Transcending the energies of the accuser of the brethren

TOPICS: The difference between “words” and “the Word” – Do you want to have the last word? – The consciousness of the accuser – Communication via thought – Proving that free will was God’s mistake – How did the accused respond? – The Battle of Armageddon – The central dynamic on earth – No condemnation in the fourth ray of Purity –

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Elohim Astrea, December 17, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Messenger reads:

“And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not. Neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world. He was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him.

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven; “Now is come salvation and strength and the Kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ, for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death. Therefore rejoice ye Heavens and ye that dwell in them. Woe unto the inhabitors of the earth and of the sea, for the devil has come down unto you having great wrath for he knowest that he has but a short time.”


Elohim – Elohim – Elohim. [master chants.] Elohim I AM. Astrea I AM. Infinity I AM. Purity I AM. Infinite Purity I AM. [master breathes out.]

I breathe upon you infinite purity, that you may, if you are willing, attain a sense of co-measurement of what truly is the vibration of Elohim. For we are beyond the level of duality. Astrea and Purity form a polarity, but not a dualistic polarity, not a finite polarity, but an infinite one. There is no opposite to infinite purity, even though in the language used on earth, you can easily find words that signify the opposite of purity.

The difference between “words” and “the Word”

This, then, is a topic I will discourse upon, as you might find value in contemplating the power of words and the limitations of words, and how they can be used to prove this and to prove that. For words, at least as you know them on earth, are finite. Consider the subtle difference between “words” and “the Word.” God used the Word to create the world of form, but when the people of Babylon had shown their contempt for the Word of God, their tongues were divided and they then had to speak with words that are finite, that are divided into opposite polarities. Which means what? It means simply this; the Word is undivided and thus the Word is proof. The Word is proof that there is something beyond duality, something beyond the finite world. The Word proves this, however words can never prove Infinity. They can never prove anything in a definite or absolute manner.

Therefore, you may think about the popular saying of having the last word. Well, at the level of words, you will never have the last word. For any point you make with words, can be counteracted by another point made with words. Any argument formulated in words has a counter argument, and at the level of the words themselves, it is impossible to prove what is ultimately real and what is unreal. Instead, you then are confined to trying to prove what is right and wrong. And although you may prove something right, you will only prove it as an opposite polarity to something wrong, and that is not the ultimate right, the infinite right.

And thus, the only way to be ultimately right with God is to reach for the Word—the Word. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is also the Christ Consciousness, designed from the beginning to maintain Oneness between the Creator and its creation. Thus, when you reach for the Word, you can know that God is, that God is beyond the finite, that you are an extension of God. And thus you, at least the core of your Being, is beyond the finite world.

Do you want to have the last word?

The question then becomes: How do you want to live the rest of this embodiment? How do you want to live future embodiments—or do you want to ascend? And the question you must ask yourself is this: Will I continue to play the games, the myriad, innumerable games that can be played with words? Will I continue to seek to get the last word among men, or will I reach for the ultimate Word of God, that I may be one with the Christ Consciousness. And therefore, I not only speak words—I become the Word. I become the Word in embodiment, whereby I may be the open door for the Word of God to be spoken on earth, the Word that is not the dualistic struggle of point counterpoint, proof and disproof. The Word that truly cleaves the real from the unreal—not by the words spoken, but by the vibration carried by those words, and by the person speaking them, the vibration flowing through that person who is the open door, so that people who are willing can sense the vibration, go beyond the words—and therefore contact the Word, the living Word, that is a Living Spirit that flows – always – always transcends, always accelerates into greater and greater expression of the God qualities.

This is indeed the question; to be an open door for the Word or not to be. Consider how many people have lived for decades in this lifetime, and for dozens of lifetimes before this lifetime, engaging in the game of seeking to get the last word by proving yourself right, by proving another human being wrong, by proving how clever you are with words or jokes or sarcastic or ironic statements—that supposedly puts someone else in their place. And what place might that be, where you put someone else, when you put them down with a vibration that is less than love, that is less than purity? Well, it is the same place you put yourself, when you enter into that vibration of talking down to another, of seeking to put them down, rather than seeking to raise up the All by being an instrument for the Word, that with its purity can only raise up life.

Look at the life of Jesus and how he interacted with the scribes and Pharisees. You can go in with the outer, analytical, linear mind and look at the words that have been handed down to you in the Scriptures. And you can analyze and evaluate and even judge Jesus’ words. Should he have said that? Should he have said it that way? Was it wise of him to say this? Did he really have a point, or did the scribes and the Pharisees have a point?

Surely, you can do this, for you are reading the words of Jesus. You are not hearing them spoken as he spoke them back then, when he was indeed the open door, and when there was far more streaming out of his mouth than the words that could be written down. There was the Word streaming forth, the Word that with its vibration gave people an alternative to the vibration of the scribes and the Pharisees. So that people who had never encountered a higher vibration than the dualistic polarities were suddenly, if they were willing, quickened by Jesus, quickened not by his words, but by the Word itself. And they saw in him something more, something that the scribes and Pharisees did not have – something that they could not have – given their dualistic states of consciousness and their attachment to having the last word, to proving Jesus wrong, to proving their own tradition right. And thus, as Jesus said, “Ye have made the word of God of no effect by your tradition.”

The consciousness of the accuser

Now then, where does this energy come from? Where does this consciousness come from, of wanting to be right, of wanting to prove other people wrong, even the energy of wanting to accuse others of this, that or the next thing? Go into the courtrooms of the world and see how in some nations it has become a pastime, a form on entertainment, a form of addiction, to sue someone and to accuse them of having done this wrong, because of which you are entitled to a monetary compensation. You can read the words that are written in the court papers. You can see how someone will accuse someone else by using certain words. But if you are willing to use your inner sight, and read beyond the words with your heart, you will see that beyond the words is a particular energy, an energy of accusation.

And thus, why did I have the messenger read the quote from the Book of Revelation about the accuser of our brethren, which accused them before their God day and night? Who is the accuser of our brethren? Well, those of you who have studied Maitreya’s book are familiar with the concept of the spheres. And thus, you can grasp the true deeper meaning behind this quote, which – considering the level of consciousness of 2,000 years ago – could not be given in the highest possible form, for it had to be adapted to the state of consciousness and the words that were used back then.

It simply was not possible for people at the time to understand the concept of different spheres. To them anything beyond earth was either heaven or hell. Anything beyond what could be seen with the physical senses was either heaven or hell. And thus, they could not understand, that the quote in Revelation, even though using the word “heaven,” was not referring to heaven in the ultimate sense, in the sense of the spiritual realm. For surely, in the spiritual realm, how could the devil exist there, for the spiritual realm is pure, and thus it would not be possible for anyone in a lower state of consciousness to exist in that realm of purity. So, you understand, that what is hidden behind the word “heaven” is a higher sphere, a sphere that is higher than the earth, but still a sphere that had not yet fully ascended, a sphere that had entered into the process of the ascension.

And therefore, it had become clear to certain lifestreams in that sphere, that those who were not willing to accelerate their beings into the purity of the ascension coil, those lifestreams would be left behind as the entirety of the sphere ascended. And thus, those lifestreams would – seen from the perspective of inside that sphere – they would be lost. They would not be part of their original mandala, destined to ascend together. They would be left behind, as the rest of the sphere and the lifestreams within it accelerated into the purity of the ascension coil.

And thus, those lifestreams who were in leadership positions suddenly had a complete change of mind. They flipped, as it would not be possible for a spiritual being to do, but as it is indeed possible for any unascended being to do. They flipped into the opposite polarity of suddenly deciding – mind you, deciding – that the plan of God was flawed, that free will was flawed, that the possibility that lifestreams could be lost proved that the Creator had created a flawed design for the ascension of the spheres, that free will was a risk too great to take, that it was a liability, that it simply could not be right that these lifestreams could be lost.

Now behind this reasoning, however, was the unwillingness, as Maitreya explains, of these lifestreams to humble themselves and to let go of their lives as exalted beings, as leaders with power, and make themselves the servants of all. For indeed, these lifestreams did love their lives unto the death. They loved the position they had in that sphere, that unascended sphere, and they loved it to the extent, that they felt that stepping up to the higher level of service, of being the servants of all, was a degradation for them, a degradation of their rank and position. And thus, they were not willing to lay down their lives for the all. And as an excuse for not having to lay down their lives, they latched on to the fact, that some lifestreams would be left behind. They used this to come up with the reasoning, that this was a flaw in God’s plan, and that it was their role to prove God wrong.

And in the new consciousness that they entered into – the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality – they actually thought that they could prove God wrong, that they could set themselves up in opposition to God. Yet the moment they entered into duality, they were deceived by duality. They now looked at the universe from inside a dualistic polarity, and therefore to them it looked perfectly real, perfectly logical, that there had to be an opposite polarity to their own polarity. And therefore, they now believed – as a man wearing yellow glasses believes that the sky is green – that God simply was an opposite polarity to themselves. And therefore it was possible to prove God wrong, to prove God’s plan wrong. Yet why could they believe this? Because they had lost the Word and had now been enveloped by, embroiled in, the consciousness of words, the divided word, where words are now not used to convey, to communicate, an infinite vibration. They had now been taken down to a level of duality.

Communication via thought

Yet be careful here to realize that that sphere – even though the majority of lifestreams had not yet ascended – it was still in a much higher level of vibration than what you currently see on earth. Therefore, when I say “words” I do not mean spoken words that can be written down. I mean words as a symbol for at state of consciousness. For you see, when a sphere comes close to the ascension point, then the inhabitants of that sphere have raised their consciousness to such a level, that they can communicate by thought alone. And the advantage of communicating by thought is, that you can communicate directly at the level of concepts and ideas.

You will know the old saying, that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. That is because a picture can convey more than can be described in words. It conveys a wholeness of a particular sight. You can describe that sight with words, but it will take many words, and the words themselves will actually never convey to you the same experience you get from looking at a picture for one second. Certainly, words written by a poet can convey a deeper meaning, a deeper experience to those who have open hearts and minds. But the words themselves cannot do this in a mechanical way, but only by the people reading them being willing to go beyond the words and open up their hearts to an experience that is more than the words. And thus you see, that one look at a picture can convey and open up for an experience that a thousand words could not give you. For the words are representations of the picture—they are not the picture. As the old saying goes; you cannot through words give someone the experience of the taste of an apple.

So in a higher sphere, communication takes place at a higher level, where the people have developed the faculties of their minds to the point, where they can project images, concepts, ideas directly into each others minds and therefore communicate at that level. And of course, as a sphere ascends, people get better and better at communicating with concepts. And as they raise the collective consciousness, they of course communicate in a more and more pure way, where the concepts and ideas that they project into each others minds, are more and more pure, more and more elevated, more and more directed towards raising up other lifestreams, raising up the entire sphere by bringing forth more sophisticated, more pure concepts and ideas.

Proving that free will was God’s mistake

What did actually happen, when those first beings in that sphere decided to rebel against God’s plan, decided they would not lay down their lives for a friend—they would not lay down their positions in order to rise into an even higher position of serving the All? They loved their lives to the point, where they were willing to die for them, spiritually speaking, by going into duality. What happened was that they decided, that they wanted to prove God wrong by proving free will wrong. And how could they do this? Well, they knew that they themselves would indeed fall into the next sphere that had already been created. And they realized, that the more lifestreams they could pull down with them, the more they had a chance of proving that free will does not work, because free will carries too big of a risk that people will fall rather than ascend.

