Don’t be like the Romans—be the Christ in you

TOPICS: Archangel Michael in the Colosseum – Archangel Michael did not fight the dragon – My immovability is a mirror – How co-creators differ from fallen angels – Awakening from the lie that you can cheat your way into heaven – Understanding the mob consciousness – How to create a mob – True oneness through individuality – Society is deeply affected by the mob consciousness – The attempt to cover emptiness – Using the sword of Archangel Michael –

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, February 13, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

Archangel Michael in the Colosseum

Michael, the Archangel, I Am! Let me ask you to participate with me in a little exercise of your imagination. Even if you have not been there in person, you have certainly seen pictures, perhaps even movies about the Colosseum in Rome, and the games with gladiators and the slaughter of animals. And thus, I ask you to envision that it is a day of the games:

The Colosseum is full, with tens of thousands of people, crowded in there—even more than the official numbers says that the stadium can hold. They are all ready for one thing: Blood—drama! What they desire to experience is a simulated warfare, where they can experience the drama and the bloodshed of war without being exposed to the risk, that they will be maimed or killed themselves. This is a consciousness that – although not the originator of war – is certainly the consciousness that has allowed war to continue to exist on this planet. And although it is greatly exemplified in the Roman empire, it certainly is not unique, as you even find it in the world of today.

Yet let us not get ahead of ourselves. Let us stay with the vision of the Romans sitting there, waiting for the gladiator games to begin. And for a time, they have various warm-up events: various fights among gladiators, wild animals being let loose to kill criminals or to fight against the gladiators. But everyone is waiting for the main event, which is rumored to be something special on this day. The noise is deafening, the vibration is that of a mob that is aroused to extreme anger and anxiety—and the desire for blood.

As you may know, in the later stages, the Colosseum had an elaborate system, that allowed the upcoming events to be staged underneath the arena itself. And a part of the floor in the arena would then be lowered, and the next event would be raised up literally through the floor, thus appearing in the arena in front of the people. Finally then, as the excitement reaches a crescendo, the main event is about to take place. The roar of the crowd reaches an all-time high, and now the floor moves and rises up. And what comes up through the floor is indeed myself. I come in my full stature, over 12 feet high, clad in blue armor that shines as neon lightning, an intense blue, such as no man has ever seen before with the physical eyes. I bring a sword that radiates blue flames. And suddenly the crowd falls silent—for this was not what they expected.

They have never seen anything like it; they do not know what to make of it. And in their silence, they look at each other. They start to mumble amongst themselves, as I stand there holding up my sword. And then, after a few minutes of silence, they start yelling. For now they want some action; they want some blood. They imagine that this fearsome looking creature must be able to beat any of the other gladiators. And they are expecting that all the gladiators will be let loose against me. They obviously think this is some kind of trickery, that perhaps this is a man made to look bigger, made to look more radiant.

Yet, as they begin to raise the noise level again, I point my sword against the crowd. And as I slowly turn around, blue flames, like blue laser beams, shoot out of the sword and hit all of the people in the stadium. And as they are hit by this intense light, they instantly fall silent. And as I go around the stadium, the silence follows the sword—until I have reached all the way around. And now the crowd is reduced from an angry mob lusting for blood to a silent crowd. Silent because what they are seeing is what they have not been willing to face in themselves. And suddenly, they have a sense of co-measurement, of what is the momentum, the illusion, that each person has, that stands between that person and entry into heaven. They also have a sense co-measurement that makes them realize, that there is absolutely nothing they can do to cheat or force their way into heaven, as I am absolutely, completely, totally immovable.

Archangel Michael did not fight the dragon

There are many illusions among men. But no one, no illusion, is more dangerous or more subtle than the idea, that you can somehow force your way into heaven, that you can enter the kingdom of heaven through some kind of force, as Saint Germain described earlier today. Take the expressions from the Book of Revelation, where it is described how the original fallen angels rebelled against God, accused the brethren and finally, as the saying is, “There was war in heaven. And the dragon fought against Archangel Michael, and prevailed not.” (Rev.:12.7)

My beloved, it is so very easy for you – even those of you who have been ascended master students for a long time—decades in this lifetime, perhaps even in previous lifetimes – it is so easy for you to still have remnants of the duality consciousness, that you project onto this expression from the Book of Revelation. Yet that particular formulation was chosen to challenge those in the duality consciousness, to see whether they would project the dualistic images upon the description or whether they would be willing to look beyond them.

For you see, you have been told, by Maitreya in his book about the different spheres. And so, you know now, that it was not in heaven that there was rebellion—if with heaven we mean the spiritual realm, where you only find beings who have passed the initiation of the ascension or who have never fallen into duality. Thus, what you know is, that it was a previous sphere in which the fallen angels rebelled. And that sphere had not yet fully ascended, even though it had entered the Ascension spiral. And that is, indeed, why it was possible for the angels to rebel, as it is not possible for an ascended being to rebel. For that being has already passed the initiation of potentially misusing your free will to go against the will of God. And this, of course, does not mean, that when you choose not to go against the will of God, you give up your free will. It does mean, that you learn and choose to use that free will in a way that raises the All – instead of raising only one part of life—and therefore inevitably doing so by putting another part of life down, so that the scales are raised: one up, one down.

My beloved, knowing this, you should be able to take the knowledge we have given you about the duality consciousness and transfer this to the situation, where I supposedly fought the Dragon, represented by the consciousness that rebelled against God. But more than that, the consciousness that was already split into two polarities, that can only oppose each other; one seeking to destroy the other. And therefore, the dragon being really an expression of that warring consciousness, the consciousness of those who want to be in the epic mindset, who love the epic mindset. For they want to fight for what they think is a good and just cause, to fight to destroy others, that they have labeled as the scapegoat, as the enemy or even as the enemies of God, that must be put down by any means available. For, to the dragon, the ends can fully justify any means. The end for the dragon is not to manifest the kingdom of God, but to destroy the opponent. For it is the lust for blood, the lust for murder, the lust for destruction that is the consciousness, that is described as the Dragon in Revelation.

It is so easy for you – if you have not given up the duality consciousness – to look at this description and think that I, Archangel Michael, fought the fallen Angels and their legions in heaven—that I fought against them, that I fought against them to kill them or destroy them, that I fought against them in anger or wrath, or whatever you might envision by projecting graven images upon God. Yet I am an ascended being. I am holding a spiritual office. I am not trapped in the duality consciousness. I have no anger. I have no desire to destroy any part of life. Thus, we might even say I am incapable of destroying any part of life.

Yet, what I am capable of doing, and what is indeed my office, is to defend those who are seeking to raise the All against those who are the Spoilers, those who are simply seeking to destroy and tear down the ascension spiral. And how do I defend? I defend by being absolutely immovable. The dragon fought against me; I did not fight back. I was simply immovable.

My immovability is a mirror

And in being immovable, I form that mirror, that sends back the aggression, the anger, that is sent against me. And thus, those who attack me will meet their own momentums sent back to them. They will, of course, fail to see, that I am mirroring back what they are sending out. And thus, they will actually experience, that I am sending these rays at them, as my illustration of the people in the Colosseum experiencing, perceiving, that I was sending laser beams of light at them. But what is sent at them is their own consciousness, mirrored back and in some cases, if it is deemed constructive, magnified by the power that I am, so as to cut through the density of people’s consciousness and give them an opportunity to see what they are not willing to see.

I have no anger against the devil, against the Dragon. I am an Archangel. How do you become an Archangel in the spiritual realm? Only by transcending all duality, all separation. And thus, in becoming one with the will of God, the power of God, I am one with the will to raise up all life—and with the power to defend those who are willing to raise themselves against those who are seeking to tear them down. But in defending, again, not fighting but providing that co-measurement, that here there is something that is absolutely immovable to the duality consciousness. And so, you see, that those fallen angels who were part of the Dragon that fought against me, they carried deep within their beings an inner knowing, that they cannot move Archangel Michael, they cannot move the forces of heaven. It is as if you would try to knock down a concrete wall by bumping your head against it.

And thus, this is indeed why – when they were cast down to the earth—or rather, when they descended themselves – they came with such great wrath. What does it mean, that they descended instead of being cast down? Well, they experienced that they were cast down, but this is again because they perceived it this way. They were not willing to face what they needed to face in themselves. And in not being willing to face this, they projected upon the situation, that I was the one who was sending anger or aggression towards them. And thus, the reality is that while they experienced being cast down, they were cast down by their own momentums being returned to them—through the immovability that I and my legions are.

How co-creators differ from fallen angels

And thus, if you could take a fallen angel in embodiment or a co-creator who has become trapped in the duality consciousness, you would then – by comparing the two – see a difference. If you go deep within the psyche of the fallen being, you will come to a point, where that being knows, that heaven is immovable. This of course has been covered over by layers upon layers of illusion. But it would be there, for that being has experienced the immovability of heaven. Yet if you take a co-creator who has been ensnared by the duality consciousness, that co-creator has never come up against the immovability of an archangel and thus has no co-measurement in its inner being, that this truly is immovable. And that is precisely why the co-creator is susceptible to the belief, the toxic idea put out by the fallen beings, that it is possible to find some way to force your way into heaven. And this is, indeed, why so many co-creators – who have a potential to ascend, who have a potential to transcend the fallen consciousness – that is precisely why they are so often trapped in this dream, as Saint Germain described it, that an outer structure will take them to heaven.

Now then, if you also look at a comparison between the psyche of a fallen being and a co-creator from a different perspective, you see that in the psyche of the fallen being, you also have a point of absolute rebellion against God and of complete unwillingness to see something in yourself. Whereas a co-creator has never encountered that higher level of the God consciousness, and therefore has not had the opportunity to rebel against it. Therefore, the co-creator has not gone through this deep-seated inner denial. And therefore it is easier, far easier, for a co-creator to see through the illusion of the fallen beings. The co-creator has a potential to transcend the fallen consciousness – the dream of the outer salvation – but it is trapped by not having the sense, that there is something that is immovable in heaven, and that you cannot enter heaven in any way through force.

It is possible, that a co-creator can be trapped in the lie for many, many lifetimes. Where it for several lifetimes pursues one particular religion, or one particular approach to spirituality, thinking that this particular approach will allow it to get into heaven without confronting and transcending the duality consciousness, without looking at the beam in its own eye. Co-creators, then, can be trapped in this lie, that even if something didn’t work in the past, there must be another way. If we can’t force, maybe we can cheat, maybe we can hide from God—for we think we can hide from other people or from ourselves. Maybe there is some way to persuade God – to make him feel sorry for us – or to make it seem like we are so good because we are doing all these things on earth.

Awakening from the lie that you can cheat your way into heaven

And this is what a co-creator can be trapped in, and that is why the co-creators are so susceptible to following the fallen beings, the blind leaders of the blind, as Jesus called them. Yet there is also the potential, that the co-creator can be awakened from this illusion. However, this will in almost all cases happen in only one way, and that is that the Conscious You of the co-creator must awaken to its own inner reality as an extension of the pure awareness of God.

For when you experience that pure awareness – when you experience awareness without content, the formlessness of God – then you experience immovability. You know that the consciousness that is beyond form can never be confined to – or moved by – that which has form. When you connect to the pure, formless awareness in yourself, you experience an aspect of your own being over which the outer mind – the human mind, the ego, the separate identity – could not possibly have any power. You experience this directly. And thus, you gain that same sense of co-measurement, that the falling angels had by rebelling—and therefore meeting up against my immovability.

And once you have that co-measurement, because you have not gone through the denial, then it becomes much easier for you to switch your consciousness, to suddenly see—to turn the dial of consciousness those few degrees that allows you to see the fallacy of the lies of the fallen angels. You can literally awaken gradually, where it is almost like you feel the wheels of your mind turning, and everything gradually clicks into place. Now you see this illusion, now you see the one behind it, now you see the next layer behind that, and then the next, and the next, and the next, and the next. And suddenly, you have gone around the cosmic clock, the cosmic wheel of the 12 lines. And then, it even clicks further and you see beyond it to the 15, that we have described, as the seven rays, the eighth ray and the seven secret rays. And you see the layers of illusion, falling one after another.

However, you will only see this if you are also willing to look in the mirror and look at what it is in your own consciousness, that caused you to believe in these illusions. For as long as you project, that it is the devil – or the fallen angels, or the leaders of this or that church – that have forced you to accept these illusions, well, then you cannot see the choices you made in order to accept these illusions—because the illusions seem to offer you something, some justification for not taking full responsibility for yourself. And thus, if you are not willing to see this in yourself, you will remain in the illusion – pursuing this or the next illusion – thinking that this is a means for you to enter heaven, that the perversion of the God-quality on that particular ray must surely allow you to enter heaven.

Understanding the mob consciousness

What I would describe to you next, is to return to the concept of the mob, the mob that sits there in the Colosseum, or that sits out there in society—even the mob that is assembled on a regular basis in front of the TV screen, where all those who watch the same program partake in that same collective state of consciousness. And what you see is, that once the co-creators have been trapped in the duality consciousness – precisely because they have no inner sense of the immovability – they are susceptible to blindly following their leaders, or blindly following the mob itself, the mass consciousness itself.

This happens because when you choose not to take full responsibility for yourself, you are in reality refusing to express your individuality, your creativity. And thus, in accepting an excuse for suppressing your life force – suppressing your creativity, denying your individuality – you are creating the ego, that has no creativity, has no individuality—and therefore can only follow something; it cannot create by itself. And if you are not using your individuality and creativity, you cannot create an ego that has individuality and creativity. And if you were willing to use your individuality and creativity, you would have no need to create the ego to make decisions for you.

So you see that – by definition, by its nature – the ego is neither creative nor has much individuality, certainly not the true individuality of God, given to you by God. And thus, the ego is susceptible to following either a strong leader or following the crowd, following the mob. There is nothing more destructive for spiritual growth than partaking in the mob consciousness. There is nothing more anti-spiritual on earth than the mob consciousness. The mob consciousness is the antithesis of spiritual growth.

For what is the ascension? As we have explained recently, it is an individual process. You pass through the gate to the ascended state alone, by your own momentum—you pass through as an individual. And thus, you see, the extreme individuality, that is needed to ascend, is the exact antithesis to the mob consciousness, where the minds of the individuals in the mob have been taken over – have been overridden, so to speak – by the collective mind, that is formed whenever a group of people come together. And with a group, I mean anything more than one person.

Do you see how the mob overrides individuality? The mob will not allow expressions of individuality. It wants all members of the mob to follow the mob and the mob consciousness. Dissent is not allowed, for then you will not only be an outcast from the mob, but it is likely that the mob will turn on you and destroy you, if they can. And so, you see with the mob that attacked Jesus, that scorned him, even as he was carrying the cross through the streets of Jerusalem. Even the mob that cried out for him to be crucified—that would rather see a convicted murderer set free than to see the living Christ set free. And this is precisely because the mob could identify with the murderer, for the murderer had the consciousness that is the consciousness behind the mob—the murder consciousness. This is the consciousness that wants to murder individuality and absorb the individual into the mob—and keep absorbing more and more individuals, until the mob has taken over the entire world.

How to create a mob

This is, again, a deliberate strategy by the fallen beings. How do you create a mob? There must be two elements. One is the perversion of the Father aspect, through creating and perpetrating a toxic idea, that gives the mob something to focus on. A toxic idea is one that is based on duality, where there is a clear-cut division between what is right and wrong, good or evil. And now there is a division, so that there is a clear scapegoat that represents evil, and then there is the mob which is on the side of good, and therefore must take action against evil. But do you see, that the deeper reality here is, that the mob consciousness is that which wants to murder individuality? And thus, any individual is evil to the mob because it is a threat to the mob.

If one individual can refuse to be moved by the mob, that one individual can shatter the matrix of the mob consciousness—and therefore set people free from it, so that they suddenly switch from the mob consciousness to being individuals again. And as individuals, they have human feelings—they have a human sense of responsibility, of morals, of ethics, of right and wrong at a higher level than that defined in the mob consciousness. You see this out-pictured in the situation, where Jesus faces the angry mob who is ready to stone the woman caught in adultery. By being immovable – and by asking an awakening question – he manages to shatter the matrix of the mob and turn them back into individuals, so that they walk away one by one—instead of attacking the woman as that unity of the mob.

How is the mob created? By putting out the toxic idea, and then the second element – which is a perversion of the Mother – which is the desire to create oneness in the matter realm, in the world of form. This is a subtle distinction that fools many spiritual people, for you think that oneness is supposed to be good, is supposed to be spiritual—for through oneness you can have peace. But you see, you cannot create true oneness in the material realm; you cannot create it from the duality consciousness. For you cannot create oneness through force.

True oneness through individuality

You cannot have oneness between people – true oneness between people – who deny their individuality. Oneness can only come about through individuality. Certainly, this sounds like a contradiction. But instead of seeing it as a contradiction, may I suggest that you see it as an enigma—that is an enigma only because you see through the filter of duality. For when you see beyond duality, you see that true individuality is that each self-aware being is an extension of the Creator’s Being.

How is true oneness achieved? By each individual being realizing its oneness with its source—and then realizing that all other self-aware beings are also extensions of that source. And that is how you have true oneness—through the connection to the one source. The fallen beings, of course, have set themselves apart from this oneness by denying their connection to their source—and by seeking to deny that every other being on earth is connected to the source. And that is why they have attempted to create the oneness here below, the false oneness, that is created through force, namely that of the collective mind taking over and forcing into submission the individual mind.

What they have done, in any number of ways, is putting out these toxic ideas, and then, as a perversion of the mother, putting out the idea, that you need to accept and submit to this overall goal in order to show solidarity, to work for the greater cause, to even work for God’s cause. So you see: first you put out your overall goal, and then you put out the belief, that the good people will submit to this goal, will participate in it—and will be willing to set aside their individuality in order to achieve this common goal, as it is defined. Once you have a population that accepts this, they have essentially become like a mob—for they are no longer thinking or feeling like individuals.

And I started out by giving you the example of the mob in the Colosseum, for I trust that most of you will be willing and able to see this as a clear expression of the mob consciousness—that is ready to destroy, ready to destroy anything that will not submit to it. And thus, by seeing it in this extreme form, it is my hope, that you will be willing to see it in its more subtle forms. For there are many of such subtle forms.

Society is deeply affected by the mob consciousness

Do you see, how many areas of society have been affected by this mechanism of the overall goal and then this sense of obligation—that if you are one of the right people – one of the good people – then you must submit to this goal, that is supposedly so noble? It can be in a religious setting; it can be in a political setting—that some political cause demands that you submit. It can be in many other settings such as in business, but even in entertainment, fashion and sports. Look at the Roman games, look at the gladiator fights. You think you live in a world, that is far removed from this bloodshed of the Roman Colosseum. But turn on your televisions every Sunday, and you will see that in many parts of the world, they watch the soccer games or other sporting events.

And then you will see, that in that country of the United States – and now even spreading to other countries through the medium of television – they watch American football. Can you not see, that even soccer is an extension of the gladiator games? If you cannot see that – because you have grown up thinking that this was a legitimate sport – then certainly, you can see it in American football, where they even wear armor and helmets like the gladiators did. Can you not see, that even though they cannot kill each other or deliberately hurt each other, they are nevertheless hurting each other and themselves?

Do you realize – have you ever considered – how many injuries happen as a result of football in America every year? There are more people, more young men, injured on the football fields than in the fields of war, such as Afghanistan or Iraq. Their injuries may not be as dramatic or visible, for many of them are hidden: back injuries, knee injuries, but the greatest problem of all: brain injuries. The sport of American football is one of the major causes in America of brain injury, and this can give lifelong handicaps. But beyond that, it can certainly affect the players’ ability to think clearly, to think as individuals.

The attempt to cover emptiness

And then, see beyond these outer expressions of the games. See how behind this is the mob consciousness, the mob, as I said, that wants to participate in the excitement of war without running the risk of war. They want others to take that risk to give them their excitement. Yet what is behind this? What is behind it is precisely, that these people have partaken of the mob consciousness. They have submitted their individuality to one of the many forms of the mob consciousness. And in submitting – surrendering their individuality – they have taken all excitement out of their lives—all true excitement. For what is the real source of excitement in life? It is to express your God-given individuality, to co-create something that raises up all life. This is the ultimate form of excitement.

And when you submit to the mob and surrender your individuality, how can you feel the excitement of co-creativity? And so, your life seems empty. Once you submit to the mob, your life is empty. And then, what do you crave? You crave a release, you crave some kind of relief from the emptiness of everyday life. And thus, you want a form of entertainment of the mob, the kind of entertainment that is allowed by your particular mob consciousness, be it a sporting game, be it betting, be it pornography, be it drinking, be it materialism—or be it one of the most insidious forms of the mob consciousness: whining and complaining about anything and everything that does not please the mob mind.

For there is one thing, that all of the many different mob minds have in common, and that is intolerance towards anything that will not submit, anything that does not fit into the mental box that defines the mob mind. And so, in some cases the mob will become violent and violently, forcefully seek to suppress or destroy that which does not fit. But in this day and age people have, at least in many cases, risen above this willingness to use violence, as the perversion of the Father element, the outgoing force of the Father. And so, what do they do instead?

Well, they resort to a perversion of the contracting force of the mother, which is whining and complaining and gossiping—and talking endlessly about other people or society, or what is wrong here and wrong there, instead of doing something about it. But of course, they cannot do anything about it, for they have denied their individuality and their creativity. So how can they bring forth the solutions, that will solve the problems and raise up all life? And so, they are left only with the one possibility of complaining about what is not right—according to their perception, the perception of the mob mind.

How sad it is – if an archangel could be sad – to see this outplayed throughout the earth. But how doubly sad it is to see it outplayed among those who call themselves spiritual people, and even in some cases students of the ascended masters—who whine about this, whine about that, and yet are not willing to take a stand and dig into their own fount of creativity, connect to the point of stillness, and bring forth a creative solution.

With God all things are possible. Jesus proved it 2,000 years ago. I have proved it as a part of the process of me winning my ascension. Every ascended being has proven it, has come to not only believe it but to accept it as a fact. For you have seen it, you have experienced it, so many times that when you connect to the point of stillness – to the point of oneness – and co-create from that point, then all things are possible—all things are possible.

Using the sword of Archangel Michael

I have given you the teaching, that I wanted to give. For I leave what is unsaid, first of all to your own creative thinking, but also to other masters, who might speak in the times to come on various facets of these matters. But what is left for me, having the Alpha-Omega polarity of these two messengers here in Rome, is to ask each of them to raise their right hand, to hold, each of them, the sword of Archangel Michael. And then, to be the open door for me lowering that sword into the records, the two foremost records of the mob consciousness—anchored precisely here in Rome, in the ruins of the Roman Empire and in the, not yet, ruins of the Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church.

And thus, I ask them to lower their hands and visualize these swords going through these records, exactly as I did in the Colosseum by turning a full circle and seeing how the records are cleared, 360 degrees. How there is, then, a new opportunity, for those who have taken part in these two forms of mob consciousness to be set free—both from the violence and the warfare, and from the belief, that by following a particular church, you can make it into heaven without expressing your co-creativity.

When in Rome; do like the Romans, they say. But I, Archangel Michael say: When in Rome do NOT do like the Romans. Do like the Christ in you. BE the Christ in you. Follow not the crowd, follow not the mob. Follow the Christ, or rather let the Christ flow through you—for you cannot truly follow the Christ, when you know what the Christ is. You can be the open door, or you can not be the open door—that is the question. And I end by hurling that question at you. Will you be the open door for the transition into the golden age consciousness? Will you be the forerunners for the golden age consciousness? Or will you stay in your comfortable position in the mob consciousness, where you are never seen, for you never stand out from the crowd. Those who are not willing to stand out from the crowd obviously cannot be the forerunners for the Golden Age—is this not plainly obvious?

Consider whether you are willing to stand out from the crowd. And if you are willing to be a forerunner for Aquarius and the Golden Age, then look at yourself, look at where you have submitted to the mob consciousness, look at the structures you have built, as Jesus explained. And then, call to me, call to Archangel Michael, for you too can be allowed to hold my sword in your right hand and to use it to shatter those structures that you have built in your mind—that you may be free to flow with the light and the reality of the Golden Age, that is already flowing in the etheric octave, flowing into the mental. And you, then, can be the open door for clearing the mental realm and then clearing the emotional, so that there can be the breakthrough in the manifestation in the physical also.

This is my calling to you: “If you dare – if you are willing to look at yourself – then ask for my sword, and you will receive it.” And I will, as Gautama said at New Year’s, I will be be the sword of lightning, of blue lightning, that will cut down the veils that hide what is unreal. Cut those veils in your own consciousness. Expose those structures, expose the illusions—and you will not believe the growth you will feel at the end of this year and beyond. You will not believe that you could feel so much freer, and you could feel that you are so much more today than you were such a short time ago. What freedom, when the structures come tumbling down and you suddenly hear, what you could not hear behind the dense walls. You hear the bubbling brook, the fount of the River of Life, cascading down the hillsides, bubbling its way in ecstatic joy towards the ocean of Self.

Be sealed, then, in the love of an Archangel. Do you dare to feel my love? Do you dare to feel my love? For if you do, you will sense that my love too is immovable. For I love you so much, that I have pledged my life and Being to giving you that co-measurement that will allow you to sense that there is something that your ego cannot move, that the fallen beings cannot move, that the mob consciousness cannot move, that even the entire earth – and all forces of humankind and all dark forces – cannot move. And thus, in knowing that there is something that cannot be moved, you know that there is something that can serve as the foundation for your life and your growth.

For I am indeed standing upon the Rock of Christ. Or to be more exact: I AM the Rock of Christ. I Am the rock upon which Christ built his Church. I Am the foundation against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. What is it that you all have the ability to sense? It is, as I said, that pure awareness that there was something that cannot be moved. Your ability to sense this, to connect to it, THAT is the Rock of Christ. Your ability to see beyond the man-made structures, the man-made illusions and the mob consciousness, your ability to sense as an individual being, through the Conscious You, your connection to the creator, THAT is the Rock of Christ.

THAT awareness, that discernment, THAT is the key to the Kingdom of heaven. Use it to unlock the doors in your own being, the doors behind which you will find your true freedom, the freedom that comes only through individuality and creativity, through flowing with the River of Life. Flow. Flow, my beloved—flow. For a new day is upon you, a new opportunity. Embrace it… Embrace it… Embrace it—if you will.


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