It is time for a revolution of thought in Europe

TOPICS:  The greatest need in Europe today – Learn from the history of Europe – The unique opportunity for an awakening in Europe – Claim the true authority of the Living Word – You are here to help manifest the Golden Age of Saint Germain – It is time for a second revolution of thought in Europe –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Most gracious Ladies and Gentlemen, Saint Germain I AM, and I come with a flame of gratitude for your presence on this continent, at this conference, at your willingness to study the true teachings of Christ brought forth specifically for the Aquarian Age. For my beloved, there are indeed few beings in heaven that have a greater respect, admiration and pure love for Jesus than I myself.

Truly, in many embodiments I was inspired by the teachings of Christ, and when I walked this continent in various embodiments – and as the Wonderman of Europe – I always sought to impart the inner teachings of Christ that I knew in my heart. Yet the proud, the high and the mighty would have none of it. For they thought they knew better what were the true teachings of Christ. For they had taken those teachings and encapsulated them in the impenetrable wall of doctrine, of dogma and of a Church authority that could not be challenged or gainsaid. So my beloved, is it not ironic that the Being who was destined to become the master of the Aquarian Age – and who for that reason took embodiment many times in Europe – found that the greatest opposition to freedom in Europe did indeed come from the very institution that claims to be the only true Church of Christ?

Truly, this is a state of affairs that cannot be allowed to continue on this continent. This is not to say that I want anyone to go out and do battle with the Catholic Church. For we have no intention of destroying the Catholic Church. However we do have every intention of making obsolete both the Catholic Church and any other church that will not come up higher and accept the true teachings of the Living Christ being brought forth as the Living Word, not only through one messenger but through the hearts and minds of the people throughout Europe and the World, who are willing to be mouthpieces for the Aquarian teachings of Christ, the teachings that must be brought out before the Age of Freedom can become a reality on this planet.

The greatest need in Europe today

What is indeed the greatest need in Europe today, what is my highest hopes, what is my highest vision for this continent? Well, let me assure you that even though I have spent a considerable amount of time, energy and attention on establishing the United States, I still have a very great love for this continent, and a very great hope that Europe can once again become the open door for bringing forth new ideas in every area of human endeavor.

For was it not so, that during the Renaissance and beyond, Europe was indeed the birthplace of many new ideas. Some of those ideas were surely from the dualistic, serpentine mindset, but still there were valid ideas that came forth and transformed Europe and eventually the world. But look at history again. Look at the Renaissance and how there was an explosion of new ideas, new inventions, new thoughts. Yet they were brought forth primarily through science—not in the area of religion. And once again, was not the reason that there was one church that claimed to be the only true church of Christ and therefore felt justified in using whatever power it had to suppress innovation in the area of religion? Truly, there was the Reformation, but as I am sure you, of all people, can see, the Lutheran, Protestant churches and their offspring did not bring out the true teachings of Christ. For they took out some of the artificial elements added by the Catholic Church, but they did not put back in what had been taken out by the Catholic Church or even earlier.

The greatest need in Europe is the restoration of the Word, because the word affects every area of society. The Word is the key element to setting the people free. Why is this so, my beloved? It is so because the perversion of the word that creates illusions is the primary means used by the Power Elite to suppress the people, to prevent the people from having the knowledge, the truth that will make them free.

Surely, there are few better historical examples of this than the Catholic Church and how it suppressed the Word, even the written Word, so that for centuries the Bible could not be translated into any other language but Latin, meaning that the majority of the people in the Christian world back then could not understand and read the Bible for themselves. They had to rely on the interpretation given by their preachers and priests. Can you see that when the people do not even have access to the written Word, well then the institution that took away that access can control the peoples’ thoughts, which is indeed why the same institution managed to keep Europe locked in the Dark Ages for nigh a millennium.

Learn from the history of Europe

Oh my beloved, think about where Europe and the world could have been today, if the scientific revolution could have started 500 years or more earlier than it did. Well, the reality is that either the Golden Age would have been manifest or the world would have blown itself up through the misuse of technology. So the real, realistic assessment of the situation is that everything happened for a reason. And the reason is simple; the consciousness of the people was not ready for the scientific revolution to start any sooner than it did.

For had the consciousness of the people been ready, they would have thrown off the yoke of the Catholic Church sooner. And therefore, if somehow the technology had been brought out, then you can see how the war between Protestants and Catholics could have been fought with far more devastating weapons. And therefore, you could have indeed seen both sides of the conflict using nuclear weapons in the name of God. Can you imagine the karma that would have been made on this continent, if a nuclear war had been fought in the name of God, killing tens of millions of people and polluting the environment for decades to come?

So indeed, we can say again: everything happens for a reason and according to cycles. Yet the co-measurement I want to give you is that those cycles are not set in stone but are indeed dependent upon the willingness of the people to come up higher. And that depends on their willingness to look beyond the watered-down, dead word that they are presented by every institution in society, be it the religious institutions, the political institutions, the governments and the scientific establishment.

Can you see, that today in Europe you have a situation, where the scientific establishment is claiming that it has set Europe free from the tyranny and the yoke of religion. Yet they are not willing to admit that they have simply created another tyranny – of materialism, secularism, relativism – that is as dangerous and as oppressive as what was established by the Catholic Church. We must look beyond the establishment, for history shows us clearly that the establishment will not voluntarily let go of their power—unless they sense that the people have finally risen up and mustered the determination to say, “Thus far and no farther, for we will take a stand for what we know in our hearts, and we demand more freedom than we have today.”

You saw how the French revolution was the text-book example, as I have described before, of the aspiring power elite finally getting the better of the established power elite and becoming as oppressive as the old elite, only in a different way with a different justification. This back-and-forth fight can go on indefinitely, but I must tell you that I have great hopes that the people of Europe – within the foreseeable future – will wake up and say, “We have seen too many wars on this continent and we now see that the real cause of war is the dualistic, relative thinking that makes people believe, that they have the only truth and that they have a right to kill those who oppose them, be it for religious or political reasons, or even to maintain the power over the people, the privilege of those who are so rich that they can suppress the people totally and absolutely.”

My Beloved, in the history of the world, few societies have indeed been so oppressive as what you have seen in the feudal societies in Europe, where the peasants were simply the property of the noble men and could not do anything without their permission. Well, they could do one thing without their permission, they could die, but that was about the only option they had.

Given its history, I believe – I envision – that it is indeed possible for a critical mass of Europeans to be awakened to the reality, that the only way to end this dualistic struggle in Europe is to reach for something that is beyond duality. Something that is beyond the dualistic way of thinking, the relative way of thinking, where there is no absolute truth or where people take a relative truth and elevate it to the status of an absolute truth, as you have seen both in the Catholic Church, in the communist block and in materialism today.

The unique opportunity for an awakening in Europe

The European people are in a unique position in the world, because they have more sense of history than most people in the United States. They have a longer sense of history, and they have – even within the last 1,000 years – witnessed almost every aspect of the duality consciousness, and how it can outplay itself in a society. And if people will only take a look and wake up and say, “There must be more to life than this!” And they will also need to say, “There must be more to life than money, than a material lifestyle.”

When you look at the history of nations, you will see that many nations started out as primitive societies, primitive hunter-gatherer cultures, agricultural societies, eventually rising in sophistication. But look at Europe and how long it took Europe to come to the point, where a majority of the people do not have to spend all of their time, energy and attention on making a living, feeding the body and their children. Europe has passed that point, where most people on this continent have the opportunity to have a considerable amount of free time. And therefore, they can realize that there must be something better to do with life than to struggle against those who are your dualistic opponents, or to spend all of your life on materialistic pursuits or entertainment or bodily pleasures.

I know at inner levels that tens of millions of Europeans have volunteered to come into embodiment on this continent and at this time, in order to bring forth that universal awakening that I am talking about. This is not a matter of a religious awakening where everyone comes into one particular religion. It is a matter of a universal awakening, of realizing first of all, that there must be something beyond the gray thinking and the black-and-white thinking of the duality consciousness. And that something is the Living Word, which can flow regardless of any outer authority.

When you look at Europe, what do you see? Well you see that this continent has seen an extraordinary amount of individuals and institutions who claim to have absolute and infallible authority, based on some claim in this material world. Look at the Catholic Church, that claim to be the only true Church established by Christ through Peter, through that one remark in the Bible that upon this rock will I build my Church. Based on that one outer statement and their interpretation of it, and their convenient forgetfulness of the verses that follow shortly afterwards – where Jesus calls Peter Satan and tells him to get behind him – based on this one remark, they have claimed to have infallible authority on this planet that cannot be gainsaid, at least not by anyone who wants to enter heaven and avoid eternal damnation and the hellfire and brimstone of purgatory.

Have you not also seen kings upon kings and emperors of every possible design that have claimed some infallible authority based on their family background or their bloodline or this or that. And have you not seen the governments of the communist block claim some infallible authority based on the teachings of Marx or Lenin or whatever you have—or simply based on raw power and their willingness to kill anyone who opposed them. And have you not seen a scientific establishment who likewise have created an absolute, unquestionable authority for itself. And have you not seen an economic financial establishment that seeks to take over the economy of Europe as a whole and individual nations.

So is it no possible then to quickly awaken Europeans to the reality, that we must dare to stand up and say, “We do not need any authority in this world, for we have the authority of the Living Word, which is the only true authority there is that is ordained by God.”

Claim the true authority of the Living Word

There is a way to claim authority without going into the dualistic tracks that you see in the churches and the scientific and political establishments. When you stand up to – challenge – status quo, those in the established power elite will immediately say, “By what authority do you say this? What authority do you have to challenge the Catholic Church, or the Lutheran Churches, or the scientific establishment? Who are you, what is your background? Ah, you are not a scientist. Well then we don’t need to listen to you. Ah, you have not been willing to bend the knee and submit to the Catholic indoctrination. Well, then we don’t need to listen to you.”

This is the intimidation that has been used successfully by the power elite for a very, very long time, in order to suppress the people and prevent them from bearing witness to the truth they know in their hearts. They have established a culture that truly is a world-wide phenomenon. But I must tell you that within the last 1000 years, that culture has been more powerful in Europe than anywhere else, and the culture is precisely this: that unless you have some kind of earthly authority – given to you by the establishment – then you have no authority and no right to speak out.

Is this not likewise what you saw in the scribes and the Pharisees and the temple priests, those who represented the Jewish establishment and how they challenged Christ and his right to be in embodiment and speak the Living Word and the Living Truth? Can you not see, that you need to completely rise above any need to have any outer authority? And how do you do this, my beloved? You do it precisely by heeding the profound teachings given earlier by Mother Mary and Patrick, about overcoming your expectations of a certain outer result. For you are simply here to bear witness to the truth. And when you dare to speak from the heart—and when they ask you by what authority you speak, you simply say, “I speak the Living Truth, I speak the Living Word that I know in my heart.”

And when they say, “Well then, how can you challenge our authoritative version of truth that we can trace back 15-1700 years?” And you can say, “I challenge it because I know in my heart the Living Truth, as Christ knew the Living Truth in his heart, and as he indeed said that the Kingdom of God is within me. I have dared to look for that Kingdom—I have found it. I have dared to follow the call of Christ that God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. I have gone into the inner Kingdom, and I have discovered the Living Truth and I speak what I receive in my heart, what I receive from Above. I do not speak of my own self, I have no desire for power or position. I want no recognition. I simply speak what I know in my heart, what I receive in my heart. And I speak to those who also know truth in their hearts when they hear it. And therefore, I need no outer authority, nor will I allow any outer authority to keep me quiet, to prevent me from witnessing to the truth that I know, and from letting my light shine. For indeed, I have light whereas you have only outer authority, for if you had the light, why would you need the outer authority?”

This is precisely as the dynamic with Jesus and the temple Priests and the scribes and the lawyers. They had to claim an outer authority because they had not the witness of Christ, they had not the Light of Christ. And they did not have that light because they had not been willing to enter the inner Kingdom and obtain the Key of Knowledge. But you who are willing can have that Key of Knowledge, that Spirit of Truth, that Living Word. And then you can speak by the only authority that counts in heaven. As was said by Patrick, take note that in order for you to truly win your ascension from this planet – at its present level of development – you have to dare to bear witness to the Truth in front of those who have destroyed that living truth by refusing to enter the inner kingdom.

You are here to help manifest the Golden Age of Saint Germain

For my beloved, it is not enough to balance 51% or more of your karma. We have never – ever – said that this was the only requirement for your ascension. For as we have said before, you did not come here to make karma, balance that karma and then leave. You came here to bring a gift, to fulfill your divine plan by helping to set the people free.

And you, who are in embodiment at this time, came here because you wanted to be part of the Aquarian Age of Saint Germain. And you wanted to be part of the process of breaking through the opposition to that age, so that the power elite cannot hold it back, but that it will break through as it broke through in the Renaissance. And suddenly the established power elite of the Church could not hold the floodgates closed and could not prevent the new inventions and thoughts from coming up.

And surely, those new scientific ideas have been taken over by the aspiring power elite, that has now become the established power elite in science and politics. Nevertheless, we just do the same thing again, we leap-frog them – as they say – we jump beyond them, we rise above them, we cut through their walls because we become so transparent, that we can walk right through their barriers. They can no longer hold back our thoughts and our minds, and therefore we can march, we can be on the road to freedom, because we simply do not accept any conditions on earth that can stop our forward movement.

It is time for a second revolution of thought in Europe

My Beloved, what is true freedom? It is what Mother Mary explained when she talked about the conditions that hold you back. It is the conditions that you have accepted that are taking away your freedom and imprisoning you in a mental box that has no reality whatsoever. No reality in God and not even a reality in the material world, because it is a smokescreen that is only upheld by peoples’ belief that it is reality and in its ability to hold them back. It has no true reality. Do you see what I am saying?

Next door is a castle with thick stone walls. That castle has a certain reality in the same vibrational realm as your physical bodies, and currently you cannot walk through those stone walls because there is a certain vibrational correspondence between your body and the stones. But what I am telling you here is that the illusions created by the serpentine mind have less reality than those stone walls. Because they are not in the physical, they are in the emotional and the mental – primarily – even though some have made it to the lower etheric.

So it is only when your minds resonate with that level of vibration, that you think these conditions can hold you back and imprison you. But I tell you, you certainly can raise the vibration of your bodies, so you can walk through the walls. But that will take a greater effort and a greater attainment than it will take to simply realize that the ideologies and the illusions created by the power elites of Europe have no reality and cannot hold back your minds.

And thus I say to you, come with me as I lead the way in this coming decade and beyond to awaken those people who can be awakened in Europe, in America, in Latin America, in Asia, in Russia and even beyond in Australia and to some degree in Africa. Come with me as I march throughout this planet to awaken those who can be awakened to the new winds of freedom that are blowing, so that people will simply wake up as if they have been sleeping and say, “We no longer need to accept these illusions, for we see that the emperor has nothing on. We see that this is all a lie, it was never real to begin with. And we will no longer follow the mass consciousness, no matter how many people will cling to the illusions. We will take a stand, we will stand on the housetops and shout the Living Word that goes beyond the illusions and exposes them for what they are.”

Truly, this is the universal change that needs to happen in Europe. It needs to happen world-wide, surely, but I have confidence that as I stand on this continent, there will be an awakening throughout Europe through many initiatives and movements. There will be an awakening that this is unreal, and we will no longer give it reality. We will rise above it and we will make obsolete, not only the illusions but the institutions that are supporting them and upholding them because they could not exist without them.

We will move beyond individually and we will form a critical mass that will compel, that will blow the winds of the Holy Spirit so our societies will also rise above the old mindset as most European nations did during the Renaissance. When – suddenly – people simply let go of the old worn-out ideas and beliefs of what could and could not be done—such as that the earth was flat and that there was nothing beyond the horizon.

It is now time for the second revolution of thought, that makes you realize that the human mind is not flat and that there is something beyond the mental boxes created by the power elite. They think they have a monopoly on truth, but certainly they do not have a monopoly on the Christed Beings on this planet, those who are willing to take that stand for Christ, to take that stand for Saint Germain, to take a stand for the Age of Freedom. And they will claim, “We have a right to be free in mind and Spirit, we have a right to be spiritual people on this continent, regardless of the old religions and the new scientific pseudo religion, that claims it knows there is no God. We have a right to claim our spirituality, and to pronounce that spirituality from the housetops, and from the housetops of cyberspace.”

My Beloved, I thank you for your gracious attention, and I shall indeed return tomorrow and again the next day, for I have yet more words to say about the situation on this continent. But for now I want to say that if there were some of you that thought that Saint Germain had turned his back on Europe, well then I must tell you that that time is over. For I have indeed turned my attention back to Europe, through the hearts and minds of those who have been willing to discover and accept the true teachings of Christ. And thus I say, I AM here, and I AM here to stay as long as I find open hearts who are willing to invite me in and say, “Saint Germain, you are welcome here.” Thank you for your attention.


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