So they sat there, a group of them, and held a council and said; “How can we in this last stage, where the ascension spiral has already been formed, how can we cause as many lifestreams as possible to fall with us by causing them to go into the duality consciousness?” And the plan they came up with was very simple: “We will do something to them that has never been done before in this sphere. We will accuse them in all manners possible. We will accuse them of not being pure. We will accuse them of not having will-power or not using that will-power correctly. We will accuse them of having false wisdom. We will accuse them of not being loving. We will accuse them of not having truth, but of being liars. We will accuse them of not being peaceful, and we will accuse them of wanting to take the freedom of others. Whatever God-quality they have mastered to the point where they are almost ready to ascend on that God-quality, we will accuse them of having perverted it. We will accuse them of not having it in purity. We will accuse them of exercising it in the wrong way. And thus, we will see how they respond to this new energy of accusation, that they have never encountered before.”

This is how they became the Devil and Satan, not as one being but as a group of beings who formed within themselves what we have recently exposed as a downward spiral, the exact opposite of the upward spiral, the ascension spiral, that had been formed by the majority of the lifestreams in that sphere. Within the totality of that ascension spiral, they formed such an intense forcefield of negative energy, of impure energy, that they created, so to speak, a black hole within the white hole of the ascension spiral.

And they now used that energy, they built up the intensity of the energy, by perverting their own light. For did not Jesus say, “If the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness.” And these beings did have light, they did have momentum, they did have attainment, that they had gathered over their long service, where they had been serving the light. But now, as they flipped to the opposite side of opposing the light, instantly their light, their momentum, their attainment became darkness and a momentum of darkness. And thus, they could use that attainment, that momentum – that momentum of darkness – to direct a very intense energy of accusation at other lifestreams.

Imagine the shockwave that was felt, when suddenly those who were the holy innocents – who had worked selflessly – selflessly for the ascension of their sphere, for the raising up of all of their brethren, suddenly were now accused of doing the exact opposite of what they were doing, of being the exact opposite of what they knew they were. Just imagine how this was experienced by these innocent lifestreams. They had never encountered an energy like this before. They had never encountered lifestreams, who were willing to lie in order to accuse them of something they had not done.

How did the accused respond?

Do you see what a temptation this was? Do you see how subtle was the temptation? Do you see how powerful it was, when imbued with the immensity of this negative energy? Do you see, that there were lifestreams who were literally blown over by the energy directed at them and by the thought, “What have I done wrong? Could I have done something wrong? Are they really right? How could they be right? How could they accuse me of this? Here I have been working selflessly to raise up the All, and they accuse me of having done the exact opposite. How could they do this? How could they be allowed to do this? How could God allow them to do this?”

Do you see a myriad of possible reactions of how these beings – innocent – suddenly embroiled in this energy, how they reacted to this shock, this total shock to their beings? Do you see, that the strategy of the rebellious beings worked very efficiently, in causing many of the innocent beings to go into various states of consciousness, that were contrary to the ascension spiral?

On an overall level, some beings went into the accusatory energy and accused the accusers back, accusing them of having done everything they accused other beings of doing. Others went into the opposite of the accusatory energy. For you see, do you not, that the accusatory energy is an outgoing energy and thus a perversion of the expanding force of the Father. As such, it is also possible to have an opposite polarity as a perversion of the contracting force of the Mother, namely that of wanting to defend yourself, even to the point of wanting to destroy the arguments of the accuser or the accuser himself.

Yet beyond these two overall negative spirals, the beings who had attained mastery on one of the seven rays could go into a perversion of those seven rays, as was explained at Wesak, where each ray has a masculine and feminine perversion that you can go into. And therefore, you seek to deal with this shock in some way or another according to your ray, seeking to defend yourself by will-power alone or by using wisdom to argue against the accusers and their accusations—or perverting one of the other rays, as the case might be.

But do you see the central realization, that I am seeking to convey? Do you see the reality here, that what the rebellious beings had done was to create a situation – a challenge, a test if you will – where there was only one way to avoid being pulled into a negative spiral, and that was by remaining completely non-attached to the accusations themselves and to the energy behind them. The moment you reacted – either by seeking to defend yourself or argue with the accusations themselves, or by seeking to throw back the energy directed at you – the moment you reacted, you were caught in a negative spiral. And the more you reacted, the more you would begin to misqualify your own light, until that misqualification of your own light had formed a negative spiral, that could now overpower your conscious mind and will to the point, where you were sucked into the spiral. And now, all of your light became darkness, for you were seeking to use your light to defend yourself against the accusers by reverting their negative energy.

But how can you push back energy, that vibrates at the level of duality? Only by using another form of energy, that vibrates at that level. And that means you must then pervert your light by giving it a lower vibration, a vibration that is less than love, that is less than purity. This then, is how the accuser of our brethren were successful in causing a third of the stars of heaven to fall to earth as the saying is in Revelation. This is not necessarily a literal measure; it does not mean that a third of the lifestreams in that ascending sphere fell into the downward spiral, but it does signify that a substantial number of those, who had already entered the ascension spiral, were indeed tempted to react to the accusations and the accusatory energy.

And thus, they were pulled into the downward spiral created by the rebellious beings, so that they indeed fell altogether. Certainly, some of those who fell, fell out of loyalty to their leaders, and they thought their leaders were right and were doing the right thing. But many more fell because they were pulled into reacting to the accuser of the brethren. So then, this fall has continued through other spheres, until the current sphere, where you also see, that even a small planet such as earth has this consciousness of the accuser of our brethren.

The Battle of Armageddon

Now again, 2,000 years ago people had a much more limited world view than you have today. They thought the earth was, really, the entirety of the material universe and that just beyond the sky – which they saw as a dome above the flat earth – was heaven. They could not conceive the vastness of the physical universe, and thus naturally they thought that the earth was the center, the entirety of the world. And thus, of course, if some beings were cast out what they saw as heaven, those beings had to be cast down to earth, meaning that the battle of Armageddon in its entirety was taking place here on earth, and that the earth is the battleground that will decide the fate of the universe.

This, of course, has been taken by many fundamentalist Christians, who take the Bible literally, so they also have the inflated belief, that the earth is the center of the battle of Armageddon, and that the fate of the entire universe is determined by what happens on this little planet. This of course, is vastly inaccurate, it is a view that can be held only by some of those who are in the fallen consciousness, where they want to think that they are so important, that they can determine the fate of the universe and therefore even challenge God. Or even that they can correct the flaw in God’s design by forcing people to ascend.

Yet the reality is, of course, that earth is a very small planet in a very large universe. And as you will know, the gravitational force of earth pulls on the entire universe, but certainly does not have the power to pull the entire universe up or down. So, you should be able to see, that the spiritual force generated by the lifestreams on this earth certainly cannot pull the entire universe up or down. But what the earth can do is serve as a testing ground, as a proving ground, for whether it is possible for the ascended masters to be instrumental in empowering a sufficient number among the top ten percent, to pull the earth into an ascending spiral, to pull it out of the descending, downward spiral created by the number of fallen beings, that have been allowed to embody here over the ages.

And thus, indeed, some among the fallen beings have been cast down to the earth, and they have great wrath. Not only do they know they have a short time, but they also feel a great urgency to continue on the very same track, that was instituted several spheres above yours—that of seeking to get lifestreams to enter a downward spiral by accusing them of anything that these fallen beings can think of, anything at all. There is no limit to what the fallen consciousness can come up with in terms of accusing the innocent. For the fallen consciousness, as Jesus said of the devil, has no truth in it, and thus anything goes, the end can justify the means.

You see, for a person who is trapped in the fallen consciousness, it is no longer a matter of what is right and wrong, what is true and false. It is not even a matter of what is logical or what is consistent. Such a being has no compunctions about saying something today, that contradicted what it said yesterday, because the aim is not to be consistent, to be truthful, to be logical. The aim is to accuse others by inducing doubt in their beings, by overwhelming them with this accusatory energy, that has now been built up through several spheres and has therefore formed a downward spiral, a black hole, of very high intensity. And although there is only a certain, smaller black hole associated with the earth, it is nevertheless so intense, that it is extremely difficult for human beings to withstand it, to withstand the attack of this accusatory energy, without reacting to it—just like the lifestreams in that higher sphere, by trying to push back the accusation or the accusatory energy or by trying to defend yourself by destroying the argument or the accuser.

The central dynamic on earth

Do you see this dynamic? It is the central, underlying dynamic, that will determine whether the earth will indeed be pulled out of a negative spiral and enter into an ascending spiral, that will raise it above these accusatory energies, to where the inhabitants of the earth will raise their consciousness to the point, where the accusers of the brethren will be cast down from the earth. And they must then descend to an even lower place, where they can continue to accuse those around them—or even resort to accusing each other, for they simply cannot stop. They are so overpowered by this downward spiral, that if they have no innocents to accuse, they will indeed accuse each other, which is precisely the safety mechanism that makes it impossible for them to form a coherent power elite, that could control the entirety of planet earth.

For you see, the Karmic Board is not made up of unintelligent beings. In allowing a certain fallen lifestream to embody on a planet like earth, there is a very simple formula. The momentum of the fallen lifestream cannot be beyond a certain limit, that is related to the size of the earth, to the number of lifestreams embodying here and to the level of their consciousness. In other words, one fallen lifestream must not be able to pull the earth down by itself. It can do so only in cooperation with others, and given that these fallen lifestreams are in the accusatory consciousness, it is virtually impossible for them to fully cooperate to the point, where they can take over the earth and control society. They will always have warring factions – an established power elite, one or more aspiring power elites – and thus, they are not only accusing the innocent, but also accusing each other and thus dividing their strength and their power.

My point is simply this: we are at a crossroads. We have entered the countdown to the year 2012, as Gautama Buddha explained at New Years. We are nearing the end of the first year of that cycle, the year of the Father. And so, those who are the top ten percent of the lifestreams on this planet are now facing the initiation, where they are ready to ascend into a higher understanding and application of the correct use of the expanding force of the Father. In fact, an ascension spiral has been formed.

The question is: will you enter that ascending spiral, will you reinforce that ascending spiral, will you stay in it? Or will you be tempted to leave it in order to fight some battle with the accuser of our brethren, who are accusing you before your God day and night by accusing you of this, that or the next thing? Will you recognize this energy? Will you recognize it in yourself? Will you be honest and look at yourself and look at your life and say; “Do I have a tendency to accuse others? Have I been in these negative spirals? Can I honestly say, that I have never in my life entered a negative spiral? Am I in a negative spiral right now? Am I focused on changing other people, accusing them, because of the splinters I see in their eyes, while I have not been willing to look at the beam in my own eye?” Thus you must ask yourself: “Have I made myself an instrument for the energy that accuses the brethren?”

Or you must look at yourself and say; “Have I been tempted into defending myself against accusations? Can I look at my life and see, that I have a pattern of feeling unjustly accused and thus go into a spiral of defending and justifying myself, whether I do this openly to other people or whether I do it inside my own head, having a martyr complex, where I feel that I have been unjustly condemned, but I dream that one day, one day, I will be elevated and the world will see that I was unjustly condemned. Or that I had this talent that no one ever saw, even though I had never expressed it, for I felt that I could not express my talents; I could not shine my light because of this or that impure or unjust condition in the world. Or because I thought that I would be accused by shining my light, or that I would scare other people or overwhelm them or that it would be too much.”

Do you see how you don’t even have to be accused, in order to have taken on this energy in past lives? So that you have such a momentum on this, that you are either accusing yourself, putting yourself down, or you are anticipating how the force of the accuser of the brethren will accuse you, if you take any stand for truth or stand out from the crowd. Do you see how many subtle games there are, that have sprung from this consciousness of accusing and defending, accusing and accusing back, feeling unjustly condemned, seeking to justify yourself, waiting for the point where you are finally recognized as being just or having a talent, always waiting for something outside yourself, instead of simply daring to step forward and be the open door for the Word?

No condemnation in the fourth ray of Purity

Can you see how many times in this and past lives, you have been tempted to enter a spiral of arguing and counter arguing at the level of words? Can you see, that I am not here to get you to feel guilty, to look down upon yourself for having done this? For having done this on earth is a given. You have the saying that you cannot wrestle with the greased pig without getting mud on you. Well likewise, you cannot wrestle with the greased pig of the collective consciousness on earth without getting mud on you.

I am the Elohim of Purity. That means I have a pure vision and know the reality on earth—that it is impossible for any being – no matter what their attainment or their innocence – to embody on earth without getting dirty, without taking on impurities. You know that Jesus was embodied as King David, and that he lusted after a soldier’s wife and that his actions were not pure. Do not come down upon yourself for having entered into a negative spiral, for having taken on impurities, even impure motives.

Realize the reality, that there are no impurities on earth, that cannot be purified by the infinite momentum of Purity that I AM. I am not here to condemn you, to judge you, to make you feel down on yourself. I am here to accelerate you, to awaken you, to offer you an alternative to whatever impurities you may have in your being. For I, Astrea, have the momentum, the infinite momentum of Purity, that can propel you beyond, that can accelerate you beyond, any impurity on earth—when you are willing to look at yourself honestly and assess what impurities you have taken in.

And at this particular time, I am here specifically to offer a gift to those, who have taken in the impurities caused by the entire spiral of the accusation of the brethren, the accusatory energies, the accusatory arguments, the accusatory words. I am willing to extend to you the gift of my momentum of being willing to multiply the decrees and rosaries you give to me, by a factor determined by your willingness to look at yourself honestly and realistically and assess how much you have taken in of this accusatory energy, how much of a momentum you have of wanting to argue at the level of words, wanting to have the last word on earth rather than being one with the Word of heaven.

Thus, I extend you this gift, where I am willing to give you a certain multiplication of your efforts to discern between what is “the Word,” the consciousness of Christ, and the “words” springing from the consciousness of anti-christ, the divided consciousness of duality. This is my offer, this is my gift. You can take it any way you want. It is a gift given in respect for free will. If you still have a desire to experience the endless inconsequential cycle of arguing with other people – splitting hairs over certain interpretations of certain words, going into the classical cycle of “he said, she said” – then I bow to your free will. For you indeed have the right to continue in this state of consciousness until you have had enough of that experience.

And should you decide at any point that: “I have now had enough, and I now see that this gets me nowhere,” then do not feel that I will condemn you for having taken however long you have taken to come to that point. Simply apply yourself to me in my decrees, the invocation and open your heart to the Word that I AM—and I will indeed help you.

Should you desire to continue the game of accusation, then I again respect your free will. And I again say, that no matter what you might say against me, I will never condemn you. I will hold the pure vision. I will hold the pure love, and at whatever time you decide, that you have had enough of this game of accusation, I will receive you with the open heart of the Mother of the fourth ray, the Elohim of the fourth ray.

For you see, I hold no grudges. I condemn no one, for I have no need to. For you see, I am an ascended being. I have no need to accuse anyone on earth. Why do I have no need to accuse? Because I am not threatened by anyone on earth, by any energy on earth, by any idea, concept or argument formulated in words. I am not threatened, and therefore I do not need to accuse and I do not need to defend. I do not need to point the finger at any particular individual, for I am an ascended being, and thus I have accelerated my being beyond the accusatory energy of the fallen beings. Know the difference – if you are willing – know the difference in vibration. And then, if you are willing, take up my offer, so that you might accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity!

Notice your reaction to these words, for the energy that is coming at you is not an accusatory energy, but it is an energy of purity that will stir up the darkness that is in your own being. And thus, you might even perceive – through your polluted perception – my energy as being threatening or being this or being that. But know this: if you will honestly look at your reaction, you will be able to see what it is that prevents you from getting out of the downward spiral and entering the ascending spiral of purity. And thus notice, if you are willing, your reaction. And if you are not willing, go in peace as I say:

Accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity, accelerate into purity!

Elohim! Elohim. Elohim. [master chants.]


Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels