The origin of space and time

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Ascended Master Zarathustra, December 28, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

Introduction by Jesus: I would like to introduce to you the Being of Light known in the spiritual realm as Zarathustra. You may be wondering what connection Zarathustra has to Christianity, but as I explain throughout my website, we are all one in heaven. We form a universal brotherhood of spiritual beings who serve as teachers for the lifestreams evolving on earth, teaching them the universal principles of self-transcendence through spiritual fire.

Yet there is a direct connection in that Zarathustra founded the religion of Zoroastrianism, which is based on an even older, universal tradition that worships God as an all-consuming fire. This is the original, universal religion throughout the material universe, for our God truly is a consuming fire. And as you know, Moses himself saw God as a consuming fire and thus the Judeo-Christian tradition is as modern version of the old fire religions. (Exodus 3:2, Deuteronomy 4:24 and 9:3).

An even more direct connection between my mission and this ancient lineage is that the three wise men, the three magi, were indeed practitioners of the universal principles of this ancient religion of fire and well-versed in Zoroastrianism. And when I traveled in the East during my so-called lost years (during which I was truly finding myself and thus far from lost), I did visit with the three magi. I received instructions from them in the old fire religion, and I did indeed incorporate some of its universal principles into my teachings.

The most obvious principle that I used was the concept of the baptism by fire, which truly is spiritual fire, the fire of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:11). This fire is the destroyer of all that is evil, all that is unreal, and for eons this principle has been embodied by a Being of Light who is known in the East as Shiva. I did indeed study the Presence of Shiva during my travels, and I did learn to invoke his fire, as you have learned to do through our decrees and rosaries.

So I now present you with a magnificent Being of Light, Zarathustra, who is the Lord of the Order of Melchizedek of which I too am privileged to be a part. Thus I am part of the universal, timeless lineage of the Hierarchy of Light, reaching all the way back to the Pure Being of God. And I did indeed come to earth 2,000 years ago to continue that lineage, as I am come today to help those of you who are willing, to place yourself in the lineage of the true spiritual teachers of all ages.



I speak out of the Fire, and I speak of Fire. On earth it seems that fire destroys form, and this is true for the earthly fire. Yet there is a spiritual fire, which does not destroy form, but transcends form and frees the energy of God, that is imprisoned in form, to become more than the form in which it was imprisoned.

Therefore, we who are of the Hierarchy of Light, reaching all the way back to the Throne of God, are of the Fire of God, the spiritual fire. We are sent into the world of form, into time and space, for the purpose of bringing God’s fire as a gift to those who are willing to step into the Fire of God and thereby allow their lifestreams, their beings, to be set free from the limitations of form. So this then is the fire that appeared before Moses, when he saw the bush that burned but was not consumed, because spiritual fire does not destroy that which is real. It only accelerates that which is real, so that it transcends itself and becomes the more.

What of the material fire which does not transcend, but does indeed destroy, form? The material fire is a product of man’s unwillingness to transcend himself and become the more. It is the product of a perversion of the contracting force of the Mother, which when taken to the extreme becomes a prison that keeps the soul trapped in a certain form. And the soul begins to believe that either the form does not have to transcend itself, does not have to change, or that the soul is powerless to transcend the form and change itself in the process.

When you start perverting the contracting force of the Mother, you literally begin to play with fire. Because the more you allow matter itself to contract, the more dense it becomes, until you reach the critical point, when the form has become so dense that it implodes, caves in upon itself, and therefore cannot maintain its outer shape but bursts into physical flames that then break down the matter substance of which the form was made.

This is why you see so many religions that contain the concept of fire to be worshiped as the highest expression of God. And this, of course, is the spiritual fire, whereby the lifestream can transcend itself and become more. And yet you also see some religions where fire is associated with the opposite of God, namely hell. And that fire is the physical fire, where souls have contracted their consciousness to the point, where the form becomes so dense that it collapses and destroys itself in the fiery furnace of hell.

