SR. The tenth ray of transparency

TOPICS: The ego cannot fathom transparency – What obscures transparency? – Co-creating from oneness – Co-creating from duality – You have the power to create a living entity – The initiation of the tenth ray – Why are people struggling – How to create unity among people – The lie that you cannot transcend – You cannot step into the same river twice – What you think you own owns you – Entities and diseases – Understanding wholeness – Becoming a messenger –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, May 9, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Thus, I come again to discourse on the next ray, the tenth ray. But be aware, that we are giving you numbers for practical reasons. Do not become so attached to the linear mind – as I have now attempted to explain to you in many different ways – that you think the secret rays are as linear as the first seven. They are not, my beloved.

It is not that you have to go from the eighth to the ninth and then on to the tenth and on from there. When you go through the initiations of the eighth ray, you go into the realm of the secret rays—which is spherical, not linear. Thus, in a sense, we could say that you are going through the initiations of the secret rays all at once. But there may be times when you need to focus on one particular ray more than another, and that will depend on your individual path. Do not feel that you have to force yourself to follow a linear path through the secret rays. But tune in to your heart and feel which ray is the one that you need to focus on right now.

The ego cannot fathom transparency

The next ray is the tenth, which is the ray of transparency. Again, a concept that the linear mind finds difficult, and that the ego, of course, finds completely impossible and unworkable. For how can the ego maintain an existence, when there is complete transparency? As explained in the Book of Genesis, after Adam and Eve had eaten of the forbidden fruit of the duality consciousness, they attempted to hide themselves from God. Well, my beloved, why is it possible to believe that you can actually hide?

Logically, of course, it makes no sense, that you can hide from God—who is everywhere and in everything. So, in order to even believe in the concept that you can hide, you must go into the state of separation, the state of duality, where there is a distance between you and God. You can now set up the belief, that there is something that is not transparent. And thus, you can hide behind that something.

As an example, imagine that someone is playing hide and seek with a group of children and the children all go hide. One hides behind a house, one behind a bush, but another attempts to hide behind a pane of glass. Well, certainly that child cannot well hide, can it? And this is what you see, when there is transparency: there can be nothing hidden. And the ego can exist only when there is the illusion that something is hidden—that there is a distance from the oneness of God. And, of course, what could possibly be hidden, what could be separated from oneness?

This is what has happened, as Maitreya explains, after the co-creators of God separated themselves out from their spiritual teacher. For as long as they were in direct contact with the spiritual teacher, they could not forget that they are MORE, that they came from a greater source. Even if they yet had an imperfect understanding of that source and did not have a direct experience of their oneness with their source, they at least had some knowledge of this. And thus, they could not completely sink into the duality consciousness, of actually believing that there is no God, or believing that God is a remote being in the sky and not here on earth and that they are sinners by their very existence. All of these beliefs can exist only, when something has obscured the transparency, that is the underlying reality of all things. Someone has thrown mud on the pane of glass of humankind’s consciousness, and on the individual panes of glass in the consciousness of each person.

What obscures transparency?

What is it, then, that obscures transparency? In order to fully understand this, beyond what we have already given about the Ma-ter light and images projected upon it, you need to understand a concept that, again, can be difficult for the linear mind—and, again, the ego will rebel against it. The reality is, that everything is consciousness—everything is awareness. Thus, you are a co-creator with God. You are a self-aware being. But how do you co-create? You co-create by using the only reality there is, namely, what we have called the Ma-ter light. We have also explained that the Ma-ter light has consciousness, although few of you have truly pondered this. What exactly does this mean, my beloved? It means, that whatever is created, whatever is envisioned, whatever is imagined, is done with this basic consciousness of the Ma-ter light.

That consciousness of the Ma-ter light takes on a particular form. Yet, because it is conscious, it is possible to create enough intensity, so that eventually that which is conscious now becomes so concentrated, that it develops a rudimentary form of self-awareness. And thus, what has been created is a particular, conscious, living entity.

You have been so used to growing up in a society, that presents everything in the material world as inanimate forms and objects. This, of course, is an inaccurate image, as I explained earlier, that even quantum physics itself has proven to be incomplete. Consciousness is the underlying reality, my beloved. And so, when you, as a self-aware co-creator, impose a mental image upon the Ma-ter light, you are not simply projecting an image upon the inanimate object of a movie screen. You are projecting it upon the basic awareness of the Mother light.

And when you infuse that image with enough life force, through your attention, through your awareness, well then the image will reach that intensity, that complexity, where now it begins to take on a life of its own. It is somewhat like the old dream, where people believe they can create life, out-pictured, for example, in the movie about Doctor Frankenstein—who took various body parts, stitched them together, infused them with a higher force, and then it came alive.

This is essentially what all of you do when you co-create, for that is the power of your consciousness. You have the power, through your self-awareness, to impose that self-awareness, that life-force, upon the Ma-ter light, until it takes on enough of the life force, that the image that you have imposed actually comes alive. Almost like what you see in a cartoon, where the drawings are still images, but when played in sequence it seems as if the character comes alive.

Co-creating from oneness

So, the question now becomes, how do you use your co-creative power? Is it through the state of non-duality or through the state of duality? You see, when you use your co-creative power from that state of equilibrium – of oneness, of knowing the oneness of all life – then you can create distinct life forms that do take on a life, but not a disconnected, separate existence. They become part of the River of Life that is created out of the thrust and the Being of all the self-aware co-creators who have gone before you in the different spheres, as Maitreya explains. So as long as you are one with that River of Life, anything you create becomes part of the River of Life. For the purpose of this discussion on transparency, we might say that anything you create from the state of oneness has transparency—which means that the pure light of God can shine through it.

Consider how you look at a window in a house. If the window was not transparent, would it have any value whatsoever? Of course not, for you want the light to shine through. And that is precisely what happens, when you create from oneness. You create a life form that may take on life, but it is not separated, disconnected. And you can see that that life form owes its life, owes its existence, to the flow of life that comes from a higher source—even though it comes through your consciousness, it comes from a higher source. And therefore, you recognize that you are a co-creator, “I can of my own self do nothing. The father within me, he doeth the work.”

For you are using the light, the life force, of God, streaming through your mind. You cannot produce that light from your conscious self or your lower mind. You can only receive it from a higher source, from your I AM Presence, and from the hierarchy of light stretching all the way back to the Creator. “Stretching,” of course, implying great distance, which is not the reality, but yet, there is a certain reality in the different levels of vibration and frequency.

Now then, as long as you create from oneness, there will be transparency in what you create. Meaning that no one can actually look at what you have co-created and think that it can exist on its own. You know that nothing can exist without its source, that everything owes its existence, its life, to the source beyond it. And thus, no one can become trapped in that particular world of form, for they will know that there is always something beyond—for the light is shining through.

Co-creating from duality

So then, what happens when you begin to co-create from the state of separation, the illusion of duality? Well, what happens is, that what you create is also a life form that takes on, in this case, a life of its own, a separate life.
You may have heard in various spiritual teachings, there is talk of entities, of demons, of various dark beings. Well, my beloved, such beings are created through the duality consciousness. But do not be naive and think, that what is created through the duality consciousness can only appear as dark or scary. The reality is that people have created many beings, many entities, that are seemingly good and that they believe are good or necessary or beneficial or even serve God’s purpose. Yet they are based on the sense of separation, the illusion of separation.

You see, what is the illusion of separation? As we have explained, God is everywhere and in everything. You cannot be separated from God—it is impossible. It is like a drop in the ocean claiming to be separated from the ocean. Yet, because of free will, you can create the appearance, the illusion that you are separated. And how can you do this? You do this because you live in a universe, in a sphere, that, as Maitreya explains, has not yet reached the critical intensity of light. If your universe had reached that intensity of light, the light would be so intense, that it could shine through anything and everything. And thus, everything would be transparent, nothing could block the light, and the illusion of separation could not exist.

But because the intensity of light is yet below the critical level in the material universe – at least in certain pockets of that universe, such as your solar system – well, then it is possible to use the co-creative powers of the mind to go into a lower vibration – a vibration that vibrates below the frequency of love – and use one of these lower vibrations – be it fear, anger, hatred, judgment, criticism, or whatever you have – to co-create something. And it is almost as if that something becomes so dense, that the light cannot shine through it. The reality, however, being that it becomes so dense, that when you look through that screen, you cannot see the light.

The light is still there. There is still light everywhere in the material universe. But when you, the conscious self, step into an environment created from frequencies below a certain level, then the conscious self cannot see the light. For you have used your free will to create a sphere, that has no real existence, but it has existence in your mind—so that it forms a screen that you see through. It is as if you put a piece of colored paper onto your window, and it reduces the light intensity, that can shine through and it gives that light a certain coloring. And if you keep putting enough paper on the window, eventually you will block the light entirely.

Yet, take note of what I said. You co-create by directing the life force, that is streaming through you. You have the right, according to the Law of Free Will, to impose any image, any mental image, upon that light, as you project it onto the Ma-ter light. If you want to connect to what I said in the previous discourse, you may say that the Ma-ter light represents the Mother aspect of creation. And the expanding force is the Father aspect, which streams through your consciousness and is directed onto the Ma-ter light, where it then causes the Ma-ter light to take on the form of the image you hold in your mind, as the light flows through it.

You have the power to create a living entity

But because everything is consciousness, what you create is not just an inanimate form; it is not just a dead form. It will eventually start to take on life, and the more it is infused with the life force through your attention, the more life it takes on, the more of a survival instinct it begins to develop. Which is why you can have an ego, that has a survival instinct, and as such seeks to control the Conscious You. And you can have mass entities, that have enough of a survival instinct to seek to control people, and pull them into an addiction – such as tobacco – that forces their light, so that the entity can absorb it and use it to survive, and even grow in intensity.

Ever since the first beings in a previous sphere descended into duality – because they were not willing to transcend themselves – they have used their co-creative abilities to co-create through the illusion – the filter, the maya – of the duality consciousness. But what they have created are these entities, these beings that do not have self-awareness as you do – as an extension of the Creator – but they have enough awareness that they exist and that they need something in order to continue to exist. They are sort of like an animal life form that, while not having a sophisticated self-awareness that you see in humans, they have at least some rudimentary self-awareness that causes them to seek to control anyone that can be controlled by their particular frequency. For all of the entities that have been created, form what Jesus called the “prince of this world.”

And if they have something in you, they will pull upon it, in order to force your attention into certain patterns, into certain images, so that you misqualify the light and keep feeding the life force to these entities—that have a hold on you and essentially milk you, as if you were a cow, ready to be milked twice a day by going into a certain state of consciousness. This is what you see, not only with physical addictions, but with so many people who go into anger or fear, or judgmentalness, or criticalness—of criticizing or always judging and analyzing everyone and everything, using the analytical mind, but imposing that value judgment of the ego upon it. Which then causes the misqualification of the light, causes the light to take on a lower frequency, according to this dualistic relative value judgment, where something is good and something is bad. Whereas, in the transparency – the purity of the transparency – everything is an expression of the one, so nothing can be good in a relative sense to something that is bad. It simply IS.

The initiation of the tenth ray

When you come to the tenth ray and the initiations of the tenth ray, you need to become aware of this. A topic that many people, even many spiritual people, would rather not know about, would rather not think about, would rather not talk about. For it is uncomfortable to them to recognize, that perhaps they could have used their co-creative abilities to create something that has taken on a life of its own and is now seeking to control them—and is even seeking to control other people. And perhaps they could even be controlled by a mass entity, created by humankind over thousands and tens of thousands and millions of years—so that that mass entity has become so strong, that it is very difficult for the individual to withstand its pull.

Which, precisely, is why, as you go through the initiations of the seven rays, you need to create the momentum, that keeps you going beyond the downward pull of the mass consciousness. But it is also why you need to go back, as Mother Mary explained, and recover any aspects of your being, that are trapped in these lower states. But you cannot, in most cases, fully recover this until you go beyond the seven rays, go into the eighth, go into the ninth, come into that equilibrium, for the equilibrium forms a foundation. When you know, that there is equilibrium beyond the struggle, well, then you have a foundation for taking a closer look at the struggle. And that is when you can realize, that the struggle is not really what it seems to be from a surface awareness.

It is actually a struggle between principalities and forces that are not visible to the senses and the outer mind—it is between all of these entities that have been created. And precisely because they are created out of the duality consciousness, they must be locked in a struggle with each other. The pure light of God that remains transparent, that remains at the vibration of love, is unlimited. But when the light takes on a lower vibration than love, it becomes finite, it becomes limited. So now there is only – even though six billion people on this planet are constantly misqualifying light – there is still only a finite amount. Which means that all of the entities, that inhabit the forcefield, the energy field, of earth, must fight. Just like you see, when an animal dies on the African savannah, the hyenas and the vultures immediately start fighting over the carcass. For they know that it will only last a short time, and if they don’t get it, someone else will. And this is the real cause of the struggle.

Why are people struggling

You may look at people and say, “Why are they struggling?” And you may look at what so many people that are well-meaning have done—trying to find a psychological cause, looking at the individual, looking at a particular group, looking at their beliefs. For example, you will see a wave of people who have come to conclude, that the real cause of all warfare is religion and religious beliefs. And they think, that if only we can get rid of religion and get people to disavow their belief in religion, then we will have peace. But they fail to realize, that it is not religion that is the cause of war—that religion is simply being used as a tool to agitate people, so that they misqualify their light. Whereas the real cause of the struggle and the war is, that there are entities beyond the physical, who need the constant misqualification of light in order to survive. And if people do not misqualify that light, well then, they will die out.

Which is why they must continue to keep people in their grip, so that they will continue to fight each other in a senseless struggle—as you see in the Middle East and elsewhere. This surely can never be construed as being the will of the real God, but could only be the will of a graven image of God, projected upon God through the duality consciousness. And so, again, there are numerous of these living entities—born from a certain image of God, a certain image born from duality. The most dangerous of these entities are precisely the ones that relate to a graven image of God. Because those are the ones that people find it most difficult to abandon.

You may take an entity, such as the tobacco entity, and see that it is obviously very dangerous for the people who are addicted to tobacco. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly easier for people in the modern world to see the dangers of smoking. Which is why more and more people have given up this habit, after realizing that it destroys their bodies and perhaps even sensing that it has negative spiritual ramifications as well. Yet, look at how many people are still trapped in believing, that there has to be one superior religion and that this religion is given by God. And therefore, it is mandated by God, that this religion must take over the world, for it is the only way to save people. And all non-believers will not be saved but will be condemned to live in eternity in hell.

Consider how difficult it is for people to give up this belief, this illusion, so that they will stop feeding their light into this mass entity—whether it be the mass entity of Christianity, the mass entity of Islam, even the mass entity of Buddhism. For each religion, each belief system, has created such a mass entity, that is struggling with the mass entities of other religions—even feeding an even greater entity that simply feeds on the struggle itself and will use anything to create the struggle. Certainly, materialistic science has created such a mass entity, that is also seeking to strengthen itself and take over, even to the point of taking the light from the mass entities of religion, by getting people to distrust religion and give up their religious beliefs.

So those scientists who believe they are working for a greater cause are simply working for the same cause that they see religious people working for. Thus, they see the fallacy of religious people, feeding their light into this beast, but they do not see that they, themselves, are doing the same thing—simply working for another beast. And they, too, have this belief in the supremacy of their own world view and the drive to impose it and enforce it upon others—which cannot come from God.

How to create unity among people

Why can this not come from God? Why can you not truly say, that the one God has created one true religion and wants all people to go into it? Well, because the true God, the Living God, has given complete free will to all extensions of itself. And thus, the true God does not want people to come into unity by being forced to adhere to a particular outer belief system. There is only one way to create true unity and oneness among people, and that is to increase the transparency, so that more and more people can begin to see that they come from a higher source. And when you see that you come from a higher source, you will eventually come to see, that all other people must also have come from that source, and that, then, is the foundation for true unity—based on transparency.

As the consciousness is raised, then the light will shine through the screen of people’s consciousness. And as more and more light shines through, then the light is the unifying factor. Not a particular religion, not a political ideology, not a scientific world view – or rather, belief system – but the light is the only unifying factor. The light that exposes the darkness for what it is—unreal, temporary, impermanent.

For when you see the light, you see that only the light is real—and only that which is real can be permanent. Whereas anything else must be temporary, a fleeting image projected upon the screen of the Ma-ter light. But only sustained as long as enough self-aware beings are feeding it through their attention, through their identification with it—seeing it as part of their identity. Instead of seeing the transparent reality, that they are more than anything on earth, for they are spiritual beings, and they can instantly withdraw from these patterns of unreality. They can instantly rise above them, walk away from them and refuse to keep feeding them their light.

The lie that you cannot transcend

Do you see, how the prince of this world has attempted to create a belief that says, that once you have created this entity, you cannot simply walk away from it? But you can, my beloved. How else will you stop feeding it your light? Consider my previous discourse on action. You take an unbalanced action—how do you undo it? You cannot undo it by taking another unbalanced action. You can take one action through one dualistic polarity, but you do not undo it by taking an action from the opposite dualistic polarity. You undo it only by rising above duality, so that you no longer feed it through your attention. You neither feed this dualistic entity, nor that dualistic entity. You simply transcend it. And you then allow the second law of thermodynamics, or the wrath of Kali, or the dance of Shiva, to consume it.

Your Creator was not ignorant. This is one of the greatest traps of the duality consciousness, that it creates a world view, which it believes is perfectly logical. And thus, it believes it is smarter than even God, and God could not possibly have foreseen this sophisticated world view. But God did foresee exactly what would happen by giving self-aware beings free will—that some would go into the duality consciousness and become trapped there. And thus, God set up a perfect system for making sure that it was as difficult as possible for a being to become trapped in duality so long, that it would eventually face the possibility of a second death. Thereby, God gave people as many possibilities as anyone could possibly want to transcend and come back to the reality of oneness. And that is why, indeed, the system is such, that when you go into an unbalanced state, you will create the struggle. You will create from the realm where the struggle is inevitable, and thus your creation will break down, will be threatened, will be opposed by others—and so you can never have permanence in that creation.

You cannot step into the same river twice

But now let us take this one step further and consider why you want permanency? For as we have said before, the ego was created because the conscious self perceived that the ego could give it some advantage. And so, consider the saying, “You cannot step into the same river twice.” For what is a river? It is a stream of water that is constantly moving. And if you step into the river, you are stepping into certain water molecules. If you step out and step back in, other molecules have moved into the place of the previous ones. And thus, you are not – technically, in reality – stepping into the same river.

So it is with the River of Life, my beloved. The River of Life is constantly moving on. It is set up so that those who are willing to be part of that forward movement are constantly becoming MORE, instead of standing still or becoming less. Why is this so? Well, because the goal of a self-aware being is, of course, to start out with a limited, localized self-awareness and expand it to the level of the Creator itself. We might say – by using images with which you are familiar – that God thought that you might be bored by being the same being over a long period of time. And thus, God gave you the option of being in the River of Life where everything is constantly new.

Even though God has given you the right to create any experience you want, when you are in the River of Life, every experience is new. There is growth, there is transcendence. And so, there can be those who cannot fully accept or adjust to this constant flow and transcendence. They want to own something, they want to own an experience and keep it for a time, instead of transcending it. The only place where you can own something is in the realm – the sphere, the illusion – of separation, where things can be perceived as standing still. The reality is, of course, that nothing stands still, neither in the realm of oneness, nor in the realm of separation. For in the realm of oneness, you have the constant drive to become MORE, to transcend. And in the realm of separation, you have the contracting force of the Mother – the second law of thermodynamics, the power of Shiva – that breaks down everything.

You can either transcend, which is life, or you can attempt to stand still, which is death. There is truly no other choice. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. Choose life! For, unless you choose life, you will choose death. And you will suffer loss. You will be less, until you eventually forget who you are and believe, that you truly are a lesser being, be it a sinner or be it a sophisticated ape.

What you think you own owns you

The desire for ownership can be very subtle. It is what I called an attachment, when I walked the earth. It is the desire to own or posses something, to pull it out of the constant self-transcendence of the River of Life. And you can create the illusion that you own something, but that which you own is precisely an entity created through the power of your attention. And that entity wants to survive. And how can it survive? Only when you keep feeding it your light, which means that the entity wants to own you. And as long as you believe it is real, as long as you allow it in your sphere of identity, then it does own you. What you create in separation will own you. You may think that you own it, but it is the other way around.

What is the beginning of the spiritual path? It is when a person comes to the point – whether it is consciously aware of this or not – but comes to the point of deciding, “I cannot do this anymore. There must be a better way. There must be more to life.” And thereby, the person is essentially saying, “I do not want to be owned by my own miscreations. I want to be free. I want to be more than this.” And thus, it begins the upward climb, where it gradually shakes off the snake skins of that lesser identity, until it can stand free and recognize that, “I AM a spiritual being. I am a co-creator with my God.”

Entities and diseases

I have explained to you, that every disease of the physical body can be traced back to one of the perversions on the seven rays. What is it you create through those perversions, when you take one of the seven rays, mix it into a dualistic polarity and then co-create through that filter? Well, you create an entity, a separate entity, that then begins to own you.

And thus, you will see that for each disease known to humankind, there is a particular entity, that is sucking the light, the lifeblood, out of people—through the pain and the discomfort and the infirmity caused through the physical body. Thereby forcing your attention to focus on the physical body, in many cases even getting people to believe, that there are certain limitations for what they can accomplish or how they can live their lives, because of the limitations of their physical bodies. In many cases, people believe that they cannot attain true happiness or peace of mind while their physical body is not in some perfect state.

But then, when is your physical body ever in any perfect state? For as you are growing up, you want your body to be fully grown, so you can do with it what adults can do. But when you become an adult, you immediately start worrying about getting older, so that your body is no longer as beautiful or as agile, or as capable as it was when it was younger. And so, is there ever a perfect state for the body? If your inner happiness, your peace of mind, depends on anything in the body, then you are not likely to ever attain peace of mind. And thus, what you have come, as the spiritual people, to demonstrate is, that one can go beyond the limitations of the body, even the diseases of the body, and still find ease, find peace of mind, find happiness.

For some of you it is not in your divine plan to overcome a particular limitation or disease. It is in your divine plan to demonstrate peace of mind regardless of that limitation. You can reach a point, where you have demonstrated this sufficiently, and you can choose to throw it off and rise above it. But be aware that some of you, in fighting a disease, are actually fighting yourself—fighting against your own divine plan to outpicture peace of mind in spite of this or that physical condition—which can be more than simply diseases.

Understanding wholeness

And therefore, I tell you, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Seek first the transparency, where you see beyond your physical conditions. You see beyond that part of your being – your lower mind that wants to escape the pain, or the discomfort, or the difficulties – and then say, “My primary goal is wholeness. And wholeness is an inner condition. It is a state of mind. And there will always be some material condition, that will oppose my wholeness in embodiment. Whether it is a disease of my body or some physical limitations, or other people, there will always be some condition that will oppose it, and thus, the only way to attain wholeness is to attain it regardless of any physical conditions.”

For truly, spiritual wholeness has nothing to do with physical conditions. It is a spiritual condition, that transcends all material circumstances. And thus, when you come to the tenth ray, you then see – when you lock in to that Presence of Transparency – that there is something beyond the physical condition. And thus, the physical condition can no longer own you—your Spirit, your conscious self.

You no longer identify with it, and thus, you see that you are so much MORE. And by bringing that MORE into your conscious awareness, you identify yourself as that MORE, regardless of the outer conditions. For you see the reality, that you are always going to be limited by the physical body. And thus, it is not a matter of finding some perfect condition, where your spirit can then express itself through the body and everything is perfect. The reality is that everything will never be perfect, for there is no such thing as perfection.

The entire purpose is to express your spiritual being regardless of outer conditions. That is Christhood, that is Buddhahood, that is true spirituality. Where you see beyond the outer conditions, where they become transparent to you, so you see the underlying reality of who you are, the underlying reality of the oneness with your source, the oneness with all life. And how you, then, by finding that peace, can demonstrate to others how to find that peace, and can thus raise up the entire Body of God. You, then, become the open door.

Becoming a messenger

What does it mean to be the open door, if it does not mean to become transparent? How can a person serve as a messenger? What quality do you need to strive for to become a messenger? Well, let me tell you, that until you have attained some mastery on the tenth ray of transparency, you cannot become a messenger.

For what will you do if you are not transparent? Well, you might let some stream of consciousness and light stream through your outer mind, but you will impose images upon it, the images that you hold on to in your mind. And thus, what comes through you in the end, as words, will not be pure. And it might, indeed, be so colored, that it obscures the original message.

Jesus has explained how some people can catch a general outpouring of the Holy Spirit, yet, they can color it by the images in their outer minds, to the point where it no longer is transparent enough to empower others to trace the light back to the source. And therefore, it becomes an end in itself, where a messenger sets himself or herself up with a following, and wants those people to remain followers who are dependent on the messenger for a particular release of light. Instead of seeing, that if they see something spiritual in one person, then they should use that as a springboard for seeing the spiritual reality in themselves. As I said in my beginning discourse, the idolatry of the Buddha is the ultimate irony. For, the purpose of the Buddha’s coming was to help everyone see the Buddha within themselves.

Unless you have attained that transparency – not a complete transparency but enough of a transparency that you recognize, that you do not have a monopoly on the light, you do not have a monopoly on the ascended masters, you are simply a tool, an open door, for setting others free – until you recognize that, you cannot be a true messenger. You cannot give the liberating message, you cannot give the gift of life, that awakens people to the reality of life within themselves—instead of seeing it in some external person or external deity, having created an idol that, again, does what? It obscures the transparency that the light is in everything, and therefore also in themselves. For they think the light is only in the idol and that they can only receive it through the idol. This, then, is essentially being a false messenger, for you are not serving to liberate the people but to keep them trapped in a certain mental box.

And thus, you will see – if you take an honest look at many spiritual and religious organizations – you will see that from this higher perspective, there are many people who have been false messengers. This is not to say that they did not do some good. I do not want you to impose a linear judgment here. But what I am saying is that from the higher perspective and understanding of transparency, you can see that if you impose such an image on the release of light from the ascended masters, that the image obscures the reality of the light within every person, then you are not helping people grow beyond a certain point.

One can be a true messenger for the first seven rays but not have the awareness and consciousness to serve as a messenger for the secret rays. For one has not been willing to attain sufficient transparency in one’s own consciousness—knowing, therefore, that one does not need a following, one is not dependent on a following. For if one is the open door, then one is seeking, first, the kingdom of God, and then God will give you all these things that you need—not your followers. You are not dependent upon your followers, when you see the transparency that God is the only source. You will not think you need anything from this world. You will not think you need to own people or keep them around. You will give freely what you receive freely, and let people do with it whatever they want.

And if you come to a point, where you no longer have enough members to support you, well then, you will do whatever is necessary. But you will not seek to manipulate others in order to stay where you are comfortable—in a position as messenger or priest or pope or whatever authority figure you have. Such as the temple priests that Jesus challenged so many times, for they were comfortable. Such as the Brahmins that I challenged when I walked the earth, for they had become comfortable, thinking that they were the mediators between God and the people. But there is no mediator if the mediator has a sense of ownership. There is only a true mediator, when that being is transparent—knowing that it owns nothing, for you cannot own God. You cannot own the River of Life, you can only flow with it by constantly transcending yourself.

And if you are constantly transcending yourself, how can you then own anything at all? It is not possible to own, for there is no need to own or possess when you are constantly transcending and becoming MORE. Why would you want to own any one thing, when you can instantly transcend yourself and become more than that one thing? It makes no sense—except it makes perfect sense to the ego, which cannot flow with the River of Life. It cannot exist when you flow with the River of Life—and thus, it must keep you attached to something that you are not willing to give up, some illusion, some belief, some sense of self.

You think that if you give it up, there will be nothing left of your identity. For you have not yet experienced that your real identity is a transparent identity—where the light is constantly shining through. There can be no true identity that obscures the light. Thus, ponder the mystery – to the linear mind – that your true identity is still an individuality, but it is transparent—transparent for the light that can be traced all the way back to your source, your Creator. And when you experience this complete transparency – that comes from complete surrender – then you will be at peace. Then you will be at ease. Then you will be a true messenger, a true open door for the light. For if an open door is not transparent, then it is not open—is it, my beloved?

The eleventh ray of transcendence

The ninth ray of equilibrium


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