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Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 28, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I come this day as your Miracle Mother, as your Mother of God, as your Mother Mary. I come to you with tidings of great joy because there truly is rejoicing in heaven in this moment. That rejoicing is caused by the fact that so many have studied my last dictation, in which I talked about the potential for earthquakes in the year 2004. And the rejoicing is especially caused by the fact that so many have taken up the use of my Miracle Rosary and have indeed vowed to give this rosary daily.

As I told you in my last release, the power of this Miracle Rosary is indeed immense. Yet for that power to be released, someone in embodiment must be willing to be the open door through which the light and the power of the rosary, and thereby the light and the power of the Divine Mother herself, can be released in this matter universe. The power of the rosary depends on the number of people who give the rosary and the dedication and the fervor in the hearts of the people who give the rosary.

I can tell you that those who have given this rosary now for less than a month have already averted earthquakes that could have come to pass during the month of January and that could indeed have caused much devastation and loss of life. You have seen aftershocks in the area of Iran in which the last devastating earthquake happened. Yet these aftershocks did not cause any loss of life, and the reason was in large part due to the power of the Miracle Rosary which mitigated these earthquakes.

I am not hereby saying that the number of people who have so far started using this rosary is sufficient to turn back all of the earthquakes that could potentially happen during the coming year. Yet I am greatly encouraged by what has already been accomplished, and there is a new optimism in heaven that if this rosary could spread like rings in the water, and be taken up by many more people, it would indeed be possible to avert almost all of the earthquakes that I prophesied for this coming year.

To give you a new sense of direction and importance for your calls, I would now like to prophesy to you that there is indeed a potential for a series of very powerful earthquakes to happen in the area around the Panama Canal during the month of March. If these earthquakes are not mitigated, they could potentially destroy the Panama Canal beyond repair, and therefore cause a major blow to the world economy. I trust you will not let this prophecy cause undue fear, or any fear at all. I trust you will see that I give this prophecy to give you a greater sense of direction for your calls, so that you can make specific calls at the beginning of the Miracle Rosary for the mitigation of this prophecy.

The title of Mother of God

Having now given you my peace, my encouragement and my gratitude, I would like to turn to the topic of the title given to me by the Catholic Church, the title of the “Mother of God.” I would like to explain to those of you who have an open mind and heart what is the true meaning behind the title of Mother of God.

I trust you can see that this title does not mean that I, a human being embodied on planet earth, was the actual mother of God himself. For that to have been the case, I would have had to be in existence before God came into existence, so that I could give birth to God. This simply would not make sense because nothing existed before God. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God because in the beginning there was nothing but God. Therefore, there was not even a father or a mother aspect of God. There was only the undifferentiated whole that had no forms and no divisions.

So what then does it truly mean to be the Mother of God? As my son Jesus has so beautifully explained in the teachings he has given through this messenger, everything was created from God’s substance and God’s being. My son has also explained that God, the Creator, has a dual nature. One aspect of God is that of the Father of God. The other aspect of God is that of the Mother of God.

It is indeed the harmonious and balanced union of the father and mother aspect of God that gives birth to the Son of God. The Son of God is, as Jesus has also explained, the universal Christ consciousness. This is a state of mind that holds the blueprints, the matrices, for all the forms that are to be created. When the infinite light of God the Father shines through the thoughtforms held in the mind of God the Son, they are impressed upon the substance of the Divine Mother and become manifest as forms, even the forms of the matter universe, the ma-ter universe. These forms are upheld only by a continual flow of the light of God, which flows as the Holy Spirit through all levels of God’s creation.

What I am hoping to help you understand with this explanation is that everything that was ever created was indeed created out of God’s substance, out of the mother substance itself. Therefore, everything is created from God, and when God creates a form, that form is created by God, from God, and therefore it is an individualization of God. God creates by expressing his unlimited being as a limited form, a form defined by limitations. This is indeed the infinite love of the Father, that he allows his infinite being to be imprisoned, so to speak, in a finite form.

I hope you can now see that I, Mother Mary, am indeed an individual lifestream created by God. I was created as an individual lifestream, and I chose to take embodiment on planet earth. As part of being embodied, I went through the same process that all other lifestreams go through, and I forgot my divine nature and origin, as most other lifestreams have done. Yet I never completely lost contact with my Christ self, and through that contact I raised myself to a level of spiritual awareness and attainment that allowed me to hold a spiritual office while I was still in a physical body on planet earth.

