Let the cookie crumble!

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, October 30, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. The last time we had a physical conference in Ukraine, I gave a discourse that might not seem to be particularly related to Ukraine. But as I said back then, perhaps by not saying anything directly, I might still say something of relevance. This time I will continue the trend and give a discourse that may at first seem unrelated to the topic of this conference, perhaps even unrelated to the messages of the Chohans and the other masters, but nevertheless it might in fact be related in a profound way.

Reality Simulator Terra

One of the central tenets of the Buddhic teachings that I gave 2,500 years ago was the concept of the Sea of Samsara, the sea of suffering. Very few people, even those who have spent a lifetime studying Buddhism, have truly locked into what this means. It is also  quite a difficult concept. Now one way to explain why it is so difficult is to refer to the teachings we have given that the earth is a reality simulator that is programmed to give people, the participants in the simulation, two basic types of experiences.

The first type of experience is an immersion experience. You feel completely immersed in a world that seems real to you because what you can see and touch and smell and hear with your physical senses seems real to you, and it seems like there is nothing beyond what your senses can detect. You are completely immersed in this world, you feel perhaps even that you are a product of this world and you feel certainly that in the world there are many circumstances, many conditions that are completely beyond your power to control or change.

Therefore, you are at the mercy of whatever happens in the world and you can observe that many times things will happen seemingly for no good reason, certainly no good reason that you can detect or come up with. Therefore, you feel insecure, you feel that you have little possibility of controlling your life and your future, you feel that you are at the mercy of these unknown unseen forces that do not always want what is good for you. You never know when something can happen that shocks you, traumatizes you, hurts you physically or kills you.

This is the immersion experience. And as you can see, when you are in the immersion phase, you cannot grasp the Sea of Samsara, at least not the teachings that I gave back then because you will think that the world is the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, as is the noble truth – life is suffering, when you are in immersion, life is suffering. It cannot be anything besides suffering because of all these external forces that you cannot control, that you cannot stop.

Now, the other experience that the reality simulator is designed to give you is an awakening experience where you begin to awaken from the immersion. You begin to suspect that there is more to understand than what your senses can tell you. You begin to suspect eventually that there is more to understand about the world than what your outer mind can tell you.

Therefore, you develop this longing – there must be something beyond this world of the senses, this physical world. You even come to, at some point, to suspect that there must be something beyond my own mind. There must be more to grasp about the world than what I can grasp at my current level, with my current state of mind. This is the beginning of wisdom, this is the beginning of growth, this is the beginning of awakening.

The purpose of the simulator

And naturally when I came 2,500 years ago, I did not come to give a teaching for those who were still in immersion. I came to give a teaching for those who either had moved into the awakening phase or who were close to doing so. Now, we have said, what does it take to move from immersion to awakening? Well, we have said that you have to have a certain number of experiences in immersion until you have had enough of them and want something more.

Basically, all people, all lifestreams who have ever embodied on earth, have had to have a certain number of experiences seeing themselves as separate beings living in a world with other separate beings, being separated from the physical environment, and separated from any kind of God that they can conceive of. You have to have a certain number of experiences in separation before you can start longing for something more.

But what few people have understood is that there is another facet here. What is immersion? Well, immersion is possible only through what we have called the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality. I described it back then as the pairs, the two opposite polarities that not only pull you towards either this extreme or that extreme, but make you think there is nothing beyond the two extremes. There is no other way to look at the world. There is truth, there is lie, there is good, there is evil, there is this, there is that. And while you are in immersion, you, of course, forget that you are in a reality simulator. You forget the way the simulator works. You forget the purpose of the simulator.

But as we have explained, the purpose of the simulator is really your growth in consciousness, and you grow by experimenting with your free will. And what is it you do as you experiment in the immersion phase? Well, what you do is you formulate a mental image, a certain idea in your mind, and you project that idea upon the world. You think in your mind: “This is how the world works or at least this is how the world should work. This is how I want the world to work.” And you are, of course, allowed to do this. This is part of what immersion is all about. But the greater purpose of immersion is your growth in consciousness. And how do you grow in consciousness? You grow by first going into separation and then experiencing the limitations of separation so that you start moving back towards oneness, but you do so voluntarily, not because you feel forced to do so.

What is it that happens when you are in the immersion phase? Yes, I said you formulate an image. You project it into the simulator, the cosmic mirror, the Ma-ter light. And the simulator reflects back to you physical conditions that correspond to the image you are projecting out. Now, of course, you are not the only person in the Simulator Terra. There are other people here and they are also formulating images in their minds which are separate minds from yours and they are projecting them into the simulator. What is coming back to you personally is not a clean reflection of what you send out. It is affected by what all the other people have sent out as well. Now, you may say this is a violation of my free will. But is it really? It is actually a grace because it helps you pass through the immersion phase more quickly or at least it has the potential to do so.

Being the center of the world

You see the purpose of the simulator is your growth in consciousness. How do you grow in consciousness? You grow by experimenting with free will, with your mind’s ability to co-create by formulating an image and projecting it upon the Ma-ter light. But part of this process is that you start with a very localized sense of identity, sense of self. You formulate that image based on that sense of self. And when you, as is the case on earth, go into separation and duality, you see yourself as a separate being from other beings. You can actually have a localized sense of self without seeing yourself as a separate being. But what are the current conditions on earth? Most people see themselves as separate beings, also for most of them, very localized but certainly as separate beings.

The purpose of allowing this is that you come to see the limitations of this level of mind. You come to see that even though you can say theoretically that a being that sees itself as separate has free will, your will really is not free because you can only choose among the options you can see. If you cannot see something, if you cannot imagine it, if you cannot accept it as possible, you really do not have the choice. And that means that the limitations of your imagination limits your free will. It limits the options you can see and see as realistic. The purpose is that you are given free will and you have as part of free will the option to go into this state of separation and duality where you limit your choices, you limit the options you can see.

Now this mind has an obvious limitation because as we have explained about duality, when you are in duality there are always two opposite polarities. There is always an opposition to what you are doing and it often comes, so it seems to you, from other people. This is the Sea of Samsara. This is the real explanation for the Sea of Samsara. You are in this limited state of mind where you have will but it is not free. It is very limited and you often make choices that hurt yourself. You see that when you are in this state of separation, you are formulating an image based on the perspective you have where you see yourself as a separate being.

You can say right now you are sitting in a chair in a specific location, in a specific room, in a specific country and you are looking at the world from that vantage point. You are seeing, if you think about your physical sight, that your eyes and your mind are the center of your field of vision. You know there is something behind you that you are not seeing right now, but you can turn around and you can see it, but as you turn around you are spinning on your own axis. There is a center point that for you is the center of your perceived world. But all the other people, even if they are sitting right next to you, have a different center point. This is a simple illustration of your physical vision but when you think about the way your mind looks at life, it is the same thing. The more you are trapped in duality, the more localized your viewpoint is, and the more you are convinced that what you are seeing is actually the only way to look at the world and you are the center of the world. This is what you are projecting out.

No human is an island

Now, the reality simulator, the Ma-ter light, is designed to take on any form that is projected upon it. If you were completely alone in the world or in this simulator, whatever you projected out would become a physical reality, a physical manifestation. But what would that mean for you? You are formulating an image in your mind of what you want the world to be like, you are projecting it out and then the Ma-ter light takes on that form. Well, does it not stand to reason that this would then mean that the Ma-ter light seems to confirm and validate your image of the world? But your image is still very limited based on seeing yourself as a separate being, based on a very limited perspective, a limited understanding.

If you were alone in the world, how would you ever get out of that state of mind? How would you ever be able to break out of this state where your mind is a closed circle, your mind is a self-reinforcing, self-validating system? You could literally stay in this state indefinitely.

What is it that prevents you from staying in this state indefinitely? It is that you are not alone. No man, no hu-man is an island. There are other people here. They are projecting something different into the simulator. And therefore what comes back to you is not exactly what is in your mind. You may have a very fixated image of what the world should be like, but the world is not conforming to your image. This leaves you with two options. One is the higher way, the one that starts you into awakening when you can say: “Wait a minute, why is the world not conforming to my image? Is it because my image is limited?” And then you can seek to refine your image. That starts you on the process of awakening.

Built-in safety mechanism

The other option is you can say: “Why is the world not conforming to my image? Is it because I am not projecting it with enough force? And because these other people are interfering with me, so therefore I need to force them to agree with me, to come into alignment with me, or to submit themselves to me so that I am the one who is deciding what we are projecting.”

This is also something that is allowed on a planet like earth, which is why you have dictators and narcissists and leaders who are narcissists. But again, the question then is: What can get you out of this state of mind? Because theoretically you could have a situation on a planet where one leader becomes so forceful that he causes all other people on the planet to submit, so they were all projecting the leader’s vision. But then, what would get the leader and, for that matter, the other people out of this state? Well, this is what the reality simulator is designed to prevent. This is built into the duality consciousness, as we have explained in greater detail on various occasions.

You can only use force through the dualistic consciousness, and the dualistic consciousness will always have pairs. You can use force to go into one extreme, to go towards one dualistic extreme, but that means that you will attract to you opposition from the opposite dualistic extreme. Therefore, even though you can for a time apply force to go in a certain direction and feel like you are making progress in that direction, there is a limit to how far you can go. As we have also said, when you use force you are actually generating your own counterforce. This is all, we might say, a safety mechanism to prevent you from being stuck and to prevent an entire planet from being stuck at a certain level indefinitely.

Now, what are these mechanisms that prevent this simulated experience from becoming a blind alley, a closed circle? Well, the Chohans have talked about the laws of nature, which give a certain regularity, a certain consistency, a certain predictability. If you have studied the history of science, you will know that starting with Isaac Newton, there was a great belief among scientists that the world was a large machine that functioned according to invariable laws. And it would seem still today that at the macroscopic level, the level of human bodies and toasters and bicycles and so forth, these natural laws are invariable. They are predictable. You can plot a certain course for a spaceship and it will follow that course. Therefore, as we have explained, when you align yourself with these laws, you can create a certain future for yourself or for society and you can have a high confidence that it will be manifest. You know what the future will bring. You know what direction you or your country is going in. This is the foundation for progress, for cooperation and so forth.

The quantum uncertainty

But you will also know if you have studied the history of science, that there came a point when scientists developed a different way of looking at life, at least life at the subatomic microscopic scale. They discovered that subatomic particles do not follow deterministic laws. They follow laws of probability. In other words, you cannot predict with certainty how a subatomic particle will behave. You can predict a certain probability for how the particle will move, but it cannot be certain. It can never be 100% certain. This phenomenon discovered by modern science is what for Buddhists is known as the interdependent originations.

In other words, we can say that the universe has two scales, two levels. There is the macroscopic scale where there are certain invariable laws of nature, and then there is the microscopic or subatomic scale where the laws that guide this level are not invariable. There is always a certain unpredictability. You cannot know in advance exactly how a situation will turn out.

Now, there are still scientists today who look at this and say: “Well, this just applies to the quantum world. It does not apply to the macroscopic world. We can still send a rocket to the moon and we can predict its trajectory with absolute certainty.”

And they can in most cases, but if they send enough rockets to the world, there would eventually come a point where there would be a variation. The rocket would not end up exactly where they predicted it would end up because the reality is that even the macroscopic world is not 100% deterministic. It still is based on the quantum world. And that means that the quantum uncertainty also affects the macroscopic world. And this is part of this mechanism that prevents you from being stuck forever in a certain mindset.

Regardless of how advanced your mind is, there will always be an element of unpredictability. In other words, you can look at somebody – and we have talked about fallen beings or black magicians who have worked hard for a long time to attain a certain knowledge of how the material world works and how they can manipulate matter and create various phenomena – and you might say that these people have a certain mastery over matter, certainly beyond the average human being, but their mastery is not absolute. They also cannot predict with absolute certainty what will happen.

And this is because there is that safety mechanism that no matter how advanced your closed mind becomes, there will always be an uncertainty that you cannot overcome. And this is what creates suffering.

The basis of suffering

What creates the suffering in the Sea of Samsara? Look at all people. They have in their minds an image of how their lives should unfold – what should happen, what should not happen. What creates suffering is when that expectation is not fulfilled. And many people, of course, have over many lifetimes developed this sense that: “My expectations will never be fulfilled. The world will never function the way I want it to function.” They are constantly suffering. They are constantly feeling that the world is not giving them what they should have and that there is uncertainty that they can never really take command over their destiny.

This is what creates suffering. It can happen to the black magician who has the lowest level of consciousness or to a human being at the 47th level, or even to people at higher levels. You have expectations and they are not fulfilled. This is the basis of suffering. You have a mental image, but the world refuses to conform to it. That is what creates suffering.

Schizophrenic phase

What have we given you as ascended-master students? Well, we have given you a lot of teachings about raising your consciousness, overcoming duality and so forth. And we understand that it can be difficult to grasp this. We understand that some students go through a period where they are beginning to have a greater understanding of this but they do not have the full understanding and they almost feel like they are being pulled in two different directions. They almost feel like they are a little bit schizophrenic and that our teachings are actually making them more schizophrenic. We understand this because we have gone through it ourselves.

You see here that part of what you do on earth as you are reaching that 48th level of consciousness and you start walking the path is that you are increasing your understanding, you are increasing your co-creative abilities, you are attaining a greater unity in your mind so you can project a coherent image into the cosmic mirror, onto the Ma-ter light and therefore you are in a sense becoming better at controlling your outer circumstances.

This is part of the path, a certain mastery over your situation. But a deeper part of the path is, of course, mastery over your state of mind. Not only are you mastering your outer situation but you are actually mastering your inner situation. And your inner situation is your life experience, the way you experience life.

Now, it is possible that you can find the spiritual path in some form and it might not be the pure teachings but it might be for example a teaching that talks about how you can manifest anything you want –  usually great riches because people think that if you have enough money you can buy anything you want. You see these teachings out there that people go into with great optimism and hope and then usually after some time they get disappointed because the world stubbornly refuses to conform to their positive mental attitude and their treasure maps.

What you really need to do, if you want to overcome the Sea of Samsara, is to start working on the way you experience life. You are still seeking mastery over your external circumstances where you are not exclusively focused on your external circumstances because, as I have just explained, a black magician is also seeking control over his external circumstances, and no matter how great a mastery he might seem to get, there will always be that element of uncertainty. If your life experience is focused on the uncertainty and resisting the uncertainty, you can never actually overcome suffering because you can never be certain that the world will behave the way you want it to behave.

What is the way out of this? Well, in a sense we have explained it in different ways from different perspectives, but I will give you another way to explain it, another perspective.

Chaos theory

Why have I given you this discourse on science? Because in a way you could say that what science has discovered is that the world has a certain element of consistency, of predictability. There is a certain set of invariable laws and principles that work on a certain scale. You can plan, you can plot a course and you can have a high confidence that it will turn out that way. But there is another element in the world and that is the unpredictability.

This is what has led to a theory that was popular some years ago called Chaos theory. This theory says that the flapping of a butterfly’s wing in Buenos Aires can cause a tornado in Texas because that little effect did not cause the tornado directly. That little flapping of the butterfly’s wings affected something else in a very small way. But that something else affected something ⎯ a third thing and so forth until finally that little effect of the flapping of the butterfly’s wing had produced a tornado in some other part of the world.

Now, even though the theory is not as popular anymore, there are actually some profound insights in it. This is again what we have called the interdependent originations. Everything is connected so a small effect in one area of this interconnected system can cause a bigger effect in another area. This is why there is always uncertainty. This is in essence what is encapsulated in Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, that you cannot know with certainty how a subatomic particle will behave.

You could say: “What if you look at the world with all of the efforts that scientists have put forth to understand the world and discover these natural laws? What if you took all of this, all of this data, all of these principles and coded them into the biggest supercomputer you could ever build? Would it be possible to predict exactly what was going to happen?” In other words, the old image that the world is a machine and if you knew the initial conditions and the laws of nature you could predict the workings of the machine for all eternity.

But is that a realistic image? And as I said it is not because of the built-in uncertainty in the universe. There are simply too many aspects, there are too many interdependent originations that you could never calculate it all. What I am saying is this: “Even in the physical world there is unpredictability built in.”

But when you add to this that the physical world does not exist for its own sake, the physical world is actually not a physical world, it is a reality simulator. And the reality simulator has only one purpose and that is to give the self-aware beings who are participating in the simulation the opportunity to expand their self-awareness, raise their consciousness. Given that these participants have free will, you have an even greater level of uncertainty.

We may say to use this famous example that there is a butterfly sitting in Buenos Aires flapping its wings and it affects the physical systems on earth which is what scientists say and eventually can manifest as a tornado in Texas. But the reality is that it is not just the physical world that is involved here because even the flapping of a butterfly’s wing will also have effects at the level of consciousness, human consciousness.

Interdependent originations in human life

The physical flapping of the butterfly’s wings is connected to the emotional realm, the mental realm, the identity realm. It influences people’s consciousness and so not only is there many, many complicated connections in the physical world but there is an almost infinitely greater complexity in people’s consciousness that also affects the outcome of this flapping of the butterfly’s wing. This of course is inherently unpredictable because people have to use the expression free will, but at least they have the opportunity to make choices and you cannot with certainty predict what people are going to do before they make the choice.

Now again you can apply the calculations of probability and you can say: “Given what that person has done in the past there is a high probability that he will choose this in this particular situation.” But you cannot know for certainty. When you add all of this up, the built-in uncertainty in the physical universe and the uncertainty of people’s choices, you see that you can never actually control your life completely. You can never control your physical circumstances because there are too many interdependent factors that affect your life, your physical circumstances. You cannot know them all, you cannot control them all. You could never control everything on earth as a human being. It cannot be done.

What am I saying? Am I saying that our teachings about taking command over your life are null and void? No. You can take some degree of control over your life. You can create a high probability that your life will follow a certain direction, but you cannot create certainty. And this is important for spiritual seekers who reach a certain level of the path where they begin to feel that: “I do have some understanding, I do actually have some level of Christ consciousness, I have purified my vision, I can project into the cosmic mirror the kind of circumstances I want in life and I can see that it has some effect, but it is not exactly the way I projected out. What is coming back is not exactly what I project out.”

What can you do in this situation? Well, you can fall for the temptation of the black magicians of trying to find some way to force circumstances to conform instead of just projecting out, you are trying to do other things to force it. You are trying to use force. But this is of course the left-handed path. This is not the path of the ascended masters and of Christhood.

How the cookie crumbled

What can you do on the path of Christhood? Well, you can come to understand this, the built-in uncertainty. Now, it is wonderful to look at the world and look at people that you may say do not necessarily have a high level of spiritual understanding and consciousness, but you can still see how in various cultures around the world there are these sayings that go back perhaps a long time. And in these seemingly simple sayings there is tremendous wisdom embodied. You have a saying in some parts of the world, for example in the United States where people ⎯  will happen and they will say: “Well, that is how the cookie crumbled.”

And this simple saying encapsulates this entire teaching that I have now spent 45 minutes giving you. You have a cookie in your hand, you drop it on the floor, it crumbles. Is there any power in the world that can predict exactly how that cookie is going to crumble when it hits the floor? There is not.

You need to accept, or at least it is to your advantage to accept, that as a spiritual student embodied on earth, even as a person who is climbing higher towards Christhood, there are certain situations where you can look at the outcome, you can look at what you wanted to have happen, you can try to analyze, you can try to find out : “What did I do wrong? What could I have done better? Is there something in my subconscious? Do I have these separate selves?”

But there are certain situations where the most constructive thing you can do is simply look at the situation and say: “Well that is how the cookie crumbled. That is how this situation turned out.” And then you can accept that now that the cookie has crumbled the way it did, you have a certain situation, you have certain conditions and instead of analyzing, instead of regretting, instead of saying: “Oh this should not have happened or this is some cosmic injustice”, you just say: “How do I now move forward from here? How do I take those crumbs from the cookie and build something better out of them?”

Accepting a built-in uncertainty in life on earth

This messenger has been going through this process throughout his entire life as many of you have ⎯ speculating: “What could I do better? Why are there certain things that have not happened even though I have wanted them to happen for a long time?” Now many of you, as the messenger, have been willing to step back, and look at your own consciousness  ⎯ what is the image you are projecting out? “Can I refine it? Does it have inconsistencies? Do I have these separate selves that means I am sending a mixed message into the cosmic mirror?” And so forth.

Many of you have been willing to do this. And there is value in doing this because you are refining your consciousness. But there comes a point where it is not constructive for you any longer to always want to have a certain result manifest and to strive towards that result and to see how you can change yourself in order to manifest that result. Nor is it of course constructive to go to the left-handed path where you are trying to change other people to get the result you want instead of changing yourself.

There comes that point where you simply have to accept, well there is a built-in uncertainty, I can never be sure what is going to manifest. This is what life on earth is about. You are projecting something into the cosmic mirror. You have an idea of what you would like to see happen. But you can step up to have that acceptance that you do not need to know with certainty what is going to come back. You are willing to project something, to see what comes back and then accept: “Well that is how the cookie crumbled: Now how do I use this to project something else?”

There are so many situations and we see this all the time with all people, but we see it with spiritual people also where you can become very attached to having certain conditions. And of course, in many cases this attachment comes from these separate selves because otherwise why would you be so attached? Why would it be so important for you? This is always something you can look at if something is very important. If you are very attached to it, you know there is a separate self-involved. But still we see many people who get attached and they get frantic about manifesting that result and they think: “What am I doing wrong? What am I not doing right?” But in some cases, as I said it is because they have separate selves but in other cases it is not actually because of separate selves, it is because of the built-in uncertainty in the universe.

What you can do is you can step up to accept this. In other words, accept that even though you are living in an environment where there are certain universal predictable principles, you are still living in an environment that is not entirely predictable. In other words, you are living in a chaotic environment rather than a deterministic environment. And what you can do then is you can embrace chaos. You can accept the chaos.

It does not mean you should not refine the mental image you are projecting into the cosmic mirror. But you can still accept that whatever comes back is the best that could come back in the given situation, given these very complex interdependent originations in the environment you are living in. That will give you a greater degree of peace of mind.

Fixating your mind on the past

That will enable you, empower you to move on rather than remaining stuck in a situation where you are wondering: “Why did this not happen? This should have happened. What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? Why is there some injustice that happened here? Why did other people do what they did? And so forth.”

You will see, if you could interview psychologists who have functioned as trauma counselors, you would see that the biggest obstacle they face is that people are stuck in precisely this mechanism. It is as if the trauma fixates their mind on the past. They are analyzing. They are wondering why this happened, why this should not have happened. They are constantly obsessing about this and you can see that the counselors have experienced that some people can remain stuck in this for a very long time. But those who move on, move on because they come to that point where they somehow accept: “Well this is how the cookie crumbled. How do I move forward from here?”

You drop the cookie ⎯ it is unpredictable exactly how it is going to crumble. There is no point in sitting there for several days analyzing:  “Why did the cookie crumble that way? I do not like that big triangle on the right there, that should not have happened. Why did that happen?” Or you can say: “Well that is how the cookie crumbled, let me sweep it up and get on with my life.”

There is a certain point on the spiritual path where you need to come to that acceptance of the chaos. You need to do what you do. You are working on yourself, you are observing yourself, you are observing your reactions, you are seeking to overcome whatever separate selves you have left. But you can still come to that point where you accept that life on earth is a process of constantly, as the popular saying goes, “tossing your cookies.”

You are tossing cookies and seeing how they crumble. And you can say: “Oh that crumbled that way, let me try something else.” But you are not worrying about what happened. You are not seeking to change what has already happened.

Following the flow

We have talked about living in the now, not being stuck in the past, and this is what I am talking about. Something happens, something is manifest physically. This can stop you because you are wondering why it happened, you are saying it should not have happened, it was some injustice, and you are stuck in the past. But the most constructive way to deal with the situation is to say: “That is how the cookie crumbled, where do I go next? How do I move on from here given that the cookie crumbled the way it did, that my situation is the way it is, how do I move on?”

In other words, you are flowing with the River of Life. We have given this concept flowing with the River of Life – few people have understood what it really means but this is what it means. When you are flowing with the River of Life, you do not look at a specific outcome and let that stop you from flowing. If you fixate your mind on analyzing, this should not have happened, that should not have happened, you are out of the river. You are standing there on the bank looking at the river wondering why it flowed the way it did.

The way to stay in the river is to look at a situation, accept: “This happened. How do I move on?” You are instantly making another decision to do something else ⎯ you are moving on because it is not really so important what happened at this particular moment in the flow. The important thing is to stay in the flow, to follow the flow.

You see, you may be going, as we have given the image before, you are sitting in a small boat in a turbulent river. Your goal is to get to a certain point ahead of you. You are trying to steer your boat in a direct line towards that point because you have heard the old saying, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But it actually is not because Einstein proved that space is curved, so the shortest distance between two points is a curved line. But the shortest distance in a river may be a very turbulent course depending on there is a big rock in the river. If you are going straight for your destination, you will hit the rock and it will wreck your boat. But if you steer around it, you can still keep going.

In order to get to your destination, it is not a matter of saying: “That particular turbulent place in the river should not have been there. Why is it there? It should not be there.” No, you hit the turbulence, you change your course and then you move on. And if you keep doing this and moving on you will eventually get to your point because the flow of the river goes in that direction.

What is your ultimate destination as a spiritual student? Your ascension. Does it really matter what happens right now that the situation right now is not what you expected? Does it really matter, as long as you get to your ascension in the end? Does it matter how many twists and turns, how much turbulence you encounter, as long as you keep moving towards your ascension? How do you deal with a situation that was not the way you expected it to be? You accept that this happened and then you say: “What is my next step? Where do I go from here? How do I move forward from here?”

The ongoingness of the nation of Ukraine

Have I hereby said something about how Ukraine can have the best possible outcome from the trauma of this war? Well, perhaps I have and as the saying always goes, some will understand.

I know this is a very traumatic situation, but it is just one among many such situations on earth and life has moved on. You can go back a thousand years ago and look at a massacre of thousands of people and say this was a completely traumatic and unjust situation and it was but today the world has moved on. And it is not to in any way belittle what is happening in Ukraine, but there will come a point where the nation has moved on and it can look back and say: “Well that is how the cookie crumbled.”

How long will it take before the nation will reach that point? That depends on how many people are willing to accept that the cookie crumbled. And now where do we go from here? How do we move on? How do we make the best of it? Instead of worrying about what should or should not have happened. This is especially relevant in a situation of war.

There is a concept called the fog of war with people who have been involved with wars for a long time have realized that this is an inherently chaotic and unpredictable situation. Well, when something is chaotic and unpredictable, what is the point of analyzing it? What is the point of evaluating based on what should or should not have happened? You simply need to move on because ongoingness is more important than analyzing a particular situation, finding the cause, assigning blame and so forth.

Ongoingness, what do we see from the ascended realm? The ongoingness of life on earth, the ongoingness of the nation of Ukraine and how it can move on in the future to something better than most people could imagine. We see the same for Russia, for Belarus, for all nations on earth. There is an ongoingness. Russia will also one day look back and say: “Well, how is it relevant for us today? We have moved so far beyond this.”

This is what I and the Chohans and the lady masters have wanted to give you. Certainly, more could be said, more might be said in the future depending on the response from the collective consciousness, our own students, and the more progressive people in all of these nations involved here. But for now, we are extremely grateful that so many of you have been willing to participate in this interdependent origination between us in the ascended realm and you in physical embodiment.

Even though the earth is chaotic I can assure you that a conference such as this can change the course of the River of Life. For this you have my gratitude, our gratitude and I seal you in the joyful flame of Buddhic peace that I AM. Gautama, I AM.


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Freedom from force is the key to a better life on earth

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 30, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray.

What is freedom? Freedom has at different times been defined differently by different human beings. You will see examples of various regimes, empires, ideologies who define freedom in such a way that it was to comply with the system. This is something you see even in today’s world. How would the fundamentalist preachers of Islam in Iran define freedom? To comply with the government, with the system, with the Sharia law and have whatever existence that defines for you, even accept that this is God’s will for you and all you can hope to aspire to.

How was freedom defined in the Soviet Union? To be a good citizen and to follow the laws and the rules and the dictates of the party elite. How would the Catholic church define freedom? To follow all the rules and beliefs and doctrines of the Catholic religion. How would fundamentalist churches define freedom? To believe in their literal interpretation of the gospels and follow them to the letter, whatever that means for your life here on earth, for the important thing is what comes after, they will say.

A better life after earth

Well, certainly, as ascended masters, we are living examples of the fact that there is life after earth. There is, so to speak, life after life, what human beings call life. But if there is any meaning to the concept that there is life after life, then would it not be reasonable to say that that life after life on earth has to be better than life on earth? What are the many Christians around the world hoping for? What are the many Christians in Russia hoping for? They hope that there will be life after their life on earth and they hope it will be better than what they have now. What is implied in this?

What is it that the Christian religion has been used to doing for 1,700 years since the formation of the Catholic church, which set the pattern for all later Christian churches, including the Eastern Orthodox? Well, Christianity has been used by the power elite to try to make the population accept the life that they, the power elite, have defined for the people. The power elite has tried to make people believe that the life they had, even if they were poor, was defined by God. This was the life that God had defined for them that they could have. But not to worry, there was a better life in the next world. This is, of course, a complete lie because it belies reincarnation.

And the fact of the matter is that the consciousness you have in this lifetime will determine what your life will be like in the next lifetime. If you have not freed yourself from the manipulation of the power elite in this lifetime, you will come back under the slavery of the power elite in your next lifetime. The power elite, of course, knows this, but they deny this knowledge for the people so they cannot rebel against it, so that the people do not rebel against the power elite on earth because they believe that this would jeopardize their existence after earth, this would jeopardize them going to heaven and instead send them to hell where there is eternal torment.

A better life on earth

But you see, if you think about this with a higher level of reasoning that, of course, not all are capable of, but many are, then if you have the concept that there is a better life after life on earth, you are open to the possibility that life could be better than what you have right now. Why then would it not be possible to have a better life here on earth? Why do you have to wait to have a better life in a higher realm?

Other Chohans have talked about the historical evolution, the trends, the shift that has happened in history. Well, here is how you might look at it from the perspective of the Seventh Ray of Freedom. There was a time in the Catholic empire of the Middle Ages where the people lived in ignorance. All they knew was what the church had told them what they were allowed to know, and the church, of course, had not told them there was an alternative to the life they had. They were not telling them that there were people in other parts of the world who had a different life.

The same, of course, in the Soviet Union. They were not told that people in the West had a much better life materially and, for that matter, psychologically than they had in the Soviet Union. You see this very simple fact that there was something called the Iron Curtain. If the Soviet Union had been this wonderful socialist utopia that they claimed it to be, then the function of the Iron Curtain should be to prevent all those poor people in Western Europe who lived under the yoke of capitalism from immigrating to the Soviet socialist paradise. Instead, of course, the function of the Iron Curtain was to keep the people inside the socialist “paradise” and to keep them from knowing that life was better elsewhere on earth.

What do you see? You see that evolution, the evolution of society, has brought about better life conditions on earth for many, many people. Surely, there are still people who live under appalling conditions. But compared to 100 or 500 or 1,000 years ago, you see that there are many, many millions of people who are living in much better material conditions. This has not happened because of, or with the approval of the power elite. They would much have preferred this not to happen. Why? Because they wanted to maintain the situation where the people did not think there was an alternative to their present situation. They did not think there was anybody else who had better conditions than they had in their country. Why did the Soviet Union have to prevent the people inside from knowing what was going on outside? Because they had to try and prevent them from knowing that life could be better here on earth than what they had.

Boris Yeltsin, as we have mentioned before, realized this when he visited the United States and saw an ordinary grocery store that had full shelves with many different kinds of items in every category and people who go in and buy whatever they wanted. And he realized that if people in the Soviet Union knew that people in the West lived this way, they would want to have it. And therefore, the Soviet Union could not survive.

What does this lead to? It leads to the realization that everybody wants a better life. All people on earth want a better life. The only reason why so many people do not have it is that in their minds, through the manipulation of the power elite, they have come to believe it is not possible for them.

A better life for Ukrainian people

What is another reason among several for the war in Ukraine? Well, the Russians in Russia claim that the Ukrainians and the Russians are brother people. They claim they are so alike and Putin has created this idea that the Ukrainians want to be like Russians. They want to be Russians. Or at least they should want this. But what is Putin’s reign in Russia based on?

The people in Russia, not believing that they can change conditions in Russia. They do not believe that they can have a better life, that they can break free from the current system, Putin and his power elite. Most people do not believe they can break free. But what has been happening in Ukraine, especially since the election of the new president, but even starting before? It is that the people of Ukraine have risen to the desire for a better life. They clearly want a better life than they had during the Soviet Union. They clearly want a better life than they have had even after the Soviet Union. And a growing number of people in Ukraine came to realize that there was only one way they could have this. And that was to move closer to Europe where they saw this life already being manifest.

You know from history, even from the Bible, that brotherly love can have various not so loving aspects. You have the story of Cain and Abel. Abel had something that Cain could have had if he was willing to transcend himself, but he was not. He was not willing to transcend himself, so he could not have what Abel had. But the fact that Abel had it irked him, disturbed him, made him jealous. He could not stand Abel having something he did not have. But since he was not willing to transcend himself, what did he do? He killed Abel so that he did not have to look at his brother having something he was not willing to get. Well, this is what has happened in the collective consciousness of Russia, but especially among the power elite.

Why is Putin so intent on taking control of Ukraine? Because he does not want the Ukrainians to create a better life and reorient themselves towards the West. Why not? Because if the Ukrainians can do it, why couldn’t the Russians in Russia do it? And he is therefore afraid that if the Russians in Russia see this, see the Ukrainians having a better life, they will want it also, and he knows that that can only happen if his system is overthrown— not just his government, but also the oligarchs and the entire way the Russian economy functions.

A better life for Russians?

For the majority of Russians to have a better life, the system must be fundamentally changed. And as we said about the Russian military, if you want to fix a certain problem, you cannot fix it within the confines of the system because the system is the problem. Putin cannot give the Russian people a better life because he is the one holding Russia back. Therefore, he thinks that if Ukraine is successful in creating a better economy, a better standard of living for the people orienting itself towards the West, having greater democratic freedoms, this will be a threat to him. He portrays it as being a threat to Russia, but as we have said, Putin is in the lowest state of consciousness you can be on earth, therefore in Putin’s mind, everything is about him. There is no other human being in Putin’s mind than Putin. Everybody else is a tool for the advancement or defense of Putin’s self-image. This, anyone who is willing to observe this neutrally can see.

Putin’s plans for Ukraine

What you have here is that part of the motivation is this jealousy, this unwillingness to let someone we consider our brothers have more than we have. And therefore, Putin is willing to destroy Ukraine as an independent nation, destroy the Ukrainian people by forcing them to be like Russians, meaning that they are subject to his reign, to his control.

Do you realize that the Russian government and military had not only planned for the invasion of Ukraine, but also for what would come after? You can look back now and see that their plans were unrealistic, but they had planned to take over Ukraine very quickly, dethrone the government, and therefore put themselves in control of the country. After that, they had planned to do what Russia did in the 1940s with Stalin in the Baltic countries—arrest all people who could be a threat to Russian control. They had the same National Guard units that have suppressed protesters in Russia, in Ukraine. They had plans for camps where they could intern these people until they could be assessed whether they could be “re-educated” or whether they had to be killed outright. That is why we say that if those plans had come to fruition, many more Ukrainians would have been killed, than has been the case until now.

Freedom from force

You need to recognize here what is it that has happened in the world? We have talked about the modern nations reaching a higher level of humanity, a higher level of willingness to serve, but they have also reached a higher level of freedom. Now, we have said before that freedom has different stages and that the lower stages of freedom is freedom from, freedom from something.

From this perspective, what has happened in the modern world is that they have achieved freedom from force. Since the Second World War, there has been freedom from an outside force attempting to force people in the Western countries, in the modern democracies, but there has also been a high degree of freedom from internal forces in the form of their own governments. Hardly anyone in the modern world, well, I should not say hardly anyone, because there are certainly some people, but most people in the modern world do not feel oppressed by their own governments, do not feel that their government is out to get them. Even the people in the modern world who feel that their government is out to get them, they do so because they really have no idea what it is to live in Russia. And if they knew this, if they were willing to acknowledge this, they would realize that their government really is not out to get them and that their belief in this is unrealistic.

What you realize is that the people in the modern world have achieved a high degree of freedom from force. This is also what the Ukrainian people, the majority of them, want. They wanted it before the war, but they were, as we have explained, not quite there, and that is why this situation could happen, partly also because of their role that they have taken on to demonstrate how unfree the Russians are from force.

If you look at the collective consciousness of different countries, you can set up a scale and you can say, here is freedom from force, complete freedom from force, and then below that are varying degrees of freedom, and then you go into the negative where you have varying degrees of force. In other words, you have no freedom from force at the lowest level.

You can look at this scale and you can see that before the war, Ukraine was certainly higher than Russia, but there were still those people who still had some loyalty towards Russia who were holding Ukraine back, but they were at a higher level than Russia. What has happened after the war started is that there has been a shift in the Ukrainian nation where more and more people have begun to feel and desire that freedom. You can say there is still a war going on, so obviously they are exposed to an external force, but nevertheless, more and more people have actually come to the realization that they desire freedom from force.

Russian apathy

In Russia, it has gone in the opposite direction because there has been a, so far at least, a resignation in many Russians that nothing can change. Some of the people who believe things can change have left. Some of the people who have left, left because they do not think things can change, but the people who are left in Russia, who have stayed in Russia, have resigned themselves, most of them, have given up, and therefore the consciousness, the collective consciousness of Russia has gone much lower. They are prepared to accept more and more force from the government. Now, this may, as some experts have said, shift at some point where the fear of the government becomes outweighed by other fears, so that they are willing to stand up and demand change. But right now, there are few countries in the world where the collective consciousness is lower than it is in Russia, at least based on these criteria of freedom from force.

You can look at Putin, you can ask yourself, who is the least free person in Russia? From a certain perspective, it seems that the most powerful man in Russia is Putin. He can do anything he wants, and the entire country moves when he tells them to move. But when you look at the psychological aspect, Putin is the least free person in Russia, and one of the least free in the entire world, because he is so trapped in his own mindset.

This leads to what? Well, it leads to the realization that certainly you have physical force that limits your freedom. But why are you subject to physical force? Why do you accept that your situation on earth could not be changed, that you could not have a better life on earth? Well, it is because of psychological conditions. You have some mechanism in your psychology that prevents you from accepting that you could have better conditions. Therefore, you resign yourself, you give up. This, when you look at it historically, is what all power elites seen throughout history, all totalitarian or abusive regimes have counted on.

They have counted on that there can come a point where they have applied enough force towards their own people, that the people give up, they resign themselves, that this is the way life needs to be, and there is nothing they can do to improve it, at least here on earth. The Russians, as we have explained, have been subject to this for a very, very long time, many people. But of course, many people have incarnated in Russia in this age because they wanted to show that there is an alternative. The problem is that now, many of those people have left Russia. But of course, they are still pulling on the collective consciousness. Even this can have a long-term positive effect.

But the point here is this. A country cannot achieve freedom from force until there is a shift in a critical mass of the people, where they shift their psychology so they begin to look at why they think they have to resign themselves to their lot in life, why they think they have to give up improving their lives. Sometimes this takes some very hard knocks. You can see in Iran how these young people had to be driven almost to desperation and despair because they saw no future for themselves before they were willing to protest. But there is always that potential that people can wake up, and this is what has happened in Ukraine, and this is why you see Ukraine has made more progress than Russia. And that is why you see this desperate attempt in Russia to stop the freedom in Ukraine.

The shift in Ukraine

What does this mean for the Ukrainian people? Well, it means simply this. You are already on the road to greater freedom. There is already a critical mass of people in Ukraine who have opened their hearts to the Freedom Flame of the Seventh Ray. They have taken it in at whatever portion they could handle, but you are already on the road to freedom, and you simply need to continue and you need to accelerate this. And again, there is a great acceleration now, there is a great potential now because many of the people who were not there before the war have now been so shocked that they are saying: “We want freedom from this.”

They look at the destruction, and those of you who are not in a war zone, who are not in one of these areas in Ukraine which have been occupied by Russia, you cannot fathom what it was like for these people—what kind of a shock it was for many of these people to see what the Russian soldiers did, to see the destruction of property, the killing of people, the torture, the rape. This completely inhumane behavior, the stealing of everything that could be taken. This was such a shock to many of these people who had loyalty towards Russia that they now are open to saying: “We never want this again, we want freedom from this, we want freedom from this kind of force.”

Freedom from corruption

Again, there is an opportunity here for Ukraine to make a dramatic shift, a dramatic shift where the people come to realize: “We want a better life, but what has prevented us from having a better life? It was force, and we want freedom from force.” This means many different things. Obviously right now you are saying: “We want freedom from Russian oppression and attacks and destruction”. But look at the internal forces that were holding back the growth in Ukraine. As we have said now many times, corruption is one of them. But also, the whole economic system, with the oligarchs, with the favoritism, and the whole political system that is not based on serving the people, but serving special interests.

There is a tremendous opportunity to awaken, to look at the country and say: “What do we need to do to come up higher, to have that freedom for both external and internal forces? How do we need to change ourselves?” And you will see that there are enough people in Ukraine already, who have that desire for a better life, who have that belief that a better life is possible, that it can actually be manifest. You also have the situation that many of the refugees have come to these other countries, where they have seen that a better life is possible. They have seen that people just like them have a better life. You also have many of these refugees who were shocked in a positive way, by the way they were welcomed in these countries.

You see here that, to go back to Nada’s talk of service, that many of these Ukrainians, refugees, have now seen, experienced a higher level of service, because the people who have welcomed them in these other nations, have demonstrated their willingness to serve them, even though they got nothing out of it themselves. Many Ukrainians had a certain suspicion towards other nations. Many Ukrainians had a certain suspicion towards Poland and the Polish people because of certain conflicts in the past. But they were shocked in a positive way by being welcomed there, Poland having taken in more Ukrainian refugees than any other nation.

You see again this demonstration of the willingness to give selfless service, and this they can take back with them, and there can be the shift where you say: “Enough with the old ways. Enough with the privileges that people had—those who are public servants but are not serving the public, but seeking to gain benefits for themselves and those who are willing to pay or will give them services back. We cannot accept this anymore. We will not accept this in our nation. And we demand freedom from this internal force, because it is a force that is discriminating against people, making some people privileged while holding other people down.”

Creating a new national identity and culture

There are of course many other aspects of this. In the more long term, there is a great need for people in Ukraine who are creative. They are artists, they are musicians, they are philosophers, they are thinkers. Not necessarily formally educated in any of those fields, but they are able to think differently. They are able to look at things, realize connections, realize why certain things have happened, and they can then forge a new national identity and culture. There are Ukrainians who have said that: “We do not have many heroes in Ukraine. When we look at our past, we do not have many heroes”. But now you do. Not only the soldiers, but many other people. And you have the possibility of creating a new national identity, where you free yourself from your past, including the Soviet past, but also the insensitivity to life, the brutality, the tendency towards crime, corruption, the tendency towards selfishness, self-centeredness. You can free yourself from this in the long run. You can forge a new way of looking at yourselves, as we have said, that you actually come to accept that you are a worthy member of the European family. You are an asset to the European family because you have raised yourself to that level of humanity. That means that you are now an equal among nations.

Christ discernment and equality

It is fine to talk about equality, and at a certain level, all men are created equal. But that was when they first took embodiment on earth. And since then, through many incarnations, they have developed in different directions, and therefore you cannot say that all men are equal today. This is one of the weaknesses of the modern democracies, that they tend to want to think that everybody is equal and that they can treat everybody equally. This, of course, is not Christ’s discernment, because, to use the obvious example, you need to recognize that Putin and the Russian government do not have pure intentions towards democratic nations, and therefore you cannot treat them as if they do.

The same thing applies in many other ways. But first of all, the level of humanity. When you have reached a certain level of humanity, you cannot allow yourself to ignore or forget that other people have not reached that level. And therefore, you cannot treat them as equals when they are at a lower level of humanity, where they will stab you in the back at the first opportunity they get.

Cooperation among equals

Again, Ukraine has the potential to raise itself, to raise the collective consciousness, to become equal in humanity and a desire for freedom with other European nations, and therefore be able to cooperate as equals. We have said that we want Russia to cooperate with other nations as an equal, but that obviously cannot happen right now. There needs to be a raising of the collective consciousness before this can happen. And what really needs to happen here is that Ukraine needs to grasp this simple thing that we have explained—that the development you see in the modern world is not forced. There is no central organization that has forced the democratic nations to become more free and prosperous. It has happened through voluntary cooperation. But voluntary cooperation is based on a realization. It is not based on a calculation where somebody might say: :”Well, I see these Europeans are cooperating. We are going to pretend that we are going to cooperate with them, but we are just going to see how we can get the biggest possible advantage out of this and how we can cheat them.” There are countries in the world where they for hundreds, if not thousands of years, have had a consciousness where they are always seeking to cheat others. But this is not cooperation among equals.

Cooperation works when it is voluntary because it is based on this realization that by being honest, I am doing what is best for myself. By cooperating openly and honestly, we are doing what is best for ourselves and our nation. It is not a matter of Ukraine having to do something to get an advantage. It is a matter of Ukraine rising to the level of other European nations where it just comes naturally to cooperate honestly and openly. It is simply second nature, or perhaps even first nature. You are not doing it with any hidden intentions. You are realizing that the nations of Western Europe, or the other nations of Europe, they actually want to help raise Ukraine up and become a modern nation.

Freedom from the Cain consciousness

And you may say: “Well, there are companies in those countries that want to make money on rebuilding Ukraine.” Well, true enough, but this does not extend to all of the people. There are people in the modern world, not only in Europe but elsewhere, who would love to see the rest of the world have what they have. They do not have the Cain consciousness. They are not jealous of their brothers and sisters. They want everyone to have the kind of life that they have, because this is freedom. It is freedom from something. It is freedom from envy and jealousy. Jealousy of your brothers and sisters, the Cain consciousness. When you attain freedom from that, how could it be a threat to you that other people have what you have or even have more? How is that a threat? How is it a detriment to you?

When you have experienced that all of the modern world has become more affluent by cooperating, you see that if others have more, it will raise the entire economy and you will have more. If the entire world—just step back and imagine this—imagine that the entire world had the same level of material affluence as Western Europe. Just imagine this. I know you can come with all kinds of reasonings and arguments that this is not possible because of natural resources and this and that. But let’s put that aside. First of all, I have before talked about natural resources not being a fixed quantity. But let’s just imagine that the entire world had the same level of affluence as the people and the nations of Western Europe. How would that possibly take anything from the nations of Western Europe? On the contrary, they would also increase their affluence. This does not mean they would always be ahead. But if the entire level of the economy of the world was raised, everybody would benefit.

Again, there is a tendency for people who are less free to project upon all others their own state of consciousness. This is what you see out-pictured so clearly by Putin, who is in a force-based mindset. He cannot fathom that the NATO countries have transcended the force-based mindset. And therefore, he projects upon them that they want to do to Russia what he wants to do to them. He wants to use force to take back what he considers Russian territory and NATO stands in the way of that, so therefore he is projecting upon them that they are the ones who want to take from Russia. In a sense, he is right. His ambition is to take land that he thinks belongs to Russia, and NATO stands in the way of his imperial dreams. Therefore, to him, the limitation of his aggressive force is an aggressive force against him. Because in his mind, he is the center of the universe, so everything other nations do is directed against him. If they are limiting his expansive ambitions, well, that is an act of aggression against Putin—in Putin’s mind.

Where this relates to Ukraine is that Ukraine can make a shift. Ukrainians can realize that there are still remnants in the collective consciousness where you are suspicious of other people and their motives. Certainly, you can see this from the Soviet times, but it even goes further back. You are projecting that maybe other people will take advantage of you, but you can shift above that and realize that if you let go of that mindset, you will be able to cooperate freely with those nations who are already cooperating freely amongst themselves.

I am not trying to portray here that Western Europe is some kind of paradise on earth. I am just trying to say that this is further ahead than where Ukraine is at and that Ukraine can gain an advantage by rising to that level. You can see that Russia is not willing to rebuild Ukraine after the war. Even if Ukraine surrendered to Russia right now and said: “Come in and take us.” Do you think that Russia would spend the resources to rebuild Ukraine? Certainly not, until they had “re-educated” the population to become Russians, but even then, you can see that large parts of Ukraine would be taken down if they were at the same level of Russia.

Who is willing to help Ukraine rebuild the country after the war? Well, obviously Western Europe or Europe in general. What is to the advantage of Ukraine? It is to be free of this mindset of being suspicious of other people’s intentions. Maybe they are trying to take advantage of us. If you can overcome that, you will make much faster progress in terms of rebuilding the country.

Everybody wins by cooperating

Now we gave not so long ago, a conference in Ukraine where we were physically, or the messenger was physically there. You can go back and study these dictations and you can see that everything we said still applies to Ukraine. Everything is still valuable for you to study. But of course, what has happened since then is that many of the things we only said between the lines or hinted at have now gained a much sharper focus. That is why we have been more direct in our dictations this time. Because we now see that there is that openness in the collective consciousness. Things that we did not say directly before have now been said more directly because before then, there was not that same openness. There was this desire by so many people to maintain status quo where they felt they either had a privileged position or that they had the kind of life that they had accepted was their lot in life and they did not want to lose it.

You can realize something here that when you rise to that freedom from force, from the force-based mindset, you can cooperate freely with other people, because you are not afraid of losing something through cooperation. This is what you see, a consciousness that very few people have realized, but it has emerged in the modern world. It is this awareness that we do not actually lose by cooperating, we win by cooperating. Everybody wins by cooperating. This is what you see demonstrated in nature. This is why life has been sustained for a very long time on this planet. As we have said before, survival of the fittest means those who are most willing to cooperate, not those who are most willing to use force. This is an important shift for the Ukrainian nation. It can bring tremendous benefits for a long time to come. Many people have made that shift. The President and many of the new people in Parliament have made that shift. Many other people have made the shift. But still you can build that momentum that takes the nation beyond these critical points where the progress becomes irreversible, where it becomes self-reinforcing, and that will give you the fastest possible progress in the aftermath of this unfortunate event that none of us wanted to see, but nevertheless, now that it has happened, we are, as we have said, giving you the impetus to make use of it—the best possible use of it.

There is an old saying that it is one thing to win the war, it is another to win the peace. Well, we want Ukraine to both win the war and win the peace. You may be able to win the war with the mindset you have now, although, again, transcending it would help you win it faster, but you certainly cannot win the peace with the mindset you have now. That requires transcendence, as we have explained.

Naturally, freedom has many facets, many levels. Much more can be said about freedom, but I have already said many things about freedom for those who are ready to look at these higher facets. What we have given at this conference, the Chohans, is a measured release based on our observations of the collective consciousness, the changes that have happened since the war started, and people’s willingness to switch, to think in new terms.

Dare to dream!

You know that another way to look at what has happened in the world is to talk about imagination. You go back to the times of the Soviet Union, both in Ukraine and other republics and in Russia itself, and you see that what the Soviet Union had destroyed in most people was imagination. Nobody dared to imagine anything new, anything different, anything better. Why have the nations in the modern world made the progress they have made? Because people’s imaginations were more free. People dared to dream. They dared to experiment. They dared to think in ways that nobody had thought before. It has been said that science is the process of seeing what everybody else sees, but thinking what nobody else has thought. Well, imagination is seeing what everybody else sees, but experiencing in the mind something beyond, something that most people cannot experience. But when you have the imagination, you experience it.

What is it that holds back a nation? It is precisely the lack of imagination. People’s minds are locked on a track. They have been brought up in certain conditions. They have a certain past that they have been told about either by family members or in school, and they think: “This is how we are as Ukrainians. This is how we have done things, this is how we think, this is how we look at life”. And they accept that there are certain boundaries, and there is no point in thinking beyond those boundaries, there is no point in imagining beyond those boundaries because: “We are Ukrainians, and we are dragging behind us this enormous rock, and we cannot let go of the rope, we have to just keep dragging the rock. Wherever we go, wherever we move, wherever we think we can move as a nation, we have to drag the past with us”.

But you do not. You do not have to drag it with you. But in order to stop dragging it, in order to let go of the rope, you have to dare to think what no one else has thought in your country so far. You need to dare to imagine that things could be done differently than the way you have traditionally done them. Do you have to have the corruption you have now, that you have had for so long? Do you have to always have that? Do you always have to struggle the way you have been struggling so far? Do you have to do business the way you have done business? Or are there other ways? Do you have to do politics the way you have done politics? Or are there other ways?

The greatest gift you could give as an individual to your nation is to free your imagination to dare to imagine what nobody else has imagined so far. If enough people did this, you could make progress beyond your wildest imaginations as they are right now. You could manifest something that is beyond your wildest dreams. My vision for Ukraine is much higher than anybody in Ukraine can fathom right now. I am willing to give that vision to anyone who will open their minds. In a sense, you often think, many people think, that imagination is just fantasy. But go back 500 years and look at how they lived back then. Then look at the reality of how you live today. Could the people back then have even imagined how you live today? No. And if somebody had dared to imagine it, most people at the time would have said, that is just pure fantasy. But you are living in today’s world. You know it is not fantasy, it is reality. The future that you do not dare to imagine today is not fantasy. It is a very real potential. And it only takes one thing, your acceptance that it is a real possibility instead of fantasy.

“Ask and ye shall receive.” it has been said. I would say: “Accept and you shall receive. Accept that it is possible and you shall receive it”. For if you cannot accept that it is possible, how can I give it to you? That would be a violation of your free will.

Freedom from victimhood

We have talked about the victim consciousness. What is the essence of the victim consciousness? You think that you are not in charge of your future. You are dependent on external forces over which you have no control. Yes, you were a part of the Soviet Union. You felt forced to go into it, you felt forced to be into it. The Holodomor was forced upon you. Now the war is forced upon you. Some people look now after the war hoping that EU will come in and be the savior and force you to change. But the EU is not based on force. You need to step up and decide what you want. You need to make decisions of what kind of future you want. Imagination is one aspect but the other is the decision: “What do we want? How are we willing to change ourselves in order to get it?” And then the decision to accept that it is possible. You are not victims unless you think you are. The question is, do you want to continue to be victims of forces beyond your control –  external forces or the oligarchs or the politicians or the bureaucrats or the weather or this or that? Do you want to continue to be victims? Or do you want to be free from victimhood? If you want to be free then I am your man. I am willing to help you be free. Give me some open minds and I will give you the vision of a better future for Ukraine. I do not withhold anything from anyone. So, prove me herewith – sayeth the Lord of Freedom –  and I shall pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Russia will change

With this I have had my say. I again give my gratitude to those of you who have been the instruments, who have listened to this and who have broadcasted through your chakras. If you could see the effect of this conference, you would be thrilled—to see the effect that this has had, the ripples that this has created and sent through the collective consciousness of Ukraine, of Belarus and of Russia. I am grateful that there are so many people from Belarus, from Russia and from Ukraine itself who are participating in this conference. Naturally, when you are from a country listening to, taking in these dictations has a greater impact on the collective consciousness than if it is done by people who have not grown up in that country. Recognize that you have done a tremendous service, not only to Ukraine but certainly to Belarus and in the longer term to Russia as well.

One thing is absolutely clear, Russia cannot remain the same after this war. How long it takes, exactly how it outplays, well that is still unpredictable. But one thing is certain, Russia will never be the same. Putin has taken a step that is irreversible and that has ramifications way beyond his wildest imaginations which are not very wild to tell you the truth. Russia will also change, there is no question about it.

With this I seal you in this most joyful Flame of Freedom that I am. It may not seem to many people in Ukraine right now that there is much cause for joy, I recognize that, but I still send that joy into the collective consciousness for those who are able to pick it up and receive some reprieve from the current situation. You have my love that I freely give and I give it to all in Belarus, in Russia, in Ukraine and of course everywhere around the world. My love is not limited, my love is not bound by time and space, it is infinite, it is everywhere. I only have one desire for earth, to see a golden age manifest.

I seal you in that joyful Flame of Freedom, for I AM Saint Germain, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and the Representative of Freedom for earth.


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Rising to higher levels of service

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels, October 30, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Nada, Chohan of the Sixth Ray, normally called the Ray of Peace and the Ray of Service.

Why peace and service? Well, can there be service when there is not peace? Many will object to that statement. You will see that in some countries they say that when you are in the military and fighting a war for your country, you are serving your country. They even say that losing your life in a war is the ultimate service, or the ultimate sacrifice. This, of course, is an understandable feeling given current conditions on earth. But certainly you who are students will recognize that on a natural planet, serving in the military is not natural, nor necessary. You see that there is a condition on earth where it is necessary to have a military.

Take note of what I said. It is necessary to have a military. But this is necessary only because so many people are in the dualistic state of consciousness. You will recognize, of course, that, as Hilarion explained, a large group of nations in the world have risen to a level of humanity, have risen to a level of truth, where they could not even conceive of attacking each other. It is clear that in a defensive alliance such as NATO, it is implicit in the entire purpose of the alliance that the nations do not attack each other. Otherwise what would be the purpose of the alliance if there was not that trust that those who have entered into an alliance will not attack each other? In a sense you could say that amongst the nations of NATO or even of the modern democratic world, there is no need for a military. They do not need the military to defend themselves against each other. So why do I say that a military is still necessary? Well, obviously because there are some nations that have not risen to that level of humanity, that level of honesty, that level of trustworthiness.

 A self-centered service

Now, we can also look at this from a different perspective. If you look beyond the current dualistic mindset on earth, we have explained to you that this mindset springs from the consciousness of separation, where people have come to see themselves as separate beings. This has created various groupings of people that see themselves as separate from other groups of people, whether it be nations, races, the sexes or whatever groupings you have, numerous such groupings throughout history and even today. When you are separate people, when you see yourselves as separate people, what is your concept of service? Well, primarily it is self-service.

You are serving yourself as an individual trying to get the best possible advantage for yourself that you can get. This is the basis for corruption. Those who have a position in society are taking advantage of that position, regardless of how it affects other people or society as a whole, for they feel no responsibility for other people or for society. In some cases you can have a nation or group of people that are in this state of separation, but they can still fathom that there is something, some whole such as the state, and they can see a need to serve the state.

Of course, they themselves are not defining what it means to serve the state. Those who are in charge of the state are defining this, and they are defining it based on self-service, what they see as being in their own best interests, often short-term interests. In some cases there can be a long-term interest, in the sense that they are seeking to promote the superiority of their religion, as the Catholics and Muslims during the Crusades, or their ideology or some other epic cause. In a sense you could say that you have the ultimate self-service that you saw in previous ages where there were no organized societies. It was dog-eat-dog, everybody against everybody, trying to get an advantage for themselves.

Even if you go back to these societies, you actually see that it was not really complete self-service. Many of these hunter-gatherer cultures, they lived in groups, whether they called them tribes or something else. They lived in small groups because they realized that no man is an island, that in a hunter-gatherer culture an individual cannot survive alone. There needs to be cooperation. There needs to be a service towards the group, where the individual serves the group.

There were actually many of these what you often in the modern world call primitive societies that had quite a high level of humanity and dedication to service, true service, where you are serving the whole. Now you can say it was not the ultimate altruistic service because they still were serving the tribe as a way to secure their own survival. Still there were some people who had a higher level of service than what you saw in earlier societies, where you had, for example, the barbarian invasions of Europe, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and so on, where they were out to plunder by killing other people, destroying cities and so on.

You see that this was, in a sense you could say, an example of people who saw themselves as completely separate from those who were not in their group, but they still had this dedication to serving the group, following the leader, but it was very much a self-centered service. They knew that by risking their lives they would also get the opportunity to plunder and take something home with them.

Progression in people’s ability to serve

You see that in a way we could say that when you look at history, you see that there has been a very gradual, very slow progression in terms of service, people’s ability to serve. You could say that the lowest level of service is when you are only looking out for yourself as an individual. This is what we have said is the lowest level of consciousness among the 144 levels. You gradually climb to higher levels of service. The tribal consciousness was a higher level of service than the lowest level of service. The barbarians could be said to be a very low level of service too, but later civilizations, where people were serving the state or some religion, had still a less self-centered level of service than the lowest level. You could say that even in the Soviet Union at least some people had some level of service that was beyond strictly self-centered. What we can say is that even though there have been certain groupings, certain nations, certain religions, that have been very self-serving and willing to force others, there has been a slow progression in people’s ability to serve something beyond their selves. They have been able to look beyond their own minds and look for something outside their own minds and dedicate themselves to serving that, sometimes reluctantly. But what have we said? The mind can become a closed system, and as you descend towards the lowest level of consciousness possible on earth, your mind becomes more and more closed.

How do you rise to higher levels? Well, below the 48th level you rise by gradually coming to see the limitations of being completely self-focused. You begin to see some advantage to having some loyalty to other people, to your family, to a group, and therefore being able to serve something beyond your narrow self-interest. You can see here that even if you look at a society such as the Soviet Union, there were still people who managed to progress in their ability to serve. This was by far not everyone. Most people were so reluctant that they actually sank deeper into this self-focus, which is what we have said is characteristic for many among the Russian people today. But you can see that any organized effort that causes people to serve a goal that is beyond their own personal interests can help them grow in their ability to serve.

Military service in the democratic world

Now, of course, you also see that many of these groupings have been led by fallen beings who were at the very lowest level of consciousness. These leaders have defined the interest of the group based on their own self-interest, which is often to achieve ultimate power or recognition on earth. Sometimes it has been a completely irrational goal, where their minds were so taken over by demons and fallen beings that they were only seeking chaos and destruction. Naturally you see that as long as you have people who are in this level of consciousness, this level of separation, you need to have a military because you cannot have a democratic world that is beyond this level of consciousness if it cannot defend itself against those who are still below it.

Now this, of course, does not mean that being in the military and going out killing other people is a higher level of service from a spiritual perspective. It is a necessity, and as Jesus has explained, there can be times where that which is not ideal from a higher perspective of the Christ consciousness is still in alignment with the Christ consciousness because it can bring a necessary change, or it can prevent a worse situation. Being in the military is a form of service, but it is, of course, not the highest form of service that people can rise to. What you see is that in these nations that have risen to become democracies, to form these economic alliances, defensive alliances, they have created a state of internal peace.

Now, many of these nations thought that after the Second World War and especially after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, they also had external peace, but you see that they still maintained their militaries. My point is that these nations have achieved a state of internal peace, and this means that the collective consciousness has been raised so that more and more people grasp the need to serve the whole, however they see it. Often it is not the state. Often it is other people or society or the common good or the collective. However they see it, they see that there is a need to serve. What does that mean? Well, we have said that the lowest level of service is this self-service that is only focused on itself. You can say that at the lower levels people are saying: “If I give a service, I want something in return. I’m giving a service in order to get something in return.”

Higher forms of service

This, of course, is not really giving a service. What is a higher form of service? Well, it is what Jesus demonstrated and talked about 2000 years ago. You could say that the essence of the message of Christ is service. I know you can say that many other things are also the essence of Christ, but since I AM the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, I will focus on service. What did Jesus say? Well, he called people to step up to a higher level of consciousness. In an outer sense he taught the multitudes in parables because he knew they were not ready for the highest level of service, but they could at least step beyond the lowest forms of self-service. By heeding his call to do unto others, love your enemies, do good to those that hate you and so forth, they could step up to this what we have called the basic humanity, which allows you to give a service. It is not a strictly self-centered service, but it is still focused on the recognition that: “By treating other people better, by not forcing other people, they will not seek to force me, so therefore we all prosper, and this is actually in my own best interest.”

There is, of course, a higher level of service, which is how Jesus expounded all things to his disciples and also in veiled form in the fragmentary accounts of his sayings. The parable about the servants who multiplied the talents is a veiled form of this, where the one servant who did not multiply the talent was only focused on himself and his narrow self-interest. He did not want to take a risk. But the others multiplied the talents by giving selfless service. You could also say that what Jesus taught to his disciples and again in veiled form in his parables was that by giving a certain kind of service here on earth, you receive a reward from a higher source, or in the spiritual realm after your life on earth. He gave the parable about those who have their reward here on earth because that is what they want and those who want their reward in heaven. What he really called for was for people to walk the path of Christhood, which is the ultimate form of service you can give on this planet.

Now this does not mean that people can do this only by being Christians and by using the same terminology that we use, calling it Christhood. It is really a path to a higher state of consciousness, a higher state of awareness, where you escape the illusion of separation, the dualistic state of consciousness, that causes you to be focused on yourself as a separate individual. Instead you step up. It is not a matter of forcing yourself to do this. This is what has been one of the downfalls of the Christian religion to this day.

Service based on force

Many Christians have started to grasp that Jesus had some higher message and that he called them to a higher level of service. But they are sitting there reading the Bible and thinking: “How can I do what Jesus told me to do?” Then they force themselves to go out and do, for example, some kind of charity or some kind of missionary work. But what Jesus really called his disciples to do, those who were at a high enough level to grasp his inner teachings, was to go through that transformation of consciousness. You are not giving this service because you are forcing yourself. When you are forcing yourself, you are still looking at: “What is my advantage? What do I get out of this?” There are even those who are looking at: “If I do all of these good things on earth, if I am a good Christian, if I am a Christian minister, if I do all this missionary work, surely God is going to reward me in heaven, and that is what I want.” This is still self-centered service.

The higher level of service that Jesus called people to rise to is where you overcome the sense of separation. Therefore you see the underlying truth that is the essence of the Christ discernment, that all life is one and that the only way to raise up others is to raise up the whole: “The only way to raise up myself is to raise up others, thereby raising the whole.” This is a shift in consciousness. It is not something you take on as you take on a religious conviction or an ideology. Christianity, as it is defined by the Catholic church even to this day and by many Lutheran or fundamentalist churches to this day, is an ideology. It is a thought system that people take on, as you take on an overcoat. They force themselves to follow the system, thinking they will get some advantage. Communism was an ideology that people took on. Sure, there were people who believed in communism, who were converted to communism as some people are converted to Christianity. But it was still something that was based on force. They took it on and forced themselves to think this way, believe this way, act this way.

What we are explaining to you here is that what has happened in the modern democracies is that there has been a shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness is fundamental. It is a shift towards a higher form of service that is beyond oneself. But it can also be described in another way. It is a shift away from force and towards unity. What is the opposite of peace? Many will say it is war. But really the opposite of peace is force. Why are there nations that are at peace with each other? Because they know and they trust that: “This other nation is not going to force us.” The Swedes can trust that even though a thousand years ago Denmark had half of Sweden under the Danish king, the Danes are not going to invade Sweden and try to take it back. They have peace internally.

What you see in what we have called the modern world, which Putin calls the West, is this transcendence of the illusion that force is necessary, where you believe that the only way to get what you want is through force. You could look at world history and see that for the greater part of known history the world was dominated by force. There were groups, there were empires, that attempted to take by force from others. You have had examples of groups of people, even entire civilizations, that were not based on force. In some cases they have survived for some time. In other cases they have been taken over by those who were willing to use force. You have, of course, even more examples of two civilizations that both were willing to use force and clashed, often leading to one destroying the other or conquering the other or even both being destroyed.

Service based on unity

You can see that as we have explained, democracy is the inevitable outcome of the historical process, the evolutionary process of earth, because it is based on a raising of consciousness. Likewise, the willingness to use force has retreated. The historical necessity, if you will, has been a move away from force and towards a non-force-based approach to life. Why would Germany and France need to force each other when they have realized that they can achieve much more for both of them by cooperating voluntarily?

There is force and there is voluntary effort. The modern world (I am not saying the West because there are nations that have risen to this level in other parts of the world as well), the modern world has transcended force and has voluntarily entered into this unwritten agreement based on a willingness to serve something that is beyond self-interest as separate individuals or groups of people. Ideally the European Union would become a group of nations that did not see themselves as separate nations anymore but simply saw themselves as part of a greater whole that transcends all of them. This is also ideally what would happen in the United States, even though, in the last decade especially, there has been a trend that some states have started to separate themselves from the union in their minds, in their rhetoric, in their political convictions.

People trapped in a force-based mindset

You see here that if you look at history, it is clear that regardless of what it may seem, the world is moving away from force and towards peace and cooperation. This is the movement that we clearly see from the ascended realm, where we, of course, can see the collective consciousness, we can see the emotional, mental and identity realms. But there are certainly people in embodiment who also see this. If you did not see it, how could you have had the growth in abundance and cooperation that you have seen over these last several decades? If people did not trust that the world is moving away from force, how could they feel secure enough, peaceful enough, to cooperate? Naturally you see that Putin and Russia have not risen to that level. They are still trapped in a force-based mindset. They still believe that, despite all of the wealth, all of the natural resources of Russia, this is not enough. They need to take by force. They need to get something from other people, they believe, but the only way to get it that they can see is to take it by force. But will it be possible for Russia to take what they want by force? You can say physically the invasion of Ukraine was an attempt to take by force. But how has it worked out? Not so well, certainly not as planned. Beyond this Russia and especially Putin want something else. In a sense you can say that the Russian power elite, Putin and those who enable him, they want certain advantages. They think that the only way to get those advantages from the West, as they call it, is to force the West to give it to them.

Could this ever be achieved? Well, you could say that in Putin’s mind he has achieved quite a lot over the last 20 years by intimidating the West into not standing up to him. He has interpreted this as a weakness, but as we have explained, this was because the West gave Putin some slack, some benefit of the doubt that he and Russia could eventually rise to the same level of non-separation, non-force-based society, as the West. But if the West really felt threatened by Russia, if they felt that their way of life and their way of cooperation was threatened by this external force, what would happen? You see that what Putin sees as weakness from the West is really an expression of the humanity. Because when you rise to a higher level of peacefulness, non-force-based society, you are not instantly throwing back to others what they throw at you. You are turning the other cheek. You are saying: “Yeah, we see there is force from Russia, but this is not a matter of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. So we will just take it easy here, give them another opportunity to come to their senses and so forth.” Putin has gained some advantages by playing this game, but what would happen if he went too far? If he got to the point where the West, as he calls it, realized that: “We cannot continue to be passive. We need to say stop.“ The result would be that all of these nations would respond in unity to stop Russia. Since they have a greater population and certainly greater prosperity, higher awareness, higher organization, there is nothing Russia could do about it. Certainly nothing that would secure the future of Russia or get what they wanted.

Using force against people who have risen above force

What I am saying here is that Putin has been playing a certain game with the West, but there is a limit to how far this can go. With the invasion of Ukraine he took it too far. Exactly how this plays out remains to be seen, but he has burst the bubble of tolerance from the West. What he saw as weakness was tolerance, and he has now expended his allotted quantity of tolerance. What I am seeking to explain here is that what Russia has been trying to do is to use force against nations that have risen above force. It cannot work. In the long run it cannot work. Partly because of the law of karma, the second law of thermodynamics, but also because those who are in a force-based state of mind cannot force those who have transcended that state of mind.

Is that not what Jesus demonstrated 2000 years ago? There were groups in Israel who were militant, who were armed, who were trained and who wanted to create a violent uprising against the Romans, and they wanted Jesus to lead it. Jesus could have made himself a leader of these groups and thereby prevented himself from being arrested and tortured and crucified. But he went through the crucifixion in order to demonstrate something very simple: When you have risen above the consciousness of force, those who are still in a force-based consciousness have no power over you. Yes, they may imprison and torture and crucify your physical body. But did they have any power over the mindset of Jesus, the mind of Jesus? None whatsoever. You see here that the West, of course, is not at the level of consciousness of Jesus. They still have armies and weapons. Putin cannot force them to go backwards into a force-based state of consciousness. What he is doing is completely impossible. Can he see this? Of course not. But some among the Russian people can see it, and that is why I am stating this so it goes into the collective consciousness.

Giving selfless service

Of course, I am also radiating this into the collective consciousness of Ukraine because it is important that those who are able to grasp this in Ukraine begin to think about this, talk about this, write about this, the need for Ukraine to transcend this force-based state of consciousness that has been there lingering from the Soviet Union and even before. You have seen fistfights in the Ukrainian parliament. Is that not an expression of force? You supposedly have a democratically elected parliament that you would expect was dedicated to democracy, which is peaceful conflict resolution. Yet instead of being able to resolve things through debate, they had to resort to a fistfight. You see there is still a need in Ukraine to transcend this force-based mindset. There is even a need in the armed forces, which many among the armed forces have risen to, that you fight, but you are not driven by hatred. You fight because it is necessary, but you do not hate the enemy. You are not being inhumane towards the enemy.

What this really comes down to is that in order to secure the best possible future for Ukraine, there needs to be a critical mass of people who rise to that level where they can give service. They can give service to the state, to rebuilding the country. And it is a service that even though they might get some advantage out of it, is not really based on getting advantage for themselves, but because they see the need to raise the whole, to rebuild the country. To rebuild it better than it was before.

This also has ties to corruption, which is one of the big problems in Ukrainian society. Corruption is anti-service. It does not serve the whole, it detracts from the whole. In a country like Ukraine corruption is so ingrained that it will take a major effort to reduce it to a manageable level. Who can do this? Who can spearhead this effort? Only people who have risen to that level of consciousness where they can give selfless service. For those, and this is one of the central problems with corruption, what do you do about corrupt officials? Who can expose and dethrone a corrupt official? Well, only an official, a public official. But if all public officials rise to positions in order to enrich themselves, who is going to fight corruption?

There needs to be a certain and a larger and larger group of people who enter public service to give service. They can then start uprooting corruption. Of course, the people have a role to play also in demanding freedom from this corruption. This also requires that the people have a certain dedication to serving the whole, serving the nation, instead of thinking: “Well, what if I could get a position where I could get some bribes and enrich myself? If this is what I want, well, how can I really object to those who already have it? I just need to work with the system and get myself in a position like that.” You see, those who are in positions or those who dream of being in positions, they are not the ones who are going to fight the problem, are they?

Again, there needs to be a shift in the collective consciousness. Of course, this is why I am radiating this energetic impulse, this thought matrix, into the collective consciousness, so that people can begin to grasp this. Of course, many have already grasped it, but more need to grasp it before it reaches that critical mass and the nation shifts. The nation has started to shift because of the shock of the war, but it has not shifted yet. There are still many, many people who are sitting there in their positions thinking: “Oh, I’ll ride this out. I’ll still stay in my position, and once it is all over, it will be back to business as usual.” But it cannot be back to business as usual if Ukraine is to move forward. If the current level of corruption is maintained after the war, Ukraine will not be rebuilt, at least not in the time frame that it could be rebuilt in if corruption is reduced.

You will see how the money that is given from abroad, from the EU and other sources, will just be siphoned off by all of these corrupt officials. You will see that all of this money has gone into the country, but what the country has gotten out of it, in the form of rebuilding infrastructure and buildings and so forth, will be far less than the actual money coming in. What will that mean? Well, in a short period of time the money stream will dry up, and where will Ukraine be then? It will be with an economy that is in shambles, with a bombed-out country that has only been rebuilt to a very small extent, and it will be stuck. It will become a quagmire. It will become almost a third world country.

It is the right thing to do!

There is an absolute need here to step up to that higher level of service. If it does not happen, the consequences of the war will be far worse than they will be when the war is over. In other words, society, Ukraine as a nation, can actually go downhill after the war instead of starting to go uphill. Ukraine has an incredible opportunity to go uphill, as the other Chohans have explained. But it requires that shift where we see that: “There is a whole here that is bigger than myself, and I am willing to serve that whole, even if I don’t get an immediate advantage out of it.” What is it you see in the modern nations? Well, most people are not conscious of this, but there is a certain awareness, a certain dedication, in people. You might ask a person: “Well, why did you do this?” You might see that this person has done something that the person did not get any advantage out of it, but the person did it anyway. You might say: “Why did you do this?” Many people will say: “Well, it was the right thing to do.”

This is the foundation for higher service: It is the right thing to do. You may be able to explain why you think it is the right thing to do, but sometimes people cannot explain it. They just feel it intuitively. They know in their hearts, they know from within: “It’s the right thing to do.“ This is, of course, because in past lives they have acquired that humanity, and when you have a certain level of humanity, you know serving others is the right thing to do.

This is well within the reach of the Ukrainian population, a critical mass of them, to step up to this. Many have, as I said, already done it. Many have actually been prompted by the war to say: “This is not the time to look at myself. This is the time to serve the whole, serve other people, serve the country.” They are out there doing this because they also feel it is the right thing to do. Many more have the potential to shift, and many more need to shift for the nation, for the collective consciousness, to shift.

Too many people in Ukraine at this moment are still thinking: “Ah, it’ll be over, and we’ll be back to life as usual.” Many people in the western part of Ukraine, who are actually in some ways the more progressive people, they have not been so directly affected by the war, and they are thinking: “Ah, there will come a point where the war is over, and we’ll be back to life as usual”. But is that really what you want if you are the more progressive people? Do you want to go back to life the way it was before the war, or do you want the nation to rise to a higher level of life? Do you want more, or do you want what was before? That is the question: to be or not to be.

The impetus from the Sixth Ray

With this I have given you that impetus from the Sixth Ray that we wanted to give you at this particular occasion. Much more could be said. It might be said in the future. But what I have said is a measured release based on where I see the collective consciousness being at and therefore what has the biggest potential for creating the necessary shift in the collective consciousness. I will say that the fact that so many Ukrainians have left as refugees and have come to other countries is a tremendous opportunity for the country.

These people, many of whom have grown up in Ukraine and have never even left Ukraine, they have now experienced what life is like in different countries. Many of those countries are ahead of Ukraine in many ways. They have an opportunity to take this back with them and therefore give that impetus: “We can do better. We need to do better. They are doing this over there. We can learn from that. This is what we need to do.”

If Ukraine can make the shift that we are talking about, then these people will come back. They will come back with a renewed vision and impetus to rebuild the country. But what happens if Ukraine does not make the shift? Well, many of these people will not come back. They will look for jobs in the countries where they are at. They will integrate, and what will be left to rebuild Ukraine? Again, there is a high potential, there is a low potential. We need to make you aware of the low potential so that you can make that effort to manifest the high potential. This is what we have attempted to do.

Again, I have said my piece. I have given the service that I wanted to give. Thus, I seal you who have been willing to be the broadcast stations for this message, which is much more than the words. I seal you in the flame of peaceful service that I AM.

The Ascended Master Nada I AM. The Buddha Nada I AM.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels

Truth is the key to progress

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Ascended Master Hilarion through Kim Michaels, October 30, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray, which has often been called the Ray of Truth. I will begin with the timeless question that Pontius Pilate asked Jesus: “What is truth?” Certainly, you can see that when you look at history in times of war, truth flies out the window, if it was even in the room to begin with. When there is a war going on, both sides will use propaganda for a variety of purposes. But the question is: what is the long-term outcome of a conflict? How will it be looked upon once the fighting stops? Will there at some point emerge a dedication to truth?

You can say right now: “What will be the nation that emerges in the best possible way from the war in Ukraine? Will it be Russia? Will it be Ukraine?” Well, that depends on which nation has the greater dedication to truth. Again, many people will say: “Well, what is truth?” The Russians claim that their way of looking at the war is truth. The Russians claim that their motivation for starting the war is truth. The Ukrainians claim that their view of the war is truth, and that what they have said during the course of the war is truth. Who is right? Who is wrong?

Well, we have given many teachings about the duality consciousness, about the earth being a reality simulator, where there is no ultimate or absolute truth. I realize that the general public are not aware of these teachings and cannot grasp them but still, you as the ascended master students might ask, based on these teachings: “Well, is there any absolute truth? Is there any real truth in a situation like this?” We have also given many teachings on the linear mind and the limitations of the linear mind. We have made it clear that you cannot really grasp any ultimate reality through the linear mind. But despite all of these teachings you should not, as an ascended master student, conclude that there is no truth or it is impossible to know what is truth so I will give you a different view of truth.

The increase in trust and affluence

What is it you see that has happened in the world, especially after the Second World War? You see that there is a rising number of democratic nations. You see that these nations have started to cooperate in various ways. You see that these nations have experienced a quite dramatic increase in affluence and the standard of living of the general population. You see that the economy, the entire level of the economy in these nations has gone up, has increased tremendously. If you look at the level of the economy in most modern democracies, you will see that it is much, much higher than it was after the Second World War or even before the Second World War. The economy has been accelerated many, many times above what it was.

What is the basis for this growth? Well, it is actually an increase in the dedication to truth. But this is not what you would normally see as truth if you are thinking in terms of which religion, or which ideology, or which philosophy is the truth. Truth has different facets and truth has a very practical facet, which is very simply this: you can enter an agreement with two people and they both trust that the other side will keep the agreement. This is an aspect of truth.

It is also very linear. Two people, two businesses, two nations come together. They negotiate an agreement, which each of them believes will be to their own benefit. They finalize the agreement, they sign it, and they go away trusting that the other side will keep the agreement. If the other side says: “I will deliver X amount of goods at this time” then it can be trusted that they will stand by this. And if the one side says: “We will pay for these goods at this time” then the one delivering the goods can believe that the payment will be made. This very, very simple mechanism is the basis for the incredible increase of affluence you have seen in modern nations, especially in the democratic nations.

You may say today that there is a much higher level of cooperation between, for example, the nations of Europe than there was right after the Second World War. Back then, there was very little trust between Germany, France and England, for example, or Italy, Spain, for that matter. There was very little trust. But throughout the decades, this trust has been increased, and it is precisely because of this one mechanism, that the nations have increased their commitment to what we can call an aspect of truth, namely: “We keep agreements, we are trustworthy.” But more than that, what you see in the EU and NATO is that there has emerged a certain foundation of shared values: “We are dedicated to peace. We will not attack each other.” If the nations in the European Union believe that tomorrow a dictator could take over Germany and decide to attack their nations, there would be no European Union so there is a dedication to peace. We will not attack each other.

But there is also a dedication to democracy: “We will not allow our nations to revert back to some fascist, or Nazist, or communist dictatorship.” There is also beyond that, a dedication to truth: “We will base our nations to the greatest possible extent on facts, on reality of what is actually going on, not some kind of ideology. We will base our nations on practical realities, a practical evaluation what is best for us and what is best for the whole? We will also be dedicated to making honest agreements and keeping those agreements.” In other words, honesty is a facet of truth. You are honest with each other. That is the basis for both sides thinking that an agreement will be kept and that is the basis for trust. You see an increase in trust among European nations and that is one of the most important foundations for the increase in abundance.

Dependability of the laws of nature

Without truth, how can there be trust? Without a dedication to truth, how can there be trust? It cannot be done. It never has been possible to do it in the past. It certainly will never be possible in the future. This is an aspect of what we might call the linear mind. Now, despite what we have said about the limitations of the linear mind in terms of knowing a greater truth than what you can observe with the outer mind and the senses, there is tremendous value in the linear mind.

The linear mind is actually what is behind what you call the laws of nature. You can trust that the laws of nature will function a certain way and will continue to function that way. If you know the laws of nature and you make calculations for how to send a rocket to Mars, then you can trust that the rocket can continue on its trajectory and Mars is still going to be there when the rocket arrives. There is no variance here, in these laws. You can trust that if you do something today that builds towards the future, then it will manifest in the future. There will not be some lapse in the laws of nature that suddenly obliterates your plans or your efforts.

You see, in a sense, that the laws of nature are linear because they are based on certain invariable principles so this is another aspect of truth, invariability. Nature does not change its mind all of a sudden, and decide to suspend gravity so you all float off into the atmosphere. You can rely on the natural laws to continue working. Dependability, invariability, linearity allows people to plan, to set plans in motion, often very large and complex plans and they can trust that when they execute their plans, they will come to fruition. This is what you see in the world at large, not only in the European Union, but in many other nations that have become part of what you might call, the world order.

“The world order” vs. voluntary development

I know the term “the world order” is like waving a red flag in front of a bull to many conspiracy theorists, and certainly there are fallen beings who are plotting to control the world, but they are not able to do so and why not? My beloved, consider a very, very simple mechanism. What is the essence of a conspiracy? It is secrecy. What is the opposite that I have just described has happened in the world since the Second World War? Openness, which is another facet of truth. You are not seeking to hide something. How can you enter an agreement with somebody if that somebody cannot trust that you are not hiding anything that will cause you to betray the agreement? You see that the power elite, the fallen beings, who are secretly attempting to create their world order of control, they are on the losing end of history.

If they had been able to control the world, then the development I have just described could not have happened. I am not saying they do not have a high degree of control, as we have often asked you to make calls for the economic power elite. They have a large degree of control over the economy in the financial system, but they do not have complete control, and why is this? Because what I described in terms of the greater cooperation between nations and businesses is not an order, it is not a world order, it is not something that is forced from a central authority.

You look at the world, and what has happened over these last decades? The increase in freedom, cooperation and affluence. It is not forced, it is a voluntary movement because all of these nations have risen to the level of humanity where they can see that this is best for us, but it is also best for others. In fact, what is best for us is what is best for others. A win-win situation is actually best for us, because it is only to our advantage that the affluence in other countries rises. Because if people in other countries have more money, we can sell more products to them and therefore we become more affluent when other people become more affluent, and the entire economy is raised to a different level.

This is not a forced development. It is a voluntary development based on an increase in humanity and an increase in the recognition of how the world works. An increase in the recognition of these basic principles that make the universe work and make the universe sustainable. Truth is one of those flames, one of those principles that makes the world sustainable. Invariance makes the world sustainable. Yes, I know, transcendence is also part of it, but transcendence happens based on these laws and principles, and therefore there is invariance in the transcendence. Transcendence is based on the invariable laws and principles. The reality is that what Putin calls “the world order where the West is dominating the world” is not a world order, it is not a forced organized effort. It is actually not controlled from any central point.

It is an emerging awareness of the very simple fact that Jesus described in the parable about the talents, that if you multiply your efforts, you will be rewarded. And how do you multiply the efforts? By doing unto others what you want them to do to you, or rather that actually you are seeking to raise the whole. That is how you receive the greatest return of your efforts. There is a growing recognition of this, although few people would put the words on it I just put on it. But nevertheless, there is in the collective consciousness a growing recognition.

The ultimate con: honesty

There is an old book by the American author John Steinbeck that describes a person who all his life was a con man trying to cheat, trying to always get ahead by cheating other people. And finally, one day he had an epiphany that the ultimate con was honesty, because what was he trying to do? He was trying to get an advantage for himself and all of his life he thought the only way to get an advantage for himself was to take something from others, and thereby do a disadvantage to others. He thought there was a limited supply, so for him to get more he had to take from somebody else. But finally, he realized that what was the greatest benefit for himself was what was to the benefit of others because thereby the entire level of affluence is raised, and it benefits everyone. This is what many, many people in the modern nations have grasped.

What Putin calls “the West”, but it is not only the West, certainly many people in Asia have started grasping this. Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India to some degree. Many people, in fact, people in all nations have started to grasp this: “If we are all able to trust each other, we can manifest much more abundance, and the greater the amount of abundance that is in the world, the more this will benefit ourselves.” Yes, of course, there is a power elite that is attempting to take more and more of the abundance and concentrate it in their hands as we have talked about many times, but nevertheless there is still an increase in the abundance and they cannot control all of it. So you see, although there are obvious exceptions, the general trend is clear, and this is all based on trust. You can trust each other. We make a business deal, we both keep it, we both benefit. If one of the parties does not keep it, it harms both parties. You are harming yourself by not being trustworthy.

How can we trust Russia?

What does all this philosophical discussion have to do with the situation in Ukraine? Well, many things actually. On an immediate level you can see that the Ukrainian government has been much more intelligent than the Russian government in terms of dealing with the media, the western nations, in terms of promoting their version of events. This is partly because the Ukrainian government has a higher dedication to truth than the Russian government. You will see, if you look at this with the linear mind, that the Russian government has made many statements that have then been either contradicted by other statements they have made, or have been contradicted by actual events. The foreign minister said early on in the war: “We are not targeting civilians or civilian infrastructure.“ Well, only last week you had a massive attack on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. You can see there, that there is a great inconsistency between what the Russians say and what the Russians do.

Now, there are of course some people who are aware that this is part of a strategy. The Russians want to create chaos and confusion. They want the world not to be able to predict what they are going to do. In the Russian mind they think they gained some advantage from this. They think this is one of the ways to challenge “the world order of the West” as Putin calls it. But what did I just say? There is no world order. There is trust, and what are the Russians doing? They are demonstrating to anyone who has just an average level of intelligence that they are not trustworthy. How can you trust anything the Russian government says? How can you trust any agreement they sign? Why not simply let that grain deal expire? Why pull out of it now? Well, there are various reasons for this, including that they know that if they pull out of it, prices of grain will rise and they will get more money. But it is all part of this strategy where they think that if they are unpredictable, they will gain some advantage.

They think that what has happened in the West, the increased trust, is a weakness. And they in their minds think that the way to challenge the world order is to be completely unpredictable. Waving the flag of nuclear war, all of these statements they have made that are contradicted by facts or by other statements, they think that if nobody knows what they are going to do next, they have some kind of power. They think this causes the world to fear them, or to even respect them. But the part of the world that has moved on to this higher level of trust, simply look at this, shake their heads. It is like a bully in the classroom who is acting out in order to get attention. But as the little boy who cried “wolf!”, you can only do this so many times, and then people just shake their heads and turn away from you. How can you take a country seriously that behaves like this? How can you trust them? How can you cooperate with them? How can you do business with them?

You see here a fundamental difference in world view. As we have talked about before, when you are below a certain level of consciousness, a certain level of humanity, you look at the world in a particular way and you are absolutely convinced that you are right, and that this is the only way to look at the world, and you often also project upon others that they think the same way, that they have the same intentions. That is why Putin is projecting onto the West that they forced him to invade Ukraine, NATO is an aggressive force that wants to attack and destroy Russia.

But what the western nations want is to be able to trust Russia, so they can cooperate with them to the mutual benefit. The western nations look at whatever Putin is doing and he has no chance of forcing them. They just shake their heads and turn away, as many western businesses have done because they have realized: “We cannot do business in Russia because we cannot trust that there is continuity, we cannot trust that the situation will not change tomorrow.”

The challenge for the Ukrainian nation

You see here that all of this also applies to Ukraine because you have a certain common heritage of the Kievan Rus and a certain group of people that have a certain mindset they have shared. As we have said, at the fall of the Soviet Union the mindset in Ukraine was not that different from the mindset in Russia, around Moscow. So the Ukrainian nation is facing the challenge, where you transcend that mindset, where truth is not something linear, truth is something you can change any time, you can say something without really meaning it, you can enter an agreement without being willing to keep it. There is no continuity, there is no consistency. This goes, of course, with honesty from the government towards the people and towards other nations. It also has an impact on the business climate in Ukraine and corruption.

There is an old joke that a company in Russia wants to build a building and they get bids from three other companies. One says, it is a Turkish company, the cost to build the building will be one million. The other is a Russian company, they say the cost will be two million, and when they ask why, they say: “Well, we pay the Turks one million to build the building and we pocket the other million.” Then there is a third company that says the cost will be three million, and when they ask why, they say: “Well, we pay the Turks one million, we keep the second million, and we give you the third million under the table.” The joke is, of course, that the third company is always the one who gets the contract. This is what corruption does, the company that is best qualified will not get the contract. The one that is most willing to cheat and be dishonest will get the contract.

The cost of corruption

But what is the effect of this on the economy? Well, it is first of all that everything costs more than it needs to cost and somebody has to pay for that. If this is an apartment building the people who move into the apartment will have to pay more in rent, in fact three times as much in rent, as they needed to pay if there has not been corruption. And this reverberates throughout the economy, which means that the economy is kept at a lower level than it would be if there was not corruption. Many people will say: “Well, we are public officials, we are hardly paid anything by the government, we could not survive on what the government pays us so we have to take bribes so we could survive.” But why is it that the government does not have money to pay its employees a decent salary? It is because of corruption, where so many companies are trying to cheat and avoid paying taxes so it becomes a self-reinforcing effect where corruption prevents the economy from growing to a higher level and you see this in all countries that are corrupt.

You see it in Iran where you have this growing percentage of young people who cannot find a job, who see that it could take them decades to find a job, and that means if they do not have a job how can they start a family, how can they buy a house, how can they move forward in life? And in large part this is corruption. There is not that business climate of trust. In a Western economy you may also have a situation where a company wants to build a building and they elicit bids, but they will look at what is the lowest cost, and what is the company that is most qualified to build the building. And based on that evaluation they will award the contract, not necessarily to the cheapest bid but to the one that is deemed to be the most qualified to perform the job.

This means that when a company submits a bid to build a building, they can trust that they will be evaluated in an honest way. They do not have to cheat, they do not have to pay bribes, they can get this done. Companies can also trust that if they apply for a permit from the local government, it will be evaluated based on its merits, not on whether they pay a bribe to some official, or many officials. There are companies who have looked into doing business in Ukraine and realized how many bribes they have to pay and they have said this is not worth it, or they have said: “Well this is against our business principles, we will not do this.” And this keeps the economy of Ukraine at a much lower level than it would otherwise be.

The oligarchs and monopolies

Then, of course, you have the whole concept of the oligarchs which you see in other nations around the world, primarily in Russia but not exclusively in Russia, where there is corruption where certain companies will be allowed by the state to be in a privileged position. But what is the effect of this on the economy? It is that these companies are granted a virtual or even a real monopoly, and what happens when a company has a monopoly? Well, it exploits the people.

The dream of the big capitalists in the West in America in the 1800s was to create a monopoly because that was the only way they could make more money because then when you have a monopoly you could set the price artificially high. But what is the result of all people having to pay more for certain goods? It is that people have less money to buy other goods and this means the entire economy goes down. So, you now have a situation where you have a few companies, a few oligarchs who are making billions and billions of dollars, and they think they are doing great. But the effect of it is that the economy is kept at an artificially low level so all the other people are making less money. Many businesses cannot be started and this means that everybody in the population is kept poor while a few oligarchs get rich.

This has nothing to do with truth because the truth is that the more affluence there is in the general population the more it will benefit everybody except those few at the top who, as we have said before, do not really care how much money there is in the economy, they just want to have more than the population. Once they have enough for themselves, they actually want to keep the economy down so they can continue to feel they have more than the population. This is the feudal lords of the Middle Ages who sat there in their castles living an affluent lifestyle while the peasants who worked the land could barely survive and feed their children. This is not truth because the truth is: when you multiply the talents, when everybody multiplies the talents, then the economy is multiplied and everybody has more. This is the basic truth about the economy.

Rebuilding the economy

Again, what can Ukraine do? Well, it needs to make a shift and say: “We need to overcome corruption. It is the primary goal before we can become a member of the EU, before we can become a modern nation, before we can increase the economy, rebuild the economy.” And you have the opportunity now because you can clearly say: “We cannot allow a few oligarchs to have these privileged positions and make all of this money. We need to build the entire economy and we can only do this if people have money to spend. We must prevent the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few and spread it out to the entire population. Otherwise, we have no chance whatsoever of rebuilding our economy. We will stay at an artificially low level unless we make this change.”

Then of course there needs to be a dedication to being open and honest, not as long as the war is going on but certainly after. There needs to be honesty, there needs to be willingness to go back and look at the entire situation, and look at what could the government have done better, including should they have taken the threat more seriously from the very beginning and prepared the country better for an invasion. These are things that can be done once the war stops, and they need to be done, and the government needs to be honest about this and not fall into the trap of wanting to maintain this image, that they have sort of gotten used to now, where they seem to be heroes and almost infallible.

This is especially a challenge for the president, will he continue to be the relatively humble realistic person he was before? Or will he start to feel that he is the hero and he wants to maintain this image of being the hero, so he will try to maintain it even if it prevents him from being honest? This challenge goes for all in the government, even in the military and the level of dedication to truth and honesty will be in direct proportion to the progress that Ukraine can make after the war. Again, we talk about after the war because we see the future. We are looking towards the future and we are giving these dictations for the purpose of setting Ukraine on a better course towards a better future. This is our goal.

Seeing the potential of Ukraine

You may say, well, why are we not addressing the actual situation? Well, because we are the ascended masters. Once a situation has gone into the physical there is a certain need for us to step back and allow the situation to outplay itself. We are therefore primarily concerned about, as we have said before, awakening a critical mass of people so that in these situations, where a situation can go this way or that way, people can pull a nation into taking the highest way and therefore the highest possible outcome can be manifest. This is always our goal. We work within free will. We are primarily therefore concerned with the direction that a country is moving in.

So far, the Ukrainian nation has done very well given the circumstances. The Ukrainian government and military have done very well. Many people have said they have done better than anyone had expected. We will not necessarily say that because we saw the potential. If you look at this from our perspective, it may sound like we are pointing out this problem, we are pointing out that challenge, this is what needs to happen, that is what needs to happen, but again this is because we see the potential of Ukraine. If that potential was not there, if there was not a critical mass of people who could grasp it and make it a reality, what would be the point of saying anything?

We are not just regurgitating words here, we are directing energy and images and matrices into the collective consciousness because we know there are people who can grasp it, who can be inspired by it, who can be awakened by it – even if they do not know where it is coming from and therefore, what we say can make a positive difference. If it could not make a positive difference why even say it? We are not here to entertain our students. We are not here to titillate our students with this insight and that insight that could make them feel special. We are here to make a difference, a positive difference and so we see the tremendous potential of the Ukrainian nation. This does not mean that we agree with everything that the government has put out there.

How do we need to change?

We understand that Ukraine is dependent on help from the West and therefore it says that: “We are fighting this war for you as well. We are fighting this war to stop Russian aggression that otherwise would hit the West.” We understand why this is being said, it does not mean we agree with it. It does not mean that we have this epic mindset. Certainly, the West would be capable of fighting its own war with Russia if it came to that, and based on the performance of the Russian military in Ukraine, it is not difficult to predict who would come out ahead. But nevertheless, we do see that this situation has shaken the collective consciousness of Ukraine to such an extent that there is a real potential that Ukraine can accelerate its growth and therefore can catch up to the other Eastern European nations who have already joined NATO and the EU. As we said, Ukraine was behind these nations, or it could have joined NATO and the EU a number of years ago. We are not seeing that Ukraine is now this advanced nation. It is a nation that needs to catch up. We see that this can be done. We trust that it will be done, but it will require effort and a willingness to look at: “How do we need to change?”

You cannot join the EU and think that this is going to be charity forever. You need to step up and say: “How do we qualify? How can we recognize that we did not qualify before, and what do we need to do now in order to qualify?” The potential is there, the potential is tremendous that in 10, 15, 20 years Ukraine will be such a different nation that many among the older generation will be unable to believe it. That they would not believe it today if they were told. This is the future we look towards and that is why we give these somewhat sobering messages, because if that future is to be manifest it requires a degree of honesty.

This is another aspect of truth. You look at reality: “Where are we at today? Where do we want to be in the future?” And then you recognize that you can look at the future, create a goal and say: “This is where we want to be.” But then you need to be honest and be willing to look at: “This is where we want to be, this is where we are today. There is a gap. There is a gap between the two. How do we cross that gap?” Not by wanting it, not by having an ideology and following that ideology.

Has Ukraine learned anything from the Soviet experience and the demise of the Soviet Union? That ideology does not work because it is out of touch with the sustaining principles of the universe. You need to be willing to look at those principles and bring yourself and your nation into alignment with those principles. Because if you do that, then you can plot a step-by-step course that will help you overcome the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. You get to that goal in the future by aligning yourself with the basic principles of the universe that are dependable, that are linear, that can be trusted. And therefore, when you take one step you get to that level, and when you take the next step you get to that level, and you continue taking one small doable step at a time until you are at your goal. But this requires the willingness to be honest and say: “We are not there, and we are not going to get there if we do not change. How do we need to change? What do we need to do in order to change?“

This is what there was not a widespread willingness to do before the war. We see that the war has changed everything and therefore there is a potential that a critical mass of people can step up to that willingness to say: “What will it take for Ukraine to become a modern democratic nation that has affluence for the entire population not just for a few? What will it take for us? How do we get there from here?” There is no catch-22 so that you cannot get there from here. In fact, the entire concept of a catch-22 was actually inspired in order to show people that when you look at a situation from a certain perspective it seems like we cannot get there from here. But the reason for this is that you are not willing to look at yourself and say: “How do we have to change?” Because in a sense you can say: “We as we are now, cannot get there from here, where we are now. But if we change ourselves and our perspective then the “new we” can get there from where we are, after we have changed our perspective.”

So, there is no catch-22 here. There is no insurmountable obstacle. It is all a matter of your willingness to be dedicated to truth, to honesty, to being trustworthy. Right now, you have a great degree of trust from the modern democratic world. You need to be very careful that you maintain that trust. And you can only do that, not by lying, not through propaganda, but through the dedication to being honest and truthful and being trustworthy. Clearly the modern world trusts Ukraine much more than they trust Russia. You need to keep it that way if you want maximum progress for Ukraine.

With this I have given you what I wanted to give you from the perspective of the Fifth Ray. Naturally an aspect of the Fifth Ray is healing. But when it comes to a situation like you have in Ukraine, certainly there is physical healing of the wounded soldiers and civilians, but in terms of the healing of the nation, well, healing happens through truth, your dedication to truth. By being dedicated to truth, to looking at reality, to being trustworthy, that is what can heal the nation both in a physical way – in terms of healing the economy and the infrastructure, but also in terms of healing the nation psychologically, stepping up to a higher view of itself. You have the opportunity to forge a new national identity. If you want maximum success, it must be based on truth, honesty, openness.

With this I thank you for being the broadcast stations for this message to go into the collective consciousness. Serapis gave you the image that he is radiating the light that is like a wave and certainly all of us do that during our dictations so right now there is a very powerful influence of truth going through the collective consciousness and bringing about this state of greater coherence that makes it obvious to those people who are open, and even makes it obvious to all people at lower levels below the level of conscious awareness, that truth is the way forward.

Truth is the key to progress. With this I seal you who are listening to this in the Flame of Truth that I AM.

Hilarion I AM.


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Accelerating the Ukrainian nation beyond impurity

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Kim Michaels, October 29, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I Am the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Fourth Ray, often called the Ray of Purity, but it is also the Ray of Intention. Thus, I come with the purest possible intention of raising up all life, accelerating all life, as is also a part of the Fourth Ray, the flame of the Fourth Ray, the Flame of Acceleration. I do not intend to put any part of life down, but I do intend to speak with purity and honesty and directness about the situation in Ukraine.

(Im)purity of intentions

Do we see any pure intentions on the part of Putin, his power elite, and the Russian military secret police and other covert organizations towards the nation of Ukraine? Regardless of the official reasons given for this invasion, do we see any pure intentions? Do we see any desire to raise up the Ukrainian people or the Ukrainian nation? I do not. I do not know what you see–and I speak here into the collective consciousness–but whatever you see, if you see pure intentions, your vision is not pure.

You can, if you doubt my words, just look at the actions taken in Ukraine towards civilians, civilian infrastructure. You can look at what is actually happening. Now, I realize that most people in Russia cannot look at what is actually happening, because of the intense news blackout and distortion of information on the part of their own government. But by the very fact that they do not want you to know what is actually happening, you can know that their intentions and their actions are not pure. Otherwise, why would they be afraid to let you know what is happening? You see again, a discrepancy between the leader of Russia, the power elite of Russia, and the people of Russia. For the only reasonable, logical, rational conclusion is that the power elite does not want the Russian people to know what is actually happening because if the people knew, they would not approve, they would not agree. They would not support what is going on, because they would see that there is a discrepancy between what the power elite is willing to do to other people and what the Russian people, a majority of them, are willing to do to other people.

What is purity?

There are many expressions of impurity on earth. There are many perversions of the Flame of Purity. But I wish to give you somewhat of a philosophical discourse about impurity. What is impurity? Well, perhaps we should begin by asking: “What is purity?” If you look at nature, if you look at the universe at large, you will see that there are certain laws. You may call them natural laws. You may call them spiritual laws or cosmic laws or the laws of God. I leave it up to you. But it is difficult to deny that there are certain laws, certain rules, certain principles that have been working for a very long time in this universe. This is recognized even by the most ardent materialists that there are principles in nature. Otherwise, why are scientists bothering to study nature if all was chaos? There is order. There is some orderliness. There are certain principles that secure a certain order, a certain progression, a certain sustainability in the universe.

You may say human beings have been on earth for quite some time according to the official estimate. But compared to the time that the universe has existed, again compared to the official estimate, the existence of human beings is like the blink of an eye, a very quick blink of an eye. You may look at the history of nations that you know today, such as Russia, and say: “Well, Russia has existed for 1,000 years.” Well, first of all, I would say that the Russia you have today has, of course, not existed for 1,000 years. But nevertheless, take that figure, 1,000 years, a very quick blink of a very quick eye compared to the time that the universe has existed. Now, look at the Soviet Union, 70 years, an even shorter lifespan than the Russian nation or the existence of humanity.

You see therefore, and who can rationally deny this, that there are structures in the universe that are sustainable, that have been sustained for a very long time span. And there are structures that are not sustainable that can exist only for a limited lifespan. We could say purity is a structure that is in alignment with the basic laws of the universe. That which is in alignment with these laws, in harmony with these laws, is sustainable. Which means what? That which is not sustainable must be out of harmony with the basic laws of the universe. Is that not a fairly reasonable conclusion, would you say?

Flowing with the basic principles of the universe

Then, we can gain a new view of human history. There is a saying in India referring to God as a principle. And the saying is: “Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever.” Likewise, we could say: “Empires may come and empires may go, but I go on forever.” The principles of the universe go on, at least indefinitely, compared to the way you measure time. The question then is: “Are you as an individual, are you as a nation in alignment with these basic principles of the universe? Or are you out of alignment with them?”

How can you know whether you are out of alignment with the basic principles of the universe? Well, you can know by the fact that your structure is not sustainable. Of course, when you are in the middle of an empire that has not yet broken down, you will not know that it is not sustainable. You look at the Soviet Union and there were people who emphatically would have denied that the Soviet Union would one day cease to exist. And there were people who continued to deny this up until the very moment where it actually fell apart. There are people who continue to deny it today, because they think that this was some aberration, some exception. That the Soviet Empire should have continued to exist and that they can recreate it. These are the people who have gathered around Putin, who holds that belief himself. He does not see, they do not see why the Soviet Union collapsed, why it had a limited lifespan.

You can say: “Well, while you are in the middle of a situation that is not sustainable, how do you know that you are out of alignment with the cosmic principles? How do you know until your civilization collapses that you are out of alignment?” Well, you can, if you are willing – which of course, I am not saying that most people who live in one of these unsustainable empires are willing to do–you can make observations. And there are many ways to make these observations. Of course, you can do it based on each of the seven rays, but I will discourse on purity and impurity. You can simply observe the level of purity and impurity in your society. One measure for purity is order. But be careful now. Order is not the same as control. You may say: “Was there not a certain order in the Soviet Union or in the Nazi Empire or the Roman Empire?” But this was a controlled order forced upon society. This is not purity. This is not in alignment with the basic principles of the universe.

For the universe is not based on force. It is based on flowing with the basic principles. And if you are flowing with the basic principles, you do not need to use force. By the very fact that the Roman Empire, the Nazi Empire and the Soviet Empire had to use force to keep people inside the boundaries defined by the empire, you demonstrate that they were out of alignment with the basic principles that make the universe sustainable. Therefore, this was a measure of impurity. The amount of force that is being used in a society is a measure of the amount of impurity in that society.

True order, natural order, is an ever-changing process, an ever-transcending–self-transcending, when it comes to self-aware beings, process. What have you seen throughout the existence of the universe? Self-transcendence. Everything has transcended itself and become more. That is how the universe has evolved, however you see the beginnings of the universe, to the greater complexity you have today.

Using force to maintain the order

Control is an attempt to go against this natural evolution. What did Karl Marx do? He claimed there was a historical necessity that would bring about a communist state. But what do you see in every nation that has become affected by the communist ideology? They have had to use force to create a communist state. And they have had to use force to maintain it in order to keep the people inside that state. Because the people would have fled, if they had the option to flee. This very use of force goes against the natural flow of the universe. If Karl Marx had believed in his own theory, if Lenin had believed in it, why would they have had to use force to create a communist state? They would only have to sit back and wait for the communist state to manifest, as they claim this was historical necessity.

When you claim that something is destined to happen, but when you use force to try to make it happen when you think it should happen, you are proving that you do not have pure intentions. You are proving that you have gone away from the principles that have ensured the existence and evolution of the universe now for a very long time. You are, therefore, setting yourself aside from the flow of what we have called the River of Life, because you are seeking to force something upon the natural flow of the universe. You are seeking to force people to do something that they would not naturally have done.

By doing this, what are you doing? You are violating one of these basic principles, which in modern science has become known as the second law of thermodynamics. Which in a popular expression says that in a closed system, disorder will increase until the system has broken down to its lowest possible state of organization and energy. In other words, to where no work can be done and no structure can be created. There is a natural law, a cosmic law that says that if a structure is not part of the flow, the self-transcending River of fe, it will break down. It will start to break down. It will start to create opposition to itself that gradually will break it down.

How do you see this process taking place? Well, you see it by an increase in impurity. Now, you have, from the very start of such a force-based empire or structure, you have a built-in and inescapable impurity. By the very fact that you are using force, you are creating an impurity. By the very fact that you have an impure intention of forcing people against their free will, you are creating an inescapable opposition to your efforts. And this means, simply, things will begin to break down from the very beginning.

You can, on a temporary basis, create a fairly elaborate empire on a planet like Earth. Because the density of matter is such that there is a delay factor to the workings of the second law of thermodynamics, which could also be called the law of karma or the workings of Shiva. You can, for a time, use force. And the amount of force will determine the size, the complexity, the power, if you will, of your empire. But the more power and force you use, the shorter will be the lifespan of the empire. Especially, as the consciousness is accelerating on earth, as it has been doing for some time.

Manifesting greater and greater impurity

How do you see this manifest? You see this in society breaking down, manifesting greater and greater impurity. What did you see in the Soviet Union? Many people were forced to take jobs they did not like. What did they do? They went into a state of mind where they did not care. They did the absolute minimum that they were forced to do. They did not take any initiative. They did not do anything extra. They did not do anything they were not forced to do, such as, for example, keeping order in their workplace or around their homes. Everything, therefore, became dirty, disorganized. The people sank into a low state of consciousness. Many resorted to alcohol abuse in order to be able to stand living in the Soviet Union.

You saw many examples of how things would break down, how organization would not be working, how everything was more difficult. Everything took longer, more effort, more force to create something. But what was the most dramatic event you saw during the time of the Soviet Union? Well, it was the one event that Gorbachev said that if there was a single event that brought about the demise of the Soviet Union, it was the Chernobyl disaster. And where did Chernobyl take place? In Ukraine. Does that not show the role that Mother Mary has explained of the Ukrainian people’s role to demonstrate the inhumanity of the Soviet system of Russia and the Russian approach to life, the force-based approach to life?

You see that, if you care to study the Chernobyl disaster, it embodies almost all of the elements of the impurities in Soviet society where the compartmentalization of information actually prevented the people who were running the plant from knowing that their reactor had this potential for a complete meltdown, if they did what they did on that fateful day. It was already known in the Soviet Union that if you do to a reactor what the operators on the Chernobyl plant did to Reactor 4, there could be a runaway meltdown. Had they known this, they obviously would never have done it. But they did not know, because the Soviet system was set up so that any information that could show a weakness in the Soviet system should be withheld from the people, even the people who were directly responsible for that area.

This is one sign of impurity, the withholding of information. I am not even talking about here a freedom of the press. I am talking about, you have a technology, a nuclear power plant that has the potential to create a meltdown that spreads radioactivity over a huge area affecting millions of people. You know there is a flaw in the design of this power plant, but the top people decide that this knowledge should be withheld from the people who are operating the power plant. This is because they want to prevent an embarrassment to the Soviet system. But what happens instead? Well, there is a nuclear meltdown, which was a much bigger embarrassment to the Soviet system than admitting there was a flaw in the reactor design. A flaw that did not have to result in a meltdown. And that could have easily been prevented if the operators knew what the people at the top knew. You see, this is an example of impurity, of disorder that breaks down a society.

Impurity behind Russian military campaign

What do you see today in the Soviet military campaign in Ukraine? Well, you see that there is one problem after another. As we have said, surely the Ukrainian military has fought bravely and with intelligence. Surely they have received support and weapons from outside the country. But truly, the Soviet military has defeated itself, because everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Equipment has broken down. Units have been led poorly. They have had no motivation to fight. Units have been sent into battle without sufficient ammunition or fuel for their vehicles. And then, of course, there is the behavior of Russian soldiers in the conquered areas, which have only begun to be exposed. Systematic abuses towards civilians: killing, imprisonment, torture, rape. This cannot be denied. It can be denied by those who do not know and do not want to know. But in the long run, it cannot be denied. And it is a sign of impurity. It is a sign of just how far you are out of alignment with the basic sustainability principles of the universe.

And therefore, things must break down. What else can they do? There are people, starting with Putin, the people at the very top of the political apparatus and the people at the top of the military apparatus who are sitting there wondering why things have gone so wrong, why things have not worked, why their plans for this invasion have not been fulfilled, why every aspect of the plan has gone wrong. They look at various aspects and they try to analyze what went wrong here, what went wrong there. But they have not even started to consider the actual cause: that their entire military machine is a house built on sand, is out of alignment with the sustainability principles of the universe. And therefore, when it is put into a make-or-break situation, it can only break. There are people who are sitting there frantically trying to figure out, how do we fix the problem so we can win? But the problem cannot be fixed, because the problem is systemic. It is: “Every aspect of this campaign is flawed.” You cannot isolate certain factors and say: “If we fix them, everything will start to go well for us.” It is an unfixable problem. It cannot be remedied by any human effort.

Top-down management in Russian society

As just one example that has been mentioned, there is a fundamental difference between the organization of the Russian military and the Ukrainian military. The Russian military is strictly top-down. The lower you go in the Russian military, the more you are taught to not make decisions, not take initiative, but do what you are told. In the Ukrainian military, there is much less top-down leadership. Local commanders have more freedom to take initiative, adapt to battlefield conditions and come up with new ingenious solutions, instead of always relying on training and the way things were done in the past.

There are people who say: “Well, the Russians will learn from their mistakes and fix this.” But they will not. Because the organization of the Russian military is an expression of the organization of the entire Russian society, starting with one man at the top who makes the decisions that filter down to all lower levels. And those at the lower levels have no freedom to take initiative to adapt to changing conditions. They must wait for directions from the top. Putin and his underlings cannot fix this problem, because the problem is themselves. The only way that could fix it was to remove themselves from Russian society and that is not so likely that they will remove themselves.

Expansion vs. acceleration

You see here, again, you are out of alignment with the sustainability principles of the universe and you are breaking yourself down. Look at the actions. First of all, starting with intent. The fourth ray is the ray of intention, purity of intention. In order to align yourself with the basic principles of the universe, you must start with a pure intention. What was the intention behind the invasion of Ukraine? Well, what is the intention behind the entire universe? It is to raise up and accelerate all aspects of the universe. Did Putin intend to accelerate the Ukrainian people into a higher state? Well, he may have thought so in his mind that making them Russian underlings would be an acceleration for them. But certainly the Ukrainians did not think so. And I can assure you that the universe does not think so either. His intent was clearly to eradicate Ukraine as a nation, to eradicate the Ukrainians–not necessarily physically, but as seeing themselves as Ukrainians, as separate from the Russian nation. He wanted to turn them into his slaves. That is not pure intent. That is not an intent to accelerate other people.

You can see this by a very simple consideration. Look at the size of Russia. Look at the amount of oil and gas that Russia has and other natural resources and the amount of money coming in from this. Putin could have raised the standard of living for all people in Russia if he had used this income for that purpose, instead of allowing his own cronies and himself to steal this money from the people. This is not pure intent. This is not in alignment with the principles of the universe. And yet because he did not do this, he did not focus on raising the standard of living for his own people, his mind became a closed system and started deteriorating. And that is why suddenly being the undisputed leader of Russia was not enough for him. He had to do more. And therefore, despite the enormous size of Russia, he had to have more territory.

This is expansion, but not acceleration. Expansion is horizontal, acceleration is vertical, it is transcendence. Expansion is not transcendence. It is acting your imbalance out in a more extreme way, in order to actually make it more visible for those who are willing to see. Or in order to bring forward the inevitable breakdown that will force those who are not willing to see to after all see that something happened that was not in alignment with what they expected and how they saw the world.

What is the ultimate state of impurity? Well, you could say from one perspective, it is the lack of humanity, where you are willing to kill other people, to destroy them psychologically and spiritually. Because you have no regard for the consequences that your actions have for others. But you could, from another perspective, say that the greatest form of impurity is when you create a theory about how the universe works and you seek to force other people to come into conformity with your theory. But your theory is actually out of alignment with the basic principles. This is, in a certain sense, the greatest possible form of impurity, what we have called the ideological mindset, which we have explained in the book on ideology.

Expressions of impurity in the Ukrainian nation

And so, you may say: “Well, this is all very nice and philosophical. But what’s that got to do with Ukraine today and the situation we are facing?” Well, what do you see in Ukraine in terms of the level of impurity? Let us look at this before the war. If you are brutally honest, you would say that when the Soviet Union collapsed, there was not a huge difference between the collective consciousness of Ukraine and the collective consciousness of Russia. There was not a huge difference in the behavior of the people and in society.

Now, things have improved in Ukraine since then. It has been somewhat of an uphill battle for reasons we have explained about the division in society. But you need to recognize here that the role of the Ukrainian people is to make the inhumanity of the Russian people visible. But how do you do this if you do not see the inhumanity in yourself first? If you are not willing to look at the impurities in Ukrainian society before this war, how can you rise above it? How can you transcend it? You see high level of corruption in Ukraine before the war. Naturally, this is an expression of impurity.

You have certain order, you have certain laws, but there are people who are undermining those laws by engaging in corruption. You saw again this lawless mindset of many among the Ukrainian people being willing to break the law. You saw it even in how, after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became the biggest arms dealer in the world, selling to anyone who would pay the price. Surely, not an expression of purity. You saw, just like in Russia, that instead of the government using the wealth of the nation to raise the standard of living of all people, they allowed a few oligarchs to gain inordinate amounts of wealth and keep the people in poverty, living in these subhuman standard conditions that were considered normal during Soviet times. Clearly, not an expression of purity.

Now, things have improved gradually in Ukraine. But there is a need to come to this realization that the measure of success for Ukraine cannot be how far we have raised ourselves above Russia or the Soviet Union. The measure of success for Ukraine in the future, after the war, must be: “How small is the gap between us and the EU nations? How far are we from qualifying for EU membership?” Because as we have said, you cannot qualify based on pity. You need to qualify based on living up to the demands for membership. And you CAN do this! Ukraine CAN do this! But it will require a willingness to transcend the impurities that you are dragging along from the past. Corruption must go! There must be a new awareness that you are stealing from the whole when you are breaking the law, when you are engaging in corruption. There must be a new awareness that the oligarchs are not heroic businessmen. They are thieves, who have been sanctioned by the state. And this cannot go on.

There must be a recognition that the Russian people, even before the Soviet Union, but certainly also reinforced during Soviet times, have a higher level of brutality than many other people around the world. And it is necessary for the Ukrainian people to look at the brutality they have been exposed to by the Russian military and say: “We must raise ourselves above this.” Many have surely already done so. I am in no way criticizing, putting anyone down. I am simply stating the fact that there is more that must be done before you are ready to enter into a truly new age of the Ukrainian nation. There is more that can be done. There is more that you can do.

Commitment to change

Now, I may sound stern, I may sound strict, and even as the lady masters who sounded very direct and very stern. But you recognize that if you were not capable of doing what I am saying, and I mean the Ukrainian people as a whole, then I would not be saying it. I am not here to discourage anyone. I am here to give you that impetus whereby you can accelerate yourselves beyond the downward pull of the past. For how else will you rebuild the nation after the war?

When you look at the destruction that has so far, even up to this point, happened in Ukraine, you could ask: “How could this possibly happen?” But the destruction is actually a measure for the resistance to change. It is also a measure for the commitment to change. In other words, you have a segment of the Ukrainian population who have made the commitment to change. But you have, as we have explained, another segment who want to maintain status quo and who are resisting change. If there had been no commitment to change in the Ukrainian nation, then there would not have been as much destruction, at least not directly. Because you would have been taken over by Russia in a short period of time and you would have now all been subject to the law of Putin. And there would have been less physical destruction. But there would, of course, in the future have been much more psychological destruction.

But what I am saying is that the reason why the Ukrainian nation has resisted and has been able to resist, is because there is that segment of the population that is committed to change. But the reason there has been the level of destruction is because there is another segment that is resisting change. And it is this friction that creates the destruction. I am not thereby saying that the progressive people, who are committed to change, are responsible for the destruction. It is of course the ones who are resisting that are responsible.

But what is the destruction an expression of? Yes, of course, the inhumanity of the Russians. But it is also an expression of the fact that because of the resistance to change in Ukraine, there needs to be a certain level of breakdown before change can happen. Again, I am not condoning in any way the Russian destruction. It is inhumane, illogical, senseless. But what I am saying is that the progressive people need to look at this situation as an opportunity. Now that things have been broken down, we are more free to move ahead and rebuild the nation the way we want to.

What could you have done if there had been very little destruction? There would still have been resistance. How could you have created a new society? Again, I am not condoning the destruction. I am saying you now have a different kind of opportunity that you did not have before, if you are willing to take it. But in order to make use of it, you have to look at Ukrainian society as it was before the war and say: “Where do we need to step up? How do we need to accelerate? What are the impurities that we can identify that we simply need to accelerate ourselves and our society beyond? Corruption, how can we build a modern society with this level of corruption? How can we become a member of the EU with this level of corruption?”

What is the EU based on? It is based on: you have a new state come into the Union which is not at the same level of material affluence as the older nations. The older nations in the EU will give money to the new nation so that it can build the infrastructure that is necessary to build prosperity for all people. But if you take the money coming from the EU and allow some corrupt officials or oligarchs to steal all the money so that it is not used to build infrastructure that benefits all? Well, how can the EU continue to support this? How can you transform Ukraine so that it becomes a country with the same level of affluence as other EU nations, if you allow the corrupt people to steal most of it? It cannot be done. It cannot be manifest. It is an impossibility.

Surely, I know that many can see it. Many among the politicians and the president himself can see it. But I am giving you the opportunity of radiating this into the collective consciousness with the intensity of the fourth ray, which gives you that impetus that can actually be the decisive difference that pushes the nation over the hump. Of course, it needs to be accepted. It needs to be absorbed. It needs to be expressed as that determination that we will to accelerate. We will to become more. We will to leave the past behind and become a new nation. We in Ukraine are willing to make a U-turn and move away from the past. That is how you can change Ukraine into a new nation.

From inertia to initiative

I know this has been a stern discourse. But I am the master of the Fourth Ray, which is also, in a certain sense, the Ray of Discipline. What is discipline? Well, what is the lack of discipline? Disorder, chaos. It is in a sense, you could say, that when people are undisciplined, they are in the lowest possible energy state. They are in a state of mind where they feel they can do nothing. There is no point in doing anything. They cannot take any initiative. They cannot start something and carry it through to its completion.

In order to accelerate, to raise yourself up, you need to have a certain amount of discipline, a certain willingness to overcome this downward pull towards the lowest common denominator. This downward pull is not natural. It is not in human nature. Human nature is self-transcendence. But because of all the things that have happened on this earth, the fallen beings have tried to destroy this drive for self-transcendence. And the result is this very low consciousness of inertia, laziness, sloth, unwillingness to do anything, just wanting to maintain status quo, however miserable it is. Of course, you now have an opportunity to shake this loose, to break with this momentum from the Soviet past and even going further back than the Soviet Union. But certainly, the Soviet Union had cultivated this in a majority of the people in order to prevent them from challenging the system.

Ukraine needs to move into a new state where initiative is welcomed, is encouraged, is looked upon as something that can bring society forward. There will always be, and there is still today in Ukraine, a power elite in business, in politics that want to discourage initiative because they feel it can threaten them. And Ukraine needs to make that determination: “Well, we will let the current order be threatened, in order to make progress and bring forth a better nation with prosperity and freedom for all.” This can be done. This can be done!

Serapis’ gift

Therefore, I have given you what I wanted to give you, this impetus that has rolled through the collective consciousness, not as a chaotic wave, but as a harmonizing wave that brings order, harmony, regularity, discipline, structure to chaos, an orderly influence. If you are an ascended master student concerned with the future of Ukraine, you can certainly invoke the Fourth Ray and ask for your calls to accelerate this impetus that I have radiated. If you could see it, you could see how there is a regular wave that has spread. And it has started to eradicate the inharmony that is there and to make the entire collective consciousness vibrate with this regular, ordered, structured, beautiful pattern of waves.

I am giving you the opportunity by bringing the collective consciousness of Ukraine into harmony with the sustainable principles of the universe. I am only allowed to do this for a time to give you a frame of reference. It is then up to the people whether they will align themselves with this, or whether they will go back to their old disorder and start to disrupt the pattern. But at least, the opportunity is given. Whether people have heard this discourse or will ever hear or read it, they cannot fail to feel at some level of their beings this orderly influence. This sine wave of purity that radiates through the collective consciousness until it is like a gas where the disharmonious molecules have suddenly become aligned  and there is this phase shift, this phase transition, where now there is order.

For a brief moment, a brief interval of time, despite the chaos going on in Ukraine, despite the disorder of the battlefield, there is in the emotional, mental and identity levels of the collective consciousness this state of order, purity. The Purity of the Fourth Ray that I AM. For I AM Serapis Bey, the Chohan of the Fourth Ray. And my intentions are pure, which is why I can radiate this influence and override all of the impure intentions of human beings in embodiment. For my intention is purer than anyone on earth. And now, you know what that feels like, whether you know it consciously or not, you have experienced the Purity that I AM.


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The healing power of the Ruby Fire of Love

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Ascended Master Paul the Venetian through Kim Michaels, October 29, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray of Love. Some will say and of course, the reaction is there from the collective consciousness, what is the purpose of giving a dictation about love to a nation that is at war? And yet, what is love? Love is, in one respect, the great healer of all wounds. Love is a tremendous healing flame, especially for psychological wounds that many people have received during this war and many other wars throughout history.

Loving something more than your wounded self

It has therefore also been a task of the angels of the Third Ray to help people with psychological healing, those who are willing to it, those who are open to it. This is, of course, why we have given these dictations about the need for forgiveness, because truly, what does it mean to be healed? Well, it means to overcome something. Ideally, if your body receives a cut, it should heal in such a way that there is no scar. In other words, the body is recreated as if the injury never occurred. Therefore, in psychological healing, you can receive a trauma, but if you are truly healed from that trauma, you are healed, your psyche is healed, your four lower bodies are healed, so that there is no scar, there is no trace of the injury ever having occurred.

But what does it require to receive that kind of healing? It requires a willingness to let go of the past. If you are holding on to a sense of anger or injustice or wanting to punish those who have hurt you, then that holding on to the wound will prevent you from having the wound healed. How can you heal that which you are holding onto and do not want to let go of? It is similar to if you have a cut on your body and there is a scab on the wound and you keep picking at the scab, delaying the healing process, so that instead of healing without a scar, the scab will take a long time to heal and there will be a scar left behind. This is what you do when you do not let go, when you do not forgive, when you do not make that commitment to moving on. But what is it then that enables you to move on, to let go? Well, you must love something more. More than what, you might say, well, more than the separate self that you created as a result of the trauma.

We, of course, do not expect the general public to understand this, but you who are ascended master students can take our teachings and you can see that, what is it that happens when you receive a trauma, when you are exposed to a trauma? Well, you are creating a new sense of self based on seeing yourself as a wounded person. What will it take to be free of the trauma? You must let that sense of identity as a wounded person die. And how can you do that? You must love something more than that wounded sense of identity. You must love something more than the limited sense of self. There must be some sense of self that you love more than the old sense of self. This is how anyone can change in any situation, trauma or not.

What is it that we of the healing ray of love, the healing angels of love have done for eons of time on this earth? We have offered this Love Flame, this intense Ruby Ray Flame of Love to people who have been hurt psychologically, spiritually. We have offered them the Love Flame that can consume their wounds, that can consume their old selves, their limited selves. And if people accept it, if they can accept that they are something they love more than the wounded self, then they can be healed as if there had never been a wound in the first place.

The lowest level of consciousness on earth

You can see that the body has a quite impressive ability to heal itself. But I can assure you that the psyche has an even greater ability to heal itself. For the psyche is of course, not made of the same dense energies as the physical body. This of course, is a statement that needs to be commented on. In a certain sense, yes, the psyche is not as dense as the physical body, but on the other hand, the psyche of some people have even lower vibrations than the vibrations that make up the physical body. This is what you see in those who are willing to harm others. You see that they can go into a state of consciousness that is the lowest level of consciousness with which you can embody on earth. The obvious example is, of course, Putin, who right now is at the lowest level of consciousness possible for a human being on earth, but he is by far not the only one. Many of the soldiers and the leaders and the mercenaries who are fighting for his war in Ukraine also have either the very lowest or close to the very lowest level of consciousness. You see this in their willingness to harm others and their complete disregard for how this affects other people.

Do you think that Putin and his henchmen have any concern whatsoever for the psychological wounds that they create in the Ukrainian people? Of course not, because if they did, they would not be able to do what they are doing. By their actions, they are proving that they have no regard whatsoever for how their actions affect other people. And this is, this total disregard for how your actions affect other people, is the lowest level of consciousness possible on earth. You cannot go lower and remain in embodiment. You can go lower, but not by remaining in a physical body.

The willingness to accept the healing

Back to the potential for healing for those who are willing to have it. Well, you know that free will is the absolute law and we, who are the love ray, have the potential to heal every person who has been hurt in this conflict, both the Ukrainians and the Russians. We can heal them all psychologically, but they have to be willing to accept it. You see for example, many Russian soldiers who have received deep psychological wounds from being engaged in the war, not just because they were physically hurt or maimed for life, but also because they felt betrayed by their own country, by their superiors, by their military, even by Putin, who forced them to go into this war without having the equipment or training they needed and therefore, they received these terrible physical wounds and psychological wounds.

How can we heal these soldiers? Well, they must be willing to accept the healing by letting go of the old sense of self. That means, also the sense of self they had before going to war. Naturally, they could have refused to do so. If they were killed in the war, whatever consequences might have been from refusing there, could it have been worse? You see that many of these Russian soldiers have a view of Russia that they are not willing to give up and if they are not willing to give up that view, that old sense of self, then they cannot receive our healing.

Giving up the wounded sense of self

For the Ukrainians, the situation is different. They do not have to give up the old sense of self in order to receive healing. They have to give up the wounded sense of self that was created after the traumatic events they were exposed to. You see the subtle difference, but it is important to recognize this because it shows you why many of these Russian soldiers are blocking their own healing, even though we, of course, are offering it to them with no negative reaction whatsoever. We have no desire to punish anyone. We only desire to heal everyone. For the Ukrainians, it is much easier to receive and accept the healing but they have to be willing to give up that wounded sense of self.

This, of course, ties in with what the other masters have talked about, where you need to give up that victim consciousness, that sense of being a victim who can only be a victim and who, once this bad thing has happened to you, you can never be free of it. This is also something that is part of all of the Seven Rays, of course, but it is especially a big part of the Love Flame because true love, as it can be experienced on earth, is in a sense, the great eraser. The concentrated fire of love, the Ruby Ray, can erase absolutely anything that has happened on a planet like earth. Whatever hurt you could possibly have received, whatever trauma you could have been exposed to, it can erase all of it. There is nothing that love cannot erase, but you have to accept that you can be free of the past. And what is the greatest manifestation of anti-love on earth? It is that consciousness projected by the fallen beings, that once certain things have happened to you, or once you have done certain things, made certain mistakes, then you can never be free of it. You are forever tainted by this. You are forever wounded by this.

The modus operandi of the fallen beings

This is, of course, a lie. It is a very subtle lie. It is a very insidious lie that many, many people have believed. In fact, we could say that virtually all people on earth believe in some version of this lie. They believe there are some things that can happen to you that are so hurtful, so terrible, that you could not be free from it. Many also believe that it is possible to make a mistake so terrible that you could never overcome it. You could never be free of it. This, of course, is the primary lie of the fallen beings on a planet like earth. You see the mechanism as ascended master students, where the fallen beings time and time again, create these situations where they put two groups of people in conflict with each other. You see, for example, in a war situation where someone is attacked by an enemy who is willing to do anything in their power to destroy them, as you see with Ukraine right now. How do you defeat such an enemy? Well, in many cases, people have had to be just as willing to do anything in their power as the enemy was in order to defeat the enemy. And what is the effect of this? Well, it is that people on both sides are deeply wounded, but many people also feel that they have done something so terrible that they cannot see how they can be free from it, how they could be forgiven from it, how they could forgive themselves.

The fallen beings are experts at creating these conflicts between people that cause them to do things that they later realize were not right, however they define right and that also cause them to become hurt. In other words, people hurt others and others hurt them and now the fallen beings come in to both sides of this conflict and whisper in their ear: “You can never be free of this, you can never forget this.” You see, an example of this that we have commented on before, the Holocaust, where some Jews say, this must never be forgotten, we must never allow the world to forget this. Well, then, how will you ever be free of it? How will you ever be healed from the trauma? You see the mechanism. The fallen beings often get one group of people to feel that they are superior and that they have some epically important thing to do here on earth, for example, being the master race and eradicating those who are the enemies of God, or the enemies of Islam, or the enemies of Christianity, or the enemies of Russia.

The people are then fooled into engaging in a war, but the fallen beings are not interested in having these people win the war and feel that they are victorious and feel that now they are the superior people. The fallen beings whispered in Hitler’s ear about the German people being the master race, but they did not do this because they wanted the Germans to win and feel like the master race. They wanted to fool the Germans into making a mistake so that they could whisper in their ear afterwards: “You can never overcome this.”

And this is why they whispered in Putin’s ear that he had to do whatever he thought he had to do. And now you have these soldiers who have gone to Ukraine filled with whatever propaganda they were filled with ahead of time, thinking they were looking for Nazis. They have gone around now for months asking the Ukrainians: “Where are the Nazis? Where are the Nazis?” And they have not found any and they have realized they have been fooled. They have made a mistake. And now the fallen beings are right there: “You can never overcome this.”

You see here, the fallen beings are not on anybody’s side. They are not preferring one group of people to another. They are only looking at: “How can we use people. Where is there a group of people that are susceptible to the lie of superiority, so we can use it to fool them into making a mistake and then tear them down afterwards, much lower than they were before.” This is the modus operandi of the fallen beings.

The Third Ray’s dispensation

What can you use this for in Ukraine? Why am I projecting this into the collective consciousness of Ukraine and Belarus and Russia? Well, you can use it to remember the old saying—fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. In other words, if you allow yourself to continually be fooled by the fallen beings, well, you are not really doing the best you can. What I radiate is, that it does not matter how many times you have been fooled by the fallen beings in the past. What matters is that you break the pattern now and say: “I will not be fooled again.” And then you accept the Love Flame that can heal you from this sense of having made a mistake, committed an atrocity or been wounded. You accept that you can be free of your past. You can attain freedom from the past, no matter what that past has been.

For the past has passed and the only thing that you carry with you is not the past, but the selves you created in the past. And if you are willing to give them up, then the Ruby Fire of Love can consume them all. Now you may say, as ascended master students: “But do people not have to see this consciously and do they not have to invoke spiritual light to consume it?” Yes, ideally, that is the way it is done. That is what you are doing because you are the forerunners who are taking charge of your own psychology, your own path, and you are pulling up on the rest. But we can offer that people without knowing about ascended masters, without even invoking spiritual light, they can receive healing when it is in the larger interest of the forward progression of humanity.

So, in the interest of the forward progression of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, we offer this Flame of Love so that those who are willing to accept it, willing to let go of the old sense of self, will receive help from us, even though they do not know of our existence and are not invoking our light. This is a dispensation we are allowed to give in situations like this. It does not mean that these lifestreams will not have to later come to see this consciously, but this does not necessarily have to be in embodiment. It can be in between embodiments.

These are very, very important considerations for many people who are more spiritually inclined. I am not talking here of only ascended master students, but the many people in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine who are spiritually inclined. It is important for them to realize that after such a traumatic event, there is a great need for psychological, spiritual, psycho-spiritual healing. It is also important that the mental health care professionals in these countries realize the same. And that is why I vow to give a special assistance to all such professionals who are willing to receive it in these three countries, or for that matter, in other countries where people who have been involved with the war come for healing.

I also radiate a concentrated energy into the collective consciousness so that the political leaders of Ukraine can become more aware of this. I am not saying that all of them need to be aware of it because obviously the job of rebuilding a nation after the war will require people to focus on different aspects and no one can focus on all of these aspects. But for those who are open to this, I radiate this energy that can help people realize that after the war there will be a much greater than normal need to focus on psychological healing. And there will be a need for the state to take initiative to allocate resources and to ask for help from abroad for mental health care professionals to come in and help people be healed of the trauma they have experienced, at least those who are willing.

If this is heeded and carried out, it will greatly assist the Ukrainian nation in moving forward after the war, putting the war behind it. Because after all, what we of the ascended masters look for and envision is that Ukraine moves on so that in a relatively short lifespan, certainly shorter than several generations or even one generation, Ukraine will have put this behind it and will have transformed itself into a modern democratic nation with economic prosperity for all of its citizens, as you see in Europe.

In as much as people in Ukraine agree that this is the best future for the nation, well, I have now given them the impetus to act upon this and to make this contribution of healing the psychology in order to help the nation move forward because how can a nation move forward if the individual citizens are not moving forward? How can you build a nation, rebuild a nation, if so, many people are psychologically crippled and therefore not able to do anything, to hold a job, to take an initiative or even function in society, but instead deteriorate into alcoholism, drug abuse, psychological problems of all kinds? How is this helping the nation? Even from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, it is better for the nation to make an effort to allocate resources to this issue rather than ignoring it. Naturally, there are people who are already aware of this, but my impetus, our impetus here, is to help these people break through the resistance to it and increase the awareness of the need to do this.

Real love vs. possessive love

Love is truly one of the most challenging flames for people to grasp. This is partly because the fallen beings have done everything they could think of to pervert people’s view of love, people’s definition of love, even people’s experience of love. Love is, in a sense, the great antidote to fear. Obviously, all of the flames counteract fear. But love and fear are really linked in the sense that love is the antidote to fear, and fear is a perversion of love. There are perversions of all seven rays, of course, but how do you pervert truth? Well, you can only do so if you do not have enough love for truth. How do you pervert freedom—because you do not have enough love for freedom.

You see here that the fallen beings have done everything they could possibly think of and fortunately, their ability to think and imagine is limited, but they have done everything they could imagine to pervert love on earth. What did Jesus say 2,000 years ago? Love your enemies. How many Christians have even paid attention to this? How many? How many have lived it? You have a Christian church that is the dominant church in Ukraine. How many of the leaders and members have paid attention to that statement—love your enemies?

Now, of course, I understand, and again, there is a strong reaction from the collective consciousness to me even saying this in the physical octave, that many people will say: “Look at what the Russians are doing to the Ukrainian civilians and Ukrainian soldiers and to the infrastructure and the houses and people’s homes and lives. Look how they are bombing everything into pieces with their artillery shells, relentlessly bombing them for months on end. How can we love them for doing this?” But you are not loving them for doing what they are doing. This is a perversion of love. This is possessive love.

The simple perversion of love is that you are loving somebody in order to get something in return. You are doing something for them by loving them, but they have to give you something back. This is possessive love. Real love is that you love somebody in order to set yourself free from them, because if you truly love somebody, you are free from them. This is similar to what we have said about forgiveness. You are forgiving others in order to set them free, to set yourself free from them. You are loving somebody in order to set yourself free from these people and whatever they have done to you.

Turning the other cheek

Now, many, many people in the world have this sense that there has to be justice: “Those who have harmed me have to be held accountable and then I can let go, then I can move on.” But moving on is an act that takes place in your mind and as long as you think that something that takes place inside your mind is dependent on anything outside your mind, you are not free in your mind. You are tied to that outside yourself that you think must change before your mind can change.

You may say: “We want the Russians to be held accountable for what they have done in Ukraine. We want them to be punished. We want revenge.” It is your free will right to say this, but it is my free will right, as an ascended master, to state through a physical messenger, when I have one, that this is not in your own best interest in the long run. Why did Jesus say love your enemies? Because it is the only way to free yourself from them. Do you really want to tie yourself, not only for the rest of this lifetime, but in future lifetimes, to the people who have harmed you?

You see that they have harmed you because they are in a state of consciousness where they lack humanity. Some of their leaders are even in the lowest possible consciousness on earth. Why would you want to tie yourself to these people? Is that really what is in your own best interest? Nay. What is in your own best interest is to free yourself from them so they cannot hurt you again. Even if they hurt you physically, they cannot hurt you psychologically because you have freed yourself from them, so they have no power over your mind.

I know these are advanced concepts that most people cannot grasp, but some will understand and that is why it needs to be spoken into the collective consciousness. You can say: “I want people to be held accountable for what they did in the physical octave.” Yes, of course, the Russians should be held accountable for their violations of international law and human rights, but there are institutions in the world who can do this, as it was done after the Second World War with the Nazis. You can always debate whether they are good enough, but the point is this, you as an individual, what is best for you? It is that you allow that process that is there to work in the coming years and hold the Russians to account and you free yourself to move on with your personal life as quickly as possible.

Then, of course, there is the consideration, what is the ultimate way of holding people accountable? Well, it is not in a court in the physical octave. It is in the court of the Karmic Board where people are held accountable for their karma. This is something they cannot deny. They cannot explain it away. They cannot avoid it. They cannot run away from it. They will be held accountable. “Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord, “I will repay.” The statement means you as a human being do not need to repay others because God will do so and God has created an inescapable law that will hold people accountable. What you can do is accept this and then accept that this is not your role. This is God’s role, or rather the role of the Karmic Board and therefore, the best thing you can do for yourself is to move on.

What is the ultimate revenge? It is to turn the other cheek. Someone hits you on one cheek. The ultimate revenge is to turn the other, whereby you bring the judgment of Christ upon them, not human judgment, the judgment of Christ, and this they cannot escape. The other thing is that by you turning the other cheek, you are setting yourself free from these people. You can move on. You can accept the healing of your psychological wounds so that you can move on as if the trauma had never happened. Now you see all over the world, my beloved, that there are people who want to hold on to their trauma, their wounded self. In the Middle East, you have people who have held on to this for thousands of years and hundreds of embodiments. This is their free will, but is that what you want for yourself? If it is not, you now have an alternative. By radiating this into the collective consciousness, I have made it easier for many people who have been hurt by this war to accept healing and this is, of course, my desire. I desire to see all people healed of all traumas they have, all people around the world.

This is my message for this day, for this occasion. I am grateful for having been able to give it and I seal you, who have been the instruments for broadcasting it, in the flame of joyful love that I AM.

Paul the Venetian, I AM.


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Seeing the obvious with the Flame of Wisdom

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Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels, October 29, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Lanto. Part of the responsibility of the Second Ray is to work with governments around the world, with people in the governments who are open to the ideas of how to apply wisdom to governing. Naturally, we are willing to offer our assistance to any nation in the world who is open to it. I come to extend our assistance to the people in Ukraine and to the leaders of Ukraine now and in the future.

How many times in history does a nation have such an opportunity to rebuild itself based on a new view, a higher view? It has been said that wisdom is the principal thing and with all thy getting, get understanding. Well then, I offer that wisdom, that understanding to the present and future leaders of Ukraine. But I first of all offer it to the people of Ukraine so that they might step up to a higher understanding of their nation, its past and thereby the potential to overcome the trends from the past that prevent them from building a better future.

The fear of knowledge and responsibility

What is, in a sense, the greatest obstacle that I face when I come to people, representing the Second Ray? Well, it is that so many people do not want to know better. My beloved brother, Master More, has said: “If people knew better, they would do better.” There is, in a sense, in the collective consciousness of earth, a certain realization that with knowledge comes responsibility. When you know, you cannot ignore what you know and continue to live the same way. So there is a certain awareness that knowledge brings the responsibility to change. The fallen beings are quite aware of this. And therefore, they seek to put people in a state where they actually fear knowledge. They do not want knowledge. Because they are afraid of what changes they would have to make if they received and acknowledged the knowledge that they do not have now. If people knew better, they would do better. But those who do not want to do better will then close their minds, so they will not come to know better.

This is what you see in the larger group of Russian people going back to the Kievan Rus’, going back to Atlantis. They are people who do not want to know better. You see that in the Soviet Union. You see it today in Russia, where so many people do not want to know what is happening in the war. But as Master More explained, there is a certain group of people in Ukraine who want to maintain their fragile sense of equilibrium. And in order to maintain it, what do they do? Well, they resist knowing better. They do not want to know. They do not want to open their minds to anything new.

You will, of course, see this all around the world, in many, many parts of the world. But what I am talking specifically here about is Ukraine. There is a certain percentage of the population who do not want to know better. They decided, most of them at a fairly early stage in their lives before they even fully reached adulthood, that now they knew everything they wanted to know. Now, they just wanted to live the rest of their lives with a certain sense of knowledge, a certain level of understanding so that they could maintain that equilibrium that there was nothing they could do. There was no way they could change their personal lives or change their nation.

It is part, you could say, of the victim consciousness. Because how do you come to see yourself as a victim? Well, it can only be because there is something you do not know. You do not know how to take charge of your life and change your situation. And why do you not know this? Because you do not want to know. Because if you did know, you would have to make a decision, or many decisions, about how you want to change your life. And you do not want to change your life, so the easiest way to not change your life is to not know. And of course, free will is free will. If people want to close their minds, they have a right to close their minds. But of course, this does not mean that the rest of the universe, including other people on earth, have to comply with that. Naturally, when there are many, many people in the world who are increasing their knowledge, their understanding, their wisdom, it will pull up on everybody. And therefore, it will, in a sense, precipitate circumstances that force people to come to know what they do not know.

The reality check

You will see, if you look at the collective consciousness of Ukraine, how there was, especially in the eastern parts, the more Russian-leaning parts, many, many people who were in that state of not wanting to know. And in a sense, they had this illusion, this dream that somehow they thought that Russia was a better country than Ukraine. And that they themselves, and certainly parts of Ukraine, maybe all of Ukraine, would be better off by being a part of Russia. And they did not want to know whether that was true or not. They wanted to live in the illusion, just as many people in Russia wanted to live in the illusion that Putin was the kind of leader that Russia needed.

What has happened now is, of course, that this state of mind has been challenged by reality, by physical circumstances that people cannot ignore. And this has forced many people to reconsider their view of Russia. This centers around the question: “How can Russia, which they saw as being a benevolent nation, do what these people have seen that Russia has done in Ukraine?” There were people, mostly elderly people, who welcomed the Russian soldiers and who were thinking it was long overdue that they would come in and take over Ukraine. And yet, those people have now seen how these same Russian soldiers came into their houses and stole everything that they could carry away. Or they bombed their houses with artillery. Or they destroyed roads, killed their family members, stole their food, left them with no water, electricity and food.

And this has, of course, forced them to consider the question: “How could Russia do this to us? If they were a friendly nation, if they were here to liberate us, how could they do this to us?” Of course, the war itself will also eventually, over time, force those among the Russian people who are in this state of mind to consider: “Well, if Putin was the kind of leader that we thought he was, how could he do this to Russia? How could he do this to us?” Many people in Russia are not there, but they will be eventually.

Reorientation towards the West

Back to Ukraine. Again, there is a considerable opportunity hidden within the tragedy that is still unfolding. I know you may think that we are talking as if the war is already over. And we are, in the sense that in our vision, in our minds, the war is already over in the higher realms, because the war of Russia is over in the identity and mental realms. No, not yet in the emotional and physical, but it is on its way to being over. We are talking about the future. We are talking into the collective consciousness in order to orient the Ukrainian people towards the future.

The opportunity here is that there are now a lot of people in Ukraine who have either been forced to or who have voluntarily reevaluated their view of Russia, and the relationship between Ukraine and Russia. The opportunity here is that this can create a shift in the collective consciousness, where Ukraine as a nation shifts and decides in a decisive manner to reorient itself towards the West, towards Europe. And this is, for a variety of reasons, the most constructive and, in a way, the only realistic way forward for Ukraine.

It is clear that given what Russia has done, a majority of the Ukrainian people would never vote to forge a closer tie to Russia, forge some kind of cooperation with Russia. And it is clear also from what Russia has done to destroy the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine that Russia will not be willing to take responsibility for its actions and help rebuild Ukraine after the war. From an economic, purely pragmatic economic standpoint, the only realistic future for Ukraine is to reorient itself or orient itself towards the West, become part of the European Union and eventually part of NATO, so that its future can be secured against another attack.

There are, of course, people in Ukraine who have already made this shift, who made it a long time ago. But what we are pointing out here, both Master More and myself, Kuan Yin and Mother Mary, is that there has been this division in the collective consciousness of Ukraine. There has been this doubt, this wondering whether it would be better for Ukraine to orient towards Russia or towards the West. And there has been a substantial part of the people who have felt that Russia was the better option. And this division in the collective consciousness has held back the growth of Ukraine as a nation. Therefore, it is not a matter of a certain percentage of the Ukrainian population forcing a reorientation towards the West. It is not a matter of even a majority voting for this. Because in order for Ukraine to be successful, there needs to be that shift so that a large majority of the population accept that this is the better option.

And this will require some work on the part of, not only the people of Ukraine–who have relatives who may still, or at least before the war had their doubts–but also the government of Ukraine. There is a responsibility to work with the people to bring them to shift their consciousness. You may say: “Well, some have already been forced by Russia.” Well, yes, but being forced is not quite the same as making a decision where you truly shift your consciousness. As I said, people have been forced to ask the question: “How could Russia do this to us?”

But some of these people do not necessarily trust that the government in Kiev would do any better. This needs to be demonstrated to them. And it needs to be demonstrated that the government is willing to listen to them. And this will be a challenge, because so many people in Ukraine have already shifted and realized that we are done with Russia, we need to move towards the West. But they need to recognize that there is a percentage of people who have not yet shifted and they need help in making that transition. For some, it will be impossible. I recognize that they are too old and unwilling to change. But for many it will be possible to help them understand what is the better future for themselves and for Ukraine as a whole.

Again, this requires this emergence, this development of a sense of togetherness, a sense of community, a sense that we are one people, we are one nation and we are moving forward together. This cannot be forced, but it can emerge when there is an openness for it. And when there is a willingness to recognize that what seems obvious to a majority of Ukrainians still does not seem obvious to all. And therefore, some work needs to be done. I am not saying in any way this to blame anyone, including the government. This is a new situation not faced before. And the government has good conditions, the good people to do this, to start this process and to let it work its way as Ukraine’s future unfolds.

Leaving totalitarian consciousness behind

This is important because what Ukraine has the opportunity to do here is to move away from what Master More called the victim consciousness, but which is also part of a larger consciousness of totalitarianism, dictatorships. There is a certain mindset, a certain beast in the collective consciousness in totalitarian nations that it is perfectly acceptable to force people. In a totalitarian dictatorship you have a power elite, often one dictator, but certainly a group of people who feel that they are right for whatever reason. It can be all kinds of different things you see throughout history. They are right. Therefore, they can see what is best for the nation, even for the people, they think. And therefore, they have a right to force the population. They do not need to try and persuade people. They have the right to force them. And the people should comply or: “We have a right to imprison them, put them in concentration camps, send them off to Siberia, kill them, whatever we can do. Because we must beat down any kind of challenge to us, because we are right.”

There are still remnants of this in the Ukrainian collective consciousness, because there have been politicians who thought this way. Some of them are still alive, of course, a few even in office. There is a need to overcome this.

Democracy cannot be based on force

There is a need to recognize that in a democratic nation, a fully democratic nation, you are not forcing a minority. A democracy is not the dictatorship of the majority. It is based on recognizing that people are different, that people have a right to be different and that we cannot force them beyond certain limits. Of course, you have to have some coherence and unity in the nation, but the use of force is not acceptable in a democracy.

It needs to be voluntary. There needs to be the consent of the governed. Now, as we have said, even a dictator has to some degree, the consent of the governed, but it is a very different equation in a democracy. This is an important realization. And there are many leaders in Ukraine who have already made it or are ready to make it. There are many people in Ukraine who have made it and are ready to make it. I am simply reinforcing this trend so that there can be that recognition of the need to address the people, especially in the eastern part, who have not made that transition in consciousness.

A democracy is a much more demanding form of government than a dictatorship, because in a dictatorship the people do not need to make decisions. And as we have said, there are many people in Eastern Ukraine, especially, who do not want to make decisions. They are, of course, found everywhere, but primarily the biggest concentration of them in the eastern part. And there needs to be that recognition that these people will need some help and assistance, because we cannot allow them to feel that they are forced. We have to show them that there is a difference between a dictatorial government and a democratic government.

Psychological information warfare against Ukrainians

Again, this is already begun, this is already to some degree in place. I am simply emphasizing the need to be aware of this. There needs to be a greater sense of unity, sense of oneness, a greater coherence in the Ukrainian population. Now, this will, of course, also require the Flame of Wisdom, where the people of Ukraine need to step up and recognize that they have been subjected to a psychological information warfare from Russia for a very long time, at least going back to the start of Putin’s reign.

This has been literally war against the Ukrainian people. And although many have realized this, many are not aware of it. Again, there is a need to step up and expose this so that people can begin to see how many of the ideas, the beliefs, the claims that are made in Ukraine actually come from this Russian information warfare. I am not even calling it propaganda, because that has become a word that has been almost overused. But what it is, is a kind of information warfare. And it is aggressive. It is persistent. It is not necessarily that subtle once you begin to see it. But if you do not see it, it is difficult to expose. Of course, many people in Ukraine have seen it. But there needs to be more of an effort to expose this, so that people can realize that many of the divisions in Ukrainian society were actually artificially created by this information warfare from Russia.

It has been, in a way, fully as aggressive as the physical war you are seeing now. And it is, of course, ongoing. There are still people in Ukraine who are the instruments of this warfare and have been for years. And they are still trying to do their job, some of them laying a bit low right now, but ready to start again as soon as the war is over. This needs to be exposed so that the people stop believing in it. And therefore, they become obsolete. You do not need a witch hunt, although you do need a certain exposure. But you need the people to be alerted to the need to simply ignore this and see it for what it is, information warfare against them and their future.

Master Lanto’s offer

Truly, we of the Second Ray are ready to work with anyone—in Ukraine, in Belarus, in Russia—who are open to the Wisdom of the Second Ray. Anyone who wants to get understanding, we are ready to work with them. As we, of course, have been working with people in all three countries and in all countries who are open to our flame, our ray. But we will extend this as an offer to the people in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia who are willing to step up to a higher level of understanding.

We have given many teachings, but of course we do not expect a majority or even a large percentage of the people to acknowledge the ascended masters teachings. We are ready to work with people at inner levels and release the kind of ideas, the kind of understanding that people can grasp, that they are open to. And therefore, this can, of course, help people develop that higher understanding that suddenly shifts the equation where people see what they could not see before. And as a result of seeing it—seeing, knowing better—they will then begin to do better. This is, of course, the principle behind the law of free will.

Putin’s inconsistency

A dictatorship is primarily based on controlling people’s actions. What they do and do not do. But in order to do this, of course, they realize—the dark forces behind dictatorships—that they also have to control people’s minds, what they can see, what they know and what they do not know. You can see this very clearly in Russia of how Putin is trying to prevent the Russian people from knowing what he and his army is doing in Ukraine. Now, you may be able to see—and that is why I am putting this into the collective consciousness of all three nations—you may be able to see the inconsistency, the contradiction in this.

Here you have a leader of a nation who has spent almost 20 years building this aura of infallibility. He knows what is best and he is always doing the right thing. He now decides to invade another country, whatever you want to call it. And yet he still decides that he does not want his own people to know what his forces are doing in that country. But you see, if Putin is infallible and he always does the right thing, he should be infallible in Ukraine and he should be doing the right thing in Ukraine. Why would he not want his own people to know what he is doing? You see the inconsistency? It is clearly because he knows that if the Russian people knew what is really happening in Ukraine, they would not approve of it, they would not agree with it. And therefore, he is in a bind. He feels compelled to do this, but he also feels compelled to try to keep knowledge of what he is doing from his own people. This is not wisdom. This is not understanding. It is the opposite. It is a lack of intelligence, a lack of wisdom.

Those who grasp the Flame of Wisdom can see this, can see right there the inconsistency. And that a person, a leader who acts this way, cannot be infallible, cannot be right. He cannot be in alignment with his own people. Right there, you see this shock-wave that has gone through the Russian collective consciousness, where really there is an impetus created by the war for people to reevaluate their view of Putin as a leader. But many people are frantically trying to avoid doing so. They are frantically trying to deny this need and come up with excuses and explanations for why they do not have to reevaluate their view of Putin, why Putin must be right, why it must be right what he is doing, even though they know and can see that it cannot be right.

If you could see the Russian collective consciousness, you would see this great upheaval. It has actually worked its way through the identity and mental levels. There is some clarity there, but few people have grasped it because of the enormous turmoil in the emotional realm that prevents people from consciously seeing and acknowledging the obvious. Because this is obvious. A great part of the wisdom flame is that wisdom is not something you believe in. It is not something you reason about intellectually. You do not analyze your way to wisdom. You can analyze your way to knowledge, but knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Wisdom is when you have a shift of consciousness and you see that this is true, not because of some intellectual argument, not because of some belief, not because of some claim from an authority, but because it is obvious. It is obvious. And this very inconsistency between the claims and the actions is obvious!

Seeing the obvious

With all thy getting, get understanding. Wisdom is the principal thing. Why is wisdom the principal thing? Because it enables you to see the obvious. And as long as you are not seeing the obvious, you are trapped and you can be controlled. You are trapped in what Jesus called the death consciousness. But when you acquire that first the understanding–and then the understanding can still be intellectual–but the intellectual understanding can bring about that steeper shift where you suddenly see the obvious beyond argumentation. Then you have wisdom. Then you are free. Then you cannot be controlled by the forces of this world, because your wisdom is beyond this world. It is beyond the duality consciousness. It is beyond arguing back and forth.

There is tremendous upheaval in the Russian collective consciousness because people are still trying to argue why they do not have to change. But, of course, a growing number—and the number is growing every day—of people have shifted and seen the obvious. And seeing the obvious is the principal thing in terms of raising your consciousness, raising your awareness. You might say that as you walk the path of 144 levels of consciousness, for each time you step up to another level, you see something you did not see before and you see that it is obvious. This, of course, is also the difficulty. As we have said, those below a certain level of consciousness cannot see what you can see now and what is obvious to you.

You can look at Putin, as an example, and say that: “Why were there so many people before the war who thought he would never attack, he would never invade? Why were there even many in the Ukrainian government and military who thought this?” Well, it was because they have stepped up to a higher level of wisdom and they could see the obvious consequences of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. They could see the ramifications it would have even for Russia, even for Putin. And they thought because it was obvious to them, it would be obvious for Putin also. Because they thought: “Well, he used to be a rational person. He must still be a rational person.” But they did not realize that regardless of what he may have seemed to be, there are certain things that were never obvious to Putin. And that were never obvious to a large part of the people in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. And that are not obvious to most people in China and most people in the Middle East and in many other dictatorships around the world.

The fundamental shift in consciousness

You could say: “What creates the shift from a dictatorship to a democratic nation?” It is that a critical mass of the people suddenly see as obvious that people have rights and that no government can take those rights away or define those rights. When this becomes obvious to a critical mass of the population, then the nation can shift and become a democracy. Once you have made that shift, well, it is obvious to you that that is the way it is. But before people have made that shift, they cannot see it. You can try to reason with them. You could have tried to reason with Putin, as Macron in France tried to reason with him. But it has no impact, because he cannot see. He is blinded by his own state of mind, by his own dream of his own greatness as this great historical leader of Russia. And he cannot see what was obvious to most other people, at least in the democratic part of the world. He could not see it. You could not have made him see it by any kind of reasoning or argument.

That is why we have talked about the School of Hard Knocks. People are not willing to see. Of course, they could have seen it if they were willing. Putin could have seen it if he was willing, but he was not. Because he wanted to hold onto the dream of his own greatness, his own place in history. The School of Hard Knocks then brings about physical circumstances that people cannot deny or ignore. And that is why we have said – How hard do the knocks have to become before people snap out of the denial and they acknowledge: “It is obvious that we have lost this war, that we cannot win this war?” A growing number of people in the Russian military and government apparatus have started recognizing this. Some in Putin’s inner circle have started recognizing it, but they have been reluctant to voice it to him, for he does not seem to have recognized it. There is, of course, upheaval in his psychology as well. The question is how many more hard knocks before the shift occurs? That is, of course, something I will not predict. But as we have said, perhaps this will not go on as long as some people fear.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you from the Second Ray. I am grateful for the opportunity, for what we have said here does not, of course, only apply to Ukraine, but will apply to many other nations who are in the process or who will be in the process in the future of switching from a dictatorial form of government to a democratic form of government. Thus, I seal you in the Wisdom Flame that can, if you are willing, help you to see the obvious.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you from the Second Ray. I am grateful for the opportunity, for what we have said here does not, of course, only apply to Ukraine, but will apply to many other nations who are in the process or who will be in the process in the future of switching from a dictatorial form of government to a democratic form of government. Thus, I seal you in the Wisdom Flame that can, if you are willing, help you to see the obvious.


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Do you want to be more or do you want to be less? 

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels, October 29, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master MORE. The question that I radiate into the collective consciousness of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia is, do you want to be more or do you want to be less? For there is nothing in between. You either accelerate or decelerate. There is nothing in between. There is no standstill. There is no maintaining status quo.

The illusion of maintaining the status quo

What was the Soviet Union? An attempt to create a certain state and to maintain it. I know there was an ideology of expanding communism to the entire world. I know that throughout the Soviet Union’s existence, there were overt and covert efforts to extend the Soviet Union and communism. Yet there came a point where there was also a certain acceptance that it will not be easy to extend communism further or extend the Soviet Union further. And there was throughout the entire time also a desire to maintain a certain status quo because communism as an ideology is an attempt to create a static society. And why is this so? Because the very nature of elitism, the very nature of the fallen beings behind elitism, is to hold on to what they have, to seek to recreate what they feel they lost in the past and then to hold on to it once they think they have recreated it.

This is the entire psychology that you see throughout planet Earth. Not only in leaders, but in peoples around the world where they seek to hold on to what they have created. They seek to first create a certain state and then they want to hold on to it. But when you take a look at history, do you see anyone being successful in holding on to status quo? You may say: “Well, the Roman empire lasted for centuries. This or that empire lasted for a long time.” But did they? Did they manage to create a state and then hold on to it? And you will see that they did not, and why not?

Well, there are many reasons for this. First of all, the nature of the duality consciousness. You can only create an empire through force. And when you apply force, you create an imbalance that will threaten the state you have created through force. And therefore, when you use force to create an empire, that empire will feel that it is constantly threatened. The leaders of that empire will feel constantly threatened. Look at the Roman emperors. Did they feel at peace? Nay, they felt somebody was always out to take their power away from them. Often, even their own family members. Did the Roman empire ever manage to maintain a status quo? Nay, for it was constantly expanding. Why? Because its economy was based on conquest and stealing from others rather than producing from within.

What was the Soviet Union’s economy based on? Exploiting others rather than being self-sufficient from within. A Marxist communist economy can never be self-sufficient, can never be sustainable. In fact, a truly capitalist economy cannot be sustainable either. And that is why you see that these empires were driven to expand. The Roman empire had to continue to expand, but eventually expanded so far that, given the communication technology at the time, it could not keep the empire together. And then, of course, the internal conflicts, the internal power struggles, caused it to fall apart.

Why did Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine? Because his empire cannot be sustained either. He has perhaps some conscious goal of recreating the Russian empire or counteracting democracy, or whatever he may think in the confusion of his mind, where he is barely able to keep any thought for a very long period of time. But the reality is that the internal contradictions of a force-based empire forced him to seek to expand the empire. As we have said, he was in a position of power, but he could have maintained that state of power for the rest of his lifetime. And even though that is not necessarily such a long time, he nevertheless could not just sit there and enjoy the position he had. He felt he had to do more.

The law of self-transcendence

You see here that there is a law, a cosmic law, that accompanies the law of free will. And this law states that although you have free will to do whatever you want, to have whatever experience you want for as long as you want, you do not have the free will to maintain any experience indefinitely. In other words, the law of free will is in a polarity with the law of self-transcendence. You can do whatever you want with your free will as long as you are becoming more. But when you refuse to transcend yourself and seek to create an empire on earth through force, you seek to create a horizontal empire rather than being willing to transcend yourself. Then you create this internal contradiction that means that you have to try to do more and more in a horizontal way instead of transcending yourself in a vertical way.

That is why I say there is nothing that can stand still in the universe. This is a cosmic law. It is beyond natural laws, but it is reflected in natural laws, which is why you have this process of evolution that can be observed even though it is in no means described by the theory of evolution. You have this law of self-transcendence and if you are not willing to become more than you are now, then you are driven to seek to become more of what you are now by expanding horizontally instead of vertically. But this will only happen through force, and force creates its own opposition and therefore it is only a matter of time before the counterforce through your own use of force will wreck your effort to expand horizontally.

What you see is that in the past, there were certain empires that could maintain that force-based state for some time, but this has been shortened so that it now becomes a shorter and shorter time span. The Soviet empire did not last as long as the Roman empire. Putin’s empire will not last as long as the Soviet empire. And this is why you see what you see in Ukraine, where the Russian military, despite its supposed superiority, is basically in a retreating or defensive position. They withdraw in order to regroup, but they are on the way to withdrawing back to Russia itself and whether they will ever be able to regroup is an open question.

What does this have to do with Ukraine? Well, when you look at Ukraine as a nation you see that Ukraine does not have the desire to expand horizontally. But Ukraine, before the war, was deeply divided between a large part of the population, primarily in the sections of society and the nation that were closest to Russia, who wanted to maintain the status quo and those who wanted real progress, real transcendence. This stalemate almost, or at least this very slow growth that was there before, has now been shattered by the war. And this is actually a tremendous opportunity for the Ukrainian nation. We are not thereby in any way justifying it or saying that the war is a good thing, but what we are saying is that this has now happened. And as we have said, you can either look backwards or you can look forwards. But if you look forwards, you need to say: “What can we do to take advantage of this opportunity?”

Transcending victim consciousness

And here is at least one aspect of what you can do. There are naturally many things that can be done by the Ukrainian people, but here is one shift you can make. It is very tempting, and there is a certain segment of the Ukrainian people who have already gone into this. But it is very tempting to look at the actual situation and say: “Ukraine is a victim here. We have been brutally attacked, our people have been killed, tortured, raped, their homes have been destroyed, the electrical grid has been largely destroyed and so forth. We are the victims of Russian aggression.” But what was it that caused this stalemate? What is behind the people who wanted to maintain the status quo? What was behind the people in the Soviet Union who wanted to maintain a status quo, the people in Russia today who want to maintain a status quo? It is the victim consciousness.

Now you may very well say that there is often a specific outer thing that people use to justify this victim consciousness, such as: “We were attacked by Russia.” But there is a deeper consciousness of being a victim where you feel consciously that you are powerless to change your situation because there are these external forces that you cannot overcome, you cannot fight against them. But what is even deeper behind this is again the unwillingness to make your own decisions as to, in the deepest sense: “What kind of person am I, or what kind of person do I want to be?” But also: “What kind of life do I want to have? What kind of life experience do I want to have? What kind of society do I want to live in? What kind of leaders do I want to have in this society?”

We have talked extensively about the Russian peoples and their history and some of this applies to some of the people in Ukraine. But we have said that they have a long history of not wanting to make their own decisions. Well, this is the victim consciousness: “I do not have to make my own decisions. There is no point in me making my own decisions because I cannot overcome this external force that is keeping me in this present state.” What you do when you go into this victim consciousness is that you are, in essence, you have created a sense of equilibrium based on current conditions as they are. And because you feel you are a victim of these larger forces that you cannot do anything about, you want to maintain that sense of equilibrium at all costs. You do not want to lose it. You are trying to maintain a sense of equilibrium, and therefore you want your society to maintain the outer conditions that give you that sense of equilibrium. You do not want your society to change.

Shattering the old sense of equilibrium

You may look at some people in eastern Ukraine or many, many places in Russia, who are older. Some of them might be retired. They have this small Soviet era apartment they live in. They have the same furniture they have had for 20, 30, 40, 50 years. They have a fixed income. They have a daily routine of doing whatever they do. And they do not want to lose what they have. They want to hold on to it. But behind it all is the unwillingness to consider that you could be something else than what you are right now. You could be more than what you are right now. In order to maintain the sense of equilibrium that you have in this very narrow physical environment that you have, you want society to stay the same. This is what gave tremendous problems in Ukraine, much bigger problems than you saw in other Warsaw Pact or former Soviet countries in Europe (that have made far more progress than Ukraine) because there was this percentage of the population that was wanting society to stay the same, that did not want any change.

What has happened now is that the war in many areas has uprooted these people and their sense of equilibrium. It has, so to speak, forced them out of their sense of equilibrium. You can still see in the eastern part of Ukraine how there are people whose towns were attacked by the Russian military and they refused to leave. They refused to evacuate because they could not conceive of going out of their sense of equilibrium and a physical environment that they thought gave them that sense. So they are frantically trying to hold on, trying to stay in their city even though their houses might have been bombed. There is no electricity, there is no water, there is hardly any food. They are still trying to hold on.

But you will see that many of them have not been able to hold on and therefore, if you could look at the collective consciousness, you would see that this force of wanting to hold back growth in Ukraine has been greatly diminished, in fact almost shattered in many areas. And again, we are not justifying the war, we are not saying that there was anything positive or justifiable about the Russian invasion, but we are saying, now that it has happened, Ukraine has a choice to make. Will you, once the war is over, seek to go back and create some kind of equilibrium, some kind of status quo, recreate what people had? Or will you say: “Now that we have had such a decisive break with the history of our country, how can we move forward from here? What is the opportunity we now have?”

The tremendous opportunity for Ukraine

And the opportunity you now have is that, in a way that has never happened before in your nation’s history, you have an opportunity to decide: “What kind of nation do we want to be? What kind of people do we want to be? What kind of society do we want to be? Do we want it to be a backwards looking society that seeks to recreate something that we feel we have lost? Or do we want to make a complete shift and look forward and say – What can we do now? What is our opportunity here?”

There will come a point where the war is over, the fighting is over. There will come a point where the war is over. It will not be a stalemate like you had from 2014 to the present. There will come a point where the war is decisively over and Ukraine has an opportunity to move forward. Exactly when that happens depends on the willingness of the Ukrainian people to shift. If you are not willing to shift, you can drag this out.

But if you are willing to shift, there will come that decisive point where you can say: “Now we can begin to rebuild our nation without fearing that Russian rockets will destroy it.” This is what I am seeking to radiate into the collective consciousness: that will to shift out of the victim consciousness, out of the looking backwards, to looking at: “What will we do to move forward?” And quite frankly, you need to look to other nations that have already gone through the process of qualifying for NATO and EU membership. You have applied, your president has applied for EU membership, and an expedited process. But there are still people in Ukraine, there is a certain pocket in the collective consciousness that feels that: “Oh, because we were victims of Russian aggression, the EU must have pity on us and give us membership and help us rebuild the country. They must do this for us.” But this is the victim consciousness in a new version. You cannot build a better Ukraine if you have this state of consciousness of you are looking for a handout, you are looking for charity, you are looking for someone else to compensate you for what someone else has done to you. You must shift and say: “Here we are, we are a large nation, we have natural resources, we have industrious people who are willing to work, who are innovative, who can come up with new ideas. We have tremendous assets. We have tremendous opportunity. We are not joining the EU to be the backwater of the EU and they have to somehow help us rebuild ourselves. We are joining the EU because we are ready to be an asset to the European community. We are not looking for charity, we are looking for opportunity. This will require a shift. It has already started. Many people in Ukraine have already made that shift, but there is more work to be done before it will become a self-reinforcing process.

You who are our students can make the calls, but I also trust that you will work on making this shift in yourselves so that what I have radiated into the collective consciousness can spread and gradually build that momentum that leads up to the shift so that the shift is now irreversible and Ukraine can look forward. You have some leaders, the president, his advisors, many of the members of parliament who have already shifted or are willing to shift or are in the process of shifting. But you also have a certain group of politicians who do not want to shift because their primary concern is to maintain their own position in society. You have the oligarchs who do not want to lose their economic privilege, but you also have politicians who do not want to lose the power they feel they have.

New leaders who serve the people

Now, these people who do not want to lose something are also in a way in the victim consciousness. They are just in a much more powerful or comfortable position than the retired people living in a Soviet-era apartment in some Eastern European town. But they are still in the victim consciousness because they are so concerned about maintaining the outer situation that gives them a sense of equilibrium that they are willing to hold back the growth of the entire society. There were some among these people who were very angry when a new president was elected who was not part of the political apparatus, and therefore could not be controlled by them. There were people who were very angry when new politicians were elected to parliament, and who also were not part of the traditional apparatus, and therefore could not be controlled. What needs to happen is that the Ukrainian people become aware of this.

There are progressive politicians who want positive change for all people in Ukraine. And there are regressive politicians who want to maintain their own positions and the positions of the power elite, the privileged elite, the oligarchs, the bureaucrats, the politicians who are politicians for life, not as a service to the country. They are politicians to enrich themselves and their associates, not to enrich the people. There needs to be a shift there where people begin to look at this and say: “What kind of country do we want to be? And if we want a progressive country that can accelerate itself, that can transcend itself and become more, then what kind of politician do we need in order to manifest that kind of country?” Well, certainly not the old kind who are looking backwards, who are seeking to enrich themselves rather than serving the people.

This is an awareness that needs to spread throughout the collective consciousness so that more and more people come to that conclusion. It is not a matter of a violent revolution or even a peaceful revolution. It is a matter of a revolution in consciousness where people become aware of this, and they simply stop believing in what these politicians are saying. They stop voting for them. And again, because of the war, the status quo that was there has been shattered. And this means that the new politicians have a better opportunity than ever before to actually enact real change.

Building a new sense of accountability

This needs to be seen. Some have already grasped it, some have not yet. But what I am radiating into the collective consciousness and into the consciousness of those who are open to it is this need to not have tunnel vision and not be so focused on the war that you cannot step back and say: “What will come after? Now that our society has been in many ways shaken at its foundations, what opportunities does that give us that we did not have before? And how can we make use of this to actually bring the country in the direction that we have always wanted to bring it in? Towards prosperity for the people, democracy, openness, responsibility for politicians and those in the economy, in the business community.”

There needs to be a new sense of accountability. Because what is corruption? Corruption is that those who are in certain positions in society to take bribes and grant favors are untouchable. They have no accountability. That is why they can participate in this corruption and get away with it year after year, decade after decade. But where does this come from? Well, it comes from Soviet society which institutionalized a class of people. The classless society had two classes of people. Those who had no position, and those who had some kind of position in society sanctioned by the government. And those who had a position could escape accountability. They could get away with all kinds of things and escape accountability. And this is another aspect of this entire victim consciousness.

A class of privileged narcissistic people

What I am saying is that these people, once they had a position, they wanted to hold on to it. And if that meant maintaining the entire Soviet system, then they would do whatever was in their sphere of influence to maintain that system so they could maintain their personal position. In other words, there were these far-flung ideas in Marxist ideology of creating this wonderful community with solidarity between the workers and where everybody saw themselves as part of a whole. But in reality what was created, at least in the Soviet Union and even in modern China, is a society where there is this class of people who have striven to attain a position because they were driven by a desire to get advantages for themselves, privileges for themselves. And once they have it, they want to maintain it.

This is the central mechanism in both Soviet communism and Chinese communism, and other forms of communism you have seen around the world. You have a certain class of people who have no commitment to the community, to the whole, to the country, to serving the people. They seek a position because they want to have an advantage for themselves. They only care about themselves. And once they have it, they want to maintain it. And that is why you have these people who are willing to take bribes, they are willing to suppress the people, they are willing to imprison those who object to the system. And you have this entire system run by self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic people. The entire system is run by a certain type of people because the system promotes and rewards those kinds of people because, out of their desire to maintain their own privileges, they are willing to maintain the system. The system is self-reinforcing because once it is put in place, the people who have gained an advantage, a privilege from being part of the system, they want to maintain the system.

Now, you can look at modern Russia and see it has not broken free from this. You can look at Ukraine before the war and see that Ukraine had not broken free from it either, [it had] to a larger degree than Russia, but not fully. You can look at Ukraine and say: “Well, now we have an opportunity to break this spell, to break free from this system, to rebuild our entire system. Will we take it or will we ignore it and allow these people to either continue in their positions or to come back into their positions and take over the running of the country once the war is over? What will we do? Will we make a break with the past?” It is not even a matter of breaking with the Soviet Union or breaking with communism because you also saw the same kind of system in other nations that were not communists. But it is a matter of realizing that there is this dynamic in human society where certain types of systems reward the most selfish people, and this will always create a repressive society that cannot be sustained in the long run.

Creating the self-reinforcing spiral

This is a tremendous opportunity for Ukraine. I know that, again, as we have said before, it may seem premature to talk about this while the war is still going on, but we clearly see that the war will not always be going on. And therefore, we are seeking to give you, and to give the collective consciousness and the people in Ukraine, an opportunity to go beyond, to look to the future and to build a better future for themselves, for their nation, and even for the larger community of Europe and the world. Ukraine is an asset to the European community, or at least it has the potential to quickly become an asset. And I for one, and of course all of us in the ascended realm, we hope that Ukraine and a critical mass of the Ukrainian people will make that shift and step up, leave behind that victim consciousness and accept: “Yes, we are an asset to the European community. We are not looking for a handout, we are not looking for charity, we are looking for active participation in a community that we see as a better future than what we have had in the past.”

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you. I thank you for the opportunity to speak this in the physical, to radiate it through your chakras so that it can have the maximum effect. Therefore, I seal you in a very joyful flame of the Will of God that I hold for earth and that I am one with that I AM for Earth.

Master More, I AM.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels

Using the Flame of Mercy to move forward

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Ascended Master  Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels, October 28, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Kuan Yin.

I have been known in the East, at least by some, as the representative of the Flame of Mercy. I come to bring an extraordinary release of this Flame of Mercy to Ukraine and the reason for this is that Ukraine is facing many choices, not only now and on a daily basis, but certainly when the war is over. And I come to release this measure of the Flame of Mercy to help the people make one of these crucial choices that will determine the future of the nation.

Now, as Mother Mary was explaining, we of the ascended masters are of course, not blind to the suffering that people experience on earth. We are in no way blind to the immense physical suffering that has been put upon the people of Ukraine by this war. People have been killed, people have been wounded and thereby handicapped for life. People have been tortured, people have been raped and people have lost loved ones, lost their houses, lost their families, sometimes entire families, lost their jobs, their way of living and it is very understandable that this not only gives them physical scars, but emotional, mental and identity-level scars, psychological scars. We, of course, do not expect that people in Ukraine will suddenly discover ascended master teachings and start using those teachings to heal their psychology. But nevertheless, we are already and we will in the future, work with people at inner levels as they are open to our assistance to help them heal these immense wounds.

Deep division in Ukraine

However, what I endeavor to give you here are some thoughts that I will radiate into the collective consciousness through the chakras of those who are participating in this conference. And they are some thoughts that can help Ukraine as a nation, make a crucial decision to move forward rather than backwards. Now, when you look at Ukraine as it was when we gave our conference there not so long ago, you see that this was a nation that was deeply divided. You had a certain segment of the population that still remembered the Soviet past when Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union and you had a certain part of the population who, while not necessarily identifying themselves as Russians, certainly feeling more like Russians than Ukrainians and leaning towards Russia, perhaps even wanting Ukraine to be part of Russia or to have closer ties with Russia. There were clearly those who wanted Ukraine to become closer to Russia instead of becoming closer to the West.

Now, part of this was, of course, engineered by Vladimir Putin who did not start his attacks on Ukraine as an independent nation when he invaded Crimea in 2014. He started almost as soon as he became president of the Russian Federation. He has done many, many things to undermine unity in Ukraine, to turn people towards Russia with simple propaganda, lies and promises that could never be fulfilled. And this then created the situation where from a certain perspective, we can say that Ukraine was ungovernable. It was impossible to satisfy the two opposing polarities in Ukraine—those who wanted Ukraine to become closer to the West and those who wanted it to become closer to Russia.

Change of view on Russia in Ukraine

What has happened now is, of course, that there is still a certain percentage of the Ukrainian population who have not changed their attitude or their view of Russia but there is, of course, a much larger part of the population who have completely shifted their view of Russia. Many of the people who before were either positive towards Russia or were neutral towards Russia have now shifted their attitude and many of those who were western leaning before have also shifted their attitude.

Now, when you look at the immense human suffering that has so far been perpetrated upon the Ukrainian people by the Russian military and special forces and mercenaries and foreign fighters and what have you, it is from a human perspective, quite understandable that many people have a deep anger and resentment, even hatred towards Russia and even the Russian people, certainly the Russian military. And it is clear that this is a growing phenomenon that is likely to become more intense, more widespread before the actual fighting stops. You might say: “Well, why does a representative of the Flame of Mercy address this issue? Are you somehow trying to say that we should show mercy towards the Russians and forgive them? You acknowledge that we hate the Russians, we are angry with the Russians because of the immense atrocities they have committed against us, but are you still trying to say that we should forgive them?”

No mercy to the Ukrainian people

Well, actually, I am not. I am not saying that the Ukrainian people should show mercy towards the Russians, but I am saying that if the Ukrainian people want the best possible future, they need to show mercy towards themselves. And you might again say: “Well, have the Russians shown any kind of mercy to the civilians they captured, held captive for weeks and tortured, beat with iron pipes so that their bodies were blue all over? Did they show mercy to the women they raped, often by numerous soldiers raping the same woman? Did they show mercy to the people they forcefully displaced and took to Russia where nobody knows where they are and nobody has heard from them? Did they show any mercy towards the Ukrainian people?” And from a human perspective this is understandable again—they have not shown mercy and Putin shows no signs of being willing to show mercy, neither on the Ukrainian people nor on his own soldiers.

What do you want?

What I come to point out to you is this very simple mechanism. How can you improve your life? Can you improve your life by changing other people or can you improve your life only by changing yourself? The question is, what do you want? I realize that some will say this is way premature to give us a discourse like this. I am here speaking about the collective consciousness and the reaction from the collective consciousness as these words are spoken in the physical. You realize perhaps, that although you who are physically listening to this have language issues, when it comes to the collective consciousness there is no language issue. Whatever language the messenger is speaking in, I can easily translate that to Ukrainian or Russian so that it is immediately understood by the collective consciousness. Therefore, I also get a reading of the reaction from the collective consciousness and I can address that reaction.

But it is not premature to talk about this even though the war is still ongoing because we have to sow seeds in the identity, mental and emotional bodies so that when the physical fighting stops the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian collective consciousness, is prepared to deal with this issue and to, in an ideal situation, make a shift in consciousness, a shift in attitude. And the question is simple: Do you want a better future for the Ukrainian people, a better future than they have right now but even a better future than they had before the war? Do you want a better future for the Ukrainian nation?

If you do, there is only one way to achieve this. You must separate yourself in consciousness from the consciousness of Russia and the Russian people. If you do not separate yourself in consciousness, how can you physically break free from Russian dominance? If you want a future for Ukraine where Ukraine is not dominated by Russia either by overt force or by covert force, you must raise the collective consciousness of the Ukrainian people above the collective consciousness of the Russian people.

Mercy is freedom from the past (and Russia)

Now, we have said before that the Ukrainians before the war were ahead of the Russian people in terms of humanity and in terms of the collective consciousness. But you need to recognize that in order to stay ahead, you need to look at this and say: “We have seen what the Russian people or the Russian military at least and the Russian leadership will do to us, to our people. We cannot allow ourselves to be like them. We cannot allow ourselves to sink to the same level. Even in order to defeat them militarily, we cannot allow ourselves to sink to the same level of inhumanity and disregard for life. Because if we do, how can we free ourselves from them?”

What I am saying is that there is a connection between consciousness and physical events. We have said many times, consciousness comes before the physical manifestation. If you want to free yourself from Russia physically, you must free yourself from the Russian people and the Russian collective consciousness by raising your own consciousness. And how can you do this? Only by showing mercy to yourselves. Only by looking at yourselves and saying: “What is the greatest act of mercy for the Ukrainian people? What would be the greatest manifestation of mercy for us the Ukrainian people, who want a future as a free independent nation?”

Well, it would be as I have said, that you raise yourself above the Russian people but how can you do this if you hate the Russian people? How can you free yourselves from those that you hate, that you feel anger towards, that you blame for your own situation? I understand, and of course, the reaction is there from the collective consciousness that they will say: “Well how can we not blame the Russians for invading our country, destroying our infrastructure, killing our people? How can we not blame them for this?”

But again, what kind of future do you want for Ukraine? Do you want a better future for the Ukrainian people than what the future is likely to be for the Russian people? And if you want a better future you need to raise your own consciousness and how do you do this? Well, look to the Middle East—look where there are, what you today call nations, but which used to be tribes or peoples that have been feuding and fighting for hundreds and thousands of years. This group hates that group and that group hates this group and therefore, they are karmically tied to each other and have been so for so many generations that no one can remember when it started.

You all know about the links between the Russian and Ukrainian people which goes back a very long time but the question is, do you want to continue being tied to this spiral or do you want to transcend it? How can you transcend it? Only through mercy. What does that mean? It means you cannot look backwards. You have to, and I am speaking this into the collective consciousness because I know that gradually in time many among the Ukrainian people, even many who are today abroad as refugees will be able to pick up these ideas. If you want to be free of Russia you must be different from the Russians. You cannot be the same as the Russians in consciousness and at the same time become free from Russia. It cannot be done. It is impossible.

The question is right now you have a tremendous spiral that has been created, a tremendous vortex that has been created in the emotional body of the Ukrainian collective consciousness. It is anger and hatred towards Russia, the Russian military, Putin and again from a human perspective, not only understandable but unavoidable. But the question is: “Is this what is best for you? Is this what is best for you in the long run?” If you want to be different from Putin and the Russian power elite, what is Putin doing, consider what Putin is doing. Consider his worldview and why he invaded Ukraine.

He is looking backwards in time. He has created in his mind the idea that something was better in the past and he is trying to recreate it however he sees it. I will not even comment on this because his mind is so confused, incoherent, inconsistent and it changes all the time, that there is no point in even putting words on what Putin is thinking. He has this vague idea, but the basis of it all is he is looking back towards the past. There was a paradise lost. Now how anyone can associate the Soviet Union with paradise is perhaps beyond what many people can comprehend, but nevertheless, there it is. If you want to be free of Putin, you cannot think like him. You cannot look back to the past and say everything was better before the invasion and you cannot allow yourself to be pulled into this vortex of anger and hatred which can become self-reinforcing. You must break it. You must look at the situation as atrocious as it is and you must decide: “Do we want to go forward or backwards? Do we want to be free of Russia or do we want to be tied to Russia indefinitely?”

Freeing Ukraine from Russia

How can you be free of Russia? There is only one way to be free of those who have harmed you and that is to forgive them. Yes, there is a reaction from the collective consciousness not only in Ukraine but worldwide—we should forgive the people who have committed these tremendous atrocities against us? But you see you are not forgiving the Russian people. You are forgiving yourself. Forgiveness is not an act of letting other people off the hook as the popular saying goes. It is an act of letting yourself off the hook, the hook that the dark forces have in your four lower bodies when you have not forgiven.

I am not here by talking about going into a state of mind where you pretend like the war never happened. I am not here talking about: “Oh, we can do business with the Russians. We can interact with them like we did before.” I am talking about deliberately, consciously, turning yourself from looking backwards, to instead looking forwards. Naturally, you will need to take very determined measures to secure your physical defense and your defense against infiltration and manipulation which may or may not continue from Russia. You need to take practical precautions but, in your minds, you need to do what is necessary with a sense of practical necessity, not with a sense of anger and hatred, not with a desire for revenge, not with a desire to punish Russia or the Russian people, but with a desire to raise yourselves, your own people up to a better life.

Now, we have said before, but we will say again, likely several times, that if Ukrainians are willing to look at themselves you can see that there is a reason why you have not been accepted in NATO and the EU. There is a reason in the collective consciousness of the Ukrainian people. You were not willing to make the changes necessary, the changes that were made by other Eastern European nations, the Baltic nations in order to qualify for membership. They were willing to look at themselves and say: “How do we have to change ourselves?”

Now, you cannot accuse the Estonian people for example, of being consumed by anger and hatred against Russia. Yet Russia committed severe atrocities in Estonia. But what Estonia did when they were free of the Soviet Union, was to go through a period of looking at themselves and saying: “Our only chance of remaining free from Russian domination is to become a member of NATO and the EU. What are their requirements? What do we need to change in order to qualify?” Ukraine did not do that partly because, as I said—the division in Ukraine. But still, this is what you need to do, starting already, as many people in fact, have started considering this. Certainly, the president and his advisors but many others. But you need to do it even more when fighting is over and you start building a new future. How can we qualify? And this is where again, you can look at the situation and you can say: “How can we change ourselves so we are not like the Russian occupiers? How can we distance ourselves from the mindset that caused the Russians to commit the atrocities that they committed in our country?”

Insensitivity to life in Ukraine

And you have to look at yourselves and see that there are also elements of a lack of humanity in the Ukrainian collective consciousness. There is a certain brutality that has not been transcended fully, although it has started to be transcended. There is a certain insensitivity to life and the most obvious expression of this insensitivity to life is corruption. Sensitivity to life means that you recognize that other people are like yourself and therefore, you do not do to them what you do not want them to do to you. But as you go a little higher in humanity there starts emerging an awareness in a population of the wholeness, the community, the collective—that we are a group of people who are alike, who have the same rights and we form a whole. And as an individual, not only do you not harm other individuals but you do not harm the whole. And one way to harm the whole is corruption because this is directly going against the state where all people have equal rights and equal opportunities. You see that when you have people who are willing to circumvent the law, to take bribes, to give advantages to other people who will give advantages to them, you are undermining the progression in the collective consciousness towards greater wholeness, greater unification.

What would be the best for the Ukrainian nation? Well, it would be that you had one unified nation where the people were unified in the common goal of wanting to join the EU and NATO, wanting to build a modern democratic nation that had the kind of prosperity you see in Western Europe. Now, Ukraine has the natural resources to achieve this goal. The Ukrainian people have the willingness to work and the ingenuity to achieve this goal, but it has not been achieved so far because there hasn’t been that sense of togetherness, of oneness, that : “We are part of a whole and we do not destroy or take from the whole in order to enrich ourselves.”

Oligarchs and corruption

This, of course, goes all the way up to the oligarchs where you have a system of people who have managed to insert themselves in positions where they seemingly cannot be touched by the state. Now many of these oligarchs have lost a lot of their money, a lot of their influence because of the war. But you need to be very determined that you do not, after the war, recreate the situation of elitism and privilege in the economy and in the political system. But this can only be done if the people shift so that even at the level of, so to speak, ‘ordinary people’, there is not the willingness to engage in corruption. There is the willingness to fight it, to expose it, and to overcome it. This will, in a sense, be made easier by the fact that in order to reconstruct a nation, you cannot allow someone to take from the whole because everything will be needed to rebuild the whole. But you still need to be very, very alert that you do not allow some of these business people, these oligarchs, to again create a state of monopoly and privilege for themselves in the rebuilding process. You do not need a few very rich people to rebuild Ukraine. You need many, many people who are not in a position of power and privilege.

You need to be very focused on this because again, what is the way to combat corruption? Well, one way is the Flame of Mercy. This may seem at first glance as not being very likely, but what is ultimate mercy? When you have mercy, the Flame of Mercy, what do you see? Well, you see other people as yourself and you see that you are part of the whole and that all are part of the whole and if you therefore want to do what is best for the whole, well then that is mercy.

These are ideas that have gone into the collective consciousness in the identity, mental and emotional levels. They will begin to work their way towards people’s conscious minds. Quite a considerable number of Ukrainians, both inside the country and abroad, are ready to grasp them right now and to at least begin to process these thoughts and ideas and many more will become open to it as time moves along. There can come a point where the nation decides: “We have had enough of war. We have had enough of anger and hatred and we have had enough of being tied to people who have no respect for us and our right to live in a separate nation and determine our own future.”

Distancing Ukraine from Russia

Now, there can also come a point in Russia where they become tired of war, tired of being oppressed and tired of being seen as oppressors by the Ukrainian people who many of them have considered as a brother people. There can be a shift also in the Russian collective consciousness, but you as Ukrainians, cannot allow yourselves to wait for that to happen. You need to forge ahead and forge as far ahead of the Russian collective consciousness as you can, because this is in the best interest of yourselves and your nation.

You basically need to adopt the attitude that you do not hate the Russians, you are not angry with them, you do not want to punish them. You do not want to destroy Russia. You do not want to break anything down in Russia. You want to build something new in Ukraine and that is why you simply let go of all feelings towards Russia and Russians. They are not your brothers, obviously you cannot see them as your brothers. They are just people who did what they did, but you are moving on without them, leaving it up to them what they will do. You have no opinions and concerns about it, other than you, of course, need to distance yourself from them. You may say you need to defend yourself and you will need to defend yourself for a time, but the quicker you can distance yourself from them, the shorter will be the time where you have to defend yourself.

As long as Putin is in power, and it might surprise you to see how short that time will actually be, but as long as he is in power, Russia will be a backwards-looking nation. Not all of the Russian people obviously, as there are many who want to look forward, but Russia as a nation will be backwards-looking.

But this is not your concern in Ukraine. Your concern is Ukraine and moving forward, becoming a forward-looking nation. What enabled the Eastern European and Baltic nations to break free from their Soviet or Soviet dominated past? I realize not all of them have broken free to the ultimate extent, but they have broken free to a higher extent than Ukraine. What enabled them to do it? They said: “We do not want to be like the Russians who oppressed us. We want to change. We want to be different. We want to rise higher in consciousness, to a higher level of humanity.” Few people said this consciously, but this is what happened. They transcended the consciousness of the Soviet Union. They left it behind. Surely there will be a need, as we have talked about before, to process it. But still, they left it behind and moved forward and that is what Ukraine can do and that is what it must do if you want what is best for yourselves and your own nation.

Transcending human mercy

Now, you may say: “This is not the kind of stern discourse we expected from a being who represents the Flame of Mercy.” But if you did not expect it, it is because you have a human view of mercy. What is the greatest mercy towards people who are oppressed and limited? It is to free them from the oppression and the limitation, is it not? How would it be mercy to withhold a truth and a statement that could free them in order to avoid hurting their egos? Would that be merciful? Would it be merciful to say: “Oh, you have been so violated by the Russians, you should crawl into a hole and feel sorry for yourselves for the next 20 years and then we can talk about progress in Ukraine.” Would that be mercy? Nay. Mercy as I see it is—“How can we move forward from here? This has happened. It was not ideal. It was in fact a terrible atrocity. It was even an injustice. It was whatever you want to call it. But how do we move forward?”

And I have now given you and the collective consciousness an opportunity to see how you can use the Flame of Mercy to move forward. Other masters will give other perspectives, but I have given you mine as the, you might say stern, but I would say, as the ultimately merciful mother who loves you so much that she wants you to grow rather than remaining where you are.

With this, I thank you for giving me this platform and I seal you in the Flame of Mercy that I AM. Mercy is freedom from the past. Think about those words as I radiate them into the collective consciousness. Freedom from the past – this is the future of Ukraine. For if you do not gain freedom from the past, you will remain in the past and that was not freedom.


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How do we move on from here?

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, October 28, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. As the representative for the Divine Mother on earth, I have decided to open this conference. Naturally, we of the ascended masters would have ideally wanted to address Ukraine under more peaceful circumstances.

Human vs. ascended state of consciousness

One of the issues that we have had as ascended masters since we began to make our presence known on earth, is that many people who come in contact with our teachings, who hear about our existence, find it difficult to grasp how we look upon earth. I am not saying this to in any way find fault with human beings. I am simply saying that there are some misconceptions that have existed and still exist and I would like to address them.

When you ascend from earth, you reach a state of consciousness that is so different from what most people have on earth that it is very understandable and natural that people cannot fathom what happens in the ascension process. In fact, you might say that we as ascended masters, when we go through the process of ascending, we cannot fathom it either. At least we cannot fathom it with the mind. The ascension is not something you understand. It is something you experience as a totality and you experience this transformation, this shift where you shift from one sense of identity to a fundamentally different form of identity and in the process of doing so, you shed the former identity completely. The former identity dies, falls away into oblivion, non-existence, as if it had never existed.

What does this mean for you who are on earth, who are still on earth? Well, it means that you tend to project your own state of consciousness upon us as ascended masters. This is something we have started to address more clearly than before in this dispensation. It is therefore natural that when people hear about ascended masters, they project an image upon us. There can be various facets of this image depending on people’s cultural background or their individual state, whereas over many lifetimes they might have built a certain world view, a certain image. But there are two aspects of it that I would like to address here. One of them is that people tend to project that ascended masters have the same feelings that human beings have. This is very relevant obviously in the situation in Ukraine.

When you as a human being in embodiment read the news about what is happening in Ukraine, especially not only the death of soldiers but the killing of civilians, the rape of women, the torture of civilians and other atrocious acts of inhumanity, then it is natural that you feel compassion, empathy, sympathy, various kinds of feelings and it is also natural that you project these feelings upon us as ascended masters. It is also natural that when you begin to suspect that we do not have those same feelings that you have, some people will reason or feel that we are cold, we are aloof, we are non-emotional, we do not care about people’s suffering on earth. It is understandable that some people feel this way. I recognize that over the decades some people have felt this way and I recognize that it is difficult for you to understand and grasp how we as ascended masters look at a situation where there is such intense human suffering as you see in Ukraine right now, and have seen since the invasion started in February.

Ministering to all lifestreams on earth

How do we look at this? How do we relate to this as ascended masters? Well, it depends quite a bit on our role in hierarchy. I as an ascended master who represents the Divine Mother, part of my role is to oversee what happens to lifestreams who have left the physical body, who have died. And as such, I am intimately involved with having literally millions of angels minister to these lifestreams as they leave the body behind. But first you need to recognize here that my role is to administer to all lifestreams who have passed from the screen of life and my role is to do this in a completely neutral manner. In other words, I minister to Ukrainian soldiers in the same way that I minister to Russian soldiers. There is no discrimination in the way we minister to these people, to these lifestreams. We have one concern, and that is to help them move on in their personal growth in the best possible way.

In other words, how can we help them heal the wounds that they have received as a result of war, whether it be civilians or soldiers? How can we help them heal this in the emotional, mental and identity bodies so that they have the best possible opportunity for moving on to their next embodiment? This is our only concern. There is no blame, there is no guilt, there is no saying: “You should not have done this, you should not have done that.” We simply look at a lifestream as it comes to us after having left the body and we see how we can help that lifestream. This, of course, goes for all lifestreams who pass from the screen of life, even if they pass from so-called natural causes. We are constantly, year-round, day after day, 24 hours a day, ministering to lifestreams who shed the physical body.

Naturally, what we do to them, how we can help them depends on their state of consciousness, their openness, their willingness to even receive help. Some are beyond help, our help, because they are so angry. They are so filled with hatred that they even reject the idea that there could be spiritual beings who could help them. And therefore, some of these lifestreams will descend into what we have called the astral plane and there they will be then magnetized to a group of lifestreams with the same level of consciousness and there is not much we can do for them from the ascended realm. It is a matter of how they respond to the environment they are in. We can of course monitor these lifestreams and if there is an opening, where they are willing to receive help, we are there to give it to them. But there are many lifestreams who are open to receiving help and those we, of course, seek to help in various ways.

You see here that the way we help these lifestreams who have passed is very much like you would say, a doctor on the battlefield who receives wounded soldiers and must make an evaluation on how to best treat that particular soldier. Sometimes even having to make the evaluation that this particular person is beyond help and therefore focusing on others that can be helped, triage as it is called. Although this, of course, does not mean that we have the same consciousness as doctors on the battlefield who are still in embodiment, because they still have human feelings that they often need to suppress in order to perform their jobs, but nevertheless we of course have transcended these human feelings.

Divine empathy vs. human empathy

Now, what about the people who are still alive, but who have been exposed to this trauma, these acts of torture, violence, losing their homes, losing family members, all of these truly shocking events that people are exposed to in a war situation whether it be Ukraine or Syria or Iran right now or other nations around the world, many nations in Africa? What about the living? What do we feel about the living? Well, it is not that we in the ascended realm do not have feelings, but we do not have human feelings as most human beings have them on earth. There are, of course, human beings who have raised their consciousness to higher levels of consciousness, the Christ consciousness, the Buddhic consciousness, as we have called it even though some call it different levels such as enlightenment.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that we do not have feelings related to people’s suffering, but they are not human feelings. You cannot even take the words that are used to categorize and label human feelings and apply them to us. It will give you a distorted image. You may say: “Well do you not feel empathy?” Well, we feel a divine empathy but not a human empathy. Why is this? Because we have no fear. Many feelings, human feelings spring from fear. You may say: “Well empathy is not fear based” but for many people it actually is. There is a strong element of fear in empathy, pity, sympathy, but beyond that there is an element of “this should not have happened.” Now, here is, where most people on earth would be unable to grasp what I will say, but I say it because I know that there are people who can grasp it and of course you who are ascended master students, I hope that you can grasp it first of all.

How to move on?

It is clear that when we look at a situation like the war in Ukraine, we have a vision of how humankind could have progressed, and how Russia as a nation and how Ukraine as a nation, could have progressed without this war. It is clear that this would have been a higher vision than the actual situation, far less suffering, far less death, far less devastation. There is no question that we have a sense of what ideally could have happened, but we do not have the sense of right and wrong, of what should have happened and what should not have happened. This is something that many people will find it impossible to grasp, but you who are our direct students, if you study the very extensive teachings we have given about duality and non-duality, you will be able to begin to grasp this. Many of you already grasp it.

When we look at a situation like this, we do not have that sense of “this should not have happened, this is not just—someone is to blame.” We look at the situation and we say, this has now happened in the physical. We can of course see that there were signs in the emotional, mental and identity realms that led to the physical war. But nevertheless, until something breaks through in the physical, there is always the possibility that things could be avoided, that things could change, that certain people could change their minds, that the collective consciousness could shift so that a particular event does not have to become physical. But once it has crossed into the physical realm, there is in our minds, no evaluation of: “Oh this should not have happened.” It is there, it is a physical reality and we therefore look at, how can we move forward from here?

Different perspectives on human affairs

Now, there is a tendency for human beings to look at such situations and become very focused on the physical situation being completely wrong: “This should not have happened, this kind of suffering should not happen, there should not be a war in Europe again after what we went through with the Second World War, this should never be able to happen again.” And while these feelings are understandable, the question is: does it help you move on as an individual, does it help nations move on? We who are ascended masters, of course have a different perspective than when you are in embodiment.

You might consider that there was a time when nobody in embodiment on earth had ever flown in an airplane. You might consider that most of you have experienced flying in an airplane looking down upon the earth far below. But have you ever considered the difference in perspective you have when you are looking down from an airplane? Or when you are standing on earth in a forest where all you can see are the trees around you, you cannot even see the sky for the trees? Well, that gives you some sense of the difference in perspective between people in embodiment and ascended masters, only our perspective is even more different. We also of course have a long-term historical perspective.

There is a tendency for human beings to focus on the immediate situation and it is understandable but nevertheless the question is: is it constructive? Is it the highest possible situation? We look back at the whole history of humankind and we can see the immense amounts of suffering that has been created over that very long history. You, of course, especially if you are personally involved with a situation like the war, you look at the immediate situation, the suffering that is caused now. And as a result of that you are more easily pulled into focusing on, as I said, what should not have happened and who is to blame. We look at the situation and say: “Well there have been numerous other situations that cause suffering. The world has moved on, humanity has moved on, individuals have moved on. How can we now take this situation and to the greatest extent possible help people and the world move on?” We are always focused on moving on.

Do you perhaps begin to grasp what I am saying? You could say that most people are not really aware or conscious about world events in their daily lives. Most people are focused on their daily lives, their immediate situation, whatever that is. Once in a while an event happens in the world that disturbs their sense of equilibrium. They are shocked by this and now what they do is they focus all their attention on it. They acquire tunnel vision and they are focused on this situation. Again, I am not blaming, it is understandable, I am simply pointing out the mechanism. What we can compare this to is that in their normal daily lives, people are living next to a river but they do not notice. They do not notice that the river is constantly flowing, they are just focused on their own lives. Then suddenly there is this disturbance in the river and now they focus on this disturbance. And in so doing they actually take a still image of the river, the disturbance in the river and they fix, they fixate their minds on this still image. Whereas we as ascended masters are constantly focused on the river as an ongoing stream. And even though there may be a disturbance, a turbulence in the river, we are still focused on the ongoing movement of the river. How do we move things on?

What happens after the war?

It is clear that as difficult as the situation is in Ukraine right now, it will not last forever. It will not last indefinitely. It will not even last that much longer. There will come a point afterwards, where the fighting stops and the question is now: “How do we move on from here?” Well, this is what we as ascended masters are focused on. We do this in many, many different ways by working with people in embodiment. Part of it is, as much as people are open, we work on healing their psychology. We work on binding and consuming the dark forces that are attempting to pull them into a never-ending spiral of anger and blame. And in this respect your calls are immensely helpful in authorizing us to bind such forces. We also work with people who are open to new ideas.

Right now, for example, we are, of course, working with many, many people in Ukraine, in Russia, in Belarus, in other nations around the world to bring into their minds the ideas that can help this situation move forward and bring the world at large and all the parties directly involved, closer to the golden age. There was a question at the last conference about whether the golden age was still possible given this situation, and what were the chances of the golden age moving forward? And Saint Germain said the chances are 100%. Because the golden age is the ongoingness of the river and no matter what turbulence happens in the river, it is just turbulence and the river moves on. We understand that it is difficult to grasp this perspective when you are in embodiment. But those of you who can grasp it, who are willing to open your minds to grasping it, well you can certainly receive a different perspective that can help you shift the way you look at and relate to the current situation. This is of course part of what we will address at this conference.

The law of free will and the war in Ukraine

Now, the other aspect that many people project upon us as ascended masters, is that people tend to be into what we have called “magical thinking.” This is partly something that has been carried on, created, reinforced by traditional religions. There is this belief that there is this supernatural force that can come in and change things on earth. And many people over the millennia have believed in various god-like figures that supposedly had these supernatural abilities to intervene in human affairs and set things right. Now, we have given many, many teachings about this. We are not magicians who can pull a rabbit out of a hat and suddenly set things right. And the reason for this is, first of all, that the absolute law for a planet like earth is free will. And you may say: “Well how is it the free will of the Ukrainians that they were attacked by Russia?” So I will explain this and it is very simple.

We have said many times, we have given many teachings on this, that earth is a planet with a very low level of collective consciousness. This can be seen in how people treat each other. What that means is that the vast majority of people on earth can learn in only one way, and that is what we have called the School of Hard Knocks. We have described that there are two ways to learn. There is the School of Hard Knocks where you have physical events that are very difficult to ignore and therefore, they so to speak, force you to change your consciousness. Now you may say: “Is not this a violation of the law of free will?” It is not, because the physical events that happen to you are connected to your state of consciousness and the choices that you made in past lifetimes, even the choice of groups, large groups of people, even humanity as a whole.

We have explained that the law of free will gives you the right to have any experience you want for as long as you want it but not forever, not indefinitely. There is a certain progression, there is even a certain progression on the entire planet, where more and more people have risen above the need to learn from the School of Hard Knocks at least in a direct way and they have become open to learning in the other ways that you can learn, which is primarily observing yourself and seeking some kind of inspiration from a source outside your own mind. This can be things on earth, teachings on earth. It can be spiritual and religious teachings, it can be directly from the ascended masters, not necessarily as an outer teaching, but as an intuitive impulse inside your own mind. Many people are open to such impulses even though they have not heard of ascended masters.

The pull on the collective consciousness

What is happening is that there is a raising of the collective consciousness and as a result of this, a pull is being created by those people who are raising their consciousness. That pull affects those at the lowest levels of consciousness who have not really raised their consciousness as much as other people on the planet. They have not perhaps even started raising their consciousness, certainly not consciously. This means that as these people continue to stay in that lower state of consciousness, where they are, for example, willing to use force and violence against others, well, there is a complex movement created, where these people are having a faster return of what they are projecting out. And this causes these people to take actions that will more clearly demonstrate the shortcomings of their state of consciousness. In other words, those who are in the state of consciousness, where they believe violence is justified, will now be pulled into taking actions that are violent but that will also end up demonstrating the shortcomings of their state of consciousness and that violence can only lead to more violence and cannot actually lead to what these people want.

Inner contradictions

What you see here is, essentially, we have talked about duality, where there are always two polarities. Now, you may say that in a dualistic struggle there are those who are fully committed to one duality such as communism and those who are fully committed to the opposite polarity such as capitalism. But what you need to recognize is that those who are in this dualistic struggle, in the epic consciousness, they have two polarities in their own minds. In other words, they have deep contradictions in their own minds so they are divided, they are houses divided against themselves and as the rest of the people on earth raise their consciousness those houses cannot stand. That means that the empires they have built must crumble, but they must crumble in such a way that the people come to see the inconsistency in their own beliefs, in the viewpoints that they hold.

You can take a typical example of this from history. Nazi Germany had an ideology that presented the German people as the master race, the highest evolved group of people on earth. But what they did not see was that at the same time they had a very high level of brutality and willingness to use force and kill other people. What caused the German people to change after the Second World War? Well, the outer aspects of this was that they lost the war and therefore could not really maintain their view that they were the master race because how could the master race lose? The other was the exposure of the Holocaust and the very high level of inhumanity that this was an expression of. How could you actually be the most evolved race on earth and at the same time be willing to do this kind of brutality and inhumanity?

What you see here is very simple, that the German people by outer events were forced to acknowledge that they were holding two incompatible viewpoints. First of all, their own superiority and then their own inhumanity, their own lack of humanity demonstrated by their actions that were undeniable, at least for most of them. By being willing to snap out of this denial, this, what we can call spiritual blindness, where you do not see the incompatibilities in your own mind, the German people have been able to move forward. And you might say that there are still neo-Nazis in Germany, but a situation like Hitler could not happen again in Germany today or in the future. The German people have moved forward but how did they do it? The School of Hard Hnocks—where their own actions led to consequences that forced them to confront the incompatibilities in their worldview, their self-image, seeing themselves as superior while in being willing to commit some of the greatest acts of brutality in recent history.

So how do people learn on earth? Well, many people learn in this way only, through these hard knocks. This of course is exactly the situation of the Russian people today. As I said earlier in the year, Ukraine as a nation has taken on this task of demonstrating the inhumanity of the Russian people and the Russian government and it is for anyone willing to see, being demonstrated in Ukraine every day. Where does that leave Ukraine? Why was it Ukraine that became the target of this? Well, partly because the Ukrainians as a people have some of that same consciousness. They have not freed themselves from the Soviet mindset as much as some of the other nations that were under the Soviet Union or the Warsaw Pact. What you see here is again this, that the Ukrainians are in the same situation of being forced to look at themselves: “Are we holding certain incompatible views in our worldview? Do we have two polarities that are completely opposite but we somehow have managed to ignore this, the contradictions, the incompatibilities?”

Being willing to look at yourself

The question here is, of course for both Ukraine, for Belarus and Russia: how many people will be willing to consider this? How many people will be willing to see this and transcend both of these dualistic polarities—see the incompatibility, let it go? And this is quite frankly the real mechanism, in fact almost the only mechanism that will determine the future of these nations, the amount of people that are willing to confront the incompatibilities in their viewpoints and therefore move forward. We have certainly a vision that Ukraine will do this. That Ukraine will show an example of a nation who will be able to, willing to, look at itself and move forward. We will comment on this in various ways but keep this mechanism in mind because it is essential for understanding what has been happening in world history and what is happening today.

People in the School of Hard Knocks always hold viewpoints that are mutually incompatible, that are inconsistent. And this is what keeps them trapped in a particular situation, that it seems impossible to change the equation. And only as they get over this unwillingness to look at themselves, will the equation in their nation shift and there will be progress. This is the only way that progress happens for countries who are at this state of being so trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness and the School of Hard Knocks. There are many countries around the world who have risen above this state but there are also many who have not. In a sense you could say that what you are seeing in this age is the struggle where those countries who have not risen above the incompatibilities are doing everything they can to hold on to that state of denial.

Antidemocratic “alliance”

You can see in Putin’s speeches, including his latest speech given just yesterday, that he is trying to create a new world order where Russia can continue to exist as he sees Russia. In other words, the Russia that Putin has created in his mind can continue to exist and perhaps even strengthen its position. And he thinks it can form an alliance with other nations who are at that same level of consciousness and they can then create this “coherent block” that will be able to challenge the West as he calls it. But what he does not grasp is, that the West is not the enemy that he wants it to be because the West has largely transcended his level of consciousness. And therefore, the real opponents to his state of consciousness are the other countries that are at that same level.

He may think that he has a friendship with China, but that friendship is not a friendship, it is only based on China evaluating what is in China’s best interest and the moment something is not in China’s best interest, he cannot count on them at all and it is the same with other states at this level of consciousness. They only look out for themselves. And why is this? Because what have we told you about duality? When you go into one dualistic polarity, you are really saying to the cosmic mirror that you want the experience that you are right, you are superior, and there is an opponent who is wrong, who is inferior to you. This means that you must attract to yourself an opponent. But what opponent can you attract to yourself? Only an opponent who is at that same state of consciousness of duality? Well, in order to become a democratic nation, you have to transcend at least some of that level of consciousness. So who is your real opponent? It is the other nations that are just like yourself, and that you think you can form an alliance with to challenge the West, who has transcended your level of consciousness.

The accelerated return of karma

Now, of course, you can say at the physical level, Russia could attack the West and attack NATO. Of course, they could do so. But considering the limited success that the Russian armed forces have had in Ukraine, what would happen if they actually attacked NATO? Well, what would happen is the same that has happened in Ukraine, what has happened to the Russian military effort in Ukraine. You may say the Ukrainians have fought back better than anyone had expected. This is true. This is partly because they have not quite transcended that level of consciousness. You may say the West has supplied weapons, and therefore the West has involved itself in the conflict. And does that not mean that the West also has a certain level of dualistic consciousness? But does it? Because what happens is, when you attack someone who has a higher level of consciousness than you have, your karmic return is much more immediate and actually accelerated. The higher the level of consciousness of the people you attack, the more accelerated your karmic return will be.

Now you understand what I am explaining to you here is a very delicate consideration. You would say that ideally, if someone has transcended the dualistic level of consciousness, it should not be possible for them to be attacked by someone in the dualistic state of consciousness. Many people have reasoned this way. Many spiritual people have reasoned this way. The flaw in that line of reasoning is that Jesus was still imprisoned, tortured and crucified by the dualistic authorities, even though he had transcended the dualistic state of consciousness. In the physical octave on a planet like earth, there is no spiritual force who can prevent people from making free will choices, or whatever, however free they are, to attack others. This is going back to the magical thinking of the supernatural force that can prevent you from being attacked. This cannot happen on a planet like earth.

Free will must be allowed to outplay itself, and therefore it is possible that a nation in the dualistic state of consciousness can attack a nation that has transcended the dualistic state of consciousness. But when they do so, the karmic return will be much more immediate and it will be accelerated and that is why you see here, that even though you may say that the Ukrainians have fought back and that the West has given them weapons, the reality is that the armed forces of Russia have destroyed themselves. They have sent out a karmic impulse and what they have sent out has been reflected back to them, and this is what has caused the chaotic situation you see in Ukraine.

The shift of the equation in Russia

Going back to what I said about how ascended masters look at a situation, well you now have, at least, some feeling for how, some sense of how we approach a situation. We are looking at this situation and saying: “When Putin decided to invade Ukraine, he stopped the cycle where we as ascended masters were trying to help the Russian people gradually raise their consciousness. He simply stopped that cycle and he took an irreversible decision that ended that cycle.” This means what? This means that the Russian people can only shift their consciousness through the School of Hard Knocks and they now have to become hard enough for them to overcome this denial, this unwillingness to look at the incompatibilities in their view of themselves. You have a dynamic that is not exactly the same as the Germans in the 1930s, but you still have many Russians who want to see Russia as a great nation. But when you look at the atrocities committed by this great nation in Ukraine against civilians, women and children, where is the compatibility there? How can a great nation do something like this?

I know most Russians have not realized it because they have been prevented from knowing, but this is, as you can see if you understand what I am saying here, that this is the only possible outcome—that the Russian people are confronted with this incompatibility in their worldview. And how is this going to happen? Well, how did it happen with the Germans? Exactly how this plays out is, of course, something that cannot be predicted. Even I, as an ascendant master, cannot predict it exactly, but it is clear that this is the only thing that can now shift the equation in Russia and bring Russia on a positive track towards the golden age. Naturally, Saint Germain is not sitting up here saying: “Now we have to punish the Russians.”

The new reality for Ukraine

He is only looking at: “How can we move Russia forward towards the golden age”? And of course, the same with Belarus and Ukraine and as I have explained, this depends on people’s willingness to look at the incompatibilities in their worldview because it is this incompatibility that prevents people from grasping Saint Germain’s vision for the golden age for that nation.

How is the golden age in Ukraine going to manifest? There have to be people in Ukraine who can tune in to Saint Germain’s vision even if they have no idea of who Saint Germain is, but they can receive some idea, one person receives one idea, another receives another idea, and they all start coming together and saying: “What can we do now? Now that our situation has forever been changed by this war, how can we move forward? How can we do now what we were not able or willing to do before the war because our perspective has shifted? What is the new reality of Ukraine as a nation? And how can we move forward as a nation?“ The same, of course, for Belarus, for Russia, for any other nation for that matter.

Nothing can remain the same

What are the European nations doing right now? If you could see what is happening in the collective consciousness of European nations, you will see how they are reevaluating their worldview, especially their view of Russia, their view of energy and the energy situation. They are looking at: “How can we change this?” They are not thinking about : “How can we punish the Russians? How can we defeat Russia? How can we wipe Russia from the map?” They are looking at: “How can we move forward now that we can see that we cannot count on Russia for our energy supply? And that we, for that matter, cannot really count on Russia as a nation we can deal with, the same way we deal with each other.” Again, the progress that will happen there is a matter of these people’s willingness to look at the incompatibilities in their viewpoints as we have talked about at our previous conference on democracy and Christhood, how the democratic nations need to reevaluate how they deal with nations that are not democratic and that are in fact attacking democracy as an institution, as a process.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment, other masters will, of course, have more to say about the situation. But in a way you could say that I have encapsulated, described the essence of the situation. We have a certain spiritual empathy with the people who are suffering. Our empathy is, of course, extended to the people in Ukraine, the soldiers of Ukraine, but equally to the people and soldiers of Russia. We are not nationalistic. We do not discriminate based on nationality, race, religion, or any other of the human characteristics that human beings use to discriminate against each other. We only look at: “How can we help everyone? How can we raise up everyone?” And it is simply a matter of sometimes we must allow the School of Hard Knocks to work so that people get the knocks that are hard enough to awaken them to the need to change, to change themselves and the way they look at life.

This is where we sometimes, as ascended masters must step back and allow free will in the School of Hard Knocks to outplay itself, even though the situation is not what we ideally envisioned and saw as possible. With the invasion of Ukraine, the entire situation of Russia has fundamentally changed. Russia cannot remain the same after this. The Russian government and leadership may try to prevent change, the Russian people may resist change, but this was an irreversible step and Russia cannot remain the same. It may take time, but Russia cannot remain the same. Neither can Ukraine, neither can Belarus, neither can Europe, neither can the United States, neither can China or Iran.

Why have these protests started in Iran at this time? Well, are there Iranian drones being used in Ukraine? Do you not see the karmic return on the government that allowed this to happen? Again, you see this outplayed around the world, time and time again. In fact, one must say, how can anyone look at world events and deny the law of karma? This is surely an incompatibility that must be dealt with at some point.

With this, I want to extend my gratitude for you coming together for this conference, you who have organized it, part of the translation and the original initiative to do this. You understand that we often do not instruct the messenger to take an initiative when we see that there are students who can take an initiative. For we are not seeking to create a movement centered around one person. Why not? Well, if you want to see the weakness of such a system, look to Russia. Why would we in the golden age, recreate such a matrix?

With this, I seal you in my love. I hope that those of you in Ukraine can feel the empathy, the divine empathy that has radiated this release. Even though my words may seem sobering and chilling, the love is still there, as it is, of course, for people of Russia, Belarus and all around the world.

The Divine Mother I AM.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels

Still your mind and flow with the River of Life 

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, October 10, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. “Unruly thoughts do hereby cease.” When I was in embodiment as the Buddha those many centuries ago, a big part of my ministry, you might call it in the Sangha of the Buddha, was to help the students still the mind so that the unruly thoughts would cease. This was necessary 2,500 years ago. You can scarcely imagine, in the modern world, how people lived back then. Can you even imagine? Can you remember, those of you who are old enough to remember, what it was like when there was no internet? Can you imagine what it was like when there was no television? No radio? Can you imagine when there were no books, when most people could not read?

Unruly thoughts

Surely, most people were busy with physical tasks to secure a living. But there was nothing to entertain or stimulate them, compared to what there is today. Consider in a modern world, how many things are pulling on your attention? Is it any wonder that you have unruly thoughts? There are so many things that demand that you focus on them, that you react, that you do something about it. But even back then, this was the case. Even back then the biggest challenge I encountered as a spiritual teacher was people’s unruly thoughts.

Imagine, with all the stimulation there is today, how much more difficult it is for you to lock into the Flame of Peace so that your unruly thoughts will cease. Stilling the mind has always been a challenge. But in recorded history, this has never been a greater challenge than it is today. We are well aware, as ascended masters that, by giving you teachings, by giving you as many teachings as we have given you, we are not necessarily making it easier for you to still the unruly thoughts.

Most people, and this messenger can certainly recognize that in himself, go through a period where they first find the spiritual path and it is intensely stimulating to them. Many of you have grown up without having any spiritual content in your lives. But you knew there was something to find, there was something you were missing, there was some understanding you were longing for. You will find the spiritual teaching and now your mind goes into overdrive. You want to study the teaching, you want to understand it, you want to internalize it, you want to practice whatever the teaching prescribes as a spiritual practice. And you become so focused on this.

And it is not that it is wrong in any way. It is something you need to go through. But can you see that this actually creates a new level of unruly thoughts? Many people are focused on the outer teaching, the outer practices, the outer culture in an organization they are in. And they are so absorbed in this that there is hardly ever a moment where their mind is still, where their mind is neutral, where they are listening. Where they have that listening ear.

The constant projection into your mind

Then there comes a point where you lock into the inner path. And now you recognize that it is not really about following the outer practices or studying the outer teachings. It is about resolving psychology. You focus on resolving your psychology as many of you, including this messenger, have done for years. But this is another level of unruly thoughts. Suddenly a thought comes: “Oh, maybe I have this tendency in my psychology. Why did I react that way to that situation? Is there something I have not seen? Is there something I have not resolved? Oh, I better take a look, I better find out what that is, because I certainly do not want this non-resolution in my mind.” For every level of the path, there is a set of unruly thoughts. They are projected into your minds from dark forces, fallen beings, from the collective consciousness and from your separate selves that you have left. There is this constant projection.

Naturally, you can do something about this. We have taught you that you can make calls to Archangel Michael to seal your mind and your chakras. You can make calls to Astrea to cut you free from the many ties to dark forces. But there is this constant projection of unruly thoughts. Some Buddhist teachers call it the “monkey mind” that is always thinking. You have this constant projection. What can you do about it? Can you turn it off? You cannot really turn it off. The falling beings will keep doing what they are doing. The collective consciousness will keep doing what it is doing. You can resolve the selves and that will diminish these thoughts. But still, you have a brain, a physical brain. And the physical brain is designed to think, or at least to carry thoughts. But the physical brain is also able to create thoughts, not higher thoughts, but it is capable of creating thoughts as it can create various experiences and sensations. When you go on the spiritual path, your brain will start creating spiritual thoughts. And you might feel you are obligated to think them. This messenger was on the path for many years before it dawned on him that he was not really obligated to think every thought that came into his head.

The compulsive chain of thoughts

Consider this, a thought comes out of the blue and into your head. It may be projected from somewhere that you have nothing to do with. But still, your mind feels obligated to think it. You think, most people think it is their thought. And you feel obligated to think the thought. There is a process where the thought is unfolding inside your mind. But then, that thought leads to an association. And suddenly another thought, and before you know it several minutes have passed by and from the original thought you have gone into all these tangents and gone far away from the original thought. It took this messenger a long time to actually be willing to admit that he had had this phenomenon all of his life. And that these thought chains, thought processes led nowhere, they produced nothing. They did not resolve anything, even though sometimes they took the form of problems. But it never stopped. It never actually resolved anything, produced anything.

I am not saying that you cannot have constructive thoughts that lead you to take action and produce a result. But many times, you just have thoughts that go around in circles or lead from one topic to another and do not produce anything. This is what I call unruly thoughts. Many people, the vast majority of people feel: “Oh, it must be my thought, why would it pop up in my head if it is not my thought, and if it is my thought, I have to think it, I have to go with it, I have to put my attention on it.” Many people spend their entire lives in this state of mind, constantly having these unruly thoughts that they feel they have to think. They lead to an association, this goes on for some seconds, then it leads to another, and they jump from this to that and that to next, like a monkey jumping in a tree. And they get nowhere, like the monkey gets nowhere. It gets from branch to branch, but it is still in the tree.

The mind wants to be busy

There comes a point on the path where it becomes necessary to become aware of this phenomenon and ask yourself: “Do I really want to have these unruly thoughts occupy my mind? Do I want to feel obligated to think them and go into these thought processes, these associations, this going back and forth?” As a spiritual student, you often counteract it, because when you are studying a spiritual teaching, you are focused on the teaching and suddenly you shut out, often without even realizing it, many of these thoughts because you are focused on the teaching. The thoughts come into your mind because your mind and your brain are designed to think, so they think they have to think all the time. There is a part of your mind, even your brain, that feels that if it is not thinking something is wrong, it is not doing its job. It would be akin to your heart not beating. Certainly, that would be a problem. It really is not a problem if your mind is not thinking, but your mind thinks it is. It thinks you will die if it is not thinking.

You can also counteract it by giving decrees and invocations because it occupies your mind. You see, the mind must be occupied by something. It can be studying a spiritual teaching, it can be giving decrees and invocations, it can be doing something practical, but the mind has to have some content in the mind. There has to be something going on in the mind. Otherwise, the mind feels that something is wrong. You will see that there is this tendency that the mind wants to be busy. The mind wants to do something. Quite a number of years ago, this messenger realized that there was a part of his mind that was the problem solver. And it was created to solve problems. And it had to have problems to solve. And if it did not have any problems to solve from the outside, it would create them from the inside. And he realized he could spend the rest of his life solving the problems in his mind that were created in his mind. But would it get him anywhere on the spiritual path, or in life?

How can you escape thoughts?

If you observe yourself as you are listening to this or reading it, what is happening in your mind right now? You are recognizing that I am a spiritual teacher and ascended master. I am giving you a teaching and I am doing this for a purpose. I want to help you go on the spiritual path, so you feel obligated to put your attention on the teaching. And what happens when you do this? You have thoughts popping up in your mind. It can be many different kinds of thoughts for many different people. But you have some thoughts: “What does the teaching mean? How can I implement it? What can I do? How can I possibly avoid these unruly thoughts? Because that is what Gautama seems to imply that I should.” Some of you may feel hopeless, some of you may think about ways to stop thinking. Think about that, you are thinking about ways to stop thinking. How is it even possible? The question becomes, what do you do about this?

Many spiritual teachers and many spiritual students throughout the ages have attempted to deal with this issue in various ways. Many people, especially in the Buddhist tradition, have been aware of the monkey mind. Many people have adopted it as a goal to still the mind. They have used various tools, meditation, contemplation, to still the mind. Many, many people today, both in America and elsewhere, are studying Buddhism, trying to apply Buddhist teachings. They live in the western world, but they feel they should be able to still their minds, as you can supposedly do in some kind of sangha or ashram, in the mountains in the east.

But if you are living in the busy western world, how realistic is it? With all the things that are pulling on your attention, all the things that are projected at you, how realistic is it that you can still the mind? For that matter, if you traveled to the Himalayas and live in a monastery, is that realistic to still the mind even there? Given the modern world and the mass consciousness. You can be isolated geographically, but what is the limit for thought? Does thought even have to obey the cosmic speed limit or the speed of light. Nay, a thought does not need to travel to a particular location to be there physically. It is instantly there. How can you escape thoughts? How can you escape the mass consciousness? Surely there are degrees of intensity, but you can never really escape it. And how can you escape your own mind that wants to think all the time, so it feels it is doing its job?

Well, throughout the ages, people have found various ways to deal with it. Some Buddhist teachers have acknowledged that it is impossible. And they have questioned whether it is even necessary to still the mind.

You cannot still the mind by thinking about how to still the mind

What I would suggest, as just one way to deal with this issue, is that you acknowledge that you are an ascended master student and we have given you certain tools. You will, of course, use the tools. You will call for protection, you will call to be cut free, you will call for your mind to be protected and sealed from dark forces and the mass consciousness. This is important to do. It is valid to do. But I also suggest that in between all your decrees and invocations, all your studies and all your everyday activities, you set aside some time to just sit. You are not trying to still the mind because when you try to still the mind, what are you doing? You are using the mind to still the mind. And how can the mind still the mind except by thinking about how to still the mind. When you are thinking about how to still the mind, you are still thinking. The mind is doing what it thinks it is supposed to be doing, even if you are supposedly wanting to still the mind.

Surrendering the thoughts

I suggest that you take a different approach. First of all, you decide you are going to set aside some time, you go in a quiet room, you may do decrees and invocations first, but you go in a quiet room. You do not sit there in a meditative posture, with crossed legs, as they always do. You lie down on a soft bed or couch, where you can relax your body, so that there are no sensations, no discomfort of holding a certain position. You just lie there, preferably in a dark room, certainly in a quiet room. And then your goal is to still the mind, to be in a neutral state of mind. It is more important to be neutral than to still the mind so you have no thoughts. Instead, you are trying, you are striving, you are having your goal that: “I am going to be neutral.”

This means you are not trying to shut out thoughts, but you are not engaging them. You are deciding: “I am not here to think about anything, I am not here to understand anything, I am not here to see anything. I am not here to resolve any problems or have some epiphany. I am just here to not engage in the thoughts that come.” And therefore, you are lying there with your eyes closed. You are just observing the mind. When a thought comes, you say quietly in your mind: “I surrender. I let go.” You are surrendering the thought. Instead of thinking about it, putting your attention on it, allowing the thought to associate its way into all kinds of directions, you are surrendering, you are not thinking about it, you are just letting it go. This may be difficult in the beginning. But the more you have resolved the separate selves in your mind, the easier it becomes. And you can come to a point where at least for a time, you can keep doing this: “I surrender. I let it go. I surrender. I surrender.” Every thought that comes, you just surrender it. You do not engage it. You may very well notice that your mind can become agitated by this. It can become frantic, in a panic: “Why are you not thinking the thoughts I am sending at you? Why are you ignoring me? Do you not like me anymore?” And all of these things might come to you. Or you might just feel a certain agitation or confusion because the mind does not know what to do when you are not thinking the thoughts. But you can keep doing it.

Now, once in a while there will be a thought that engages your attention. You follow it. And you go here and there and then all of a sudden you realize: “Oh, I am thinking again.” But then you just go back: “I surrender. I surrender. I surrender.” Now be careful here. Do not become frantic about this. Do not make it a strain. Do not stress about it. Do not feel that you have to be able to do this exercise and you have to be able to surrender the thoughts. Just practice it in a relaxed way, as relaxed as possible. And it may indeed help you to have these moments, as we have talked about, where the Conscious You is outside the outer mind experiencing pure awareness. What is pure awareness? Well, it is being conscious without having thoughts. It is like, you are conscious, but there are no contents of consciousness.

Using the mantra

Some meditation techniques have this as their goal. Some meditation techniques use a mantra that does not give any meaning, but you repeat the mantra. And then, if you realize you are thinking, you just return to the mantra. In a sense, this is what you are doing here. But the mantra is: “I surrender.” If it does not work for you, you can use a mantra. I suggest you use the OM, OM silently in your mind. When you have a thought, you just return to the OM You focus on the OM you repeat the OM. But for many of you, it will be more effective to say: “I surrender, I surrender the thought.”

I am not in any way saying that this is a miracle cure, that it will necessarily cease the unruly thoughts. But it can be helpful for you to practice it. You do not have to do it for a long time. You do not even have to do it every day. You can, for that matter, do it when you are lying at night, going to sleep. But it may open up your mind to some sense of peace. The peace that stills Samsara’s Sea.

Stilling the mind by being neutral

What is the Sea of Samsara? Many think it is the world and the physical activities in the world, but it really is the mind. Where does suffering take place? In the mind. Where do you overcome suffering? In the mind. But people who do not grasp the teachings of the Buddha are focused on the outer things. They think it is outer circumstances that cause their mind to experience suffering. And therefore, they think the only solution is to change the outer circumstances. But in many cases, they cannot change the outer circumstances, partly because other people will not cooperate, so they live in this constant frustration that is the Sea of Samsara.

Now you can, as an ascended master student, create your own version of the Sea of Samsara, where you are, as PadmaSambhava said, constantly focused on resolving something in your psychology, or changing the world, or giving invocations, or understanding the teachings, or doing something to change the world or spread the teachings or whatever you have. You may look at this messenger and say: “Well, he has been on the spiritual path for many years, he has been a messenger for almost 20 years, he has had a meaningful life because he has been working with the ascended masters and bringing forth all of these teachings and books and websites and so on.” But perhaps you do not realize how challenging this has been. He could have worked himself to death. He could have put himself into a state of stress where his mind would have broken down. He would have been overwhelmed by the sense of responsibility of having to do this and that. And certainly, he has had periods where he experienced a considerable degree of frustration that nothing he did was ever enough or good enough, always wanting to do more. But he has after all survived and we want all of you to survive. And he has survived by considering these things that I have talked to you about. Finding a balance, finding the Middle Way, and not being frustrated, not being frantic, not being obsessive-compulsive. But once in a while stilling the mind.

What has helped the messenger is that he at an early stage realized that in order to receive a message from the ascended masters, he had to be in a neutral frame of mind. It may not be in your divine plan to be a messenger, but certainly it is in your divine plan to receive directions directly from us, instead of from an outer teaching. In order to hear your I AM Presence or an ascended master, you need to be in that neutral frame of mind. You need to set aside some time where you strive to be in that neutral state of mind by not striving, but by tricking your mind, confusing the mind, so the unruly thoughts do not capture your attention.

A balanced approach to the teachings

So many things pull on the mind. So many things. We recognize that our teachings can easily be turned into another pull on your mind. We are taking a calculated risk. When you observe what has happened in the almost 20 years that this dispensation has been functioning, you will see, as we have said before, that there have been various levels of teachings given. Teachings beyond what was given in the beginning. You will see that there are some people who have found the teaching, who have engaged in it for a while, and then they have gone away to something else. Some have accused the messenger of having become a false messenger. Others have just found another teaching they focused on.

We have determined that this messenger has been willing to transcend his level of consciousness to such a degree that we could give these different levels of teachings, and therefore we have and are continuing to give teachings because we want to get as many teachings in the physical as possible. But this does not mean that you have to feel obligated to always follow the latest teaching. It is perfectly in order that you might find a certain teaching, even one that was given years ago, that appeals to you, that seems important to you. It is perfectly in order that you focus on that teaching, study it, practice it, internalize it, and then ignore what is coming forth.

You do not have to be at every conference or webinar. You do not have to read every book or every dictation or every answer that is posted. You do not have to stress about being in these teachings. This is quite a change from what it has been in some previous organizations where there was much more of a focus on people doing something all the time, even giving decrees for hours upon hours to change the world. But we want to set you free to go within, focus on the teachings you feel you need to focus on, and then ignore the rest. It is perfectly in order if you take several months or several years to focus on a certain teaching, and then you feel you have gone as far as you need to go with that, and now you come back and say: “So what are those masters up to now?”

There is no one way to walk the spiritual path. Coming in to a spiritual teaching should not become a straitjacket as it has been for many, both ascended master students and other spiritual students and as, of course, it is for most religious people. But in order to avoid this, you need to be willing to look at your own psychology and realize that this reaction comes from some self in your mind. Master More said: “Look at life. Everything that happens in life is an opportunity to work on your psychology.” Well, look at a spiritual teaching and a spiritual path and a spiritual movement the same way. Everything is an opportunity to see something in your own mind, in your own psychology that is not resolved. Why do you react the way you react?

The cause of your inner experience is in your mind

You see the people who have left the spiritual teaching, and now they blame the guru or the teacher or the messenger, or the teaching itself. What are they doing? They are projecting out that the cause of their experience is outside their minds. The experience is inside their minds but the cause is outside. Well, then you are not really a spiritual student because the essence of the spiritual path is that you master your own mind. And how can you master your own mind if you think that the cause of your inner experience is outside the mind? If you think that some guru or some messenger has power over your inner experience, you are powerless to change your inner experience. But if you are powerless to change your inner experience, how can you make progress on the spiritual path, which is all about mastering your inner experience? Cognitive dissonance, to claim you are a spiritual student, if you are projecting out that the cause of your inner experience is external to your mind.

Expecting the teachings to validate your perception filter

We see, not specifically in this movement, but certainly in many spiritual movements, that there is a certain percentage of the people who find a spiritual teaching, a valid and genuine spiritual teaching, but they go into this reaction. Or they stay in the reaction because they were in it before they found the teaching, where they project out. What has Jesus explained about the Peter consciousness? Peter recognized that there was something special about Jesus. But he did not grasp that what was special about Jesus is that he was outside Peter’s mind and therefore could give Peter a frame of reference from outside his mind. Instead, Peter wanted to pull Jesus into his own mind and make him conform to the images and expectations he had in his mind.

Thousands, tens of thousands of people, both in the West and the East, but especially in the West, have found a genuine spiritual teaching, but they have projected out. They recognize that there was something about that teaching, but then they have started projecting to get the teacher to conform to their expectations. They did not grasp that the entire purpose of the spiritual path is to escape, to transcend, by resolving the limitations inside your own mind.

The outer condition is the trigger, not the cause

When you grasp this, you see that there cannot possibly be an external cause that produces the internal phenomena in your mind. It cannot be. The internal phenomena of your mind are produced by the mind. They may be triggered, they may be a reaction to an external situation, but the external situation does not cause the internal condition. The mind causes the internal condition by the way it reacts to the external condition. This is the essence of the teaching I gave 2,500 years ago. It is not found in any written teachings. It was not expressed in those words, it was not expressed as clearly as we can do today, because the collective consciousness has been raised. But it was what I attempted to give to my students. Some grasped it, many did not. It was also what Jesus attempted to give to his disciples. Some grasped it, many did not, Peter was just one of them.

We hope that those of you who are open to these teachings can make that switch in your mind. That you can accept that nothing outside your mind is cause for what goes on inside the mind. Everything that happens inside your mind is the result of conditions inside your mind. You may think I am contradicting what I said earlier about the many thoughts that are projected into your mind. But you see, the thoughts can only trigger a pattern, a separate self, that is already in the mind. I talked about this 2,500 years ago, the samskaras in the mind, the patterns in the mind. We call it separate selves now. They are lying there latent, dormant. Some outer situation happens, some thought is projected into your mind that triggers one of these selves into action. But if you focus on the outer cause, or the outer condition, and think it is cause, how can you change the inner reaction in your mind? You cannot shut off the thoughts coming, projected at you. You cannot as an individual change the collective consciousness. But you can change your own consciousness so you do not react to the collective.

What it means to still the mind

And this is what can happen gradually when you resolve the selves, when you are working on this exercise of surrendering thoughts. You can come to a point where it is not that you do not have thoughts projected into your mind from the outside. It is not that you do not have your brain and outer mind produce thoughts from the inside. But the Conscious You, your conscious awareness, does not engage them. They are passing through. Think about that image of PadmaSambhava, of the man standing, or the person standing in this vast landscape but not seeing the landscape, only focused on the black cloud. Well, you may think you have many thoughts coming into your head. But there are still many, many conditions in the world that you do not notice, that you do not pay attention to. You may have walked down the street and you may pass many different people, but you do not notice any of them. Or maybe you notice one or two but the rest just pass by. You can come to a point where there are all kinds of thoughts coming into your mind, but they just pass by because you are not focusing on them. And that is when you have stilled the mind. “Unruly thoughts do hereby cease” does not mean that the thoughts stop, but that they cease impacting your conscious mind, pulling on your conscious attention. That is how the unruly thoughts cease.

Experiencing the Flame of Cosmic Peace

Now what does it say in this refrain that you just gave? Gautama, Flame of Cosmic Peace, unruly thoughts do hereby cease. You can ponder and tune in to the Flame of Cosmic Peace that I hold for earth. And you can use that also to avoid focusing on the thoughts. But this is something that most people cannot start out doing, which is why I have given you the other exercises first. But there are certainly, when you have reached a certain level of detachment from the thoughts, you can then, after you have gone through a certain period of saying, “I surrender, I surrender, I surrender,” you can decide to focus on my Flame of Cosmic Peace, tune in to it, open your mind to it and just be enveloped in it.

However, be careful here. What happens in your mind when I say the Flame of Cosmic Peace? What happens in the messenger’s mind is he thinks he has to see it as a flame. There has to be some kind of flame that has some kind of shape, and he has to be able to tune into it. But that already engages the thinking mind. You are not tuning into the flame, you are thinking about tuning into the flame. And as long as you are thinking about it, you are thinking, you are seeing the flame as separate from yourself, somewhere else out there: “the flame is there, I am here, I have to tune into what is there.” Cannot be done. Cannot be done. You can be in the flame or not in the flame. You can be in the flame or you can think about being in the flame. But it is not the same to be thinking about it as being in it. That is why it takes a certain practice to come to the point where you are not really tuning in to the flame, you are experiencing the flame, you are being in it, being enveloped in it.

You have just given, in this vigil for the resolution of your psychology, you have given this exercise by the Presence of Love, this invocation, where the visualization is given that there is an observation tower, and you realize there is a staircase that leads up to a platform and there is a master standing on the platform. And this messenger when he started doing this exercise, he visualized in his mind that there is a master standing as a human figure on this platform and he is walking up and now he is hugging that master like he would hug a human being. But after some days, he realized this was actually disturbing him because he felt that he had to visualize this process and it was actually taking his attention away from experiencing the master. And then he realized that instead of visualizing a human-like figure and himself as a human-like figure who was hugging that master, he could instead switch and actually feel that he was not a human being ascending the staircase, he was just a point of attention and he was enveloped in the sphere that was the master, the sphere of consciousness, the Presence of the master. He could even feel himself as a point inside the sphere of the master, looking through the Presence of the master and this gave him a more intimate experience.

And it is the same thing with the Flame of Peace. You are not sitting there as a human figure tuning in to this flame that is over there, that is burning and has flames, like you see in a fire. The flame is a sphere, you are a point. You are inside the sphere. You are experiencing the flame, even experiencing through the flame. You can even look at the world through the flame, when you build a momentum on this. This is how you can use the Flame of Peace. And when you just experience the Flame of Peace and yourself as being in the flame, being one with the flame, then unruly thoughts will cease. But as I said, few people can do this as the starting point, you need to go through some steps.

Now again, for some people, this will be difficult. Do not stress about this. Do not feel you have to do this. It is offered for those who are ready for it. If you are not, there is no problem. There is no shame. You are not doing anything wrong. Find a teaching that appeals to you, focus on that. Sometimes, as PadmaSambhava said, you can become addicted to resolving something in your psychology, almost addicted to walking the path, feeling that you should be able to do everything that we throw at you. You should be able to take advantage of it. You should be able to use it. You should be able to visualize this and that.

Using intuition to follow the path

Step back. You do not have to do everything. You do not have to take advantage of everything we give here. You need to find that aspect of the teachings that appeals to you at your present level of the 144 levels of consciousness. You do not necessarily need to know what level you are on, but you just sense intuitively, this teaching appeals to you. Then you focus on that for as long as you feel you need to. Now, many of you have not done this. You have taken a more active approach, found the teachings, been excited about it and said: “Oh, I want to do everything. I want to study all, read everything. I want to practice all, give all the invocations and this and that.“ That is perfectly in order to do, but it is a phase. There hopefully comes a phase, where now you begin to have more intuition. Instead of trying to walk the path with your outer mind, you begin to listen to your intuition. And instead of trying to do everything at once, you focus on that one thing you need right now and you have no regrets, no sense of obligation, no sense that you should be doing more. You focus on that one thing, then you take advantage of that for as long as you need it and then you find the next thing that will take you to the next level.

We have given you many things because we know that when people first find the path, they often do not have that strong inner direction. They are saying: “What can I do? Give me something I can do”. That is how this messenger felt when he first found ascended master teachings. He was very eager, you might say obsessive-compulsive, about giving decrees and studying the teachings and going to America and taking these courses and so forth. Again, he needed to go through that phase, but there came a point where he realized it was time to take a different approach. It was time to stop focusing on saving the world for Saint Germain and instead focus on resolving his own psychology. There came a point, where instead of allowing his outer mind to frantically want to do this and want to do that, he started listening to his intuition and therefore started getting more and more directions from us, until he could get that direction that Jesus wanted to do something through him and this has led to the service he has given.

Taking one step at a time is enough

You can follow that pattern. You are not all going to give the same kind of service, of course, but you can still follow that process of listening, taking one step at a time, focusing on one step at a time. You cannot walk a staircase by taking every step at once. You might attempt to take two or three steps at once, but this will wear you out before you reach the top. Be content to take one step at a time. There is nothing wrong with being at the 48th level of consciousness, focusing on how to get to the 49th. You will always be at a certain level until you ascend, and the challenge is always to take that next step. This is what the path is about.

The outer mind wants to do all kinds of tricks. Your separate selves want to say: “Oh, I should be more advanced than I am. I should be at a higher level than I am. I should not be at the level I am at, I should be ten or 50 steps higher. I should be able to do everything the masters tell us. I should know all the teachings.” All of this is just the outer mind, the unruly thoughts produced by the separate selves or these projections from dark forces that are trying to wear you out, so you burn out on the path.

Step back. Listen from within. When the outer mind projects at you: “You should be doing this or you should be doing that”, what is your reaction: “I surrender. I surrender. I surrender doing this, I surrender doing that, I surrender.“ And you keep surrendering, until you reach that state, where you are able to listen from within. And then a thought will come: “Oh, I will do that, because this was not coming from without and it was not coming with this charge that I should do this.” It just came as a thought of what you could do. There is no pressure and so, you go with that. But it is a challenge, a tremendous challenge to do that in the modern world that is so busy, where so many things are pulling on your attention, pulling you hither and yon, where there is such pressure on people to perform, to do better, to study, to get an education or career, to make money, to have a big house, all of these things, especially in America where everybody has to keep up with the Joneses and nobody takes the time to ask: “Well, who are the Joneses keeping up with? And do they even exist? Has anybody seen John Doe?”

You realize here that when you first find a spiritual path, as I said about the messenger, he attacked it as a challenge. It is like climbing a mountain. It was a task that had to be done. It was a career for him to be on the spiritual path. It was a striving. He felt he had to perform. He had to live up to his own expectations and the expectations of other people and the expectations of the messenger and the expectations of the masters. So many things he had to live up to and he was eager to do it. But fortunately, instead of burning himself out, he came to a point where he stepped back and realized the need to focus on his psychology. And you can all do the same.

It is not a career, it is not a pressure, it is not something you have to achieve and attain. What have we talked about, about these people who are willing to use force? Well, force will get you nowhere on the spiritual path. You cannot take heaven by force. You can take an imitation of heaven by force, but that is not heaven. Do not force yourself to walk the spiritual path. Force comes from the separate self. Identify it, let it go. And then, how do you then walk the spiritual path when you are not forcing yourself? By flowing with the River of Life. I know very well this is a difficult concept, especially for people who grew up in the western world. Flowing with the River of Life. But still, it is something for you to ponder along with the other teachings we have given, and will give.

Allowing yourself to flow

What is the saying? “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Thou hast been faithful over a few things. I will make thee ruler over many things.” Again, the multiplication of the talents. You have multiplied the talents we have given. You have made progress. Acknowledge it. Step back. Look at how you approach to spiritual path so far and then decide to surrender it and see what comes to you from within. You may think that this messenger has some special ability or attainment and that is why he is a messenger. Certainly, that is what was projected in previous ascended master organizations, where the messenger was seen as being so special. But why is this messenger, a messenger? Why did he become a messenger? Why is he still a messenger 20 years later? Because he has been willing to surrender time and time again. He has been willing to surrender whatever he was attached to about the teachings, about being a messenger. There comes a point where the only way forward on the spiritual path is not through force or making an effort, not through the outer mind. The only way forward is to surrender, to give up, to allow yourself to flow with the flow.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you and I can only express the gratitude of all of us for your participation in this conference and you are making use of the teachings. With this, I seal this conference in the joyful flame of the cosmic peace of the Buddha that I AM. Be at peace. Peace, be still.


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Let go of any sense of obligation to earth

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Ascended Master PadmaSambhava through Kim Michaels, October 10, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master PadmaSambhava. I AM a Vajra Guru. This indicates that I have reached a certain level of Buddhahood which gives me the right to be on earth, to teach on earth. I do not often speak in this way, but I want to take this opportunity to give you a teaching that might benefit you.

Astrea talked about the possibility of being addicted to a certain stimulation on earth. As a person on the path to Christhood you rise above these addictions to things in the world. But it is possible to become almost addicted to solving problems, to resolving things in your own psyche, in your own psychology.

The tendency to focus on the problems

I want to give you an image. There is a vast landscape, a large plain surrounded by hills and mountains stretching into the far horizon. Above it is an expansive blue sky from which shines the sun beautifully. On the ground in the middle of this huge plain stands a person. Above the head of that person is a small black cloud. And the person is looking up at the cloud, saying: “Oh, look at that black cloud, surely the world is coming to an end soon” – completely ignoring the vast landscape, the expansive sky, the shining sun, only focusing on the black cloud.

I know very well—we know very well—that the many teachings we have given, especially through this messenger, about resolving your psychology, overcoming your birth trauma, resolving separate selves can become almost overwhelming. As some of you have expressed, you feel a certain almost hopelessness, an almost impossibility of coming to see these very deep aspects of psychology. Others of you have achieved considerable results, and you realize that you have resolved many of these selves, many of these wounds, many of these issues in your psychology.

This messenger has been on the path now for over 45 years. There was a period in the 1990s, where he, on a regular basis, thought: “But I have seen and resolved so many things in my psychology but new things keep popping up. Will it ever be over?” And, of course, he is still looking for things in his psychology. But for quite some time now, he is just open to seeing something and resolving it. But he is not focusing on it. He is not burdened by it. It does not take away his peace. He is not frustrated by it.

What I am saying here is that especially avatars, you came to earth with the intent of having a positive difference, however you saw it before you came, however you have changed the way you look at it, however you had changed your MO after you came here and took embodiment. But you still have some view of why you are here, what you are supposed to do, what you are supposed to accomplish. And this can give you this tendency to focus on the problems, to focus on what is not resolved. And you are like the person standing in this vast landscape, not looking at any of it, but only looking at the one little dark cloud over its head.

Sure, you may have some unresolved psychology left. Sure, as we have said, there are illusions to see through until you ascend. But what if what you have left is not nearly as much as you think? What if you have already resolved the vast majority of what you need to resolve but you have not seen it, you have not acknowledged it, because you are so focused on the next thing? You are almost addicted to solving a problem, and getting the stimulation that it gives you to either solve the problem or focus on the problem.

Again, I am not telling you to stop resolving your psychology. I am just saying once in a while step back, and keep stepping back until you can see beyond that  dark cloud over your head and see the vast landscape, the blue sky of your psyche, and see the sun of your I AM Presence shining and feel the warmth of your I AM Presence shining upon you.

Acknowledge that you have made progress

We have given you many teachings on the duality consciousness. But I wonder if you have grasped a certain aspect of these teachings and applied it to yourself. We have talked about balance, we have talked about the Middle Way, not going towards either of the dualistic extremes. But we have also said that the duality consciousness can take any statement made by a spiritual teacher and make it unbalanced. Have you fully grasped that when we give a certain teaching there will be a separate self in your mind—even dark forces beyond your mind—who will pull you to go to the opposite extreme or what seems the opposite extreme from the dualistic mind?

We have quite a number of times talked about spiritual students who come to the spiritual path, come to the ascended masters, because they want to feel special. They want to feel that they are more advanced than other students, even that they are the most advanced spiritual students on the planet. Many of you have taken these teachings, and you have determined that you want to overcome this tendency if you have it, or you do not want to have it. But then there is a self in your mind that says, in order to avoid feeling special, you have to avoid feeling anything about yourself. In other words, you are not allowed to acknowledge your attainment, to acknowledge what you have resolved in your psychology, for that might make you feel prideful.

There is a self that wants you to feel prideful and there is a self that says you should not feel prideful, and therefore you should not acknowledge your progress. But what is the path to Christhood? It is a path of progress, self-transcendence. If you do not acknowledge your self-transcendence, you end up being in a kind of no man’s land where you are so afraid of being prideful that you do not dare to acknowledge that you have actually made progress, and you have risen to a certain level. This is the effect of the duality consciousness of these selves.

Now, you can observe yourself. You can look at this. What tendencies do you have when you hear me say this? What kind of selves can you sense? And then you can use our tools to work on this, overcome these selves until you can come to that point where you have let go of the need to feel special, to feel superior, to feel prideful. And therefore, you can also let go of the self that gives you the false modesty, the false humility, that you do not want to recognize your progress. You can simply let them go, and therefore be in a neutral state of mind where you can realize, you can look back at your path and you can say: “I have actually come up many steps on my path. I have gone through many experiences. I have seen many things in my psychology. I have resolved many things. I have actually made progress.” It is not that you feel pride about it. But you do feel joy about it.

And why shouldn’t you feel more and more joyful the higher you walk on the path? The Christ mind is joyful. The Christ mind is not serious like so many people think, even many ascended master students, but also many Christians who think that Christ is so serious, God is so serious. Christ is joyful. And why shouldn’t you allow yourself to be joyful for having made progress on the path? This is not a joy that is contrasted with an opposite, that is not happiness versus unhappiness, according to a human definition. It is a joy that is beyond these human pairs and dualities and polarities. You have a right to feel this. Why not allow yourself to feel it, to acknowledge it?

The Via Dolorosa

We have never said that the path to Christhood is the Via Dolorosa. On the contrary, we have said the opposite. Who invented the Via Dolorosa, this entire concept? Well, the fallen beings of course. They wanted to squeeze out all joy from the people that they could not get to buy the common Christian illusion of the automatic path: go to church, follow the rules and regulations, believe the doctrines and you will automatically be saved. There were always some people who wanted more. But then they created the concept that this is the path of renunciation, this is the path of suffering, and therefore there is no joy in walking this path of the saints. Well, of course, when you have a church that is based on the consciousness of Peter and the consciousness of antichrist how could there be joy? How could the leaders of that church feel joy? And if the leaders were not feeling joy, why should any other of the members feel joy? After all, you are sinners by nature. How can you allow yourself to feel joy when you are a miserable sinner who should repent and feel bad for even existing? All of this is nonsense. Nonsense. Let it go. Identify the selves, look them squarely in the eye and say: “You are not me. I am not you. I do not want you anymore. I am letting you die.” This is what Christ meant when he said: “He who is willing to lose his life for my sake shall find it.” You shall find a higher form of life beyond these separate selves.

The reason that brought you to earth

When you look at history, when you look at today, you must say it is truly amazing what human beings are capable of believing. The amount of lies, the amount of illusions that people have been capable of believing is staggering. Not really for an ascended master, for we have seen it all. But still an incredible amount of lies and illusions that people are able to believe, even believing they represent some absolute truth, or they are given by God, or the Buddha, or Krishna or Christ, or whatever authority they see. Look at it, and recognize it for the nonsense that it is. And just let it go.

Perhaps you can identify a certain self, a certain self that most avatars have, and they actually had it from the moment they took embodiment. It is an effect of the fact that you come here with a desire to help people, to create a change. In order to help people, you feel that you should listen to them, you should be sensitive to them. You meet people who believe in these lies or you meet fallen beings, and you think: “I should consider what they are saying. I should be open to listen to them.” You start taking in this, you feel an obligation. When the fallen beings throw a false idea at you, you feel an obligation to consider it: “Could there be something to it? Could it be true?” You even see this in the Garden of Eden story where Eve felt obligated to listen to the serpent and consider what he said. As an avatar, there will come a point when you need to look at this. You need to look at what obligation you feel towards earth, towards other people, or even towards the fallen beings. And you need to dismiss that self and let it die so you can recognize: “I am not obligated to do anything on earth. I have no obligation on earth.”

Now, in order to fully go through this process, you might have to consider what brought you to earth, what you wanted to accomplish, what you wanted to achieve because this is what makes you feel obligated. You want to achieve something and you think that in order to achieve it, you are obligated to do something. You feel trapped, you feel stuck because you have experienced that doing what you think you are obligated to do does not actually achieve the result that you want to achieve. What is your option?

Many have for lifetimes after lifetimes kept pushing, kept trying to find ways to manifest the results. There is only one way out of this dilemma, this enigma, this Catch 22 and that is to consider that it might not be your efforts that are lacking. It might be your goal that is the problem. And you might have to reconsider the very reason that brought you to earth and realize it was not the highest. It was a product of the level of consciousness you had at the time. But now you have risen to a higher level of consciousness so you can look at it and reconsider it, and let it go. Let it go!

This messenger has been working on this now for five or six years since we first gave these teachings on the separate self. He has described how the first great breakthrough he had was that he realized: “There is nothing I have to do on earth.” But he has had many other breakthroughs relating to this: why he is on earth, what he sees as his role, his goal for being here, and he has been willing to reconsider it all. This is beyond the birth trauma because these things were determined before you received the birth trauma.

It is what you brought with you from a natural planet, what brought you here from a natural planet. And that is the next step after you resolve the birth trauma is to consider these deeper aspects like: Why are you even here? Because if you do not resolve this, how can you leave? How can you ascend? How can you stand there before that gate and take that last look back at earth and see if there is anything that pulls you back here? How can you watch the demons of Mara attempt to pull you into some kind of reaction, yet have no reaction? Only when there is no action you feel you need to take on earth can you avoid a reaction to any condition on earth.

Some of you are not at the point where you are ready for this teaching. But I wanted to have it brought into the physical so that those who are ready now can take it, and those who will be ready in the future can find it and read it. And I have, as a Vajra Guru, the right to bring forth any teaching I desire when I have an open door through which it can be brought. And therefore, I say Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra. Padmasambhava I AM.


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Transcending the sense of hopelessness

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Ascended Master Elohim Astrea through Kim Michaels, October 10, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master the Elohim Astrea. Since I am on the Fourth Ray of Purity, it has often been my job, as Sanat Kumara said about himself several times, to be the cosmic garbage collector, the one who comes and cleans up the mess that human beings have created when they cry out for deliverance from that self-created mess.

The sense of hopelessness

We realize that the messages we give at a conference like this can be somewhat sobering, especially for people who might be new and not so familiar with our teachings. It might seem like there are so many problems in America that it is almost hopeless to do anything about it. Those of you who are more experienced with our teachings know, of course, that we only bring a problem to your attention when you can do something about it, by making the calls, holding the vision, and so forth. Yet what I want to address here is a certain energy, a certain state of consciousness, that has crept into the American collective consciousness now for some years. It is a certain sense of being overwhelmed, not being able to see a way out, not being able to see what can be done about the problems that seem to be getting more and more serious, with no end in sight.

Now, this messenger recently read a story about Russians who were leaving Russia because they did not want to fight in Putin’s war. He took note of the fact that one of these people said that his reason for leaving was that they could not do anything about their own country. They had tried but nothing worked. This is, of course, a defeatist attitude. Many, many Russians have this after so many years of the Soviet Union, and Putin has made use of this to make it seem even more impossible for them to change the country. That is why so many have left.

Yet what I am seeking to point out here is that this kind of defeatist attitude is not a traditional American mindset. America traditionally has more of the can-do attitude: “Yes, we can do this, we can overcome this obstacle, we can move forward, we can clear this problem.” What you actually see has happened here is that more and more Americans are starting to drift into this sense of hopelessness. They sense that there is nothing that they can do to change things. You have the saying in America “You can’t fight city hall,” and many people are starting to feel that also about the federal government. This is, of course, not constructive in a democracy in general, but certainly not in America, which has such a tradition for being innovative, for transcending problems, for experimenting with new things and always finding a way around the obstacles. What I come to offer you is my assistance in shattering this matrix, binding these beasts, these demons, these entities, that are invading people’s minds and giving them this sense of hopelessness that leads them to feel what? Anger. Anger and frustration. They are looking for someone to blame. They are looking for a scapegoat.

Now I know that other masters have talked extensively about Trump and the Trump presidency. But I want to add here that Donald Trump actually did more than any single person in recent years to spread this sense that Americans cannot do anything about certain issues. From even when he ran for President, he talked about the deep state, the swamp, like there was some big, unseen government entity that nobody could do anything about. He promised to do something about it if he got elected. But when he got elected, well, what did he actually do?

The essence of conspiracy theories

Well, what could he do? He could have focused on some real, practical problems, and he did to some degree.But he could not do anything about this unknown entity that does not really exist except in people’s minds. But what did you then see when he did not win the election? Well, he blamed it on this unseen entity, this deep state, this system that had stolen the election away from him. Many of those who followed him, they took in this energy of the hopelessness, and therefore they are still, many of them, in this state of anger, blaming their own government. They do not really know who they are blaming. Certainly the Democrats and Antifa, and the current President becomes an outlet. But if they really thought about it, they could not really define who they are blaming, who is the deep state.

This is the essence of many conspiracy theories. There is this secret society that is running things behind the facade. But the nature of a secret society is that it is secret, it is unseen. How can you ever come to see it? How can you ever do anything about it? Which is precisely why conspiracy theories are made up, so that they can make people feel hopeless. Discouragement is the greatest tool in the devil’s toolkit, and many Americans have become discouraged.

Astrea’s offer

Now, we have given you many teachings that it would be better that people directed their anger against the power elite, demanded changes to many of these systems, and realize that this must go beyond the political divide because neither the Republicans nor the Democrats alone can do anything about this. That requires an entirely new approach that crosses the divide in the political spectrum, because that divide is created and magnified by the power elite. What I come to offer is my assistance for those of you who see this as a concern, for those of you who have time to do something about it. Give my decrees and make specific calls for me to shatter this cloud of hopelessness, this cloud of the can’t-do attitude, and bind these demons, these entities, these collective beasts, and shatter it, shatter the matrix behind it, the thought matrix behind it.

America is, despite the many problems we have made you aware of, not on the brink of disaster. America is moving forward towards the golden age. This can be seen in many different areas, with many new innovations, many new thoughts, many people who are opening their minds to new ideas. America is not a lost cause. The situation in America is not hopeless. But unfortunately many Americans cannot see this because they suffer from a condition that we might call the internet addiction.

Co-creating through the chakras

We have explained about chakras. We have explained that chakras are portals for energy and that energy can move in both directions. What is it you do as a co-creator? We have said you formulate a matrix in the mind, you are projecting that matrix upon the Ma-ter light, but how are you projecting the matrix? Through what are you projecting the matrix? Well, through your chakras. When you are co-creating a condition, the light you receive from your I AM Presence is directed out through the chakras. This creates a certain sensation in the chakras that is, for lack of a better word, pleasurable. It is enjoyable for you to feel the release of the light through the chakras. This is what happens when you are co-creating. But many people have gone into the duality consciousness, where you in most cases are not actually co-creating, you are reacting. Instead of being in a co-creative frame of mind, where you are constantly directing out from your mind, you are reacting to conditions.

Addiction to the websites that lower your energies

What happens is that many Americans and, of course, many people around the world have gotten so used to going on the internet and locking into pages that give them something that stimulates their minds. When their minds are stimulated, they release light through their chakras, and this gives them a certain pleasurable sensation. Unfortunately that light often goes to dark forces in the astral plane, entities, demons, collective beasts, but the feeling of energy moving out of the chakra is much the same, or at least close to, what you feel when you are co-creating. This can give people some sense of pleasure, even some sense of meaning, for they are doing something. But what you can see in many people is that this has become obsessive-compulsive. This has become an addiction. It is not just a matter of pornography. It is also a matter of going on, for example, conspiracy websites or other websites that present this doom-and-gloom picture that there are so many problems, there are all these things going on, and there is nothing you can do about it. You sit there, you are stimulated by all of this information, and you feel the light released through your chakras. Then after it is released, you feel a low. Then in your daily life you feel a low because you are depleted of energy. You think you have to go on that website again and read some more so you can again have this sense that at least something is happening.

This has become an addiction for many, many Americans and, of course, people around the world who have to go on these websites that lower your energies. Even some ascended master students have been pulled into this. But we have given you the tools. Center in your heart, feel: “Does it raise my energies? Does it lower my energies?” If it lowers the energies, then do not partake in it, break yourself from this. But again you can also make the calls that other people are cut free from this internet addiction, this addiction to negativity, this addiction to hopelessness, a sense that nothing can be done. You have this overall sense that nothing can be done, but when the light is forced out of your chakras, you feel you are doing something. You do not connect that the low you feel later was caused by the fact that the light was released in an unbalanced manner. People keep doing this day after day, hour after hour, taking in all of this stuff, listening to the radio, watching TV, where they are again stimulated with all of this negativity, all of these problems. They become addicted to it.

There are people who are addicted to certain television channels, certain radio programs, where you have these hosts that promote all of these conspiracy theories, negative things, and then sell their products to people who are scared into this defeatist state of mind, thinking the world is going to come to an end next week so they better stock up on all of these supplies. This is an entire industry in the United States that is fed by a huge beast, and you can, of course, make calls that I will bind this beast. I will do so as you authorize me to do it with your calls. This can have the effect of cutting more and more people free from this so they get over it, so they come to the realization: “But this doesn’t really do anything for me. I just feel worse and worse when I go on these websites and take this into my mind. I’ve got to find another way to approach life. I’ve got to find something else.” Most will not find an ascended master teaching, but they find something else positive and constructive.

The realistic optimism of the ascended masters

You have a movement in the United States where people who are not traditional politicians are running for office. You have several Congress men and women, who have been elected in the last election, who are not what you would call politicians but who are people who decided that they wanted to see if they could challenge the political system and bring something new. There are many, many initiatives, many, many things in the United States that are pointing forward, pulling the nation forward towards the golden age. It is by no means a hopeless situation.

We are, of course, not only optimists. We are realists because we see that the dark forces are losing the battle. They always get frantic, they always panic, and then they throw everything at people that they possibly can in this frantic hope that they can turn the situation around, like Putin is doing now in Ukraine. They always panic and think: “If I can just push hard enough, I will win.” But you see, once you have started losing, it is because you were pushing in the first place, and your use of force generated the counterforce that you cannot overcome. So no matter how hard you push, you just generate more of a counterforce, and you cannot overcome it. That is why Hitler was defeated. That is why the Soviet Union was eventually defeated. That is why all of these dictators and warriors that you see in the past, these conquerors, eventually ran out of steam because they ran into the return current from the matter realm, and they could not defeat it.

That is why we are realists. We know this mechanism, we have seen it over and over again outplay itself, and therefore we know that this planet is moving step by step towards the Golden Age of Saint Germain. It is a certainty that the golden age will manifest. It is only a matter of when and what exact path it will take before it manifests. Nevertheless, it is a certainty, and we hope that you who are direct students can lock into that realistic optimism that we have, that certainty we have, and therefore not be so disturbed by these outer events.

We understand that they are disturbing to most people, and that there is upheaval in the collective consciousness, and that there are some people even outside America who also feel that sense of hopelessness: “What can be done?” But you can go back in time to any time, any crisis, especially where it is more obvious, and there have always been people who thought: “This is the end. This is hopeless. We cannot get out of this situation. Nothing can be done.” Then still something shifted, the planet moved on, society moved on, and new solutions came into focus. Now nobody remembers what happened in 1929 or in 1914 or in 1939 and all of these crisis points in history.

You who are students, consider making the choice, making the conscious choice to focus on this, focus on the progress, focus on the positive. You can still make calls for the many issues we are asking you to make calls on, but you do not need to be pulled into the negativity. On the contrary, when you are making calls on something, do you not think it works?

How making the calls works

I know some of you have asked: “Well, with all the decrees that have been made on the situation in Ukraine, why hasn’t the war stopped?” But we have explained this: Things take time. Look at how the war is going, look at how Russia is being pushed back. Do you not think your calls had an influence on this? Realize one thing here, this is what we have been trying to tell you for a very long time. What happens in the physical octave is a reflection of what happens in the identity, mental and emotional realms. A chain starts in the identity, filters into the mental, then into the emotional and then into the physical. This takes time. When you make a call, you are in physical embodiment, you are sending it up, and then there is the return current. But everything works within the constraints of free will and the collective consciousness and people’s individual willingness to raise their consciousness. We cannot instantly answer your call because we are working with this very complex system. But you can rest assured that when you make a call, the call compels the answer.

There is immediately the start of a return current through the identity, mental, emotional and eventually into the physical. This may not take the exact form of what you are calling for, or what you have in your mind when you are calling, but the return current is there. Many times we have seen students who became discouraged because they had made the calls for some time, but now they decided in their minds that this was the time limit, if they had not seen a manifestation of results by now, then they were not going to get it. So they were going to give up, perhaps even become negative towards the whole idea of making calls. In many cases these students gave up just before there would have been a physical manifestation. Other students have given up after there was a physical manifestation, but it was not exactly what they envisioned. So they did not see it. They did not acknowledge it. What we are hoping you can step up to realize is when you give an invocation or a decree, there is a result. It is a return current of energy from us that filters down. Even if there is no visible effect at the physical level, there is an effect at the three higher levels.

Now, we have said before that once things have crossed over into the physical, there is a certain cycle they have to be allowed to cycle through in many cases. This means that you can have a certain problem, such as the war, you are making the calls, but first of all it takes time for that return current to reach the physical. Even in the physical there is a certain momentum that takes time to overcome. Then, of course, there is the other aspect, which is that everything is a teaching device for having people see the consequences of their actions and the need to change. This again can take time. As we have said, this war is an opportunity for the Russian people to see something they have not been willing to see, but also for the Ukrainian people and for the people in democratic nations. We have given teachings on this several times, what people need to see. Again sometimes we are holding back the result from becoming physical because people have not learned the lesson. But the result is still filtering through the three higher minds, which makes it easier for people to learn the lesson. This can greatly shorten the time that it takes for a certain problem to be overcome.

The need for instant gratification

Back in the 1930s and the early 1940s, many, many students of the I AM movement gave decrees concerning World War II. They did not have an immediate effect. This war was such a huge endeavor that it could not be stopped immediately. But if the I AM students had not given their decrees, the war would have lasted two and a half years longer than it did. That is a very large number of people killed that were now spared because of the decrees. Had there been more people giving decrees, it could have been shortened further, but it could not have been shortened beyond a certain point. Sometimes things need to unfold in the physical for people to see what they have not been willing to see in other ways. When you know this, when you realize this, you can avoid being discouraged and accept that the call does compel the answer, but the answer is not always what you envision or desire to see with the outer mind.

This messenger was feeling some of the decrees and invocations you have given, and he felt the flow from the spiritual realm through the Holy Spirit flowing through him. He realized that he had been feeling this since he first started giving decrees now many years ago. He realized that this had always been enough for him, for when he felt the flow, he knew that the decrees had an effect. You can, of course, adopt this attitude of realizing that the flow of energy will have an effect. It cannot fail to have an effect. But it may not be what your outer mind would like to see at the exact same time you would like to see it. This is a general tendency in the modern world. People, because they all carry a little piece of plastic in their wallets that they can pull out and buy whatever they want and get it right now, have become almost addicted to instant gratification.

You who are spiritual students, why would you be addicted to instant gratification? Your goal, if you have understood our teachings, is to work on your ascension, which you know takes time, possibly the rest of this lifetime or further lifetimes. You have a long-term goal. Why would you be impatient about your decrees having an instant effect? What did Jesus say? “In your patience possess ye your souls.” Certainly this is an important thing to keep in mind for spiritual students. You do not become attached to outer results. You do not become discouraged if you do not get the results your outer mind expects. If you feel this is a problem for you, use our tools to unmask that separate self and let it die so that you can have peace of mind. What you are doing here is the work of the ages. It is not the work of the instant. You cannot expect instant results on the spiritual path. It is not realistic. But you can expect that the results will manifest regardless of appearances in the material realm.

With this I have given you the impetus, the momentum, the energy, that I wanted to give you, and I hope it will help some of you shatter that sense of discouragement or hopelessness that you might feel. You can step up to feeling what other masters have talked about: the joy, the joy of knowing, as Master MORE has said, we were winning from the beginning. We are winning, for this is no longer the beginning. I seal you in the Fourth Ray of Purity, the joy of purity, for when you feel purity, how can you not be joyful? Lack of joy is an impurity that cannot exist in a flame of purity. Be sealed in the presence of the Elohim Astrea.


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What kind of leaders do you want?

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Ascended Master Portia through Kim Michaels, October 10, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master Portia. Many of you will know that I hold the spiritual office as the Goddess of Justice or as the Goddess of Opportunity. You all have the image of the statue of the woman holding the scales in her hand, horizontal bar from which is hanging two bowls, one higher than the other. But they can tip up and down, depending on what is put upon them. Well, what I want to do is to give you a more large-scale perspective of what is happening on earth in these years.

The tipping point in the history of earth

Now, I do not want you to form the image in your mind that this is something that has never happened before or will never happen again. I do not want you to look at this as having some epic importance, because this is a situation that happens at regular intervals. But nevertheless, the time you are living in right now is a time where there is a great potential for progress. This is the opportunity. So you may say that one bowl of the scales is the potential for opportunity, the other is the opposition to that growth, to that change. And that is the way it is in all situations and has been many times throughout the ages.

There are of course, when you look at history, certain tipping points, certain points where you can see that the planet can go either downwards or upwards. There is an opportunity for growth, but there is a potential that the growth could be stopped or aborted. There is a tipping point where it can go either way, where the scales are almost even. And which one will be the heavier one that will weigh it down and which one will go up. You will see, because of the physical, that the one that is heaviest goes down, but really what is significant from a golden age perspective is the one that goes up. Now, this is of course where the image of the scales breaks down. Because when you look at the scales, you will say that: “Well, for one to go up, the other must be heavier. If the light has to go up, then the darkness must be heavier than the light.” But again, an image is only an image, an illustration up to a point.

What I wish to give you here is the image that you are at a certain tipping point in the history of this planet. There is a great potential for growth. And as a result of this, the dark forces are doing what they always do in these situations. They are trying to abort it, to delay it, to hold it back in any way they can think of. So they are using whatever means are available to them. And I wish to discourse on some of those means, so that you can understand that it is not quite as black and white as you might sometimes think when you have this good versus evil mindset. That there is a good force and an evil force that are fighting each other. And who is winning? God or the Devil?

The mindset behind the war in Ukraine

In human affairs everything is more complex, because it is a matter of human psychology. But certainly, what you can see as the most obvious example, is the war in Ukraine. But it is not so much the physical that I want to talk about, as inhumane and as devastating as it is for the people on both sides who are caught in this conflict. What I want to talk about is the mindset behind it. What is the mindset that caused Putin to decide to attack Ukraine, to wage war against Ukraine, to invade Ukraine? I have now violated the state law three times, so this messenger, if he was in Russia, could potentially get 45 years in prison, or at least 15. But you see here, this very unwillingness to call it what it is, is part of the mindset that caused Putin to make the decision to do this. And the mindset is, as many of you will be able to see if you have followed the news, of course, that Putin had gotten himself into a certain state of mind, where he had created an image of the world and it was this image of the world that caused him to invade Ukraine.

As many of you will know from the news, it seemed–and I can assure you this is correct–that at first he thought that he could just roll in his forces and within a matter of days he could take Kyiv. The government would flee. The people would surrender. The army would surrender. And they would welcome the Russian forces as liberators, throwing flowers at them. This was really what he believed in his mind, that it would be easy for him to take Ukraine. As easy for him to take all of Ukraine as it was to take Crimea in 2014.

But here is a person who has held a position of great responsibility for 20 years. The leader of one of the largest nations on earth, certainly the largest geographically, although not in terms of the number of people. But a very large nation that he has led for 20 years. What causes a person in this position to make such a complete miscalculation, to create an image of the world that is so completely out of touch with reality? How is it possible that a person can actually rise to be in a position of a large country and do what needs to be done to make this country function somewhat for 20 years, and then still make such a miscalculation?

Whatever you think about Putin, whatever you say about him, he has been the leader of Russia for 20 years and it has somewhat functioned. You can discuss how well. But what I am trying to point out is that Putin could not have remained the leader for that long, if he had for the entire time been completely out of touch with reality. But now, you see that he made the decision to invade Ukraine. And it was a decision that was completely out of touch with reality. You will see that he is still out of touch with reality, because he is unwilling to admit that he has failed. And therefore, he is unwilling to take the consequence of this failure, whatever that might be for him. But certainly not what he is doing right now, where he still thinks he can turn this around into somewhat of a victory.

Elements of the perception filter of the human mind

What makes this possible, to get into this state of mind where you make such a grandiose miscalculation? Well of course, we have given many teachings on the duality consciousness. We have said that the human intellect is an analytical faculty. It can argue for or against any issue. But still, beyond this, is what we have already talked about at this conference, that the human mind has this ability to become a closed system, a self-referential system, where it only looks at things through a particular filter. The filter lets through certain things and blocks certain others, impulses from the outside world, outside the mind. This filter is created based on an overall vision or desire.

We have talked about your spiritual modus operandi, which goes back to when you first took embodiment on earth and were exposed to this birth trauma. But even as Master More explained yesterday, what you had with you before you came from a natural planet. You have a certain attitude, a certain approach to earth. And this is what forms the very basis for your personal filter, your perception filter. You have a certain image of what the world is, who you are, who you are in the world, and what should or should not happen in the world. We have said that as an avatar you often have this view that you are here to make a positive difference, so you should be well received by the people on earth. And you should be able to help people and see the planet make progress. But of course, there are many different lifestreams on earth. The original inhabitants have a different vision. And of course, fallen beings have their own vision.

You see here that what needs to happen, what will happen, what is in the process of happening, is that people will gain a greater awareness of this dynamic. This psychological dynamic that their mind can become a closed system. It filters out certain information. It lets through certain others. And then, it uses what comes through to validate its basic view. It is self-validating. It does not question its basic view of life and of itself. And of course, all people have this. All people have a perception filter. But what is beginning to break through is the realization that certain people, narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths and so on, they have it in a more extreme manner than most other people. And of course, you see this out-pictured in Putin, who has a vision of himself as a historical person in Russia.

Putin’s MO

There were a few years ago where there was a petition on the internet in Russia, where people could vote for who is the most important person in Russian history. And for quite some time Stalin had received the most votes. But I can assure you that Putin was aware of this petition and he was surprised about one thing: “Why didn’t they vote for me? Why don’t they see me as the most important person in Russian history?” This was, of course, because the petition was primarily for people who were not living, who were in history. But nevertheless, his desire is to be seen as the most important person in Russian history. Because of this overall desire, this is what set the tone for his perception filter. This is his MO, his modus operandi for how he is relating to earth. He wants to be the most important person in Russian history and an important person in world history. His perception filter is determined by this. It lets through only what seems to confirm and validate this. And it filters out anything that contradicts it. This means what? Well, in his case, how realistic is it that he could become the most important person in Russian history?

The illusions of Putin’s perception filter

We are living in a different age than Stalin in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. There is a different dynamic in the world. For him to be the most important person in history, he would have to do something dramatic. But is it possible to do something that dramatic in the world as it is today? It is not, from a realistic perspective. But he, of course, cannot see this because of his perception filter, so he thinks he can. How can he do it? He can recreate the Russian Empire. Again, his greatest regret was the dissolution of the Soviet Union, because he did not understand the reality of why the Soviet Union had to be dissolved. His dream is to recreate the Soviet Union without communism and expand the Russian territory to its greatest possible geographical extension. He would even like to expand it further, but certainly to what it was in 1917, or whenever he sees it as being the greatest empire it was. And he thinks in his mind, in his perception filter, he convinces himself over time that this will indeed be possible, this will be achievable. But of course, he realizes there are some hurdles, there are some things he must overcome.

First of all, in order to expand the Empire, he must get Ukraine. So he looks at Ukraine. He looks at the situation in Ukraine. And gradually over time he convinces himself that: “Ah, the government in Kyiv is weak. That is why they did not really respond when he took Crimea. The army there is weak. And many people in Ukraine do not even see themselves as Ukrainians. They see themselves as Russians and they would welcome being taken over by Russia, being liberated by Russia.” Now, anybody who knew the reality in Ukraine and the Ukrainian collective consciousness could see that, despite the divisions, especially in the eastern part of Ukraine, this belief was completely out of touch with reality. The vast majority of Ukrainians do not want to be taken over by Putin’s Russia. They will not give up. They will fight with everything they have got.

Now, the other thing that Putin realizes is a hurdle towards his expansion is of course NATO, the West. The West! What is his reasoning here? Think about the irony of this statement. The West. Russia is a vast empire, right? If you go to the easternmost parts of Russia and Kamchatka, America is not the West. America is the East and Putin’s Moscow is the West. Again, it is all seen from his perspective. He does not even see Russia for what it is. He sees it from his perspective.

But back to the West and NATO. What does he convince himself of, again based on the reaction in 2014 and many other things? “Oh, the West is weak. The West is divided. They will not risk losing the gas and oil that they have become so dependent on in order to defend Ukraine. They do not care about Ukraine.” This was partly because Trump did not care about Ukraine, he realized. So he thinks that the Americans and Europe, they will do what they always do, put in some sanctions so it makes it look like they are doing something. They will talk tough for a while, but it will all blow over. And they will be back to business as usual.

Based on this highly distorted view of the actual situation, he invades Ukraine. Well, it does not take more than a few days before it becomes clear that his view of the situation was completely out of touch with reality. Not only because of the Ukrainians resisting, but also because of the reaction of the West. At that point a smart person would have changed course. But of course, a smart person would never have invaded in the first place, because he would have thought ahead. He would have investigated more and he would have realized that it is not feasible to do this.

Shattering illusions of the West

What can Putin do? Well, he reacts to the situation based on his MO, based on his perception filter. What can he do? Well, he can only keep going. He thinks that, as they do in the mafia, they can intimidate the West. He can intimidate the West by first threatening to cut off the gas. Then, rattling the saber with nuclear weapons, because he thinks the West will now be intimidated. He realizes, not fully consciously, but he realizes that the West has not really wanted to have a confrontation with Russia, partly because the West actually overrated the Russian military. Putin does not realize this, but this is actually what happened. The West thought the Russian military was far more powerful than it was. Just as during the Cold War, they thought the Soviet military was far more powerful than it was. But nevertheless, he thinks the West does not want a confrontation. And based on this, he can intimidate them into stepping back.

But what he does not realize, as we have said, that the West, while they did not want a confrontation, they were still giving Putin the benefit of the doubt thinking that one day he would wise up and become like a normal leader that they could negotiate with. But by invading Ukraine he shatters the illusion that the West has been under for 20 years. He does not realize this. There is no way he can see this from inside his perception filter. What can he do, but continue to think that by throwing more forces at this, by intimidating the West more and more, he can turn the situation around? Naturally, as most people can see, who have studied this, the situation has passed the point of no return. It cannot be turned around in his favor.

He is clinging to some hope. He is still hoping that by intimidating with the nuclear weapons he can get the West to say, as Macron in France has said for a long time: “We must provide Putin with a way out. We must give him an off ramp.” He is hoping that the West will pressure the Ukrainians into saying: “Okay, we will give up these two provinces in the east. And then, we get the rest back, minus Crimea, and then the war can be over.” Of course for Putin, the war will not be over. It will just be a step, until he figures out what he can do next. And most in the West realize this, but Putin does not realize that they realize this. He is still clinging to this hope that he can somehow bully his way into what looks enough like a victory that he can stay in power in Russia.

But what he does not realize either is that, especially with the mobilization, he has also shattered the image that the Russian people had of him as the infallible leader. Because the mobilization contradicted everything that he had told the Russian people about the situation in Ukraine up until that point. When he decided or announced this mobilization, they realized, most of them: “What he had told us is a lie, because he told us it would just be a minor military operation that would soon be over. And that only professional soldiers would fight. But now, he is calling up all of these reservists who have no experience with fighting, no desire to fight. And it is our own husbands, brothers, sisters, fathers, grandfathers. So everything he told us was a lie.” But again, can Putin see this from inside his own perception filter? Nay, he cannot.

Donald Trump’s MO

Now, we go to the other side. We go to the West and look at Donald Trump. Donald Trump had a long career as a businessman in New York. He built, based on his past lifetimes, an image of himself and created a public image of himself as this great businessman. He likes to think he is the greatest businessman on earth. Despite his failures, his bankruptcies and this and that, his multiple lawsuits, he still had the self image that he was the greatest businessman on earth. Now, this again goes back to his MO which is: “I am the greatest at what I do.” This is how he looks at himself in relation to the material world. This is his MO: “I am the greatest of what I do.“ Somewhat similar to Putin – “I am the greatest person in Russian history” – just with a different, slightly different shading, but still focused on himself, focused on his own greatness.

Then, there comes a point where he becomes kind of bored with the business life. He feels like he has done most of what he can do. What could he do next to demonstrate his own greatness and build his brand? He gets into running for president, going into politics. Now, what is his basic MO approaching the presidency? He wants to be the greatest president ever. Some Christians said that he was the greatest president since Lincoln. But in his mind it was: “Why since Lincoln? Why not ever?” This is his MO. He wants to create this image that he is the greatest at whatever he does. And in a sense, he wants it in his own mind, but he really wants other people to validate it. He needs that validation, just like Putin needs the validation of the Russian people and of the historians who write history.

The fallen beings’ need for validation of their perception filter

There are many, many fallen beings throughout the ages who have had this need to leave a legacy on earth. Many of them have been intensely jealous of Jesus, who left this grandiose legacy that he is still revered 2000 years later. They also want to be remembered for 2000 years or even longer, but they have a hard time figuring out how they can beat Jesus. You have Donald Trump. He does what he does. He says what he says. Many people get pulled into his perception filter and look at him as he looks at himself. Just as many people in Russia were pulled into Putin’s perception filter, looking at Putin as he looked at himself.

This is what they try to do, these types of people. They want to pull as many people as possible into their perception filter so that these people look at the world as they look at the world, and first of all, look at them as they look at themselves. Right now, of course, Putin is in great distress in his mind, even though he is not fully conscious of it. But there is at least part of him that realizes that he might actually forever have shattered his image as the greatest person in Russian history. There is a danger to his legacy. He might have shattered it. Humpty Dumpty might have fallen from the wall and all the president’s horses and all the president’s men cannot put Humpty together again.

But Trump had that moment of realization, that moment of truth as he approached the election in 2020. Because even though he was trying to convince himself that of course he would win, he could see the polls that he might not win. And he could feel that he was not quite doing as well in the presidential debates with Biden as he thought he would do. And he realized, in his vocabulary, that it was not a slam dunk. But of course, you cannot be the greatest president if you are not reelected. You cannot even be a great president if you are a one-term president. He knew that this was the worst that could happen to him. As he came closer, he started hedging his bets by talking about the election not being free and fair and being manipulated, because subconsciously he needed to give himself a way out.

Confrontation with reality

You see what is happening here. When you have an MO where you have to look at yourself as the greatest, you cannot bear to have that shattered. When there is a threat from the real world, that the real world would intrude yourself, will penetrate your perception filter, you cannot block it out. You have to find a way to deal with that situation so you can maintain your basic image of yourself and your own greatness. And Putin is right now scrambling, not really knowing what he can come up with. But Trump’s reaction was, as soon as the result was known: “The election was rigged. It was stolen. It has been stolen from me.”

And because of what he had done over the four years he was president, he had created this group of followers that were so blinded by his perception filter that they believed anything he said. This, he also saw as one of the great affirmations of his greatness, that he could pull all these people into believing anything he said. He thought he could get away with shooting somebody on the street and people would still support him. He now reacted in this way, that even though a majority of the American people had rejected him as president, if his loyal followers would go along with his claim that the election was stolen, he could still maintain his sense of greatness, at least some sense of greatness.

This caused him to go into more and more election lies, culminating in the January 6th attack on the Capitol and his reaction to it. Where he quite frankly thought that: “Finally somebody is doing something to keep me in the White House, where all of my advisers have just been talking and could not really do anything and even my loyal servant the Vice President would not do what I wanted him to do.” You see that ever since then, now getting close to a couple of years, he has maintained this. Because what else can you do? There is nothing else he can do from inside his perception filter.

The exposure of dysfunctional leaders

One of the great breakthroughs that can happen in the world is that people become aware of this. Now, you have two examples, you have many other examples from history. But people become more aware of these type of leaders, dysfunctional leaders, we might call them. You can call them many other things, as well. It does not matter. But there is a certain type of leader that takes a human tendency for the mind to become a closed system and takes it to such an extreme that even in the face of all contrary evidence, they will not change course. They keep marching towards a certain goal, no matter how detrimental it is for their country, for the people under them and for themselves. Imagine that Trump decided to run for president again and imagine that he lost again. How would he react? How would his followers react? Would he say the election was stolen a second time: “This time you have to take your guns and march on Washington to get me back into the White House, as I am entitled to do.”

Looking for greatness in the past

But now, look at a deeper aspect of this psychology of both Trump and Putin. What are they doing? Well, they have a goal to demonstrate their own greatness. But in order to reach it, they are constantly looking back. Putin is looking at history. Trump is looking at the election. But how can you manifest something in the future if you are looking back, if you are looking backwards? It cannot be done. You need to look forward. How could Trump become a great president? By saying: “Never mind what happened in 2020. I am going to run again. And I am going to formulate a policy that Americans will accept and believe. And they will put me in the White House again.” But that is not what he is doing. What is his policy for making America great again? It is that : “I become elected president and I should be elected because the election was stolen from me.”

What is Putin’s means for becoming a great person in history? To recreate a previous empire. What if he had said: “I am going to focus on using this incredible opportunity that the gas and oil riches have given my country. I am going to build up all kinds of industries and businesses, instead of allowing the oligarchs to take all the money. I am going to give everybody good jobs, raise their standard of living and turn Russia into a country that is as affluent or more affluent than the West.” Then, they might actually have thought he was the greatest leader of Russian history. But instead, he is focused on recreating something that is not there anymore. And which–when you realize what history is, an ongoing process of transcendence–can never be recreated. You could never recreate the Roman Empire, because the world is so different today. You could never recreate the Soviet Union. It could not be done. Even though it is barely 30 years ago that it dissolved, you could not recreate it. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all the king’s men and horses cannot put Humpty together again. This is the reality of life in the physical octave on a planet like earth. Time moves on without any concerns for human aspirations, ambitions and their mental images.

Time changes everything

Time moves on. Why? Because on a planet like earth, where most people have gone into duality, time is their only opportunity to escape duality. There is something here, regardless of their perception filter, regardless of how sure they are that their perception is right. There is something here they cannot stop. They cannot stop time. Putin becomes older every second and he will die. His body will die. Nobody can stop it. Jesus transcended it and showed that all have the potential to transcend it, but you cannot stop it. And therefore, you cannot go back in time and recreate something that was not there.

For as time moves on, it is not just the hands of the clock that moves. Everything in the entire four levels of the material universe moves on. The equation is constantly shifting. The interdependent originations that the Buddha talked about, everything is constantly shifting. And that is why you can never go back in time. You can never put the cat back in the bag. You can never put Humpty Dumpty together again. It cannot be done. But there are people who will not acknowledge this. That is why they look backwards, as the Christians in America, as we have talked about, as many in the conservative movements throughout the world. They think they can go back to some original state in the past that was better. But it cannot be done.

Resisting the River of Life

You look at a river. What is a river? It is a collection of molecules of water. You say: “A mighty river starts in the mountains. Here is one molecule of water. That molecule moves on through the waterfalls and the currents until the river widens out, becomes more mellow and now it flows slowly towards the ocean.” You can look at that molecule of water that has moved halfway towards the ocean. And now, this molecule decides: “I want to swim back up the current to the mountains, I am going to get back to the mountains. That was so wonderful up there.” Can a molecule of water swim against the river?

So how can a human being swim against the river of history, the river of time? No matter who you are, no matter what you think you are, you are a molecule of water in the River of Life on earth. Whether you call yourself Putin or Trump or anything else. You who are ascended master students, the messenger himself, (which he has realized all along), you are just a molecule of water. You cannot swim against the current of the river. You can think you can resist it. You can think you can direct its course. But you cannot go against the river.

You cannot go back in time and recreate the past. This applies to avatars, as well. You cannot go back and recreate the state of mind you had before you received your birth trauma. It cannot be done. But you can move on. You can transcend the trauma. But you cannot go back. We are talking about you resolving the trauma, but that is not so you can go back. It is so you can go forward, instead of being held back and delayed by the trauma. Putin and Trump and all fallen beings, in their minds they think: “If I achieve this goal that is defined in my MO, then I would have that feeling I am longing for.”

Letting go of your MO

In a sense, you could say, common to all self-aware beings who have gone into duality. Whether you are a fallen being, an original inhabitant of the earth, whether you are from a natural planet or another planet in the physical spectrum, once you go into duality, you know you have lost something. You cover your nakedness with your perception filter and your MO. But you are longing back to that lost paradise. And you think that if you achieve the goal that is defined in your MO, you would have that lost paradise. The feeling that was the lost paradise, the state of mind that was the lost paradise–you would have it back. But you will not have it back. Because why would you want to have it back? It would mean that you had learned nothing from being on earth. You want to get rid of the trauma and get your innocence back, but still have the experiences you have had on earth, so that you can move forward based on that. When I say “You”, I mean, of course, your I AM Presence, your causal body, not the outer personality. But nevertheless, you see my point here.

The entire spiritual path can be said to be a process of realizing, fully accepting what I have explained in this dictation. That you cannot go back, you can only go forward. But in order to go forward, you have to resolve whatever it is in your mind, the four levels of your mind, that is pulling you back toward some supposedly Edenic state in the past. That state in the past was not nearly as Edenic as you think. It was better than the time after the birth trauma. But still, it was not as Edenic as you think, because you were not as mature, not as evolved. You did not have the awareness that you have now. Your only way to go is forward by letting go of the past, by letting go of the MO, of how you think your interaction with earth should have been. Whatever you think should or should not have happened on earth, that is your MO. And the only way to grow is to let it go. There is no other way.

Seeing through the self-centeredness of the dysfunctional leaders

Now, of course, fallen beings cannot see this, but you can. The general public cannot see this. But what they can come to see is that you have these leaders who are completely unbalanced, because in reality, in their minds, it is only about them. You see Putin. Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine, of course, many Ukrainian soldiers and many Ukrainian civilians, but for Putin, he should care about the Russian soldiers, because he claims to be the father of the Russian people, the one who looks out for them and wants the best for them. But in reality, he does not care whatsoever about the Russian people. They are just a tool for his own greatness. The same with Trump. He claims to care about his followers, but he does not care about them. They are a tool to validate his image of greatness, nothing else. This is what people can come to see, this is the breakthrough that could happen. And that could take the planet much, much closer by leaps and bounds to the golden age.

Now, if you could see what we see from the ascended perspective, you would see that there are certain physical events that are happening. But behind the scenes there are all of these forces–the emotional, mental, identity realms–all of these dark forces that are in a great upheaval right now trying to do everything they can to hold back this breakthrough. And how are they doing it? The only way they can. By following their MO, their programming. Putin and Trump are not the only ones who have an MO. The fallen beings in the astral plane, in the mental and the identity realm, they have it too. The dark forces are just computers that are following their programming, which is the MO of the fallen beings who created them. They can only keep doing more of the same. As Putin is doing more of the same in Ukraine. And as Trump is doing more of the same by continuing to complain about the lost election. How is the fact that you lost the last election an argument for you winning the next election? What is that going to do for the nation and the American people?

You see, the dark forces can only continue to push and push and push. And this is why they pushed Putin into doing what he did, why they pushed Trump to doing what he did. Because the dark forces, the fallen beings, actually think that by creating this turmoil and chaos in the world, they can prevent the breakthrough. But the breakthrough is that people come to see these dysfunctional leaders. How is pushing the dysfunctional leaders to create chaos going to prevent people from seeing the dysfunction of this type of leader? Obviously, it is not. But in the fallen being’s mind, they can only keep doing it. And they actually think that the more chaos than can create, the more they can delay the breakthrough.

There were fallen beings who thought that through Hitler they could prevent the breakthrough that was a potential back then. But what happened when Nazi Germany was defeated and the Holocaust and the concentration camps became exposed? Yes, there was a delay for those years that the war lasted. But once it was over, people saw more clearly than ever before the dysfunction of Hitler. And that is why Europe made a major leap forward that has resulted in the progress you have seen in Europe. America also made a leap forward, but not as much as they could have done. And of course, Russia went nowhere because of Stalin. And they had the opportunity after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but Putin delayed that. You could say they have some limited success of delaying progress. But once their schemes fail, well, the breakthrough will happen with even greater force.

The bigger picture behind the outer events

What am I doing here with all this talk? Well, partly what I am hoping to help you achieve as spiritual students, is to get this overall view that behind the outer appearances, behind the outer events that are taking place, there is actually a much bigger picture. And when you have a feel for that much bigger picture, you realize that the planet is still progressing towards the Golden Age of Saint Germain. It does not happen as quickly or as smoothly as most of you would like to see happen. But it does happen. And even when there is a delay, even when there is turmoil, it actually only serves to make the breakthrough much more dramatic so that it reaches more people. I am hoping that you can find some greater peace with all this. And not be pulled into these vortices that have been created in the mass consciousness, where you have certain vortices of fear that have been created and many people are being pulled into them.

But I hope you, as the spiritual students, can stay out of it. Not only because it gives you a better life experience, but also of course, because you can help us more when you are not pulled into such a fear-based spiral. It is not people in fear who will bring the golden age, because the golden age cannot be brought through fear. You can decree all you want with a fear-based approach, like many people did in a previous dispensation, but it is not going to have the maximum effect. It is going to have much more effect when you are at peace, when you feel love in your heart because you know the reality that the River of Life is moving on, regardless.

And what is happening in the world in these years is that dysfunctional leadership is being exposed and demonstrated. What do you have in China? Dysfunctional leadership. What do you have in North Korea? Dysfunctional leadership. No regard for the suffering of the people whatsoever. What do you have in Iran? Dysfunctional leadership. No humanity. No concern for the women. They can only keep pushing, keep intimidating, keep locking people up, keep telling them to stop. They cannot change. They cannot look at a situation and say: “We need to make concessions. We need to change here. We need to give women more freedom.” They cannot do it, because it would challenge their MO. And this is the holy cow that must not be touched.

How to attract a new kind of leaders

When the world begins to see this more clearly, when more and more people begin to grasp this, it will start a cycle. Or we could even say the cycle has already started. But it will be greatly reinforced by more people grasping this that will gradually lead to the shift in the collective awareness. Mother Mary talked about it earlier this year when she commented on the situation in Ukraine, where she said that what Putin and many of these other dysfunctional leaders have done is actually challenge the sense that people have, that they can build a better life for themselves and their children and that no one will destroy it. But the realization that can come is that in order for people to have this better future to look forward to, they cannot have these dysfunctional leaders. And they cannot allow them in their nations or in the world. And therefore, there must be a new awareness of what can be done to prevent such leaders from crossing the line into delusion and insanity, from which it is much more difficult to pull the world back.

Clearly, you can see that if Hitler had had a heart attack before invading Poland, much suffering would have been avoided. If Putin had not invaded Ukraine, much suffering could have been avoided, and so forth. I am not saying here that this was realistic, because the collective consciousness meant that these things had to happen for people to learn in the School of Hard Knocks. But nevertheless, what people can come to see is that they do not want their hard knocks. And therefore, they do not want the leaders who create the knocks. And therefore, they must reform themselves so they can attract a new kind of leader. In order to avoid being pulled into the vortex that such a leader creates, they have to be willing to look at their own perception filters. Those people in America who follow Trump, they had a dream of America’s greatness and their own greatness as Americans. Those people in Russia who follow Putin, they have a dream of Russia’s greatness and their own greatness. In Iran they have a dream of their greatness, the Persian Empire, or various other dreams about Islam, the greatness of Islam.

You see that there is always this dream of being special, being greater than other people, or even being the greatest. But what did Jesus say 2000 years ago, which is a considerable amount of time that people have had to ponder this? He said: “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” This is a saying that is one of the most provocative sayings for the fallen beings. They want greatness, but they do not want to serve anybody. They want the all to serve them. And that is what people need to see. And they need to say: “But is that what I want? Do I want to follow such a person? Do I really want to be greater than other people? Or do I actually want to see my society progress?”

The fallen beings have an insatiable desire for greatness that can never be fulfilled. This is another aspect that people can come to see. You look back at Hitler and his dreams. What was his ultimate dream? To control the entire world. The entire world should be narcissists. Was it realistic? Could it ever have happened? Here is a country of 35, 40 million people. Could they ever have taken over the world through war? Could 140 million Russians take over the world? Can a billion Chinese take over the world? Nay. It cannot happen. It has never happened in history. Why would you think it can happen now?

You can see that the dreams of greatness are unrealistic. They could never be fulfilled. What kind of leader do you want? One who is pursuing an impossible dream? Or one who is seeking to serve his own people by having his country progress into more and more affluence, higher awareness, cooperating with other countries and raising up the entire world? Surely, in order to become a democracy and achieve the level of cooperation that the modern democracies have achieved, you have to be willing to serve the all. And that is why the West is what it is. That is why the West has the affluence that it has. But can the fallen beings see this? Or the people who still have their dream of greatness that they have not given up, can they see it? Nay. But by seeing these dysfunctional leaders, they will be challenged to reconsider their MO, their approach to life. The Russians are being challenged to consider their approach to life based on Putin’s failure in Ukraine. And most Russians are beginning to realize that he is failing in Ukraine.

Many of the followers of Trump have also been challenged in reconsidering the infallibility of Trump and his claims. Some have not, but they will eventually, for all deserve an opportunity to grow. And for those who are holding onto their perception filter with all they have, they also deserve an opportunity. But for them the opportunity is that their perception filter is shattered, is challenged by reality, by the real world, by the moving on of time. There are two ways to receive an opportunity. The hard way is that your perception filter is challenged. The higher way is that you voluntarily look at your perception filter and say: “How is it holding me back? And what progress could I achieve by looking beyond it, by grasping a higher understanding and new ideas?”

This is opportunity. It is also justice. It is justice that those who use their perception filter to harm other people have that perception filter challenged by something they cannot deny. And in most cases, what they cannot deny is outer physical events that go completely against their expectations and the view of their own greatness. Which for many of these would-be empires means total defeat. But even that defeat is an opportunity for them to grow. And it certainly is justice. Justice that those who take by force are forced to acknowledge that they lost.

With this, I have given you quite a mouthful. But I am grateful for the opportunity to give you this discourse, which I could not have given had you not broken through, as Mother Mary said earlier. For this, you have my gratitude. And I seal you in the flame of the joyful justice and the joyful opportunity. You might notice that we are more and more using the word joy in connection with our flames. Because when you are one with a spiritual flame, how could you not be joyful? And we hope our students will be able to look beyond the outer events in the world and find joy within. If you cannot find joy, ah my beloved, it is because there is something in your perception filter that blocks it. So consider what that is and then, come into the joy that we are.


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The need for a moderating voice of women in America 

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, October 10, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary and I hold the office of the Divine Mother for earth. I hold that office, of course, for all people, regardless of outer divisions, because I see beyond the outer divisions. Nevertheless, I will here address the situation of women. This conference is focused on America, but much of what I will say applies to women everywhere.

We have said earlier that the 2020s is the decade of women. Some might hear this and say: “Well, then that decade is certainly off to a flying start, given the additional burden that has been put on women during the corona pandemic.” Many people have talked about how women’s situation has worsened in these last couple of years, primarily because many women have had to stay home to take care of sick family members. It has caused them to lose their jobs. And there are those who say that what has been achieved over the past several decades in terms of equality has been set back by these two years. But you see, while there may be setbacks in the physical octave, the improvement of women’s situation seen over these last several decades was driven by a change in the mind, in the emotional, mental and identity bodies. And even though there has been some setback there, it has not been nearly as big as many people think, based on the physical appearances. What this means is that it is much easier for women to go back to make progress again, than it was before. You can much more quickly catch up to where you were before the pandemic.

The balanced perspective of women 

If we step back and look at the situation in the United States specifically, we can see, of course, the increase in animosity, conflict, the breakdown of communication between, basically, Trump supporters and those who are not Trump supporters or even those who do not want Trump to become president again. But beyond this, you see a divide between what we have talked about, those who are primarily Christians, who want to hold on to traditional values, and those who are more progressive people who want to move the nation further along beyond those traditional values. You will see that there are people in America who have managed to portray this in the classical terms that we have described so many times, as an epic struggle between good and evil. Where, of course, the Christians, the white supremacists, the more conservative people, the Trump supporters are the good people and those who are against them, are the bad people.

When you step back and look at this, what has driven this divide? Not only among Trump supporters, but also those who are against them. What you will see is that this has been not exclusively but certainly primarily driven by men. What is the only realistic way to move beyond this? It is that women step forward, take their role and bring that balanced perspective based on the recognition that this really is not in the best interest of anybody. And it is not in the best interest of the nation. It does not serve America or the people of America to continue moving towards a civil war-like scenario with widespread uprising and anarchy, where potentially the law enforcement community and the armed forces will have to fight their own people.

Who is served by this? Well, yes, the power elite will be served by this, because it will allow them to rule. The enemies of America abroad, such as Putin and Xi Jinping, will be laughing if such a scenario occurred. For this is exactly what they have dreamt about in their wildest dreams, to take America down. They know very well that the only real threat to their ambitions is the United States. But if the United States is not united, they are not nearly as big of a threat, are they?

Who can bring balance into the current charged, polarized situation? As I see it, only women. There are, of course, also men, but primarily women, who can bring that moderate balanced perspective and say: “This is enough, now. We have to get beyond this. We cannot continue down this path. We have to move on.” Many women have already done so in private, some have done so in public, but many more can do it. That is why there is a need for you, who are ascended master students and who are willing to make the calls for this upcoming election, to make the calls that women will be elected in greater numbers to the Congress and the Senate. You can see very clearly that they are still grossly underrepresented in America. And this needs to be corrected. But you can also make the calls that moderate, balanced candidates will be elected. Whether they are women or men, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. For, of course, there are moderate, balanced candidates in both parties.

By you making the calls for this, holding the vision for this, we can achieve at least a considerable movement in that direction, so that more balanced candidates will be elected. But it is not just a matter of who is elected. It is really a matter of women across America waking up, taking a stand and saying: “No violence, no conflict, no animosity, no hatred, no anger. We have had enough of this. We need to find a way to live together in this nation without looking at each other over the barrel of a gun. It is simply enough.”

Now, you have seen that women have the potential to create such a movement. The entire MeToo movement is an example of how women can stand up for their own rights. The rights to not be sexually abused, to not be sexually targeted by men in their professions or in other contexts. But when you consider what is going on, with the animosity and the brewing conflict in America, if there is a situation where there is widespread violence and fighting, would women not also become targets? Either directly or at least indirectly by their men going out and fighting other men. Would this not also affect women? Would it not also be an abuse of women?

Violence is not a solution to problems

When do you wake up and say: “Me too. I do not want an escalation of violence. I do not want an escalation of conflict. I want this to stop. And I want it to stop now.” Many women are close or have reached that point. It is not a matter of what side you are on in the political spectrum. It is not a matter of whether you are for this president or that president, this candidate or that candidate. The real issue here is: Are you for or against violence? Or do you realize that violence never solves our problems?

Did the Civil War solve any problems in America? Did other violent uprisings solve any problem? Someone needs to ask: “Why is it that when you look at history, you see that in most democratic nations they have made certain specific types of progress without violence. But in many cases in the United States, we have not been able to make the same progress without violence. Why is it necessary? Why is it necessary that Americans have to fight about something that happens peacefully in other nations, because there emerges a consensus in those nations?”

Finding  common ground

Now, you will say that women in America are also divided. They are also divided on the political spectrum. There are women who are lifelong conservatives, Christians, Republicans, so forth. But what is it that women have the potential to do that men find it much more difficult to do?

Now, in order to explain this, we can look at something that is somewhat of a cliche but nevertheless. You can have two men who meet, they start talking, they are feeling each other out. They might find that they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum or a particular issue. Very quickly, this can lead to a point where these two men cannot communicate because they do not really have anything in common that they can communicate about. The division divides them.

Now you have two women who get together. And often when women get together, it is in the context of them doing something for their children. Two women who meet, they can start talking about children, and they have something in common that then can help them see beyond divisions. Women have the potential to step back and say: “Yes, we are divided by politics, we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. We may even have opposite views of specific issues such as abortion or gun control. But do we have to focus on the differences? Or could we instead focus on what we have in common? What actually unites us. Could we not explore that? Talk about that, establish some kind of common bond, some kind of mutual respect. And then perhaps when we have built that, then perhaps we can start talking about other issues, and see if there are things we can agree on. That can help us deal with the political divisions.”

In other words, men, once they are divided, often focused on the outer issues: “We have to be able to keep our guns. No guns have to be taken away.” And once you are focused at that level, how are you going to find something in common on that particular issue? Which is a black and white, yes or no, issue.

But women have the ability, in general, to step back and say: “Well, yes, perhaps we have different views of gun control. But do we still have certain things that we can agree on? For example, you are for gun control, I am against it. But do you want your husband to shoot my husband? Or do you want my husband to shoot yours? Can we agree that we are both against violence, we are both for peaceful resolution to conflict?”

This is not to say that men cannot do the same and that some men, of course, have already done so. But there is a greater potential that women in America can do this, can say: “Now wait a minute, guys. Let’s just step back and think about this before we load the guns. Do we really want this to escalate? Do we really want the people of America to become more and more divided? For who benefits from it? The elite, those who want to maintain status quo.” This requires you to think more deeply about issues, and to think about them not from the surface level of the issue itself, but from a perspective of the basic humanity. “We are all human beings. You may have the opposite political viewpoint than I have, but we both have children. And our children deserve to grow up in a peaceful society where they can work on whatever goals they have in life, without being shot at, or killed, or killing others.” 

These are perspectives that men find much more difficult to consider. But women certainly have that potential, to be a moderating voice in society. I know you can point to certain women who are examples of the opposite. But I am talking about the majority of women who have that ability to step back and say: “But are not we all human beings? Do we not all have certain rights? Do we not deserve a certain respect? Is there not a limit to what we can do to others?” These are important things for you who are ascended master students to hold the vision for, to make the calls for, that women will step forward, women will be empowered. That women will, first of all, get out to vote. And vote in greater numbers than ever before, and vote for candidates who are balanced, whether they are men or women.

Religions that suppress women

Now to take this in a slightly different direction. Most of you know what is happening in Iran, with the death of one woman and the uprising driven in large part by women in that country. We have said before that no woman is truly free until all women are free around the planet. And certainly, if you have the time, for your other issues, you can make calls for the situation in Iran. Especially, the situation of women who are, and there is no other way to put this, being continually abused by the state, and by the state religion of Islam. Islam has been abusing women for thousands of years. So have, of course, the Catholic Church, many Christian churches, the Hindu religion, and other religions. As we have said, one of the primary factors for suppressing women, abusing women, is religion. The kind of religions that are patriarchal, male-dominated, based on a male-centered view of life.

Now, not so long ago, the pope made a statement to a women’s conference, that women are better leaders than men. At least, they are better administrators. But he also said that it was important that women gain leadership positions in society using the example that women made female presidents or prime ministers have responded better to the corona pandemic than many countries led by men, especially those who were the populists, right-wing leaders. And this is, of course, a way interesting development. It is not that Pope Francis has not, over the years, taken small steps to give women greater influence in the Catholic Church. But he hasn’t even come close to addressing the central issues of what makes the Catholic Church suppressive and abusive towards women. If you were to really change this, you would have to allow women to hold any position in a church, including his own. You would have to allow priests to marry, whereby you would solve many of the problems with pedophilia, homosexuality, corruption in the church. But is this going to happen? Well, not so likely, is it? 

You see here that when you look at this situation, you can learn something general. The pope makes this statement, he makes this statement to women at a women’s conference. But who is the pope? He is the head of the Catholic Church, an institution that has existed for 17 centuries and has only and exclusively been led by men. What do you have here? You have a man who makes statements about women as leaders and male leader who makes statements about women as leaders. But he does this from a male perspective. And his view is limited by the tradition he comes from the institution he leads, which has had a highly distorted view of women for 17 centuries. It even goes beyond the Catholic Church, going back into the mists of history in male-dominated societies, patriarchal societies. Does it really have any value whatsoever? That a man like the pope makes any statements and observations about women? 

What would have value was if he acted upon it by letting women take up leadership positions in his own institution. Some will say: “Well, he is trying to”, but is he? Is he really seriously allowing women to hold decision-making positions? Or is he just giving them a handout, to make it seem like he stands for change. What would it take to change the Catholic Church from a male-dominated institution to a more balanced institution? In my estimation, it could not be done. Because it would require such fundamental changes, that it would be easier to start a new institution that from the beginning was set up to be balanced. Is the Catholic Church going to do that? Not very likely, is it? 

Looking for an alternative form of spirituality

You see that this, of course, has implications for America as well, because many Americans are Catholics. Has there really been change in the Catholic Church in America? There has been many of the child abuse scandals going back now several decades, when they were first exposed, or started to be exposed. But has there really been fundamental change? What can women do? Well, you can either say: “I am going to wait for the church to change.” And I would say, is it likely that this will happen in your lifetime? Or you could say: “I am not going to wait for the church, I am going to find another kind of spirituality that will satisfy my spiritual needs.” Many women have, of course, done this. You see many spiritual movements of various kinds that have a larger number of women than men. And this is something that needs to happen to a greater and greater extent, that the women simply leave the male-dominated churches, whether the Catholic or the Protestant evangelical churches, and find a different form of spirituality. 

There is a potential in America. And it has, of course, been going on for decades. But it has the potential to be accelerated greatly in the next decade of this 2020s. That more and more people leave traditional religion and join some new form of spirituality. A more universal, non-sectarian form of spirituality. I am deliberately not saying New Age, because the term New Age has been used in derogatory ways by the traditional religions, and besides that, the New Age movement has been happening for so long that it is not really new anymore. 

There is a need for women to embrace a more universal form of spirituality. I am not here particularly saying an ascended master spirituality, although this could be part of the picture, of course. But there is a need for women to simply acknowledge the fact that the traditional religions are not satisfying their spiritual needs. What is your spiritual need? Well, your spiritual need is growth, the growth in your consciousness, the raising of your consciousness. Part of it is that you come to a deeper understanding of life, of the spiritual side of life, of your own psychology. But it is more than understanding, it is the experience that you have as ascended master students, that you are shifting, that you are growing, that you are transcending yourself, that you are not the same person you were a few years ago. This is what millions upon millions of women today in America have that need. Many are not aware of it, many have not recognized it consciously, so they are not able to act on it. They seek something, they long for something, but they are not conscious of what it is. 

Here’s where you as ascended master students can again make the calls and people will become free, will be cut free to see what they are longing for. You are not trying to manipulate these people, you are trying to set them free to recognize what they long for from within, so they can embrace it. You look at religion in America, and as everything else, naturally, religion has to change, because everything in society is in a process of changing. But who is going to change the religious landscape of America? Is it the men who have traditionally been in leadership of American churches? And what do the men do? They look to tradition, traditional values: “We have to maintain the institution the way it is, we have to actually protect the institution against change.”

Well, first of all, you cannot protect anything against change, because change is inevitable. But the point is that men are not as likely to drive a change in the religious spiritual landscape of America, as women are. Women are far more likely to do this. And you could say that, well, this has been happening for decades in the New Age movement. Correct, it has. But there is a potential in this decade, that this can break through to a much higher level, where more and more women look for an alternative form of spirituality, find it, create it, embrace it. And this can again shift the equation in America, because these women, most of them, are in relationships with men of various kinds. And again, they can bring forth a balanced perspective. It is not a matter of converting people to a particular organization, or teaching, or guru. It is a matter of presenting people with a balanced view of religion and spirituality. 

A new approach to religion and spirituality

Again, it is a matter of stepping back, looking at America, looking at how in many small American towns, you have a central square, and around that square are four individual churches, a Catholic church, an Evangelical, and a couple of others of various denominations, depending on where you are in the country. But it is quite common in smaller towns. And it is a matter of stepping back and looking at this and saying: “Each of these churches claim to be the only one that can secure your salvation. Here you have most of the small towns in America divided by several churches. There is a division right there, between those who claim to be Catholics and those who claim to be Baptists. And both of them are claiming that their church is the only one that can secure your salvation, and that those on the other church, on the other corner of the square are going to go to hell. What kind of a division does that create in American society? Is it any wonder that there is conflict? Is it any wonder that there is violence when there is this kind of division among people?” Women can step back and look at this and say: “Well, if you have several churches that each claim to be the only right one, how can we deal with this?”

Traditionally, you have picked one of them and said: “Yes, this is the right one, and all the others are of the devil.” But is there not another approach? Is not that an approach to saying: “Maybe every church that makes this claim to exclusivity is actually out of touch with the reality of spirituality.“ What if they have all misunderstood something? What if these different Christian churches have misunderstood or overlooked the central message of Christ? They claim to be Christian they claim to represent Christ. But what if their claim to exclusivity actually demonstrates that they have all missed the central message of Christ. 

Unity as the central message of Christ

Which is what? Unity. Oneness, do unto others, love your enemies, do good to them that hate you and persecute you, in as much as you have done it unto least of these my little ones you have done it unto me. Was not Christ’s essential message one of unity? Coming together, overcoming the differences. Look at the environment where Jesus appeared? Israel, you had the Jews, who looked down on everybody else. Why do you have the parable of the Good Samaritan? Because the Jews looked down upon the Samaritans and thought they could never do anything. But what does the parable say? Well, the Jews pass by the man, but the Samaritan was the one who helped him. He was the one who was in alignment with Christ.

Christ came to unite people. Who is it that divides people? Well, it is antichrist, is it not? What else would it be? When you claim to represent Christ, and at the same time you claim to be the exclusive church that can secure people’s salvation? Do you really represent Christ? Or are you out of touch with the central message of Christ? And could we then not create a Christian Church that was unifying, rather than dividing? And who can do this other than women?

Finding unity through intuition 

Another question that women have the potential to ask in America is…Well first, you need to understand a certain difference between women and men. The pope even mentioned it in his message to women, that they needed to use their intuition. Even the pope recognizes that women have better intuition than men. He does not take the consequence of this, but he has some recognition of this. Women have better intuition than men, because men are more in a linear mind that thinks in terms of differences. Intuition is a more holistic way of thinking that looks beyond the divisions and differences, looks at the bigger picture, looks at what unifies. 

For men, it is difficult to ask the question I am going to pose. Now, when you look at Jesus and Jesus’s time, what was the Jewish religion like at the time of Jesus? It was an exclusivist religion. It claimed that only Jews would be saved. And only those Jews who obeyed the religious authorities would be saved. All others would not, the Gentiles would not and the Jews who were not in alignment with the authorities would not be saved. Why did the Jewish religion persecute Jesus? Because he preached a different kind of salvation. He said: “It is not a matter of being a Jew. It is not only Jews that can enter the kingdom.“ He also said: “You do not have to follow the outer religion in order to enter the kingdom. Why? Because the kingdom of God does not come with observation, following an outer religion. Because the kingdom of God is within you.“ We have given many teachings that is because the Kingdom of God is a state of consciousness. 

But what I am saying here is a very simple reasoning process that many women are capable of grasping intuitively, because it leads to a logical question. An intuitively logical question, not an analytically logical question. And the question is: “Does it make any sense that in order to enter heaven, which is beyond earth, you need an institution on earth?” Essentially, what Jesus was saying is, you do not need an institution on earth in order to enter heaven. Because what you need to do in order to enter heaven, or the kingdom of God, is to change your consciousness. To take in the life of Christ, to be alive with the Christ mind, rather than the consciousness of death, the consciousness of antichrist, what Jesus also called Satan.

Many men find difficult to reason this way, because their analytical minds can so easily come up with arguments for this or that. But for many women, it is quite possible to make this intuitive leap and suddenly see: “But yes, Jesus was saying, we do not need an institution on earth. We need to change our consciousness. What sense does it make that we allow these institutions on earth to divide us? Why should I not be able to talk to my neighbor just because she goes to another church? Why should we not be able to find some common approach to spirituality that unites us rather than divides us? Why should we not take ourselves beyond this divisive influence of these institutions?” As Jesus said in the beginning of this conference, Christianity in America is a divisive institution. Hardly any institution in America divides people more than Christianity. 

Naturally, this means that Christianity also is a dualistic institution, black and white thinking, you are either with us or you are with the devil. You are either going with us to heaven, or you are going with the devil to hell. There is nothing in between here. When women begin to grasp this, that there is an alternative to this divisive thinking, even if they do not call it dualistic, or black and white thinking, this can be a major influence in America in terms of moving America beyond this divide that has been created. 

Divisions cover up inequality in America

We have said that the division of Americans into factions really accelerated when the power elite was allowed to concentrate money in their hands. And it is because they know that what they are doing is going against the historical progress that America has made. You had the euphoric 20s, the roaring 20s, ending with the crash on Wall Street in 1929. You had the depression years in the 30s, but after the war, America got back on its upper track, where people were building greater and greater affluence, and it lasted through the 50s and 60s and into the 70s. But then the deregulation of the financial industry happened and the power elite knew that the only way they could really concentrate money in their own hands was taking it away from the people. 

And that means that you now have a large group of Americans who have, for a long time, perhaps even their entire adult lives, seen the possibility of improving their situation. But Americans would then have to, first of all, experience that this progress was coming to a halt. And then they would somehow have to be made to accept this. Because they could not fail to notice. They would have to somehow be made to accept this. And this is when the power elite started doing what they have always done, divide and conquer, dividing people into factions and what is the obvious division in American society, politically, Republicans and Democrats. You will notice that George Washington was very, very concerned about the creation of two parties, because he saw the potential of how it could become a polarized situation that divided people, so they could not communicate, could not cooperate across the middle. 

This is the primary division that they have been using now for decades to divide among the American people. They cannot come together and say: “Why is our standard of living being eroded? Why are we making less money? Why do we suddenly have to have both husband and wife work in order to afford a house, in order to afford what our parents considered a normal lifestyle, even though only the father was working?” I am not here talking about anything about women being in the workplace. But what I am saying is, there was a time when a family could have a decent standard of living, have a house, with only one spouse working. And that is not the case anymore for most Americans. 

Why is that? What has happened that we now need two incomes instead of one? It can only be because everything has become more expensive, or that the salaries have gone down, or a combination of both. But why is our government allowing this to happen, so that a small elite can become richer and richer, when they already have more than anybody could possibly need? What is America about? Is it about enriching a small elite beyond any human scale and human need? Or is it about fulfilling the human needs of all Americans so that all can have a decent standard of living? Are there other countries, democratic countries, where they have a better standard of living than in America? Then why do we not have it in America? Why do we not look at those countries and see what they have and what they have done, to limit this runaway train of the concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite? 

Men can, of course, play a role in this, but again, women are more likely to be the ones who start from their own perspective and say: “Why is this happening? Why are we allowing it to happen? What can we do about it? How can we bring a more balanced perspective, so that we look out for the interests of all Americans?” This is again, humanity, the greater humanity rather than some far flung idea of: Society should be according to Democratic ideals, or Societies should be according to Republican ideals. And therefore we can cooperate across the middle about making real changes that benefit all of the people of America.”

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. We are grateful that we have this opportunity to radiate our light and our ideas through so many of you who are participating in this conference, especially at this time, before the election. Naturally, this election has a more than normal importance in setting the trend for what is going to happen in American politics in the coming years and certainly for the rest of this decade. It is important that women step forward and engage themselves in a political arena, more than they have done so far. For their perspective, it is greatly needed. 

With this, I thank you who have participated in this conference, you have achieved important work in breaking through much of the opposition to changes. You have achieved the goal that we wanted to achieve for this conference. It does not mean you cannot do more for the rest of the day. But you have broken through the energy veil, the energetic opposition that we wanted to have removed by this conference. For this, I congratulate you. And we of course, look forward to the rest of the day, and what we will together bring forth. Thus, I seal you in the joy of the Divine Mother.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels

Freedom of will on earth

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Ascended Master MORE  through Kim Michaels, October 9, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I am the Ascended Master MORE. Why is the first ray the ray of will and power? Or we might say, why is the ray of will and power the first ray? Well, we have told you that you are co-creators with God and that you co-create by formulating a mental image, projecting it upon the Ma-ter light, projecting energy and awareness through that image, so that the Ma-ter light takes on form. But in order to decide, to formulate an image and project it, you must first decide that you are willing to co-create. You are willing to co-create.

Co-creation on earth is an experiment

Now, what is co-creation? It is that you use your present state of consciousness to formulate an image and you project it with that state of consciousness. Now, when you are a new co-creator, you do not have the awareness to know exactly what is going to manifest as a result of your projections. That means what? It means co-creation is an experiment. Even on a natural planet, it is an experiment for a new co-creator. As you become more experienced, more mature, you discover how the material realm works and therefore, you can know ahead of time what will manifest when you project an image.

Here you are, you are a mature co-creator on a natural planet and now you look at earth and you formulate a decision: “I want to experience what it is like to co-create on earth in that kind of environment.” But now, when you find yourself in embodiment on earth, you might think that you should be able to co-create the way you did on a natural planet so that you know ahead of time exactly what is going to manifest when you project a mental image. But you discover very quickly that on earth that is not the case. You are in a sense back to square one because the environment on planet earth is so chaotic that you cannot know ahead of time what will manifest as a result of your projection. There are so many factors that can interfere including the collective consciousness at all four levels. You are back to where co-creation is an experiment and this can be difficult for an avatar to experience. This really is not what we have called your birth trauma, this really is not something you are being exposed to by the fallen beings or the people on earth. It is simply that you find yourself in embodiment on earth, you project through your mind and you discover that what you project is not what manifests. Now, you may not remember, in most cases we do not remember, what it was like to co-create on a natural planet. But we do have some sense as avatars, that we should be able to manifest what we envision.

The shock of co-creating on earth

Why can you not do this on earth? Well, partly, as I said, the collective consciousness, all the disturbances, all the dark forces, the demons and entities. But also, because when you descend to earth, you descend at the 48th level of consciousness. You do not have the creative power that you had on a natural planet. What you are projecting out is not as powerful, the vision you have to formulate the image is not as clear. And at the same time, you have this very chaotic environment that works against the manifestation of what you are projecting out. This is a shock. It is not necessarily a trauma, because you are not being exposed to it from the outside. But it is a shock. We all go through it, we all experience: “What is wrong here? Why is it not manifesting what I am projecting out? What am I doing wrong?”

If you are an original inhabitant of the earth, you will not have the same feeling that something is wrong, that you are doing something wrong because it was so long ago that the earth descended into duality, that you cannot consciously remember a time when manifestation was easier. But as an avatar, you do have this sense – something is wrong here. This might lead to all kinds of attempts to explain this, that the universe is against you, it is an unfriendly environment, the Ma-ter light is against you, other people are against you, the dark forces are against you. You think that something must be against you, since you cannot manifest what you feel you should be able to manifest.

Unrealistic expectations

What you need to consider here is that now that you have been on earth for a long time, you have had many different experiences, you have most likely studied the teachings we have given on avatars, that you can now make a shift. You can make a shift of acknowledging the tremendous difference between a natural planet and earth. You can acknowledge that you came here without fully understanding that difference. Partly because it cannot really be understood, it must be experienced, as we have explained before. You can acknowledge that you actually carried with you an expectation from a natural planet that you should be able to do on earth what you could do on a natural planet and then you can take some time, perhaps if you need to, to ponder this and you can acknowledge consciously that your expectation was unrealistic, because earth is a very different environment than a natural planet.

What do I mean when I say you can consciously acknowledge that your expectation was unrealistic? Well, I mean, of course, that you can make a decision to accept that your expectation was unrealistic. This is an act of willpower, of will. The first act of co-creation is willpower. You must make a choice. First, that you are willing to co-create. Second, what you want to co-create and then third, once you have formulated the image, the willingness to project it out with as much power as you can, as you deem necessary.

How free is our will here on earth?

The question now becomes when you exercise will, it of course implies what we have generally called free will. You have, ideally, the free will to choose – that you want to manifest, what you want to manifest, and what power you are wanting to project it with. But the question now is: how free is your will? How free is your will on earth, compared to what it was on a natural planet? I am not saying you do not have will on earth, that you cannot make choices on earth. But the question is: how free are those choices? On a natural planet there is nothing that opposes your co-creation, your manifestation. You have attained a high degree of oneness with your higher self, with your spiritual guides, with other people, with your environment. You are in alignment with the forward progression of all life and so are all other people in your environment, even if they have not reached the same level of attainment that you have, so there is nothing that opposes your co-creation. You are co-creating to raise the all, why would the all oppose that?

What you are used to on a natural planet is that there is no opposition to your co-creation. Therefore, you can make a free choice, as you see it. Of course, that choice is still dependent on your level of consciousness, your vision, the individuality anchored in your I AM Presence, and the individual self you have built on a natural planet, the sense of self, the sense of who you are. Within that context, you are making free choices. They seem free to you and they are, but of course, they are somewhat affected by who you are, what your makeup is. As we have said before, you cannot choose an option you cannot see. Even on a natural planet, if there is a vision you cannot formulate in your mind, you cannot choose to manifest it but there is not anything in your mind or in your environment that opposes your co-creation.

Illusions limiting our vision

Now look at earth. You come here at the 48th level. What have we explained before? How do you descend to the 48th level? Well, you take on all of the illusions that correspond to the levels from the 144th to the 48th level. For each step you go down the ladder of consciousness you take on an illusion. This is not your personality. This is not the individuality anchored in your I AM Presence. It is not the individuality you have built on earth because you have not built anything on earth yet, you have not embodied here before. But you take on these illusions about what life is like, can be, should be on earth.

Already there, by descending to the 48th level, you have less freedom to formulate your vision than you had on a natural planet because you can only formulate the vision of what you want to manifest based on the 48th level of consciousness. At the 48th level of consciousness on earth you are much lower than you were on a natural planet. You still, as we have said, have a sense that you are connected to something outside yourself, or as we have said at this conference, outside your mind. Your mind is not a closed system but you do not have anywhere near the vision that you had on a natural planet. You have, in a sense, forfeited the attainment you gathered on a natural planet in order to descend to the 48th level on earth. This is a sacrifice you make, a decision you make. You do not fully grasp what that means usually, most of us did not. Because again, you just have to experience it. As the popular saying goes, you have to be there.

How we co-create on earth

When you formulate your vision of what you want to co-create, you do not have the freedom of will that you had on a natural planet, because there are so many illusions that prevent you from seeing what you could manifest. And you cannot choose what you cannot see, so already there you are limited. But now you formulate a vision, you are in your first embodiment, you are not really used to this environment. But based on what you see in the environment you are in, at least when you reached a certain age of adulthood or teenage years, where you become able to formulate a vision, you formulate this vision and now you are projecting it out from your mind. As we have said, when you project something out from the conscious level, it has to cycle through the emotional, mental and identity realm and to go up and then it has to cycle back down through the identity, mental, emotional and into the physical before it can manifest. Now, on a natural panel there is no opposition in this process. But on earth there is tremendous opposition from other people, from the collective consciousness, from dark forces, demons, discarnates, entities, fallen beings, what have you.

What is it that actually happens when you are projecting out a creative impulse? Well, there is first of all the vision and then there is the energy behind it. What happens is that this energy impulse meets lower energies in the emotional, mental and identity realms. The energy is somewhat dissipated. It also meets a certain interference with the vision of other people or other beings, so your vision might be somewhat distorted. What reaches the identity realm is not exactly what you send out and it has dissipated in strength. What can be multiplied is only what reaches the etheric realm, and so you have a weaker impulse coming down, but as it is coming down, it is also being interfered with and weakened.

What we are able to manifest on earth

What is it exactly that enters the physical octave and can manifest as a physical manifestation? Well, in many cases, it is not what you send out. It has been distorted and weakened. Sometimes nothing comes back and this can be the greatest shock of all for us. We are used to, we have a sense, that we should manifest something. And if nothing comes back then it is a shock: “What do we do? What did we do wrong?” You see, even though as an avatar, we have little awareness of who we were on natural planets, what our individuality was, how the co-creative process works. And we also at the 48th level, have little awareness of what kind of environment we are in, but we can still carry with us a sense that we should be able to manifest what we want and when we cannot, almost all of us reason: “I must have done something wrong. Why is this not working? It should be working. I should be able to do this.”

The sense of shock

The question now becomes: “How do we deal with this shock?” And what we, practically all of us do, is we seek to come up with an explanation. This is also something we carry with us. We are used to, from a natural planet, that not that we can understand everything when we start out as co-creators on a natural planet, but we are used to that we can raise our consciousness and come to a greater and greater understanding and when we fully understand something, we can formulate a precise vision and therefore, we can manifest what we desire to manifest. We are used to that understanding is a key in our co-creation. We do not necessarily realize why when we come to earth, but we have this sense that it is important to understand.

What we basically do on a natural planet is we come to understand our environment. As we have said, natural planets are quite different. Each natural planet is created based on a certain matrix. And as we come to understand that matrix, we, of course, can co-create based on that matrix and therefore, manifest more precisely what we desire. We have this sense that: “I need to understand my environment better. There must be something I do not understand about my environment.” And this is valid enough, we do need to understand our environment better in order to co-create better. But remember, which we do not remember at the time, remember that we are at the 48th level of consciousness. Remember, we are on a very dense planet. We cannot increase our understanding as easily or as quickly as we do on a natural planet. Yet we carry with us the sense that we used to have a higher understanding, we are supposed to have a higher understanding. What has gone wrong? Why do we not have that understanding? And now we can go into a state of frustration with ourselves that we cannot manifest what we want. We cannot understand our environment the way we want to understand it and this can create what Jesus called a spiritual modus operandi in how we relate to earth.

Creating our modus operandi

We, each one of us, makes a decision as to how we look at earth, how we look at our interaction with earth, and how we look at ourselves in this environment and this can set a tone. It does set a tone for our life on this planet. Then, comes the point where we are exposed to this attack by the fallen beings. This trauma, this birth trauma as we have called it. And now the decision we made about how we relate to earth sets the tone for how we react to this birth trauma, what kind of primal self we create, what other selves we create based on this. You now have a process here where we have barely gotten started being in embodiment on earth. But we are already locked on a track and what does that mean? Well, it means that from a very early stage of our embodiment on earth, our will is less free. As I said already, by descending to the 48th level, our will has become less free because we have taken on these illusions. But now, we create this reaction, this modus operandi, and that limits our will even more. We think that: “This is what the earth is like, this is what I am like here. This is what I can manifest and what I cannot manifest.”

Even before the birth trauma, we are sort of in a deficit state of mind where we are dissatisfied with ourselves. We feel that there is something we are not understanding, there is something that we are not doing right and this is a deficit attitude to ourselves. We may also reason that there is something wrong with earth, since we cannot manifest this. There is a deficit attitude to our environment. Then, when we experience this birth trauma, that deficit attitude is intensified, takes on a particular direction depending on the birth trauma and our reaction to it and we are locked on a track. Our will is not free anymore. We can still make choices, but only within certain very narrow parameters for what we can see at that 48th level of consciousness.

Our reaction to the birth trauma

Now, the question really is: “How do we react to the birth trauma? What kind of decision do we make based on what we are exposed to?” And the real question here is: “Do we look out or do we look in?” Do we, as a result of the birth trauma, feel that: “I am the one who reacted to the outer circumstances, and I need to look at my own reaction?” Or do we feel: “They were the ones who exposed me to this that should not have happened so it is their fault. I need to make sure that this will never happen again in this environment.” Now, if we look in, we are also making the same: “I need to make sure that this inner experience can never happen again.” But there is a difference, a subtle difference there. Are we looking at ourselves and our own psychology in order to avoid having that experience? Or are we looking out thinking we have to change other people or our environment?

Going deeper into duality

This is not to in any way, blame anyone. Many of us have had to go below the 48th level of consciousness, and have a certain experience with going into duality, defining that some people are enemies, and that: “We are here to free the earth from these people who are abusing power and hurting the people on earth. We are the Crusaders. We are here to be the heroes on the white horse who come in and free the earth from these beings, these dark beings who are manipulating and abusing people.”

Many of us have gotten into this, not all of us but many of us have. The question, then, is how long of a sojourn do we take going below the 48th level of consciousness? Now for each step we take down from the 48th level, we limit our will even more. The question is when do we, as avatars, come to the point where we feel like we are in a straitjacket and we cannot move anymore and then we realize that it is actually in our mind that the straitjacket exists. We are limiting ourselves. And then, we turn around and move back up. There is no avatar that has moved to the lowest levels of consciousness on earth to the level of the fallen beings but some have moved further down than others. But the point is we come to a point where we turn around, and now we start looking at ourselves as some people did from the beginning and we start moving up the ladder of consciousness again.

Freeing up our will and vision

What can you use this for at your present level of the spiritual path? Well, you can realize that your life on earth, your outer circumstances are, at least to some degree, the result of your co-creative efforts. They are not entirely a result of your co-creative efforts because of other people, the mass consciousness, the dark forces and so on, but they are, to some degree, a result of your co-creative efforts and if you want to change those circumstances, you need to refine your co-creative abilities. And what is the basic foundation for doing this? It is to make your will more free. Because only when your will is free, can you change your present situation. Your present situation was based on the level of freedom of will that you had or that you have right now. Because it is through that, through the options you could see that you chose to manifest what you have manifested, the only way to change it is to free your vision so you have more options you can see and therefore, can make a different choice, a higher choice than what you made when you co-created your present circumstances. You can say that the spiritual path is about freeing up your will and the essential question is: “How free is my will?”

And this means you can now look at: “What is it that limits my will, my ability to choose freely?” I have said it is a matter of what you can see. But there is more to it than that because what you can see is determined by all of the matrices, beliefs, ideas, and separate selves that you have in your emotional, mental and identity bodies. The contents of those three higher bodies determine what you can see and it is only within that context that you can choose. And there are, of course, many things in those three higher bodies as we have talked about many times. But what I point out to you here is that part of what is in those three higher bodies is something that we have called them separate selves, we have called them matrices. They have been called other names in Buddhism. And the point is that you have these creations, we might say, in your three higher bodies and they make you look at yourself, other people and your environment in a certain way. You see your environment a certain way and this limits what you think can be done and what you think cannot be done.

What did Jesus say? “With men, this is impossible.” What did he mean? He meant that with the consciousness that most people have, it is impossible to create outside of certain boundaries defined by that consciousness. “With men, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” Well, what does that mean with God? It means when you are free of the vision of men and you have the vision of your I AM Presence of what is possible, then things can be done that could not be done with a consciousness of men because your will is more free. It still does not mean that anything could be done on earth because there is the density of the environment, the collective consciousness and so forth. But many more things can be manifest than what you can see with the consciousness of men.

The initiation on the 96th level

What we have given you, through this messenger, is the course in self-awareness, self-transcendence, the seven steps under the seven Chohans and the Maha Chohan, that is designed to raise you from the 48th to the 96th level and as you do so, your will becomes more and more free. But then, you come to the 96th level, and now you are faced with that fateful decision. Will you continue to focus on your own growth? (And it has been right of you to focus on your own growth between the 48th and the 96th level) Or will you step up? Will you make the decision, that act of will to go beyond the focus on yourself and say: “It is not about myself.”

Now what does this mean: “It is no longer about myself”? Well, it actually means that you are beginning to separate yourself from the sense of who you are, the sense of identity you had built in all of your previous time on earth. You are beginning to separate yourself from this and you are beginning to say: “But it is not about making this self more and more powerful so that I can manifest on earth what this self wants to manifest. It is a matter of transcending that self, so I can lock in to my divine plan, to my I AM Presence, to the ascended masters and say what is it that I want to manifest when I am not limited by that self that I had built?”

Again, there is no criticism here. We all build a self. It is the only way we can take embodiment on earth but do you see what I am saying here? As you are growing towards the 96th level, you are freeing your will, you are freeing your vision, and thereby you are, in a sense, increasing your co-creative powers. You can manifest more and more. But the question is: “How will you use that?” Will you hold on to the vision that your separate self had when you found the spiritual path? And will you use your attainment on the spiritual path to manifest that vision whatever it is, so that you can manifest the conditions, the circumstances that your outer self wanted? Or will you transcend that and say: “It is not about manifesting what this outer self wants. It is about manifesting what I really want when I am not limited, when my will is not limited by that outer self.”

That is the fateful decision. Many people, avatars and original inhabitants have come to that point where they have said: “Aha, now I have the power to manifest what I wanted, what I, the separate selves, have always wanted. I am going to do that.” Now again, free will is free will. You can. You are allowed to do this. If you need that experience, you are allowed to do it. But depending on the vision you had with a separate self, going all the way back to when you first took embodiment and experienced that shock that there must be something wrong here on earth, the potential here is that this can take you into a downward spiral that can even in extreme cases lead to what we have called black magicians, who are seeking to gain some power in the physical realm in various ways and this then becomes something that can be very difficult to extricate yourself from, until you have spent a very long time pursuing that path and finally come to the point of seeing the futility of it.

What you realize here is that when you have this awareness, when you have this knowledge that we have given you about the separate selves, you have the foundation for stepping back, looking at yourself and saying: “What is my modus operandi on earth? What is the way I look at earth, I look at my environment, I look at myself in that environment? Has this created certain desires in my separate self, to see certain things manifest on earth? And how has my birth trauma affected this?”

The desire of being the savior

Now I said that many avatars come to earth with the sense that we are here to do something positive and be the prince on a white horse, even the savior, and when we then experience that we cannot be this, what is our reaction to it? Do we hold on to the sense that we should be the prince on the white horse or can we gradually begin to question it and transcend it separating ourselves from it? If we have held on to it, then when we come to that 96th level, it becomes very, very difficult for us to choose to transcend the outer self, we are instead making the decision: “I want to use my power to manifest that vision and be the savior, be the prince on the white horse, do something important on earth, make a difference.” In other words, we think: “I can of my own self do something.” And we go and do it.

Now again, when you are at the 96th level, you do not have the full creative powers that are possible on earth. You have not actually started to manifest Christhood, that only comes after you make that decision to look beyond the self. You can have some success in manifesting what you want but you are still on earth, you have a limited vision, you have the opposition from other people, from the mass consciousness, from the dark forces, so you will never actually manifest what you desire with a separate self. You have a vision of what you would like to see happen. We have sometimes called it delusions of grandeur. We have seen many ascended master students who have had these visions that they would be able to manifest these phenomena that people could not deny or they could go into a room with thousands of people and they would fall over in the Spirit and they could walk to the stage and be acknowledged as the ones who had the Holy Spirit. Many people have had various dreams like this. Again, I am not finding fault with it, I certainly have had my dreams in my previous embodiments.

But the fact is, these dreams can never be manifest. Even though you have greater power, greater vision at the 96th level, when you decide that you want to try and manifest these dreams of the separate self you are putting yourself into a cycle of frustration. You will be frustrated because you cannot, in an environment on earth, manifest this, it cannot be done. It is too dense of a planet. Besides the fact that your vision, of course is not based on the Christ vision, is not in attunement with the River of Life and therefore, it has no chance of being manifest, it is an unrealistic expectation, just as your expectation you had when you came to earth, that you could manifest what you could do on a natural planet, was unrealistic.

The fateful decision

The question is, what will it take for you to see this? Do you have to go through a certain amount of experiences of frustration, trying to manifest your delusions of grandeur, before you give them up, before you look at yourself and say: “Is it my expectation there is something wrong with? It is my mental image, my desire, that is not the highest, instead of focusing on what is wrong in my environment, so I am not getting my way.” When do you come to that turning point, give up these expectations and say: “Not my will, the separate will, but Thy will be done, the will of my I AM Presence and the Conscious You before it came into embodiment and had greater clarity, what is my divine plan?” This is the fateful decision that you have to make there at the 96th level. We of course, all want you to get past this hurdle, as quickly as possible, with as little pain and frustration as possible and that is why we have given the many teachings we have given.

In essence, you could say that all of our teachings are aimed at helping you pass that initiation and move into the levels of Christhood and continue to move on until you can ascend. What is the recognition you can come to here? It is that there is a difference between the vision of the separate self and the vision that the Conscious You can attain, by stepping outside the separate self and going into a neutral state of mind. The separate self will always have expectations, opinions, and therefore, it becomes a closed box, a closed system, a self-reinforcing, self-validating system by filtering out anything that contradicts its expectations and vision. We have given many teachings on this. Saint Germain and Jesus have given many teachings at this conference. You can realize that there is a vast difference and that if you make that effort, use the tools we have given to get yourself into a more and more neutral state of mind, then the Conscious You can see something that the separate self could never see.

And that is when you can make that decision that: “I can of my own self do nothing. It is the Father within me, the I AM Presence within me who is doing the work, not my will, but Thine be done.” Not that this is some external God in the sky who wants to force you, but it is your higher self. It is even the Conscious You when you are neutral instead of looking through the separate self. You can come to the recognition that the Conscious You is always the Conscious You. But what the Conscious You sees depends on what glasses you are wearing, what filter you are looking through. Are you looking through the filter of the separate self, or are you in a more neutral state of awareness? Well, you are still at the 96th level of earth so even when you go into a neutral awareness, as we call it, you cannot see through all of the illusions above your level. That only happens as you continue to grow in those levels. But you can certainly see beyond your separate self.

The path to Christhood

And that is an important point to reach on the spiritual path. That is when you start the path to Christhood. Many people, many spiritual people, even many ascended master students who have been in an ascended master organization for decades, who have decreed, who have studied teachings, they have not made that switch, they have not made that realization. That is partly why I am giving this teaching, of course, because my desire for these people is that they will make that switch, they will understand this mechanism. And what you come to when you grasp this, when you experience it, is this realization: “It is not about me. It is not about me, meaning the outer self, the separate itself, the whole identity, individuality you have built on earth, it is not about that.” It is actually about transcending that. Until the Conscious You can fulfill the requirement stated by Jesus: “Only the man who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven.” Only when you are completely free of everything on earth, everything that you have taken on earth, can you ascend back, can you ascend to the spiritual realm.

You recognize that as you walk the path towards the 144th level of consciousness, your will becomes more and more free. There are choices you can make, there are options you can see that you cannot see at lower levels. When you reach the 144th level, overcome that last illusion, that is when your will on earth is as free as it can become on earth. That is essentially, when you have free will, at least in the environment of earth. And that is when you can make that completely free choice to look back at earth, to feel, experience within you, there is nothing that pulls you back here, then you turn around and walk through the gate into the ascended realm with no regrets, no looking back, no unfulfilled business, nothing you want to do, have to do, want to experience, have to experience, you do not have to be the savior, you do not have to be the prince on a white horse, you do not have to make a difference, you do not have to save other people or change the earth or save society. You just turn away from it and walk through that pearly gate into the ascended realm, completely neutral.

Phases of the spiritual path

I realize that for many this sounds abstract, for many this can be difficult to lock into. So, I will make one more attempt. There is a time, and for most people it is up to the 96th level, where people tend to be very focused on outer things. The outer conditions you are experiencing, the outer circumstances you are experiencing on earth, people are very focused on this. You can see in spiritual movements, how here is a person who has grown up in a non-spiritual environment as most people do. Suddenly, that person finds a spiritual teaching, realizes there is a spiritual side to life, there is a path that you can follow, however it grasps that path at that level of consciousness, but it certainly realizes there is something spiritual.

But many people go through a phase where they are very focused on these outer things. You see some people who are very, very focused on finding some way that makes them special. They look at their astrology, they look at their numerology, they go to psychics or spiritual teachers that tell them: “Oh yes, you have this very special ability that you can develop, you have this grandiose vision in your divine plan of what you can manifest on earth and how you can help society.” All of these outer things that they are very focused on because they are focused on establishing a sense of identity, a sense of self-worth, and this is perfectly in order, I am not criticizing it in any way. But it is a focus on outer things.

Then you have people at higher levels, who shift their focus, it is not a matter of these things that you have no control over, such as your astrology or your numerology, it is a matter of what you can do, “what can I do?” This is when many people become focused on using a spiritual technique or exercise. We have seen many ascended master students be very focused on decreeing for hours and hours as this messenger was for quite a number of years. Again, not a criticism, just an observation that you are again focused on doing some outer things. First, you are focused on just having certain things that are beyond your control, but now you are focused on: “What can I control, what can I do myself.” But for many people, they have still an expectation that when they do these decrees, certain results should manifest. If you give a certain number of decrees for the war in Ukraine, then the war should stop. If you give a certain number of decrees for your own growth, then you should grow, something should happen in your life, you should have money, you should have recognition from the world, you should have a position, you should have this or that. Again, this always ends up in disappointment, because the self that has this expectation can only be disappointed.

The modus operandi taken from the natural planet

The question is, when do you overcome that focus and go to a higher level? What I would suggest here is this. As a mature spiritual student, who is close to, at or above that 96th level, you can make a conscious decision to switch your approach to life on earth. Most avatars who came to earth had reached a high level of attainment on a natural planet but what does that mean? Well, as they saw it, they had attainment because they could formulate a vision and they could manifest physical circumstances that corresponded to the vision and they considered this to be high attainment. Again, it is a certain level of attainment, but certainly not the highest that is possible, which I will not go into here.

You come to earth, with a certain focus on manifesting outer circumstances, co-creating. You think, without knowing this, you do not think this consciously, but you carry with you this sense that the purpose of you being on earth is to manifest certain outer circumstances, to co-create certain outer circumstances. Ah, yes. That is the modus operandi that we take with us as avatars. That is an expectation you have, it sets the stage for how you see yourself on earth, in this environment, and how you see the environment, because you think the earth should conform to your vision, your environment should conform to your vision.

Why we are here?

You think you are here to manifest certain circumstances however you see it, saving other people, removing the fallen beings, manifesting certain conditions in society, manifesting an ideal society or whatever. You think that your reason for being on earth, what you are here to accomplish, is to manifest outer circumstances. But my beloved, it is not. The purpose for being on earth is the same purpose you had on a natural planet, your growth in consciousness. It is not about the outer circumstances. It is only and exclusively, about the effect that the outer circumstances have on your state of mind, your consciousness, your psychology. Earth is not about outer circumstances, earth is exclusively about psychology, your psychology.

When you can make that switch, that is when you truly start, not just a path to Christhood, but actually the path to Buddhahood, the higher levels towards 144th level. That is when you can attain peace of mind, you can make peace with being on earth, because you are not expecting or demanding of yourself, or of the earth or of other people or of God or of the ascended masters, the manifestation of certain outer circumstances. You are looking at whatever circumstances you encounter as an opportunity to look at something in your psychology, to overcome a reactionary pattern, overcome a separate self, overcome the illusion so you can rise to the next level and come closer to that 144th level. You are focusing entirely on the transformation of your own psychology. It does not mean you cannot manifest certain outer circumstances. It does not mean you cannot help other people, but you are not doing it in order to manifest those circumstances or help other people or save the world. Your focus is on the transformation of psychology.

Everything else is secondary to that, everything else is just the consequences of what you are doing with your psychology and this is a paradox, for that matter several paradoxes, but the one I want to bring to your attention is relating to will. Because there comes a point, there is a phase where you have begun to separate the Conscious You from the outer self and the will of that outer self, the expectations, the desires of that outer self. And you will go through a phase where you feel like you are in a vacuum. It is like you do not really have any will anymore, you do not have a clear will of what you want to manifest on earth, what circumstances you want to manifest.

“Being in a vacuum” phase

And we have all gone through it. We have all gone through it. It is a phase that you have to endure until you gradually begin to resolve it and then it is not that when you come to the higher levels of the path that now you have these supernatural abilities and now you can do the works that Jesus did and the miracles that Jesus did and all this or that. You might not choose to do something like this, this might not be the decision you make when you reach those levels of consciousness. Because again, having these supernatural abilities, this comes from the separate self and when you transcend that separate self, you transcend those desires and you do something that is based on that level of consciousness, which you may not be able to even imagine right now. But in order to reach those higher levels, the separate self has to die and for a time you will feel like, well: “Who am I? What am I here for?” You have no strong opinions, you have no desires, you have nothing that you think must happen, should happen.

Who are you, all of a sudden? You are not the separate self. But you have not yet fully decided who you want to be on earth and we have all gone through this phase. You may see it even in the life of Jesus. He spends 40 days in the wilderness. Even at the wedding in Cana he cannot really decide, is he going to turn the water into wine or is he not? But he spends 40 days in the wilderness as a symbol for being in that state where he does not really know what he wants to do at the higher level of consciousness he has reached, because he realizes that he needs to step beyond, not only the expectations of his separate self, but also the expectations in the collective consciousness.

Because on earth, you are bombarded constantly with these expectations from the collective consciousness of how you are supposed to be as a human being. You are bombarded by the fallen beings and the dark forces, of how you are not supposed to be the Christ as a human being. You have to not only free yourself, your will, your vision, from your own separate self, but also from the collective, in order to be free to decide: “Who am I on earth. What do I want to manifest? Do I want to manifest anything?”

“Being the open door” phase

And there comes that point at the higher levels where there is not really anything that you personally want to manifest on earth, because you actually want to get out of here. But this does not mean you cannot be the open door for your I AM Presence, or for the ascended masters, or the Holy Spirit to manifest something through you, but it can take you some time to figure out how to then be the open door, not the partially open door, not the colored door, not the screen door, but the open door.

There is no standard way to go through this process. You need to decide based on your makeup, your psychological makeup, but you can make faster progress when you constantly monitor your reactions to circumstances on earth and realize every circumstance you encounter is an opportunity to see something in your psychology and resolve it. “It is not about me, manifesting what I want or think I should manifest. It is about the resolution of the me that thinks it should manifest certain things on earth. Until I see that, it is not about me as a separate being on earth because I am not a separate being anymore, I am part of the hierarchy of self-aware beings that are beyond duality, reaching all the way to the Creator. I am part of the ascended masters, I am an extension of the ascended masters, I am an extension of my I AM Presence therefore, I am the open door.”

It is not a matter of always deciding with the outer mind what you want to manifest, but being the open door for what the Presence wants to manifest through you. But you can still, up until the 144th level, make decisions with the identity you have based on what you want to manifest, what you want to experience and your decisions will become increasingly free as you move higher towards that 144th level.

The next phase for democracies

I have desired to give you a discourse that, from a certain perspective may seem to have nothing to do with the topic of this conference, The Resurrection of Democracy, but in a way, it has something to do with it because many of the more mature democracies are facing that kind of initiation. They have had a long phase where they attempted to manifest specific outer circumstances because they thought that this was important, this was a goal in itself or this would make people happy. And now they are realizing that it does not actually make people happy to have these specific material circumstances, so what do we do? Well, the shift is focused on psychology, the resolution of psychology. The purpose is not for a democracy to manifest specific outer circumstances, but to help people resolve their psychology and grow in awareness. It is, in a sense, the purpose to free people’s will and therefore, a society must free itself from whatever baggage it carries with us from the past, via traditions, via these subtle beliefs about what can or cannot be done.

As we have said, you take a man or a person who lived 100 years ago and they would not be able to accept or believe that the life you have today could be manifest. So, if you carry with you the vision of your grandfathers, well they will limit what progress you can make. You need to be willing as a democracy, to free yourself from this baggage, these limitations of what can or cannot happen, because as long as you think something cannot happen, then it cannot happen. It is the old saying: “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you cannot, you are right” because you can only co-create what you can see, and what you can choose, what you have chosen.

With this I have given you what I wanted to give you. I have very much enjoyed having this opportunity to give you this somewhat esoteric discourse. You may think that as a Chohan of the First Ray I am a more hands on down to earth kind of guy, but naturally, I have grown tremendously since I ascended and therefore, there are many more facets. We have given you past embodiments of some masters, so that you can realize that we have been in embodiment and we have not always been perfect human beings in our embodiments. In fact, we have never been perfect human beings, for there is no such thing. But realize one thing, will you please, you can look at the past lifetimes of an ascended master such as El Morya – Master MORE and you can say: “Well, Thomas Moore was like this, therefore, Master MORE must be like this.” But you need to recognize that when you ascend, you transcend the personality you had on earth, you let that last self die. You can perhaps gain some inspiration from the lives of, previous lives of ascended masters, but you cannot use the previous life of ascended masters to reason what the ascended masters are like in the ascended state. Because we transcend it in order to ascend and you must do the same.

With this, I seal you in the joy of the First Ray of will and power. There is joy in every ray as the underlying feeling, sensation, experience that drives the universe. If you do not feel joy, it is because there is a separate self that blocks it for it is the deeper reality in God’s creation.


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America, what have you done with the talents you were given?

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Ascended Master  Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 9, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I wish to have you mentally step back from the present situation in the world, whatever conflicts are going on, whatever you see in your personal lives, whatever you see in your country, in your local area, step back. We are going to step back and look at the overall picture of democratic nations in the world. We are going to look at history and how democracy fits into the historical process that you can see. I have said that there is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune, but if it is not taken it leads to misfortune. There are certain cycles. Very few people have locked into this. Some have, but very few people have seen that there have always been cycles. This is not something that is a regular cycle, like the times of the year, the seasons that change at regular intervals. It is not something that you can read in the astrology, where the movements of the planets will determine the cause of civilization. This is much more subtle.

Cycles in the historical process

It is, as I have already hinted at, that when a new idea is released, it is an opportunity for people to either embrace the idea or to resist it, reject it, or ignore it and so it is with democracy. 1776 is by many people, seen as the start of the modern era of democracy, but democracy actually started earlier than that. It started with the Renaissance, the challenge of science to Catholic doctrines, the Reformation and this entirely new development has started a new cycle in history. As I have said before, bringing forth something new such as the car requires many individual inventions. Bringing forth something like democracy requires many individual ideas that have to come together to where they can be implemented at the physical level.

Democracy actually started in ancient Athens, but it even started before in other parts of the world by certain ideas, by certain philosophers, the Greek philosophers among them, but also Eastern philosophers, even the Buddha did in some sense contribute to the process that led to the formation of democracy as did Jesus. Of course, Confucius, Lao Tzu and other philosophers also made contributions, ideas that gradually, gradually built a certain momentum, a certain foundation. But what we can say is that, in 1776, certainly the process of manifesting democracy on earth crossed into the physical realm, the material octave, and so this inaugurated a certain cycle. What happens now is really the process described in Jesus’s parables about the talents—the servants who were given talents and it was a question of whether they multiplied them or buried them in the ground. Democracy breaking through in the physical was therefore giving the people on earth a talent and the question is: “What did they do with it? Did they multiply it or did they bury it in the ground?”

You see some countries that manifested the democracy for a time, then lost it because they were taken over by a dictator again, like for example, Germany in the 1930s. You see Russia, not being able to make the transition from the Czarist empire, to the communist empire as a form of democracy, but it became a dictatorship. You saw after the fall of the Soviet Union how there was another opportunity for the Russian people to embrace democracy but instead, they allowed Putin to undermine it. You have of course, seen this in many other nations who have experimented with democracy and not really been able to sustain it over time.

What I am pointing out is that in 1776 a new cycle started. A new cycle started at the physical level and that cycle will last for a time. It will be allowed to run its course. We of the ascended masters released certain energies, certain ideas and when they are released, we do, as described in the parable of Jesus, go away and allow people to do with our release whatever they want. But there will come a day where we return and there is a day of accountability. What have you done with the talents you were given? This does not necessarily happen at the same time for all nations, for we realize that nations were at different levels in 1776 and they have different levels of collective consciousness and so it does not happen on the same date. But it does happen at some point. It is not necessarily a fixed day, but there comes a point where we need to say “America has now had the opportunity to do whatever they wanted with democracy, it is now time to evaluate what have they done. Have they multiplied the talents? Have they buried them in the ground? What has been happening?” The same, of course, with many other of the modern democracies that have had democracy for a long time. What have they done with it? What I aim to do here is to give you at least some impression of the evaluations we go through at the ascended level.

The challenges of the Cycle of Democracy

We have given you many teachings, even in our previous conference about democracy and Christhood, about the growth in humanity. This is the need to have democracies grow in their recognition of humanity. Their recognition that all people deserve equal treatment, equal opportunity and that a democracy must protect its own citizens from exploitation by the elite that can be seen throughout history, as always wanting to exploit the population. When we look at this, we see that some of the nations in Europe, especially Northern Europe have made quite good use of the opportunity that democracy represents. They have manifested a high degree of social awareness, which has manifested in not allowing a small elite to dominate those countries and exploit the population, at least not as much as it has happened in other nations. We see a certain manifestation of this social responsibility for example, in public health care, where they do not want people dying in the streets because they cannot afford to go to the doctor.

I am not saying that these nations do not have progress to make and could not make more progress. But when you look at the planetary scale, they have made good use, they have multiplied the talents and moved further. America, of course, is not at that level as for example, the Scandinavian countries. There has not manifested, as we have talked about several times, that social awareness, the sense that we are in this together. Instead, the American people have allowed themselves to be divided by the power elite. They have allowed themselves to be exploited by the power elite from the 1970s until today, as described in this study of the income inequality. You see therefore, that what happens when a certain cycle of opportunity ends and when you are called to account as to what you have done with the opportunity, this is of course, not something that happens publicly, physically. It is not that we can appear physically to people and say here is what we see, here is what you can improve.

Instead, it happens by us from the ascended realm, releasing certain energies. We have done this going back to the I AM movement in the 1930s through our sponsored messengers. We have done it for several years through this messenger and through you who our students, whether in America or elsewhere, not only through our conferences, but certainly also through the conferences. We have released these energies and the energies go into the collective consciousness and they so to speak, force people to react. They are not forcing them how to react, but they are forcing them to react. This is, as we have talked about before, legitimate within a Law of Free Will. That is why Christ can descend to earth, because it forces people to react. Will they accept Christ or will they reject Christ? We have the right to force people to react. They, of course, do not know this consciously so they react many times at the subconscious level and so it spills over to the physical level, of course.

Focus on the material welfare

When you look at democracies in general, you will see that there was a time when there was an entire generation who had grown up in poverty, where they did not have much of an opportunity in their societies to get an education, to climb to a higher position in their jobs. If they were born in the working class, they would live their entire lives in the working class. This can be seen in many countries in the early 1900’s, into the thirties and forties. You saw in America the big depression forced many people to stay at a low level of living standard. But you saw also after the second world war, many nations had a growing economy that raised the workers up to a much better standard of living and there was a generation that knew the contrast between the poverty that was there before and the relative affluence they now had and they appreciated the progress that was being made.

Now this was legitimate. When you look at these democracies, you see that it was absolutely necessary for them for a time to focus on increasing the material standard of living of the people. This was multiplying the talents. But what has happened since then in many nations, including the United States and European nations, including the Scandinavian nations, is that you now have a new generation who has grown up in a democracy, who has grown up with a high level of affluence and they have no contrast, at least not in their own experience. They know if they care to look at this, that there are other countries where people do not have what they have, but most of them do not bother to look at this. They are so focused on their own lives.

Stepping up to a new vision

We see now that there was a certain period where the focus was on the material but it does not really matter what the focus was on. What mattered was that people had a goal. Societies had a goal. They were moving towards something and what has happened since then is that the goal has been reached and there has been sort of an anti-climax. You see for example, that there are athletes, who trained for four years or more to go to the Olympics and win a gold medal in a particular sport. They set aside their normal lives, they make great sacrifices to improve themselves, because their goal is to win the gold medal. Here is an athlete, he goes to the Olympics, he wins the gold medal and he is at first very jubilant and excited but then as the ceremony is over and he is left alone, suddenly he feels, or she feels: “What do I do now? What do I do with my life? I have reached my goal. What do I do?” This has happened in the democratic nations. There has been this movement in the collective consciousness: “What do we do now? We have achieved more than our parents could dream about. What do we do?”

We have said before that of course, the real goal was that after you have achieved material affluence, you would strive to achieve psychological welfare, psychological wellbeing, but most nations, in fact no nation, has really made that transition. Therefore, you see in most democracies, a sense of: “What now? What do we do? There is no clear goal, there is no clear vision of what we do.” Now part of this is, that in the period I am talking about, democracies were also facing the fight with first Nazism then communism in the Cold War and so there was also the sense of an outer enemy. You have, as we have talked about, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, many in America felt: “Well, what now?” Then came 911 but eventually, this also faded away, so “What do we do now?”

You see here that what I am pointing out is that there is a certain apathy that has crept in to the democratic nations. In other words, they had a goal, they were working towards that goal and it does not matter so much what the goal was, but they had a goal. As long as they were working towards it, being willing to transcend themselves in order to come closer to that goal, they were multiplying the talents. But when you go into this “what do we do now” state, you are not really multiplying the talents, at least not as much as you could be because you have no clear goal, you have no clear direction. Maintaining status quo, maintaining a comfortable material lifestyle is not a goal. You do not have to multiply the talents to do this.

You see that the first phase of democracy was whether democracy was defending itself against an outer enemy and seeking to transcend the state of poverty that was there when democratic nations were founded, the inequality getting everybody to have a somewhat reasonable standard of living and this was a necessary phase and this was a clear goal. But the next phase is of course, to step up to a new goal, a new vision. This is what the democratic nations have not done, including the most advanced of them, such as the Scandinavian nations, who still have this sense that maintaining a good standard level of living is all we can really strive for and the level of affluence we have is actually sufficient. That feeling has not been reached by the majority of the American people, but certainly by a big middle class, they have reached this state of being content with their lives—or at least they were for a time.

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. But contentment is the opposite of invention. Because when you are content, what is the need to innovate? What is the need to transcend yourself? You just enjoy what you have and you strive for more of what you have. You want to have two cars instead of one. You want to have a bigger car. You want to have a bigger house. You want to go on vacations in foreign lands. You want to not only keep up with the Joneses, but exceed the Joneses. You see this quest for status symbols. But you also see if you look carefully, that this does not really satisfy anyone. There may be people for a time, who can be entertained, we might say, by striving for these material goods, but it does not satisfy them because they have a longing for something else. They do not know what it is. And why do they not know what it is? Because neither Christianity nor scientific materialism can give them that sense of purpose of what there is to strive for as a human being when you have all your material needs fulfilled, or at least the majority of them.

What do you do now? You see, we have now moved past this cycle, where democracies ideally should have stepped up to a higher vision. “Without vision the people perish.“ But they may also perish if they have an incomplete vision, a dualistic vision. The next step and really, the prerequisite for the resurrection of democracy, is the emergence of a new vision: “What do we do now? Ah, this is what we do now.“ And it is, as we have talked about before, very much this sense of striving for psychological well-being, and the wholeness and healing of people. We have talked about, of course, how many people in their last lifetimes were involved with the wars you have seen in the last century, have severe trauma they carry with them and it would be to the great benefit not only for the people, but to the nations of these people, that they were healed of that psychology.

Transcending the focus on yourself

So, this is a goal. But there is something beyond that. Because what is it that happens on the path to Christhood? There is a stage, as we have described in our course, by the Maha Chohan and the seven Chohans, where you need to focus on your personal growth. You are, so to speak, raising yourself above the mass consciousness. In a sense, you can say that the democratic nations for a number of decades, were on this path, focusing on themselves, their own growth, and raising themselves above the mass consciousness of the dictatorships, the fascists, the Nazis, the communists and so on, the Arab nations, all of these nations where the people were trapped and did not have freedom. The democratic nations had to pull themselves above this in order to manifest a higher degree of freedom than the collective consciousness on the planet had at the time. Again, perfectly in order.

But what happens then at the 96th level is that you have to go through this decision process. Will you continue to focus on yourself? Or will you focus on raising the whole? Will you look beyond yourself? Will you grasp some higher vision, some higher goal and will you say: “What can I do for others?”  And this, of course, most of the democratic nations have made progress in this area, you see this, in how they are helping other nations, less developed nations. You see it in many different ways. There has been progress made. But this progress has not been what it could be, it has not reached the level that it could reach. Because it is still so that the democratic nations have been functioning with this vision, this goal of what they could be, what they could attain, what could be achieved, what was possible in the world. They have reached a certain level where they started looking beyond themselves, and they have said: “Well, it is our obligation. It is, in a sense, our duty to use our progress to help other nations come up to the same level.”

Grasping a vision of a higher potential for earth

This is, of course, perfectly valid, but there is a higher level and that is what the nations need to step up to, in order for democracy to be resurrected into the next phase. And it is to grasp a vision of a higher potential for earth. In essence, what they need to start grasping is my vision for the golden age. They do not need to recognize this consciously, they do not need to say: “Oh, there is this being up there called Saint Germain and he has a vision for a golden age. We are going to work towards that.” But they need to start grasping these ideas, that there is a higher potential than what any democratic nation has manifested so far. And the potential is, to manifest a world that is at a decisively higher level, in all ways, than what you see in modern civilization.

In other words, democracies need to overcome the sense that all modern civilization has reached some kind of apex, some kind of summit, where it cannot go beyond. After all, it takes you a long time to climb Mount Everest, but once you are at the top, where are you going to climb from there? There is a tendency to think that: “What else is there to achieve?” But as I have attempted to explain many, many times, there is a much higher potential. There is a much higher affluence that is possible than what you see today—a much higher level of affluence. There is a much higher level of technology. There is a much higher level where you have non-force-based sources of energy and therefore, you have what is, by the power elite, ridiculed as free energy. But it is free, because you do not have to pay the power elite to get it.

There are much higher levels of humanity, much higher levels of individual well-being, psychological wholeness, than what is manifest today. In other words, you can look back 100 years and you can say, could you take a person who lived in the early 1900s in the working class, and who worked 10 hours a day in a dirty job in a factory—could you have told him what life would be like in 2022 in his country? Would he have believed you? Most likely, he would not have believed you—he would not have been able to grasp that vision. What I am pointing out is that most people today also cannot look beyond what is manifest today and grasp the vision that much more could be manifest. And that is what needs to happen.

Rising to a higher level of service

You ascended master students, you can do much to help this along, make the calls, hold the vision, as we say. But also look at your own psychology. Be willing to look at what blocks you have, what separate selves you have that make you think: “Ahh, could this really be manifest? Is this really possible? Or is it just some kind of utopia that Saint Germain is talking about?” You will see that there are selves that have a resistance to manifesting a much higher vision than what you have right now. This is part of the path to Christhood. There come certain points on the path where you can look back, and this messenger has been going through it now for several years, and say: “Well, I have certainly made some progress compared to when I started the path those many years ago. But is there not more? Is there not a higher level? Is there not a higher level of service that I could rise to? And how do I do it? What do I need to overcome in my psychology in order to rise to that higher level?” And you all face that at certain times.

It is, again, the cycles. You find an ascended master teaching. In a sense, there is a cycle that starts. What will you do with it? Will you multiply the talents that have been given? What will you do? And then you have a goal that you are working towards, that you can grasp when you will first find a path. But there comes a point where you have achieved it, but then can you look higher for the next level of vision, the next goal? It is not that you need to be dissatisfied with yourself. I am not saying that the democratic nations should be dissatisfied with themselves. But can you grasp that higher vision? If you cannot as ascended master students, how do you expect the people in your country to do so? So, be willing to look at yourself, be willing to work with this, accepting that something more is possible, both for yourself, but first of all, for society. Do not be the ones that are resisting progress, be the ones who embrace it.

Widespread dissatisfaction in democratic countries

Back to the nations. There is a cycle that has now come full circle. There is a process where the people in democratic nations are being confronted with this need to step up, they are being confronted with the need to evaluate what they have achieved. And because they are not consciously aware of this—if they were, it would be much easier—but because they are not consciously aware of this, they react subconsciously. They react without understanding why they are reacting and this is something that has been building for a time. But it has, of course, been accelerated by the corona pandemic and the shutdown of economic activity that has occurred and now with the rise in energy prices and the threat of war and so forth.

What you see is almost universally in democratic countries, there is an increase in dissatisfaction. People are dissatisfied, but they do not understand why. The question is, how is this expressed? And here, you see that each nation has a certain collective consciousness, they have a certain mentality, a certain psychology that causes them to do it in different ways. Some nations are not acknowledging that they are dissatisfied. In Denmark, that this messenger knows well, there is not a widespread recognition of this growing dissatisfaction. People are still pretending that they are satisfied with their lives and that everything is going well. But nevertheless, you see some upheaval in the political arena and it is just a matter of time before they will have to recognize that changes need to happen.

In England, you saw this manifest with the withdrawal from the EU. It was the growing dissatisfaction that they could not understand where it came from. They did not understand that it was actually their own refusal to transcend themselves— their looking backwards, being traditional, wanting to hold on to tradition, wanting to hold on to old images of England’s greatness, that created the dissatisfaction, because they were not transcending themselves. Instead, they took it out on the EU and said it was the EU that was the cause of their problems and everything would change if they withdrew from the EU. They would get over their dissatisfaction. Of course, they have not gotten over their dissatisfaction because it is not caused by outer conditions, but by psychological, internal conditions.

Now, look at the United States, where you must recognize if you are willing to look at this objectively, that contrary to most of the nations in Europe, the United States has much more of a propensity for violence. Why do you see so many shootings in America and not nearly so many in Europe? Because the American people have more of a tendency to express their dissatisfaction, their anger, through violence. You see this in many other ways in America, where there is that tendency to become physical, to become very angry, to project out that it is someone else that is to blame and then to take actions that are forceful or violent against these people.

Again, we understand that there was this general dissatisfaction that was building in the American people before 2016. We understand that the Obama administration had been in power for eight years. They had not really addressed this and therefore, people wanted a change and so, Donald Trump comes in, ties into this dissatisfaction, and has the precise psychology that is needed to take advantage of this dissatisfaction and give people a scapegoat to direct their anger towards. So, he gets elected, he runs his presidency by not being the president of all Americans, but only those who support him, naming all the others as the scapegoats and that is why people then go along with his election lies, even though initially, hardly anyone believed in this. Hardly anyone among his supporters really believed that the election was stolen. But they became convinced because it allowed them to continue to scapegoat—to project that it was someone else’s fault. This is certainly the thing that Americans need to transcend before democracy can be resurrected in America, before there can be the emergence of a higher vision—that we actually have a goal in America—that there is something, a higher level of society, that we can manifest in America, we have a potential, a much higher potential than we have right now. There is also a much higher level of affluence for all people in America, but only when we do not allow the power elite to steal the people’s money.

The dream of the superhero saving the day

Now, there is another aspect of American psychology that I want to address here. There is a concept that you see first in comic books in America, going all the way back to the 1930s and now lately, or later than that, also in movies. And it is the concept that you do not really find in most other countries, even though, of course, it has been exported by Hollywood and many people around the world have watched these movies. That concept is the concept of the superhero, the superhero who has some supernatural ability and can therefore come in and battle the bad guys and win over them and set things right—save the day, save the nation, save the planet.

You also see in many other movies where you have the hero, often the reluctant hero, who is first exposed to abuse and other people are exposed to abuse by the bad people and then finally, he decides to do something about it and he takes his gun and start shooting. We have addressed it before, but I want to address it again, because this also tied in with the Trump presidency, where Trump presented himself as the superhero, the world’s best businessman who could save the day. And it tied in with those who were dissatisfied, did not understand why they were dissatisfied, did not want to even consider that it could be their own consciousness that caused the dissatisfaction. There was a scapegoat that they could direct their anger towards, there was a hero who promised he would save them, and people were blinded by this, they were pulled into this vortex, and you now see the result of it. Are these people any less dissatisfied today than they were when Trump was elected?

Well, let us ask another question. Were they any less dissatisfied after four years of the Trump presidency than they were before? Most of them were not, because Trump is not a superhero, for the simple reason that the Constitution actually makes sure that the president can never become a superhero, as he cannot become a dictator. It limits the powers of the president. Trump made a promise in order to get elected, but he had no chance of ever fulfilling it so how could the people get over their dissatisfaction? But then Trump managed to divert their attention from this, with the whole idea that the election was stolen. Now there was a reason for the dissatisfaction and that is that Trump was not allowed to continue as president. And now you have, again, someone to direct the anger towards.

Americans need to stop scapegoating

The irony again, is, as Jesus has explained, that many of these people consider themselves Christians. What is actually the reality of being a Christian? It is that you are willing to do what Christ said, among other things, look for the beam in your own eye, instead of looking at the splinter in the eyes of others. Well, what are people doing when they are scapegoating? They are blowing up the splinter in the eyes of their brothers so it becomes a beam and are making themselves believe that maybe they have a little splinter in their own eye, but it is nothing compared to the beam in the eyes of other people. Therefore, they deserve to be forced. This is, of course, completely un-Christian, anti-Christian, for those who grasp what the message of Christ is all about. What is the point? The point is, you will never overcome the dissatisfaction you feel as long as you are projecting out that the cause of your dissatisfaction is outside yourself. You cannot escape it. You are trapped in a psychological quicksand, a catch-22. There is no way out as long as you are projecting out. The only way out is to go within, look at yourself and say: “What is it in my psychology that makes me angry and dissatisfied and prone to violence?”

Now, you will see that some of these people who stormed the Capitol building on January 6th have actually done this. Not all by far, but some have done it. It was as if this event shocked them out of the state of mind they were in before and they stopped looking out and then looked at themselves and realized: “I went too far, I became unbalanced—what happened?” And this is what needs to happen to tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people in America that need to stop projecting out. They need to say: “What can I change in myself so that I come to feel better about myself than I do right now. Because the feeling of anger, the feeling of dissatisfaction, it is inside of me and it can only be changed inside of me.“ That is the essence of the message of Christ, right there, or at least one way to describe that essence. This is what he said 2000 years ago, it is also what he demonstrated and practiced. It is also what he called his disciples to do, something Peter never grasped. Here you have 1700 years of Catholic tradition that did not grasp it either and does not even do it today, which is why the priests continue to abuse children and the church keeps continuing to cover it up, or ride the storm and think, “Oh, it is all going to go away, and the church will exist forever.”

Sponsorship from the ascended masters

This is a shift that is not only relevant in America, of course, but in all democratic nations. But as I am pointing out, America has this tendency, where the people—when they become dissatisfied, when they become angry—they project out. And this is partly because Americans have taken my sponsorship of America for granted. They have thought that they were entitled to it. They have thought that—even though they do not notice consciously—they have thought that the fact that America is such a great country, and has had the position in the world, and the affluence, must mean that they deserve it, that they are worthy of it. If they knew that I had sponsored America, they would say: “Well, the reason Saint Germain sponsored America was because we are worthy of his sponsorship.“ But that is not the case.

A sponsorship from the ascended masters is, as we have said before, a sponsorship of your potential. We see that you have a potential to transcend yourself. We sponsor you, in order to give you a better opportunity to go through that transformation. But again, it is a matter of, do you multiply the talents or do you bury them in the ground? And many Americans have not multiplied the talents. They have taken for granted what America had, and now that they realize that their standard of living is eroding, that there is no real goal, nothing to strive for, that things are not going well here and things are not going well there. They start focusing on all the negatives, they become dissatisfied and so they scapegoat and so they become violent. But, what does it mean to bury your talents in the ground? Look at the parable of Jesus. What did the one servant who buried his talents in the ground say? “Oh, I know you are a hard taskmaster. I did not want to risk losing what you had, so I buried it in the ground.“ But what was this servant doing? He was scapegoating. He was projecting out that his master was so and so and therefore he had to do what he did. What did the other two servants do to multiply their talents? They transcended themselves.

You see, when I sponsored America, I did not sponsor Americans because they were worthy of it at the time, but because they had the potential to transcend themselves and thereby become worthy of the sponsorship. That is multiplying the talents, and many Americans have done this, but certainly not all, and not even a majority. You will see here that it may seem as if we are very critical of America. But I have given a considerable portion of my spiritual light and attainment to sponsor America and therefore, I also have the right to point out when America is not living up to that sponsorship. I know human beings will not think I have that right, because they think: “Ah, just give me the sponsorship and let me do with one-on-one and do not criticize me.“ But that is not the way the law works. I have a right to point out that America has not lived up to its highest potential, is not living up to its highest potential and has instead started to go downhill in what could at some point become a self-reinforcing spiral. You have not reached that point yet, where there is a hurricane in the collective consciousness, but you are moving in that direction. And the more dissatisfaction, the more anger, the more violence, the more animosity and the more scapegoating only moves you closer to that point of no return, where only a violent event will make people think. As I said, some of the people who participated in the violent event in the Capitol building—it shook them awake, but many others did not awaken. They are still scapegoating. What is it going to take? How hard do the knocks have to become before people are shaken out of that state of mind, that frame of mind and they acknowledge, “we have to look at ourselves, we have to change ourselves”.

Building an awareness that leads to the shift

With this, you could say, as we have said before, what is part of the higher vision that democracies could attain? It is that the real purpose of a society is the growth in consciousness of the people, of the citizens, within the bounds of free will. But the goal of a democratic government is to actually give its citizens the best possible opportunity to grow in consciousness and that is the ultimate shift that could happen in democratic nations. Is it going to happen this year or next year or next decade? Not likely, but I need those who can grasp it now, who can make calls, who can hold the vision for it. Now someone asked the question: “With all these decrees we have given—where are the results?” Well, I see tremendous results. But of course, I also see what is happening in the emotional, mental and identity levels. I see the tendencies of how they are moving closer and closer to breaking through into the physical. You see, my beloved, it has been said that the darkest hour is the hour before dawn. You can go back to 1775 and you could have asked many people: “Do you think America will become an independent nation and a democratic nation?”, and they would have laughed at you. For there are always those who are saying: “Show me the results. I want the results now and if they do not happen now, it must mean that my effort is not valid, so I will stop.”

But you see, my beloved, it sometimes takes considerable time to manifest a new trend. We have always needed those who can hold the vision over time and do not get themselves into this trap of the all-or-nothing that “There have to be results now or my efforts are not worth it and I am going to stop.” You keep the vision, you keep making the calls, you keep transcending yourself. As long as you are transcending yourself you are gaining every day. Every time you let a separate self go you are making progress on your personal path. How could that not be worthy of your effort, regardless of what happens in the world? But you need to know, as we have said before, that you are making a difference, you are producing results. Even if you do not see a one-on-one correspondence between, “I gave that rosary on Thursday and now this happened Friday”, you are producing results. I can assure you that things would have been far worse if it had not been for the many people who have given decrees and invocations since the 1930s.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. Again, we are speaking this into the collective consciousness. It is multiplied by your chakras, it creates waves that move in a rhythmic pattern and therefore have the maximum effect of awakening those who can be awakened. Many people have already been awakened, not fully, but to some idea, to grasp some idea. And they start talking about it, some start writing about it, some start bringing it into their profession, some start bringing it into the media, some into politics and gradually you build an awareness that leads to that shift, where now it suddenly becomes obvious to more and more people. And when the vision is there, well, things will change in the physical, because when there is a shift in consciousness, the physical must follow.

With this I seal you in the joy of the flame of freedom. Saint Germain, I Am.


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Freedom from the self-validating system of the human mind

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, October 9, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. On this Sunday morning, many people across America, if they are awake, are getting ready to go to church to their Christian church. Little do they know, little do they understand, little do they suspect that the church they go to represents an almost complete perversion of the teachings I gave 2000 years ago, let alone the teachings I stand for today. They do not suspect, as is the consequence of my last dictation, that Christianity is a disguised form of Satanism because it raises up the consciousness of Satan above the consciousness of Christ.

Now what is the consciousness of Satan? Well, it is as I said, the consciousness where you think you know better, you think you know best, you know better than God, you know better than Christ. I gave the example of Peter who knew better or thought he knew better, what should or should not happen to me in regards to the authorities. This is the consciousness that became the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church that has been the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church for 1700 years and it also is the foundation for the vast majority of non-Catholic Christian churches. It is a consciousness that has not been challenged, that has not been understood, it has not been identified. It hasn’t, so to speak, “snapped into focus” where people can see this and see how that consciousness permeates the Christian religion. Of course, it also permeates other religions and other aspects of society, but that is not the point I want to focus on with this release.

As I said last time, how can you have a country where you have a democratic political system, but an anti-democratic religion that is the dominant religion in that country, Christianity in one form or another in America? Well, what is the connection here? What is it that I want people in America, at least those who are open, to grasp? Well, I want them to grasp what is the central feature of the satanic consciousness, the consciousness of antichrist.

The self-validating system of the satanic consciousness

Now, you know that there has just recently been a major hurricane that made landfall in America, you know that every year in a certain season, in the center of America there are many states where they experience tornadoes. What is it that happens in this kind of weather phenomenon? This is actually quite well known and studied by scientists. You have an area of the ocean where the water heats up. Gradually, this creates movements in the air and when they reach a certain critical mass, they form the beginnings of a hurricane. The winds swirling in the hurricane are pulling up heat from the ocean, which increases the wind speed and as the wind speed increases, it can pull up more heat from the ocean, which increases the wind speed even more. In other words, you have a self-feeding, self-reinforcing system that can then start moving across the ocean, and usually does not dissipate in power until it either reaches land or it reaches a cooler part of the ocean, where there is there is no longer the heat that drives it. This is what you need to see about the satanic consciousness.

It is not exactly the same as the physical phenomenon, of course, but the point is that it starts slow. It starts by people accepting one lie, then another, then another, but there comes a point where there is a shift in people’s minds and now they are blinded by, they are taken over by the satanic consciousness and now their minds become these self-reinforcing, self-validating systems. This happens as we have explained many times because these people create a perception filter, a subconscious database that evaluates any idea that they are presented with. It evaluates, “Is this idea in alignment with my basic beliefs, my basic worldview, or is it out of alignment with it?” And then of course it imposes a value judgment on top of that. If it is in alignment with my worldview then it is good. If it is not then it is bad, it is evil, it is of the devil and the consciousness of antichrist might even call such an idea, being of antichrist. This is the old saying of the pot calling the kettle black, but that is one characteristic of the consciousness of antichrist.

Now, what is it again that drives this? It is that you have people who make this shift and now they believe they are right, “We cannot be wrong.“ It does not matter what their outer belief system or religion or political ideology is. I am not saying this is exclusive to Christianity, although it is of course a great irony that Christianity, which represents, claims to represent Christ is taken over by the consciousness of antichrist. But the feature here is, “We belong to a special group of people. We have the truth, we have the right belief, the right system, the right philosophy, ideology, religion, what have you. And we cannot be wrong, because our religion or ideology cannot be wrong.” Why is this the consciousness of antichrist? Because it is a trap that stops growth. How can there be growth when you think you know everything? You have the absolute system, the absolute ideology validated by the highest possible authority, whether it be God himself or the scientific method or historical necessity or whatever validations people have come up with or rather that the fallen beings have come up with throughout the ages. You think that you have the absolute so there is no need to look beyond it.

Can you not see, and I know that you can see it, you as our students, but I am speaking into the collective consciousness, can you not see that this is the definition of a self-reinforcing, self-validating system? People have created, first of all, the belief “I cannot be wrong.” Then they have most often in their subconscious minds this perception filter that filters any idea that comes to them evaluating, is it right or wrong? Is it true or false? Is it of God? Is it of the devil? Is it of Christ, is it of antichrist, whatever? Therefore, how can they ever get out of this state of mind? How can people get out of this state of mind? Anything that could help them get out of that state of mind is filtered out as being of the devil so they can ignore it or they can argue against it and they can come up with arguments against any idea that could free them from this self-reinforcing closed system that their minds have become.

Perpetual self-transcendence

Now, you may say, well why should they get out of this if they are right? You look back at history and you see how many groups of people have been in this state of mind and they all thought they were right. But you look back at history and you ask yourself, how many of them have survived? Have they not all, sooner or later had to change? So, you see here, what is the difference between the mind of Christ and the mind of antichrist? Well, the mind of Christ is one, one with God first of all, one with life itself, the process of life and therefore, it knows that life is perpetual self-transcendence, life is change, change is the order of the day. You look back at history, do you not see change? Do you not see that many of these empires that would not change with the times, well they were left behind by the times because “the times they are a changing” as one American singer (Bob Dylan) put it.

You realize that even if you do not believe in science and evolution, you can look at history and see there is a process that drives change. It is even a process with a clear direction, which is why the world has moved from exclusively dictatorships to now many democracies. From having less freedom of the people to now having more freedom, or at least many of the people on earth, from having less affluence, to more affluence and so forth. If you cannot see that there has been progress in the world, well then I can say nothing to you, except your mind then is the typical example of a closed system that will not see anything beyond its worldview. The reality here is this, free will gives people the possibility of going into this consciousness of antichrist, the consciousness of Satan. As the result of going into this, and it is not that they have to, but on earth most people have done so, as a result of going into this, their minds become closed systems and they can, for a very, very long time, stay in that closed system.

The way out

Now, as I also said, what is the way out? Well, there are two ways out. One is the School of Hard Knocks, where actual physical events on earth take place that challenge people’s worldview, their mindset, and force them to see that their view of the world is not in alignment with the actual physical reality that they cannot any longer deny because the knocks have become so hard. So, this is one way, the School of Hard Knocks. It has freed many people from the closed systems of their own minds. But it has not freed all and it has not freed them yet to the ultimate degree, and for that matter it cannot free them to the ultimate degree because in order to be completely free of the consciousness of antichrist, once you have gone into it, you must experience that there is an alternative to the consciousness of antichrist. There is something outside your mind that your mind cannot control, cannot pull into its worldview, as Peter attempted to pull me into his worldview. This something, you may call it Christ or Buddha or Krishna or the Holy Spirit or higher awareness or whatever you want to call it, but this something cannot be pulled into the consciousness of antichrist, it will not conform to it.

That is why those who encounter it, those who acknowledge its existence, they now have an alternative to the consciousness of antichrist. They have a frame of reference from outside the closed system of their own minds and the collective mind of the culture in which they live. This becomes the leaven that raises, if they are willing, the whole loaf of their consciousness until they are free from all aspects of that consciousness of antichrist. This is the role of Christ, to provide that leaven, that alternative.

The narcissistic leaders with closed minds

What does this have to do with democracy? Well, you have many, many people from many different walks of life, psychologists, historians, philosophers and even many people who have no particular occupation, who are beginning to become aware of the phenomenon, as we have said of narcissists and sociopaths and so on. This is, of course, brought about by the very public display of leaders who have this narcissistic personality disorder that have no empathy, no concern for the suffering of other people produced by themselves. There is a growing awareness that there is this type of people in the world and that they are actually the archetypal example of the extremes of this consciousness of antichrist.

You will look at Vladimir Putin and you see very clearly that his mind is a closed, self-reinforcing, self-validating system or at least it was before he decided to invade Ukraine. Since then, his mind has been greatly shaken. He hasn’t fully recognized this, acknowledged this consciously, but his mind has been shaken because things did not go in the physical reality the way he thought they would go in the quote unquote, “reality of his mind”. The physical world did not want to conform to the closed system of his mind. As we have said, it is very close, which is why we are talking about it again and again and having you make calls on this, it is very close that there can be this breakthrough of this sudden awareness where many, many people see that these are the kinds of leaders that we have had throughout history.

These are the kinds of leaders we have today and when you look at dictatorships you see that almost all dictators are, or have been, these kinds of people: the narcissist, the sociopath whatever you call it, even a combination of psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists as some are beginning to talk about. And the reason for this is that their minds are more closed than most other people. What can happen here is this shift where people realize that progress in the world has actually happened because most people have opened their minds to new ideas, ideas that go beyond the old system, the old culture, the old religion, the old political ideology and so forth. People can then make that shift of realizing that there is this dynamic where there are those who actively oppose progress because their minds are closed, and then there are those who are working for progress because their minds are somewhat open.

This can lead to recognition that those who feel they are dedicated to progress need to look at themselves and say: “How open are our minds? Are we really open to new ideas or do we have certain beliefs that are limiting us?” This especially is necessary in the field of scientists who need to recognize that what is limiting science right now, is more than anything, their philosophy of materialism, the ideology of materialism, the religion of materialism, the political philosophy of materialism. It is holding back scientific experimentation and scientific breakthroughs, so this needs to be discarded. But there also is the other side of this, which is the recognition that democracy is a fundamentally different kind of government than a dictatorship because it does not allow the concentration of power in the hands of one or a few people.

In a dictatorship, there is always a concentration of power. And in a dictatorship, it is most often so that those who are the most ruthless are the ones who grabbed the power. When I say ruthless, this needs to be qualified because these people will not see themselves as ruthless, they actually see themselves as being the ones who have the biggest vision and who are right. Putin, at least until fairly recently, considered himself to have the greatest vision of Russia’s future and he considered himself to be absolutely right in that vision. You see many other leaders who, likewise, have been absolutely convinced that they had the right vision. So they thought they were right. That is why it was justified that they came to power and that they use whatever means where necessary to grab that power, to maintain that power. You see here, this is again the consciousness of Satan: “I am absolutely right. I cannot be wrong, and therefore, it is acceptable that I use whatever means I deem necessary to strike down any opposition that could challenge my being right. Anyone who claims I am not right, I can use whatever means I find necessary to destroy them and their challenge to my sense of rightness.”

This is of course, what you see in Putin, in Stalin, in Mao, in Kim Jung-Un, in Donald Trump. Although he did not use the same means as these other people, he still used certain means to destroy, put down, invalidate and run out of office those who did not agree with him and his vision that he is right. This is what needs to break through in democracies. It is especially what needs to break through in America because America needs to ask itself: “Why did we allow a situation where a person like Donald Trump got elected? What happened there? What was it in the collective consciousness of America that made it possible that such a person could be elected as president and could do what he did, not only while being president, but also after he lost the election? How was this possible? What is it in the national psyche that caused this?” And it is very much this sense among many Americans that we are right, we are the greatest country on earth. This is not limited only to Christians, but it is certainly very much concentrated in the Christians of America. “We have the only true religion. We are the only ones who will be saved. We are right, we have a right to impose our vision on America.”

You see here, when you recognize that certain of these dictatorial leaders have narcissistic personality disorder, you must say that the Christian movement in America has narcissistic personality disorder. It believes it is absolutely right. It does not care about the consequences for other people. It must impose its vision on others, regardless of the human cost, the human consequence. That is why for example, it wants a ban against abortion and it is unwilling to look at the situation of women who are affected by this. Narcissists will not look at the human consequences. But it is one of the central principles of democracy that you do look at the human consequences, you do look at humanity and therefore you treat people as humans. As we have said, you cannot take an issue like abortion and reduce it to, it should be legal or it should be illegal. There are so many other aspects of this entire debate regarding the human consequences that need to be incorporated before you can make a better decision.

Polarization in the political life of America

What is it we see that has happened in the United States over the last several decades? Well, we have seen this polarization in the political life. Many will be able to see that if you go back 30 or 40 years, it was a regular occurrence that laws would be passed by Congress and the Senate by a majority that crossed into both sides of the political spectrum. Many times the senators and congressmen could cooperate. They could form a group who all agreed from both sides of the divide, which was not such a big divide back then, that this was what was best for America. This was what was best for the people. So, you saw this bipartisanship as a normal occurrence back then. But it has, to a large degree disappeared because of this polarization. And why has this polarization happened? Well, you know as we have talked several times about the study by the RAND Corporation about income inequality, that over the last 40 years there has been a great growth in the income inequality in America. And at the same time, you have seen this growth in the polarization, the partisanship, the gridlock. Do you really think that these two are unrelated? Do you really not see that there is a financial power elite who are all narcissists, who have managed to manipulate the government into deregulating the financial industry, giving them free reign to concentrate wealth in their own hands? They do not want this to be exposed to the people. They do not want the people to know about this and stand up against it, and what have they done? Divide and conquer, divide the people.

You will look at the current situation in America where you have this division exacerbated by Donald Trump and his presidency and his reaction to the election, where there are families that are divided so that the people who believe in Trump cannot and will not talk to the people who do not believe in Trump and the other way around. You have so many people who cannot talk to those who are on the other side of this divide. There is no dialogue. There is no interaction. And what do you see when you have two groups of people who cannot communicate? Well, differences are exaggerated, tensions grow and it can lead to all kinds of violent outbursts such as attacking the very house of American democracy and many other things.

The tendency to respond with violence

You see here, that Americans, if you look at America, have a certain tendency that if they are pushed too far they respond with violence. You can see a greater tendency in America, not only with the mass shootings, but also with demonstrations that turned violent, than you will see in many other democratic nations. You will recognize that this is an untenable situation. It is a dangerous situation. It is a situation that Donald Trump did not produce alone.

Certainly, Putin has done whatever he could to fan these flames but it really goes back to a divide created by the power elite, going back to the 70s and 80s and beyond, where they have very slowly, very methodically, created this division among the people. Christianity has played a role in this going even further back, where the Christians have come to see themselves, as I said: “We are the ones who will be saved. We are the ones who are right and all others will go to hell and are possibly of the devil.” You see that this goes very, very far back but nevertheless it has been exaggerated over the last several decades.

The alternative to the confrontational mindset

What is the way out of this situation? How can America move beyond it? Well, only when you see, when a critical mass of Americans see, that there is an alternative to this. There is an alternative to the mindset that is polarized, that is confrontational because that mindset is the mindset of antichrist. Whenever you have two people who are absolutely convinced each of them, that they are right and the other is wrong, you know they are both trapped in the consciousness of antichrist. They have both created a perception filter based on the fundamental belief: “We are right and anyone who disagrees with us is wrong. We cannot be wrong about this. We are Christians. We cannot be wrong about Christianity being the only true religion, about we being the only ones who can be saved.” The only way out is that a critical mass of Americans experience that there is an alternative to this state of mind. They encounter the Christ consciousness. They do not have to know or call it the Christ consciousness they just have to have that experience. There is something beyond this.

It will help if they come to see that this is a tendency in the human mind that you can see throughout history that has created more havoc than anything else on the planet. Therefore, they can see that when the mind becomes a closed system there will be polarization. There will be confrontation. There will potentially be warfare, revolution and disaster. And if we are to avoid this, we need to smarten up. We need to realize that this is a tendency in the human psyche. They do not have to know that it really is not a natural thing for the human psyche, but they have to identify that we can see this in history and that democracy is an attempt to avoid this because there is freedom of speech, there is free communication, there is not the concentration of power in the hands of a few people and so forth.

Why am I saying this? Because I, we of the ascended masters, know that this has been filtering through the identity, mental and emotional levels and it is ready to break through in the physical where more and more people come to see this and realize this has gone too far. We need to stop this. We need to do something to stop this before it goes really, really bad in a physical way. This is a potential. You, of course, can as always hold the vision for this, make the calls for this that people will wake up and realize there is an alternative to the state of mind that has become a closed system, a self-referential system. And really, the essence of democracy, in order to make it function is that the mind, the collective mind must not be allowed to become a closed system.

Take the Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal. They are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights.” What does that mean? It means that a country based on this foundation must not allow itself to become a closed system because it is not the people or the government or any group that defines the rights of the people. It is some authority beyond the human mind that defines the rights of the people. What happens when you are polarized, when two groups of people are polarized? Look at the people who broke into the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. Did they respect the rights of other people to be different from themselves? Did they respect the political institutions, the political process that has after all, enabled America to survive for centuries? They did not respect this in their minds because they were so sure that they were right, that it was acceptable, even necessary to use violence to enforce their vision upon the nation. Well, this is exactly what the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are meant to prevent.

These people, while claiming they were defending the Constitution, were violating everything that the Constitution is based on and they could not see it. Now, I am not talking about changing these people’s minds, I am only talking about helping a critical mass of Americans see this mechanism because that will shift the collective consciousness so that more and more people will wake up and say: “This cannot go on. We cannot allow this to go on. We cannot allow something like this to ever happen again.” We are not talking here so much about the physical outcome as the shift in consciousness. And the shift in consciousness can happen very quickly because it has been underway for a long time by the efforts of the ascended masters and many people who have been open to our ideas without knowing anything about where the ideas came from. America is not a lost cause by any means. America is moving closer to a breakthrough, a shift in the collective consciousness where people will begin to see that the division, the animosity is not sustainable. And therefore, they need to look at this consciousness that “We are right, we cannot be wrong.”

Filtering out anything that challenges your worldview

You take a look at so many of these people who have been convinced that they were right. What do they always do? They look for evidence that validates what they believe is right. They believe that the election was stolen from Trump. They go on the Internet, they research, they do their own research and they find websites to say exactly what they want to hear: “You are right. You are right about Trump and Trump is right. Trump cannot be wrong, and you cannot be wrong about Trump.” This is what they want to hear. They filter out any information that challenges it and focus only on what validates it. This is the same with many other people. All of the Christians in America are doing the exact same thing. They look only at things that validate their Christian beliefs. They filter out anything that challenges it. They would filter out the Living Christ if he walked the earth. As I said, if I walked the earth today they would filter me out and still call themselves Christians and still be convinced that even after having rejected the Living Christ, they would still be saved.

This is what people can come to see, that you can prove any point if you only look at evidence that validates it. If you discard all evidence that challenges it, you can prove anything you want. And as long as you have this level of debate, the people will be divided and America will be weaker. The people will not be able to come together and overthrow the power elite and therefore have better lives, the lives that they should have had if their income had not been stolen from them by the elite.

The solution for America

We recognize fully that many, many people in America are in a very difficult situation after the corona crisis and now with the higher energy prices. They have difficulty making ends meet. They see their lifestyle eroded. We understand the practical problems that people are facing. You may say: “Well why are you then giving people this high-flung philosophical discourse that most people cannot even grasp?” It is because we see there is no practical solution to the situation. The only solution is a shift in consciousness. And it is not the broad majority of the people that need to shift their consciousness, it is only a critical mass of those with the highest level of awareness that need to shift and then the nation will shift.

What have we talked about has happened in terms of the view of Russia, in Europe and in the United States? You saw there was this blindness concerning Putin before the invasion, where again, people had a certain view and they thought it was right that Russia would eventually change by itself if they were treated like a civilized nation and they filtered out anything Putin said or did that challenged this and focused only on what validated their view. But now this has shifted, at least in most nations in Europe and the United States and most democracies around the world. They have shifted and recognized that this is not in connection, in alignment with reality. This has been a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness and it can lead to many other shifts, including the shift I have talked about. It is not an impossible task. It is not even an impractical thing that I am talking about. It is the most practical thing, because nothing can change in the physical until there has been a change in consciousness. As we have said so many times, consciousness comes before the physical manifestation.

This is actually what I was trying to teach people 2000 years ago, with the very limited abilities I had at the time in terms of people’s understanding of themselves, of consciousness, of the world. But many people today are ready to realize this, to make that shift and realize that there must be a shift in consciousness. There must be a shift away from that consciousness of antichrist that is a closed system and towards a more open-ended consciousness, where you are looking, being open to higher ideas.

We could say, as Saint Germain said yesterday, that there are certain cycles. There is a certain idea that is brought forth, and it creates a change in society but that idea can only take society to a certain point, then there needs to be another higher idea that comes in to take society further. The idea of democracy, as it has been understood so far, has taken societies as far as they can go. The only thing that can take societies further is a greater understanding of psychology, human psychology, the psychology of the narcissists, the closed systems, how the mind becomes a closed system and how there is a potential to rise above this. This shift in consciousness is the only practical solution to the problems faced not only by America, but many other modern nations. It is, for that matter, the only solution to the problems faced by all nations, whether they are democratic or not. But it is clear that the democratic nations are in the best position to implement and embrace these changes.

Dictators resisting any kind of change

You see in Iran, how they are resisting any kind of change. Why? They believe they are right. They are filtering out anything that contradicts their sense of rightness, looking only at what validates it regardless of the consequences this has for their own people. Ask yourself this, how can you have this small power elite in Iran who have created all kinds of economic hardship for their own people just because they are absolutely sure they are right? And they will not change. They will not back down. Look at Xi Jinping and his zero covid policy in China creating all kinds of hardships for the people, all kinds of problems for the Chinese economy. But he cannot back down because he has said that this was the superior policy compared to the West and it was his policy, and he is the superior leader of China, and he cannot be wrong. If he changes the policy, it would seem that he had been wrong before and this cannot be. This must not be. Therefore, the people must continue to suffer so that the leader can maintain his sense of being right.

Again, you have an obvious example in Putin. He believed he was right before the invasion. If he now backs down, what will it seem like? Well, he was not right after all. He has for 20 years, cultivated the image that he is the infallible leader of Russia who knows best. He knows that if that image falters, he is finished. He will lose everything that he worked for. How far is he prepared to go to continue to push his ill-equipped army and create untold suffering for the people? How far is he willing to go to send rockets into cities and apartment buildings in territories that he claims are now part of Russia? You have a dictator who is killing his own people, shooting at his own cities or at least what he claims are his own people and cities, and nobody sees the insanity of this in Russia. Or do they see it? Are they beginning to see it? Are they beginning to acknowledge it, talk about it? Because again, a shift can happen.

A shift in Russia has been underway for a long time filtering through the identity, mental and emotional realms brought about by the many spiritual people in Russia. Not only ascended master students but the many spiritual people in Russia. Not only students of this dispensation, but students of previous ascended master dispensations who have given decrees and calls. Also many, many people who are not spiritual, but who have opened their minds to new ideas, who have perhaps visited democratic countries, seen how different the climate, the consciousness is there and who have said: “Well, why should we not have this in Russia? Why could we not have this in Russia?” Again, there is a potential for a shift but as you can clearly see, the situation right now, the practical, physical situation is gridlocked. There is no way out for Putin other than to continue to push. What can change it at the physical level? Well, the only way out is a shift in consciousness so they suddenly wake up and say: “But the president has nothing on. This cannot continue.”

Transcending the consciousness behind the problem

You see here, whenever you have a situation that is polarized, that is gridlocked, where there is confrontation and it seems hopeless to do anything about it at the physical level, that situation is precipitated by the consciousness of antichrist. There is no way within the consciousness of antichrist to change the situation. You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created it. But really the saying should be, you cannot overcome, you cannot transcend the problem because there is no solution to the problems created by the consciousness of antichrist. The only solution is to transcend that consciousness, whereby you transcend the problem. Once they saw that the emperor had nothing on, there was no need to change anything in the physical, because all that was required was that shift in perception where they suddenly saw what they did not see before and then the situation is no longer gridlocked. The situation starts moving again, and gradually solutions emerge. New ideas take hold. New initiatives are taken. America can shift very quickly into this awareness of the power elite. And if the consciousness of the people shifts then the political situation must shift with it. It can be no other way.

With this, I have said my piece for this Sunday. Imagine that the Christians in America had heard a sermon on this Sunday morning based on at least some of these ideas. Imagine what that would have done. Christians could have been a force for driving progress rather than being a force that stops or withholds progress because they are always looking backwards, wanting to take society back to these traditional values defined by the bible.

Do you really think the people who wrote the bible, whether the new or the Old Testament, thought that it would last for 2000 years or more and that people would embrace it as the word of God and think their societies should be based on this? A few did, but most of them did not. They often had no real vision of what they were doing. Certainly, they did not see it as the word of God that they were writing down.

You recognize here that there is no way out of the human condition, the human dilemma, without contacting that higher state of consciousness that cannot be turned into a closed self-validating system. The consciousness of Christ is not self-validating because it is constantly transcending itself. Always looking for a new vision, a new understanding, always flowing with the upward movement of the entire universe, the entire creation of our Creator.

This is my offering, my joyful offering and I seal you in the Flame of Joy that I AM! That I represent, that I radiate to this planet. Catch the joy. Look beyond the dark clouds and the murmurings of this and that. Look beyond the fear of those in the duality consciousness who cannot see a way out. Catch the joy of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ!


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Democracy cannot be based on the force-based mindset

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 8, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. What a magnificent discourse by my brother Jesus! What depth and profound insight he expressed in simple words, direct words that are very difficult to misunderstand or misinterpret. Let me build on the foundation that he has set. What did Jesus say? Christianity has become a destructive force in the progress of America and why is that so? Because too many Christians, especially the leaders, have fallen prey to the satanic consciousness thinking that you know better. Now, this is a consciousness that is not exclusive to Christianity. It is of course found all over the world in many different contexts.

The consciousness that you think you know better

The essence of this consciousness is what? You think you are right, you think you know better, you think you know all you need to know. What is the effect of this psychologically? It closes your mind. It closes your mind to anything beyond what you already know. First of all because you think that you know everything you need to know, so how could there be anything new? And second of all, because you think you are absolutely right in the way you look at life, that means anything new might actually go against what you know, might challenge what you know and therefore you feel threatened by it. The net effect is, what? You are closed to any new ideas. Well, my beloved, take a simple look back at the history of humankind and ask yourself this question: What has driven progress? The answer is undeniable, new ideas.

Sure, you can look at earth, you can say: “But there have also been some new ideas that did not bring progress but brought immense conflict and suffering.” But is that actually true? Let us take an obvious example, Marxism, communism. It was a new idea, at the time at least. Did it bring progress or did it bring immense suffering and conflict? Well, from an outer perspective you could say that it brought conflict and suffering, no question about that. But now, go back and look at the consciousness of humankind at the time when Marxism was brought into the physical. What was that consciousness? People were, as we have explained, very much trapped in the duality consciousness. What is it that happens when you are trapped in the duality consciousness? Well, you take one relative viewpoint, you take that towards the extreme and as you go towards that extreme you elevate it to a higher and higher status until it reaches an absolute status in your mind. You are now trapped. You think you know better. You know all there is to know, you are absolutely right. It means you cannot grow on a personal level and a society trapped in this dynamic cannot grow either.

How progress happens in duality

But what is the law, the absolute law on earth? It is perpetual growth, perpetual self-transcendence. When you have trapped yourself in one dualistic extreme, how can you be free so that there can be progress in society and on an individual level? Well, this is what we have explained many, many times. That a dualistic polarity cannot exist alone, it must attract or even produce an opposite that is at the opposite side of the spectrum where the one dualistic polarity is. In duality there will always be two opposite sides. If you go towards one of those sides, you will actually magnify the other side. It is inevitable that at some point there will be an opposite, a challenge to your unbalanced position. This is the only way progress can happen when people are trapped in duality. We can say that given the fact that people have been trapped in duality for a long time, how has progress happened? New ideas challenged the old ideas.

It was as the philosopher Hegel discovered, the dialectics of a thesis versus an antithesis creates a synthesis. The synthesis attracts another antithesis, which creates another synthesis so there is at least some movement. It is what we have called the School of Hard Knocks. But you must say, from this perspective, that when people are trapped in duality progress still happens through new ideas. It is just that those new ideas oppose old ideas. Now, of course, this is not what we of the ascended masters want to see. We want to see progress happen in another way. We want to see progress happen through new ideas that are not dualistic and therefore do not create an opposite and antithesis. They are not a thesis, so they do not create an antithesis. What does this mean? Is this not just some philosophical mumbo jumbo? Well, that depends on your understanding of what Jesus talked about in the Christ mind.

When an idea comes from the mind of duality—the mind of antichrist, the mind of the consciousness of Satan—that idea is a thesis. It is not reality. It is an unbalanced, incomplete view that then is elevated through the value judgment to an absolute status and this must create and attract an antithesis, it can be no other way. We of the ascended masters have, for a long time, been attempting to help people overcome this dualistic mindset. That is why the ascended masters sent the Buddha to bring forth his teachings about the pairs, about overcoming suffering through the path of right living. That is also why we sent Jesus to bring another non-dualistic teaching. Of course most Christians, certainly most Christians in America, do not see Jesus as giving a non-dualistic teaching. But if you read carefully between the lines, you see that many of his statements were non-dualistic in nature and they were precisely aimed to help people overcome the dualistic mindset of “us versus them”. Do unto others as you want others to do unto you is a non-dualistic statement. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, my little ones, you have done it unto me is a non-dualistic statement.

Society based on force

What is it that the dualistic state of consciousness does to people? It does, as Jesus said, make them blind. They cannot see the beam in their own eye. Why not? Because they are always looking outside themselves, and they are always looking with a judgmental mindset based on right and wrong: “I am right because I know better. Therefore, those who do not agree with me must be wrong. And once I have identified that they are wrong, I can then direct my attention at them, seeking to change them or force them to change because there is no need to change myself.” This is what people say subconsciously when they are in the duality consciousness. As Jesus said, this is what most Christians in America are saying today. So you see that this state of consciousness is profoundly and fundamentally anti-democratic. Democracy is based on what? It is not based on force. What is force? It is the outcome of the duality consciousness, the consciousness that “I am right therefore others must be wrong and therefore, because these others are wrong in some epic sense, it is acceptable that we force them.”

To go back to Jesus, here he is, walking the dusty roads of Palestine giving a teaching that is non-dualistic, that is entirely peaceful, that is not force-based. Where in Jesus’s original teaching, do you see force? Turn the other cheek, forgive 70 times seven, love those that hate you, it is not force-based. Why did Jesus allow himself to be captured by the authorities and crucified? He was not using force and he was trying to set an example of what can be achieved when you are not using force. This was meant to set the foundation for democracy. Because when you look at history you see that all of these empires of the past have been force-based empires. Most notably at Jesus’s time, the Roman Empire, which became the largest empire on earth entirely through force, you cannot deny this when you look at history. They did not even have a certain ideology that they were trying to spread. It was just force, taking from others what benefits ourselves because we are stronger. Might is right. Jesus gave forth a teaching that was meant to be non-force-based, that was meant to help people escape this force-based mindset of I am right and others are wrong.

Now, what happened? Well, what happened was that first the force-based empire, the Roman Empire, attempted to eradicate Christianity and then suddenly the Emperor Constantine decided to embrace Christianity and turn it into the Roman state religion. But did Constantine have any notion whatsoever that he was going to fundamentally change the Roman Empire into a non-force-based empire? Well, of course he did not, anybody can see this by looking at history. Constantine was a force-based person. He was in the force-based state of consciousness. His intention for creating a new religion was to use the Christian religion to solidify his control of the empire through force. Therefore, from its inception the Roman Catholic church was a force-based religion. Why did they have to pervert the teachings of Christ? Because you cannot take the original teachings of Christ and create a force-based religion, you have to pervert them before you can do this.

Look at the history of the Catholic church and how it used force again and again and again. There was physical force, banning as heretics those who for example, talked about reincarnation. There was violent force in the Crusades, the Inquisition, the witch hunts, but there was also psychological force in the whole concept of original sin and that you will burn forever in hell if you do not obey the earthly hierarchy of the church—as if any authority on earth could condemn someone to hell or, for that matter send them to heaven. You see here, that Christianity became a force-based religion. First, there was the split between the Western church and the Eastern church. Then there were the Crusades and the confrontation with Islam, then there was the witch hunts and the confrontation with women. Then there was the Inquisition where Christianity was at war with itself, with its own members. Then science came up and now Christianity was at war with science. Oh, yes, then there was Luther and the Reformation and now the Catholic church was at war with the Protestants and the list goes on. What you see is seventeen centuries of a force-based religion, splitting itself into various factions but still force, conflict. And still they claim: “We are right, we are the only ones who are right, the others are wrong.”

How can you create a democratic nation if you are in the force-based mindset? What is democracy? Well, it is meant to be an alternative to the other forms of government that you have seen throughout history. And what about them? They have all been force-based. A dictatorship is a force-based empire. Look at Putin’s Russia today, force-based. Force against his own people force against Ukraine, he even forbids his own people to talk about what is going on in Ukraine. Democracy is by its very nature an alternative to the force-based form of government. But in order for democracy to work, people cannot be in the force-based mindset because then even democracy, like the teachings of Christ, will be turned into a force-based endeavor. You see here, you go back as we have said, to the 1700s and the early American founding fathers and pioneers and patriots. And how did they create this separate nation through force? By fighting the British, which of course is another primary example of a force-based empire that became the largest empire on earth, through force.

America as a force-based nation 

What we see, as we have said before is that America has not shaken off this attempt to use force. That is why the Civil War was precipitated over an issue of slavery that was also based on forcing others, thinking you can own other people. Which, of course, is profoundly anti-democratic. You see how America has been at war in many different wars. You see in Europe, how there was an emergence of democratic nations but there have still been two world wars that originated in Europe and now there is another war with a force-based empire. You see here that if democracy is to be resurrected, not only in America but worldwide, there needs to be a shift in awareness where at least some people in society—we are not talking about spiritual people or ascended master students—we are talking about people in society who grasp duality, the effect of duality, the psychology of duality and how it leads to force. And how the real dynamic that has been going on in human history is this dynamic between those who are willing to use force to enslave or suppress the population, or manipulate the population, and those who are not in a force-based state of mind.

They need to see that democracy was born out of this non-force-based state of mind but it can only survive and be renewed if people transcend the force-based state of mind. There needs to be a beginning awareness of this, otherwise there will just be more and more conflict, more and more division as you see already some divisions between various democratic countries. And of course, you see the division within the United States between two groups of people. What do you see on the extreme left in America and on the extreme right, in America? You see two groups of people who are both trapped in the consciousness that: “We are right. We don’t need to change ourselves. It is those other people that need to change and it is important, so important that they change that it is acceptable to use force to change them.”

There are more people on the right that feel this way because as Jesus said, the entire Christian community in the United States is trapped in this state of consciousness, the force-based state of consciousness. They feel that they are right, that it is so epically important that their viewpoints come to govern America— that it is acceptable to use force. January 6th was obviously the use of force. You cannot deny this, unless you are trapped in a state of consciousness that is out of touch with any kind of reality. You cannot deny that this was a use of force. You do not break down doors— locked doors—without using force. You do not overrun people who are doing their job of protecting a state institution without using force. What you see here is that there was a group of people who were willing to use force to attack the very democratic institution itself, democracy itself.

Spurred on by whom? By Donald Trump, who is also, and has spent his entire life in the force-based mindset. He is so obsessed with winning—he is so obsessed with being right, not being proven wrong, that he is absolutely convinced that he is always right. He could never be wrong. Therefore, these other people must be wrong. His entire life has been a struggle with other people because he wants to prove himself right and prove other people wrong. That is why he ran for president. Not that he had a vision of what he wanted to do for America. He had a vision of what this would do for himself and his own self-image and this is still the forced-based mindset. The entire fantasy of the election lies and the stolen election is an example of force. It can only spring from the force-based mindset. But of course, if people are trapped in that mindset, how can they see that? How can you make them see it? But you see, you do not have to make them see it. You have to transcend the consciousness yourself and help those who are open, transcend that consciousness and that will shift the equation in the collective consciousness.

When January 6th happened, shockwaves went through the collective consciousness of America—shock waves. And those shock waves had an effect on many different people, but it had an effect on many people who have been lifelong Republican voters. They saw, some of them for the first time, some of them had already seen it, what Donald Trump was really about as president and how his entire political modus operandi was in complete contradiction with the traditional values of the Republican Party. Now, I am not here commenting on those values. I am simply stating the fact that some of these Republican voters were awakened by the January 6th event to see the contrast between Donald Trump’s behavior and his words and traditional Republican values. This shifted them in their minds to where they realized that it is a question of: What are you loyal to? Are you loyal to these higher values and principles that the Republican Party has traditionally been standing for? Or are you loyal to a particular person, or a particular group of leaders who says this person should be our presidential candidate? And many of these decided that should Donald Trump run again, they would not vote for him. My beloved how many, what percentage of traditional Republican voters do you think have to go through this transformation before Donald Trump has no chance of being reelected, even if he ran?

Because surely, what enabled him to win in 2016 was among other things, that there was some people in the middle who were attracted to him and what he promised but now those people in the middle who are fairly balanced, are not going to be in Trump’s camp again because they see how polarizing he has been and they do not want the polarization. With this, and the falling away of traditional Republican voters, do you really think Donald Trump has a realistic chance of winning if he runs again? And what will he do if he loses? Will he spin another, “the election was stolen” lie and try to perpetuate this? Or will he accept that he lost? Well, as you can see he is not prone to accepting loss. He wants desperately to turn it into something that does not look like a loss and he has no concern whatsoever for how that affects the country or other people. And this is another effect of the force-based mindset.

You have made calls today for helping Americans see the basic humanity, the essential humanity. Well, when you are in the force-based mindset, you cannot see the basic humanity in other human beings because you do not see those other human beings as human beings. You see them as opponents, as those who are working against you and the truth that you stand for—the epic cause that you stand for and that is why they can be burned at the stake, nailed to a cross, tortured in the dungeons, shoved into the gas chambers and any other things that have been done by force-based people throughout history. It is a state of consciousness that is fundamentally undemocratic because the essence of democracy is, every person has one vote and every person has the freedom to decide, and has the best possible information to decide how he or she will cast that vote. That is the essence of democracy. Anyone who interferes with that process through force is anti-democratic. There is no other way to look at this when you are not blinded by the force-based mindset, in which you think might is right.

What is best for the people

Now many Christians in America would object to this and say: “We do not believe might is right.” But you do believe that you are right. You do believe that it is of epic importance that the nation follows your Christian ideals and beliefs and you are willing to use force because you are using force to manipulate other people, even scaring them with hell and hellfire and brimstone. So how are you, not believing that might is right? You wish you had the power to enforce your Christian beliefs in America and make American policy conform to those beliefs. That is “might is right”. You believe that if you had the might, it would be right of you to use it and this is not democracy. Democracy is allowing the people to vote, as Jesus said, experiencing the consequences and then shifting their consciousness based on that experience. You allow people to do something that may not be the best for themselves. But then again, how do you actually determine what is best for the people?

Putin is absolutely convinced that he knows what is best for the Russian people. In reality, he does not care whatsoever about the Russian people, as no leader like him has ever cared for their people, but they often claim to care for the people. But what is best for the Russian people? Well, the best is that they raise their consciousness and if this is the only way that can happen, then that is in a sense what is best for the Russian people. So in a democratic nation, they must be allowed to make decisions that forced them to confront certain issues in their consciousness so they can shift their consciousness.

What do you think happened when Mahatma Gandhi did what he did to demonstrate to the British Empire that they were in a force-based mindset, but that he was not? Non-violence caused this force-based empire to suddenly look at itself and say: “We cannot really accept this about ourselves because we claim to have certain ideals, but we are clearly not living up to them.” So you see the power of demonstrating a non-force-based approach and how it can, at least in some cases, transform a force-based empire. Now, it would not have transformed Hitler, or it would certainly have taken infinitely longer. It would not work with Putin but nevertheless over time, this is the only way. To transform the world is to demonstrate a non-force-based approach.

I want to send an idea into the collective consciousness here. It is critically important for America that there are people in America who grasp, without knowing about ascended master Saint Germain or my Golden Age, but they grasp the difference between the force-based mindset and non-force-based mindset—and they begin to express this in all kinds of ways. They begin to speak out, first of all against the power elite, who have been using force since the inception of this nation to manipulate the people, and that they begin to investigate this. There are already historians, philosophers, political philosophers, political scientists who know the history. It is just a matter of a slight shift where they put this together and say: “Let us trace the influence of elitism on American history and for that matter world history, let us trace this, let us write about this and help people see the difference between force-based empires and non-force-based nations for surely, democracies ideally should be non-force-based.“

Now, you can say, of course: “Is America, a non-force-based empire?” And certainly, many people around the world would say: “Nay, it is not because look what they have done here and what they have done there and why do they maintain the largest military in the world if they are not a force-based empire?” But nevertheless, America has the potential to become less and less force-based. And America is less force-based than Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Putin’s Russia and other dictatorships. And it is less force based, because you at least have a democratic process where the people vote.

The cycles of opportunity

But nevertheless, what you have in America is not enough. Why is that? Well, partly because the law is perpetual self-transcendence. Now we have said many, many times that the ultimate law in an unascended sphere is free will. But free will does not exist in a vacuum. You have a right to do whatever you want but the purpose of your existence is growth in consciousness. You can determine how long of an arduous path you want your growth in consciousness to be but you cannot stand still indefinitely. There is a saying that: “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune.” But you could paraphrase the bard by saying that: “There are cycles in the affairs of men, which when they are not taken leads to misfortune.” In other words, there are certain cycles where there is an opportunity that is given and if that opportunity is not taken voluntarily, there will be the dialectic that kicks in — the thesis versus the antithesis that results in a struggle that leads to a synthesis, the school of hard knocks.

In other words, we of the ascended masters are releasing certain energies, certain ideas that create this tide in the affairs of men and women and if people take advantage of them, multiply the talents, then of course they will enter a positive spiral. But if they do not, if they neglect or ignore the opportunity, then they enter the school of hard knocks and now it is just a matter of how hard the knocks need to become before people wake up and acknowledge, we have to change. We have to change ourselves, not others. We have to pull the beam from our own eye and let our brothers worry about the splinter in their eye.

The sense of anger, hopelessness and dissatisfaction

We have now for quite a long time, had sponsored messengers who could take dictations from us. We have had tens of thousands of ascended master students who gave thousands and thousands of hours of decrees, invoking the violet flame, invoking the seven rays and this has all had an effect. We have had more ascended master students in America than in any other country. Obviously, this has had a positive effect in terms of giving America an opportunity to transcend itself. It has been taken to some degree, but not to the maximum degree. This is what creates then, the tension—the tension that exists. And what is the effect of this tension? Well, it is partly as Jesus said, people feel anger. Not only Christians in America feel anger, many other people feel anger. But they also feel discouragement, hopelessness, despair, nothing matters, nothing makes a difference. We cannot get ahead. And why is this? It is because people have not taken the opportunity to transcend the force-based mindset and therefore, they cannot see that America is being ruled by an elite who is in the force-based mindset. How will the people identify the elite, if they are in the same mindset as the elite? You cannot see them.

The people in medieval Europe, the peasants who have been brought up as peasants, could not see the noble class as oppressors because they were brainwashed to believe that the king was anointed by God and that God had put the noble class in place to rule over the people. They could not, many of them, see any problem with this, as the Romans could not see any problems with their emperors, as many in Russia could not see a problem with Stalin—still today cannot see a problem with Stalin, and therefore cannot see a problem with Putin. You see this, when you are inside a certain state of consciousness, you cannot identify the elite that is oppressing you. Even if it is physical oppression you cannot see it.

What changed the equation? What brought the way for democracy was that some people used either the teachings of Christ or the teachings of the Buddha or other non-dualistic teachings to transcend the force-based mindset enough that they could identify there is a group of people—there is an elite who is oppressing us and we have had enough of it. We do not want this anymore.

As I said Gandhi had transcended the force-based mindset enough that he could see what many Indians could not see at the time, how the British were oppressing the Indian people. This is the shift that needs to happen in America. We have for a long time, even before this messenger, given teachings about the power elite, the manipulation that is happening in America. But has it become common knowledge? Nay, because people are still trapped in the force-based mindset and therefore cannot identify their oppressors, they cannot see them, that is why they are still believing in the lie perpetrated by the elite, that the elite is the savior of the people. That is why so many people believe that Donald Trump is the savior of the people, the greatest president since Lincoln, anointed by God to lead the nation and that is why they cannot see that he has, throughout his life, striven to be part of the elite and that he does not care about those who are not in the elite, as nobody in the elite does. You see here again, people cannot see it. They are dissatisfied. They are angry. They cannot see it.

“Divide and conquer” strategy

What is the main issue in America today? Gas prices at the pump are too high. Well, of course gas prices are too high compared to what it costs to produce gasoline and transport it to the pump. But why do people feel that gas is too expensive for them? What if their income was doubled? Would the price of gas be a problem? Nay. Do you think for the power elite that gas prices are a problem? Of course not, they could care less. It could cost $10 and it would not affect them whatsoever. You see here, the problem is not that the prices are too high. The problem is that salaries are too low. But why are salaries too low? Because for the past 40 years, as we have said over and over again and as has been proven by the study by the RAND Corporation, money has been siphoned away from the people towards the elite. That is the reason why you are having problems, not only at the gas pump but paying rent, buying food and all of these other things.

I realize fully that many, many people in America are struggling after two years of the corona pandemic and now the war in Ukraine raising gas prices.  I realize that many people are struggling. It is not that I do not feel compassion, even though I realized I do not sound compassionate whatsoever. But the reality here is that you are struggling because you are not willing to see what should be obvious to you by now based on the cycles that have been initiated by me and by the many ascended master students, who have decreed for hours and hours invoking the light from the spiritual realm. It should be obvious by now, that the problem in America is the power elite and their manipulation of everything. The people should not have to be angry at someone else who is part of the people. Republicans should not have to be angry with Democrats. Christians should not have to be angry with non-Christians. They should all, if they are angry at all, be angry with the elite and demand that the government does something about it. But they are not, because of what? “Divide and conquer” the old strategy of the elite. Divide the people up, set them against each other and then they will not be able to unite against the elite.

When have the elite been overthrown? When the people have united. Go back and look. Look at the birth of the American nation. Look at the birth of other democratic nations. Look at what Gandhi did in India, he managed to unite the Indian people to a high degree, to not attack the British, not use violence against the British and that is why the British had to recede. You see here again and again, when the people are united, the elite must retreat and that is why they do everything they can to prevent the people from being united. Did Trump unite the people or did he divide them even further? Well, the answer should be obvious to those who are not blinded by the force-based mindset thinking: “We are right about Trump and Trump is right about everything.”

Force will create opposition. Force comes from the dualistic mindset. It polarizes people towards one extreme and there must be another extreme so it polarizes other people towards that extreme. There will be tension. There will be struggle. There might even be open fighting and violence until people have had enough. There is mentioned in the Bible, that after fighting for a long time, people suddenly beat their swords into plowshares and they started focusing on tilling the ground and doing something constructive instead of killing each other. Why? Because it had enough of the force-based mindset, they saw the futility of it and they just decided enough is enough.

Well, when will the American people have had enough of the power elite? When will they be willing to start by looking at themselves and saying: “We cannot allow ourselves to be divided because that is how the elite can control us. We must set aside these petty differences and stop being divided along party lines and seek that middle way, that middle space based on seeing each other’s humanity and deciding to work together to cooperate rather than use force.” That is the shift that I look for. We have talked about it before, I know and we will keep talking about it until there is a shift and people see it.

The law of perpetual self-transcendence

Have you seen it as ascended master students? Some of you are thinking: “But we have heard all this before. When will they talk about something new?” Well, first of all, we are always talking about something new because we give a different angle of it. Certainly, this messenger has a good grasp of the teachings but he is still always amazed at how every dictation may talk about some of the same topics, but it brings out a new perspective and this ideally, would be the experience of all ascended master students. You are not here to be entertained with something new every five minutes. You are here to be the open doors for this to be radiated into the collective consciousness and I trust you will be willing to examine yourself and say: “Do I think I know better than the ascended masters, what the ascended masters should say?”

This messenger has been aware of this consciousness for a long time. He has met people from the Summit Lighthouse and forwards who had that awareness. He has always been very careful not to go into this mindset himself and not believe that he knew better than we do, what we should be saying in a dictation. That is why he has survived as a messenger for now almost 20 years which is, when you look at it historically, quite a long time.

Now, you can of course also survive as an ascended master student for decades, but only by staying out of that consciousness where you think you know better. Because if you think you know better, you will at some point stop listening to the ascended masters and you will find some channeler who is channeling some being that validates your belief that you know better. But this is not our job. We are not here to validate the beliefs that spring from the consciousness of antichrist. We are here to challenge those beliefs. And we do so, because it is the only way that we can help people transcend themselves. Validating their self-validating state of consciousness cannot lead to growth and as I said, perpetual self-transcendence is the other side of the Law of Free Will.

I, for one, have followed that law for a long time which is why I became an ascended master now a long time ago, and why I have continued to grow as an ascended master, reaching a much higher level of consciousness than I had when I ascended in 1684 and than I had when I gave dictations through the I AM Movement in the 1930s, to the Summit Lighthouse in the 1970s and 80s and early 90s, and now through this messenger for a long time. I have transcended myself over and over again. I am not the same Saint Germain who first gave dictations through this messenger in the early 2000s. Neither is the messenger the same. Most of our students are not the same either and that is why “We were winning from the beginning” as Master More has said. We were winning because we were willing to transcend ourselves and to continue to transcend ourselves. That is the only way to win, because the only way to win is to raise your self beyond duality, beyond force, beyond separation and come into oneness. You cannot come into oneness based on force. It cannot be done—it is impossible.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. Certainly, there is always more to say and it will be said in due course. I thank you for your patience, for your willingness to be the open doors for radiating this into the collective consciousness of America and beyond.

Be sealed then, in the joyful Flame of Freedom that I AM!


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels

Christians are holding back progress of democracy in America

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, October 8, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM Jesus Christ.

I am the being who holds the spiritual office of Planetary Christ, Planetary Savior. I am the being who was embodied 2000 years ago as Jesus Christ, for I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. But how can I be with you now that I am no longer in a physical body?

Many Christians in America and around the world do not really think about this. They have been told some story or other but they rarely think about it. Did I make a false promise when I said: “I am with you always”? They believe I have ascended to the spiritual realm but they also believe that there is nothing I could do, now that I am up there and you are still down here. How am I with you if I am sealed in some remote heaven, where I can do nothing to help you who are still struggling on earth? How am I with you? How can I fulfill my promise? Well, I am a spiritual being. Because of the law of free will, I am not authorized to do anything directly in the physical but what I can do is I can work with all people who are willing to tune into my being as a spiritual being.

That is what this messenger has been willing to do. Many other people for the past 2000 years have done it also, to some extent, not in the same way of having me speak through them but at least that they could receive some impulse, some ideas, even a sense of my presence, a sense of my energetic vibration and this is how I am with you. I am here constantly with every human being on earth! But are you with me in your mind, in your consciousness? Or is your heart far from me because your mind is far from me?

The consciousness of Satan in the Christian churches in America

What I have said so far has already caused the vast majority of Christians in America to reject me and reject what I am saying, that this cannot possibly be Jesus Christ. Is there not an irony in the fact that there is a religion with many different churches that claim to be the religion of Christ? Some even claim that the leaders of their churches represent Christ, that they are the only ones who represent Christ, that they have somehow been given a patent on Jesus Christ. Yet, are they willing to tune in to my being, to my heart? Are they willing to listen to the living Word that I speak through whomever I choose to speak through? For you are not the ones who choose what I as a spiritual being do.

This, they are not willing to grasp. They are not willing to grapple with this. And why is that so? They are so busy looking at the splinters in the eyes of their brothers and sisters that they are not willing to look at the beam in their own eye, and what is that beam? It is the beam, the consciousness that I challenged when I said to Peter: “Get thee behind me Satan for thou savorest not the things that be of God but the things that be of men.” Peter said to me: “Be it far from thee Lord! Nothing is going to happen to you that does not conform to my expectations or what should happen to the Living Christ.”  And this is the very consciousness that has been perpetrated by the Christian religion to this day. It is found everywhere in the world where there are Christian churches but it is especially powerful in America today. It is one of the main things that prevents progress in America and this I want to discourse on, for as we know some will understand, some will have ears to hear and eyes to see the beam in their own eye.

Imagine now, I realize that most Christians in America have been programmed from an early age not to use imagination, especially not when it comes to their religion and its doctrines and dogmas. But anyway, let us imagine that I, Jesus Christ, a spiritual being with all power in heaven and on earth, that I decided to take on a physical body and appear in America, walking around in America or perhaps driving since this is the land of the automobile and I would preach. What would I preach if I appeared in America today? Well, the first thing we need to deal with is that many Christians would say that since I was the Son of God, and since I had to be perfect when I was in embodiment 2000 years ago, I would say the exact same thing today that I said back then because what I said back then was perfect, it was the Word of God, so how could that be improved upon?

This is of course, the consciousness of Peter, the consciousness of Satan that wants Christ to conform to its own state of consciousness. I have said it before, I will say it again: “Why does Christ come to earth?” Because people are trapped in the consciousness of death, the consciousness of Satan, the consciousness exemplified by Peter. Christ comes to awaken them unto life, the life of the Christ consciousness. How can the Christ awaken you if it conforms to your expectations that are based on the satanic consciousness? It can not be done! It is impossible! There were many people back then, 2000 years ago, that rejected me because I said something or did something that did not correspond to their expectations of how a spiritual leader, possibly the Messiah, should talk or act.

Who were the people? Well, there were many among the people, but certainly as you can even see from the Bible there were many among the established religious leadership, the scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Sanhedrin. Did they embrace me? Did they accept what I said? Were they willing to be changed? Were they willing to change their religion based on the living Word of God? Nay, they found something where I said or did something that did not conform to their expectations and they rejected everything I did, I said, based on that one thing. This is the consciousness of Satan.

What would Jesus say to Americans today 

Now imagine that I walked around America today and preached. Who would be the first to reject me? The leaders of virtually all Christian churches in America, they would be the scribes and the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the Sanhedrin. Those wise men, for they are still men who thought they knew better than the Living Christ, what the Living Christ should say. One of the reasons would be that I would not say what I said back then. I would talk about many of the same issues because the psychology of human beings has not changed that much in the last 2000 years, certainly not as much as I had hoped. But I would not say the same words and I certainly would talk about issues today that are relevant today. I would not talk in parables today because the consciousness has moved on. People know so much more today that I can talk much more directly.

I would not use the same imagery. There would be no good Samaritan in my speaking today for how many Samaritans are there in America? I would find other ways. I would talk about what is going on in American society and the leaders of Christian religions would of course say: “This cannot be the real Jesus, the real Christ talking in this way, he would not be so different from the way he talked 2000 years ago.” Well, is the world different from what it was 2000 years ago? Then why would I not talk based on how the world is today? There is a certain irony here that I want to point out, that the very people in America who claim to be representing Christ to the American people, would be the first to reject me if I appeared in a physical form. Think about this. Think about this and then think further. How do you reject the Living Christ? Two thousand years ago I, in my incarnation as Jesus, had the anointing that made me the Living Christ in embodiment: I can of my own self do nothing, the Father within me, he doeth the work.

I, as an embodied being, was not the Living Christ. I was the open door for the Christ consciousness to shine through me. This is what they have denied since the formation of the Catholic church. Which is what? Based on the Peter consciousness, which he did not overcome, as you can clearly see by reading the New Testament and his reaction to my crucifixion and arrest. Peter never overcame the Peter consciousness, the satanic consciousness. He wanted Christ to conform to his consciousness, even though he had recognized that I was beyond his consciousness he still wanted me to conform. He carried this with him to Rome, exemplified in his demand to be crucified upside down because he was not worthy to be executed the same way as Christ. But what did I tell my disciples to do? To come into oneness, not only with me, but with the Christ consciousness that I had come into oneness with. How do you become the Living Christ? Only by coming into oneness with the universal Christ consciousness.

But then again, according to these Christians and their literal interpretation of the word of God, I was not the Living Christ. I was God from the very beginning. I was fundamentally different from all other human beings and this is again, the satanic consciousness that wants to do what? It wants to destroy the mission of Christ by making all people think that I was fundamentally different from them so they cannot follow my example and put on the Christ consciousness. This will be denied by virtually all church leaders in America, be they Catholic or Lutheran or evangelical or whatever they call themselves. It will be denied. But how can they deny it? Because they are in the satanic consciousness, the Peter consciousness, they are blinded by this and therefore they think they know better than Christ, better than God. They, when you look at the psychology, they are looking at the world. They, whether they are conscious of it or not, think that “God and Christ are up there in heaven, but we are down here, we are the leaders of the people down here and we know from down here what will bring people to salvation. We know what should happen.“

Well, this is the exact same consciousness that you saw in the scribes and Pharisees. What did I tell them, scribes and Pharisees? “Hypocrites! Ye are of your father the devil. Ye are of whitened sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones.” And if I walked the earth today and encountered these Christian ministers who came up with their sophisticated interpretations of scripture, what would I say to them? “Hypocrites! Ye are of your father the devil, ye are filled with dead men’s doctrines.” And how would they take this? They would reject me, they would do everything they could to get people to reject me, why? Because they would lose their position, their power, their privilege. They would lose it. But what does that mean? He who seeks to save his life shall lose it, but he who is willing to lose his life for my sake shall find it, shall find eternal life.

If there is something you are so holding onto here on earth, that you will reject the Living Christ standing before you in order to keep it, then you cannot at the same time claim to be a representative of Christ because doing so is pure, absolute hypocrisy. There is no other way to look at this from the perspective of Christ. There are multitude of other ways to look at it from the perspective of human beings who are trapped in the satanic consciousness, they can come up with all kinds of interpretations. But most of them will prefer to just ignore it: “It could not possibly be that Jesus Christ would choose to speak through this person that nobody has heard about, who is not even a Christian minister, who has never done anything special, who has no specific position or authority in society. It could not possibly be so we can safely ignore it.“

Naturally, they would do the same if I appeared physically, they would say: “There is no way that the real Jesus Christ could choose to appear in this physical manifestation and challenge our doctrines and challenge our positions. Therefore, he must be a false Christ, he must be “of the devil” and we can ignore him.”  And of course you can, free will is free will. But nevertheless, some in America will not ignore it. Some will even grasp it from the Christ, from the collective consciousness, and even though they know nothing about this messenger or ascended masters, they will be able to take a look at the Christian religion and see something that they have not seen before because this goes as shockwaves, I might say, into the collective consciousness of America. Some will understand, some will be awakened, some will be willing to lose their lives for the sake of coming to a higher awareness of Christ, Christ reality.

The basic psychology of the Christian churches in America 

I would take this a little bit further, by talking about what the basic consciousness, the basic psychology of the Christian movement in America is about and how it affects America. Now Saint Germain has talked in a number of dictations about the economy and he and other masters have said: “Does it really make sense that you have a democratic political system, but you have an economic system that is completely anti-democratic by allowing a small elite to do whatever they want to concentrate wealth in their own hands, taking it from the people.” Naturally, this is also antichrist, an anti-Christian economic system.

For did I not say: “Do unto others what you want them to do to you?” And is that what the financial elite in America is doing, and has been doing, almost since the founding of this nation? Is it Christlike, is it Christian to steal the wealth of the people and concentrate it in the hands of one percent? Certainly, some can see, it is not.

Then the logical consequence of this is to ask the question: “Is it logical to have a country with a democratic political system but a dominant religion that is completely and utterly anti-democratic?” Many will of course object to this, as some of you might be able to feel the opposition from the collective consciousness to this even being stated. And they will say: ”Well, certainly the Christian religion, the Christian ministers and the Christian people, they respect democracy.” Well, do they now? Do they really? What did I just say? The basic psychology of Christian leaders and many members of Christian churches in America is, that they know better.

They do not think consciously that they know better than God or Christ but they certainly think consciously that they know better than other people. They know better than other people how America should be governed. They believe that America should be governed based on their particular personal, subjective interpretation of the Christian scriptures. They believe of course that their interpretation is not subjective, but is objective and the only way that these scriptures can be interpreted, in a literal way.

But then, my beloved, just do a simple exercise. Select five of these Evangelical Lutheran churches in America. Look at their doctrines. Look at how they interpret particular verses from scripture and see the differences. See how different interpretations people have come up with of the same scriptural passages and then ask yourself: “Can this be objective?” Oh, yes. Many people will say: “No, but the others are wrong. We are the only ones who have the right interpretation. Our little church with 150 members here in central Florida, we are the only ones who have the correct interpretation of scripture.” “No, no, our little church here in rural Alabama, we are the only ones who have the right interpretation.” You see, if these churches had the Christ consciousness, they would be in agreement. They would be in agreement, they would not need to interpret scripture for they would have a living direct experience of my Being that is far beyond anything that was written down 2000 years ago or could be written down today. It is beyond words and therefore, if you are in alignment with Christ, in oneness with Christ, you do not let words divide you. You are not fighting with other people over the interpretation of words for you have a shared experience of the living reality of Christ that transcends anything on earth.

Based on the fact that they are so divided, you can see that they do not have that experience of Christ. And why don’t they? Because you cannot experience Christ through the consciousness of antichrist! You might experience as Peter did, that there is something special about Christ, that he is beyond your level of consciousness. But remember that Peter had a direct experience of the Living Christ in embodiment, which these churches deny could happen today and therefore by this denial, they have confined themselves to an interpretation of the scriptures from the past. They may think that some of these ministers have the Holy Spirit and are interpreting the scriptures by the Holy Spirit. But again, there is only one Holy Spirit. Would there not be some greater agreement and oneness if they were all tuned in to the same Spirit? And it was the Holy Spirit? And not one of the multitude of other spirits that whisper in people’s ears: “Oh, you have the truth, you are the superior one, you are the one who is right.” So many people fall for it as Peter did, thinking he was my primary disciple after I was no longer in the physical body.

The essence of a democracy and the Christian mindset

What is it that this does to democracy in America? These Christians, the majority of Christians in America, they think they know better than other people in America how America should be governed and they know better about particular issues. I have no intention here of going into particular issues. I’m only pointing out the general consciousness that these people have. Now my beloved, what is the essence of a democracy? All people over a certain age should have a vote. One vote, one vote per person. It doesn’t matter who they are, what race they are, what religion they are, what sex they are. Each person has one vote. There is an election, all of the people have the opportunity to vote. Those who vote, their votes will be counted and the majority of the votes determines the outcome of the election. Whether it is a special issue or the election of the President or members of Congress and the Senate, the majority votes. If you respect democracy, you respect the majority might not vote the way you think they should vote, but this is okay for you if you accept democracy.

But you see, that is not the mindset that most Christians in America are in because they have fallen prey to the epic mindset of thinking it is epically important that their way of looking at America should be the one that rules the day, no matter what the majority says. They know,  they know that they are not a majority in America. There are not a majority of Americans who are members of these fundamentalist Evangelical churches. They know this. They know they cannot determine the future of America through a majority vote. But they still think it is epically important that their view rules America and therefore they are willing to do whatever they can within certain boundaries in order to force that view upon America. This is why they supported Donald Trump as President, because he, even though he was in no way a Christian or an Evangelical, he was also in the mindset that he knew better and that his view should be forced upon America regardless of the democratic process and the people behind him and the power elite, the financial elite have the exact same mindset.

The reality here is that Christ supports democracy in America. Christ supports the process of democracy that is constantly unfolding. You may say, there are certain issues where Christ clearly sees the consequences and the consequences of saying yes to this or no to that, the Christ can see the consequences, that Christ can see that it would be better for the people, better for the nation if a certain decision was made. Again, I mention no specific issues but the Christ also sees that democracy is a process of gradually raising the consciousness of the people. So in certain cases, the people must be allowed to vote yes to a certain issue and experience the consequences of that decision so it can raise their consciousness in the long run, even though it has consequences in the short run. This is what people in the democratic mindset realize and will come to realize in greater and greater numbers because of the many dictations we have given on this and the invocations that you our students have given.

It is not the purpose of democracy, as we have said many times before, to manifest a society in a specific form. The purpose of democracy is the growth in consciousness of the population and this sometimes happens by them outplaying a certain state of consciousness and experiencing the consequences. In fact, you could say that any society, growth in consciousness happens only when people outplay a certain scenario and experience the consequences. As the Russian people will begin in increasing intensity to experience the consequences of this scenario that they are outplaying in their nation.

A self validating system of the human mind

We, who are in the Christ mind, we realize that even if we could get people on earth to listen to us from the ascended level, it would not lead to a growth in consciousness, the maximum growth in consciousness if people blindly followed what we told them. People need to have a certain amount of experiences. They need to outpicture certain ideas and beliefs that they have, experience the consequences in the physical, in the emotional in the mental and in the identity level and then, as a result of that experience their consciousness will shift or at least this has the potential to shift.

Now, you can, of course, always turn things around and say: “Well, isn’t that then what the Christians in America are doing? Aren’t they simply outplaying a scenario and they need to experience the consequences of it before their minds can shift?” Certainly, you can say that. But then you could also say: “Well, why did God then bother to send Christ to earth? Why not just leave people alone so that they could experience the consequences of their actions and state of consciousness and keep doing this indefinitely, until they finally got it, they shifted their consciousness?”

Because the law states that people have free will to do whatever they want but they also have to be given an opportunity to see the alternative to their current state of consciousness. And the reason for this is that we have explained so many times, that the human mind can become a closed system, a self validating system, where people are so convinced that the way they look at things is right and that even when they see the physical consequences of it, they can use that consciousness to deny, ignore or explain away those consequences. And most often the way they do it is to point at somebody else, to point the finger and say: “Oh, it was not our consciousness that precipitated this. It was those other people who precipitated this consequence. It certainly was not our consciousness that precipitated the problems in 1930s Germany. It was the Jews! It was not our, the Russians consciousness, who precipitated the problems in Russia after Putin. No, it was the West, it was NATO.”

You see, if people are left without ever encountering the Christ consciousness they can go on indefinitely, forever being trapped in what I called death, the state of death, the state of spiritual death, the consciousness of death, the consciousness of antichrist, the consciousness of Satan. And especially now that the very religion that emerged as a result of me appearing in a physical body 2000 years ago, has become perverted to the point where that religion is promoting the consciousness of antichrist while claiming it is the consciousness of Christ, this is the main problem in the Christian movement in America today.

The illusion of the fixed state

Democracy is the government of the future, at least the near future. It is necessary for the growth in humankind’s consciousness. We have talked about this at length, giving many different perspectives on it. The majority of Christian leaders in America have not grasped, locked into or accepted this fact. Their view, their basic attitude to life and to America is that they know better. They know best and therefore they need to find a way, by hook or by crook to force their view upon America. They think they had it made when they had a President who chose these Supreme Court judges that could overturn Roe vs. Wade. They think they had it made because of a number of other issues, but they do not realize that what they are actually doing is holding back progress in America.

They think there is a “fixed state” that needs to be attained. They even think that God and Christ want this fixed state to be attained on earth and then you will have the kingdom of God manifest on earth. But as I have explained many, many times, this is not what Christ wants. Christ stands for perpetual progress, perpetual self-transcendence. Why did Christ come to earth 2000 years ago, if it was to maintain the fixed state that was there, or to create a fixed state? Has there been a fixed state in the past 2000 years? You saw when you look back that for almost a thousand years the Catholic Church had almost total dominance of the thinking, the mindset of Europe. Did they ever attain a fixed state? Was it not eventually overturned? Because there can never be a fixed state on earth.

What is it that the devil stands for? What is it that Satan stands for? Well, it is this very consciousness of thinking that you know best. The devil thinks he knows better than God, how the universe should unfold and in order to try and prove this, the devil is trying to establish a fixed state based on his view, his definition and then he wants to maintain that indefinitely. Why would God want a fixed state? Why would the kingdom of God be an unchanging society? Some will say, because the kingdom of God is perfect and something that is perfect cannot change. But did God ever say that? Did Christ ever say that or was it the devil who said that?

The Living Word vs dead words

You see my beloved the devil is clever. The serpent was the most subtle of the animals in the garden. The devil, the consciousness of antichrist, what we have called the duality consciousness can turn anything around, can turn anything upside down. I know very well that what I am saying here is expressed in words and those in the consciousness of antichrist can easily go in and find words to counteract what I am saying, to argue against it, to say: “Oh, this cannot be right, it is this way.” But you see, their words are dead words. They are words only at the intellectual level. My words are the Living Word. They carry more than intellectual meaning. They carry the cup of light that is what Christ gave to those who thirsted.

The cup of light is carried in the words and those who are willing can open their minds and they can feel, they can experience the light streaming through the words and that is something that the false leaders cannot imitate. They may try in all kinds of manifestations that they claim is the Holy Spirit, but they cannot imitate the vibration of Christ. Now, of course many people cannot read that vibration, but some can and some will. You of course, are examples of people who have or you would not be listening to this but there are of course, many degrees of being able to read the vibration of Christ.

Did I ever want to start a movement that was based on a written word that could be interpreted and interpreted and interpreted over and over again? Nay, I wanted to establish the movement that would focus on one thing, giving people a direct experience of the Comforter, the Christ mind, the one Holy Spirit, which is the antidote to all of the subtle interpretations that the mind of antichrist can come up with because you sense there is a vibration and you can compare whatever the devil throws at you to that vibration. You can sense, you can learn to sense that there is a difference in vibration and that is why you can say: “Get thee behind me, Satan!” This is the movement I wanted to start. A movement where there was no need for interpretation of the scriptures of the past because you had the Living Word in the now. And people saw themselves not as being passive, not as sitting there in their churches every Sunday staring with blank eyes while they are thinking about something else when the minister is preaching. They saw themselves as people who were on a path to gradually raise their consciousness, increase their ability to read vibration and therefore gain a clearer and clearer expression of the Christ consciousness.

No one has ever been given a patent on the Christ consciousness. I did not have it 2000 years ago. I never gave it to Peter and I never gave it to any church. This messenger has never, ever considered that he had a patent on the ascended masters. He knows and accepts and realizes that we are the ones who decide that no human being on earth has the power to decide because the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. It is beyond human comprehension and therefore beyond what human beings can take power over, but even what they can grasp with the outer mind and define and say: “Oh this is what the Christ would say, this is what the Christ would not say.” The Spirit bloweth where it listeth because what is the purpose of the Spirit blowing? It is to go beyond all human expectations and definitions and give you something that is an alternative, a viable alternative to your present way of thinking, your present state of consciousness, your present state of death.

Those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, those who have hearts that are open to the Spirit, they grasp it, they sense it, they know it, they feel it, they experience it and they allow that experience to be like the leaven that raises the whole loaf of their consciousness. That is the basic psychology that I came to expose 2000 years ago. It is the basic psychology that I preached, that is hidden even if in the fragmentary scriptures that have survived the onslaught of the Catholic church and their antichrist attempt to root out any real ties to the Living Christ and to turn the Christian religion into a dead religion that could be controlled by the Roman emperor, and that could control the people.

The resurrection of Christianity in America

Many will say in American churches, but we are Lutherans, we are Evangelicals, we base our religion not on the Catholic church but on the scriptures. Do you know nothing of history? Have you never looked at how the present scriptures were created? How they were selected? How many books were left out? How they were interpreted, translated, this and that? Have you really not looked at historical facts that have come to light within the last several decades? Do you really think that you are not affected by the Catholic church and the decisions of Constantine and the church fathers to create the state religion of the Roman Empire? Have you forgotten that it is the Roman Catholic church? Catholic, as you know, means universal? Does Roman mean universal? How can a Roman church be truly universal?

So you see scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, they would reject me today as they did 2000 years ago. Partly because some of them are the very same scribes and Pharisees reincarnated again and again and again. They have often had leadership positions in Christian churches for hundreds of years, some for the past 1700 years. These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. If there is to be the highest possible resurrection of democracy in America, there must be at least some resurrection of Christianity in America. For right now, Christianity is a backwards-looking religion that wants society in this year 2022, to conform to values and beliefs that were present in the year 22, 2000 years ago. Christ is not backward looking, or Christ would not ever appear on earth.

Now some will say: “But Christ only wants people to be saved, why is Christ concerned about these things that happened on earth?” But I would say to these ministers: “Then why are you concerned about what happens on earth? Why are you involved in politics? Why are you trying to influence the political process of the United States if you think it does not matter because Jesus is going to appear in the sky any day now and roll up the world as a scroll?” You see again the inconsistency, the hypocrisy. As I said, Christ is not concerned about particular issues. Christ is concerned about the raising of the consciousness of the people because it is the raising of the consciousness of the people that can secure their entry into the kingdom of God, their salvation.

Again, look at what I said 2000 years ago. Look at what happened to the Christian religion with the formation of the Catholic church, that it created an entirely pacifying religion that was the same as the Jewish religion where you just have to obey the earthly leadership of your religion and then you will be secured entry into heaven. What did I say? Look at what I said, read between the lines: “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation, for the kingdom of God is within you.” What is within you? A state of consciousness, your state of consciousness. It does not matter what you do on the outer because if you do not change your state of consciousness, you will not be able to enter heaven. Look at so many Christians. They sit there and they think: “I am guaranteed to be saved. I have done all the outer things that my religion prescribes and this is the religion of Christ so Jesus is bound by some contract to come and save me after this lifetime, he must save me.” But do you have that contract? Then show me, where is your contract that says I am obligated to save you because you have done outer things on earth. You have observed things on earth, but you have not looked at the beam in your own eye, and therefore you have not changed your consciousness.

The consciousness that the vast majority of Christians have today is not allowed in heaven! You cannot enter heaven with that state of consciousness. That is why you must lose your life, your way of looking at life, your state of mind and attain a higher state of mind, being reborn in Christ, become a new being in Christ before you can enter heaven. It is all there in the scriptures if you are willing to look at it.

Hypocrisy and anger in the Christian movement

Now look at these Christians in America. Hypocrisy takes many forms, here’s one: many Christians go around thinking they are kind people. They always behave kindly. Many of these Christian ministers, they speak softly, they are kind to everyone, “Bless you, my child” and they think this is how a Christian behaves. But then look at some of the ministers, and many of their members. Look at their actions, on their fruits you shall know them. Look at the scandals that have happened in Christian churches. Why can you have a person, who on the outward gives this image of “being a man of God” as they call themselves and yet he goes and has some sexual affair with a man or a woman or he has financial improprieties, or whatever it may be.

Why do you have this contrast? Yes, I know what the Christians say, they say: “We are all human. We are all weak” like the Catholic church about its priests abusing children “We are all weak, we are all human.” Well, if you are human and weak, how can you claim to represent Christ? Did I go around sexually abusing children? You see my beloved, why is there this discrepancy between the image they portray and what is going on inside of them? Because surely you can see that if a minister claims to be this man of God, and yet he does things that are not of God, there must be something going on in his subconscious mind.

And what is going on in the subconscious mind of most Christians in America? Why do you see that some of these people, who claim to be good Christians, have become so angry because Trump was not reelected? How come you see that they have become so angry that they are willing to cast doubt on the entire democratic election system, which by international observers has been said to be a perfectly well-functioning system? Why are they willing to go along with Trump’s election lies? What is behind this? It is, if you look at it, if you look at their emotional bodies, it is anger. They are angry.

Most Christians today in America, both the members and the leaders are angry. They do not know why they are angry and so they do what angry people universally have done throughout history. They direct their anger at somebody else. Oh, it is those Democrats; it is those Antifa members; it is those election officials that were part of this conspiracy, they are the reason we are angry. But anger is an internal condition. It can be channeled and directed into outer conditions but it is not caused by the outer conditions, at least not the specific outer conditions.

What is anger really caused by? Well, you take a lion, which has spent its entire life roaming free on the savanna. You catch it in a trap, you put it in a small cage, or you tie it with ropes and what do you see? The lion roars, it bears its claws and teeth and it strikes out at anybody who comes near. You would say, from a human perspective, the lion is clearly angry but why is the lion angry? Because it is trapped. It feels trapped. Why are Christians angry? Because they feel trapped. Why do they feel trapped? Because they have an outer religion that tells them this. But somewhere within them they know that what their outer religion tells them is not true. Ultimately, they know that they will not be saved by believing in what the outer religion tells them. How do they know this?

Will you follow the hypocrites?

They do not know it consciously. They know it because this is a momentum that has been growing in the collective consciousness for the past 2000 years. Quite a few Christians have contributed to this momentum. But many members of other religions have also contributed and many people who are not members of any formal religion have contributed to this. Even some who claim to be atheists or materialists have contributed to this by doing what we have talked about many times, taking responsibility for changing your own psychology, your own consciousness. And they have experienced that when you change your own consciousness, your experience of life changes, you become a new person. But the Christians have been brought up to believe that they do not need to do this. Because what is the basic message of the churches in America, the Christian churches in America? It is, you just need to follow the outer rules and you will be saved. You do not need to look at the beam in your own eye.

Yeah, Jesus made that remark, but he did not really mean Christians. Christians do not have to look at the beam in their own eye for as long as we follow the outer rules we will be saved. But they know, because they feel that pressure from the collective consciousness, that this is a lie. It is an insidious, a satanic lie. You will not be saved by being a member of a Christian church in America unless you change your consciousness, which of course can be done but most people cannot do so because they have no idea where to even start. So Christians feel angry because they feel trapped. They feel from within that they are not going to be saved but they cannot abandon nor question the other religion that tells them differently. And they are fixated, they are kept in exactly the position where the devil wants people to be kept. They are trapped, they are immobilized, they are pacified, they are in a catch-22. From their state of mind there is no way out. This is death as I portrayed it 2000 years ago. Read the scriptures and how I talked about death. Let the dead bury their dead. Can those who are physically dead bury other corpses? No, so there must be a deeper meaning. Those who are spiritually dead, can bury those who are physically dead and those who are not dead can follow the Living Christ and attain life.

What can I say, other than: “Those of you Christians in America who want life, I have set before you life and death. Not only through this messenger, but in many other ways. Seek life. Choose life! For if you do not consciously choose life you are subconsciously choosing death.” And those ministers, look at them all. Look at why they would reject the Living Christ. Because they want to keep you trapped in their churches. They want you to come every Sunday and listen to them so they can feel important. They want you to give them money so they can maintain the elaborate lifestyle of some of these leaders of mega churches have.

Did I 2000 years ago, build a palace for myself in Palestine? Nay, because I knew I had but a short time on earth. What did I need to own anything for on earth when I wanted to rise to My Father’s Kingdom? What does it show you that there are Christian ministers who claim to represent Christ and they own palaces and palatial churches? It shows you that they want something on earth. But then how can they be in alignment with Christ, who wants nothing on earth? Again, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, hypocrites, all of them. Will you follow the hypocrites? Or will you go within and find some experience of the Christ consciousness? I hurl this challenge into the collective consciousness of America. I hurl this challenge.

Democracy is the government of Christ. What did the Catholic church say? They said: “The king and the noble class holding the people, the population as slaves, that is the government of Christ. The king was God ordained the divine rights of kings.” That was what the Catholic church said in the Middle Ages. I say: “Get thee behind me Satan! Let the people decide. Let the majority decide and see what experiences they get and how this gives them an opportunity to shift their consciousness. What is that to thee? Follow thou me! Why did I say this? Because, what sense does it make to fight over this or that issue that in the long run, the long perspective is not consequential? What I want is the growth in consciousness that opens people’s hearts and minds to the Christ consciousness, to the Holy Spirit and therefore they can shift so that they find that kingdom of God within them, because they are reborn into a new being in Christ. That is what I want. This cannot be forced by anyone. No dictatorship, be it Catholic or Communist or Capitalist, can force people to shift their consciousness, at least not upwards. It might force them to shift it downwards. This can only happen voluntarily.

And what is democracy all about? The voluntary choices of people. The Christian religion in America is not democratic. It is dictatorial in its mindset. Therefore it is as any dictatorial society, dominated by a small elite who think they know better. These are the fallen beings who think they know better than God, how the universe should work. They do not.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. I am grateful for those of you who have been willing to listen, to open your minds and chakras to be broadcasting stations to send this into the collective consciousness. Surely, many people will never read it or hear it but this does not mean that it cannot affect them by radiating through the collective consciousness as waves upon waves upon waves, as it surely will do, as all of our dictations have done.

And you may say: “Where are the results? Where are the changes?” First of all, you have seen many changes in the past 20 or 50 or 70 years, have you not? Second of all, there are many changes that are filtering down through the identity, mental and emotional level and only need a certain trigger to become physical. Someone who is willing to open their mind, many people who are willing to open their minds and suddenly there is that shift, and nothing will ever be the same. This can happen in America as well. The division, the animosity you see today can shift almost instantly. Many people can wake up and see that there is a discrepancy between claiming to be good Christians and having anger against another group of people. Because, how is this: “doing unto others what you want them to do to you?” And this was after all, one of my primary commandments that no Christian can truly deny. They can misinterpret it and think they are doing unto others but again, hypocrisy.

Even the Christ must sometimes step back and simply let things out play themselves. With this, I seal you in the Joy Flame that I AM.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels


How to remove human suffering

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, June 6, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.


An unprecedented release of the Flame of Peace

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha.

Peace is a flame, an energy, a consciousness, a being – a cosmic being of an attainment beyond the level that I am at as the Buddha for earth. This cosmic being has been magnetized to the earth by the ascended masters, by you our students and by this shift in consciousness that happened as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. This event created such a shift in the collective consciousness that we of the ascended masters appealed to this cosmic being to magnetize its presence in the etheric octave over the earth and release an unprecedented release of the Flame of Peace. 

Now, this flame of peace does not mean that there will instantly be peace on earth in terms of a physical peace. It actually means that this flame will expose all energies, all consciousness, all beings of anti-peace, thus it may seem that this flame of peace will bring the opposite of peace, but this will be only for a time. We have said that the earth cannot resist the upward pull of the entire sphere. Neither can the earth resist the Cosmic Flame of Peace. This is thus a dispensation, an opportunity for earth magnetized by the fact that so many people on earth truly want peace. They want a future where they have peace from those who are willing to take by force. 

The consciousness of being willing to take by force

What is this willingness to take by force? Well, it is a spiritual poison. It has several elements. It actually springs from all of the poisons, from ignorance to lust, cravings, greed, because to this consciousness that is willing to take by force, it is never enough. What do people, beings, who are willing to take by force generate? They generate suffering, often for other people as well, but they always generate suffering for themselves. Those who are the instigators of war for example cannot fail to generate an agitation in their own minds and four lower bodies that can quickly become unbearable. That is why you have seen some leaders who started wars and who literally became insane, going into a completely delusional state of mind, losing touch with reality. So, can you really say that when a being has stepped into this consciousness of wanting or being willing to take by force, that this being still has free will? Is it not rather so that this being has surrendered its free will to these collective beasts, demons or fallen beings who want to create chaos or have an agenda of proving God wrong? Do such people actually have free will? They have a will but it is not free. 

What is it that happens in the psychology of people that go into this consciousness of being willing to take by force? They are of course going into the duality consciousness. This means that they can use the dualistic reasoning process to justify their actions, but only from a certain perspective. You see the upward force of the entire unascended sphere is the Christ consciousness bringing everything closer and closer to oneness. Surely, oneness is difficult to fathom for people in embodiment on a dense matter planet like earth but nevertheless, there is an upward movement in the universe. When you go into the consciousness of taking by force you cannot be in oneness. For if you are in oneness you realize that if you take by force from others you are also taking from yourself, and who would be insane enough to do that? 

The state of non-peace and non-freedom

These beings go against the upward force of the universe and they cannot fail to feel it. Often, they do not feel this consciously. They are not aware of why they feel what they feel, but they feel an agitation. They are in this constant state of non-peace, of unrest. They cannot be at peace in their own minds. This can ultimately cause them to become insane by any definition of that word, but on an intermediate stage it causes them to go into a state of delusion where they cannot see the consequences of their actions. They cannot acknowledge the consequences of their actions. Why is this so? Because in order to be able to survive psychologically in this state of non-peace they must find some argumentation in their minds that in their minds justifies their aggression, their taking through force, and they cannot acknowledge the consequences of their actions because these consequences would invalidate their justification. They must go into a state of delusion and denial of reality in order to survive psychologically. 

What does this mean? This means that they now go into a state of mind that is the ultimate state of non-freedom. What freedom do they have left when they have taken physical actions by force that cannot be taken back, when they have created physical consequences for other people that cannot be nullified or whisked away? And if they acknowledged these consequences, even consequences for their own people and for themselves, they would have to admit that their justification was not sufficient. 

This means in their minds they would have to admit they had made a mistake, but if you are in this state of the extreme willingness to take by force, you see yourself as a superior being because that is what gives you the desire to have ultimate power that causes you to take by force. And if you are a superior being you cannot be wrong. Or rather, you cannot bear being wrong, and so you cannot acknowledge that you were wrong. You cannot acknowledge reality of what is actually happening in the world, and therefore you are completely un-free. You cannot change your mind because by changing your mind or changing your actions, you would have to admit that your first actions were wrong and the justification of those actions was wrong and therefore, you were wrong, and you as a superior being cannot bear to be wrong so you must deny. But in that total denial you lose all freedom in your mind. 

