How do we move on from here?

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, October 28, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. As the representative for the Divine Mother on earth, I have decided to open this conference. Naturally, we of the ascended masters would have ideally wanted to address Ukraine under more peaceful circumstances.

Human vs. ascended state of consciousness

One of the issues that we have had as ascended masters since we began to make our presence known on earth, is that many people who come in contact with our teachings, who hear about our existence, find it difficult to grasp how we look upon earth. I am not saying this to in any way find fault with human beings. I am simply saying that there are some misconceptions that have existed and still exist and I would like to address them.

When you ascend from earth, you reach a state of consciousness that is so different from what most people have on earth that it is very understandable and natural that people cannot fathom what happens in the ascension process. In fact, you might say that we as ascended masters, when we go through the process of ascending, we cannot fathom it either. At least we cannot fathom it with the mind. The ascension is not something you understand. It is something you experience as a totality and you experience this transformation, this shift where you shift from one sense of identity to a fundamentally different form of identity and in the process of doing so, you shed the former identity completely. The former identity dies, falls away into oblivion, non-existence, as if it had never existed.

What does this mean for you who are on earth, who are still on earth? Well, it means that you tend to project your own state of consciousness upon us as ascended masters. This is something we have started to address more clearly than before in this dispensation. It is therefore natural that when people hear about ascended masters, they project an image upon us. There can be various facets of this image depending on people’s cultural background or their individual state, whereas over many lifetimes they might have built a certain world view, a certain image. But there are two aspects of it that I would like to address here. One of them is that people tend to project that ascended masters have the same feelings that human beings have. This is very relevant obviously in the situation in Ukraine.

When you as a human being in embodiment read the news about what is happening in Ukraine, especially not only the death of soldiers but the killing of civilians, the rape of women, the torture of civilians and other atrocious acts of inhumanity, then it is natural that you feel compassion, empathy, sympathy, various kinds of feelings and it is also natural that you project these feelings upon us as ascended masters. It is also natural that when you begin to suspect that we do not have those same feelings that you have, some people will reason or feel that we are cold, we are aloof, we are non-emotional, we do not care about people’s suffering on earth. It is understandable that some people feel this way. I recognize that over the decades some people have felt this way and I recognize that it is difficult for you to understand and grasp how we as ascended masters look at a situation where there is such intense human suffering as you see in Ukraine right now, and have seen since the invasion started in February.

Ministering to all lifestreams on earth

How do we look at this? How do we relate to this as ascended masters? Well, it depends quite a bit on our role in hierarchy. I as an ascended master who represents the Divine Mother, part of my role is to oversee what happens to lifestreams who have left the physical body, who have died. And as such, I am intimately involved with having literally millions of angels minister to these lifestreams as they leave the body behind. But first you need to recognize here that my role is to administer to all lifestreams who have passed from the screen of life and my role is to do this in a completely neutral manner. In other words, I minister to Ukrainian soldiers in the same way that I minister to Russian soldiers. There is no discrimination in the way we minister to these people, to these lifestreams. We have one concern, and that is to help them move on in their personal growth in the best possible way.

In other words, how can we help them heal the wounds that they have received as a result of war, whether it be civilians or soldiers? How can we help them heal this in the emotional, mental and identity bodies so that they have the best possible opportunity for moving on to their next embodiment? This is our only concern. There is no blame, there is no guilt, there is no saying: “You should not have done this, you should not have done that.” We simply look at a lifestream as it comes to us after having left the body and we see how we can help that lifestream. This, of course, goes for all lifestreams who pass from the screen of life, even if they pass from so-called natural causes. We are constantly, year-round, day after day, 24 hours a day, ministering to lifestreams who shed the physical body.

Naturally, what we do to them, how we can help them depends on their state of consciousness, their openness, their willingness to even receive help. Some are beyond help, our help, because they are so angry. They are so filled with hatred that they even reject the idea that there could be spiritual beings who could help them. And therefore, some of these lifestreams will descend into what we have called the astral plane and there they will be then magnetized to a group of lifestreams with the same level of consciousness and there is not much we can do for them from the ascended realm. It is a matter of how they respond to the environment they are in. We can of course monitor these lifestreams and if there is an opening, where they are willing to receive help, we are there to give it to them. But there are many lifestreams who are open to receiving help and those we, of course, seek to help in various ways.

You see here that the way we help these lifestreams who have passed is very much like you would say, a doctor on the battlefield who receives wounded soldiers and must make an evaluation on how to best treat that particular soldier. Sometimes even having to make the evaluation that this particular person is beyond help and therefore focusing on others that can be helped, triage as it is called. Although this, of course, does not mean that we have the same consciousness as doctors on the battlefield who are still in embodiment, because they still have human feelings that they often need to suppress in order to perform their jobs, but nevertheless we of course have transcended these human feelings.

Divine empathy vs. human empathy

Now, what about the people who are still alive, but who have been exposed to this trauma, these acts of torture, violence, losing their homes, losing family members, all of these truly shocking events that people are exposed to in a war situation whether it be Ukraine or Syria or Iran right now or other nations around the world, many nations in Africa? What about the living? What do we feel about the living? Well, it is not that we in the ascended realm do not have feelings, but we do not have human feelings as most human beings have them on earth. There are, of course, human beings who have raised their consciousness to higher levels of consciousness, the Christ consciousness, the Buddhic consciousness, as we have called it even though some call it different levels such as enlightenment.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that we do not have feelings related to people’s suffering, but they are not human feelings. You cannot even take the words that are used to categorize and label human feelings and apply them to us. It will give you a distorted image. You may say: “Well do you not feel empathy?” Well, we feel a divine empathy but not a human empathy. Why is this? Because we have no fear. Many feelings, human feelings spring from fear. You may say: “Well empathy is not fear based” but for many people it actually is. There is a strong element of fear in empathy, pity, sympathy, but beyond that there is an element of “this should not have happened.” Now, here is, where most people on earth would be unable to grasp what I will say, but I say it because I know that there are people who can grasp it and of course you who are ascended master students, I hope that you can grasp it first of all.

How to move on?

It is clear that when we look at a situation like the war in Ukraine, we have a vision of how humankind could have progressed, and how Russia as a nation and how Ukraine as a nation, could have progressed without this war. It is clear that this would have been a higher vision than the actual situation, far less suffering, far less death, far less devastation. There is no question that we have a sense of what ideally could have happened, but we do not have the sense of right and wrong, of what should have happened and what should not have happened. This is something that many people will find it impossible to grasp, but you who are our direct students, if you study the very extensive teachings we have given about duality and non-duality, you will be able to begin to grasp this. Many of you already grasp it.

When we look at a situation like this, we do not have that sense of “this should not have happened, this is not just—someone is to blame.” We look at the situation and we say, this has now happened in the physical. We can of course see that there were signs in the emotional, mental and identity realms that led to the physical war. But nevertheless, until something breaks through in the physical, there is always the possibility that things could be avoided, that things could change, that certain people could change their minds, that the collective consciousness could shift so that a particular event does not have to become physical. But once it has crossed into the physical realm, there is in our minds, no evaluation of: “Oh this should not have happened.” It is there, it is a physical reality and we therefore look at, how can we move forward from here?

Different perspectives on human affairs

Now, there is a tendency for human beings to look at such situations and become very focused on the physical situation being completely wrong: “This should not have happened, this kind of suffering should not happen, there should not be a war in Europe again after what we went through with the Second World War, this should never be able to happen again.” And while these feelings are understandable, the question is: does it help you move on as an individual, does it help nations move on? We who are ascended masters, of course have a different perspective than when you are in embodiment.

You might consider that there was a time when nobody in embodiment on earth had ever flown in an airplane. You might consider that most of you have experienced flying in an airplane looking down upon the earth far below. But have you ever considered the difference in perspective you have when you are looking down from an airplane? Or when you are standing on earth in a forest where all you can see are the trees around you, you cannot even see the sky for the trees? Well, that gives you some sense of the difference in perspective between people in embodiment and ascended masters, only our perspective is even more different. We also of course have a long-term historical perspective.

There is a tendency for human beings to focus on the immediate situation and it is understandable but nevertheless the question is: is it constructive? Is it the highest possible situation? We look back at the whole history of humankind and we can see the immense amounts of suffering that has been created over that very long history. You, of course, especially if you are personally involved with a situation like the war, you look at the immediate situation, the suffering that is caused now. And as a result of that you are more easily pulled into focusing on, as I said, what should not have happened and who is to blame. We look at the situation and say: “Well there have been numerous other situations that cause suffering. The world has moved on, humanity has moved on, individuals have moved on. How can we now take this situation and to the greatest extent possible help people and the world move on?” We are always focused on moving on.

Do you perhaps begin to grasp what I am saying? You could say that most people are not really aware or conscious about world events in their daily lives. Most people are focused on their daily lives, their immediate situation, whatever that is. Once in a while an event happens in the world that disturbs their sense of equilibrium. They are shocked by this and now what they do is they focus all their attention on it. They acquire tunnel vision and they are focused on this situation. Again, I am not blaming, it is understandable, I am simply pointing out the mechanism. What we can compare this to is that in their normal daily lives, people are living next to a river but they do not notice. They do not notice that the river is constantly flowing, they are just focused on their own lives. Then suddenly there is this disturbance in the river and now they focus on this disturbance. And in so doing they actually take a still image of the river, the disturbance in the river and they fix, they fixate their minds on this still image. Whereas we as ascended masters are constantly focused on the river as an ongoing stream. And even though there may be a disturbance, a turbulence in the river, we are still focused on the ongoing movement of the river. How do we move things on?

What happens after the war?

It is clear that as difficult as the situation is in Ukraine right now, it will not last forever. It will not last indefinitely. It will not even last that much longer. There will come a point afterwards, where the fighting stops and the question is now: “How do we move on from here?” Well, this is what we as ascended masters are focused on. We do this in many, many different ways by working with people in embodiment. Part of it is, as much as people are open, we work on healing their psychology. We work on binding and consuming the dark forces that are attempting to pull them into a never-ending spiral of anger and blame. And in this respect your calls are immensely helpful in authorizing us to bind such forces. We also work with people who are open to new ideas.

Right now, for example, we are, of course, working with many, many people in Ukraine, in Russia, in Belarus, in other nations around the world to bring into their minds the ideas that can help this situation move forward and bring the world at large and all the parties directly involved, closer to the golden age. There was a question at the last conference about whether the golden age was still possible given this situation, and what were the chances of the golden age moving forward? And Saint Germain said the chances are 100%. Because the golden age is the ongoingness of the river and no matter what turbulence happens in the river, it is just turbulence and the river moves on. We understand that it is difficult to grasp this perspective when you are in embodiment. But those of you who can grasp it, who are willing to open your minds to grasping it, well you can certainly receive a different perspective that can help you shift the way you look at and relate to the current situation. This is of course part of what we will address at this conference.

The law of free will and the war in Ukraine

Now, the other aspect that many people project upon us as ascended masters, is that people tend to be into what we have called “magical thinking.” This is partly something that has been carried on, created, reinforced by traditional religions. There is this belief that there is this supernatural force that can come in and change things on earth. And many people over the millennia have believed in various god-like figures that supposedly had these supernatural abilities to intervene in human affairs and set things right. Now, we have given many, many teachings about this. We are not magicians who can pull a rabbit out of a hat and suddenly set things right. And the reason for this is, first of all, that the absolute law for a planet like earth is free will. And you may say: “Well how is it the free will of the Ukrainians that they were attacked by Russia?” So I will explain this and it is very simple.

We have said many times, we have given many teachings on this, that earth is a planet with a very low level of collective consciousness. This can be seen in how people treat each other. What that means is that the vast majority of people on earth can learn in only one way, and that is what we have called the School of Hard Knocks. We have described that there are two ways to learn. There is the School of Hard Knocks where you have physical events that are very difficult to ignore and therefore, they so to speak, force you to change your consciousness. Now you may say: “Is not this a violation of the law of free will?” It is not, because the physical events that happen to you are connected to your state of consciousness and the choices that you made in past lifetimes, even the choice of groups, large groups of people, even humanity as a whole.

We have explained that the law of free will gives you the right to have any experience you want for as long as you want it but not forever, not indefinitely. There is a certain progression, there is even a certain progression on the entire planet, where more and more people have risen above the need to learn from the School of Hard Knocks at least in a direct way and they have become open to learning in the other ways that you can learn, which is primarily observing yourself and seeking some kind of inspiration from a source outside your own mind. This can be things on earth, teachings on earth. It can be spiritual and religious teachings, it can be directly from the ascended masters, not necessarily as an outer teaching, but as an intuitive impulse inside your own mind. Many people are open to such impulses even though they have not heard of ascended masters.

The pull on the collective consciousness

What is happening is that there is a raising of the collective consciousness and as a result of this, a pull is being created by those people who are raising their consciousness. That pull affects those at the lowest levels of consciousness who have not really raised their consciousness as much as other people on the planet. They have not perhaps even started raising their consciousness, certainly not consciously. This means that as these people continue to stay in that lower state of consciousness, where they are, for example, willing to use force and violence against others, well, there is a complex movement created, where these people are having a faster return of what they are projecting out. And this causes these people to take actions that will more clearly demonstrate the shortcomings of their state of consciousness. In other words, those who are in the state of consciousness, where they believe violence is justified, will now be pulled into taking actions that are violent but that will also end up demonstrating the shortcomings of their state of consciousness and that violence can only lead to more violence and cannot actually lead to what these people want.

Inner contradictions

What you see here is, essentially, we have talked about duality, where there are always two polarities. Now, you may say that in a dualistic struggle there are those who are fully committed to one duality such as communism and those who are fully committed to the opposite polarity such as capitalism. But what you need to recognize is that those who are in this dualistic struggle, in the epic consciousness, they have two polarities in their own minds. In other words, they have deep contradictions in their own minds so they are divided, they are houses divided against themselves and as the rest of the people on earth raise their consciousness those houses cannot stand. That means that the empires they have built must crumble, but they must crumble in such a way that the people come to see the inconsistency in their own beliefs, in the viewpoints that they hold.

You can take a typical example of this from history. Nazi Germany had an ideology that presented the German people as the master race, the highest evolved group of people on earth. But what they did not see was that at the same time they had a very high level of brutality and willingness to use force and kill other people. What caused the German people to change after the Second World War? Well, the outer aspects of this was that they lost the war and therefore could not really maintain their view that they were the master race because how could the master race lose? The other was the exposure of the Holocaust and the very high level of inhumanity that this was an expression of. How could you actually be the most evolved race on earth and at the same time be willing to do this kind of brutality and inhumanity?

What you see here is very simple, that the German people by outer events were forced to acknowledge that they were holding two incompatible viewpoints. First of all, their own superiority and then their own inhumanity, their own lack of humanity demonstrated by their actions that were undeniable, at least for most of them. By being willing to snap out of this denial, this, what we can call spiritual blindness, where you do not see the incompatibilities in your own mind, the German people have been able to move forward. And you might say that there are still neo-Nazis in Germany, but a situation like Hitler could not happen again in Germany today or in the future. The German people have moved forward but how did they do it? The School of Hard Hnocks—where their own actions led to consequences that forced them to confront the incompatibilities in their worldview, their self-image, seeing themselves as superior while in being willing to commit some of the greatest acts of brutality in recent history.

So how do people learn on earth? Well, many people learn in this way only, through these hard knocks. This of course is exactly the situation of the Russian people today. As I said earlier in the year, Ukraine as a nation has taken on this task of demonstrating the inhumanity of the Russian people and the Russian government and it is for anyone willing to see, being demonstrated in Ukraine every day. Where does that leave Ukraine? Why was it Ukraine that became the target of this? Well, partly because the Ukrainians as a people have some of that same consciousness. They have not freed themselves from the Soviet mindset as much as some of the other nations that were under the Soviet Union or the Warsaw Pact. What you see here is again this, that the Ukrainians are in the same situation of being forced to look at themselves: “Are we holding certain incompatible views in our worldview? Do we have two polarities that are completely opposite but we somehow have managed to ignore this, the contradictions, the incompatibilities?”

Being willing to look at yourself

The question here is, of course for both Ukraine, for Belarus and Russia: how many people will be willing to consider this? How many people will be willing to see this and transcend both of these dualistic polarities—see the incompatibility, let it go? And this is quite frankly the real mechanism, in fact almost the only mechanism that will determine the future of these nations, the amount of people that are willing to confront the incompatibilities in their viewpoints and therefore move forward. We have certainly a vision that Ukraine will do this. That Ukraine will show an example of a nation who will be able to, willing to, look at itself and move forward. We will comment on this in various ways but keep this mechanism in mind because it is essential for understanding what has been happening in world history and what is happening today.

People in the School of Hard Knocks always hold viewpoints that are mutually incompatible, that are inconsistent. And this is what keeps them trapped in a particular situation, that it seems impossible to change the equation. And only as they get over this unwillingness to look at themselves, will the equation in their nation shift and there will be progress. This is the only way that progress happens for countries who are at this state of being so trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness and the School of Hard Knocks. There are many countries around the world who have risen above this state but there are also many who have not. In a sense you could say that what you are seeing in this age is the struggle where those countries who have not risen above the incompatibilities are doing everything they can to hold on to that state of denial.

Antidemocratic “alliance”

You can see in Putin’s speeches, including his latest speech given just yesterday, that he is trying to create a new world order where Russia can continue to exist as he sees Russia. In other words, the Russia that Putin has created in his mind can continue to exist and perhaps even strengthen its position. And he thinks it can form an alliance with other nations who are at that same level of consciousness and they can then create this “coherent block” that will be able to challenge the West as he calls it. But what he does not grasp is, that the West is not the enemy that he wants it to be because the West has largely transcended his level of consciousness. And therefore, the real opponents to his state of consciousness are the other countries that are at that same level.

He may think that he has a friendship with China, but that friendship is not a friendship, it is only based on China evaluating what is in China’s best interest and the moment something is not in China’s best interest, he cannot count on them at all and it is the same with other states at this level of consciousness. They only look out for themselves. And why is this? Because what have we told you about duality? When you go into one dualistic polarity, you are really saying to the cosmic mirror that you want the experience that you are right, you are superior, and there is an opponent who is wrong, who is inferior to you. This means that you must attract to yourself an opponent. But what opponent can you attract to yourself? Only an opponent who is at that same state of consciousness of duality? Well, in order to become a democratic nation, you have to transcend at least some of that level of consciousness. So who is your real opponent? It is the other nations that are just like yourself, and that you think you can form an alliance with to challenge the West, who has transcended your level of consciousness.

The accelerated return of karma

Now, of course, you can say at the physical level, Russia could attack the West and attack NATO. Of course, they could do so. But considering the limited success that the Russian armed forces have had in Ukraine, what would happen if they actually attacked NATO? Well, what would happen is the same that has happened in Ukraine, what has happened to the Russian military effort in Ukraine. You may say the Ukrainians have fought back better than anyone had expected. This is true. This is partly because they have not quite transcended that level of consciousness. You may say the West has supplied weapons, and therefore the West has involved itself in the conflict. And does that not mean that the West also has a certain level of dualistic consciousness? But does it? Because what happens is, when you attack someone who has a higher level of consciousness than you have, your karmic return is much more immediate and actually accelerated. The higher the level of consciousness of the people you attack, the more accelerated your karmic return will be.

Now you understand what I am explaining to you here is a very delicate consideration. You would say that ideally, if someone has transcended the dualistic level of consciousness, it should not be possible for them to be attacked by someone in the dualistic state of consciousness. Many people have reasoned this way. Many spiritual people have reasoned this way. The flaw in that line of reasoning is that Jesus was still imprisoned, tortured and crucified by the dualistic authorities, even though he had transcended the dualistic state of consciousness. In the physical octave on a planet like earth, there is no spiritual force who can prevent people from making free will choices, or whatever, however free they are, to attack others. This is going back to the magical thinking of the supernatural force that can prevent you from being attacked. This cannot happen on a planet like earth.

Free will must be allowed to outplay itself, and therefore it is possible that a nation in the dualistic state of consciousness can attack a nation that has transcended the dualistic state of consciousness. But when they do so, the karmic return will be much more immediate and it will be accelerated and that is why you see here, that even though you may say that the Ukrainians have fought back and that the West has given them weapons, the reality is that the armed forces of Russia have destroyed themselves. They have sent out a karmic impulse and what they have sent out has been reflected back to them, and this is what has caused the chaotic situation you see in Ukraine.

The shift of the equation in Russia

Going back to what I said about how ascended masters look at a situation, well you now have, at least, some feeling for how, some sense of how we approach a situation. We are looking at this situation and saying: “When Putin decided to invade Ukraine, he stopped the cycle where we as ascended masters were trying to help the Russian people gradually raise their consciousness. He simply stopped that cycle and he took an irreversible decision that ended that cycle.” This means what? This means that the Russian people can only shift their consciousness through the School of Hard Knocks and they now have to become hard enough for them to overcome this denial, this unwillingness to look at the incompatibilities in their view of themselves. You have a dynamic that is not exactly the same as the Germans in the 1930s, but you still have many Russians who want to see Russia as a great nation. But when you look at the atrocities committed by this great nation in Ukraine against civilians, women and children, where is the compatibility there? How can a great nation do something like this?

I know most Russians have not realized it because they have been prevented from knowing, but this is, as you can see if you understand what I am saying here, that this is the only possible outcome—that the Russian people are confronted with this incompatibility in their worldview. And how is this going to happen? Well, how did it happen with the Germans? Exactly how this plays out is, of course, something that cannot be predicted. Even I, as an ascendant master, cannot predict it exactly, but it is clear that this is the only thing that can now shift the equation in Russia and bring Russia on a positive track towards the golden age. Naturally, Saint Germain is not sitting up here saying: “Now we have to punish the Russians.”

The new reality for Ukraine

He is only looking at: “How can we move Russia forward towards the golden age”? And of course, the same with Belarus and Ukraine and as I have explained, this depends on people’s willingness to look at the incompatibilities in their worldview because it is this incompatibility that prevents people from grasping Saint Germain’s vision for the golden age for that nation.

How is the golden age in Ukraine going to manifest? There have to be people in Ukraine who can tune in to Saint Germain’s vision even if they have no idea of who Saint Germain is, but they can receive some idea, one person receives one idea, another receives another idea, and they all start coming together and saying: “What can we do now? Now that our situation has forever been changed by this war, how can we move forward? How can we do now what we were not able or willing to do before the war because our perspective has shifted? What is the new reality of Ukraine as a nation? And how can we move forward as a nation?“ The same, of course, for Belarus, for Russia, for any other nation for that matter.

Nothing can remain the same

What are the European nations doing right now? If you could see what is happening in the collective consciousness of European nations, you will see how they are reevaluating their worldview, especially their view of Russia, their view of energy and the energy situation. They are looking at: “How can we change this?” They are not thinking about : “How can we punish the Russians? How can we defeat Russia? How can we wipe Russia from the map?” They are looking at: “How can we move forward now that we can see that we cannot count on Russia for our energy supply? And that we, for that matter, cannot really count on Russia as a nation we can deal with, the same way we deal with each other.” Again, the progress that will happen there is a matter of these people’s willingness to look at the incompatibilities in their viewpoints as we have talked about at our previous conference on democracy and Christhood, how the democratic nations need to reevaluate how they deal with nations that are not democratic and that are in fact attacking democracy as an institution, as a process.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment, other masters will, of course, have more to say about the situation. But in a way you could say that I have encapsulated, described the essence of the situation. We have a certain spiritual empathy with the people who are suffering. Our empathy is, of course, extended to the people in Ukraine, the soldiers of Ukraine, but equally to the people and soldiers of Russia. We are not nationalistic. We do not discriminate based on nationality, race, religion, or any other of the human characteristics that human beings use to discriminate against each other. We only look at: “How can we help everyone? How can we raise up everyone?” And it is simply a matter of sometimes we must allow the School of Hard Knocks to work so that people get the knocks that are hard enough to awaken them to the need to change, to change themselves and the way they look at life.

This is where we sometimes, as ascended masters must step back and allow free will in the School of Hard Knocks to outplay itself, even though the situation is not what we ideally envisioned and saw as possible. With the invasion of Ukraine, the entire situation of Russia has fundamentally changed. Russia cannot remain the same after this. The Russian government and leadership may try to prevent change, the Russian people may resist change, but this was an irreversible step and Russia cannot remain the same. It may take time, but Russia cannot remain the same. Neither can Ukraine, neither can Belarus, neither can Europe, neither can the United States, neither can China or Iran.

Why have these protests started in Iran at this time? Well, are there Iranian drones being used in Ukraine? Do you not see the karmic return on the government that allowed this to happen? Again, you see this outplayed around the world, time and time again. In fact, one must say, how can anyone look at world events and deny the law of karma? This is surely an incompatibility that must be dealt with at some point.

With this, I want to extend my gratitude for you coming together for this conference, you who have organized it, part of the translation and the original initiative to do this. You understand that we often do not instruct the messenger to take an initiative when we see that there are students who can take an initiative. For we are not seeking to create a movement centered around one person. Why not? Well, if you want to see the weakness of such a system, look to Russia. Why would we in the golden age, recreate such a matrix?

With this, I seal you in my love. I hope that those of you in Ukraine can feel the empathy, the divine empathy that has radiated this release. Even though my words may seem sobering and chilling, the love is still there, as it is, of course, for people of Russia, Belarus and all around the world.

The Divine Mother I AM.


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