Accelerating the Ukrainian nation beyond impurity

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Kim Michaels, October 29, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I Am the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Fourth Ray, often called the Ray of Purity, but it is also the Ray of Intention. Thus, I come with the purest possible intention of raising up all life, accelerating all life, as is also a part of the Fourth Ray, the flame of the Fourth Ray, the Flame of Acceleration. I do not intend to put any part of life down, but I do intend to speak with purity and honesty and directness about the situation in Ukraine.

(Im)purity of intentions

Do we see any pure intentions on the part of Putin, his power elite, and the Russian military secret police and other covert organizations towards the nation of Ukraine? Regardless of the official reasons given for this invasion, do we see any pure intentions? Do we see any desire to raise up the Ukrainian people or the Ukrainian nation? I do not. I do not know what you see–and I speak here into the collective consciousness–but whatever you see, if you see pure intentions, your vision is not pure.

You can, if you doubt my words, just look at the actions taken in Ukraine towards civilians, civilian infrastructure. You can look at what is actually happening. Now, I realize that most people in Russia cannot look at what is actually happening, because of the intense news blackout and distortion of information on the part of their own government. But by the very fact that they do not want you to know what is actually happening, you can know that their intentions and their actions are not pure. Otherwise, why would they be afraid to let you know what is happening? You see again, a discrepancy between the leader of Russia, the power elite of Russia, and the people of Russia. For the only reasonable, logical, rational conclusion is that the power elite does not want the Russian people to know what is actually happening because if the people knew, they would not approve, they would not agree. They would not support what is going on, because they would see that there is a discrepancy between what the power elite is willing to do to other people and what the Russian people, a majority of them, are willing to do to other people.

What is purity?

There are many expressions of impurity on earth. There are many perversions of the Flame of Purity. But I wish to give you somewhat of a philosophical discourse about impurity. What is impurity? Well, perhaps we should begin by asking: “What is purity?” If you look at nature, if you look at the universe at large, you will see that there are certain laws. You may call them natural laws. You may call them spiritual laws or cosmic laws or the laws of God. I leave it up to you. But it is difficult to deny that there are certain laws, certain rules, certain principles that have been working for a very long time in this universe. This is recognized even by the most ardent materialists that there are principles in nature. Otherwise, why are scientists bothering to study nature if all was chaos? There is order. There is some orderliness. There are certain principles that secure a certain order, a certain progression, a certain sustainability in the universe.

You may say human beings have been on earth for quite some time according to the official estimate. But compared to the time that the universe has existed, again compared to the official estimate, the existence of human beings is like the blink of an eye, a very quick blink of an eye. You may look at the history of nations that you know today, such as Russia, and say: “Well, Russia has existed for 1,000 years.” Well, first of all, I would say that the Russia you have today has, of course, not existed for 1,000 years. But nevertheless, take that figure, 1,000 years, a very quick blink of a very quick eye compared to the time that the universe has existed. Now, look at the Soviet Union, 70 years, an even shorter lifespan than the Russian nation or the existence of humanity.

You see therefore, and who can rationally deny this, that there are structures in the universe that are sustainable, that have been sustained for a very long time span. And there are structures that are not sustainable that can exist only for a limited lifespan. We could say purity is a structure that is in alignment with the basic laws of the universe. That which is in alignment with these laws, in harmony with these laws, is sustainable. Which means what? That which is not sustainable must be out of harmony with the basic laws of the universe. Is that not a fairly reasonable conclusion, would you say?

Flowing with the basic principles of the universe

Then, we can gain a new view of human history. There is a saying in India referring to God as a principle. And the saying is: “Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever.” Likewise, we could say: “Empires may come and empires may go, but I go on forever.” The principles of the universe go on, at least indefinitely, compared to the way you measure time. The question then is: “Are you as an individual, are you as a nation in alignment with these basic principles of the universe? Or are you out of alignment with them?”

How can you know whether you are out of alignment with the basic principles of the universe? Well, you can know by the fact that your structure is not sustainable. Of course, when you are in the middle of an empire that has not yet broken down, you will not know that it is not sustainable. You look at the Soviet Union and there were people who emphatically would have denied that the Soviet Union would one day cease to exist. And there were people who continued to deny this up until the very moment where it actually fell apart. There are people who continue to deny it today, because they think that this was some aberration, some exception. That the Soviet Empire should have continued to exist and that they can recreate it. These are the people who have gathered around Putin, who holds that belief himself. He does not see, they do not see why the Soviet Union collapsed, why it had a limited lifespan.

You can say: “Well, while you are in the middle of a situation that is not sustainable, how do you know that you are out of alignment with the cosmic principles? How do you know until your civilization collapses that you are out of alignment?” Well, you can, if you are willing – which of course, I am not saying that most people who live in one of these unsustainable empires are willing to do–you can make observations. And there are many ways to make these observations. Of course, you can do it based on each of the seven rays, but I will discourse on purity and impurity. You can simply observe the level of purity and impurity in your society. One measure for purity is order. But be careful now. Order is not the same as control. You may say: “Was there not a certain order in the Soviet Union or in the Nazi Empire or the Roman Empire?” But this was a controlled order forced upon society. This is not purity. This is not in alignment with the basic principles of the universe.

For the universe is not based on force. It is based on flowing with the basic principles. And if you are flowing with the basic principles, you do not need to use force. By the very fact that the Roman Empire, the Nazi Empire and the Soviet Empire had to use force to keep people inside the boundaries defined by the empire, you demonstrate that they were out of alignment with the basic principles that make the universe sustainable. Therefore, this was a measure of impurity. The amount of force that is being used in a society is a measure of the amount of impurity in that society.

True order, natural order, is an ever-changing process, an ever-transcending–self-transcending, when it comes to self-aware beings, process. What have you seen throughout the existence of the universe? Self-transcendence. Everything has transcended itself and become more. That is how the universe has evolved, however you see the beginnings of the universe, to the greater complexity you have today.

Using force to maintain the order

Control is an attempt to go against this natural evolution. What did Karl Marx do? He claimed there was a historical necessity that would bring about a communist state. But what do you see in every nation that has become affected by the communist ideology? They have had to use force to create a communist state. And they have had to use force to maintain it in order to keep the people inside that state. Because the people would have fled, if they had the option to flee. This very use of force goes against the natural flow of the universe. If Karl Marx had believed in his own theory, if Lenin had believed in it, why would they have had to use force to create a communist state? They would only have to sit back and wait for the communist state to manifest, as they claim this was historical necessity.

When you claim that something is destined to happen, but when you use force to try to make it happen when you think it should happen, you are proving that you do not have pure intentions. You are proving that you have gone away from the principles that have ensured the existence and evolution of the universe now for a very long time. You are, therefore, setting yourself aside from the flow of what we have called the River of Life, because you are seeking to force something upon the natural flow of the universe. You are seeking to force people to do something that they would not naturally have done.

By doing this, what are you doing? You are violating one of these basic principles, which in modern science has become known as the second law of thermodynamics. Which in a popular expression says that in a closed system, disorder will increase until the system has broken down to its lowest possible state of organization and energy. In other words, to where no work can be done and no structure can be created. There is a natural law, a cosmic law that says that if a structure is not part of the flow, the self-transcending River of fe, it will break down. It will start to break down. It will start to create opposition to itself that gradually will break it down.

How do you see this process taking place? Well, you see it by an increase in impurity. Now, you have, from the very start of such a force-based empire or structure, you have a built-in and inescapable impurity. By the very fact that you are using force, you are creating an impurity. By the very fact that you have an impure intention of forcing people against their free will, you are creating an inescapable opposition to your efforts. And this means, simply, things will begin to break down from the very beginning.

You can, on a temporary basis, create a fairly elaborate empire on a planet like Earth. Because the density of matter is such that there is a delay factor to the workings of the second law of thermodynamics, which could also be called the law of karma or the workings of Shiva. You can, for a time, use force. And the amount of force will determine the size, the complexity, the power, if you will, of your empire. But the more power and force you use, the shorter will be the lifespan of the empire. Especially, as the consciousness is accelerating on earth, as it has been doing for some time.

