I, Jesus, withdraw my light from Christianity

TOPICS: The pattern of denying Christ – The fallen consciousness in the Catholic Church –  The Spirit cannot be captured by any organization – There is no room for Christ in the church – The church is based on idolatry – The judgment of the beast of mainstream Christianity – Expose the hypocrisy of Christianity – Jesus did not give the keys to the kingdom to Peter – There is no holy place on earth – Jesus’ challenge to humanity – The desire to know before you see – Perpetual surrender – The structures in your mind –

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Ascended Master Jesus, February 11, 2010 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Saint Peter’s basilica.

Get thee behind me, Satan. For thou art an offense to me. Thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men. These are the words I spoke to Peter on that fateful day, when he set the pattern, that has become the pattern of the Catholic Church—and through the Catholic Church for all of Christianity.

The pattern of denying Christ

The pattern was that of using your built-in ability to recognize Christ – that there is something unusual about Christ or those who have the light of the Spirit – but you are not willing to let them take you out of your mental box. You want them – you want the Living Christ – to come into your mental box and conform to it, therefore confirming that box and all of the beliefs within it, all of the mental images, the graven images, the idols, that you have built in your desire to avoid taking responsibility for yourself and changing your life to follow Christ.

For you are not willing to let the old identity die and be reborn. You are not willing to give up that old identity in order to follow Christ into the unknown, where for a time – for a split second – it will seem as if you have no identity—for you have allowed it to die. And indeed, you have, for you must let the old die before the new can be reborn of the Spirit. That is the law, that is the eternal law that everyone who has ever ascended has faced. You must be willing to let go of the old, not knowing if there will be any self-awareness behind that point of letting go. Not knowing what it will be like, not knowing whether you will go to heaven or hell—or whatever you envision might come after the surrender of that mortal self that you have come to deify, or idolize, and see as the graven image that you have set before God.

This is the initiation that Peter failed, and he failed it to the end of his days, and he has failed it to this day. That is why the lifestream of Peter has not ascended. Yet, truth be told, Peter is not the only one of my personal disciples that have not ascended. For the reality of it is, that two-thirds of them were among the original fallen angels that fell in the first sphere and have kept falling, until they ended up in this sphere, here on planet earth. They were assembled here over a long period of time, they were put together in embodiment after embodiment, and I descended to give them that final opportunity to confess Christ or to deny Christ. And they have all denied it, with the exception of one, who is now in the process of ascending. Which one it is, is immaterial. But I give you this realization – that it is possible for even the original fallen angels to rise above that fallen sense of identity – if they are willing to let it die. And if they are not willing, well, then they will continue the downward spiral, until they end up at the second death, where their opportunity runs out.

The fallen consciousness in the Catholic Church

This, my beloved, is precisely the consciousness that is permeating the Catholic Church. For the fallen beings who form the false hierarchy on this earth, for this earth, they were quick – when they saw that Christianity could not be eradicated and would not die out on its own – they were quick to follow their own old axiom, “If you can’t beat’em; join’em.”

They joined the Christian religion at an early age, and they attempted to influence it and pervert it by inserting what I have called toxic ideas. Toxic ideas that took Christianity – in subtle and seemingly unrelated ways – into a downward spiral, that has created what you see before you, this Cathedral of Saint Peter, this Basilica of Saint Peter, this monument to the death consciousness, starting with Peter and being traceable all the way down. For this is the truth behind the apostolic succession, of which the Catholics are so proud.

The truth is, that what they have maintained from Peter is exactly the Peter consciousness, the death consciousness, that they have maintained in an unbroken line. And why is it an unbroken line? Because that which is of the death consciousness can be maintained in an unbroken line in the physical, whereas that which is of the Spirit cannot be maintained in an unbroken line—for the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. It cannot be confined to any system, any mental box, any particular structure, such as a church or an organization. There cannot be an unbroken line of the Spirit, for some will have the Spirit only for a time. Others will have it for a lifetime, but then, when they are gone, where will the Spirit land next, who will be open to the flow of the Spirit?

The Spirit cannot be captured by any organization

This is indeed the question, and that is why you will see the impossibility of having an organization, that has the unbroken flow of the Spirit. It simply cannot be done, for when you start an organization and when that organization reaches a certain size and complexity, it is inevitable, that the people who created that structure, that complexity, will have endowed it with enough of their consciousness, that they have created a living entity, a living beast. And that beast will seek to maintain itself, to survive. And therefore, it will use the outer organization that created it in order to sustain itself.

And if the people in the organization are not willing to let their mortal identity die, even letting the organization seemingly die – that it can be reborn again continually – well, then they will give in to that beast, and they will give it the continuity that it seeks. For it has no reality in Spirit, and therefore it must seek immortality in the physical octave by getting people to worship it, to worship the beast rather than to worship the living Christ—who does not need to be worshiped, but needs you to become one with me.

I have no need for worship. I have a need for those who will be one with me in the continual regeneration, the continual self-transcendence. Yet those who will not transcend, who will not let the old die, they will want continuity in the physical octave in the form of a structure, an organization, a church. And this is precisely what you see in this mausoleum of the dead popes, who have no Spirit whatsoever, for they have no connection to the reality of who I am or why I came to this earth. They have perverted everything that I stood for, everything I stand for today. There is absolutely nothing in here that vibrates with the reality of who I am.

There is no room for Christ in the church

This messenger, walking around here, realized, that there was hardly even a depiction of me, but even the depictions of me found here are not representative of me. And thus, as he was walking, he finally noticed a sun beam shining through a window, and he realized, that this was the only true spiritual light in here—coming from outside this structure, that has no life in it, that has no Spirit in it—for it has no room for me.

There is no room for me in the structure, in the organization—there is no room for me. Even though many people who come here have a great devotion to me in their hearts, the devotion they have is so colored by the graven images produced by this Catholic Church – and other mainstream Christian churches – that they truly do not have room for the Living Christ. They only have room for the dead Christ, that lives up to their image. And if I did not live up to their image, well, they would shun me instantly. They would withdraw from me, they would even call me of the devil, as they did when I walked this earth and the scribes and the Pharisees said, that I was a false prophet or of the devil. So they would say the same thing in here, if I allowed this messenger to stand up and create a spectacle. They would instantly reject the Living Spirit flowing through anyone, for they will not recognize, that anyone can have the Living Spirit, for they think the Spirit has been encaged, encaged in this structure, so that it rests only on this one person, the Pope.

But look at him and the sermon and the service he gave this morning. Was there any Living Spirit in that man? I tell you “nay,” there was not a spark of it, there was not a spark of life, my beloved. There was no willingness to flow with the River of Life, with the joy of life. There was only a whitened sepulcher, which looks beautiful on the outward with all the pomp and pageantry that you find in the structure, but it has no reality within it—it is filled with dead men’s bones. The dead men’s bones that are stored here as the dead bones of the past popes.

The church is based on idolatry

My beloved, do you seriously believe, that the preacher who roamed the hills of Galilee – who withdrew into the hills of Galilee in order to get away from the mental boxes of the Jewish religion – do you seriously believe, that I would have wanted them to create a mental box out of the religion I came to start, and create a structure such as this, that has absolutely no reality to it? There is nothing in here that takes your thoughts, your heart, towards God. It takes you towards a man-made image, a graven image, an idol.

And that is precisely the entire idea and consciousness behind this structure—to create something that occupies your attention here on earth, gives you a ritual, gives you a structure, that takes your attention away from what: the one thing where the Kingdom of God can be found, the kingdom of God within you, the opening within your own heart, where you are not allowed to go. For you are supposed to follow the outer rules of the structure, that is set up here by this organization, that claims to be the only true church that represents me on earth. But it represents nothing more than the unwillingness of human beings to surrender their mortal lives into the reality of Christ. They are seeking to save their lives; they are not willing to give up their lives for my sake. And thus, as I have said before, those who deny me before men, those must I deny before the father.

Not that I deny them or that I want to deny them, but that obviously those who have not internalized the Christ light – who have not surrendered the ego and the human consciousness – well, obviously they cannot enter the doorway to the ascension. For they cannot leave behind them their graven images, their mortal sense of self, that they think can be somehow perfected, or was somehow perfected by the sacrifice of my own physical body on the cross 2,000 years ago. How this makes any sense to anyone is a mystery, that even I ponder, even though I know exactly the ability of the human mind, the duality consciousness, to seemingly make sense out of the nonsensical.

Nevertheless, one must wonder when sufficient numbers will wake up and demand a change, will simply refuse to believe these old doctrines and dogmas—and will finally say: Let us go back and look at where they came from, let us look at the people who managed to insert these toxic ideas into the Christian church. And then, let us use our Christ discernment and out hearts to determine, what is in accordance with the vision of Christ and what is not. And then let us decide to root out that which is found to be wanting, that which is not in accordance with the reality of my mission and vision.

The judgment of the beast of mainstream Christianity

Thus, I say to you – I, Jesus, the living Christ – raise the right hand of this messenger to use the scepter of Surya to bring forth the absolute and final judgment of this beast of orthodox Christianity and the Catholic Church. The beast that began even before Peter, for he had worshiped it in many embodiments before he met me in the flesh. And he is still worshiping it today, refusing to let it go. My beloved, this beast has come to an end this day.

Certainly, it will be re-created almost instantly by those who cannot, who will not, let it go. But yet the momentum that has been gathered over these 2,000 years, that momentum is dead—now at this very instant; it is gone. And thus, people have a new start, a new white page on which they must now write. And everyone who is here, every one of the billion plus people who call themselves Catholics – and the many millions more who claim to be following another mainstream religion – well, they will sense it this instant at inner levels, even though most of them will be unwilling to recognize it consciously. They will sense that a shift has occurred, that a cycle has come to an end. For this is the year 2010, that marks the end of the Piscean age and the beginning of the Aquarian age.

And thus, I tell you I, Jesus, am withdrawing my light, the light that has allowed so many Christians over these 2,000 years to be able to call themselves Christians, while worshiping the idols of anti-christ. That veil, that dispensation, has been withdrawn. I allowed this because I wanted to give people as much time as possible to build the inner discernment, from within their hearts, that would allow them to recognize the reality of Christ within themselves. Yet, I can no longer maintain this dispensation, and thus it must be withdrawn, so that people must stand on their own, their own momentum without having any of my light, any of the grace that has supported them. And thus, they will have to deal with their own karma, with their own thoughts, their own idols, their own dualistic images, that they are constantly superimposing upon the Ma-ter light, and thereby superimposing upon themselves, their outer minds, their physical bodies.

Expose the hypocrisy of Christianity

They will have to deal with it from this day forward, for I will no longer carry the “sins” of the world, carry the graven images of the world and still allow them to maintain an existence. I, Jesus, have withdrawn my light and sponsorship from Christianity. There will be no opportunity for them to hide under the guise of being Christians, while not living up to the commandments that I gave 2,000 years ago. This hypocrisy will not be allowed to stand.

Thus, I have withdrawn the light from it now. And I challenge all of those who wish to be part of the Aquarian age to rise up and expose it publicly. Expose it through your speech, through your calls, through your living examples. Expose the hypocrisy and fallacy of orthodox Christianity, expose it for the empty shell that it is. Not one person is meant to do this, for I do not want one person to stand out as the one. This is the Age of Aquarius, this is the age of the Holy Spirit, this is the age of community, where many must come forward and must be willing then to play a part in this, no matter how they are looked upon by other people.

Demonstrate that there is a way to go beyond duality, demonstrate that there is a way to go beyond the dualistic approach to spirituality and religion. Not in the sense that you need to make a spectacle of yourselves, but that you need to be willing to demonstrate, that there is a better way. There is a way to approach God, to approach Christ, to approach spirituality, that is not serious, that is not burdened by this hypocritical attitude, that makes you wear this long face when you think you are in a religious setting. Approach spirituality through the flame that I came to bring to this earth, the flame of Living Joy, the flame of Living Joy that I AM.

Look at this place, look at this place—is there any joy here? No, for it is based on the very consciousness that you are a sinner, that you should feel guilty and that religion is an obligation and not a joy. Take this consciousness away and what would be left? Out of the over one billion Catholics in this world, if they did not have the fear of hell or purgatory, if they did not have the sense of sin, the sense of guilt, what would drive them to go to their churches? What would drive them, I say? Nothing, for they would then realize, that without the burden of sin and guilt and fear, they would have no need for the outer church, but could follow my command to go into their closet, to go into their heart, to pray. And therefore, they could find me, the Living Christ, in their hearts.

Jesus did not give the keys to the kingdom to Peter

For indeed, my beloved, the kingdom of God is not in the Catholic Churches or in any other churches. The kingdom of God is within, which is precisely why it is such a fallacy, that I gave the keys to the kingdom of God to Saint Peter. No, I did not give the keys to Peter; I gave the keys to the consciousness which makes it possible, that all people have the potential to recognize the living Christ and to recognize that there is a reality beyond your mental box.

This is the key to the kingdom, this is the key of knowledge, that opens the doorway to the kingdom within your heart—when you use it. But when you do not use it – as Peter refused to use it by denying me three times and many more times – well, then you will not find that kingdom within. And then you become susceptible to the lie, that you will never find it by yourself, but that you need an outer church, an outer organization, a vicar of Christ or even the sacrifice of Christ in order to be saved.

What folly, what fallacy, what hypocrisy. Let this lie come to an end this day. Let it be exposed for what it is, let the beast behind it come to an end, as, again, I raise the scepter and touch the third eye of these beasts of Christianity. And let them then be taken. But also let them be exposed – the lies be exposed – so that people can see it and find their new freedom and not re-create it. So that they will not stay in it for the rest of their lives, but will awaken and use whatever time they have left in the physical octave as a supreme opportunity to overcome – to overcome this death consciousness, this Peter consciousness, this consciousness of anti-christ – and go within and find the truth, the Living Truth in their hearts.

It is not found in structures; it is not found in books or buildings. It is not found anywhere outside of yourself. And if you focus on something outside of yourself – so that it takes your awareness, your attention away from that which is within, from the point of stillness within – well, then that outer thing has indeed become an idol, a graven image that stands between you and God, you and the Living God—who is constantly transcending itself and therefore cannot be confined to any structure, any form, for it is beyond form.

There is no holy place on earth

Look at the forms here, look at how they are carefully crafted. You may call it art, you may admire it. I do not admire it, regardless of the craftsmanship that has gone into it, regardless of the good intentions that have gone into it for some of the artists. It is not art, my beloved; it is the abomination of desolation, standing in the holy place where it ought not. Except for the fact that this is not a holy place, for there is no one holy place, neither here in Rome nor in Jerusalem, nor anywhere else. There is no holy place on earth, for the holy place is within you. And if you do not find it there, you have made any external place that takes your attention away from within, you have made it a sacrilege, you have made it an idol. And thus, it must indeed die before you can be free.

And if you will not let it die on its own, then you must die with it, and you must go down with it. For you become so completely entrapped by that consciousness – by your unwillingness to think, your unwillingness to take responsibility for your own being, your spiritual path, your own salvation – for indeed, that is the essence of the message I preached 2,000 years ago: the kingdom of God is within you.

What does it mean? It means that you alone are responsible for finding the kingdom of God within YOU. Nobody can find it for you, nobody can take you to that kingdom, unless you find it within yourself. And therefore, you are responsible for your own salvation, for you are responsible for the use of your free will, and how you have used that free will and the force of your attention, your co-creative powers, to create a sense of identity as a mortal human being, who is either a sinner or in other ways prevented from entering the kingdom of God. You think you must go through a process before you can enter that kingdom, instead of accepting what I said 2,000 years ago: the kingdom of God is at hand—if you are willing to go within and find it there.

You can find it at any time; there is no process other than the process you need to go through in order to change the reality that you believe—the reality that is a lie, but you believe it is a reality, thinking there is something that separates you from the kingdom of God. Something you have done in the past, some condition created by God, where you were born into sin or whatever it may be. You have elevated some condition in this world to have power over your Spirit, your conscious self, and your oneness with your spiritual self, your I AM Presence. That is the graven image that you have set before the God in you, and only YOU have created it and only YOU can uncreate it. Only you can go beyond it, only you can determine to let it die by not feeding the light into it over your attention.

Jesus’ challenge to humanity

Thus, this is the challenge I hurled at humanity 2,000 years ago. Oh, so few have been willing to take up that challenge. Yet at least in this age many more are prepared to take up the challenge—if they are willing. And thus, many will need only a word, many will need only a simple explanation—not in any high-flung language, not clothed in any kind of authority, other than the simple authority of the truth, that certainly unlocks in them an inner memory of what they already know in their hearts. And suddenly, their outer minds are quickened, and they now reconnect to that inner knowing. And they realize, that this is indeed the truth: “I am here to demonstrate that I am one of those who is willing to take full and final responsibility for myself, to raise myself above the duality consciousness, to expose it in myself by being honest and willing to look at myself, and to expose it wherever I find it in the external world, even in the religion of my culture and my family and my society. I am willing to speak out and say, ‘This simply makes no sense anymore. I refuse to believe it. I refuse to let it guide my life, to let it consume my life. I refuse it, and therefore I am willing to speak out. I am willing to speak out the reality that there is MORE.’”

Whatever you think of me, I am more. Whatever you think of me – no matter whether you think you have been in the ascended masters’ teachings for decades, whether you have studied this or that dictation, whether you think you know the reality of who I am, even if you have read everything that is on the AskrealJesus website or everything that is in the books – I am MORE. I am more than anything that could ever be put into words, into any outer teaching. I am more, and you will only know that more, when you decide to look for it in your heart. For it is only there, that you will find the Living Christ. You will not find me anywhere else, neither in this church of Saint Peter, nor on the AskrealJesus website, nor in any other location that you can pinpoint on this earth.

You will find me only when you go within your heart, not to find a location, but to find the point of stillness, the singularity that is the opening to the kingdom of God. For it is the opening that goes beyond space and time, that goes beyond form, and that is where you will find me. For even though I can take on form, as I did 2,000 years ago in a physical body, even though I can speak through a form, such as this messenger or my website, I am always more than any form I take on—just as you are always more than any form you have taken on. And this is the realization you need to come to for yourself, before you can find it in me, before you can reconnect to the formless self that you are.

The desire to know before you see

You all think that you have a divine plan, you all think that you have a divine individuality in your I AM Presence, but you all fail to realize, that the divine individuality is beyond form. It does not have a form, that you can pinpoint with your outer mind. You cannot write it down, you cannot see it in a vision. You can only let it unfold itself; you will not know what it is, my beloved, before it is manifesting itself through you. You will know it as you see it unfold; you will not know it ahead of time.

Do you see, that this is precisely the Peter consciousness, the idea that there is a gap between your action and your inner knowing, so that you are supposed to know within what you will do. And then you have a space, where you can decide whether you are willing to do it or not. This is the fallen consciousness, this is the duality consciousness, that wants to judge everything based on an earthly, man-made standard, even a standard of perfection—as so many have attempted to define a standard of perfection. You want to be able to judge your impulses from your I AM Presence before you allow them to manifest as actions or words. And in wanting to judge, you are not willing to let yourself die into the flow of the Spirit, where you do not know where the Holy Spirit will flow through you. But if you want to judge, you are not willing to let that Spirit blow where it listeth. You want to know ahead of time whether it will flow in an appropriate way. And therefore, you stop its flow by that very desire to know before you see.

My beloved, I have no desire for you to study even my living teachings on the AskrealJesus website, so that you become the most knowledgeable spiritual people on earth. I have no desire for you to know everything but fail to act on anything. I desire you to become as the little child, who is willing to express whatever comes through him from the Spirit. But who has, of course, gone through the learning process, the process of separating yourself from the outer identity, so that you are not expressing from the ego and the fears of the human. But you are fearless before God and fearless before men in allowing the Spirit to express itself through you. This is the Holy Spirit, this is the flow, this is the church that I came to start, and this is the church against which the gates of hell shall not prevail.

Because the gates of hell is precisely the desire to make form permanent and to enclose Spirit in form. And it cannot be done, and that is why the gates of hell will indeed prevail against any church that seeks to enclose Spirit in form, as this Catholic Church has done now for so long, that everyone thinks that this is the only way to be Christian. But it is not being truly Christian, for it is not being like Christ, who expressed whatever came to me.

Do you really think, that I knew everything I was going to do? My beloved, there were many times, where I had no idea what God would do through me, I simply allowed it to happen. And I was as surprised when it happened as those who were looking on. There was no sense of pre-destination, of pre-definition, of premonition. Certainly, I had certain inklings and visions, but I did not allow them to trap my mind into wanting to make them happen, or fearing that they would happen. I surrendered and allowed it.

Perpetual surrender

I had my moments of travail, as in the Garden of Gethsemane before my arrest. Certainly, I even had my moment on the cross, where I had to confront that last ghost and let it go, let it die, give it up to God. And this is a process, that will be ongoing for you. I am not envisioning, that any of you can come to a point, where you no longer have things to surrender. But what I desire to see in you is, that you go into that state of consciousness, that is perpetual surrender, ongoing surrender, where you do not seek to control the flow of the Spirit that cannot be controlled, but you allow it to happen.

You allow it to happen any time, in any way—as this messenger allowed this dictation to come forth, even in the midst of this busy cathedral with thousands of people buzzing around him constantly. My beloved, allow the Spirit to flow, allow yourself the joy of being surprised at what the Spirit can do through you—things you had not even been able to imagine before, because your intellect and your outer mind could not imagine them, for they did not fit in its mental box.

Surrender yourself into that flow, allow yourself to be surprised. Surprise the world, my beloved. We in the ascended realm have an infinite number of surprises, that we would like to spring on this planet, in order to shake people out of their mental boxes. But we need willing minds and hearts, we need those who are willing to let themselves be surprised, instead of being so proper and planned and having everything defined ahead of time, having everything evaluated based on some human standard, that you have set up, for what will not embarrass you or what is proper in this or that context.

The Holy Spirit will not embarrass you, for the Holy Spirit will not make a spectacle of itself—it is the ego that does that. But the Holy Spirit will surprise you and others by how it will touch people’s hearts in a sincere manner, in a transformative manner. Do you see the difference? If not, then consider surrendering into Spirit and allowing the Spirit to show you the difference. And you will be surprised, you will be overjoyed, you will be elated at what the Spirit will bring forth through you, my beloved.

You do not need to stand up and shout in any church – as I am not having this messenger shout in this church – for what is the point? But you need to be alert, that when there are people who are receptive to a different message, then you allow those words to come forth, that will touch their hearts. Not necessarily give them an ultimate awakening, but touch their hearts, so that they can take the next step, so that they can begin the process that eventually will allow them to unfold, to transcend their mental box, to come up higher.

The structures in your mind

My beloved, it is only the ego that envisions some ultimate gift of the Spirit, some ultimate event that will awaken everyone. Look at the fundamentalist Christians, who expect my second coming any moment. I will appear in the sky as some unmistakable manifestation, that no one can deny. And therefore, they can jump up and say: “We were the ones who expected this all along, look at us, look at how wise we were, that we knew Christ was coming in this way.” It will not happen, my beloved. This is the evil and adulterous generation that lusteth after an outer sign. I will appear like the lightning from the East to the West, in ways that you will not see, because it will be gone before your eyes can even register it. I will appear through many people, through a word here, a gesture there, a cup of cold water in Christ’s name, that sets somebody on a different track, other than the downward track they had been on for perhaps many lifetimes.

This is how the Spirit works, not in an outer, demonstrative way, but in so many subtle ways. Allow this flow to happen, allow it to happen by letting go of your rituals. Look at this Catholic Church and how everything is set in stone, in some ritual, in some equipment that the Pope needs in order to perform his duties, in some dogma and doctrine. Look how it has squeezed out the Spirit, but then be willing to be honest and look in the mirror. Stand in front of the mirror, at least metaphorically speaking, and look at yourself. What structures do you have, what enormous structures have you built in your own minds? For I tell you, there are some of you who have built structures in your minds – in your mental body, even in your etheric body – that are far more grandiose than this basilica of Saint Peter’s.

You have built these structures thinking, that one day somebody on earth will recognize your superior wisdom, your superior intellect, your superior ego—even though you will not admit that this is what it is. Look at those structures, and then allow them to crumble before the winds of the spirit. Then you will be free. You will feel such a freedom, such a joy, such an innocence. This is indeed the joy that I desire to see, this is the joy, that I displayed in certain moments 2,000 years ago, that are not recorded in the Scriptures. This is the joy, that I displayed when I was with my companion, Mary Magdalene.

Many of you will also find your companions, when you let go of these elaborate structures, that keep you out of the kingdom. You will find that male or female companion, that is meant to complete you. For in the Aquarian age, it will not be the lone ascetic, celibate priest that brings people to God. It will be those who live a lifestyle, that you have called normal, but they are not living it in a normal way, because they have transcended the traditional roles of male and female. And therefore, they demonstrate the balance of the union of masculine and feminine, Alpha and Omega, that I and Mary Magdalene demonstrated in private back then. For we knew, that it could not be recognized by the male-dominated culture.

And unfortunately, my intent of having Mary Magdalene take an integral part of the Christian movement did not come to pass. For she was rejected by the male disciples, precisely because too many of them, as I said, were trapped in the fallen consciousness, wanting to blame women for the fall and suppress the female element in what they saw as their religion, their church, their movement.

In this Aquarian age, Christ cannot be expressed, unless there is balance between masculine and feminine. Some can achieve this balance alone, many cannot. And therefore, there is indeed the need for a new understanding, a new awareness of the male-female relationship, that it may not be the downward spiral, that it has become for so many, the worship of outer forms. But that it may be seen as a road to transcendence, a road to higher spirituality. And this, of course, is something we will speak much more about in the coming time, even in the coming years, as there is much teaching to bring out.

Thus, I have fulfilled my purpose for giving a teaching here, for giving this messenger an opportunity to demonstrate to himself, that even though he thinks it is not possible to take a dictation in an overcrowded basilica, it is indeed possible. For with God all things are possible, and none of the hundreds of people that have walked by within hearing distance have taken any notice. For they were sealed from noticing, for they were so focused on the outer things, that they could not see what was right before them. For only those who have some connection from within, will be able to see it outside themselves. Thus, I, the living Jesus Christ, will – for the first time with the infusion of the Spirit of Christ in this place – I will say, “May the peace of Christ be with you!” I will even go beyond and say, “I am the peace of Christ with you!”


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