That office has the title of Mother of God. It signifies that I had become so one with the mother aspect of God that I had become a representative of the Divine Mother on earth. I was therefore selected to give birth to the lifestream of my son Jesus.

Yet I must tell you that the Catholic doctrine, which states that I was the Mother of God, has things backward. You see, the Catholic doctrine states that Jesus Christ was not only the Son of God but was actually God incarnate. It states that Jesus was God from the beginning of the world, and therefore he was never created by God. It was because I gave birth to Jesus and because Jesus was God that I have been called the Mother of God.

Yet, as I have explained, it was truly my dedication to the mother aspect of God that allowed me to hold the spiritual office, which made me the candidate for giving birth to Jesus. Therefore, I was the Mother of God, I was holding the office as the Mother of God, before I gave birth to Jesus.

Was Jesus God?

This means that the Catholic doctrine that Jesus was God is correct only when understood from a deeper perspective. As my son Jesus has explained, he was not the only Son of God. The reason being that everything that was ever created by God was created as an individualization of God. This means that even Jesus was created as an individual lifestream. He went through the same process of embodying on earth and gradually losing the full awareness of his divine origin. Yet he regained that awareness and that spiritual attainment. And as a result of that, the lifestream of Jesus was able to hold a spiritual office for this planet. That spiritual office is the office of the Son of God, which is also the office of the Savior of mankind.

However, this office was in existence before the lifestream of my son Jesus was able to fill that office. So you see that Jesus truly is an individualization of God, and therefore it is not technically wrong to say that Jesus was God incarnate. Nevertheless, all other lifestreams created by God are also sons and daughters of God. And therefore, it is incorrect to create the doctrine that Jesus was the only Son of God or that Jesus was the only incarnation of God that ever took place on planet earth. In fact, all sons and daughters of God are the incarnations of God on this planet. I too was an incarnation of God and so was my beloved Joseph, the disciples of Jesus and almost every other human being on this planet.

What set Jesus apart was that he came to the full realization that he was a Son of God. Therefore, he became the conscious incarnation of God, as opposed to the unconscious incarnation of most other people. Yet Jesus came to show that all people are the incarnations of God and have the potential to put on the Christ consciousness, whereby they become conscious incarnations and can express their divine qualities freely.

I realize that this teaching will be shocking to many Catholics who have been brought up with the doctrine that Jesus was God incarnate and was the only incarnation of God ever to occur. I must tell you that we in heaven feel great compassion for the souls who have been indoctrinated with this doctrine, some of them for almost 2,000 years. We understand that it is difficult for many people to let go of this doctrine. Yet I must tell you that if you could, for one second, experience how we in heaven look upon this doctrine, and how limited that doctrine is compared to the cosmic reality of God, then you would truly become instantly free from the heavy weight this doctrine has put upon you. The doctrine causes you to deny your own spiritual origin as a true son or daughter of God.

You would then realize the truth in the teachings given by Jesus on this website, that he came not to be elevated to an idol. He came to show all people a systematic path to a higher state of consciousness. He came to show all people that they too can manifest their Christhood even while in a physical body on earth. Therefore, you would realize that to Jesus the Catholic doctrine that he is the only Son of God and that he is the only incarnation of God, is truly the ultimate form of blasphemy and the ultimate form of idol worship. In fact, I can assure you that this doctrine is directly embarrassing to my son Jesus, even though he is reluctant to tell you so.

I would therefore ask those who have an open mind and heart that they simply let this doctrine go. If you need any help to let go of this doctrine, do an honest study of how this doctrine came into existence. You will see that it was never taught by Jesus or by his apostles or disciples. It was, in fact, not invented until the third century, when it became the catalyst for the Arian controversy that split the Christian church into what became the Roman Catholic Church and what became the Eastern Orthodox Church.

This division of Christianity was never the desire of my son, and it was never the desire of God. You will see that this doctrine was created by people who simply did not understand the true nature of Christ, and who used the Christian religion in their power struggles for the ultimate control of the Roman Empire. At the time, this empire represented the entire known world, and therefore it was a grand prize for those souls who were committed to ultimate power on earth.

Mother Mary is the Mother of all children of God

My goal with this discourse is to help you see the ultimate reality that the title of the Mother of God is a universal title and a universal office. As the mother of God, I am the mother of all children of God. I am the mother of all human beings, regardless of their skin color, their birth place or their religion. Therefore, I cannot play favorites, and as God is no respecter of persons, truly the Mother of God can be no respecter of persons. She cannot condemn some of her children based on artificial outer characteristics. These outer divisions were never created by God. They were created exclusively by the relativity of the human consciousness, the dualistic mind itself.

As the mother of God, I cannot allow myself to be influenced by this lower state of consciousness, and therefore I am indeed the universal Mother of all life. I hope that those who have an open mind and heart can see that the title of the Mother of God is not exclusive to Christians or to Catholics. I love all people, regardless of their outer religion.

Likewise, my son Jesus holds the office of Savior, the office of the Son of God, and that too is a universal office. If you will be honest, you will see that Jesus did not come to start a sectarian religion which would condemn all non-members, as the Jewish religion of his time condemned all non-Jews. Do you not see from the scriptures, that Jesus constantly challenged those Jews who were biased and used their religion as a weapon to condemn others? Do you not see that Jesus constantly reached out to those who were considered outcasts by the elitist Jews of Jerusalem, those who considered themselves to be God’s chosen people? Jesus constantly reached out to the lepers, the tax collectors, the Samaritans, the Romans and anyone else who was considered an outcast by those who thought they were better than everyone else.

The Divine Mother East and West

When you realize the universality of my office, you will also realize that even though I am primarily revered in the West, I do not limit myself to the western hemisphere or to the Christian religion. In fact, I am much more than the representative of the Divine Mother that you saw me as during my incarnation as Mary, the mother of Jesus.

There is indeed an office of the Divine Mother for the eastern part of this planet, and there is a representative of the Divine Mother who holds that office. She is revered in the East as the Goddess Kuan Yin, the Mother of Mercy. I can assure you that Kuan Yin is a member of the ascended masters, as I am a member of the ascended masters. There is no competition in heaven, and therefore Kuan Yin and I are colleagues and sisters of spirit. We are indeed two representatives of the Divine Mother, and we work together to create a true union of hearts that will turn this planet around.

As my son Jesus has explained on his website, he did indeed travel to the East during some of the 17 years where he is not mentioned in the Christian Bible. He did this because he knew that he was called to a universal office as the savior for all people. Therefore, he could not allow himself to confine his understanding of God to the Jewish religion. He therefore traveled to the East to study the timeless, universal teachings brought forth through several eastern religions. My son Jesus needed the initiations that were offered by these eastern religions in terms of learning how to master matter itself. It was indeed these initiations that helped him perform the miracles that he performed during his mission in Galilee.

So you see, when you rise to a certain level of spiritual attainment, you leave behind the artificial divisions created by the carnal mind, and you begin to walk the universal path back to God. Therefore, you leave no stone unturned, and you are willing to use any tool brought forth by God to help you on your spiritual path. It does not matter whether this tool was brought fourth in the eastern hemisphere or in the western hemisphere, or whether it was brought forth by this religion or that religion, or even by science. You will use whatever tool you need in order to take the next step on your spiritual path and come up higher.

I have given you this long explanation in an attempt to set the stage for my release of a new tool that I desire to give you this day. I give you this tool partly because it is badly needed, both for your own spiritual growth and for the restoration of spiritual balance on planet earth. I also give you this tool as a reward for those who have vowed to use the Miracle Rosary on a daily basis.

Mother Mary’s East-West Rosary

The tool that I come to give you today is a tool that I call, “Mother Mary’s East-West Rosary.” This tool, this rosary, will indeed unite the teachings and tools of the East with the teachings and tools of the West. It will build upon the Miracle Rosary by invoking some of the spiritual beings that have been known in the East. These spiritual beings have been known through the religion of Buddhism, and they are known as the Dhyani Buddhas.

In Buddhism, the Dhyani Buddhas are revered as primordial Buddhas that embody the basic qualities of God. These qualities are the five qualities of ether, fire, air, water and earth. Buddhists teach that these five qualities were used to create the entire matter universe. Therefore, these five primordial qualities are contained in all matter, and the key to sustaining creation is to keep these qualities in perfect balance. When the qualities become unbalanced, the matter forms begin to break down. So the key to spiritual growth for an individual lifestream is the balance of these five primordial qualities.

As Jesus has explained, everything in this universe is subject to the free will of human beings. Therefore, it is possible for human beings to misqualify the primordial qualities represented by the Dhyani Buddhas. When the energies of these qualities are misused, they turn into toxic energies. For each of the qualities of the Dhyani Buddhas, there is a corresponding misqualification, which is often called a poison. It is indeed these poisons that create imbalances in the soul of the individual and on a planetary scale. These poisons form a solidified barrier that prevents the free flow of energy, both within the individual soul and on a planetary scale between the eastern and western hemispheres.

The key to restoring balance is to invoke the spiritual light of the Dhyani Buddhas, which manifests as five wisdoms. As explained  when you invoke spiritual light from above, that light has a very high frequency. When the light is directed into low-frequency energy, it can transform that low energy by raising its vibration. Toxic energy, the poison, can be raised back to its original purity by invoking the wisdom of the Dhyani Buddhas.

Let me now describe the five Dhyani Buddhas, their qualities, their wisdoms and the corresponding poisons:

  • The first Buddha is named Vairochana, and he rules the realm of consciousness. His wisdom is the All-pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya. The corresponding poison is ignorance and delusion.
  • The second Buddha is Akshobya, and he rules the realm of primordial forms. His wisdom is the Mirror-like Wisdom. The poison is anger and hatred.
  • The third Buddha is Ratnasambhava, and he rules the realm of feeling. His wisdom is the Equalizing Wisdom. The poison is spiritual and intellectual pride.
  • The fourth Buddha is Amitabha, and he rules the realm of perception. His wisdom is the Discriminating Wisdom. The poison is cravings and greed.
  • The fifth Buddha is Amogasiddhi, and he rules the realm of making choices, the realm of physical action. His wisdom is the All-accomplishing Wisdom. The poison is envy and jealousy.
  • The sixth Buddha is Vajrasattva, and he rules the realm of being, the realm of the Will of God. His wisdom is the Wisdom of the Diamond Will. The poison is non-will, non-being and unbelief.

The planetary flow of energy from East to West

The East-West Rosary incorporates affirmations that invoke the light and the wisdoms of the Dhyani Buddhas. The affirmations call for the consuming of the poisons from all aspects of your being. This can lead to major spiritual growth for you as an individual, and it can also lead to major progress on a planetary scale. This progress has two aspects.

The first aspect of this planetary progress is that there is meant to be a free and balanced flow of spiritual energy between the eastern hemisphere and the western hemisphere. As I explained earlier, God has a dual nature, represented by the masculine and the feminine aspects of God. This is what the religion of Taoism describes as the balance between yin and yang, as illustrated in the symbol of the Tai-Chi.

Indeed, the eastern hemisphere, the eastern religions and the eastern culture represent the father aspect of God. That is why you will see that eastern culture is generally more spiritual than western culture. However, because both cultures have become unbalanced, eastern culture often ignores the material needs, and that is why you see much poverty and disease in the East.

In contrast, western culture is more materialistic and pays great attention to the material aspects of life. That is why you see a higher standard of living and less poverty and disease. Yet you also see a spiritual poverty in which many people actually deny the existence of God or their own spiritual nature. Thereby, they ignore or neglect their own spiritual needs, and as a result they feel that life has no purpose, that life has no meaning. And they often fall into the trap of committing physical suicide or committing spiritual suicide through the many forms of diversions or entertainment created by a materialistic culture.

So what you see is that the free flow of energy between the eastern and western hemisphere has been restricted, and as a result both hemispheres have become unbalanced. This has caused the entire planet to become unbalanced, and that is indeed why planet earth is tilting on its axis. To restore the rightful spiritual balance to planet earth, the free flow of energy between the East and the West must be restored. You can visualize this flow of energy as a horizontal figure-eight. One half of the figure-eight is centered over the eastern hemisphere, the other part over the western. The nexus of the figure-eight is centered over the Middle East.

Although the flow of energy is restricted throughout the figure-eight, I must tell you that the greatest restriction is located in the area of the Middle East. As Jesus has explained, he did not incarnate in the Middle East because it is an area of great light, as many Christians believe. He incarnated in the Middle East because it is one of the darkest areas on the planet, and it is the major block to the flow of spiritual energy between East and West. He therefore came to bring forth a new spiritual teaching that would empower people to consume the darkness in the Middle East and thereby open up the free flow of energy between East and West.

Had Jesus’ mission come to full fruition, many Christed beings would have been raised up in the Middle East, and through their light they would have consumed the darkness in that region and restored the free flow of energy. Unfortunately, as Jesus explains throughout his website, this did not come to pass. The Christian religion was taken into a blind alley, and as a result not enough Christed beings have been raised to restore balance to the earth. Therefore we now have a major problem, represented by the accumulation of toxic energies in the Middle East.

These energies are perversions of the primordial qualities of God represented by the poisons that I spoke about earlier. It is imperative, for the restoration of balance on this planet, that these toxins be cleared away. This is indeed one reason for the release of the East-West Rosary. I can assure you that this rosary is a major dispensation for this planet. In fact, I can tell you that this East-West Rosary is one of most powerful spiritual rituals ever to be released on this planet. Its potential power is virtually unlimited, and if it is performed by people with pure hearts, it can have a miraculous impact on the future of this planet, including the future of the Middle East.

I therefore encourage you to give this rosary while visualizing a figure-eight flow, where the energy flows from Southeast Asia, through India, through the Middle East, into Europe, into North America, to South America, through Africa back to the Middle East, into the northern parts of Asia, through Japan and Australia, then back through Southeast Asia. If you will visualize this flow and visualize how the spiritual energy consumes all darkness over the Middle East, you will render an immense service to this planet.

The spiritual causes of natural disasters

Now to the second aspect of how the East-West Rosary can benefit this planet. As my son has explained throughout his website, everything is truly created from the consciousness of God, and therefore everything is consciousness. As a result, even the physical planet itself is made from the consciousness of God, and therefore it can be deeply effected by the consciousness of human beings. This is what I explained in my last discourse, in which I talked about the cause of earthquakes being the raising of the consciousness of some people. This creates a pull on the crust of the earth, which causes the crust to crack and the earth to shake.

Yet there is much more to this than what I released in my last discourse, and I now desire to give you an additional teaching on this:

  • You might remember that the first of the Dhyani Buddhas is Vairochana and that the corresponding poison is ignorance. Ignorance is what causes people to solidify in limited beliefs and refuse to grow beyond those beliefs by expanding their worldview. This is indeed what causes the solidification of the earth’s crust, and therefore the true cause, the spiritual cause, of earthquakes is the ignorance of human beings. Ignorance keeps building below the surface while people ignorantly go about their business on the surface. When the pressure reaches critical mass, the earth shakes and people are rudely awakened from their sleep.
  • The next Dhyani Buddha is Akshobya, and the corresponding poison is anger. When anger is allowed to accumulate, it affects the earth herself, and when the anger reaches a critical level, it manifests in the form of volcanic eruptions. Therefore, the spiritual cause of volcanoes is indeed the anger and hatred accumulated in the collective consciousness of humankind. This anger keeps building, and it creates the desire to lash out at somebody. When the earth Mother outplays the human desire to lash out, she spews out molten lava from the weakest points in her crust.
  • Next on the list is the Buddha Ratnasambhava, and the corresponding poison is pride. When pride accumulates, it builds the pressure to impress others, to “blow them away.” When that pressure is released, it manifests in the form of violent winds and storms. This then becomes the spiritual cause of hurricanes, tornadoes and other violent storms.
  • The next Buddha is Amitabha, and the corresponding poison is greed. This is the sense that nothing is ever enough, and it creates the desire to destroy everything that you cannot have or cannot control. Greed is like a fire that burns everything and can never be satisfied, can never get enough. This is the cause, the spiritual cause, of fires started by human beings, by thunder and lightning or other natural causes. It is also the cause of drought that scourges the earth. It is indeed what drove the many forest fires that you have seen over these last few years, fires that have devastated vast areas of what was formerly green and productive forest and land.
  • The next Buddha is Amogasiddhi, and the poison is envy and jealousy. Envy and jealousy are like the rising tide that eventually covers the earth. Envy then is the spiritual cause of flooding, whether it be flooding as a result of rain, or as a result of the ocean itself being unable to stay within its boundaries. You might recall the saying that it rains upon the just and the unjust, meaning that God gives his gifts equally to all. It is the envy of people that causes an uneven distribution of God’s gifts, thereby causing an unbalanced release of rain that leads to flooding.
  • The sixth Dhyani Buddha is Vajrasattva, and the corresponding poison is non-will, non-being and non-belief. When you succumb to this poison, you refuse to do anything, you solidify, and as a result of that you freeze. Therefore, the physical outpicturing of the state of non-being is indeed ice. Contrary to what science currently tells you, there have been many past civilizations on this planet that disappeared virtually without a trace. These civilizations were erased by the ice ages. What scientists and many others will not understand is that even an ice age is caused by the consciousness of human beings. It is caused by the fact that the majority of human beings have descended into a state of non-will, of non-being. They refuse to be who they are in God, and therefore they freeze. The planet itself freezes and eventually erases their civilization.

An immense potential for restoring balance

I trust you can see that by invoking the Dhyani Buddhas along with the Divine Mothers East and West, you consume the poisons in your own being, and therefore you enhance your own personal progress. Yet you will also consume the poisons that have been stored in the collective consciousness of humankind. Thereby, you will free the earth Mother herself from the heavy weight of these poisons, and you will greatly minimize the risk that the earth Mother will become so burdened that she can no longer maintain her balance and is forced to release the tension through earthquakes, volcanoes, winds, fires, floods or ice.

I truly hope that you can see the immense potential of this East-West Rosary on a personal and planetary level. I will say again that it is indeed one of most powerful spiritual rituals ever released on this planet. It is powerful precisely because it combines the light of the East with the light of the West, the light of the Divine Father and the light of the Divine Mother. It combines the light of the Dhyani Buddhas, who represent the father aspect of God, with the light of the Divine Mother.

This then has the greatest potential for restoring the proper balance and the proper flow of energy between the father aspect of the eastern hemisphere and the mother aspect of the western hemisphere. This is indeed a ritual that encompasses the very essence of God. In fact, this ritual is so powerful that I request that you do not give the East-West Rosary on a daily basis. My request is that you make a commitment to giving [one of the other rosaries or decrees] for six days of the week. Then, on your day of rest, give the East-West Rosary instead. By giving another rosary for six days, you will clear your personal energy field, so that it will not be overburdened by the immense light released through the East-West Rosary.

I must warn you that if you try to take heaven by force by misusing the East-West Rosary, you can indeed cause some of the delicate circuits in your energy field to become overloaded and potentially short circuit. This is not what I desire to see happen, and therefore, once again, I must raise the call for balance in all things.

The retrieval of soul fragments

In closing, let me say that when I released the Miracle Rosary, I gave you a personal gift, a personal dispensation, in allowing you to work on a personal issue along with the planetary issue. Likewise, I have incorporated a gift to you in the East-West Rosary. As part of the rosary, I have given affirmations whereby you call for the angels of the Dhyani Buddhas to go forth to all corners of the world of form and cut free those fragments of your soul that have been trapped there in times past. The angels will then retrieve these soul fragments and bring them back to you. You will then make the call to the angels of the Divine Mothers East and West to integrate those soul fragments into your being, so that you can again become the whole spiritual being that you created to be by your spiritual parents.

My son Jesus has explained the risk that a soul can fragment and what can potentially happen as a result of this fragmentation. In fact, you will see that virtually all psychological problems and personal limitations can be traced back to the fragmentation of your soul. Therefore, the restoration of the wholeness of your soul, by retrieving and integrating lost fragments of your soul, is indeed the master key to spiritual growth. This ritual for the restoration of your soul fragments is indeed one of the greatest gifts that you can receive for your spiritual growth. I trust then that you will see this ritual as the gift it truly is and treat it with the reverence and gratitude that it deserves.

I now seal you in the infinite light of the Dhyani Buddhas and the infinite light the Mothers of God East and West. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother East and West, it is sealed in matter, for the mouth of Divine Mother has spoken it. Therefore it is finished! Amen.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels