How natural disasters can be mitigated

TOPICS: Understanding how earthquakes can be mitigated – A realistic assessment of earthquakes – A positive spiral has been created –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

Understanding how earthquakes can be mitigated

My Beloved hearts, I am Mary, your Mother, and I shed a tear this day for the thousands of souls that have lost their lives in this earthquake. We in heaven, who are working most closely with the earth, do indeed feel your pain, both of those who have been taken from the screen of life and those who remain.

Yet as sad as this event has been, it is true, as beloved Shiva has said, that unless humankind rises to a higher level of consciousness, more will follow. And thus I ask you to adjust your outlook on life and on this planet. I ask you to be willing to rise above the ultimate form of ignorance that says, “All is well, and I don’t need to change!”

Ignorance does not mean that you know nothing. There are many levels of ignorance, and the most dangerous is, in fact, the level where people think they know everything they need to know. And because they think they are so sophisticated, they believe they do not need to change, they do not need to transcend themselves or their beliefs or their religion. They become those who have not ears to hear or eyes to see. Even those who persecute the Living Christ, when he appears before them in a physical body.

This is truly the state of ignorance that must and will be shattered in the coming years. I truly hope that those of you who are spiritually aware, will embrace my rosaries and will take it upon yourselves to spread the word, not only of the connection between the consciousness of humankind and the earth body, but also that there is a way out. And that way out is to invoke the light of God, and here is a simple way to give a rosary a day and not only heal your own psychology, but heal the psychology of the mass consciousness and heal the earth Mother.

A realistic assessment of earthquakes

In the midst of this sadness over the loss of life, I would give you a realistic assessment of this disaster [The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, December 26, 2004]. Almost one year ago, I prophesied that 2004 had the potential to become the year of the shaking earth. I must tell you that those who took up the use of my rosaries, truly mitigated a very large portion of that prophecy. Yet I must also tell you that not enough people took up the rosaries to mitigate all of it.

Furthermore, I must tell you that there is a limit to what can be mitigated through the use of rituals that invoke light. And the reason is that spiritual progress is a two-prong process. There is the invocation of light that purifies the misqualified energy that holds you back. But it must be accompanied by a rising awareness and sense of responsibility, until people ultimately take responsibility for their own path, and their own salvation and their own planet.

So even if millions of people started using my rosaries, there would still be some natural and man-made disasters, unless there is also a true spiritual awakening of humankind. Please realize that these go hand in hand. One of the main factors that is preventing people from awakening spiritually is the immense cloud of misqualified energy hanging over this planet. Even a few people giving the rosaries can remove this energy to some degree, and therefore make it easier for others to awaken. And this can then spread like rings on the water, until all are lifted up, as my beloved Jesus did by winning his ascension and truly lifting the consciousness of humankind. You do not have a sense of co-measurement today of how dense the consciousness of humankind was before Jesus took his final embodiment, but the difference is huge.

So what I am saying here is that the current earthquake could not have been mitigated 100 percent, even if far more people had given my rosaries. And the cause is that the awakening of humankind still has not reached a sufficient level to warrant such a mitigation. Yet despite the sorrow of this loss of life, I must tell you that there is also a rejoicing in heaven. Because when you step back from the immediate disaster, we know that this earthquake would have been far worse, had it not been mitigated. And a large part of that mitigation was provided by those of you who have given my rosaries over the last year and who have participated in the vigil for the Rosary of Infinite Light.

When you look at an earthquake, you will see that there are three deciding factors:

  • Where does the earthquake hit, where is the epicenter?
  • How deep beneath the earth’s crust is the center?
  • How powerful is the earthquake?

So the mitigation of this earthquake shifted the epicenter out to sea, instead of placing it very close to some of the large cities in that area. The mitigation also reduced the force of the earthquake and pushed it further underground. If this earthquake had not been mitigated, it would have been the largest earthquake since records have been kept. It would also have been one of the most deadly in the last century.

Imagine a 9.5 earthquake hitting close to the surface of the earth near a major city with millions of people, causing 80% of the buildings to collapse while people are still inside. That will give you a sense of co-measurement of what this disaster could have been, had it not been mitigated. The epicenter was moved out to sea, the force was reduced and the earthquake was pushed deeper underground. Plus, the ripple effect was not nearly as severe as it could have been. There truly was a potential that the quakes would roll as a wave along the fault lines in that area, even spreading far beyond the Indian ocean.

I can assure you that even though the tidal waves were powerful, they still created less destruction and loss of life than otherwise would have occurred. And they also spread the damage over a wider area, which – although it may seem to affect more people – actually is a form of mitigation. This is just because the earthquake itself, the karma and the misqualified energy that released the earthquake, was not produced only by the people living within a few hundred miles of the epicenter. It was produced by large numbers of people from all over the world, and indeed that is why many tourists, who were vacationing in that area, were affected by this earthquake. Because in past lives, they had created part of the karma that triggered the disaster.

A positive spiral has been created

Even though this is a somber occasion, I want to encourage those of you who have used my rosaries. I want you to know that you have done much to avert what could have been a much greater disaster. Just take a look at the list of the most deadly earthquakes in the history of the world, and see how many of them killed far more people, even though they were not nearly as strong.

And thus I come to provide you with some comfort and encouragement to realize that, from an overall perspective, the year 2004 has been a victory for planet earth. Through the efforts of millions of people around the world, who are spiritual people and are sincerely working on raising their consciousness, the earth has entered a positive spiral. A spiral that has gained momentum to the point, where it will not be stopped.

There can still be many bumps in the road, unless the spiritual awakening occurs. But overall, this is a victorious year, and the next eight years will be a great acceleration that will set the earth on a new track, on a new path. And we look forward to the point, when a critical mass of humankind will no longer be following the way that seemeth right unto a man, namely the path of holding on to what you have, the path of self-contraction, as explained by beloved Zarathustra. Instead, they will be willing to embrace the true path of God, the path of spiritual fire, the firewalk of self-transcendence.

And therefore, I greet you, and I congratulate you. I want you to transcend the sorrow of this disaster and allow yourselves to enter the new year with a sense of victory, with a sense of hope, with a sense of determination, with a sense of the Will of God, of which you will shortly hear more. And thus I seal you for now in the love and light of the Divine Mother, and I shall speak to you again shortly.

In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the name of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, in the name of Shakti, I seal you and I seal all the wonderful souls in the East, who have such devotion to the Mother of God. I seal you now in the light of the new year. Amen.


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