SR. The ninth ray of equilibrium

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, May 9, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

I, Gautama, come to discourse with you on the ninth ray. But let us begin by taking another look at the teachings about the eighth ray of integrating what you have achieved by passing the initiations of the first seven rays.

As I said, you come to the point, where you need to step back and see the larger picture. What does this exactly mean in terms of personal healing? It means, my beloved, that you see beyond the physical body itself. You see that healing is more than healing the physical body. Healing truly means wholeness, attaining wholeness. And that means, my beloved, that when you have gone through the initiations of the first seven rays, then you need to shift your focus, so that your first and foremost – in fact, your only – goal from this point on becomes the attainment of wholeness in your entire being.

As I said in my previous release, there are those who have gone through the initiations and have not attained healing of a particular physical condition, or have not overcome a particular situation. And so, the next step must be to see that there must be something that is not whole in the higher bodies—not only in the emotional, mental and identity, but even in your very perception of what it means to be a co-creator with God. Which is not simply the outer identity body, but the core of your identity body, the higher levels of your etheric body.

And so, you need to seek this wholeness, my beloved. And this is what you find when you abandon the outer approach—when you seek the inner approach. For my beloved, why would you even think that the outer approach to the spiritual path can have any relevance whatsoever when it comes to the secret rays? Which, as I have explained, are beyond not only the dualistic mind, but also the linear mind that wants to analyze and categorize everything.

Thus, my beloved, you cannot actually understand the secret rays—you cannot understand them intellectually. You can, of course, create an intellectual concept, a graven image that you project upon the concept of secret rays and upon a particular ray. But you cannot truly understand with the linear intellectual mind what the secret rays are about. Which means that there is, again, a calculated risk that we take in releasing any teaching in words about the secret rays. For as always, there are those who will look at it through the filter of the linear mind, will want to analyze it, will want to fit it into their database, which they have created based on whatever spiritual teachings they have practiced or studied up until this point.

Nevertheless, we also know that there are always those who will read between the lines, who will realize that the outer words are not truly as important as the inner meaning that is conveyed beyond the words. And thus, it is not truly a matter of understanding the secret rays or the characteristics of the secret rays. It is a matter of tuning in to them, experiencing their vibration directly, even becoming one with that presence, Spiritual Presence, that is each of the secret rays.

Apply to Archangel Uzziel

How do you truly pass the initiations of the eighth ray? By becoming one with the spiritual Presence of the eighth ray. This, of course, is the Buddha. But for many this will be a difficult step, and thus you have Archangel Uzziel who has offered that those who want to pass the initiations of the eighth ray can become his twin flame. [They can be] tutored by him at inner levels until they come to see themselves as the Omega polarity in matter of the Alpha polarity of the archangel in the spiritual realm. You may also see yourself as the Omega polarity of your I AM Presence.

In order to pass the initiations of the eighth ray, you need to go beyond that linear mind. You need to experience what in the olden days was called gnosis, coming into oneness—oneness between the knower and the known. But do you see, my beloved, that the linear mind is born from and depends upon the duality between the knower and the known, between the one who is perceiving and the object that is being perceived?

Which then means that when you see through that filter of the linear mind, every topic that you study becomes an object of perception, of analyzation, categorization, labeling, judgment. There is you and there is a topic that is not you, that is separate from you, that is distant from you. And you are studying it from a distance. This, my beloved is the Holy Grail of modern science, the objectivity as they call it, where the observer is not part of the observation, but is remote, as an astronomer looking at the stars through at telescope, thinking that he has no influence on the stars whatsoever, but is simply a neutral, objective observer.

Yet when you come to that point, where you start going beyond the seven rays, going into the eighth ray, and beginning to go into the higher rays, well then you need to overcome this illusion, this fallacy of the neutral, separate, distant observer. There is no scientist who has ever made a truly objective observation. For the scientist makes an observation through his or her consciousness. And as long as you are trying to make an observation, as long as you see yourself as an observer, observing a distant object, then you cannot be objective.

What is true objectivity? It is gnosis—where the subject-object duality dissolves, and you experience oneness with what was formerly a distant object. How can this be possible? How can you, for example, meditate on a mountain or a lake or the ocean and go beyond being an observer who is meditating upon this—which is clearly not you as a person, you as a body, you as a being in embodiment? Well you can, my beloved, when you recognize a very simple, underlying fact of all life. You see, when I, as the Buddha, came out of Nirvana and was asked by people “What are you,” my answer was “I am Awake.“

The underlying reality behind all appearances

When you are awake, you recognize that the fundamental underlying reality is not matter, is not energy, but is consciousness. Everything is an expression of consciousness. There is nothing in the material world that just exists. Everything is a projection upon the Ma-ter light, and that projection happens through a specific state of consciousness.

Therefore, if you try to perceive a particular material object, such as a distant star, only through the physical senses – or the extension of the senses that is what scientists have created as scientific instruments – well then you will not truly know the object. You will know its material characteristics, but you will not know the consciousness that projected the object onto the screen of the Ma-ter light. And until you know that consciousness, you will not truly know what a star is, you will not truly know a particular star. You will not truly know the star of your own Sun and the specific consciousness of the spiritual beings who projected that image upon the Ma-ter light and who are still upholding it through their consciousness.

I would, thus, recommend that those who desire to go beyond the eighth ray, into the ninth ray, that you spend some time meditating upon the Sun, your own Sun of this particular solar system. Do not meditate on it as a physical Sun, but meditate on it as a spiritual Sun, as the expression of a spiritual being, a set of spiritual beings—an Alpha-Omega polarity. And then allow your mind to merge with the spiritual beings that occupy the space of your Sun, currently called Helios and Vesta. Merge with them, so that you know their vibration, you know their Presence.

This is the only way to know, truly know, the secret rays—which is why they have been called secret. For those still stuck in the linear mind, those wanting to objectify everything, cannot unlock the secret of the higher rays. As I said, there is nothing for the ego to magnify. There is nothing for the ego to use to confirm and validate its world-view, to raise itself up in comparison to others.

You see, my beloved, as I explained, the first seven rays are the rays that have been used to build the material universe. And thus, they have a certain expressive power, which – when perverted by the duality consciousness – the ego can then take in its perverted, unbalanced form and actually use to build its power or go into the opposite dualistic polarity of diminished power, but nevertheless thus keeping the ego alive through the dualistic struggle.

Of course, the ego can project an image onto the secret rays, creating a graven image of them, which then makes them seemingly dualistic. Yet, you need to understand that the secret rays were not used to build the material universe as such. They are higher expressions beyond the material. Which is why you must beware of the linear mind and its tendency to want to pull the secret rays down into the sphere that the linear mind can deal with and thus categorize and analyze according to its relativistic perspective on everything.

The relative mind and the dualistic mind

My beloved, let me give you a subtle distinction that few understand. We talk about the dualistic mind and we talk about the linear, analytical mind. Sometimes we even use them as interchangeable terms, but when you come to a higher understanding, you see that there is a subtle difference. The difference is that the linear mind is relative, whereas the ego mind is dualistic.

The analytical, linear mind is, in its essence, neutral. This is why scientists who are very focused on the intellect and the analytical mind have come to believe that they can achieve objectivity through the analytical mind. You see, the analytical mind will categorize everything according to a relative standard, a relative standard that has two opposite polarities. But what the analytical mind will not do is impose a value judgment on the opposite polarities. That is what the ego mind does. The ego mind is based on a value judgment. The analytical mind might say that something is this or something is that, but it will not say that this is good and this is bad—that is the ego.

And so, what you see is that the analytical mind is not necessarily your enemy—it is simply a tool. It is when the ego imposes a value judgment on top of the analytical mind—that is when people get trapped in the dualistic struggle, where they ultimately think that one side is good and the other side is evil. And therefore, they must align themselves with good and seek to destroy evil.

What you can do – when you separate the ego mind and the analytical mind – is [that] you can actually use the analytical mind, within certain boundaries, as a tool for exposing the ego. The analytical mind can be used to see that the value judgments of the ego are contradictory, do not make sense, will only tie you to a dualistic struggle. And so, to some degree the conscious self can use the analytical mind to expose the ego, as some of you have already done in various ways.

But you must also be aware that the analytical mind can never go beyond the level at which everything is seen in relative terms. There must be two polarities, there must be a tension between them. To the analytical mind, the tension is not necessarily a struggle, the struggle comes from the value judgment. But there is still a tension, and that tension can never be resolved through the analytical, linear mind. For example, we have talked about the one Creator manifesting itself as two opposite polarities, the expanding force of the Father, the contracting force of the Mother. To the analytical, linear mind, expansion is an outward process, contraction is the opposite direction. And therefore, right there you have an inherent tension between the two. This cannot be resolved by the analytical mind. The linear mind cannot come up with a reasoning, with an argument, that resolves this seeming dichotomy between these two basic forces of creation. They will be seen as opposites by the linear mind.

This is why, in order to progress beyond the eighth ray and to start on the ninth ray – the first of the secret rays – you must come to that point, where you understand the limitations of the linear mind, and where you realize that you – as a conscious self – are more than the linear mind. [Thus] you do not have to experience the world through the filter of the linear mind, but you can, in fact, go beyond it and have an intuitive experience – an Aha-experience – that cannot be expressed in words, that is beyond words, that is beyond concepts. But yet you know that you have experienced something that is real.

The qualities of the ninth ray

This then brings us to the ninth ray. What are the qualities of the ninth ray? Well, again, by putting a word upon it, I give fodder for the linear mind, so be careful not to be pulled into this. For the linear mind will do its thing and seek to analyze and categorize. But yet recognizing that, we must use words to communicate.

The word I will give you to describe the ninth ray is equilibrium. This is a concept that the linear mind finds it difficult to deal with. It is a concept that the ego does not want to deal with and does not want you to deal with. And you might recognize – if you monitor your inner state – that the ego will rebel against this, will come up with all kinds of reasonings that this cannot possibly be the case. “Why, this cannot possibly be the big secret that has been talked about by the Ascended Masters for so many years. There must be some kind of secret power in the secret rays.” And there is, but it is a power that cannot be grasped by the ego. For you see, the ego can work only when there is imbalance, when there is tension. The ego cannot work unless there is tension, opposition between the two polarities, created in the act of separation from oneness. The ego cannot use oneness, and thus it cannot use equilibrium for anything.

This, then, brings us to the concept that has been known in eastern religions for centuries, for millennia, and it is becoming gradually more and more known in the West, the concept of karma. Karma is often seen in very dualistic terms, of good karma and bad karma. This is a concept very parallel to the western concept of sin, where you have sinned by doing something wrong, and then somehow the debt, the sin, must be paid before you can be free.

Thus, my beloved, you have billions of people on this planet who believe in this concept in some form, and who believe that if they do something – which according to some standard, be it religious or otherwise, is considered wrong – they must compensate for this by doing something else.

But you see, what does it mean to make karma, what does it mean to sin? It means performing an unbalanced action. Now realize something subtle, a subtle distinction. Consider what I said about the linear mind, which is relative but has no value judgment, and the ego then imposing a value judgment upon it.

If you take the ego out of the equation, the linear mind simply becomes a tool for acting in the material world. You can act through the linear mind without making karma, without sinning—when you recognize that you are more than the linear mind. But when the ego comes in and sees you as a separate individual –where you lose your sense of oneness with your own Higher Being, your sense of oneness with all life – well, then you now have the ego acting—still through the linear mind, but imposing a value judgment about what is good for you as a separate individual. Instead of the higher way of seeking only to raise the All by expressing your divine qualities, which is not unbalanced, my beloved, does not create karma, is not a sin.

This is something that both the ego and the linear mind will find it difficult to comprehend and impossible to accept. For the linear mind will say, “Well, but if two people perform the same action, then both must be sinning.” But it is not so, my beloved. Two people might perform the same outer action; one is in the illusion of duality, of separation, and thus the action is unbalanced, it is aimed at raising up the separate self. Whereas another might perform the same action, but the person is beyond the dualistic mind, seeking to raise the All, and thus it is not a sin. It is a balanced action—an action that springs from equilibrium.

And thus, you see that there are certain actions that can be performed from a state that is non-dualistic, that is nonjudgmental. And therefore, through the pure intent of raising the All, there is no imbalance in the action. I am not hereby saying that this applies to all actions. Clearly, when you are beyond the dualistic mind, there are certain actions you would not even think of performing, my beloved.

In this world, action is inevitable

Yet, you recognize that even though you have attained a higher state of consciousness, as long as you are in physical embodiment, you must perform certain actions. You cannot be in embodiment and not act, in some way or another. Surely, you can do as many spiritual people have done in the past, that when they reach a certain state of consciousness – where they are above and beyond the duality that so many people are trapped in – they see the vanity, the futility of the dualistic struggle. And thus, they withdraw from it, going into a monastery or a cave in the mountains, or in other ways isolating themselves from the dualistic struggle—so as not to partake in it, so as not to add to it, so as not to feed it. And certainly, this has had some validity and still does in the sense that a few people can hold a spiritual balance for the many by remaining in this pure state of consciousness.

Yet, holding a spiritual balance only buys time. It does not actually help bring the kingdom of God or the Golden Age into manifestation. And thus, we do not need – in the Aquarian Age – more spiritual people who will withdraw and insulate themselves from society. On the contrary, we need those who will actively engage in society but do so from a state of equilibrium, where their actions are not unbalanced. And therefore, they do not add to the tension, they do not add to the struggle—they demonstrate that there is an alternative to the struggle.

This is what is needed in this age. This is what many of you have come into embodiment for the purpose of outpicturing—the possibility of being actively engaged in society while not being in duality. And how can you manifest this? You can manifest this only when you learn how to act without acting in an imbalanced manner. For obviously, you cannot engage in society without acting.

In reality, my beloved, even a person sitting in a cave in the Himalayas is acting, is taking action in the material realm. The person in most cases needs to eat. The person might eat only fruit, but that fruit has to be picked by someone and brought to the cave. If the fruit had not been picked, what would have happened? It would have been eaten by animals, by other people, by insects or it would have decayed and become part of the cycle of nature. So by taking even fruit, by drinking water, by breathing air, you are acting. You are influencing the environment. You might have a relatively small footprint – as they say – but you are still acting.

And so, why not go out in society, where your actions can serve as inspirations for other people by you demonstrating that you have risen above the state of consciousness where you need to withdraw in order to avoid being pulled into the dualistic struggle? For you have instead come to the point, where you can engage actively in life without being pulled into the dualistic struggle—without allowing the world to pull you into the struggle, to pull you into the Sea of Samsara, the sea of suffering.

Ponder the unification of the basic forces

This is what you can attain by pondering the ninth ray of equilibrium. The Archangel for the ninth ray is Uniel, signifying unity, the unifying quality of the ninth ray that unifies the expanding and contracting forces by seeing that they are expressions of the One, of the singularity.

And as the seven rays have sprung from the singularity, so have the expanding and contracting forces. And when you see this, you recognize that the expanding and contracting forces are not opposites. They do not oppose each other, they complement each other. For if there were not forces that could interact, no distinct form could be created. That is why God manifested itself as the expanding and contracting force; there must be expansion for any form to be projected upon the screen of the Ma-ter light.

But take the scientific concept of the Big Bang. In a giant explosion, everything is hurled outward. Well, my beloved, what happens when you blow up a building with explosives? The orderly structure of the building is disintegrated, is blown apart into many bits and pieces. Thus, you see that had there only been the expanding force driving the Big Bang, no organized form could ever have been created. There must be something balancing the expanding force for a sustainable form to be created and maintained for any length of time.

The expanding force, then, is not the enemy of the contracting force. It is what starts creation and what continues to drive it to self-transcend. For again, if the contracting force is allowed to act in an unbalanced manner, it becomes what we have talked about with the second law of thermodynamics—that the structures begin to break down. Not by being blown apart by an expansive force, but by contracting so much that they are crunched into nothingness—and therefore, again, the form cannot be maintained.

And so, there is no permanence anywhere in the world of form. And this, of course, is what the ego finds it very difficult to deal with. In fact, the linear, analytical mind also finds this very difficult. For it wants to categorize everything and put everything into a database. But no sooner has it done so than reality has moved on, has transcended itself, has transcended the rules and laws, even the laws of nature that the intellect thought it had finally discovered. But in reality the intellect only defines rules that have no validity in the ongoing transcendence that is life.

Coming into equilibrium

So then, how do you come into that equilibrium? This is the challenge for spiritual students, and often those who have been the most eager students in applying the first seven rays and mastering the initiations of the first seven rays are precisely the ones that find it most difficult to move into the secret ray initiations. Why is this so? Because they have built a momentum that has taken them far beyond their previous state of consciousness—far beyond the downward pull of the mass consciousness.

Do you see that in order to be a spiritual student and rise above the mass consciousness, you must have an upward thrust, and that is your mastery on the first seven rays? Do you see that in order for the Elohim of the seven rays to manifest the material universe, they had to have that thrust, that they could project these images on the Ma-ter light and maintain them over a very long period of time.

And so, this is what you build as you master the initiations of the seven rays. But now, what also is built is the sense that you need to act, that you need to do something—even the desire to make a difference in the world, to make a decisive difference in bringing the Golden Age of Saint Germain, in bringing world peace, in eradicating disease, in creating the perfect political system, in eradicating poverty, or any other of the many valid and valuable goals that people have. I am not saying that these goals are not important, are not valid. But I am saying that they are only valid at a certain stage of the path, my beloved.

And when you come to the point of the eighth ray and the ninth, you need to step back, look at the big picture and see that even though you have built a momentum on doing right action, you cannot go beyond that level by continuing to do right action.

Consider the eightfold path—right this, right that, right the next thing. It is all well and good at a certain level. But you do not become the Buddha automatically by following the eightfold path as an outer path of seeking to conform to a certain standard. You go beyond this level only by seeing that you must stop acting from any sense of separation.

If you take an honest look at ascended master students from various dispensations, you will see that many of them still are trapped in that dualistic world view of thinking that they have to act, they have to be decisive, they have to eradicate communism, they have to overcome disease, they have to bring the Golden Age for Saint Germain by battling against some kind of condition.

Transcending duality to make evil irrelevant

But this will only take you so far; it will not take you into the secret rays. For in order to enter the secret rays, you must begin at the ninth ray, where you must overcome the sense of separation, the remnants of duality where you think that you have to perform an action that somehow compensates for the opposite action—that in order to overcome evil, you must perform an action that is good. On the eighth ray you must come to the realization that in order to truly overcome evil, you must make evil irrelevant. And you do not make evil irrelevant by battling it, by conquering it, by destroying it.

You make it irrelevant only by transcending the level of duality, so that the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you, whereby he can pull you out of ease, whereby he can pull you out of equilibrium. And so, up until you have mastered the initiations of the seven rays, you think that the goal is to build a momentum, a thrust, so that when the prince of this world comes, he cannot stop you in your tracks. We have given the analogy, my beloved, that if you stand a wheel on the ground and push it on one side, it will fall over. Whereas if the wheel is rolling and you push it on one side, it merely changes direction. But the faster the wheel is rolling, the less it will change direction.

And this is what you do through the seven rays—you build that momentum where nothing in this world can push you away from going in the direction that you see, of your spiritual growth. But now you come to the point of the eighth and the ninth ray, and this will not carry you any further, this will not carry you into the secret rays.

You need to, instead, see that equilibrium is not a balanced state between the two dualistic extremes, it is beyond the level of duality, where there is a value judgment between good and evil, where there is even the possibility of opposites. Equilibrium does not actually mean, in its truest sense, that you have balanced the opposites. It means, that you have transcended the entire consciousness in which there can be opposition.

Do you see, again, that if you look at the expanding and contracting forces of God – the Father, the Mother – with the linear mind, you will see them as opposites? When you impose the value judgment of the ego, you will even think that one can be good and the other can be bad. Which is why there are so many spiritual people who think that matter is the enemy of their spiritual growth, that the Mother is the enemy of their union with the Father, and therefore they resist matter. They try to in all ways withdraw from the material life, even the body. And yet this is not balanced spiritual growth.

When you go beyond this level, you see the true forces of creation as the Creator sees them—not as opposites, but as simply different expressions of the one. Expressions that are different, just enough different in order to allow the emergence of distinct forms out of the One, in which nothing is divided.

Acting from equilibrium

The indivisible God cannot create a distinct form out of itself, as the indivisible God. The Infinite must allow itself to manifest as a finite interplay of two forces for form to be created. Yet the Infinite does not go into one extreme or the other, one polarity or the other. The Infinite stays in the equilibrium out of which the two forces are expressed. And thus, it never sees them as opposites, it never identifies itself as being at one opposite, having to fight the other.

And this is the state of mind that your conscious self can attain, and must attain in order to pass the initiations of the ninth ray, the ray of equilibrium, the ray of unification—the ray of seeing oneness behind diversity, seeing diversity as an expression behind the oneness. Therefore, being able to act, my beloved, from that state of oneness, from that state of equilibrium. Instead of acting from that state of duality, as seeing everything as an interplay between dualistic extremes, dualistic opposites, thinking that one of the dualistic opposites must be eradicated for the kingdom of God to be manifest.

You see, my beloved, the Golden Age, the kingdom of God, whatever you want to call it, will not be manifest on Earth by those who take decisive action – no matter what action it might be, no matter how good it might seem – but they are still in the unbalanced state.

No amount of unbalanced action can bring the kingdom of god to Earth. Yet the kingdom of God will not be brought – likewise – by those who withdraw from reality and sit in a cave and meditate. They might hold a spiritual balance that gives humankind time to raise their consciousness, but you cannot contribute directly to the bringing of the kingdom of God by sitting in a cave. You must go out, as even the Buddha went out and preached to the multitudes, or to those who were ready for the teachings. And as you saw the Christ go out into the marketplace and interact with the people.

And so, the challenge is to take action without taking action. To act without acting. To act from that state of equilibrium. Which on a personal level you might start understanding by considering the intent, the motives. First of all, are you seeking to raise up other people when you interact with them? Are you seeking to raise them up, to help them transcend. Or are you seeking to somehow make them fit into your database, based on value judgments, and label them as being this or not being that.

Then evaluate, also: Are you allowing yourself to be pulled into the dualistic struggle? Do you have an attachment to other people’s actions or reactions? Do you want to see them change? Do you want to force them to change, my beloved? For obviously, if you have such attachments, those attachments will pull you out of equilibrium. And now you are no longer acting from a state of equilibrium – from a state of peace – you are acting from a state of duality. And thus, you are adding to the struggle, rather than demonstrating how to be in the world without being of the world.

These, then, are the considerations that you need to ponder in order to lock in to the ninth ray. But you cannot, as I said, fully lock in to it through an intellectual understanding alone. You must come to the point of opening up your mind, being and heart to that experience of gnosis, of oneness with that state of equilibrium, where you know, you experience, equilibrium. For this to happen, most of you will have to do something different than what you have been doing thus far.

You will have to work on stilling the mind. You will have to find a way, my beloved, to set aside time where you are not acting. Not even acting in terms of giving a rosary or decrees or other spiritual practices. But where you meditate, not on a mantra, not on a thought-form, not on a concept, but where you meditate on stillness, on equilibrium—as that which is beyond all of the decisive forces in the dualistic struggle that seek to pull you in this or that direction.

Thus, my beloved, this is the challenge on the ninth ray. We will give you further teachings on the other secret rays that will help you meet this challenge. We will even give you tools for how you can go beyond and find the stillness within, the equilibrium that transcends all of the push-and-pull actions of the world.

Thus, this release is complete by me breathing out the vibration of equilibrium for those who are ready and willing to absorb it [breathes out].

Be still and know that the I AM within you is God.


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