The future of the planet depends on your willingness to BE

TOPICS:  The forces of anti-Being in Europe – The forces of religion and anti-religion – Overcome your resistance to the Living Word in you – Dare to start somewhere – Be willing to give people an example to follow – Ireland’s potential for spiritual renewal – Overcoming division in Europe –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, May 19, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

I am Saint Germain, and as many of you know, I was the driving force behind the Shakespearean plays—although truth be told I did not write them all personally. For my beloved, you will know that we did not have computers in those days and had to write everything by hand, which indeed was a very time-consuming and arduous task.

What was my driving motivation behind those plays? Well, it was indeed the restoration of the WORD in Europe—a process that has been going on for a very long time, not only in building up the English language to make it more akin to the angelic tongue and the expression of spiritual concepts, but also in giving forth key ideas and thoughts, that have been a part of the world’s mindset and the European mindset now for centuries—and have indeed been like seeds that have borne fruit and have caused many people to expand their consciousness.

What is indeed the most famous statement from the Shakespearean plays? Well, is it not: “To Be or Not To Be?” And was it not in a European setting that I brought forth that eternal, timeless, universal question? And although the line certainly applies to all people around the world, I must tell you that it was not a coincidence that it was brought into the physical in Europe. For truly, I must tell you the reality that the balance of the future of this planet does indeed very much depend on the European people, and their willingness to answer that question in the affirmative and Be who they truly are in God.

Why is this so, my beloved? Well, it is so because Europe is unique in the sense that there are so many different people here, from so many different backgrounds—not just physically but also spiritually. The question is: can these different people find a way to be themselves. For if they can be themselves, they can also let other people be themselves. And in doing so, we can indeed rise above the duality consciousness.

The forces of anti-Being in Europe

I must tell you that this continent has for a very, very long time – at least for as long as there has been anything resembling civilization here – it has been under attack by the forces of darkness, the forces of anti-Being. They are doing everything they can think of, to prevent the people of Europe from rising up and Being who they are in God, instead of following the mechanized concept – the mechanized consciousness of the fallen ones – who do not want anyone on earth to express their God-given individuality and their God flames. They want everyone to follow the party line, to fit the mold of the passive people who are willing to play the roles of being the slaves of the elite, being owned by the elite, having to live on their land and work their land, while the elite sit in their elaborate castles being completely oblivious to the suffering of the people.

Or for that matter sit in their elaborate cathedrals and monasteries, again being oblivious to the people that they were meant to serve and whom they claim to serve in the name of Christ. But in reality they have none of the true compassion of the Christ, or they would certainly have been feeding the sheep of Christ rather than gathering to themselves riches that allowed themselves to live in luxury and build elaborate cathedrals. These were not truly houses of worship, not truly to glorify God, but to promote and reinforce their own authority—that they were the true intermediaries between the people and their God.

This is indeed—as I spoke about last night—what you have seen on the continent of Europe, more than you have seen in most other parts of the world. There has always been an elite, who either for religious or secular reasons have set themselves up as being the authority, the rulers of the people. And thereby, they have indeed prevented the people from Being. In fact one might say that in order to set themselves up as having power over people, well the first requirement is that they must prevent the people from Being. And thus, you will not find a place on this earth, where the consciousness of anti-Being is as strong as it is here in Europe. And thus, I am indeed pleased with your discussion, where you from various angles have approached an understanding of how you who have grown up in Europe have been exposed to this force of anti-Being.

And I must tell you that I have high hopes that those of you who are spiritually open will indeed continue to expand your understanding, to look at your own personal life, to look at your nations, even to look at your continent and see how the forces of anti-Being have set up these many, many subtle ways – subtle traditions, subtle illusions – that prevent the people from Being. And I have a certain hope that you will come to the point, where you are willing to stand out and Be who you are and let your light shine. And even be willing to be the open door for the Living Word, that will surely say through you, “The emperor has nothing on.”

I must tell you, that Hans Christian Andersen was to some degree inspired by me, when he brought forth that wonderful story of the emperor’s new clothes. Truly, you have seen the emperors and the kings and the cardinals and the bishops and the popes of Europe—and they had nothing on. Truly, they had not on the wedding garment of the Christ consciousness, that is the only true authority that should be recognized on this planet. And therefore, once again, we look to those who have awareness to stand up to the power elite.

The forces of religion and anti-religion

But, as has been explained now many times, especially in the latter part of Maitreya’s book, we look to you not to fight the elite, not to enter into a dualistic struggle with the elite, but to Be who you are, so that the people can see that there is an alternative to the dualistic struggle and the dualistic consciousness. For have we not seen enough dualistic struggles on this continent? Do we need to perpetuate this anymore? I think not, because I think you are as tired of it as am I.

And therefore, you in physical embodiment are the ones who can do something about it, for certainly I can and will work with those who are willing to open their hearts and be the open doors for the message of freedom that I long to bring forth in this age—and which I long to bring forth certainly on this continent. For there is indeed a great potential that the continent of Europe can experience a new Renaissance, that is at a higher level than the previous Renaissance, for it will be a spiritual rather than a material Renaissance. It will be a Renaissance where the people of Europe realize that after being oppressed by religion for centuries, they have now been – for other centuries – in the opposite extreme of being oppressed by the forces of anti-religion.

Yet both the forces of religion and the forces of anti-religion were part of the dualistic struggle. And thus, it is time to go beyond both of these dualistic forces. Which means that you can now experience a spiritual Renaissance, where you realize that you can rise above tyrannical, dogmatic, rigid, closed-minded religion without abandoning all spirituality. And this is the greatest potential for Europe—to go through an awakening that will allow it to once again be the open door for bringing forth new ideas that can turn the world on its head, so to speak, and bring forth a new awareness that can set the stage for a Golden Age.

There are indeed other parts of the world that have that potential. Even the United States has that potential. And I say even the United States because the United States, although having a great freedom flame, has still not overcome the black-and-white thinking that you see outpictured in the current government. And that government could exist – could have been elected and could continue to exist – only because the people themselves, as I have said before, have not risen above that black-and-white thinking, where they will no longer allow their government to do this.

There is indeed a certain reluctance on the part of the American people to stand up to their own government. And although we see this in Europe as well, I can tell you that there is in Europe a greater awareness that black-and-white thinking is utterly outdated. And although many Europeans are still somewhat blinded by the gray thinking, there is a potential that many can be awakened and realize that this continent has experienced both extremes—the black-and-white thinking of the Catholic church, the gray thinking that is the result of scientific materialism and socialism and other ideologies that have swept through this continent. And therefore there is a potential that Europe can say, “Enough of the dualities, enough of the extremes! Let us reach for something beyond.”

And if people can be awakened to realize that that something beyond must come from the spiritual rather than the physical realm – and must come not through a rigid spiritual scripture or an interpretation of that scripture, but must come from the Living Word – well then, indeed, an awakening can take place.

Overcome your resistance to the Living Word in you

What I ask the spiritual people to do is to be willing to be the forerunners for this change in consciousness. And as always, in order to be the forerunners, you must start with yourself. You must start by looking in the mirror and seeing where in your consciousness you are resisting the Living Word. For what will the Living Word do, my beloved? Well, it will expose and challenge all elements of unreality in your being. Many of you are already there—where you are willing to look at anything in your being. But I simply ask you to become more aware of this, to become more aware of where you resist, where you resist change, where you resist growth, where you resist the flow of following the inner direction.

And you might very well start by contemplating what you already realize—that many of you have a certain reluctance to standing out from the crowd, of standing up in front of the crowd and speaking that Living Word. For how can you become instruments of the Living Word, unless you overcome that resistance that you feel, sometimes so subconsciously that you do not notice it, but where you many times know in your heart that you had a higher understanding of an issue but you do not speak out for various reasons, be it that you do not want to offend or that you do not want to be persecuted or rejected.

For many of you, acceptance is an issue. But you need to contemplate where you want to be accepted. Do you want to be accepted on earth, or do you want to be accepted in heaven? For I must tell you, that you cannot serve both God and mammon, as Jesus said it. You cannot be accepted and popular on earth while at the same time fulfilling your divine plan and thereby becoming accepted in heaven.

This is not to say that we who are your spiritual teachers do not accept you unless you do what we want you to do. For we do accept you unconditionally, my beloved. But it is not our acceptance that you need in order to enter heaven. It is your own acceptance, where you bring your outer being into alignment and harmony with your higher being and your divine plan, so that you do not have divisions in yourself. And it is precisely because of those divisions that you feel you need acceptance and recognition from the world. And when you overcome that division, you don’t need acceptance or recognition from the outer world.

And that is when you can stand up, come what may, and not be moved by other people’s rejection of you or the Word coming through you. You will simply continue to let your light shine, to speak that Word, because you know, as the Buddha realized when he was tempted by the tempter not to come back and give his message of salvation, he knew that some would understand. And I can assure you that when you dare to speak out, some will understand.

Dare to start somewhere

Look at the AskRealJesus website. Look at how many people in the world have no idea that it even exists, and many people in the world cannot accept the teachings of it. Well, this messenger could have said, “What is the point? Nobody will be willing to understand it.” For he was indeed rejected by many in the world. And so he could have said, “What is the point, why bother?” But yet he also knew that some would understand.

Based on this, you should be able to see that when you individually speak out in your countries, some will indeed understand. And maybe you will not experience it right away, but I assure you, there will come a point, where you will look back and say, “Surely, some did understand, and my willingness to speak out did help other people.” And therefore, you can feel the joy and the gratitude that your work and your labor has borne fruit.

And you should therefore be willing to say, “I am ready to endure a period of rejection if that is what is necessary, because I know that eventually some will understand.” Not in the sense that you necessarily need this—you do not need the acceptance of other people, you do not need to be pampered. But I am realistic, and I know that we all want to see a result of our labors. We all want to feel that we have helped someone and that therefore it has made a difference. For surely, I recognize that in order to become the mouthpiece of the Living Word, you have to make some sacrifice and that will make a big difference in your life.

I simply want to impart to you, that when you make yourself willing to flow with the Spirit, with the River of Life, to work on your divine plan, there will come a point, where you will sense the reward. And you will know that it was indeed worth it, even if you only helped one person, where I assure you that many more can be helped by all of you. Be not discouraged by the forces of anti-Being, who will do anything they can to prevent you from ever opening your mouth. Be willing to take the first step and then to continue to take small steps. For you know very well that when a car is standing still, it takes a greater effort and momentum from the engine to get it started. But once it starts rolling, you can go in a higher gear and you expend less gasoline and less energy to keep the car rolling.

The forces of anti-Being know this. And therefore they know that it is far easier to stop you right at the beginning than after you have built a momentum. Knowing this, you will then be able to see that you must be able to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, to withstand that initial rejection and opposition and to be willing to speak regardless of the reaction or lack of reaction. You must be willing to simply BE who you are. For what does it mean to be who you are? Well, it means to let your light shine independently of the reaction from the world.

Many of you descended to this planet specifically to be part of the mission of the ascended masters to raise this planet up. The reason you have forgotten or left off that mission and descended into the duality consciousness, is that you have fallen prey to the illusion that because the world does not want to be disturbed by your light, you should turn down or withhold the light and the truth and the Living Word. But this is precisely the illusion that all of us have faced in our embodiments on this planet. We have all been up against that momentum of anti-Being that says, “You are not allowed to be who you are on this planet” or “You should not be who you are, for you should not disturb other people.”

Be willing to give people an example to follow

What we are attempting to impart to you is that you should have absolute respect for the free will of others, but that when people are blinded by the duality consciousness, they cannot exercise their free will. And therefore, it is within the Law of Free Will that you disturb someone to the extent that you give them the opportunity to choose reality over unreality. For now they have seen reality in you, because you have let your light so shine before men, that they can see that that light is the light of God shining through you.

And therefore they know that it is possible for a human being in physical embodiment to be the open door for the light of God, the wisdom of God, the Power of God, the Love of God and all of the other God qualities. And in seeing this in you, they now have the opportunity to say, “Well perhaps I too could be the open door, if I was willing to make myself the instrument as this other person has been.” And before they see that light in you, they do not have that choice. And so they truly cannot exercise their free will.

And that is why you can see that while you should be non-attached and have no expectations about their reactions, you should not go into the opposite extreme of not doing anything. For you are not here to force them to choose the light over the darkness, but you are here to give them the choice that they do not have right now, because they are so beaten down by the forces of anti-Being who have suppressed this continent for so long.

And as you heard this afternoon, the people of Ireland have had their spirit of Victory broken through this relentless suppression and oppression by the forces of darkness and their representatives in embodiment. And yet I must tell you that the shift of turning back to a positive outlook on life is much closer than it might seem, when you look at the continent and when you look at this country.

It is simply amazing how quickly a people can wake up and become galvanized to a new outlook in life, a new hope, a new optimism. It is only a matter of building that critical mass. For as you well know from physics, there are many examples in nature, where suddenly a certain portion of the molecules of a gas come into alignment, and then a shift occurs where all of the molecules now are in alignment. And such can happen in a population, for each person is in a sense a molecule in the body of God of that nation.

It is indeed possible, and you have for that matter seen this in the history of this continent—where you saw in the Renaissance how – suddenly – a shift occurred in many parts of Europe, where now they were open to new ideas that brought forth new inventions, new technology, new culture, new music, new plays. For had it not been for a shift in consciousness, how could I have brought out the Shakespearean plays? How could we have brought out so many new discoveries and inventions?

You see, this has happened many times before—when people gave up the idea that the earth was flat, when people gave up the idea that the earth was very small, that the universe is very small, when they gave up the idea that they would go to hell if they did not follow the dictate of the Catholic church. Many of these subtle shifts have occurred. Even in this last century, you have seen many of these shifts. And you see it on a continual basis. And this should give you hope that it is indeed possible that you can see a shift into a more spiritual awareness, a more universal spiritual awareness. And this is indeed what will change things.

Ireland’s potential for spiritual renewal

What is the potential here in Ireland? Well again, it is the potential of that universal shift in consciousness, where the Irish people realize that the reason why they responded to Patrick was that they had an inherent spirituality. And although that spirituality has been beaten down by the rigidity of the Catholic church and the many onslaughts of physical forces and physical conquests, it is still there at the core of their beings. And it is truly because they love God, they love the plan of God for this earth and for this nation.

And when you see this, you realize that Ireland is the western-most country in Europe. And as such, does it not to some degree hold the same position as the region of the Middle East, where we have explained the figure-eight flow between the eastern and the western hemisphere, where the nexus is centered over the Middle East. Well, is there not also a figure-eight flow between Europe and North America, and is not Ireland located right at the nexus of that flow. So is it not possible, indeed, that Ireland can awaken to fulfill its role of bridging that gap between the Father-Mother flow of the eastern and the western hemisphere?

If that awakening occurs, then there will be a greater integration. And I must surely say that the recent developments in Northern Ireland, of a more unified approach to government, is an encouraging sign. And similar things can happen on this island as a whole. For certainly, I do foresee a future of a reunited Ireland that is one nation. For why should there be a division, whether it be based on religion or politics? Surely this is nothing but the divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen ones, who used their influence in England – that was already divided and conquered – in order to create the division in Ireland where no division was necessary.

Overcoming division in Europe

This is what needs to happen in Europe in general—that the European people realize that they have been artificially divided by the duality consciousness, by the forces of anti-Being. And when they rise up and allow themselves to be who they are, well then they can allow their neighbors on this continent to be who they are. And then they will suddenly realize that instead of being enemies – instead of being so different that the differences can only cause conflict – they are simply different facets, different expressions, of the Being of God. And therefore, even though they are different in how they outpicture that Being, their differences do not need to create conflict.

There can then be a more perfect union that is not a political union—not an economical union based on the belief that we can make more money by uniting our economies. It is a more perfect union because it is a spiritual union, that rises above the outer quest for power or the outer quest for mammon or comfortability in the materialistic lifestyle, that might be very pleasant but truly comes at the cost of no spirituality and no purpose in life. So that people must continue to indulge themselves in more and more and more possessions in order to dull themselves to the inner prompting that their lives are meaningless.

This is my discourse for this night. Ponder the forces of anti-Being. Ponder the need to see how those forces have affected you personally and how you can rise above them. And dare to Be who you truly are in God, thereby overcoming the impasse – the paralyzing impasse – that caused prince Hamlet to lose his life, to lose his opportunity to bring forth a new government in the country that was his.

Again, do not let the opportunity pass you by. But dare to Be who you are. And stop believing in the forces who tell you, that you have no right or no ability to Be. For I tell you, you DO have the right to BE on this continent. For I, Saint Germain, give you that authority, which is truly beyond any authority on earth. But truly, you should not need anyone to give you that authority, because you should know that you have that authority by the very fact that you were created.

For truly, you are extensions of your Father’s Being. You are out of the God without whom nothing was made that was made. And, my beloved, that truly includes you. So dare to recognize that the very fact that you have awareness and being and consciousness, demonstrates that you have the right to Be. And start by Being More. You have the right to Be More than you were brought up to think is possible or proper. And then eventually, you can grow into the fullness of Being here below all that you already ARE above.

NOTE: This dictation was followed by a lecture by Kim Michaels: You have to start walking before you will know where you are going.


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