Two ways to return to God

So what you see is that there are two ways to return to God. There is the high road and the low road. The high road is through self-transcendence, whereby you become more, until you become all that God is. The low road is through the refusal to self-transcend, namely self-contraction until the lifestream itself simply can no longer maintain its sense of identity. It is therefore consumed by its own misuse of the contracting force of the Mother. And although the soul, as it burns up in its own fiery hell, does return to God, it is only the energies of the soul that return to God. Because the Conscious You’s self-awareness is consumed in the hellfire of its own creation. Thereby, the energies that made up the soul are purified, but the conscious self is no more because all awareness of the self’s consciousness and sense of self are consumed by the fire. And thus the Conscious You does not become more and God is not magnified in the process.

Therefore, you have the expression, “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 14:12). The way that seems right unto a man is the way of contraction rather than self-transcendence. It is the way that is based on fear, the fear of loss. You fear that you could lose what you have, and therefore you must hold on to it. And in holding on to what you have, you will inevitably lose it. Because you continue to contract until you implode. And that is why the Lord Christ says, “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it.” He who seeks to save that which he has, will keep contracting until he loses all. Jesus said that he who is willing to lose his life for his sake, shall find immortal life through perpetual self-transcendence.

This is the principle that is the essential principle of the spiritual path, which is truly a walk of fire. By following this path, you allow the spiritual fire of God to enter your being until it consumes all unlike itself. It consumes all that is an unbalanced manifestation brought about through the contracting force of the Mother, and instead of creating form as a basis for self-transcendence the Conscious You seeks to elevate that form to permanence. Thereby, the form is – in the mind of the Conscious You – elevated to the status of God because only God, the highest manifestation of God, is permanent and unchanging.

Thus, when you seek to maintain the form, you are truly violating the first commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). You are creating a graven image, and you are setting that image up to be an absolute truth, and therefore an image that could never change. And yet there is no image in the world of form that will remain unchanging forever, because all aspects of the world of form are meant to transcend themselves until they become the fullness of God.

What is space and time?

The false path, taught by the false gurus of all ages, going all the way back to the serpent in the Garden of Eden and even beyond, is that you can use your current form, your current attainment, to glorify the sense of self, rather than glorifying the all of the greater self of God. And this false path is based on the illusion that one part of God can separate itself out from God and be disconnected from the whole.

This then is the very origin of the world in which so many souls are currently trapped, the world that is defined by space and by time. This is the world that is limited by space and time and in which lifestreams, who have become trapped by the illusion, believe that they are trapped in a certain location and that they are trapped at a certain point in time. Yet this illusion springs from the consciousness that caused the Conscious You to separate itself out from the whole. The whole of God is one, with innumerable individual manifestations, self-conscious beings who are constantly working on becoming more, thus glorifying God.

They are like a giant river that moves along at a steady pace. Yet some souls refuse to move along with the river, and they attempt to set themselves apart. And because God has given them free will, they are allowed to do this. But if you are apart from the river and not willing to move along with the river, then you cannot be in the river—you must go somewhere else. The soul then, through the lowering of the vibration of its consciousness, descends into a realm dominated by the seemingly absolute limitations of time and space.

Yet what is space? It is a distance from the oneness of the web of life. And what is time? It is a distance in time because you are not moving along with the River of Life. So time measures where you are now compared to where you would have been, if you had kept moving along with the River of Life. And thus, time is ticking because the further you fall behind your original place in the River of Life, the more your consciousness and everything around you contracts in space. So the end of time means the point, where the Conscious You reaches the critical mark, where it can no longer maintain its sense of self-awareness and therefore implodes and burns in the fire of hell.

This teaching is a gift from the hierarchy of spiritual fire, the Hierarchy of Light. If you will ponder it, if you will call to us – in whatever form you can accept us – you can use this teaching to free yourself from the path that seems right unto a human being. And you can again enter into and immerse yourself in the River of Life and move along with the rest of us, who are truly your brothers and sisters in spirit. Therefore, I say to you, a word to the wise should be sufficient. Let those who have ears, hear. And thus I seal you in the fire of God, the fire of which I am an individualization, known on earth as Zarathustra. Yet I have long since transcended that particular expression and become more of God, as you can become more. Amen.


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