There is no room for judgment in the ascension spiral

TOPICS: Let go of the glamorous images of the ascension – Where does your ascension spiral begin? – A fourth-ray reality check – The requirement for beginning the ascension process – The Christ mind does not judge – The energy of the accuser interrupts the ascension spiral – You cannot ascend with impure perception – Do you still want to hide something? – The ascension is transcendence – Seek only to raise up all life – There are false masters of division – How to speak out without judgment – In judging, you judge yourself – You can always accelerate beyond your current state of consciousness – How to lock in to the ascension spiral – The choice is the judgment – Overcoming the accuser – The last stages in the ascension spiral –

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey, December 18, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Beloved Serapis Bey!
Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Beloved Serapis Bey!
Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Beloved Serapis Bey!

Indeed, Serapis, I AM. Serapis Soleil, Serapis of the Sun—the sun of your being, the I AM Presence of your being, of my Being, of the beings of all ascended and unascended beings, who are associated in any way with the service of raising up the earth and all life thereon.

I would discourse with you on the ascension flame, the ascension coil, the ascension spiral. For many have studied the teachings of the ascended masters, have thought about the ascension, have decided that they want the ascension, but they have not understood the essential quality, that is needed for you to enter the ascension spiral.

Let go of the glamorous images of the ascension

Indeed, there are many who have taken on an impure and unrealistic image of what it means to ascend—being so focused on a secret ritual in some elaborate temple. Being so focused on the pomp and circumstance, supposedly, of the ascension process, that they raise their eyes to the sky and yet fail to see, that the ascension is a process. And as Saint Paul said, “I die daily,” so I, Serapis, say, “I ascend daily.” And you, in order to enter the ascension spiral, must also say, “I ascend daily.” But of course it is not enough to just say it. You must live it. You must be it. You must indeed be willing to daily accelerate your sense of self by doing what we might call the “nitty-gritty,” the not-so-glamorous tasks that are part of the ascension spiral.

For you see, there are indeed many students of the ascended masters who have read various descriptions of the advanced initiations that take place in the pyramid or at the Temple of Luxor or in other etheric temples. And they envision in their minds, that in order to make their ascension, they have to somehow travel in their finer bodies to one of these temples, where they are clearly identified as adepts, as advanced students, and they are surrounded by advanced masters and they are going through these advanced rituals, that could not take place of earth. And I AM, of course, not denying that at the very later stages of the ascension process, there are such rituals.

Yet what you need to recognize is simply this: How do you get to the advanced stages of the ascension spiral? Well, how do you get to the top step on a spiral staircase? By first walking on to the bottom step—and then continuing to take one step at a time until you reach the top step. It may seem more glorious to take that final step, but is it any more important than taking each of the other steps that led to that final step?

My point therefore is this: If you are so focused on the advanced stages of the ascension, you will see no connection between those advanced initiations and your daily life. And if you see no connection between your daily life and the final stages of the ascension, then how can you ascend daily? How can your daily life become one more step in the ascension spiral?

Instead, what will happen is that there will be a gap in your vision, your consciousness, between your daily life, your daily state of consciousness, and the advanced stages of the ascension process. And then you will be susceptible to the false promise, that comes in so many disguises: that by being a member of an outer organization – and that by giving certain decrees and rituals and rosaries and by studying certain teachings and by doing this and doing that – you will somehow automatically qualify for your ascension. You will somehow automatically make the leap from where you are at in consciousness on earth to the advanced stages of the ascension process. It is as if you think, that there is some kind of magic, some kind of accelerator chair, that will raise up anyone who sits in it, so you can bridge the gap.

Where does your ascension spiral begin?

Are you aware – as all of you are aware, I am sure – that scientists have for decades been searching for the missing link between ape and man in the evolutionary chain? Well, I can tell you that there are many, many students of occult wisdom, so to speak, who have been searching for lifetimes for the missing link between their current state of consciousness and whatever advanced stage of consciousness they see as their goal. Why is it that people cannot find that missing link, cannot bridge the gap? Because they are not willing to look at their present stage of consciousness, their present life circumstances, and realize that right here – right where I am right now – this is the only place that my personal ascension spiral can begin.

And when does your personal ascension spiral begin? It begins when you consciously decide, that you will approach everything you encounter in your daily life as an opportunity to rise one step higher towards your ascension. Do you see the essential shift in consciousness that I am asking for? You cannot simply be a member of an outer organization, or perform outer rituals of any kind, and expect that this will automatically take you into the ascension spiral. You must follow the eternal, universal call of Christ, to look first at the beam in your own eye. This is the absolute requirement. For think about it logically. The ascension process is a process whereby you – as an individual lifestream – accelerate your being, your aura, your consciousness, your mind – whatever you want to call it – but that which makes up your individual lifestream has to be accelerated beyond the vibrations of earth.

