Saint Germain is the Buddha for the Aquarian age

TOPICS: The Buddha’s Presence in California – I impart to you my infinite peace –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, July 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

I, Gautama, am joyful to take on the great privilege of announcing to you that Saint Germain has attained the level of Buddhahood, and has been anointed by me as a Buddha for the earth—as the Buddha holding the Freedom Flame for the earth. My Beloved, this is a very significant development. For we now have Jesus – who also attained Buddhahood not that long ago – and we have Saint Germain, both having achieved this level of consciousness. Thus, both the master of the Piscean age and the master of the Aquarian age have reached that level of Buddhahood, which is significantly higher than the level of consciousness at which most beings ascend.

The anointing took place on the 4th of July this year, 2007, in a simple and small ceremony held at my retreat of Shamballa. Thus I desire you to recognize the Buddha of Freedom.

Now then, my beloved, I shall not tire you with a long discourse, for I know you have worked hard and long hours during this conference, holding the balance for this immense release of teachings—that I must tell you even Saint Germain himself could not have released before his anointing as the Buddha. For these are Buddhic-level teachings, that, as he said, have not been released for a very long time on this planet.

And thus, you have an understanding that has not been available even to the most spiritually aware people in past Golden Ages, at least for some time. This, my beloved, is another good sign that we – this time – will create and manifest a Golden Age that has the potential not to go into a degenerative spiral after a short period of time.

The Buddha’s Presence in California

Thus, my beloved, as Saint Germain has talked about the importance of a breakthrough in consciousness that can start here in California, I desire to announce to you that you have earned a reward, a dispensation from me. At the conference in Virginia and at the conference in Ireland, I anchored my presence, both in Europe and in Washington D.C. Well, due to your work of transcendence, due to the release of light from Saint Germain, I am also anchoring my presence in – or rather throughout – the state of California.

For certainly, the Presence of the Buddha is not limited by time and space, for time and space are not—they are unreal at the level of Buddhahood. So I shall anchor my presence here, again forming an arc from here to Washington, from Washington to Europe, so that we can see a sparking, a fire beginning to burn, in the collective consciousness. Where people who are attuned to the consciousness of the Buddha will be awakened to the need to step up higher and to bring forth new ideas and to express those ideas in all areas of society.

This is indeed a significant dispensation. For now we span the East and the West coast of the United States as well as the Atlantic ocean. It is even possible that other conferences in the future – held on other continents – could again create a breakthrough that would allow me to anchor my Presence there as well—eventually forming a grid, an antakharana, that spans the entire planet. Yet this will in some instances be some ways off, for the people in those areas need to do more work to prepare for such a dispensation. Yet I give you the vision of what is possible.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Envisioning Saint Germain’s Golden Age.

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