Freedom from force is the key to a better life on earth

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 30, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray.

What is freedom? Freedom has at different times been defined differently by different human beings. You will see examples of various regimes, empires, ideologies who define freedom in such a way that it was to comply with the system. This is something you see even in today’s world. How would the fundamentalist preachers of Islam in Iran define freedom? To comply with the government, with the system, with the Sharia law and have whatever existence that defines for you, even accept that this is God’s will for you and all you can hope to aspire to.

How was freedom defined in the Soviet Union? To be a good citizen and to follow the laws and the rules and the dictates of the party elite. How would the Catholic church define freedom? To follow all the rules and beliefs and doctrines of the Catholic religion. How would fundamentalist churches define freedom? To believe in their literal interpretation of the gospels and follow them to the letter, whatever that means for your life here on earth, for the important thing is what comes after, they will say.

A better life after earth

Well, certainly, as ascended masters, we are living examples of the fact that there is life after earth. There is, so to speak, life after life, what human beings call life. But if there is any meaning to the concept that there is life after life, then would it not be reasonable to say that that life after life on earth has to be better than life on earth? What are the many Christians around the world hoping for? What are the many Christians in Russia hoping for? They hope that there will be life after their life on earth and they hope it will be better than what they have now. What is implied in this?

What is it that the Christian religion has been used to doing for 1,700 years since the formation of the Catholic church, which set the pattern for all later Christian churches, including the Eastern Orthodox? Well, Christianity has been used by the power elite to try to make the population accept the life that they, the power elite, have defined for the people. The power elite has tried to make people believe that the life they had, even if they were poor, was defined by God. This was the life that God had defined for them that they could have. But not to worry, there was a better life in the next world. This is, of course, a complete lie because it belies reincarnation.

And the fact of the matter is that the consciousness you have in this lifetime will determine what your life will be like in the next lifetime. If you have not freed yourself from the manipulation of the power elite in this lifetime, you will come back under the slavery of the power elite in your next lifetime. The power elite, of course, knows this, but they deny this knowledge for the people so they cannot rebel against it, so that the people do not rebel against the power elite on earth because they believe that this would jeopardize their existence after earth, this would jeopardize them going to heaven and instead send them to hell where there is eternal torment.

A better life on earth

But you see, if you think about this with a higher level of reasoning that, of course, not all are capable of, but many are, then if you have the concept that there is a better life after life on earth, you are open to the possibility that life could be better than what you have right now. Why then would it not be possible to have a better life here on earth? Why do you have to wait to have a better life in a higher realm?

Other Chohans have talked about the historical evolution, the trends, the shift that has happened in history. Well, here is how you might look at it from the perspective of the Seventh Ray of Freedom. There was a time in the Catholic empire of the Middle Ages where the people lived in ignorance. All they knew was what the church had told them what they were allowed to know, and the church, of course, had not told them there was an alternative to the life they had. They were not telling them that there were people in other parts of the world who had a different life.

The same, of course, in the Soviet Union. They were not told that people in the West had a much better life materially and, for that matter, psychologically than they had in the Soviet Union. You see this very simple fact that there was something called the Iron Curtain. If the Soviet Union had been this wonderful socialist utopia that they claimed it to be, then the function of the Iron Curtain should be to prevent all those poor people in Western Europe who lived under the yoke of capitalism from immigrating to the Soviet socialist paradise. Instead, of course, the function of the Iron Curtain was to keep the people inside the socialist “paradise” and to keep them from knowing that life was better elsewhere on earth.

What do you see? You see that evolution, the evolution of society, has brought about better life conditions on earth for many, many people. Surely, there are still people who live under appalling conditions. But compared to 100 or 500 or 1,000 years ago, you see that there are many, many millions of people who are living in much better material conditions. This has not happened because of, or with the approval of the power elite. They would much have preferred this not to happen. Why? Because they wanted to maintain the situation where the people did not think there was an alternative to their present situation. They did not think there was anybody else who had better conditions than they had in their country. Why did the Soviet Union have to prevent the people inside from knowing what was going on outside? Because they had to try and prevent them from knowing that life could be better here on earth than what they had.

Boris Yeltsin, as we have mentioned before, realized this when he visited the United States and saw an ordinary grocery store that had full shelves with many different kinds of items in every category and people who go in and buy whatever they wanted. And he realized that if people in the Soviet Union knew that people in the West lived this way, they would want to have it. And therefore, the Soviet Union could not survive.

What does this lead to? It leads to the realization that everybody wants a better life. All people on earth want a better life. The only reason why so many people do not have it is that in their minds, through the manipulation of the power elite, they have come to believe it is not possible for them.

A better life for Ukrainian people

What is another reason among several for the war in Ukraine? Well, the Russians in Russia claim that the Ukrainians and the Russians are brother people. They claim they are so alike and Putin has created this idea that the Ukrainians want to be like Russians. They want to be Russians. Or at least they should want this. But what is Putin’s reign in Russia based on?

The people in Russia, not believing that they can change conditions in Russia. They do not believe that they can have a better life, that they can break free from the current system, Putin and his power elite. Most people do not believe they can break free. But what has been happening in Ukraine, especially since the election of the new president, but even starting before? It is that the people of Ukraine have risen to the desire for a better life. They clearly want a better life than they had during the Soviet Union. They clearly want a better life than they have had even after the Soviet Union. And a growing number of people in Ukraine came to realize that there was only one way they could have this. And that was to move closer to Europe where they saw this life already being manifest.

You know from history, even from the Bible, that brotherly love can have various not so loving aspects. You have the story of Cain and Abel. Abel had something that Cain could have had if he was willing to transcend himself, but he was not. He was not willing to transcend himself, so he could not have what Abel had. But the fact that Abel had it irked him, disturbed him, made him jealous. He could not stand Abel having something he did not have. But since he was not willing to transcend himself, what did he do? He killed Abel so that he did not have to look at his brother having something he was not willing to get. Well, this is what has happened in the collective consciousness of Russia, but especially among the power elite.

Why is Putin so intent on taking control of Ukraine? Because he does not want the Ukrainians to create a better life and reorient themselves towards the West. Why not? Because if the Ukrainians can do it, why couldn’t the Russians in Russia do it? And he is therefore afraid that if the Russians in Russia see this, see the Ukrainians having a better life, they will want it also, and he knows that that can only happen if his system is overthrown— not just his government, but also the oligarchs and the entire way the Russian economy functions.

A better life for Russians?

For the majority of Russians to have a better life, the system must be fundamentally changed. And as we said about the Russian military, if you want to fix a certain problem, you cannot fix it within the confines of the system because the system is the problem. Putin cannot give the Russian people a better life because he is the one holding Russia back. Therefore, he thinks that if Ukraine is successful in creating a better economy, a better standard of living for the people orienting itself towards the West, having greater democratic freedoms, this will be a threat to him. He portrays it as being a threat to Russia, but as we have said, Putin is in the lowest state of consciousness you can be on earth, therefore in Putin’s mind, everything is about him. There is no other human being in Putin’s mind than Putin. Everybody else is a tool for the advancement or defense of Putin’s self-image. This, anyone who is willing to observe this neutrally can see.

Putin’s plans for Ukraine

What you have here is that part of the motivation is this jealousy, this unwillingness to let someone we consider our brothers have more than we have. And therefore, Putin is willing to destroy Ukraine as an independent nation, destroy the Ukrainian people by forcing them to be like Russians, meaning that they are subject to his reign, to his control.

Do you realize that the Russian government and military had not only planned for the invasion of Ukraine, but also for what would come after? You can look back now and see that their plans were unrealistic, but they had planned to take over Ukraine very quickly, dethrone the government, and therefore put themselves in control of the country. After that, they had planned to do what Russia did in the 1940s with Stalin in the Baltic countries—arrest all people who could be a threat to Russian control. They had the same National Guard units that have suppressed protesters in Russia, in Ukraine. They had plans for camps where they could intern these people until they could be assessed whether they could be “re-educated” or whether they had to be killed outright. That is why we say that if those plans had come to fruition, many more Ukrainians would have been killed, than has been the case until now.

Freedom from force

You need to recognize here what is it that has happened in the world? We have talked about the modern nations reaching a higher level of humanity, a higher level of willingness to serve, but they have also reached a higher level of freedom. Now, we have said before that freedom has different stages and that the lower stages of freedom is freedom from, freedom from something.

From this perspective, what has happened in the modern world is that they have achieved freedom from force. Since the Second World War, there has been freedom from an outside force attempting to force people in the Western countries, in the modern democracies, but there has also been a high degree of freedom from internal forces in the form of their own governments. Hardly anyone in the modern world, well, I should not say hardly anyone, because there are certainly some people, but most people in the modern world do not feel oppressed by their own governments, do not feel that their government is out to get them. Even the people in the modern world who feel that their government is out to get them, they do so because they really have no idea what it is to live in Russia. And if they knew this, if they were willing to acknowledge this, they would realize that their government really is not out to get them and that their belief in this is unrealistic.

What you realize is that the people in the modern world have achieved a high degree of freedom from force. This is also what the Ukrainian people, the majority of them, want. They wanted it before the war, but they were, as we have explained, not quite there, and that is why this situation could happen, partly also because of their role that they have taken on to demonstrate how unfree the Russians are from force.

If you look at the collective consciousness of different countries, you can set up a scale and you can say, here is freedom from force, complete freedom from force, and then below that are varying degrees of freedom, and then you go into the negative where you have varying degrees of force. In other words, you have no freedom from force at the lowest level.

You can look at this scale and you can see that before the war, Ukraine was certainly higher than Russia, but there were still those people who still had some loyalty towards Russia who were holding Ukraine back, but they were at a higher level than Russia. What has happened after the war started is that there has been a shift in the Ukrainian nation where more and more people have begun to feel and desire that freedom. You can say there is still a war going on, so obviously they are exposed to an external force, but nevertheless, more and more people have actually come to the realization that they desire freedom from force.

Russian apathy

In Russia, it has gone in the opposite direction because there has been a, so far at least, a resignation in many Russians that nothing can change. Some of the people who believe things can change have left. Some of the people who have left, left because they do not think things can change, but the people who are left in Russia, who have stayed in Russia, have resigned themselves, most of them, have given up, and therefore the consciousness, the collective consciousness of Russia has gone much lower. They are prepared to accept more and more force from the government. Now, this may, as some experts have said, shift at some point where the fear of the government becomes outweighed by other fears, so that they are willing to stand up and demand change. But right now, there are few countries in the world where the collective consciousness is lower than it is in Russia, at least based on these criteria of freedom from force.

You can look at Putin, you can ask yourself, who is the least free person in Russia? From a certain perspective, it seems that the most powerful man in Russia is Putin. He can do anything he wants, and the entire country moves when he tells them to move. But when you look at the psychological aspect, Putin is the least free person in Russia, and one of the least free in the entire world, because he is so trapped in his own mindset.

This leads to what? Well, it leads to the realization that certainly you have physical force that limits your freedom. But why are you subject to physical force? Why do you accept that your situation on earth could not be changed, that you could not have a better life on earth? Well, it is because of psychological conditions. You have some mechanism in your psychology that prevents you from accepting that you could have better conditions. Therefore, you resign yourself, you give up. This, when you look at it historically, is what all power elites seen throughout history, all totalitarian or abusive regimes have counted on.

They have counted on that there can come a point where they have applied enough force towards their own people, that the people give up, they resign themselves, that this is the way life needs to be, and there is nothing they can do to improve it, at least here on earth. The Russians, as we have explained, have been subject to this for a very, very long time, many people. But of course, many people have incarnated in Russia in this age because they wanted to show that there is an alternative. The problem is that now, many of those people have left Russia. But of course, they are still pulling on the collective consciousness. Even this can have a long-term positive effect.

But the point here is this. A country cannot achieve freedom from force until there is a shift in a critical mass of the people, where they shift their psychology so they begin to look at why they think they have to resign themselves to their lot in life, why they think they have to give up improving their lives. Sometimes this takes some very hard knocks. You can see in Iran how these young people had to be driven almost to desperation and despair because they saw no future for themselves before they were willing to protest. But there is always that potential that people can wake up, and this is what has happened in Ukraine, and this is why you see Ukraine has made more progress than Russia. And that is why you see this desperate attempt in Russia to stop the freedom in Ukraine.

The shift in Ukraine

What does this mean for the Ukrainian people? Well, it means simply this. You are already on the road to greater freedom. There is already a critical mass of people in Ukraine who have opened their hearts to the Freedom Flame of the Seventh Ray. They have taken it in at whatever portion they could handle, but you are already on the road to freedom, and you simply need to continue and you need to accelerate this. And again, there is a great acceleration now, there is a great potential now because many of the people who were not there before the war have now been so shocked that they are saying: “We want freedom from this.”

They look at the destruction, and those of you who are not in a war zone, who are not in one of these areas in Ukraine which have been occupied by Russia, you cannot fathom what it was like for these people—what kind of a shock it was for many of these people to see what the Russian soldiers did, to see the destruction of property, the killing of people, the torture, the rape. This completely inhumane behavior, the stealing of everything that could be taken. This was such a shock to many of these people who had loyalty towards Russia that they now are open to saying: “We never want this again, we want freedom from this, we want freedom from this kind of force.”

Freedom from corruption

Again, there is an opportunity here for Ukraine to make a dramatic shift, a dramatic shift where the people come to realize: “We want a better life, but what has prevented us from having a better life? It was force, and we want freedom from force.” This means many different things. Obviously right now you are saying: “We want freedom from Russian oppression and attacks and destruction”. But look at the internal forces that were holding back the growth in Ukraine. As we have said now many times, corruption is one of them. But also, the whole economic system, with the oligarchs, with the favoritism, and the whole political system that is not based on serving the people, but serving special interests.

There is a tremendous opportunity to awaken, to look at the country and say: “What do we need to do to come up higher, to have that freedom for both external and internal forces? How do we need to change ourselves?” And you will see that there are enough people in Ukraine already, who have that desire for a better life, who have that belief that a better life is possible, that it can actually be manifest. You also have the situation that many of the refugees have come to these other countries, where they have seen that a better life is possible. They have seen that people just like them have a better life. You also have many of these refugees who were shocked in a positive way, by the way they were welcomed in these countries.

You see here that, to go back to Nada’s talk of service, that many of these Ukrainians, refugees, have now seen, experienced a higher level of service, because the people who have welcomed them in these other nations, have demonstrated their willingness to serve them, even though they got nothing out of it themselves. Many Ukrainians had a certain suspicion towards other nations. Many Ukrainians had a certain suspicion towards Poland and the Polish people because of certain conflicts in the past. But they were shocked in a positive way by being welcomed there, Poland having taken in more Ukrainian refugees than any other nation.

You see again this demonstration of the willingness to give selfless service, and this they can take back with them, and there can be the shift where you say: “Enough with the old ways. Enough with the privileges that people had—those who are public servants but are not serving the public, but seeking to gain benefits for themselves and those who are willing to pay or will give them services back. We cannot accept this anymore. We will not accept this in our nation. And we demand freedom from this internal force, because it is a force that is discriminating against people, making some people privileged while holding other people down.”

Creating a new national identity and culture

There are of course many other aspects of this. In the more long term, there is a great need for people in Ukraine who are creative. They are artists, they are musicians, they are philosophers, they are thinkers. Not necessarily formally educated in any of those fields, but they are able to think differently. They are able to look at things, realize connections, realize why certain things have happened, and they can then forge a new national identity and culture. There are Ukrainians who have said that: “We do not have many heroes in Ukraine. When we look at our past, we do not have many heroes”. But now you do. Not only the soldiers, but many other people. And you have the possibility of creating a new national identity, where you free yourself from your past, including the Soviet past, but also the insensitivity to life, the brutality, the tendency towards crime, corruption, the tendency towards selfishness, self-centeredness. You can free yourself from this in the long run. You can forge a new way of looking at yourselves, as we have said, that you actually come to accept that you are a worthy member of the European family. You are an asset to the European family because you have raised yourself to that level of humanity. That means that you are now an equal among nations.

Christ discernment and equality

It is fine to talk about equality, and at a certain level, all men are created equal. But that was when they first took embodiment on earth. And since then, through many incarnations, they have developed in different directions, and therefore you cannot say that all men are equal today. This is one of the weaknesses of the modern democracies, that they tend to want to think that everybody is equal and that they can treat everybody equally. This, of course, is not Christ’s discernment, because, to use the obvious example, you need to recognize that Putin and the Russian government do not have pure intentions towards democratic nations, and therefore you cannot treat them as if they do.

The same thing applies in many other ways. But first of all, the level of humanity. When you have reached a certain level of humanity, you cannot allow yourself to ignore or forget that other people have not reached that level. And therefore, you cannot treat them as equals when they are at a lower level of humanity, where they will stab you in the back at the first opportunity they get.

Cooperation among equals

Again, Ukraine has the potential to raise itself, to raise the collective consciousness, to become equal in humanity and a desire for freedom with other European nations, and therefore be able to cooperate as equals. We have said that we want Russia to cooperate with other nations as an equal, but that obviously cannot happen right now. There needs to be a raising of the collective consciousness before this can happen. And what really needs to happen here is that Ukraine needs to grasp this simple thing that we have explained—that the development you see in the modern world is not forced. There is no central organization that has forced the democratic nations to become more free and prosperous. It has happened through voluntary cooperation. But voluntary cooperation is based on a realization. It is not based on a calculation where somebody might say: :”Well, I see these Europeans are cooperating. We are going to pretend that we are going to cooperate with them, but we are just going to see how we can get the biggest possible advantage out of this and how we can cheat them.” There are countries in the world where they for hundreds, if not thousands of years, have had a consciousness where they are always seeking to cheat others. But this is not cooperation among equals.

Cooperation works when it is voluntary because it is based on this realization that by being honest, I am doing what is best for myself. By cooperating openly and honestly, we are doing what is best for ourselves and our nation. It is not a matter of Ukraine having to do something to get an advantage. It is a matter of Ukraine rising to the level of other European nations where it just comes naturally to cooperate honestly and openly. It is simply second nature, or perhaps even first nature. You are not doing it with any hidden intentions. You are realizing that the nations of Western Europe, or the other nations of Europe, they actually want to help raise Ukraine up and become a modern nation.

Freedom from the Cain consciousness

And you may say: “Well, there are companies in those countries that want to make money on rebuilding Ukraine.” Well, true enough, but this does not extend to all of the people. There are people in the modern world, not only in Europe but elsewhere, who would love to see the rest of the world have what they have. They do not have the Cain consciousness. They are not jealous of their brothers and sisters. They want everyone to have the kind of life that they have, because this is freedom. It is freedom from something. It is freedom from envy and jealousy. Jealousy of your brothers and sisters, the Cain consciousness. When you attain freedom from that, how could it be a threat to you that other people have what you have or even have more? How is that a threat? How is it a detriment to you?

When you have experienced that all of the modern world has become more affluent by cooperating, you see that if others have more, it will raise the entire economy and you will have more. If the entire world—just step back and imagine this—imagine that the entire world had the same level of material affluence as Western Europe. Just imagine this. I know you can come with all kinds of reasonings and arguments that this is not possible because of natural resources and this and that. But let’s put that aside. First of all, I have before talked about natural resources not being a fixed quantity. But let’s just imagine that the entire world had the same level of affluence as the people and the nations of Western Europe. How would that possibly take anything from the nations of Western Europe? On the contrary, they would also increase their affluence. This does not mean they would always be ahead. But if the entire level of the economy of the world was raised, everybody would benefit.

Again, there is a tendency for people who are less free to project upon all others their own state of consciousness. This is what you see out-pictured so clearly by Putin, who is in a force-based mindset. He cannot fathom that the NATO countries have transcended the force-based mindset. And therefore, he projects upon them that they want to do to Russia what he wants to do to them. He wants to use force to take back what he considers Russian territory and NATO stands in the way of that, so therefore he is projecting upon them that they are the ones who want to take from Russia. In a sense, he is right. His ambition is to take land that he thinks belongs to Russia, and NATO stands in the way of his imperial dreams. Therefore, to him, the limitation of his aggressive force is an aggressive force against him. Because in his mind, he is the center of the universe, so everything other nations do is directed against him. If they are limiting his expansive ambitions, well, that is an act of aggression against Putin—in Putin’s mind.

Where this relates to Ukraine is that Ukraine can make a shift. Ukrainians can realize that there are still remnants in the collective consciousness where you are suspicious of other people and their motives. Certainly, you can see this from the Soviet times, but it even goes further back. You are projecting that maybe other people will take advantage of you, but you can shift above that and realize that if you let go of that mindset, you will be able to cooperate freely with those nations who are already cooperating freely amongst themselves.

I am not trying to portray here that Western Europe is some kind of paradise on earth. I am just trying to say that this is further ahead than where Ukraine is at and that Ukraine can gain an advantage by rising to that level. You can see that Russia is not willing to rebuild Ukraine after the war. Even if Ukraine surrendered to Russia right now and said: “Come in and take us.” Do you think that Russia would spend the resources to rebuild Ukraine? Certainly not, until they had “re-educated” the population to become Russians, but even then, you can see that large parts of Ukraine would be taken down if they were at the same level of Russia.

Who is willing to help Ukraine rebuild the country after the war? Well, obviously Western Europe or Europe in general. What is to the advantage of Ukraine? It is to be free of this mindset of being suspicious of other people’s intentions. Maybe they are trying to take advantage of us. If you can overcome that, you will make much faster progress in terms of rebuilding the country.

Everybody wins by cooperating

Now we gave not so long ago, a conference in Ukraine where we were physically, or the messenger was physically there. You can go back and study these dictations and you can see that everything we said still applies to Ukraine. Everything is still valuable for you to study. But of course, what has happened since then is that many of the things we only said between the lines or hinted at have now gained a much sharper focus. That is why we have been more direct in our dictations this time. Because we now see that there is that openness in the collective consciousness. Things that we did not say directly before have now been said more directly because before then, there was not that same openness. There was this desire by so many people to maintain status quo where they felt they either had a privileged position or that they had the kind of life that they had accepted was their lot in life and they did not want to lose it.

You can realize something here that when you rise to that freedom from force, from the force-based mindset, you can cooperate freely with other people, because you are not afraid of losing something through cooperation. This is what you see, a consciousness that very few people have realized, but it has emerged in the modern world. It is this awareness that we do not actually lose by cooperating, we win by cooperating. Everybody wins by cooperating. This is what you see demonstrated in nature. This is why life has been sustained for a very long time on this planet. As we have said before, survival of the fittest means those who are most willing to cooperate, not those who are most willing to use force. This is an important shift for the Ukrainian nation. It can bring tremendous benefits for a long time to come. Many people have made that shift. The President and many of the new people in Parliament have made that shift. Many other people have made the shift. But still you can build that momentum that takes the nation beyond these critical points where the progress becomes irreversible, where it becomes self-reinforcing, and that will give you the fastest possible progress in the aftermath of this unfortunate event that none of us wanted to see, but nevertheless, now that it has happened, we are, as we have said, giving you the impetus to make use of it—the best possible use of it.

There is an old saying that it is one thing to win the war, it is another to win the peace. Well, we want Ukraine to both win the war and win the peace. You may be able to win the war with the mindset you have now, although, again, transcending it would help you win it faster, but you certainly cannot win the peace with the mindset you have now. That requires transcendence, as we have explained.

Naturally, freedom has many facets, many levels. Much more can be said about freedom, but I have already said many things about freedom for those who are ready to look at these higher facets. What we have given at this conference, the Chohans, is a measured release based on our observations of the collective consciousness, the changes that have happened since the war started, and people’s willingness to switch, to think in new terms.

Dare to dream!

You know that another way to look at what has happened in the world is to talk about imagination. You go back to the times of the Soviet Union, both in Ukraine and other republics and in Russia itself, and you see that what the Soviet Union had destroyed in most people was imagination. Nobody dared to imagine anything new, anything different, anything better. Why have the nations in the modern world made the progress they have made? Because people’s imaginations were more free. People dared to dream. They dared to experiment. They dared to think in ways that nobody had thought before. It has been said that science is the process of seeing what everybody else sees, but thinking what nobody else has thought. Well, imagination is seeing what everybody else sees, but experiencing in the mind something beyond, something that most people cannot experience. But when you have the imagination, you experience it.

What is it that holds back a nation? It is precisely the lack of imagination. People’s minds are locked on a track. They have been brought up in certain conditions. They have a certain past that they have been told about either by family members or in school, and they think: “This is how we are as Ukrainians. This is how we have done things, this is how we think, this is how we look at life”. And they accept that there are certain boundaries, and there is no point in thinking beyond those boundaries, there is no point in imagining beyond those boundaries because: “We are Ukrainians, and we are dragging behind us this enormous rock, and we cannot let go of the rope, we have to just keep dragging the rock. Wherever we go, wherever we move, wherever we think we can move as a nation, we have to drag the past with us”.

But you do not. You do not have to drag it with you. But in order to stop dragging it, in order to let go of the rope, you have to dare to think what no one else has thought in your country so far. You need to dare to imagine that things could be done differently than the way you have traditionally done them. Do you have to have the corruption you have now, that you have had for so long? Do you have to always have that? Do you always have to struggle the way you have been struggling so far? Do you have to do business the way you have done business? Or are there other ways? Do you have to do politics the way you have done politics? Or are there other ways?

The greatest gift you could give as an individual to your nation is to free your imagination to dare to imagine what nobody else has imagined so far. If enough people did this, you could make progress beyond your wildest imaginations as they are right now. You could manifest something that is beyond your wildest dreams. My vision for Ukraine is much higher than anybody in Ukraine can fathom right now. I am willing to give that vision to anyone who will open their minds. In a sense, you often think, many people think, that imagination is just fantasy. But go back 500 years and look at how they lived back then. Then look at the reality of how you live today. Could the people back then have even imagined how you live today? No. And if somebody had dared to imagine it, most people at the time would have said, that is just pure fantasy. But you are living in today’s world. You know it is not fantasy, it is reality. The future that you do not dare to imagine today is not fantasy. It is a very real potential. And it only takes one thing, your acceptance that it is a real possibility instead of fantasy.

“Ask and ye shall receive.” it has been said. I would say: “Accept and you shall receive. Accept that it is possible and you shall receive it”. For if you cannot accept that it is possible, how can I give it to you? That would be a violation of your free will.

Freedom from victimhood

We have talked about the victim consciousness. What is the essence of the victim consciousness? You think that you are not in charge of your future. You are dependent on external forces over which you have no control. Yes, you were a part of the Soviet Union. You felt forced to go into it, you felt forced to be into it. The Holodomor was forced upon you. Now the war is forced upon you. Some people look now after the war hoping that EU will come in and be the savior and force you to change. But the EU is not based on force. You need to step up and decide what you want. You need to make decisions of what kind of future you want. Imagination is one aspect but the other is the decision: “What do we want? How are we willing to change ourselves in order to get it?” And then the decision to accept that it is possible. You are not victims unless you think you are. The question is, do you want to continue to be victims of forces beyond your control –  external forces or the oligarchs or the politicians or the bureaucrats or the weather or this or that? Do you want to continue to be victims? Or do you want to be free from victimhood? If you want to be free then I am your man. I am willing to help you be free. Give me some open minds and I will give you the vision of a better future for Ukraine. I do not withhold anything from anyone. So, prove me herewith – sayeth the Lord of Freedom –  and I shall pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Russia will change

With this I have had my say. I again give my gratitude to those of you who have been the instruments, who have listened to this and who have broadcasted through your chakras. If you could see the effect of this conference, you would be thrilled—to see the effect that this has had, the ripples that this has created and sent through the collective consciousness of Ukraine, of Belarus and of Russia. I am grateful that there are so many people from Belarus, from Russia and from Ukraine itself who are participating in this conference. Naturally, when you are from a country listening to, taking in these dictations has a greater impact on the collective consciousness than if it is done by people who have not grown up in that country. Recognize that you have done a tremendous service, not only to Ukraine but certainly to Belarus and in the longer term to Russia as well.

One thing is absolutely clear, Russia cannot remain the same after this war. How long it takes, exactly how it outplays, well that is still unpredictable. But one thing is certain, Russia will never be the same. Putin has taken a step that is irreversible and that has ramifications way beyond his wildest imaginations which are not very wild to tell you the truth. Russia will also change, there is no question about it.

With this I seal you in this most joyful Flame of Freedom that I am. It may not seem to many people in Ukraine right now that there is much cause for joy, I recognize that, but I still send that joy into the collective consciousness for those who are able to pick it up and receive some reprieve from the current situation. You have my love that I freely give and I give it to all in Belarus, in Russia, in Ukraine and of course everywhere around the world. My love is not limited, my love is not bound by time and space, it is infinite, it is everywhere. I only have one desire for earth, to see a golden age manifest.

I seal you in that joyful Flame of Freedom, for I AM Saint Germain, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and the Representative of Freedom for earth.


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