Manifesting greater and greater impurity

How do you see this manifest? You see this in society breaking down, manifesting greater and greater impurity. What did you see in the Soviet Union? Many people were forced to take jobs they did not like. What did they do? They went into a state of mind where they did not care. They did the absolute minimum that they were forced to do. They did not take any initiative. They did not do anything extra. They did not do anything they were not forced to do, such as, for example, keeping order in their workplace or around their homes. Everything, therefore, became dirty, disorganized. The people sank into a low state of consciousness. Many resorted to alcohol abuse in order to be able to stand living in the Soviet Union.

You saw many examples of how things would break down, how organization would not be working, how everything was more difficult. Everything took longer, more effort, more force to create something. But what was the most dramatic event you saw during the time of the Soviet Union? Well, it was the one event that Gorbachev said that if there was a single event that brought about the demise of the Soviet Union, it was the Chernobyl disaster. And where did Chernobyl take place? In Ukraine. Does that not show the role that Mother Mary has explained of the Ukrainian people’s role to demonstrate the inhumanity of the Soviet system of Russia and the Russian approach to life, the force-based approach to life?

You see that, if you care to study the Chernobyl disaster, it embodies almost all of the elements of the impurities in Soviet society where the compartmentalization of information actually prevented the people who were running the plant from knowing that their reactor had this potential for a complete meltdown, if they did what they did on that fateful day. It was already known in the Soviet Union that if you do to a reactor what the operators on the Chernobyl plant did to Reactor 4, there could be a runaway meltdown. Had they known this, they obviously would never have done it. But they did not know, because the Soviet system was set up so that any information that could show a weakness in the Soviet system should be withheld from the people, even the people who were directly responsible for that area.

This is one sign of impurity, the withholding of information. I am not even talking about here freedom of the press. I am talking about, you have a technology, a nuclear power plant that has the potential to create a meltdown that spreads radioactivity over a huge area affecting millions of people. You know there is a flaw in the design of this power plant, but the top people decide that this knowledge should be withheld from the people who are operating the power plant. This is because they want to prevent an embarrassment to the Soviet system. But what happens instead? Well, there is a nuclear meltdown, which was a much bigger embarrassment to the Soviet system than admitting there was a flaw in the reactor design. A flaw that did not have to result in a meltdown. And that could have easily been prevented if the operators knew what the people at the top knew. You see, this is an example of impurity, of disorder that breaks down a society.

Impurity behind Russian military campaign

What do you see today in the Soviet military campaign in Ukraine? Well, you see that there is one problem after another. As we have said, surely the Ukrainian military has fought bravely and with intelligence. Surely they have received support and weapons from outside the country. But truly, the Soviet military has defeated itself, because everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Equipment has broken down. Units have been led poorly. They have had no motivation to fight. Units have been sent into battle without sufficient ammunition or fuel for their vehicles. And then, of course, there is the behavior of Russian soldiers in the conquered areas, which have only begun to be exposed. Systematic abuses towards civilians: killing, imprisonment, torture, rape. This cannot be denied. It can be denied by those who do not know and do not want to know. But in the long run, it cannot be denied. And it is a sign of impurity. It is a sign of just how far you are out of alignment with the basic sustainability principles of the universe.

And therefore, things must break down. What else can they do? There are people, starting with Putin, the people at the very top of the political apparatus and the people at the top of the military apparatus who are sitting there wondering why things have gone so wrong, why things have not worked, why their plans for this invasion have not been fulfilled, why every aspect of the plan has gone wrong. They look at various aspects and they try to analyze what went wrong here, what went wrong there. But they have not even started to consider the actual cause: that their entire military machine is a house built on sand, is out of alignment with the sustainability principles of the universe. And therefore, when it is put into a make-or-break situation, it can only break. There are people who are sitting there frantically trying to figure out, how do we fix the problem so we can win? But the problem cannot be fixed, because the problem is systemic. It is: “Every aspect of this campaign is flawed.” You cannot isolate certain factors and say: “If we fix them, everything will start to go well for us.” It is an unfixable problem. It cannot be remedied by any human effort.

Top-down management in Russian society

As just one example that has been mentioned, there is a fundamental difference between the organization of the Russian military and the Ukrainian military. The Russian military is strictly top-down. The lower you go in the Russian military, the more you are taught to not make decisions, not take initiative, but do what you are told. In the Ukrainian military, there is much less top-down leadership. Local commanders have more freedom to take initiative, adapt to battlefield conditions and come up with new ingenious solutions, instead of always relying on training and the way things were done in the past.

There are people who say: “Well, the Russians will learn from their mistakes and fix this.” But they will not. Because the organization of the Russian military is an expression of the organization of the entire Russian society, starting with one man at the top who makes the decisions that filter down to all lower levels. And those at the lower levels have no freedom to take initiative to adapt to changing conditions. They must wait for directions from the top. Putin and his underlings cannot fix this problem, because the problem is themselves. The only way that could fix it was to remove themselves from Russian society and that is not so likely that they will remove themselves.

Expansion vs. acceleration

You see here, again, you are out of alignment with the sustainability principles of the universe and you are breaking yourself down. Look at the actions. First of all, starting with intent. The fourth ray is the ray of intention, purity of intention. In order to align yourself with the basic principles of the universe, you must start with a pure intention. What was the intention behind the invasion of Ukraine? Well, what is the intention behind the entire universe? It is to raise up and accelerate all aspects of the universe. Did Putin intend to accelerate the Ukrainian people into a higher state? Well, he may have thought so in his mind that making them Russian underlings would be an acceleration for them. But certainly the Ukrainians did not think so. And I can assure you that the universe does not think so either. His intent was clearly to eradicate Ukraine as a nation, to eradicate the Ukrainians–not necessarily physically, but as seeing themselves as Ukrainians, as separate from the Russian nation. He wanted to turn them into his slaves. That is not pure intent. That is not an intent to accelerate other people.

You can see this by a very simple consideration. Look at the size of Russia. Look at the amount of oil and gas that Russia has and other natural resources and the amount of money coming in from this. Putin could have raised the standard of living for all people in Russia if he had used this income for that purpose, instead of allowing his own cronies and himself to steal this money from the people. This is not pure intent. This is not in alignment with the principles of the universe. And yet because he did not do this, he did not focus on raising the standard of living for his own people, his mind became a closed system and started deteriorating. And that is why suddenly being the undisputed leader of Russia was not enough for him. He had to do more. And therefore, despite the enormous size of Russia, he had to have more territory.

This is expansion, but not acceleration. Expansion is horizontal, acceleration is vertical, it is transcendence. Expansion is not transcendence. It is acting your imbalance out in a more extreme way, in order to actually make it more visible for those who are willing to see. Or in order to bring forward the inevitable breakdown that will force those who are not willing to see to after all see that something happened that was not in alignment with what they expected and how they saw the world.

What is the ultimate state of impurity? Well, you could say from one perspective, it is the lack of humanity, where you are willing to kill other people, to destroy them psychologically and spiritually. Because you have no regard for the consequences that your actions have for others. But you could, from another perspective, say that the greatest form of impurity is when you create a theory about how the universe works and you seek to force other people to come into conformity with your theory. But your theory is actually out of alignment with the basic principles. This is, in a certain sense, the greatest possible form of impurity, what we have called the ideological mindset, which we have explained in the book on ideology.

Expressions of impurity in the Ukrainian nation

And so, you may say: “Well, this is all very nice and philosophical. But what’s that got to do with Ukraine today and the situation we are facing?” Well, what do you see in Ukraine in terms of the level of impurity? Let us look at this before the war. If you are brutally honest, you would say that when the Soviet Union collapsed, there was not a huge difference between the collective consciousness of Ukraine and the collective consciousness of Russia. There was not a huge difference in the behavior of the people and in society.

Now, things have improved in Ukraine since then. It has been somewhat of an uphill battle for reasons we have explained about the division in society. But you need to recognize here that the role of the Ukrainian people is to make the inhumanity of the Russian people visible. But how do you do this if you do not see the inhumanity in yourself first? If you are not willing to look at the impurities in Ukrainian society before this war, how can you rise above it? How can you transcend it? You see high level of corruption in Ukraine before the war. Naturally, this is an expression of impurity.

You have certain order, you have certain laws, but there are people who are undermining those laws by engaging in corruption. You saw again this lawless mindset of many among the Ukrainian people being willing to break the law. You saw it even in how, after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became the biggest arms dealer in the world, selling to anyone who would pay the price. Surely, not an expression of purity. You saw, just like in Russia, that instead of the government using the wealth of the nation to raise the standard of living of all people, they allowed a few oligarchs to gain inordinate amounts of wealth and keep the people in poverty, living in these subhuman standard conditions that were considered normal during Soviet times. Clearly, not an expression of purity.

Now, things have improved gradually in Ukraine. But there is a need to come to this realization that the measure of success for Ukraine cannot be how far we have raised ourselves above Russia or the Soviet Union. The measure of success for Ukraine in the future, after the war, must be: “How small is the gap between us and the EU nations? How far are we from qualifying for EU membership?” Because as we have said, you cannot qualify based on pity. You need to qualify based on living up to the demands for membership. And you CAN do this! Ukraine CAN do this! But it will require a willingness to transcend the impurities that you are dragging along from the past. Corruption must go! There must be a new awareness that you are stealing from the whole when you are breaking the law, when you are engaging in corruption. There must be a new awareness that the oligarchs are not heroic businessmen. They are thieves, who have been sanctioned by the state. And this cannot go on.

There must be a recognition that the Russian people, even before the Soviet Union, but certainly also reinforced during Soviet times, have a higher level of brutality than many other people around the world. And it is necessary for the Ukrainian people to look at the brutality they have been exposed to by the Russian military and say: “We must raise ourselves above this.” Many have surely already done so. I am in no way criticizing, putting anyone down. I am simply stating the fact that there is more that must be done before you are ready to enter into a truly new age of the Ukrainian nation. There is more that can be done. There is more that you can do.

Commitment to change

Now, I may sound stern, I may sound strict, and even as the lady masters who sounded very direct and very stern. But you recognize that if you were not capable of doing what I am saying, and I mean the Ukrainian people as a whole, then I would not be saying it. I am not here to discourage anyone. I am here to give you that impetus whereby you can accelerate yourselves beyond the downward pull of the past. For how else will you rebuild the nation after the war?

When you look at the destruction that has so far, even up to this point, happened in Ukraine, you could ask: “How could this possibly happen?” But the destruction is actually a measure for the resistance to change. It is also a measure for the commitment to change. In other words, you have a segment of the Ukrainian population who have made the commitment to change. But you have, as we have explained, another segment who want to maintain status quo and who are resisting change. If there had been no commitment to change in the Ukrainian nation, then there would not have been as much destruction, at least not directly. Because you would have been taken over by Russia in a short period of time and you would have now all been subject to the law of Putin. And there would have been less physical destruction. But there would, of course, in the future have been much more psychological destruction.

But what I am saying is that the reason why the Ukrainian nation has resisted and has been able to resist, is because there is that segment of the population that is committed to change. But the reason there has been the level of destruction is because there is another segment that is resisting change. And it is this friction that creates the destruction. I am not thereby saying that the progressive people, who are committed to change, are responsible for the destruction. It is of course the ones who are resisting that are responsible.

But what is the destruction an expression of? Yes, of course, the inhumanity of the Russians. But it is also an expression of the fact that because of the resistance to change in Ukraine, there needs to be a certain level of breakdown before change can happen. Again, I am not condoning in any way the Russian destruction. It is inhumane, illogical, senseless. But what I am saying is that the progressive people need to look at this situation as an opportunity. Now that things have been broken down, we are more free to move ahead and rebuild the nation the way we want to.

What could you have done if there had been very little destruction? There would still have been resistance. How could you have created a new society? Again, I am not condoning the destruction. I am saying you now have a different kind of opportunity that you did not have before, if you are willing to take it. But in order to make use of it, you have to look at Ukrainian society as it was before the war and say: “Where do we need to step up? How do we need to accelerate? What are the impurities that we can identify that we simply need to accelerate ourselves and our society beyond? Corruption, how can we build a modern society with this level of corruption? How can we become a member of the EU with this level of corruption?”

What is the EU based on? It is based on: you have a new state come into the Union which is not at the same level of material affluence as the older nations. The older nations in the EU will give money to the new nation so that it can build the infrastructure that is necessary to build prosperity for all people. But if you take the money coming from the EU and allow some corrupt officials or oligarchs to steal all the money so that it is not used to build infrastructure that benefits all? Well, how can the EU continue to support this? How can you transform Ukraine so that it becomes a country with the same level of affluence as other EU nations, if you allow the corrupt people to steal most of it? It cannot be done. It cannot be manifest. It is an impossibility.

Surely, I know that many can see it. Many among the politicians and the president himself can see it. But I am giving you the opportunity of radiating this into the collective consciousness with the intensity of the fourth ray, which gives you that impetus that can actually be the decisive difference that pushes the nation over the hump. Of course, it needs to be accepted. It needs to be absorbed. It needs to be expressed as that determination that we will to accelerate. We will to become more. We will to leave the past behind and become a new nation. We in Ukraine are willing to make a U-turn and move away from the past. That is how you can change Ukraine into a new nation.

From inertia to initiative

I know this has been a stern discourse. But I am the master of the Fourth Ray, which is also, in a certain sense, the Ray of Discipline. What is discipline? Well, what is the lack of discipline? Disorder, chaos. It is in a sense, you could say, that when people are undisciplined, they are in the lowest possible energy state. They are in a state of mind where they feel they can do nothing. There is no point in doing anything. They cannot take any initiative. They cannot start something and carry it through to its completion.

In order to accelerate, to raise yourself up, you need to have a certain amount of discipline, a certain willingness to overcome this downward pull towards the lowest common denominator. This downward pull is not natural. It is not in human nature. Human nature is self-transcendence. But because of all the things that have happened on this earth, the fallen beings have tried to destroy this drive for self-transcendence. And the result is this very low consciousness of inertia, laziness, sloth, unwillingness to do anything, just wanting to maintain status quo, however miserable it is. Of course, you now have an opportunity to shake this loose, to break with this momentum from the Soviet past and even going further back than the Soviet Union. But certainly, the Soviet Union had cultivated this in a majority of the people in order to prevent them from challenging the system.

Ukraine needs to move into a new state where initiative is welcomed, is encouraged, is looked upon as something that can bring society forward. There will always be, and there is still today in Ukraine, a power elite in business, in politics that want to discourage initiative because they feel it can threaten them. And Ukraine needs to make that determination: “Well, we will let the current order be threatened, in order to make progress and bring forth a better nation with prosperity and freedom for all.” This can be done. This can be done!

Serapis’ gift

Therefore, I have given you what I wanted to give you, this impetus that has rolled through the collective consciousness, not as a chaotic wave, but as a harmonizing wave that brings order, harmony, regularity, discipline, structure to chaos, an orderly influence. If you are an ascended master student concerned with the future of Ukraine, you can certainly invoke the Fourth Ray and ask for your calls to accelerate this impetus that I have radiated. If you could see it, you could see how there is a regular wave that has spread. And it has started to eradicate the inharmony that is there and to make the entire collective consciousness vibrate with this regular, ordered, structured, beautiful pattern of waves.

I am giving you the opportunity by bringing the collective consciousness of Ukraine into harmony with the sustainable principles of the universe. I am only allowed to do this for a time to give you a frame of reference. It is then up to the people whether they will align themselves with this, or whether they will go back to their old disorder and start to disrupt the pattern. But at least, the opportunity is given. Whether people have heard this discourse or will ever hear or read it, they cannot fail to feel at some level of their beings this orderly influence. This sine wave of purity that radiates through the collective consciousness until it is like a gas where the disharmonious molecules have suddenly become aligned  and there is this phase shift, this phase transition, where now there is order.

For a brief moment, a brief interval of time, despite the chaos going on in Ukraine, despite the disorder of the battlefield, there is in the emotional, mental and identity levels of the collective consciousness this state of order, purity. The Purity of the Fourth Ray that I AM. For I AM Serapis Bey, the Chohan of the Fourth Ray. And my intentions are pure, which is why I can radiate this influence and override all of the impure intentions of human beings in embodiment. For my intention is purer than anyone on earth. And now, you know what that feels like, whether you know it consciously or not, you have experienced the Purity that I AM.


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