It may seem as if the fallen beings have freedom to do whatever they want without considering the consequences for others that normal people would consider. It may seem they can often get away with doing things because they cause the people who follow them to take on the karma. But when you look inside the minds of the fallen beings, you see that they are the least free beings at the level of the mind. They may seem to be free at the level of physical actions but they are the least free beings at the level of the mind. 

The leaders who cannot bear to be wrong 

We have for quite some time, through a previous dispensation, talked about fallen angels. We have in this dispensation talked about fallen beings and given some very profound teachings about fallen beings. These teachings have gone into the collective consciousness where they have reached people who are open to them because they have looked at history and wondered why there is this type of leader on earth that has no empathy, no consideration for the suffering of others. They have of course reached you, our direct students. You have contemplated these ideas, you have given the invocations based on our dictations, and all of this has created an upward momentum that was reinforced and crystallized by the invasion of Ukraine to the point where a critical mass has been reached on a planetary level. 

There is now a shift in the collective consciousness where many more people see and acknowledge the need to understand why we have these kinds of leaders even in the modern world, leaders who will take actions that are clearly based on force, that create severe consequences for their own people and for other people. And yet, they are not willing to acknowledge the consequences, change their actions, change their minds. They have no empathy. They will disregard the consequences of their actions, and why? Well, as I said, because they cannot bear to be wrong, and this is what many people are ready to see: the complete inflexibility, inability, unwillingness to admit that one was wrong or that one’s actions were not the best and were not actually in one’s own interest. 

The inflexibility of dictatorships

This leads towards the realization that democracies are societies that can afford to have leaders that are wrong. They are societies where the people can afford to be wrong. They can afford to admit that they have been wrong and change their outlook and their actions accordingly. This is one of the essential differences between a dictatorship and a democracy. The leader in a dictatorship cannot admit that he is wrong and the people cannot admit that they were wrong about the dictator, and this creates a fundamental inflexibility, meaning that a dictatorship cannot adapt to changing circumstances. They must continue to do the same thing while expecting different results, which is, as you know Einstein said, a form of insanity. They literally go into a downward spiral that can only stop when an event is so shocking to them that it breaks their denial. It might be a total defeat like you saw with the defeat of Nazi Germany. It might be the exposure of a shocking inhumanity as you also saw with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Or it might be the threat of a complete economic breakdown as you saw with the Soviet Union. 

You have seen that sometimes dictatorships can change course and come into an upward spiral. You saw how the British Empire was brought to look at itself by the example of Gandhi and the non-violence movement, and therefore changed from being a dictatorship in its behavior towards India, to realizing that you cannot claim to be a democracy at home and behave like a dictator abroad. You saw Germany go from being a dictatorship under Hitler to becoming a democratic nation. You have seen Germany recently admit that their policy towards Russia and Putin was a mistake and they have been willing to change. You have seen other democracies admit that they misjudged Putin and the situation in Russia, and they have been willing to change accordingly. You have seen some democratic nations who have not been willing to do this, yet. 

Flexibility Equals Survival

But nevertheless, what I wish to point out here is as the Buddha I was in embodiment on earth many, many thousands of years before I embodied as Gautama Buddha. I was not the Buddha for that entire time. I did not have the Buddha consciousness but I was in embodiment for a very long time. I ascended 2,500 years ago and since then I have been an ascended master in the Buddhic consciousness. I have a very long experience, a very long view of the earth. This means I know what is survivable and what is not survivable in terms of societies. And truly the only thing that is survivable is adaptability, flexibility, the willingness to change. Not just changing horizontally but changing vertically in terms of transcending one’s former level of consciousness.

Anyone who takes the long view that I can take can see that progression is the absolute requirement, not only on earth but throughout the universe. Transcendence of a former state, progressing to a higher state, that is the foundation for survivability. This you can also see by looking at history and how societies have come and gone. You can look at animal species and the evolution. Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? Because they could not adapt. You see here that this is actually a natural law. It is, of course, also a spiritual law but you can look at it completely neutrally and call it a natural law. When societies become rigid and inflexible and refuse to adapt, they cannot be sustained over time. There is a time limit, an expiration date. What causes societies to become inflexible? They cannot admit, not necessarily that they are wrong, but they cannot admit that they could do better than what they are doing now.

The downfall of civilizations and the upward pull of the rest of the universe

The progression towards something better is a law. Now of course what you cannot see necessarily from recorded history is that there have been past ages where the entire planet went into a downward spiral that caused the downfall of civilizations. It is possible on a planet like earth to go into a downward spiral and to go against that natural law of progressive self-transcendence. Yet, this also of course caused the downfall of these civilizations, the destruction of civilizations and the reduction of the population to a very low level compared to today. This of course could not be maintained. There came a point where the downward spiral had hit rock bottom and there was no lower place to go. 

Then the upward pull of the rest of the universe started pulling the earth up, and gradually people responded and built an upward momentum. There are forces that are working against such an upward momentum, and they can have some success in creating these empires that can stop growth on a temporary basis. And even though they sometimes may last for a thousand years, they cannot last indefinitely. 

And if you look at even recorded history you see that the time span of such empires is clearly becoming shorter and shorter. The Roman empire survived for quite some time. The Catholic Roman empire survived for some time. The czarist empire in Russia, the kings of Europe, the kingdoms of Europe, survived for some time. But you see that it became shortened. And then you had these leaders that had the ambition of conquering the entire world, like Napoleon, who had success for time, but not a very long time. You had Hitler who had success for a time, but not a very long time. You see that the more violent actions leaders take, the shorter their lifespan will be. The Soviet Union survived for as long as it did because it avoided the cold war becoming hot. Putin has survived for as long as he has survived because he avoided crossing that line. But now it has been crossed and there is no way back.

New awareness in the non-democratic nations 

This is something that there can be an awareness of, that many people can grasp not only in democratic nations but also in non-democratic nations. There is a momentum building in the collective consciousness where many, many people in non-democratic nations are suddenly, without any particular forethought, becoming aware of these weaknesses in their nations and in their former government and in dictatorial regimes. They are beginning to see that they are in a self-destructive spiral that cannot be maintained. And if their societies are to avoid some kind of breakdown, there needs to be change. 

There are people in China who can see that an invasion of Taiwan would be suicidal for the communist party and the current power elite of China. There are people in the Arab nations who can see that the current situation with Islam having such an influence on the government is not sustainable. There are people in other nations who can see that the attempt by some leaders to subvert and undermine democracy, and give themselves unconstitutional powers, is not sustainable. Turkey is one obvious example of this. It is not enough to change your name, you need to change your game. Which means changing the man at the top.

There is this underlying and yet mostly unseen and unrecognized momentum that is building, and it is building towards this recognition that suffering is not unavoidable. Suffering is for the most part created by human beings, and it is created by the human beings who are taking through force, the human beings who justify force and who will not admit that they are wrong. This inflexibility, this unwillingness to adapt and change, is the real cause of most of the suffering seen on earth. It is so to speak the driving force that stirs up the sea of samsara.

The key to overcome human suffering

This momentum has, as I said, partly been built by ascended master students, partly by many Buddhists over the past 2,500 years who have attempted to embody the teachings that I gave, partly by many Christians who have attempted to embody the teachings of Jesus and partly by many people in democratic nations and even in non-democratic nations who had considered the difference between dictatorships and democracies. Who have considered: “Why is their human suffering? What is the cause? What could be done to alleviate, perhaps even remove, human suffering? Would it be possible to remove human suffering?” Many have asked. Some have concluded that it would not because they could not see how. Others have contemplated that it must be possible. They sense intuitively, they know perhaps from past lives, perhaps from in between embodiments that it is possible to alleviate, to remove, to resolve human suffering.

Is it not after all what the Buddha said? Is it not what Jesus said? Is it not what many other religions and spiritual movements have said? It is possible to overcome suffering. Some say it is possible only after you pass from this world. But many, especially in the modern age, have started to ask: “Should it not be possible to achieve it, even in this world, the freedom from suffering?” What many of these people have begun to suspect is that freedom from suffering can be achieved not in an outer way, not by creating an ideal utopian society. After all, where does suffering take place? You may say that if you fall off a horse and break your leg there is a physical pain that causes you suffering. But where is the pain experienced? In your mind. When you are given an anesthetic that dulls the pain, does that anesthetic affect your broken leg? Or does it affect your brain that senses the physical pain? 

But beyond the physical pain is of course the psychological experience of the pain, and this is suffering. Pain, physical pain, even when it is experienced by the brain, is not actually suffering, because suffering is not the same as pain. Pain can cause or trigger suffering but the pain itself is not the suffering. The suffering is an experience in the mind. And it can have various elements, but there is always that element: “I should not be feeling this pain. I should not be experiencing this condition. These people should not be doing this to me.” There is always a sense in the mind: this should not be happening. But since this is happening, and since you cannot make it go away, this then is what causes the suffering.

Many people have begun to at least suspect and sense that suffering takes place in the mind, which means that even though it can be triggered by external factors, the real cause of suffering must be internal. And this means that the only way to remove suffering is to work directly with the mind. Surely democratic societies have attempted to create a situation where the citizens of those societies are not experiencing many of these external conditions that have traditionally caused suffering or triggered suffering. There are many people in democratic societies who have grown up their entire lives without experiencing these severe physical circumstances. But still many people suffer. They suffer even though they have no physical reason to suffer, but they have a psychological reason that causes suffering. 

The democracies have proven that even giving people ideal material conditions does not remove their suffering. It is now clear that the only way to remove suffering is to work with the mind. Which, as it so happens, was what I said 2,500 years ago. And what Jesus said 2,000 years ago. And what Confucius and Lao Tzu and other spiritual messengers have said at many different times in many different contexts. They have often not been heard because even though people could hear the outer teaching, they could not fully internalize it. But we are now approaching an age where more and more people will be able to grasp the teaching, to grasp what is actually being said: that the key to overcome suffering is in the human mind.

You may attempt to create a utopia, and you may attempt to create an ideal society, but it will never alleviate suffering. What is it that you see in a force-based society where the government is based on force? You see that such a society has a high degree of suffering. The people of the Soviet Union clearly suffered more than the people in Western Europe at the time. The people in Russia before the invasion were clearly suffering more than the people in Western Europe at the time. The people in Russia after the invasion are clearly suffering more than the people in Western Europe. 

You see that in a force-based society, a force-based government, the people suffer more. In a democratic nation the people suffer less, but they still suffer. And their suffering is different. They are not suffering as a result of outer conditions, but now, to a greater and greater extent they are suffering because of psychological conditions. We have explained the reason for this, that people who have experienced trauma in past lives will tend to want to embody, if at all possible, in a democratic nation where they have a better opportunity to resolve their traumatized psychology.

You cannot remove suffering through force

But nevertheless, the point here is that you need to ask yourself, primarily in democracies but also in other nations, what is the purpose for our society? You can look at a dictatorship and see that the purpose of a dictatorship is to give the dictator and the power elite that supports him whatever they crave in terms of a sense of power, a sense of being superior, a sense of being special, a sense of being rich and privileged, whatever it may be. But the entire society is based on this small power elite taking by force from the population. 

It is clear that when you have a force-based society where the majority of the population are virtually slaves of a small elite, the population will suffer. There will be plenty of external circumstances that cause the population to suffer because they feel this is not right, they should be having a better life, they should not be limited so much, they should not be persecuted and so forth. But as I have also explained, nobody actually suffers more than the dictator and his henchmen. They are the ones who are suffering most. 

What you can say is that a force-based society is not a society that has the goal of ending or even minimizing human suffering, and it could never achieve that goal even if it wanted to. You cannot remove suffering through force. Force will only generate more suffering. And of course, suffering also generates more force because people in this mindset think that if they are suffering, there must be an outer cause, and if they use force to destroy that cause, they will not be suffering. But their attempt to destroy the cause will only cause more suffering and therefore they are in this never-ending spiral that builds in intensity until they can no longer survive it psychologically, or even physically.

You cannot remove suffering through material welfare

When you then look at democracies, what could you actually say about democracies? You could say that they are societies aimed at minimizing human suffering, minimizing the suffering of the general population. You could even say that the higher goal of a democracy is to remove human suffering. But what we are pointing out with this series of discourses is that this cannot be achieved, no matter how good of an outer society you create. No matter how good the material conditions are, how free people are, how easy of a life they have, it will not remove suffering because the cause of suffering is internal. As we have said before, the next logical step for the modern democracies, is to focus on psychological wellbeing, instead of material welfare. 

This is clearly another step up, another logical, natural progression of what the modern democracies have experienced, at least the ones that are most highly evolved in the democratic process. This again does not mean they have to acknowledge a spiritual teaching or the assistance of ascended masters, but they do need to discover certain universal principles about the human psyche, and implement them. 

You could say, as we have said, the real important thing for democracy is people, not ideas, not theories, not ideologies. The real important thing for democracy is the population at large, not a small elite. But at another higher level up the goal of a democracy is to alleviate suffering for the people. This of course is something that more and more people are beginning to lock into, to grasp, to acknowledge and even to talk and write about. You are part of that process as our direct students when you raise your own consciousness, when you make the calls, when you study the teachings, but there are many, many other people. 

Creating the upward spiral for all people

As we have said several times in previous dispensations our students had the need to feel that they alone were saving the world for Saint Germain. But this, you are mature enough to realize, is a naive view. It takes many, many, many people to change the world. You can be the forerunners, the tip of the spear, but you cannot do it alone. It would be naive to think so. Therefore, we have several times asked you to make this shift where you are not doing what you are doing in order to elevate yourselves to be special because when you have this mindset, you can very easily open yourself to that spiritual poison of envy and jealousy. What does this poison cause people to do? You actually want to be the only ones who are doing something positive for Saint Germain. You do not want all of these people out there to tune into our ideas and implement them because that would take credit away from you. There has been this kind of consciousness in previous ascended master dispensations, and in many religious movements and spiritual movements. 

Many gurus still want to elevate themselves and they pass this on to their followers. We are asking you to step up to a higher level of maturity, let this go and hold the vision that all of the people out there who have the potential to tune into these ideas, implement them and change the world will do so. They will achieve maximum success that is in their divine plans. Because truly my beloved, when you reach a higher level of Christhood, you see as self-evident that other people having success in fulfilling their divine plans could not possibly detract from your divine plan. On the contrary, the more other people have success, the more you will have success, because you are part of the whole, and it is only by seeking to raise that whole, that you will have the maximum raising of yourself. This is what you see as self-evident when you reach a certain level of Christhood. You realize it is not about me as this separate being. It is about the greater me of all people who are in an upward spiral. Ultimately, even all of humanity, because all can be pulled up by the upward spiral, even if they are not yet activity locked into it and accelerating it.

The big success of the conference 

This conference and I am not saying this to make you feel special, but you do deserve a realistic assessment –  this conference has had a major impact because of the timing. Because of the shift, the awakening that happened as a result of Vladimir Putin’s shock therapy, this conference, our dictations, your calls, your internalization and listening to the dictations has had a much bigger impact than it otherwise would have had. 

You can say: “We could have given the same dictations, by and large, six months ago.” You could have given not the same invocations, but you could have given some powerful invocations and we could have had a conference on democracy and Christhood in the fall. But because the collective consciousness was in this stalemate that it was in at the time, the conference would not have had anywhere near the impact that this conference has had. You really have had, in this conference, a tremendous impact in giving direction to the turmoil in the collective consciousness. There is plenty of energy in the collective consciousness, but there has been lacking the direction. There has been some direction, because as we have said, the democratic nations have actually responded in a higher degree than we expected. But there has still been a lack of direction and you have provided the impetus that, if people are willing, can crystallize new visions, new directions and a new sense of determination. For this, you deserve our gratitude. 

Peace coming from the come-what-may mindset 

You will recognize perhaps that we of the ascended masters are the ultimate flexible beings. This will surprise some ascended master students who think that we are constant. In a sense, we are constant in our level of consciousness, although we are still transcending ourselves as we have said. But we are infinitely flexible when it comes to helping human beings on earth. Any situation, any shift in conditions on earth, we always seek to use them to promote growth. Surely, we would have preferred that this war had not taken place. But now that it has taken place, we do not look at this with any kind of regret. We say: “How do we help people move on from here? How do we turn this into a positive and turn it into a growth opportunity that will actually bring growth and bring the planet and the societies that are willing, closer to Saint Germain’s Golden Age?”

This is of course a mindset that you can adopt as well, as our students. This messenger was, as he said, shocked when the war happened, but he worked with himself and his psychology, changed his mindset. He was helped by the thought that when you look at the earth today, you can see that conditions on this planet are very far below where they will be in Saint Germain’s Golden Age. We have given enough teachings about the Golden Age of Saint Germain that you can all see that conditions on earth right now are very, very far below where they will be in the golden age. This means that tremendous changes need to take place before the golden age can truly begin to manifest. 

This messenger realized that so far, he had had the attitude, the mindset, that he was hoping and wanting and holding the vision that these changes would happen gradually so there would not be these big shocks, such as a war, such as the corona pandemic, an economic collapse or other things like that. He was hoping that the kind of growth that he has seen for most of his lifetime and that most of you have seen for most of your lifetimes in the modern democratic world, this gradual steady progression without the big shocks. 

He was hoping for this. But when he examined this mindset he realized: “But if the changes, the tremendous changes that need to take place happen only gradually, would it not take a very long time before the golden age could be manifest?” This caused him to shift his mindset and say: “Well, I can accept that there will be some big shocks, some big dramatic events that will shift the mindset so that we can more quickly reach the manifestation of the golden age.” All of you can do the same, not only because it will actually speed up growth because you are not holding a vision that promotes slower growth, but also because you yourselves can attain a greater sense of peace when these events happen. 

I am not in any way discounting the suffering of people in Ukraine. I am not saying that if you live in Ukraine, you should be able to be at peace about the entire situation. But there are many of you, most of our students who are living in more peaceful countries and you can adopt a more peaceful state of mind. More of a “come-what-may” instead of this fear: “Oh, this must not happen, or that must not happen.” This means that when things do happen that are dramatic, then you will not lose your peace. You will not go into that state of agitation where you think, as even this messenger did in the beginning days of the war: “Oh this should not have happened. How could this happen? This should not have happened.” You can instead adopt the mindset: “Well, now that it has happened, how do we make the best of it? How do we turn it into growth?” It will be easier for you to deal with the rest of your time in embodiment. 

Gautama’s offer

 There can be dramatic shifts. We have actually never said there would not be. But we have been working towards a more steady growth that would not require these very hard knocks in the school of hard knocks. You are direct students, you are not in the school of hard knocks. Therefore, you can strive for a state of mind where you are not disturbed when others receive those hard knocks. This, I desire to see for you. I hope this conference has helped you move closer to that state of peace. If not, I offer you my flame of cosmic peace that will make unruly thoughts cease. Give my decree, give even the refrain to the decree. It is four lines. You can learn it by heart in a short time, and then give it if you feel agitation. Give it if you are lying at night and find it difficult to go to sleep. Just silently repeat the refrain of my decree: 

Gautama flame of cosmic peace,
Unruly thoughts do hereby cease,
We radiate from you and me,
The peace to still samsara’s sea.

I hold the vision for you that samsara’s sea will be stilled in your minds.  

And for this, I seal you in my flame of cosmic peace and the flame of gratitude from all of us that you have listened to, or invoked, during this magnificent event.


Copyright © 2022 Kim Michaels

How to live up to our democratic ideas 

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Ascended Master Master MORE through Kim Michaels, June 6, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I am the Ascended Master MORE. As many of you know, I was embodied in the 1500s as Thomas More. And during that embodiment, I published a book called Utopia that even today is somewhat debated by people. There is widespread differences in how this book is interpreted by various so-called experts. But there are some that have realized that the book is probably not meant seriously as me recommending this kind of society, but more as a satire of contemporary England of my time.

Looking down upon the present

However, there is more to it than that, in the sense that it is also meant to be a satire of those who are dissatisfied with their current society and always looking to the future, thinking society will be better in the future, possibly the distant future. You find this, of course, today as well. You find many people, both in the democratic worlds and elsewhere, who are dissatisfied with the world as it is. Who are always looking at the negative, always looking for problems, always trying to analyze what is wrong here, what is wrong there. And they think they are doing this with the best of intentions. They think that they are trying to discover a theory of how to create the ideal society in the future.

This was also the case in the 1500s and in many other time periods. There has always been a certain group of people, some of them are fallen beings, who are always criticizing their present time looking towards some better future. And therefore, what are they doing? They are in a sense saying that the present time is no good. There is this problem, there is that problem, there is all kinds of wrong things going on in society. And therefore, people should be dissatisfied with the present and look to the future. This is not really all that different from the Catholic church and many other Christian churches who promoted the idea that you cannot truly be happy in this world. Happiness comes when you are saved after this lifetime and go to heaven. If, of course, you follow the dictates of the church.

There is a very strong mentality in the world, there is a very strong collective beast of looking down upon the present and looking towards the future. Or even looking back to the past, thinking that conditions were so much better in the so-called ‘good old days.’ You see people who are either longing back to the Roman Empire or this empire or that empire, or longing forward to the Utopian society that they are convinced will manifest in the future.

You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem

But how do you actually improve society? Many will say that you improve society by analyzing and pointing out the problems that exist, and then solving those problems. Now, again, as Jesus and Saint Germain have pointed out, there is always a subtlety. There is always a challenge in discerning a higher view, a higher perspective. Of course, you can look back at history and see that people have analyzed problems and then attempted to come up with solutions to those problems. This is a necessary approach. But if this is your only approach, you will not actually be successful. And you certainly will not create an ideal society.

Why not? Well, what is it that the Christ consciousness actually stands for? You may say that Jesus came to bring forth a teaching that could serve as the catalyst during the Piscean Age to bring forth a better society. True enough. You might say that Jesus pointed out certain problems in society as it was. And therefore, you could say that, well, Jesus was taking the approach of analyzing the problems and providing a solution. But that is not actually the full understanding of the Christ and the Christ consciousness. We have given many, many teachings through this messenger about the duality consciousness. We have talked about the dialectic described by Hegel. A thesis creates or generates an antithesis, and the interaction between the two generates a synthesis that becomes the next thesis and so forth. This is actually what happens when you try to analyze problems and solve problems with your current level of consciousness.

Einstein was inspired by us to say: “You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem”. And this is what many people are doing through this analysis. Because what was the consciousness that created the problem? Well, the consciousness of anti-christ. What are these people using to analyze the problem? The consciousness of anti-christ. What are they using to suggest a solution? The consciousness of anti-christ. And how can a problem generated by the consciousness of anti-christ be solved by the consciousness of anti-christ? IT CAN NOT BE DONE.

Transcending the consciousness behind the problems

What did Jesus really do? What did he really represent? What did he really present to the world? That the ultimate solution of problems is the transcendence of consciousness. I know very well that no Christian has the foundation for understanding this in Christian doctrines. Because the teachings were, as we have explained so many times, perverted by the formation of the Catholic church where the power elite took over. And where it actually was the consciousness of anti-christ, consciousness of Peter, that became the foundation for the Catholic church. You go back to the 1500s and I was a staunch Catholic in that embodiment and I could not see this myself at that time.

So I understand the difficulty, but we are now at the end of the Piscean Age going into the Aquarian Age. And there are many, many people in the world who have the foundation for grasping this. Even grasping it in universal terms where they see that you have to rise to a higher level of consciousness, a higher perspective in order to solve a problem. Because most human problems are the outcome of a specific state of consciousness. Saint Germain and Jesus have talked about this attitude of the self-centeredness, the selfishness, the me first, the willingness to do unto others and take from others by force. Just look at the world today. The willingness to take by force. Look at how many problems spring from that state of consciousness. All crimes, all wars, all invasions and conquests.

Look at the economy. The power elite willing to take from the people through force has created all of the economic problems you see. It has generated the worldwide poverty that you see. It has generated the inequality in income distribution. It has generated inflation, the money system, speculation leading to increased prices and so forth. It is all about some people trying to take by force from the whole, from the population. So many problems that you see in the world were generated from this state of consciousness.

How could you possibly solve those problems, unless you transcended that state of consciousness and rose to the state of consciousness that is the foundation for democracy? Where you do unto others, you are not taking by force, you are working to raise the whole, because you realize this is the ultimate way to raise yourself. This does not have to be in a religious context. It does not have to be in a spiritual context of ascended masters. It is something that many people can grasp and observe in these universal terms.

And of course, you can look at, once you grasp this, what kind of societies would be able to implement this shift in consciousness. Well, certainly not Putin’s Russia or Xi’s China or nations of the Middle East. It must be the democracies. And the democracies, therefore, need to recognize that it is necessary to step up to a higher level of consciousness, even a higher approach to society, to human interactions and to government. And this includes selecting leaders.

Cognitive dissonance of the power elite

Now, you can go back to the book Utopia and many commentators have said that I was writing a satire of contemporary England. There is certainly reality to this. I saw the problems in England. I could not have explained them back then, as I can explain them today, or it might have been written in the book. But what I can say today is that I could see very clearly that the main problem in England of the 1500s, was that you had a king and a group of noblemen around him that had that consciousness of taking from the people by force. And therefore, forming a power elite that was exploiting the people. There was more than one power elite –  the War of the Roses, for example, was two rivaling power elites. I saw this at the time.

And I also saw, even though I found it difficult to verbalize, that the problem with this kind of leaders is that they claimed to have certain ideals, but they acted in ways that were contrary to their professed ideals. For example, they claim to be Christians, but exploiting the population. Taking away wealth and power, ignoring the fact that agricultural practices had changed so that many people were in danger of starving to death. This could not possibly be an expression of Christian ideals and Christian teachings. They were not willing to see this, because they were only focused on themselves, their power and their privileged lifestyle. Nothing else mattered. I saw this.

I saw this dichotomy, this cognitive dissonance. And that is actually why I took the stand I took against Henry VIII, when he wanted to divorce his wife and the pope would not agree to it. Many have said it was because I was loyal to the Catholic church. Well, I was not completely blind to the fact that even the Catholic church professed to follow the teachings of Christ, but their actions were contrary to the teachings of Christ in many ways. It was really that I saw at the time how there is a certain class of leaders that are abusing power. And I felt that it was my role in that embodiment to set forth an example of someone who would not bow to these leaders. Who would not submit to power and the abuse of power, but who would take a stand for what he believed to be right.

In other words, many people have said Thomas More was obsessed with the church’s teachings being followed to the letter. And therefore, he was against divorce. He was against the king divorcing a wife that could not give him children, so he could find another wife and get an heir. And when we look at this today, we see that divorce is universally accepted, even by the Catholic church, at least grudgingly, and everybody gets a divorce. That issue is no longer important to us today. Why was it so important to Thomas More that he was willing to lose his head over it? But you see, the issue of divorce was just the issue, the outer issue. It was not the real issue, the higher issue which was my desire to take a stand against the abuse of power.

Now, I am not saying that I did this with a martyr complex. But as I was sitting in jail contemplating my rapidly dwindling future, I was not blind to the fact that this was in a way what Jesus did. I did not fancy myself of having the level of spiritual attainment that Jesus did. But I did see that Jesus also took a stand against the abuse of power, refused to submit to power. And therefore, allowed himself to be executed. I was not blind to the fact that many other people have done that throughout history. And that every once in a while it is necessary for a person who has a certain level of Christhood, which I could not call it back then, to take that stand and demonstrate the unwillingness to submit to the abuse of power, the unwillingness to cower to power.

This is really the dynamic that I attempted to expose in Utopia. That there was in contemporary society – not only in England, but all over Europe – this ruling class that were blatantly abusing their power. Confessing to follow Christian ideals, but their actions were the opposite of the Christian ideals. You could say with today’s words that I was taking a stand against the power elite. And I was taking a stand against the fallen beings. Henry VIII, of course, being a fallen being, as many of the kings and emperors of Europe.

Taking  a stand against the abuse of power

How is this relevant to Christhood? Well, I am not saying that everybody who attains a high degree of Christhood needs to allow themselves to be executed. But there comes a point where you do take a stand against the abuse of power. You refuse to submit to it. There can be situations where you do not rebel in an outer way. Render under Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s. But you are taking a stand in your mind. You are refusing to submit to the abuse of power. You are refusing to submit to propaganda, to pressure, to lies, to all of this manipulation that is going on. Many of you have done this by accepting our teachings, contemplating them and internalizing them. But there are, of course, always degrees of this that can be done.

How is this relevant to democracy? Well, in a sense, what is democracy? It is a form of government where at least a critical mass of the people have taken a stand against the abuse of power. How did democracies form? Look at the United States where they refused, the early patriots, to submit to the King of England? How did democracies form in Europe? By a critical mass of the people coming to a point where they would no longer allow themselves to be abused by the king and a nobleman that had abused them for centuries.

How does this relate to the world situation? Well, it relates in the way that democracies must be the ones who take a stand against that ruling class that abuses power. And this happens in an outward way by taking a stand against these nations, such as Russia, China and others who are abusing power, or the Nazi Empire or many other examples. But it also has an internal component where the people, the leaders, the educated people, the media people, the politicians need to step up to a higher level of understanding of this, where they are willing to take a stand against those who abuse power.

This can in some nations be corruption. It can be the so-called ‘old boys’ network’, of giving favors to those who are loyal to you and your political party. It can be in terms of the economy where those who are in charge of the economy are blatantly abusing power to siphon wealth away from the people. It can be in taking a stand against those who have been elected through a democratic process, but who are now abusing the democratic process to either stay in power or to limit the rights or the governmental (the democratic) processes and institutions. There are many examples of this, even in democratic nations, even leaders who have been democratically elected, but who have then abused their power – tightening control, limiting freedoms, limiting free press, subverting democratic institutions, such as the courts, or even Parliaments and so forth. Many examples.

And it is necessary for nations to step up and become clear about the fact that there are still, even in democratic nations, people who are willing to abuse power. When you look back at recorded history, you see this tendency for a small elite who is willing to use power, because they are willing to take through force. And obviously, this is completely anti-democratic. And therefore, it cannot be allowed. But it has been allowed in most democratic nations.

This can be in a more malicious way as you, for example, see in the late 1800s. There was a formation of a class of monopoly capitalists in the United States who deliberately attempted to undermine the democratic process by using their money, by buying influence, by creating institutions that were anti-democratic. Such as the Federal Reserve System, which is not federal and really is not a reserve, either. You see this in many aggressive ways. You see it in certain countries where a person has attained power and is now trying to consolidate power around himself, or his own party, by subverting other democratic institutions. But you also see it in more subtle ways.

Old-boy network in the democratic nations

Now, what you see, in general, in the world is that the bigger the country, the more there is a tendency for the emergence of an elite that is willing to blatantly and forcefully abuse power. You see this in the United States, most prominently, because it is the biggest democratic nation. It has the most power. There is the most at stake. There is the most money to be made. Those who are willing to abuse power can get the most out of gaining power in the United States.

But now, take an example familiar to this messenger of Denmark, a small country. You cannot really say that there are people in the Danish power elite who are fallen beings in the same class as what you see in the United States or Russia or China. There just is not enough power to be had in Denmark to attract these kinds of fallen beings. But nevertheless, you still have a power elite in Denmark who are running the country. Not because they have force, but because they know people. And they have actually done studies of this mapping how a little over 400 people are, in all practical terms, running the entire country through their influence. This is not through deception or through force, it is through what they all see as a benevolent attempt to run the country in the best possible way, because these people think they are best suited for it. And it is not that Denmark is a non-functioning or dysfunctional country. It functions quite well. But that is not the issue, as we have attempted to explain.

The issue is what promotes the growth of the people. And that can only be done when the people are involved with government and when there is not this ‘old boys’ network.’ Because they are mostly old boys – and they are, of course, all white in Denmark – who are running the country behind the scenes. And the people have little influence on it. Many of these people are not even elected politicians. They are leaders of finance and industry, academics. But they are, first of all, exerting their influence by knowing people, by having connections, by talking to this person and recommending this and recommending against that and so forth. You see, of course, the same in many other of the smaller democratic countries. And you see it also in the bigger countries, as well.

There is a need to become aware of this. It is not really what you would call corruption in an economic way. It is more corruption of the mind, because these people think they know best. They are absolutely convinced that they are right. And they all have this cognitive dissonance. Even the ones who appear as a benevolent power elite, because they are not blatantly abusing power, lying or manipulating. They still have the cognitive dissonance that they think they have certain ideals, but they do not see that their actions do not follow their ideals. This is one of the next steps for democracy.

The honest self-examination: are we living up to our democratic ideals?

I know that Jesus and Saint Germain have given you many, many “next steps for democracy.” And it can seem a bit overwhelming. But of course, we give this in a concentrated way at a conference. But the dictations will go on the internet, where they can be studied by people for a long time to come. You do not have to take this in all at once. But what I am pointing out is that one of the next logical steps for democracies is to look in the mirror and say: “What are the ideals we have? What are the ideals that are the foundation for our democratic nation and constitution?” And then, we look at society and say: “Where do we see people, institutions, aspects of society that is clearly not living up to these ideals, these founding foundational ideals?” This is part of a democracy, this self-examination, honest self-examination, to bring democracy more and more in an alignment with the ideals that cause democracy to be created in the first place.

I am not saying this to blame anyone. It is clear that, if you go back to the United States, the founding fathers, a few of them, were able to tune in to the ascended masters and receive certain ideals from us. But they could not really understand the deeper meaning behind them and they could not live up to them. You see how even some of the founding fathers still were slave owners, even though they had signed the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal.

I am not blaming anyone. I am not saying that the democratic nations are behind and should have done this decades ago. I am simply saying that it is time to consider this. And many people who are not ascended master students are open to considering this. Many are already doing so. Many are already looking at it. There are many people in the press and media. There are researchers. There are writers, authors who are open to these ideas.

You will see, for example, as just to give you one example, how one of the most Catholic nations in Europe is Poland, but in the last several years there are journalists who have brought exposures of the pedophilia in the Catholic church. Which is just one example of how you have a church that claims to be based on the ideals of Christ, but it is allowing systematic sexual abuse of children, which clearly cannot be in accordance with the ideals of Christ. At the same time, they are covering this up, denying it, which, again, cannot be in accordance with the ideals of Christ. What would Jesus have said to a Catholic bishop who is covering up the sexual abuse of priests and moving them to other parishes? Would he have said: “Good job, you are protecting the church.” Or would he have said: “Get thee behind me, Satan, for thou art an offense to me.” Well, you decide.

The reality here is that, as in my embodiment as Thomas Moore and in several other of my embodiments, I took a stand against the abuse of power. Now, this does not mean that I was always this Utopian idol of the perfect human being. Because I also had a recent embodiment as Akbar, the not-so-great, who very much used power to conquer territories and kill people and this and that. You see how I had both embodiments where I was on the receiving end of power and I had embodiments where I was in a position of power. And I, therefore, had the opportunity to demonstrate whether I could live up to the ideals from my other embodiments. And I could not. And it is the case for many of us who are today ascended masters that when we were in embodiment, we also had difficulty living up to our ideals.

We understand how difficult it is, which is why I am not blaming anybody. It is not said to make anybody feel inadequate. But it is just pointing out that as life progresses, as the collective consciousness is raised, it becomes easier and easier to live up to your ideals, especially in democratic nations. It is easier to live up to your ideals in a democracy than in a dictatorship, where you might end up losing your head for taking a stand for your ideals. Or ending up in a labor camp in Siberia, as happened to Navalny in Russia.

Looking at society without blaming

You see that it is simply a natural development, a natural consequence of the raising of consciousness and a progression of the earth that democratic nations become more self-observant. More willing to look at themselves, evaluate themselves and not go into denial. Not go into this refusal to look at oneself. This also means that there is a need for an awareness of this. There is a need for the emergence of a group of people who are willing to look at society without having that critical, analytical mentality that I talked about earlier where you are basically using the duality consciousness to analyze the problems of the duality consciousness.

Which means what? It means you always end up with the conclusion that the problem you are having, that society is having, is created by a certain group of people. And they are the ones who need to change and be forced to change, or be killed, if they will not change. You are, in other words, scapegoating. When you analyze a dualistic problem based on the dualistic consciousness, you always end up scapegoating.

And it is not a matter of scapegoating. It is not a matter of blaming and pointing the finger at others. There is a need for the emergence of a group of people – a movement, organizations, institutions, writers – who will look at society without blaming, without scapegoating other people. This is already, of course, in progress in all democratic nations to some degree. More so in the Scandinavian, Northern European countries than in many other countries. Canada is another example. There is some tendency for this in South Korea, although not quite as developed yet.

And of course, unfortunately, again, the United States is behind in this trend. And it is behind because there are so many people, both on the right and the left, who have gone into this unbalanced state of mind where they are blaming, pointing the finger and appointing a scapegoat. Just again, I know we have said it over and over again, but it is such an obvious example, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Look at how Donald Trump from his emergence on the political scene was scapegoating, was blaming others, pointing out that these people were the problem. Basically, if you look at what Saint Germain and Jesus have said, Trump is an example of a leader who was completely focused on himself, which of course, is what the power elite is. He was basically saying between the lines: “Anybody who does not submit to me is the problem. And those who do submit to me, they need to do something about those other people.” Well, this is not democracy! And this is not going to bring any nation forward towards the golden age!

It is going to create internal conflict and strife that will only delay the growth towards the golden age. But what it will do much more is – as we have already said also – it will create divisions between groups of people which very conveniently obscures the role of the power elite, the financial, economic power elite. And it allows the power elite to continue to siphon wealth away from the people, lowering the standard of living of the people. Because the people are so busy blaming each other that they cannot see that the real problem is the power elite that has distorted the economy to an almost unfathomable degree. At least, it is almost unfathomable that it has not been exposed for what it is. Of course, you cannot expect a person like Donald Trump, who has taken advantage of the financial system, to expose it or to do anything to stop it. This is, again, cognitive dissonance. You claim to be a president who wants to take care of the working class people, but you are doing nothing about the power elite, who is exploiting the working class people.

The past, present and future of ascended master student movement

These are some of the ideas that I found it relevant to bring forth here. I want to say that it is not so often that I speak through this messenger, because other masters have taken a more prominent role here. But I am very gratified with the movement, we might call it, that has sprung up in this dispensation. So many people, various groups in different countries, who have taken the teachings to heart, who have applied them and are giving the invocations and decrees. It is not that the decrees we gave through the Summit Lighthouse, for example, are not powerful or are no longer powerful. But it should be obvious that decrees that were given 30, 40, 50 years ago cannot be as relevant to the present situation as decrees and invocations that are given today, formulated today.

I am, of course, also very gratified with the amount of teachings that have been brought forth. I know that for many of you, it is overwhelming to study them all. We understand it. We are not saying you should study them all. But certainly, they are there in the physical, on the internet, in the books where people, now and in the future, can find them. And where they can serve as the catalyst that triggers a person, not to necessarily become an ascended master student. But it triggers a person who has some expertise in a particular field so he all of a sudden, or she all of a sudden, has this epiphany. “Now, I see what I could not quite pinpoint, what I could not quite figure out! Now, I see it! This is so obvious!” And then the person takes the idea, runs with it, without giving any credit to where it came from, because neither we nor the messenger needs to get that credit. It is enough to see that the idea has borne fruit and has been put into circulation, so to speak.

This is, of course, very gratifying to me as an ascended master. And it is truly the fulfillment of the work that I started with a previous dispensation, for which I was the primary sponsor. As some of you will know, I did officially withdraw my sponsorship from that organization, promising to sponsor the people who were ready for it. But I had, of course, a goal for that sponsorship. And even though some of that goal was fulfilled by the people in the Summit Lighthouse applying the teachings, giving the decrees, it is only now that I really am beginning to see the fulfillment of my goal with the bringing forth of these higher teachings about non-duality, about the dualistic consciousness, the fallen beings, the avatars, the birth trauma, the resolution of psychology. And all of these things that just could not be brought forth 30, 40 years ago, because the collective consciousness just was not there.

Now, we see a group of students who are willing to open their minds to these teachings and to make use of the teachings, which is really the foundation for us bringing them forth. You might say: “Well, if we have a trained messenger who is a sponsored messenger, should not we be able to bring forth any teaching we want?” But that is not actually the case. The messenger might be able to receive the teaching, depending on his or her level of consciousness and resolution of psychology, but there has to be a group of students who can take it, who can grasp it and start implementing it. And there has to be at least some people in the general population who are ready to receive the ideas without knowing where they came from. There also has to be a certain level of the collective consciousness, so that these ideas are not simply pearls cast before swine. This is simply the spiritual law of how the ascended masters can bring forth teachings on a dense planet like earth. There has to be a certain reciprocity below, before we can release something from above.

We look forward to this momentum building and continuing as more and more people find these teachings and spread them. We hope, certainly, that this can be kept up and more teachings can be given and the teachings that have been given can reach a wider audience. With this, I will seal you in the joyful flame of the First Ray, the Will of God, the Power of God that I AM for earth.


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Cooperation is the way of the future

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 6, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

When you have grown to a level of Christ discernment where you recognize that there are forces outside the democratic world who want to destroy democracy, you can take an important step. It may seem like many countries have already taken this step, but they have not taken it fully and the step you can take is to recognize the value of cooperation. Now, you will say, some will say, that the democratic world is already cooperating, the democratic countries have been cooperating for many years and decades and they have, but there is a higher level of cooperation that you can take, that you can reach, that you can ascend to when you have these realizations that we have talked about.

Now, in a sense, most people in the democratic world who are what we might call the more aware people—the leaders, the media, the scientists, the politicians, many among the people who have studied history—they are aware of what I am going to say here, but are they really aware? Has it really clicked in them how important this is?

Again, we have talked about how you can be in a state of consciousness where you are seeing yourself as a separate being, you are in opposition, you are in conflict or competition with other people and you are all focused on yourself. Then you can go through this transition period where you have had enough of this way of living and you can make the shift of recognizing that ‘Do unto others’ will take you to a higher level and now you shift into another state of consciousness where it can be difficult for you to remember how it was before, how it was in your old state of consciousness.

You tend to treat people based on the assumption that they have gone through the same shift you have gone through and you want to be able to treat them that way, as we have said was the case with the Western treatment of Russia after the demise of the Soviet Union. Because of this, because of this shift in your consciousness it can be difficult for a time to be aware that many people have not shifted and what that means. When you reach a higher level of discernment, a higher level of awareness, you can now begin to gain a higher understanding of the dynamic in the world.

Now, many people in the democratic world really cannot lock into or imagine what it was like to live in certain past ages. You have grown up with a sense of freedom, a sense of relative safety and you tend to think that that is the way it is. You also tend to think that everybody wants this. And many people are aware that there are countries in the world where they do not have democratic rights and freedoms, but they do not really think about why that is. They think it is probably some kind of anomaly that will go away soon. Sooner or later, these dictatorships will disappear and democracy will rule the world. This is not an incorrect assumption in the sense that democracies will end up ruling the world and dictatorships will disappear, but they will not disappear by themselves. They will disappear only if a critical mass of people in the democratic world, and even in dictatorial nations, understand the dynamic that I want to talk about here.

Now, to return to the question, why is there evil in the world? If you listen, or if you could hear what is happening in the world, you will see that at almost any given time, somewhere around this planet is a small child who says: “Mommy, why is there evil in the world”? It is a question that is been around for as long as there has been evil in the world, which there has not always been. Now, of course, we do not expect the democratic nations to recognize our teachings about fallen beings and how there was not really evil on this planet until the fallen beings were allowed to embody here. But nevertheless, what I am pointing out is that people – the more aware people in democratic nations – can step up to realize that there is a dynamic in the world where there is something that causes people to have a fundamentally different approach to life than what most people have in the democratic world.

The consciousness that is willing to take from others

You can see it in the democratic world, for example in criminals. You can see it in what you call criminal gangs, the mafia, where they have an entirely different worldview than most people have. You might say they are dishonest, they are criminals but it is more than that. It is that these people are completely centered on themselves and they look at everything relative to themselves; their view, their desires, their physical interests, their physical safety, their prosperity, what they want. And they have the attitude that if they want something, they have a right to take it, even if it means taking it from other people. This is basically the essence of this mindset: “I have a right to take from others”.

You can see it throughout history, where this has been there, it has always been there in criminals who are willing to steal or perhaps even kill other people to get their possessions but you see it on a larger scale with empires or nations which have been willing to take from other nations, to plunder. You go back, you had Genghis Khan, you had Attila the Hun, you had the Vikings, you had the Roman Empire, many who felt completely justified in taking with force from others. You can even go back to the Old Testament times, and what was the credo? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. What was this born from? It was born from this very consciousness, the fact that the population in those times was dominated by this mindset: “I have a right to take from others”.

But there was also, behind this credo—‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’—there was a recognition that if everybody takes from others, everybody will have less. In other words, a society will descend to a very low level of security, prosperity, material life, when everybody is trying to take from others. You see, even in the Old Testament, the Old Testament is based on this recognition that if everybody does not take from others but follows certain rules, society will do better. That is why you have the Ten Commandments, thou shalt not kill, steal and so forth.

What was the purpose of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’? It was to scare the people who are willing to take from others into stopping their aggression for fear of retribution, for fear that something bad would happen to them. And you see that this has carried over, even into the modern world, where you still have people who will only restrain themselves for fear of punishment, for fear of consequences, being put in jail, being executed, whatever.

What democracies need to recognize is that, despite the fact that the world has made progress, despite the fact that democratic nations have made progress and have become better at cooperating, there is still very much the consciousness in the world that is willing to take from others. There are many people in the world who are trapped in this consciousness and there are nations in the world that are trapped in this consciousness.

Any dictatorship is trapped in this consciousness because the dictator, in order to become a dictator, must believe he has a right to take from others, meaning his own people. He has the right to take power, money, their lives if they do not obey him, he has a right to forcefully take from others. The democratic world needs to recognize that this force is there, this consciousness is there and there are many people who are trapped in it and democracies have ignored this, because they have been hoping that it would gradually go away.

Democratic nations need  to draw a line and stand united

Now, again, it is not a wrong hope. This consciousness will gradually go away as the collective consciousness is raised and certain people are no longer allowed to embody on the planet. But if the democracies continue to ignore it, it will take much longer than if they awaken to the need to defend democracy against this mindset and this means that democracies need to look both out and in.

They need to look at, to take the obvious present example, Vladimir Putin. He clearly has the attitude that he has a right to take from others. What has he done during his political career? He has taken the wealth of the natural resources of Russia away from the people, concentrated it in his own hands and the hands of a small elite, and he has in return for that required them to support him. He has no compunction whatsoever of taking from his own people. He has taken their democratic freedoms, he has taken even their sense of safety and their hope for a better future. He has taken almost as much as the leaders of the Soviet Union, almost as much as the worst leaders, namely Stalin, almost as much he has taken from his own people.

So far, the democratic nations had hoped that this would be a temporary phase that it would not go too far. We have talked about this, but now that hope has been shattered and now it is necessary to recognize that Putin also believes he has the right to take from others. Why did he send his forces into Ukraine? Because Ukraine has something he wants, and he believes he has the absolute, unquestionable right to take it by force. What other explanation is there when you look at the most simple possible explanation? Of course, there are other factors, but really, he believes he has the right to take from Ukraine their independence, their statehood, their wealth, their production capacity, their natural resources, but even also their light, their spiritual energy.

The democratic world needs to recognize there are nations in the world who have this mindset. China is another, the Arab nations, other dictatorships around the world, they are willing to take by force if they think they can get away with it. What do the democratic nations need to do? They need to make these people think they cannot get away with it.

If you had listened to Putin, you could see that he has not really been subtle about his intentions. Nobody believed him but he has stated many things. In 2014 when he took Crimea the Western nations could have said: “Now it is time to draw a line so that Putin realizes he cannot get away with any further adventures”. That line was not drawn. Now he is in Ukraine. Now, the Western nations have realized they need to draw a line, they need to say: “Thus far and no farther”. But they need to continue this and not think that: “Oh, hopefully the war will be over and we can go back to some kind of normalcy”. As long as Putin is in power you cannot have any kind of normalcy with Russia.

You also need to go further and say: “Can we really have any normal relationship with China”? Xi Jinping has almost openly declared his intentions to bring Taiwan back to the mainland. He has built up the Chinese military, spending billions and billions of dollars on building ships and airplanes and rockets and this and that. Is it not obvious that if the Western nations want to avoid a situation where there suddenly is a Chinese attack on Taiwan, they need to demonstrate to the Chinese leadership that they cannot get away with it? Some are tuned into this. Even President Biden said on his recent trip that the US was prepared to defend Taiwan militarily, something other US presidents have been reluctant to do but more needs to be done.

Defending democracy against crime and internal authoritarian movements

This is as far as the external goes but now comes the internal, which is, of course the more important and a more complex issue. You see in certain democratic nations, of course, an increase in crime and criminal gangs. Some of these are international gangs, some of them come from nations that are not democratic, but nevertheless they are there. This is, of course, something that the democratic nations need to make a greater effort to stop, to basically defend our nations and our people from crime.

You also have on the Internet more and more cybercrime, which is also people who are willing to take by force. But what you also see is that there is an emerging force in at least some democratic nations, of people whether it is politicians or media people, who clearly do not respect the democratic process. Now, they will claim and sometimes even believe themselves, that they are doing this for the benefit of the nation because the nation is going in the wrong direction and these people know better, they know better how their nation should be run and they are better at taking it in that direction, which is epically important, than anybody else. Therefore, they have not only a right, but even an obligation to take power by force and suppress the opposition. This is a movement seen in many nations to varying levels of intensity.

You see the emergence of political parties, political candidates, media people who do not respect democracy. It is something that nations need to become more aware of, and that the populations need to become more aware of, so they can avoid this movement going as far as it has gone in the United States with Trump.

Because if you look at this neutrally, what did Trump do after the election? He showed a clear disrespect for the democratic process and a desire at least, even if he did not carry it out, to take the presidency by force. There are many of his followers who supported this, which is why they took Congress by force. You can see in other nations where there are similar tendencies, with the emergence of leaders who show a disrespect for the democratic process; they limit the freedom of speech, the freedom of the media, they limit the influence of the courts so that if they have the governmental power they can exceed the authority given to them by the constitutions. You see media outlets who are basically functioning as propaganda branches for these people, such as Fox News in the United States, but others also in other nations.

This is something that these nations need to become more aware of because it is defending your own people against those who will use the democratic freedoms to take away the democratic freedoms from the rest of the population.

The importance of inalienable human rights

Now, you will recognize perhaps that there has always been a certain challenge in a democratic country. People vote and the majority decides the outcome of whether it is an election or a referendum so in a sense you can say, as has been said many times, majority rules. Nevertheless, all democracies are based on certain rights, that people have rights that no authority on earth can take away from them or should be able to take away from them. Not even the government defines the people’s rights.

In a dictatorship, such as China and Russia the leaders firmly believe that they have the right to define the rights of their people, there is no higher authority than them but a democracy is based on the existence of some higher authority. You do not have to call it God or nature’s God, as the founding fathers in America did. You do not even have to see it as a deity. You just have to respect that there is some kind of principle that gives people rights and a democratic government cannot take those rights away from the people. You can say this is a natural law that simply demonstrates that a country functions best when there is this respect for an authority beyond the worldly governmental authority. Once you recognize that there are rights in a democracy, you see that there is a limit to what a majority can rule on. A democracy cannot become a dictatorship of the majority and therefore you need to recognize that there is a need for the tolerance of differences.

Paradox of tolerance: to tolerate or not to tolerate?

Now again, you need to then step up and recognize that even this can be used against democracy. For what will the people that I just talked about, who want to undermine democracy, what will they say? “Well, why are not you tolerant towards us? We should have a right to be different just like gays and lesbians have a right to be different”. But see, people have a right to be different if they do not undermine other people’s right to be different, or rather other people’s democratic rights. There was a recent incident in the United States where the state of Texas wanted to create a law that said that social media such as Facebook or Twitter did not have a right to limit conservative viewpoints. In other words, they wanted to say that they should be able to post anything they wanted on these social media networks, including non-factual information about vaccines or wearing masks or about the election and that Trump should not have been banned from Twitter and this and that.

But what happens if you enact something like this? You are allowing also Russian troll factories to post anything they want on there. What I am saying is, there has to be some evaluation here. What is the intent? Is there an intent to take by force, to take the democratic rights from the population by force? Then you need to limit this in order to defend the rights of the majority. Again, as Jesus said, this is a very delicate thing because it can lead to censorship if it is taken too far but this is what you also recognize at the higher levels of Christhood, that as long as the duality consciousness is in existence on earth you need to avoid extremes. You need to find some balance where you are neither in this extreme or that extreme, nor for that matter in between the extremes, but you are stepping back and looking at the bigger perspective, the Christ perspective so democracies need to wrestle with this.

How do you defend democracy and democratic rights against those who are willing to take it by force, or by deception, which is also a form of force? This, of course, also extends to the area of the economy where democratic nations need to realize that they need to defend the equal rights, the equal economic opportunities of all citizens from the power elite that wants to take it by force and have achieved incredible success in taking wealth by force from the population. This is, as I have said several times, clearly anti-democratic and it is the responsibility of a democratic government to defend its citizens from this.

The cooperation against the anti-democratic forces

Now, once you start doing this housecleaning, so to speak, in democratic nations, you open up for another very important consideration. As Jesus said, once you are below that level of humanity and you do not respect “do unto others”, then you cannot cooperate. But once you step up to that basic level of humanity you can start to cooperate, which is what as I said, the democratic nations have been doing for a long time but there are higher and higher levels of cooperation that will be manifest in the golden age. There are stages of this cooperative process and the stage that is the most important right at this time is that the democratic nations come to the recognition that they need to cooperate in order to defend their nations and democracy as a whole against the anti-democratic forces.

If you want to avoid a military confrontation between NATO and Russia, then the nations, the democratic nations need to be united in imposing sanctions. I recognize there are currently some European countries that are so dependent on Russian oil and gas, that they cannot just break it off from one day to the next but they need to be united in phasing out Russian oil and gas as quickly as possible. Because the only way you can avoid a military confrontation is by imposing sanctions that will cause Putin or other people in Russia to realize that they cannot get away with this, that it is self-destructive to continue these military adventures. Otherwise, you run the risk that there will be a military confrontation between NATO and Russia and this could then escalate in various ways that none of the democratic leaders really want to see happen. The same with China, if you want to avoid a situation where China attacks Taiwan, you need to demonstrate unity, that you will not accept this. You also then need to work together to shut out the anti-democratic undermining from troll factories and other forces. There are many of these forces where Russia has an attempt to finance various movements in the West that are anti-democratic in nature, some of these right-wing movements that you see even in Europe, clearly do not respect democratic principles.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts

This is the level of cooperation that is there right now but beyond this is a higher level that again, relates to Christhood. When you rise to higher levels of Christhood you start seeing beyond the differences, you start seeing the underlying unity, the underlying oneness. And that is where, when you begin to sense, even if you do not talk in those terms, even if you do not understand the deeper principles of the spiritual reality, but you begin to sense that something happens when people and nations cooperate.

It goes back, of course, to Jesus’s parable about those who multiplied their talents and received more in return. And even though this is expressed in what has become a religious setting, it actually describes a universal principle and natural law, if you will, and you can observe it in the democratic nations. You can observe that, when the entire world was dominated by the mindset “I am willing to take from others” wealth, prosperity, the standard of living was much, much lower than it is today. Even today, you see that the standard of living is universally lower in dictatorial nations than in democratic nations and this is of course inevitable, partly because the dictator always takes from the people, so how can the standard of living of the people be raised as much as you can in a democratic nation where you do not have that?

But it is also because there is something that happens when people and nations cooperate. The whole is more than the sum of the parts. There is some kind of multiplication factor that people do better when they cooperate, than the sum of their individual achievements and this is something that needs to begin to be recognized.

Cooperation vs. selfishness

There are a few economists who have started to recognize this but it needs to become much more prominent in the coming decade and more, where you recognize that there is clearly some multiplication. Again, you cannot really explain it in the materialistic paradigm and that is one of the limitations that prevents people from recognizing this, but you can find a somewhat universal explanation and simply say: “We do not understand why but we observe that when we cooperate the whole is more than the sum of the parts and there is more, more wealth is created.” And this can then gradually spread and lead to a shift where the democratic nations can cooperate in a higher way because they have transcended their remnants of the focus on self.

If you look at the attitude: “I am willing to take from others” it is a complete focus on self. In the democratic nations you have transcended the willingness to physically take from others, but you still have many groups of people, many nations who are looking out for themselves first or looking out for number one, as the saying goes in the United States which considers itself number one among democratic nations. You see that there are still many, many nations that are focused on themselves. Why did Britain withdraw from the EU? Their focus on themselves, they thought they could do better in some way without cooperating with the EU. Why is Hungary, why is Poland, withdrawing from some of the rules of the EU, they think they can do better alone in some way than they can do by cooperating, can they?

Well, if you look at narrow self interest, you will think that you can. But what I am pointing out here is the greater principle. If you cooperate, if you seek to raise the whole, if you step up from the narrow self interest to enlightened self interest, then the whole will be raised to a whole new level and then there will be more for everybody.

In other words, if the EU could step up to a higher level of cooperation than they have today, then the amount of wealth in the EU countries would be increased so much, that every country would do far better than they are doing today and this is the realization that will break through in the golden age. We can do so much better by cooperating. In fact, we can do so much better for ourselves by participating in a selfless effort to raise the whole because the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

If you cannot cooperate, all you have is the parts and maybe you think you have a bigger part than somebody else but what if by cooperating you can double the part that you have? Wouldn’t that be better for your nation and for your people? Cooperation is the way of the future. You can say: “What is going on in the world? What is one of the basic dynamics taking place in the world?” It is that the world is moving out of the era of division into the era of cooperation. The world is moving away from the: “I am willing to take from others by force, I am only considering my own narrow interest, me first mentality” into a selfless desire, willingness to raise the whole. It is cooperation versus selfishness, selflessness versus selfishness.

You cannot really say versus because if you are selfless, you cannot be in opposition to those who are selfish. You are just unselfish and you are just working for the whole without seeing any opposition. Again, we have this very delicate discernment. You could say: “Well, have not the democratic nations been in that state where they have not seen any opposition? And that is why they gave Putin a free pass”. And yes, that is true. But again, there is that lower level where you are not seeing opposition because you are not seeing it. It is not that it is not there, but you are not seeing it because you have applied a certain principle in an unbalanced way. That is why again, wise as serpents, harmless as doves. The democracies have been harmless as doves to a large degree but not wise enough to the serpents.

One for all and all for one

Again, you need to recognize you do not have any aggressive intent towards other nations, not even towards democracies but you recognize that they may still have an aggressive intent towards you and you cannot simply ignore this. You see how NATO started as a defensive alliance to defend the nations of Western Europe against Russia, the Soviet Union. But now Putin claims that NATO is an aggressive alliance that has the intention of attacking, conquering or destroying Russia.

You can see how those in the self-centered mindset will turn everything around. NATO is meant to defend against Russian aggression, but now Russian aggression says that NATO is attacking Russia, is a threat to Russia. These are things you cannot simply ignore and therefore you need to step up and say: “What do we then do about this”?

Well, we cannot treat Putin or Russia as a democratic nation, when it clearly is not and therefore what can we do? We can draw a line and stand united. The purpose, or the credo of NATO is the Musketeer oath, one for all and all for one, if one nation is attacked, all the others respond. Well, you could extend this to general cooperation between democratic nations, that if one democratic nation is attacked in any way, not just militarily, but also economically or through propaganda, they all stand together in defending democracy.

There is of course, much more that could be said about this, there are deeper and deeper levels of cooperation that can be achieved as we move further into the golden age. I have mentioned some of them before, the dissolution of nation states, the creation of regions and other things but this is something that is quite some distance into the future so we have, Jesus and I, chosen to focus on what is important in this time given the shift that has happened in the democratic nations as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

I want to say even though we have mentioned it before, that it is a very significant shift that has happened as a result of this invasion. The democratic nations have so far responded beyond what I had hoped. They have shown a decisiveness and a willingness to cooperate and it is very important that this is maintained for as long as it takes. It is very important that it does not simply dissipate once the outer situation is somewhat lightened, but that it is transferred to other areas as well and used to build this recognition that the democratic nations will do much better by standing together, by uniting, by cooperating in ever higher degrees.

Cooperation is vital because without it, how can you counteract this force of anti-democratic countries and people that surely could take one country, one democratic country at a time, if they were allowed to do so. Just as you had the creation of NATO because there was the realization that no country in Europe could alone defend itself against the Soviet Union and it is the same with the cooperation that is there. Because what you have in Russia, what you have in China, what you have in many of the Muslim countries, is still this willingness to take by force, by deceit, to cheat, to look at others and look at the West and say: “Oh, they are decadent, they are rich, they should not really be so rich, they have taken it from their colonies so we have a right to take it back. It is okay if we cheat them, it is okay if we plunder, it is okay if we do this, so that we have a right to do this because the West is the great Satan and so forth.”

It needs to be recognized that this mentality is still there and that the democratic nations represent the move away from this self-centered: “I am willing to take from others” force and that the future of the world really depends on this. Can we actually move into an age that is not ruled by force and ill intentions? Can we move into an age where there is freedom, there is security, there is prosperity, there is the ability to build a better future and continue to build a better future and keep what has been attained, can this happen?

This was what I wanted to give you for this installment. Many things of course we have given, many more could have been given but as I said, we have attempted to be practical realists and say: “What would be the most relevant at this time that we could project into the collective consciousness and have people pick up on so that we could have a positive difference from this conference, from our students giving the calls, being the open doors for projecting this into the collective consciousness”?

Jesus and I both feel we have been able to bring forth what we wanted to bring forth even a little bit more, and as your calls have certainly achieved what we wanted to achieve, and even more so. Again, even a conference like this shows that when people come together, even over the Internet, there is a multiplication factor and you below we above form that symbiotic unity that multiplies the talents. You are multiplying the talents here below, we are giving back to you a multiplication of what you have sent forth and the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

For this, Jesus and I are grateful. This is not to say that this is the last dictation of the conference, but it is for Jesus and I. We thank you and we seal you in our joyful flames that we embody for earth.


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Free, open and neutral communication is vital for democracy

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 6, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I wish to discourse on one of the essential aspects of the growth in Christ consciousness, as well as the growth in democracy.

Anger as a temporary turmoil in the emotional body

You all know about the Dhyani Buddhas and that they are antidotes to certain spiritual poisons. One of these poisons is anger and hatred. We need to make a distinction here between what many people call anger, but which is more like a temporary turmoil in the emotional body. You will see, for example, if you look at my life, that there was the situation where I overturned the tables of the money changers. There was a situation where I cursed a fig tree. And there was a situation where I said: “Why callest thou me good? There is none good but God.” 

From a normal human perspective, you might say I was angry in those situations, and how could a highly developed person who had a high level of Christhood ever be angry? This is at least what many spiritual people think. But the emotional body is like water. Easily stirred up, but once the stirring movement stops, it falls back down to a calm state. This is not really what we call anger and hatred in terms of a spiritual poison. There are many people throughout the ages who have reached a high level of spiritual awareness, a high level of Christhood, and who still in certain situations can react strongly. They become upset, they become irritated, they become angry, they speak with a loud voice, and so forth. 

If your emotions are stirred by certain situations but they fall back down, and when they fall back down, it is like water, there is no sign of the previous wave, then this is not anti-spiritual. And it is certainly not a spiritual poison. 

You need to recognize again that you live on a very dense planet with an enormous amount of chaos and inharmony. You might say: “Should it be a goal for a spiritual person to always be calm and never get upset?” Well, really, should it? If you get upset, but your emotions calm down and there is no trace left of you being upset, will it detract from your spiritual growth? It will not. How can you go around on a planet like this and avoid being upset no matter what happens? 

Well, you can if you are at the stage of Buddhahood that the Buddha demonstrated when he sat under the bo tree and was confronted by the demons of Mara. When you get to that level of the path, it is an ideal to always be calm, and you can only be calm by being nonattached. But up until those stages of the path, you need to look at yourself and other people with a certain forgiveness and say: “Ah, did it really matter? Let’s move on.” 

What I am leading towards here is the recognition that you can be upset, you can even display what would normally be called anger, without having taken the spiritual poison of anger and hatred into your auric field, your four lower bodies. The spiritual poison is something that enters your being and stays there and, in many cases, accumulates.

Anger and hatred as a spiritual poison 

If you are temporarily angry, but then you calm down and there is no trace left of the anger, that is not a poison. But if you become angry, and then even after you calm down your emotions, there are still traces of the anger, there is still the memory of what happened, there is still a lack of forgiveness towards the person that made you angry, then that is a spiritual poison. In other words, a poison is something you carry with you over time. It stays in your emotional body. It attracts more of its kind from its surroundings, from the astral plane. And it stirs up your emotional body, so you more easily become angry the next time. 

But anger and hatred is not confined to the emotional body, even though most people would say that anger and hatred are emotions. The spiritual poison also goes into the mental body, and now you have various thought processes. It can be, for example, justifying that you got angry, justifying that you stay angry, justifying why you do not forgive those other people. Going on and on about how bad these people are, how what they did was wrong, and how they should not be doing it, and how they should be stopped. And why it might be justifiable to take drastic measures against these people, even doing something that you know is not in accordance with the Golden Rule. Furthermore, when you take enough of this poison inside your auric field, it also goes into your lower identity body. And you can very easily come to identify yourself as a person who is in opposition to another group of people. 

You see in the Middle East, for example, how many Arabs have the poison of hatred in their identity bodies, that they identify themselves as people who are against the Jews, who are angry with the Jews, who hate the Jews, and this is justified. You see innumerable examples of this around the world. You also see Jews who hate the Arabs or the Palestinians, and so forth. What you have here is now a distinction, where the spiritual poison of hatred is something that lingers over time and affects not only your emotional body, but also your mental body and your identity body. 

Cognitive dissonance: torturing people in the name of Christ 

Now what is one of the effects of this spiritual poison of hatred? Well, it is of course, that it counteracts the Golden Rule. You may actually think you are a Christian, you may actually think that when it comes to other Christians, then you are following the Golden Rule. But there are those bad people that are perhaps even working against the cause of Christ as defined by your church. And towards those you do not need to apply the Golden Rule because it is okay to kill them in a crusade. And Jesus would even approve of this.

You go back to the Middle Ages. You will see some of these Inquisitors that spent their whole day torturing people. And after the day, they would go into the church and kneel in front of the crucified Christ, as I have described before, and they would feel certain that I approved of what they did in my name. This is because their minds were colored, were overpowered, by the spiritual poison of hatred. In their mental minds they felt it was justified. And in their identity minds they identified themselves as people who were doing the cause of Christ, even by doing something that was against what Christ said: “Turn the other cheek,” and so on. 

You see how there is this distortion, and the effect of all these spiritual poisons is that it leads to this cognitive dissonance. You have a selective view that allows you to hold two incompatible views at the same time, such as: You are a good Christian, but it is justified to kill Muslims or infidels or heretics or Catholics or Protestants or whatever you have. 

Hatred in a population and freedom of speech

Naturally the spiritual poison of hatred is also against your growth towards Christhood. You may, as I said, believe you are a good Christian, you may even believe you are a good ascended master student who has reached a certain level of Christ discernment, but if you have that spiritual poison of hatred in your three higher bodies, you do not have Christhood, and you cannot grow towards Christhood. You are actually going in the opposite direction, regardless of what you think. 

When we take this to how it applies to democracies, then you see, of course, that, given that a democracy is based on some recognition of the Golden Rule and therefore basic humanity, hatred works against the democratic principles, the democratic process. If there is too much hatred in a population, they cannot have a functioning democracy. They may have a democratic form of government, but the hatred, often reinforced by other spiritual poisons, will actually undermine the democratic process. You can see this very clearly in the United States with the two blocs, the left wing, the right wing, the extreme Democrats, the extreme Republicans, and how there is hatred there from both sides. 

And this stops the democratic process. Why? Because what is one of the foundations for a functioning democracy? Many people are based on democratic rights, and one of these rights is freedom of speech. And they think that freedom of speech means that you can say anything you want, and nobody should stop you from saying it, and nobody should object to you saying it. But if you have this view, that you should be free to say anything you want and nobody should object to it, that is the spiritual poison of hatred, causing cognitive dissonance. 

First of all, freedom of speech does not simply mean that you can say anything you want. Freedom of speech also means the freedom not to say something, the freedom to remain silent. Because you see that what you were about to say was not in accordance with the call to “do unto others.” Now you can look back, as a person in my position, and regret that there was something you did not say. I wish I would have also said: “Say unto others what you want others to say unto you.” Because many people have not understood that “do unto others” also applies to what you say unto others.

What does this mean? It means that you do not speak with this anger and hatred. Again, it is a difficult planet, people will get upset. But if you are temporarily upset and you say something to another person with a certain emotional charge, that is one thing, as long as you then get out of it, once your emotions calm down, and perhaps now you are willing to apologize or at least talk to the person in a normal tone of voice. But if you have that lingering, ongoing anger and hatred, and you speak and qualify your words, you will make karma. I even described this when I said that if you talk to your brother and say Raka, then you are still not following the rule, the Golden Rule. You are making karma, which was not what I said back then, but certainly what was implied. 

The concept of hate speech in the public debate

You see that what you have today in some democratic nations is that you have a recognition of the concept of hate speech. There are some nations, the more evolved nations, where they are very aware of this, where it is part of the public debate and where even the government has taken certain measures to limit hate speech. The media has also taken certain measures to limit hate speech. And there is this awareness of it. This is especially the case in many European nations where there are still many people who remember the Nazi propaganda and the Nazi hate speech against the Jews that led to the Holocaust. Many European nations are much more aware of this and therefore have taken certain measures to limit hate speech. There is even more awareness in the population that you do not speak out with anger towards other people and certainly not with hatred. You do not express this kind of hatred based on race or religion or nationality, or whatever it may be. 

Now obviously the United States is not as far along in this regard. There is more hate speech in the United States, there has been, going all the way back to the Civil War and the aftermath with the issue of slavery and the treatment of African Americans by the white supremacist majority. There is still a white supremacist minority in the United States that has in their emotional, mental and identity bodies hatred towards African Americans, towards Mexican Americans, towards Asian Americans, whom they, of course, do not consider Americans, any of these groups. 

You see how this has come to the surface after many years where America made considerable progress towards overcoming this racial animosity. It has started to come to the surface again and, of course, been accelerated by the Trump presidency and the aftermath of the 2020 election. Even though race was not a direct factor in this, many of the people who have gone into Trump’s election lies and believed in them, you will see that they are white supremacists. They have, perhaps, a Christian worldview that Christianity is the superior religion. And they have, if you look at them, if you look at their auras, they have a very strong pool of anger and hatred – the spiritual poison of anger and hatred – in their emotional bodies, in their mental bodies, and in their lower identity bodies. It is just there. If you can see, if you can sense energies, it is undeniable. If you cannot, then of course, you can explain it away. But if you can see and sense energies, it is undeniable.

You will see some on the left that are the more radical, whatever you want to call them, Democrats or liberal people, who also have anger and hatred towards those that they see as their opponents, who are the conservatives, the ones who are always working against change, as they see it, and so forth. The point here is that what has happened in the last decade or so in the United States is that this energy of anger and hatred has been allowed to go towards a more extreme expression in order to make it visible to the American people and in order to give people the lessons in the school of hard knocks, where this anger and hatred continues to build until they face this situation of how far will we allow this to go? Will we allow it to cause violence, perhaps even a civil war-like scenario? How far will this be allowed to go?

Violence as a form of communication

You see that there is, of course, some awareness of this. Many people are concerned, many people are attempting to do something about it. But there has been limited success. Surely, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have attempted to limit hate speech, have attempted to limit conspiracy theories and unfounded claims. But there has been limited success. The anger is still increasing, which, as we have said, you can also see by the number of shootings that are taking place. This is people who get overwhelmed by the anger and hatred in the collective so that they feel they have to take a gun. 

Now, what is it that happens when a person goes into a school and starts shooting? Well, as brutal as it might seem, this is actually a very crude attempt at communicating. This person in his mind – you will see that they are mostly men – this person feels that his frustration has reached a point where he cannot control himself. But why has it reached that point? Because he has not been able to communicate with anybody. Nobody has heard him. And you might recall that Putin also said that he had not been heard so that is why he had to go into Ukraine and start shooting. You see that when this frustration builds to a certain level, then people feel they cannot be heard through words, so they must be heard through a gun, through violence. 

This is what you also see in demonstrations and riots, where a group of people form a mob mind and suddenly they start attacking shops, attacking the police, or so forth. It does not matter whether they are on this side or that side of the political spectrum. Anytime there is violence in the demonstration, it is because people have lost control, but behind it all is that they feel that they are not being listened to. They cannot communicate. Nobody will hear them through words, so they must express their frustration through violence. 

Now this is, of course, because their minds are overpowered by this anger and hatred, the spiritual poison. But what is it that is the effect of this spiritual poison? It is that it shuts down communication. When people have allowed the spiritual poison to build in their auras, they cannot communicate. They cannot express themselves, and they cannot handle other people disagreeing with them. In other words, they are not free to express themselves in a neutral manner that is constructive communication. But neither can they react in a constructive way to other people who disagree with them. In many cases, these people stopped communicating, and they might feel that nobody has heard them.

But in many cases, they have not actually really expressed their concerns, their feelings. This is what you will see very often on Facebook, where somebody posts something, another person disagrees and comes up with some kind of short remark that is very dismissive of the other person’s opinion, and maybe the two go back and forth for a while. But eventually they just give up and say: “That person is not going to be my friend anymore. I am not even going to communicate with him.” 

What you see in America – and, of course, in other nations as well, but especially in America – you see this very strong tendency that people separate themselves into different camps, and they stop talking about certain issues. You see it in families, where there are people who cannot talk to each other, whether it is about the election, whether it is about politics, whether it is about vaccinations or wearing masks, or whatever it is. But you simply see that people stop communicating. They stop even trying to communicate. And they, of course, feel: “It is because these other people will not listen to me. They do not agree with me. They are against everything I say.” 

Now, first of all, as I said, this is the effect of a spiritual poison. When you have this spiritual poison, you are blinded. Your emotions are stirred up, your mental mind cannot think clearly, objectively, and your identity body cannot connect to the fact that: “But these are my family members, these are my countrymen. Aren’t we all human beings? Aren’t we all Christians, sons and daughters of God, whatever?” You cannot see what connects you to other people. You only see the differences. This means that you are projecting out because that is one effect of all the spiritual poisons. You are projecting out. The problem is out there. Because the spiritual poison prevents you from looking in the mirror. It prevents you from even considering that there could be a beam in your own eye, even a splinter, a tiny little splinter, in your own eye. Cannot conceive of this, when you are blinded by the spiritual poison. 

The need for free and neutral communication

But what is democracy? In a dictatorship what kind of communication do you have? You have one-way, top-down communication. The dictator declares: “This is the way it is going to be.” And all the people have to obey it or face various repercussions, from death to imprisonment to torture to whatever. This is a one-way communication. There is no feedback coming up towards the dictator, certainly not from the people. What is democracy? Is it not an attempt to establish a society where there is two-way communication? The leaders communicate to the people, but the people communicate back, not just through voting, but in many other ways as well. But is it just a matter of communicating between the leaders and the people? No, of course, it is also a matter of communicating between the people, the people communicate amongst themselves, otherwise a democracy cannot function. 

You may say that one of the democratic rights defined in many constitutions is freedom of speech. But behind that outer expression, there is a deeper reality, which is free communication, open communication, neutral communication, non-toxic communication. We have said it before, in a dictatorship problems are resolved through force and violence. A democracy is an attempt to establish a form of government where problems can be solved without violence. But this can only happen in one way, through communication.

Tolerance for differences is a foundation for a democracy 

What needs to happen is that there is free communication in the population until gradually there is some kind of understanding that emerges. It may not be that all people agree, but they see the humanity in those people who disagree with them, and they see that they also have a viewpoint and that they should not necessarily be forced or suppressed or killed or sent to Siberia. Therefore they respect these people’s right to be different. This is what then happens when there is this neutral communication. You have an increased understanding and tolerance for differences. You cannot expect in a democracy that everybody will agree or that everybody will be alike or will live the same way. Therefore one of the foundations for a democracy is tolerance for differences.

This, of course, is also one of the main aspects of Christhood. As we have said before, at the lower levels of Christhood it is theoretically possible that one ascended master student can be a Trump follower and claim that he is following Trump because he has Christ discernment, and another person can be against Trump, or at least not be a Trump follower, and also claim that this is based on his level of Christ discernment. They can then have opposing viewpoints and both think they have Christ discernment, but it is a lower form of Christ discernment, as we have explained many times. When they get to a higher level, they connect. They see the humanity in each other, and they see that the issue is not really that important. 

What is it you see, as you go towards higher levels of Christhood? Well, ultimately, as we have said, the Christ is the mind that is meant to help people escape separation, duality and division, by coming to see greater and greater levels of oneness. As you grow in Christhood, you see beyond the outer differences, and therefore you see: “Is the outer viewpoint really that important? Is it that important whether this or that person is President? Is it that important, whether I wear a piece of cloth in front of my mouth when I go to the store, like the government requires? Can I not render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s? First of all, can I not treat other people with their right to be different from me, to have a different viewpoint?” 

What ideally should happen is that people who are growing towards Christhood should be able to communicate openly and neutrally, even when they disagree on certain issues. In other words, there should not be that emotional charge that you see so many times when people attempt to communicate. Where does that charge come from? Well, it is actually a spiritual poison that blocks communication. What you see here, again to return to the situation in the United States, is that you have the emergence of these blocs of people who have taken in this poison of hatred and who therefore have no tolerance for those who have different viewpoints than they have. They either think these people are stupid, or they hate them outright. And this, of course, is a major danger for any democracy.

You can see other examples throughout history, including Northern Ireland, where the Protestants and the Catholics hated each other and started talking with bombs, instead of having a conversation with words. This was, again, because the spiritual poison had taken over these people’s minds to where they could not have open and neutral communication. Again, when you have open and neutral communication, it does not necessarily mean that you will end up being in agreement about issues. But you will be able to still keep your entire approach to other people based on the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want them to do to you. If you are a Catholic in Northern Ireland, do you want the Protestants to throw bombs at you? Most likely not. Why would you even consider doing it to them?

You cannot take democracy for granted

This is absolutely vital for any democracy that there has to be open communication. If there is not, then a democracy will easily start a downward spiral, where the animosity builds until people are no longer able to say it with words so they start saying it with assault rifles or whatever violent means they have at their disposal. There are, of course, many people who are aware of this, who can see this. What you can do as ascended master students is hold the vision, make the calls that more and more people will see the need to address this hatred, this breakdown of communication. They do not need to start talking about spiritual poisons. It is enough to simply observe and say: “When there is this kind of hatred, then communication breaks down. And when communication breaks down, democracy breaks down. So what can we do?” 

Well, there needs to be – and this is the theme that is underlying everything we have said here at this conference – there needs to be an awareness that you cannot take democracy for granted. There are forces that are seeking to destroy democracy. There are external forces, but there are, more importantly, internal forces. The external forces cannot destroy democracy unless democracies have already been divided by the internal forces. There needs to be a growing awareness that democracy has value. It is the government of the future. It is a progress compared to the dictatorships we have seen in the past, which created one disaster after another. We need to defend democracy and that may mean that you have to take certain steps. The government, the media, but also people themselves, will have to take certain steps to counteract this. 

As I said, a democracy gives freedom. But those who have ill intentions can abuse that freedom, can take advantage of that freedom, to undermine democracy, as the troll factories in Russia and China have done for years, as many other people with ill intentions have done for years. There are people who have deliberately created conspiracy theories, simply because their minds are taken over by fallen beings and demons in the astral plane, who only want to create chaos and disharmony. They are not even somebody who is concerned about democracy. They do not care whether it is democracy or not. They just want to create chaos and anger and hatred between people so they can steal people’s energy. They do not even have a sophisticated agenda beyond simply stealing people’s energy. 

There needs to be this awareness that a democratic government needs to step up to the awareness, as I said, where you still remain harmless as a dove, but you become wise as a serpent, and you recognize that you cannot take for granted that once you have a democracy, it will be sustained indefinitely. You need to be willing to look at the forces that are opposing democracy and defend your country against them. This means even defending yourself against the people in your own nation who have been seduced into going into a mindset that is, quite frankly, anti-democratic. 

If you have hatred towards another group of people, that is an anti-democratic mindset. If you believe there is some grand conspiracy that stole the election from your President, then that too is an anti-democratic mindset because you are not acknowledging the democratic institutions. You are not actually fulfilling the oath, if you had taken it, to defend the Constitution against all enemies. You are being a domestic enemy of the Constitution if you are claiming and spreading the lie that the election system is taken over by some grand conspiracy and is not functioning and that the people are not honest and so forth. All of this is anti-democratic. There can be really no question about this unless your mind is colored by these poisons and by the lies spread by these fallen beings, which have no compunctions about lying because their goal is to undermine democracy.

Fundamental weakness of democracy 

What I am really talking about here is the essence of stepping up to a level of Christhood where you go beyond the simplistic interpretations and the simplistic views. Now you could say that when I set the foundation for the Piscean Age by giving the Golden Rule, do unto others, then I claimed that this was to set the foundation for democracy, but on the other hand that Golden Rule actually puts democracies in jeopardy. If a society is based on the Golden Rule, it has a fundamental weakness towards societies that are willing to take advantage of that Golden Rule. It goes back to the same old story: If you treat another person well, and that person takes advantage of you to steal your property or even kill you, what good did it do you to follow the Golden Rule? Why should you then have followed the Golden Rule? 

There are many people who have been turned away from even Christianity, but also the Golden Rule, many people from other religions, because all religions have some version of the Golden Rule, who have been turned away from this, because other people have not reciprocated their actions. They treated other people well, but other people did not return the favor. Now they doubt the principle of the Golden Rule. There are many Christians who have gone into the state of mind where they say: “Well, I just always have to be kind to other people. Then I cannot do anything wrong. I have to just, whatever they do, I still have to be kind back. I have to turn the other cheek, and I have to keep turning the other cheek.” 

Being wise as a serpent

Well, again, there are levels of Christhood. At the lower levels what is it that happens? Well, you might still have a momentum from past lives of not turning the other cheek or responding in kind, responding based on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In order to break that momentum, you may have to go through a period where you decide: “I will always turn the other cheek, no matter what other people do”. Because this breaks that momentum, and once you are free of it, you can then step up to a higher level of discernment, where you realize that the Golden Rule does not really stand alone.

When you step up to a higher level of Christhood, you become wise as a serpent. You realize that there are serpents, and they are not following the Golden Rule. And it is not likely that they will, for the foreseeable future, start following the Golden Rule. If you have a democratic nation that is based on the Golden Rule, and where most people are following the Golden Rule, and where the government is following the Golden Rule towards its own citizens, there is a tendency that this nation wants to believe that it can also follow the Golden Rule towards other nations. This can be done with other democratic nations, but it cannot be done with a dictatorship that has an ill intention of either destroying democracy or conquering your territory.

Now you understand that this is a delicate balance, and I understand this very well. It is a delicate balance. You could say, going back to Hitler: “Could the rest of Europe just have said: ‘We’ll turn the other cheek. We’ll let Hitler’s tanks roll in. They can take over, and we’ll see how it goes. Maybe we can transform Hitler into being a nice person when we show him that we are turning the other cheek.’” First of all, that is not likely to happen with a fallen being, but it could have happened with the German people. As we have said before, this could have eventually removed Nazism. It would have taken a lot longer than five years. It would have had some very severe ramifications. But it could have happened.

Then you go back to the time of the Soviet Union, which had an ideology of spreading communism to the entire world, which basically was the Russians’ delusion of grandeur of wanting to control the whole world. What would have happened if the West had not resisted the spread of communism? Well, again, Stalin would not have been transformed, but he would not have lived forever. What would have happened? Would the entire world have been communist today? No, of course not. Partly because the communist system, as demonstrated by the Soviet Union, is not self-sustainable, but also because there would have been a transformation of consciousness and so forth. 

Nevertheless it would have had widespread negative consequences. I am not saying that the West should have done this. Nor am I saying that Ukraine should have turned the other cheek and allowed Putin’s tanks to roll in. Because again, people need to respond with their level of consciousness. You have a certain level of consciousness where you can say: “Here we have to be wise as serpents. We have to look at the facts. We have to acknowledge that there are countries, there are leaders in countries, that have a negative intent towards democracy.”

The Golden Rule of democracy 

As we have said, there was a period where it was an understandable reaction that the Western countries gave Putin the benefit of the doubt. It was again an expression of the collective consciousness. But now that he has exposed himself so clearly that nobody can fail to see it, then it is time to step up to this higher level of discernment, where you simply say: “We need to defend ourselves. We cannot allow other countries with ill intent, or even people in our own countries with ill intent, to take advantage of the democratic freedoms.” In other words, it is simply this. You could say the Golden Rule of democracy is: A democratic government is meant to guarantee the rights and freedoms of its population, which means it cannot allow any force to take away the rights and freedoms of its own population. Whether this be an external force like Putin, or an internal force like Donald Trump, or the conspiracy theorists, or the media which has turned itself into a propaganda machine, you cannot allow this because it is a detriment, it is a danger, to the survival of democracy.

Higher levels of Christ discernment in the development of democracy 

Now, this does not mean that what I am saying here is the ultimate level of Christhood and Christ discernment. There can come higher levels where, as we have talked about before, there will be some of the democratic nations which will say: “We will abandon all military. We will stop having a military.” There may be some that say: “We do not want to have this nation state that we have had so far. We want to cooperate with other states and form some kind of region.” 

Even what you see in the EU, striving towards some form of unity, even though it is a difficult task. There can come a point where a nation has reached such a level of consciousness that it can trust that if it turns the other cheek, even to an aggressor, then the return current of the universe towards that aggressor will actually make sure that they cannot destroy the nation or destroy the people. There are various levels here. Obviously there is no democracy which is quite at that level where it can say: “We are going to trust in God and lay down our arms.” But that does not mean it will not happen in the future and in the golden age, certainly there will come a point where many nations will give up their national defenses. There will have to be an interim period where you create some kind of collective army that can work against dictators that suddenly attack other nations. 

Democratic responsibility of the people 

Nevertheless it is necessary to recognize that a democracy needs to defend its own citizens against those who will take away the freedom and the rights of those citizens. Otherwise, a democratic government is not fulfilling its responsibility. But, of course, the people also need to fulfill their responsibility and become aware. We are not saying here that this means that the democratic governments now need to go in and forbid this type of speech and that type of speech. “You cannot say this, and you cannot say that, and you cannot post this on Facebook, and you cannot post that.” Because that would, in order to combat this aggressive force, amount to censorship. It is also necessary that the population, the people, educate themselves, become aware of what is happening, become aware of trolls and troll factories and those with ill intent, and therefore say: “I am not going to be pulled into this. I am not going to allow myself to be pulled into this.”

You have many, many people who have been pulled into the conspiracy theories who have come, after some time, to the conclusion that it did not do anything positive for them. It only pulled them into a negative spiral where they were not even really alive because they were so disturbed, their mind was so focused on this, their emotions were so agitated, that it was not the way to live. This awareness can spread. People can communicate this and say: “Listen, I have been there. I understand your frustration, but this just is not the way. It is a dead end, and it will only take you down.” 

There needs to be this growing awareness, this growing willingness, to speak out. And there needs to be this willingness to speak out in a neutral way so that we can establish a way to talk about problems without being taken over by the hatred that causes us to shut down communication. There needs to be this awareness that communication is vital in a democracy. But it needs to be open and neutral communication, not this emotionally charged, where people are so attached to a certain viewpoint that anyone who disagrees with them is no longer seen as a human being. And therefore we do not need to do unto others and turn the other cheek towards those people. Because we are so blinded by this hatred, this poison, that we cannot even see them as people. So there needs to be this awareness.

The ideological state of mind vs. tolerance 

As we have already said, what is democracy really about? Is it about viewpoints and physical results? No, it is about people. It is about the growth in consciousness of the people. You, as an individual, if you are in this biased state of mind, this agitated state of mind, what Gautama Buddha in his book calls the ideological state of mind, well, you are not growing. If you are an ascended master student, you can study our teachings all you want, but if you have this energy in your four lower bodies, you are not growing. It cannot be done. Other people, of course, are not growing. They are also not fulfilling their democratic responsibility. They are hurting themselves. They are hurting others. It is just a downward spiral that people can come to see and say: “Enough of this. We have to find a way to communicate. We have to find some basis for communication, things we agree on: even that democracy is important, we are all human beings, we should all be allowed to be here.”

You see here that what it all boils down to is tolerance. As you grow in Christhood, you increase your tolerance for those who are different. You even increase your tolerance for the fallen beings, where you do not find it necessary to engage in a physical battle with them to destroy them physically. You do not find it necessary to engage in a battle to prove them wrong. This messenger in his lifetime has several times been confronted with people who either were fallen beings or were in the fallen consciousness and who challenged him, trying to pull him into a spiral of arguing with them. He has simply looked at this, stepped back and said: “I cannot help these people so I am not going to engage with them.” 

This is, of course, one of these tricky aspects of Christ discernment, when you go beyond this black and white of wanting a simple solution to everything. I am saying that you need to be able to communicate with people. Well, should not that mean that you can communicate with anybody, just like you should turn the other cheek towards anybody? Well, it does not at the higher levels of Christhood. 

There may be a phase where you need to go through this and try to communicate with everybody. But as you increase your discernment, you will see there are some people that it is not constructive to communicate with right now because they are so trapped in a spiritual poison that you cannot help them. Therefore you instead use your time and your attention and energy on communicating with other people and building a consensus with them, raising their consciousness, thereby raising the collective. The people who are still trapped in a poison, trapped in hatred, they become more and more isolated, they become more and more unbalanced, and therefore it becomes easier for the middle part of the population to see how extreme they are.

The balanced middle – beyond the extreme points of view

We can say that if you look at a society, a democratic nation, even the United States, as I have talked about, what is the best hope for a change in the situation? Well, it is that the broad middle of the population will come to see the imbalances on both sides of these extremist groups. In other words, what you have in the United States, you have the old model of the top 10%, the bottom 10% and 80% in the middle. But it is slightly different. What I am talking about here, you have some people on the left that are extremist, some people on the right that are extremist, but in between you have a large group of people who are much more balanced. Even though they do not necessarily have the Christ discernment I am talking about, they still have this sense that you cannot go too far. You cannot take it too far. You cannot become violent, for example. When they see these extreme outplayings of this, they will say: “This is too much.” 

There were many, many people, even many Republicans, many Trump supporters, who looked at the January 6 riot and said: “No, this is too far. This we cannot agree with. This should not have happened.” And the same thing with the guns, the shootings: “This is too much. This is taking it too far.” And the same with many other issues. There can always be that broad middle, not middle class, but balanced group in the middle, who do not have the extreme viewpoints. And who therefore can say: “Ah, let’s just try and find a more balanced approach here. Let’s not go so far.” That is then what can bring a democracy higher, that group in the middle. They are sometimes very slow to react, but nevertheless they are sort of the bulwark against the extremists on either side.

These are the teachings that I wanted to give you here. And I will leave it to Saint Germain to build upon this and take this to the next level of the recognition of what it takes for a democracy to survive. With this, I thank you. I seal you in my flame of Christic joy.


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Democracy is an open-ended process of self-improvement

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.

What have you seen in the outplaying of what has happened since the invasion of Ukraine started and even before? If you live in a country where you have access to media, you should make a point of once in a while studying what has been said by the Russian government. You would see that before the invasion started, the Russian government claimed repeatedly that they had no intention of invading Ukraine. That the amassment of forces was just a military exercise. And that it was Western propaganda that made it seem like Russia was going to invade.

Disinformation and lies of Russian propaganda

Then, even after the invasion started, they have said that they had no intention of killing civilians, of destroying civilian infrastructure, or of destroying residential buildings or even, for that matter, any other non-military targets. Of course, you know, that the invasion did happen, despite the denial. You know, that there has been a systematic targeting of civilian infrastructure, of residential buildings, hospitals, medical facilities, where entire towns and even a larger city has been systematically destroyed.

You know, of course, if you have studied this, that the Russians claim that it is not the Russian military that has destroyed civilian buildings in Ukraine. Nay, it is the Ukrainian military who is destroying their own buildings. In other words, they would have you believe that being attacked by 200 thousand foreign troops is not causing the Ukrainian military to use their inferior weapons and supply of ammunition to shoot at the Russian invaders. Instead, they are shooting at their own buildings.

Then you have seen the exposure after the withdrawal from the region north of Kyiv of the systematic killing of civilians, kidnapping civilians, holding them prisoner, torturing them. Often by beating their bodies so there was not a spot that was not beaten. The systematic rape of women and even the booby trapping of residential buildings after they withdrew. Again, you have seen the Russian propaganda machine claim: this was all staged. As if this could be staged by a military that was defending itself, hanging on by a thread until the Russians withdrew. You have seen international experts on war crimes, who have come in to investigate the area. You have seen reports of systematic abuses of human rights by credible international organizations.

The purpose of propaganda

What you see here is a systematic use of propaganda to deny reality, to deny what is actually happening. And what is the purpose one might think? Well, the purpose of propaganda is always to divide and conquer, to sow doubt, to divide even the minds of people who are exposed to the propaganda. Propaganda is, as many of you will know, nothing new. It was taken to an unprecedented level by Hitler, by his propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. But since then, it has, of course, been used in many different ways, by many different nations, even democratic nations.

What needs to happen is, of course, that as the democratic nations step up to a higher level of Christhood, leaders, media, and especially the people need to become more aware of propaganda. What it is, what it seeks to do. So that they can defend themselves against having their minds divided by propaganda. They can defend their own nations against having the people of a nation divided into two camps by propaganda.

You see here very clearly that there are people in the world who are willing to present the most blatant lies to the world. Now, of course, you can always say that the Russian propaganda is primarily directed towards the Russian people, making them believe what the government is saying about the situation in Ukraine. But you still need to ask yourself: Why are they bothering to do this in front of the world press? Surely, they could have national press conferences if they only wanted to reach the Russian people. Naturally, they are hoping that there are nations who either do not have the same freedom of the press that you have in the modern democracies, or that the people are less educated and therefore they will believe what the Russians are saying.

But you also need to ask yourself: Do they really believe that the modern democracies believe what they are saying? Do they really believe that when they say something that is in complete opposition to what is reported by the democratic media, that people actually believe the Russians over their own media? Well, they actually hope so. Because they know that there are some people who are so trapped in conspiracy theories, distrust of their own government that they will tend to believe the opposite of what their government or the so-called mainstream media says. They have some impact, even by denying what is obvious to anybody who is willing to look at reality.

But you also need to recognize here that propaganda is not always directed outwards. The government, the people who are formulating the propaganda and spreading it, they tend to believe it themselves. Even if they know the facts, they still tend to believe the propaganda. They drink their own Kool-Aid. They become trapped, not always in the facts they are stating, but in the belief that they have a right to say what they are saying, because they are right about the overall situation. So even if they are a little bit wrong about the facts in Ukraine, they are still right about the invasion and the reasons for the invasion. They are still right in believing they will achieve their goals in Ukraine, no matter what.

People living in an alternate reality

You see that when you grow to higher levels of Christhood you become aware that there are people who are living in an alternate reality. They are living in the same world, the same physical world. They are experiencing, observing at least some of the same physical situations and circumstances that you are experiencing. But in their minds, they have a completely different interpretation of it. This is something many of you can think back to when you first realized that in this embodiment. This messenger was 14 years old when he realized that there were people who had a completely different view of certain aspects of life than he did. And they were willing to take away his democratic freedoms in order to promote or further their viewpoint. He then realized, of course, also the Second World War, the Nazis and propaganda. And it was a shock to him as it has been for many. And you are looking at this and you are saying: “What can we possibly do about this?”

You look at what the Russian government is saying, what Putin is saying, what Putin is obviously believing. How could you possibly change his mind? You have many people who have speculated that he has isolated himself, especially over the last couple of years. That he has stopped listening to this broader range of advisors that he used to listen to years ago. And they are right, he has isolated himself in an ivory tower, in his own perception filter. And he really believes that the universe functions according to his decree. So, when he decrees it, the universe shifts and functions that way. What could you do to change his mind?

And the reality is that as a Christed being you see that you cannot change his mind. What can you do? Well, you can call forth the judgment of Christ upon such people. And therefore, the ascended masters can do whatever can be done, according to the very complex equation that we see from the ascended level.

The need to expose propaganda for what it is

But what you really can do is you can first of all work on yourself. And the people in democratic nations can work on themselves and their country, they can educate themselves. And they can begin to realize how propaganda has been used, and how the use of propaganda has become much more common, and much more widespread with the advent of the internet. Surely, the internet has been a benefit in many ways. But whatever new development happens, the fallen beings are always seeking to take advantage of it, and use it for their ends. And they have used the internet, as we have talked about before, to spread propaganda – propaganda that is meant to divide.

Once you become aware of this, once you become aware of, for example, that Russia has troll factories, where people are spending their entire working day going on Facebook, posting things that are positive towards Russia, the Russian government, or that are meant to sow doubt, well, then you can certainly educate yourself to this, and stop promoting this, stop believing it, stop spreading it, but actually expose it for what it is. You have seen several nations in Europe, where they have done this after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Where they have become much more aware of this phenomenon, and the need to counteract Russian propaganda in this way.

This is a necessary phase in the evolution of democracies. Because you always have this dynamic that we have described where in a democracy, you want to believe the best about people. And you want to believe that nobody is taking advantage of the democratic freedoms and rights so that they use the democratic freedom to undermine the democratic freedom of others or an entire nation, or the entire democratic world. You want to believe that people will not abuse the freedom that you give them in a democratic country with a democratic government that gives all people certain freedoms, such as freedom of speech. You want to believe that people will not abuse it. But this is a phase that needs to be transcended. That people realize that there are people who will abuse it, as many nations have started realizing, of course. But they need to become better at it, better at counteracting it, better at dealing with this and better at identifying reliable information versus unreliable information.

Democratic mainstream media vs. propaganda in a dictatorial country

You see, my beloved I know very well that there are many people, even some ascended master students, who have taken these conspiracy theories into their minds. They have a deep distrust even of democratic governments, and a deep distrust of the so-called mainstream media. But you see, my beloved, from an ascended master perspective, I am not saying that the mainstream media is not affected by lies or propaganda. I am not saying you can believe everything that the mainstream media tells you, or that your democratic government tells you. But what I am saying is that compared to what is happening in a dictatorial country like Russia or China, you can have a much better confidence in the democratic governments and in the mainstream media.

The reason for this is simple. As long as you have a country where there is freedom of the press, then if one press outlet states something wrong, that can be proven wrong, there will be another media outlet that will be willing to publish that story. Just in order to show that they are better than the competition. The same thing, there will be some media outlet that is willing to expose any lies by the government. But what you have to realize here is that the forces of propaganda, including the Russians and the Chinese, are perfectly aware of this. And they are perfectly willing to create media outlets that claim to be exposing lies by the mainstream media or lies by the government. But it is all made up. It is propaganda created to sew doubt.

What I am saying is this. As long as you live in a democratic country that has freedom of speech, freedom of the press, you are far better off than if you lived in a dictatorial country. And it is better to believe in the press and the government you have, than to believe in propaganda promoted by and made up by a dictatorial government.

I am not telling you to believe in everything, but I am telling you this. There are forces that are deliberately trying to cast doubt upon democratic people’s trust in their own government and in their media. And they are doing this for one purpose only: to destroy democracy. They are using the democratic freedoms against democracy.

And this you cannot allow yourself to be pulled into and to promote. Especially not if you are an ascended master student. Because the only way a democracy can function is if a majority of a people have some shared knowledge that they believe is reliable. It does not have to be completely, absolutely true. For what is absolute truth on a planet like earth, where the collective consciousness is gradually being raised? You can see more and more, the more consciousness is raised, and therefore you can see things today that people could not see 50 or 70 years ago.

Beyond the dualistic concepts of true and false

You realize that one of the early phases of Christhood is where you think there is an absolute truth, and that Christ always has that truth. I talked about making mistakes, and how people think that the Christ never makes mistakes. What you see is again, like Saint Germain talked about, you have people who have come to the point where they have had enough of this struggle with other people. They want something higher, they are ready to make that shift that now they are willing to do unto others. And they shift in their minds, but now they want to believe that everybody else has shifted. Likewise, you have people who are tired of the constant battle with other people for who is right, and who is lying, and who is not lying and this and that. They want to believe that there is a higher truth, and that they can find that truth.

There comes a point where you begin to have some discernment, you are able to see certain lies. But now you are, so to speak, seduced by your desire to be home free, to overcome the problem, to go into a new state where you can feel secure. Because you feel, you know what is the lie, you know what is the truth. And there are many people, including many ascended master students, who have gone into this state of thinking that “Now I know Christ truth”. But what they actually have done is gone into black and white thinking. Because they think that every question, every issue can be reduced to a yes and no question. Is it right, is it wrong, is it true, is it false.

And again, this is not said to blame anyone. It is a necessary phase of Christhood, but it is only a phase. And if you end up being stuck in it, that is then when you inevitably open your mind to the subtleties of the antichrist mind. Where they seek to divide you. Where they also seek to make you feel they play on your need to feel superior, to feel special, that you have the truth that other people do not have. The higher stages of Christhood is where you realize that the concepts of true and false, right and wrong, are dualistic. They are clearly dualistic. And you will begin to realize that the Christ mind is far more complex than what can be reduced to two polarities, true or false. And you begin to then open your mind to impulses from above, rather than impulses from below.

Horizontal truth vs. truth of the Christ

What is it that happens in the dualistic mind? What is it that happens when the mind becomes a closed system? It is that you think, the Peter consciousness thinks, it can define reality in a horizontal way down here on earth. Yes, I know people claim: “We have a divine revelation from God. The Bible is the truth.” or “I have a divine revelation from the ascended masters so I know the truth.” But the reality is that if you still think in terms of black and white, right and wrong, true and false, you are defining truth horizontally. And you are not open to input from beyond your own mind, or the mind of the fallen beings that are more advanced in the use of the mind of antichrist than you are in using the mind of Christ to see through the subtleties of the mind of antichrist. The serpent was the most subtle animal in the garden, which is why it could deceive Adam and Eve into thinking that they could become as gods, knowing, defining good and evil.

At the highest stages of Christhood, you see, you experience that your mind is not sufficient in itself. That you need something from beyond your own mind in order to know reality, in order to have a broader perspective, in order to be free of the blind alleys in your own mind, the lies and the illusions from the mind of antichrist. You come to a point where you truly experience that the only way to free yourself from the mind of antichrist and its subtleties is through the mind of Christ.

The vibration of Christ as a frame of reference

Now, you are still at that point, thinking that “The mind of Christ can tell me, in every situation, what is right and wrong, true and false in the situation”. But that, too, is a phase that needs to pass. And when you pass through that phase, you realize that what you really need is not the Christ mind to tell you with words: “This is true, this is false”. You need an experience of the Christ mind. And when you experience the Christ mind, you experience the vibration of Christ and this becomes your frame of reference. This becomes your measure for evaluating everything, and then you will know anything that comes from the mind of antichrist vibrates differently than the mind of Christ.

I recognize this is not an easy ability to build. Even many ascended master students who have followed the teachings for many years will find it difficult to even grasp what I am saying. But it can be done. It is a process that takes time. It will not be absolute in the beginning. In fact, it will never really be totally absolute as long as you are in embodiment. But you can certainly engage in a process where you truly take our teachings and you gradually increase your Christ discernment based on vibration alone.

Can the democratic nations do this? Well, not in the sense that they can openly recognize Christhood and the Christ consciousness versus the consciousness of antichrist. But you need to recognize here that there are many people in democratic nations who have achieved a high level of discernment, even though they are not using the terminology I am using but they have an ability to sense: “This just does not sound right to me. This does not seem right to me.” But you can do this in only one way. That is by being neutral, as neutral as possible. Because if you are not neutral, then the mind of antichrist, the serpent will whisper in your ear what confirms and validates your preconceived beliefs. It will validate what you want to believe, so that you will feel absolutely sure that you are right.

Naturally, we do not expect democratic nations to acknowledge what we are saying as ascended masters. We do not expect democratic nations to create some kind of institution where they can have a priesthood that can contact the ascended masters and receive answers. In fact, we would not want to create a modern version of the Oracle of Delphi where democratic nations would ask our advice before they made decisions. Why is this? Because our purpose is to raise consciousness and you do not raise your consciousness by reaching for a higher authority, being told what to do. You raise your consciousness by making decisions based on your present level of consciousness, then evaluating the results, using that to raise your consciousness. That is also how you build Christ discernment.

The need to counteract information warfare

What needs to happen, what can happen, what you can hold the vision for and make the calls for is that there is a growing awareness in democratic nations that we need to counteract this propaganda that seeks to divide our people. In fact, even a government, even the media and certainly the people themselves have a responsibility to counteract this clearly undermining activity—this clearly divisive activity. It is a form of warfare, information warfare. And the democratic nations need to defend themselves against it. The government needs to defend their people. And you will see even social media platforms who have realized that they cannot just give everybody free speech, because you are allowing those who want to destroy free speech to take advantage of the freedom to destroy the freedom of others. They need to make some kind of evaluation.

The reality here is that this is a movement that is beginning to gain some momentum in the democratic countries. They are becoming more aware of this. Certainly, the election lies of Donald Trump has made many people aware of the need to do this, even from internal sources. And the invasion of Ukraine has made many governments aware of the need to counteract this from external sources. Russia and China have been doing this for years, and the democratic nations have tried to ignore it. But now there is a growing awareness that this can no longer be ignored.

Propaganda seeks to simplify an issue

Now, the next phase I want to discourse on here is that: What is it that propaganda always does? Well, propaganda takes an issue and it simplifies it. It portrays it in very simplistic terms. There is always a right and wrong. There are always people who are right and others who are wrong. There are always the heroes and there is always the scapegoat. This is of course, a gross simplification of life.

You have heard the saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. But certainly, simplification is the mother of contention. What creates contention, disagreements between groups of people is that an issue is simplified. In the simplest possible terms: There is us versus them. We are right. They are wrong. That is simplification. Now, this of course, happens all the time in dictatorships. Many dictatorships have been throughout history built on this. Classical example: “The Germans are the master race. The Jews are the problem – the inferior people that must be eradicated.” Why would a master race, that is inherently superior, possibly created superior by God or by the evolutionary process – why would they feel threatened by any other group of people? Why would they need to eradicate a certain group of people if they really are the master race? Why?

Ask yourself why Putin is not willing to tell the Russian people what is actually happening in Ukraine? Why there are so many lies. Why there is a law forbidding people to call it a war. Why all independent media outlets have been choked? Why is he afraid of telling his own people what his own army is doing in Ukraine? If he knew he was right, why would he be afraid of telling his own people that he is right? So why is he not telling his own people that he is right? Because he knows he is not right. At some level of his being beyond his delusional outer self, he knows he is not right. And that is why he will not tell his own people because he knows that if they knew what was happening, they would not approve of it. 

This is always the case with those who perpetrate propaganda. If Donald Trump knew with absolute certainty that he had won the election, he did not need to state the lies. Because if he had won the election, the count of the votes would have come out in his favor. But he knows he is wrong. And that is why he has to not only promote certain lies, but he has to create more and more elaborate lies of what went wrong with the election process and how many irregularities there was, and how there was an entire conspiracy to steal the election from him.

What you see here is this. Propaganda seeks to simplify an issue. It says: “We are right. They are wrong.” What is the effect? – “We do not have to look at ourselves because we are right. We do not have to admit that we made a mistake, or we could do better.” Donald Trump could not have done better before the election. He could not have done better as president. He did everything right. And people saw this and they voted for him. And the reason he could not continue as president was that the election was stolen. He does not need to look at himself and say: “Could I have done better as president? Could I have done better in the election campaign? Could I have treated the people better so they would want me to continue as president? Could I have avoided alienating so many people that they rose up and voted against me?” You do not need to ask these questions when you are always projecting out, spreading propaganda that gives you an excuse for not looking at yourself.

Take Putin. If you believe this, he actually did not of his own volition attack Ukraine. No, he had to attack Ukraine because NATO was a threat to Russia through Ukraine. And then there was, of course, Nazism spreading in Ukraine being a threat to Russia. He had to do this. And there cannot be anything wrong with him having to do this. He could not have made a mistake. He could not have misjudged the situation. He could not have thought that the Ukrainian people would welcome his troops with flowers, and that the government would flee and that the armed forces would surrender. This could not have been a miscalculation on his part, because he had to do it because of the scapegoat.

Constant self-improvement as the driving force of democracy 

This in itself, this mentality, projecting out “They are the problem. We do not have to change”,  this, as we have both Saint Germain and I said, is completely against the very process of democracy – the very principles behind democracy. Because the driving force of democracy is self-improvement. If you do not want to improve yourselves as a people and as a nation you cannot make a democracy function. What you see is that there are many people in democratic nations who are still chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of wanting to feel that now they are safe. Now they are secure. Now they have the ultimate society. It is this dream of being home free. 

As the Christians who believe they are saved because they have declared “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior”. They have not been willing to look at the beam in their own eye. They do not think they have to look at the beam in their own eye because they have done this one thing, said, “Jesus is my Lord and Savior, so Jesus is obligated by contract to come and save me. I do not have to change myself. I do not look at myself. I do not have to evaluate whether my consciousness can actually exist in heaven. I just have to declare that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. And Jesus has to show up like a jack in the box when you push the button, and save me.”

This was not what I originally envisioned. I actually came to start, 2000 years ago, what is today would be called a self-help movement where I gave people the tools to improve themselves, to raise their consciousness. And it was never my intention to start this kind of religion that could promote a false path to salvation where you just need to do certain outer things, like being a member of this church and going to mass and going to confession, and otherwise obeying the Pope and the clergy, then you are guaranteed to be saved.

This was not what I said. This was not what I meant. What I actually came to start, at the beginning of the Piscean age, was a movement that could lead people to constantly improve themselves to gradually raise their consciousness, which then, as I said before, would culminate in democracies, which is a society that is constantly seeking to improve itself. 

How do you improve yourself? Well, first of all, you have to see this as an open-ended process. You are not working towards a particular goal, and once you have reached that outer goal, such as a particular form of government or particular society, then you are home free. Your goal is constant gradual improvement, and it never stops. It is an open-ended process. Well, it does stop in a sense that it comes to a point where you are qualified for your ascension, and then the process continues in the ascended realm but at an entirely different level.

A democracy is an open-ended process of self-improvement. But you cannot do this if you have closed your mind around these absolutist viewpoints: “This is true. This is error. This is the right form of society. This is the wrong form of society. We are right. They are wrong.” You stop your growth then. You are achieving a certain state, and then you think the world is going to stand still. There have been Christians who believed that, in the year 1000, I would return to earth and manifest my kingdom and would reign for 1000 years, and nothing would change. There are even ascended master students who have believed that once the golden age was manifested society would remain constant for the next 2000 years. And Saint Germain has said many times that is not the case. There is constant growth, constant change, constant improvement and that is the Christ consciousness.

Now, how do you continue to grow? How do you engage in a growth process actually, and how do you continue that process? By not falling prey to this simplification that is embodied in propaganda. If you think that everything can be simplified and reduced to a yes or no question, right and wrong, true and false, us versus them, you cannot grow. How can you improve yourself if you believe that you have some ultimate truth? What needs to happen is that democratic nations and the top 10% in democratic nations become aware of this need to avoid simplification. You can take any issue and there is this tendency to want to reduce it to something very, very simple. And people need to awaken and realize that the issue is always more complex than this. And we cannot make good decisions, we cannot make progress by looking at these simplified versions of issues.

The abortion debate and school shootings in the United States

Let me give you a couple of examples. Mother Mary at New Year’s talked about the abortion debate in the United States, and she attempted to help you realize that this is a much more complex issue that really cannot be reduced to a yes and no, for or against. We just need to outlaw abortion then we have done the right thing or we need to keep abortion legal then we have fulfilled our responsibility towards women. What she attempted to show you is that this issue is a very complex issue that has many different viewpoints, many different ramifications. And it cannot be resolved in an ultimate way, in the best possible way by simply saying: “We are going to outlaw this or we are going to allow this.” 

Then, you have the other issue that has come up again and again and again. Most recently with a school shooting, guns and gun control. Some say: “We need to keep guns legal. And if we have bad people shooting good people, then we need to arm the good people. We need to have more guns, then we will overcome gun violence, so we cannot restrict gun ownership”.  Then there are others who say: “If we just forbid assault rifles, then we will have solved the problem.” Neither of those two are right. This is again, a very complex issue. 

Why do you have so many people in the United States, United States of America, who are willing to shoot their fellow countrymen, even children? It is perfectly true, that it is not the guns that are shooting people, it is people that are shooting people. But the solution is not to have other people shoot the people who are shooting people. Because where does it end? It ends in the wild west where everybody is shooting everybody. The solution is to look at why are these people in a state of mind where they are willing to do this. 

And then you start looking at the situation in the United States. Why is this so different in the United States than in most other countries? I am not saying you should not limit people’s access to assault rifles and automatic weapons, as they have done in most other democratic nations. But it is not enough in itself. You need to look at why do you not have so many people in Norway who want to go and shoot their fellow countrymen as you have in the United States per capita? Why are there so many more in the United States? 

The purpose of democracy is people, not ideas

You see again, simplification cannot solve the problems that the modern democracies are facing. And why is that? Well, it is because simplification is always about ideas. We have an idea that the world functions like this and therefore, this will solve the problem. It is always about ideas. Somebody has an idea that they think should be universally accepted and recognized and certainly incorporated in the laws of society, then we will solve our problems.

What does that mindset overlook? It overlooks a very simple fact. The purpose of a democracy is not to solve problems. The purpose of a democracy is one thing and one thing only, people –  not ideas, not problems. Because what do the ideas do? The ideas define the problems and then they define the solutions. But my beloved, people are not a problem. That is the realization that democracies need to come to. People are not a problem for democracy. People are the purpose for democracy. 

The purpose of a democracy is to help people grow and raise their awareness. It is not to solve problems by killing people or by forbidding this or forbidding that. The entire purpose of democracy is people, all people. The purpose of a dictatorship is in a sense, also people, namely either the dictator, or a small elite around him where the broad population are just the slaves for fulfilling the dictator’s ambition. But the purpose of democracy is all of the people, raising all of the people, which ultimately is raising their consciousness. But nevertheless, what can be understood by democracies is that the purpose of a democracy is to take care of the people.

When you have people who are in this black and white mindset, as you can clearly see embodied by Putin, they do not care about people, at least not about the majority of the population, they are just tools. It does not matter how many Russian soldiers are killed in Ukraine, as long as he achieves his goal, so he can save face and say: “It was not a mistake to go in there, because I achieved something important for Russia. I captured this region of Ukraine. Well, I had to destroy it and level all buildings to the ground in order to do so, but still, I achieved something important for Russia.” They do not care about people. 

Donald Trump does not care about people. He was happy that his followers broke into the Capitol building. He did not care about the fact that they were doing something illegal and might be prosecuted and sent to jail for it. He was happy, because this was validating him. Because he and Putin and other people like them, they only care about themselves. This is anti-democratic. A democracy cares about people – all people. And therefore, democracy cannot look at people as a problem that needs to be fixed.

Society is an interconnected and very complex whole

That is why we have said so many times that there is a need for a new approach to psychology, because what is psychology traditionally, based on going back to Freud? It is based on the abnormal psychology and solving what can be characterized as mental illness. There is a new, not really new, but it has been there for some decades, a positive psychology, which seeks to, instead of solving mental illness or solving a problem, it seeks to help people grow and unfold their higher potential. This is, of course, the approach to psychology that needs to be embraced by democratic nations. 

But it is not just psychology, it is everything. It is law enforcement. You cannot have an approach to crime that is based on the idea that there are certain people that are a problem, and we need to lock them up in a prison. We need to look at why do we have crime? Why are there people who have this kind of psychology? What could we do to help them outgrow that psychology? What could we do to change society so that people have opportunities so that they did not have to steal from others, but they could get a job and education, or so forth? What can we do as a society so people do not want to take drugs, because they have no need to escape, and therefore we avoid the entire drug related crime scenario? 

Again, there is no simple solution here. Everything is interconnected, the “interdependent originations” of the Buddha. And this is what democracies need to see: the interconnectedness, the complexity, how everything is part of a certain fabric. How a society is a fabric, a whole, and you cannot simply isolate one problem and think you can fix that problem. You need to look at the context, look at the connections and see: What do we need to do to really change society? What do we need to do to help our people? 

Democracy is a win-win game 

Democracies have already done this to a large extent, I am not saying something entirely new here. There are already many, many aspects of democratic societies where you are saying that: Here is something we are doing for the whole. Why are you building roads in a democratic nation? Because it benefits everyone. It solves many problems. It takes society to an entirely higher level. Why do you build railroads? Why do you build airports? Why do you have hospitals, public health care? Why do you have public education? Why are you educating your children, instead of leaving it up to their parents what they will do or not do? Because you know, this is better, not only for the individual, but for people in general and therefore, for society.

You can go back to many of the things you take for granted today in a democracy and you can say there was a previous time, where what you today take for granted seemed like an impossible goal and an insurmountable obstacle. You go back 200 years, in many of the modern democracies, and a large part of the population could not read and write. This created many, many problems in society. How could you actually really have a functioning democracy when people did not know, they could not read, they could not educate themselves in the political situation? How do you solve this? But it was solved through public education, and the publication of books and many other things. 

You had back then people who were dying over simple things, such as pneumonia. But it was solved by research, by science, by public health care, by education, by people knowing more and taking precautions, and many other things. If you go back to the time when this was a problem, many people would say, what can we do? It just seems too much—it seems too overwhelming.

What I am pointing out to you, that even though I am calling for the recognition that everything is more complex than it seems, especially when you reduce it to propaganda, this is not overwhelming. These are not insurmountable obstacles. This is not something that democracies cannot do. They have already done many things like this. It just needs to be taken to a higher level, which is the next step up for democracies. It is not a dramatic change. I am not requiring democracies to step up to make an impossible leap. It is just the next logical step. It is just the recognition that we cannot reduce problems, to this simplistic explanation, because when we do, we always have one group of people who are imposing their will on another group of people, and the one group of people lose and the other wins. And that is not what a democracy is all about. It is a society where everybody wins. It is win, win, win, win, win, win, win, until everybody is lifted up. That is what a democracy ultimately is. 

Political gridlock: the ongoing threat to American democracy

You look again, at the United States. And you see how there is a political gridlock because every issue is reduced to a black and white, a right and wrong, a for or against. Guns – you are either for guns or against guns. We either want people to have freedom to buy any guns they want or you want to outlaw all guns and take away their constitutional rights. There is nothing in between. But there is of course, many nuances in between. But there are even viewpoints that are completely beyond the scale of black and white, which is what we have pointed out many, many times about the duality consciousness.

What kind of society do you want in a democratic nation? Do you really want the current gridlock, the current animosity, the current hostility in America to continue? Do you perhaps think that this hostility at the political level, these divisions between groups of people who are absolutely sure that they are right, and the other people are wrong, and they believe that the ends can justify the means, at least some of them, do you possibly think that this is the reason why some people get so overwhelmed that they just start shooting?

You look at the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6. What was behind this? “If we cannot get our way, violence is acceptable. Violence is the only solution we have to do something, even if it is illegal, even if it is violent.” Do you not realize that there is a certain group among Republican Trump-supporting voters who have a desire to whip out their guns and just start shooting at anyone who opposes them politically? Do you not realize that this is there, there is that mentality? I can assure you that if you could see the collective consciousness of America, you can see that they have created a very substantial beast that is seeking to make people believe that if you cannot get your way through the democratic process, then you can throw away 200 years of democratic experiment and just start shooting those who disagree with you.

Do you really want this to continue and end up in some kind of civil war scenario? There are people on the left who are not as gun happy, but who are willing to take other measures that are violent in order to get their way. And so where will this end and is this where you want the nation to go? 

This needs to be seen. And it will be seen by some people who are open to it, partly because of what we are stating, partly because of you enforcing it, partly because of your calls with the many invocations we have already given. And you can make calls based on these dictations as well. It will also be seen because there are many people that are open minded and willing to tune into these ideas, even though they know not where they come from and you will see that it will begin to shift. And people will begin to say: Really, a democratic nation should be about people, about helping people, not just some people, not just a small elite, not just the people who vote for that particular political party but all people. And we need to recognize this. 

We need to look at ourselves and say: “We may think we are Christians, we may think we are following the teachings of Jesus. But are we truly following them if we are so angry and hostile with another group of people? Are we truly following the teachings of Jesus if we are doing something to others, that we would be very angry if they did to us? How can we claim to be a Christian nation if we are only paying lip service to the teachings of Christ, instead of embodying those teachings of Christ, and treating other people the way he told us to treat them? ‘Do unto others what you want them to do to you. Turn the other cheek. Love your enemies. Do good to those that persecute you. Always respond in kindness, never respond in kind.” 

This needs to break through or you will see the hard knocks in the United States become harder and harder in these coming years. You could see a disintegration into violence, not really a civil war, because who is going to be fighting against whom, but you can see more violence than you are seeing today. You could see more political hostility, more political gridlock and it will have widespread negative consequences for the people of the nation. 

When will they have had enough? That is the question. When will the Russian people have had enough of Putin? When will the American people have had enough of gridlock hostility, animosity? When will they have had enough of the ‘us versus them’ mentality, which basically is also what Putin stands for? 

Seeing connections and humanity in others

You see, this simplification does not lead to growth. You need to start looking at the connections, the bigger picture, look at the forest instead of the trees, and you realize, what is the forest? What is it made of? It is not made of trees, it is made of human beings. And those human beings are, behind the outer facade, just like you. If you see humanity in yourself, you will see humanity in others. And that is an aspect of the Christ consciousness. That is what I taught 2000 years ago.  

How can you do unto others what you want them to do to you? Because you see that those others are not really others, they are human beings like yourself, they are sons and daughters of God like yourself. And therefore, you simply cannot treat them in a way that you do not want to be treated. And you have had 2000 years to integrate this truth, this reality. 2000 years, 20 centuries, 200 decades. How long oh Lord? Do not call yourself a Christian and claim to be one of my followers, if you will not recognize this basic truth. How can you have a nation that claims to be Christian, but is going backwards in terms of living the commands of Christ, to treat others with decency and humanity? 

And so with this, I have had my say, at least for now, for you realize the Christ consciousness is an ongoing process. So there will never be a final statement from the Christ. The Christ always has more to say, but it will be on another day.


Copyright © 2022 by Kim Michaels

Defending democracy against the enemy without and the enemy within 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. We have talked about the fact that when people rise to a certain level of humanity, they find it difficult to grasp, to acknowledge, that other people are not at that level. I wish to comment on why this is so.

Growth is a two-fold process

Now, we have said several times that you can learn in two ways on earth. You can learn through divine direction from within or you can learn through the school of hard knocks. But we have also said that all of you are experiential beings. In other words, you cannot take embodiment on earth and only learn from within. You could not, for example, create a mystery school on earth and have everybody or have some people go into that mystery school and stay in that mystery school until they were ready to ascend. That is not the purpose for a planet like earth. You need to have a certain amount of experience with life on earth, with the consciousness on earth, the collective consciousness on earth, before you grow. So, in other words, growth is a two-fold process, where you have both the outer experiences and the inner directions and that gives you the fastest possible growth.

Lower levels of consciousness

Now, what happens when you come to the point where you rise to a certain level? Now, you could say, some people, for example, many avatars have never descended to a very low level of consciousness. But there are people who have descended to a lower level of consciousness. Let us take a person who has descended not necessarily to the lowest level, but quite a bit below the 48th level. The person has then experienced what it is like to live with this state of consciousness, which basically means you feel that “Other people are out to get me”. You are not really paranoid. You are just thinking that everybody is out to cheat you. Everybody will take from you what you have gathered if you do not guard it and you are looking for problems. You are not trusting other people and so forth.

Take a person who has lived this way for several embodiments, perhaps many embodiments, and who has lived in, for example, medieval Europe, Asia, or other places where they had dictatorial societies, where in many cases there was not really any law other than might is right. So, you have a person now who has gone through this for a number of lifetimes. And you can say that this person obviously does not have a high level of Christ discernment because he or she thinks that it is perfectly justified that “I do to others what I know they are trying to do to me, and I, in fact, have to do to others before they can do to me in order to defend myself“. The person is in this state of consciousness and has been in this state of consciousness for a number of lifetimes. How can this person really rise to a level of humanity that is higher, that is distinctly higher, what we have called the basic humanity? How can you go from do unto others before they do to you, to do unto others what you want them to do to you?

Well, not everybody is like this, but the majority of the people on earth do this experientially. In other words, they have to experience the lowest state of consciousness for so many lifetimes. They have to experience so many negative consequences from this state of consciousness and this lifestyle that they eventually come to a point where they have had enough of it. They simply have had enough of it. Many lifestreams 2000 years ago had reached that level. They were looking for a different approach. They were looking for something better. They wanted something better, they wanted more than what they had experienced. And as the law is when the student is ready the teacher appears, that is why Jesus appeared in a physical embodiment and gave the teachings he gave for the multitudes. For example, do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

The shift towards “Do to others what you want them to do to you”

There were people back then who grasped this. They locked into it. They truly saw that they had had enough of the old state of consciousness of do unto others and they were ready for something better, a better approach. And they had this “Aha experience”, this epiphany, this almost like a conversion experience or a rebirth experience where they grasped: “Oh, I have to start changing the way I treat other people, then my life will change. Because if I wait for other people to change, it may never happen. What can I do? How can I take responsibility for myself and change my life?” I am not saying that these people said this consciously, but this is essentially what they went through. They grasped what Jesus was saying that if you do unto others what you want them to do to you, then society can come to a higher level, where all people are doing to others what you are doing to them. This then brings society to a higher level.

Now, this did not happen for a lot of people back then, and certainly not for a critical mass of people, which is why you did not see societies that suddenly were transformed and became these kinds of societies where everybody could do to others what they wanted others to do to them. But as you see the Piscean age progress, you see that more and more people grasp this. This culminated with the advent of democracies, the modern democracies, where a critical mass of people have grasped that if we all treat others the way we want to be treated, then we can have a society where might is not right, where there is actually law, there are principles that protect us. We can have a society where our government looks out for our best interest and will not take from us unjustly what we have brought forth.

In other words, we can have a society where you can build a better future for yourself, for your children, for your nation and you can trust that it will not be taken away from you. Many people stepped up to this. This did not mean they had any spiritual understanding, any sophisticated level of Christ discernment, but they had made this shift. Now, even though they may not have been consciously aware of this and would not have been able to explain what I am saying, they still had a certain memory. Even children who were born into a democratic society had a certain awareness from past lives that they have had enough of these lawless, might is right societies. They had the contrast. They were aware of the contrast between the lawless society and a law-abiding democratic society where they had rights. But they had this on an experiential basis. They had experienced the change because they saw that it was better for themselves. They did not really understand the dynamic of it, but they had shifted.

Not everybody wants freedom and democracy

As we have said before, once you shift into this basic humanity, it can be difficult to grasp that other people are not at the same level. You have shifted. You have had enough of a lawless society and so you think that everybody else must have had enough of it too. You have this thing in human beings where you think that everybody else can see what you can see, what is so obvious to you must be obvious to others. Many of you who are spiritual people will remember when you first found the spiritual path. You were absolutely sure that everybody else in the entire world was just waiting to find the spiritual teaching you had found. You were sure that if you told your family members and friends about this wonderful spiritual teaching or guru you have discovered, they would respond as enthusiastically as you had done. And of course, what did you run into most often? Rejection, denial, they were not interested at all.

What you see is that there is a tendency in democratic nations for many, many people to think that: “I have had enough of these lawless societies, these dictatorships. I see how much better it is with democracy. Surely everybody else sees the same.” And this, of course, is not the case and it is one of these experiences that democratic nations need to have, where they actually experience that other people do not want democracy, do not want freedom, do not want economic freedom. You have seen examples of this, after the invasion of Iraq, after the invasion of Afghanistan, where you saw that the people were not ready for democracy. They did not embrace democracy. They did not say: “Finally, we got rid of this dictator. Now we can become a democratic nation, which we have longed for all of our lives.” Because they had not longed for it all of their lives because they had not had enough of it.

Taking responsibility for your own state of mind

Now, you may say, why have not they had enough of it? Well, because they are not ready to do what it takes to step up to the higher level. Think about the shift between do unto others before they can do unto you and do to others what you want them to do to you. Think about the shift. What do you have to do to make that shift? Well, you have to, as we have said before, take responsibility for yourself. But what does that mean? It means that you actually say: “I observe that other people are still in a lower state of mind. They are doing various things and they might very well do something to me. I cannot change them, but I have had enough of the experience of being around such people. What can I do? Well, I can change myself. What do I have the power to change? I cannot change other people, but I can change myself. I can change my state of mind, I can decide that regardless of what other people might do to me, I will believe Jesus when he said: “Do unto others and the world, the universe, God will do to you.”

This means that you are taking responsibility for changing yourself instead of trying to change other people by forcing them, you are changing yourself first and then trusting that what comes back from the cosmic mirror will correspond to what you are sending out. This is a trust, but it is also taking responsibility for changing your state of mind. In other words, in order to shift from a lawless attitude and might is right attitude to a turn the other cheek attitude, you have to take responsibility for changing your own state of mind, regardless of what happens outside your mind, regardless of other people, what other people do.

Some nations are not ready for democracy

The reality is that many, many people on earth are not at that point. They have not had enough of being abused, suffering, whining and complaining about other people, about their leader of society, their dictator about this or that, or the next thing. They are complaining. They are projecting out that their problems are caused by external factors and there is nothing they can do about it. They certainly cannot do anything about it by changing their own minds. If people are not at the level where they are willing to take responsibility for changing their own minds, they are not ready for democracy. It is that simple.

That is why you saw that the people in Iraq could not really make democracy work, even though they had the opportunity to do so. The people in Afghanistan could not. The people in Russia during the 1990s could not, because too many of them had accepted, and that is why they had taken embodiment in Russia, because there was always the party who told them what to think and what to do and if they did what they were told, they would have a certain basic level of material standard of living. They had settled for this. They had sold their souls to the devil, so to speak, in order to have that freedom from making their own decisions, thinking on their own. Deciding what is right or not right and first of all, deciding how to change themselves regardless of the outer situations. If a majority of the people in Russia had been at a higher level, they would not have been in Russia. They would have incarnated in Western Europe, the United States, Australia, South Korea and other democratic nations. You see here, this of course does not apply to all people of Russia because many people have incarnated there to bring Russia forward as is the case in other nations, but we are talking about the majority here.

Mechanization men

What the citizens and leaders in democratic nations need to realize here is that they cannot anymore allow themselves to assume that everybody else wants democracy. You cannot allow yourselves to assume this. And what does that mean? It means you need to recognize that there are people who want an excuse for not having democracy and that is why they actually want leaders who are dictatorial, who are abusive towards them, who are limiting their freedom, taking away their freedom, limiting what news they have access to, therefore, giving them an excuse for not thinking, not making their own decisions. These are what we in a previous dispensation called mechanization men. They are living in a mechanized way. They do not think about life. They do not think about any of the deeper questions of life. They do not think about their own state of mind. They are not observing themselves.

You who are spiritual people, most of you, are used to stepping back, looking at yourself saying: “Why do I feel this way? What is happening? Why do I look at life this way? Why do I run into these kinds of people all of the time?” and questions like that. But these people do not. You need to recognize that there are people like this. There are many people like this in Russia. Many people in China. Many people in the Arab world, in Africa. In South America, even though many nations in South America have some democratic governments. But you also find some of them in democratic nations. In some nations, you will find quite a few. Quite frankly, many of the people who follow Trump and are still following Trump are in this category. They do not want to think for themselves. They do not want to take responsibility. They want to project that the problem is out there with somebody else.

The essential step for democracies

What can you do with this recognition, with this awareness? Well, you can, quite frankly, realize that when it comes to other nations, you cannot assume that Russia is one day going to become a functioning democracy if you just buy the oil and gas and give them the economic foundation for improving society. The same thing with China – if you pump money into China, you create a middle class that will not want communism, one day, China will become a functioning democracy. Or rather, perhaps we should restate it. You can assume that this will happen one day, but not in the near future. It could take a very long time for this to happen.

That is why, as Jesus said, you need to come to this recognition that as democracies, “We need to stand united in defending democracy. Because these countries, even the people, just want an excuse for not having democracy and that is why they have leaders who are actually attacking our democracies and we need to stand firm against this”. The other thing that you can do with this is to start looking within. One of the essential elements of democracy is that you are looking at yourself. As I said, you cannot really become a democracy until you shift into this basic humanity and in order to follow the call to do unto others without having any proof that this will benefit yourself, you have to take responsibility for yourself, be willing to look at yourself and say: “What can I do to improve myself?”

You have to recognize that this is a fundamental feature of democracy and a democracy cannot live up to its full potential if you have many people who have not grasped this. Therefore, as a democracy, you need to educate your people into what makes a democracy work. In order to do this, you actually have to educate your children into the basic functions of human psychology. And what is it that you need to teach your children at a young age? It is: What happens inside your mind is not the exclusive product of what happens outside your mind. If another child teases you – by saying you are fat and ugly and stupid – you do not have to feel bad about yourself and you do not have to become angry. You can choose a different reaction to this outer situation.

This is the basic thing. Now, you can say many people in democratic nations, they know this. But many people do not, and you cannot assume that everybody does. That is why as a democracy, it is absolutely essential that you step up and say: “We have to teach our children from an early age about the basics of taking command over their own psychology because this is the only way they are going to have a chance of having psychological well-being. It is also the only way we can prevent our healthcare systems from being overwhelmed by mental illness, so it is in the interest of both the individual and society.”

The end of the blame game

But beyond that, once you have more children who understand the basics of human psychology, they can very easily – in their teenage years and older – be educated to grasp the basic principle of democracy. And this means what? It means that they can come to consciously acknowledge and accept that a democracy is a society where we do not blame each other. We are not pointing the finger. We are not looking at the mote in our brother’s eye, or the splinter in our brother’s eye, overlooking the beam or the mote in our own eye. A democracy cannot function if everybody is blaming everybody else. Why is that? Because what is a democracy based on? All human beings have equal rights, which really means equal opportunity to improve their lives. If you acknowledge that you have the same opportunity as everybody else, you cannot really blame others because they have done better than you have. What you need to do is look at yourself and say: “How could I do better?” The blame game does not work in a democracy. It cannot make a democracy work.

If you look at some of the older democracies, you can apply this measure. You can see, for example, in some of the Scandinavian and northern European countries where you do not have the sharp divisions in the population where people are blaming problems on other groups of people. This is partly because they have – at least until recent years – had a more homogeneous population. But still, there is still the mindset – we do not blame others, we try to improve ourselves. But you also have a society where people are willing to take care of each other. They are saying “I am willing to pay taxes so that somebody else can go to the doctor without going bankrupt. Even if I do not benefit from this in my entire lifetime because I am healthy, I am willing to pay taxes for somebody else”. This is not possible if you are blaming others, because then you are saying: “Well, I am not going to pay for somebody else, that is their responsibility.” When you blame, you cannot have that sense of oneness—we are all in the same boat—and what is best for the whole is best for myself.

America is an experiment in democracy

Then you look at the United States and you will see that there has always been much more division in the United States which, in a sense, is natural because you have people from many different nationalities, many different backgrounds, many different cultures, many different races, or at least several different races, and so forth. It has been said that America is the melting pot. America is an experiment in democracy. Certainly, I sponsored America because I wanted to see if it was possible to make people come together and look beyond their outer differences. And this, in a sense, is what has always been the driving force in American democracy – transcending the outer differences, coming together, united we stand, divided we fall, all of these things.

But of course, there has always been the opposite force in American society that focuses on division, emphasizes division and it is based on this simple mechanism where you do not know how to take care of your own state of mind, take control over your own state of mind, so you blame somebody else for your suffering and your misery: “I am feeling bad about my life, it is those other people’s fault.” You see throughout history these two forces. You see it in the racial divisions.

There are white people who are blaming black people for their problems. There are white people who are blaming Hispanics for their problems. There are black people who are blaming Hispanics, Hispanics who are blaming blacks, all of them are blaming Asians and so forth. This is in complete opposition to democratic principles and to the very purpose of America. But of course, it is there, it always has been there.

America’s Turning Point

What I am saying is that America is at a crucial turning point, a crucial phase. I will not say that this is tied to one specific date. But it is clear that it has been brought out in the open by the development that has taken place over the last one or more decades, crystallizing in the Trump presidency. The Trump presidency represents the same as Putin’s attack on Ukraine. It is like the last desperate attempt of the dark forces to stop the progression of the golden age. What you see in the Trump presidency from the beginning is this us-versus-them mentality: “There is a problem in America, but we who are the good people are not the cause of the problem. They who are the bad people, they are the cause of the problem and they must be forced to see things the way we see them, then we can solve America’s problems.” Of course, this will not solve America’s problems.

But who can see this when they are hypnotized by this vortex of energy, created not by Trump personally but by the entire Trump presidency and the development in American society, especially by this white Eastern class that wants to maintain desperately what they think has control over America—which they never had to begin with.

This is as Jesus said, democracies can only prevail against an outside enemy if they are united. Likewise, they can only prevail against the internal divisions by being united. There is an enemy without and an enemy within and the enemy within is division. The friend within, the Christ, is unity. Christ stands for oneness, by seeing beyond the outer differences. That is part of Christ discernment, you see the universal human characteristics beyond the outer, non-essential divisions. So, there has been an increase in this division in America as anyone can see. Even in these mass shootings— which is also an expression of this division, this animosity, this epic mindset, this black and white, black and yellow thinking—where the white people think they are right, and that all other colors are wrong.

You see here that if you could look back at America 20 years from now, people will look back at this time and say: “How could this ever happen? How could we ever become so divided?” And they will not be able to understand it. But of course, it is because there are still so many people that have not made this shift of being willing to take responsibility for their own state of mind instead of blaming their problems, their life experience, on somebody else.

Turning Point for Americans focused on divisions

The question is simple if you look at it from an ascended master perspective. What is actually happening right here is a filtration process. Many of the people who today are caught in this division, in this vortex of focusing on differences, if they are not willing to shift their consciousness, it will be their last embodiment in the United States for a long time. There are enough people around the world in non-democratic nations who have made that shift that they can embody in America in the new generation and coming generations. And those who are still trapped in this divided mindset will go elsewhere to non-democratic nations, most of them. And that will then bring this renewal of the American people, the collective consciousness, that is needed for America to move into the golden age. Naturally, you cannot possibly think, if you are open to the idea of a golden age, that America’s present state of division can exist in the golden age, or can bring America into the golden age. You cannot possibly think this.

If you look at America and see the current division, this is a division between the people. It is not really clearly based on outer things. There are many white people that are in the Trump vortex, but not all of them are white. There are many traditional Republicans, but not all of them are traditional Republicans. You find them all over the United States because it is their level of consciousness, their level of self-awareness that causes them to polarize towards this. Now, I am not thereby saying that everybody who is in the democratic camp have all reached a higher level of humanity, they have not, but a large majority of them have. There are far more people in the democratic camp that have a higher level of consciousness than in the republican camp. This you can basically see if you just neutrally observe how people talk, how they look, how they dress, how they act, what they say about other people.

Undermining democracy in the United States

Where does this all lead to? Well, it leads to the fact that this division is artificially exaggerated and accelerated by the fallen beings who want to destroy democracy. Naturally, they want to destroy all democratic nations if they could, but their main target has always been America, because it is the largest and most powerful democratic nation. If they can destroy America, then it will be much more difficult for the other remaining democracies to withstand the onslaught from dictatorial nations. What you see here is that these fallen beings in and out of embodiment, have for a long time tried to accelerate and exaggerate these divisions in American society. It has especially been going on for the last 40 years. Which, if you have paid attention to what we have said before, corresponds with a shift, where the economy started turning towards more and more of an elitist economy, where the average person, the middle class, lost their standard of living, lost their income, their buying power, and more and more money was funneled towards the elite.

Really, what is the purpose of the dark forces creating this division in American society between two groups of people? It is to make sure that the people, the population, cannot be united against the elite, or united in stopping the elite. And you can see, if you care to look at it, how the division between Democrats and Republicans have gradually become worse and worse, and it has had the effect that nothing effectively could be done to stop the income inequality, the growth in inequality. And what does that mean? It means that the democracy of the United States, the democratic process in the United States, has been undermined by the financial, economic power elite.

This is not a takeover like you saw in Russia, which happened with violence and force, in terms of imprisoning people, shutting down media, news outlets and all of these things. It is a hidden, more subtle takeover that has happened through the economy, through the finances, by simply allowing all of these financial measures, not regulating the financial industry, giving them a free pass to experiment with absolutely anything. And then when they experiment with subprime mortgages and it threatens the breakdown of the entire financial system, then the government steps in and bails them out with taxpayers’ money, money that the taxpayers will have to pay for eventually. This is an attack on democracy that is as determined, as vicious, as malicious as what you see from Putin’s Russia and China. It is a deliberate aggressive attempt to destroy democracy by destroying equal opportunity in the economy.

Defending democracy against the financial power elite

What you need to recognize here is that democracies need to step up and realize that we do have an enemy without and we need to defend democracy against this. But we also have an enemy within and we need to defend democracy against this as well and we have tools to do this. And there are many countries who are much further along in this respect than the United States is. There are many countries that have a more regulated economy, where the government has lived up to its responsibility to protect the citizens from being exploited by an elite. They have not done it as much as they could, but they have done it to a greater measure than the United States, which is why you have a higher standard of living in some of these countries, you have a higher level of social services. And yes, you also have higher taxes, because you cannot have one without the other.

What truly is happening in the world after the corona pandemic, is that debt has been mounting. At the same time as the population and nations have more debt than ever, you see a small group of the financial elite who have more money in their accounts than ever. You see even many billionaires who benefited from the corona pandemic, made more money during the pandemic, whereas the general population made less and countries made less. So, everybody made less except the elite. Well, how could the elite make more money? Only by taking it from everybody else. They are not creating wealth, the elite, they are not producing goods, they are not providing a service. They have created this, as I have said before, the artificial economy, that is like a leech on top of the natural economy and they are simply siphoning money away from the natural economy where people actually do work that produces products, that provides a service, and thereby they are multiplying their talents, they are increasing the amount of wealth in a natural way.

You can see this, as a very simple example, that you have a farmer who produces grain and he sells the grain at a certain price. And he does valuable work, because he tends to the fields, he sows the seeds, he harvests them. He is bringing forth something out of the soil that is more than was there before. He is increasing the wealth this way. But still, he only produces the grain, and then he sells it. But then you have some other companies who buy the grain and they refine it, they turn it into flour, and they sell that flour to people. They are increasing the value of the grain because the people themselves would find it difficult to use the raw grain, but it is much easier for them to use the flour to bake. Then you have other companies that buy the flour from the mill, and they bake bread, which they then sell to the people so that people do not have to bake it themselves.

You see how every time there is a refinement of something, this adds value. This causes the entire economy to grow. Everybody who is adding value by providing a product or service are causing the natural economy to grow. But what the financial elite are doing is that they are creating these artificial instruments that allow them to siphon money out of the natural economy without providing a product or service. They are not increasing the value, the total value of the natural economy. They are only concentrating value in their own hands and you can only do that by taking from the whole, by taking from the population or the government.

The market driven by the speculation

How do you do this? Well, they do it in many different ways. But the two main ones that I want to talk about here is, first of all, the money system. Money is created as debt. I have talked about this before. You can easily find information on this on the internet. When you allow banks to create money out of nothing and lend it out as debt, where the people pay interest, well, that money then can be taken out of the natural economy, not all of it is taken out of the natural economy. Some of it is used to buy products and services. But some of it can be siphoned out of the natural economy, concentrated in the hands of the few people who control the banks. As I have said, before, you have this artificial money system, where in a natural money system, there is a direct correspondence between the amount of money and the amount of products and services because money is meant only to be an exchange for goods and services, and a short-term storage of money while you are waiting for the next investment opportunity, where you are investing in producing products, or providing services.

But what the financial elite has done is they take some of that interest money out of the economy and use it to invest in things that do not provide a service or product and one of the things they do, which is the other thing I want to make you aware of here is speculation. Speculation is what I have talked about before as the gambling economy. You are, for example, saying: “I think there is going to be a lack of grain this summer. I am going to take the money that I have left over from the interest payments, and I am going to buy up tons of grain and put them in a warehouse. And then, because prices have not gone up yet, I can buy cheap, but then when prices go up, I can sell it and double my money.” Now this is of course, you could say, is not really such a big problem because what if prices do not go up? Then you are sitting there with this grain and you might have to sell it again for the same price or potentially a lower price than you paid for it.

But what happens when you have a financial elite that has accumulated so much money in accounts that they do not have to just say: “Oh, I think Putin is going to invade Ukraine and that is going to cut down on grain exports from Ukraine. Therefore, there is going to be a lack of wheat, and therefore prices are going to go up.” No, instead, they are saying: “Let us take some of this money we have sitting in our accounts, let us buy millions of tons of wheat and put it in warehouses. So, we take it off the market, then there will be a lack of wheat. We will create a lack of wheat and then when prices double, we will start selling and then we will make a huge profit.” In other words, they are not just trying to foresee conditions, they are trying to generate conditions where they can make a profit.

And this they do not only with commodities, not only with oil, not only with precious metals, but they do it with everything. They do it with stocks. They are saying, “Let’s buy a certain amount of a particular company’s stock. We can buy them today at a low price. But if we buy enough of them, then other investors are going to say: Hey, the price of Apple stock is going up. Let’s buy some”. And that is going to drive this investment trust from those who are not the big investors, but are the small investors who say: “Hey, we can make money on Apple. Let us buy Apple. And then when the price of Apple has gone up, we just quietly start selling the ones we bought at half the price and make a huge profit. And then when we have that profit, we find some other company that is undervalued, and then we start buying this.” And therefore, they are driving the economy.

This means that there is this financial elite who are driving the market, driving the economy. And they are not doing this for the benefit of the people, they are doing it for the benefit of themselves—they think. Because they are not smart enough to realize that what they are doing will destroy the economy and also, therefore, destroy their own fortunes. What happened when the stock market crashed in 1929? Yes, many smaller investors lost their money, but many of the big ones did too, unless they had diversified and invested in something that did not go down. Some had invested in real estate, which went down but eventually went back up. If you have enough money, you can afford to ride out a crisis and wait for prices to go back up. You can even drive that by investing, after some time, when you think prices have gone as low as they have gone.

You see that there is a financial elite, both in America but also internationally, who have accumulated so much wealth, that they can drive the market – drive the economy. And what is the result of this? They are siphoning money away from the people because what happens when they buy a million tons of wheat at a low price, creating an artificial scarcity that causes prices to go up and then they sell at double the price? Well, the people who buy that wheat in order to bake bread or make flour, they pay double and they have to pass that on to the consumers. The consumers end up paying more for everything driven by this speculation.

Oil prices, as Mother Mary mentioned in her dictation, have been artificially inflated for a very long time. They would be much, much lower, if there was a direct correspondence between the cost of extracting and refining the oil and the price at the pump. But there is not, because there is that artificial middlemen who take a part of the money. Now you will notice that, for example, in the United States, you will have some gas stations where they say the price of a gallon of gasoline is $4, but so much of those $4 is taxes. But what they do not say is that so much of the $4 is speculation. If they did say that, then people might see that it is not just the government they need to blame. In fact, they do not need to blame the government for imposing taxes. But they do need to blame the government for not reigning in the financial elite who are exploiting the population.

Freedom from exploitation

The next step that needs to break through here in the increasing Christ discernment of democratic nations is that, as Jesus said, there is an external force that is waging war against democracy. But there is also an internal force in the form of the financial elite that is waging war against democracy. What is democracy based on? Equal rights, equal opportunity. Well, there is nothing wrong with somebody becoming a millionaire, if he does this through honest work and providing a service, but when he does it through speculation and becomes a billionaire or a trillionaire, then there is something very undemocratic about this, because he is using the freedom that the democratic system gave him to limit or destroy the freedom of other people.

He is literally destroying the competition, because he has reached a position where he is in a position to do this. He can buy up other companies, he can destroy other companies, he can out-compete them by selling at a lower price artificially for some time, and take many other measures to destroy the competition. This is anti-democratic, this is against the freedom, the equal rights, the equal opportunity that a democratic nation is meant to guarantee all of its citizens. A democratic nation is not meant to guarantee the freedom of the elite to exploit the population. That is not a democratic freedom.

Unfortunately, as with so many other things, people do not learn from theory, they do not learn from ascended master dictations, even when they are projected into the collective consciousness. They only learn from experience. They will only learn from the school of hard knocks. You could say: “Why did Putin have to invade Ukraine?” Partly, so that the democratic countries could learn that they need to step up in defending democracy against an external enemy. This was not the only reason because the Russian people also have to learn and people in dictatorial nations also have to learn from the situation. But if they had been more willing to learn, then it would not have had to come to this.

Now you look at the economy, the state of the economy after the corona pandemic. First, you have these two years of shutdowns that severely strained the economy. Now you have this war and increase in oil prices that also puts an extra strain on the economy. And what is the whole purpose? It is to force societies to have their backs against the wall where they say: “Either our economies crash, or we have to do something differently. We have to do something we have not been willing to do before. We have to rein in the rich elite who are exploiting the population.” What will this mean?

Well, it will mean hardship for the consumers for some time. That is always the case. But then again, those consumers are voters and they could have demanded a better performance of their own governments. They could have voted differently. They could have made their voices heard by taking part in the democratic process, instead of always pointing the finger at somebody else. Somebody else is the cause of our problems. Well, when you say that, what are you also saying, you are saying somebody else needs to solve our problems – not us. But in a democratic nation, the people cannot say: “We are not responsible for creating the problem and we are not responsible for solving it.” That is not how a democracy works. This is your responsibility as a democratic citizen, to see how you can change yourself, to see how you can help solve the problems, or make your government solve the problems, the government that you elected.

Do not listen to the doom and gloom people

Again, I have spoken for a long time, you see that there is much to say about this and we are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to say it through a messenger in embodiment and to have you have this go out through your chakras and auras. But be mindful that it is not just your chakras and your auras that are reinforcing our message. Your decrees and invocations do as well. When you decree, so many people together, you are creating these very powerful energetic waves and impulses that are sent into the collective consciousness. And it is not just energy, they carry with them the entire message that we are releasing at such a conference. Everything works together, everything reinforces each other, so that we can create the most powerful possible impetus.

Now, let me end by saying, I know it can seem like a message of this paints a dire picture – so many problems. What can we possibly do about this power elite who are so ingrained? But I am an optimist about the future of democracy, about the future of the economy. My beloved, there are many pessimists in the world today that think that the world is going to end, the economy is going to crash, there is going to be a third world war, there is going to be a nuclear war. There is going to be global warming and all of these things. You can look at them and you can ask yourself a simple question: “Are there more pessimists today than in previous times?” And the reality is that there are more because there are more people that have been affected by the communications technology that makes it easier for the core pessimists to spread their message. But those who are generating the pessimistic ideas, there are not more of them than there have been in previous ages. There have always been people who thought that this is the end, the world is going to end, calamity is going to happen, disasters are going to happen. There have always been people who looked at the negatives.

Many of these are the same fallen beings who have incarnated again and again and again, spreading the same message of negativity in different disguises. There is a class of fallen beings in and out of embodiment who are dedicating their entire consciousness to simply spreading doom and gloom. Do not let them hypnotize you. Do not let them get you into a negative state of mind. You are ascended master students. Why would you be an ascended master student, claim you are an ascended master student and not listen to us, but listen to the doom and gloom people? Why would you claim to be an ascended master student, follow ascended master teachings, go to conferences, read our websites and yet you are not really listening to what the ascended masters are saying, but you are listening to everything that the fallen beings are saying who predict doom and gloom?

Choose life or choose death

Why are you sitting between two chairs? Decide where you want to be!  I do not have a problem with you deciding you want to be in the camp of the doom and gloom. You want to believe the world is going to end next week, I do not have a problem with that. I respect your free will. But then do not claim to be an ascended master student. And do not try to pull other ascended master students into your own doom and gloom mentality. Do one or the other. Choose ye this day whom you will serve. Choose life or choose death. The choice is up to you. But I have chosen life a very long time ago and therefore, I can only help those who also are willing to choose life. And those who are not willing to choose life are not hearing me. They might read or listen to a dictation, but they are not hearing me. Why?

Because when the student is ready, the master appears. If the student is not ready, the master cannot appear. What appears to the student is a false master colored by his or her perception filter. You think you are listening to an ascended master. But you are listening to the false hierarchy imposter that corresponds to your level of consciousness. You are hearing the words that I am speaking through this messenger. Your ears are hearing them but your mind is not because they become colored in your mind by the perception filter you have. So, you overlook most of what I am saying. And you hear a few things here and there: “Ah, this confirms what I want to believe.” And then you will pay attention to that and ignore the rest. Why?

Just make a decision. Where do you want to be? And then go with that and get the experience you need to get from it. Should you at some point realize you have had enough of that experience, then you can always come back to the teachings. We always welcome people when they come back with whatever experiences they needed to have. But do not sit there between two chairs. Just choose – choose life or choose death. Experience death until you have had enough of it, then choose life. It is not ‘all or nothing’, it is not ‘now or never’. People have chosen death many times sometimes. Some people have chosen death many times until they have had enough of it and then they have chosen life. But once they choose life, they are on the upward path. Then we can appear to them, then we can help them and we are always happy to do so.

Choose ye this day whom you will serve—democracy or anti-democracy, the optimistic realism of the ascended masters or the pessimistic realism, so claimed by the fallen beings. Pessimism – the pessimism of the fallen beings is wishful thinking. They want disasters to happen. But the evaluation of the ascended masters is simply practical realism based on observing how millions of other planets have progressed. The earth is being pulled up by the rest of the universe, and no force on earth, in all four levels can withstand it.

As El Morya, Master More, has said for a long time: “We were winning from the beginning.”


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The democratic nations need to confront the problem of evil

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. As our next installment that we have planned for this conference, I wish to talk about evil or what has sometimes been called the problem of evil. Now, let us begin with Christhood. As we have now said several times, Christhood is a process, it is not so that from one moment to the next, you step from not being the Christ to being the Christ. Christhood is, in large part, a matter of increasing your discernment, your ability to discern. And this is a process that takes time, that is gradual and it has many stages. There is a beginning level of Christhood, where you might be aware of evil, but you are primarily looking at evil in its obvious physical manifestations. In other words, it is possible for you to discern that certain actions of certain people seen throughout history have been evil.

The physical expression of evil

Now, you will notice that there are many people who have not even come to this basic level of discernment. There are people who do not see Hitler as evil or as being an expression of a of evil. There are many people in Russia who do not see Stalin as evil. And of course, there are many people in Russia who do not see Putin as an expression of evil. The same in China, many people do not see Mao as being a representation of evil. And the same, of course, in many other nations where they look at their present leaders or past leaders and do not identify them as evil.

Now, you will recognize perhaps, that I said 2000 years ago: “On their fruits, ye shall know them.” This is the basic level of Christ discernment where you look at the fruits, you look at the actions and the consequences precipitated by certain people and therefore you know that they are evil or they represent evil. They have made themselves the instruments for evil. You see this in its physical expression. And, of course, the democratic nations have, for a long time, had this level of discernment regarding evil. Most people have been able to see that Hitler was an expression of evil and that there have been other expressions of evil. And so, there has been a certain awareness that we need to avoid these kinds of evil.

Non-physical causes behind evil

However, when you step up to higher levels of Christ discernment, you begin to see that it is not enough to look at only the physical manifestations or expressions of evil, because this will not allow you to understand the cause behind evil. We might say that as you rise in Christhood, you will begin to see that there are always hidden, non-physical causes behind all physical events or phenomena.