How a limited imagination blocks peace in the Middle East

TOPICS: What are you? – Acting from the point of stillness – How a limited imagination affects Jews and Palestinians – If you cannot imagine peace, you cannot create peace – Working hard to avoid working on the Sabbath – The ungodly dream of being God’s chosen people – Why the Jews want to be persecuted – The consciousness behind the creation of Israel – Israel is not truly for Jews – Seeing all problems from the point of stillness –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, February 3, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

Out of the point of stillness I come. Out of the point of stillness I AM. “Who am I?”, is the first question on your mind. Yet, would it not be more appropriate to ask, “What are you?”

What are you?

For indeed, I am the being, that you have known under the name, Saint Germain. But as Gautama has told you, I have recently attained the level of Buddhic consciousness. Thus, I am not only the fiery, fast-moving Saint Germain – that some of you have come to worship almost as an idol – I am also the Buddhic Saint Germain, who resides in the point of stillness, that is everywhere present. For indeed, it is the Buddha nature and everything IS the Buddha nature.

Thus you will see, if you are honest, that it is possible to find the point of stillness everywhere. And when you find the point of stillness, the question, “Who am I?” fades away and gives way to a new question, “What am I?” And you then see, that you are a Presence, a spiritual Presence. The word, “spiritual presence,” signifies something, that is beyond even a spiritual being. For a spiritual being is so easily seen as some ethereal counterpart to a human being. And we then stand before the classical problem – so prevalent on earth, but certainly not confined to earth – that human beings project their own self-image upon God.

It is true – as recorded in the book of Genesis – that God created man in his own image and after his own likeness. Yet perhaps we should even say, that behind those outer words recorded in Genesis, there is a truth. But the truth is not in the words, nor can it be fathomed through an intellectual or literal interpretation of those words. For certainly, it does not mean, that God looks like a human being. The God of Abraham is not an old man with a white beard sitting on a white throne up in heaven. The God of Abraham, as my beloved brother, Master MORE, LINK recently explained in Israel, is the formless God. Thus, creating any image of that formless God will obscure the reality, the Presence, of the formless God.

What are you, my beloved? Are you a human being? Are you a spiritual being? Or is there, even behind the concept of a spiritual being, something deeper? Are you a Presence? What then is that Presence? I can assure you, that the only way to know your presence is to enter the point of stillness, that is ever present wherever you are—for the point of stillness is within you. And thus, wherever you are on this earth, whatever activity you are performing, you can at any time, at any place, go within and contact the point of stillness, whereby you can gain a different perspective on what is going on around you, even what might be going on within your own being and consciousness.

Acting from the point of stillness

It is my intent today to give you some thoughts on the situation in the Middle East, specifically the nation of Israel. We stand at the point, that is always the dividing point between those who will understand and those who will not understand. I AM, by speaking from the point of stillness, facing the same test faced by Gautama, when he came out of Nirvana. He received the impulse, that because his new state of consciousness was based on entering the point of stillness – and because the vast majority of the people on this planet had never experienced that point of stillness – no one would understand his teaching. And thus, he had the choice to either remain silent or to give the teaching anyway—out of the knowledge that some will understand. Yet those who will understand are those, who have experienced the point of stillness and who therefore, beyond the words that I speak, can sense my Presence, the Presence of Saint Germain—but even beyond this name, the Presence of the Being who is the embodiment of the Flame of Freedom for the earth.

For what is freedom? Many human beings would say: “It is the freedom to do whatever I want.” But my beloved, is there – can there ever be – freedom in doing? Is there freedom in activity, or is there freedom truly in the point of stillness? So the distinction we arrive at is this: complete, total freedom is stillness. If you carry the stillness with you into activity, into doing, then you can be free in doing. But if you become so focused on the doing, that you lose the stillness, then you are lost in the doing. And no matter what you do – even if you have freedom to do anything you want on earth – you are no longer free, you are trapped by the doing. And thus, as Jesus said, what shall it profit a man, that he gains the whole world – or the freedom to do anything he wants in this world – yet loses his own soul, the point of stillness within him?

For what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? What, from earth, can you give in exchange for stillness? For there is nothing required – no gift, no sacrifice, no suffering required – for you to experience stillness. There is only one requirement. You must give up, let go of, surrender, that which takes you out of stillness.

Some of you have become so focused on your spiritual growth – on changing your psychology, overcoming your ego, manifesting a higher state of consciousness – that this activity has become for you an act of doing. You are lost in the doing, always looking for the next thing to overcome in your psyche, the next illusion, the next aspect of your ego. But all that is required for you, is to stop doing, to stop approaching the spiritual path as a process of doing and surrender your attachment to doing—that you might experience the stillness within.

So many people on the spiritual path – especially from the West – think that the path is a matter of striving. And they think that the faster they run, the faster they get to the goal. But in reality, the faster you run – the more active and frantic you become – the faster you are running away from stillness. For in the end, what will make or break your spiritual progress is your contact with the point of stillness within you.

Stillness is a Presence. It is pure awareness. Not an awareness of this or that or the next thing on earth, but pure awareness. If you have not experienced it or recognized it for what it is – recognized the contrast between pure awareness and what human beings call normal awareness – well, then you will not go beyond a certain level of the spiritual path. You will get stuck at that level. And therefore, you will become more and more focused on – more and more attached to – something in the material world. And you will begin to believe, that this something is the key to your entering heaven—the kingdom of God, or whatever you want to call it.

You will think that perfecting this outer activity, performing it to a certain quantity – such as doing so many decrees, doing so much violet flame, doing so much meditation, prostrating yourself on the floor so many times, lighting so many candles or doing this, that or the next thing – you will think that this outer activity not only is the key to your entering heaven but in fact can guarantee your entry into the kingdom. For you have become a slave of the ancient epic drama that defines an activity on earth as the key to heaven. And then it says, that when you perform that activity a certain number of times, your entry into heaven is guaranteed.

This, of course, is one of the oldest epic dramas used by the fallen beings to trap God’s co-creators and prevent them from fulfilling their role to be co-creators on earth. The effect of this drama is twofold: it focuses you on what happens after you are no longer on earth, taking your focus away from the earth and what you are here to accomplish in the earth. And then it focuses you on a repetitive, mechanical activity, that takes your focus away from the reality of who you are—a co-creator who has access to the infinite fount of creativity right within yourself.

And what is that fount of creativity? It is stillness—but you have no need for stillness, you think, for all you need to do is to perform this external religious activity, and then you will get out of this limited realm and into this wonderful kingdom that awaits you beyond the veil. Yet why did Jesus say, that the kingdom of God is within you? It is because until you find the kingdom within yourself, you will not find it. Until you find the kingdom in the present moment, you will not find it. As long as you see the kingdom as being outside yourself, and as being achievable in some future time, you will never, ever find it.

The kingdom is within you—here and now. And until you find it in the here and in the now, it will remain far from you—or so it seems to the mind that has forgotten stillness and has been trapped in doing. Even thinking it is free because it has certain powers on earth—and can supposedly do anything it wants, which in reality means anything it can imagine from the limited human level of imagination. For if you go beyond that level and into the point of stillness, you will contact God’s imagination, which is infinitely greater and can imagine things for the earth, that hardly any human being on this planet can imagine right now.

How a limited imagination affects Jews and Palestinians

And this, of course, leads me to my topic of the Middle East, specifically Israel. What is the underlying issue in that part of the world—as for that matter is the case in every part of the world? Well, the underlying issue is that the physical conditions are limited by one thing only, namely the imagination of the people who live in that region. Everything is an expression of consciousness, and thus the consciousness of the people will be limited only by the imagination. Are they using the powers of imagination found only in the human mind? Or are they contacting the point of stillness, and therefore seeing what God can imagine, what God can envision for the place where they live?