The ascension is not a group effort. Although, certainly, one can say that groups of lifestreams, even humanity as a whole, can be engaged in an ascending spiral. Nevertheless, you do not walk through the pearly gates to the ascended state as a group, where someone of lesser attainment can somehow slump along with the rest of the group, for they make up what is lacking in a particular individual. The ascension process is an entirely individual process. It is also a process where you cannot hide behind anything—and you cannot hide anything. And therefore, when you look at this logically, you will see, that before you can truly enter the ascension spiral, you must overcome one of the primary illusions and desires of the human ego, namely that what you can hide from other people can also be hidden from God and the ascended masters.

I AM Serapis Bey. I AM an ascended Being. I AM the chohan of the Fourth Ray of Purity. Do you think, that you can hide any form of impurity from me? Do you think you can sneak into my temple at Luxor, the Ascension Temple itself, while hiding some aspect of human momentum, some aspect of the duality consciousness, some epic or personal drama? Do you think I will not see this, when you apply to enter? For if you do, I can assure you, that you will never close the gap between your daily life and the ascension spiral.

A fourth-ray reality check

For what will it require of you to close that gap? It requires a very simple reality check. Ask yourself this: “Do I want to make my ascension?” If the answer is “No,” go in peace. Go and have the experiences that planet earth offer. And then, when you have enough of those experiences, come back to me at any time with a true desire, a pure intent on making your ascension.

Now, if the answer to the question is “Yes, I do want to make my ascension,” then you need to consider how this can possibly happen. And it can happen only when you are willing and able to leave behind anything on earth, anything of earth, anything of an earthly vibration. The ascension spiral is one of acceleration into purity, where all impurities from the duality consciousness, all energies less than the purity of love, must be accelerated into purity.

For as we have said before, the door to the ascended state can be seen as one with a filter, where there are small openings in an intricate pattern, that will not let any impurities through. And if you have those impurities in your being, they will bump up against the grid in the door, and you will not be able to go through the door—if you are still attached to the impurities and cannot leave them behind. In order to enter, all impurities must be—not simply left behind, but what must be left behind is the attachment – emotional, mental, even an attachment in the identity body – to certain thoughts, certain ideas, certain concepts. And then, when you leave behind the attachment, you can accelerate the energy into purity.

For of course, you have two conditions to fulfill here. You are responsible for all energy, all spiritual light, that you have used in any of your embodiments. You are responsible for raising it back up to the vibration of balance and purity with which it was given to you. For you cannot leave the earth behind if you are weighing down – if your efforts are weighing down – the earth. Yet in order to be able and willing to accelerate the misqualified energy into purity, you must acknowledge, that it is misqualified and that the being who has misqualified it is you—not someone else, not even the demons of hell. It is you who have chosen to misqualify the light.

And how can you do this? Only by being willing to look at the beam in your own eye. For you see, the unwillingness to look at the beam in one’s own eye comes from the desire to hide something, the illusion that it is possible to hide something. And indeed, it is possible to hide your imperfect sense of identity, your impure thoughts, your unbalanced emotions. You can even, to some degree, hide your selfish actions. It is possible to hide it on earth, because the earth is in such a low state of vibration, that there is an energy veil. And the energy veil can hide both actions, emotions, thoughts, and a sense of identity. Even the impure intent of the heart can be hidden, as was explained by Astrea.

In the realm of words, anything can be hidden—for anything can seemingly be justified. Yet you will not ascend from the level of words. You will ascend only by becoming the Word. And to become the Word, you must accelerate your being and all impurities in your being to the necessary level, where you have accelerated beyond duality and the desire to have the experiences you can have only in duality. Such as the experience of being able to hide or even being able to believe, that you can qualify for your ascension without looking at the beam in your own eye.

The requirement for beginning the ascension process

When you take a realistic look at the ascension process, you realize, that there is no possibility of hiding anything. And therefore, what is the requirement for you to even begin the ascension process? It is that you come to the conscious realization – and the conscious decision – that you do not want to hide anything. You have no longer the desire to hide anything from anyone, be it people on earth or the ascended masters.

There are many retreats of the ascended masters. I, Serapis, work in more than one retreat. I do not only work at Luxor, in the ascension retreat. I am willing to work with any one at any stage of consciousness, at any stage of impurity, for I AM the master of purity. I do not judge and condemn anyone. I have no need to judge, for I AM one with purity. And the flame of purity that I AM will filter out those who are not willing to become pure. For they have impurities, that they are not done with experiencing, and so they want to hold on to that.

Do you see the essential difference here? So many human beings judge one another, and they do this by formulating a standard in their own consciousness. And then they say, “Those who live up to this standard are good people, and those who do not live up to this standard are bad people.” Depending on the standard, depending on people’s state of consciousness, they have now created a division among humankind. There are those who are human beings like themselves and those who are no longer human beings like themselves, but a kind of sub-humans or non-humans. Now you have created a division in your mind. Where does such a division come from? Does it come from the ascended consciousness? Or does it come from the unascended consciousness, the consciousness of duality?

The Christ mind does not judge

The essential realization here is this: the Christ consciousness is designed to maintain oneness between the Creator and its creation. So no matter how far a self-aware being with free will has descended into the consciousness of separation, there is still a lifeline, that can go with that being into that low state of consciousness and serve as that lifeline, whereby the being can pull itself back up to the oneness of the Body of God. There is no division in the Christ consciousness, as human beings create division based on the consciousness of separation.

We who are the ascended masters have attained the Christ consciousness. We see the oneness of all life. We see the reality that “Without him was not anything made that was made.” And thus, every form is simply the one Ma-ter light that has taken on that particular form. But when you see beyond the form, you see the Ma-ter light and you see that the Ma-ter light is an extension of the Creator’s Being, as everything is an extension of the Creator’s Being—for there is nothing else out of which to create.

And thus, when I look at humankind, I do not divide them into those who are good and those who are bad. I do not even divide into those who are pure and those who are impure. I do not impose any value judgment. I do not even need to evaluate based on the analytical mind, for the Christ mind is not the analytical, linear mind, that most human beings know as the only form of mind. The Christ mind is a higher mind, that does not see through the filter of duality, and therefore sees the reality that all Life is one.

Certainly, the Christ mind can indeed be direct, can indeed challenge the scribes and the Pharisees, can indeed call a spade a spade, or call someone for the “sons of the devil” in order to shake them out of their mental box. But what most human beings have not understood – and what even most ascended master students have not understood, and often will not understand – is that the Christ mind does not judge based on human, dualistic, value-laden judgment. For as Jesus said, “If I judge, I judge righteous judgment.” Righteous judgment is not even judgment as human beings see it from duality. Righteous judgment does not divide self-aware beings into those who are good or bad, those who can be helped or those who cannot.

The energy of the accuser interrupts the ascension spiral

If you are willing to see truth, then listen to the words, but listen beyond the words. Life is an ongoing process. Nothing is static. Nothing can stand still. You are either moving upwards in the ascension spiral or you are spiraling downwards in a negative spiral. There is no standing still.

Take note of the teachings given yesterday by Astrea, of the energy of the accuser of the brethren and how it was this energy, that started the original downward spiral in a higher realm. Those of you who have studied the Kabala will know, that there is a teaching that the judgment started when a group of fallen beings wanted to be the judgment without having the judgment tempered by mercy.

Well, mercy is not the highest understanding; neither is judgment, for both words have become too colored by the duality consciousness. Mercy is not mercy but realism—the reality of seeing that there is no impurity – no matter what level of vibration it is at – that cannot be raised back into purity. For no matter how impure a manifestation or form might seem, it is still the Ma-ter Light that has taken on that form—and the Ma-ter Light can always be raised back to its original purity, shaking off all imperfect images.

When you have this sense of realism, it is not possible to divide human beings or any form of self-aware beings into those who are good, those who are bad, those who are within hope, those who are beyond hope, those who can be saved, and those who cannot be saved. One cannot think that way with the Christ consciousness. One cannot think that way with the ascended consciousness. It is not possible. For if one thinks that way, one will not enter the ascension spiral. One will stay in a negative spiral created by the original fallen beings, who used exactly this kind of mindset to project their accusations upon the innocent, accusing them of having done this or that wrong and therefore being so bad, that they did not deserve to ascend as the rest of their sphere was ascending.

The essence of the accusatory energy is precisely this—the division into those who are worthy, those who are not worthy, the accusation that you – or you, or you – are not worthy. You are not worthy to face your God. You are not worthy to face your spiritual teacher or to go back to your spiritual teacher after you have eaten the forbidden fruit. And when a lifestream comes to believe in this unworthiness, then it falls into the downward spiral. And then it becomes susceptible to the epic dramas, which say that if you do this or that outer thing – if you belong to this or that outer organization – then you will automatically become worthy without having to look at the beam in your own eye. The beam being the decision that caused you to believe in the accusation, that you are not worthy because you did not live up to this or that condition defined by the duality consciousness.

Do you see what I am saying here? The false accusation is that is order to be worthy to face your God, to ascend, you have to live up to certain conditions defined by the duality consciousness. And when you believe this, you think that in order to fulfill those conditions, you must participate in some epic drama and bring about this or that change on earth, whereby you will automatically fulfill the conditions for your salvation or ascension.

And what is the epic drama in which you must participate? Well, it is one that is based on the idea, that there is a division between those who are saved and those who are not saved, based on dualistic conditions. And therefore, if you can then raise up your religion as the only one or condemn or judge these other people or kill them all, well, then you will fulfill the condition for salvation, and you will be among those who are saved based on outer conditions. Ah, it cannot be done. It cannot be done. It cannot be done.

You cannot ascend with impure perception

As we have recently brought forth teachings on perception, I must tell you that these teachings contain the very key, whereby those who are willing can enter the ascension spiral—beginning right where they are. For you can realize, that what it will take for you to enter the ascension spiral is, that you begin to question your perception. No one has ever ascended with impure perception. For if you speak or act with perception impure, then suffering follows. You cannot enter the ascension spiral as long as you are suffering, as long as you are struggling against something or striving for some dualistic goal that is not the goal of God.

What is the goal of God? Is it to divide humanity into those who are good and those who are evil? Is it to single out certain individuals as being the scapegoat, as being the cause of all of your troubles—and then seeking to judge or condemn or destroy these individuals? Nay, this is not the goal of God. The goal of God is to raise up all life. The goal of God respects free will, so that those who are not willing to enter an ascending spiral must go to a lower sphere as one sphere ascends. But the goal of God is to raise up all life, and therefore God respects free will and also – as a result of that respect – does not condemn those who are not willing to enter the ascension spiral, for they want to have more experiences in the lower realms.

God has no need to condemn anyone. The Father judges no man, but has left all judgment to the Son. Only, the Son does not judge based on human value judgments, human conditions, dualistic conditions. The Son, in fact, does not judge with the analytical, linear mind. The Son simply IS the light, and the light does its work by facing people with a choice to either accept the light or to reject the light. Do you think that when Jesus confronted the scribes and the Pharisees, do you think it was his goal to go in and argue with them at the level of their dualistic consciousness, their linear, analytical minds, and convince them that his words were more right than their words? No, Jesus had no desire to split hairs with the scribes and Pharisees over interpretations of scripture. That was what they did with each other.

Jesus came to give those who were willing an opportunity to accelerate beyond that level of consciousness, and thus he did not come in with words. He did not argue with their words. He did not seek to come up with a better argument through words, that would invalidate or put down the other people. He sought to raise them up by being the Word. But beyond the words he spoke, the words that they could hear, there was a vibration, a love, a purity of the Christ consciousness, that gave them a choice that they had never had before, when they only encountered people who were arguing with words.

By encountering one person who had embodied the Word, they had the choice to either accept the Word or continue in their words, their endless arguments over this or that, or who said that or who said this, and who is right and who is not right, and why this sentence is in contradiction with what was said 255 years ago by this or that previous organization, or whether it was in contradiction with what was said yesterday. For the linear mind can always find contradictions, for the linear mind is one big contradiction, that can never resolve its own contradictions. You cannot resolve contradictions at the level of words. How do you resolve contradictions? By becoming the Word, by embodying the Word, where there is no darkness nor shadow of turning but only the one light of Christ.

Do you still want to hide something?

So what will it take for you to consciously enter the ascension spiral? It will take that you make the decision, that you no longer want to hide anything from the ascended masters who are overseeing your personal ascension process. I will work with anyone, whatever level of consciousness they are at. And there is no one on earth who cannot somehow attend some kind of spiritual schoolroom, once they go beyond the school of hard knocks. But I AM Serapis Bey, and I AM the hierarch at the temple at Luxor, the Ascension Temple. The Ascension Temple is not for neophytes on the spiritual path. It is for those who have risen to the advanced stages of the ascension process. That means not everyone is qualified to enter.

What will it take for you to qualify yourself to enter? It will take a realization of what the ascension process is about. First of all, as I said, that you will not seek to hide anything. So if you come to the doors of the Ascension Temple and have not been willing to look at all of the beams in your own eye, well then I, Serapis, must tell you to go somewhere else, to some other retreat. And then, you can come back to me, when you are willing to have me expose to you anything and everything that is not pure. I have no desire to put you down, to condemn you. And thus, if you are not ready to look at something – because looking at that something would make you condemn yourself – then I will, out of mercy, ask you to go elsewhere.

And when you have overcome this lack of self-esteem, then you can come back and enter the Ascension Temple. For it requires a certain level of self-esteem before you can look at any impurities within yourself without going into the negative spiral of condemning yourself, but instead saying: “This impurity is not the real me, and I will not allow it to weigh me down and to hold me back from the ascension initiations. Therefore, I will look it straight in the eye and I will say to it, ‘Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity!’”

“And I am willing to accelerate my sense of self-worth, to where I can indeed look Serapis Bey straight in the eye and say: ‘Master, I welcome your discipline! I welcome your exposure of anything within me, that prevents me from entering the Ascension Temple, that prevents me from taking the next initiation under your guidance. For I love you more than the impurities in my own consciousness, and thus I am willing to have you expose those impurities—that I may come into oneness with you and with the love that is your flame of purity and the ultimate love that is the ascension spiral.‘“

I have no desire whatsoever to have anyone come to me and have something exposed in their beings, that makes them condemn themselves to the point, where they go into a negative spiral and, perhaps for many lifetimes, are not able to again see themselves as worthy to be initiates under Serapis Bey. Thus, I simply redirect those who are not at that point, where they are ready and willing to look at anything in themselves without condemning themselves for having taken on an impurity—that after all is not real and is not the real them.

So what happens when you come to the point, where you are willing to look at anything in yourself, and where you are willing to realize, that no matter what might be exposed, it is only unreality? And thus, when you are willing to surrender your attachment to it – and when you are willing to accelerate the energy – then there is no reason for condemnation, for judgment. There is no reason for accepting the accusation of the accuser of your brethren—that because you have this impurity you are not worthy to transcend it.

The ascension is transcendence

What is the ascension coil all about? It is about transcendence—transcending conditions, transcending impurities. If you have an impurity, I do not sit here, as Serapis Bey, as the master of ascension, and say, “Oh, this is bad. You must now go out into the world and get rid of your impurity and then come back to me.” On the contrary, I, Serapis Bey, look at your impurity and say, “Great! What an opportunity to transcend!”

Do you see, that for me an impurity is not a cause for judgment and condemnation and putting down? It is an opportunity for transcendence, for taking one more step in the ascension spiral, one more step up the spiral staircase. When you can look at it the same way – that no matter what might be exposed, it is only an opportunity for you to transcend – then you are ready to work with me in the pure white light of the Ascension Temple. Until then, it is better for you, that you stay outside of that pure white light, where you can still hide that which you are not yet ready to look at without going into the negative spiral of condemning yourself.

So now what happens when you come to that point, where you are willing to look at anything without condemning yourself, for you have realized that you are a spiritual being? You have realized, as we have said, that you are a conscious self that is an extension of God’s own Being, but that your conscious self is pure consciousness—and therefore cannot be a separate self, cannot be identified with a separate self. You are pure consciousness that nothing can stick to. And that is why you realize, that you can look at any impurity that you have taken into your lower being, and you know that it cannot stick to the real you—for you are pure consciousness. Nothing on earth can stick to you, nothing can color you.

And therefore, you can step out of any sense of separate self and know, that you are MORE, that you can change your perspective. And thus, you realize, that the ascension process is really a process whereby you – the conscious self that you are, the core of your Identity – gradually shifts your perception of self. Until you get out of the polluted perception of the separate self, of any form of separate self, and get back to the pure perception of your pure identity as a spiritual being with certain divine characteristics, that make you a unique individual. But those characteristics are anchored in your I AM Presence, and are not the conditions that you have taken on in your sojourn on earth or in other realms of the material universe, the world of form.

Seek only to raise up all life

And when you come to that realization – that you are pure awareness – then you can fulfill the next requirement for entering the Ascension Temple, namely that you seek only to raise up all life. You do not seek to divide life into those who can be raised and those who should be put down. You do not seek to put down any part of life.

The ascension process, as I said, is an individual process. You will ascend alone, as an individual being. What does that mean? It means that you cannot ascend if you feel responsible for the salvation or ascension of other people. Neither can you ascend if you feel the need to judge, condemn, or put down any other being. Do you hear me? If you feel the need to judge, condemn, put down, or destroy even the devil himself, then you cannot ascend.

God did not put you in charge of deciding who is worthy or not worthy. The Karmic Board is in charge of deciding who is worthy and not worthy to embody on earth. There is a complex equation for deciding which lifestreams should be allowed to embody on planet earth. But it is not an equation that involves a value judgment as to who is worthy and not worthy. It is simply a matter of looking at the current consciousness of humankind, and then seeing whether one particular lifestream resonates with that consciousness and would help to pull up the collective, pull down the collective, pull up itself, pull down itself, by being given the opportunity to embody.

This is a complex process, that the members of the Karmic Board are trained to perform. You as a human being in embodiment on earth have been given the opportunity to embody here. This should cause some humility. For if you had the consciousness, that made you able to judge who should be allowed to embody and who should not, then you would not have needed to embody. In fact, you could not have embodied from that level of consciousness. And thus, the very fact that you are in embodiment means, that you do not have the level of consciousness that makes you qualified to play God and decide who should be allowed to be on earth and who should not.

It is indeed only those who have entered a negative spiral – who have come to believe in the epic dramas created by the fallen ones – who think that they can decide who is worthy and unworthy, that they can single out one person and say this person should not be allowed to be in embodiment, this person should be sent to the second death, this person is in their last embodiment and will never be given another opportunity. If you cannot see that this is simply the judgment, the value judgment that springs from the fallen consciousness, then certainly you are not ready to enter the ascension spiral. For in the ascension spiral you are not seeking to condemn or put down any part of life. You are seeking to accelerate every part of life, so that you can reinforce the collective ascension spiral for your particular area, such as planet earth, and thereby you will pull up all life.

What did Jesus say, when he contemplated entering the ascension? He said, “I, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” He did not say, “I will draw unto me the good men and destroy the bad men.” For if he had said so, he would not have been lifted up into the ascension spiral, for he was still not ready to let go of the epic dramas and the struggle. We in the ascended realm are not sitting around wanting to put down any part of life, not even the devil himself.

If the devil himself – although the devil, as conceived by most people on earth, is not one single being – but nevertheless, if any of the original fallen beings that fell in that first sphere, if they came to us and sincerely applied to raise up their consciousness, then they would receive our help. Of course they would. Any being who sincerely applies, will receive the help of the ascended masters to accelerate beyond their present level of consciousness. This is also your hope of redemption, of salvation, of the ascension.

So in order to enter the ascension spiral, you must focus on raising up life, and you cannot do that if you are focused on judging, on dividing people into those who are good and those who are bad. It simply is not possible. You cannot enter that ascension spiral, if you still have that need, that desire, to judge based on the value judgment. All life is worthy to be accelerated into purity. No impurity can be so impure, that it is not worthy or capable of being accelerated into purity. That is the extreme realism of the fourth ray, and of those who are in the ascending spiral and those who have passed through it and ascended.

There are false masters of division

Any being that claims, that human beings can be divided into those who are worthy and not worthy is not an ascended master. It is very simple. Yet, of course, those human beings who are still attached to wanting to judge others in order to fulfill the epic drama – where they think that if they raise themselves up in comparison to others, then they will qualify for salvation – well, any being attached to playing this epic drama, of course, cannot see what I have just stated.

They will dispute it, they will argue with it. They might even argue that evil is real. Whereas the reality is that evil is simply a temporary impurity. And thus, although it is in existence in the current state of vibration of the earth, it has no reality in the sense, that it has no permanency in God’s Being. It is only a temporary manifestation, that can indeed be accelerated into purity.

If I, as the chohan of the fourth ray, believed that there is something evil that is so real, that it could never be accelerated into purity, then I would have to admit, that there is something that is more powerful than the light of the fourth ray. And if I were to entertain this dualistic idea, then I would not be the chohan of the fourth ray, would I? For a chohan knows that there is nothing, that can overcome the light of his or her ray. Nothing unreal can stand against that which is real, and the purity of the fourth ray IS real.

Evil is not the opposite of God. Evil is only the opposite of relative good—both defined from duality. Yet of course, those who have taken on the impure perception of duality can never see this, as long as they are not willing to look at the beam in their own eye and realize, that it is their perception that makes evil seem real—and therefore makes it seem necessary to judge other people, to label them as evil, and therefore put them down instead of focusing on raising up all life.

How to speak out without judgment

One might look at the teachings I have given here, the teachings given by Astrea, about the words and the Word. One might think, that one should therefore never speak out against anyone or any condition. Indeed, it would be wise to realize, that you should never speak out against any one person, for you should always recognize, that any person embodied on earth has been given an opportunity by the Karmic Board. And that opportunity was given because the Karmic Board realized, that the being, no matter how dark it may seem, has the opportunity to accelerate beyond its current state. And thus, when you address another person, you look at that opportunity, you hold that immaculate concept, and you speak to the person as if the person is real, is an extension of God’s Being, and has the opportunity to rise.

Therefore, you are not seeking to condemn or put down, but you are seeking to raise up. Now in seeking to raise up, of course, it may be necessary to challenge another person’s unreality, as Jesus indeed challenged the scribes and Pharisees—and was quite direct in doing so. Yet, if you are willing to truly ponder the teachings I have given in this release, you will be able to have the “Aha experience,” that allows you to see the reality I am seeking to communicate.

There is a fundamental difference between speaking out and challenging other people from the consciousness of judgment – where you have the fundamental world view, that it is right and proper and necessary to divide people into those who are worthy, those who are not, those who can be saved, those who cannot – and then speaking out from the purity of the Christ consciousness, where you seek to raise up all life. In the former state of consciousness, you think that you are worthy to be the judge of other people, of whether they should be taken to hell or raised up to heaven. You think you are worthy to play God. You think you are worthy to be the one-man Karmic Board, who can decide whether another should be raised up or condemned or go to the second death.

In judging, you judge yourself

Yet in so doing, what must you do? Jesus said, “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” But as we have explained before, the deeper understanding here is, that what you do unto others, you have already done to yourself. If you judge others, you have already judged yourself. And as I said, if you are in that state of judging yourself, if you came into the Ascension Temple and I exposed to you an impurity in your being, you would immediately use that exposure to judge yourself as being not worthy, and therefore you could not remain in the Ascension Temple.

By the mere act of judging others, you demonstrate that you have already judged yourself, and therefore you are not ready to enter the Ascension Temple. For you still have something, that you need to hide from yourself, and therefore you need to be in an environment, where you can maintain the illusion, that what you can hide from yourself and from other people, is also hidden from God and the ascended masters. And thus, you must remain in the school of hard knocks, where you can indeed hide. But in that school, we of the ascended masters can do little for you. Such is the reality.

If you recognize in yourself, that you have this need to judge and condemn, if you recognize it and if you come to the point where you say, “I am willing to go beyond it. Masters, help me transcend this need to judge,” then we can help you. We can give you individual instructions. But we can also ask you to follow an outer course of action, of seeking to purify yourself from the energies of the accuser of the brethren.

And for this purpose we will, of course, bring forth tools such as the invocation spoken of by Astrea. But you can also use a simple prayer in your heart. And I give you this offer, that you can call to me, Serapis Bey, and say in whatever words you prefer, “Serapis, help me.” Give a simple prayer for me to help you see, what you need to see in order to gradually – as you are able to do so without shattering your self-esteem – go beyond that downward spiral of the fallen beings of the judgment and the division. And I will help you, as you are willing to look at yourself.

You can always accelerate beyond your current state of consciousness

I come not to condemn anyone. I come to extend my flame of the fourth ray of purity to everyone who is willing to accept it. But it is not enough for you to simply surrender, which is, as I explained in Lourdes, the Omega aspect. You must also be willing to be the Alpha aspect and use the powers you have in your mind to accelerate yourself beyond your current state of consciousness, your current perception, your current sense of self-worth. For I tell you, you do have – right now inside your heart, inside your being – the power to accelerate your sense of self beyond its current level.

You have that power. As we have said, you are a conscious self, a conscious being, a conscious extension of the Creator’s Being. You have the ability to create and to take on any sense of identity that you wish to experience, any sense of identity through which you wish to experience the world of form. But the reality is, that you have created and you have placed yourself, your conscious self, into your current sense of identity. You may have been fooled into going into a lower sense of identity by one of the epic dramas, but the reality is, that you did this through your own choosing and through your own power.

And it is only when you acknowledge and realize this, that you will take back your power—to use the very same power that got you to your current level, to then accelerate yourself beyond it. Do you understand? You are where you are today because you have used your co-creative power to decelerate your sense of identity and your vibration. This was not done by some evil power outside yourself, even though you may have tied into an evil power outside yourself, a momentum of impurity built by other lifestreams. Nevertheless, your sense of identity was decelerated only by your own power, which means that you still have the power to accelerate your sense of identity beyond its current level.

Therefore, what I offer you is this. Begin to observe yourself, your reactions to the situations you encounter in daily life. And then, when you see a reaction in yourself, that takes you away from peace – an attachment you have, something you have that causes stress, strain, and suffering – and look at it, ask me to help you see it more clearly. Work on surrendering whatever you see. But when you see a condition that takes away your peace, then also be willing to go in your heart, in your heart chakra, to connect to pure consciousness, the pure consciousness that is the core of your being. And then, from that level of pure consciousness, as best you can feel and see it right now, then simply say right to that condition: “Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity! Accelerate into Purity!”

And then allow yourself to feel how there is a point in your heart chakra, that is the open door to the light of purity of your I AM Presence. And when you say those words, whether silently or aloud, you feel how the light from your I AM Presence streams through that point, that nexus point, that singularity in your heart. And it streams into the condition, and it accelerates the condition and it accelerates your perception of it, so that even if the condition persists, your perception is accelerated, where you see that it no longer has power over you, for it can no longer define your identity. And thus, you know, that even if the condition persists, you can still be at peace. For you are more than this, and therefore you have no need to be attached to the condition or allow yourself to think, that it has power over your sense of identity. This is the reality of how the ascension spiral starts for anyone.

How to lock in to the ascension spiral

Take note that you can be on the spiritual path for many lifetimes, gradually rising, without actually truly locking in to the ascension spiral. The first three rays out of the seven are sort of the neophyte stages, where you can gradually rise even though you have many impurities, that you have not been willing to look at. But when you come to the fourth ray, when you come to the ascension spiral, then you need to begin to be more conscious of the need to accelerate yourself.

And as I said, whatever stage of consciousness you are at right now, it was your power that created it. And thus, you have the power to accelerate yourself beyond it. And when you are beyond it, then you will gain the power to accelerate yourself beyond that level of consciousness and therefore take the next step. And as I said, the ascension spiral is not completed by taking the last step: it is completed only by taking every step. And for every step, you are required to use the consciousness you have at that step to accelerate yourself beyond that step. It is that simple.

It is not, as so many ascended master students believe and envision, that you need some magical power from beyond yourself. The ascension spiral is not a spiral, where you receive some magical light from above that propels you higher. You enter the ascension spiral when you realize the truth in the statement that: “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Whereby you realize, that you do not need light from outside yourself, for you have that light inside yourself, because the core of your being is the conscious self, that is an extension of God’s Being—and therefore is the open door between the spiritual realm and the material world in which you currently have focused your sense of self.

You are not a material being. You are a spiritual being who is temporarily focusing your sense of self inside the role of a material being. But you are more than this. And when you realize that you are more – and therefore, the power that you need to rise is within you – then you begin the ascension spiral. Then I, Serapis Bey, can begin to truly help you ascend and rise higher in that ascension spiral, until you build such a momentum where you know, that nothing can take you out of that spiral. For the power is within you, the Kingdom is within you.

The choice is the judgment

That is when you come to that momentum, where you can go out into the world and instead of judging, you are the judgment, in the sense that you are the Word. And thus, you give people the choice. And the choice is what is the judgment.

Do you understand, that you can call for someone’s judgment forever and a day, but until they actually see, that they have a choice between reality and unreality, the judgment is not full. And how do you help other people see that they have a choice? Do you do that by putting them down, by condemning them, by judging them as being unworthy? Or do you help them by accepting, that they are self-aware beings? And therefore, your role is to not judge, analyze, or evaluate at all, but to simply be who you are, to shine your light, and to express to others whatever comes to you from within, spontaneously, without analyzing with the linear mind how to counteract their arguments with words.

No, you allow yourself to be the Word and let it flow without being premeditated, for you are being the open door for the creative flow of the Word of God, without thinking that you can know with your outer mind which argument would convince another or what is wrong in another. Do you see? You will never actually help another person by proving their arguments wrong. Partly because you can never prove anything wrong in the duality consciousness, so they can always come up with a counter-argument. But partly because you cannot overcome the duality consciousness with the duality consciousness. So you will only help another by showing them an alternative, by showing them that they will not silence your Word no matter what words they speak against you. And even if they nail you to a cross and kill your physical body, they will not have power over you, your sense of identity, your Spirit. This is what Jesus demonstrated.

Overcoming the accuser

Take note of the quote from Revelation about the accuser of the brethren. How did they overcome the accuser of the brethren? Was it by counteracting the accuser’s arguments, by proving every argument wrong? What does the Book of Revelation say? “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony.”

The blood of the Lamb is the purity of the Christ consciousness, that has no value judgment but sees only the reality, that behind any sense of identity that a being has taken on, there is an extension of God’s Being—that conscious self that is pure consciousness, and therefore is more than any identity. And “the Word of their testimony” is not the dualistic words of counteracting another’s argument, but the Word—the Word that does not seek to condemn or prove wrong, but seeks to raise up all life by making the statement of truth, as best can be done with words but still carrying that vibration of the oneness of the Christ consciousness.

Do you understand, what I am saying here? It is possible to speak words that may have some truth to them, but nevertheless you speak them with a vibration that is less than the purity of the Christ consciousness. You speak them with some form of value judgment, where you are seeking to put another person down, to put that person in his place, to prove his arguments wrong, to prove your arguments superior. And therefore, you seek to raise yourself up by putting another person down. And therefore, it is possible to be technically right with the words you are speaking, but your vibration is not right—and therefore you are not right with God.

You may be right – and you may be seen as being right – among men, but you are not right with God, because your intention is not to raise up all life. Your intention is to raise up certain parts of life in contrast to other parts of life, that you are putting down. And that is not the ascension spiral. It never can be the ascension spiral. And you may qualify it with your impure perception, that makes it seem like you are righteous and that you are justified, for you are doing this for some greater good. But the greater good is the greater good defined by one of the epic dramas that spring from not just the duality consciousness, but the consciousness of the accuser of the brethren.

For that consciousness is what originally came up with the concept of dividing beings into those who are worthy, those who are not, those who will be saved, those who will not be saved. And therefore, it seeks to pull some people into believing in the reality of this division, whereby they would be pulled into an epic drama and the downward spiral of seeking to condemn some form of life—and raise themselves up in contrast to those who are condemned. Instead of being in the purity of the Christ consciousness, seeking only to raise up all life and leaving it up to the free will of the individual, whether they will be raised up or not.

And therefore, you have no need to judge or condemn anyone. You set them free to make their own choices, and thereby you set yourself free to accelerate your sense of self, regardless of the choices made by others. You have no false sense of responsibility.

The last stages in the ascension spiral

You come to that point in the ascension spiral, where you realize, that it is time for you to focus on your ascension—not as a way to elevate yourself compared to others, for you are no longer focused on other people. You are focused on the task of taking those last stages of accelerating yourself into the purity of the ascension. You come to that point at the top of the ascension spiral, where you reach the singularity, beyond which you are no longer in the ascension spiral. You are in the ascended state.

And to reach that point will require a 100 percent, one-pointed effort, where you forget everything about raising others or raising the world. You are focused on raising your sense of self, and you know that in doing so, you will also make the maximum contribution to raising others. But you are not concerned about raising others or about their choices, or proving them right or wrong. You are concerned only with passing those last initiations in the Temple of the Ascension, whereby you can walk through the doorway, the singularity. Where the man who descended down from heaven can ascend back to heaven, because it recognizes itself as that point of pure awareness, that is an extension of the Creator’s Being.

Thus, I have spoken long, far longer than many of you can handle, as the light that I have released beyond the words will have stirred up your own impurities, and you will therefore have been forced, so to speak, to make the choice as to whether you will take another round outside of the Ascension Temple, for you are not yet ready to look at some impurity in yourself without condemning yourself. And thus I, Serapis, do not condemn anyone. Regardless of your reaction to this release, I do not condemn you, and you can at any point in the future come back to me and say, “Serapis, now I am ready to look at the beam in my own eye. Show me, for I desire to accelerate into Purity.”

And at that point, you can be sure, that I will receive you with open arms. For if you will study my past lives, my past service from the ascended realm, you will see that it was always my goal to be the open door between the human condition and the ascended realm, to be the open door between heaven and earth. So that no matter what level of consciousness people have descended into, I could provide them a way to accelerate beyond it and start the upward process, that would eventually lead them to be worthy to enter that ascension spiral. Thus, I say to you, whatever your reaction to this release, go in peace. Know, that you have the love and the acceptance of the chohan of the fourth ray. For indeed, I AM Serapis Bey. I AM Serapis Soleil. I AM Serapis of the sun.


Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels