SR. The eighth ray of integration

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, May 8, 2009 through Kim Michaels

Imagine, my beloved, that people had gathered in great numbers to celebrate the birthday of the Buddha, expecting that the Buddha would make some kind of apparition, and yet nothing happened. You see, my beloved, the very concept of the Buddha appearing is a contradiction in terms. For the essence of the teachings of the Buddha is that everything is the Buddha Nature. So if the Buddha was to appear in some tangible form, well then, that would only reinforce the sense of separation, the sense that the Buddha is somewhere else, but not here.

Thus, when you think about this, you will see that even me speaking through a visible messenger, speaking an audible message – that can be heard, that can later be read and studied – well even that carries an inherent danger that people might think that the Buddha can appear only through this particular messenger or another messenger or in this particular form, and that the Buddha can speak only this way or that way.

And so, you see that we, of the Ascended Host, do indeed take a calculated risk by speaking through outer messengers, seeking to awaken humankind. This was, indeed, the very challenge I faced after having entered Nirvana and feeling the call to go out and teach. For although we have talked about the test being that there was a voice that said that no one would understand, well why was it, then, that no one would understand? Well, the greatest danger of all, my beloved, was indeed that they would identify one human being – appearing at a certain time and place – as the Buddha, and therefore start worshipping the Buddha in that form.

Do you see, my beloved, that the truth that I realized – that I became one with in entering Nirvana – is indeed that everything is already the Buddha Nature. The Buddha Nature is the same as what in mystical Christianity is called the Logos. In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God. And without the Logos was not anything made that was made.

Well, so it is with the Buddha Nature, my beloved. It is the very foundation for the creation of the world of form. It is that essential something without which any form could not possibly be created. And thus, having realized this – having entered into that oneness with the Buddha-Nature that is the oneness with all form –   I also saw that by coming back into the world of form, identifying myself as the awakened one, there was indeed a very real danger that those who were willing to listen to my message would gradually – especially over centuries – distort the message and begin to build a cult of idolatry around that particular form in which I identified myself as the awakened one.

And thus, my beloved, you have those who have come to a higher understanding of the teachings of the Buddha, who have the concept that “If you meet the Buddha in the road, kill him.” For if you meet someone you identify as the Buddha outside yourself, well, then, that will prevent you from actually realizing that the Buddha is also in you. And then that someone that you identify as being special, as being in some way elevated beyond you, that someone, that idol, stands between you and your self-realization,  your awakening into the reality of the oneness with all life. Because all life came from the same essence, whether you call it the Buddha Nature or the Christ consciousness or the Logos.

The concept of secret rays served to test the students

So you see, what I endeavor to give you in this release is an understanding that builds on what has been given by other masters on the first seven rays and how this relates to the restoration of true healing, how this can give you another master key to your personal healing. Thus, in this release I do indeed come to discourse on the eighth ray, which has been known as the ray of Integration. But of course, [it] is much more, as no ray can possibly be characterized by a single word.

And so, you recognize that after you have passed the initiations of the first seven rays, you come to another nexus point. For Mother Mary in her discourse [in Lourdes] talked about the figure-eight, where you start at the very bottom of the lower figure of the figure-eight and work your way up through the first three rays, coming to a nexus point of the fourth ray. And then you must – instead of thinking you should continue that upper thrust and momentum – you must go down, my beloved, down again to rescue the parts of you that are still stuck in the duality consciousness— stuck behind the veils of maya and illusion.

And yet, when you have done so, through the fifth, sixth and seventh ray initiations, then again you come to another nexus and we might say that there is now another figure-eight, where the lower half of the figure-eight represents the seven first rays. And the nexus point, then, is the eighth ray. And the upper figure then represents what has been called the secret rays. And so, before you can even begin to understand and lock in to the secret rays, you need to pass through that nexus point, that nexus point of the eighth ray.

Now, as you go through the initiations of the first seven rays, this will, for most people, be seen as a linear process. Most people do indeed start on the first ray, pass certain initiations there, move on to the second and so on and so forth. Yet, when you come to the eighth ray, this linearity must be transcended. For indeed you cannot comprehend, you cannot tune in to, the secret rays with the linear mind.

Why, my beloved, have we of the Ascended Host given teachings on the existence of something called the secret rays? If we really wanted to keep them secret, why not say nothing at all?

So you see, our releasing the information that there are secret rays beyond the first seven was done for a purpose. In the long term, the purpose is, of course, that we do not intend the secret rays to remain secret. But the reason we did not give a fuller teaching on them at the time was, partly, that humankind was not ready for the initiations of the secret rays. But it was also partly because ascended master students were not ready for the release of the teachings on the secret rays. You see, my beloved, by giving a teaser, so to speak, that there exists secret rays – and let me just say right now that there are more than five – by giving that teaser, we test our students. What exactly is the reaction we get from our students when we release this concept of secret rays.

How do they respond? How do they look at this? Some became overly curious, almost obsessed, wanting to know the secret rays—thinking that if only they could somehow dig out this secret, then, all of their problems would be solved. They would have some secret formula that would give them abilities beyond the average student, and thus, they could jump ahead. But who is it, what is it that wants to jump ahead of others? Well, it can only be the ego, trapped in duality, comparing itself to others.

So you see, indeed, a testing of the students, for this is an ongoing process—which is why Jesus said that the first shall become the last and the last shall become the first. Those who thought they were the advanced students, thought that they could possibly tune in to the secret rays, they could know something about them, they could understand it. And so, some did indeed become almost obsessed about the secret rays, without being willing to actually go through the initiations of the first seven. And so, other students took in the information on the secret rays but then focused their attention on passing the initiations of the rays that were known. For after all, that was the task set before all.

No one said you had to start on the initiations of the secret rays before you had passed the initiations of the first seven. And surely, when no information on the secret rays had been released, that should be a clear sign, that no one – no matter how advanced they thought they had been – were ready for the initiations of the secret rays. And so, my beloved, you see, that those who focused on the initiations they were given – put their heart and soul and mind into it – well those are the ones who have now moved up to become the first, those who shall receive further teachings on the secret rays. For you have been willing to wrestle with the concept of the ego and the obscure and difficult-to-grasp concept of the duality consciousness.

The ego can survive the initiations of the seven rays

You see, it is indeed possible to go through the initiations of the seven rays without fully letting go of the duality consciousness. There can still be a separate self, an ego, a spiritual persona that has managed to camouflage itself and hide itself, adapting to the initiations of the first seven rays.

This is allowed. For we cannot, as spiritual teachers, demand that our students be completely ego-free. We cannot demand some state of perfection, and we do not demand any state of perfection. So indeed, you have what we might call a grace period of going through the initiations of the first seven rays, where you can still have an element of ego, you can still have a role you are playing. You can even create a role for your involvement with the spiritual path—where you seek to create that perfect persona, that perfect costume, that perfect character in the drama that fits perfectly in your particular spiritual environment.

And so, this has led some students to believe that they are on the fifth ray – or “I am on the seventh ray” or I am on the first ray” – or “I am blue-flame” or “I am love,” or I am this or I am that. And so, they have built a spiritual persona that is seemingly very strong on a particular ray. And there can even be a certain sense of pride over having these particular characteristics of a particular ray.

And so, now the student comes to the point where it needs to step up and begin the initiation of the eighth ray. But as Mother Mary stated in her discourse, what has brought you successfully through the initiations of the first four rays, will not take you into the fifth ray. You must surrender that momentum, that upward thrust and humble yourself and go back down and tie up the lose ends.

Well, so when you [pass] the initiation of the seventh ray of freedom, in order to go into the initiation of the eighth ray, you must again go through a complete and unconditional surrender. You cannot move into the eighth-ray initiation if you identify yourself as being on a particular ray among the first seven. So whatever momentum you might think you have on a particular ray, that momentum must be surrendered. You must lay down that life in order to climb higher and move into the eighth-ray initiations.

So this, my beloved, is an absolute necessity. For, you see, on the first seven rays, it is possible to move higher while still having ego left that you supposedly hide from the teacher. Of course, contrary to what people might think on the spiritual path, nothing is hidden from the true teachers. We of the Ascended Host are above and beyond any aspect of the duality consciousness, and what does that mean? That means, my beloved, that having seen through every aspect of the duality consciousness in our own Beings, we can, of course, see through it in your beings as well.

There are many students who have fallen prey to the illusion that Jesus has talked about: “Why is it that people believe that what they can hide from each other is also hidden from God?” There are even those who have come in contact with a true teacher – be it a messenger or another true guru – and they think they have hidden something from that guru. In some cases they might have hidden something, for the guru does not necessarily look at everything that goes on in a student’s consciousness, and so the student might actually build a certain sense of the ego, a certain persona, that actually believes that it can cheat its way into heaven—that it can somehow find a way to sneak into the wedding feast without a wedding garment. [It believes] that it can camouflage the duality consciousness, so that it takes on the appearance of being so perfect, so in accordance with certain spiritual rules, that God simply has to let it into the kingdom.

But you see, it is not so. It is absolutely not so. You can start a new cycle of going through the initiations of the first seven rays again. You can still, then, be on the spiritual path as you are willing to pass these initiations. But there are also those who are not willing to humble themselves and go through the initiations again, thinking that should be below them because of all they have done in their outer service, or the inner initiations they have passed on the first seven rays. And so, they get stuck in a no-man’s land, where they might go around strutting their stuff, so to speak, strutting their spiritual “attainment” like a peacock. And yet, they are stuck at that level and will not go beyond it until they are willing to unconditionally surrender their attainment and their perceived attainment on the path in order to go into the initiation of the eighth ray.

The initiations of the eight ray

The eighth ray is not for the faint of heart, for on the eighth ray, nothing can be hidden. You cannot even perceive what the secret rays are about through the duality consciousness. You can, of course, project a dualistic image on the secret rays, as you can project a dualistic image on everything. But you will not perceive even a glimpse of what the secret rays are about through the filter of the duality consciousness. Take note of the subtle difference here—you can gain glimpses of what the first seven rays are about even though you still have elements of the duality consciousness. You can, in glimpses, see beyond that consciousness and see what the true characteristic of a ray is—you can tune in to it. But you cannot do that beyond the seven rays, you cannot do it on the eighth ray and beyond.

Because the secret rays were named the secret rays precisely because for those in the duality consciousness, they will forever remain secret. For the ego, the secret rays will forever remain secret. For the prince of this world and the false teachers of this world, the secret rays will forever remain secret.

Why is this, my beloved? Well, when you have an element of ego left, why is it that you still have that ego? You have walked the spiritual path for lifetimes. For many years in this embodiment you have studied teachings, you have practiced various techniques, you have made real progress. Yet, there is still an element of the ego.

And why have you kept that ego around? It is, my beloved, because while you may not see this consciously, yet keeping the ego around gives you an advantage that you are not yet ready to let go of. There is something for the conscious self in keeping the ego around. There is something that the conscious self does not have to do. There is some decision that the conscious self does not have to make when the ego is around—for the ego will make those decisions for it, or make it easier for the conscious self to justify making those decisions. And so, you see, on the first seven rays, there are certain characteristics of each ray that the ego can perceive as an advantage. The ego can look at a particular ray, it can put a dualistic overlay over the characteristics of that ray, and it can see that it can use that overlay to give itself a particular advantage.

How the ego sees the first seven rays

My beloved, we have given you the concept of the duality consciousness in which there are always two polar opposites. So let me give you a very quick run-down of how this plays out when the duality consciousness perceives the first seven rays.

  • The first ray is the ray of will and power. The one dualistic extreme is obviously those who have a very strong will. And the ego can see that by reinforcing that strong will in a particular student, it can get the student to do almost whatever it wants in the name of some greater good. So therefore, you see some people on the spiritual path who have a very strong will, and who are willing to bend the will of others to get them to follow these strong people. They come into an organization, they think they know exactly how things should have been done all along, and they start telling the members, or even the leaders or the messengers, how they should have done things all along and how they need to do things from now on. You have people who always think they know better—who even think they know better than the Ascended Masters, for they have locked in to the very consciousness of the original fallen angels who think they know better than God. Yet, in the opposite extreme you have those who have no will at all, and who do not want to make their own decisions, who do not want to take a stand for anything. [They] want to simply flow with the stream of the mass consciousness—even the mass consciousness in a spiritual organization. So, you have those in spiritual organizations who think they are very strong on the first ray, and they believe that this is a necessary and good characteristic. For, after all, someone must be the leader and tell all of these people who do not want to make decisions what to do. And so these people exercise their power in a way that they believe is justified, yet they fail to see that they are completely out of touch with the reality of the first ray—which is powerful but never abusive, which respects free will absolutely, as the masters on all rays respect free will absolutely. And so, you see the co-dependent relationship between those who have perverted the will and made it too strong and those who have perverted it by not wanting to make any decisions.
  • Likewise, on the second ray you have those who think they know everything and understand everything, and they study and they can talk for hours about the smallest little details of the path; and this master said that and that master said this and this is how it really works. And then you have those who do not want to really study and know and understand but want to be told what to do. You find them even in ascended master organizations, but you find, of course, many of them in traditional religions, where they want to come to church every Sunday and have their minister or priest preach to them from the pulpit, talk down to them as if they were children who know nothing.
  • Likewise, on the third ray of love, you have those who have taken love to a dualistic extreme, where it has been possessive, controlling love. Where they think that it is actually good for others that they are controlled, for they know what is best for another person, and therefore in the name of loving that person, they have to control them. And of course, you have those who have perverted love to the point where they have no love for anything. And if you don’t love anything – including yourself – how can you take a stand for anything? How can you take a stand for yourself?
  • And so, on the fourth ray of purity you have those who have become extremely judgmental, saying only these activities are pure and those who abstain from these other impure activities are the real students. Then, on the opposite extreme are those who have entered into what Jesus calls gray-thinking. Thinking, “Oh, nothing really matters, nothing is really bad. No particular form of music is worse than any other form of music. No particular food is worse than any other kind of food. I can do whatever I want. Nothing really matters.” And so they indulge themselves in whatever happens to come their way without having any standard whatsoever. Both extremes, of course, failing to see the truth in the teaching that to the pure, everything is pure. But this does not mean that those who are pure indulge in anything that is available on this planet. They are simply not attached to it. They are not forcing themselves with the outer will to abstain from certain activities. They do not necessarily cringe when they walk into a public area where a certain type of music is playing. But they do not particularly seek it out either. They simply walk through it without letting it stick to them.
  • Then, of course, on the fifth ray of truth, again, there are those who believe – taking it to the dualistic extreme – that there can be only one truth—or rather, there can be only one expression of truth. Which is what you see in those who believe that there is only one particular scripture – be it the Bible or the Qur’an or the Vedas or whatever – that have the truth. But then you even have those in ascended master teachings who believe that there is only one true messenger, there is only one true ascended master organization, and that the Ascended Masters can be put in a nice little mental box and they did not speak to humankind before this particular organization and they have not spoken after. Yet, on the other extreme, you have the perversion of truth, where there are those who say, “Oh there is nothing that is really true. Any philosophy is as good as any other.” Or they take the agnostic view, “How can we know what is true? Nobody can really tell.” And so, again, any religion is as good as any other, or all religions are false because they all claim to be true and that claim cannot be true for all of them.
  • And so, on the sixth ray of peace, you have those who have taken peace to the extreme, where they believe that peace can be attained only by suppressing all diverging viewpoints, only by suppressing differences, only by forcing all others to come into alignment with the ideal that they have espoused. And then, on the opposite side, you have what you saw in the hippie movement in the sixties, where everything is good, where nothing really matters. Or the saying that some people have, “It’s all good.” Well, what does that mean, my beloved? Can everything be good when two-thirds of the population live below the poverty level? How can that possibly be perceived as good? And so on and on.
  • And even on the seventh ray of freedom there are those who pervert freedom and believe that freedom is something that needs to be defended against all enemies of freedom. And that freedom can only be secured when you destroy your enemies, as the previous American administration – the Bush administration – believed that they could only secure the freedom of America by destroying those they had labeled as the enemies of freedom. And yet, on the other side of the spectrum, those who think that anything goes, everything is okay. You can do anything you want and get away with it, for after all, there is no life after this. It is just one lifetime, there is no purpose, you are just a sophisticated animal and you have a right to do whatever you want while you are here, your one shot at life.

How the perversions relate to healing

And so, my beloved, these fourteen perversions – two on each of the seven rays – they have a particular function. And what exactly is that function and how does it relate to personal healing? Consider, my beloved, the word disease. “Dis-ease.” That which takes you out of ease.

We have given you the concept of the River of Life. When you are in the River of Life, life is easy. You are flowing with the River of Life. As Jesus said, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” When you re-align yourself with the reality hidden in that quote, you are easily flowing with life. Everything comes to you easily, which means what? It means you do not have to struggle. You do not have to struggle to attain anything that you really want, that you really need, as part of your Divine Plan. If one can even say that you need anything, for your Divine Plan does not depend on needing something, but on letting it flow.

And so, that which pulls you out of the flow of the River of Life is the cause of disease. Which eventually filters through the three upper bodies – the identity, mental and emotional body – and then begins to spill into the physical body, where it affects the very cells and atoms, so that the body now manifests disease. So, we have given some teachings on the connection between certain states of consciousness and disease. But you see, if you were to truly study the fourteen perversions I have just given you, you would see that every disease known to man can be put somewhere on one of the lines and somewhere in between the two dualistic extremes that are perversions of that particular ray and its characteristics.

All diseases can be put somewhere in that spectrum. And thus you see that, truly, by passing the initiations of the first seven rays – and truly resolving it, resolving the hang-ups, the attachments, the perversions – you can actually cure every disease known to man—by, as we have said in the first seven releases, transcending the very consciousness that the disease is out-picturing. Yet, my purpose for bringing you this understanding is to help you realize that those of you who are the spiritual people may not be manifesting a disease simply because you are stuck in a particular dualistic perversion of a particular ray.

You may be manifesting a disease for a deeper reason. Namely, to demonstrate to people in the world how to rise above not just a particular condition, but the broader condition of the duality consciousness that creates the struggle of life. What I am explaining here is what you might call two different levels of initiation. There are many people – the vast majority of the people in the world –who are still at the level of consciousness where they are what we might call students. They are learning, they are working their way up through the initiations of the seven rays. And they might have various diseases that are manifest in their bodies because in this or past lifetimes they have become stuck in a particular perversion of one of the seven rays. They are not willing to go beyond, to let go of that particular perversion, lie, attachment—whatever you call it. And so, eventually, this has manifested as the disease in the physical body.

Yet, those of you who are the spiritual people are not here because you are students. You are here because you are teachers. And you came here to demonstrate to others how to rise above these limiting conditions, including physical diseases. But more so, the consciousness behind the disease and beyond that, the very consciousness of having to struggle. And so, what you need to recognize here is that some of you have indeed successfully passed the initiations of the first seven rays. But you are still manifesting a certain disease because you have taken on a greater state of consciousness—the task of helping people see beyond the duality consciousness as such.

What are you here to teach?

And so, what will then enable you to fulfill your mission is precisely that you become aware of the eighth ray and the secret rays beyond it. So that you realize that your condition – be it a physical disease or a psychological limitation of some kind – is part of your mission. And it can be part of your mission in a variety of ways. In one end of the spectrum, you may have taken on a disease to demonstrate how to rise above it, but on the other end of the spectrum, you might have taken on a disease in order to demonstrate that one can lead a whole and full and happy and peaceful life with a seemingly crippling condition.

For after all, the body cannot limit the Spirit unless the Spirit allows it to do so, unless the Spirit chooses to accept the body as a limitation for its expression. And so, this is where you, who are the more spiritual people – not those who are stuck in the pride of thinking they know everything, but you who have come to realize that there might be more to know, you who have come to sense that there is something you have not yet grasped, something you have not yet seen, and you are longing to see it – well you, my beloved, can benefit from understanding the eighth ray and the secret rays beyond.

Which is precisely why we have decided to begin releasing the information on these rays, so that you can begin to tune in to them and gain a different perspective on your life, on your mission, on your purpose for being here. And so that you can come to a point where you, the Spirit, can be at ease regardless of any dis-ease in your physical body.

The specific initiation of the eighth ray

And so, what is, then, the initiation on the eighth ray? It is to integrate the knowledge you have gained on the seven rays. But what is it exactly you integrate? You come to a nexus point and what is the nexus point?

It is what your scientists have called a singularity. A singularity can be conceived of as a point that is so infinitely small that it has not extension in space. You may know that a newspaper photograph is made up of many small dots so close together that your eye does not see them. You may even have looked at a newspaper photograph through a magnifying glass, so that you can see the individual dots. And you see that such a dot actually has an extension on the paper—you can measure its diameter, its width.

Well, a singularity is a like a dot that is so infinitely small that it has no extension. What does that mean? Well, there is no extension in space, my beloved, there is nothing to divide. We have given you the concept that you can divide the distance between the number one and the number zero in smaller and smaller increments and that you can keep doing so indefinitely. A singularity does not fit in this concept of the infinite division.

A singularity is reached by taking a quantum leap, where you realize that the singularity has no extension and thus cannot be divided. What does that mean for the seven rays? It means that as you follow the initiations of the seven rays, you rise higher in the lower figure-eight, the lower figure of the figure-eight, you come to the nexus point and you see that all of the seven rays came out of a singularity. Meaning, that although you may have, especially at the lower levels of the path, seen them as distinctly separate, you now see that they came from the same source. They sprang from a singularity.

It is not even correct to say that they sprang from the white light, as you see white light divided by a prism into the rainbow colors. For white is a color. No, my beloved, they sprang from a singularity that has no characteristics, that has no form. And that singularity is the Logos, is the Buddha Nature. It is something that has no extension in space, therefore cannot be divided—and in being indivisible, cannot take on form, cannot take on characteristics that set it apart from something else. That is why everything is the Buddha Nature. That is why without the Logos was not anything made that was made.

This is the switch, the seismic shift, in consciousness that you reach on the eighth ray. Where you recognize that all of the seven rays came out of the same substance—Buddha Nature, Logos, Christ consciousness, call it what you will. And thus, the illusion of separation is just that—an illusion. And when you realize that everything in the world of form is made out of the interplay of the seven rays, well then you see that when the seven rays came from the one substance, then everything in the world of form must come from the one substance. And thus, all division is ultimately unreal.

And therefore, you begin to see what the Buddha sees. For the fact that the Buddha sees that everything is the Buddha Nature does not mean that the Buddha looks at the world and says, “It’s all good.” No, the Buddha looks with the discerning eye of knowing what is at ease and what is a dis-ease. For everything that sprang from the illusion of separation, everything that can be put on the scale with the two dualistic extremes, everything that is separated from the flow of the River of Life is a disease.

When you go into it, it can only take you out of ease. You have been given free will, as we have said in the previous releases. You have an absolute right to create for yourself any experience you desire. And within certain broad limits of time and space, you can keep having that experience for as long as you desire until you have had enough. Only you can decide when enough is enough.

But the catch, of course, is that when you create an experience based on the duality consciousness, well then, you are experiencing that condition, that circumstance, through the filter of the duality consciousness. Which means that you can only see it in a dualistic way. Which means that there will be something opposing your condition, your state of mind—and therefore life inevitably becomes a struggle. This is what is truly meant by the four noble truths and the concept that life is suffering. Life experienced through the dualistic filter is suffering because built into the dualistic state of consciousness is the never-ending struggle. Never-ending as long as you are seeing the world — as long as you are experiencing – through that filter.

Knowing you are MORE

And so, on the eighth ray, you must come to that point of fully seeing that you are more than any experience that you have had or could possibly have in the world of form. You are an immortal Spirit. You are what we have called the conscious self, as an extension of the Creator’s Being.

How can you integrate the knowledge and attainment you have gained on the first seven rays unless you come to the point of realizing that the real you, the core of your identity, the conscious you sprang from that singularity and therefore has the potential to expand itself beyond the localized viewpoint that you have had so far.

What is it you learn on the eighth ray by integrating the first seven? You see, through the first seven rays you look at life through the prism of a particular ray and its characteristics. But on the eighth ray, you step back from all of them and you see the big picture. The big picture. You see the overall reality of the tapestry of life, of the in-breath and the out-breath of God, of cosmic cycles, of the higher purpose of the growth in self-awareness that is the only purpose behind the world of form.

And you now see that the real reason why you are here, as a spiritually mature being, is to help awaken humankind to this bigger picture. To help them see that there is more to life, that there is an alternative to the struggle, an alternative state of consciousness. And thus, you can begin to see that it is now necessary to lay down your life for a friend, as Jesus expressed it. For you have that greater love of having been willing to come into embodiment—perhaps to come back into embodiment after you had qualified for the ascension, and a part of you ascended but you came back as the conscious self that you are.

And so, you came here to demonstrate by example how to be MORE, how to be at ease in the River of Life, how to flow with it instead of struggling against it. There are many particular diseases, but beyond them all is the greater disease, the dis-ease of seeing life as a struggle and thinking it can be no other way. If all people are struggling, how will they ever know there is a better way? How will they know there is MORE, unless someone comes into embodiment and demonstrates that MORE in a way that people cannot ignore, cannot deny? For you are demonstrating it so clearly that some will understand.

My beloved, this concludes the discourse that is a continuation on our teachings on healing.


NOTE: At this point Gautama gave some teachings that are no longer relevant. He concluded:

So with this, I have concluded my release. But I shall speak to you again tomorrow, and we shall begin on what was formerly known as the first secret ray, but which from now on will be known as the ninth ray, my beloved. With that, I bid you good evening.


The ninth ray of equilibrium



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