partly what the philosopher Hegel saw when he talked about the dialectic. There is a thesis, one ideology created out of duality. This ideology, because it is created out of duality, must have an antithesis. There is a struggle between the two and this creates a new state, which he called a synthesis between the two. This synthesis then becomes a new thesis, which attracts an antithesis, and the struggle starts all over again. 

This is what has happened with the ideologies created by the fallen beings. They become often more and more complex, more and more unreasonable and illogical, in order to explain this suffering created by the previous ideologies. Many people are ready to see that this is actually an endless cycle where people can go on endlessly creating new ideologies that supposedly are the final, the absolute, the ultimate ideologies that can explain what the other ideologies could not explain. The alternative is to abandon ideologies, abandon the ideological mindset, and as I have described, use the scientific method to observe how the world works, and then also seek to use your intuitive faculties to receive some higher vision of how the world works. 

We have given teachings previously about this concept that something has gone wrong. We have said that, in reality, nothing has really gone wrong on earth. The earth is a reality simulator. It is created to give people any experience you want. It is perfectly capable of giving you a positive uplifting experience, but if you decide you want a different experience and go into duality, it is capable of giving you any experience you want because it simply out-pictures the collective state of consciousness. Based on this, based on this view that the earth is a reality simulator, what could possibly have gone wrong? 

In the reality simulator, the concept of right and wrong really have no meaning. When you consider free will, and people are allowed to experiment with their free will until they have had enough of whatever experience they are having, what could go wrong there? When you really understand free will, and the purpose of free will and the purpose of allowing people to have any experience they want until they have had enough of it, what could go wrong in God’s universe? Well, nothing. 

From an ascended master perspective, from the perspective of the Creator, you can look at the fallen beings and say: “Did anything go wrong when they fell?” No, because within the Law of Free Will, they are allowed to have that experience. Of course, the fallen beings in their mindset, they experienced that something had gone wrong because they were not allowed to continue to act as if they were the gods on a particular planet. They were humbled, they were confronted with the reality that there was a power greater than them. They consider this to be wrong. They are allowed to have that experience. It is a matter of how long do they need to struggle with this before they give up the struggle? 

Has something really gone wrong? Well, in their minds only. I know very well that if you look at most religions on earth, if you look at previous ascended master teachings, you would look at these teachings and conclude that something had gone wrong because these beings fell and there is all this manipulation and suffering and so on. In reality, nothing has gone wrong. 

The situation of avatars coming to earth

Now this, of course relates especially to those of you who are avatars and who lived on a natural planet, and then decided (when you had reached as far as you could reach on that planet) to come to earth. Before you came to earth, you looked down on this planet and you saw the immense suffering that is taking place here. You felt compassion for people suffering, you felt the desire to help them escape the suffering because you of course knew it was completely unnecessary. You came here with the desire to alleviate suffering because you knew it was not necessary. This does not mean that on a natural planet, you had the concept that suffering was wrong. On a natural planet, you do not have these concepts of right and wrong, but you did see that suffering was not natural, it was not necessary, it was not unavoidable. 

You saw that people were suffering. You felt the compassion for them, and you formulated the desire to help them be free of suffering. You decided to descend to earth and take embodiment here, which means you have to descend to the 48th level of consciousness. You cannot descend with the level of consciousness you had on a natural planet, you have to start at the level where the original inhabitants of the earth started. This means you now inevitably become affected by the consciousness of earth. Then, you experienced the original cosmic birth trauma, as we have called it—you experienced that shock. This is when you directly, on your own body, came to feel that it was wrong that you were exposed to this equation. You came here with the best of intentions, you should not have been attacked by the fallen beings, you should not have been rejected by the original inhabitants. Something happened that should not have happened—this was wrong. 

This is when you become open to being pulled into the fallen beings’  mindset: the dualistic value judgment that something is right, something is wrong. This is when you begin to think that, well, something must have gone wrong on earth since there are these appalling conditions here. Nobody should have been exposed to what you have been exposed to, nobody should be exposed to what most human beings are exposed to on earth. Something must have gone wrong. Then, you create these selves based on this idea, this view, that something has gone wrong. As long as you have these selves, you cannot ascend from earth because you have other selves that project that it is your job, your very purpose for being on earth, to correct what has gone wrong here. Therefore, you cannot leave until this has been corrected. Given that this could take a very long time, this means that your ascension is postponed indefinitely. 


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Ideology.


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How ideology limits human progress

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 24, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. What have I said about people’s reaction to ideology? Let us exemplify it. In many European nations, you saw that during the 60s and 70s, there was a certain group of young people that were pulled into the ideological mindset created by Marxism, socialism, or whatever you want to call it. These people then later came to the realization that Marxism, Marxist ideology, was not what they believed it was and could not fulfill the promises it was making. Some came to this realization when the Soviet Union collapsed. Some came to it before, some after the Soviet Union collapsed. They transferred their allegiance to China, thinking that China would be the communist utopia. But most of them later had to give up on that also, when they started realizing what was actually happening in China and how there was a lack of fundamental human rights.

What was the reaction that people had to this? Some people went into the state of thinking that even though Marxism was not the ultimate ideology, there had to be an ultimate ideology. They started looking for it, and some of them are still looking for the ultimate ideology. Some have found what they think is an ultimate ideology. Some have even found a spiritual teaching that they think is the ultimate ideology. Other people have become discouraged with ideology and have, so to speak, switched into the opposite extreme of what we might call agnosticism or complete disillusionment. They think that either there is no ultimate ideology, or you can never know what the ultimate truth is, or there is no truth whatsoever, there are no higher principles, there is no way to really determine what is a higher truth because human beings are what human beings are. They are trapped in a lower state of consciousness, and they are always fighting, and we will never get beyond it. In other words, there is a certain group of people that have been very enthusiastic about the ideological approach and have become very disillusioned and disappointed with that approach, giving up on the quest to find a higher understanding. 

Some of these people can by your calls be able to snap out of this mindset and realize that this is exactly what the fallen beings want to see happen. As I have said before, the fallen beings want to pull those who have the capacity to bring change into either submitting to an ideology or opposing it so that they are fighting the ideology, which means they are trapped in reacting to an ideology defined by the fallen beings. Therefore, their minds are not open to looking for a higher view. There is of course also the possibility that the fallen beings can make some of these people so disillusioned with an ideology that they give up trying to think there is any kind of higher understanding—I am deliberately not saying “higher truth.” I am saying, higher understanding. This of course is a very unfortunate occurrence, and some people will be able to snap out of it and see that they cannot allow themselves to be discouraged this way. The reality of the situation is that, as I have attempted to explain in great detail, there is no ultimate ideology.

There is no ultimate truth on earth

There is in fact no ultimate truth that could ever be brought forth, but there is always the possibility of attaining a higher understanding than what you have right now. This is the basic principle behind science. As I described it, you need to have a foundation for your scientific inquiry. You need to have some foundation for understanding life on earth. You have a starting point, but when you do not see it as an ultimate ideology that has to be infallible and perfect, you see it as just a starting point for increasing your understanding. You experiment, you make observations, and then you use that to refine your understanding. 

Many people are ready to see that if you look back at known history, you can say that the process that human beings have been going through is a process of raising the understanding of life. Why do you have so much more knowledge today than people had 2,000 or 5,000 years ago? Why do you have so much more technology? Why do many people (in the developed world at least) have a better standard of living than people had in past millennia and centuries? It is because you have a greater understanding of how life works.

You can see when you look at human history that there has been a certain progression in understanding. Many people will be able to see, and are able to see, that this has not been an entirely smooth process. There have been some dramatic shifts. There have been certain periods of time where the expansion of understanding almost came to a halt for a very long time. As we have said, during the so-called Dark Ages, there was still some expansion of understanding, but much slower than it has been in the last century or so. Many people are able to see this and are able to consider why this happens. Therefore, they can come to see that what actually slowed down the expansion of knowledge was that society had become trapped in a specific ideology. They thought it was infallible, and the effect was that this closed people’s minds. The society was not able to think beyond the ideology; it was not able to ask questions beyond the ideology. This of course slows down the expansion of knowledge.

What is the basis for the expansion of knowledge? It is that you expand your present understanding. How do you do this? By asking questions that go beyond your present understanding. If you could not ask questions that are beyond a certain framework, how could you ever transcend that framework? It cannot be done, my beloved. This is just simple mechanics of how the expansion of knowledge works.

Some principles are independent of human beliefs

This then leads to another perspective, or another way of saying the same thing, where many people today are ready to realize that when you observe life on earth, you can see that there are certain mechanics of how the world works that are not dependent on human beliefs. They are timeless. They are universal principles. Regardless of what people have believed in certain time periods, the mechanics were not changed by that. It is very, very simple. There have been time periods where people had the belief that a particular ideology was infallible, and they should never question it or think beyond it. This always slowed down the expansion of knowledge. It can be no other way. You look at the medieval societies and the Dark Ages and you see it so clearly. You look at the Soviet Union, and you see it so clearly.

Why did the Soviet Union collapse? For a variety of reasons. As we have talked about, one reason was that because of the belief in Marxist ideology and this ideology being infallible, there was a limit to what Soviet scientists could discover. There was a limit to how much knowledge could be expanded in the Soviet Union because of the ideological constraints. In the West, where they did not have those strict ideological constraints, science during the 60s and 70s and 80s started making progress beyond what was being made in the Soviet Union. Therefore, it was simply inevitable that there would come a time where the West would be so far ahead of the Soviet Union scientifically that the Soviet Union could not keep up in the arms race. They could not keep creating weapons that could defend themselves against what the West was creating. You see this exemplified in the entire debate created when Ronald Reagan proposed his Star Wars Defense, space-based weapons that could shoot down ICBMs with nuclear warheads. Therefore, in essence, make nuclear war obsolete or impossible. Whether this was a realistic technology at the time or not, this actually caused many people in the Soviet Union to realize that they were in the process of falling irreversibly behind the West. They simply could not keep up this sort of stalemate in technology that had kept the Cold War from becoming a hot war, that had maintained some kind of peaceful coexistence between the two systems. Therefore, they started realizing that the Soviet Union had an expiration date, and it was coming up quicker than anyone thought.

Many, many people around the world are able to see this or come to see this very quickly as you reinforce these ideas with your calls, even as they have been projected into the collective consciousness during this conference. Many people will see it. They will be able to give up this ideological approach, at least the belief that an ideology is infallible or that there must be some ultimate ideology that has not yet been discovered or developed. Therefore, they can take the more pragmatic scientific approach of saying: “Let us attempt to discover the mechanics of how life actually works. We can base our society on those mechanics instead.” 

A society based on observations of how life works

What will such a society based on an observation of the mechanics of the world look like? Well, first of all, it will not be a dictatorship. It will not be a society that is steeped in fanaticism. It will not be a society that is elitist. Therefore, it will be a society that has quite some resemblance with what you see in what we call the modern democracies. Democracy is a society that is based on some observation, some understanding, of the mechanics of how life works, which is that all people are connected, all people are equal. This is what you can actually see when you look at human history where you see that elitist societies, as you have seen so many times in the past, have always led to some form of conflict or disaster. There has always been an internal tension, and there has always been the suppression of the majority of the population who have been limited by the elite.

When you observe how human history has unfolded, you see that you can either have these kinds of unbalanced elitist societies, dictatorships, or you can move towards a more democratic form of government where all of the people have some influence, and where there is more of an equality between people. You can also see that the elitist societies were very deeply divided societies. There was a fundamental difference between the elite and the population, perhaps even different groups in the population, as you have seen divisions based on many different things. Many people today are able to see that in order to move into a better society that gives better living conditions to the people, greater freedom, then humankind needs to make an effort to overcome division; the entire idea that people can be divided into separate groups.

Division is inherent in ideologies

Now, what is it that divides people? When you take my explanation of the worldly definition of ideology, you will see that there is a very deep division inherent in all ideologies. They give a certain explanation of how the world works. It is claimed to be ultimate and infallible usually, which creates a greater division between those who accept this explanation and those who do not. As I have said, because of duality and the mechanics of duality, you can never get all people to accept the same idea. A democracy is actually not based on an attempt (in its purest form at least) of getting all people to accept one idea. It is based on a new form of tolerance of different ideas, different beliefs, different kinds of people, and their right to live accordingly. Instead of trying to get everybody to live the same way, according to a particular worldview, a democracy has the tolerance for different beliefs, different ideas, different ways of living, at least to some degree. The only thing that is required in a democracy is that most people have that same tolerance for those who are different. If that tolerance is not there, then a democracy has various problems, which I am not going to go into right now.

What many people can see is that democracy is really a logical step in the evolution of humankind. When you look back at history, you can see that there have been so many examples of how divisions between people have caused conflict, and conflict always causes suffering. Therefore, the only way to really overcome suffering is to overcome conflict, and the only way to overcome conflict is to overcome division. This is of course in alignment with the Christ mind, who is pulling the world up, pulling humanity up, towards the recognition that all life is one and comes from the same source, and there are no real divisions between human beings. 

Even if people are not ready to grasp this, they can at least grasp that democracies prove that the world is moving towards less and less division between people. This means that many people are ready to acknowledge that the function of ideologies has really been defining and reinforcing divisions between people, and they are therefore ready to take a look at ideologies and use ideologies in the broadest possible sense as any kind of thought system that defines or reinforces fundamental, inescapable, unbreachable divisions between people. They literally define that people are fundamentally different, whether they were created that way by God or created that way by nature.

Based on this recognition that we need to overcome division, and that many ideologies reinforce or define divisions, many people will be able to take a look at the thought systems, the beliefs that they have. Of course, it is fairly easy to look at what you normally would consider an ideology and see how many ideologies have defined fundamental divisions. We have talked about the Christian religion defining a division between Christians and non-Christians. The Muslim religion is doing the same. We can see that the Hindu religion defined the concept that there are four castes of human beings that are fundamental divisions created by God, and you can never move between the castes. This is a system that society, after thousands of years, has not completely freed itself from.

Beliefs that people never question

You can also begin to see, and many people will begin to see, that there are many different thought systems that are not normally seen as ideologies, but they still reinforce these divisions. This can open up a new awareness where many, many people begin to question many different things. This of course leads to another realization that there is a need to broaden people’s understanding of what is an ideology or at least what is a thought system that creates division. This leads to a realization that there are actually many of these thought systems that function exactly the same as an ideology, but people would never consider them to be ideologies. They do not even think that they are thought systems that have been particularly defined by anybody. They are just simply beliefs that people have been brought up with and take for granted and never question.

It is almost as if there has been this veil over humankind for a very long time. You look back at every historical period, every generation, they have had certain ideas and beliefs that they took for granted and could not question. They did not see them as ideas that had been defined by some source. They thought this is just the way life is. It is self-evident. It is obvious, and that is the way it is, and there is no reason to question it. In other words, they did not see it as an ideology that could be opposed by an opposing ideology. There was nothing in people’s minds that prompted them to challenge these beliefs. Now, what you who are ascended master students can grasp is that this is not a correct view. There are no beliefs on earth that just happened to appear. They were all engineered by the fallen beings for the specific purpose of controlling people, trapping their minds in blind alleys. They are, in a sense, all ideologies because they are defined specifically to control people.

What is the most effective way to imprison people? Well, you can take a person, you can put them in chains, you can chain him inside a dark cell in a basement where the sun never shines and he is, in a very effective way, imprisoned. The only problem is, he cannot fail to realize that he is imprisoned, and therefore he has a desire to escape. The most effective way to imprison people is to do it in such a way that they do not even realize they are imprisoned. They do not realize they are limited. They do not realize how limited they are. They might even think they are free because they do not recognize that their chains are chains that limit them, that limit their movement. 

During the Middle Ages, here in Europe, most people believed that the earth was flat. They believed that they lived on the one and only continent there was, which was like an island surrounded by an ocean. If you sailed out in the same direction across the ocean, you would reach the edge of this disc, this round disc of the earth, and you would fall off and there would be dragons and it would be very unpleasant for you. What was the effect of this? The effect was that nobody dared to sail out on the ocean and continue to go in the same direction. There were some discoverers that started, but they followed land. They followed the contours of the land. You see that medieval people, medieval Europeans, were imprisoned, but they did not realize they were imprisoned because they did not believe that the belief in a flat earth was a belief. They thought it was a fact. That is just the way it is. There is nothing we can do about it. 

This is an example of how you can use an idea, which everybody today realizes was unrealistic, was an illusion, to imprison people without them realizing they were imprisoned. Many people are ready to grasp this, and look at history and see how many past civilizations have been imprisoned by ideas that people in today’s world, at least in the modern democracies, can clearly see were illusions. They were simply wrong, they were out of touch with reality.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Ideology.


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The inescapable tension of the ideological mindset

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 24, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. I trust that those of you who have heard and are willing to study and read the dictation I gave as my last discourse, will realize that free will gives you the right to go into the mindset where you think that you are capable of defining your own environment, the principles that should guide the unfoldment of your world, at least on a planetary level. I trust you recognize that this is an experience that is allowed. It is an experience that is allowed. You are allowed to change your experience, but you are of course not allowed or capable of changing the way the entire creation works, the way your world of form works, or even the design principles that the Elohim defined when they created your particular planet. 

You are allowed to think you have changed reality but you are not allowed to change reality—and why is this? Partly because you have a lower state of consciousness, you are still focused on yourself instead of one with the whole. Partly because there are many other beings in your unascended sphere and your free will cannot override their free will. The purpose of allowing this outplaying of free will in this way, is to give you an experience until you have had enough of the experience and therefore, you are willing to transcend that state of consciousness. What I have called the ideological state of consciousness where you are creating an image in your mind that is out of touch with the reality of how your world of form works. You are allowed to do this to get the experience, but you do not have the power to actually change reality. What does this mean? Well, it means that when you are in the ideological state of mind, you are out of touch with reality, with the reality of how life actually works. 

Now, as I said, you are allowed to have the experience that you are creating your own world and you are defining how it should work, but you are not allowed to have that experience forever because that is not what you actually want as the highest self that created the extension of itself that is in embodiment. There has to be a mechanism that can bring you back to an upward path. You are allowed to go into a blind alley but there has to be, no matter how far you go into that blind alley, some mechanism that can pull you back. What is that mechanism? Well, it is the fact that you can create the experience that you are in command, that you are in control of your planet, but the experience exists only in your mind. It does not exist in reality. There is always a tension between reality and the image you have created in your mind. The tension exists only in your mind, but the mechanism works this way that the more you go into seeking to reinforce your image, the more tension you create in your mind. Therefore, there will come a point where your mind breaks, your mind can no longer handle the strain, it can no longer uphold the effort that it takes to reinforce the image. Now, this is something that you can benefit from considering. 

The ideological mindset has an element of force

We have talked about natural planets. Those of you who are avatars will be able to lock in to the reality of what we are saying because deep in your memory, you have the experience of being on a natural planet. For the inhabitants of the earth, it can be somewhat more difficult, but some of you will at least remember that there was a state before the planet went into duality. Not necessarily consciously, but you can tune in to it so that you can intuitively sense the reality of what we are saying. What is it that happens on a natural planet? How do you create on a natural planet? We have said that you create essentially the same way you do on an unnatural planet. You formulate a mental image, you project it upon the Ma-ter Light, and the Ma-ter Light takes on the form of the image. 

The difference between a natural and an unnatural planet is that on a natural planet, you are formulating the image, first of all, based on a sense that you are connected to your higher self, you are connected to other people, you are part of a whole. You are also formulating it with a fluid mind, an open mind, a liquid mind, a flexible mind. You are doing it for the purpose of learning something. You formulate the image, you project it, you look at the result. Then, you evaluate: “Do I want to refine my mental image based on the results I see?” What does this mean? This means that for you, when you are on a natural planet, you are experiencing that co-creation is an effortless process. It does not take effort to co-create on a natural planet, the way it does on an unnatural planet. The reason for this is that the vision you formulate may not be the highest vision, but it is not in opposition to the basic design principles of how your planet operates. It is not seeking to force other people. There is no element of force in your mind. You do not have the attitude that you live in a hostile universe where you need to force your will upon the universe or upon other people. You do not see a need to force anything. You are just projecting the image, you are seeing the result, you are adjusting the image in your mind. Your mind is constantly flexible. You are not fixated on a particular point. You are constantly learning, constantly transcending yourself, constantly growing. For you, co-creation is a process of self-transcendence. It is not a matter of achieving specific outer results. The purpose is not to produce results, but to transcend your level of consciousness. 

Now, when you make the switch that we have talked about: We have said you can go into duality, you can become self-centered, you can (as we now say in this teaching) go into the “ideological mindset,” there is a switch that happens. You are now no longer in touch with the basic design principles because your whole idea is that you can design your own principles and you can do it better than the beings who designed your world, whether you see it as Elohim, or you see it as God in some ultimate sense. You think, or at least the fallen beings who fell in the fourth sphere, think that they can do better than God, they can design a world in a better way than God can. Now, as I said, the Creator has spent a long time attaining the creator consciousness and therefore has experiences of what works and what does not work. 

Even those beings who have set themselves up on these planets in the fourth sphere, they had only had the span of that one sphere and it was an unascended sphere. They had never even experienced an ascended sphere. Naturally, they did not have the awareness of the Creator, but they thought that they were still capable of defining how a world should work and they could do it better than God. When you go into this state of mind, you are not seeking to learn, you are formulating a mental image, but it is not as an experiment. Your mental image is a final, absolute image. You believe in your mind: “This is the truth. This is how the world should work.” Therefore, you are projecting it upon the Ma-ter Light. You are not doing this in order to get feedback that can help you refine your image or your state of consciousness. You want the Ma-ter Light to conform to your mental image and validate your mental image and never challenge your mental image. In this very process, there is an element of force in your mind. There is a tension that has happened because you feel that your image must be out-pictured in exact detail by the Ma-ter Light. If it is not, you have failed, you have made a mistake, you are wrong. This is the mindset you go into. Naturally, there is that element of force where you want the Ma-ter Light to conform to your mental image. 

The inescapable strain of seeking to force matter

We now have a subtle distinction to make here. We have said that free will reigns supreme and that the inhabitants of a planet have a right to change a lot of things on their planet, including the basic thing of densifying matter, making matter more dense. It is clear that not necessarily one unascended being, but certainly a critical mass of inhabitants of a planet, can change the planet in certain ways, they can change matter on their planet in certain ways. However, they cannot uphold this indefinitely. In order to change matter or to densify matter, force is needed. There needs to be a constant force applied through the minds of people and this means that there is that strain. Individuals feel it. Collectively, humanity on earth feels that strain. This is part of what creates the Sea of Samsara, part of what creates suffering, the constant strain of forcing a mental image upon matter because naturally matter can be changed but only temporarily. 

As we have said, the earth is a reality simulator. Matter really is not matter. It is an image that is projected, but there is always a “force” that seeks to return matter to its natural state. There is a possibility that the inhabitants of the planet can take the planet to a lower level, and thereby make the planet an unnatural planet. There is always a “force” that seeks to return matter or return the planet to a natural planet. In other words, de-densifying matter. We have called this “force” the second law of thermodynamics to refer to modern science. In Hinduism, it could be called the wrath of Shiva that breaks down all structures. Whatever you call it, there is this “force” and this means that in order to keep matter in a certain state, constant force needs to be applied. This is of course the mechanism that makes it possible for people to get out of duality because they can come to that point where they have just had enough of the strain. They do not want to go into this struggle, this suffering, anymore, they want a way out of it. 

What can be changed and what cannot be changed

On the one hand, there is a certain change that can happen on a planet. The inhabitants of a planet can create actual changes in matter, which they then experience through their physical senses. We can say, as just one effect, that human beings on earth are, through your physical senses and your minds, only perceiving the material realm, the physical octave. You are not perceiving the emotional, mental or identity realms or the spiritual realm. A few people, maybe they have clairvoyance, they have second sight whatever you call it, they have intuitive experiences. In general, people are perceiving through their minds only what comes through the physical senses. This is one effect of the densification of matter. There are many others, but as an example. However, has this changed the fact that the world of form, the unascended sphere, earth, has four octaves? Of course not. There are still four octaves. It is just that people cannot see them. 

This points to the second aspect of what makes it possible for people to experience that they are in control of their world and they have changed their world. It is that the real change that happens is of course in people’s minds. People cannot perceive the three higher octaves, but it does not mean those octaves are not there. It is just that there has been a change in people’s minds instead of being a change in how the world actually works. 

There are some changes that can happen, that the people can manifest. You can densify the physical octave and matter in the physical octave, you can also densify the emotional realm and create these energetic vortexes in the mass consciousness, create these beasts, create even demons. You can densify the mental realm so it becomes much more difficult for people to think clearly. You can densify the identity realm that limits how people see what they can and cannot do as human beings. It does not change reality as such. It changes what the reality simulator is projecting as a temporary image, but the moment your projection upon the Ma-ter Light stops, the Ma-ter Light will start going back to a natural state. In order to uphold it, you need this constant tension. 

Now, as I said, people are not actually seeing that there is anything beyond the material world. This is because matter has been densified. There is an energy veil that blocks them, most people, from seeing this. Beyond this, when it comes to the ideology, the mental image that beings are projecting, there is a process that takes place in their own minds. It is the process we have talked about many times where your basic view of life, your worldview, your ideology (as we now say) forms a perception filter. The fallen beings are completely obsessive-compulsive, completely frantic, completely fanatic, about maintaining their mental image. They are in as absolute of a state of denial as you can go into. Nothing is absolute in an unascended sphere, nevertheless, they are in a very, very deep state of denial. They absolutely must uphold the illusion that they are right, that they cannot be wrong. In order to uphold that illusion, they go into this state of denial, they use a perception filter to filter out anything that contradicts the illusion.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Ideology.


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How ideology led to the fall

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 23, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. I have now taken you through the worldly definition of ideology and I have given you the ascended master perspective on this definition. We will now go beyond the worldly definition and consider ideology from a broader perspective, an ascended master perspective. 

One of the things we have given you is that the basic law of an unascended sphere is free will. We have explained this several times from various perspectives, but I want to give it again here even though it may overlap what we have said previously. What does free will mean? Well, it means essentially that all individual beings have been given unrestricted free will. This does not mean that they can choose anything, because they can only choose among the options they can see. In other words, the options they can see in their minds based on their level of understanding, their level of consciousness, the current worldview that they have—among these options, they are free to choose. 

Exercising free will on a natural planet

Now, when you consider a natural planet, how do beings on a natural planet exercise their free will? Well, on a natural planet, you have an awareness that even though you are an individual being, you are part of a whole, you are connected to something greater than yourself. You have a sense of connection to your I AM Presence, whether you call it that or not, and you have a sense of connection to the other beings on your planet. Therefore, you know that you are living in a world that you did not personally create. You know that someone else has defined or created this world, and you are starting out as a new being and you have a limited sense of self, a limited sense of awareness. You are seeking to expand it, but you know you do not have the awareness to have created the world in which you live. You know that some being with a greater awareness than you created this world and you also have at least some understanding that this being designed the world based on certain principles. Part of the purpose was to create a world that was sustainable, that would not self-destruct, that would not cause suffering for the inhabitants. In other words, there is a benevolent intent behind the definition of the basic principles that created your world, and it is to give people a positive, uplifting experience where they do not suffer. 

Based on this, on a natural planet, how are you seeking to expand your awareness? Well, you are doing so by experimenting with your co-creative abilities, your co-creative abilities. You are experimenting, you are formulating an image in your mind, you are superimposing it upon the Mat-er Light. When you see the result out-pictured by the Mat-er Light, you use this to evaluate your own state of consciousness, your own vision, and therefore, to expand your own vision. 

What is it that enables you to look at what you have manifested and learn from it? Well, it is that you know there are certain principles, and you understand (and certainly you are told by the teachers you have) that the way to maximize your creative potential is to come to understand the design principles upon which your world is based. Now, you could say: “Well, but if you have spiritual teachers on a natural planet, why don’t they just explain these creative principles to all the other people on the planet?” What would be the purpose of that? How would that help you grow? 

You are put in an environment where you cannot easily hurt yourself and other people. You are given guidance as to how to interpret the results that you manifest, but there is a lot of room for you to make your own discovery, to have your own insights coming to you from within. As a co-creator, you are not meant to be told from without. You are meant to discover from within so that you internalize what you discover, instead of just learning it as some intellectual understanding. Again, I have talked about the difference between the thing and the understanding of it. On a natural planet, you are seeking to get the experience so that you internalize what you learn, instead of just understanding it at a distance. It becomes part of your being and therefore, you truly have internalized the lesson. As you grow on a natural planet, you gradually discover the design principles upon which the world works. You learn how to co-create in a way that not only does not harm yourself and others, but actually benefits others, benefits the whole to the maximum degree. This is how free will is exercised on a natural planet. 

How the first beings fell

Now, we have said that after the first beings fell in the fourth sphere, the fifth sphere was created with two levels so that there was a level where the fallen beings could exist and where the new beings in that sphere could exist. What you see is that the fallen beings of course were not experimenting this way, so we now go to the fourth sphere, and we say: “Well, if the fourth sphere was created with just one level, would it not stand to reason that all planets were created as what we call natural planets?” The question is: How could beings who have evolved on a natural planet, how could they come to the point where they could fall? What created the situation in the fourth sphere where the first beings could get themselves in a state of consciousness that they were not willing to give up, causing them to fall instead of ascending with their sphere? 

In order to understand this, you need to look at the full range of free will. You can, for a very long time, experiment with your free will within the framework, the design principles, that determined the design of your particular planet. You can learn how these design principles work. You can even learn how the general design principles for the entire universe work. Therefore, you can come to a greater understanding of the consequences of your choices. You understand that if you follow the design principles that guide your particular planet, you will not harm yourself, you will not harm other beings, you will not harm the planet—you will create in a positive spiral. 

One of the logical consequences of giving beings free will is that there is a possibility that some beings can come to the point where they have a certain understanding of the design principles that were defined by those who had created their planet. They may see them as ascended masters, they may see them as God, however they conceive of it. They are saying: “I have now lived on this planet for a long time. I have learned how the planet works, but I have learned this within the context of principles designed by other beings. Now, why should I always be confined to exercising my free will within those restraints created by other beings? Why couldn’t I define my own environment in which to exercise my free will?” 

Now, you will see that already in thinking this way, something has happened to these beings that does not happen to all beings. The vast majority of co-creators do not feel that the design principles for their particular planet, or for the universe, are a limitation for them. In fact, they are a liberation for them because it allows them to create something that is sustainable. In the fourth sphere, there were a few beings who came to the point where they started thinking: “If I really have free will, I should be allowed to create my own environment, to define my own principles for how life works on my planet.” Of course, this is within the principle of free will. 

When a co-creator comes to this particular mindset (and again, not everybody has to come to that), but when a particular co-creator comes to this mindset, adopts this mindset, then the co-creator must be allowed to act out that mindset in order to experience the consequences of it. This is why you had these few planets where a certain being had set itself up as the ultimate authority on that planet. This being was the one who now defined the principles for how life should work on that planet. Now, does this mean that this being could define these principles any way it wanted, any way it could conceive off? Yes, it does. There were a few beings who came to this point where they desired to define their own world, and the Ma-ter Light, the reality simulator on that particular planet, then conformed to this vision, especially as that being began to convince others that these principles were the real principles so that a greater number of people began to accept this vision. 

Now, what did I just say? The vast majority of co-creators are using the real world as a frame of reference for their co-creative activities. They are seeking to discover more and more of the design principles for how the world works. They are not seeking to define these principles, they are seeking to discover how the ascended masters who created their planet, or the Elohim, defined those principles. This is a process of discovery, not a process of definition. 

There is a constant interaction here where these beings are not having a fixed image in their minds. They will have a certain image in their minds. As you grow up, as you evolve even on a natural planet, you need to have some kind of image of how you think the world works because otherwise you cannot even start co-creating. You are given a certain image as a foundation and then you gradually expand upon it, but you are constantly seeking to compare your image to the results you get back from the material universe. In other words, does the universe actually work the way I think it works? Then, of course you have the other option on a natural planet, which is that you do have spiritual teachers and as you expand your consciousness, you can ask for their help and their direction. 

Basically, you could say that there are two ways that a co-creator can discover the design principles. One is through asking for help, asking for direction from those who know more and the other is by experimenting and comparing the results that are produced to your understanding. Do the results match your understanding, and if they do not, then you realize you need to raise your understanding. How else could it be, because you know that if you had the full understanding, you would be able to co-create anything you wanted. These are the two ways: There is a frame of reference you have from outside yourself, you know there are spiritual teachers who have a higher level of consciousness than you have. Then, there is the constant comparing of your mental image to the results you produce. 

Now, as a result of free will outplaying itself, there were a few people in the fourth sphere, a few beings, who came to this point where they decided that this was a restriction for them. Why should they have to listen to spiritual teachers? Why should they have to compare their vision to the results being produced? Why should they not be able to define their own environment, their own principles, where there were no advanced teachers who could tell them what to do, and where matter would simply conform to their vision—not that they would have to refine their vision and conform to matter. Again, this was allowed as an outplaying of free will,.

You now have a being on a planet who gets itself into this state of mind where it decides that it wants to define its own environment. It does not want anyone to interfere—these were not really necessarily ascended masters on all natural planets, there were beings embodied on the natural planets who had a higher level of awareness so that they could interact directly with the beings on the planet. In other words, you did not need revelation from the ascended realm because you had teachers right there in physical embodiment, we might say, on a natural planet. On these specific planets, there was a being who decided: “I do not want these teachers on the planet.” By the law of free will, then, these teachers withdrew out of physical embodiment so that there was no teacher that could serve as a frame of reference. 

Co-creating without a frame of reference

Then, the being who had set itself up as the leader on this planet, decided that it did not want to compare its results to its frame of mind, to its mental image, because it wanted the experience that its mental image would be out-pictured by matter in its exact form. In other words, its mental image did not need to be refined, did not need to be expanded upon. It was complete, it was the way it should be and matter just had to conform to that image. 

Now, what happened in this process? Well, this being created a mental image of how the universe was supposed to work and that mental image became what we have called an ideology. It was a set of ideas of how the universe is supposed to work and now this being not only attempted to use its co-creative abilities to project that image on the Ma-ter Light, but it also attempted to convince other people that this vision was true so that they would use their co-creative abilities to project the image upon the Ma-ter Light. 

In other words, this being now said: “Away with the authority of the spiritual teachers. Away with the authority of comparing our mental images to observations. I am the ultimate authority on this planet.” If the being could convince a critical mass of people on the planet to accept this mental image and to start projecting according to that image, then the Law of Free Will mandated that the reality simulator would reflect back physical conditions that corresponded to the image. Now, this led to a situation where, for a very, very long period of time, the inhabitants of one of these planets could make quite dramatic changes to what you would call, in your sphere, physical matter. They could create a change to how the planet looked. They could even change a lot of things according to their vision of how they could manifest whatever they desired. 

You look at this situation and you realize that the being who was the leader on such a planet had of course gone into a state of separation. It had separated itself from its spiritual teachers, it had separated itself from observation so it had no frame of reference from outside itself. This being had become a law unto itself, a self-referential system, the ultimate authority. It had even begun to believe that it had a certain godlike status because it could define how the universe is supposed to work. 

The question now is: You have a world of form that is created by your Creator, who has defined certain principles. Now, your Creator was not created as a creator with the creator consciousness. It went through a long process of attaining the creator consciousness, and during this process, your Creator learned what can create a sustainable creation, a sustainable world of form, a world a form that will not self-destruct, that will not cause the inhabitants of that world to suffer. This is what you learn in order to become a creator: How to create something sustainable, that does not cause suffering. The basic, we might say, design principle for any world of form is sustainability and that it does not create suffering. Because of free will, the inhabitants of a world of form can create their own suffering, but the Creator of the world of form does not define the world in such a way that it inevitably creates suffering. In other words, suffering is never forced upon anyone; it can only be the result of choices. We now see that the Creator of your world of form has this creator level consciousness, has this understanding of how to create a world that is sustainable, that does not force suffering upon the inhabitants. Of course, those beings in the fourth sphere who had set themselves up as god-like creatures on their particular planet, they had not gone through this process. They were created as new co-creators in the fourth sphere. They did not have the experience. Therefore, they were not able to function as creators, they were not able to define a world that was sustainable and that would not force suffering upon its inhabitants. 

The experience of being like a god

Why would they then be allowed to go into this state of mind? Because of free will. In other words, free will does not mandate that a being in an unascended sphere is allowed to set itself up as a god in its sphere on a particular planet. What free will mandates is that a being in an unascended sphere must be allowed to have the experience of being like a god who is defining the principles on its planet and imposing those principles upon others. You see, it is not that an unascended being can become a god who can define its own principles, but it is allowed to have the experience. 

What is the purpose of allowing a being to have this experience? Well, once the being has had the experience and has realized the limitations of this approach, then the being has learned an important lesson that can bring it closer to the creator consciousness. Not that it will be close, but it will be closer. In other words, the experience of thinking you can define your own world and your own principles can be part of the growth process. That is why the being is not allowed to become a god, but it is being allowed to have the experience of being as a god who is defining how matter works on this particular planet. Of course, the basic principle behind your creation is sustainability and that suffering is not forced upon anyone. 

What is sustainability? Sustainability means self-transcendence. In other words, it is impossible in any world of form to create something that never changes. It is simply one of the design principles behind any world of form. You have innumerable worlds of forms created by innumerable creators. They are very, very different in the actual form they take. They are all based on this principle of sustainability, which means self-transcendence. A world of form can only sustain itself in the long run by constantly transcending itself. This is a universal principle that was not even designed by your Creator. This means that when a being on one of these planets sets itself up as defining the principles, sets itself up as a god we might say, then it is allowed to have the experience, but only for a time. If it could have that experience forever, it would go against the principle of sustainability through transcendence. 

What inevitably will happen is that this being can set itself up as having the experience that it is the god who can define how the world works and it can have that experience for a time. After some time, there are certain things that will begin to happen. First of all, even though this leader and all of those who follow the leader on the planet, have a certain freedom to manifest whatever they want on their planet, there will come a point where what they manifest begins to have certain limitations. There is a certain break-down process that begins to happen. This causes a certain tension, and this causes suffering. It can cause physical suffering, but it also causes a certain mental suffering because suddenly, the beings on the planet and the leader begin to doubt that the principles they have created or defined, work the way they are supposed to work. Can they really give them the results they want? 

This is simply the safety mechanism that is applied when people use their free will to go into this state of mind. For a time, you can have the experience: “Yes, I am a god, I can do anything I want. I can manifest anything I want. I can define how this planet should be.” Then, after a time that sense begins to break down. The purpose is of course, the highest potential is, that this leader will come to the point where he realizes: “I have had this experience of being like a god long enough, I have had enough of this experience, I am tired of it, I want something more.” Then, it can again join the upward path of the rest of its sphere. There are examples, both from the fourth sphere and from later spheres, where a planet has gone into this kind of a spiral. After a time, the leader and a critical mass of the followers have come to this realization: We have had enough of this experience. The planet has been turned back into an upward spiral and become a natural planet again and it has ascended with the rest of the universe, with the rest of the sphere. 


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Ideology.


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Ideologies as a means of control

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 23, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. In this next installment in the discourses I have planned for this conference, we are going to look at the last of the five elements that traditional sources define as part of ideology. We have talked about the explanation of how the world works, the program for change, the portrayal of a struggle and the quest or the demand for commitment. The fifth element defined is that, although an ideology seeks to appeal to a broad range of people, the broad population, it always defines that there is a particular group that are more suited to grasping, interpreting and implementing the ideology. 

These are often portrayed as intellectuals. As you very clearly saw how in many Western nations during the 60s and 70s, it was the intellectuals who were enamored by the ideology of Marxism. They were clearly enamored with it from a distance because they had not experienced how it actually was to live in a Marxist society, such as the Soviet Union. Had they experienced this, most of them would have been disillusioned and very disappointed and would have had to question their ideology. When you only see it from a distance, how do you question the ideology? What frame of reference do you have once you have entered the ideological mindset that I talked about in my last discourse? 

Now, it is of course correct that many ideologies first of all are appealing to intellectuals. Ideologies are based on ideas. Ideas are dealt with by the mental mind. Therefore, of course people who are focused in the mental mind are more likely to be enamored by the ideas and to feel that they are the only ones who can really understand and interpret the ideas. As I have said, an ideology must appeal to various groups of people so when you go beyond the worldly interpretation, what is really going on here? What is it that an ideology really seeks to do? 

Well, an ideology of course seeks to control people, and it wants to control their actions. It is not so easy to directly control people’s actions. You can just see how you yourself can be walking through a store and suddenly you feel an impulse to buy a certain type of food that you do not normally buy. So on a whim, your behavior can change. With “you” of course I mean people in general. It is not that easy to control people at the level of actions. 

How ideologies are used to control people

The fallen beings know that in order to really control people, you also have to work with the three higher bodies. You have to attempt to control their emotions. Again, controlling the emotions at the level of emotions is not so easy either. Emotions can also change on a whim. For seemingly no obvious reason, you can suddenly feel an emotion that you have not felt for some time. 

You also need to control people’s thoughts. Controlling people’s thoughts at the level of the mental mind is actually easier than controlling the emotions and the actions. But it is still not completely easy because the intellectual mind can, as we have said, argue for or against any point. At the mental level, a person who has convinced himself or herself that a certain ideology is true, could at any moment suddenly consider the opposite argument that questions the ideology. In order to really control people, you actually have to go to the highest level, the level of identity. 

What an ideology seeks to do is to control people’s sense of identity, how they see themselves, how they see themselves in relation to the world. What ideologies generally do is that they tend to create three groupings of people. First of all, we have the people who are convinced, are converted, by the ideology. They enter the ideological mindset. They are the ones who are actively promoting and implementing the ideology. This is one group and they identify themselves in that way. They identify themselves as belonging to the elite who can grasp, interpret and implement this ideology and thereby be the driving force in bringing the defined changes. 

Then, the next group you have, which is usually the largest part of the population, are the people who do not particularly grasp or understand the ideology. They have at least some sense or some hope that the ideology can fulfill its promises, can deliver the kind of society and give them the benefits that have been outlined in the ideology. They have so to speak submitted themselves to the ideology. They may have submitted because they believe it can work and they believe that the ruling class, the architects, will be able to make it work. They have in a sense voluntarily submitted themselves, thinking that the changes will come at some point. 

There is also another gradation of this submission where people felt/feel that there was/is no point in resisting the ideology, or they cannot resist the ideology. You saw in the Soviet Union for example how in the beginning, there was a larger group of people that had the hope that communism could deliver. After the ascent of Stalin and the brutality that he implemented, the vast majority of people simply submitted themselves because they felt they could not resist. There was no point in resisting and it was better to be alive than to be dead. You see that what actually happens to this second group of people is that they become pacified. They go into a pacified state of mind, a passive state of mind. They submit to what we might call the ruling elite of society. 

Then, of course you have the third group of people, those who are resisting the ideology. They become the scapegoat, they become the enemy. You will see that for all three groups, their sense of identity can be affected. During communism, you saw that there was a certain group of people who identified themselves as the ruling class of the classless society. They were the party elite, they were those who implemented the will of the party by doing whatever was necessary to force the people to conform. They identified themselves as the most advanced people, the most powerful people, the ones who were right and the ones who were the guardians of the ideology. Then, you had the large group of people who simply submitted to conditions as they were, and they accepted that they were basically powerless. They were powerless to change the system, to change the fundamentals. They had to just make the best of whatever situation was perpetrated upon them from above. 

Then, of course you saw during communist times there was a group of people who came to identify themselves as anti-communists, those who were fighting against communism. There were not so many of them in the Soviet Union because of the brutality of Stalin. There were many of them outside the Soviet Union, primarily in the United States. You can see that there were people in the United States during the height of the Cold War, who identified themselves as those whose destiny it was to prevent or stop the spread of communism. Even though they rejected communist ideology, they were still identifying themselves in relation to the communist ideology. You had those who accepted the ideology, and who identified themselves based on the ideology. You had those who rejected the ideology, but still identified themselves as being in opposition to the ideology, as the anti-communists. Then, you had the large group of people in between who just identified themselves as normal human beings trying to get by and make the best of whatever situation there was, but they still identified themselves as passive. 

Locking people in a struggle against each other

You see the groupings of people, those who are for, those who are against. Both groups are active, feel empowered. Then, you see the large group of people who are passive. You may think, if you look at the communist ideology, that it was aimed primarily at those who identified themselves as communists, but it was not. It was aimed equally at those who resisted communism because communism also forced these people to enter a certain sense of identity that was unbalanced. It was very much in relation to communism and therefore, they were simply dualistic polarities. The communists, the anti-communists, both had their sense of identity profoundly affected by it. Then, there was the large group of people who identified themselves as passive, and this is exactly what the fallen beings want. 

The fallen beings want the majority of the people to be passive because that makes them easy to control. The fallen beings know (at least the ones in the lower identity realm) that you cannot pacify all people. There is a certain group of people in embodiment at any time that you cannot pacify because they are more active people. They have some kind of ambition, some kind of desire, some kind of vision—and you cannot pacify them. What do you do? Well, you cause them to polarize into those who are actively working for a particular ideology, and those who are actively working against it. 

Now, you have managed to take the most active people and lock them into a struggle against each other, a struggle that ultimately is inconsequential. We have said before that whether communism or capitalism had come to dominate the world, it would still in either way have been a system controlled by a small power elite of fallen beings. It was simply a matter of how you achieve this ultimate control. Do we achieve it by the state taking over all means of production, or by one corporation gradually becoming so powerful that it could destroy all the other competing corporations, and therefore it owned the means of production? That is essentially the idea, the ideology of Marxism and the ideology of capitalism. 

Beyond that, you also have another consideration. The fallen beings know that among the active people on earth, there are two groupings. One group of people are the fallen beings in embodiment. They cannot be pacified, and of course the fallen beings in the higher realms do not want to pacify them. They want the fallen beings in embodiment to work for their agenda, and their agenda is not to spread a certain ideology. It was ultimately the fallen beings in the lower identity realm who inspired both capitalism and communism. There were of course fallen beings in the mental realm that were also involved and even some in the emotional realm, but they inspired both ideologies. 

Both capitalism and communism undermine democracy

They knew that whenever you create one ideology, you also create an opposite dualistic polarity so they were quite content with creating these two opposing ideologies. Their purpose was not really to make one dominant. At a certain level, yes, this was the goal of both ideologies. But for the fallen beings who started this entire confrontation, they did not care whether it was communism or capitalism that ultimately won because either way, they would get the kind of society that they could control. Both of these ideologies were actually an attempt to undermine democracy because they saw that democracy was on its way, that they could not hold it back. They attempted to create these two ideologies where communism claimed to be some form of democracy where people could vote, even though there was only one party to vote for. Of course, capitalism was meant to undermine the democratic nations from an economic angle, taking over through money what they could not take through direct power in a democratic nation where each person has one vote. 

Really, the declared goal of these ideologies was not a major concern to the fallen beings who started the whole spiral. It was a goal to some fallen beings in the mental realm. There were fallen beings in the mental realm who were convinced that communism was the only true ideology, there were those who were convinced that capitalism was the only true ideology. They were working to make their ideology win. They were competing with the other fallen beings to see who could win. This is one reason the fallen beings cannot completely take over a planet because, as we have said, they are always divided, they are always competing against each other about who has ultimate power. In this competition for ultimate power, they lose ultimate power. 

Now, there is a group among the active people who are fallen beings in embodiment, and the fallen beings in the higher realms are seeking to activate these people and draw them into working for them. There were falling beings in the mental realm who were trying to recruit some fallen beings in embodiment to fight for communism, and other fallen beings who were trying to recruit fallen beings to fight for capitalism—many among the huge capitalists and basically the monopoly capitalists of the 1800s. Even later, business leaders have been fallen beings and are fallen beings today. 

Fooling avatars into fighting for or against an ideology

There is another group among the active people, and those are the avatars and the most advanced of the original inhabitants of the earth. With avatars I use this term broadly, for people who have come to earth from other planets. Not all of them have necessarily been natural planets, but most of them have been more advanced than earth. 

You have this group of people who are on earth, and they have (whether it is avatars or the original inhabitants) a higher state of consciousness than the average person. That is why they cannot be pacified. They know they are here to do something positive, to make a difference. They need a sense of purpose, they need a sense that they are useful, that they are doing something good, that they are making a difference and all of these feelings.

These people are of course the major threat to the fallen beings, and they know this very, very well. They know that especially the avatars, but also the more mature original inhabitants, are a threat to their control of the earth. What do they do? Well, they attempt to do many different schemes, but in terms of our current topic of ideology, they seek to draw the avatars into supporting an ideology, or fighting against that same ideology. They do this primarily to prevent them from doing what is their highest potential, which is of course to raise their consciousness to the level of the Christ consciousness and begin to express their Christhood. This is what they want to prevent. They, with all might, want to prevent another Jesus from walking the earth in a physical body, another person with that level of Christhood from walking the earth—or even lower levels of Christhood. 

One of their main diversionary tactics has always been to get these avatars to fight for a cause that they think is a just cause, a beneficial cause, a constructive cause, but it is just another dualistic game. It is just another dualistic struggle that in the long run will be inconsequential. This ties up people’s attention, their energy, their resources, their thoughts, feelings, actions, and it ties up their sense of identity so they do not identify themselves as spiritual beings. They identify themselves as either communists or anti-communists, or Nazis, or materialists, or whatever you have. 

What is it then that happens when people allow their identity to be affected by an ideology? Well, as I said, they go into the ideological mindset. The big group of people that are pacified do not, but the active people, whether they are for or against the ideology, they go into the ideological mindset. They are very, very focused on the ideology. They believe that the ideology gives either a completely accurate portrayal of how life works, or a completely inaccurate portrayal of how life works. They are either for or against. They are polarized. Their minds are focused on the ideology and they are evaluating everything based on the ideology. It is easy enough to see that people who are for communism will evaluate everything based on a communist ideology. Those who are against it are also evaluating everything based on a communist ideology because they see it of course as wrong. Anything that opposes communism, they tend to see as right, and this can lead you to go into many blind alleys. You clearly saw many people for example in the United States, in the CIA, in the military, in the government, who were so consumed by this anti-communist mindset that they were open to all kinds of anti-democratic ideas, anti-christ ideas. 

Naturally, for the fallen beings in embodiment, it is not a problem that they go into the ideological mindset. They are already in this mindset and they have been in it since they fell because they have been in this mindset of trying to prove an idea, and trying to prove that the idea is superior to direct experience. They are denying the experience they had of encountering the ascended masters, realizing that they could change. They are denying this experience by creating some ideology in their minds that is a denial of experience. This is the state of mind that the fallen beings have been in since they fell whether it was in the fourth, fifth or sixth sphere. It is not a problem that these people go into the ideological mindset. They actually do not go into it when they become pulled in by an ideology, they are already in it, and that is why they choose that ideology. 


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Ideology.


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How ideologies become closed systems

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 23, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. I have told you about the five elements that are traditionally seen as being part of ideologies. The first one is that there is an explanation put forth of how life works. Then there is a program for social/political change, change in society and then, as we have talked about, there is … (long silence). What you see here is an example of what I talked about in my last discourse, of going beyond thinking, going beyond the thinking of the linear mind where I caused the messenger’s mind to go blank where there was no thought, just the experience. This is what you all need to be open to in order to escape duality: an experience of the linear mind coming to an impasse, to a point of stillness where the mind cannot continue, the mind cannot continue being linear, step by step by step. You will not escape duality through the linear mind because you used the linear mind to go into duality.

You understand – perhaps – you glimpse perhaps, that in order to truly grasp the message that I am seeking to give here, you need to be aware that whenever a message is given in words, you tend to interpret it through the linear mind. If you only interpret the message through the linear mind, you will not grasp the message. There is an old anecdote that was told in the Summit Lighthouse about the difference between various masters and their approach. The story was that El Morya, as he was called at the time, and Kuthumi were both charged with ascending a mountain to meet a master there, get a message and then bring the message back down. El Morya who was the master of the blue ray of power charged ahead, went straight up the mountain got the message, went straight down. But when he came down, he found that he had not retained the message. Kuthumi took longer to get up the mountain and on the way down he stopped to smell the flowers, to listen to the birds. But when he came back down, he had retained the message. This is an example, an illustration, of the linear mind versus the intuitive, spherical mind. 

I know very well that I have started giving these discourses in a somewhat linear way. There are steps, there are elements and if you look at this, this is what the world always does. It wants to give a linear explanation for everything. It seeks to analyze, it seeks to come up with some cause-effect sequence. In doing so, you are tying people’s minds into this linear, rational, analytical approach. This is the approach behind most ideologies, they take you step by step. 

Why an ideology cannot explain everything

The first element described was to attempt to explain what people cannot explain themselves or what the old ideology, the dominant ideology, cannot explain. You do grasp – I assume – that when you go into duality, you cannot explain everything because in duality you are taking a particular viewpoint, a particular foundation that you take for granted and say: “This cannot be questioned and on this foundation we build our ideology.” Because you are taking one aspect and not questioning it, it is a guarantee that you cannot explain everything. No ideology has ever been able to explain everything. Now, for that matter no teaching given in words can ever explain everything because you must also experience. That is why we have consistently in this dispensation talked about the need to go beyond understanding and seek a direct, intuitive experience. 

The first element is the explanation, then there is the program for change or what must happen—not necessarily only in society, it can even be on a cosmic level as this epic fight between good and evil, God and the devil and the fight for the souls of humanity. The third element is that the implementation of this program is explained as a struggle because some people object to it, some people resist. You have now gradually taken people in a linear way from seeking to explain, setting up this carrot dangling in front of their nose of the wonderful changes that will come about as a result of implementing this ideology. Then, you also have divided those people who accept your ideology into seeing themselves as being in a separate category from those people who resist the ideology.

Ideologies encourage fanaticism

As the next step, the fourth step or element in an ideology there is this: The ideology is not merely seeking to persuade people into believing something; it is seeking to attract some people who are willing to make a greater commitment, a commitment that goes beyond intellectual understanding and mere belief. It is a commitment to a cause, to the cause of implementing the ideology by doing whatever is necessary to overcome the resistance to the ideology. You see that gradually people are being taken by an ideology towards the point where they go through a change, not just in their minds but in their four lower bodies. They literally come to see themselves as having a different form of identity, an identity that is defined by their ideology. You are a Christian. You are a Muslim. You are a revolutionary. You are one of the true faithful communists, the party elite. Then, you have the intellectual level where you have now used the intellect’s ability to filter out information that does not validate your ideology and to focus on information that does validate your ideology. Then, you have people decide that from this point on they do not need to question the ideology because: “It is true, it must be true, it can only be true, so there is no need to question it.” 

Then, you have the emotional component where people begin to feel very strongly that they are the right kind of people, they belong to the elite, to the select few that are part of implementing this great program of change that will have some epic importance on earth. Of course, then comes the fact that when you have shifted their identity, their mental mind and their emotions, you will also have shifted their actions. In many cases these people who have made the commitment are willing to do anything they are told, as long as they believe it furthers the cause and that it is necessary in order to further the cause. This of course first of all means that now they are willing to force others, they are willing to even kill others if that is necessary. 

This is as far as the world goes. It talks about an ideology seeking to attract those who are willing to make that commitment. What is really going on in this process is that an ideology seeks to attract a group of committed people who have been turned into fanatics. You take some of our teachings on fanaticism and you will see that the true followers of any ideology, be it a religion or political ideology or even scientific Materialism, have become fanatics. Not all of them are willing to kill others in order to further their cause, but they have still gone into this fanatical mindset where they are not willing to question the ideology, they do not think it needs to be questioned. It is, as Mother Mary said about fanaticism: “You have an idea that you do not think can ever be expanded upon—it is absolute, it is the final truth, you do not need to question it, you do not need to look beyond it.” This is the broadest definition of fanaticism. A more narrow definition is that you are willing to kill in order to further your cause, but even those who are not willing to kill can still be in the fanatical mindset. This is of course the ultimate outcome of an ideology: to create this group of fanatics that are willing to do anything in order to force the ideology upon a society or upon the entire planet. You can see for example, when you look at Nazism, how they attracted these groups of very devoted fanatical people who became part of the SS, the Gestapo, the Nazi apparatus and they were absolutely fanatical about forcing Nazism upon not only German society but other societies. 

The architects behind an ideology

There were other groups of people who were not quite as fanatical but who were still pulled into this vortex of energy that was created by the Nazi ideology. You saw in the Soviet Union how there was a group of people that were willing to do anything to force communism upon not only Russia but other nations. Their ultimate goal was to force it upon the world. What you often see in these fanatical people is that you have two groupings. You have the architects, the ones that are in the leadership, they are often very intellectual and they are the ones who are defining not only what the ideology is but also how it needs to be implemented. Many of these are, as I talked about, the intellectuals who are looking at everything from a distance. They are sitting in their ivory tower, whether it is the Kremlin or the Nazi high command, and they are looking at society or they are looking at a battlefield and they are making decisions. 

Now, in a sense they know that this decision might lead to war. This particular battle might cause thousands of their own soldiers to be killed, thousands of the enemy to be killed. Or this particular program of implementing or creating these camps will cause millions of people to die. They know this, they understand this but because they are intellectuals, they are centered in the mental mind, they see it all at a distance. They are not really thinking they are killing flesh-and-blood human beings because they have convinced themselves that the Jews, or those who oppose communism, are not really human beings like themselves. Therefore, they do not deserve the same consideration, they do not even have the same rights. They can set aside what we have called the basic humanity and implement these sweeping programs that they know will lead to the killing of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of people and it does not affect them whatsoever. It is like they are moving chess pieces around on a chessboard and they have no more feelings involved (because their intellects, their mental minds, blocks their feelings) than if you move chess pieces on a chessboard. 

The executioners behind an ideology

Now, of course you can clearly see throughout history that these architects of ideology, they cannot implement the ideology, they cannot go out there and do the dirty work of forcing that ideology upon others, so they need another group of people that have made this commitment, this absolute commitment to the cause, and they are the executioners, those who not only execute the ideology but also execute the people who resist the ideology. You see in the Nazi regime how you had these leaders in the party apparatus, some of them were in the military, some of them were not even military leaders. If you looked at these people individually, you would see that many of them were highly intelligent people, they were even quite aware. They were certainly very, very capable of using their intellectual faculties to see the shortcomings of Nazism, the contradictions of Nazi ideology. But they were not using their faculties to do this because they had made the decision that the Nazi ideology had to be true, that Hitler had to be right and therefore they did not need to question this. 

Then, you will look at the people who were part of the SS, the Gestapo, the prison guards in the concentration camps, many of the army commanders at lower levels and they were the executioners. They did not have the intellectual capacity to see the contradictions of Nazism but they were not concerned about it. They did not really understand Nazi ideology. They did not really care about understanding it because these are people who were centered in the emotional and physical levels. They did not question the orders. They had made the commitment and for them the commitment meant: “I do whatever I am told from the leaders. I have made a commitment to obey the leaders and execute the orders that they tell me to execute, and execute the people that they tell me to execute, or whatever they tell me to do.” You see here that there is a group of people who do not question the ideology, they are the leaders, then there is a group of people who do not question the leaders. They do not question the ideology either, but primarily for them it is a matter of not questioning the leaders. 

We have said before that you and all people have a certain basic humanity. You have a sense that there are certain things you are not supposed to do to other people, such as killing other people. You have the instinct, the instinctual urge, not to kill other human beings. Once people make that commitment to the ideology, those instincts, that basic humanity, is set aside. Not necessarily towards all people but certainly towards the people who resist the ideology. You have here a group of leaders, the architects, who believe they do not need to question the ideology, or question the person who ultimately defined the ideology whether it is Hitler, Karl Marx, Mao or whomever. Then, you have the executioners who believe they do not have to question the architects. Normal considerations concerning what you do to other people do not come into play for either of these groups. 

In most cases, certainly the architects have not lost all humanity, and you can see an example we have used before that the commander of the Auschwitz death camp could spend his day at work carrying out the execution of thousands of children. But then, when he was done with work, he would go home to his house in the camp and there he would play like a normal family father with his own children—and he saw no contradiction there. He saw no problem switching from one role to the next.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Ideology.


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How science was perverted by ideology

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 22, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. I have talked about the different elements that, according to a worldly definition, are contained in the concept of ideology. The first element being that there is a set of ideas that attempts to explain how the world works, or at least how certain aspects of the world work. The next element is that there is a program for social and political or economic change that needs to happen. Now, the third element normally defined here is that this element of change that needs to happen is presented as a struggle. This is a correct observation because most ideologies contain the idea that there will be a struggle to implement the program defined by the ideology. What the worldly philosophers and theorists have not fully grasped is why there is this struggle—and there are a number of elements behind it.

One is that, as I have already talked about, when you go into duality, there is no ultimate truth that can be defined. Of course, you have a need to find an ultimate truth, and that is why, in order to appeal to people, most ideologies define some ultimate or absolute truth or understanding. Because this, regardless of the claim of absoluteness, is not an absolute truth but a relative truth, it is inevitable that some people on earth will not accept it. They will not accept the claim that this is an ultimate truth because they have another relative truth that they believe is the ultimate truth.

You now have at least two groups of people and the members of each group believe they have the ultimate truth, meaning the other group must be wrong in claiming that they have the ultimate truth. This is an inescapable aspect of duality, however, it is only an inescapable element of duality taken beyond a certain level. During the Christ Discernment Webinar that was given last year , Maitreya explained that it is possible to go into duality without going into the more aggressive forms of duality. In other words, when the original inhabitants of the earth went into duality, they started seeing themselves as separate beings. This did create a division or segmentation into various groups of people, but this did not necessarily lead to conflict because these groups did not claim to have the ultimate truth in their understanding. They simply saw themselves as a particular group of people who wanted to have a particular experience of the many experiences possible on earth. There was a certain understanding that there are many different ways to live on earth and that it is acceptable that there are many different ways to live on earth. This created a certain tolerance where, even though these groups of people saw themselves as distinctly different, they did not have that epic value judgment that those who were not like them were wrong in some ultimate way. There was a certain tolerance for differences, for different ideas, beliefs and different experiences.

It is sort of a “live and let live” attitude, which you can also see in some of the democratic nations on earth who have a certain tolerance for the fact that they have slightly different versions of democracy. There may be some that believe they have the ultimate version of democracy, but it does not really lead to a massive armed conflict where one democratic nation is attempting to conquer another democratic nation because they think they do not have the ultimate version of democracy. It is possible to be in duality and have a certain tolerance.

When tolerance for differences is lost

The tolerance was lost on earth only after the fallen beings started embodying here, and that is why, if you really want to understand this, you have to understand about fallen beings. You have to understand that there are some beings who have gone against the design principles of the universe and who want to prove God wrong and who will do absolutely anything to pull people into these spirals that they have created.

Now, the fallen beings, from their very inception (as we have explained several times) created the epic mindset because they would not admit that they could be wrong. Therefore, even God himself had to be wrong—if the fallen beings could not be wrong. The ascended masters had to be wrong, and so forth. This creates that epic mindset where there is an absolute truth and therefore anything that deviates from it must be wrong in an absolute way. On top of that comes this sense that the fallen beings cannot tolerate anything that challenges their view, their absolute truth. They find it extremely difficult to tolerate other people with different beliefs. This is what sets up this epic clash where the fallen beings believe that it is absolutely necessary that one thought system, one ideology, becomes the dominant or even the only one on earth.

In order for the fallen beings to feel secure on earth, whether they are in physical embodiment or in the emotional, mental, or identity realm, they must (they think) eradicate all conflicting viewpoints. They must come to a point where there is only one ideology. This is their sense. Of course, it can never be fulfilled, not only because it is difficult to make people accept one ideology, but also because the fallen beings cannot descend onto a planet as only one or as a coherent group. There will always be at least two polarities among the fallen beings who are allowed to embody on a planet. It would never be possible that the fallen beings associated with earth could agree to support the same ideology. They will always be divided into at least two groups, each claiming to have the ultimate ideology, each feeling the epic need to eradicate the other ideology and establish their ideology as the only one.

After the earth was “infested,” we might say, with the fallen beings, the epic mindset has had a very dominant influence on history, on the mindset and the thinking of earth, on the collective consciousness. You can see this if you look at, not even religions, but just look at philosophers. If you study the philosophers from modern times going back to the ancient Greeks, you will see that most philosophers were striving to come up with the ultimate thought system. This of course is inspired by the fallen beings, or at least by the mindset that the fallen beings have created on earth, the epic mindset. Many, many philosophers had started out their efforts to define a new philosophy based on this desire to come up with some ultimate truth, some ultimate understanding, that all the previous philosophers had failed to come up with.

There is of course a certain element of spiritual pride behind this, but the philosophers failed to see this. They believed firmly that it had to be possible to come up with an ultimate truth. You will of course see that many people today believe the same, whether they are philosophers, whether they are scientists, whether they are religious people, whether they are in the field of politics or economics or any of the particular sciences. They all believe, or at least many of them believe, that it is possible to come up with some ultimate understanding, a theory of everything, the theory that explains every aspect of life as it is known to human beings.

The first point I want to make here is simply to build on what we have said many times before, namely that this is an impossible quest. It is impossible partly because in duality, as I said, every viewpoint is relative and so it will always have an opposite. It is also impossible because there are certain things that the rational mind cannot grasp, cannot fathom.

What the rational mind cannot grasp

You can see this very simply. What are human beings? We have said you are really spiritual beings in human bodies, but you have forgotten this. We have said you are psychological beings, but beyond that, what are you? You are experiential beings. You are having an experience of what it is like to be on earth. What is it that the rational mind does? It seeks to create an understanding of life on earth. Now, why do you need an understanding when you have the direct experience? 

Think about this seemingly simple sentence and what a world of thought can open up from it. You are all experiencing life on earth. You are having a direct experience of living on earth. Why isn’t that enough? Well, for many people it actually is. But for some it is not, and of course this goes back to the fallen beings.

It is not enough for them to have an experience of what it is like because they fell. After they fell, they had to explain why they had fallen, and they could not explain this of course through experience because how do you explain an experience? They had to come up with an explanation for why they had fallen, and that explanation had to point the finger at someone else so it was not their “fault” that they fell. This mindset has then enveloped the earth to such a degree that many people, in fact most people on earth, cannot be satisfied with just experiencing life. They need to have some kind of explanation. Again, think about this. You have a direct experience, but now someone comes and they want to use the rational mind to create a theory, an explanation, and then they want to project that, to superimpose that, upon your direct experience. Now, first of all, it is impossible to come up with a complete explanation for all of the experiences human beings have on earth. You can see this through a simple example. Try to come up with a rational explanation for the taste of an orange. You all know what an orange tastes like, but how do you know it? Because you have experienced the taste with your senses. Imagine meeting a person who has not tasted an orange and now you have to use the rational mind to explain the taste to that person. Could you do it? Could you even come up with words that would describe the taste so that the person would experience the taste and not have to actually eat an orange?

You will see that this is simply not possible. You will not truly have the experience of what an orange tastes like until you eat it. There is no amount of explanation that can substitute the actual experience. It is an impossible quest to start with. What is more, what happens when you try to explain something with the rational mind? You distance yourself from it. 

While your mouth is full with the soft, juicy fruit of an orange, and you are chewing that orange and the sap of the orange is running down your cheeks, how can you even begin to explain this? You are immersed in the experience. Then you finish, you swallow the orange, and after some time has passed, you get the idea: “You know, I should explain what an orange tastes like.” How can you do this? Well, you cannot do it by taking another bite of the orange because then you are again immersed in the experience. What must you do? You must step back. You must distance yourself from the direct experience, and now you must seek to explain the experience. How can you explain it? You cannot explain it by referring to the taste, the feeling of holding the orange, the smell of the orange, the softness of the flesh and the juice, because these are experiences.

What must you do? You must create concepts, ideas in the rational mind. Then, you must seek to define these ideas in such a way that, in your mind, they describe the taste of an orange. As I said, this is doomed to failure, unless you no longer have the direct experience as a frame of reference. If you have never tasted an orange, or if it was so long ago that you can barely remember it, then perhaps you can be susceptible to believing that the concepts and ideas you have defined with the rational mind actually describe the experience. You can even come to believe that perhaps they describe the experience to such an extent, to such a degree, that you do not need the experience because the explanation is enough. You can refrain from having the experience.

Why explanations become a closed box

What is the result of not having the experience, of choosing not to have the experience? It is that you will never have a frame of reference for challenging your ideas, your explanation. Your explanation exists in the mind. There is nothing in the physical world that challenges your explanation so in your mind you can convince yourself that the explanation of the taste of an orange is complete and that you have the full understanding of what an orange tastes like, to the point where you do not need to eat an orange.

This is what the fallen beings did after they fell. After they fell, they lost the connection to their I AM Presences, to the ascended masters, to the spiritual realm. What did they have to do because they felt a sense of loss? Well, they had to come up with an explanation for why they did not need this connection. They did not need the direct experience of their I AM Presence or the flow of the Holy Spirit because their explanation was enough. The explanation they had created in their own minds was enough.

That is how they have justified (some of them falling through several spheres) not turning around and seeking the direct experience, which we would have helped them to have as soon as they were open to it. They have continued to walk further and further away from that experience by creating ever more elaborate layers of explanation for why it either is not real, why God does not exist, why it is not necessary, why it is not beneficial, and so on.

Of course, they are threatened when they come to a planet like earth where people are having so many different experiences. Of course, they are primarily threatened by those who say: “But I have a spiritual experience. I intuitively experience that there is a higher realm beyond the material, that I have a higher self, that there are beings in that higher realm that I can connect to.” This is the ultimate threat, but they are even threatened by ordinary people who have physical experiences because the fallen beings live in their minds. They are still experiential beings but instead of having a direct experience, they are having a substitute experience in their minds. The fallen beings who came to earth, from the very start looked at this and felt that they were condemned to go to earth. They were punished by being sent to earth, and the earth was a primitive and low planet, compared to what they had known before. Therefore, they had no desire to experience life on this earth, at least not most aspects of it. They desired to have a certain privileged, easy lifestyle but the purpose for that was really that they could live in this ivory tower where they could stay within this aerial castle they had created in their minds and not have it challenged. 

The fallen beings are narcissists

The fallen beings do not want a physical experience, they want a psychic, mental, emotional experience of earth, and therefore they are threatened by people who are immersing themselves in physical life, enjoying physical life. That is why they have come up with so many ideologies that are telling people how to live life on earth, what they should or should not do. For the fallen beings, an experience is not enough. There needs to be a mental construct that puts the experience into some broader context, which ultimately is their own attempt to explain the workings of the universe so that they have never been at fault in anything. They live in this world. They live in their own minds, which is the definition of a narcissist who cannot see beyond his own belly button, which he is constantly gazing at. This of course is the symbol behind the old Greek myth of Narcissus who was in love with his own mirror image. It is not the mirror image that the fallen beings are so in love with, it is their own mental image that they are in love with.

Now, as an example of what they have done, look at the fact that one of the things you can do with the physical body on earth is to have sex. It is not that some fallen beings have not enjoyed having sex, but they could not just enjoy the experience, as many people on earth are able to do. They had to explain it somehow, there had to be some kind of meaning behind it. That is why they were jealous of the people who just had an experience and enjoyed the experience without having to explain it. They could see that these people were happy and content and enjoying the experience in a way that they could not enjoy it. 

You have some concept in some spiritual teachings, including the Bible, that there were angels (as they were called) in heaven who lusted after the daughters of men, and fell because they wanted to have sex with them. This is not actually the full explanation. First of all, they were not angels, they were beings in an unascended sphere, otherwise they could not have fallen, and they did not actually lust after the physical sex, they were jealous of the fact that the people on earth were just enjoying physical life in a way that the fallen beings could not do. You look at how they have used various religions, including most prominently the Christian religion, to create an entire explanation around sex and why sex is not spiritual, and why it is something that spiritual people should restrict themselves from doing. Or if they are doing it, they at least should not enjoy it, or they should not enjoy it too much, and so forth, and so on. Just an example of how the fallen beings have tried to create explanations, superimposed upon the physical experience.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Ideology.


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Why people believe in ideologies

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 22, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. I have said that the rational mind has limitations for what can be explained, what can be grasped. This means that an ideology always seeks to explain why people are dissatisfied but it can never give a full and complete explanation. Now, you will of course be able to look at history and see any number of incidents where people have become what we might say “pulled” into a certain ideology. They have been pulled into the forcefield, the energetic matrix, of a certain ideology and they have been absolutely convinced that this ideology did give a full, complete, accurate and ultimate explanation for life as they saw it. They might even have felt it gave the full explanation of why people are dissatisfied and how to get over their dissatisfaction. 

What I want to consider here is how it is possible that human beings have an explanation that is not absolute, that is not even fully true, that might not be completely true at all (might not have any truth to it), but they are fully convinced that it is the truth. In order to understand this, we need to incorporate the knowledge that we have given you as ascended master students, that there are certain beings who are doing everything possible to deceive human beings for the purpose of controlling them. 

History proves the existence of a power elite

We have called them fallen beings (you can call them a power elite to use a more neutral term) but it is not difficult to see, when you look at history, that there has always been a certain elite in any society. There is a tendency for an elite to form. They seek to gain a certain position where they have an ultimate position, a position that they think cannot be challenged, that cannot be overthrown. They are the ruling elite and no one can challenge their power, no one can speak out against them—or so they think. You can also see in history how there have been many times where a ruling elite has sat (an established power elite has sat) on this position for a long time, sometimes even centuries, but eventually there came a point where that elite was overturned. In many cases this happened because there was an aspiring power elite that managed to overthrow the ruling elite and they then took the position that the ruling elite had. In many cases the aspiring power elite claimed that they were aiming to free the people from the tyranny of the established elite, but their real goal was to set themselves up in the position of the established elite. Only, they wanted to make their position even more secure so that they could think that even though they overthrew the previous elite, they themselves cannot be overthrown. You see many examples of this dynamic, as we have explained before.

What is it that happens in this process? You can see that in many cases the established elite took power because they had a certain ideology that supported their power. They maintained that power because they managed to keep that ideology active, and that kept the people believing in the ideology. Then, when an aspiring power elite overthrew the established elite, they used a different ideology that challenged the previous one. The previous one claimed to have the ultimate truth but then a new ideology came up that claimed the old ideology was an error, but now they had the final one, the ultimate one that was the truth. 

The inescapable tension of duality

Why is it that people can become convinced that an ideology really does explain life in a way they feel is complete, believable, satisfactory, logical, rational, appealing—whatever you want to call this? Well, in order to fully understand this, you need to step back, we need to step back and again realize that the moment you step into the duality consciousness, you are stepping into a very specific state of mind. Once you are in that state of mind, you have no idea what you have stepped into because once you are trapped in duality, blinded by duality, you think there is nothing else except duality, there is nothing outside of duality, there is no alternative. There simply is not a different state of consciousness, duality is the only state of consciousness that is possible for a human being on earth. This is what people think when they become trapped in duality. Therefore, of course they do not realize that duality has a built-in, an inherent, an inescapable tension. There is this tension that causes the dissatisfaction. 

Now, why then is it that hardly anyone realizes they are trapped in a certain state of mind, that it is the state of mind that causes the dissatisfaction and that the only way out is to transcend the duality consciousness? Well, they do not realize this because, as we have explained before in greater detail, going into duality is part of what is allowed by the Law of Free Will on a planet like earth. For that matter, it is theoretically allowed on all planets in an unascended sphere. This duality is simply an experience one can have in the full spectrum of free will. There are many different experiences you can have through free will. Duality is one of them. 

Now, duality is of course a very specific experience that you can have. We have described it in many different ways and there are many different ways to describe it. What you can say is that in duality, you have a state where everything is relative. There is in a sense nothing absolute in duality. This will make little sense to most people on earth because they do not remember the alternative to duality. When you can begin to glimpse non-duality, as compared to duality, you realize that when you are not in duality, there is always an absolute guiding rod, there is always an absolute frame of reference. It is again, various words can be put on it. We can say that you know that all life is one, therefore there is no separation and you know that there is no need to compare yourself to other people because you are following an individual path that leads you towards higher and higher states of consciousness. You are not setting yourself up as being better or more important than others. That is not part of the experience you are having when you are not in duality. 

However, when you do step into duality, part of the experience that you want to have is that everything is relative, meaning you can now see yourself relative to other people. You can see your state of mind as relative to an opposite state of mind, which is what gives rise to the many dualistic polarities, such as happiness and unhappiness. We have explained before that when you are not in duality, it is not that you are dissatisfied or unhappy but neither would you say that you are happy, as happiness is defined on earth. The happiness, which is what I called “bliss” 2,500 years ago (for want of a better word), is not defined in relation to an opposite. You are in a state of mind that is what you might call positive and uplifting, but it has no opposite. You see, even the words as they are used on earth cannot describe what is beyond duality because they have been so affected by duality. You are in a state of mind that has no opposite, you are at peace, you are content, you are not dissatisfied in that state of mind. 

When you step into duality, you step into a state of mind where there must be an opposite to any state of mind. It is possible to have an experience of happiness in duality but it is in contrast to unhappiness. This means that your happiness can never be absolute, it is a relative happiness, it is defined in relation to an opposite. This means there is always the tension because you might be in a position where you feel happy but you know in the back of your mind there is always the possibility that you could lose your happiness and go into unhappiness. It is always there. Just as an example, you know that your physical body will eventually die. You always have that tension and this means that you can never be fully and completely satisfied. It is not possible because you cannot relate to anything absolute. You can only relate to something relative. You always have the contrasts. 

How the quest for happiness creates unhappiness

Now there is a, we might call it an “advantage,” to going into duality. You can have experiences that you cannot have when you are not in duality. The experience you can have in duality is that you can have tremendous contrast. In duality, you can, in a certain sense, feel much more happy than you ever feel when you are not in duality because you have the contrast between what you call happiness and what you call unhappiness. What you see here is that you are defining two states of consciousness in duality. You are defining happiness and unhappiness. 

Naturally, most people will experience (once they are in duality) that unhappiness is unpleasant and happiness is pleasant. What does that mean? It means they want to always have happiness and avoid unhappiness. This is the mindset you go into in duality. You want to avoid the unpleasant, you want to always have the pleasant. This is an inevitable reaction but it is also an impossible reaction. You cannot have happiness without unhappiness because if you did, there would be no contrast and then there would be no duality. What is it that people do? Well, they go into a mindset of striving for something different than what they have now. 

Now, you may say, but are not we saying that even before you have ever gone into duality, you start out with a point-like sense of identity and you are meant to continue to expand your sense of identity until you reach the full God consciousness. Are you not in a sense always wanting something more than what you have because there is always a higher state of consciousness? This is true but it is not dualistic, it is not relative. There is not the contrast between unhappiness and happiness because when you start out as a new spiritual being with a point-like sense of identity, you are not unhappy. You are not feeling lack. You are feeling fulfilled in what you are and then you are feeling more fulfilled when you become more. You continue to feel more and more fulfilled without having the opposite. The opposite is only possible in duality. You can go into duality, you forget who you really are as a spiritual being, but as we have said before there is still that striving for something more. You want to have more than what you have in duality. 

What does this mean? It means that when you are now trapped in the contrast of seeing unhappiness contrasted with happiness, you inevitably determine in your mind (not necessarily consciously, you simply go into this reaction) that you want more happiness, you want to be more happy. You want to have an experience of being more happy than you have ever been before. 

What did I just say? In duality, happiness can only exist relative to unhappiness. Now you have a planet where all people have gone into duality. They are all striving for a greater and greater experience of happiness but how can they have this greater experience of happiness? Only when happiness is contrasted with unhappiness. What does this mean? How can you have a greater experience of happiness? Well, only if there is also a greater experience of unhappiness. You see, when the earth first went into duality, there was a certain spectrum, a certain difference between the deepest unhappiness that was possible on earth and the highest happiness that was possible on earth. There was that distance, that spectrum. What has happened since is that people have expanded that spectrum. How have you done this? By making it possible to become more and more unhappy. This gives you the sense that you are more and more happy in contrast to the unhappiness. Or rather, you are more happy than those people who are in unhappiness. 

Do you see what this means, my beloved? It means that when an entire planet has gone into duality, it is inevitable that large groups of people must be unhappy so that other people can feel happy compared to them. It cannot be any other way in duality. What does this mean? It means that in reality the majority of the population are condemned to be unhappy. You look at any period in history, there has been what we might call an elite, or people who felt they had some happiness, and then there has been a majority of the population who felt they did not have happiness compared to the elite. Now, what has been the measure for determining whether you are happy or unhappy? Has it been your state of mind? Not really, because what also happens in duality is that you have no absolute frame of reference so you cannot see that the ultimate way to be fulfilled, whole, at peace is through oneness with your Higher Self, with your I AM Presence. 

How outer conditions determine happiness

Only by being complete within yourself can you be ultimately at peace and fulfilled. In duality you have lost the connection to your I AM Presence, you cannot even conceive that you have such a connection or that this could satisfy you. You are in duality focused on outer conditions, outer conditions on earth. That is what your focus is. What determines your happiness when you are in duality? It is the outer conditions that you have. What determines your unhappiness? It is the outer conditions that you do not have. So you see here that what has happened, going back into history, is that in every society, whatever the situation was in that society, there was a certain outer definition of what it meant to be well to do, well off, to be one of the elite. The assumption based on this was that if you had the outer conditions of the elite, you should be happy. 

You will see in many time periods where the majority of the people felt unhappy because they did not have the physical conditions that they saw the elite having.  The majority of the people assumed that the elite must be happy because they have these wonderful conditions. They do not need to work, they have plenty of food, they have luxurious living conditions, they have servants to do all the work and whatever criteria was there in the actual society. When you look at the reality of the situation, you see that the elite, most of them, were not happy after all even though they had these conditions. They felt they should be happy but they were not. Why were they not? Because of their psychology, their psychological conditions. Many among the elite were fallen beings who had set themselves up as an elite, and fallen beings can never be happy, at least not until they undo the decision that caused them to fall. You also saw some among the elite who felt they were happy, who forced themselves to feel they were happy (at least for a time), felt happy and acted as if they were happy. 

You see the same thing today where there are people who feel that: We have such good conditions today, compared to what was there a generation or two ago—we should be happy. There are, even in some of the richer nations in the world, large parts of the population who look back at their parents and grandparents and the conditions they had back in the 1930’s, 20’s whatever you have. They realize they are so much better off materially and therefore they decide with their outer minds: “I should be happy, I must be happy, I think I am happy.” There is a certain feeling of happiness based on these outer conditions but it is not an inner feeling of happiness, it is relative. 

You of course have many people around the world also who live in poor conditions, in appalling conditions and violent conditions, chaotic conditions and who feel very unhappy because of their outer conditions. This leads to this belief (that has been perpetrated by the fallen beings for a very long time but has really been solidified with materialism) that your state of mind depends on physical, material conditions, either conditions outside yourself or conditions in your own brain and body. (For many people the brain and body still seems to be outside themselves because even though they have been brought up in a materialistic society, they have some knowledge that they are not the body, they are more than the body.) 

Anyway, they see that their state of mind depends on outer conditions. This is what they have been brainwashed to believe for many lifetimes. This is of course exactly the engineering of the fallen beings who want people to believe this. They want you to believe that your state of mind depends on external conditions, which means you have no control over your state of mind. The only way to change your state of mind is to change the external conditions. Why do the fallen beings want people to believe this? Well, partly because they can control people. Other fallen beings want it because it allows them to get people into conflicts with other groups of people so they can steal their energy. Some simply want to create chaos.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Ideology.


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Ideology and the rational mind

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 22, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. I know that traditionally I am the one who gives the last dictation at these events. There is of course no natural or cosmic law that says I cannot give the first dictation.

I want you to realize that the reason we can give this conference on Ending the Era of Ideology is because so many of you have been willing to set the groundwork by participating in our previous conferences on Dictatorships, Fanaticism and Elitism. Also, so many of you have used the books and the invocations that have been created based on these previous conferences. By making the calls you have set the stage whereby there is now an opening in the collective consciousness, so that the more creative people (the more constructive people, the ones in the top 10%) are now more open to this underlying topic of ideology.

Ideology is connected to dictatorships, fanaticism and elitism

Naturally, there is a connection between ideology and dictatorships, fanaticism and elitism. There will be some overlap between what we have said before and what we will say now, so that we can complete this very intricate, very complex and very subtle picture of how the fallen beings have used all means available to them to manipulate the people on earth.

Truly, we might say that behind most dictatorships there is some form of ideology. As we have said before, a dictator cannot suppress an entire population through physical means alone. There must be some psychological component, some belief that causes people to submit to the dictator. Likewise, what is it that causes fanaticism? It is in most cases some form of idea, some form of ideology. Of course, what is it that allows an elite to exist and to either control the population in an obvious way, or to control them in a subtle, hidden way? It is again some form of ideology, some form of thought system, some form of belief system.

Now, what then is ideology? Well, the broadest use of the word ideology of course means the study of ideas. However, most people, when they hear the word “ideology,” they think about specific ideologies, specific thought systems, specific belief systems. 

There has for quite some time (several centuries in the western world) been a certain debate among philosophers and thinkers about what ideology is and what it means. There is a certain irony here in the sense that when many people hear the word ideology, the first ideology that comes to mind is communism or Marxism. This is ironic because Karl Marx himself used the word ideology in a derogatory way to refer to a set of ideas that the ruling class used to suppress the masses. The irony of course being that his ideas, the ideas that he brought forth, were very quickly turned into an ideology where the ruling class of the party elite used the ideas of Karl Marx to suppress the population. He might, in his outer mind, have believed that these ideas were given to liberate the population from an elite, but they of course were very quickly used by a new elite, an aspiring power elite, to control the population even more strictly than previous power elites had done. 

You see here that in many cases there is a benevolent intent behind creating an ideology, or even spreading an ideology. It is clear that many of the people who have brought forth a new ideology and many of the people who have believed in it and promoted it, they have not been fallen beings. They have not had an evil, selfish or self-centered intent of controlling, dominating, suppressing or even destroying other people. Nevertheless, you will see from history that in many cases, regardless of the good intentions, ideologies have been used to suppress and control people.

The five elements of an ideology

Now, if you look at various definitions of ideology, you can find some that say that there are five elements to an ideology: 

The first element is a theory or system that seeks to explain certain things about how life works. 

The second element is that there is a program of social change or political change that needs to happen. 

The third element is that the fulfillment of this program is portrayed as a struggle. 

The fourth element is that there is a call for people who have commitment to the cause, to join this cause and to support the cause. 

Then finally, there is an appeal, a broad appeal, to the general population but there is also a portrayal that there is a certain group of people who are the only ones who can really implement the program. This can often be intellectuals, but it can be other types of elites.

Now, I would like to comment here on the first of these elements. There is a theory that seeks to explain something. What is it that it seeks to explain? What is it on earth that needs to be explained? You may look at various ideologies and you might say that Christianity can be considered an ideology because it did, and does, seek to explain how life works, how life was created. You may look at Marxism and say that it also seeks to explain how life works, at least life on earth. There is a certain distinction made by many philosophers between ideologies that are strictly materialistic or political, and that deal only with how the physical, material life works. Then, there are ideologies that have a religious element, and that also seek to explain what is beyond the material world and how the material world was created. Nevertheless, both of these have an element in common that they seek to explain, they seek to explain how something works that relates to people’s lives.

Ideologies seek to explain the cause of dissatisfaction

You may say that many of these ideologies take different approaches, they focus on different things, different elements. Karl Marx focused on the class struggle, Christianity focuses on God and how God created the universe. Regardless of this, there is an attempt to explain something about people’s everyday lives. What is that something? Well, one way to explain it is to reach back to the teaching I gave 2,500 years ago about the Four Noble Truths.

What is the first Noble Truth? Well, it is normally translated as “life is suffering.” The original word that was used was actually “duhkha.” Duhkha can be translated as suffering but it actually has a much broader meaning. If you take it to the broadest meaning and translate that into a modern English word, you can say that life is “dissatisfaction.” Life is not satisfying.

You can look at the vast majority of people on earth and you will see that they are not satisfied with their lives. There is something in their lives that causes a certain dissatisfaction. They are not at peace. They feel perhaps that something is missing. They feel perhaps that something is wrong, something is preventing them from living the life they would like to live, something is obstructing them, something is restricting them and perhaps even controlling and suppressing them. Really, the most broad, the most basic, element that any ideology seeks to explain is why life is dissatisfaction, why the vast majority of people are dissatisfied. This is what an ideology addresses and attempts to explain.

The claim to have absolute authority

Now, this means we can look at how this is explained. I would like to start by going to a more universal, a more broad, consideration. What does it actually mean when something is being attempted to be explained? What is an explanation? Where does it come from? What is the aim of an explanation? Here is the crucial distinction. The simple fact of life on earth is that an explanation will do no good if a majority of the population cannot grasp it. In other words, if you bring forth an ideology with the intention to create change in society, then you need an explanation that most people can grasp in their present state of consciousness. This of course – right there – is the crux of the matter, as they say. This is the real turning point, the real key understanding when it comes to ideology.

There are many of the thought systems you see on earth that will claim that their explanation has a supernatural origin. Most religions claim this. Some philosophers even claim the same. It may not necessarily be a revelation directly from God as some religions claim. It can also be that there is, as some philosophers claim, some universal principles or natural laws that their explanation is based on. These are invariable. Whether they were created by God or whether they just arose spontaneously when the universe arose (however that is explained to have happened), there is this claim that there is some infallible authority behind the explanation given by this particular ideology. This is the first thing that people need to begin to question.

 Naturally, you could say that this sounds like a contradiction because I am claiming to be an ascended master speaking through a human messenger. I am claiming that I am a spiritual being living in a higher energetic realm than the material world on earth. I am claiming that I have risen beyond all human ego, all human subjectivity and idiosyncrasy, and therefore I have a distinctly higher grasp of how the world works than human beings on earth. I am claiming that I am speaking these words through a human messenger and therefore it would seem that I am claiming that these words have absolute authority. As we have attempted to explain through this messenger (which is the first time we have been able to do this through any messenger) over the last couple of years, this is not the case. We are not attempting to set forth an absolute teaching that can never change. 

We are in a state of consciousness that is beyond the state of consciousness of anyone in embodiment. We are able to speak fairly directly through this messenger because his consciousness does not color or obstruct our message, or at least it does so very little. Nevertheless, we are not able to say absolutely anything we want because what is our purpose for speaking? It is to reach out to at least the most constructive, the most creative, the most self-aware people and give them something that they can grasp at their present level of consciousness.

The purpose of progressive revelation

If we were to give a message that no one in embodiment could grasp, what would be the point of giving the message? There would be no point, would there? We are not seeking to bring forth a teaching (as indeed some false hierarchy imposters do through various channelers) that basically nobody can understand. We are not seeking to project that even though people cannot understand the message, those who at least are willing to study it and follow it are clearly more advanced than those who are not. This is not our goal. This is not our aim. We have, for a very long time now, been trying to discourage this form of spiritual pride in our students, which we have seen in many spiritual movements, past and present.

What we do is a very carefully calculated release based on our studies of the collective consciousness, our studies of the individual consciousness of most of the people who are the more creative, the more open-minded people. Then, we release something that is measured for this particular level of consciousness, this particular configuration that is there right now. Our aim is to raise that consciousness up so that we can in the future release a higher teaching. As you see, this teaching on ideology is a higher teaching than the teachings on dictatorships, fanaticism and elitism.

This is the entire idea behind progressive revelation. When you understand this, you can of course look back at previous times. You can look back for example at the Christian claim that the Bible, the New Testament, is some ultimate, absolute revelation from God, the “Word of God.” You can see that even if the New Testament had been directly dictated by Jesus or another ascended being, which of course it was not, then it would still not be the ultimate revelation because it could only have been given based on the level of the collective consciousness at the time and the level of the consciousness of those who were able to receive something about Jesus and his teachings.

You can go back 2,500 years to the time of the Buddha, and there are many Buddhists who believe that what I gave was the ultimate spiritual teaching that could ever be given on this planet. This of course is not the case. I gave a teaching based on not only the collective consciousness of the planet, but the collective consciousness in the area where I was in physical embodiment. It was based on how many people there were that were ahead of the collective consciousness and therefore able to grasp a teaching that could stand for a long time.

Now, you understand that when we give a teaching at a certain time, we give that teaching for the most evolved people of that time. Of course, that means that there are many, many people (the vast majority of people at a lower level of consciousness) that cannot grasp the teaching at the time. As time moves on, more and more people will be able to grasp it. A teaching that was given 2,500 years ago or 2,000 years ago has not become obsolete because there are still people who need that teaching. This is why you see there are still people who follow the Buddhist teaching and the Christian teaching and other teachings. They are at the level of consciousness where they need it.

There is of course always the danger that a teaching given can be interpreted in various ways and therefore take on an entire culture that is beyond what was originally given. This is not progressive revelation and therefore is in fact a dead end that can keep people trapped for a longer period of time than is desirable, but that is another matter. The reality here is that there never has been, there is not now and there never will be any ideology, any system of thought and belief that would be an ultimate truth, an ultimate form of revelation.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Ideology.


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Your challenge to resolve the enigma of free will

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, December 31, 2021

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. What a joy it has been for all of us to watch you, our direct students, over this past year. Many of you have made use of our teachings and have made tremendous progress on your spiritual path. I may not be seen as the one who is the first to give praise, nevertheless I want to acknowledge this progress, it has been considerable for many of you who are using these teachings.

When I say spiritual progress, of course I mean progress in resolving your psychology, the psychology that keeps you attached to earth, for this is what spiritual progress is all about. We have before talked about how we face a certain dilemma when working with people of earth. Jesus has said we are like used car salesmen who use the bait and switch technique. We must give you a teaching that appeals to you to get you in the door, and then hope you can adjust and recognize what the spiritual path really is all about.

There is, of course, when you look at the planet as a whole, a considerable amount of people who call themselves spiritual but who are still on the outer path. They think it is a matter of using a spiritual technique, studying a spiritual teaching, learning it intellectually, following a certain guru and then they will automatically one day reach whatever they see as their goal. As we have explained so many times, this is, of course, not the case. It is an illusion promoted by the fallen beings, the false teachers who want to keep people trapped here on earth, trapped under their control.

What is it that can allow any force, be it human beings or non-embodied beings to have control over you? Well, aside from a dictator who has physical control over you, it can only be psychological control. What allows someone to control your psyche? It is that there is something in your psyche that they can use to control you. The prince of this world has something in you whereby he can rule you. He can make you do what he wants you to do. He can make you react as the demons of Mara attempted to make me react, when I was ready to go into Nirvana.

Why are you not ready to go into Nirvana? Because the demons of Mara, they have a reaction in you that they can use to get you involved in the play, as I said last year. What pulls you into being focused on the play that is being enacted on earth? There is some attachment. Many of you have heard the word attachment, even for years. But have you grasped what it really is?

What is an attachment? Well, you take the situation described in the New Testament. A young man comes to Jesus and says: “Master, I really want to follow you, but please let me go and bury my dead father first.” Jesus says to him: “Let the dead bury their dead.” There is the situation where Jesus came to his future disciples that were mending their nets and said: “Leave your nets and follow me.” The young man who wanted to bury his father had an attachment to some kind of custom. If the other disciples had not been willing to leave their nets instantly, it would have been because they had an attachment.

In other words, what is the spiritual teacher always seeking to accomplish? It is to help you move from the level of consciousness you are at right now, to the next level up. Therefore, the teacher always comes and says: “Come with me to the next level.” Now, if there is something in you that you are attached to, you will say: “Oh! I will follow you master, but I just have this or that or the next thing I have to do first.” You cannot follow the master, you may say: “But surely I can follow the master later.” Of course you can, we are not saying it’s all or nothing—it’s now or never.

On the other hand, do you consider that you have a divine plan? Do you consider that in that divine plan, you yourself when you were looking towards your coming embodiment – this embodiment, you had a higher vision. You defined a goal, and you could see that for you to reach the goal that you defined in your divine plan, you would have to go through a process, because you would have to move from the level of consciousness that you had when you came into embodiment, to the level that was necessary for you to fulfill the goal defined in your divine plan.

You also defined a timeline, saying ideally you would like to reach the goal before you were out of embodiment, or at a specific time, at a specific age. Therefore, there was not too much time to dilly dally, to go on tangents, to go into blind alleys. You had a certain timetable that you defined for yourself. When the master comes to you, he is not coming because he wants to force you. He is coming because in your divine plan, you wanted him to come and remind you that it is time to move on. If you now say: “Oh master, leave me alone for a while, I am busy here.” It is not the master you are letting down, it is your own divine plan and so this is why you can all benefit from keeping this in mind: What did you define in your divine plan? What was it you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime?

Then you can look at yourself and say: “I see that in these last couple of years, I have become attached to certain viewpoints, certain issues that have taken up a disproportionate amount of my attention. And that have actually pulled out of me a certain amount of mental and emotional energy,  because I have been thinking about these issues, going over them again and again, going over scenarios in my mind and trying to convince other people that I am right. I have had strong feelings about these issues”. And if you see this in yourself you can say: “Does this help or hinder my divine plan? Does this help me move closer to my goal or does it keep me stuck at a certain level of consciousness? Is it therefore an attachment?”

Then you perhaps have a better foundation for deciding: “It is time to let it go. Because compared to my divine plan, how important is this issue, whether it is this, that or the next thing? How important is it? Will I say to Jesus: What is that to me, I will follow thee.”

Will you say to the teacher: “I will follow you. I will leave my nets. I will let the dead bury their dead. I will let the dead discuss, debate this or that issue. I will just LET IT GO and move on.”?

This is the difference between those who can make maximum use of a spiritual teacher and those who cannot. It is the difference between those who meet the goals in their divine plan and those who do not.

If you were to compare this dispensation that we have given through this messenger, to the previous one of the Summit Lighthouse, you would see that many people in the Summit Lighthouse had a much clearer sense that the path was about discipline, it was about following the teacher, following the guru, going in a certain direction. They were much more goal oriented.

In this dispensation we have not put any pressure on you. We have left it up to you how you will implement the teaching, what pace you will set for your growth. However, this is not to say that one approach is better than the other. They are just two different ones, because if you also look at the Summit Lighthouse you would see that many, many people had a clear goal, they were very disciplined, they were very determined with their outer mind to do so and so many hours of decrees a day, pass their tests and all of this. But, they did not actually make much progress because they still had an attachment. They had an attachment to doing things a certain way, they also had attachments to strong viewpoints, to strong opinions including the view of their own importance as spiritual students, as the ones who were bringing in the Golden Age of Saint Germain, or saving the world for Saint Germain as they saw it.

It does not matter which approach we take as masters, there is no guarantee that the student will respond. It is up to the student to respond. You see, for example, that this messenger has not presented himself as a guru, has not gathered to himself a group of followers where he can come out and say: “You have to do this. You have to do that.” But he has provided you with an example.  He was very goal oriented. When he found the spiritual path, when he found the teachings, he did apply himself. He did come to a point a long time ago now, where he decided to start working directly on his own psychology. He was very disciplined, very willing to look at his psychology, to study teachings and books. He has been very willing to take the teachings we have given through him. He has not reasoned that “Oh, the reason the masters can give these teachings through me is that I have already passed these initiations.” He has not allowed himself to reason that. He has looked at the teachings, taken the teachings, looked in the mirror and said: “How does this apply to me?”

You, of course, all have the same potential, we are not trying to elevate him, we are trying to say: “What one has done, all can do.” How determined are you to fulfill the goals that you defined in your divine plan for this lifetime? Where do you feel you are at? Are you willing to ask yourself, or ask one of us, ask one of the Chohans?  As you are now taking up this vigil again on January 2nd  are you willing to ask Lord Lanto and then the other Chohans: “Show me where I am at on the path. Am I behind my divine plan or am I in step with it. Show me then what I am lacking, what my attachment is that is holding me back.”? This is a tremendous opportunity for you as a community with this vigil. It can bring tremendous growth to you, those of you who will apply yourselves.

Now, this messenger has, as I said, been willing to apply the teachings, look at his own psychology, not only to deal with the cosmic birth trauma of coming to earth, but also in realizing something that we have not yet really talked that much about. Namely, that he did not come to earth with a completely resolved psychology. He was not ready to ascend when he came to earth. He came to earth with a certain attitude, a certain mindset and as he has been willing to realize, that mindset made him think that he was here to help raise the earth, to help free other people.

In reality he is here to free himself from the mindset that was holding him back on a natural planet. The same of course, applies to all of you who are avatars. All of us who came here to earth as avatars. Why did we come to earth? Well, it was not as you might think because we were bad, or evil, or selfish, or self-centred and therefore we deserved to come to a planet like this. No! We did actually come here to help raise the earth by having a higher state of consciousness than most people on earth, so we could pull up on the collective. But we did not come here specifically to change specific other people and to accomplish specific things on earth.

In other words, before I came to earth as an avatar, I did not come here specifically to start the religion of Buddhism. Before Jesus came to earth as an avatar, he did not come here specifically to be the Christ in embodiment and to start a major world religion. Contrary to what our followers want to believe about how special we were, we were not special compared to all other avatars that had come to earth. We had the potential that they all have, but this was something that could only unfold as we responded to being on earth, as we started overcoming our initial reaction, our birth trauma and our reaction to this planet, and overcoming also this psychology that brought us to earth.

What is the next level of teaching that we want to give in our progressive revelation about avatars? Well, it is that as an avatar you start out on a natural planet, meaning, there are no fallen beings, there is no large part of the population who have gone into duality and separation, it is a potential that you could go into separation, as it was on earth before it became an unnatural planet, but it is not a guarantee.

You start on a natural planet, but you start out pretty much as we have talked about on earth, you start out with a point-like sense of identity. And you start on a natural planet – which is not the same as earth, but on a natural planet you start at the lowest level of consciousness that is there on that planet (because it is only on an unnatural planet where you start at the 48th level and there are levels below where you start.) On a natural planet you start at the lowest level of consciousness that the planet is designed for. Then you gradually raise yourself up to the highest level that is currently there on that planet.

What happens on a natural planet is of course, that there are some lifestreams that go through this process faster than others. There are some that apply themselves more, make use of whatever teachers you have on a natural planet, and that means that they now reach the highest level of consciousness that is there on their natural planet.

The question is—what do they then do? Because there is not any point in them staying on that planet, at least not beyond a certain time. You may for a time serve as leaders, but there will come a point where you long for something else. You know there is a next step you need to take.  there are two options available for avatars who have come to this level. One is that there are other natural planets that have higher levels of consciousness than the one on which you started. You can move to one of these planets. The other option is that you can move to an unnatural planet.

Now, why would you as a being who has reached the highest level of consciousness possible on a natural planet choose to go to an unnatural planet?  Well, that depends very much on where you are at in consciousness. Now, I am saying that on a given natural planet (and you did not all come from the same one of course) but on a given natural planet there is a highest level of consciousness.  But this does not necessarily mean that you are ready for your ascension. It is not so that when you walk the process that is possible on a given natural planet, you will automatically be ready to ascend and become an ascended master.

The reason for this is that in order to become an ascended master, you need to completely resolve the enigma of free will. You need to truly internalize what free will is – what it means. And you need to resolve why it was a stroke of genius by the Creator to give all self-aware beings free will. In truth, the concept, of course, was not invented by our Creator but has been there in many other creations. However, not in all creations, as some Creators have experimented with not giving completely free will, but they have all learned a certain lesson that it does not work to restrict free will. That the only way to create a sustainable creation – world of form, really is to give complete free will.

In order for you to ascend from an unascended sphere, you need to resolve this enigma. Some will say: “Well, I will attempt to do this on this higher natural planet.”  But there are others, who quite frankly have the courage to say: “I do not think I get this, I do not think I get free will. I do not understand why our Creator gave everybody free will.” Some of you then look at unnatural planets and you say: “When I look at an unnatural planet, I really do not understand why our Creator gave people free will. But I want to grasp this. I want to grasp it and that is why I am willing to embody on an unnatural planet. I am willing to experience in my own being what it means that there are people who are trapped in duality, where I cannot persuade them. That there are fallen beings who are so trapped in duality that they not only cannot be persuaded, they will try to silence me or prove me wrong, or even convert me into their state of mind.”

In other words, there is a certain amount of people/beings on a natural planet who say: “I really want to resolve this and perhaps the best way for me, is to go to an unnatural planet where the view I have built about life and about creation, and about free will on my cosy natural planet will be challenged.” In other words, you are saying: “I want to have my viewpoint challenged. I want to go to a place where there is no argument I can come up with that will convince people, as I am used to from a natural planet.” When you are a leader, when you have a high level of consciousness on a natural planet, you are used to thinking that you can come up with a reasoning process that will help people at lower levels of consciousness see that “you are right” and therefore they will follow you, they will follow your advice and your directions.

This is what it is on a natural planet where people are open to learning something they do not know today. That is not the case on an unnatural planet as I am sure you will all agree on. That is why there are some of us, I am not necessarily saying that we were more advanced, or more eager, or more courageous than others, but we decided: “We want to challenge ourselves by embodying on an unnatural planet.”

What those of you who are ready for this teaching can benefit from doing, is starting very slowly, very gradually to consider how you look at this issue of free will, how you deal with it. What is your view of it. What is your (so to speak) default reaction, your gut reaction to it. When you see the mess that human beings have created on earth, when you see how the fallen beings have abused their own free will and have violated the free will of others, what is your reaction? Then you can start looking at what is the attitude, what is the belief behind this reaction, this gut reaction. What is it in your head that you think about free will? Then you can go to the identity level and start considering: “How do I see myself as a being with free will interacting with other people with free will?  How do I see myself as a being who has at least started to rise above duality, interacting with people who are in duality and who therefore really are not exercising a free will because their will is not free?”

You can then start clarifying this, and thereby you can come to see what was the dilemma that you had not resolved on a natural planet concerning free will. You can then start looking at the earth and really considering: “How can I resolve this?” We have already given many teachings that can be helpful to you and you can look at them. But we will also give more in the future, this is of course just the beginning of a new level of teaching.

What is it for you that you feel about free will? What do you think about how free will works and how it could work differently? How do you see yourself as a being with free will in relation to other people?  How do you think you are ever going to get out of this planet, this madhouse as a planet, as some of us have felt including myself at a certain stage? What will resolve it, what are the attachments you have about free will that are keeping you here?  Not because you are actually forced  to be here, but because you do not want to leave here until you have done what you came for. You do not want to leave until you have resolved the enigma that brought you here, that made you decide to come here.

What you can begin to do here, is you can perhaps begin to shift  your attitude to having been on earth and having experienced what you have experienced, including the birth trauma, including the entire frustration of seeing how people are hurting themselves, how they do not want to stop hurting themselves. They do not want to know how they are hurting themselves. They do not want to listen to you who knows better and who could help them escape suffering. They want to stay in their suffering and they will not only ignore you, they will actively reject you, put you down, ridicule you, even torture you or kill you in order to silence you. How do you deal with this? How do you look at this?

Well, what you can do, is you can do what this messenger has done. You can say: “Was I a complete idiot for choosing to come to this planet? Did I deserve what has happened to me? Should I feel guilty for what I have done on this planet, for the way I have reacted?” Of course you can perhaps begin to shift this and say: No, you were actually very rational, very mature, very willing to grow and that is why you decided to come here. It was a growth-based decision. It was not that you were forced. It was not that you could not get any further on a natural planet, so you had to embody on earth. You are here because you made a decision that this would give you maximum growth.

You can then begin to look at another thing that can help you deal with being on earth, and that is this. As an avatar when we come to earth, we have said, you go down to the 48th level of consciousness in order to embody. Of course, as you go down from the 144th level, you take on one illusion for each step you go down. This becomes your perception filter that obscures your vision, your memory of having been on a natural planet. But, it does not mean that there are not certain things you take with you.

It is not a clear memory that you have for having been on a natural planet, but it is a certain attitude to life, a certain attitude to yourself that you have as an avatar, even when you are at the 48th level of consciousness. Of course, as you raise your level of consciousness it becomes clearer and clearer. You take this messenger as an example again, and again it can be different for each one of you, but many of you will recognize what I am saying here. This messenger felt there are certain mistakes he should not make here on earth. There are certain things on earth he should not do. There is a certain level to which he should not sink on earth, he should stay above some of the mess found on this planet. He has always in this embodiment and in past embodiments going back to the very first embodiment, been very hard on himself.

Many of you will recognize this. You can be very forgiving towards other people, but you are not forgiving of yourself, because you came here with a certain attitude to life that was based on how life is on a natural planet. What did that mean? It meant you have created a certain standard for yourself of how you should behave, what you should and should not do. And if you go against that standard, you feel you have done the worst possible thing that anybody can do in the entire universe.

Now, what have we said about the fallen beings, what have they done to screw up things on earth? They have created a standard and projected that everybody should evaluate everything based on that standard. The difference here is that the standard created by the fallen beings is a dualistic standard springing from the duality consciousness. As an avatar on a natural planet who has reached the highest level of consciousness, you are not in duality. You have not created a standard based on duality.

But do you see what this means? You come now to a planet where everything is infused with, polluted with, duality, but you still think that there are some of the things in duality that you should not do and there are some of the things you should do. But you do not realize, because you cannot realize it until you reach a certain level of consciousness and have a certain level of Christ discernment, you do not realize, that you cannot tell the difference between your own standard and the standard of the fallen beings.

You think that if you do certain things that are not according to your own standard, you have done something wrong. On a natural planet you had a standard for evaluating your behavior. You did not think in terms of right and wrong, you did not apply a value judgment because that is duality. But now you are on a planet infused with duality and you start applying this right and wrong, dualistic value judgment to yourself. That is why you feel “But I have done this, how am I better than the fallen beings, am I not just as bad as the fallen beings?”

Of course the fallen beings will mercilessly exploit this. What is the way out of it? You cannot undo what you did. You cannot change what happened in the past. What you can do is say: “Okay, I did what I did, but what I did back then, even if it was five minutes ago, is no longer there. It is not a physical manifest reality. What affects me from what I did is my reaction to it. What is my reaction based on – the creation of separate selves.”

So you can look at these separate selves, you can use our tools to resolve them, but you need to go beyond just this. You need to actually say: “But some of this is not a separate self created here on earth. It is an attitude I brought with me from a natural planet and I need to resolve it. I need to just let it go and say: There is absolutely no meaning to applying a standard from a natural planet to when I am embodied on an unnatural planet. What does it matter what I did on this dense chaotic planet? What does it matter if I made a mistake here?  What is the point in even evaluating – was it a mistake, was it not a mistake? What I did was based on a certain level of consciousness with certain separate selves. If I overcome that, I am free of it. I should be free of it if I am willing to set myself free of it.”

In other words, what I am trying to say here is this. We have all done exactly what you have done. We came with a standard, we did something here on earth that we felt was not according to our standard. We fell into this abyss, this black hole of self-blame, self-pity and loathing and self-hatred and anger against ourselves for having not been perfect and always being in control of our reactions.

It is almost as if we had the expectation that on the natural planet we were always as they say “cool, calm and collected” and we had the expectation that when we descend into this total chaos that is planet earth we should still be able to be “cool, calm and collected”, always in control of ourselves.

Well, my beloved it is a completely unrealistic standard. Nobody has ever been able to live up to it. Nobody, regardless of their level of consciousness has ever been able to live up to it. Not I the Buddha, not Jesus the Christ, not Maitreya – not anybody who has embodied here has been able to live up to it.  It cannot be done. Because, you must descend to the 48th level and you will react based on the 48th level of consciousness. How else could it be? It is the mechanics of taking incarnation on an unnatural planet.

You will react in a different way than you did on a natural planet. You cannot keep your cool and why should you? Why should you have to? Why should you hold yourself to that standard? What I am saying is this. We all did this, we all fell into this abyss of self-blame. We all crawled out of it step-by-step by grasping on to this rope ladder that the ascended masters were lowering down to us, climbing up hand over foot, one step at a time. We came to the edge of the abyss, but the only way to get out of the abyss was to look at this and say: “Why am I blaming myself? Why am I feeling guilty? Why am I angry with myself? Why do I think I should have been perfect, that I should never have reacted? Why do I think this way? Is it really reasonable, does it make any sense?”

And then you come to that point, not as an outer decision with the outer mind. You just see it. What you actually see, is the self that you had on a natural planet. Because on a natural planet, how do you grow, how can you grow? On a natural planet you start at the lowest level of consciousness on that planet. What does that mean? Well, there are certain illusions that you have not resolved. Because even a natural planet has illusions otherwise how would there be levels of consciousness? How would there be growth if there were not levels of consciousness? How do you grow? What have we told you, how do you learn anything?

You are a co-creator, you learn by co-creating. How do you co-create?  You create a mental image, you project consciousness and energy through it onto matter and it takes on form. Then you evaluate.  But what are you doing when you are co-creating? We have said you are creating a mental image, yes, but you are actually creating a self, you are creating a sense of “This is who I am, this is my identity, this is my mental body, this is my emotional body and this is my physical body.  This is who I am.” And this becomes a self that you are projecting through.

Now, as you grow to higher levels of consciousness, you let one self die, you create another one, just as you do on earth. The difference is, of course, you are not going into duality but you are still creating selves. As you are raising yourself up on a natural planet, you are creating a more and more sophisticated sense of self.  Just as we have said you do here between the 48th and the 96th level. This is just a process of growing in consciousness.

But how do you ascend? Well, you ascend by overcoming those selves. Those who came to the top level of their first natural planet and moved on to the higher natural planet, they took the selves with them they had and that became their starting point on the second planet. Naturally, when you decide to come to an unnatural planet, you also take those selves with you and they to some degree become the starting point for your attitude to yourself here on earth, even your attitude to earth.

What do you need to do in order to ascend? What did we all need to do, those who have ascended from earth? We needed to look at those selves and let them go. They are much easier to let go of, because they are not based on duality, they are not the same kind of illusions, on the other hand you can only let go of them when you see them and on an unnatural planet as dense as earth, it is much harder to come to see these selves that you brought with you from a natural planet.

That is why you first need to resolve the birth trauma and many of the selves you created here on earth before you can start looking at what brought you here. But there are quite a number of you who have used the teachings we have given on the avatars, healing your spiritual traumas and so forth. Therefore, you are now ready to take this next step and start looking at the selves that you brought with you, resolving them so that you can come to this point, where you can not only look at earth and say there is nothing that pulls me here. But you can look at the entire unascended sphere and say: “There really is no other natural planet that is pulling on me. I am ready to ascend. I am ready to leave this unascended sphere behind completely.” That is how you become an ascended master.

With this I have given you what I wanted to give you for this New Year’s instalment. We shall see what other teachings we desire to release about this throughout the year. I want to thank those of you who have taken our previous teachings, because you have been the trailblazers who have opened up the collective consciousness to where we could release this as a physical teaching. Once again, my deep gratitude, my ongoing gratitude because any dictation we give is, of course, just one dictation in an ongoing chain of releases.

I know sometimes, some of you can feel, the messenger even feels sometimes that “This dictation was special, this was at a higher level, this was almost complete in itself.” It is good that you have this feeling but of course, any dictation is just one pearl in the necklace of pearls that stretches out into the future, no way of telling at the present how long it will continue, but certainly we look forward to a long ongoing string of pearls of higher awareness.


Copyright © 2021 Kim Michaels


* As a thoughtform for this coming year we will use the Sun thoughtform from last year:

“Gautama Buddha, you are the perfect mirror for earth”.

“Saint Germain, you are the perfect mirror for the economy”.

“Mother Mary, you are the perfect mirror for women” .

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Uncovering the hidden issues behind the abortion debate 

Listen to a recording of this dictation (subscribers only)  

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, December 31, 2021

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary.

I spoke last year about the need for women to enter the economy and of course, this is not something that we can expect to see immediate results from. It is a more long-term proposition. Nevertheless, I can assure you that because of the impetus of my dictation, because of the calls you have given during the Mother Mary 500 vigil and the other webinars you have done, and in the latest vigil to the Chohans, certain women have actually decided to realign their outer mind to their divine plans and actually enter the field of economics and start studying. This is something that will have an impact in the rest of this decade and of course in decades to come as the development of a golden age economy is of course a long-term proposition, a gradual process.

Now, I want to make a few remarks about the year 2021. So far, the issue of the economy has not yet come to the fore in the public awareness, partly because the economy has been doing fairly well, many would say, and also because of the pandemic that has overshadowed many other topics. Nevertheless, unless there is some, we might say madmen who decide to engage in some kind of war, be it Russia, China, nations in Africa, or even in the Middle East, then I would say that the economy will be a major issue in this coming year.

There is a potential in 2022 that natural disasters, so called, will also attract quite a bit of attention but otherwise, it is likely that a big topic will be the economy. There is of course, a need for you to continue to make the calls on the economy because as we have explained so many times, there are these critical junctures in the development of individuals, nations, even the world, where your calls can have the difference of tipping the development from going down one path that is not as constructive to going down the more constructive path. Thus, your calls have already have a positive impact, there are more and more people who are becoming aware that economic inequality is an unsustainable condition and this will come more to the fore in the coming year.

However, we should not forget that we are in the decade of women, where women are a major issue, so I want to give some remarks about the situation of women and I want to start out with the situation that is shaping up in the United States, where you can see that the Supreme Court is gearing up to reevaluate the 1973 decision, Roe versus Wade, that made abortion legal. It is possible that the court will rule in some way that either makes abortion illegal or restricts abortion or leaves it up to the states what they will do concerning this issue.

Now, if you look at our websites and see what we have said about abortion over the years, you will see that starting in 2004 we gave a much more, we might say black and white message about abortion. We have since then given other messages that are more nuanced and what I want to point out to you here is that we have now moved much further into the Aquarian Age than when we started our websites in 2002. This means that the collective consciousness has gone through a number of shifts. It has started to shift away from the Piscean mindset and into the Aquarian mindset. The Aquarian Age is, as we have said many times, an age of greater freedom, an age of the Holy Spirit and an age of community. What does community mean? It means come ye into unity.

Well, you might say that certainly is not what we are seeing right now and certainly not in the United States, but this is actually the greater issue. The greater issue is coming into unity. What will it take for nations, organizations, societies, groups of people, individual people, to make the maximum growth in the Aquarian Age? It means they will have to shift away from focusing on differences and conflict to focusing on unifying factors. We might say that they need to shift out of the illusion of separation, the consciousness of duality, and shift into the Christ Mind, the Christ perspective that sees the oneness of all life. This, of course, is not the terminology that will be commonly used, but you will see that the greatest success will be had by those who seek to come into unity rather than seek to inflate differences and conflict.

What does this specifically mean when you look at the abortion debate? It means that abortion really is not the central issue. Abortion is one of these issues that in in the United States, polarizes people but it is really just a symbol for this greater division in the nation and in the world at large. This polarization, between those who want to hold on to what they call “traditional values” and those who embrace something new. It should be clear from those who have studied our teachings that, clearly, Saint Germain is looking to change the earth dramatically in the golden age and how do you bring change? Only by embracing something new. You cannot bring change by holding on to the existing conditions. If so, you would still be living in the dark ages.

When you look at the abortion issue in the United States, you can see certain trends. First of all, you may say, if you do not live in the United States, if you live in a nation where abortion is not a major issue: “what does this matter to us?”. Well, it matters to you in the sense that the United States is a conglomerate of people from all nations. It is, as Saint Germain has said, somewhat of an experiment to see, can you bring all these people together who come from such different backgrounds? And can they embrace the unifying factors over the dividing factors? You may say, so far, the result has not been very successful but that depends very much on the criteria you use.

But what I wish to bring to your attention here is that the United States, because it has people from all nations, means that the collective consciousness in the United States is tied to the collective consciousness of practically every nation. So when you raise the collective consciousness of the United States, you will also pull up on the collective consciousness of all nations. Reversely, of course, when some other nations, the modern democracies, raised their collective consciousness it will pull up on the collective consciousness of the US.

Now, when you look at the abortion issue in the United States and step back from the issue itself, what is it that is really going on here? Well, first of all, abortion is clearly a procedure that affects only women. Women are the ones who get pregnant, women are ones who can have an abortion and cannot. A man may be affected by a pregnancy if he is in a committed relationship but if he is not in a committed relationship and makes a woman pregnant for whatever reason, he might not be affected by it at all but surely the woman will be affected by that pregnancy. What does this show you? It shows you that when you step back from the abortion issue itself, whether it should be legal or not, this relates to the entire situation of women in society, specifically American society.

Now, if you look at the reaction in the United States over the last several years, you see that there has been a clear polarization, some even talk about the potential for civil war because there are, as the January 6th event last year showed, some people who are willing to take quite aggressive actions. These are also the people who believe in their right to bear arms and many of them have considerable armaments, privately owned, enough to equip a small army, in fact. But beyond this, we must say, what is it that is driving this division?

Well, you will see that there is a considerable group of people who supported President Trump, who believe he was one of the greatest presidents ever because he espoused certain conservative values, that to them, are essential to the survival of the United States. Now, what have I just said? You do not bring something new by holding on to the old, so the Conservatives of the United States cannot, as Saint Germain has said, bring the United States into the golden age, they cannot do it.

They are out of touch with Saint Germain. However, these people do not see it that way. If they knew about Saint Germain, as even some ascended master students would say, they would say that these people are precisely in touch with Saint Germain because they are the patriots and they are in touch with the philosophy of the Founding Fathers who founded the American nation. And from a certain perspective, they are of course, right. Some of them are in touch with the mindset and some of the beliefs and principles espoused by the Founding Fathers.

However, what these people fail to see is that the Founding Fathers lived in the 1700s and society and the world has moved on dramatically since then. If the Founding Fathers, as some of them are, were in embodiment today, they would have changed their consciousness, their outlook on life dramatically since then. If you go back and look at the Founding Fathers, you see that they were much the same type of people as the people today who are the so-called conservative Christians, and claim to espouse traditional values. What were they? They were all men, the Founding Fathers, they were white and they belong to what you would call the elite back then, the aristocracy you might even say. What you see is that there was, quite frankly, among the Founding Fathers, what you today could call a white supremacist mentality.

In general, the Founding Fathers believed that white people were superior to other races. They believe that men were superior to women. The Founding Fathers in general, were not even considering that women or slaves would be able to vote in this democracy that they were creating. This mindset has been carried over and is now espoused by many of these people who call themselves patriots or conservative Christians. It is a mindset that the Founding Fathers themselves would not espouse in today’s world, because they would have realized how much society has moved on.

What you see in the abortion issue here is that the bigger issue is: What is women’s situation in society? And of course, you see this around the world but let us again focus on the United States. There is a minority of white men who believe still, that women are inferior to men. They believe this based on seeing themselves as Christians, who again, are holding on to scriptures that were given 2000, or even more than 2000 years ago, when society was vastly different. They were also given in the Middle East, a region of the world quite different from the United States. We might say, if you really want to speak in those terms, that the people who received the Bible, both the Old and the New Testament, were not white and you see, there is already there some kind of contradiction. But be that as it may, the fact that the Bible clearly shows a certain attitude to women, even based on original sin, and the fall of Eve, espoused by the Catholic Church, clearly demonstrates that many of these people in the modern world in 2022, they believe that they have a right to make decisions on behalf of women—they have the right to decide, whether a woman should have the right to determine her own fate in life, not only her own body, but her life.

Even though the pro-abortion people have espoused the, “My body My choice” slogan, it is not just a matter of the body because that is only for nine months, but having a child is a lifelong proposition. So this really is the core of the issue and if you pay attention in this year, you might see it, you might see how it lies under the surface. And neither of the two sides who have so far dominated the abortion debate, are really willing to look at it. But you will see that it will rear its ugly head from time to time. There really is a large segment of the United States population, even some among them are women who believe that women are secondary citizens, that they cannot be trusted, they cannot be allowed into the political process and debate. We should not have a female president, we should not even have female congresswomen or senators, because women should be kept out of important decision-making which should be left to white men.

This of course, when you look at history, when you look at the development not only in the United States, but in other nations, you can see that this is not sustainable. The United States cannot in the future remain governed by white men. It is not compatible with the golden age, and even with the future, as you can see it unfolding around the world. There is a simple dynamic here. As I said, those who will be successful in the Aquarian Age will be those who look for unifying, rather than dividing factors. How will white people in general be successful? Only if they look at unifying factors. That means first of all, unify with women in your society, in your relationships, in your families. Create the kind of equality between men and women that you see many European nations striving for, but also in society in general.

There are a number of nations who have had female prime ministers and they have not gone to hell or have fallen apart. You see here that if you could step forward 50 years and look back at the present time, with the consciousness that most people will have at the time, these people will look back at your time and be amazed that this absolutely necessary development could be postponed as long as it was in United States, which claims to be the primary democracy in the world. How could women be held back for so long in this self-declared advanced democracy?

What really matters here is what effect the abortion debate has on raising people’s awareness. What did Gautama discourse on at length in his New Year’s address last year? The world is like a play, and what happens in the play is not what is important. What is important is the effect the play has on shifting people’s consciousness. It is exactly the same here. It is not essential, whether abortion remains legal or becomes illegal. The essential effect is: does this awaken people towards greater unity? Or does it divide them or keep them divided as they are now?

For there to be unification, there needs to be a willingness to step back and ask some questions that have not really been asked in the debate, because it has been dominated by people who are in black and white thinking. What are some of these questions? Well, first of all, the United States is a democracy. One of the cornerstones of a democracy is that the government has a right, even an obligation to enact laws, but the government also has an obligation to enact laws in a way that, to the least degree possible force people. In other words, one of the cornerstones of democracy is that people should have as much freedom as possible to decide their own fate, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as the Founding Fathers formulated it.

What does this mean? Well, it means here, you are looking at a woman, becoming pregnant is a major event in her life. Now, I am well aware that many men look at this and say: “Well that is what women are for. That is their entire purpose in life”. But this is, of course, a completely outdated view. Women are, as are men, spiritual beings. As a spiritual being, you have a divine plan. Now, I will admit that there are different levels of consciousness in society among both men and women so there are different levels of divine plans that people have. But certainly, there is a substantial portion of the women in embodiment today, who have it as part of their divine plan to get an education, to have a career, to have a positive impact on society, things that white men traditionally think is their turf. But this is in the divine plan of women.

This means that there is a substantial amount of women, as I have said before, for whom it is not in their divine plan to have children. In other words, you cannot say that a woman should be bound to have children, that you should have children as a woman. This is the case for many women for whom it is part of the divine plan to have children for a variety of reasons. I am in no way putting this down. I am just saying that you cannot hold on to the view that women should have children. It is outdated. When you realize this, you would then say, if a democratic nation wants to apply the least amount of force in the abortion issue, what should that democratic nation do?

Well, you should look at a woman’s situation and say: First of all, a woman has a right to decide: “I do not want a child for any reason or under any circumstance.” She should then have the right to live her life accordingly. This means what? It means that if a democratic nation does not want to force women to have children, then ideally, a woman who does not want to have children should never become pregnant. In other words, a measure that both sides of the abortion issue should be able to agree on, if they look beyond division and look for unifying factors, is that it would be in everybody’s interest to reduce unwanted and unplanned pregnancies to an absolute minimum. What does this mean?

It means that a society has to take a look at the attitude towards women that are floating around in the collective consciousness. I have talked about the fact that many men believe that it is a woman’s duty and obligation to have children. But what hardly anyone wants to talk about in the abortion debate is that there is a substantial amount of men who believe that it is woman’s place, woman’s duty, woman’s obligation to be available for sexual pleasure, the sexual pleasure of the men, mind you. This means that there is a considerable amount of pressure put on women, or rather girls in their teenage years to engage in sexual activity. This happens through peer pressure, it happens through advertising, movies, books, fiction, the Internet, it happens through the entire focus on women’s looks.

And there is an attitude floating around in the collective consciousness, that at a certain age, a girl should start being sexually active. Well, what does this mean? This means that there is a pressure on girls, and who are the girls most likely to give in to this pressure? Well, it is often girls who do not have a strong personality, who do not have a strong sense of where they are going in life, what is their purpose or not their purpose. They are the ones who are more likely to be pressured by boys or men into having sex. They are also the ones who are most likely to either not be fully aware, even though hardly anyone can be unaware that sex causes pregnancy, but not fully aware of how to avoid a pregnancy.

You see here that when you look at society in general, you can see that there is a certain section of girls that are more susceptible to this male generated pressure to engage in sexual activity, to give in to the sexual advances of men. Therefore, they are more likely to become pregnant and it is an unplanned and an unwanted pregnancy. How can you protect girls, many of them under age, from this pressure? You will see the discrepancy that it is technically, even though hardly anyone follows it, illegal for girls under a certain age to have sex, but nevertheless, there is this massive pressure for them to have it.

Can you see where I am going with this? If you were to really help women, if you were really concerned about women, then you would have to say, we as a society have to address this issue: “The male pressure on women, for them to have their sexual gratification. How can we allow this as an enlightened society? How can we allow young girls to be exposed to this and to have these role models projected out there?”

You will see that, of course, those who are against abortion, pro-life, they would be very reluctant to debate this. Why? Because they have the attitude to women, that men are superior to women, that therefore men should be in charge, the man is the head of the household and therefore, he should be the one who takes the initiative in sexual activity. Therefore, it is okay for a young boy to pressure a girl into having sex with him, even though he has no intention whatsoever of having a long term relationship, let alone marriage or a family with that girl. And their attitude is also that: Well, if the girls became pregnant, it is her fault, she should have protected herself.  And then in most cases, the men will just step back and wash their hands of this.

But do you see that the negative attitude to women means what? It means that these people are not considering the situation of women, they are not willing to consider it. Yet at the same time, without being willing to consider a woman’s situation and what she faces if she is alone and is pregnant at the age of 17, or 18, they still want to decide that this woman cannot have an abortion. This is not really in line with democratic principles: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Now I know that these people will of course instantly say: “But what about the rights of the child?” Well, what about the rights of the child? Are you considering what kind of a life that child is going to have if it grows up with a single mother who has trouble in the current economic situation making ends meet? What kind of a life is that for the child? Are you saying that a child is always better off being born, regardless of the kind of life it has?

Well, that is what many of these people believe because they have another attitude, namely, that you are only responsible for yourself. You are not your brother’s keeper. Even though they claim to be Christians, they believe they are not responsible. This is a peculiarly American form of Christianity, where you take the teachings of Jesus: do unto others, love your neighbor, do good to those who persecute you. What did Jesus say? He said, regardless of what Cain said about Abel, you are your brother’s keeper if you are a Christian.

Look at the first Christian communities. I was part of the first Christian community. We very much saw each other as each other’s keepers, both brothers and sisters. But this has been completely rooted out of American Christianity, at least the fundamentalist kind where you just need to think of yourself as an individual and it does not matter what happens to others: “If they cannot make it in America, the greatest nation on earth, it is because they are not willing to work hard enough. They are lazy, they are not willing to apply themselves.”

And this belies the fact that there are many, many children who grow up in parts of America, inner cities, both white but mostly colored, who literally do not have a chance of ever getting an adequate education or a well-paying job. They are literally born into poverty, and they are condemned to live in poverty for the rest of their lives. You can always point to exceptions and say, well, this person grew up in a poor neighborhood and he became a millionaire. Sure, you can. There are always exceptions. But there is no way that the many people could do the same because the American system as it is right now, is profoundly elitist and any elitist system is based on keeping the majority of the population below a certain level of abundance. And in the United States, you can say that there is a large middle class who is above the level of abundance but you also have a large segment of the population who are living in poverty, and will live in poverty for their entire lives.

As we have talked about before, surveys have shown that in the last 40 years, income inequality has grown exponentially. Fewer and fewer people control the majority of the wealth, and the standard of living of the middle class has been eroded. What you see here is that you have a group of people in the United States who consider themselves to be superior. They are white, they are Christians, most of them are male, but many of them are also women who have been pulled into this vortex and they think they should be the ones ruling. In fact, some of them even think they are the ones ruling and that when Trump was elected president, he was their president. But if you look at the facts, you see that Trump was part of the elite, or at least wanted to be part of the elite and he was a president, primarily of the elite.

Now, the elite I am talking about are also white and they are also men but they are people you do not hear about in the news. They are the old wealth in the northeastern parts of the United States, who have an immense influence on the political apparatus, both the Democratic and the Republican parties and they are the ones who are actually ruling America. They are white, they are male, they do have a negative attitude to women. But it is not the ordinary white Christian, who rules America, he may think he does, which only shows you the naivete that these people have.

What I am saying here is that, if you keep stepping back and consider women’s situation in the United States, then you see that it goes not only to the Christian, so called patriotic view of women, but it goes all the way to the top echelons of society where you have these white men who are sitting there controlling the wealth, controlling the financial system. Just go and look, how many stockbrokers are women? But of course, it is not the stock brokers who control the economy, it is those that are so high up, that they are above the clouds, where nobody at lower levels can even see them or can barely see them. This is the real issue here, that America started out as an elite kind of elitist society.

For a time, it made strides to become more egalitarian, with equal opportunity for all. During the 50s and 60s it was the most egalitarian in terms of income that it has ever been but since then, it has become increasingly more elitist and this has degraded the situation of women more than anything else. Because when you come right down to it, you realize that the reason it is often a problem for a woman to become pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy is that her economic opportunities are less than the economic opportunities of men. It is more difficult for women to get a job, is more difficult to get a well paid job. It is more difficult for women to have a career because the employers will think: “Well, what if she becomes pregnant? I’ll promote the man instead, him I know I can count on.”

There are many nations who have made great strides to make it easier for women to be in the workplace, to have maternity leave, paid maternity leave, or even men to have paid maternity leave so it is not just a woman who has to be home with the children. These are things that need to be debated in the United States. The United States needs to simply say: “Well, abortion is not really the issue here. The real issue is women’s situation. And the real issue is, can we live with the fact that we, who claim to be the most sophisticated democracy in the world, we give women far worse conditions than many other democratic nations.”

People need to take a look at European nations see how women are treated there and ask themselves how it can be that there is such a discrepancy. Americans need to simply say: “When we look at history, do we really think that these European nations or Canada or other nations, that this is just a temporary development that they are giving more equality to women than we are? There will come a point where they cannot  sustain it anymore, and it will all implode and women will be back to their rightful place and we in America will be the victors.” Is that really what people believe? Or can they not see that the European nations are simply ahead of the United States and it is inevitable that the United States must move in the same direction, has already moved somewhat in the same direction, and must continue to do so. And that in 20 or 30 years time, the things you see in the European nations today will be in effect in the United States, or the United States simply will fall behind in the global competition.

You see, my beloved, we have talked many times about the second law of thermodynamics, when a system becomes closed, there is an internal dynamic in the system that will cause it to break down. Well, what is the financial system, the political system of the United States? What are the conservative Christians? They are closed systems. Why? Because they are dominated by men, and men have a greater tendency for their minds to become closed systems than women. How will the United States, even corporations in the United States, survive in the global competition? Only if there is a greater influence of women, because women are more open to new ideas than men, and therefore, this is the only thing that can prevent these corporations from becoming even more closed systems than they already are. They will not make it because they will not be flexible enough to adjust to changing times.

Furthermore, if you look at the 2008 financial crisis, what was the cause? Well, it was a financial crisis so it was a crisis that took place in the financial system. Who runs the financial system? To a very, very large degree, men, you could say that men are the architects behind the current financial system. Who was responsible for the crisis that almost brought the entire system into ruin? It was men. The closed system of men’s minds, that they would not consider the human consequences of their actions. Women are more open to considering the human cost of certain actions and therefore, if women do not take a more active role in the economy and the financial system, it is only a matter of time before there will be that irreversible financial crisis that will take the entire system down.

Anybody who looks objectively at the situation can see that this is an inevitability. Will it happen in 2022? Not necessarily. It may take years, but it will happen. Anyone who has common sense can see it. You do not have to be a prophet to predict this. You see here that the abortion issue in 2022, is an opportunity for people in the United States, primarily women, to shift the focus of the debate and say: “This is not just about abortion, it is really about women’s situation in the United States and here are all the ways in which we feel put down, ignored and violated by the system, by the government, by men, by the churches, by the media and we will not stand for it anymore. We will not accept this. We will not accept that a little group of Supreme Court judges can, with a stroke of a pen, change the situation that has been there now for so many years. But moreover, we will not accept that a male dominated society can continue to treat us as second-rate citizens.”

This would be a major shift that could have a softening effect on the debate in the United States. I know very well that the abortion debate could also become very, very polarized with violence on both sides but it could also be a softening effect if women would look beyond just abortion and start debating why this is such an emotional issue for many women, because it is not just the abortion issue. It is the way women are treated by society at large and this is really where you can have an impact if you will make calls for this. If you will use some of the invocations, if you feel this is a topic that is dear to your heart, use some of the invocations from the book about women and give these calls, that women will step back from the issue and really enter the debate with a desire to make their voice heard in a unifying way that simply says: “It is not about us fighting men. It is about us, men and women, realizing that we are all human beings, we are all citizens and we all have rights. And it is time that we start acting as if we all have equal rights.”

This is what I wanted to give you for this New Year. I want to say that your Mother Mary 500 vigil on the economy, your webinars and your vigil to the Chohans has had a major impact on the collective consciousness during this year. It is always difficult to point to specific changes that have been brought about and we fully understand that our students, going back many years, can sometimes feel like, “Does it really make any difference that we are giving these decrees and invocations?” But I can assure you my beloved, it does make a difference, often that critical difference between a non-constructive and a constructive path.

For this, you have my gratitude. You have my profound gratitude and I look forward to seeing what can be accomplished in this coming year, 2022, three two’s. Three two’s, but do not forget the zero. With this I seal you in the joy of my heart!


Copyright © 2021 Kim Michaels

Come what may! 

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, October 3, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. Jesus talked about the fact that so many Christians see no connection between him and modern technology. Certainly, the same could be said for many Buddhists who also see no connection between the very non-technological appearance of me 2500 years ago and a highly technological Western society, modern society of today. Yet I hold a spiritual office for this planet as the Lord of the World. What is the goal of my office?

Obviously, to raise people up in consciousness and I am in full support of the goal of eradicating poverty. And of course, I am fully aware, as Saint Germain and Jesus have explained that, in order for this to happen, in order for people’s material standard of living to be raised, we need new forms of technology because there is only a technological solution to this.

You will notice that when I appeared 2500 years ago the entire population of the earth was very, very small compared to today. Therefore, most people at the time, at least in the area where I appeared, actually had a relatively comfortable standard of living based on an agricultural society. You have seen various periods in the world where there have been these agricultural societies where people might not have had an affluent material lifestyle, but they were not starving either and they were not really fearing where their next meal was going to come from. The price they paid, of course, was that they spent most of their waking hours working to maintain a physical standard of living, a physical living.

It is clear that in these societies the only real way that people could focus on spiritual growth was that they retreated to some kind of monastery or retreat setting where they did not have to spend all of their waking hours on their physical sustenance. This was the model that was fairly realistic at the time, but since then, of course, with the immense growth of the world population, you now have a situation where an agricultural society cannot provide a good material standard of living for that many people. Nor can of course, the material or technological society provide it. Nevertheless, it must be said that if the resources that are available were distributed more evenly than poverty, at least in its extreme forms, could certainly be mitigated considerably.

As always, the problem is not only technology, the problem is the mindset, the ideology and especially the ideology that takes on many specific forms, but that all of these forms validate the existence of a small elite that has a very different standard of living than the general population. You have these, what I call the general overall ideologies, that are beyond the more specific ideologies and elitism. And a division of society into separate categories or classes is precisely one of these underlying ideologies. This of course, was partly what I attempted to help people or societies rise above at the time. You will see that when I appeared on earth there was a society, an agricultural society, dominated by Hinduism and Hinduism had this very, very clear division of human beings into the four casts and you even see the caste system today carried on and supported by the Hindu religion. Naturally, what I attempted to do was to create a religion that would not accept or be based on such a division of people.

When you look at Buddhism you see that of course the consciousness of division has crept in and there are those who distinguish between Buddhists and non-Buddhists, there are different sects or variations of Buddhism. Some see themselves as superior, the other sects as inferior and so forth. And there are those who consider that the priest class of the Buddhist religion are somehow superior to the general population, but even the general population is superior to those who are not ready for any kind of spiritual teaching. Again, you find these divisions in society and this is, of course, what I attempted to help people overcome by helping them overcome the duality consciousness.

It is, of course, the duality consciousness that is the foundation we might say and also the method for creating this kind of division. I want to give you some teachings here that build upon what we have given before but go a little bit beyond it. You may look at some of the teachings we have given about fallen beings, the ones who really took planet earth into a downward spiral by bringing here a more extreme interpretation of duality. We have said that societies had slipped into duality before but not the aggressive forms of duality and this is what the fallen beings brought here. We have said that the fallen beings form a power elite in embodiment and they form various groups in the emotional, mental and identity realms. We have also said that their goal is to gain control over the earth, the people of the earth, as a part of their larger agenda to prove God wrong.

What I wish to discuss here is the topic of control. It may seem that there are certain societies on earth where there is a small elite that has near total control. This can be the dictatorships, you can see the communist nations, for example, the Soviet Union under Stalin, Germany under Hitler, China under Mao and many other examples, North Korea under the current regime. You may think, based on this, that the fallen beings are able to attain a very high degree of control over societies. There are people who think that the fallen beings have a high degree of control over the societies that came to be democracies and that these societies are really dictatorships, but the reality is that even in a country as controlled as the Soviet Union, the fallen beings did not have total control.

They never have had total control on earth and they never will have and why is this so? Well, it is because the fallen beings are victims of their own psychology. What have we said that the fallen beings have done? They have fallen into the duality consciousness, they have become completely enveloped in, overpowered by, blinded by, entrapped by, identified with, the duality consciousness. But what is it that happens in the duality consciousness?

You take the total area of human awareness, you focus on one particular area, and you elevate this to the status of being an absolute, it is true, it is a superior ideology, the superior religion, whatever you have. And you use this to say that here is the standard against which we are going to measure what is right and wrong, good and bad and you would think that the people who capture this, what has been called the privilege of defining the problem or formulating the problem, that they have control because when they control the standard against which everything is measured, they have the opportunity to control people’s thinking.

However, in duality, you can never have total control for the simple reason that when you take one element of a whole and elevate it to a superior status you are creating a fundamental and unavoidable imbalance. We have talked about the second law of thermodynamics that seeks to return everything to its lowest possible energy state, but we could also say that this actually is an illustration of the cosmic law of balance. It is not that the law of balance or even the second law of thermodynamics, for that matter, seeks to return everything to an undifferentiated state. The cosmic law is set up to ensure growth towards higher and higher states, but it is set up to ensure sustainable growth, continued growth, progressive growth.

What you do in duality, is that you separate yourself from this continued sustainable growth and you create an imbalanced state where you say that, instead of the growth of the whole, you want a localized growth of this particular ideology, this particular group of people, this elite, and this can only happen by taking something from the whole. In other words, a small group of people are taking something from the whole and this is what violates the cosmic law of balance, because when the whole is not in balance the cosmic law will pull it back towards balance.

There will always be a pull that pulls any imbalance back towards the state of balance. This is what we have described as a feature of the duality consciousness, that when you create one dualistic extreme, at the same time it generates an opposing dualistic extreme. This is what the philosopher Hegel described as the dialectic where one idea or a theory becomes a thesis which generates an antithesis, there is a struggle between them, the result of this struggle is a new state, a synthesis, but this synthesis becomes the next thesis that generates another antithesis leading to another struggle and so forth, and so on, ad infinitum. Now Hegel believed that this is how progress happens and the only way that progress can happen. This was the limitation of his insight.

This is only how things work in an imbalanced state because when you have balance there is still growth, but there is no struggle, there is no opposition, there is no tension between two extremes. Everything that happens in a balanced state on a natural planet seeks to lift the whole. It is only when you seek to lift one part of the whole at the cost of the rest of the whole that you have imbalance, opposition and the dialectic struggle. What Hegel and Marx did was to look at the imbalanced state that appears on earth and try to use it to create a more ideal society that did not have the conflict. This of course can never be done, one form of imbalance cannot lead to harmony and wholeness, it can only lead to another form of imbalance.

Why do I say that the fallen beings are not in control? Because whenever they take one particular idea, group of people, religion and elevate it to a superior status they are creating an opposite. That means that they can never attain the state that they dream about where they now have permanent control that can never be threatened. There will always be an opposition or threat to their control. This, of course is unbearable to the fallen beings so they must always seek to destroy the opposition. That is why you see all of these dualistic ideologies always contain the idea that there is a right and a wrong. There are those people who are working for the right, those people who are working for the wrong and those people working for the right must destroy the people working for the wrong, so there is an ongoing struggle. It is simply built into duality. But, now look at the psychology of the fallen beings. What is going on in the psychology of a fallen being? Well, like other masters have said, when you as an avatar came to earth you received the cosmic birth trauma, but when the fallen beings in the sphere where they fell were confronted with the ascended masters and the fact that there was a power greater than theirs, they also received a trauma or they created a trauma, which is really what you did as well.

Ever since then the fallen beings have been trying to compensate for this trauma where they felt a loss. They are attempting to attain control in order to get themselves into a state of mind where they can feel at peace so they are not divided, traumatized in pain because of their trauma. This of course cannot be done by the fallen beings because they are doing this through the duality consciousness, which must create opposition. There is always a pair of opposites. So, this means what?

It means that a fallen being, a particular fallen being, now goes into elevating a particular, let us say, religion as the superior one. It then believes that if it can create a state on earth where everyone is a follower of this religion and there is no challenge, no opposition to it, then it will have peace of mind. Then it will be in control. Then it can feel that it has all power, which is the only way a fallen being can conceive of having peace of mind. It is not really that a fallen being is striving for peace of mind, but it is striving for some kind of equilibrium where it feels it has control and the only way you can conceive of this is having unchallenged power. No matter how much the fallen being struggles, it can never achieve this state in the physical and therefore, it can never achieve the psychological state where it feels it is in control, it is in power, it is unchallenged.

What does this mean? This means that, as we have said that fallen beings, the psychology of a fallen being, is really the ultimate definition of split personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder. A fallen being may seem to be in control, as for example, Stalin was in a physical way in control of the Soviet Union because whatever he said people would do. But if you look at Stalin’s psychology you would see that he was absolutely not in control of his state of mind because he constantly felt threatened, he was constantly afraid, he was constantly seeking to eradicate potential threats by killing even his close associates. Mao, Hitler, much the same thing. What you see here is that the fallen beings are trapped in this obsessive compulsive need to seek to create a state of we might say, tranquility or at least not being threatened, but they seek to do this by destroying something else.

Of course, any peace or equilibrium cannot be created through destruction but the fallen beings will never see this from the duality consciousness. In a sense, we could say that it may seem like a fallen being has control on the outer, but on the inner that fallen being is constantly reacting and of course, if you are reacting to circumstances beyond your control, how can you be in control? It cannot be done. The fallen beings are never in control of their own psychology. They are always reacting to real or perceived threats.

When I say “real” it is of course in quotation marks, although you may say that there are some threats that are actually physical and there are some threats that fallen beings simply make up in their minds. Really, when you as a spiritual student realize this, you realize of course that the psychology of a fallen being is not fundamentally different from the psychology of human beings. It is just more extreme. You as a spiritual student, as long as you have the birth trauma, you are also in this state of mind of reacting to circumstances that seem to be beyond your control and you are doing this to create some sense of equilibrium, tranquility, peace of mind.

When you realize this, you realize that there is a very old consciousness on planet earth, a very old momentum, even a collective beast that seeks to pull people into creating this sense of tranquility through a variety of means. One of them for example, is physical means where you seek to build a castle with thick walls that no enemy can penetrate, you seek to gather to yourself supplies so that you can stay in there for a very long time like the so-called leaders of medieval society did in their fear-based reaction. Or you may do it in many other ways, through science, through technology, by gaining insurance for this or life insurance or insurance for anything you can imagine or hoarding enough money so you think you can buy your way out of any problem. But you may also seek to do this through a religious or spiritual teaching. You see how Jesus was talking about the Christians who have gotten themselves into a state where they have what they think is a sense of equilibrium because they are sure they will be saved when Jesus comes back and they are sure all they need to do here is maintain their comfortable lifestyle and perhaps give some money to charity.

You see in Buddhism, how many people, even many of the Buddhists in monasteries have created a similar state of seeming equilibrium and tranquility because they think that all they need to do is to continue to live their monastic lifestyle and fulfill the requirements for prayers and chants and exercises and meditation and this and that. In other words, it is the outer path, the automatic path where you think that you can make it to heaven or nirvana without looking at your own consciousness and changing it.

Of course, as we have now said several times, there are students who have found ascended master teachings and have attempted to do the same thing with ascended master teachings and this is of course, possible. It is easier to do with previous dispensations, much harder to do in this one because this one we have, for the first time at least in recorded history, attempted to do everything possible to expose these psychological mechanisms so that the only way you can stay in this teaching and build a sense of tranquility is by ignoring or denying considerable aspects of the teaching. Those of you who are open minded will of course, realize that you cannot be a fully open door if you are using the teaching this way. You need to get yourself into a state, which most of you already are in, of being willing to continually look at your psychology, resolve what needs to be resolved, come up higher, so that you can truly be the open doors.

What you can also attain in this manner is of course, a more real state of inner peace. We have said that there will always be illusions you need to overcome until you ascend but we have also said that this does not mean that you have to live the rest of your time in embodiment in this deficit state of mind where you feel like you are behind, you are inadequate, there is always something you have not done or should have done. What you really can come to is this point of acceptance. Accepting yourself as a student who is willing to walk the path and always look for the next thing you need to see in yourself, in your psychology. Once you can get beyond this point where you have what we have talked about as the resistance to seeing something in yourself, then you will actually have a certain inner peace because if there is nothing you are afraid to look at in yourself, there is nothing you cannot overcome in your own psychology and if there is nothing you cannot overcome in your own psychology, there is nothing in the world that you need to fear.

Why do people fear external conditions? They have various reasons. They say I am afraid of falling ill, of being in pain, of this and that. Well, yes, understandable. But nevertheless, why do they fear an external condition that is not yet manifest? Because they are afraid of how it will affect them psychologically. As we have said before, it is not the external condition that causes you pain. The pain exists in your mind. Even physical pain exists in your mind, or at least elicits a reaction in your mind. That is what makes it unbearable. You are actually always fearing your reaction to external conditions rather than the external conditions themselves. But if you know that by looking at your reaction and the separate self behind it, you can overcome that reaction, why do you need to fear the reaction? And if you do not fear the reaction, why do you need to fear the condition?

Truly, what some of you are ready to begin to acknowledge is that there is no reason to fear any condition on earth. This is partly what Jesus demonstrated by allowing himself to be crucified. You might say that if being crucified and enduring this temporary pain was what qualified Jesus to ascend, was it not worth for him to go through this temporary pain? You may look at Jesus after he ascended and he could look back at those days in pain, but what would it matter to him? In the ascended state, what does anything you have encountered on earth matter to you anymore?

What have we said is the real purpose of the earth, of what you are going through on the earth? It is the raising of consciousness. Part of the raising of consciousness is that you have to overcome something in yourself—the separate selves, whatever. In order to overcome it, you have to see it. In order to see it, what needs to happen? Well, sometimes you can see it through an internal process. But there are some things you cannot see or that you at least can see faster when they are triggered by external conditions.

What is the purpose of any experience you could have on earth? It is to make visible inside yourself some condition that limits you—which is why you go into an unpleasant reaction—so that you can see that condition, resolve it and be free of it. And once you are free of the condition inside yourself, the outer condition is irrelevant. If you have no negative reaction to the condition, what does it matter anymore? It is not holding back your spiritual growth.

When you begin to contemplate this, you can come to this point where you can make a conscious shift and you can say, “Why do I fear all these conditions that might come to pass? Why do I need to fear all these conditions? Whatever may happen, will cause a reaction. When I see that reaction, it is an opportunity to look for the illusions, the separate selves that cause the reaction, resolve those illusions, let the separate self die and then I am free. Why do I fear that certain things would happen to me if they would actually serve in my ultimate liberation and my ascension? Why do I need to fear any condition? Can I not simply say, “Come what may! Come what may!”?

Try and sit down sometime in a peaceful setting, close your eyes, focus on your heart and then say, “Come what may.” And then look for the reaction that comes from outside your heart, especially from your lower chakras, from your emotional body. See what reaction you get. Try and follow that reaction. Try and see if you can identify a separate self. See the belief behind it. What is it you really fear? Why do you think, this is such a terrible condition that needs to be avoided? What is it in that condition that you are really afraid of and you will see that it is your inner reaction, but your inner reaction, you can do something about. You may not be able to do anything about the outer condition, but you can do something about your reaction. Isn’t that what our teachings are all about?

Why do you really fear it? Why do you think you need to fear it? And this can gradually and grant you it will take some time for all of you, it can lead you to the point where you can say, “Well, anything I encounter on earth is just an experience. It is not really real in the sense that it has power over me that it can define me.” And when you can look at anything that might happen as just another experience amongst so many experiences, then you can overcome this fear that so many people have associated with the future, where they fear that something might happen.

When I was in embodiment, I spent six years in the forest, sitting there starving my body, facing various conditions in the body. I learned through this, that no condition in the body has power over my mind unless I give it that power. I gained through this a certain detachment from the body and what could happen to the body. And beyond that, to what could happen to me in the physical octave. For the latter part of my service, certainly after I came back to teach, I had no fear of the future. You could say, “Well, that is easy enough, you had an easy life.” Yes, but I was still in embodiment in a particular collective consciousness and it was constantly impinging upon me as it does on everyone. And it was only because I did not react to the demons of Mara, that I was free of this.

Regardless of what happens in the outer conditions, you still have the potential to become free from your reaction and therefore, you cannot be tempted by the demons of Mara. What is it that causes a reaction? Why do you react negatively to some circumstances and not to others? It is because in your mind, you have a standard that says, “This should happen to me and this should not happen to me.”

When something happens that is in the ‘this should happen’ category, you feel a positive feeling. You have a positive reaction. But when something happens that is in the ‘should not happen’ category, you go into a negative reaction and you think this is the only way it can be. But why is this the only way it could be? It is the only way it could be in the duality consciousness, where you have a standard and a value judgment. But when you free yourself from duality this will fade away. Why would one circumstance be positive and another be negative? Why would one lead to an unbalanced ecstatic reaction and another to an unbalanced negative reaction? Why is there anything you need to try to avoid? Whatever may happen is an experience and whatever will happen to you is whatever circumstance that is suited to bringing something out in your psychology that you have not seen. Is not that a positive?

You may say, “But there are still experiences I do not want to have on earth.” That is understandable. But there is a difference between fearing something and seeking to avoid it and deciding I do not really desire to have that experience. When you do the latter, you can be willing to say, “Well, what do I then need to do to avoid this kind of experience? I need to look for what it is in my psychology that will be brought out by that experience and then I need to resolve the psychological condition so that I do not need to experience the exterior condition”.

There is no punishment here. There is no force in the sense that everything happens for the resolution of psychology. But if you resolve psychology, you do not need to have the outer event happen. Unless you are doing this to carry some kind of burden for others. There are always exceptions to every rule, but for the majority of you, if you resolve the psychological condition, you will not need to experience the external condition. It is that simple.

Based on this, you can see that it is possible and it is realistic for many of you who have applied this teaching for some time, to attain this state of equilibrium, peace. But it is not based on denial. I have said that many Buddhists have a sense of equilibrium, many Christians have it. But it is because they are denying something in their own psychology. They are ignoring it. They are refusing to look at it and therefore, they have the illusion of tranquility without real tranquility. But it is possible for you by applying our teachings to attain this state of mind. Where these outer things do not disturb you. You have no reaction. You can look at the demons of Mara parading before you and not react. This means you then have the mental freedom to actually ask yourself, “What kind of life experience do I really want for the rest of this lifetime?” And many of you will be able then to make a shift and realize “This is actually what I want to experience because it is part of my growth to experience this. It is a desire I have and by going through it and experiencing it, I can free myself from the desire”.

Many of you will find that you come to this point where you just know that it is time to make a change in your life, whatever it may be in your outer situation. You can make that change and you can have a vastly different experience than what you have had before. And this experience is part of your growth. It may also be part of you expressing the gift you want to bring as part of your divine plan. Some of you may look at: “What kind of experience do I want to have and say, I want to have the experience of expressing a certain idea.”

But in order to do this, you have to make some changes and then you can make those changes. I am not going to specify what kind of changes it needs to be. You, of course, will notice when you are ready to make the change. It is not something you force with the outer mind. It is just something that happens when you have attained that state of inner peace by resolving your psychology and then you consciously ask yourself the question, “What kind of life experience do I want, as the next phase of my life?”

Many of you will find that once you are clear, once you are undivided in your mind, circumstances will simply click into place and you will find yourself in a different situation. This is effortless manifestation of different circumstances. It is flowing with the River of Life, where you are not resisting anything. You are not trying to force something to happen. You are, so to speak, watching it happen. You are watching things unfold.

Now, is this just some fantasy I am setting up here? Is it just something that applies to a few people? No, it applies to all of those who are willing to apply the teaching and resolve the psychology. Why is this actually possible? Why is it possible that if you change your state of mind, it can have the effect of changing your external circumstances? This is not what people normally call mind over matter. You see an entire movement out there of people who are trying to gain this power of mind over matter where they can force the universe to give them what they want. They can forcefully change lead into gold, or this or that—whatever they dream about. But this is the fallen beings attempting to use what we have sometimes called black magic to materialize certain results.

What I am talking about is an effortless manifestation that has no force in it. You see, when you have the resolution of psychology, you no longer need to force anything. Because you are not seeking to avoid anything. You are not seeking to force anything on anyone, or to force something away from you. You are not seeking to force it to come to you or force it to stay away from you. Why is it possible that when you make the shift in the mind, external circumstances can click into place?

Well, it is possible because of a concept that I gave so many years ago of the interdependent originations. This is a very profound concept. We have talked about it before. We have encouraged you to contemplate it, and I encourage you again to contemplate this gradually. You need to recognize that you have grown up in a modern world, which is very much based on, not only a force-based look at life, a force-based paradigm, but also a paradigm based on separation. What did I say about the duality consciousness? Look at the entire tapestry of human existence—you pull one thing out of it and elevate that and at the same time, put other aspects down. You are creating an imbalance, but in the interdependent originations, there is no imbalance, everything is connected.

But you have been brought up with this view that things are not connected. They are separate entities. They exist separately. There are separate things that can be affected by separate causes. When you look at science, modern science, you will see that it is based on this separated view. You think you can look at the tapestry of the universe, you can pull out one particular event, one particular condition and you can isolate it and say, “This is an isolated effect and this isolated effect has this isolated cause. The effect is brought about exclusively by that cause and the cause has an effect exclusively on this condition.” This is the separate view, still promoted by Western science, even though it has been disproven by Western science, namely, quantum physics.

You need to perhaps spend some time contemplating this and realizing that the view of separate causes and separate effects was useful for a time. It was a necessary phase in the shift from the religious, medieval worldview to the more rational, scientific, modern worldview. It is not that you need to say that this was completely wrong. It was not wrong for society to go through this phase, but it is just a phase or at least, it is meant to be and it cannot take society or science beyond a certain level.

You, as a spiritual student, want to contemplate how to free your mind from this belief. You may say, again, why are you fearing a particular circumstance? Is it not because you think that there could be this separate cause that could affect you as a separate being and you as a separate being would have a reaction to that cause? And you as a separate being would rather avoid it, would rather avoid that cause? You are seeing yourself as a being who is existing in a larger whole. You know that. You are living on a planet with seven billion other people, there are various physical conditions, there is something called the weather and if it rains, and you go outside, you become wet. You know you are living in this whole, but instead of looking at the whole, you are focusing on specific aspects of the whole, and you are looking at yourself as a separate being that exists inside the whole and you think that this separate being, there are certain things that should happen to it, and certain things that should not happen to it.

You are seeking to bring into manifestation the things that should happen and seeking to force out of manifestation the things that should not happen, according to your standard. But you are not realizing that, in a sense, you could say that you are an individual being and you have individual free will, but you exist in a whole where there are seven billion other individual beings with free will. Does it really make any sense to think that you could isolate yourself from this whole and not be affected by the free-will choices made by other people? Is it really realistic to think this way?

Many people have thought this way. As I said, the ones who built these thick castle walls and attempted to isolate themselves, they thought they could isolate themselves from the whole, but of course, they could not. They might give the impression for time that they could, but in reality, they could not. The entire idea that you could isolate yourself from the whole, protect yourself from certain conditions—bring about other conditions—is an illusion. You are, whether you like it or not, part of this tapestry of humanity. What I am suggesting here, and what happens to those who rise to a certain level of Christ consciousness and begin to put on the Buddhic consciousness, is that you can shift your outlook on life.

You can start contemplating that there is a different way to look at life than looking at it from the viewpoint that I am a separate individual and I seek to avoid certain things and have certain others. You can realize that it really does not make any sense to say that as a separate individual I want this and I do not want that. Because the reality is that when everything is interconnected, this might very well mean that what you want requires someone else to not have it and what you want to avoid, requires someone else to have it. In other words, you could look at the fact that if everything is an interconnected whole, and you are in this whole, you are not really a part of the whole, because you are not apart from the whole. You are simply an integral aspect of the whole. It does not really make sense to say, “What do I want as a separate individual?”

There is an entirely different way to look at life, and it is to look at life as a connected individual, as one who is connected to the whole. This means that it does not really make any sense to say, “Could I raise myself up and become a billionaire, by taking money from others?” You might be able to do this as some people have done, but you are not really separated from the whole. When you are creating an imbalance in one way, you will experience an imbalance inside yourself. When you create an imbalance that affects other people, you will create a psychological imbalance that affects yourself. You will also create a physical opposite, which may affect you at some point in the future, but this may be delayed to another lifetime, so you do not see it. But you will experience the psychological imbalance and you will see that all of the people who have, for example, attained great wealth at the cost of others, they have psychological imbalances that are affecting them constantly.

There is a whole different view of life than the separate view that you have been brought up with, programmed with and been exposed to for many lifetimes. It takes some mental retooling to shift, but what I am giving you is the beginning stages of this. You can begin to contemplate and shift out of this. You can then begin to cultivate this awareness that you are not really here to raise up yourself, at least not in a way that creates an imbalance that affects others. You are here to raise the whole.

Now, how does this tie in with the spiritual path and the path to Christhood where we have said that at the beginning stages of the path, your most important task is to separate yourself from the mass consciousness? Well, it may sound as if you are separating yourself from something and in a sense, you are separating yourself from the mass consciousness. But what is the mass consciousness? It is the consciousness of separation. When you separate yourself from the consciousness of separation, are you actually separating yourself from something, going away from something, or are you going into the consciousness of oneness, of connectedness? You cannot really separate yourself from separation. You can only go into the consciousness that is beyond separation, which is oneness. You realize that in order to raise the whole, you need to separate yourself from the mass consciousness so you can raise your individual consciousness and as you do this, you create the pull that pulls up on the collective.

The subtle difference that comes in is that some students will be seeking to do this based on the motivation that they want to raise themselves as separate individuals. This is what we have said before that at the 96th level, you need to resolve that enigma where you are no longer seeking to raise yourself as a separate individual, you are seeing the connection to the whole. This is the Christ consciousness, not the ultimate state of it, but certainly the beginning stage. When you make the switch, you realize that everything is interconnected. In a sense, you could say that the psychology of all people on earth is interconnected. There are certain separate selves that almost all people have. There are few separate selves that all people have and there are many, many separate selves that most people have.

What is it going to take to raise humanity? What is it going to take to raise the collective consciousness? It is that the separate selves are resolved. Well, how can this process happen? It cannot happen collectively, because there is not a collective awareness, people are divided by the collective selves. There is no chance of ever creating this sense that, at least in the foreseeable future, we all have a separate self and we all need to overcome it. You do however, see certain collective shifts, but those collective shifts were brought about through a gradual process where a few individuals started shifting and then this created the momentum that eventually shifted more people.

Humanity is raised because some people are willing to look at their individual separate selves and resolve them. This creates a pattern, a track, a matrix, a momentum in the collective. If one person has seen through a particular separate self, there will be another person who finds it easier to overcome that separate self, because the first person did it. And then there will be a third person who finds it easier still and this will spread like rings in the water, until you reach certain collective shifts where suddenly this becomes almost common knowledge, or at least it becomes talked about. You can see even in your lifetime, most of you, how, in the field of self-help literature, there has been certain shifts where suddenly this becomes fashionable to talk about a particular issue. Right now, you can see how the topic of narcissists is becoming much more commonly known. But that all started because some people were willing to work on themselves and pull everybody up.

This means you can now go back to my concept that there are certain conditions you would rather avoid and then you can say, “Well, there is a condition that I would rather avoid but it happened to me anyway, so what does this mean?” Well, perhaps it means that even though I have wanted to avoid this with my outer mind, in my divine plan, I had actually vowed to take on this condition in order to help resolve the psychology behind it, and thereby raise the whole. In other words, what is happening to you is not something that is directed against you, it is not something you need to resist. It is something you need to embrace and say, “What can I learn from this? What can I see in myself that I needed to see from this? How can I help resolve something in the collective and thereby raise the collective?” It is again, part of the ‘come what may’. When you say ‘come what may’, it does not mean ‘come what may’ as long as it is pleasant. It means ‘come what may’. And I will meet it with a positive state of mind, seek to make the best of it, and be content that what I have endured, is part of raising the whole.

This will shift you into this state of mind where you are not resisting anything. And of course, you cannot have peace of mind when you are resisting or seeking to avoid anything. How could you? How does this tie in with a topic of becoming the open door? Well, is it not obvious that the more resolution you have in your psychology, the more open you are to saying ‘come what may’, the more of an open door you can be? It is always the challenge when we are in physical embodiment, that we are blinded somewhat by the whole circumstance we are in, the collective consciousness, our own four lower bodies, and we do not see clearly with a conscious mind what we put into our divine plans. We do not see the larger connection of how something we go through, something we experience helps raise the whole. What you can come to cultivate is this mindset that you are open to not only receiving these wonderful ideas from the ascended realm, but you are also open to going through whatever circumstances you decided in your divine plan that you wanted to go through and take on in order to help raise the collective. This can even be a disease that you take on.

What I am seeking to give you is this view that you can make peace with being on earth, even though planet earth is as dense and as difficult of a planet as it currently is. This does not mean that I am asking you to deny the conditions found on earth. As you raise your consciousness, you come to see all conditions more clearly. But you also come to see them without the value judgments of the duality consciousness and this is what some people have not understood. Some people have gone through what Saint Germain so carefully explained, with the beginning stages of Christhood, where you still think in black and white terms. You still think this is true, this is false. If this is true, then the opposite must be false. This is how you think at a certain stage. It is the beginning of discernment, but it is not really Christhood because Christhood is when you go a little higher, and you start seeing beyond the value judgment. As long as you are still in this black and white state of mind, you will have the value judgment that that which is false is also bad, it is evil, it should be avoided, it should not be here.

As you go higher in Christ consciousness, you realize that whatever is here is an outplaying of free will. As you go even higher into the Buddhic levels, you start losing this entire evaluation of what should or should not be here. When you connect to the interconnectedness of the whole and the out playing of free will, you realize that in a certain sense, from a certain viewpoint, there is nothing that shouldn’t be here. Because whatever is here is an outplaying of the consciousness of the people on earth and it is outplaying it to make it visible. Given the way the reality simulator works and people have gone into duality, whatever is here, is here as an out playing that makes something visible that otherwise is difficult to see. From that perspective, it should be here.

Now, you can take all the evaluations that many people take on the way to Buddhahood, where you might say that the process of going to Christhood and Buddhahood is that you start connecting to the whole and therefore, you go through a period where you also feel compassion for other people. You can look at the world today and you can look at many, many people. Some are in various religions, some are not in any religion and you can see that many of these, we might say progressive, well-meaning people, they are driven by compassion. They feel compassion for the suffering of others and based on their compassion, they are saying, “Oh, but this condition should not be here, it is wrong that people suffer this way. These diseases should not be here, this poverty should not be here, this torture, force, and warfare should not be here.”

And of course, you can take this viewpoint and say that, according to an ideal principle, according to how a natural planet is, no, these things would not be here if earth was a natural planet. But again, what is our goal with earth? Yes, ultimately it is to turn the earth back into being a natural planet, but this is not the real goal. The real goal is the raising of consciousness. We as ascended masters are not sitting here saying, “Oh, the earth is such a dark planet, we need to do whatever we can to turn it back to a natural planet as quickly as possible, come what may.”

We are actually saying, given that the earth is what it is right now, has the conditions it has, how can we use this to raise people’s consciousness by making visible the psychology that has created those conditions? And when you connect to that you can avoid being trapped in compassion because, truly, many well-meaning sensitive people are trapped in compassion. This messenger was trapped in this for the first years of his life, even the first years of his path, even after finding an ascended master teaching. Many of you can recognize the same thing. You will feel such a strong sense of compassion for other people’s suffering, that you are actually willing to use force to remove the suffering.

Why haven’t we, who are ascended masters and who supposedly also want to remove people’s suffering, why haven’t we used our immense powers to remove poverty from earth? Well, because as we have said, our primary goal is not to remove poverty, the outer condition of poverty, but to help people transcend the consciousness that precipitated that poverty. We are seeking to use the poverty to make that consciousness visible so that people can look at it and resolve it. This is our goal. This is how we work. Many of you have not understood this, but you can come to understand it, you can come to look into it and you can come to accept this, that you do not need to have your compassion become obsessive compulsive, where you feel driven to do something to alleviate a certain form of suffering, and you cannot be at peace until this has happened.

Many of these well-meaning people that I am talking about, even ascended master students, they go into this state of obsessive compulsion where they cannot be at peace as long as there is this or that problem. This messenger experienced a period in the Summit Lighthouse where they were making hours-long decree vigils to combat world communism, to prevent a nuclear war and to bring forth certain other changes. It is not that this was not necessary and valid work. But the messenger has realized that he was in an obsessive-compulsive state of consciousness, and he saw many other people do the same. You are not at peace when you are in this state of consciousness.

Surely, we want our students to make the calls for various conditions but have we ever said we want you to make them from this obsessive-compulsive state of consciousness? Why would we want our students to do things from a state of imbalance, when we ourselves are in balance? We want our students to have what we have, balance of mind. Surely, you can say that in the ascended state, we do not even have balance of mind because there was no imbalance possible. You are living in a different environment where imbalance of mind is possible and there are many, many forces that are impinging on your mind to pull you into imbalanced reactions.

But what we are seeking to help you attain is that you are free of all of these forces, the demons of Mara, so that you can sit under your bo tree and be unaffected by these demons of Mara, by the prince of this world who comes and wants his pound of flesh. We have given you the tools to achieve this, it will take time. But by being consciously aware of it and making it a conscious goal, you can attain it much more quickly.

Many of you are closer than you think, many of you are closer than you think.

As we have said before, ‘ask and ye shall receive’. Ask the master who is closest to you, to help you attain this to see what it is in your attitude that takes you out of peace. But do not forget to ask the messenger, who has also attained a high degree of this peace, and is willing to work with you to attain the same. Again, what does it take, ultimately, to be the open door for planet earth? Ask and be willing to receive.

As a final remark, I want to give you all our great gratitude for your being willing to take part in this process that this conference has been. By so many of you tuning in, by so many of you giving these invocations together, you have truly accomplished a magnificent work for raising the collective consciousness. You have gone beyond our original goal, you have exceeded that goal and for this, you have our gratitude. We hope that you also can feel in yourselves that this conference has raised your consciousness beyond what you originally expected.

Certainly, the messenger sits back, as he often does after these conferences, and is in awe about how much new teachings we brought forth. He sometimes feels that so much has been brought forth, how could we possibly have more but he is always happy to experience that we have more and we are willing to give it. We hope you have had that experience as well, that you are joyful over having experienced the flow of the Spirit, the unfoldment of these ideas. I hope you realize that some of you may feel that you have received something you did not ask for. But you have only received what you did not ask for consciously, you have surely asked for it unconsciously. And for this, again, our gratitude and therefore, I seal you and I seal this conference in the joyful peace of the Buddha.


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Ask and you shall receive

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, October 3, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus.

How do you become the open door? By always striving for more. There is no status quo that God or the ascended masters want to maintain for earth. What is one of the greatest limitations for the manifestation of the golden age? It is this very old belief that goes far back beyond Christianity, but has been reinforced by many Christians, that there is some final Edenic state that God wants to manifest either here on earth, or by dissolving the earth and taking everyone, or at least the good Christians, to a higher realm. If you look at the collective psyche on earth, you will see that there is this current of people who are striving for some idyllic, ideal, Edenic state. They truly believe that there must come this final state. And either then this state will be maintained for a thousand years, or more. Or the world will be rolled up as a scroll and cease to exist.

If you consider, which, quite frankly few of those who call themselves Christians do, what I actually said two thousand years ago, you would see that in a sense, I called for drastic changes to society. I did not call for these directly in a political or revolutionary way. But I still called for drastic changes, because what I encouraged my disciples to develop was this sense of oneness between them, this sense of community, this sense of oneness with all life. What did I say? ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me’. Because I wanted to show that people are all part of the body of God. People all have the Christ within them, the Christ potential within them.

What does this mean when you truly look at it? Well, you go back to the society that existed in Israel, when I walked the earth in a physical body. What kind of society was it? It was a highly segmented society, with a clear class of people at the bottom and then various degrees of higher classes, reaching to the very top. You can debate which one was the highest class: was it the Romans, was it the Jewish priesthood, who was it? But nevertheless, there was clearly an upper class, some divisions in the middle, and clearly a lower caste of those who were considered outcasts by Jewish society. Why do so many of my parables talk about those who were outcasts, like for example, the Good Samaritan who helped a man when no Jew would help him? It was to show this, that we need to overcome, humanity needs to overcome this idea that human beings can be divided into separate categories, where some are good, some are evil, some are important, some are unimportant, some are worthy, some are unworthy, whatever classification you want to apply.

When you look at the world today, you see that very same kind of division of society, even division of the planet into different groups. You have many, many societies, in fact you have all societies where there is a clear elite. You have a democratic society that is based on the idea that all men are created equal, and that they have been given equal rights by their Creator. And yet you have a clear upper class, not only in the political establishment, but especially in the financial, economic establishment. You have in most democratic nations, some people who are poor. You look at the world, and you see that in many nations, most of them not democratic, but still, you have a majority of the people who are poor. You have billions of people in the world who live beneath the poverty level, who can barely feed themselves or their children. And this is clearly a segregation, a division of society into different classes. There is the smaller division within a society, there is a larger division on a planetary scale.

But this is not the kind of society that I encouraged my followers to create. I attempted to guide people into creating a more egalitarian society based on what? Well, essentially based on the Christ consciousness. What is it you achieve as you grow towards higher levels of Christ consciousness? Well, you achieve first of all, within your own psychology, the oneness between your higher being and your lower being, but also horizontally you achieve a sense of oneness with other people. And when you achieve this sense of oneness, how can you create, how can you accept a society with such clear divisions? It simply is not possible. The divisions will fade away, as the consciousness is raised.

This is what you have seen in many of the democratic nations, where there is less division in some of these nations than there was in the same nations 50 or 100 years ago. This is actually an expression of Christ consciousness, even though many of these modern democracies are secular societies, where most people do not even see themselves as Christians. But that is because they do not see themselves as Christians, based on a definition promoted by the official Christian religion. And they do not look beyond the Christian religion to realize the universality of Christ, and therefore realize that they have actually manifested a higher degree of Christ oneness than many of those who call themselves Christians.

If we look at this, we can realize that if my goal was to create a more unified, egalitarian society with less divisions between people, has the Christian religion helped or hindered that goal? And then we must, if we take a neutral look, say that the Christian religion has actually done more to hinder that goal, than to help it. What do you see in most Christian churches? A clear division in their minds between themselves as good Christians, and those who either are not Christians, or who are not good Christians, according to the definition of their particular church.

We of course see a division of the Christian religion into many different churches and sects. Each believes they have the highest possible understanding of the message of Christ. Many of these Christians you see, are the ones who believe in the end times. Any day now, I am going to appear in the sky, judge the righteous and the unrighteous, send the unrighteous to hell, take the Christians into heaven, and roll up the world as a scroll. Well, what is the effect of this psychologically? It is of course, that it pacifies these Christians in terms of producing changes to society in the here and now.

Why should we really strive to improve society, when the world is going to end in a few years, even in our lifetime? What you see in these Christians is a very peculiar psychological mechanism. They have an Alpha aspect, where they think that they are saved, they are the saved ones. When the world ends they are the ones who will go to heaven. I will come, I will appear to them, and I will take them to heaven. Really, what striving do they need to do here on earth when they are already saved? They are already ensured to go to heaven. Why bother to help other people to improve society when you know you are going to heaven?

Then you have the Omega aspect of this, that when you believe that the world is going to end fairly soon, well why seek to make dramatic changes to society? What have these Christians done? They have managed to put themselves in various positions where they can work together, for example in businesses, support each other and create a very comfortable, materialistic lifestyle for themselves. They are comfortable materially, and since the world is going to end shortly, what does it matter that there are other people who live in poverty? We will just focus on our comfortable lifestyle, going to church every Sunday, and when the world ends, we go to heaven. What is there to strive for on earth?

You see that there are other Christians that do have some internalization of the message, that I wanted Christians to help others. But what kind of help are they trying to give? They are doing so-called charitable work. They are going out to countries where there is poverty, where there are various problems, and they seek to alleviate these. I am not saying this is completely unacceptable, or completely out of touch with my message. But there is eternally a difference between putting a bandaid on the wound or removing the condition that caused the wound to appear, again and again. There is a difference between giving a person a fish, or giving that person a fishing net. Why is it that Christians have become so passive in their form of charity? They are not really seeking to change societies. They are just seeking to alleviate the suffering. But the conditions that cause the suffering are seemingly beyond their power to change.

Ask yourself a simple question. When you see some of these afflictions that people are suffering from, do you believe it is beyond the power of Christ to change these conditions? Do you believe that Christ only has the power to hand out band aids? Or do you believe Christ has the power to create real changes that remove the cause of the suffering? If you believe the former, you have not grasped the power of Christ. For what is the power of Christ? The power of Christ is the raising of awareness. What do you see in these nations where poverty has largely been removed and replaced by a much better material lifestyle? This has come about as a result of what? A raised awareness. A raised awareness of the technological aspects of how to create a better society, but also the political and social aspects, where we do not accept that a part of the population in our country lives in poverty.

This is the power of Christ, working through people. There are many Christians in the United States who believe that they are the real Christians. They have the fundamentalist, literal interpretation of the Bible. They are the ones who are saved. They look down upon some of the European nations that have a social safety net, that have public healthcare. And they think these nations are not Christian because people do not go to church every Sunday, and many do not even see themselves as Christians. So how can these nations be Christian? But in reality, in their actions, these nations are far more Christian than the United States, where everybody is out for himself, including many Christians who are out for not themselves necessarily personally, but their community, their church.

When you look at the world at large, what is the one thing that I, as still holding the Office of the Planetary Christ, would like to see happen in the phase we are now moving into? Well, the main thing that I would like to see happen, is the eradication of poverty. What is it more than anything that prevents people from discovering the spiritual side to life, the spiritual path, raising their consciousness? It is the fact that when you live in poverty, how can you focus on things like that? Some people can, but most people cannot. The reality here is that what I, as the Planetary Christ, want to see happen is the eradication of poverty. Many other things of course, but the really big change that I would like to see happen is the eradication of poverty. How can this come about?

Well, one aspect of this is of course, technology. You take the magnificent discourse of Saint Germain, where he talks about the need for a new kind of energy technology. There is no way that poverty on a planetary scale could be alleviated completely, could be eradicated with force-based technology. There is not the energy, the fossil fuel, there are not the other resources that are needed in order to eradicate poverty for all of the more than seven billion people on the planet. It is clear that one aspect of eradicating poverty is to bring forth new technology.

There needs to be more energy that is available in order to drive the growth in society that is necessary to give people a good material standard of living. Now, I know very well that in many of the more modern nations, there is a growing awareness among many people about environmental issues. So many people today have been pulled into this fear-based vortex, that the pollution created by fossil fuels has reached a critical mass, where there is about to be, any day now, an environmental catastrophe.

It is not quite so different from the Christian mindset that the world is going to end any day, they just have a different reason for thinking the world is going to end. But many, many people who actually could be part of this process of eradicating poverty have been pulled into this blind alley, where they think it is not physically possible to eradicate poverty. Because they think that the only way that poverty can be eradicated in the less developed nations, is through the same process that has been done in the developed nations, which means more and more energy consumption of fossil fuels. And since this is going to create more emissions, that is going to create more greenhouse gases, more global warming, then they do not even want this.

There are many of these people who consider themselves the more progressive, open-minded people, who if they were honest with themselves, would recognize that with the attitude they have to the environment, they do not want the ‘Third World’ to be raised out of poverty. They may not consciously think this way or say this, but this is the consequence of their attitude to the environment. They do not want the ‘Third World’ to be raised, because they think the environment is more important than human beings. The effect of what they believe is, that they are willing to keep the entire ‘Third World’ living in poverty in order to save the planet.

This is what Gautama Buddha so carefully described as the ideological mindset, where you create a theory of how the world is supposed to work, and then you want the world to live up to it. You have these, in their own minds, very progressive, very aware and concerned people, and they think that it is far more important that their rich countries use whatever resources it takes to combat emissions instead of using those same resources to combat poverty in the ‘Third World’. Now, it is clear that they have some basis for their concern, as I said: With force-based technology, you cannot eradicate poverty. However, these people are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem. Because in their minds, even though they call themselves open and progressive, they are not open to an alternative to force-based technology.

Tell me my beloved, why is it that these modern nations are devoting considerable resources into researching green energy, renewable energy, but they are not devoting anywhere near those resources, if any at all, into researching free energy, non-force-based energy, non-polluting energy? Well, the reason for this is that the progressive people in these nations are not even open to the idea. They have become trapped by the ideology of scientific materialism which says: There cannot be anything beyond the material universe. What are these people really saying?

They are saying we have a very serious problem in the material world. This problem is caused by certain material conditions. But the only possible solution to this problem is a material solution. Well, what is that mindset, my beloved? It is antichrist. Because what is Christ? Christ is the openness to something beyond the material universe. The most universal description you can give of the Christ consciousness is: openness to something beyond the material universe.

What power does Christ have on earth? Unlimited power. Because there is no material problem that cannot be solved by an influx of something from beyond the material universe. Christ, the Christ consciousness, in terms of higher awareness, can solve every material problem, but only when there is that openness to solutions that are not strictly materialistic. What you see is a peculiar phenomenon, where there are these people who consider themselves open minded and progressive, but they still have an absolute barrier in their mind. They realize there is a problem, they realize there is a need to find solutions. But they are not open to looking for these solutions beyond a certain barrier: ‘Oh no, there could not possibly be a non-material solution to a material problem’.

What is the effect of this? It is that these people who consider themselves progressive, are playing right into the hands of the power elite and ultimately the fallen beings.

What does the power elite always want? They want control and they want to profit unreasonably off the population. What is the power elite trying to do right now? They are trying to monopolize alternative energy production. What is the power elite doing on a larger scale? They are trying to use the environmental issue to restrict people. Do you see what the entire environmental issue is doing, and what the Christian movement is doing? They are based on this idea that there are some things that should be done, or some things that should not be done. In other words, there is a problem, and there are some things that are creating the problem, making it worse, and some things that can help the problem.

But what is it that can help the problem? It is that people stop doing what they are doing to create the problem. Whether you think the world is going down in an environmental disaster, or whether you think people, or the world is going to hell, it is all because there are some other people who are doing what they should not be doing. And the only solution is to restrict them and force them to do something else. So, we have to force them to stop using fossil fuels and use renewable energy. This, when you look at the world, historically, is what the power elite has done over and over again, create this artificial situation that people must be restricted, to avoid a disaster. So many ideologies have been based on this very mindset.

But now look again at the environmental issue. What is the problem here? Yes, you may say it is fossil fuel emissions, polluting the atmosphere, creating global warming. But what is the real problem? The real problem is that the world is imprisoned in a certain approach to energy generation. They think it can only be done through force, by taking energy that is already encapsuled in matter, and forcefully freeing it to do work. But as Saint Germain explained, there is a vast potential for stepping up to an entirely different approach to energy generation. Why hasn’t this already happened? Why are these modern nations not devoting whatever resources it takes to researching alternative energy? Because the power elite has managed to make the scientific establishment believe that such energy production is impossible, is ridiculous. Again, what is this? It is antichrist, the consciousness of anti-christ, the force of anti-christ.

Just allow yourself to imagine, I speak here of course into the collective consciousness, allow yourself to imagine that there was a source of energy that did not pollute, it could do everything that combustion engines, nuclear reactors and electrical machinery can do today. And it could do it in a way that does not pollute. Would you not want this if you are environmentally conscious? Why would you not want it? Of course, you want it. But who would not want it?

Well, the power elite, because the nature of this kind of energy is, it cannot be monopolized. It can no more be monopolized, than the light from the sun can be monopolized by a single corporation. This is what the power elite that currently controls energy production is frantically trying to do, they are trying to prevent the emergence of this form of energy, because they want to maintain a monopoly on energy production. This is the main reason why countries have not shifted into focusing on researching these alternative energy sources. What can bring about this shift? Well, imagine that all of the people who are environmentally conscious, demanded this shift. Would this not have an impact?

The reality is, that I as the Planetary Christ, as Saint Germain, as the hierarch for the Aquarian age, we both want the eradication of poverty. We both realize that this requires a certain technical solution. But it also requires a shift in consciousness, it requires many shifts in consciousness. And one of the shifts that is required, is something that may seem to be more Saint Germain’s area. But I am nevertheless the one who will talk about this topic.

And the reason I want to talk about it is because when you look at many Christians out there, even the ones who are a little more open to spiritual ideas, even many people in the spiritual movement, how do they look at Jesus Christ in relation to technology? Well, most people think that I have nothing to do with technology, because technology was developed long after the time when I walked the earth. They see no connection between Christ and technology. Many Christians think that much technology is actually anti-christ, is of the devil, and that they are meant to live a more pure lifestyle, pretty much like the Amish, or some of these communities that try to live like my disciples did 2000 years ago.

The reality is of course, that I, as the Planetary Christ, am very much in support of technology. And much of the technology that has been released during the Piscean age, was released through the office of the Planetary Christ. Saint Germain has been ultimately behind this technology, but he worked through that office before he became the hierarch of the Aquarian age. Christ is not against technology. I am for the improvement of people’s living conditions. And this is another thing that needs to be stated. I am not against the improvement of current conditions, material living conditions on earth. There is nothing inherently anti spiritual about improving people’s living conditions. On the contrary, as we have said, if you are spending all your time and energy, struggling to make a living, how can you have anything left over for spiritual pursuits? You need to have a certain comfortable standard of living, to have anything left over to pursue the spiritual path. And I want of course, all people who are willing, to have the opportunity to pursue the spiritual path.

Back to the technology. You have an ancient idea that is normally ridiculed by modern science, namely, the concept of alchemy. There is the idea that there is a ‘philosopher’s stone’, and if you can only find it, you can transform base metals into gold, and become incredibly rich. Now, as we have explained, there is actually some validity to the ideas that the ancient alchemists had. Many of them were not seeking to transform base metals into gold, they were seeking to transform the base metal of the human consciousness into the Christ consciousness. However, if you look at it historically, you will see that many of the people who were the early alchemists actually made discoveries that set the stage for the emergence of modern science. So is there really any point in ridiculing these alchemists?

They were simply experimentalists, they had a certain paradigm behind their experiments, but it was the best that they could come up with at the time. And it caused them to experiment and therefore, expand their awareness, make discoveries that then took experimentation and knowledge to a higher level. What is not to like? Is it not what scientists are doing today? They have a certain paradigm, that is the best they could come up with based on their level of awareness and their knowledge, and they use that as a foundation for experiments.

Now, there is one difference, in the sense that the early alchemists were much more open to learning from their experiments and questioning their paradigm, than many materialistic scientists are today. There is a vast difference between having an open-ended paradigm that you are willing to expand, based on your experiments, or having a closed ended paradigm, where you want your experiments to validate the paradigm. And if they do not, then you discard them, they could not be valid results.

What is the basic idea of alchemy, really? It is that matter is not a fixed substance. It is a pliable substance that can be transformed into different states, and perhaps one form of matter can be transformed into another form of matter. Well, what has been discovered by modern science since the time of the alchemists? Einstein came in with his simple formula, showing that matter is not really matter. Matter is a form of energy. Everything that people call matter, is actually made from energy that has taken on a certain state. What is energy?

Energy is vibration. Based on Einstein’s theory, it would actually be more constructive to adopt a somewhat alchemistic worldview, and say: “That beyond all of the visible forms, there is a base form of energy that has no specific form, no measurable, detectable form—at least not detectable with materialistic instruments. But it is this base energy that has taken on the various forms that we see as not only matter phenomena, but also as what we normally call energy”. This is essentially what many of the alchemists believed, 500 to 700 years ago. It has been ridiculed by modern science, but what is this ridicule based on? It is based on a worldview that is dominated by separation. Everything is made up of separate substances, matter is entirely separate from energy, the material universe is entirely separate from the spiritual realm. “Oh no, there is no spiritual realm. Matter, the matter forms, are inviolable. Lead will always be lead, gold will always be gold and never the twain shall meet”.

What the alchemists believed was, that matter is much more liquid, fluid, pliable, changeable. And when you look at the consequence of Einstein’s theory and quantum physics, you must ask yourself, if you are willing to be objective, you must ask yourself: “Wait a minute, why would not it be possible to transform one kind of matter into another, if we could find out how to deal with matter at the energetic level? In other words, if we can go to the level where the basic substance starts taking on a particular form, and if we could do something at that level, why would we not be able to change one form of matter into another? For that matter, why would we not be able to change one form of energy into another? Or rather, why would not we be able to bring energy from this basic level, into the material world, where it could now be used to do work, as electricity or magnetism can”?

If you look at the situation today, of poverty, you can say: “With the present energy production found in the world, with the energy resources that are found in the world, it would be impossible to eradicate poverty. It would be impossible to give all people on earth the same material standard of living as you see in most European countries”. Correct, this would be impossible. But as we said, if you had access to far larger energy sources, suddenly it does not seem quite as impossible, does it? But there are still people who will say: “Well, but there simply is not enough matter substance in the world to do this, to create this technological change. There is not enough iron ore. There is not enough precious metals. There is not enough other metals needed for computers and transistors and phones and all of this”. Again, correct, or at least there are not enough resources that have been discovered.

But what if you could, in the future, not so distant future, create a society where you are not dependent on the resources that are already in the matter realm, that are already found in the earth, where you do not have to dig mines that go deeper and deeper into the ground in order to get various metals? What if such a society was possible? How could it come about? Well, we are not talking about creating something out of nothing. But we are talking about taking a substance that is plentiful on earth and by manipulating that substance at a basic level, transforming it into another substance that is not as plentiful and that is more needed in order to raise the material standard of living.

When you look at Einstein’s theories, when you look at quantum physics, you must ask yourself: “Why would this not be possible”? True, we do not know how, science does not know how. But how will you ever find out how to do something before you ask how it could be done? How will you get an answer to a question when you do not want to or do not dare to ask the question?

“Ask and you shall receive” is a fundamental spiritual law. Why is this so fundamental? What have we said, everything on earth revolves around the free will of human beings in embodiment. Christ, as a force, as a cosmic force, has the potential to transform the earth in ways that most people cannot imagine. But it cannot happen until people ask, and they cannot ask until their minds are open and they become the open doors for receiving the answer. And if they have allowed themselves to have their minds closed, either by the fallen beings, by the power elite manipulating them, or by the collective consciousness that wants to maintain status quo and be comfortable, then they cannot even ask.

Why do you still have poverty on earth? Why do you have environmental problems and think there is a global catastrophe looming? Is it because there is no power in the universe that could solve these problems? Nay, my beloved, it is simply because you have not asked. You have not asked the right questions. You have not been willing to enter a process of asking the questions that could shift your paradigm, shift your understanding of the world to where you could come to ask these very precise questions of how exactly do we use an unlimited energy source? How exactly do we transform one form of matter into another? If you had been willing to go through this process, you could already by now have been able to ask the questions and receive the answers. True, this does not mean that you cannot receive those answers, but it cannot happen until there is a critical mass of people who are willing to shift their consciousness and open their minds to even the potential of asking the question.

If you look at the Christian religion, what is the greatest irony of the Christian religion? Well, I actually came to set people free from the power elite that had them under control through the Roman Empire and the Jewish religious establishment. What has the Christian religion become? One of the most powerful tools ever created by the power elite and the fallen beings to keep people trapped in a limited state. What did I come to teach people? What did I come to demonstrate? There is a power from beyond the material realm that can come into the material realm and be directed into solving problems. Material problems do not have only material solutions. In fact, ultimately, they have only non-material, supra-material solutions.

This is the essence of the message of Christ. True, it was not stated that way 2000 years ago, but how could it have been, given the collective consciousness. But given that the collective consciousness has been raised, it is now possible to reinterpret the message of Christ and realize that I came to show people, there is a power beyond material power and it can enter this world through the minds of individual human beings, but you must open yourself to this power. Otherwise, it cannot do anything in the world because of free will. Ask and you shall receive. Ask not and you shall not receive. Not because God or some spiritual being withholds it from you, but simply because you are not open to receiving. How can you receive it if your mind is closed to the gift? How can you receive it if you do not think you need the gift, or if you do not think you want the gift?

You have Christians, millions of them around the world who sit there feeling holier than thou. They are sure they will be saved shortly when I roll up the world as a scroll, which by the way will not happen. And they are sure that they can be comfortable in their comfortable lifestyle, and be comfortable feeling they are doing something for charity and that is all they need to do. Then you have millions of non-religious, non-spiritual people who feel they are very progressive, because they are so concerned about the environment. They are also feeling holier than thou, being sure that they have the right way to look at it and that the only realistic way to save the world is to restrict the use of fossil fuels and restrict technology. None of these people are willing to acknowledge that by their very attitude, they are upholding the state of poverty that divides the world into a comfortable class, an upper class and a bottom class, the outcasts. And these people who call themselves progressive and holy, they are not willing to admit that they are the ones who are forcing a vast part of the world’s population to continue to live in poverty, simply because they have not been willing to ask for a different solution.

Now, you have people in Islam, in Buddhism, in Hinduism, who have their own religious beliefs. But what I am pointing out to you is that when you look at the world, you see many of these groups of people, who have an attitude, a mindset, where they are not open to dramatic changes in society. And by not being open, they are serving to maintain status quo.  Well, what is the Planetary Christ? It is the one who sees oneness, the oneness of all life, and therefore wants to raise up all life. I want to raise all people out of poverty, not just a few hundred million in the rich part of the world. But how can this happen? Only within the law of free will, which means that people must be willing to ask. I have the power, the Christ consciousness has the power, to raise people out of poverty, but somebody has to ask. Somebody has to ask for the technological solutions, the knowledge, but somebody has to be willing to make the shift in consciousness and accept that this can come about and accept that the dramatic changes that need to happen for this to come about, will happen.

You cannot have a situation as you have right now, where you have a small group of very rich nations who are sitting there, where the people are enjoying their comfortable material lifestyle, thinking the goal of life is to retain more and more luxury items that they do not really need, and at the same time eradicate poverty. You may say, again, like Saint Germain said: Is it really just our goal to eradicate poverty?’ Nay, our real goal is actually to raise consciousness. But how can this come about? Well, as we said, in the poor part of the world, the only way to raise consciousness realistically for the broad population, is to raise their material standard of living, so they have some energy left over to pursue spiritual pursuits. Many will not use it for several lifetimes, but eventually they will do so, as you see many people in the rich nations turning to what we have called self-actualization. We want to raise their consciousness and we want to do it by giving them better material conditions.

But we also want to raise the consciousness of the people in the rich nations. Their consciousness has been raised compared to what it was a hundred years ago, but we have now hit kind of a ceiling, where these people have such a high material standard of living, that the only way they can grow further is by either stop focusing on the material side of life and start focusing on a personal spiritual growth, or, as the Omega aspect, focus on how they can use their material good to help those who are less fortunate.

You see that we are not looking for some purely magical solution, where suddenly poverty is eradicated. It has to be eradicated, partly by the people in the richer nations, changing their attitude and reaching out to help others, because that is the only way they can raise their consciousness, by helping others. And those in the poor nations, they can raise their consciousness by being helped, by allowing themselves to be helped. This is also a broad and complex topic, because I am not seeking to give the impression here that it is only the people in the rich nations that are the problem. Or it is only they who have not asked. The reality is, that if you look at the psychology of many of the people in the poor nations, they also are not open to changes, because they are not open to changing their own psychology, their own paradigm about life, their own sense of identity, as being poor, as being disadvantaged and as being those who cannot really do anything, do not really have any choices in life.

And you see many of these people who have a particular religion, for example, that they are so attached to, that it actually blocks them from saying: “We have a real problem in our country, but there are other nations in the world who have solved that problem, could we not learn from them? Could we not ask for help? Oh no, we cannot, because we are a Muslim nation, and our religion is superior to these ungodly people in the West who have no religion anymore. We cannot ask for their help, we cannot learn from them because then we will have to become secular societies like they are, and give up our superiority based on our Muslim religion”.

You see, ask and you shall receive applies to all people around the world. Why is there poverty in a great part of the world? Because the people have not asked. Why is there great poverty in many Arab nations? Because Islam prevents them from asking. Why is there poverty in India? Because the Hindu religion prevents them from asking. Why is there still poverty in China? Because the communist mindset prevents them from asking, and so forth.

You can take this around the world and see, every nation, every culture, every group of people, they have a certain outlook on life that they are not willing to question, and therefore they are not willing to ask for help. And if you do not ask, you cannot receive, there is no basis for receiving. People are today, like those who have decided they want to hear the radio, they want to hear this radio program, but they do not have an antenna. Well, how can you then listen to the radio if you do not have an antenna to receive the signal?

My beloved, with this I have given you what I wanted to give you. Again, a very profound multi-layered message, that will take some contemplation. Those of you who will get the most of it are those who will consider it many, many times, consider aspects of it. But truly, how do you get the most of a message like this, and the other messages we have given? Is it only by listening to the physical form of the message? Is it only by reading it, even reading it over and over again? What have I just said?

Ask and you shall receive. Do not just take our dictations as: ”This is the final word, I need to listen to it, the physical form, I need to read it.” When you study a dictation, ask the master to reveal to you what is said between the lines. It applies to you as well, as ascended master students: Ask and you shall receive. Some of you still have ideas you are attached to, that prevent you from asking. But many of you have already proven to yourselves, that when you do ask for our help, you will receive. Certainly, this messenger has proven it for anyone to see if they are willing to look. For how could one person, one human mind, have brought forth all of this teaching? It must come from another source. And why did it come through him? He was willing to ask with an open mind, and what one has done, all can do. This is also a reality of Christ.


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Let go of the fear of being proven wrong

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 3, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

What is the greatest hindrance for the manifestation of my Golden Age? It is closed minds, peoples whose minds are closed to anything new, any experimentation, closed to questioning the old, questioning the status quo, this is the greatest obstacle. But what is the second greatest obstacle? It is open minds, people who have open minds, but whose minds are uncritically, undiscriminatingly open.

Unfortunately, you see this, in general, not only in spiritual and New Age movements, but in all areas of life. There are many people whose minds are closed, but there are some people whose minds are open. But, those people who have open minds, they are often open to anything and everything that is out there. And so, as a result of that, many of them end up being very confused, being pulled in all kinds of different directions. After a while, they end up being overwhelmed. Their minds experience a kind of mental emotional fatigue, because now they have been pulled by these various theories in so many different directions that they cannot handle it anymore.

You have seen just within the last year, how there were people who were pulled into the conspiracy theory of QAnon and who believed this. Who were taken on an emotional roller coaster ride by these posts, and this claim of this secret cabal that was running the world, and who then ended up believing the claim that Donald Trump was the one who could save the world from this. Then when he was no longer president, at least some of them were willing to acknowledge that they had been taken for a ride. But then they ended up in many cases, feeling so empty, feeling so depleted, and they ended up with a question that you see in many people with open minds – and the question is this, “If I could believe in a theory like this, how can I trust myself? How can I trust my own mind”?

This, my beloved, is one of the big obstacles to me being able to bring forth the ideas for the golden age. Can I bring forth new ideas to those whose minds are closed and who cling to their privileged position or the status quo? Of course not.

You look at it historically, who are open to new ideas? Well, certainly not the ones who cling to the old, who want to maintain the privilege they have. We have given the example that the scientific establishment was not able to bring forth the ideas that led to the creation of the airplane industry. It took two bicycle mechanics who had no formal education, but their minds were open to what those in the establishment were not open to. Now, fortunately for the Wright brothers, there was no Facebook or internet at the time, or their open minds might have been pulled into all kinds of distractions and blind alleys. They might have ended up being so spread out, so confused that they would not have had the necessary focus to actually invent the airplane.

If you were to look at many of these inventors and pioneers in any field, and I encourage you to do so, you would see that at least some of them have been so open to various things that they have become unbalanced, they have become unfocused, they have become scattered, they have become emotionally disturbed, and they have ended up falling far short of their actual potential.

Go and find some of the movies about famous people, inventors, pioneers. Go and find some of the biographies written about them and study this phenomenon, because you can benefit from it. You can benefit in the sense that you can realize that in many cases, these people really were not so special. You realize that when somebody has achieved something, the power elite always wants to idolize them. You can go back to the time of Jesus, you can go back to the Buddha, and you can see that yes, here were two people that achieved something out of the ordinary. But what have the followers done afterwards, they have put them up on a pedestal, they have idolized them. The same has been done with just about anybody who has achieved something out of the ordinary.

And what is the purpose? It is to create this idea that these people were special, they were in a special category and that is why they could achieve what they achieved. That is the only reason they could achieve what they achieved. And what does that mean? That means that you, who are not as special as these very special people, you can achieve nothing. Don’t think you can do anything. Who do you think you are?

That is what the fallen beings and the collective beasts are projecting into the collective consciousness, projecting at individuals 24 hours a day. Any time there is one person who comes into embodiment with a certain potential, the fallen beings, the dark forces will target that person with these projections. Who do you think you are? Why do you think you are anything special? Why do you think you can do something out of the ordinary? You are not special, there is nothing about you that is special. You are not qualified, you are not good enough, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.

This creates a very particular psychological reaction in many people. Many people, many of  you ascended master students, but many people in the world in general, have for several lifetimes been exposed to these kinds of projections from the dark forces. They may also have been exposed to various situations where they attempted to do something, and they were brutally put down by the dark forces. So, this creates a trauma in these people, not just a one time trauma, but an ongoing pain, an ongoing trauma.

What is the reaction to this? Well, the reaction is often that some people give up completely trying to do anything out of the ordinary. They accept, “I am just a normal human being, I just want to live an ordinary life. I do not want all the conflict, the opposition, the ridicule, the putting me down. I do not want to expose myself to this. In this lifetime I am just going to be an ordinary human being”.

But, there are other people who come in, and they cannot do this. They have decided as part of their divine plan that they will not submit to this, they want to do something. But what drives their desire to do something? It is the pain, the trauma they are feeling.  It often for avatars, goes back to the birth trauma, but it has taken on more of a life of its own, with many more selves created in succeeding embodiments. And so, many people come in with this compulsive drive to do something. But they have a subconscious memory, that whenever you try to do something out of the ordinary on this planet, you will be brutally put down.So this time they are determined not to let themselves be put down. So what do they do? They think it is not enough to create some little improvement, no, we have to truly change the world. We have to really find something that is so revolutionary, that it can completely overturn the old, completely turn back all attacks on it, and really revolutionize the world.

A typical example of this, is the many, many people in the Western world in the 1960’s, and 70’s, who came into embodiment with a strong desire to reform the Western world, the democratic world. But, because they had this deep pain from past lives, they had the desire to find something that would really be decisive, they were pulled into the vortex of communism and socialism. They were pulled into thinking that the only way to truly reform the world was a communist revolution. And this was for these people, a completely blind alley, because now they focused all their attention on reforming these Western democracies based on a Marxist model, which was profoundly anti-democratic from the start.

They used the freedoms they had been given by their democratic societies, to seek to undermine the democratic societies. Whereas, what was really in their divine plans, was to seek to reform these democratic societies making them even more democratic, more free, more aware. But there are many other such blind alleys that people are pulled into. As we have said, people are pulled into fighting for these causes that are ripples on the surface. But beyond that, many people are pulled into these conspiracy theories, that promise some revolutionary change in the world.

My beloved, you who are ascended master students, most of you will if you are honest with yourselves, be able to see this dynamic in yourselves. You come in with a strong desire to change the world. That is why you are open to an ascended master teaching. But because you have the pain you carry with you from past lives, and the pain of being rejected, the fear of being rejected, some of you are open to more than just ascended master teachings. You are also open to some of these conspiracy theories that are out there, some of these seemingly revolutionary ideas.

But if you look at them neutrally, they are not truly revolutionary because they are simply not realistic. They are out of touch with where society is at. There are still many, many people in the world who have grown up in democratic societies but who have been pulled into thinking, that even though you have a democracy, there is still something fundamentally wrong or flawed in your society.

Now, I admit that some of these people have used our teachings to validate this view, because we have given many teachings on the fallen beings and the power elite, and how they are seeking to influence society behind the facade. And there is a group of fallen beings, there is a power elite seeking to influence even democratic societies, there is no question about this. But my beloved, when you have a democratic society, you have democratic means for changing that society. Therefore, you do not need to go into the state of mind that there is something fundamentally wrong with your democratic society, that it has somehow now become a dictatorship, and that it is completely run by a power elite. Because no democratic society is completely run by the power elite or the fallen beings.

How can I say this? Because if a society was run by a power elite and by the fallen beings, it would never have become a democracy. They would have been successful in preventing the emergence of democracy on a planetary scale, if they had total control. Therefore, the very fact that you have democratic societies, that you have the idea of basic human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, all of these ideas, proves that they do not have total control. And if they do not have total control, then you do not need some revolutionary measure to overthrow their reign. You need to use democratic means to gradually improve society.

What have I and other masters said many many times? Any form of government is a reflection of the collective consciousness of the people in that nation. So, you have a country that has a strong power elite, that has a grip on the economy and the financial industry, but is this some evil conspiracy, or is it simply a reflection of the level of the collective consciousness? The people have not risen their awareness to the point where such a power elite can no longer control the economy.

So, again – what have we said during this conference? What is the purpose of the reality simulator? Is it to produce a certain result in the outer, to produce a certain society in the outer? Nay, it is the raising of consciousness. So, you take a country, you can say it has a strong power elite, they have a grip on the economy, they have the grip on the political system, they are running everything behind the scenes, it is almost like a dictatorship. Well, maybe so. But what is the goal of Saint Germain as the overseer of the Age of Aquarius? Is it to overturn that power elite in a flash? Or is it to gradually raise the consciousness of the people, so that they will have the awareness to gradually remove the power elite?

You see, perhaps you do not see, but you can come to see, my goal is to raise the consciousness. There are many ascended master students in past dispensations, who have thought that my goal was to create a very specific society based on their vision that they had at the time, based on the teachings that could be brought forth at the time. They thought that my goal was to create a very specific society, which actually if you look at it, was kind of like a dictatorship, only it had a benevolent dictator, a dictator who was attuned to Saint Germain and therefore was doing what I wanted him to do.

But, you see my beloved, the whole idea of the philosopher king as we have said before, has become outdated. It is not my goal to create a society that has a philosopher king who is open to my directions, and whom I can direct around like a marionette. My goal is to create democratic societies, where the people have the highest possible level of consciousness, an ever increasing level of consciousness, so that through their heightened awareness, they can determine what kind of society they want to live in. Because this is how people grow in consciousness and it is the growth in consciousness that is the main concern, not manifesting a particular outer result.

We have said it before, but have you heard it? Will you hear it this time? Why is this so important? Because again, go and look at all of these inventors, people who have brought forth something. Look at their lives. First of all, you see that they were all human beings like yourself. What do I mean when I say they were human beings? Well, they were products of their psychology, their psychological conditions. They had a certain psychology and so do you, so does everyone else. What was special about this or that person, they had a certain psychology.

Now, if you look at the psychology of these inventors or forerunners, or whatever you call them, you can very quickly begin to identify certain trends. You will often see that they were very unbalanced people. You will see, that there are psychologists or coaches, business people who think that this was an advantage. They had an obsessive compulsive personality and this was what drove them to continue to try and try until they achieved their results. Some people think that this is actually beneficial psychology. But from a spiritual perspective, it obviously is not. It is a very unbalanced psychology driven by these separate selves, that often go back to the birth trauma, or it is even fallen beings that became inventors. Because fallen beings are often completely obsessive compulsive. You could argue that their entire psychology, everything in their psychology is an obsession and a compulsion.

When you see this as an ascended master student, then you can say: “Is this really what I want to emulate”? You can look at these people’s lives, and you can see that often they started out being somewhat able to focus on their work. But later they became completely unbalanced to the point where they could not even function in daily life, and they could not perform their work anymore. They literally, in many cases, went insane because they became so unbalanced. Often they were able to hide this, because now they had made some money and they could, like one famous aviator, isolate themselves in an ivory tower where nobody could see how insane they had become.

Nevertheless, you can see that there is a tendency that when people are unbalanced, they become more and more unbalanced until they literally cross the line to what you would call a form of insanity. We have seen ascended master students do the same. This is not what you want to emulate. You can look at this and you can say: “ I need to be careful that I do not become unbalanced, as I have seen these other people become unbalanced.” And how do you then avoid it?

Very simple. The imbalance comes from separate selves. There are always at least two separate selves that are fighting against each other, and it is what eventually creates such a division in the psyche that you become imbalanced, perhaps crossing the line to insanity. So, use our teachings, use our tools to identify those selves and see it, overcome it and then establish that balance, that inner peace, where you are not driven by a compulsion to do what you are doing. You are, as we have said flowing with the River of Life.

Now, in this respect there is a phenomenon that I wish to comment on. And it is that, there are ascended master students and many other spiritual people who have taken a certain spiritual teaching, a teaching about raising your consciousness, manifesting – whether it is Christhood, whether it is enlightenment, however it is portrayed in their teaching, but a higher state of consciousness. They have taken the teaching, they have studied it, they believe they have a good intellectual grasp of the teaching. The teaching has often prescribed certain spiritual exercises. It can be decrees, it could be chanting, it can be meditation, it can be whatever.

These people have then faithfully, and we might even say obsessive compulsively, performed these exercises and they have done it for quite some time. And there comes  that point where they start feeling, now I have attained something, I have raised my consciousness. So, now I actually have (as we say in this dispensation) Christ discernment. I have manifested a degree of Christhood. Perhaps they even think they have manifested the full Christhood. This is a very dangerous state of mind to be in, because when you go into this mindset of thinking that you have reached a certain level, you become unreachable. You become unreachable from both the Alpha and the Omega aspect.

In other words, there are no people around you who can tell you that you are not as smart as you think you are, because you will not listen. You will only look at how you can refute their arguments. At the same time, you also become unreachable to the ascended masters, because we also cannot show you that you have not achieved what you think you have achieved, that you are not manifesting full Christhood, that you still do have certain areas where your discernment is lacking, your discernment is unbalanced.

And what often happens in the minds of such people, is that they may intellectually understand what we have said about black and white thinking, but they fail to apply it to themselves. They actually think that Christ discernment means that you have a black and white view, where this is right, this is wrong, this is true, this is false, this is Christ discernment, this is not. They become very sure in their minds that they are right. But if you look at the psychology of these people, you will see that they have not used our teachings on the primal self to go back and resolve that primal self.

What now happens in the minds of these people, is that they become convinced that they have Christ discernment. They become convinced that a particular issue is the way they think it is, the way they see it, that they are right about the way they look at it. They take this stand, which they believe is the Christ stand where they for example decide this is right in this case. I will not give a specific example, you know them, if you are willing to look for them, “This is the way it is, this is right.” They now go out and declare it publicly, on Facebook or wherever and now they are trapped.

Because what have we said is the essence of the primal self? You came to earth with the best of intentions, you were hammered down by the fallen beings, this was so painful to you that you created a primal self. The first and foremost job of the primal self is to make sure that you can never experience that kind of pain again. What does this mean? It means you could never be wrong again, in an absolute way. The fallen beings portrayed and made you believe that you were wrong in some ultimate absolute way, some black and white way. You created the primal self and it has one job, and it is like a computer, it will keep doing its job. “I could never be absolutely wrong.”

Now, we have said before, you could never have the same pain again that you had at your cosmic birth trauma, because by the fact that you had it once, you know what it is and therefore it can never be as bad again.  It could never be as big of a shock, as big of a contrast, between a natural planet and an unnatural planet. In a sense, we could say that the birth trauma for an avatar, is simply to experience the contrast between a natural and an unnatural planet. It is something you just have to experience. It is like they say – when you are standing there in the spring in your bathing suit, wondering whether to jump in or not, that you just have to jump into the water because it is cold at first, but then you get used to it. Well, that is kind of what it is like coming into embodiment on an unnatural planet, only it is of course, much more painful.

And so the primal self is created to perform an unnecessary task. That is why it needs to be resolved, because it is completely unnecessary, you have no use for it really. But as long as it is not resolved my beloved, it colors everything you do, the way you look at yourself in relation to planet earth, it colors it completely. The primary task of this self is to make sure you can never again be wrong in this black and white way.

Well, first of all we have said the duality consciousness, the black and white thinking is unreal and therefore you are not really wrong. It is the fallen beings who create a completely artificial impression that you were wrong. It is an illusion. But of course, the primal self does not see this, it is like a computer doing its task “I can never be wrong in an absolute way.”

How can the primal self achieve this? Well, first of all, it is an impossible task, because in the duality consciousness anything can be proven by denying enough contrary evidence. There can always be someone who comes up and accuses you or creates some kind of situation, and the fallen beings are experts in creating these situations where it seems like you are wrong. Now, of course, you can then deny this and the primal self can deny this. But how does it do it? Again, by ignoring, by denying certain evidence. The fallen beings, their psychology is based on denial and what they manage to do to you is, you create a primal self that is also based on denial.

Now, come back to the present embodiment. You have gotten yourself into thinking that you have applied the teachings, you have attained some level of Christ discernment, and now you take one of these stands. “This is right.” What then is your greatest fear? That the issue that you have declared “This is the truth” that this could be proven wrong. Because it is not about the issue anymore. It does not really matter with the issue. What matters is your feeling, your need to not be proven wrong, that is all that matters. And then you go into this very defensive state of mind based on denial where no matter what anybody says to you, you cannot see it, you will not see it. This is what we have seen happen to not a large number of students in this dispensation, but a few in this dispensation and many in previous dispensations.

And the effect of this is what? These students have made some progress, they have reached a certain level on the spiritual path. But now they stop, they cannot go on because they cannot get beyond this reaction of denial. My beloved, there is a certain phase of Christhood where you start having some discernment. You can see: “Oh! This is clearly something that is not in accordance with a higher reality.” You would say at that level, “This is clearly wrong.”

You can see that most people have very little Christ discernment. They have no ability to discern between this or that. And then there comes a phase where you start having some Christ discernment but you are still colored by the black and white thinking of the duality consciousness. You can only conceive of this in terms of right and wrong. This is right, this is wrong, this is true, this is false. And that is why you then declare these, you make these absolutist declarations. “This is true.” And once you have made this and you think you make this based on Christhood, you cannot bear if this was proven wrong. You cannot bear to admit that you took a wrong stand. You must continue to defend it, often for the rest of this lifetime, which means you cannot progress.

There is a very clear dividing line, between students who actually manifest higher degrees of Christhood and those who do not, and it is your willingness to admit that you were wrong. Now, just look at the planet you are on. Take the many teachings we have given, the fallen beings have created numerous illusions based on the duality consciousness. We have told you so many things about the duality consciousness, how it can take one particular idea and exclude other ideas and make it seem like this is absolutely right. The fallen beings have created so many of these ideas. You have grown up in a society, how could you possibly have avoided being affected by some of these ideas, both in this lifetime and in past lifetimes?

We are not requiring our students to fulfill some unrealistic standard. We are not saying to our students, “Now you have found an ascended master teaching, from now on you must never be wrong.” We have never said this. On the contrary, we have given you opportunity after opportunity to overcome this entire mindset of right and wrong. What is it that you have when you have an opinion, a viewpoint, a standpoint, when you take a stand and say “this is truth and the opposite is error.” What is that? It is something that exists in your four lower bodies, primarily in the emotional, mental and lower identity bodies.

Is this who you are? Well, if you have grasped the teachings about the Conscious You, you know it is not. Why would you, the Conscious You who is pure awareness, be fully identified with one of these opinions that exists in the emotional and mental bodies? Why would you think this is you? Why would you think that your survival, or at least your psychological  survival, depends on this idea being right? Well, you, the Conscious you cannot think this way. It can only think this way when it is looking at life, looking at itself through that primal self.

But what have we also told you? You have the ability to step outside of this, you have the ability to step outside and see that Christhood is a gradual process. We have never said anything else. There are students who still believe that it should be like flipping a switch, and from one moment you are not the Christ and the next moment you flip the switch, you find that secret switch, and now you are the Christ. It has never worked that way. You gradually become the Christ by making decisions, by looking at them, by evaluating them and making better decisions.

You have never had a person who attained Christhood who was always right. You become the Christ by making decisions, looking at them, admitting when they were not the highest possible decisions and then learning from that, making higher decisions. That is how you become the Christ. But some students still think it is the black and white, you are either the Christ or you are not the Christ. Therefore, once you have taken a stand that you believe is based on the Christ consciousness, you must not be wrong, because then you are not the Christ.

Well, my beloved, you really are not the Christ – ever, as long as you are in embodiment. Because there is always some illusion you have not seen and therefore you are not fully the Christ. Christhood is not an absolute state. It is a gradual process and it will be ongoing as long as you are in embodiment. This, the Conscious You is capable of grasping, if you are willing to step outside, to make an effort to step outside, or rather to stop making an effort, and allow yourself to step outside the primal self.

As long as you are looking at the situation through your primal self, you cannot grasp it. There is a very simple dividing line here. If you do not grasp or accept what I am saying here, it is because you are looking at this dictation through your primal self. Very, very simple. Because if you are not looking at it through your primal self, you will not be identified with the need to always be right.

And so, you go back to these inventors and you see the same psychology in many of them. Especially when they were in the realms of politics, philosophy, some kind of area of society, they had this need to be right. But you see it in many scientists as well, who have a need to be right, for example about materialism. Or, you can look at Einstein, who had an absolute need to be right about quantum mechanics, that it was not the final theory. Well, of course it was not the final theory, nothing is the final theory, but not the way Einstein saw it. You see that many of these people, they had some barrier in their mind. We have talked about barriers in the collective consciousness, you see many, many people because of their unbalanced psychology, they have a barrier in their mind, “I cannot go beyond this, because this is absolutely right.”

The moment my beloved, the moment you allow your mind to think “this is right, this is the absolute truth”,  at that moment, you have created a barrier that your mind cannot cross until you break down the barrier. And then you are not the open door are you? Because what if I had an idea that I wanted to give you that was beyond this absolute truth that you have a greater nuance, a greater understanding. An idea that was at a completely different level that made all of the previous understanding on the topic obsolete.

There were scientists in the 1800’s, who had a barrier in their mind. The world is made of two completely separate substances matter and energy. If Einstein had had the same barrier, he would not have been able to receive the theory of relativity. But Einstein had a barrier that made it impossible for him to receive the theories of quantum physics. Other scientists were open to this. But to this day, no scientist has been open to receiving the idea that will take science beyond quantum physics, because of course there is something beyond quantum physics.

There are still ascended master students who believe that the Golden Age of Saint Germain is some absolute goal that will be achieved in a black and white way, in the sense that up until a certain point, we do not have the golden age society, but there comes a point where now we have the golden age society, now it is manifest in its final form, and it will then remain that way for the rest of the Aquarian Age. I have talked about it before, but many have not grasped it, that this is not the way it is. The golden age society is an ongoing, unfolding process. It will continue beyond the next two thousand years. But for the next two thousand years I will be the overseer, and then another ascended master will take over and take society even higher.

And so there is always more to grasp, always more to know. But if you think you have the absolute truth and that you have this because you have Christ discernment, you do not have the absolute truth, you have an absolute barrier. Because to your mind, this seems absolute and you dare not go beyond it. Because if you did go beyond it, if you did admit that this was not the absolute truth, what is it you fear? You fear being plunged back into the pain of your birth trauma, and you think you cannot bear it, even though you can. So, you are stuck, you are trapped, you are in a catch 22, you are crucified in your own mind by your own mind.

Who put you on the cross? Who hammered the nails into your hands and feet? Well, your separate selves did. But does the Conscious You have hands and feet? No, it is pure awareness. It is just a matter of realizing, “Hey! I don’t have a body that can be nailed to the cross. I can just shift right out of it.” But what does this require you to do? It requires you to acknowledge, “ I did not have the highest possible view of this situation, there was more to understand.”

For some of you, this will be painful. And those of you who have made the most progress, are the ones who have been willing to go through this pain, to go into the pain, to look for the separate self behind the pain, to look for the belief, to resolve it and let it go. This is how you can become free of the pain.

But there is a period where you cannot become free of the pain without looking at it. And you cannot look at it without feeling the pain. You must be willing to go through this. If you keep walking around it, then you cannot go through it. You cannot walk around it and go through it at the same time. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. It is impossible. But what does the pain come from? It comes because you got yourself into thinking that you had Christ discernment, and you were right about this issue. Could you not consider changing that viewpoint? Could you not consider accepting that Christhood is an unfolding process?

There are no absolutes in Christhood. You understand what I just said my beloved? Perhaps you do not but you can come to understand. There are no absolutes in Christhood. Many people will object to this. If you were to tell this to the students of previous dispensations, they will say this is a false teaching, this must come from the false hierarchy, this can only be an impostor of Saint Germain because of course there are absolutes in Christhood, that is what Christhood is all about, giving us the absolute truth compared to all the lies and manipulations of the fallen beings.

You understand perhaps, perhaps you do not understand, but you can come to understand that there is a difference between the duality consciousness of the fallen beings and ongoing raising of awareness. In the duality consciousness, everything is relative, relative to what? In the duality consciousness, everything is relative to something else in the duality consciousness. Only that something else is not seen by the duality consciousness as relative, it is seen as absolute. So, in the duality consciousness, everything is relative, everything is unreal, but for those trapped in the duality consciousness, there are certain things that seem to not be relative, they seem to be absolute. The duality consciousness elevates certain relatives to the status of absoluteness and then all the other relatives are relative to that absolute. That is how the duality consciousness deceives.

So, yes everything is relative, and everything the fallen beings come up with is a relative truth. But I am not saying that everything in the Christ Consciousness is relative in the same way. What I am saying is that Christhood is an interim stage. It is an interim stage between the human consciousness where you are trapped in duality and the ascended state. In the ascended state, you are not in Christhood, strictly speaking, you are in the ascended consciousness, which is a fundamentally different state of consciousness than what you see on earth.

Christhood is a series of steps that brings you from the human consciousness to the ascended state. But even in the ascended state, there is progress as we have said towards higher levels of consciousness. I am an ascended master, I am a Chohan, I have attained the Buddhic consciousness. But my beloved, when I travel to some of the higher realms and meet these masters, like Surya, the Great Divine Director, Alpha and Omega, I am in total awe of their level of consciousness. And I know very well that I have not manifested the highest possible level of consciousness, there is so much more to strive for. I also know I can attain this, but that it will take a considerable amount of what you call time.

Christhood is a process of qualifying for your ascension. Once you are in the ascended state, you do not really need what we call the Christ mind. Because you do not need to discern between the relative and that which is not relative. You see that Christhood is a process that takes you to ever higher levels of consciousness until you reach the 144th level and can ascend. You still grow in the ascended realm, but it is not through the Christ mind, because the Christ mind is the mediator between unascended and ascended. If you, you, my beloved, you, if you do not grasp this, you cannot fulfill your highest potential in this lifetime. It cannot be done. If you set up these absolutes, and you stop there, you will not achieve the parts of your divine plan that are beyond that barrier.

What will have limited you? Was it the fallen beings? Was it the ascended masters who suddenly left you behind and did not want to give you any more ideas? Nay, what limited you was you, your psychology, your separate selves. But they are of course not you. So, it was not really you that limited you. It was the outer you that limited the outer you, but you allowed it to happen.

My beloved, the reality of Christhood is that if you are not willing to be wrong, you cannot be right. It is not necessarily that your viewpoints need to be viewed as right or wrong. But as I said there is a phase on the path where this is the only way you can see it. And that is why you get yourself into this trap of thinking that when you take an absolute stand, and if it is proven wrong, then you are wrong. But you are not wrong. You just made an experiment. Yes, you made it more difficult for yourself by declaring that you were absolutely right and you do not need to do this, but it was all you could do at the time.

The question is do you want to keep defending this illusion that you were absolutely right, and that this is Christhood? Or do you want to just admit, “Well, you know, I thought I was in Christhood but I was not really, there are higher levels of Christhood, there is more to understand about this.” Then you can move on. And you can more quickly, once you realize this dynamic, make progress on the path to Christhood. This messenger has said many times that there is no viewpoint he holds today that could not be expanded upon by a higher understanding. He knows he may tomorrow come across some idea out there that will expand his present understanding. He knows that we of the ascended masters could at any moment give him something that would expand his understanding.

What I want you to do here is watch carefully your reaction to when I say this. Is there in your mind this thought that “Aha, then the messenger will one day come to see what I see about this topic. Then he will one day see that I was right. He just has not gotten there yet”. But my beloved, this is your reaction, in your consciousness. You will not make progress on your path by changing the messenger’s mind or anybody else’s mind. You will make progress on your path, only by changing your mind. Do you not see the irony here? You claim to be a spiritual student, you are walking the spiritual path. What is the essence of the spiritual path? It is, you go from one level of consciousness to another. What does it take to go from one level of consciousness to another? You have to be willing to change your mind.

What sense does it make that you claim to be walking the spiritual path, but there are certain topics where you think you have an absolute view and therefore you are not willing to change your mind. It is cognitive dissonance. It is an illusion, it blocks your growth. My beloved, in a sense you could say that Christhood is about overcoming selfishness. But there are many enigmas on the path. In a sense, you could say that in order to overcome selfishness, you have to go through a period where you are completely selfish. So, look at yourself and say: “What is the most important thing I can do for my personal growth? It is to stop thinking that I have to change other people and focus exclusively on changing myself”. That is how you make the most progress on your path. What does it profit a man that he changes the minds of all people in the world, but has not changed his own mind? And the same for a woman.

If you have an absolute in your mind, how can you be the open door for Saint Germain’s Golden Age? You look at everything that humankind knows today, you will get all of the knowledge that has been accumulated over these past few centuries of the scientific age. You would be overwhelmed by how vast and complex it is compared to what they knew a few hundred years ago. There is not one single thing in all of this knowledge that is an absolute, there is not one single thing that could not be expanded upon, or even replaced by a higher understanding.

Everything that human beings think they know, is just one particular way to look at the universe and how it works. It is just one explanation among many possible. The explanation you have today has certain limitations, because it is based on certain premises. And the premises always set a limitation to how high the theory can go. This is the basic fact, the basic realization about the expansion of knowledge. You must, you can do nothing else, you must start out with some foundation for your worldview.

You go back, you look at philosophies, you look at theories, you see that they always define certain initial conditions. This is what we believe is reliable knowledge that we can base our theory upon. You cannot do anything else. But, you need to recognize that when you formulate those basic conditions, these basic truths, these self-evident truths, it is based on your present level of first, understanding of the world and second your level of consciousness.

You can only see what you can see based on your level of consciousness. And you can only express what you can see based on your understanding of the world, the language of concepts, words and ideas that you are using. Before the scientific age, they had a certain worldview, a certain way of looking at the world, and based on this they formulated certain theories. Go back to the Greek philosophers and see how they had a certain worldview, based on this they formulated certain theories. But now, so many years later you can see the limitations of those theories and the worldview that they had, because it has been expanded and you know more about the world.

There is always the danger in every age that they think we have reached the highest possible stage. We now have the final truth about how the universe works. This theory is the final theory, this is an absolute natural law. What is the greatest limitation today for the manifestation of the golden age? It is science itself, or rather, the unwillingness of scientists to think beyond what they think is their absolutes. It can be materialism as an ideological overlay, but also specific theories. Just take one example of this, the second law of thermodynamics, the first law of thermodynamics. Both of these laws relate to energy. Energy in any interaction is always conserved, you cannot get more energy out of a process than you put into it. At the same time, entropy will increase in a closed system until it reaches the lowest possible energy state.

Well, these laws were formulated at a time when technology was much more primitive, much more imprecise than it is today. Have they truly been questioned? Have they truly been re-examined based on modern technology? Have they been measured? Have you experimented? Or do you just assume that they are still absolute laws? As we have said, scientists have used the second law of thermodynamics to reason that the entire material universe is a closed system. But cosmologists have observed that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. And this expansion must be driven by energy, so if the universe is a closed system, where does the energy come from that drives the expansion? Instead, the universe should have been in a steady process of deceleration since the Big Bang.

Of course, as we have told you, the simple answer is that the material universe is not a closed system but is part of a bigger energy system. There is constantly energy streaming into the material universe from these higher energetic realms, higher vibrations that are being lowered into the spectrum of the material universe. Well, does that mean that you could never get more energy out of the process that you put into it? Of course not. If you can learn to harness the energy that is constantly streaming into the material universe from a higher source, well then you can have free energy as it is called. Can you not already do this by harnessing the energy of the sun? Are you here on earth, putting anything into the sun in order to receive the sunlight? If you look at the earth as an energy system, then sunlight does not conform to the first law of thermodynamics.

Of course you can say well, the earth is not a closed system that is why it receives sunlight from the outside, yes, yes, yes, of course. And if you keep going up towards the universe as an entirety, you will see that it is not a closed system either. That is why there is expansion. You see again, why do scientists have this belief in these absolute laws, these absolute barriers? Because scientists are human beings and human beings are psychological beings, and they are driven by their psychology. They also have the same dynamic, the fear of being proven wrong. Once a person has declared: “Materialism is an absolute truth, there is not and cannot be anything beyond the material universe.” He goes into that exact same dynamic, of fearing to be proven wrong and he will resist even scientific discoveries that proves his theory wrong.

My beloved, the biggest obstruction to science is not religious people. Or at least not the religious people who follow the Christian religion or other religions. The biggest obstruction to science is religious people who follow the religion of materialism. That is the biggest obstruction I face as I am sitting here in the ascended realm, not really sitting, but being, and I am looking at how can I release the ideas that will take the planet to the next level. If you step back from planet earth today, if you look at planet earth as an entirety and say: “We can go back in time, we can see that there have been certain stages in the evolution of earth, there has been a certain progress, there was a certain jump from this to the next, that has brought society forward.”

There was a time when people had not discovered fire. The discovery, in other words, the release of the energy, the knowledge of fire, was a major step forward. There was a time where people were hunter gatherers, they had not discovered agriculture, agriculture was a major step forward. Then there was a time where they could only use animals or human power to produce work. The discovery of the steam engine was a major progress, then electricity, then fossil fuels and the combustion engine, then the nuclear fuel and nuclear reactors. You can see that what can actually drive the progress in society? What determines how far a society can go? Well, it is the energy sources to which you have access, how much energy do you have to drive progress in society.

You can see based on this when you project this into the future, that it just does not make any logical sense that you have reached the apex for energy production, that there is no higher forms of energy production. But what you have reached the apex of, is the production of energy through force based means. Where you take something and you break it down, you burn it, you explode it, you split the atom, you use force to free the energy that is stored in what you call matter, and then you use that energy to perform work. Why have you reached the limitations of this? Because this form of energy production is subject to the first law of thermodynamics, the conservation of energy. You cannot get more energy out of a force based process, than is stored in the matter you are breaking down. That is correct. But given that the universe is not a closed system, it is indeed possible to step beyond this force based approach. And this is the next logical step for the progress of the human race, for the progress of society.

Technology that harnesses unlimited energy, energy that is not stored in matter, and does not have to be released by force because it is available in means that are not force based. This is the next logical step that the planet needs to make. It is a giant leap. It is a giant leap in consciousness. And what is the biggest limitation I face in terms of taking the planet through this? You realize I hope, that I have all of the knowledge, all of the ideas right here ready to release, the knowledge is there. The earth was round when people thought it was flat. The atom was there before it was discovered. Free energy is here, even though it has not been discovered.

What is the biggest limitation I face in releasing this knowledge? It is that so many scientists have created an absolute in their mind that this is impossible, that this is a hoax, that this cannot be. Why have they created this? Because if there is a source of energy beyond the material universe, then materialism is wrong. And they will not entertain the idea that materialism could be wrong. Therefore, they are willing, even though they may not realize this consciously, but they are willing to hold the planet in a much lower state just to defend their idea. It is exactly like the Catholics that they so abhor, who were willing to keep society in a medieval state in order to defend the infallibility of Catholic doctrine. They are doing the exact same thing.

Why are they doing the exact same thing? Because they are the exact same people who are sitting now in the scientific establishment, who were a few hundred years ago sitting in the Catholic establishment. They are doing exactly today what they did back then, upholding an absolute idea and defending it with all means available to them. Do you see why I do not want you, who are our direct students, to fall into that same trap? Do you see why I want as many people as possible around the world who attain this openness to these new ideas, that are beyond the status quo?

There is a famous book about the structure of scientific revolutions, that says that for a time, scientists are simply expanding on the present paradigm. But it comes time where this has gone as far as it can go, and now it is necessary to question the paradigm and expand the paradigm. Well, this is exactly the situation faced by science today. Not only in regards to energy technology, but to many other things. In fact, all other aspects of society. So much progress, so much research has been done that you have almost reached the limits of what can be discovered in the present paradigm.

This paradigm is bulging at the seams, threatening to burst but it has not burst yet, because not enough people who are part of the scientific field have opened their minds to these new ideas. Will it happen? Yes, of course it will. Can you who are ascended master students speed the process along? Yes, either directly if you have some experience with the field, or by making the calls for it. I am not saying that if you have some standing in the scientific community, you will need to go out and promote ascended master ideas. I am again telling you to be balanced, take one step at a time, one idea at a time that brings society forward.

You do not need to attain everything in one afternoon. You need to take it very gradually and say: “What are people open to? What could explain some of the questions we have? How might we conduct new research one step at a time, rather than this revolutionary approach where it is all or nothing. It has to happen all right now or it is no good.” This is the black and white approach that we have done so much work, given so many teachings to help you transcend. And we sincerely hope that you can transcend it, because it is not the black and white approach that provides me with an open door, it closes the door, either from one side or the other. It is the balanced approach, the middle way, that is the open door.

With this, I have given you a very long, very complex discourse that you will need to study many times, listen to many times, listen beyond the intellectual mind to truly gain the full benefit from. I leave it up to you of course, whether you want to benefit from this, or whether you want to brush over it like some of you do with our dictations just looking for something new, something exciting that can make you appear as the wise ones among men. We know that many of you are truly our sincere students. We know that many of you are open, and you may sit there and feel, is he talking to me? Is he talking about me? Well, yes and no.

There are of course students who are more unbalanced, whose minds are more closed. But all of you can benefit from these ideas because you are at a certain level of consciousness right now. You are closed, your mind is closed to certain ideas that are beyond that level. But how will you receive them? How will you rise to the next level? Only by opening your mind, by questioning what you now know, what you now think. The most constructive thing you can do as an ascended master student is realize that you do not have the full grasp, the full understanding of the teachings of reality. That is why you are in a movement based on progressive revelation. How will you receive progressive revelation unless your mind is open to a progressively higher understanding.

You may listen to progressive revelation with the outer mind without grasping it. But in order to truly internalize it, and allow it to raise your consciousness, you have to be open. That there is always something beyond, and once you get there, you will feel very relieved. But of course, how do you get there? Only by resolving that primal self that somehow got fixated on an absolute. As long as you have the primal self, you will have a need for some absolute in your mind, in the world, and as long as you have that, your path will be a struggle. You are struggling between opening your mind to a higher understanding and holding on to the absolute. And we wish all of you would come to that resolution, where you have let the primal self die so you can accept there is no absolute, there is nothing I need to hold on to. It is as this messenger realized many years ago “It is not what I hold on to that will get me to the ascended state. It is what I let go of that will get me to the ascended state”.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you. I am grateful for your attention, that so many people have been willing to tune in to this conference. I have used your chakras as broadcasting stations to broadcast this message far and wide into the collective consciousness. It has already awakened some people in various fields that were right on the precipice of making a new discovery, accepting a new idea. And so, it has already had an effect, and the effect will continue to spread as rings in the water. I hope you will allow yourself to be carried along with those waves on the water, that are spreading out from the center that I am. Saint Germain I AM, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age I AM. The architect of the Golden Age I AM.


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What life experience do you want?

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Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels, October 2, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I AM the Ascended Master Maitreya. I have often been called the Great Initiator but this, of course, is something that needs to be understood. Great is a word that has many connotations on earth often invoking a comparison to those who are not so great. My intention is of course not to be seen as greater than any other ascended master, for these comparisons have no meaning in the ascended realm but I do fulfill a certain role in that it is my task to help people pass what we might call the overall general universal initiations.

I would like to begin this discourse by quoting what we inspired Shakespeare to write so many years ago: “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune.” I ask you to consider and to visualize the ocean. I know some of you live far from the ocean but you have either seen the ocean or you have certainly seen videos, movies, recordings, of the ocean. I ask you to visualize that you are standing before or you are sitting upon a vast ocean. The ocean is calm. The ocean is calm but there is still a gentle wave that rolls in once in a while with a regular interval. A wave comes rolling and it lifts a boat that is on the ocean or rolls onto the shore, not with a breaking wave, not with a crashing sound but just a gentle sound up the beach, back out before the next wave comes.

You see that even though the surface of the ocean is calm because there is no wind driving it there is still a wave action. These longer gentle waves from a storm that has long passed are moving the ocean up and down. Now I ask you to mentally step even further back from the ocean and realize that beyond these waves there is the tide, which over time, over a longer time span raises the entire ocean. You have a wave on the ocean but even that wave is being lifted by the tide or it sinks back down with a tide. The wave is still there up and down but there is a greater movement up and down than the wave and it is the tide.

This image has many implications for life on earth. You will see for example, that if we take this image and apply it to the situation that most people face today, they are not sailing on in their daily lives a calm ocean with big gentle waves. They are sailing on a turbulent ocean with many, many small waves that are quite chaotic, that give them and their boat an abrupt movement, some side to side, that is tossing them back and forth. Many people eventually come so close to a shore that the waves start crashing and their boat crashes against the shore. This is the situation that most people find themselves in today and why is this so?

It is because there are so many things impinging upon their minds, so many thoughts, so much information, so many opinions they have to evaluate and adjust to either accept or reject. Everything is being more polarized. There are such strong opinions being communicated through social media or in other ways that people feel obligated to put their attention upon and to have some kind of opinion: “Am I for or against this? Am I for or against that? Is this right, is this wrong?”. All of these things that are impinging upon people’s attention today.

How can you walk the path of initiation in this environment? Well, the simple answer is you cannot. Nobody can walk the path of initiation in such an environment. What does this mean for you who are spiritual students? Well, as we have talked about before, you need to decide what you put your attention upon. Do you have to read every post on Facebook? Do you have to have an opinion about every issue that comes up in the day?

You see, my image of the ocean and the tide shows you that even when the ocean is chaotic and has these many turbulent waves, there is still the tide that lifts the entire ocean and takes it back down. Most people today, especially because of their phones, their computers, their exposure to various kinds of media, websites, social media whatever you have, their attention is so scattered that all they see are the small turbulent waves. But what happens to the turbulent waves when the wind stops blowing? Well, they very quickly die down.

If you look at society in a longer perspective, how important are all of these issues? In the long run, in a long perspective how important are these issues that may seem very important today or yesterday or tomorrow but in the long term, how important will they be? What I seek to give you here is that when you are a spiritual student, you need to be very selective with your attention. You need to evaluate, what is important for me, for my spiritual growth, for the fulfillment of my divine plan? I only have so much attention. I need to be careful what I place it upon and you will see that if you are a spiritual student, it is more advantageous for your long-term growth that you do not allow yourself to be pulled into these temporary issues, but you focus on the more longer trends, the trends that in the long run will make more of a difference.

You may say when you look at the ocean, that when you are standing there looking at these turbulent waves, they do attract your attention and they may seem they are very important but compared to the tide that lifts the entire ocean, how consequential are they? So you have a tide in the affairs of men that gives long-term change and you have the turbulent waves that have no long-term effect. They are not important in the long term. Be careful how much time and how much attention you spend on these short-term issues. What is a short-term issue?

Well, you need to decide that for yourself but you need to recognize that what has happened with the advent of the Internet and especially with social media is that people’s attention span has been shortened dramatically. If you put much of your attention on this, your attention span has been shortened dramatically. Your attention has become addicted to stimulation. There always needs to be something new, something different, something that gives you a stimulation in the moment but has no lasting effect or value. You cannot live, you cannot walk the spiritual path as a person who is focusing on these short-term issues.

In the long term, how important is the issue of wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, who is president of this or that country? All of these issues, are they important in the long term? I understand that some will say yes but I am asking you to step back and consider how important are they for your long-term spiritual growth so how much attention should you put on them? How much attention should you put on these issues? You understand, perhaps you do not understand, but you can come to understand that one of the primary ways that the fallen beings seek to derail people on the spiritual path is to pull them into fighting some battle or other, not necessarily a war, but some battle for against this or that issue but the issues are not long term, they are not really consequential for what happens in society.

How do you as a spiritual student envision your long-term growth? How do you envision that you rise to higher levels of the spiritual path? Well, as Sanat Kumara explained, you are right now at a certain level. You cannot see very far ahead. You cannot really, right now, envision what your state of consciousness will be like when you climb 10, 20, 30 steps on the path. That is why it is important not to focus undue attention on what seems important to you at your present level. Why does a particular issue seem important to you at your present level? Because you have some kind of illusion that makes this issue seem so important. When you rise some steps on the path and you will overcome that illusion, how do you think the issue will seem to you at that time? Not very important, certainly not as important as it does now.

You may think, oh, but this is an important issue and it will always be important to me. Well, then, you have done exactly what Sanat Kumara said, you have decided with your outer mind, how you are going to look at life at a higher level of consciousness. You have limited yourself so that you may attain a certain growth but your conscious mind cannot accept it and shift accordingly. This is what we strongly advise you to consider, especially those of you who find yourself having these very strong opinions about particular issues that are up in society and that it may seem important to many people right now but that will not seem so in the future.

You see, there is always a balance to be found when you are walking the spiritual path. One balance is between focusing on temporary issues or more long-term issues but there are many other aspects of this balance. Some of you have all of this lifetime had a certain sense of balance. You can look back your lives and even in childhood, you can see that you always had a reluctance to being pulled into what other children were into whether it was this or that playful activity or some fashion trend or wearing this or that clothes, you were always reluctant to go along with a crowd. You wanted to step back, have your own opinion, have your own view of things and not be swung back and forth by the trends in the collective consciousness. Many of you can see this.

Some of you can look back and say that you have not quite had this balance. You have had more of a tendency to be pulled into things by other people, by trends in society but then you can cultivate that balance and this is part of what the path is all about. You come to find a certain balance because you have made contact with something inside yourselves that is timeless. Sanat Kumara talked about the experience of pure awareness. Well pure awareness is timeless. In the long term, what really matters?

In the perspective of Saint Germain’s Golden Age, which is a period that will last for 2,000 years, what really matters of the issues that currently seem so important to so many people? A hundred years, two hundred years, five hundred years, a thousand years years into the golden age how important will it be whether people were wearing a mask or not, whether this or that person was president, whether some of these issues that seem so important to people today came to this result or that result? What will it matter? Well, it will matter no more to the people at that time than it matters to you who was emperor in the Roman Empire two thousand years ago.

You need to have a certain long-term perspective in order to be on the spiritual path because the spiritual path is a gradual climb. The more directly you can walk up the hill, the faster you will get there. Imagine that you have two people, they both have to climb the same hill, one goes pretty much straight up the other goes back and forth zigzagging all over the place and takes three times as long. Which person would you rather be? I am not saying you should be this or that, I am only explaining to you that you cannot be both. You cannot make the fastest possible progress on the spiritual path and allow yourself, your emotions, your attention your mind to be pulled into all of these temporary issues.

What does this have to do with a topic of being the open door? Well, you might say: “Well, certainly, I can be an open door for expressing opinions about these issues that are up in my time and what if that is part of my divine plan?” Well, if you strongly feel that it is part of your divine plan you should follow that feeling until you have a different feeling. But for the vast majority of you, your divine plan is more of a long-term plan. You have certain goals not only for your personal growth but also what you want to bring forth in this lifetime and they often relate to long-term issues.

Why do I say this? Because when you make your divine plan before this lifetime, you are looking at these long-term trends. You cannot predict exactly what is going to happen on Facebook in the year 2021. How could you predict this when you made your divine plan? Many of you made your divine plan when Facebook had not even been invented. Could it not be predicted something like that, yes of course, but the many details of what issues are brought up right now in today’s world could not be predicted so you did not make your divine plan to engage yourself in these short-term issues, you made it in order to have an impact on certain more long-term issues. You made your divine plan, not based on the temporary waves, but on the tide, the rising and the sinking of the tide.

What is one of the most important thoughts you can keep in mind about the spiritual path? It is what Jesus said: “In your patience, possess ye your souls.” What is the effect of the shortening of the attention span? It is that people have less patience than they had in previous decades or generations. But if you have no patience with yourself, how can you truly grow? Do you think that I as the initiator am swayed by the issues of the day? Or do you think I have a more long-term vision for how to raise you to a higher level of consciousness?

Naturally, I have the latter. I, we as ascended masters, are not concerned about many of these issues that are temporary, that do not have a major impact on the long-term trends. We are focused on the long term.  That is what will help you be an open door for the golden age. Certainly, there should be a lot of short-term ideas that are part of the golden age but you who are our spiritual students, you have the opportunity because you know the teachings and the path to focus on the long-term trends that have a bigger impact.

You have so much attention, what can you put it upon, what is important to you? This is not something that is forced upon you, I am not seeking to force this upon you. I am simply reminding you of what you yourself incorporated in your divine plan and one of the challenges is that when you come into embodiment, you can be swayed by all these temporary issues and ignore your divine plan. Consider this my reminder.

Now, I want to shift gears and talk about one of these general initiations that all of you face on the path. There has been a tendency, especially in previous ascended master dispensations, to think that initiations are temporary, they are in a specific situation. You are in a specific situation, how do you react to that situation? You can react in a higher way or a lower way and this is your test, this is your initiation. How do you react? And surely there is some value to this situation-based view of initiation. However, as the Great Initiator, my focus is on the long-term trends, the larger initiations on the spiritual path and there are certain larger initiations.

Now, I know that the linear mind always wants to do what the linear mind does. The linear mind wants to take the concept of 144 levels of consciousness and it wants to apply this and say: “Well, every initiation must be related to one of the 144 steps.” However, there are larger initiations that are not associated with one particular step. They are initiations that are more general on how you view the spiritual path. Certainly at the 48th level you have a certain vision of the spiritual path and at the 60th or 120th level you have a higher vision. But nevertheless, there are initiations that go beyond the 144 levels. I have attempted to explain some of these in my book, Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom. 

There are many people who have studied this book in Korea, some of you have grasped what I am talking about, all of you can come to grasp some of it. But I will mention one particular initiation here. We have said before, Jesus has explained, that we are like used car salesmen. In order to get you to come into the teachings, we have to give you something that appeals to you at your present level of consciousness. You are not ready to grasp these overall initiations, so we give you something. One effect of this is that, when you, and I am talking all of you, come into the teachings of the ascended masters, dedicate yourself to walking the path, there are certain things you are not ready to look at in yourself.

There are people who come in, they are not ready to look at anything in their psychology. They are still focused on doing the outer things, giving the decrees and invocations, studying the teachings and they think this will give them the growth they desire. We need to accommodate these people, at least for a time and allow them to come in, give the decrees and invocations, study the teachings, discuss in groups, and so forth but our hope is, of course, that they will at one point reach this major turning point on the path where they realize that spiritual growth means a change in consciousness and a change in consciousness cannot happen unless you consciously look at your psychology, look at your consciousness. You see the illusions you have, you overcome those illusions by seeing a higher reality. This is the only way that spiritual progress truly can happen.

You can make some progress by giving decrees and invocations, because you are clearing out the energies in your four lower bodies that are pulling you away from the spiritual path. But nevertheless, there comes that point where you will not make progress beyond a certain point, unless you recognize that the spiritual path involves looking at something in yourself, seeing it, and consciously choosing to let it go. To let that separate self die, to let the illusion go, to let your strong opinion go, to surrender. Basically, the essence of the path is to come to see something in yourself that limits you and then let it go, to surrender it.

However, this is also a phase because all of you, even when you make this shift and you acknowledge that you need to look at things in yourself, all of you, the messenger included as he well knows from his own path, there are certain things you are willing to look at and there are certain things you are not willing to look at, you are not ready to look at. And again, this is perfectly fine. We do not expect that you can come into the path and within a very short period of time you can make this very profound shift where you are now willing to look at anything in your psychology.

What does this mean? This means there is an interim period where you are open to looking at some things in your psychology but there are certain things you are not ready to look at and for many of you, the reason you are not ready to look at them is that it would be unbearable for you to acknowledge that you have this tendency in your psychology. I do not want to give you particular examples. I deliberately do not want to give you particular examples because it is quite individual, how this manifests. But all of you have, in past lives, maybe even in this life but certainly in past lives, come to accept a certain standard of what it means to be a spiritual person.

Think back to your past lives, you may not know what they are but how likely is it that in the past you have been involved with various spiritual or religious organizations? Then look at some of the religious organizations that are in the world today and imagine that you, for several lifetimes, were a devout Catholic. What kind of view of yourself would you have been programmed with by the Catholic Church or by the Hindu religion or by the Buddhist religion or by this or that spiritual movement?

It is inevitable that all of you, all of us who have been in embodiment on earth have come to take on a certain standard for what it means to be a spiritual person, how you should behave, how you should not behave. As we have explained many times, this is the primary weapon used by the fallen beings. All of these standards ultimately came from the fallen beings. They have only one purpose, to abort your spiritual growth and how does this standard abort your spiritual growth? Well, let us now say that a standard defines that, as a spiritual person you should never have done so and so.

I will give you one example here. As a spiritual person, you should never have killed another human being. Many people in this lifetime feel this way. Many spiritual people in this lifetime feel they would never kill another human being and they are right because in past lifetimes, you have risen above the level of consciousness where you would not kill another human being, not even in self-defense. You have simply risen above that consciousness where you can even consider killing another human being. So far, so good but what about past lives?

Look at this planet, look at this turbulent past. Is it realistic to think that you, for thousands upon thousands of years have been embodied in situations where you were never in a situation where you had to kill another human being, that you were never pulled into any wars, that you were never attacked by robbers who tried to kill you and you killed them in self-defense? How realistic is it that you could have lived on this planet for many lifetimes and not killed another human being? It is not very realistic which is one of the things that are explained, in a veiled way, in the book about My Lives (My Lives With Lucifer, Satan and Jesus) that you are all pulled into these dualistic battles, you were all pulled into fighting the fallen beings, one way or another.

Now, we have a person here who has this standard in his or her mind, that as a spiritual person I should never kill another human being. But in your subconscious mind you still have one or even several separate selves that were created in a very difficult, very dramatic, very chaotic, very violent time and these selves are programmed to believe that not only is it necessary to kill other human beings in certain situations, it is even justified to do so. Well my beloved, how are you ultimately going to qualify for your ascension? What have we said? You must let all of your separate selves die so if you have these separate selves that are related to killing another human being, they need to die. But how can you let them die if you are not willing to look at them?

And how can you look at them if you have this standard that as a spiritual person you should never have killed another human being and that having done so is the most terrible thing that could happen? And therefore you feel that if you were to acknowledge that in the past you have killed other human beings and you actually have these selves that think it is justified and necessary to kill other human beings, you would feel that you would have to condemn yourself so harshly, possibly in the most harsh way possible so how can you look at this? And if you cannot look at it how can you overcome it? That means you are at an impasse, you are at a stalemate.

You are not seeing certain initiations you have to pass, namely letting these selves die. You are not willing to see them. I am seeing these initiations because I see all of the initiations you need to pass. I see all of the separate selves that you have but you do not want to see them and you do not want me to see them either. You want to think that if you are not looking at them, I cannot see them either. What I am pointing out to you here is that there is a phase on the spiritual path where you as a spiritual student have certain things you want to hide from yourself and hide from me or whatever ascended master is your primary initiator. There is something you want to hide and again this is acceptable at a certain phase of the path but there comes a point where you cannot go beyond a certain level unless you deal with this very issue and I am not talking about specific issues. It is not just a matter of seeing that in the past you created certain separate selves related to killing other people and overcoming those selves.

The general trend that I am seeking to point out to you is this unwillingness to look at certain issues because you think you should not have them. And one of the most important turning points, one of the most liberating turning points you can come to on the spiritual path is where you make that shift and say: “I just want to get over this human consciousness so I am willing to look at any aspect of the human consciousness that I have left.” We have attempted to give you many, many teachings to facilitate this shift. I am not trying to put some kind of burden upon you that you should have made the shift or that you should make it in a split second. I am simply telling you, that for some of you this is the next step for you and what can then help you overcome this reluctance to look at things?

Well, what have we given you? Your true individuality is anchored in your I AM Presence, it has not been altered by anything you have experienced on earth. So far so good. In other words, regardless of what you have experienced on earth, what has truly been lost, what has gone wrong? As far as your true individuality and your I AM Presence, nothing has gone wrong. Your experiences on earth have given you, your I AM Presence, positive experiences that are stored in your causal body. Whatever you have experienced on earth, however dire the situation was, there was a positive learning experience that is stored in your causal body. What has gone wrong, what has been lost here?

What have we said also? The Earth is a reality simulator. Everything here is a simulated experience. Matter is changeable. There is nothing that is permanent. There is nothing that cannot be changed. There is no amount of karma that cannot be balanced. There is nothing you could do, there is no choice you could make that could not be replaced by making a more aware choice. We have given you so many teachings that are aimed at this one thing helping you make the shift where you say: “Does it really matter what I have done in the past? Does it really matter what selves I have left? Is it not all just part of the human consciousness?”

Look, earth is a very difficult planet. I have been in embodiment for many lifetimes on earth, in many different societies often chaotic, violent, turbulent. Is it not likely that I have experienced almost anything that human beings can experience on earth? Is it not likely that over those many lifetimes I have faced almost every possible situation one could face on earth? And is it not therefore logical that I have had to create separate selves in order to psychologically survive in those situations, in those environments. What else could I do? I was there, I was in a physical body, I could not run away from the body or the pain of the body or the torture of the body or the threats to the body. I had to do what I could do in order to survive, not just physically but even psychologically in that situation given the level of consciousness I had.

We have told you, you descended at the 48th level even if you came as an avatar that had a much higher level of consciousness on a natural planet, you still had to descend to the 48th level. That means you responded to situations on earth with a 48th level of consciousness. Maybe you descended below that. So what! This is allowed within the free will of earth. What is there, with all the teachings we have given you, what is there you could possibly have done on earth that would be so bad that you could not overcome it? And if you could not have done something that was so bad that you could not overcome it, how could you have done something so bad that you could not look at it? If you have done something that you can overcome and if the only way to overcome it is to look at it, how could it be so bad that you cannot look at it? All you need to do is look at it and then you can now be free from it. But if you do not look at it you will keep dragging it with you and it will keep weighing you down.

What is so bad about looking at it? What could be so bad about looking at it? Well, my beloved, it is because you have allowed the fallen beings to project their standard upon you and you have created a separate self that says: “As a spiritual person there are certain things I cannot have done. They are so bad that I could not possibly have done them.” Why have you created this self? Because the fallen beings have, as we have used before the expression: “hammered you down” in past lives and made you feel absolutely unworthy. Made you feel like you have done the worst possible mistake anybody could make, perhaps even made the worst possible mistake by coming to this planet and so forth.

In order to psychologically survive that birth trauma you had to create a self that said: “But I am not one of the worst persons on earth because there are certain things that I have not done that I could not do and therefore I can survive psychologically holding on to this belief that there are certain things I have not done or would not have done.” This is very easy to do because you have not done some of the things that the fallen beings have done. Do you understand what the fallen beings are doing? They are projecting upon you that you could not be the worst possible person on earth because it will be unbearable to you and then they are giving you an example of somebody who has done something worse than you have ever done so there is an easy out but the net effect of this is what?

You have created a certain self that says: “There are certain things that I could not have done as a spiritual person.” And this means there are certain things you cannot look at in your own psychology from past lives. You are simply afraid to look. There are two zones in your consciousness. There is a zone with issues you can look at because they would not cause you to condemn yourself and there is a zone, a forbidden zone of issues you cannot look at. You cannot even look at, have I killed people in a past life? Have I done this, have I done that? You cannot look at it. You cannot consider it. Now some of you, it may not be the issue of having killed other people. It can be many other issues and again here is where I do not want to be too specific because it is individual for each one.

But the thing is, this is a manipulated situation, manipulated by the fallen beings. You have been manipulated into creating this catch-22 in your own psychology. Now some of you might feel: “But I should never have allowed myself to be manipulated into this. I should never have allowed the fallen beings to manipulate me so I must be a bad person since I did this.” Some of you may even be unwilling to consider that you could have done this and deny the whole thing. But all of us who have been in embodiment have been manipulated by the fallen beings.

My beloved, listen to this: all of us who have been in embodiment have been manipulated by the fallen beings. Why is this? Because those of us who have embodied in this sphere do not have the experience, the sophistication or the aggressive intent of the fallen beings and we could not possibly imagine that there were beings who could be like the fallen beings before we encountered them. How could we have protected ourselves from the onslaught of the fallen beings? We had no frame of reference for beings who were like that. This is one of the effects of embodying on an unnatural planet.

We were told this before we came here but we could not in our minds really grasp it. Again, we had the courage to say: “Well, maybe I do not fully understand what I am getting myself into but I am willing to do it for the initiation that it can give me.” But then when we come down here and we are exposed to the fallen beings and their trauma we forget these intentions. We forget how it was to be up there on a natural planet and be all cool, calm and collected because now we are in the quagmire, the chaos of earth. We are tossed hither and yon by the waves. We forget about the tide and the long-term effects of why we decided to embody here, to help raise the earth.

It is all natural, it is all understandable, we have all done it. Every ascended master has done what you have done. Will you please accept this? Because then you can accept that we are ascended masters today because we overcame it and that means what one has done all can do so you can overcome it.

How do you overcome it? The same way as you overcome any other self, you have to take a look at it. You have to get in touch with what is the self in you, what is the standard you have that defines something that is absolutely unthinkable, absolutely unbearable, something you could never have done and therefore you cannot look at. Then you can decide with your conscious mind: “No, I have been on the spiritual path for some time, I have passed many initiations, I have overcome many selves, why should I not be able to overcome this self as well? It is just another self.” This messenger went through a period where he said this to himself over and over again: “It is just another self. It is unreal. It is not me, it is not who I am so why should I not look at it? What does it matter what selves I have? They are all unreal. It is all part of this human consciousness, this human nonsense, this human unreality.”

Do you understand my beloved, what I am saying? All of these separate selves are unreal. It gives no meaning to say that one form of unreality is worse than another form of unreality. This is of course the standard that the fallen beings have projected upon life on earth. Earth is a reality simulator. You are allowed to have any experience you want for as long as you want it. The purpose of having many experiences is to come to a point where you say: “I do not want this anymore.” Once you come to this inner resolution: “I do not want this anymore” you have passed the initiation of the reality simulator, that particular initiation.

What does it matter what experiences you have? They are all unreal. There is no standard in the reality simulator. The fallen beings have imposed a standard in order to trap you who are the avatars, the most advanced of the original inhabitants, those of you who are approaching Christhood, so that you, instead of just letting go will start analyzing, evaluating and judging yourself or other people.

Why do you see so many spiritual movements, including ascended master organizations, previous dispensations that had such a judgmental environment where everybody was judging everybody? Well, precisely because they had not seen through this standard of the fallen beings that there are some things that are better or worse than others. But if everything is unreal, how does better or worse relate? How do you overcome reality? Not by destroying what is evil or elevating what is good. You overcome unreality by letting go of both polarities that are defined by the duality consciousness.

What have we said before? The most difficult students to help on the spiritual path are those who believe they are doing everything right. They already understand the path. They know how everything should be done. They have never done anything wrong and therefore they are judgmental towards other people who are not doing what they are doing. Yes, it can be very unpleasant to look at a separate self and acknowledge: “I have a separate self that feels killing other people is justified” or any of the other numerous separate selves that relate to something that is clearly negative. But it is far more difficult to acknowledge: “I have a separate self that believes that if I am a spiritual person and I always do this and I never do that then God has to save me.” So many people have separate selves who have made this bargain with God: “God, if I do this and I do not do that then you have to let me into heaven.” And a separate self believes this, but of course this has no bearing on reality as Sanat Kumara said, none of this has changed spirit.

There are some of you who are afraid that you could have some negative selves that you could not bear to look at. There are some of you who have never even considered that you could have some positive selves that you think you do not need to look at because they are already perfect, they are already the way they should be. But, my beloved what have I just said several times? It is all unreality. It all has to go. You cannot take any of it with you to heaven. Many, many people have not understood this point. You can go and look at all spiritual movements out there and you can see that the vast majority of them are trapped in thinking this: you have to avoid or destroy the bad and cultivate the good and then you will go to heaven. There are a few spiritual movements that tell you otherwise and they tell you exactly, and some of them have been doing this for centuries, they tell you exactly what we are telling you in this dispensation.

It all has to go, what human beings called bad, what human beings called good. It is not a matter of destroying the bad and cultivating the good. It all has to go for you to enter heaven. This is one of the most important turning points you can come to on the spiritual path, where you fully acknowledge this. You fully acknowledge that all of your human consciousness, all of your separate selves have to go and the only way they can go is for you to look at them, not all at once, but a little bit here and a little bit there.

You see, as an initiator, I have quite a lot of experience helping human beings on this planet and I am quite skilled at presenting people with the initiations they are ready for and not overwhelming them. I will not overwhelm you. But many students come to this point on the path where they have looked at everything in the sphere of their consciousness that they are willing to look at and there really is not anything more for them to resolve. What does this mean? Does this mean they are home free? No. It means they have come to a point on the path where they feel very comfortable. They feel they are very spiritual precisely because they do not see anything in their psychology that is unresolved. But the reason they do not see it is that they are not willing to look into the forbidden zone and when they are at this point, I cannot help them. I cannot present them with these forbidden initiations because they are not willing to look at it and I do not violate their free will.

What does this mean? It means I essentially have to step back and wait until they are ready to look at something else. For some it does not take that long, for others it takes decades, the rest of a lifetime. I have seen many, many students, both ascended master students and in other spiritual movements, make considerable progress for a time by resolving the things in the zone that they are willing to look at, but then come to the point where they resolved everything in that zone and now they think they are home free. They think they have made it. They think they are very spiritual and they stagnate and they stand still at that level for the rest of that lifetime. Some go into the school of hard knocks, and get such hard knocks that they again become willing to look at something. But some manage, for decades, to stand still while feeling that they are advanced spiritual students.

What can we do to help such people? Nothing, no thing, because we respect free will. What does this mean for you? Does this mean you now have to say: “Oh is this me? Have I done this?” Well, it does mean that you can make a conscious decision and say: “Maitreya, show me the next initiation whatever it is. I am willing to see the next initiation, the next separate self I need to look at. I am willing to see it, whatever it is.” If you do not feel I am your primary master then say the same to whoever is your primary master. This gives us the authority and we will find some way to show you, perhaps directly from within as we have talked about, perhaps through other people or situations, but we will find some way to show you.

But what we hope, my beloved, what we hope for all of our advanced students, all those who have really applied themselves, who have been willing to look at everything in the open zone, we hope that you will all come to this shift where suddenly you realize, as I said: “It is all unreality, it all has to go, and nothing in unreality is really worse than anything else so what does it matter what I have?” What you do about this is you take the tension, the risk, out of facing your initiations. Can you not recognize that many of you have a certain fear about the spiritual path? You have a certain fear about the initiations you might have to pass or failing your initiations or facing the teacher or maybe the teacher will be harsh on you and will condemn you. But my beloved, what have we said so many times? It is only the fallen beings to judge and condemn you. We of the ascended masters, do not. What we want is for you to come to this point where the risk is gone, the fear is gone, you are just saying: “It is all human nonsense. Let me just look at it and be free of it instead of dragging it along. I have dragged it along long enough.” This is all we desire.

You all have the potential to make that shift. It does not matter what level of consciousness you are at, what level you are on the path, whether you are new or not new. You can still consciously make that decision that you want to take the risk out of the path, the fear out of the path because you are willing to look at it. We will not present you with an initiation you are not ready to face and that you cannot pass. True, there are certain initiations that you should not look at until you are at the higher levels of the path but we will not give those to you before you are ready for them, so what is the risk? The fallen beings have created the entire consciousness of the risk and the fear.

If you go back to the Summit Lighthouse there was fear in that organization. There was fear among the students, fear that they could fail their initiations. That was the best that could be done at the end of the Piscean Age but in the Aquarian Age, what room is there for fear? What need is there for fear? It is meant to be the age of the Holy Spirit. What does fear have to do with the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. Fear gives rise to the desire to control. You cannot control the Spirit so why do you need the fear? Why do you think the Spirit responds to fear? The Spirit does not respond to fear whatsoever. I do not respond to fear. I am not in fear. I have no fear in my entire being that is why I am ascended. I do not want you to have any fear in your entire being. Only the fallen beings want you to have fear because then they can control you.

What is there to fear on earth when everything is unreal? Why do you need to fear what is unreal? Why are there some aspects of unreality that you need to fear and some aspects of unreality that you need to long for? Why are there some you need to avoid and some you need to strive for? What sense does it make? It is all unreal. What could possibly happen to you that was so bad that you could not overcome it? Nothing. So why do you need to fear? I understand very well that you have selves that will object to this because they will come up with all kinds of reasons why there are things you do need to fear: “Just imagine what could possibly happen. You need to fear this.” But if you are willing you can use this projection from these selves to expose these selves and say: “Aha! You want me to be afraid! Well, that proves to me that you are a separate self so I am going to look at you. I am going to take this chance to ask Maitreya to show me the illusion here so I can let go of this fear. I can just let this self die and the fear dies with it.”

What is fear? What does fear project at you? There is a condition you need to fear and you need to either protect yourself from that condition or seek to destroy that condition. But what does it do? It focuses your attention on the condition not on the fear but the fear is not the condition. The map is not the territory as the saying goes. The fear is the problem. The condition is not the problem. The fear is what affects you because it is inside your mind. The condition is outside your mind. What have we said about the spiritual path? It is all about realizing that the things that are outside your mind cannot affect your mind unless you allow them to do so. The problem is the fear which is inside your mind through a separate self. You do not need to do anything about the outer condition in order to overcome the fear, you need to look at the separate self and say: “There is nothing to solve here. I am letting you die. Bye, bye.”

We have said this before. Did you get it before? Did you get it now? If not, ponder it. Listen again and again, read again and again, ask me to help you have that experience of snapping out of your normal state of consciousness, experiencing that pure awareness that is neither this nor that and therefore gaining that perspective that it is all unreal. Many of you have followed these teachings for a time. You are ready to make that shift if you have not already. For many of you it is just a small shift in consciousness and you shift out of this and you see it, the unreality. “Why do I fear what is unreal? Why do I seek to avoid looking at what is unreal? Why am I letting what is unreal limit me or even define me? Why am I letting the unreality of earth close my mind to the flow of the Spirit which is real?”

We have said before: nothing that is unreal can affect that which is real. What is real about you is what we have called the Conscious You and the I AM Presence. The outer personality, the physical body is not real compared to the core of your being. It is something you have taken on but it is not real and it is not the real you. You are real.

Again, we have given you a very esoteric message, a message with many layers, many facets. What is the purpose of a message like this? Something that many people have not understood, especially many people who have grown up in a Western culture with a very linear analytical mind. They think the purpose of any teaching is so that they can grasp it with a linear analytical mind but the purpose of an esoteric teaching, a mystical teaching, is to neutralize the linear esoteric analytical mind so that you can experience something beyond that mind.

We understand that our teachings are not easy to grasp, to categorize, to analyze. We see students who try to grasp them with a linear mind, who try to compare one teaching to another. They look for discrepancies and consistencies but this is misunderstanding the purpose of a spiritual teaching. The purpose of a spiritual teaching is not to give you an entirely consistent, coherent teaching about every aspect of how the universe works. The purpose of a spiritual teaching is to shift your consciousness, to shift people’s consciousness at whatever consciousness they are in, whatever illusions they are stuck in to give them something that can help them reach beyond.

Even if you had an entirely logical, rational, consistent teaching that explained every aspect of the spiritual path, how would that teaching help you take just one step up on the spiritual path? It is not by understanding from a distance that you shift in consciousness. Some students have not understood this, why have they not understood it? Because the linear mind cannot grasp the limitations of the linear mind so when a student is trapped in the linear mind, he or she cannot understand this. You can only grasp it when you have had the experience of something beyond the linear mind. If you have not had that experience, you can make the decision if you are willing to stop focusing on the outer teaching and interpreting it and evaluating it with a linear mind and use the tools and techniques we are given to seek to have that experience of something beyond.

Perhaps you need another teaching or another teacher to help you with this. There is nothing wrong with saying “I need something else” and you go there for a time. We have given a teaching through this messenger that, as any teaching must do, assumes that the students who come into that teaching are at a certain level where there are certain things they are ready to grasp. But there is no guarantee when you put something out on the Internet or in books that people cannot find that teaching before they are ready for it and therefore they can come into the teaching with a certain preconceived attitude that they want to fit the teaching into their existing view of the spiritual path. And this means that they cannot take advantage of the teaching, they cannot make use of the teaching because their minds are not open to it.

Now, their minds can become open if they are willing to make the decision but for some people it is better that they leave, that they go elsewhere at least for a time. We have not in this dispensation created any kind of culture that this is the highest or the ultimate teaching and that you should be in it and once you are in it you should stay in it and be loyal to the teaching or the masters or the messenger. We have deliberately not created this kind of culture. There is nothing at all to stop you from saying “I need something else, I am not grasping it in this teaching, I need something else” and then you go look for that.

But many of you, the vast majority of you, have come into the teaching because you are ready for it and that means you need to ponder, really ponder the things we have said especially during this year where we have talked so much about shifting your consciousness, making these subtle shifts in consciousness. And if you will ponder this you will find that your consciousness will shift if you will ask for our help and continue to use the tools to resolve these separate selves that are blocking you, that are closing your door. Many of you have reached that point where, what is keeping your door close to the flow of the spirit is that you have these separate selves that are in the forbidden zone that you have not been willing to look at. By taking this one teaching, truly internalizing it and deciding that you are willing to look at this, you can make major progress. You can make progress beyond what you can even imagine right now and this will open up so many avenues for you.

Now, I know this has been a long discourse but I still want to give you one more idea. There are many of you who do not have it in your divine plan that you should become teachers of any kind. I am not trying to set up an idea that all of you should become teachers, spiritual teachers or other kinds of teachers but there are certainly some of you who have it in your divine plan to become teachers of some kind. You teach something that relates to spirituality and spiritual growth. Many of you have struggled with how to implement this. Many of you who have found an ascended master teaching have felt a certain obligation or pressure to incorporate the ascended master teachings in what you are teaching in your field. Now, we have before attempted to take this pressure off of you by saying that it is not our goal to convert people, to recognize this messenger, this particular teaching or become members of a certain organization.

This is one of these pressures that belong to the Piscean Age, not to the Aquarian Age but nevertheless there are many of you who have struggled with how to incorporate some of these ideas from the ascended master teachings into whatever you are teaching, in whatever field you are teaching so for this, for these kinds of people I want to give a general idea here. First of all, again there is no need for you to teach in some field in the world and acknowledge where the teachings are coming from. There is no need for this. I know very well that there is an old tradition in India where a guru always acknowledges his guru and the tradition of gurus but this is not what we are asking you to do here. It is a matter of bringing forth ideas adapted to the specific context where you have experience and expertise.

The idea I want to present to you here is this: “What life experience do you want?” This is the heading. You look at people in today’s world, like I said they are tossed hither and yon by all these turbulent waves. So many things are coming at them, you need to have an opinion about this, you need to have an opinion about that, you need to have this kind of diet, that kind of diet, you need to live this way and that way, this is spiritual, this is not spiritual. All of these things are constantly being projected at people pulling them in different kinds of directions where most people feel confused, most people feel overwhelmed. As an alternative to this you can present people with the idea that, “What if we do not have to solve all of these problems or these issues? What if we do not need to have all of these opinions about this or that? What if we instead step back and look at what kind of beings are we? How do we function?” And as we have talked about before, the most universal recognition you can come to is that human beings are spiritual beings because everything that takes place in our lives takes place inside our psyche.

We are also experiential beings because whatever situations we are in we are experiencing that situation. What are we having at any given moment? What are you having as a human being? You are having an experience of life, a life experience. What if, as a human being, you could step back and say: “Is it possible to change my life experience without doing anything about the outer circumstances? Where is my life experience taking place? Well, inside my psyche. It is not logical that my life experience is affected by conditions in my psyche? In many cases I cannot change the outer conditions. Of course, my life experiences are related to the outer conditions but I cannot always change those conditions. What if I, at least as the first step said: What can I change inside myself in order to change my life experience? How can I change my life experience by changing something inside of myself? Thereby recognizing that there are at least some things in my psyche that I have the power to change even if I do not have the power to change external circumstances”.

And then you can go into whatever your field is and relate this to your particular field. Is it management, is it coaching, is it psychology, is it this, is it that. You can help people acknowledge that the most important aspect of their lives is their life experience and that their life experience is not exclusively dependent on external circumstances but also on the internal circumstances of their psyche. You can help them realize that they can do something to change the internal circumstances and when they do so they will change their life experience for the better.

And this can then help people start to consider, “What kind of life experience do I want? What do I really want? Have I been brought up, programmed to think that I have to live my life a certain way? That this is the only kind of life experience I can have. I am in a race, a rat race, always pushed along by circumstances beyond my control and I never know what is going to happen next. But if I step back from all of this and really consider, is this the kind of experience I want to have for the rest of my life? Or do I want a different kind of life experience? Then what would that mean for me personally? What changes could I make? What changes could I make in my attitude to life, my outlook on life?” And you can then build upon this very simple basic foundation and relate it to this particular field.

Now, I am deliberately not going to give you a lot of details here because I want you, those of you who know this is part of your divine plan, to use your expertise and experience to relate it to your own situation to other people’s situation to the field where you have expertise. But you can look at this, what I have given you in a matter of five minutes and you can say, well it is pretty basic. There is nothing really revolutionary about it but compared to most people’s current life experience, this is actually truly revolutionary. I started out saying “there is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken that the flood leads on to fortune.” Well, for decades there has a tide that has been building where many, many people, millions of people around the world have become ready to make this shift that I have just described: looking at their own situation, starting to consider how they can take command over their life experience and how this can dramatically change their lives for the better.

The tide has built, the tide is there, it is at the flood. Those of you who know it is part of your divine plan to teach, you can ride this tide on to fortune, not necessarily monetary fortune but the fulfillment of your divine plan. But then again, why should you not profit from it, so that you can continue doing what you are doing?

As Jesus said, the workman is worth his hire. I know that much more could be said about this, perhaps more will be said but again I do not want to be too specific because those of you who have the experience and the expertise in specific fields, you will know how to relate this to your field. You are ready to go within, especially when you make the shift that there is nothing you are not willing to look at, you will very quickly be ready to receive directions directly from me and other ascended masters as to how you can apply this to you individually. My beloved, for those of you who sense that teaching is part of your divine plan I am asking you to tune in, to feel the wave coming up, to feel the rising tide of how this is ready to break through in the collective consciousness and many people will embrace it when it is given in a universal form.

It is something that can and ultimately will have a revolutionary effect on society. Naturally it is not only ascended master students who are ready to take advantage of this, many other people have made themselves ready to take advantage of this wave. It is simply the next shift that is ready to happen. That has already started happening. Sense the wave, tune into the wave. Tune into how this applies to you, how this is part of your divine plan and then do not force it. Just allow yourself to be carried along by the wave by the river of life. With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you, many different messages for different people at different levels but surely there is something here that applies to each one of you if you have bothered to listen or read this release from my heart.

With this, I seal you in the joyful flame that I AM, for we are all joyful in the ascended realm although our joy is beyond what you call joy on earth, but then, everything in the ascended realm is beyond what can be put into words on earth. I AM beyond words. I AM beyond a name. I AM Maitreya, but I AM more than Maitreya, much more than Maitreya.


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Shifting out of superiority and inferiority dynamic

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Ascended Master Sanat Kumara through Kim Michaels, October 2, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I AM the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara. I come with gratitude for your giving of this invocation, and for the many people who have made calls to me over the years, not only in this dispensation, but in others as well. This has allowed me to step in and release many energies, some ideas, to earth that various people have picked up on. Many of them are not necessarily ascended master students. And one of the real services you can give as ascended master students is to realize that the golden age requires a large number of ideas to be received by human beings in embodiment, to be implemented, to be carried out.

And many times, you as ascended master students are not in the best position to either receive an idea or to carry it out. And therefore, you cannot be attached to whether you are the one who gets the idea and gets the glory, or whether someone else does. When you have the vision you have as ascended master students, you can cultivate this willingness to make the calls, to raise your consciousness, to study the teachings. And to have the vision that those who can receive a certain idea will indeed receive it, will implement it, will act out upon it and a greater number of people will accept the idea so that it will actually spread. This is part of the vision you hold. This is part of your service.

This ties in with the first topic I want to bring up. How do you become an open door for planet Earth? Well, you have to overcome what is often called the inferiority-superiority complex. We see, and we have seen, over the many decades that we have given direct teachings, that there are two clear tendencies among ascended master students.

Some students are very, very eager to apply the teachings, to study the teachings. They put on a facade of being very eager, very good students. But they often do this because they have a superiority complex. They have a desire to be better than others, more advanced students than others, and therefore they are driven by this desire to use the teachings to raise themselves up and gain some sense of superiority.

The other tendency we see is that there are many students, often a majority of them, who accept the teachings, study the teachings, practice the decrees and invocations, but they do not really accept that they themselves could have direct contact with the ascended masters, could receive ideas or impulses from the ascended masters or could do something significant for the ascended masters. They are happy to follow an organization, follow a messenger or guru, do what they are told and they do it faithfully, but they do not really shift their minds into accepting that perhaps they do not have to always be followers.

You see, there are those who want to lead, there are those who want to follow, and unfortunately this often creates a very unhealthy and imbalanced state in organizations. I am not even just talking ascended master organizations, but you see the same thing in many other organizations around the world. What I would like to address here is this dynamic, the inferiority-superiority dynamic.

Now, in a sense, you could say that there is no superiority complex, there is only an inferiority complex. It is not really a matter of whether people feel superior or inferior, because all people have over many, many lifetimes of encountering the fallen beings on this planet, been manipulated into a state of feeling inferior. It is not really a question of whether people feel inferior or superior. They all feel inferior. The question is how they deal with it. And some people deal with it by accepting their inferiority, making themselves followers. Others deal with it by rejecting their own inferiority, seeking to create this facade of superiority so that they can feel superior on the outer, and thereby deny the inferiority complex that is still there deep within their psychology.

Now, there are of course fallen beings in embodiment. There are of course a small number of fallen beings who have been attracted to or sent into ascended master teachings and organizations, and you might say, when you look at these fallen beings, that they certainly have a superiority complex. They do think they are superior, you would say, but if you look closely, even at fallen beings, you see that deep within them there is actually an inferiority complex that has been covered over by so many layers of denial, that they also feel inferior. And they are the archetypal example of those who are reacting to the inferiority by covering it over, by seeking to build a sense of superiority in this world using the things of this world.

What we desire to see in our students is of course that you find a balanced state. And we saw, for example, in a previous dispensation, which was the last dispensation we could give in the Piscean Age, that there was a fairly large group of students who felt superior. There was a culture in the organization that: “We have the most advanced spiritual teaching on the planet, we are the forerunners for Saint Germain’s Golden Age, we are like the disciples of Jesus and therefore we are clearly the most superior students on the planet”. This is not nearly as prevalent of course in this dispensation because we have given you so many teachings that can help you overcome this. But I still want to address the inferiority feeling.

You understand that the fallen beings have a main agenda on earth to control human beings, to control avatars, to control the original inhabitants of the earth. They want to control everybody. As we have said many times before, this is difficult to attain through physical control, so there must be an element of psychological control. And the most important element of psychological control is the inferiority complex.

When you can make people feel inferior, when you can make the broad population feel inferior to a small elite, then you can control the broad population. The elite can control the broad population through this sense of inferiority. Look back at so many civilizations you have seen in the past all around the world, how there has been this belief that there is an elite that has special qualities, special powers. They are different somehow. They have blue blood, they have a different birth, they have a different lineage, and therefore they are so special. They can do what nobody else can do.

Just look beyond the border to North Korea and what do they believe about the leader up there? Again, a special person from a special lineage, special by birth, and therefore his word is always perfect. He can never be wrong, he can never make a mistake and so forth. You see this very, very old belief in elitism that there is a small elite that is superior and therefore the vast majority of the population is inferior.

Now, there is a certain process for climbing out of this inferiority. Some people, in order to climb out of inferiority, swim to the opposite extreme and they attempt to build this sense of superiority. This is essentially why we allowed this culture of superiority to form in the previous dispensation, because we saw that there were people at the end of the Piscean Age who needed to have this sense of superiority, this experience, in order to find back to a balanced state where they no longer needed to see themselves as superior, but they also did not see themselves as inferior. We allowed them temporarily to have the sense of superiority so they could overcome the inferiority.

What we look for in this dispensation is that you can find a more balanced approach where you do not need to go into superiority, but where you gradually achieve a balanced sense of who you are, and what do I mean by a balanced sense? Well, it means of course that this is what Christhood is all about.

There are certain stages of Christhood, as we have said before. There is a stage of Christhood where you begin to raise yourself above the collective consciousness. As we have said, there is a very, very strong collective beast, collective vortex, that pulls people into feeling inferior. And in order to walk the spiritual path and reach beyond the 48th level of consciousness, you have to separate yourself from this downward pull of the collective consciousness. And this means that you do end up knowing more than the average person, you have greater self-discipline than the average person, you have certain insights beyond what the average person has and therefore, you could say that you attain a certain superiority, if you want to use that terminology.

As you walk from the 48th to the 96th level, you build a certain sense that you are different from most people. It does not necessarily have to be superiority, but for many students, it becomes a sense of superiority. Now, this is acceptable at that stage. But in order to go beyond the 96th level you need to start going beyond this. You cannot go beyond the 96th level if you have a strong sense of superiority, or if you have a strong sense of inferiority. You need to find a more balanced approach and that balanced approach can be found in only one way: through experience.

You cannot do this theoretically. You cannot do this intellectually. You cannot do this through understanding alone. There comes a point where you cannot get out of your stalemate of your catch-22 unless you experience what we have described as the Conscious You, stepping outside of your four lower bodies, and experiencing pure awareness. It cannot be done, my beloved, it never has been done intellectually. You can achieve certain things intellectually, you can make yourself believe that you are not inferior or you are not superior, but it does not shift your consciousness until you experience pure awareness. Why is that?

Because pure awareness is, as we have described so many times, beyond duality. There are no polarizations, there are no extremes of duality. And when you experience pure awareness, you also experience that all of the divisions and polarizations of duality, they just fade away. They just become obsolete, they become irrelevant. They no longer matter to you. And when you have enough of these experiences, this carries over to a shift in your consciousness where you can gradually begin to shift away from this.

What does it matter whether I am superior to other people? What is the value of this in pure awareness? What does it matter that I am inferior to other people? How does this matter in pure awareness? You experience directly that there is a level of consciousness that is beyond the human level, and in which all of the things that are so important to human beings are utterly and completely unimportant. They just fade away.

This is one of the characteristics of enlightenment. That you see beyond what the Buddha called “the pairs,” where there are always the two polarities. And you see that it is not a matter of this polarity being right and the other being wrong. They are just obsolete, they are irrelevant, they are unreal. It is not a matter of right and wrong, good or bad. But it is a matter of what is real and unreal. And when you experience pure awareness, you experience that there is a reality beyond the human consciousness, beyond the collective consciousness, beyond your own present level of consciousness. And that reality you experience as more real than your normal state of consciousness.

This is really the only thing that will shift you out of superiority and inferiority. Because when you come to this experience, and have it a number of times, you realize that it does not matter whether you are superior to others or whether you are inferior to others. It is simply not important to you anymore. It is not even important to evaluate yourself based on a scale of who is inferior and who is superior. I am not saying this happens in one glorious epiphany. It happens gradually over some time. Many of you have started going through this, all of you have the potential to go through it and recognize that if all human beings came from the same source, who can be inferior, who can be superior?

These concepts, these divisions, these polarizations are simply irrelevant. They are only relevant to a certain level of consciousness. But when you experience pure awareness, the duality consciousness itself becomes irrelevant. And when the duality consciousness itself becomes irrelevant, then all of the divisions that spring from the duality consciousness are equally irrelevant. What does it matter?

Look at all of these scenarios, all of these cultures that have been created by human beings throughout the ages. Go back, read some of the history books, read what they believed in past civilizations of thousands of years ago, of their leaders, of how their leaders were superior somehow to the population. You find it everywhere, in every nation, in every part of the world, you find it. And then look at this civilization that may have been a large and flourishing civilization five thousand years ago. Is it relevant to the people of today? Are they even concerned about this? In a few cases, they may be, but, in many cases, they are not. The Roman Empire. Well who cares about the Roman Empire today? The Incas, the Aztecs, some of the civilizations in Asian China, in Asian Korea, in Asian Japan? Who cares? What does it matter?

Can you not see here when you see what has happened to these great empires of history, can you not project into the future? Like we have said, when you understand the tendencies of the past, you can project them into the future, so can you not see that a thousand or two thousand or five thousand years from now, your civilization will be equally unimportant to the people of that time. This means that you as ascended master students can then look at your civilization, look at your culture, and you can say: “What does it matter to me? What does it matter to me? What is that to me? I will follow Jesus into the Christ consciousness.”

You can look at your culture, your society, your civilization and see how even in democratic nations there is this very, very subtle system of beliefs that some people are still superior and the majority are inferior. There are some people that are smarter. There are some people that are better equipped to lead these large corporations, or lead the government, or whatever you have. There is still this very, very subtle culture of inferiority and superiority. Know your place and accept your place in society. This is there, in every nation. Even the most modern democracies, they have some version of it. It is often not spoken of because many of the democratic nations want to create the facade that everybody is equal and therefore, they do not want to acknowledge it. But they still have it. You will see that in every culture, wherever you are around the world, you have been programmed with this sense of inferiority compared to the leadership.

How do you become an open door for planet Earth? Well, you need to look at this. You need to overcome it. Because otherwise, you might very well have a subtle, subconscious, unrecognized belief that: “Oh, I was born in an ordinary family. I am just an ordinary person. I was not particularly smart in school. How can I receive an idea from Saint Germain that will help bring the golden age? How could I be worthy of this? I will just sit here and give my decrees and invocations, but I will not even consider that I could receive some kind of idea.”

The other polarity of this is the overeager students who think that they are the ones, they are worthy to receive an idea. And they are always so focused on how they can receive an idea that will give them glory and honor and make them looked up to. And either way, whether you consider yourself superior or inferior, the very feeling of being inferior or superior, this very sense of value judgment that you impose upon yourself, it closes your door. It prevents you from being the open door.

What have we said so many times? What has the messenger said so many times? What does it take to take a dictation from the ascended masters? You have to be in a neutral state of mind. Well, this may sound well and good, but relatively few people can even begin to grasp what it means to be in a neutral frame of mind. But you all have the potential to cultivate that, gradually cultivate this ability to step beyond, not only the inferiority and superiority, but even the preconceived opinions about how things should be done, can be done, what cannot be done, and just be neutral and receive an idea.

Many times, you will see, if you study science, for example, that a scientist has been working on a particular problem in his field. He has been working very frantically focusing all of his attention on it. He knows there is something he cannot grasp, but he cannot get it. His mind cannot get it. Then he takes a break, goes somewhere, does something entirely different and suddenly, the idea pops into his mind. And he sees it in an inner intuitive experience.

And it is the same thing for everyone. You need to recognize that receiving an idea requires an interchange. First, you focus. You study a topic. You think about it. You focus your attention on it, but there comes a point where you just have to let go. And then there is room, then there is an opening for the idea to enter your mind. You see why is this so? Well, it is because when a scientist, for example, is studying a particular topic, he has a theory about what should happen, what his experiment should show, what should be the new breakthrough. What is it that closes his mind? It is the preconceived opinion. He is not open. He is not neutral. He wants a certain result to be manifest.

Do you understand how this relates to you as ascended master students? If you have this superiority overlay, you want a certain result to manifest. If you have the inferiority overlay, you also want a certain result not to manifest. But you have a preconceived opinion. What did Jesus say many, many years ago? “I can of my own self do nothing.” This is another way to deal with the inferiority-superiority complex when you are an ascended master student. What have we taught you?

We have taught you that you have four lower bodies. We have taught you that in those four lower bodies are not only separate selves but there are also many, many beliefs and ideas, patterns that you have set up over many lifetimes for how you interact with the earth, with the environment in which you are in embodiment. This is fine. I am not trying to say that all of this is wrong. I am just pointing out to you that you have this apparatus in your four lower bodies that gives you a certain view of yourself, who you are, what the planet is like and how you can interact with the planet and with other people. And it forms an overlay. We have called it a perception filter.

This, as we have been trying to tell you many times, it is not who you really are. It is just something you have taken on in relation to earth, in relation to being in embodiment on earth. The entire value of the teachings about the Conscious You is that there is a part of you, you can call it whatever you want, but there is a part of you that can step outside of your four lower bodies, outside of your normal mind and personality. This very teaching has been found in every mystical teaching known on earth. It has been given various names and it does not have to be called the Conscious You, but in every mystical teaching, there is the concept that there is a part of you that can step outside of what you normally call “you,” your personality, your individuality, whatever you call it.

When you experience this, that there is more to you than the outer mind, then you can recognize that this outer mind can do many things. Or rather, you can do many things through the outer mind. But you can also begin to see that there are often certain limitations to what you can do. When you act through the outer mind, you often create certain consequences that are no longer really what you want. And this is what Jesus was trying to explain, what the Buddha was trying to explain, what many other spiritual teachers have been trying to explain, is that there comes a point on the spiritual path where you start separating yourself from being identified with the outer personality.

You direct your attention within. You direct your attention to the core of your being which is your I AM Presence. There are two ways to act as a human being: you can act through the outer personality, or you can step outside of the outer personality and allow the I AM Presence to act through you. It is the Father within me, the I AM Presence within me, who doeth the work as Jesus said. These are the choices, the basic choices you have. Now, most people do not have that choice because they do not have any knowledge of, or connection to, their I AM Presence. But you as ascended master students, the higher you go on the path, the more of a choice you have. Will you act through the outer personality? Will you step aside and let the I AM Presence act through you?

You may say that there is a certain enigma here, and that is that there comes a point where you have started grasping these teachings, whether it is one mystical teaching or another. But let us take how we have expressed it in this dispensation. You are starting to grasp that there is a core of you that is the Conscious You. You have started experiencing pure awareness. And you have started experiencing that you can distance yourself from the outer personality and not act through the outer personality. You do not react, so to speak, because the outer personality really cannot act, it can only react. You could say that the basic choice you have is, will you react through the outer personality, or will you act by letting the I AM Presence flow through you? The reason the outer personality can only react was that it was created in reaction to the conditions you have encountered on earth. It was created as a reaction and therefore it always reacts. This is the teaching of the separate selves that are programmed like a computer. Whenever they are triggered, they react a specific way every time.

But the confusion that comes in at a certain point, and there is a certain stage where you need to be willing to go through this magnificent confusion, and the confusion that comes in is, who is the “I” now? You have a period, and most people are still in this, where you are completely identified with the outer personality. When you say “I,” well, this is the outer personality. Then there comes this period where you begin to realize there is more to you than the outer personality. But who am I then?

Am I the I AM Presence? No, because the I AM Presence is in the spiritual realm. Am I the Conscious You? What is the Conscious You? We have said it is pure awareness. We have almost portrayed it as if it is nothing. It is sort of a point. What is it? Who am I now? And my beloved, this is simply a necessary phase. You need to be willing to go through this confusion. Everyone who has been in embodiment and ascended has had to go through this confusion. Sometimes it can take years, even decades.

Who am I when I say “I”? I know I am not the outer personality, but then who or what am I? And there is not a teaching that we can give you that resolves this instantly. What really needs to happen is that you come to a point where the question becomes irrelevant. It doesn’t matter who I am, what I am, because I just am. From moment to moment I just am, whatever I am. I may be acting this way one moment, I may be acting this way in the next moment. But whatever I am, I am. You do not need to analyze, you do not need to reflect, you do not need to have the idea that you should always be the same.

This is the final element that I want to give you in this discourse. Because I know I have given you some very subtle, complex concepts. But many of you are ready to start pondering them. The final element is that when you look at the world, we have said in our previous releases here that there are barriers in the collective consciousness, there are vortexes, there are maelstroms in the collective consciousness that seek to pull you in, but there are also barriers to what people can see and what they can think. And one of the barriers, the really subtle, the really insidious, the really crippling, paralyzing barriers is this idea that you should always have a reason for doing what you are doing. And you should be consistent in what you are doing.

In other words, you decide to react a certain way in a certain situation. Well, you should be able to come up with a rational, linear, logical explanation for why you act that way. And then once you have done that in one situation, you should always act the same way in similar situations. This is what the culture demands from you. This is what society demands from you. This is what other people around you will demand from you. They demand you have a reason. They demand consistency.

Behind all of this is ultimately the fallen beings who want to control you. Because, they say, you should always have a rational explanation for why you do what you do. But what does this really mean? It means you need to have an explanation that is acceptable here on earth, in your particular society and culture. And if that particular society and culture is influenced by the fallen beings, then you can only act in ways that are acceptable according to their standard and their definition. And then, of course, once you have done it one time, you should be on the track for the rest of your life and always do the same thing.

Well, my beloved, what is it that was said about the Holy Spirit in the Bible? The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. What does that mean? Does that mean that the Holy Spirit does not follow any rules? Well, we can discuss whether the Holy Spirit follows any rules, but what we can say for certain is that the Holy Spirit does not follow man-made rules. It does not follow the rules defined by the fallen beings.

The fallen beings want to shut out the Spirit, so that it cannot flow. This is their main goal. The main threat to them is someone who reaches that level of consciousness where something from the spiritual realm can flow through them. That is their main threat. That is what they want to stop with all the means available to them. They want to make everything predictable, everything controllable, and this of course has no impact on the Spirit whatsoever.

This is one of the big breakthroughs you can come to on the spiritual path, on the path to Christhood, where you not only understand intellectually, but you see it. You see that Spirit is completely independent of, and unaffected by the theories and beliefs of human beings on earth, and fallen beings for that matter. None of the beliefs on earth have any impact on the Spirit. If you want a visual illustration of this, then take a big hammer, the biggest hammer you can lift, go down to the beach one day, and then strike the ocean as hard as you possibly can with that hammer. Sure, it will make a big splash. But after a few seconds, what will the ocean do? Just go back to being calm. Well, that is somewhat of an illustration of the Spirit, except for the fact that no matter how big of a hammer you create on earth, you cannot even make a splash in the Spirit. It is completely unaffected by what human beings do.

The fallen beings have this very, very old belief, and many people have taken it over, they think that what they, what you, do here on earth can affect the spiritual realm. It will affect the angels, it will affect God. The fallen beings want to believe that they can change God’s opinion and put them in charge of his creation. Many human beings want to believe that God pays special attention to them and gives them favors. It is all unreality, my beloved. It is all unreality. We have said it before. We are ascended masters. We are not the wish-fulfilling god. We are here to help you free yourself from the human consciousness, not to grant you the favors that you think are important through the human consciousness.

Spirit is unaffected by human beliefs and opinions. What does that mean? How do you become an open door for the Spirit? By, to the greatest degree possible, freeing your mind from all of these man-made rules. This is what we call going into a neutral state of mind. It has been called many other things in mystical teachings: listening Grace, listening pure consciousness, pure awareness. Many other things. The name is not important. What is important is that you can cultivate consciously, all of you, this going into a neutral state of mind and just being open to the Spirit.

Now, surely there are people who cannot do this because their minds are too open to the astral plane or the mental plane. But you who are ascended master students, you who have practiced our decrees for protection, called to Astrea, given our invocations, worked on resolving your psychology, you can benefit, most of you, when you have a certain resolution of psychology, where you are not tied to these lower forces, you can benefit from setting aside some time where you sit down in a comfortable position, or you lie down, and you just go into this neutral state of mind. I know I say “you just go into,” and in reality it is one of the most difficult things to do because of the many pressures on your mind from the outside that want to pull you out of neutrality. But still, you can at least start the process.

You can set aside some time. And one way to do it is to give the novena, as we have talked about. We have a novena to the Great Divine Director where you give the Great Divine Director decree nine times (or 14 times. There are two decrees to the Divine Director and you can use either one for the novena: decree 1, decree 2).  After that, you go into just sitting there with a blank page and a pen, and you write down whatever comes to you. You can similarly do a novena to me, by giving my decree nine times, and then just writing down without any judgment, without any preconceived opinions, whatever comes to you.

But it does not even have to be that formal. You can also simply go into a state of listening. You do not have to write down but sometimes writing it down can help neutralize the mind. But if you can, then just go into a neutral state of mind. What can be helpful is that you lie down or you close your eyes, sit up, close your eyes, and you just pay attention to your thoughts. Many forms of meditation have you pay attention to your breath, and if that helps you that is also fine, but pay attention to your thoughts. And whenever a thought comes, you mentally say: “I surrender. I surrender it”. You do not need to think it. “I do not need to think about this. I don’t need to resolve anything. I just surrender it. I just let it go. I surrender, I surrender, I surrender.” You can do this.

This messenger has done it many times throughout his life, and is still doing it. You can do this on a regular basis, just for a few minutes, or even longer periods, whatever you feel like. But you are just surrendering. You have no idea about what should or should not happen. You are just surrendering. You are just going into neutral. You do not have the idea that an ascended master should appear to you and give you some glorious idea. You do not have any preconceived idea about what should or should not happen. Notice what I said: what should or should not happen. You do not have the idea that nothing should happen, or that you are not worthy to receive any idea. But neither do you have the idea that you want it.

If you can cultivate this inner listening, you might find that, as we have said, at first you will gain some insights into what you need to resolve in your psychology. And if you are willing to do this, then over time it will begin to shift and you will get other ideas about what you can do. What you can do in your life, what you can do for the ascended masters, what you can do for Saint Germain.

And how can you tell, in your present state of mind, how far this can go? You understand that, right now, right here, you are listening to this dictation, or you are reading it. Right now, you are at a certain level of consciousness among the 144. Whatever your level of consciousness is, you recognize that as you continue to walk the spiritual path and apply the teachings we have given you, you will gradually raise your consciousness. But what have we told you? When you start at the 144th level and go down, you take on one illusion to get to 143rd level. And you keep taking on one illusion to go down to your present level of consciousness. That means that if you are, say, at the 80th level of consciousness, there are quite a number of illusions that you still have that prevent you from seeing clearly.

You need to recognize here that, at your present level of consciousness, you cannot possibly see what it will be like for yourself to be 10 or 20 or 30 levels higher than you are now. What you should be able to recognize and accept with your conscious mind is that, as you continue the path, you will go higher and one day you will be 20 levels higher than you are today.

What is important for you now? It is that you do not allow your outer mind, or whatever forces are pulling on your mind, to make you believe that there are limitations to what you can do. It is very, very important that you recognize that at the present level, you have a certain vision. And at this particular level, yes, there are things you cannot do. But it is very important you realize that, as you raise your consciousness, your present vision will no longer limit you. And therefore, you cannot with the outer mind decide: “Oh, I’ll never be able to do that.” So many people throughout the ages have looked at Jesus, for example, and the whole story of his miracles. And they have said: “I’ll never be able to walk on water.”

Now, it is not particularly relevant in today’s age that you are able to walk on water, so I am not asking you to cultivate this idea that one day you should be able to walk on water, and if you are not able to walk on water, you are a failure. Perish that idea. But there are many other ways to express Christhood. And it is very, very important that you do not look at Jesus and the idolatry, the cult of idolatry, that has been built around him or built around the Buddha, and decide with your outer mind that: “Oh, I couldn’t possibly do what Jesus or the Buddha did.” It is in fact very important that you do not seek to compare yourself to them so that you think that, if you attain Christhood or Buddhahood, you should be able to do what they did.

Because, how can you at your present level of consciousness know what the Spirit will do through you when you go 20 levels higher? How can you see this? The reality is you cannot possibly see it because of the illusions you have not yet resolved. But it is still possible for people, and people do it all the time, to make this decision with the outer mind: “Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that. I could never do that.” Well, you should never say never, because by making such an outer decision, you can actually limit what your outer mind can accept. And this means that you can now have a situation where you have actually risen 20 levels higher on your path, Spirit is able to do something through you that it could not do that it can do now, but your outer mind cannot accept this. Your outer mind cannot accept your attainment, and therefore this blocks the Spirit from working through you.

This messenger could have said, when he sat there in the Summit Lighthouse listening to hundreds of dictations given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, some very high dictations, very powerful dictations. He could have said: “Oh, I could never do that.” You could go back and compare, and you could say that some of her dictations were very different from what this messenger is giving. Some would say they are higher, some would say they are more powerful, but is it really relevant to make a comparison? This messenger was not meant to do exactly what Elizabeth Clare Prophet did. He was meant to allow the Spirit to work through him the way the Spirit wants to work through him.

There is no point in comparing what the Spirit does through one person to what the Spirit does through another person. The Spirit bloweth where it listeth. There is no point for you, in comparing yourself to Jesus, to the Buddha, to some other spiritual teacher, or to this messenger. There is no point in these kinds of comparisons. You do not know what the Spirit will do through you in the future. And, more importantly, you do not know what the Spirit will not do, so do not decide with your outer mind what the Spirit should do, or should not do through you. It is one of the most common ways that spiritual people limit what the Spirit can do through them.

Be willing to take this dictation, take the other dictations from this conference, and look at: “How am I limiting the Spirit?” This messenger, quite a number of years ago, came to this conclusion. He was able to tune in and receive this thought where he had to start looking at: “How am I limiting the Spirit? How am I limiting how the Spirit can flow through me?” And by contemplating this, it was one of the main factors that brought him to the state of mind where Jesus could start training him for his particular mission. Now, your mission will be different, but it is important for you to look at the limitations you have for how you are restricting the Spirit, or how you are seeking to direct the Spirit to flow in certain directions and produce certain results that your outer mind desires.

This messenger, before he started his training with Jesus, came to the epiphany, the realization that so much of his efforts on the spiritual path had been ego driven. He had a desire to be a good student, to appear to be an advanced student. So many of the things he had done had been driven by this. And as we said, this is in order between the 48th and the 96th levels, you need to raise yourself above the collective consciousness. Many of you will have similar feelings, similar sensations, and you will be able to see it if you are willing, and you will be able to do what this messenger did. To just surrender it, to just let it go, and realize: “There is nothing I want to do on this planet.”

And when there is nothing that I – the outer personality – wants to do on this planet, that is when Spirit can say: “Well, will you then allow me to do something through you?” Now, you do not have to come to the point where you give up on everything, every human desire. But there needs to be some opening for the Spirit to work through you in ways that you have not foreseen, that you are not seeking to control.

My beloved, the fallen beings are attempting to control the Spirit. You, as an ascended master student, really do not want to try the same thing. The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. That means that for the Holy Spirit to blow through you, you have to be willing to let it blow in ways that you cannot predict, you cannot foresee, you cannot control. If you want to control the flow of the Spirit ahead of time, the Spirit must stand back and wait until you are open. It can be no other way, my beloved, because the Holy Spirit will not violate your free will. And then you might say: “Well, did this messenger know what he is doing today when he started in 2002 or 2001? Did he know what was going to happen?” No, he did not. So how did he make a free choice? But he made the free choice to set aside his human desires and ambitions, and to open up to Spirit and say: “Come what may, you may flow through me.” This is also a free choice.

It is only the outer mind that wants to control the outcome, that wants to predict the outcome. That wants to know ahead of time what the outcome will be, that wants to have a guarantee. There is no guarantee. The devil will offer you a contract. The Spirit offers you no contract. Are you open now? Then the Spirit will flow through you. If you are not open tomorrow, the Spirit will not flow through you tomorrow. If you are open ten years from now, the Spirit will flow through you again, whatever openness there is. There is no contract, there is no obligation, there is no straitjacket. So many people think that in order to be an open door for the ascended masters, it is if you take on a straitjacket. Now you have to do everything just right. What have we said? The only question is, is there an openness, is there an opening, is there an open door? Then the Spirit can and will flow. Often it is not a matter of having to do something, it is a matter of not doing something.

The paradox is of course that most people start the spiritual path by having so many misqualified energies in their emotional and mental bodies, so many illusions, that they do need to do some cleanup, so there is a period of time where you do have to do something. You have to give the decrees and invocations to resolve the energies. You have to work on your separate selves and your illusions. You have to study the teachings. You have to make an effort for a time in order to clear out the debris in your four lower bodies that will close your mind, because that is also one way to close your mind. But once you have done that, it is not a matter of doing things anymore, it is actually a matter of not doing.

“No thing done, nothing undone” is a concept in Buddhism that you might ponder. “No thing done, nothing undone.” Some of you are ready to start pondering this enigma, others of you are not there yet, so you can ignore it. But there is that point where you are not the doer. But nevertheless, you recognize also, there are certain things that have to be done in practical life, and you just do them, and then you focus on your spiritual activities after that. But you are always somewhat open, you are always listening, there is always some opening in your mind. You might be focused on some practical matters in your life, but there is still some part of you that is open to receiving a new insight, a new idea. Many times, in the midst of a daily activity, you can still receive some insight, some impulse.

This is what we seek to get you to, where you begin to have that, we might call it, listening grace, that inner openness where there is some openness to the Spirit, to the I AM Presence, to the ascended masters. And who can tell what the Spirit can do through you? Certainly, no other human being can tell you what the Spirit can or cannot do through you. What do I mean when I say no human being can tell you? Well, what are your four lower bodies, your outer personality? It is a human being, so your own outer personality cannot tell you what the Spirit can or cannot do through you.

With this, I have given you the thoughts I wanted to give you. I realize this is a very, we might say, esoteric or mystical dictation that requires quite a lot of pondering. For some of you, it may not resonate with you because you are not at the level yet where you need it. But for others it will be exactly what you need in order to get up to another level of the path. I leave it entirely up to you what you will do with it. But as I said, if you will make an effort to focus on my Being, my Presence, then I will do whatever can be done to give you the insights you need in order to step up to a higher level of service and attunement. With this I seal you in the joyful flame that I AM.


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Let go of the old!    

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Ascended Master PadmaSambhava through Kim Michaels, October 1, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I Am the Ascended Master PadmaSambhava.

I am the Buddha PadmaSambhava. I am the Vajra Guru PadmaSambhava. There is reality, there is myth, there is fact, there is fiction. There is an elaborate construction created in Tibetan Buddhism, other forms of Buddhism around PadmaSambhava – the name PadmaSambhava, who PadmaSambhava was, what he did, when he appeared, how he appeared, why he appeared, which manifestations he took on and so forth.

If you look at this elaborate, quite elaborate material, you have to say that the vast majority of it is fiction, it is myth. This does not mean it is completely useless in the sense that there are people throughout the ages who have been able to make use, constructive use of the material.  But there are also many people, in fact the vast majority of people who have become trapped in the outer form of the material. Who have become focused on the outer form of the material and who have not been able to see beyond the outer form.

This is, of course, the challenge that we who are ascended masters, we who are spiritual beings face, have always faced and will always face on an unnatural planet. We will face this as long as the earth is still an unnatural planet, because there is then that barrier, that gap where you cannot directly perceive that matter is a form of energy and that the material realm is not separated from the spiritual, but is an expression of the spiritual, an extension of the spiritual, a manifestation of the spiritual.

And so you go to some of these myths and ideas that have been created, and you see that there is a tradition that Gautama Buddha or Shakya Muni as he was called in these traditions foresaw the coming of PadmaSambhava. Some traditions hold that Gautama actually foresaw the coming of a future Buddha who would be even more enlightened than himself. But as these traditions say, since Gautama was fully enlightened, there cannot be anything more than fully enlightened, so  this could not be the real meaning. But it shows how important PadmaSambhava was in the mind of the Buddha. This is a typical example of how the linear mind takes spiritual concepts and attempts to make them linear, so that the mind can grasp and control it.

What is the reality? Well, the reality is that Gautama was a being who took physical embodiment. We have taught you as ascended master students that Gautama first took embodiment a very long time ago on earth, that he descended into the duality consciousness, was trapped and lost in duality but after many lifetimes of this, he started awakening from duality. After even more lifetimes, he had reached the level of consciousness that qualified him to incarnate in his final incarnation and become the Buddha – because in that incarnation he attained Buddhahood. Therefore, Gautama is an example for all human beings to follow. Gautama is meant to be an example for all human beings to follow, that all can attain enlightenment. Why? Because everything has the Buddha nature within it. So every human being has the potential to reach the state of consciousness that Gautama called Buddhahood, or nirvana or enlightenment.

So, Gautama was meant to serve as the example. What has the linear mind done with Gautama? Well, the linear mind wants to compare. No religion appears in a vacuum, so Buddhism appeared in a country, in a spiritual tradition, in a region that was dominated by Hinduism and had been dominated for a very long time by the Hinduist mindset. Gautama presented an alternative to the Hinduist mindset, but the linear mind of those who became the self declared followers of Gautama wanted to compare the Buddhist religion to the Hindu religion. What does compare mean? Well, it needed to be better, it needed to be higher, it needed to be more advanced than the Hindu religion.

Therefore, they created this myth that Gautama was not just a human being who through many incarnations reached the level of Buddhahood.  Gautama was special from his birth, he had perhaps not even as some say any previous incarnations, but incarnated as an enlightened being.

He was very special in the way he was born, there were miracles surrounding his birth, just as there were miracles surrounding the birth of Jesus and all of these things. So, what has the linear mind done with the example of Buddha? It has made it null and void because Gautama was so special that nobody could emulate him and follow his example, you had to be either born that way or you had no chance of reaching the same state as Gautama.

So, as a result of wanting the Buddhist religion to be superior to the Hindu religion, in fact to be the ultimate religion, Gautama had to be the ultimate enlightened being, he had to be fully enlightened. Therefore, when Gautama himself said that one would come that was more enlightened than him, well, the linear mind cannot accept such a claim because it can only consider enlightenment in one way. That if the Buddha was the ultimate spiritual teacher, then he must have reached the ultimate level of consciousness. The reality is of course that the simplest explanation of what enlightenment means, is that you have reached the highest level of consciousness possible on earth, and beyond that of course is the ascended realm.

In the ascended realm, there is a long progression through various planets associated with this unascended sphere, into the higher previous spheres that we have told you about. So, there are many, many, many, many, in fact innumerable beings in the ascended realm that have a much higher level consciousness and therefore a much higher level of enlightenment than what was demonstrated by Gautama in his final embodiment. Or Jesus in his final embodiment. So, up until the full Creator consciousness and even beyond there is the possibility of a transcendence of consciousness. And so, from the very beginning of this myth of the appearance of PadmaSambhava, there was misunderstandings that crept into the interpretation of it.

What is the reality? The reality is that everything has an Alpha aspect and an Omega aspect. The Omega aspect of what we can do from the spiritual realm is through an incarnation. A person incarnates who in past lives have attained a high level of consciousness. In his or her final embodiment that person demonstrates the highest level of consciousness that could be achieved on earth, or at least a very high level of consciousness, then after that the person ascends. This is the Omega aspect, there is an actual physical incarnation.

The Alpha aspect is that in certain circumstances, under certain conditions, an ascended master can be allowed to appear to people in embodiment. This is not an incarnation. PadmaSambhava was an appearance, it was not an incarnation. I did not take physical incarnation in a physical body. I did not even take on (as has been done on rare occasions by ascended masters) a physical body. My appearance was strictly spiritual – which means what?  It means it was not physically visible. Most of the people, if they had been exposed to my appearance would not have been able to see it. You could have two people standing next to each other, one person saw nothing out of the ordinary, the other saw or rather experienced the appearance of PadmaSambhava.

What is the purpose of this? It is to demonstrate the way that spiritual progress happens on earth. It happens through the physical incarnation and through what we today call progressive revelation, ongoing revelation. If you really look at this – what the Buddha said, he was acknowledging the need for and the process of ongoing progressive revelation. He came to bring forth a certain teaching, a certain truth. But a higher teacher would come, an ascended teacher would come and bring forth an even higher truth than what Gautama was allowed to bring forth given the collective consciousness of the time. This is how it has always been. So, the reality here is that PadmaSambhava as I am, I was, I am an ascended master. Where and when I had ascended is not relevant to the current discussion, but it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, and I appeared on earth as an ascended being, as an ascended master. We did not use that terminology because it was not used back then but nevertheless.

So, the concept I came to bring is that there are certain hidden teachings (terma) that can only be found by students who have made themselves able to find it (tertons). This is what we today would say: There are teachings revealed from the ascended realm that are not descended into the physical, that are not written down, that are not spoken by a messenger in embodiment. They are strictly existing in the identity realm and only those who are able to raise their consciousness to that level and tune into them directly will be able to grasp these teachings.

So, you have an enlightened teacher who appears in a physical form, gives certain teachings. The purpose of this teaching is two-fold. First there is, as was also the case with Jesus, he taught the multitudes in parables. So, certain teachings are given for the broad population who are not ready to understand a higher teaching. This gives them something that they can lock onto and they can use to raise their consciousness if they are willing. But then there is a higher teaching, as Jesus expounded all things to his disciples, when he was alone with them. So did Gautama expound all things to his disciples when they were alone together, and there were only those who were ready for the higher teaching.

But beyond this Jesus and Gautama both acknowledged that there would be other teachers, higher teachers, “I will pray the Father that he will send you another Comforter,” and so forth. Therefore, there has always been that ongoing progressive revelation for those who are able and willing to raise their consciousness and grasp it.

Now, what is it that we would like to see happen as a result of the revelation we have given through this messenger? Well, we would like to see that at least a certain number of students are able to take the outer teaching we have given, go beyond the teaching and grasp what we are giving directly from the ascended level so that you do not need to go through a messenger.

This is somewhat of a unique opportunity, because most previous messengers that we have had throughout the ages have become attached to their position, to the outer teaching they brought forth, wanting it to seem like the highest. Since this messenger has transcended that need, that desire, we can state it openly and clearly, that it is of course not our goal that all of our students should remain dependent on this messenger in physical form in order to contact us, the ascended masters. We want our students, as many as possible to be able to contact us directly.

This does not mean that you will all start taking dictations or bringing forth teachings that will compete with this messenger’s teaching, because that would create confusion. It does mean that many of you have the potential to receive something directly from us, that you can then use to enlighten a specific area where you have experience and expertise. This, for example, applies to all religions, there is a great need for a renewal of all religions. If you take Buddhism, you will see that Buddhism has by and large gone through the same process that Hinduism went through and become fixated on, entrapped in the outer form of the teaching. This of course was never the intent. The focus on the outer form is not the purpose of a teaching – it is the transcendence of the outer form that is the purpose of the teaching.

And so, some of you will have experience with Buddhism, various forms of Buddhism, Zen Buddhism – others, and you have the potential to bring renewal. You may benefit from the teachings that this messenger has given in order to open your mind. But some of you have vastly more experience and knowledge of Buddhism than this messenger has. Therefore you can bring forth, you can receive from us ideas and teachings that he cannot receive unless he spends considerable amounts of time studying the topic, which is not really what we need him to do. The same of course goes in Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and it goes in many other areas of society.

Obviously science – there is a great need, some of you have training as scientists. You have the potential to receive something from us. This does not mean you now need to stand out and say: “I am a physicist but I still believe in ascended masters.” You just bring out the ideas as if they came from yourself, from some inspiration. Because the important thing is to get the ideas out. This is also something that you will find, most of you, will be a relief for you, because there is a certain opposition and resistance to the idea of ascended masters and someone being a messenger for the masters which of course this messenger has had to deal with since the very beginning. And it will be much easier for you that you do not have to declare where they come from, but can simply present the ideas and let the ideas do what the ideas can do. So naturally all areas of society, education, healing, culture, philosophy, any aspect of society, there is that potential.

The concept that I introduced those many years ago, was that there are certain people who are treasure hunters. They are looking for these hidden treasures. Now, many in Buddhism have of course interpreted this to mean that we are talking about some physical treasure that you can find, or even some physical scripture that you can find in some hidden cave in the Himalayas when suddenly it opens up to you. This is not what was meant at all. It is a teaching, often not even given in words but sometimes given in words that you receive directly from the ascended realm. This is what we desire to see from as many of our students as possible.

It does not mean you need to separate yourself from this messenger, look down upon the messenger, tear him down, prove him wrong or anything like that. It just means that you recognize here that there is that potential to go within, use the outer teachings to establish that inner connection and you receive something directly from us.

Now, what exactly does this mean? Have we not had a similar idea in previous ascended master dispensations. Well, of course we have. Unfortunately many people in those dispensations have interpreted this in a certain way. They have interpreted it in such a way that they thought that they were ready to receive these ideas, whenever they heard about the idea it must be because they were ready to receive it. And therefore they just needed to give decrees, or study dictations, or hear dictations and tune in to the master and receive the ideas.

But you see my beloved, how did this messenger become a messenger? This is something that you rarely consider and that he sometimes does not even realize himself. What were the first impulses he received from the ascended masters?  It was not some advanced revelation or insight or some teaching. It was insights about his own psychology and what he needed to resolve in his psychology. This was a period that for him lasted for more than fifteen years before he was ready to go into direct training with Jesus, and become the messenger that he became, which he of course has gone beyond today.

So, what is the first revelation you will receive from the ascended realm? It will be hints, directions, sensations, visions, impressions about what you need to heal in your own psychology. This is the training. This is what everybody has to go through. You did notice, did you not, I said everybody. None is exempt. If you think you are exempt, you are deluding yourself, and you will go into a blind alley and possibly make a connection to the false hierarchy imposters, who will gladly tell you how great and special you are to keep you trapped in that blind alley for the rest of this embodiment.

You will all have to go through it. Many of you have already started the process, many of you have already received many impressions from us, have used them constructively to raise your consciousness. I am not saying that all of you start at the bottom right now, but you all have to be willing to look at something in your psychology. If you are not willing to do this, well then you are blocking the door to your mind. The door to your mind is not open.

What do we mean with the door to your mind? Well, of course the door to your mind can be blocked at the identity level, at the mental level, at the emotional level, or at the physical whereby we mean the conscious mind. Ultimately, in order for you to shift your consciousness, you need to have a conscious insight. You need to make a decision that you are willing to let go of something old and embrace a higher understanding, a higher vision, a higher awareness. You need to be willing to let go of the old. Did you hear me my beloved?  You need to be willing to let go of the old.

This is the single biggest limitation we face as ascended masters. Students who are not willing to let go of the old. So many things people are attached to and not willing to let go of. We are ready, we are willing to give you that higher insight. You have prepared yourself, there is a clearance in your identity body, in your mental body, in your emotional body. But at the conscious level your outer mind is attached to something that you are not willing to let go of, and therefore you cannot consciously anchor the insight we are giving you. An example – strong opinions.

Some of you have over this last year or two expressed strong opinions about Covid, vaccines, wearing masks. Some of you have expressed strong opinions about the United States election and a certain President. I am not here to argue with you about these opinions. I am simply here to point out, anytime you have a strong opinion that you are not willing to look beyond, that you are not willing to question, you are not willing to consider there could be a higher view.

Anytime you have this, you are blocking the flow. You are not a terton, you are not a treasure hunter because you think you already have your treasure, which is your opinion. This is your treasure. You feel “this is absolutely right, this is very important to me”. So this is your treasure and you are holding onto it. You clutch your ideas as the Zen Buddhist’s say. Whatever is your treasure, my beloved, we accept your free will and your right to hold on to it for as long as you need the experience of holding on to that treasure.

I am not telling you what to do or not to do. I am simply pointing out that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot hold on to anything on earth and receive higher ideas from the ascended realm. It – cannot – be – done.

Perhaps some of you are getting a little tired of hearing this. Perhaps some of you think we have said it many times over these last couple of years.

Well, that is because we are at a certain point here, where many students have become willing to move beyond the level of teaching we have given so far. But we have not yet reached a critical mass of students who are willing to do this. Therefore we cannot take this to a higher level and release a higher level of teaching. The messenger is capable, the messenger is willing. But there needs to be the Omega aspect of enough among the student body who are willing to look beyond the old ideas, not grasp them, not clutch them.

Many of you feel you have a good grasp of what ascended masters are, what we teach, how the universe works. You understand all the creation of previous spheres, fallen beings and all of these things. But there is more to be given. So the question is, when will enough of you want that more so that we can give it?  Again, we are not telling you what to do or not to do. We are simply making the situation clear to you. In the meantime what we are also saying is, that those of you who are open to our higher teaching, well, do not wait for the rest. Go directly within and grasp that teaching. There is a limit to what we can bring out in a physical form through the messenger. But there is no limit to what you can receive individually within. The only limit is the openness of your mind.

And so, the reality of the situation on earth is that the vast majority of people in embodiment today, have these what we have called “mental holy cows” that they are holding onto, that they are grasping, that they will not let go of. And this is what blocks the shift into the golden age consciousness. As Gautama Buddha so carefully explained in the webinar on ideology, so many people are attached to an ideology which can be – not what is traditionally seen as an ideology, but ideas that they do not believe should be questioned. And as Kuan Yin expressed in her magnificent discourse, so many misunderstandings, so many limitations, so many barriers in the mind about matter, the nature of physical matter and what can be changed and what cannot be changed.

Let me tell you what can and cannot be changed on earth. Everything can be changed. Every – thing – can – be – changed. There is nothing that cannot be changed. Because the moment you raise matter to a lesser density, things become possible that seem impossible today. Why do you think there are more resources under the ground that have been discovered than ever before? Well, you might say that it is because they have technology such as various sensors and ground penetrating radars and this and that. But the real question is why do they have that technology today and not fifty years ago? Well, because the collective consciousness has been raised and as a result of the collective consciousness having been raised, matter is not as dense.

This means that this technology now works, where as it would not have worked fifty years ago because matter was more dense and these rays could not penetrate matter at the time. There are so many, so subtle, so far reaching ramifications of these thoughts and ideas that we realize it is overwhelming to most people. It may also be overwhelming to you who are our students. But again, you do not need to know everything about every area of society. What have we said many times before?  Pick an area that really appeals to your heart, focus on that, educate yourself in that, become an expert.

You do not need necessarily, (even though I am not saying you should not) but you do not need to go to a university and get a PhD in this area. But you make yourself an expert, so you know more than the average person. You are smarter than the average bear in this area. And therefore you can speak with greater insight and make people think.It is not a matter my beloved, of convincing people, of converting people. It is a matter of making them think.

If you are not aware of it, study the dialogues of Socrates, study what is called the Socratic method. Socrates did not have the purpose to convince people to believe in a certain philosophy, or religion, or theory. He only wanted to make people think beyond their present ideas. So, he did not tell them what to think, he questioned their existing beliefs and ideas, pointed out inconsistencies, contradictions, lack, and therefore he made some people think. Others became angry, wanted to reject him and ultimately condemned him to death, but this is not as likely to happen to you in the modern world. And so be of good cheer, be willing to question, be content with getting people to question ideas.

My beloved, it is extremely important as spiritual people, to do away with the entire consciousness that your efforts have to have a physical, measurable result. There is a very, very strong consciousness in the physical, in the emotional, mental and lower identity realms created by the fallen beings, that unless you have visible, measurable results, your efforts have failed. What have we told you over and over again? The real decisive factor in the progress of earth is the raising of the collective consciousness. Whatever you do, educating yourself, opening yourself  to new ideas, studying a topic, you are raising your own consciousness, thereby you are pulling up on the whole.

Already there, you have had an impact. Giving your decrees and invocations has an impact. You may not see a direct physical result. We understand very well that you have grown up in this culture (especially those of you who have grown up in the West) where cause and effect, you have to be able to isolate a single effect, you have to be able to find a single cause. But what have we told you in these last few years, interdependent originations, everything is connected in a very complex web of life. You cannot in this interconnected world, single out a separate cause and a separate effect, it does not exist, it is a fiction. It is  as mythical as the talks about PadmaSambhava, or Gautama being so special. It is a scientific myth instead of a religious myth but it is still fiction.

There are no separate causes, there are no separate effects. What you can do is say: “What is the effect on my consciousness, can I see that my involvement with the teachings, my making use of the teachings and tools has raised my consciousness.” Well, there you have a measurable result and that is the only result you need. But you need to know of course, that when you raise your consciousness, you will raise the consciousness of others. You can also, as you start speaking to other people, see that perhaps you helped other people, perhaps you inspired other people. But again, do not fixate your mind that now you are going to talk to this person, and now you have to convert them to believe in ascended masters and believe everything about ascended masters that you believe, and they have to start doing decrees, and they have to do this and they have to do that.

That is not what we are saying. We are saying, become ambassadors for ideas, spread ideas. If people are interested in where you got the ideas from, you can of course tell them, but it is not your purpose to promote ascended masters, ascended master teachings, this messenger, specific books. The messenger is content with remaining as anonymous and relatively unknown as he is for the rest of his lifetime. He does not need it personally, and you do not need it personally either when you get rid of these separate selves that cause you to think you need it.

You need to simply be here, raise your consciousness, make the best contribution you can make. But my beloved, this is sort of the motto for all ascended masters, although we do not really need a motto – but anyway it is: “When the gift is given, your task is fulfilled.” It is not a matter of how the gift is received or not received, that is not your responsibility. Because what is the ultimate law of this universe: free will. You do not want to make the karma of trying to control how another person reacts to what you are giving them. You need to set them free, let them be. Be content that you sow the seed, perhaps it will grow into a plant later, but that is not your responsibility. That is the other person’s responsibility, it is their free will. You should be concerned only with one thing, giving the gift, being the open door.

It is not a matter of what happens. You are the open door which means, light and ideas are streaming through your consciousness into the energy system of earth. Once they have left your door, your responsibility is done. It is not a matter of having to have a certain result, or having something come back. Many of you are so used to another of these hidden things that people never question, and it is that you are supposed to have a reaction whenever you do something.

As we have said before, if you do not see a consequence of the choices you make, how do you know you have made a choice. But that is at a lower level  than when you start manifesting Christhood. Because when you manifest Christhood, you are content with giving, and when you have given the gift, you have no concern for the result. That is part of what Christhood means.

But we see many students who for decades have remained attached to a result. There are still people from previous dispensations, who dream about the day when their teaching and their messenger will be recognized as the most significant spiritual figure in the Aquarian Age. Where they will be recognized as the advanced students, just like the disciples of Jesus. They were the ones who broke through, they were the ones who saved the planet for Saint Germain, and all of these things that they dream about. But as long as you have that, you will be trapped at a certain level of consciousness – because you will want a response from earth.

What have we said? You need to overcome your attachments. You need to come to the point where the Prince of this world and the demons of Mara have nothing in you, whereby they can tempt you into a reaction. Well, what is the most basic reaction you have? It is that you want a reaction from the world, from the physical realm, from other people. As long as you have that attachment, the demons of Mara have something in you. Because how easy it is to manipulate people to reject you. But even if you could get all people to validate one of your strong opinions, that too would keep you trapped. So, whether you get a positive validation or rejection, you are still trapped in the response game. You want a response.

Action – reaction. You take an action, you expect a reaction from the universe. It is natural, we understand it. What have we said many times? You may say, I am contradicting what we have been saying, that the universe is a mirror, whatever we send out will be reflected back to us. Yes, my beloved, that is true at a certain level of consciousness. But as you attain the higher levels of consciousness, the higher levels of Christhood and Buddhahood and overcome your attachments, you will be completely unmoved whatever the response is or is not. You are not concerned with a reaction. You are not seeking to get validation, to achieve a certain result. That is non-attachment.

Certainly, easy for me to say as a being who has not been in physical embodiment on earth. But I have been in physical embodiment on other planets, and I know how easy it is to become attached to things. Nevertheless, the fact that it is easy to become attached to things, does not change the basic fact. You will only be free from things when you are free of your attachment to things. There is no other way, there never has been, there never will be.

If you find yourself having strong opinions about anything, whatever it may be, consider why you have those strong opinions, those strong beliefs. Why is this topic so important to you? Figure out what it is you are trying to get as a response from the world through this topic. Are you trying to get validation? Are you trying to get other people to agree with you, to like you, to see you as smart, to see yourself as smarter than them or what? What is it that your separate selves get out of having this attachment to something on earth? There is always a self that gets a benefit. What you have to do is become conscious of this and say: “Is this benefit really what I want to continue to allow to dominate my life, or do I want to simply let this self die?”

How do you become the open door? Well, your door has to be open, your mind has to be open. What is the very essence of the teachings of the Buddha? How to have your mind become open. What is the essence of the teachings of Jesus? How to have your mind become open to the flow of the spirit. “What is that to thee, follow thou me.”  There is no other way, it is so simple. So basic, yet so difficult for so many spiritual people to grasp, so difficult. You look at the world, you look at the history of spiritual people on this planet, and you look at how difficult it has been for people to grasp this one thing, this one element of the path.

You look at the time of the Buddha dominated by Hinduism. What had Hinduism become? It started with some scriptures or oral traditions of the Vedas that were actually meant to be a direct revelation. It became gradually mixed with other things. But gradually more and more of an elaborate construction was built upon it. And suddenly there were conflicting theories and the Brahmins had discussions about this or that. How was it in the spiritual realm, was it exactly this way or was it exactly that way, and you had all of these academic, intellectual discussions.

The Buddha looked at this and said: “With all of these different opinions that are out there, how could this ever be resolved? How could I bring forth a teaching that could resolve all of this quagmire, all of this discussion, all of this chaos, various opinions, split factions that held one opinion over another and they were fighting with each other”?

“What could I do here”? Gautama thought to himself. “How could I possibly bring forth something that would make a difference and not just become another cause for division and conflict and discussion”? So, his insight that he received (incidentally from me and other ascended masters) was to bring forth something that did not attempt to settle the disputes of the Hindu religion, but actually side-stepped the issue “is there a God and how is the spiritual realm” and simply said: “Let us be practical, let us focus on something that can change people’s consciousness, that can raise people’s consciousness. Then when we have raised our consciousness, perhaps we will become better at looking beyond all of these outer divisions.” So, this is the aim of Buddhism in its pure form.

Of course, you look at Buddhism again, and you see the elaborate construction that has been built upon it, and where that original element has been vastly forgotten. But it could be rediscovered, could it not, by those who care about Buddhism, who have insight and background?

So, do you not see the same here with ascended master teachings? “Oh, this dispensation is the only right one, this messenger was the highest messenger, no later messenger exists, there has not been a later messenger than this one.” All of these arguments, all of these divisions. There is only way beyond this, and that is that people individually tune in to the ascended realm. Because we are beyond the human quagmire. Only when you make contact with us, will you have an experience that there is something beyond not only the human quagmire but your own outer mind.

Your outer mind may be ferociously attached to a particular opinion. But it is just an opinion on earth. You can only be attached to it as long as you have not had an experience that there is an entirely higher level of consciousness where this opinion just does not matter because it is just one among so many other opinions. So, the only thing that will make a difference is that you