I invite you to give spiritual disaster aid

TOPICS: Two ways to return to God – What is space and time? – The need for Spiritual disaster aid – the connection between people’s consciousness and the physical planet –

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Ascended Master Shiva, December 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

I AM SHIVA! My name is SHIVA, and I am a representative of what you in the West know as the Holy Spirit. As my beloved brother and sister, Jesus and Mother Mary, have attempted to help you see, there are no barriers in heaven. In heaven there are no differences between religions. And thus, we long to see you form the same type of universal brotherhood and sisterhood on earth as we have in heaven. And how sad it is that it so often takes a major disaster to bring people together and help them see that outer divisions, such as race or religion, truly do not matter.

There are no divisions in heaven; we are all one in the Body of God. And yet we have different names and different functions and different offices. And they are not all confined to or expressed through one religion on earth. And therefore all of you, who are truly on the spiritual path to a higher state of consciousness, can benefit from knowing the various offices and masters that may not be known in the religion in which you grew up. You can benefit from invoking our names because there is power in our names.

And there is truly power in the name SHIVA, and that power is sorely needed right now. You have all seen the tremendous devastation from the recent earthquakes in Southeast Asia. You have seen how, in a matter of a few hours, tens of thousands of people can be taken out of embodiment. You now have, in the area of Southeast Asia, tens of thousands of souls who were taken out of embodiment so quickly, that they have no idea what happened to them. Many of these souls are now confused and in shock, and they are wandering around outside their bodies, caught in the twilight zone between the material realm and the spiritual realm. And they need to go to the spiritual realm between embodiments in order to move on with their personal journeys.

These souls need to be cut free because many of them do not have a sufficient level of spiritual awareness that they can move on by their own power. And that is why there is an immense need for those in embodiment, who do have spiritual awareness, to make the calls on behalf of these souls. We need you to call that these displaced souls will not keep wandering around in the twilight zone, looking for their loves ones, looking for their physical bodies, looking for their homes that are not there any more. Call that they will, as has been described by so many near-death experiences, see the point of light and see the angels of light who come to gather them and take them to the next level.

They need to be cut free so that they can let go of their former lives on earth, and all attachments to those lives, and actually follow the angels into the light. And what can cut them free, but one thing only, and that is fire—the spiritual fire that will consume their human attachments to their physical bodies and their former lives, so that they can move on as the spiritual beings they are. And therefore, without any sense of loss and regret, they can simply leave their former lives behind and move on into the love and the light of God.

Yet because these souls do not have enough internalized spiritual fire to make the journey on their own, they will remain stuck where they are, unless someone intercedes on their behalf. So I am now asking those of you who have spiritual awareness to consider that everything that happens in the physical octave on planet earth is only the visible effects of hidden causes. And there is much happening beneath the surface of most people’s conscious awareness, as has been explained to you by Jesus and Mother Mary. The physical universe that you can see with your senses is just the tip of the iceberg.

The need for Spiritual disaster aid

You now see the world rallying to provide the physical help that is needed in these disaster areas to take care of those who have survived. This is very much needed, and we applaud all of those who can play a role in this effort. But I ask those of you who are the spiritual people to realize that there is a spiritual aspect of anything that happens on earth. So just as there is a great need for physical help in the disaster areas, there is an even greater need for spiritual intercession and spiritual help. And those who are the most aware are the ones – the only ones – who can provide that help, just as those who have material affluence are the only ones who can provide material help.

So I therefore ask you [Whenever a disaster strikes] to make calls specifically for the souls that have perished in the disaster to be cut free to follow the angels of light who have come to escort them to their proper places. And you can do this by giving Archangel Michael’s rosary, making specific calls at the beginning. But you can also do it during your daily activities by making a simple call to me, Shiva. Simply say:


In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ, I call to you beloved SHIVA to manifest your flaming Presence to cut free all souls who have left embodiment in this disaster … [describe briefly]. Cut them free from all attachments to their former lives and their physical bodies. Cut them free to see the light of God and to follow the angels into that light.


After giving this call, repeat my name a number of times. Or combine my name with a simple call to the Divine Mother. If you have come from the spiritual tradition of the East, you will be familiar with the representative of the Divine Mother, Kuan Yin. You can then use her mantra, OM MANI PADME HUM and say:


Make a slight pause after the mantra, and then say my name with full force, repeating the mantra a number of times. If you come from the spiritual tradition of the West and feel closer to Mother Mary, you can say:


Repeat this mantra for as long as you like. This will be an immense service, and this is a teaching that I can assure you—it will not be the last time it is needed. There will be other disasters, both so-called natural and man-made, although, as Mother Mary has tried to explain to you, all disasters are man-made.

The connection between people’s consciousness and the physical planet

This then is the stark reality of the time in which you live. The burdens created by humankind have become so great, that the earth Mother can no longer sustain it in her body. And that is why, just as the body of a human being can get sick when that person is burdened by stress, so can the body of the earth Mother. And then you suddenly see these great upheavals, like the hurricanes in Florida and the Caribbean and many other violent storms you have seen in Southeast Asia—and now this earthquake.

I ask you therefore to consider that the greatest need on this planet right now is for an awakening of humankind to the reality that the earth Mother herself is closely linked to the consciousness of humankind. And what happens as visible events in the body of the earth Mother are the products of the thoughts and feelings in the mass consciousness. This is the one realization that is an absolute necessity on this planet. Humankind simply cannot rise to a higher level of consciousness until people start realizing the direct connection between the physical earth and their own consciousness.

Otherwise they will continue to be shocked and dazed whenever an actual disaster occurs. And they will be unable to explain why—they will feel powerless and unable to do anything to avert this in the future. They are left paralyzed by a fear of the unknown instead of being mobilized to take dominion over the earth and multiply the spiritual light within them, the very light that can consume the cause of all future disasters. So this is the one realization that must break through to the consciousness, the mass consciousness, of humankind. The only question is how it will break through. I therefore prophesy to you that between now and the year 2012, there are two ways that humankind can go.

There is the high road, where people start responding to the spiritual messages that have been given by the ascended masters through many different sources. And they raise their awareness and they take responsibility for their personal lives and for the planet as a whole. They accept that they must change their consciousness in order to avoid further natural disasters or wars.

This is the high road, and we very much hope that this is the path that humankind will take. But it can only happen if the top 10 percent of the population, as explained by Jesus, will wake up and realize that they must be the forerunners because the 80 percent of the population cannot awaken themselves. And the lowest 10 percent of the population will do everything they can to keep the population trapped in ignorance.

I must tell you in honesty that if this awakening does not occur, then the second option will take place. And the alternative is that the number and severity of natural disasters will continue to intensify, until it becomes so great that people can no longer ignore that the earth is sending them a message. And the message is saying, “You must change or die, because if you do not change, I will die. And how can you survive if the platform for your physical lives is no more!”

So I ask you to invoke my Presence and my fire to consume the cloud of ignorance that hangs over humankind, keeping people trapped in belief systems – be they religious or scientific – that deny the reality that everything – even matter itself – is made from God’s consciousness. And therefore people’s physical bodies and the body of the earth Mother are directly affected by the imperfections, that are allowed to remain in the consciousness of individuals and the mass consciousness.

I AM SHIVA, and I am truly an expression of the Holy Spirit of God, of the spiritual fire of God. And thus I am an individualization of the one true God that Moses worshiped as a consuming fire—as do all true prophets of God. Thus, by invoking my Presence, my fire can consume all imperfect energies before they become so dense that they begin to self-combust and thereby cause even physical matter to collapse.

Therefore, I extend to you, through this message, my fiery love, and I invite you to allow me into your personal life and into the life of this planet, so that I may consume all that is unreal before it is self-consumed by its own density. Thereby, the spiritual fire can consume all imperfections without destroying matter itself—as Moses saw the bush that burned with fire but was not consumed. The fire of God can spiritualize matter, thus preserving matter from self-destruction in the fires of hell. I seal you therefore in the fiery love of SHIVA that is the unfed flame of God.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels