You have to start walking before you will know where you are going

TOPICS:  Stop limiting what God can do through you – Recognize that you volunteered for a special mission – Surrender what blocks your mission – You must be moving in order to get direction –

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Lecture by Kim Michaels, May 19, 2007

This lecture followed a dictation by Saint Germain.

The masters want me to speak as the Omega polarity to what Saint Germain said, especially about my experience of starting the website.  Because you might look at the website now and say, “Well it has a certain momentum, it has certainly got beyond that first hump.” And you might think that it was so easy to create the website because I had Jesus’ guidance and I had his support and his sponsorship and this and that.

But you have to realize that I faced the exact same challenge that Saint Germain was talking about—will this make a difference? Is it worthwhile doing? Why even bother? Why break off my life, why change my life totally  – because I realized it would change my life dramatically – when it might not make any difference?

And that’s the same challenge you are all facing. Because the fact of the matter is that the masters do not want you to look at me as being more special than you are. You have to realize the truth of what the masters are saying—God is in all of us. And this is the Aquarian age. There is not going to be one Christed being who is going to be like Jesus was for the Piscean age. If there is going to be a Golden Age and an awakening, there has to be many, many people who dare to manifest their Christhood.

And certainly, the fact that you are open to the teachings on the website – that talk about manifesting your Christhood – it should show you that you know somewhere in your being that you have that potential. Because otherwise you would not even be open to the teachings, they would mean nothing to you, they wouldn’t resonate with you.

So I know in your outer mind you can look at all these things, “Could I possibly be worthy? What could I possibly do? I have this flaw, and that flaw. I have done this and that.” But you have to realize that that’s part of the human condition. And our goal is to overcome that human condition. And that means anyone who has ever ascended, anyone who has ever done something that was above the ordinary—well they all had some human condition, some human flaw.

They talk about Paul – he talked about having a thorn in the flesh, which I sense was a speech impediment – that he basically could not talk unless he was overpowered by the spirit. And yet he became the foremost preacher because he was willing to go beyond that and speak anyway. And so we of our own selves can do nothing that can make a difference. But we have to be realistic and realize that God is in us, and if we are willing, then God in us can and WILL make a difference.

Stop limiting what God can do through you

I had many phases in my life that led me to the point where I am right now. But one of the most important phases I went through was that there were several years where I contemplated – I really came to understand – that God is in all of us. And therefore, we all have the potential to say with Jesus, “I and my Father are one. And I am not doing the work; it is the Father within me.”

And I came to the realization that I have to stop limiting what God can do through me. Because I knew – and I started to see this – that I was limiting – with my expectations, with my ideas of life – what God could do through me. Because I wasn’t willing to disturb other people. I was very, very concerned about not disturbing people, not violating their free will. I had gone into the total opposite extreme of the power people who want to control other people.

All of my life I had been very aware of the issues of power, and I had taken that to the extreme, where I did not want to use any power. And that, of course, was unbalanced and it limited what God could do through me.

So when you look at the website, you might get the impression that somehow I had some kind of undeniable vision that Jesus wanted to do this work through me. And you might even think that, well did I have some kind of vision where he appeared to me or I heard a voice booming from heaven and all this stuff. But it was all inner, intuitive communication. It was all this very subtle inner sense, of an inner knowing, that Jesus IS my master and I have volunteered to come into embodiment for a specific mission.

And you all have a specific mission that you came into embodiment for. And it is no more or no less important than mine. It’s just different, it’s yours. But in order to find it, in order to discover it, you have to be willing to look at what are the beliefs in your mind, that you have accepted and that prevent that mission from being fulfilled. Because your higher self and God and the masters cannot work through you because you have all of these blocks, you have been boxed in by these beliefs. And so it would have been very easy and very possible for me to deny what I am doing today, to doubt it, to explain it away, to excuse it and say, “Oh, it can’t be true.”

Recognize that you volunteered for a special mission

So I had many, many things in my own consciousness that could have been used as an excuse for saying, “Oh this cannot be real. This cannot be true. This cannot be the real Jesus, this must be some psychic impostor. Why me? What is special about me?” But the thing is, there is nothing special about me—other than that when they asked for volunteers up there in heaven, I said, “I’ll go.” And you all said the same thing—that’s why you are here.

When they asked who would go and do your mission, you said, “I’ll go.” And so it is the same thing for all of us. We have a mission, and in our outer minds and in our programming – as we grew up, we have been programmed by the forces of anti-Being – we do not dare to fulfill that mission. But I am telling you—you can really come to that point of knowing what your mission is and having that determination. But in order to do that, you have to look at what it is in your own psychology that is causing you to doubt, that is causing you to want to excuse it, to explain it away and say, “Oh I can’t—why me?”

And so, really, there is nothing special about me. In the sense that there is nothing that I can do that you cannot do. Because I can do nothing, God in me is everything and that God is also in you. And so that is the awakening that the masters want to see happen. That we all recognize this, and we all simply refuse to accept this consciousness that God is only in one person and that God can work through only one person. This is the forces of anti-Being, and as ascended master Patrick said, they will try to beat you down, and if they cannot do that then they will elevate you to an idol and say, “Oh yeah, he was special, nobody else can do what he did.”

That is what we have to look at and say, “The emperor has nothing on!” And whatever it is for you individually, for your culture – because I am realizing more and more that every country has a certain national consciousness that really has the effect of making everybody follow the crowd – and so you need to look at that. What is it in your national awareness that is anti-Being and that prevents you from Being and fulfilling your mission? Because that is part of your mission—why you came from different countries is to be the forerunner to show the people in your country that you can be more spiritual, and you can overcome that force of anti-Being.

So you need to look at that and look at the culture and see what the illusions are that are specific to each country. And then overcome them and just stand up and say, “I have a right to be who I am.” And you might say, “Well how do I know?” or “I don’t have any idea of my divine plan.” And as I said, I could have doubted it all, I could have explained it away. But the one thing that helped me more than anything else was that I came to understand the necessity of surrender, the importance of surrender.

Surrender what blocks your mission

So the fact of the matter is that if you have no clear vision of your mission and divine plan, it is because of something that you have not surrendered. And that something is preventing you from having that clear vision. So if you will think about that, you can gradually come to see what it is you have not surrendered. And then you can let go of it.

I explain on the website that I came to that point, where I literally fell to my knees and said, “God, you can take me home right now.” And if at that moment, I had died, I would have left this planet in peace. And that was an incredible step for me, because all of my life up to that point I had been driven by a sense that I had a mission, that I had something I needed to do. And I was becoming increasingly frustrated because I knew I wasn’t doing it, I wasn’t fulfilling my mission.

But the reason why I was not fulfilling it was that I had the wrong vision of what the mission was and how it should be attained. And so, actually, the more I was pushing to fulfill it, the more I was pushing it away. And what broke that spiral was that I surrendered everything. And I said, “Okay if I never do anything on this Earth that makes any difference, that is okay also.” And in that total surrender, I could then let go of the blocks. And all of a sudden I started seeing the mission that I had not really dared to see before. Because I had not dared to even think that I could be a mouthpiece for the masters and be a messenger. I simply did not dare to think that thought.

And so, many of you might have the same kind of a block, where your outer mind simply will not accept – or maybe even conceive of – what your mission is. Because it seems to be beyond you. And so if you are willing to surrender those expectations of what your mission should or should not be, if you are willing to go beyond it, well then you can come to the point of seeing it.

And then the other thing that helped me a lot was an idea about the incarnation of El Morya as Abraham. And the basic concept was that, again, we tend to think that because Abraham was doing the work for God, he certainly knew everything that was going to happen and he knew how everything was going to end up. And so it was easy for him. But it was not. God said to Abraham, “I have a mighty work to do through you, but I cannot do it in your own country.” But he did not tell Abraham where he was going to end up. He said, “Start walking!”

And because Abraham was willing to take the first step – without realizing where he was headed in the end – well then he was open to direction. And once he had taken the first step, then he could get direction for how to take the next step, and then the third and so on. And then, after a while, he started having a more clear vision and building a momentum, and then it became easier for him. But if he had not been willing to take that first step, he would have gotten nowhere.

And it was the same with Jesus. It is the same with all of us. I did not know what was going to happen. I did not know back then that there was going to be as many books as there are, that there was going to be as many teachings on the website as there are. But I was willing to take the very first step, where I had a limited vision of what Jesus wanted to do.

And I still have no idea where this is going. I have no idea where this is going to be in a year or five years. And I have no concern about it. Because I have gotten to the point where I say, “Well, I don’t need to know. I just need to know that this is what Jesus wants me to do today.” It’s like Jesus said, let the evil of the day be sufficient thereof. Take no thought for the morrow, for the morrow will take thought for itself. So, in other words, take that one step at a time, do not worry about what is coming in the future, just follow the vision and the direction you have today and start out with something. Because if you do not start, how could you ever build a momentum? You will get nowhere.

You must be moving in order to get direction

An analogy I heard once was that if you take a car tire and stand it on the ground – and it is standing still – if you push it on the side, it will fall over. But once it is rolling, if you push it on the side, it is merely going to change direction. And so again, if you stand there and have done nothing, well God cannot give you any direction because if he gave you the direction, you would fall over. But once you start moving, then you can have a greater and greater vision and then you gradually begin to see where it is leading.

But as I said, I still do not know where it is leading. And I have people who come up to me and say, “Well, haven’t you asked the masters, haven’t you asked them where it’s all going and what’s going to happen?” And I say “No. Why would I? I have faith that it is going in the right direction. Why wouldn’t I have?” I am where I am today because I was willing to follow direction, so as long as I keep following that direction without being attached to where it is going, well then it will go in the right direction.

And so it is the same for each of you. You all have a mission, but you need to start walking before you can really see it. And that is the important thing. Because I talk to so many people who take the opposite approach. They want to have the vision and a guarantee before they are willing to start moving. And so they stand still and they are saying, “Why can’t I see it? Why don’t I know where it is? Why doesn’t God tell me?” And they are asking God to tell them, but they haven’t been willing to multiply the talents and start walking. And so you have to start doing that, you have to be willing to move forward—and then see where it takes you.

And so I could go on and on. But I think the message really is: Dare to Be. Dare to be what you see today. And then – when you dare to be that – then you will see something greater tomorrow. And when you dare to be that, you will then get a greater and greater vision. But if you do not start, the process cannot even begin.

And then, as Saint Germain said, you have fallen prey to the forces of anti-Being who want to prevent you from taking that first step—because they know that is the easiest point to stop you. Once you have built a momentum, it becomes harder and harder for them. So if they can stop you right where you are, that is what they want. So do not let them have that victory!


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