Let the cookie crumble!

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, October 30, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. The last time we had a physical conference in Ukraine, I gave a discourse that might not seem to be particularly related to Ukraine. But as I said back then, perhaps by not saying anything directly, I might still say something of relevance. This time I will continue the trend and give a discourse that may at first seem unrelated to the topic of this conference, perhaps even unrelated to the messages of the Chohans and the other masters, but nevertheless it might in fact be related in a profound way.

Reality Simulator Terra

One of the central tenets of the Buddhic teachings that I gave 2,500 years ago was the concept of the Sea of Samsara, the sea of suffering. Very few people, even those who have spent a lifetime studying Buddhism, have truly locked into what this means. It is also  quite a difficult concept. Now one way to explain why it is so difficult is to refer to the teachings we have given that the earth is a reality simulator that is programmed to give people, the participants in the simulation, two basic types of experiences.

The first type of experience is an immersion experience. You feel completely immersed in a world that seems real to you because what you can see and touch and smell and hear with your physical senses seems real to you, and it seems like there is nothing beyond what your senses can detect. You are completely immersed in this world, you feel perhaps even that you are a product of this world and you feel certainly that in the world there are many circumstances, many conditions that are completely beyond your power to control or change.

Therefore, you are at the mercy of whatever happens in the world and you can observe that many times things will happen seemingly for no good reason, certainly no good reason that you can detect or come up with. Therefore, you feel insecure, you feel that you have little possibility of controlling your life and your future, you feel that you are at the mercy of these unknown unseen forces that do not always want what is good for you. You never know when something can happen that shocks you, traumatizes you, hurts you physically or kills you.

This is the immersion experience. And as you can see, when you are in the immersion phase, you cannot grasp the Sea of Samsara, at least not the teachings that I gave back then because you will think that the world is the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, as is the noble truth – life is suffering, when you are in immersion, life is suffering. It cannot be anything besides suffering because of all these external forces that you cannot control, that you cannot stop.

Now, the other experience that the reality simulator is designed to give you is an awakening experience where you begin to awaken from the immersion. You begin to suspect that there is more to understand than what your senses can tell you. You begin to suspect eventually that there is more to understand about the world than what your outer mind can tell you.

Therefore, you develop this longing – there must be something beyond this world of the senses, this physical world. You even come to, at some point, to suspect that there must be something beyond my own mind. There must be more to grasp about the world than what I can grasp at my current level, with my current state of mind. This is the beginning of wisdom, this is the beginning of growth, this is the beginning of awakening.

The purpose of the simulator

And naturally when I came 2,500 years ago, I did not come to give a teaching for those who were still in immersion. I came to give a teaching for those who either had moved into the awakening phase or who were close to doing so. Now, we have said, what does it take to move from immersion to awakening? Well, we have said that you have to have a certain number of experiences in immersion until you have had enough of them and want something more.

Basically, all people, all lifestreams who have ever embodied on earth, have had to have a certain number of experiences seeing themselves as separate beings living in a world with other separate beings, being separated from the physical environment, and separated from any kind of God that they can conceive of. You have to have a certain number of experiences in separation before you can start longing for something more.

But what few people have understood is that there is another facet here. What is immersion? Well, immersion is possible only through what we have called the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality. I described it back then as the pairs, the two opposite polarities that not only pull you towards either this extreme or that extreme, but make you think there is nothing beyond the two extremes. There is no other way to look at the world. There is truth, there is lie, there is good, there is evil, there is this, there is that. And while you are in immersion, you, of course, forget that you are in a reality simulator. You forget the way the simulator works. You forget the purpose of the simulator.

But as we have explained, the purpose of the simulator is really your growth in consciousness, and you grow by experimenting with your free will. And what is it you do as you experiment in the immersion phase? Well, what you do is you formulate a mental image, a certain idea in your mind, and you project that idea upon the world. You think in your mind: “This is how the world works or at least this is how the world should work. This is how I want the world to work.” And you are, of course, allowed to do this. This is part of what immersion is all about. But the greater purpose of immersion is your growth in consciousness. And how do you grow in consciousness? You grow by first going into separation and then experiencing the limitations of separation so that you start moving back towards oneness, but you do so voluntarily, not because you feel forced to do so.

What is it that happens when you are in the immersion phase? Yes, I said you formulate an image. You project it into the simulator, the cosmic mirror, the Ma-ter light. And the simulator reflects back to you physical conditions that correspond to the image you are projecting out. Now, of course, you are not the only person in the Simulator Terra. There are other people here and they are also formulating images in their minds which are separate minds from yours and they are projecting them into the simulator. What is coming back to you personally is not a clean reflection of what you send out. It is affected by what all the other people have sent out as well. Now, you may say this is a violation of my free will. But is it really? It is actually a grace because it helps you pass through the immersion phase more quickly or at least it has the potential to do so.

Being the center of the world

You see the purpose of the simulator is your growth in consciousness. How do you grow in consciousness? You grow by experimenting with free will, with your mind’s ability to co-create by formulating an image and projecting it upon the Ma-ter light. But part of this process is that you start with a very localized sense of identity, sense of self. You formulate that image based on that sense of self. And when you, as is the case on earth, go into separation and duality, you see yourself as a separate being from other beings. You can actually have a localized sense of self without seeing yourself as a separate being. But what are the current conditions on earth? Most people see themselves as separate beings, also for most of them, very localized but certainly as separate beings.

The purpose of allowing this is that you come to see the limitations of this level of mind. You come to see that even though you can say theoretically that a being that sees itself as separate has free will, your will really is not free because you can only choose among the options you can see. If you cannot see something, if you cannot imagine it, if you cannot accept it as possible, you really do not have the choice. And that means that the limitations of your imagination limits your free will. It limits the options you can see and see as realistic. The purpose is that you are given free will and you have as part of free will the option to go into this state of separation and duality where you limit your choices, you limit the options you can see.

Now this mind has an obvious limitation because as we have explained about duality, when you are in duality there are always two opposite polarities. There is always an opposition to what you are doing and it often comes, so it seems to you, from other people. This is the Sea of Samsara. This is the real explanation for the Sea of Samsara. You are in this limited state of mind where you have will but it is not free. It is very limited and you often make choices that hurt yourself. You see that when you are in this state of separation, you are formulating an image based on the perspective you have where you see yourself as a separate being.

You can say right now you are sitting in a chair in a specific location, in a specific room, in a specific country and you are looking at the world from that vantage point. You are seeing, if you think about your physical sight, that your eyes and your mind are the center of your field of vision. You know there is something behind you that you are not seeing right now, but you can turn around and you can see it, but as you turn around you are spinning on your own axis. There is a center point that for you is the center of your perceived world. But all the other people, even if they are sitting right next to you, have a different center point. This is a simple illustration of your physical vision but when you think about the way your mind looks at life, it is the same thing. The more you are trapped in duality, the more localized your viewpoint is, and the more you are convinced that what you are seeing is actually the only way to look at the world and you are the center of the world. This is what you are projecting out.

No human is an island

Now, the reality simulator, the Ma-ter light, is designed to take on any form that is projected upon it. If you were completely alone in the world or in this simulator, whatever you projected out would become a physical reality, a physical manifestation. But what would that mean for you? You are formulating an image in your mind of what you want the world to be like, you are projecting it out and then the Ma-ter light takes on that form. Well, does it not stand to reason that this would then mean that the Ma-ter light seems to confirm and validate your image of the world? But your image is still very limited based on seeing yourself as a separate being, based on a very limited perspective, a limited understanding.

If you were alone in the world, how would you ever get out of that state of mind? How would you ever be able to break out of this state where your mind is a closed circle, your mind is a self-reinforcing, self-validating system? You could literally stay in this state indefinitely.

What is it that prevents you from staying in this state indefinitely? It is that you are not alone. No man, no hu-man is an island. There are other people here. They are projecting something different into the simulator. And therefore what comes back to you is not exactly what is in your mind. You may have a very fixated image of what the world should be like, but the world is not conforming to your image. This leaves you with two options. One is the higher way, the one that starts you into awakening when you can say: “Wait a minute, why is the world not conforming to my image? Is it because my image is limited?” And then you can seek to refine your image. That starts you on the process of awakening.

Built-in safety mechanism

The other option is you can say: “Why is the world not conforming to my image? Is it because I am not projecting it with enough force? And because these other people are interfering with me, so therefore I need to force them to agree with me, to come into alignment with me, or to submit themselves to me so that I am the one who is deciding what we are projecting.”

This is also something that is allowed on a planet like earth, which is why you have dictators and narcissists and leaders who are narcissists. But again, the question then is: What can get you out of this state of mind? Because theoretically you could have a situation on a planet where one leader becomes so forceful that he causes all other people on the planet to submit, so they were all projecting the leader’s vision. But then, what would get the leader and, for that matter, the other people out of this state? Well, this is what the reality simulator is designed to prevent. This is built into the duality consciousness, as we have explained in greater detail on various occasions.

You can only use force through the dualistic consciousness, and the dualistic consciousness will always have pairs. You can use force to go into one extreme, to go towards one dualistic extreme, but that means that you will attract to you opposition from the opposite dualistic extreme. Therefore, even though you can for a time apply force to go in a certain direction and feel like you are making progress in that direction, there is a limit to how far you can go. As we have also said, when you use force you are actually generating your own counterforce. This is all, we might say, a safety mechanism to prevent you from being stuck and to prevent an entire planet from being stuck at a certain level indefinitely.

Now, what are these mechanisms that prevent this simulated experience from becoming a blind alley, a closed circle? Well, the Chohans have talked about the laws of nature, which give a certain regularity, a certain consistency, a certain predictability. If you have studied the history of science, you will know that starting with Isaac Newton, there was a great belief among scientists that the world was a large machine that functioned according to invariable laws. And it would seem still today that at the macroscopic level, the level of human bodies and toasters and bicycles and so forth, these natural laws are invariable. They are predictable. You can plot a certain course for a spaceship and it will follow that course. Therefore, as we have explained, when you align yourself with these laws, you can create a certain future for yourself or for society and you can have a high confidence that it will be manifest. You know what the future will bring. You know what direction you or your country is going in. This is the foundation for progress, for cooperation and so forth.

The quantum uncertainty

But you will also know if you have studied the history of science, that there came a point when scientists developed a different way of looking at life, at least life at the subatomic microscopic scale. They discovered that subatomic particles do not follow deterministic laws. They follow laws of probability. In other words, you cannot predict with certainty how a subatomic particle will behave. You can predict a certain probability for how the particle will move, but it cannot be certain. It can never be 100% certain. This phenomenon discovered by modern science is what for Buddhists is known as the interdependent originations.

In other words, we can say that the universe has two scales, two levels. There is the macroscopic scale where there are certain invariable laws of nature, and then there is the microscopic or subatomic scale where the laws that guide this level are not invariable. There is always a certain unpredictability. You cannot know in advance exactly how a situation will turn out.

Now, there are still scientists today who look at this and say: “Well, this just applies to the quantum world. It does not apply to the macroscopic world. We can still send a rocket to the moon and we can predict its trajectory with absolute certainty.”

And they can in most cases, but if they send enough rockets to the world, there would eventually come a point where there would be a variation. The rocket would not end up exactly where they predicted it would end up because the reality is that even the macroscopic world is not 100% deterministic. It still is based on the quantum world. And that means that the quantum uncertainty also affects the macroscopic world. And this is part of this mechanism that prevents you from being stuck forever in a certain mindset.

Regardless of how advanced your mind is, there will always be an element of unpredictability. In other words, you can look at somebody – and we have talked about fallen beings or black magicians who have worked hard for a long time to attain a certain knowledge of how the material world works and how they can manipulate matter and create various phenomena – and you might say that these people have a certain mastery over matter, certainly beyond the average human being, but their mastery is not absolute. They also cannot predict with absolute certainty what will happen.

The basis of suffering

And this is because there is that safety mechanism that no matter how advanced your closed mind becomes, there will always be an uncertainty that you cannot overcome. And this is what creates suffering.

What creates the suffering in the Sea of Samsara? Look at all people. They have in their minds an image of how their lives should unfold – what should happen, what should not happen. What creates suffering is when that expectation is not fulfilled. And many people, of course, have over many lifetimes developed this sense that: “My expectations will never be fulfilled. The world will never function the way I want it to function.” They are constantly suffering. They are constantly feeling that the world is not giving them what they should have and that there is uncertainty that they can never really take command over their destiny.

This is what creates suffering. It can happen to the black magician who has the lowest level of consciousness or to a human being at the 47th level, or even to people at higher levels. You have expectations and they are not fulfilled. This is the basis of suffering. You have a mental image, but the world refuses to conform to it. That is what creates suffering.

Schizophrenic phase

What have we given you as ascended-master students? Well, we have given you a lot of teachings about raising your consciousness, overcoming duality and so forth. And we understand that it can be difficult to grasp this. We understand that some students go through a period where they are beginning to have a greater understanding of this but they do not have the full understanding and they almost feel like they are being pulled in two different directions. They almost feel like they are a little bit schizophrenic and that our teachings are actually making them more schizophrenic. We understand this because we have gone through it ourselves.

You see here that part of what you do on earth as you are reaching that 48th level of consciousness and you start walking the path is that you are increasing your understanding, you are increasing your co-creative abilities, you are attaining a greater unity in your mind so you can project a coherent image into the cosmic mirror, onto the Ma-ter light and therefore you are in a sense becoming better at controlling your outer circumstances.

This is part of the path, a certain mastery over your situation. But a deeper part of the path is, of course, mastery over your state of mind. Not only are you mastering your outer situation but you are actually mastering your inner situation. And your inner situation is your life experience, the way you experience life.

Now, it is possible that you can find the spiritual path in some form and it might not be the pure teachings but it might be for example a teaching that talks about how you can manifest anything you want –  usually great riches because people think that if you have enough money you can buy anything you want. You see these teachings out there that people go into with great optimism and hope and then usually after some time they get disappointed because the world stubbornly refuses to conform to their positive mental attitude and their treasure maps.

What you really need to do, if you want to overcome the Sea of Samsara, is to start working on the way you experience life. You are still seeking mastery over your external circumstances where you are not exclusively focused on your external circumstances because, as I have just explained, a black magician is also seeking control over his external circumstances, and no matter how great a mastery he might seem to get, there will always be that element of uncertainty. If your life experience is focused on the uncertainty and resisting the uncertainty, you can never actually overcome suffering because you can never be certain that the world will behave the way you want it to behave.

What is the way out of this? Well, in a sense we have explained it in different ways from different perspectives, but I will give you another way to explain it, another perspective.

Chaos theory

Why have I given you this discourse on science? Because in a way you could say that what science has discovered is that the world has a certain element of consistency, of predictability. There is a certain set of invariable laws and principles that work on a certain scale. You can plan, you can plot a course and you can have a high confidence that it will turn out that way. But there is another element in the world and that is the unpredictability.

This is what has led to a theory that was popular some years ago called Chaos theory. This theory says that the flapping of a butterfly’s wing in Buenos Aires can cause a tornado in Texas because that little effect did not cause the tornado directly. That little flapping of the butterfly’s wings affected something else in a very small way. But that something else affected something ⎯ a third thing and so forth until finally that little effect of the flapping of the butterfly’s wing had produced a tornado in some other part of the world.

Now, even though the theory is not as popular anymore, there are actually some profound insights in it. This is again what we have called the interdependent originations. Everything is connected so a small effect in one area of this interconnected system can cause a bigger effect in another area. This is why there is always uncertainty. This is in essence what is encapsulated in Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, that you cannot know with certainty how a subatomic particle will behave.

You could say: “What if you look at the world with all of the efforts that scientists have put forth to understand the world and discover these natural laws? What if you took all of this, all of this data, all of these principles and coded them into the biggest supercomputer you could ever build? Would it be possible to predict exactly what was going to happen?” In other words, the old image that the world is a machine and if you knew the initial conditions and the laws of nature you could predict the workings of the machine for all eternity.

But is that a realistic image? And as I said it is not because of the built-in uncertainty in the universe. There are simply too many aspects, there are too many interdependent originations that you could never calculate it all. What I am saying is this: “Even in the physical world there is unpredictability built in.”

But when you add to this that the physical world does not exist for its own sake, the physical world is actually not a physical world, it is a reality simulator. And the reality simulator has only one purpose and that is to give the self-aware beings who are participating in the simulation the opportunity to expand their self-awareness, raise their consciousness. Given that these participants have free will, you have an even greater level of uncertainty.

We may say to use this famous example that there is a butterfly sitting in Buenos Aires flapping its wings and it affects the physical systems on earth which is what scientists say and eventually can manifest as a tornado in Texas. But the reality is that it is not just the physical world that is involved here because even the flapping of a butterfly’s wing will also have effects at the level of consciousness, human consciousness.

Interdependent originations in human life

The physical flapping of the butterfly’s wings is connected to the emotional realm, the mental realm, the identity realm. It influences people’s consciousness and so not only is there many, many complicated connections in the physical world but there is an almost infinitely greater complexity in people’s consciousness that also affects the outcome of this flapping of the butterfly’s wing. This of course is inherently unpredictable because people have to use the expression free will, but at least they have the opportunity to make choices and you cannot with certainty predict what people are going to do before they make the choice.

Now again you can apply the calculations of probability and you can say: “Given what that person has done in the past there is a high probability that he will choose this in this particular situation.” But you cannot know for certainty. When you add all of this up, the built-in uncertainty in the physical universe and the uncertainty of people’s choices, you see that you can never actually control your life completely. You can never control your physical circumstances because there are too many interdependent factors that affect your life, your physical circumstances. You cannot know them all, you cannot control them all. You could never control everything on earth as a human being. It cannot be done.

What am I saying? Am I saying that our teachings about taking command over your life are null and void? No. You can take some degree of control over your life. You can create a high probability that your life will follow a certain direction, but you cannot create certainty. And this is important for spiritual seekers who reach a certain level of the path where they begin to feel that: “I do have some understanding, I do actually have some level of Christ consciousness, I have purified my vision, I can project into the cosmic mirror the kind of circumstances I want in life and I can see that it has some effect, but it is not exactly the way I projected out. What is coming back is not exactly what I project out.”

What can you do in this situation? Well, you can fall for the temptation of the black magicians of trying to find some way to force circumstances to conform instead of just projecting out, you are trying to do other things to force it. You are trying to use force. But this is of course the left-handed path. This is not the path of the ascended masters and of Christhood.

How the cookie crumbled

What can you do on the path of Christhood? Well, you can come to understand this, the built-in uncertainty. Now, it is wonderful to look at the world and look at people that you may say do not necessarily have a high level of spiritual understanding and consciousness, but you can still see how in various cultures around the world there are these sayings that go back perhaps a long time. And in these seemingly simple sayings there is tremendous wisdom embodied. You have a saying in some parts of the world, for example in the United States where people ⎯  will happen and they will say: “Well, that is how the cookie crumbled.”

And this simple saying encapsulates this entire teaching that I have now spent 45 minutes giving you. You have a cookie in your hand, you drop it on the floor, it crumbles. Is there any power in the world that can predict exactly how that cookie is going to crumble when it hits the floor? There is not.

You need to accept, or at least it is to your advantage to accept, that as a spiritual student embodied on earth, even as a person who is climbing higher towards Christhood, there are certain situations where you can look at the outcome, you can look at what you wanted to have happen, you can try to analyze, you can try to find out : “What did I do wrong? What could I have done better? Is there something in my subconscious? Do I have these separate selves?”

But there are certain situations where the most constructive thing you can do is simply look at the situation and say: “Well that is how the cookie crumbled. That is how this situation turned out.” And then you can accept that now that the cookie has crumbled the way it did, you have a certain situation, you have certain conditions and instead of analyzing, instead of regretting, instead of saying: “Oh this should not have happened or this is some cosmic injustice”, you just say: “How do I now move forward from here? How do I take those crumbs from the cookie and build something better out of them?”

Accepting a built-in uncertainty in life on earth

This messenger has been going through this process throughout his entire life as many of you have ⎯ speculating: “What could I do better? Why are there certain things that have not happened even though I have wanted them to happen for a long time?” Now many of you, as the messenger, have been willing to step back, and look at your own consciousness  ⎯ what is the image you are projecting out? “Can I refine it? Does it have inconsistencies? Do I have these separate selves that means I am sending a mixed message into the cosmic mirror?” And so forth.

Many of you have been willing to do this. And there is value in doing this because you are refining your consciousness. But there comes a point where it is not constructive for you any longer to always want to have a certain result manifest and to strive towards that result and to see how you can change yourself in order to manifest that result. Nor is it of course constructive to go to the left-handed path where you are trying to change other people to get the result you want instead of changing yourself.

There comes that point where you simply have to accept: “Well there is a built-in uncertainty, I can never be sure what is going to manifest.” This is what life on earth is about. You are projecting something into the cosmic mirror. You have an idea of what you would like to see happen. But you can step up to have that acceptance that you do not need to know with certainty what is going to come back. You are willing to project something, to see what comes back and then accept: “Well that is how the cookie crumbled. Now how do I use this to project something else?”

There are so many situations and we see this all the time with all people, but we see it with spiritual people also where you can become very attached to having certain conditions. And of course, in many cases this attachment comes from these separate selves because otherwise why would you be so attached? Why would it be so important for you? This is always something you can look at if something is very important. If you are very attached to it, you know there is a separate self-involved. But still we see many people who get attached and they get frantic about manifesting that result and they think: “What am I doing wrong? What am I not doing right?” But in some cases, as I said it is because they have separate selves but in other cases it is not actually because of separate selves, it is because of the built-in uncertainty in the universe.

What you can do is you can step up to accept this. In other words, accept that even though you are living in an environment where there are certain universal predictable principles, you are still living in an environment that is not entirely predictable. In other words, you are living in a chaotic environment rather than a deterministic environment. And what you can do then is you can embrace chaos. You can accept the chaos.

It does not mean you should not refine the mental image you are projecting into the cosmic mirror. But you can still accept that whatever comes back is the best that could come back in the given situation, given these very complex interdependent originations in the environment you are living in. That will give you a greater degree of peace of mind.

Fixating your mind on the past

That will enable you, empower you to move on rather than remaining stuck in a situation where you are wondering: “Why did this not happen? This should have happened. What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? Why is there some injustice that happened here? Why did other people do what they did? And so forth.”

You will see, if you could interview psychologists who have functioned as trauma counselors, you would see that the biggest obstacle they face is that people are stuck in precisely this mechanism. It is as if the trauma fixates their mind on the past. They are analyzing. They are wondering why this happened, why this should not have happened. They are constantly obsessing about this and you can see that the counselors have experienced that some people can remain stuck in this for a very long time. But those who move on, move on because they come to that point where they somehow accept: “Well this is how the cookie crumbled. How do I move forward from here?”

You drop the cookie ⎯ it is unpredictable exactly how it is going to crumble. There is no point in sitting there for several days analyzing:  “Why did the cookie crumble that way? I do not like that big triangle on the right there, that should not have happened. Why did that happen?” Or you can say: “Well that is how the cookie crumbled, let me sweep it up and get on with my life.”

There is a certain point on the spiritual path where you need to come to that acceptance of the chaos. You need to do what you do. You are working on yourself, you are observing yourself, you are observing your reactions, you are seeking to overcome whatever separate selves you have left. But you can still come to that point where you accept that life on earth is a process of constantly, as the popular saying goes, “tossing your cookies.”

You are tossing cookies and seeing how they crumble. And you can say: “Oh that crumbled that way, let me try something else.” But you are not worrying about what happened. You are not seeking to change what has already happened.

Following the flow

We have talked about living in the now, not being stuck in the past, and this is what I am talking about. Something happens, something is manifest physically. This can stop you because you are wondering why it happened, you are saying it should not have happened, it was some injustice, and you are stuck in the past. But the most constructive way to deal with the situation is to say: “That is how the cookie crumbled, where do I go next? How do I move on from here given that the cookie crumbled the way it did, that my situation is the way it is, how do I move on?”

In other words, you are flowing with the River of Life. We have given this concept flowing with the River of Life – few people have understood what it really means but this is what it means. When you are flowing with the River of Life, you do not look at a specific outcome and let that stop you from flowing. If you fixate your mind on analyzing, this should not have happened, that should not have happened, you are out of the river. You are standing there on the bank looking at the river wondering why it flowed the way it did.

The way to stay in the river is to look at a situation, accept: “This happened. How do I move on?” You are instantly making another decision to do something else ⎯ you are moving on because it is not really so important what happened at this particular moment in the flow. The important thing is to stay in the flow, to follow the flow.

You see, you may be going, as we have given the image before, you are sitting in a small boat in a turbulent river. Your goal is to get to a certain point ahead of you. You are trying to steer your boat in a direct line towards that point because you have heard the old saying, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But it actually is not because Einstein proved that space is curved, so the shortest distance between two points is a curved line. But the shortest distance in a river may be a very turbulent course depending on there is a big rock in the river. If you are going straight for your destination, you will hit the rock and it will wreck your boat. But if you steer around it, you can still keep going.

In order to get to your destination, it is not a matter of saying: “That particular turbulent place in the river should not have been there. Why is it there? It should not be there.” No, you hit the turbulence, you change your course and then you move on. And if you keep doing this and moving on you will eventually get to your point because the flow of the river goes in that direction.

What is your ultimate destination as a spiritual student? Your ascension. Does it really matter what happens right now that the situation right now is not what you expected? Does it really matter, as long as you get to your ascension in the end? Does it matter how many twists and turns, how much turbulence you encounter, as long as you keep moving towards your ascension? How do you deal with a situation that was not the way you expected it to be? You accept that this happened and then you say: “What is my next step? Where do I go from here? How do I move forward from here?”

The ongoingness of the nation of Ukraine

Have I hereby said something about how Ukraine can have the best possible outcome from the trauma of this war? Well, perhaps I have and as the saying always goes, some will understand.

I know this is a very traumatic situation, but it is just one among many such situations on earth and life has moved on. You can go back a thousand years ago and look at a massacre of thousands of people and say this was a completely traumatic and unjust situation and it was but today the world has moved on. And it is not to in any way belittle what is happening in Ukraine, but there will come a point where the nation has moved on and it can look back and say: “Well that is how the cookie crumbled.”

How long will it take before the nation will reach that point? That depends on how many people are willing to accept that the cookie crumbled. And now where do we go from here? How do we move on? How do we make the best of it? Instead of worrying about what should or should not have happened. This is especially relevant in a situation of war.

There is a concept called the fog of war with people who have been involved with wars for a long time have realized that this is an inherently chaotic and unpredictable situation. Well, when something is chaotic and unpredictable, what is the point of analyzing it? What is the point of evaluating based on what should or should not have happened? You simply need to move on because ongoingness is more important than analyzing a particular situation, finding the cause, assigning blame and so forth.

Ongoingness, what do we see from the ascended realm? The ongoingness of life on earth, the ongoingness of the nation of Ukraine and how it can move on in the future to something better than most people could imagine. We see the same for Russia, for Belarus, for all nations on earth. There is an ongoingness. Russia will also one day look back and say: “Well, how is it relevant for us today? We have moved so far beyond this.”

This is what I and the Chohans and the lady masters have wanted to give you. Certainly, more could be said, more might be said in the future depending on the response from the collective consciousness, our own students, and the more progressive people in all of these nations involved here. But for now, we are extremely grateful that so many of you have been willing to participate in this interdependent origination between us in the ascended realm and you in physical embodiment.

Even though the earth is chaotic I can assure you that a conference such as this can change the course of the River of Life. For this you have my gratitude, our gratitude and I seal you in the joyful flame of Buddhic peace that I AM. Gautama, I AM.


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