Why did Jesus appear in that part of the world? It was to demonstrate to people, that when you are willing to go to the point of stillness, to go beyond the human mind, you can imagine, you can envision, far more than human beings can envision in their normal state of consciousness. And thus, you can perform what human beings and the human consciousness will see as miracles—and this is what Jesus demonstrated. Why could he heal the lame, why could he multiply the loaves and fishes, why could he turn the water into wine, why could he walk on the raging sea and calm it? Because he could imagine it—not only as a fantasy, as a dream. He could imagine – he could EYE-magic – it as a manifest reality.

What do you see in the Middle East? What is the first thing you think about, when you think about the Middle East and its natural environment? Well, is it not desert—dry, barren, devoid of much life? And this shows you precisely a reflection of the consciousness of the people in that region. Their imagination has dried out, become barren like the desert around them. Now, some will say, that the people’s imagination simply reflects the desert—and this is true. People’s imagination have been affected and limited by the desert conditions. But if you go deeper, you must ask where those desert conditions come from. And then you realize the reality, that so many people are not willing to acknowledge, namely that the desert was created by the imagination of the people. And then, when the desert was created, it affected the imagination of the people, limiting it even more. And now you have a self-reinforcing, downward spiral.

How will that spiral possibly be broken? Only when the people decide, that they are willing to change. They are willing to realize, that what limits them, what limits their life experience, is the beam in their own eye—and not a problem that is outside themselves, be it in the natural environment or in other people. Your life will change only, when you take responsibility for your state of consciousness.

If you cannot imagine peace, you cannot create peace

What is freedom? Is it freedom that your inner state of consciousness is tied to and depends on – is a slave of – your external conditions? Is that freedom? Nay, it is slavery—bondage, the oldest and only form of bondage known in the world of form. This is the bondage, that the original fallen beings entered into, when they separated themselves from the kingdom of God within them – from the point of stillness – and then started using the external, dualistic imagination. Thereby making themselves the subjects of the second law of thermodynamics, that will break down organized structures, until you reach the lowest possible energy state. And is this not precisely what you see in the barren sand dunes in the desert, where nothing can grow?

What is it I AM saying here? I AM saying that the people in the Middle East, especially the people in Israel, have one overarching problem that overrides everything else, and that is a lack of imagination. What is the greatest limitation for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, between Israel and the Arab nations? It is a lack of imagination! This lack of imagination is obviously found on both sides. But let us focus on the situation in Jerusalem, where the main conflict is between the Jews of Israel, the state of Israel, and the Palestinians who have no state. What is the major problem that prevents a peaceful resolution? It is a lack of imagination!

The Palestinians do not have the ability to imagine what a Palestinian state would be like. And thus, they have a dream about their own state, but there is a gap between that dream, that goal, and their current level of consciousness. And they have no ability to imagine a staircase that can take them step by step from their current level to the fulfillment of their dream. And as such, it remains an elusive goal. On the other hand, you see that the Jews in Israel have a lack of imagination to envision what the state of Israel could be like—they cannot imagine that in the state of Israel Jews and Palestinians could exist in harmony and in peace. And why can they not imagine this? Because their imagination has become trapped by certain beliefs, that have been put on the Jews in the past—and that they have not been willing to let go of, because they have used those beliefs as a justification for shutting off their imagination and blindly following tradition.

Working hard to avoid working on the Sabbath

Look at a simple example, such as the observation of the Sabbath. If you believe that the Sabbath day was set apart by God – as the result of a command from God – then would it not seem reasonable, that you use your powers of imagination to envision what might have been God’s purpose for creating this institution? Would that be an unreasonable thought? What could be God’s purpose for requiring people to set aside one day a week, as a day where they stop their normal busy activities and focus on God? Well, based on what I have told you in this discourse, is it unreasonable to imagine, that God knew full well, that the people on earth had been so caught up in doing, that he wanted them to set aside a day, when they could step away from doing and enter the point of stillness within them?

But now look at what the Jews have done with the Sabbath. They have created an elaborate tradition, an elaborate ritual, for how to observe the Sabbath day. Surely, you realize that when the Sabbath was instituted, there were no elevators. But does that mean, that one should transfer the consciousness that was found before the invention of the elevator to how one deals with elevators, now that they have been invented? Does that mean that one has to come up with the idea, that taking the elevator itself is not work but pushing the button in the elevator is indeed work?

My beloved, do you see – do you imagine – what I AM conveying here? The idea behind the Sabbath was to stop people from doing, so that they could go within and find the point of stillness. But what the Jews have done with the Sabbath is to turn it into an elaborate ritual of doing—they are so concerned about not performing work, that they enter into a state of consciousness, where in order to avoid performing what they define as work, they have to work so hard, that they forget all about stillness. Thus, instead of stopping their doing, they just transform their doing into a different form of doing, that still takes them away from finding stillness.

Can you imagine what would have happened, if the Jews had not created this completely misplaced tradition but had instead used the Sabbath day according to its original purpose? Can you imagine how the Jews would have been able to respond to whatever situation they encountered if, one day a week, they would contact the point of stillness, so that they might go out and do during the other six days from the point of stillness—rather than from the human level of imagination, where they are so caught up in their tradition.

Can you see even, that the idea of a tradition is a hindrance for, is in opposition to, the free flow of creativity, that is the intended role of God’s co-creators? What did Jesus say? “I AM the open door, which no man can shut.” All human beings – men and women and children – are meant to be the open doors for the free flow of creativity—of new ideas, of new ways of dealing with things.

The ungodly dream of being God’s chosen people

So why is it, that the Jews in the modern state of Israel cannot imagine, that they could co-exist peacefully with Palestinians within the state of Israel? Well, it is because the modern-day Jews have allowed their minds, their imagination, to be so confined by tradition, that they think that they themselves belong to a separate category of people, and they believe that the nation of Israel should be only for their category of people. And therefore, they cannot imagine, that the state of Israel could be for more than Jews, and they cannot imagine that the Jews could give up this age-old illusion of superiority and exclusivity—that they could stop seeing themselves as God’s chosen people. And instead, they could go to the point of stillness, where they realize that in God’s kingdom there are no Jews, there are no Muslims, there are no Palestinians, there are no Arabs, there are no white people, there are no black people, there are no Christians. For all of these divisions can exist only in a human state of consciousness.

And in order to enter the point of stillness, you have to be willing to surrender all of these human conditions, to transcend them. And then you come out on the other side of stillness as a pure Presence of God. Can you see, that when you are so focused on seeing yourself belonging to a separate race, or as God’s chosen people, it actually demonstrates that you do not know God? You do not know the true God, the One true God that can only be found through stillness—not through man-made conditions.

You will not find God if you see yourself as a Jew, as a Christian, as a Muslim, as white, black, yellow, red, or whatever color you want to attach to yourself. You will not find God if you will not let go of these conditions, and the reason is simple. If you will not let go of the conditions, that you use to identify yourself, then you cannot let go of the state of consciousness, that will also seek to project these conditions upon God. And therefore, you cannot even imagine the real God. For you are so locked in your imagination upon a man-made image, a graven image of God, that when you claim to be looking for God, you are looking for the man-made image of God. You are not looking for the One true God Who is beyond all form, all images, all conditions.

Stillness is pure awareness, where the man-made conditions fade away. God is pure awareness, and God is beyond all man-made conditions. And thus, the only way to experience God is through stillness. This is what the Jews have not been willing to acknowledge, and that is why they are not God’s chosen people.

This, of course, will be highly offensive to the human consciousness. But you see, I AM beyond the human consciousness. And as such, I am not the slightest concerned about what offends the human consciousness. You see, what I AM saying here? Any consciousness that is focused on setting one group of people apart from another, and then elevating them above others, is not a consciousness that comes from God. This is not what God imagines, this is what the human mind imagines. What God imagines is that all beings on earth – who call themselves humans – will wake up from the human dream and recognize, that they are spiritual beings—but that even beyond that they are spiritual Presences.

And they will then contact that Presence in the stillness, and then go out and act on earth from the point of stillness. For that one change, that one shift in awareness, is the only thing, that can bring God’s kingdom to earth, that can bring the Golden Age of Saint Germain to earth. I can imagine the Golden Age. Hardly anyone on earth can imagine it at their present level of consciousness, for they have not gone into the stillness and contacted, not only the Presence that they are, but the Presence that I AM, so that I might share my EYE-magic, my imagination, with them.

Why the Jews want to be persecuted

So what is the one underlying problem, that prevents a peaceful resolution in the Middle East? It is precisely the unwillingness to let go of the dream of human superiority. It is perfectly true, that many Jews do not want to end the persecution that they experience from other people. The reason is precisely, that they believe so firmly in the illusion that they are God’s chosen people. And because they are God’s chosen people, they believe, that all other people are jealous of them—and that is indeed why they are persecuting the Jews, out of their jealousy and their anger. And therefore, whenever the Jews are persecuted, it is a confirmation for them, that they are indeed God’s chosen people.

Do you see? When you, as an outsider – who has not grown up in the Jewish culture or in the state of Israel – when you look at the Jews and the state of Israel, you might think that, surely, the Jews want to end the persecution, they want to be treated as all other people without being persecuted. But you are not understanding the mindset, that right now rules the state of Israel like a tyrant that will not tolerate dissent. That mindset is the desire to be special. And certainly, that mindset would like to be treated as superior by all other people on earth. The Jews certainly can envision a dream, where all other people recognize them as God’s chosen people and treat them as such. However, they are just as happy being special by being persecuted by other people—for that also confirms to them the dream, that they are set apart, that they are special.

Do you see, my beloved? If the Jews were to overcome persecution, how could this possibly happen? Well, if the Jews were not persecuted by other people, what would that mean? It would mean, that these other people started treating the Jews as they treat anyone else. And if the Jews were suddenly treated like all other people, what would that mean? Well, it would mean, that the Jews were not different, were not special, would it not? And therefore – suddenly – the Jews are faced with a need to examine themselves and their dream of feeling special, of feeling like God’s chosen people. And this they are not willing to do. They are not willing to look at that beam in their own eyes, and therefore they focus on the splinter in the eyes of other people. And the more other people persecute the Jews, the more of an excuse the Jews have for looking at the splinters in other people’s eyes and “taking their eye off the ball” – the beam – in their own eyes.

This is how the human consciousness works, my beloved. It is not only working that way in the Jews, for you indeed see other peoples around the world who have the need to be special. Certainly, we should not overlook the many, many Muslims who also want to be special, by thinking that Islam is the superior religion, the one true religion. And certainly, we shall not forget the many Christians who have the exact same consciousness, thinking that Christ is the only way to get to the kingdom of God, and thus Christianity surely is the superior religion, making them special—actually wanting to be persecuted, like they were persecuted during the days of Rome.

There is a state of consciousness, an element of the human consciousness, that loves being persecuted, because it wants to see itself as a victim. It is another age-old epic drama—that we are the victims of an evil force over which we have no control, but one day God will appear in the sky and reinstate us to our original position. And then all people will see, that we were superior all along. And precisely because they have persecuted us so violently, they will feel so bad about themselves! This is an epic drama that millions of people have been caught up in over the millennia, and that millions of people are still caught up in today. Even many spiritual and New Age people are caught up in this drama, that one day something will happen that makes other people see that they were right all along.

Is this really all you can imagine for yourselves? For if it is, then I can tell you, that your level of imagination is so far from what I can imagine for you, that I truly feel almost at a loss to explain how we can breach the gap. For surely, you will not be able to fathom what I can imagine for you, and for your role in the Golden Age, as long as you are not willing to question, to look beyond and to let go of the epic dramas in which your imagination has become trapped. And thus, again, you see why it is so important, that we have given these teachings on the epic dramas. Pick them apart if you will. Criticize them if you will. But know that all you are doing is tying yourself more firmly to the consciousness behind the epic dramas. This is your choice.

The consciousness behind the creation of Israel

As the God of Freedom, I champion free will. And thus, I champion free will in the Middle East. It is perfectly acceptable, that people create for themselves any experience that they want to experience. And thus, what is the state of Israel? It is a matrix, a role, a theatre performance for the kind of souls that have an unfulfilled desire to experience, what it means to feel superior to others. Take note if you will – or fail to take note if you won’t – that I am not hereby saying, that all of the people in the state of Israel have this need, or desire, to feel superior. What I AM saying, however, is that the state of Israel is ruled by this consciousness. In fact, what I want you to understand is, that the state of Israel was created out of this consciousness.

For, as those of you who study the state of Israel will realize, it was not actually created based on the imagination behind the official international creation of the state. The creation of the modern state of Israel began back in the 1800s in the imagination of one person with the last name of Rothschild, an international banker who truly did not see himself as a Jew in the traditional sense of the word, but he was completely tied up in the consciousness of needing to feel superior, wanting to use money to create power and then feel superior through that power.

This was the kind of consciousness, that set the stage for the emergence of what would become the state of Israel. Study the history as it is even recognized by the state of Israel itself, and you will see the influence of not only the Rothschilds, but also of other international bankers and financiers. They financed and backed the creation of the state of Israel, not because they were concerned about the people – not because they were concerned about the Jews or the Jewish religion or the Jewish culture – but because they were caught up in the dream of superiority. And they saw, that this was indeed one way to set up a state that could fulfill that dream.

And they were perfectly aware, that this might lead to conflict with other states, other peoples, but they actually saw this as a bonus. Now, my beloved, there are those who are aware that the Rothschilds in Europe would often lend money to finance a military build-up in two nations, and then manufacture and sell the weapons and then provide the spark that caused those weapons to be used and used up, so there was a need for the selling of more weapons. But the consciousness that is behind the creation of the state of Israel is not simply to profit from conflict—it is truly that conflict gives the ultimate sense of power.

If you are trapped in the consciousness of wanting to feel that you are superior, that you have ultimate power on earth, then what could feed that consciousness more than feeling, that you have the power to plunge the world into a third world war, as you indeed believe you were instrumental in plunging the world into the previous two world wars? This is the ultimate outcome of perverted power—that you feel you have the power to destroy the world, to destroy God’s plan, to destroy what God has built up. So that you can prove the fallacy of giving co-creators free will, and at the same time giving them the co-creative power that can lead them to destroy an entire planet.

Israel is not truly for Jews

This is the consciousness behind the creation of the modern state of Israel, and if you look at it from the point of stillness you will see, that this has nothing to do with Jews. Most of the people who are Jewish are not trapped in this state of consciousness, but they have become the victims of it, the pawns of it, because of their own dream, that the Jewish race is God’s chosen people. Yet take a look at the state of Israel. It is a theatre for people who want to experience a certain state of consciousness.

Now then, go beyond the common beliefs amongst Christians, Jews and Muslims and recognize the reality that the soul survives the death of the physical body, and therefore it can inhabit more than one physical body over time. When you know and acknowledge the reality of reincarnation, you might at first think, that the people who are Jews today have been Jews for all of their previous embodiments, but it is not the case. You cannot trace the history of souls by looking at the outer history of the Jewish people. You can trace the Jewish people through history, but it does not mean, that it was the same souls who reincarnated over and over again as Jews. Certainly, a few souls have incarnated as Jews for many, many embodiments, but the majority of them switched to different experiences, for most people are not so stuck in wanting to have the same experience over and over. They desire variety, which is indeed what this planet is designed to provide in abundance.

What I am endeavoring to explain here is this: the state of Israel is not for one group of people, it is not even for the Jews. The modern state of Israel is not created for the Jews, whether you see them as just Jews today or as souls who have embodied as Jews for many lifetimes. The modern state of Israel is actually designed as a theatre for a group of people, a group of souls, who are still stuck in that consciousness of wanting to experience superiority—but even wanting to experience ultimate power.

There is a consciousness in Israel – tied to the consciousness of Masada – of wanting to take an ultimate stand, that supposedly is for a cause, such as freedom, but it is really the ultimate desire of the human ego to write itself into history, by performing an act of such shocking nature, that it attracts the attention of all coming generations. And there is also a consciousness in the state of Israel, that the state of Israel has the right to defend itself with all means possible, which of course involves nuclear weapons. Do you see, that when you combine these insights, you realize that there is a consciousness – a beast – in Israel, that wants to create a nuclear ragnarok in Israel, around Israel, in the Arab nations, so that this will be written indelibly into the history of this planet—that this was where the ultimate power of the ultimate weapon of nuclear technology was unleashed. And therefore, it will be looked upon with fear by all future generations.

This is the level of insanity that is lurching behind the surface in and around the state of Israel. It is not exclusive to Israel, in that you can find pockets of it in other places in the world, even still in Russia, where some people want to use nuclear technology to re-establish Russian superiority. And certainly, you can find it in some very narrow military circles in the United States, that also love nuclear weapons for the power it gives them. Certainly, you can find this consciousness in both Pakistan and India, you can find it in China, you can find it in North Korea—more like a lusting after than a reality. You can find it in Iran, you can even find it – although in diminished form – in England and especially in France. And you can find it in other nations who are lusting after it, even in the terrorist organizations, so-called, of Al Qaeda, where they would love nothing more than being able to unleash a nuclear weapon in a major city.

Seeing all problems from the point of stillness

This is the consciousness that needs to be exposed, that needs to be faced head-on. And right now this messenger raises his right hand with the scepter given to him by Surya. And the scepter touches the forehead – the third eye – of this beast. And so the beast itself is diminished by this action, but it is still recreated and kept alive in the consciousness of many people around the world. And thus, there is a need for those who are alert and awake to make calls on this particular consciousness, and this beast of wanting ultimate power and thinking that ultimate power is the power to destroy the earth and God’s purpose for the earth.

Thus, I have surely given you enough food for thought in one discourse—realizing that this can be disturbing teachings. Yet why did I start out talking about the point of stillness? Because when you are in the point of stillness, nothing on earth will truly disturb you. When you are in the point of stillness, you look upon the earth, and there is no sense of panic, no sense of fear, no sense of impending doom. These feelings can exist only in the human consciousness, and what is the basis for these feelings? It is again, limited imagination.

What is free imagination? What is unlimited imagination? What is the ultimate imagination—the ultimate EYE-magic? Well, it is, indeed, what Jesus said, “With God all things are possible.” And when you are in the point of stillness, you are with God and God is with you. And thus, you can look at the earth and know, that with God all things are possible, with God it is possible to overcome this tradition, this consciousness. And therefore, you do not shy away from looking at a condition, from looking at a certain state of consciousness. For you know, that if you do not look at it, you cannot use your Eye-magic, your imagination, to envision it gone.

You cannot use Eye-magic on that, which you are not willing to look at. And of course, you cannot use Eye-magic if you look at something from the level of the human consciousness. Which is precisely why the all-important distinction is, that you do not need to look at problems from the human consciousness, where you feel overwhelmed or panicked by them. You go into the point of stillness, and when you have found the stillness, when you have established yourself in the stillness, then you look at the problems. For now you do not see them as real, as permanent, but only as temporary mirages, as images projected upon the movie screen. And you see how easily they can be changed by changing the filmstrip in the projector.

And thus, you start by changing the filmstrip in your own mind, so that you are not projecting an image of fear or permanence or inevitability, but you project the image, that these conditions are transformed by the light of God, that the people are awakened from their limited consciousness. That they are awakened to a new vision of how these old and seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome, how the irreconcilable conflict can be reconciled, how the impossible problems can be solved with the knowledge, that through the stillness all things are possible.

Thus, I greeted you from the stillness. I bid you Adieu from the stillness, and I admonish you to spend some time to focus on this stillness, to experience your own Presence and then experience the presence that I AM. Call it Saint Germain or the Presence of Freedom or whatever you want to call it, but connect to it through your own Presence. Experience my Presence, and I will share with you my imagination of the Golden Age on earth, including the Golden Age in the Middle East. And thus, I bid you “Adieu” from the stillness that is not passive stillness, but an active stillness, for it is teeming with life—the Life that IS God!


Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels